This is a fan-fiction based on characters created by Yoshiki Takaya and contains violent situations with adult language. Any similarity to actual persons, living or dead is unintentional and purely coincidental.

This fic takes place during All Things Change Part 3
Title The Hunted
AuthorMathew Bellamy

It has been three days since a large portion of the city of Calgary had been severely decimated by the short but titanic battle between Warrior Guyver C and the Zoalord known as Destrol. Aid had been sent from the nearby larger cities, like Edmonton and Lethbridge, but the devastation was extensive and not enough supplies could be brought in. Even the Chronos building in Calgary had been completely destroyed, almost intentionally it seemed, so that the ACTF couldn’t get a hold of any Chronos equipment from this base, but that wasn’t all Chronos had left behind them. Daily, Zoanoids were popping up out of the crowds, but as soon as they appeared, they were destroyed, or captured. Fortunately Greg seemed to have retained his telepathic abilities, with the return of his powers, and the Zoalords did not seem to bother with this area any more, so he was having no trouble keeping the Zoanoid population under control, once they revealed themselves.

To assist the rescue efforts, the whole Canadian Guyver team had been brought in to help search for any survivors, but for the most part they only found the dead, either from fatale injuries or from being burnt to death from the initial attack.

“Man… look at all this.” Warrior Guyver 4 pointed out. ” This place is still steaming from the heat.” And he was right. The area that was right under them seemed to be hotter than a normal desert.

The Giant Guyver shook his head. “Losses are to be expected in war…” Warrior Guyver 4 looked over at him, but the Giant continued, “But this was a too high a price to pay.” Warrior Guyver 4 sighed and nodded. They continued on clearing the debris, and collecting any suitable materials that could be used for makeshift shelters for the wounded, and now homeless.

Elsewhere, Will and Sara were riding with a shipment of supplies when a group of five men stood in their way. Each was equipped with a hunting rifle. Will looked around, and saw the gun shop where they probably stole the guns.

“All right! Hand over the truck and we’ll let you go, all peaceful like.” One of them shouted. Will and Sara Jumped down. Besides them, there was only the driver.

“I don’t think you want to do this.” Will spoke up, as he and Sara walked forward. One of the men then approached them.

“Your right. I got a better idea.” He smirked. “How about giving us, some of the supplies, and this pretty girl here…?” His hand moved close to her face. But before he could touch her, Sara grabbed his hand and easily crushed it. He screamed in pain.

“I have a better idea.” She let go as the man stumbled back. “How about you get out of our way, or I won’t have to break all of your hands?”

“Kill them!!!” The man shouted. His friends opened fire. Sara just raised her hand and all the bullets stopped about a meter in front of them.

Will looked down at Sara. “Should I?” He smirked.

“Yeah. I think they need a good scare.” Will nodded and stepped forward. Cracking his knuckles.

“All right boys, time for some fun.” He stopped and smirked before yelling, “Guyver!” The blast field shot out from him, destroying the ground underneath. Behind him, the green armor of Guyver 0 appeared, and soon attached itself to his body. His control medal flared as he stepped forward, in the form of Guyver 0. “All right, who wants to go first…?” All of the men had already dropped their weapons and were running off. Sara came up behind Guyver 0.

“Looks like your fun was canceled for today.” She smirked. She was floating high enough so that she could be leaning on his shoulder.

“Naaa… just seeing the looks on their faces was good enough.” he laughed. Sara moved away as the armor retracted and disappeared. She floated down to him.

“If I didn’t know any better, I’d say you were enjoying this.” She smirked playfully. She floated back over to the truck and signaled the driver to continue. As the Truck passed, Will hopped on to the step by the drivers door and held onto a bar as they continued, while Sara sat on the roof of the cab. A few minutes later, the air about twenty meters in front of the truck started to warp. The truck stopped and Will and Sara stepped in front of the truck, prepared for the worst. However, what teleported in was quite familiar and friendly. A large yellow colored Guyver hit the ground, holding a young female on one of his massive arms.

“Sho!” Will called out. The Guyver Gigantic set down Mizuky and the Gigantic armor disappeared into the cocoon. The Blue armor of Guyver One soon disappeared as well. Will and Sara ran up to Sho. “What are you doing here…?”

“Well, thanks to Agito, Japan has been pretty quiet for a while, so we decided to see if you guys needed any help.” Sho smiled as he and Will shook hands. Sho put his arm around Mizuky, who had been standing back a bit.

“Hi, my name is Mizuky.” She and Sara shook hands.

“MY name is Sara… So are you a Guyver like Sho…?” Mizuky shook her head.

“No, but we are still very close.” That made Sho a little embarrassed, but he knew it was true. “How about you…?”

Sara paused for a second. “Actually… I’m a Zoalord…” This caught Mizuky a bit off guard, but Sho didn’t seem all that shocked. “It was your friend Agito who saved my life, and now allowed me to help Will, and his friends.” She snuggled up to Will a bit.

“Well anyway…” Will broke in. “We’re just protecting these supplies for now, but your help will be needed when we get back to camp.” Both Sho and Mizuky nodded. They walked back to the truck. Sho and Mizuky got in the cab with the Soldier driving, while Sara and Will took their previous places.


Back at the camp…

Greg and Max were helping with the supplies that had been delivered so far. Max didn’t want to Bio-Boost, so Greg moved all the heavy stuff, while Max helped sort out where the stuff needed to go. Their was a platoon of Blue armored soldiers on the look out while everybody else saw to the injured. Max looked horrible. He hadn’t slept in days, and hadn’t Bio-Boosted in even longer. But he was still managing to help with the injured.

