This is a fan-fiction based on characters created by Yoshiki Takaya and contains violent situations with adult language. Any similarity to actual persons, living or dead is unintentional and purely coincidental.

NoteThis fic takes place during All Things Change Part 2.
Title The Challenge
AuthorMathew Bellamy

The Canadian ACTF had again been tricked by Chronos and failed to rescue any of the hostages being held by Chronos. Fortunately, Chronos had underestimated the combined power of the ACTF Guyvers, sent to attack the Chronos base, ending the battle in a draw and the total destruction of the Chronos research station. Back at the Canadian base though, things remained a bit hectic. Max was training constantly in the hopes he could possibly have an edge against the Zoalord that challenged him, even while everybody tried to talk him out of it. Stephan, the Warrior Guyver 2, had come back with them for a short while, after he regenerated, to be updated on what happened, but he soon left to complete his mission in Europe, but promised he would come back if they needed him. Will had taken the longest to recover but soon awoke to see Sara looking down on him, he was overjoyed to see her return. Though he had witnessed her killing the Zerebubuse, he shrugged it off as just a hallucination, which she agreed on. Greg however knew something was up with her, but was more concerned about himself, as he found he could no longer transform into his Proto-Guyver form. Which really disturbed General Kulser and Commander Forrester, as now they had one less weapon they could use against Chronos. . .

Dr. Gast spoke while the General and Commander listened. “According to his report, being that his crystal was damaged, I’d say he’s lucky to even be alive.” He looked down at his own notes. “But thankfully we were able to destroy a main Chronos research station.”

” Hmm…” General Kulser was in deep thought. “Speaking of which. What about that Zoalord?”

“Reports are unconfirmed but, when the Zerebubuse was destroyed, we picked up a powerful energy signature, rivaling that of a Guyver, however, from the reports Greg and Will gave on how the Zerebubuse Zoanoid was killed, it seems that it was a Zoalords doing.” said Dr. Gast as he finished the report.

Forrester sat back in his chair. “Does this mean, we have another ally?”

Dr. Gast shook his head a bit. “Not a new one anyway.” He pushed up his glasses. “My guess is that it was the female Zoalord that Agito Makashima has produced.”

“That is probably right. After all, he was there.” The three sat at the long table for a brief moment then Dr. Gast got up.

“Well gentlemen, as you know, I have much work to do.” They both nodded and Dr. Gast left the room and walked down the hallway. He was fingering through some notes he had with him when he almost ran into someone coming out of a locker room. He looked up and saw Max.

“Ah Max, just the person I wanted to see.” Gast opened the folder that he was carrying. He pulled out a few sheets of paper and handed them to Max.

“What are these Doc?”

“A few reports from some informants from Calgary Alberta.” Gast flipped through the file a bit more and pulled some photos from it.” These were taken by a few of our spy cameras.” Max took the pictures and started looking at them.

“Who’s this guy with the blonde hair?” He flipped through them and most of the pictures were of this Blonde man. He looked closer at one of the pictures, and noticed he had somewhat pointy ears. “Is that…?”

“That is what we think.”

“Then why are you showing me these?”

Gast sighed, “Somebody had to, or you would have gone anyway, with no clue to where he was.” Max just nodded and went off to his room. “Good luck…” He started going back down the hallway as it was also the way to his lab.

Will and Sara were both in the mess hall eating. Will had settled down enough for a normal conversation, as Sara was teaching him how to eat properly with a knife and fork. “You see? If you put your mind to it, it really isn’t all that hard.”

“Easy for you to say.” Will smirked. ” You’ve been doing it for most of your life.” Sara smiled. Greg walked into the mess hall looking like he hadn’t gotten any sleep for days. He didn’t even wave or say hi, as he walked by to get some food. Both Will and Sara noticed this. “I wonder what happened to him.”

“You mean you haven’t heard?” Will shook his head. “I’m not surprised I guess, ” she said remembering all the time the two had spent together recently. “Anyway, during your fight his crystal was shattered.”

“You mean his crystal in his control medal right…?”


“But that means he should be dead…” Suddenly they looked up and saw a mad looking Greg standing over them.

“Yes I should be, is that what you want?” Greg slammed his tray on the table and stared right at Will. “I should have died before I got that unit.”

“Whoa… Calm down there Greg…” Sara tried to interrupt him.

“And you, I have no idea what the hell you are anymore! Your not even human!” He shouted. This made Will mad. He stood up with his hands in a fist.

“What is that suppose to mean!?!?”

“Well to begin with she was turned into a Zoanoid, the literal scum of the earth, and now she is something else. Something even farther from humans!!!” That was it, Will had enough. He swung his fist at Greg, hitting him in the side of the jaw. This sent Greg into a half spin, but he caught himself on the edge of the table. He stood up rubbing his jaw.

“Not bad… but can you take as good as you give?” Greg reached across the table and punched Will in the face. He then pulled him over the table and onto the ground. Both men had grabbed each others hands and were in a test of strength, which Greg was winning. Sara had gotten up and ran around the table to try and pull Greg off of Will, but for some reason she could not.

“Stop it you two!” They were obviously not listening, and Greg looked like he was constantly getting stronger by the second. She had no choice. There was no other way. ‘STOP IT!!!” she screamed as Greg flew backwards, 5 yards, off of Will before crashing back down to the floor. Both men sat up to see Sara with her eyes completely white.

“Wha… what was that?” Will stuttered. Greg stood up, recovering from that really quickly.

“It’s as I figured.” He looked over at Will. “She’s no longer human… but a Zoalord.”

“A… Zoa…lord?” Will was still looking at her in shock.

“Yes. She is the reason we were able to escape the Chronos base’s destruction.” He crossed his arms. “She teleported us out of there.”

“Sara…?” Will stuttered as he got to his feet. “Is that true…?” Sara stood there silently, looking ashamed. She gave a small nod.


