This is a fan-fiction based on characters created by Yoshiki Takaya and contains violent situations with adult language. Any similarity to actual persons, living or dead is unintentional and purely coincidental.

Title The Offensive
AuthorMathew Bellamy


“Sir? I think we may have found something.” Forrester was looking at an aerial view scan of the area surrounding their base. Their base was heavily damaged in the last major battle and was still undergoing extensive repairs. General Kulser walked over to the scan.

“What is it Commander?”

“We appear to have found an anomaly in sector four.” Forrester said as he pointed the area out to General Kulser on the map, “Looks like some kind of beam cut a large hole in the ground.”

“I wouldn’t be surprised, with all that has happened recently.” He leaned over to take a better look. “Why, is there something special about it?”

“Well the scan picked up what appears to be a large metallic deposit within it.”

“Hmm…” General Kulser walked around the map to get different perspectives of the area.

“Should we send a team to investigate?” Forrester asked as he followed the General around the map.

After a brief moment of silence Kulser stopped. “Yes. Send the Proto-Guyver and three Blue types. They should be able to handle it.” Forrester saluted and went over to the intercom that was hooked up all over the base.

Forrester picked up the microphone and pressed a few buttons. “Would the Proto-Guyver and Team Beta please come to the briefing room immediately. Forrester out.”

“Awe man…” Greg was resting in his quarters when he heard the call. He got up and stretched. “I wonder what’s happening now…” He threw on some clothes and headed out. As he walked towards the briefing room, he looked around at the base. Wires where hanging from the ceiling everywhere. Debris cluttered the ground where he walked. The Guyver Zoanoid and that Female Guyver tore through this place like a hurricane. It was surprising that Max could have survived, but then again, in the end he almost didn’t.

Max was in the lab being tested by Dr. Gast. “Well? What’s the verdict?”

“Well, your in perfect condition.” He puts down his stethoscope. “Not even the hint of a scar. Which is surprising as the wound was inflicted before you activated your unit.”

A smirk came to his face. “Gee… Boy am I glad that happened.” He hopped off the examination table. “So how powerful am I really?”

Dr. Gast took off his glasses and rubbed his eyes. “Well, from what we observed from the video clips that we managed to take, I would say you are a complete Warrior class Guyver.”

Max drew an almost blank expression. “… Really?”

“Yes.” Dr. Gast put his glasses back on and sat down in his chair at his desk.

“Also you seem to exhibit some other powers that we have never seen a Warrior class do before.”

“Cool! So… you done here? I wanna go test this out!” Max was already starting to walk towards the door, when Dr. Gast stopped him.

“Hey, slow down!” Dr. Gast said as he barely caught Max from opening the door. “You need special permission to do anything right now, at least until I give my report.” Max stood there with yet another blank expression on his face.

“Lousy politics…” Max pouted.

Greg opened the door to the briefing room. Team Beta was already there, along with Commander Forrester. He sat down at one of the chairs. Commander Forrester turned off the lights and turned on the overhead projector. “Okay, this is what we know. Not too long ago someone or something cut this deep hole in the ground.” He pressed a button and another slide was shown. “Now from what we can tell, it goes underground for about 3 km, with it progressively getting smaller.” He took out his laser pointer and outlined the exact area. “As you can tell by the map up here, about two thirds of the way down, we detected a large metallic object.”

“Do we have any idea what it could be?” Asked Greg as he wrote a few notes in a small pad of paper.

“We suspect it to be just a simple ore deposit, but given its proximity to the base and recent events, we have to be sure.” He picked up some papers and stacked them neatly. “That’s why we are sending you down there.”

“What if we find hostiles?”

“Call for backup and try your best. We don’t want another incident like what happened before.” Forrester gathered up a few more things and put them in a filing cabinet behind him. “The Proto-Guyver will be in charge of this mission. You will leave in two hours. We were able to determine that this”, Forrester pointed at a cave entrance, marked on the map, about 1 km from their final destination, “leads right up to the metal deposit we detected. Greg, take your team through there, it should allow you to avoid detection if any enemy forces are in the area, but watch out for booby traps. That is all gentlemen. Dismissed!” As they left the room, Will was watching from afar.

He wasn’t too happy. He gave the remover away, in hopes he could save Sara’s life. But he had not heard from him since. He couldn’t call out to other Guyvers to find him. It would reveal too much to them. They didn’t need to know… He walked over to his room, opened the door and stepped inside. He sighed and sat down on the bed. He sat there pondering his life up to date. Before he was cursed with this power, all he had been was a simple man. Taken from his tribe, and thanks to the creators, he was transformed into a Guyver. At first he had loved the power, but now… Now that he knew so much and had made new friends, and now seeing one hurt because of him… Something was not right.

Ken and Cyber Dark were in the training room. Somehow, Cyber Darks nanites had ‘mutated’ Ken’s Robo Guyver armor. The upgrade module had permanently bonded with the armor and become more stream lined. It no longer looked like a Guyver Gigantic. It now had two wing like protrusions from its back, which are able to fold back behind him or swing out, and can be used like wings for flying, though this was at first a curious enhancement to the Robo Armor, it soon showed that it gave the armor the aerial agility of a dragonfly. It was now also a bit better than an actual Guyver in overall power. Another amazing thing was that his arm had been healed by the nanites as well. For a while he had a bionic arm of sorts but, as the nanites healed his arm, the inorganic material began to disappear until his arm was complete again, this showed that the Unit now had a regenerative ability that approximated an Aceaer Units. However Cyber Dark was leaving soon. He was needed somewhere else, and Ken has decided to go with him, now that the Canadian Robo Guyver squad has been disbanded. The duo now made a good pair.