Greg walked over to him and put his hand on his shoulder. “You should get some rest.”

Max just shook his head. “I’m all right.” He tried to pick up a box, but it seemed most of his strength was sapped. “I have to do this… it’s my fault.”

Greg shook his head. “It wasn’t all your fault. I bet if any of the Warrior Guyvers had fought that guy, it would have turned out the same way.” Greg patted his shoulder. “That attack seemed like a last minute thing, so he probably would have used it anyway, as a last resort.”

Max just shook his head. “But it wasn’t Jason, Stephan, or Agito. It was me. If I was a trained fighter like they are, perhaps I could have won quicker. But my inexperience is what caused this.”

Greg smirked. “It’s just one of the millions of possibilities that COULD have happened.” He shook his head. “Life has its ways of messing with us, but you’ll need to learn, that is war, sometimes things like this happen.” He paused. “It’s unavoidable and you did your best.” Greg turned around and looked over his shoulder. “That’s all that matters.” Greg walked off in order to help with some of the bigger jobs that needed to be done. Max sat there silently, thinking about what Greg had said. Nobody bothered to tell him to get back to work, or bump into him. They knew who he was. Whether it was from fear, or respect, they left him alone. An hour passed, when finally Max got up. It was later now. The sun had started to set, and everybody seemed to have settled down for the night. He walked around the camp, looking at everything. The fact that this was his doing running through his mind. He walked so much that he didn’t realize that he had walked clear out of the camp. He was now standing on top of a large hill, that overlooked the camp. He heard someone approaching from behind him. He whipped around, but was shocked to see who it was.


Sho smiled and walked up beside Max. “How have you been?”

Max shook his head. “I think you know that answer.”

Sho put his hand on Max’s shoulder. “You do know things like this are expected to happen.”

Max smirked. “Yeah, so I have been told. Numerous times.”

“But it’s true. It took me a while to accept it myself.” Sho looked at the sunset. “War is evil. And yet if no one fights to stop it, it will not end. So to end it, we must become evil ourselves. But in the end, people will praise our efforts, if we win or lose.” Max stood there silently. “You and I are a lot alike Max. You can overcome this.”

“… yeah… I guess your right.” He sighed. “What’s done is done. And I have to face it like a man.” Sho smiled.

“Good.” He patted him on the back. “Now you look like you could use some sleep. I suggest you do so.”

Max nodded. “Thanks Sho.”

“No problem.” The two young men walked back to the camp. Sho went off to find Mizuky, while Max went to a tent and the bed he was assigned, plopped down and almost instantly fell asleep.

When he awoke he felt great, however looking over him was Megan, who looked worried. He sat up.

“What’s wrong…?”

Megan sprung to life. “Max! Your awake!”

Max looked at her confused. “Uh… yeah. It’s no big deal.”

“You were asleep for two days! Of course it’s a big deal! Everyone told me not to worry, but I couldn’t help it…” Max put a finger on her lips.

“Quiet now. Everything is Okay. See? I’m awake.” She smiled as he moved his hand away. Max stood up and stretched. “So how is everything?”

“Oh, well everyone has put a big effort into helping the wounded and caring for the homeless. Especially your friends, they have been…” Max put his finger to her lips again and shook his head.

“I was asking about you. How are you holding up?” She responded by putting her arms around his waist and hugging him tightly.

“I don’t know… but I do know I am just happy to have you back.” She yawned.

“Waaait a second. How long have you been watching over me?” But she didn’t answer, having fallen asleep while she was latched onto him. Max picked her up and set her down on the bed and covered her up. “Sweet dreams…” he kissed her on the forehead and left. He walked around the camp, looking for anyone that he recognized, but he saw no one. He headed for the military tent and found almost everybody. Including General Kulser.

“Ah Max. Nice to see you’re awake.” Commander Forrester greeted him. General Kulser remained somewhat quiet as Max sat down. Greg, Will, Sara, Sho, and two people he didn’t recognize were already sitting around the table. “Max, I want you to meet Amuro Ray, the Warrior Guyver 4, and Justin Burke, the Giant Guyver. You just missed Jackie Oxley, the Guyver 5. She left to be with her husband.” Amuro smiled and waved while Justin just gave a small salute.

“Anyway, here’s the situation. Something has been attacking our patrol units in the outer perimeter.” He circled an area on a map that was laid out on the table. “We don’t know what it is, but so far, it hasn’t killed any of our troops. It has only destroyed their armors.” He held out some drawings. “This is what we think it looks like.”

“You mean, not one soldier has been killed?” Sho spoke up.

“That is correct. Occording to the soldiers, after their armor was destroyed, it let them go, saying something about them not being a worthy prey.” Forrester added.

“Well, if it’s prey he wants. I’ll fight him!” Justin stood up.

“Calm down. No one is going at this alone.” Kulser spoke up, making Justin sit down, but he wasn’t happy. “We have decided on two teams. Max and Will, you will take the northern area. Greg and Justin will take the western area. Amuro, Sho and Sara will stay at the base in case it tries to attack here directly. In case you do need help, they will be on standby. I do not want the other team to assist the other, until you have finished your sweep of the area. There may be more of these things.”

“Yes sir.” Greg stood up and saluted, and left.

“You got it.” Will stood up.

“Thank you sir.” Amuro sat there, getting comfy.

“I will do my best.” Sara stood up and left with Will.

Sho just nodded and stood up and left to find Mizuky.

“What ever.” Justin stood up and left.

Max stood up and was about to leave, but he turned towards the general. “Uh… sir…?”