Greg walked over to him and offered him a hand up. “Now you know the truth.” He looked over at Sara. “The real question is, will you be able to accept it. The past cannot be changed.”

Will took his hand, and stood up. After a moment of silence Greg left. . .

When Max emerged from his room, he found a guard in front of his door, holding a rifle.

“Uh… What’s the meaning of this?” Max crossed his arms and looked at the guard. The Guard turned to him and saluted.

“Sir, I am here to prevent you from leaving.” Max raised his eyebrow.

“And how do you expect to do that soldier?” Max smirked.

“Like this.” He pointed the rifle at Max and fired. Luckily it was only a dart, but as soon as it hit his arm, the blast field exploded from Max and blew the soldier far down the hallway. He stood up, already in his Guyver armor and shook his head. “Don’t they realize that I’m a Warrior Guyver now? Oh well.” Max turned around and saw three more guards running towards him, with anti-zoanoid rifles.

“Please stand down sir.” The guards stood there with their rifles locked onto him.

“Yes Max. Please.” General Kulser came up behind them. “Stand down now and you will not be punished.” Max crossed his arms and shook his head again.

“Punished General? How would you do that? Court Martial me?” Max laughed. “You see, I’m not, and never was a soldier in your army.” He started walking closer to them. “And with your anti-Zoanoid guns, you can’t even harm me. I am no longer just a Guyver, but a Warrior Guyver”. He stopped, ” Be seeing ya.”, and with those final words, he teleported out of there.

“Damn it.” Kulser sighed. “I suppose there’s nothing we can really do. He is the most powerful Guyver we have here. Go back to your positions. “The Guards got up and left. The Guard Max had blown away was rushed off to the med lab, for some minor injuries.

Meanwhile, in the City known as Calgary

Max appeared on top of a large building. He then deactivated his armor, took a deep breath and coughed slightly. He smiled as this was the city were he was born. He looked around and found the stairs leading down into the building. When he got down to the street level, he looked around again. Nothing much had changed. He walked on down the street, admiring the city, as he had once did so many years ago.

He walked and he walked, almost forgetting his purpose in the city. He never had a destination, but something was drawing him somewhere, but only when he got there did he know what is was. It was his old neighborhood. Where he had lived for most of his life, until his family moved to a place that was taken over by Chronos eventually. He walked down the same sidewalk and watched as Children played games on their front lawns. But as he walked, some parents watched him warily walk by, as he was a stranger to them. When he got to his old home, he stopped and looked at it. No one was living there right now, and it looked like no one had lived there for years. He walked up the sidewalk. But it looked like someone was mowing the lawn, just to make it look a bit nicer to fit with the neighborhood. He opened the front door. Oddly it was unlocked. As he stepped inside, he saw the place wasn’t covered in dust but it was obvious no one had lived here for years, probably since his family had moved out. He walked into the kitchen, and saw it was cleaner than the rest of the place. Obviously somebody had been here more recently. He walked into the living room. Memories came rushing in, of his family sharing good times here. He walked over to the stairs that led upstairs to where all the bedrooms were. the stairs creaked as he went up them. When he reached the top, he looked down the small hall. Three doorways to three different rooms. The first door was his parents room. It was the master bedroom, and was rather big. There was nothing left in it. The next doorway led to the bathroom, and the third was his room. He walked in and looked around. Almost exactly as he left it. He walked over to the closet and opened it. Empty. But he knew it would be. He knelt down and pulled up a loose piece of carpeting. Under it was a hole in the floor, and in the hole was a small wooden box that was covered in dust. He picked it up and opened it. Inside were a bunch of small trinkets that he had collected and some pictures. He picked up the small stack of pictures and started looking through them. The first one was of his small family. His mother, father, and himself all standing in front of a Christmas tree. The picture was from five years ago, when everything was still normal. He put the picture down and moved on to the next one. This one was a picture of him and his four former friends all making big idiots of themselves in front of the camera. He smiled as he remembered that day. He took that picture and placed it on top of the one of his family. The next picture he remembered all to well. It was a picture of him and his girlfriend, who he left behind when he had moved. He stood up, remember all the good times they had, and remembering the day he had left. He turned to leave with the box when he noticed he was not alone. He looked up and saw a female with a bat ready to swing.

“Alright, who are you, and what are you doing here!?” She saw the box in his hand, and the picture he was holding. “And where did you find those!?”

Back at the Canadian Anti-Chronos Base…

Greg was in Dr. Gasts lab. During his little scuffle with Will, he had noticed that he was much stronger than him. Right now Dr. Gast was having him lift some weights to test his strength, and so far, he was doing inhumanly well. He put down the current weight he was lifting and Dr. Gast took some notes.

“Well Doc? Any idea what is happening to me?” Greg asked as he sat down on the examination table. Dr. Gast walked over to him.

“Well it looks like… to tell you the truth, I can’t tell you what it looks like.” He sighed. “I cannot explain it at all.” He shook his head. “But I don’t think this is necessarily a bad thing.”

Greg looked puzzled. “What do you mean?”

“Well, your crystal was absorbed into you, instead of eating you alive. So your body may be getting stronger as the crystal is now part of you, like it originally was part of your armor.” Gast walked around Greg with his hand on his chin thinking. “I want you to try and call your armor.” Greg looked at him.

“Why? It won’t do any good.” He stood up. “But what the hell. Here goes.” He closed his eyes and tried, however nothing seemed to happen. But he could feel something. His body was changing under his clothing. This was soon noticeable on the outside when a pair of blades tore out of his sleeves, right around where his high frequency swords had been. And after a few seconds, they took form and looked exactly like them. Greg ripped off his clothes to reveal his new body. “Wh-what happened…?” Gast paced around him wondering the same thing.