Max was now walking around the base, looking at all the damage that was caused. While he was walking through the rubble, he looked down and saw a piece of the blue type armor he had used and he couldn’t help but laugh aloud. He was really lucky he survived this. He walked over to the room where he blasted the female Guyver. He wondered if they would ever meet again. He wanted to show those two a thing or two, now that he was a Warrior Guyver, he could take them easily. He grinned a bit, and walked off towards the habitable part of the base (this part had been deemed unsafe).

About 2 hours later…

Greg stood in a military combat uniform. He wore no special body armor and carried no supplies. “Is everybody set?”

One of the members of the armored team stepped forward. “Yes sir. All is nominal. We are ready to go.”

“All right then. Let’s go.” The team got on to the new lift in their armors and rode it up to the top. The building that originally covered it had been destroyed, but with a Warrior Guyver at this base Chronos didn’t dare to attack. Greg and the team stepped off the lift, and it went back down.

Greg stepped forward, followed by the team. “Which way is it?”

“It’s about 10 km south west of here, sir.”

“All right. I’m going to scout ahead just in case. We’ll meet at the entrance to the cave.”


Greg started to walk away from the armored soldiers. He closed his eyes, and suddenly he was engulfed in a bright light. The transformation was quick and he shot into the sky. The soldiers then began the small trek to the cave.

Dr. Gast was now talking with General Kulser in the Generals office. In his hand he had a clipboard of his findings and thoughts about Max and his new unit. “That’s about it. He’s a complete Warrior Guyver.” He looked up at the General. “There’s no reason to keep him away from active duty.”

“So you say.” The General sat straighter in his chair. “But I would still like to know something.”

“All right.”

He clasped his hands in front of him. “Is it reliable? We don’t want him to be fighting and to have his armor fall off of him.”

“There is no need to worry about that. All my finding suggest his Unit is now stable” The Doctor continued. “Right now he just wants to test his abilities, but since we are in a lock down, he cannot freely test all of his abilities.”

“I see.” The General relaxed a bit in his big chair. “Well you have my permission to test and train him in his new armor as of now. However we will wait until the survey team comes back. We need to know if we are being spied on again.”

Dr. Gast stood up and nodded. “Yes sir. I’ll go tell him right away.” Dr. Gast Turned around and walked out of the office. His mind thinking like it always does. But this time his mind was on another subject than science. He was wondering what Chronos next step would be. With the appearance of another Warrior Guyver, they would not attack yet, until they had a sure plan. So it’s up to us to attack them first. Hopefully we can catch them off guard and do some damage. But like always, we have no clues towards where there base may be. Not even a guess. They were in a bad position. Chronos knows where we are, but we have no idea where they are. They could easily use that to their advantage like they have before. They might even be more spies that we still don’t know about and that could turn the tide of this war easily.

“Well, it seems safe.” The Proto-Guyver was floating above the area with the opening in the ground. “No sign of Chronos anywhere.” He was looking down when he sensed motion nearby, ” And there is Team Beta now.” The Proto-Guyver flew down to meet them by the cave entrance. Team Beta was just arriving. He landed in front of them. “Well Gentlemen? Shall we?” He turned around and started walking into the cave. The three blue armors followed right after Proto Guyver. About half a mile down, the Proto-Guyver picked up movement. “Wait here… I sense something.”

One of the team spoke up as the Proto-Guyver started to go ahead of them. “Should I report it sir?”, the Proto-Guyver turned towards him.

“No, not right away. It may just be an animal. I’ll go on a bit ahead, and check. If it is hostiles, I will call you.” And with that, the Proto-Guyver floated down into the darkness. The lead armored soldier then turns towards its comrades.

“How does he expect to call us?. . .”

As he got closer, he could tell that they were no mere animals. In fact they were Chronos soldiers. There were four of them. He smirked under his armor and floated up to them. “Can I help you boys with something?” The soldiers turned around, and noticed him.

One of the Chronos soldiers spoke. “Transmutation quic…” But before he could finish, the Proto-Guyver sliced him in half with one of his high frequency swords. The others changed. There were two Gregoles, and one Vamore.

He grinned under his armor. “I can’t believe Chronos is still using such weak type Zoanoids.”

The Gregore started to charge towards him. “I’ll show you weak!!!” The Gregore ran at the Proto-Guyver. The Proto-Guyver raised his fist, and slammed it into the Gregore head, shattering its horn, and punched a hole clear through its skull.

The Proto-Guyver pulls his hand back out of the Gregoles head and let the body fall to the ground, as it began to dissolve, and looked at his now bloodied hand. “Aw geez… Do you guys know how hard it is to get blood off of white?” He held his head in disgust, “Man… Now you guys are really going to pay.” The Proto-Guyver’s Control Crystal started glowing brightly. A large green blast was fired from it, blasting the Vamores head clean off. He turned to the other Gregole. His crystal glowed again. He lifted up one of his arms. A red crystal on his wrist started to glow as well. The Gregole cowered against the wall. A small energy bolt shot from the crystal and hit the Gregole in the chest. The Gregole felt little pain, and had not died. Suddenly the same type of bolt shot straight up through its brain, killing it instantly. He looked back down at his hand. “Oh look… I forgot your blood dissolves. Oh well.” He could hear the sound of the Blue armored soldiers getting closer, “Party’s over!”.

“Sir?” One of them asked. “Did you find anything?” The Proto-Guyver looked over at them, and if they could see him under his armor, they’d see the biggest smirk on his face.

“Yes. There were four low level Zoanoids.” He turned back around to head farther down the cave. “You’d better report that to base, when we get out in the open.” He started walking again. “Anyway, we are almost there.” After about ten minutes later, they were at the destination. The Proto-Guyver powered up a small pressure cannon and blew the wall open to reveal a metal wall beneath. He ripped it open and walked through to the other side. Inside was what looked like a small lab. In one corner he noticed an elevator that probably led up to the surface. He searched around the small lab. He found papers laying everywhere. He picked a few up and started reading. “Looks like Junon was a busy little fellow.” He sat down at a nearby computer terminal and booted it up. He started to surf through all the files, when an icon started blinking. It said incoming transmission. “Can you guys trace a transmission with your armors?”