“Yes, what is it?” the General looked at him, somewhat annoyed.

“I want to apologize for leaving like I did before…” The General shook his head. “But if I hadn’t left, this never would have happened…”

“How do you know that?” the General spoke up, stopping Max in his tracks. “How do you know that the Zoalord wouldn’t have blown the city up, just to get your attention?”

“Sir…?” Max stood there, looking confused.

The General put his hand on his shoulder. “We couldn’t have known. It’s just a good thing a lot of people left when you started fighting. Or there would have been more casualties. Now go. Get prepared for this mission.” Max nodded and left.

“You were awfully kind to him.” Commander Forrester said as he looked up from what he was doing.

“Well, I came to a realization.”

The Major lifted an eyebrow. “And that was?”

“If I had his kind if power, I would have done the same thing.” He smirked as he went back to work, Forrester shrugged and went back to work as well.

In about an hour, the teams were ready. Max, Will, and Justin, all had bio-boosted and were ready to go. Greg transformed, and got in position. “Remember, stay in your groups until the search is complete. No matter what happens.” Everyone nodded. Warrior Guyver C and Guyver0 activated their gravity orbs and flew out in their direction to leave. Proto-Guyver and the Giant were already near their way so they just walked, already making sure it wasn’t nearby. They exited the area and found themselves in a pretty dense forest area. It was extremely

quiet as all the wildlife had vacated the area since the explosion.

“Damn… this sucks.” Giant muttered as they searched.

Proto-Guyver shook his head. “Would you rather be fighting this thing that we are looking for?”

“Of course! Fighting in this thing is so much better than fist fighting with a human. AND I get to kill.” He laughed. Proto-Guyver shook his head again.

Further up north, Warrior Guyver C and Guyver0 continued their search. They were having about as much luck as the other team.

“From the reports, one of the attacks happened near here…” Warrior Guyver C noted as they looked around.

Guyver0 pointed to something. “I’d say that was accurate.” It was one of the wrecks of blue armor. they both walked over to it and started examining it. Guyver0 was the first to notice the four parallel slashes all over it. “What could make these kind of cuts?”

Warrior Guyver C walked over and took a look. “They’re too clean cut for a Zoanoid, but…” He extended his forwards sword, and made a small cut in the armor. ” It’s exactly like a cut from one of our blades.”

“Do you think it could be a new Guyver?” Warrior Guyver C shook his head as they both stood up.

“I don’t know. I’ve never seen a Guyver with blades like this.” He looked down at the marks. “It seems like the blades were on the tips of it’s fingers.” Just as Warrior Guyver C finished that sentence, his sensors shot backwards. “Something is coming… at high speed…” Very quickly they both saw what it was. A large beam of energy heading their way. Warrior Guyver C erected a gravity shield, and the beam was dissipated.

“What the hell shot that?” Guyver0 shouted as his sensors searched the area for anything.

“I am taking a guess that we found what we are looking for.” Guyver0 nodded at that before replying, “More like it found us”. Warrior Guyver C stood still for a second, and called out with his unit. <We’ve found something. It shot some sort of laser at us. Going to investigate.>

All the Nearby Guyvers heard the message. Sho called out.

Warrior Guyver C answered.

Amuro jumped in. Amuro ran over to the command tent where the General and Commander was. “Sirs?”

The General looked up from his work. “Yes Amuro?”

“Warrior Guyver C and Guyver0 have confirmed contact with the target, they’ve been attacked by something with some sort of laser weapon. They’re going in to investigate.”
The General nodded. “Thank you.” Amuro nodded, and ran back to where Sho and Sara were waiting. “So it begins.”

Warrior Guyver C and Guyver0 were flying low over the forest, to see if they could pinpoint the location of what shot at them. But so far to no avail. Both of their sensors had picked it up, but for some odd reason, they could not locate the exact position.

“Damn it… where is this thing?” Warrior Guyver C cursed. Guyver0 was about to answer when he was hit by a high powered beam. The beam shot through his chest easily. He didn’t even have time to scream in pain. “Will!” Warrior Guyver C looked down and saw where the beam was fired from. He shot towards it and hit something. That’s when it came into focus. The creature had been using a stealth system. “Gotcha!”

“Do you? Do you really?” This shocked Warrior Guyver C. It could talk. English no less! But talking is the last thing it wanted to do, as it’s claw like nails extended about six inches and shoved them into any unarmored part on Warrior Guyver C’s back, somehow penetrating right through his body shield.

“AAAAAARRRRRRGGGGGG!!!” Warrior Guyver C screamed as he let go of the creature and crashed into the ground. The creature got up quickly and was walking towards Warrior Guyver C.

“So pathetic. I thought one of you Warrior holders would be a challenge.” He was now standing over Warrior Guyver C. “But I guess not.” Suddenly Warrior Guyver C’ s high frequency swords extended and he slashed at the legs of the creature, who surprisingly dodged them easily by jumping backwards. “Or maybe the prey does have some fangs after all.”

“It’ll take a lot more than that to stop me freak!” Warrior Guyver C shot a few head laser shots towards it, but it brought its large arm up and its shield deflected them. Of course Warrior Guyver C knew they would be ineffective. That’s why after firing them he launched himself forward. He was lucky that the creature put down it’s arm just in time, so that Warrior Guyver C could deliver a crushing punch to its head. The creature was sent flying backwards, however, it wasn’t flying because of the punch.

“Impressive. But ultimately futile.” He laughed.

Warrior Guyver C looked stunned. “How could Chronos make something this powerful…?” The creature crossed his arms.

“Chronos? You must mean those pathetic beings who mass produce Zoaforms.”