“Well your transformation was completely internal. Much like that of a Zoanoid…or a Zoalord…” Gast paused and smiled. “Of course! That has to be it!” He ran over to his desk and grabbed a note pad where he had been writing before. Greg walked over to where he was.

“Well? What did you just figure out?”

“Isn’t it obvious? The fact that your crystal was absorbed into your body says it all.” Dr. Gast turned to him. “The crystal is still working, but now from the inside. This means you probably will retain most of your powers, even in your human form.”

“Well, I do feel different. That’s for sure.”

“We should go and inform the General about this right away.” Greg nodded and both of them started to rush out of the room, when Greg hit his head on the top of the door frame. “Oh yeah, if you didn’t notice, you became taller as well.”

Greg looked down at Gast. ” No really. Ya think?” He laughed as he ducked down a bit and left off to see the General.

Back in Calgary…

Max stood there as the young woman held the bat ready to swing at his head. “Well!?” She asked again, “Who are you? and what are you doing here?”

“Look, I don’t want any trouble. I just came here to get this.” He held up the small box that he had pulled out of the floor. The woman looked at the box. And held the bat to his face.

“How did you know where to find that?” She could barely hold the bat to his face when he pushed it away. She moved it back over to his face. “Well?”

Max smirked. “Because I put it there. Now if you’ll excuse me.” The woman dropped the bat and slumped against the wall. Max walked past her out of the room. He slid the box into an inside pocket of his coat. He looked at the picture he was holding again and realized something. He turned around to see the young woman watching him leave, with a sad look on her face. He looked back down at the picture, and then back at the girl. ” Megan…?” She looked up at him and almost instantly ran over and grabbed him by the waist. She was crying. He just stood there for a second.

“Oh god, I thought you were dead!” She cried. He smiled and stroked her hair “We heard that the town you moved to was attacked by those Guyvers, and everyone was killed.” He frowned. Those bastards. She moved away a bit to get a look at his face. “But here you are…” She put her arms around his neck and kissed him. She smiled and pushed some of his hair out the way of his face.

“Well I’m here now.” Just then he heard someone coming up the stairs. He whipped around to see a police officer.

“Oh miss Jennings, there you are.” He got to the top of the stairs. “We got a report that someone entered here and you went after them.”

She laughed a bit, still a bit crying. “No, it’s okay officer. He used to live here.” She hugged him again tighter. The officer just smiled, tipped his hat and left. She looks at him. “So what have you been doing all this time?”

“I…errr… have been wondering around, trying to get back here.” Max gave her an obvious lie, but they all think that the Guyvers are evil, and the last thing he wanted was for his old girlfriend to be scared of him.

“Well it’s just good to see you again.” She leaned against him. She had stopped crying and was all happy now. She took his hand and led him to the stairs. ” Come on, you have to let everybody know you’re still alive.”

“Uh, that may not be a good idea…” She turned to him. “Well, we don’t want to flood the streets with tears like you just did, now do we?” She smiled.

“Oh don’t be silly.” She let go of his hand and playfully ran down the stairs. Max smiled. She hasn’t changed. “Are you coming, hon?” He smiled and went down the stairs. She was already at the front door, when he got to the bottom, waving him to hurry. As he got closer, she grabbed his hand again and almost pulled him outside. “So who do you think we should tell first…?” Just then a group of four big guys walked by, and up on to the lawn.

“Hey there Megan, what’s your hot little body up to today?” Megan turned around and noticed them. She grabbed on to Max’s arm a bit tighter. “Still waiting for your knight in shining armor to return?”

“I don’t need to.” She smirked. “He just did.” the group of guys looked towards Max.

“This? This is what you have been waiting for?” they all burst out laughing. “Why don’t you want a real man like myself? I could kill this flee easily.”

“A real man? He is a real man. Not a monster like you.” Max raised an eyebrow at that. A monster eh… Unless she was joking, they must have undergone the Zoanification process. The Big man stepped back.

“Fine! I’ll show you what a real man, who has real power is like!” He started shaking a bit, and soon he burst of his skin and transformed into a Gregole type Zoanoid. The rest of his friends changed as well into Ramotiths.

Max smirked. “You fools don’t understand what true power is.” He pushed Megan off to the side gently and looked over at her and winked. The Gregole lifted him up by his colar.
“Oh yeah? And you do?” He snarled. Max closed his eyes and smirked.

“Guyver.” The blast field shot out from his body Knocking the Gregole back on to the ground. When Max’s feet hit the ground, he was already encased in his armor. The Gregole got up. His hand had almost been crushed from the force of the blast field. “As you see, I have much more power than you do.” He stepped forward and they saw the shape of his control medal.
“You… your… one of those Warrior Guyvers!” They all backed up.

“Oh, I am honored. You’ve heard of us.” He took a bow. He stood up straight and stretched his neck. He looked over to where Megan was. She had fainted. “Well, which one of you wants to die first?” He stepped forward. The four of them just looked at each other and ran away. “Oh no, you aren’t getting away.” His control medal flared as he teleported right in their way. “Your not quite fast enough.”

“No… please don’t kill us!!!” The Gregole fell to his knees. If he was in his human form, he would be pissing his pants right about now. Max thought about it for a second.

“Fine. I’ll let you go, but don’t you ever bother any of these people EVER again. got that?” They all nodded and ran by him, away from this neighborhood, as fast as they could. He deactivated his armor, and walked back to where Megan was. She had already awoke, and was sitting on the grass. Max approached her. “Are you alright?” He extended his hand to her, but she slid back on the grass. She was too shocked to say anything. A few of the families had gathered on their lawns. A few of the older men had brought out a shotgun, or gun of some type. They were doing a lot of yelling. They had all been tricked by Chronos. He shook his head, and one of the men opened fire with a shot gun. Just as the bullets were about to hit Max his armor automatically bio-boosted, just like it had done before. The people screamed and started running away. He looked back at Megan, who was being taken away by one of the neighbors. he shook his head and activated his gravity orb and flew straight up. He looked around and flew towards the city.