One of the soldiers had exited his armor and was looking around the lab. “Yes sir. Why?”

“It seems we have mail.” The Proto-Guyver opened up the transmission. A window on the monitor opened up and a Chronos agent was pictured.

“What? Who the hell are you???” he frantically asked.

“Me? I’m the Proto-Guyver.” He could tell the Chronos soldier is scared out of his wits. “How about you?”

The Chronos Soldier leaned out of the way of the camera and started talking to someone. “Looks like the recovery team has been destroyed…”

“You know, it’s rude to talk to someone else, when you called me.” He said sarcastically, as if he was almost enjoying this. The Chronos Soldier closed the transmission. The Proto-Guyver got up and walked over to the hole and looked over to the armored soldiers. “You guys get that?”

“Just barely sir.” The soldier said while looking at his HUD. “We never got an exact location, but we know the direction it came from.”

” Let’s just hope that’s good enough.” The Proto-Guyver jumped up the hole. ” All right guys, time to head home.”

1 Month later:

There was a large meeting going on in the main conference room. General Kulser and Commander Forrester were standing up by a large screen in which a map of the area was displayed. Sitting around the long rectangular table was Max, Greg, Will, a few higher ranked soldiers, and Stephan, the Warrior Guyver 2, who had decided to help the Canadian forces in this mission.

“Thanks to the information received from Proto-Guyver and team Beta we’ve managed to pinpoint the location of the transmission we received from the secret lab of Junon.” General Kulser spoke blankly and harshly. “And our spies have confirmed it.”

“We think the time is now for an offensive.” Forrester started. “The United States has a cease fire with Chronos, but we have no such thing.” He then motioned towards Stephan. ” We even have the help of Warrior Guyver 2 as he volunteered to help with this offensive.”

“So that’s 2 Warrior Guyvers?” Max blurted out. “This ought to be simple.”

“Don’t get cocky Max.” Dr. Gast interrupts him. “Chronos has pulled some amazing things out of their sleeves before. We have to expect the same this time as well.”

“Dr. Gast is right.” General Kulser said as he sat down in his big chair. “We may hate them, but they’re still very intelligent and a powerful force to reckon with.”

“Anyway, with our current resources, we aren’t going to send in any troopers.” Forrester continued. “Only the Guyvers will go in.” He put his laser pointer on the map. “From what we can tell, there is only one main entrance, so it will be an all out frontal assault.” A few shots of the main doors flashed by. “But remember, we are also looking for any hostages, so try to keep sane while fighting.”

Greg almost slammed his fist on the table. “Damn them… Having hostages really puts a damper on things.” He sighed. “If they didn’t have any, we could just mega smash our way through the base, and tear up anything with out a second thought.”

“Unfortunately, Chronos would have that possibility covered as well.” Stephan added. “I wouldn’t be surprised if they sent a couple of Bio-Titans down there.”

“Yes… we don’t know what to expect.” Kulser paused. “And in our line of business that can hurt us badly.” Everybody nodded at that thought. And for almost a minute, there was utter silence.

“So when do we leave?” Max asked to break the silence.

Forrester then pulled out a document from a file in front of him. “The operation will begin, tomorrow at 1630 hours, so you all rest well and get some sleep.” The group nodded and left. Everyone was quiet, this was certainly no time for jokes. They all went to their separate rooms. Will went into his room and lay down. He again thought about Sara, but then he felt something calling him.

“Who’s there???” The something spoke.

“Your female friend is recovering nicely.” Will jumped off his bed and looked in the direction that the voice was coming from.

There the form of Gigantic Dark appeared “You!?!? Where is she? I have to see her!” asked a clearly agitated Will.

“In due time. You can wait,” said Gigantic Dark as Will clenched his fists.

“Why you…” Will jumped up and at where the large Guyver was, however it had disappeared in a bright flash as soon as he got close.

The next day, 4:30 P.M.:

The group of four men got out of the all terrain jeep. They split up a bit and looked around. “This is defiantly the place.” Max decided. Stephan walked up beside Max, and had a good look at the area. He looked over at Max.

“Shall we?” Max looked over at Stephan and gave him a mischievous smirk.

“We shall.” The four men stood apart, and were about to Bio-Boost, when a somewhat familiar voice interrupted them.

“That would not be smart move.” The four spun around and saw Agito standing against a tree with an even bigger grin on his face. “Don’t you even have some kind of plan?”

Greg stepped forward. “Of course we do.” Agito’s grin got bigger.

“Really? Bio-Boost and trash anything that gets in your way?” He stepped away from the tree and faced them. “Actually not a bad plan, considering your combined power, but I happen to know that, it will not work in this situation.”

Greg turned away from him. “I think we’ll stick to our plan thanks.” Then Max stepped forward.

“Just wait a second. From what Sho told me, Agito started his fight against Chronos by infiltrating them and even became a high ranking official of their organization before he was discovered. He knows more about them than anyone else. Let’s hear him out.” Everybody nodded at that thought. Will just stared at Agito with utter contempt.

“My plan is this.” He stepped forward and past the group towards the base. “There are three accessible entrances into this base, one of which you can see over there.” Agito paused for a second, then continued. “That is the front door, and the most heavily guarded. Warrior Guyver 2 and I will blast through there, causing a disruption and distracting the majority of their forces.”

Stephan looked at him like he was almost crazy, but of course they all were. “Will you be able to handle such a long fight?” He asked. “You will be using the Gigantic armor, won’t you?”

Agito grinned again. “Do not worry about me.”

Max stepped forward. “Where are the other two entrances?”