“You mean… your not from Chronos?”

“No. But enough talk.” He raised his larger arm and fired a volley of lasers. Warrior Guyver C dodged them easily, but the creature was already too close to do anything else. It extended it’s finger claws, however Warrior Guyver C managed to extend his own blades and block them easily. Cutting through them. “Interesting. Your High Frequency blades are superior to my own.” He jumped backwards. “I’ll make this quick so I can get your Control Medal and go.” He laughed. However the laughing soon stopped as he was hit in the back by a volley of gravity orbs, that tore apart his back. “WHO DARES?!?” Three figures jumped over him and landed in front of Warrior Guyver C. They were the Guyver Gigantic, Warrior Guyver 4 and Sara in her battle form.

” You okay Max?” the Gigantic looked back.

“Just dandy.” He stood up and walked in front of them. “Be careful. This thing is tough. It’s faster and stronger than me, my punch hardly phased it.”

“What…? Then how are we suppose to beat this guy…?” Warrior Guyver 4 looked over.

Sara smirked. “Don’t worry. There is more to you Guyvers than just strength.” By this time they noticed that the creature was standing again.

“Are you about finished?” He retorted. Suddenly he was kicked in the back of the head by Guyver0. But he didn’t move. “Fool. Your friends punch didn’t do a thing to me, what makes you think that you could?” He turned his head towards Guyver0.

“It was a thought.” Guyver0 said as he hit the ground. “Time for plan B.” the Creature turned, barely in time to see the Guyver Gigantic shooting towards him at high speed. The Guyver Gigantic brought its arm up and delivered a crushing uppercut, power punch, to the creature’s chest, nearly shattering it in the process, and sending the creature flying backwards. This time from the punch.

“Beauty.” Warrior Guyver C crossed his arms and laughed.

“It’s not dead yet.” Sara popped in.



“Damn it! They’re all fighting and we’re still stuck over here! It’s not fair!” The Giant Guyver yelled as he punched down a tree.

“Calm down.” the Proto-Guyver sighed. “We’re almost done.”

“By the time we’re done, the fight will be over!” he yelled again, but this time not punching anything down.

“That’s good then. That means the others will have beat it without us.” Giant Guyver turned to the Proto-Guyver.

“Good!?” He pointed his large finger at him. “I WANT to fight!

“You are to follow orders. I believe you agreed to that when you came here.” the Giant Guyver stepped back a bit.

“Yeah… your right… I’m sorry.” He sighed.

“Good. Now that you understand, I won’t report that to the General.” Proto-Guyver turned away from him and continued the search. However THAT was a mistake. The Giant Guyver punched him in the back, and sent him up and flying, away from the direction of the fight. the mammoth sized Guyver turned and started heading for the battle.

Back at the fight, things were not going so well. When the creature had recovered, he seemed stronger than before.

The creature fired a volley of lasers at Guyver0, which he easily dodged. However, the volley did not stop, and he couldn’t concentrate fast enough to dodge the next volley. The lasers tore through him like they had done before. He fell to the ground hard. Warrior Guyver C and Warrior Guyver 4 were trying their best but they were still no match for the creature. He was faster and stronger.
“Damn it… what is this thing…?” Warrior Guyver C jumped back after trying to land a few hits. Warrior Guyver 4 however was hit backwards and sent flying into the ground. But the damage was minimal and he got up quickly.
“I have no idea…” He huffed. The Gigantic Guyver wasn’t doing so great himself. His armor was damaged in many places, and the right shield pod was useless.
“I have an Idea…” he spoke up. “Max, Amuro, come with me!” the Gigantic Guyver flew up and back. Warrior Guyver C and Warrior Guyver 4 followed quickly. The creature crossed his arms and laughed.
“Oh? A plan? This should be interesting.” The three Guyvers landed together. Warrior Guyver 4 opened his megasmashers. “grrrr… so that’s there plan…” the creature brought up it’s large arm and fired more lasers at them. They were going to directly hit Warrior Guyver 4’s mega smashers, when they where stopped by the Guyver Gigantics shield. Before the creature had time to react, Warrior Guyver 4’s mega smashers fired, tearing through the forest area like it wasn’t even there to begin with. The beam was on a direct course for the creature, and it hit him head on… but wasn’t having much of an effect. That’s when Warrior Guyver C opened his mega smashers and fired, just as Warrior Guyver 4’s beam started to die off. This finally penetrated the creatures defenses and his beam tore through the creature and completely disintegrated it. Warrior Guyver C then closed his mega smasher.
“Whew, glad that’s over.” He said with a sigh.
“I agree. I don’t think I could have held on to the gigantic armor for much longer.” the Guyver Gigantic sighed with relief.
“Shall we report back to the base?” Sara spoke up, coming out of the darkness, carrying Will. Warrior Guyver C nodded, and the group started to take off when something grabbed Warrior Guyver 4’s foot and pulled him down, slamming him hard into the ground.
“What the?” Warrior Guyver C flew up a bit faster and looked down. What he saw, he really didn’t exepect. It was that creature again!

“Ha! You think I am dumb enough to be hit by your slow megasmashers?” He laughed as he fired a big laser blast at the Gigantic Guyver, which he was almost able to dodge, but it took out the other shield pod. Then his chest opened up and revealed what looked like to be a large number of smaller lasers, surrounding a larger crystal on each side. “Now you die!!!” They seemed to be his megasmasher equivalents, as the beam tore through the sky, engulfing the Gigantic Guyver and Warrior Guyver C almost completely.