“Sir?” A man in a dark suit walked up behind a blonde man in armor and a white cloak.


“A Guyver has been spotted in the eastern residential area.” The man in the suit stood straight as the blonde man turned around and grabbed the report from his hands.

“Interesting.” He smirked. “Where is he now?”

“He’s now on his way back into the city Lord Destrol.” Destrol walked by the guard and to the door.

“I want you to find out why he was in that area.” The man just nodded and Destrol left the room. He still had a smirk on his face. “It seems you came to me instead.” He laughed. He walked down the hallway towards the elevator. The soldiers and suited men parted and saluted as he walked by. When he got into the elevator, he turned and looked out over the city. “Where are you my little fool?” He again laughed.

Max had deactivated his armor and was walking around the city cursing himself. All of his old friends have now become either enemies or just ignorant civilians. He cursed his own existence. Being a Guyver had some responsibilities, but it took a lot away as well. And now that he was a Warrior Guyver, he had to be relied on even more. . .

“WHAT!?!?” The General sounded somewhat shocked. “Would you care to repeat that?”

“We have discovered a group of Chronos Zoanoids near the Saskatchewan border.” Commander Forrester repeated. “So far, we don’t know what they’re looking for, but they are definitely looking for something.”

” Hmm…” The General put his hand to his chin. ” With Max away, our forces are seriously lacking.” Just then Dr. Gast and Greg hurried into the room. Right away they could tell something was wrong with Greg.

” Lt. Howzer..?”

Greg saluted. “Yes sir?”

“What… happened…?” Forester looked at him with an eyebrow raised.

“I’ll answer that one.” Gast spoke up. “Well, the shards from his crystal were absorbed by his body, not just into his body. He’s now almost back to his normal power levels.”

“Excellent!” the General spoke up. “Commander, call William up here.”

“Yes sir.” Forrester went over to the intercom and started calling Will to the room. The General approached Greg and Dr. Gast.

“So, how do you feel soldier?” As he looked up at Gregs now massive body.

“I feel super sir. I don’t think I have ever felt much better.” He smirked a bit but remembered he was in the presence of his higher officer. “I can feel the power running through me.”

“Good good.” He turned and walked away. “Oh and at ease soldier. You don’t need to be so formal now. You’re a Guyver… or as powerful as one. That deserves respect. Even my own.”

“Thank you sir.” Greg smiled and Kulser almost started laughing.

Will was in his room with Sara. They had been talking a lot and he seemed to be at ease with what has happened so far. Sara was comforting him when he was called.

“I’ll be right back.” He stood up and opened the door. Sara sat there, wanting to go with him, but revealing her powers to everyone would be bad right about now. She got off the small couch and lay down on his bed. It was starting to get late, and she was starting to get tired, and soon she fell asleep. Moments later Will entered the command room.

“Good. You’re here.” The General motioned for him to sit down. Will sat down across from Greg. He gave him a weird look, noticing the obvious change in attire. ” We have located a small Chronos party heading into Saskatchewan. We still don’t know the reason for this. But we want them to be stopped. And that is your job. Any questions?”

“Where’s Max?” Will spoke up. Commander Forrester looked over to the General. The General thought for a second and looked over at Dr. Gast.

“He’s on a very important special assignment right now.” And he left it at that.

“So, when do we leave?” Greg looked towards the General.

“Immediately.” Greg nodded as did Will. Greg stood up and walked towards the door. When Dr. Gast stood up.

“Greg you should be equipped with a comm device to keep in touch.” Greg turned around and nodded.

“Good idea.” Moments later a soldier came in with a simple head set.

“That should be efficient enough. You’ll be able to keep in contact with the base. Report anything unusual.”

“Yes sir.” Greg said as he fitted the ear piece into his ear. He then turned to Will. “Shall we get going?” Will stood up and nodded. Then the two left the room. The Commander then looked at the General.

“Sir?” The General turned his head slightly. “What do you think they’re up to this time?” Kulser shook his head.

“That I don’t know. Something is up, at least that much we know.” Forrester nodded.

In Southern Saskatchewan, the group of Zoanoids were traveling in an unmarked truck, on a dirt road heading north. There were eight soldiers in the back, all in Chronos jumpsuits and two in the cab of the truck.

“How long until we arrive at the destination?” The soldier in the passenger seat asked. The other Chronos soldier looked at the clock on the stereo.

“ETA is in five hours.”

“Man… what are we after…? Couldn’t they send someone besides us? I mean really. These vehicles are so fucking slow.” The soldier put his feet up on the dash board

“They have their reasons.” The driver said bluntly. The soldier in the passenger seat just sighed and fell asleep, hoping that when he woke up, they would be there.

Back in Calgary…

Max was still walking through the city, trying not to remember what had just happened, and to focus on why he was here in the first place. To fight that Zoalord who had challenged him. He looked up and saw the extremely large building that belonged to Chronos. Then somebody said something aloud.

“Beautiful isn’t it?” Max turned to find a street vendor, selling newspapers. “That Chronos corporation is a wonderful company.” he smirked.

“So they seem.” Max said as he looked back up to the building.

“What? Have you been under a rock for the past couple of years?” He held up a paper. “Look at all the great stuff they have done.” Max took a look at the head line. ‘Top Chronos leader to pay a visit to the city! Large Parade planned!‘ Max looked closer at the paper.

“Do you mind?” He asked as he picked one up.

“Sure, go right ahead. This stand has always been more of a library than a newsstand.” He laughed. But Max paid him anyway. “Thanks pal!.” Max started reading the front page report. He smirked. It will be easier to find him than he thought it would be. He ran off towards a street were the Parade would be passing.