Agito turned towards the base again and pointed. “There is one about 5 km from us on the south side of the base. It’s their hangar area. There shouldn’t be too many Zoanoids, but if there are, they won’t be high level ones.” He turned and faced Greg and Will. “Guyver 0 and the Proto-Guyver should go through there.” They nodded. “Be sure to destroy as much as you can. The hostage cells are far from that area, so you don’t need to worry about hurting anyone.” He then turned to Max.

“So then, the hostages are my job right?”

Agito nodded. “Yes. You will enter the scientific wing.” He turned to the base yet again and pointed, “The entrance to that area, is on the east side. About 10 km away.” He looked Max straight in the eyes. “But I warn you now, there may be some people who have already been processed. Do not hesitate to kill them.” He took a slight breathe. “You will be doing them a favor.” Max just gave him a little nod. He obviously didn’t want to, but he’d know he’d have no choice. “All right then. Let’s begin.” They all split up a bit and turned to face the base and with one word, the cliff they were on became a huge beacon of light. “GUYVER!!!”

Inside the base-

On one of the external monitors, there was a flash of light. A Chronos Soldier was watching the monitor that caught their transformation. “My Lord? The Guyvers have arrived.” A large cloaked being was behind him.

“Hmpf… They are late.” It said as it looked into the monitor. “Oh well, no bother.” The being turned around and walked back to it’s large chair. Quickly the Chronos Soldier whipped around to face the being.

“My Lord! They are not following the expected plan!” The being stood up quickly and rushed to the monitor again. “And there is another unexpected Guyver with them!!!”

“What?” his voice boomed. “Who is this Guyver?”

“It looks like Guyver 3, but…” The soldier stopped as the being walk away, almost laughing.

“Well it looks like he decided to show.” he almost chuckled. “Unlucky for him that his spies told him I was here.”


The three other Guyvers had already left for their destinations, before they could see Agito fully Bio-Boost. However the Warrior Guyver 2 stayed there and noticed him. “So it’s true, you have become a Warrior Guyver?”

Warrior Guyver 3 turned to face him. “Of all people you should know. It was by your doing that I had access to it.” Warrior Guyver 2 stepped forward, but not enough to look like he was threatening him.

“You took the dormant unit!” Agito crossed his arms, and Stephan knew he probably had the biggest grin on under his armor.

“Very good. But I think we should worry about this later, we do have something to do.” Warrior Guyver 2 hesitated a bit, but then stepped back.

“Your right. At least this will be easier with three Warrior Guyvers.” The two Warrior Guyvers jumped down towards the front door. Warrior Guyver 2 charged up the cyclone matrix, and blew the doors of their hinges with a single one arm blast, crushing many troopers and Zoanoids as they fell. The two Warrior Guyvers charged forth, extending their swords and slashing at any Zoanoid that got close enough. It looked to be if they were expecting an attack. But neither cared. They were here to do a job, and the zoanoid were of little threat to them.


“This looks like the place.” The entrance looked more like a high tech Garage door than any of the doors he saw at the other Chronos bases. He shrugged it off and walked down to the door. “OK here goes!” He brought his fist back. His forward sword extended. He shoved it into the metal and started to cut it. It seemed to almost fall apart as the sword touched it. He finished the swing and ripped the door open. In his path were a group of low level Zoanoids. “Knock, knock. Sorry bout that, but I’m looking for some friends of mine. Have you seen them?” The Zoanoids didn’t answer with words, they however did with actions. They all charged at the Warrior Guyver. Warrior Guyver C held out his hand in front of himself, almost as if to say stop. However what happened was the air around his hand warped a bit, then a ball of black, crackling energy formed in front of his hand. The Zoanoids still didn’t stop charging. One jumped right at him. Warrior Guyver C side stepped to the side, and extended his knee blade, and kneed the Zoanoid in the gut. the blade went easily through the Zoanoid as it fell to the ground. The rest of the Zoanoids had stopped in their tracks. “What? No more brave fools? Oh well.” The ball of energy in his hand was now as big as a basket ball as he cupped both hands behind it. “Here, play with this.” The ball of energy flew away from his hand at high speed, and as it flew it increased in size, until it filled the hallway. The screams of the Zoanoids was almost deafening as Warrior Guyver C walked through their disintegrating corpses, their body parts strewn all over by the titanic force of his Mega Pressure Cannon. He watched the massive hole his blast had made in the side of the building a moment before he turned around and found a rather big door. This time instead of cutting it, he just ripped it open. He was now definitely in the scientific wing of the base. There were cowering Scientist, and a few large men in suits, obviously Zoanoids. “Now which one of you is gong to tell me were the hostages are?”

And at the final entrance…

The Proto-Guyver stood there looking at the big hangar door. Guyver 0 was standing beside him. “This looks like the place.” the Proto-Guyver said as he stepped forward. Guyver 0 followed behind him.

“… Let’s do it.” The two Guyvers circled around to one side of the hangar door. The door was easily twice their height, and was probably incredibly thick. There were no guards around this area, so it was probably true. They noticed a smaller service door to the right of the hangar door. It would be the easiest way in. “How do you want to do this?”

The Proto Guyver looked around at the hangar again and then the surrounding area. “Hmm… Well the service door is too obvious, and the hangar door is too big, so that just leaves….” Guyver 0 walked up beside him.