The Proto-Guyver got up from the Giant Guyvers cheap shot. “Damn him…” He flew up into the air and sensed something behind him. He whipped around ready for almost anything…except this. He was now almost standing face to face with a Kavzar Commander.
“Greetings earthling.” The Kavzar Commander bowed. “My name is Draven. I am a creator speaking through this Kavzar Commander.” Proto-Guyver kept his guard up while it talked.
“So, what do you want from me?” He loosened up just a bit.
“I am intrigued by your unit. It is an unknown proto-type that we have few records on. In fact, it appears that your unit may be one of the predecessors of what the Kavzar was ultimately based off of.”
“So, your point being…?” He crossed his arms.
“Oh yes. I am offering you some information on this creature that has plagued you recently.”
“Go on. I’m listening.” He lowered himself to the ground. As did the Kavzar Commander.
“The creature your comrades face is a Grakken experiment gone wrong.” He paused for a second, an then continued. “You see, they captured a ship of ours and tried to use it’s technology to create a weapon to use against us. They succeeded in creating an orb of immense energy. A self evolving parasite if you will. It was quite advanced for the time, and they did not know how they created it, so only one was ever created.”
The Proto-Guyver nodded, making sure to remember all of this. “Well this orb turned out better than they had hoped. It followed orders and used it tremendous power to conquer other worlds. However, the orb was growing a form of it’s own, from samples of the life on the planets it had visited. Besides that, it was also learning all the combat styles of the races that were defeated. Making it an extremely intelligent combat machine when it’s body was completed. However the Grakkens began to rely on the creature too much, and they finally attacked us with it. However, it still was no match for our newly produced Kavzars, and we were able to capture it.” He again paused and quickly continued. “Our mistake was that we chose to experiment on the creature ourselves. We accidentally increased it’s artificial intelligence with a real personality. Unfortunately it tricked us into believing it was on our side, and we upgraded it somewhat as well. We then sent it on a mission and never saw it again.”
“And now it has shown up here?” the Kavzar Commander nodded.
“And much more powerful than when we left it.”
Proto-Guyver un-crossed his arms.”So what can we do to stop it?”
“I am afraid, you can do very little.” Proto-Guyver seemed shocked at this. “But that is why I have sent this Kavzar Commander down to earth. It is here to help you destroy the creature.”
“Uh… thank you… I think…” The Proto-Guyver managed to get out.

Back at the fight…
Sara had gotten Will away, leaving Warrior Guyver C, Warrior Guyver 4 and the Guyver Gigantic to face the creature. However, they were all badly damaged. Warrior Guyver C and Warrior Guyver 4 were still holding there own, but Sho had lost the Guyver Gigantic armor, after barely surviving the creatures mega smash like laser blast, and was taking too much damage in his Guyver 1 form.
“Sho, get out of here.” Warrior Guyver C huffed as his HSL started to heal his armor from the last round of attacks. “Your in no condition to fight this thing without your gigantic armor.”
Sho picked himself off the ground from the one knee he was on. His control medal flared, but he was obviously tired. “Sorry… but I think your right…” Warrior Guyver 4 nodded.
“Don’t worry. We have our Warrior Units, we won’t go down easily.” Guyver 1 nodded and activated his gravity orb and flew off. Warrior Guyver C and Warrior Guyver 4 looked over at their opponent. Who seemed almost undamaged.