Destrol was sitting by a monitor, looking over some things. A Chronos soldier walked in. “What is it?”

“I have the information you requested Lord Destrol.” The Soldier approached his desk and handed him the file. “Will that be all, my Lord?”

“Yes. Thank you.” Destrol opened the file as the soldier walked out. A smile came to his face. “Well, well Mr. Steiner…” He laughed and closed the file. He summoned the Soldier telepathically. “I want to visit this… community… before the Parade begins.”

“Yes sir. Shall I prepare your hover transport vehicle?” Destrol shook his head.

“No, something a bit larger. We will have guests.” The Soldier bowed and left the room. A smile came to Destrols face. He stood up and his cloak floated over to him. It quickly floated over him, and then on to him. He stepped out of the room wearing only his cloak and the jumpsuit underneath. He looked around, but found none of the Soldiers were present. He shrugged it off and went towards the elevator, and rode down to the Garage area. As the Elevator went down, thoughts of his past flew through his mind. He quickly snapped out of the trance like state he was in, as soon as the elevator stopped. Inside the giant ground level Garage were a couple floats for the Parade, and a private limo for city travel. A Soldier opened the door of the limo for him, and he got inside. The inside of the limo was rather spacious. The driver of the limo got in, and started the car. With the directions he had already been given, he pulled out of the garage and onto the street. People where lined up along site the curb, hoping to get a glimpse of the Zoalord. The window rolled down and Destrol smiled and waved to his fans. Females were swooning and the males were cheering. After they had gotten by most of the fan fare, the window went up, and he sat back. “Hmpf…” He smirked. “It is so easy to fool the human race.” He laughed.


Megan had woken up and was surrounded by her neighbors and her mother. ” Where…?…”

“You’re safe hon.” Her mother hugged her. Megan shook her head and tried to stand, but she was still a bit shaky.

“No… I mean, where did Max go…?” Everybody looked a bit shocked. When her mother finally broke the silence.

“You mean that thing was… Max…?” Megan nodded. And tried to stand again. “You shouldn’t rush yourself.” Her mother pointed out, but still tried helping anyway. Megan propped herself up against a wall.

“I… need to find him…” Megans mother shook her head.

“He’s one of the enemy now. In fact he’s one of their top most wanted… dead.” Megan shook her head and pushed past her mother and some of the neighbors.

“No! I know him… he isn’t a bad guy!” She was almost crying as she ran out the door. She ran down the street, almost not seeing the black limo coming towards her. Thankfully the limo was going slow enough to stop before it hit her. The driver opened his door and walked to the front of the car. She was on her knees crying.

“Miss…? Are you okay…?” She didn’t look up at him, but she appeared to have no injuries. Just then the back door opened up, and Destrol stepped out.

“Is there something wrong Jenkins?” Jenkins turned to Destrol.

“It seems like the young woman we almost hit is crying my lord, but she doesn’t appear to have any injuries.” Destrol closed the door and walked to the front of the car. He looked down at Megan and smiled. He knelt down.

“Miss…?” Megan looked at him and recognized him as one of the Chronos leaders. She fell backward a bit and tried to get away, when her mother and the rest of the neighbors had gathered. Her Mother stopped her and held her. “Is there something wrong…?” The whole group of people knew who he was, and were in utter awe. “The child doesn’t seem to be hurt physically, but I can tell she was hurt emotionally. Am I right?” Megan’s mother smiled, and stroked her daughters hair.

“I’m sorry to have troubled you…” Destrol just shook his head.

“No, no, it’s quite alright. I may be able to help her, if you’ll let me know what has happened?” Megan’s mother smiled and nodded.

“She has been heartbroken. He old boyfriend returned, and turned out that he was not what she remembered him as…” she trailed off. Destrol just nodded. “It’s nothing that she can’t get over eventually…” Then Megan broke away from her mother.

“It not like that!!!” She screamed and she started to run away. With amazing speed Destrol moved in front of her and she bumbed into him. She fell backwards, but he caught her.

“Now, now, dear child. If you really want to find him, I can help.” Megan looked up at him. “I believe the man you are looking for is Max Steiner, am I right?” Megan backed up a bit, but she couldn’t go far as Destrol was still slightly holding her.

“How… How’d you know that…?” Destrol laughed.

“Are you kidding? Max and I are good friends!” The group seemed shocked. “Ever since he switched sides, he and I have become the best of friends!” The neighbors talked amongst themselves briefly. “He’s told me all about you, Megan. In fact he asked me to come down here and clear everything up for him.”

“Why… why didn’t Max come…?” Megan looked up at Destrol, who had let go of her.

“He was scared that you’d run away from him again.” There was some more murmuring from the small crowd. “Anyway, he asked me to bring you to the Parade once this was cleared up, that is, if you want to see him again?” Megan looked up at him with tears in her eyes.

“Of course!” Destrol reached up and used part of his cloak to wipe her tears away.

He motioned for Jenkins to open the door for her. “After you.” He added. Megan got in the limo and the door was shut. Destrol turned to the rest of the people. “You are all invited to the party at the Chronos building after the Parade. I hope to see you all there.” Destrol did a small bow and walked to the other side of the limo and got in. The Limo backed up and drove off, leaving the small group to leave for there houses to prepare for that evening. The limo ride back to the Chronos building was pretty quiet. Destrol almost seemed like he was meditating and Megan was busy trying to stop crying. When they arrived back the building, the floats were ready to depart, and screaming fans could be heard from inside the building itself. Megan got out and looked around.

A short drive later, “Where’s Max…?” asked Meggan as Destrol stepped out from the car.

“He will be joining us during the Parade. We have something of a surprise planned for the audience.” He smiled. “Don’t worry, you’ll get a front row view of it.” He chuckled. Megan just managed a smile when a man in a suit came up to Destrol.