“Right.” He nodded. The Proto-Guyver and Guyver 0 shot up into the air and looked down at the base. Their place of entry would be… the roof! The two Guyver nodded at each other and started their descent. At first they were going slow, but soon they picked up speed, and soon they smashed through the roof of the hangar. There was a small army of low level Zoanoids in the hangar, but they were not expecting the Guyvers to come through the roof. Guyver 0 hit the ground first. He wasn’t using his gravity orb to slow his fall. He quickly extended his swords and started slashing every Zoanoid in sight. He was fighting with a savage rage, that he still had from so long ago. The Proto-Guyver however was floating in the air, firing off beams from his zoacrystal, that easily cut through the Zoanoids. he finally made it to the ground and he too extended his swords and started slashing Zoanoids. More and more Zoanoids kept on coming but the two Guyvers never gave up. The Proto-Guyver looked over at Guyver 0, who was still in a savage frenzy. A normal Guyver would have been tired already with how he was acting, but he was showing no signs of slowing down. His armor was taking minor damages, but nothing major. the Proto-Guyver quickly turned his attention back to the Zoanoids. He stuck his arms out in front of himself. The two red crystals started to glow as his Zoacrystal did, and just as a large group of Zoanoids lunged at him, the two crystals opened fire with a gravity bullet attack, that tore through the charging Zoanoids. Neither of the two noticed a man escaping from the scene, who had followed them to this entrance. He had dark hair with a big red scar down one side of his face. It was Aptom. He sneaked past all of the fighting and started making his way towards the lower scientific wing. If they had followed Agito’s plan, Warrior Guyver C would be causing a huge commotion just above him, so the security would be light. He ran down the halls dressed in what looked like a battered Chronos jump suit.

At the Control Center…

The being was standing in front of a large display of monitors showing the Proto-Guyver and Guyver 0 as how they progressed through the base. “Hmm, they are doing better than I thought they would. Looks like I underestimated you Agito.” A Chronos soldier ran up to him.

“My lord!” He turned to face the soldier.

“Yes, what is it?”

The soldier spoke rapidly, but it was still understandable. “The two Warrior Guyvers are approaching rapidly!” That caught his attention.

“What?” So soon?

“What should we do my Lord?” The cloaked being walked past the soldier.

“Nothing.” He paused for a second. “I will take care of the two Warrior Guyvers myself.” The soldier stood at attention as the being walked by.

“Ye, yes sir!” The soldier saluted and returned to his position. The figure watched on the monitors as the Guyvers fought. He would have smirked, if his face wasn’t covered by Bio-Armor.

“The control room is this way!” Warrior Guyver 3 shouted as he tore apart a Gregole. Warrior Guyver 2 just finished tearing apart a group of Zoanoids. The two Warrior Guyvers were way too much for the low level Zoanoids, even the Enzymes acidic blood did not work on them anymore. As they ran towards the control room, they both felt something, and they quickly stopped. They both looked ahead of them. There was a large figure standing in their way. It wore large armored shoulder pads with a large blue cape that extended to the ground. Its face was covered in similar bio-armor like their own but had a Zoacrystal and was much more Zoalord like.

“Welcome Warrior Guyvers. I am…” Warrior Guyver 3 stepped forward with his fists clenched.

“Kron!” He shouted.

“Yes traitor. I suppose you know who I am.” Warrior Guyver 2 looked over at Warrior Guyver 3, then looked back at Kron.

“You mean… this guy is the one in charge of Chronos now?” Warrior Guyver 3 just nodded.

“Yes. He is Kron.” he paused. “Another ancient Zoalord like Alkanphel, though right now he is much more powerful than his master.” Warrior Guyver 2 again looked at Warrior Guyver 3.

“But not strong enough to handle us right?” He got no answer from Warrior Guyver 3. Then Kron moved away a part of his cloak to reveal part of his armor.

“Well there is only one way to find that out. Prepare to be defeated.”

“Not this time Kron.” Warrior Guyver 3 shouted. “You will not defeat us. Even you cannot defeat two Guyvers like us.” Kron stood there motionless.

“We shall see.” With that Warrior Guyver 3 started to charge the Cyclone matrixes power, and was soon followed by Warrior Guyver 2, as they powered up to battle Kron. The crystal areas on their armors glowed brightly, as did their control medals. Warrior Guyver 3 was the first to strike. He flew towards Kron with blinding speed with his fist out in front of him, at least it was blinding to Warrior Guyver 2, however Kron didn’t find it as impressive. Kron grabbed the Warrior Guyvers fist, and slammed him into the ground. There was now a human size crater at Kron’s feet. Kron’s armored hand appeared from out of his cape as he picked up Warrior Guyver 3 by the head. “I don’t have time for this, traitor.” He started to squeeze Warrior Guyver 3’s head, when Warrior Guyver 2 launched his attack. He fired off two gravity orbs towards Kron, followed by a few heads beam shots, hoping to catch Kron off guard as his attention was turned to Warrior Guyver 3. However Kron just lifted his arm. Suddenly a ball of black crackling energy appeared before his hand, and in a mere second it was about one meter in diameter. The ball was launched toward Warrior Guyver 2’s attack, and it quickly absorbed them all, and it kept on growing and coming towards Warrior Guyver 2. He could no longer see Kron or Warrior Guyver 3, the gravity orb was way too big and was closing in fast. He might be powerful enough to stop it, but it could still hurt him, and he was going to need all of his power to beat Kron. So he decided on the next best thing. He turned to the wall, activated his own pressure cannon and jumped. The gravity orb just barely missed his back, but he could feel it’s power as it passed.

Elsewhere on the base…

The scientific wing was in upheaval. All the Zoanoids in that area converged on the Warrior Guyver C, but to no effect. “Oh come on.” Warrior Guyver C laughed. “You guys have done better than this before. This is the scientific wing for crying out loud.”

A scientist who was cowering in the corner yelled at him. “Just you wait Guyver… Lord Kron is here… Once he’s done with your friends, your next!” Warrior Guyver C turned to him.

“Oh really? Lord Kron?” He laughed. “Well Zoalords are nothing compared to Warrior Guyvers.”

“I don’t think so Guyver.” Warrior Guyver C turned around again. This time he was looking at 5 naked men, who were all dripping wet.