“So another of you left?” He laughed. “This is getting too easy.” He crossed his arms. “Well, let’s get this over with so I can take your control medals and leave this pathetic place.” Warrior Guyver C and Warrior Guyver 4 answered by flying towards him at high speed and extending their swords. They started simultaneously attacking him as fast as they could and it seemed to be working. One on one he could best them easily, but he was having trouble keeping track of the two Warrior Guyvers. However, the damage was only minimal slashes, but the number of them were increasing rapidly. Then one of them struck home. Warrior Guyver C’s forward blade was shoved into the creatures gut, and he tore it upwards, cutting its body almost in half. Warrior Guyver C and Warrior Guyver 4 jumped back as the creature screamed in pain. Energy was flowing out from his body, and it crackled like lighting. Forcing Warrior Guyver C and Warrior Guyver 4 to step back even more.
“What the hell…?” Warrior Guyver C tried to ask, but Warrior Guyver 4 could not answer. Neither of them had any idea what Warrior Guyver C’s attack had done. Then suddenly the area around the creature began to warp and then suddenly the energy storm stopped. Warrior Guyver C and Warrior Guyver 4 stepped forward to see that the creature had pulled itself back together and that its arm, that housed all it’s lasers, had opened up like a unit remover.
“What the hell is that…?” Warrior Guyver 4 asked as he stopped advancing. Warrior Guyver C knew it wasn’t a remover… or could it be…? The creature did not say anything as the warping around him, shrunk to the front of the open weapon. The many crystals housed in the weapon started to glow brightly.
“DIE GUYVERS!!!” The creature screamed as it fired. Warrior Guyver 4 managed to completely dodge the blast, however Warrior Guyver C’s right arm and leg were caught in the blast. His arm was completely incinerated, while his leg received major burns that almost burnt the armor off of his leg. With the help of his gravity orb, he was able to escape any further damage. The beam shut down, and the creatures arm closed. He slowly walked towards Warrior Guyver 4, who was getting up. He grabbed him by the head and held him high in the air. Warrior Guyver 4 tried to struggle, but the creature was too strong. “Fool. For your ignorance in the face of death, you will suffer a thousand deaths.” He started to crush Warrior Guyver 4’s head easily. Warrior Guyver 4’s control medal flared, and his chest plates started to open. The creature used it’s other hand to hold them shut. “What a pitiful attempt at retaliation.” The mega smashers stopped struggling. However, the control medal flared again, and the crystal parts on Warrior Guyver 4’s body started to glow brightly. ” What’s this…?” but before the creature could do anything, something happened. All the crystals fired out white energy, very similar to the mega smasher. However, it fired in all directions. Warrior Guyver C, barely had time to dodge the attack himself. The creature was blasted backwards, Warrior Guyver 4 fell to the ground, and the barrage of fire stopped as he fell to his knees.
“What the hell…?” Warrior Guyver C quickly hovered to Warrior Guyver 4’s side. ” What was that?”
Warrior Guyver 4 remained somewhat silent for a moment, and then his armor vented some air. “I… don’t know…”He stood up. “Seems that this unit has some surprises left.” Warrior Guyver C nodded, but turned to the direction of where the Creature flew to. Surprisingly enough, the creature had gotten damaged by the attack. He had been blown into several pieces. Which were now building together, and reforming his body at an incredible rate.
“Damn… this thing is powerful… How the hell are we suppose to beat this thing…?” Warrior Guyver C’s leg was healed enough that he could stand, but his arm wasn’t finished enough to be useful. However, the Creature didn’t care and he seemed pissed.
“So I see you had one more surprise left. For that I am going to stop playing around.” The crystals on his armor started to glow brighter. He started walking, and increased his speed rapidly. However, Warrior Guyver C, Warrior Guyver 4, and the creature all felt something coming at high speed. the Creature stopped and turned just in time to see a Giant fist collide with it’s face. Instantly followed by a massive deafening explosion. Warrior Guyver C and Warrior Guyver 4 were both blown backwards. They had lost sight of the creature just as the explosion ignited. When the dust started to settle, they picked themselves up and they could make out a large figure standing about where the explosions epicenter was.
“Well, that was easy.” They both recognized the voice as the Giant Guyver. “Pathetic even.” Warrior Guyver C and Warrior Guyver 4 emerged from where they were blown to. “There you guys are.”
“I must say I am impressed.” Warrior Guyver C extended his hand.
The Giant Guyver crossed his arms. “You should be.” He laughed. “And you guys had trouble with this weakling.” However all three of their sensors picked up something that was still alive. They looked over in the direction where the body should have been, if it wasn’t completely disintegrated. There was the creature, in two parts. His legs and most of his abdomen, and his arms and upper torso. However, they were not moving. Warrior Guyver C stepped forward.
“We’d better finish it off, before it has a chance to recover.” the Giant steps in his way.
“He’s mine.” Warrior Guyver C steps back a bit.
“You really think so do you?” They all looked over at the top half of the creatures body. “You fools. Just because your prey is down for a second, does not mean it is dead!” Suddenly, his legs started to reform. But then they also noticed that his previous legs, had started growing a new torso.
“Oh shit…” Warrior Guyver 4 stepped back. Even the Giant Guyver stepped back as the two bodies reformed. However, the body that had grown the new torso, did not have a crystal in it’s forehead like the other. And it’s visor looked dead. The Giant Guyver cracked his huge knuckles.
“Big deal. There are two of you now, and three of us.” The creature crossed its arms and laughed.
“Very well. If you insist. My shadow will fight you one on one, while I fight those two.” The Giant nodded.
“Fine by me.” He laughed. Warrior Guyver C looked as if he were going to say something, but was interrupted by the two creatures flying towards them. The Giant Guyver was tackled by the shadow, while the real creature extended his finger blades and started slashing at Warrior Guyver C and Warrior Guyver 4.

The Proto-Guyver’s and the Kavzar Commanders attention turned towards a large explosion in the distance. “Great, looks like the fight has already begun.”
“So it seems. Therefore, I leave this Kavzar Commander in your hands.” The Kavzar Commander uncrossed it’s arms and almost goes somewhat limp. “However, be warned that once it engages the creature, it will not stop until it and any other obstacle has been destroyed. So if you wish to continue living, stay out of it way.”
Proto-Guyver nodded. “I’ll make a note of that.” There was no reply however. The Proto-Guyver floated up into the air. The Kavzar Commander was still on the ground. “Ummm… follow me.” The Kavzar Commanders crystal lit up and flew up to where the Proto-Guyver was. Greg flew off into the direction of the explosion, and the Kavzar Commander stayed close behind him.

Back at the battle field…
Warrior Guyver C and Warrior Guyver 4 were having about as much trouble as they were before against the creature. However, he seemed a bit weaker than his previous incarnation. They were actually getting some shots in, but still, not enough to really cause massive damage. Even as they added quick head beam and pressure cannon attacks to their onslaught, which the creature withstood with ease.
“Haven’t you fools realized that it’s useless to try and fight me?” the creature laughed as he kicked Warrior Guyver 4 in the stomach, sending him flying backwards.
“Well, we’re not just going to give up and let you kill us now are we?” Warrior Guyver C yelled as he lunged forward, extending his arm blades. He furiously started swiping at the creature, who was doing an incredible job of dodging most of the attacks. “And that wouldn’t be fun for either of us, now would it?” The creature lashed out with a well placed hit to Warrior Guyver C’s stomach, and then slammed him into the ground.

