Subject : Darmon Crystal Infected Humanoid Guyver Battle UnitCode Name : CRYSTALLITE

Former Code Name : PSI-GUYVER

Host Name : Jenny O’Conner

Sex : Female

Eyes : Blue

Hair : Red

Age of Host : 19

Height : 214 cm (~7 Feet)

Weight : 300 kg (~662 Pounds)

Previous Status : Crystallite, declared enemy of all life.

Present Status : Unit Dormant. Host now Back Nova 2

Description: The subject, previously known as Psi-Guyver, had become infected with what is now known as the Darmon crystal, with a shard of the Crystal that had survived the destruction of the being known as Hunter, and became the being known as Crystallite. Once in this form the subject became an incredibly powerful parasitical being capable of incredible destructive potential that appeared to even rival the power of Dreadnought. With the power to literally suck the life energy of any life form she encountered, it was with only the combined efforts of Guyver XT and Dreadnought that this being was eventually stopped. Dreadnought was then able to remove his sister from her infected unit and bond her to a Black Nova unit in order to save her life. The now dormant Psi-Guyver Unit had been recovered and remains under quarantine until it can be assertion that it no longer posses a threat.
Special Note: Darmon Crystal. Little is known about this crystal, only that for lack of a better word it appears to be pure evil. Originally encountered as a component of the incredibly dangerous cybernetic being known only as Hunter, created supposedly by accident by both the Grakkens and the Gen. The crystal appears to endows the beings it infects with incredible power but quickly corrupts their minds to only thoughts of violence and to feed on life energy, which the crystal seems to need in large quantities in order to maintain itself. Until it is made certain that the crystal has been totally eradicated all ACTF personnel and allies are to keep a look out for anything that might match the profile of this Crystal. If an infection is confirmed, it shall take priority over all other matters. We can I’ll afford to allow the creation of another Crystallite, for it has proved itself the one threat that could be easily considered greater than that of Chronos.

Known estimates of this being’s abilities have been compiled and summarized below.


-Physical Strength: Subject’s abilities varied according to how much life energy it had managed to collect but easily ranged between the equivalent of 1,500 to 2,500 men. Stamina was limited to how much life energy she could siphon from her environment and any and all opponents she faced.

-Durability: Subject was incredibly durable. Consistently requiring nuclear scale attacks of at least 10 kilotons to induce any significant physical damage and more than than three times that power, equivalent to 2 to 3 times the destructive power of a full double Hyper Smasher from a standard Gigantic Guyver, to induce damage once subject had raised her shields. Even then the strange dark energies generated by this subject seemed to draw power from nearly all attacks used upon her and allowed her to regenerated incredibly fast and was thus only ever seriously damaged just before she was finally defeated.

-Speed: Subject was easily able to teleport but was observed to reach a maximum ground speed of 5,000 MPH and a maximum flight speed of 18,000 MPH.

-Infrared Laser Orb: Merged with the Darmon Crystal, subject’s head beam emitters were easily a hundred times more powerful than a standard Guyver’s.

-Sonic Busters: Subject’s sound weapon emitters appeared to have been modified to also fire a psionic energy burst that could easily stun any and all unshielded sentient beings in its path, rendering them helpless and easy prey to feed her insatiable hunger for life energy.

-Vibrational Swords: Merged with the Darmon Crystal, subject had a pair of elbow and forearm swords, as well as an extendable chest blade, that were infused with the dark power of the Darmon crystal that allowed it to easily penetrate virtually all defences. Only Guyver XT and Dreadnought where ever able to stand up to these deadly weapons but even they had been hurt by these weapons. Since they also served to infect their target(s) with shards of the Darmon crystal, an infection that only the Matrix seemed able to stop and cure.

-Gravity Control Orb: Subject’s gravitational powers had been merged with subject’s life draining ability and allowed subject to direct powerful blast of her dark energy that allowed her to siphon the life force of even her most powerful opponents. So powerful was this attack that even Dreadnought needed to be at near full strength in order to resist it. For lesser beings this attack could easily drain so much life energy as to instantly turn them into a pile of dust.

-Hyper Senses: Subject appears to have retained her Guyver enhanced senses but they were enhanced with the ability to sense life energy, or lack of, from virtually anywhere on the planet. Allowing subject to easily tract and hunt down places where she could find suitable quantities of prey.

-Other Abilities: Subject was able to teleport and phase through solid objects by using her psionic powers. Subject also possessed psionic powers of unknown range and ability but in raw power matched subject’s own physical abilities.

Subject’s Previous Overlord Battle Form
Subject’s Previous Turbo and Psi-Guyver Forms
No other conclusions can be confirmed until further data is gathered.