“It’s time.” Destrol nodded.

“Good.” He truned to Megan. “Will you join me on the main float?” Megan nodded. And he led her to the large float. It looked like a throne room with a giant throne in the back. Beside it was a smaller throne. Destrol climbed up and helped Megan up. He took the big throne, while she sat down in the smaller one. The garage doors opened and the floats started their exit as the spectators cheered.

Max was trying to walk through the crowd when the cheering started up higher than it was before. It was quite a ways away, but they could still be heard. Max started wondering towards the cheering when he was stopped by somebody. He turned to see Megan’s mother.

“Max! I knew it was you!” Max nearly froze. “You’ve grown into a fine man I see.” Max was stunned. Maybe she didn’t see him last time when he was in their neighborhood. “You shouldn’t look worried, that nice Chronos Exec told us everything.” She smiled. “In fact there he is with Megan right now!” She pointed towards the incoming float. “I think you should join them up there, as Megan went with him to see you.”. Alarmed, Max rushed off towards the float. When the float was close enough, he was pushed by the people and the security guard walked in front of the float. It stopped.

“Ah Max. there you are. I was wondering when you would show up.” Destrol laughed.

“Shut up you asshole!” Max yelled. “I don’t know what you Bastards told these people, but this ends here and now!” Megan stood up.

“Max…?” Destrol grabbed her and pulled her closer.

“You don’t get it do you? They are all mine, as is this pretty little thing here!” Destrol was about to kiss her when Max jumped up onto the float. He was easily stopped and pushed back by an invisible force. “Pathetic. You can’t even save your girlfriend, or should I say Ex-Girlfriend!” His finger nails grew about an inch and became high frequency blades. “Say good bye!”
“NO! GUYVER!” Max shouted. The blast field shattered the piece of float underneath him. The armor quickly enveloped his body, and he stood yet again as Warrior Guyver C. “You lay one more finger on her, and I will have to rip them off individually!”

Destrol shook his head laughing as he tossed her aside. She rolled onto the street. Warrior Guyver C was about to run over and check on her when Destrol jumped down in from of him. “Now witness my transformation!!!” Destrol cloak nearly disintegrated, soon followed by the jumpsuit, revealing his full Zoalord battle form. “Impressive, no?”

“No.” Warrior Guyver C launched a punch to his gut. Destrol didn’t have time to react and took the full force of the blow and he bent over in pain. Warrior Guyver C then slammed his elbow into Destrols back. Destrol slammed to the ground. Warrior Guyver C ran around the float and found Megan, who had gotten up and was watching the two of them. “Are you alright…?” Megan stared at him for a few seconds.

“Yeah… I guess…” But just as she finished, Destrols shadow appeared above them.

“You really think those blows would effect me like that?” he laughed. “It take more than two blows to kill a Zoalord, boy!” Destrol fired an energy shot from his hand towards them, but Warrior Guyver C grabbed Megan and jumped back in time. He set her down. The large crowds were starting to panic and run away.

“Go, find your mother and get out of here!”


“GO!” Megan looked shocked but managed to back up and run into the crowd, who had now started to run away. Warrior Guyver C looked back at Destrol, who was grinning.
“Isn’t that sweet?” He fired another energy shot and Warrior Guyver C was able to easily dodge it. He then flew up towards Destrol and fired a one handed pressure cannon at him. Destrols shields were able to take the shot, but Warrior Guyver C was still heading towards him. Destrol extended his high frequency swords. Warrior Guyver C soon followed suit and the two titans clashed. Destrols blades were not as good as Warrior Guyver C’s, but he was using his shields to enhance there usage. “You can’t win. You or your pathetic race!” Warrior Guyver C extended one of his knee blades and tried to gut Destrol. However, Destrol let go of the blade struggle and flew backwards. Just barely dodging the blade. “See if you can catch me!” Destrol shot up into the air, soon followed by Warrior Guyver C. However when Warrior Guyver C reached a certain height, Destrol turned around and collided with him, sending Warrior Guyver C straight down, into the street, causing a ten foot crater, but Warrior Guyver C stood up, easily.

“Can’t you do better than that? It will take a lot more than puny attacks like that to defeat me!” Destrol smirked and put both hands in front of him and started firing off a barrage of the energy shots he had done before. However Warrior Guyver C simply teleported behind him and kicked him in the back. He then grabbed his arms and flung him into the nearest building. He teleported to the other side, only to see Destrol fly at him and launch a large beam of energy right in front of him. Warrior Guyver C got his shields up in time, but the blast still knocked him back, right into another skyscraper. Warrior Guyver C was able to pull himself away from the beam, but the beam continued on through another building, where it exploded, turning the 20 or so floor building into a rapily crumbling pile of rubble and dust. Warrior Guyver C then fired a few head laser shots towards Destrol as he got back into the air. Destrols shield easily stopped them. Then Warrior Guyver C put both his hands forward and started charging a large gravity ball. Destrol raised his hand towards Warrior Guyver C and started charging a similar attack. Both fighters launched their attacks at the same time. The two gravity orbs collided and instead of exploding something strange happened. The gravity from within 50 meters, in all directions, was reversed. This caused Warrior Guyver C to fly up into the air at high speed. He tried regaining control, but was hit in the middle of the chest by one of Destrols Zoacrystal blasts. However the shot only slightly scorched his armor. Suddenly the two balls of gravitational energy exploded, nearly blinding Destrol. Warrior Guyver C was somewhat protected, but still turned away from the blast. He then saw Destrol flying away, and fast. Warrior Guyver C charged up the Cyclone Power Matrix of his armor and started flying after him. Destrol looked behind him and saw Warrior Guyver C following at high speed.