“No, I guess not. You have a good point there.” He extended his finger blades. “I really have enjoyed this. Few have given me such trouble. It’s a shame that you must die now.” But just as the creature was about to plunge his claws into Warrior Guyver C’s head, Warrior Guyver 4 came out of almost nowhere, flying at top speed, tackling the creature, and sending it a good 20 or 30 yards. Warrior Guyver 4 looked down at Warrior Guyver C.
“You OK?” Warrior Guyver C got up.
“I’m fine for now.” The creature got up quickly.
“Why can’t you just wait your turn?” it yelled. “Unless, unlike your friend here, you want to die as quickly as possible..?”
“Not a chance.” Warrior Guyver C and Warrior Guyver 4 launched forward for another round of attacks.
The Giant however, was having a bit of an easier time, but then again, he couldn’t be considered having the upper hand. The creatures shadow was less powerful, but still highly skilled. And since the Giant Guyver did not have any high frequency swords, he was taking quite a bit of damage.
“Not much of a talker are ya?” the shadow didn’t respond with words, but with a fierce flurry of slashes. The Giant was able to jump back in time, before he took any damage from this attack. As he jumped back however, he brought his fist back and started powering up for a super punch. The creatures shadow however, was not giving in, and continued to slash wildly. So the Giant only saw one option. He brought his fist forward. The shadow started to slice up his arm, but the effect he wanted happened. The blow hit the shadow in the chest, sending it flying backwards at an incredible speed. It went through 4 or 5 trees before it finally couldn’t go any farther. This gave the Giant Guyvers armor time to heal the slash wounds from the shadows blades. He cracked his knuckles again. “Give up yet?”
The creature didn’t answer, but the Giant wasn’t expecting one. The shadow stood up and was about to fly towards the Giant, when it stopped, and looked at a point over and behind the Giant. The Giant Guyver turned around to see Greg and an unfamiliar armored being. “Great, what do YOU want?”
“Stand down.” Greg crossed his arms. “Now, before you dig yourself in deeper.” the Giant laughed.
“And are you going to stop me?” Greg shook his head.
“Have it your way. Kavzar Commander, there is your target. Destroy it.” Greg pointed to the Shadow. The Kavzar Commander hovered there, not moving.
“Very impressive. You should train it to jump through hoops first.” The Giant turned around, to see the creatures shadow, still looking in Greg and the Kavzar Commanders direction.
Greg looked confused. “Why won’t you attack it?”
“It is a shadow creature. There is no energy crystal present.” Greg shook his head.
“Understood, but it still needs to be destroyed, and is from the creature isn’t it?” the Kavzar Commander hovered there for a second, then it’s crystal started to glow.
“Affirmative. Will destroy the target.” The Kavzar Commanders crystal flared and it teleported behind the creatures shadow, with one of it’s megasmasher plates open. the Giant Guyver had barely enough time to move out of the way when it fired. When the dust settled, there was no trace of the shadow anywhere.
“Ugh, that Creator wasn’t kidding when he said keep out of its way” Greg said before getting back to his feet.

The creature suddenly screamed in pain, allowing Warrior Guyver C and Warrior Guyver 4 to get a few good blows in. Sending the creature staggering back.
“Any idea what just happened?” Warrior Guyver C looked over at Warrior Guyver 4, who just shrugged.
“Perhaps the double was defeated?” their conversation was quickly interrupted by the creature standing up. And it looked stronger than ever.
“You are correct. Your friend was able to defeat my shadow. Unluckily for you, now, I can use my full power against you again, as I do not have to support my other.” He laughed.
Warrior Guyver C and Warrior Guyver 4 backed off a bit. “Shit… this is bad…” Warrior Guyver C pointed out, even though it was pretty obvious.