“Looks like you guys got out of the vats at the wrong time.” He crossed his arms. “You see, my name is Warrior Guyver C.” He chuckled a bit. ” You guys don’t stand a chance.”

“You Guyvers are too damned cocky. Though I am not there personally, I’ll have my experiments take care of you.” One of the men said.

“Here personally?” Warrior Guyver C chocked his head. “Uh, I hate to burst your bubble, but you are here, unless that is one really good hologram.”

” Heh, I see that you are not aware of our powers. Very well Guyver, I am a Zoalord controlling this Zoanoid.” The man crossed his arms. “My name is Destrol.” Warrior Guyver C didn’t move.

“Bah, you think that scares me?’ He laughed. “You Zoalords are nothing compared to us Warrior Guyvers.”

“Well then. I guess a little test is in order.” The men started mutating into Zoanoids. Warrior Guyver C recognized them immediately. “I trust you remember these? Well I had better leave them to kill you.” He slightly laughed. ” Good bye Guyver. My only regret is that I have to use such low level beings to kill you instead of using my own hands.”

“Well then, I saw how easily I beat them in self defense mode, this should be no problem.” Warrior Guyver C prepared a battle stance. ” All right you ass goblins, time to meet your makers!” Directly underneath them, Aptom who had fled the battle entered the labs data storage area. Inside there were only 2 guards and 1 scientist. The guards noticed him.

“What’s going on out there?” One of them frantically asked. Aptom acted like he was winded from running all that way.

“The.. base, is under attack…” he gasped for air. One of the guards helped him to his feet.

“Damn it! We need to download this information to HQ immediately!!!”.

Aptom smirked, “That won’t be necessary!” His helmet reshaped itself to the shape of his head. The arm he had around the guard started to absorb him. The other guard transformed into a Vamore. The Vamore opened its shoulder pods and shot off Aptom’s arm. “Oh well, no bother. I have that type anyway.” He stuck his finger out and pointed it at the Vamore who was charging his beams again. ” Chew on this!” His finger turned into a liquid missile and blew the Vamore into oblivion. He looked over at the scientist, as he bent down and picked up the guards body that he tried to absorb before. ” Now for you…”

Far away in the United States…

“Fool.” Destrol was watching some monitors of Warrior Guyver C. ” He truly is clueless. He will lose.” Destrol shut off the monitors and walked out of the room. He had awoken after Kron, but before any of the other 11. He could feel the power he held beneath his skin, and it was time to test it. He reached the training area and walked down to where some Zoanoids were. ” Which one of you is the most powerful?” A man with short black hair stood forward.

” I am.”

” And who might you be?”

“I am a Neo Zektole” He smirked ” I can only be controlled by the supreme 12 Zoalords.”

“Oh really?” he smirked. “Then I, a Proto-Zoalord challenge you, Neo-Zektole.” The group of Zoanoids laughed out loud.

“It’s your funeral, Proto-Zoalord.” Soon the two men stood apart, and were surrounded by on lookers. The man changed in to his Neo Zektole form, while Destrol just stood there in his armor and cloak. “Are you ready weakling?” Destrol smirked.

“Ready when you are. Do not hold back, please.” The Neo-Zektole opened up it’s missile pods and launched a volley towards Destrol. There was a blinding explosion, and part of the floor was ripped up. However floating over the crater was Destrol, his cloak didn’t even have any dust on it.

“Impressive shielding. But lets see if you can handle this!!!” The Neo Zektole extended his swords and extended his wings. He then flew at high speed towards Destrol. Destrol’s cloak flew up into the air, as the blades on his armor extended. Their blades clashed, and the sound was almost unbearable to the Zoanoids watching, who where in human form. ” Oh shit!!! You have high frequency swords as well!?!” Destrol smirked, and he kicked the Neo Zektole in the gut. The Neo Zektole bent over in pain, while Destrol slammed his fist into its armored back, breaking through the hard shell. The Neo-Zektole screamed in pain, and jumped back. When he got another look at Destrol, his cloak had fallen right back on top of him. ” You… you bastard!!! What the hell are you???”

Destrol only smirked at that question. ” Isn’t it obvious? More powerful than you are.” the Neo Zektole stood up. The pain from Destrol’s blows was lessening. The laser on his chest opened up.

“Let’s see how you like this!!!” Most of the Zoanoids remembered that beam, and ran away in terror, while Destrol Just stood there.” You fool!!! prepare to die!!! You will regret ever challenging me!!!” However, Destrol stood his ground, waiting for the beam to charge. It didn’t even take a minute to charge, when suddenly the big bright beam lanced forth towards Destrol, who just raised his hand out in front of himself. The beam was a direct hit, that is, to Destrol’s hand. Neo-Zektole couldn’t see a thing. The beam lasted only a few seconds. When the dust cleared, Destrol was still standing in his same spot, without a scratch.

“I must say that was pretty powerful.” His smirk turned upside down. ” Now, feel true power!” Destrol began a transformation, and soon he was in his Zoalord form, however it was much different from his previous form.

“Wha… your not a Proto-Zoalord… your a… a…’ he stuttered as Destrol grinned again.

“A full Supreme Zoalord?” He nodded a bit. “Before you die, just let me tell you you were killed by Destrol, so you shouldn’t feel bad.” He smiled. ” In fact it should be an honor to die by my hands!” Destrol’s Zoa-crystal started glowing brightly, and his cloak fluttered effortlessly around him. He put his hands in front of him. Energy started to collect into a ball. When the ball was roughly 3 feet in diameter, Destrol smilled, and then the ball shot a large beam of white energy towards the Neo-Zektole.

“Oh shiiiiiiiiiiiiii…” The beam completely destroyed the Neo-Zektole, but was stopped just before it destroyed any of the base. Destrol hovered in the same spot.

“Well that was fun.”