“Damn it… He’s fast…” Destrol started going faster, until he started to pull away from Warrior Guyver C. He turned to face the way he was going, when he could suddenly see a bright light coming at high speed towards him. Before he had a chance to act, he was hit by Warrior Guyver C’s single mega smasher blast. The large beam tore through the sky like a rocket, with Destrol as the Warhead. His shields were holding, but the beam had caught him off guard and he was traveling with it. When the beam finally came to an end, Warrior Guyver C was already heading towards Destrol at high speeds. Destrols crystals started glowing and he flew towards Warrior Guyver C at high speeds. Both of them clashed and became locked in a power struggle of brute strength. However Destrol seemed to be wining. Destrol started burning Warrior Guyver C’s hands by creating an Energy ball in each hand, while they were still grappled. He then kicked him in the guy, and smashed him towards the ground, and quickly started firing off a barrage of energy shots at Warrior Guyver C’s back, most of which hit, and sent him flying even faster than the gravity could pull him. Warrior Guyver C slammed into the ground HARD. A few more blasts came down and hit the ground, creating smaller craters in the larger one Warrior Guyver C had just made. However, Warrior Guyver C started to move. His badly ragged back was almost completely torn apart. Parts of his spine could be seen. Destrol Landed at the edge of the crater.

“Had enough yet?”

Warrior Guyver C stood up. He was missing even more parts of his armor than Destrol had originally thought, and his arm was barley hanging on. However the armor was healing him quite fast. But it didn’t wait. The control medal flared as Warrior Guyver C blasted towards Destrol with a flurry of punches and swipes with his swords. Destrol was doing all he could trying to block them, but he was taking a lot of damage. Destrol managed a blast to Warrior Guyver C’s chest, knocking him back. Destrol used this to fly up into the air. The Warrior Guyver flew up after him, firing a barrage of head laser shots. Destrol started to dodge them, but the few that came close, just hit his shields, but his shields were getting weaker. And he knew that a Warrior Guyver cannot get any weaker. Thankfully Destrol had already started collecting energy. He wasn’t going to let a human beat him, even if it could destroy himself as well. The power around him started to glow as he started drawing power from the sun. Just a few more minutes and it would be ready. Meanwhile, the Warrior Guyver C continued its assault of head laser shots, until it stopped in mid air. It could feel the power emanating from Destrol. The Warrior Guyver C knew he didn’t have a moment to spare and activated his meteor attack. Unfortunately for the Warrior Guyver C, Destrol had already acquired the minimum power needed for his attack and he was laughing like a maniac.

“Now, you will see a sampling of my true power! DIE!!!” he screamed as he activated the white hole attack. Even as the Warrior Guyver C blasted towards Destrol, but he managed to dodge the attack and flew right by the unstable white hole and towards Destrol. Destrol almost didn’t see him coming when he teleported away. Warrior Guyver C continued flying in the same direction, but it was too late. The White Hole attack went off. At first it seemed just like a bright light, but soon the destructive force behind the attack completely destroyed everything within a 2 km radius, and heavily damaged everything for another 3 km. Warrior Guyver C was hit by the shockwave of the blast was far enough away to avoid the worst of the blast and soon stopped. He then looked down at the massive destruction.

“Damn, that wasn’t even his full power.” thought Warrior Guyver C, as he prayed Megan and her mom had made it out of the blast zone in time.

Four hours later, in northern Saskatchewan…

The Chronos transport had found its destination. The troops were searching a newly formed crater that was still steaming. A biological ship of some sort was in the crater, but whatever had been in it was either dead, or gone.

“Sir, there’s no sign of the pilot. It seems to have been killed and disintegrated in entry through the atmosphere.” The Chronos Soldiers circled the small craft.

“Well, we should get this back to HQ. The scientists are going to have a field day with this.” The other men nodded as the one giving orders stood back and watched. Five of the Soldiers turned into their Zoanoid forms. They turned out to be all from the power class. There was a Eltopo, Hodluff, Gergoile, Ramotith and a Gregole. The five Zoanoids went down and picked up the small craft and brought it out of the crater. It was bigger than it originally looked and they could sort of make the assumption that it was a fighter ship of some sort. There were a few crystals and biological weapons, all over the ship.

“Gee thanks. Save’s us the trouble of getting our hands dirty.” The Chronos lackeys all looked up and saw Greg and Guyver 0 floating about them. The rest of the Zoanoids transformed. Three of them became the Hyper Zoanoids, known as Minodlius, Gapteyn and Noskov. The other Soldier transformed into a Zerebubuse. The leader however stepped back out of the way, as to let the rest of the others fight. Gapteyn and Noskov fired their bio-lasers at the two, but they quickly dodged and flew closer to the ground. Guyver 0 was flying towards Gergoile when he was hit out of midair by Minodlius. Guyver 0 went flying into a large tree. Proto-Guyver was firing off Zoalord like energy shots at the Noskov and Gapteyn, when he was tackled from behind by the Gregole and Hodluff. Guyver 0 was getting up when the Minodlius was about to charge him again when they were interrupted by a head laser being shot at the ground. Out of almost nowhere stood three Guyvers. One was yellow and was extremely tall. Another was Blue and looked like it had a Warrior Guyvers control medal. The last one was a pink colored female Guyver.

“Who… who’re you?” Guyver 0 managed to say as he picked himself up. The large Guyver stepped forward.

“I am called the Giant Guyver. And these are my teammates, Guyver 5 and Warrior Guyver 4. I believe you are Guyver 0?” He asked calmly. Guyver 0 nodded.

“The guy over there, is called the Proto-Guyver.” Greg was already standing. The other two Guyvers stepped forward.

“Looks like you boys could use some help.” the female spoke up.