“Not as bad as you think.” Greg’s voice made Warrior Guyver C and Warrior Guyver 4 turn around. They were both shocked to see Greg hovering beside what looked like a suped up Kavzar. Greg pointed at the creature. “Kavzar Commander, there is your real target.” the Kavzar Commanders crystal flared, and it launched towards the creature. Warrior Guyver C and Warrior Guyver 4 flew backwards towards Greg, and watched the Kavzar Commander enter battle with the creature.
The battle was fierce. Neither the creature or the Kavzar Commander were gaining the upper hand. They seemed almost equal. However, the Kavzar Commander was not giving up. The Creator was right when it said that the Kavzar Commander would not back down. The creature then tried something different. It boosted backwards and opened its cannon arm. The Kavzar Commander stopped and stood about 10 meters in from of it. “Let’s see how you like this, Creator trash!!!” The weapon fired, and the Kavzar Commander didn’t try to dodge, taking the full force of the blast. The Kavzar Commanders shield withstood the blast easily. “Shit… seems they made some other improvements.” The Kavzar Commander launched forward again and the battle begun anew.
The Warrior Guyvers and Greg all watched in awe at the sheer power of the Kavzar Commander. “How’d you come across that thing Greg?” Warrior Guyver C looked over at Greg, who had a smirk on his face.
“It found me actually.” The Giant Guyver ran over to where they were. “When he ran off on me, it showed up, and a Creator spoke through it, explaining the situation.” The Giant watched in shock at the battle.
“What the hell was that thing?” The Giant Guyver loomed over Greg.
“That’s information you don’t need to know.” The Giant Guyver picked Greg up by the collar.
“What do you mean!?! I am one of you, that ensures I get to know.” Greg smirked as Warrior Guyver C walked over.
“Put him down. We should not be fighting ourselves.” The Giant grunted and let go of Greg, who effortlessly floated back down to the ground. The group turned back to watch the Kavzar Commander and the creature fight. However, the creature and the Kavzar Commander were nowhere in sight.
“Where did they go…?” Warrior Guyver 4 looked around. Their sensors picked up sounds of battle to the east. They all flew up and slowly approached. They could see the figures blasting back and forth. Destroying a good chunk of the forest as they fought.
“This is insane! They are going to destroy the whole area!” Warrior Guyver C said as the flew towards the battle. “Greg, can’t you control it or something?”
“Not anymore. the Creator let me give orders to it only until we found this thing. Then they told me to stay out of its way. Now I can see why.” And so could the rest of them. It was a truly amazing fight, but it needed to be stopped before more damage was done.
“So what are we going to do? They are both too powerful for us.” Warrior Guyver 4 sighed.
“Well, Giants power punch did quite a bit of damage to the creature, and my meteor attack may work as well.”
Greg looked over at Warrior Guyver C, “Sounds like you got a plan.”
Warrior Guyver C nodded, “First off, Giant, you will launch your attack and disable the creature. Then it will be my turn to finish it off.” Giant merely nodded. “Greg, and Warrior Guyver 4, you two stay back, and ready your most powerful attacks, just in case.” They nodded. “All right, let’s do this!.” Warrior Guyver C shot up into the air, while the Giant went down to the ground. Greg and Warrior Guyver 4 went down to the ground, but stayed behind the Giant. The Giant Guyvers Control Medal flared and the crystals on his hand started to glow. He started to hover, and within seconds he flew off at an incredible speed. While in the air, Warrior Guyver C’s body started glowing, and quickly, the glow formed into a ball of energy, that surrounded him, and was getting bigger.
The creature and the Kavzar Commander continued to brawl. Both unaware of the plan made by Warrior Guyver C. The Creature managed a good slash across the Kavzar Commanders control crystal. The Kavzar Commander stepped back grabbing its head on pain. The creature turned in time, to see the Giant blasting his way. He tried to dodge, but his left should was hit, and it was blown apart. However, the Giant did not stop, and kept on going. “Fool! You cannot use the same attack on me twice at the same efficiency!” He was about to start finishing off the Kavzar Commander when he sensed something else coming. He saw a bright ball of white energy flying at an incredible speed towards him. He barley had time to make out the figure in the center, when he was engulfed into the ball as it crashed into the ground.
From a distance, Greg and Warrior Guyver 4 were even blown back by the explosion. However, after the mess had ended, Warrior Guyver C walked out of the new crater, almost unscathed. Warrior Guyver 4 and Greg flew over to where he was. The Giant soon joined them. they looked around and saw the Kavzar Commander standing there. Covered in dirt. But it’s crystal was healed.
“Did we do it…?” the Giant looked around.
“It appears so thankfully.” Greg sighed. The Kavzar Commander walked up to them.
“Then it is over.” All of them looked shocked, but Greg, who had heard the voice before. “Even though, it did not turn out as we had planned, the creature is destroyed. Thank you for your assistance Guyvers.” the Kavzar Commander held out a hand. “I believe a handshake is your custom, is it not?” Greg stepped forward and took the Kavzar Commanders hand. They shook.
“We must give our thanks as well. Without this Kavzar Commanders help, we would not have been able to win.” Greg looked around at the damage.
“Indeed.” The Kavzar Commanders sensors shot backwards and all the Guyvers sensors suddenly flared forward. However it was too late. the Creature, badly damaged, but alive, shot out of the ground and plunged its one good hand through the back of the Kavzar Commanders head, and right through, grabbing the crystal. However, he didn’t stop there. His hand shot into Greg’s head, with the crystal being plunged into his skull, and the blades reaching through to the other side. Greg didn’t even have time to scream.
“FOOLS! I cannot be defeated so easily!!! And with this Kavzar Commanders crystals, I will be all powerful!!!” He was about to pull his hand out of Greg’s head, when the air above him warped, and he was blasted backwards. No one but Max recognized it.
“The Matrix!” they all looked at him.
“What the hell is the Matrix…?” Warrior Guyver C pointed to the Matrix, which was floating over Greg. ” It’s the thing that repaired and upgraded my Guyver unit!” The creature stood up and looked at his hand. The crystal was gone. The matrix enveloped Greg’s body, and made it float up right.
“Give me back my crystal!!! The creature screamed, as it blasted towards Greg. He took a swipe at him, but he was teleported behind the other Guyvers. They whipped around to see Greg open his eyes. Which were glowing white. The Matrix suddenly let go of him and teleported away. Greg remained floating in the air. All his injuries healed.
“Greg…?” Warrior Guyver C stepped forward. However, Greg only answered with one phrase.
“Bio-Boost!” A white energy field burst out from him and when it cleared, Greg was encased in a white armor, that looked like a cross of his old armor and the Kavzar Commander. His crystal was the shape of the Kavzar Commanders, but was Green. The Creature looked up and saw the new being.

Energy seemed to crackle around it. It started to float towards the Creature. It tried to swipe at him again, but it extended it’s own swords and easily blocked them. With its other arm, it grabbed the creatures arm and crushed it. Its crystal flared and it blasted the creature back without even moving. For the first time, the creature actually looked scared. The new Proto-Guyver opened both of its chest plates. The creature got up and tried to run, but it was a futile attempt. The Proto-Guyvers chest nearly exploded with energy, and the beam easily caught up with the creature. The beam lasted a good 10-15 seconds, before it stopped. The destruction left by it was immense. The Creature was easily completely evaporated. The new Proto-Guyver turned around and faced his friends. The armor blasted off of Greg, who fell to the ground out cold. They all ran up to him, and Warrior Guyver C picked him up.

“Let’s go back to base. I think this is finally over.” They all agreed and flew up into the air, and back to the base.

However, they did not notice in the area of damage from Proto-Guyvers mega smashers, a small red crystal remained. And suddenly, it started to grow bio like material. And as soon as it could, it started laughing.

To be continued…