Back at the Canadian base…

Kron wasn’t having such an easy time with the two Warrior Guyvers. With their power boosted like this, they weren’t as powerful as he was, but the two of the together could beat him if he wasn’t careful. They had ripped apart quite a bit of the base, and Kron had completely lost his cloak, but the armor was still intact. Warrior Guyver 3 was throwing volleys of cyclone boosted power punches at him, while Warrior Guyver 2 was firing cyclone boosted pressure cannons to try and get through his shield, but so far he was still holding his own. ” ENOUGH!!!” Kron shouted as his shield expanded rapidly, just like the Guyvers Blast field. Warrior Guyver 3 was blasted back, but Warrior Guyver 2 wasn’t in its range. ” You Guyvers are starting to annoy me!”

Warrior Guyver 3 got back to his feet. ” Why Kron? Are the two of us too much for you?”

Warrior Guyver 2 landed beside him. ” Face it Kron, it’s over!”

” I think not. It is time to show you my TRUE power!” The crystals all over his body began to glow brightly. Energy started crackling around him. ” Prepare yourselves Guyvers!”

At the hangar area…

The Proto-Guyver and Guyver 0 were having a bit of trouble as the Zoanoids just didn’t stop coming, and they were starting to get into the more powerful Zoanoids, like Zerebubuses and other stronger Zoanoids. Suddenly the ground that they stood on shook. The two looked over at what cause it. It was a powered Zerebubuse. ” You to are much too weak to take me on!” It growled.

” Well we’ll never know until we try right?” The Proto-Guyver launched a hail of gravity bullets at the powered Zerebubuse, but they all bounced off its armor. ” Wha…? No effect…” Guyver 0 ran by him at top speed with his swords extended, and when he was about ten feet from the powered Zerebubuse, he jumped up into the air, and activated his sonic orbs. The powered Zerebubuse grabbed his head in pain, as Guyver 0 came down from the air with both swords extended. However, the powered Zerebubuse blindly back handed him out of the way and across the floor, but Guyver 0 achieved some damage. its arm had two big gashes in it.

“Damn he’s fast… I… I don’t think we can beat him…” Guyver 0 huffed as he picked himself off the floor, holding his chest in pain as the blow had cracked one of his ribs. The Proto-Guyver opened his chest plates.

“Let’s see you chew on this asshole!!!” A brilliant white beam shot from the Proto-Guyvers mega smasher. The beam flew at high speed towards the powered Zerebubuse and hit it dead center. When the smoke cleared however, the Zerebubuse was still there, however he was damaged, but not vaporized like it should have been. ” Wha..?” The Proto-Guyver fell to him knees. He had used most of his energy fighting the hundreds of low level Zoanoids previously so the mega smasher wasn’t at max. “Damn, he got shields… we’re done for…” Then he heard something thundering his way, he looked up just in time to see the powered Zerebubuse running towards him with its fist extending towards his head… and then it happened, the fist connected with his crystal, shattering the front half of it and sending shards of it to the ground.

“No…” Guyver 0 had been trying to catch up, but couldn’t because of his own injuries. The Powered Zerebubuse then turned its attentions to Guyver 0. Its brain had been damaged, and was now in a berserker rage. Guyver 0 was going to open his mega smashers, but realized he was too weak, but he had to chance it. With his last ounce of strength he ripped open his chest plates. One of the cells was damaged and did not fire, but the other one did. The Zerebubuse was caught in the beam, but it hardly stopped the rampaging beast, who was taking more damage because of it. He fell backward, exhausted, and then the Powered Zerebubuse, now appearing as a horribly burnt rampaging monster with a bloody stump where its left arm us to be, jumped up and looked like he was going to land right on him, however suddenly it stopped in midair, and flew at even higher speeds than he could fly on his own and smashed into the wall and then exploded into a bloody pulp as some unseen force, combined with the high speed impact, blasted it apart. Guyver 0 looked behind himself and saw a young female, with her hand out, looking like she was pushing something, about twenty yards from where he was. He was almost unconscious when he heard her speak.

“Hello Will, looks like I got here just in time…” And with that he fell unconscious, and the Guyver took over, however when the Guyver stood up, nothing was around, the young female had disappeared and all the Zoanoids were dead. So it stood there, until the hosts injuries had been healed, then the armor retracted and the limp, tired body of Will fell to the ground. Then the girl reappeared again, but noticed what had happened to the Proto-Guyver. His body was not being eaten by the control medal yet. She stood and pondered this for a second, when the remaining half of the crystal in his head started to glow, there was a bright flash and Greg was laying there, his body in perfect condition. She then was shocked to see him wake up. She leaned down and helped him up.

“Wha.. what happened?” He looked over at the young woman who he was using as a slight crutch. She let him try standing on his own two legs.

“I am a friend of Will’s.” She smiled. “He saved me before, so I guess it’s my turn to save him.” Greg just looked at her mysteriously. . .

In the lab, Warrior Guyver C was doing good, but not great, he had destroyed most of the lab, but he still had not found any hostages. Plus those five Zoanoids where a lot more powerful than they had looked on tape. Also the fact that there was five of them didn’t help at all. Warrior Guyver C extended his gauntlets high frequency swords. “All right, time to party!” He ran towards one of the Zoanoids, who had also extended its swords. Warrior Guyver C went for a jumping slash, and the Zoanoid brought its own swords up to block his, but they were inferior, and the Warrior Guyvers blades sliced through them like the were nothing. His elbow sword sliced the Zoanoids head clean in half, but as he followed through, his forward blade came down and sliced its upped body in half. It fell to the ground in three pieces and started to dissolve. The Warrior Guyver turned around to face the other four. His control medal flared and he took another breath. ” Who’s next?” The four Zoanoids ran around and surrounded him. They all charged at him at once, with their head sword extended. Warrior Guyver C ran towards one of them, and grabbed it’s head, not letting the sword touch him, and jumped up and slammed it in to the ground. He remained hovering in the air, while his head laser diced up the Zoanoid who was now stuck in the ground. He landed facing away from the other two Zoanoids, one of which tried to jump him from behind. He whipped his upper torso around and stretched out his arm towards the midair Zoanoid and let go a volley of three one hand gravity orbs which tore through the Zoanoid, leaving three gaping holes in its chest.