“Enough of this!” The Chronos leader stepped forward and transformed into a Bio-Titan. “Zoanoids, attack!!!” The Minodlius ran towards Giant Guyver. He just stood there and brought his fist back. His weird control medal started to glow and so did the crystals on his hand. When the Minodlius was close enough, he brought his fist forwards and smashed it into the Minodlius’s face, completely vaporizing the zoanoid on impact. The force from the blow also shot past it and knocked the Ramotith backwards, into the crater. The Bio-Titan started firing bio beam blasts towards the Guyvers, but they all managed to dodge.

Guyver 5 had jumped over to Guyver 0, and Warrior Guyver 4 was in the crater. The Giant Guyver however was still in the air, and came down with a large crash. Proto-Guyver grabbed the Eltopo’s arms and pulled them behind it. He then extended his right High Frequency sword and sliced it in half. “Everybody, watch out for the Bio-Titan, his lasers are extremely powerful!”.

“Don’t have to tell me twice” said Warrior Guyver 4 as he watch the Gregole and Hodluff run towards him, he then extended his forward high frequency swords, and started running at them. Making a series of fast slashes as he passed them, and due to their momentum, certain parts flew farther than others. However the Ramotith jumped on his back. Warrior Guyver 4 started to run backwards and into the crater wall, crushing the Ramotith.

Guyver 5 ran towards the Gergoile and jumped into the air. The Gergoile watched her, not paying attention to Guyver 0, who fired a gravity ball through its chest. Guyver 5 landed behind the Gergoile and swung her arm, extending her sword at the same time, and sliced the already dying Zoanoid in half.

The Bio-Titan, the Gapteyn and the Noskov were being a pain. They were constantly firing their lasers everywhere the Guyvers were, keeping them pinned down. Until Greg flew up into the air and blasted the ground right in front of their feet with an wide spread energy blast, kicking up a lot of dust. The Noskov lost track of Guyver 0 and Guyver 5, who both had one mega smasher open. The two blasts tore through it easily, and it burned the nearby Gapteyns left arm off. The Giant Guyver ran towards the Bio-Titan, charging his fist up again. However the Bio-Titan started to power up his lasers, and was about to fire them at the Giant Guyver when he noticed Warrior Guyver 4 with one of his mega smashers open. The blast shot towards the Bio-Titan faster than the Giant Guyver. However when the blast cleared, the Bio-Titan stood there with it’s lasers pointed towards Warrior Guyver4. And in one big blast he fired them all towards him. Warrior Guyver 4 tried to dodge, but his legs were caught in the blast. However the Bio-Titan turned just in time to see the Giant Guyver delivering a gut shattering uppercut that obliterated the Bio-Titan’s head. The Bio-Titans ruptured energy reserves on its back then exploded with the Giant Guyver at ground zero. However when the blast cleared, the Giant Guyver wasn’t hurt much at all, as he quickly activated his sensors and picked up the escaping Gapteyn. He opened one of his mega smashers. However the ship that the Chronos Soldiers were after was in between the Giant and the Hyper Zoanoid. The Mega smasher completely destroyed the Hyper Zoanoid and the ship.

Now that the battle was over, Guyver 5 went over to help Warrior Guyver 4, while Guyver 0 and Greg talked with Giant Guyver.

“Damn it, now we won’t know what that thing was…” Greg seemed mad.

“Sorry, I’m still new to this thing.” Giant said, trying not to laugh

“Still you knew about the head laser. You should have used that.” Greg retorted.

“Give me a break! It’s dead isn’t it???” Giant was starting to get mad, but Guyver 5 came over there with Warrior Guyver 4, whose legs were almost healed. Guyver 0 stepped forward.
“So were you sent here by the U.S. military?” Guyver 5 nodded.

“Yes. We were sent to help the Canadian forces, of which you are from, am I correct?” Greg nodded.

“Well, we do need all the help we can get. Thank you for coming.” Greg looked to the ground and saw the broken ear piece. Oh well, they will get all they need to know when they return.

“Anyway, everybody, it’s time to return to the base. Everybody follow me.” Greg flew up into the air, soon followed by everyone else, and then headed off towards the base, not knowing that they were being watched from afar by an unidentified thing…

Back in the ruins of Calgary…

Warrior Guyver C had been flying around looking for survivors for a few hours now, praying that Megan was still alive. He had already searched the main blast zone and was now searching the outer perimeter of the blast zone when suddenly a large collection of people, started coming out from under the ground. Probably from a bomb shelter or subway station. He landed nearby and deactivated his armor. He approached the group, looking for Megan or her mother. He couldn’t find either of them so he left the group and activated his armor again and started searching for another group of people and sure enough he did. Again he landed a bit away and deactivated his armor. This time he spotted Megan’s mother.

“Max! There you are!” She rushed to him. “We thought you died!” Max shook his head.

“I’m harder to kill than most.” He looked around.

“I can’t believe we were tricked by those people at Chronos… they seemed so nice.” She hung her head in shame.

“Don’t blame yourself, this has happened all over the world. You are not the only ones being duped by them…” Max looked around some more. “Where’s Megan…?” Megan’s mother sighed and led him to where she and a few other people were laying. They weren’t dead, but were still unconscious. Max went over to her side and sat down. Minutes passed like hours, until finally she opened her eyes, and the first thing she saw was Max.

“Hey.. Max…” She held up her hand. Max took it in both of his.

“Hey yourself… how are you feeling?” He smiled, just happy to see her alive.

She coughed. “Could be better…”. She sat up. “So, did you win…?” Max looked away for a second.

“Yeah… sorta… if you can call this a victory…” he sighed, knowing he probably could have prevented this.

She smiled. “Don’t be so hard on yourself…. I know you tried your hardest… you always do…”

“Shhh… you should rest now.”

In the background they could hear sirens. “The Paramedics should be here anytime.” She just smiled and placed her hand on his cheek.

“Will you stay with me…?” Max took her hand and kissed the back of it.


End of this Chapter.