Meanwhile, just below:

“So let’s see…” Aptom had absorbed the scientist into him and found out what he needed. He first went to the computers and manually deleted the files. Then just to be sure, he raised his newly acquired Zoalord shield and transformed his hand into what looked like its usual transformed version, but it wasn’t as bulky. The missile pods popped opened to reveal fifteen or so bio-missiles. Without a single thought he launched all of the missiles towards the large data banks that stored all the other information this base had. The explosion wasn’t all that big, but it succeeded in what it was suppose to.


Kron was now fighting at his utmost full power against the two Warrior Guyvers. Still, if they teamed up, he’d be in trouble, but every time they would try it, he would manage to either throw one through the walls and take on the other, or launch a ton of gravity and energy attacks at them, and his efforts were paying off. The Warrior Guyvers were taking on damage faster than even there armor could heal. However his armor wasn’t taking anything that he couldn’t heal almost instantly. However the Guyvers were relentless. Their HSL power system was much better than his own, and he knew that eventually he would need a brief moment to let his own energy supply catch up before he completely depleted his reserves, and he knew Agito would know this. There was only one thing he could do now… So he stopped moving and raised his shield to maximum.

Warrior Guyver 2 stopped fighting and backed off. ” What is he trying to do?”

Warrior Guyver 3 landed beside him. “I don’t know, but I think we know what we must do. His shield is getting weaker, now’s our chance!” Warrior Guyver 2 just nodded. That’s when both Guyvers stood apart and opened their Mega smashers. Kron was expecting this. The two beams fired simultaneously, and combined to one huge destructive blast, all aimed towards Kron. Kron could sense the beams immense power. An instant before it engulfed him, he quickly teleported behind the two Warrior Guyvers. He was now surrounded in a blinding aura of white light.

” PREPARE TO DIE!!!’ And then it happened. He released all of the energy he had in one massive blow. It was his ultimate attack, and Warrior Guyvers 2 and 3 were at ground zero. Their bodies where vaporized by the nuclear like blast and their control medal teleported into hyper space to regenerate them.

Warrior Guyver C dropped the second last Zoanoid and watched it dissolve. Then he heard a rumbling. Quickly he could feel the power coming his way, the Zoanoid was already starting to melt. Warrior Guyver C started running away, but he was just not fast enough, so he started charging his meteor attack. The full force of the blast could be seen as a huge shock wave, and it was just on the heels of Warrior Guyver C as he launched himself away as he quickly accelerated to 7500 mph. Shooting out of the base like a bat out of hell, an instant before the base and everything around it for over twenty kilometers was obliterated in a nuclear blast.

About the same time, Aptom was already on his way out when he felt the power approaching. He quickly transformed into his updated form, which still looked like his 5th form, but was more Zoalord like. He activated his shielding and blasted his way through the base, coming out at ground level and he notice something flying incredibly fast out from the base. He smirked. ” Would love to have that power.”, as he watched Warrior Guyver C outrun the blast, but realized he was nowhere near fast enough and turned around as he shielded himself the best he could. The blast struck with

incredible force but his shields held long enough for him to ride out the initial shockwave of the blast and was thrown clear. Though his body was smashed up into bloody charred chunks, he slowly pulled himself back together and started to regenerate.

A minute before, Back at the hangar…

” So what happened to the powered Zerebubuse?” he asked her while rubbing his head, which still hurt for some reason” The two of them walked over to Wills body and picked him up, and brought him to a Chronos transport that had not been too badly damaged.

“What is the last thing you remember?” She asked as they put Will down on the floor of the transport.

“Well the Zerebubuse survived my mega smasher and… then punched me in the head and knocked me out.” He rubbed his sore head again.

“Well actually your crystal was…” then they felt a large rumbling and soon were feeling the effects of Krons ultimate attack. The young woman grabbed Greg and Will with inhuman strength. ” Hold on!” she said, just as the shock wave was going to hit, and she teleported them away from the base.

The attack wasn’t as powerful as it could have been as Kron was partly drained from his battle with the Warrior Guyvers and had to use most of his power to create his shield and to teleport the instant before releasing the attack. The explosion cleared quickly, but the dust storm didn’t. However Warrior Guyver C wasn’t too damaged from that and flew down to the epicenter of the crater that once was the Chronos base. There he saw a Bio-Armored being kneeling in the center. He flew down right in front of him. ” I suppose that was your doing… You are going to pay for killing all of those prisoners!!!” Kron couldn’t even talk. He was completely exhausted. Warrior Guyver C extended his swords, and was about to dice him up when he sensed something and jumped back just as an energy blast shot at the spot he had stood. He looked up and saw another cloaked Zoalord. Kron started hovering and flew up to where the Zoalord was. It was Destrol.

“Are you alright my Lord?” Destrol asked. Kron’s armor was already healed but his full stamina had not returned yet.

“I am fine.” said Kron before he teleported away from the base and then Destrol looked good and hard at Warrior Guyver C.

“You humans are so stupid. Couldn’t you see this was nothing but a trap?” He laughed. “If you want to save the prisoners, battle me one on one.”

“You’re on!” Warrior Guyver C stepped forward. The Zoalord just shook his head.

“Not now fool. We will fight when the time is right.” He smirked. ” I’ll choose the place and time of your death.” And with that he teleported, leaving Warrior Guyver C standing alone in a huge crater.

End of Part 1