This is a fan-fiction based on characters created by Yoshiki Takaya and contains violent situations with adult language. Any similarity to actual persons, living or dead is unintentional and purely coincidental.

TitlePhoenix Rising
AuthorMathew Bellamy
Editor 1
Editor 2

It was the 22nd of November but no one had even thought of doing Christmas shopping. Three days ago the Chronos spy was found and eliminated.  Fortunately they had suffered few casualties because of the quick deploying of Guyver0, the Proto-Guyver, and the most advanced Robo-Suit yet.  With the destruction of the spy, the Canadian forces are no longer at such a disadvantage, and are preparing an offensive on a newly discovered Chronos base.  This time with a bit more help.  The U.S. forces have gotten things almost under control with the appearance of Warrior Guyver 2.  So they decided to send the new Cyber Guyver Dark to aid in the Canadian assault, along with much needed reinforcements and additional armors.

Commander Forrester walked up to the approaching truck. Behind him was Greg Howzer as the Proto-Guyver.  The truck stopped and two soldiers got out of the cab and walked up to Commander Forrester.  They both saluted. “Good evening gentlemen.  How may I help you?”

One of the soldiers stepped forward. ” Sir, we are under orders to escort the Cyber Guyver Dark to the main Canadian base.”

Forrester nodded. ” Good, we were expecting you.  The shipment of armors and troops have already arrived.  May we meet him?”

The first soldier looked looked back at the other one and nodded. ” Yes Sir!  Of Course Sir!”

The soldier saluted, turned and walked to the back of the truck.  He then opened it and a marine in a Green type armor jumped out.  “So this was the new armor!” thought Forrester, “it must be powerful if they sent only one!”.  The marine then turned around and watched as a dark figure emerged from the truck.

“Sir, this is the Cyber Guyver Dark, or as we call him, just Cyber Dark.”

Cyber Dark stepped forward. ” It’s nice to meet you.” Cyber Dark extended his hand and shook hands with Commander Forrester.

The Commander then motioned over to Greg. ” This is Greg Howzer.  He’s the Proto-Guyver.”

The Proto-Guyver  nodded and reached his hand. ” Nice to meet you.” Cyber Dark and The Proto-Guyver shook hands.

The Soldiers had already returned to the truck to get some equipment, and Forrester was hanging off the back end. ” Now that we’re introduced.  We have to head back to base on foot.  Security reasons of course.”

Cyber Dark Nodded. ” Sure.”

The six of them then started the small trip back to the base.  The two soldiers and Commander Forrester were talking about military stuff, while the armored Marine took point and walked ahead of them.  The Proto-Guyver and Cyber Dark were lagging behind, but not too far behind.

” So why do they call you the Proto-Guyver?” Cyber Dark asked curiously.

Proto-Guyver tapped his forhead, ” As you can see, my unit’s control medal is a combination of a Guyvers control medal and a Zoalords crystal.” He shrugged. ” They’re guess is that it’s a prototype unit, that never got massed produced.”

Cyber Dark put his hand on his armored chin. ” Interesting. . .  Do you know anything about the new Robo-Suits?”

Proto-Guyver laughed a bit. ” Well they are suppose to be about half as powerful as a standard Guyver, but thanks to the technology that you and Dr. Drake created with the new Green Type armors.” Cyber Dark nodded. ” they’ve also produced a Gigantic type upgrade module, that makes the suit about as powerful as a standard Guyver, thanks to those new shields and energy weapons.” Proto-Guyver patted him on the shoulder.

Cyber Dark nodded again. ” Thanks, we really worked hard on those new enhancements.” He sighed. ” But now thanks to a freak accident, I’m trapped in this body.  At least I can say it’s probably stronger than the green prototype is, but being a Cyborg is not as cool as some people would think.”

Proto-Guyver nodded. ” Yeah, I read the report on that.  That must have been an awful experience.”

He sighed and nodded. ” It was, but Dr. Drake is trying to find a way to put me back into my old body when this is all over, it’s not going to be easy but I haven’t given up yet.”

Proto-Guyver just nodded. ” Well at least you have hope and at times like this, it’s a necessity.”

” Yes. . .  Yes it is. . .”

Just then, Commander Forrester turned around. ” Here we are people!”

 Cyber Dark and the Proto-Guyver ran up to where the rest of the group were standing.  They stood in front of a small bunker, about two stories tall with two large steel doors.  They entered and found a large metal platform in the center of the room, they all stepped onto it.  Commander Forrester walked over to a control panel and pushed a few buttons.  In a second they were moving.  The platform was a giant lift.  About two minutes passed when they got to the first floor, about a hundred and ten feet below the surface, and passed a platoon of Blue armors on Guard duty.  They verified their clearance to enter the base and then continued our decent.  They then stopped on the next floor down.  Here the soldiers and armored Marine got off.  It was the gear storage area, there were Blue Armors all over the place.

Forrester saluted them. ” You men rest up. You’ve had a long trip.”

The soldiers saluted back. ” Yes sir!”

Commander Forrester pushed some more buttons and the elevator continued its descent.  Cyber Dark walked up to him. ” How far are we going down?”

Forrest chuckled a bit. “Well there’s eight, two meter thick metal barriers at the top, under ten meters of normal earth and rock, and in between floors there are two more meters, along with one meter of concrete reinforcements between the metal barriers, and each floor is twenty feet high to accommodate our armored solders.” He grinned. ” So right now we are about. . .  Forty meters below the surface.  Don’t worry we’ll be there soon.”

Another five minutes passed, and the elevator stopped.  The four walls around them lifted and they were standing in the middle of the new command base.  Cyber Dark stepped off the platform and looked around. ” … wow…”

Proto-Guyver chuckled. ” That’s what I said the first time I saw it myself.”

Forrester started walked ahead of them. ” Right this way gentlemen.” Forrester started walking towards a corridor.  Cyber Dark and The Proto-Guyver followed right after him.  As they walked, Cyber dark was looking all around.  It reminded him of Dr. Drake’s lab. Technical stuff just lying around. He could tell the base was far from finished. They turned a corner and walked to the farthest door. Commander Forrester pressed the intercom button located next to the door. ” General Kulser?  I’m here with Cyber Dark.”

A voice over the intercom spoke. ” Do come in Commander.” The trio walked in.  Proto-Guyver moved aside and deactivated his armor.  He and Commander Forrester both saluted the general. The General saluted back. ” At ease. Before we start, I have just gotten some good news and some bad news.”

Forrester Frowned. ” Please, the bad news first sir.”

” Max… Guyver C has lost his ability to Bio boost.” They all looked a bit shocked at this. ” Yesterday his control medal was seriously damaged. However, when he was returned to HQ, something called “The Matrix” saved his life by taking the unit off of him.” He let out a sigh of relief. ” Max is being returned here as we speak.”

Greg frowned, looking like there could be nothing that could top that. ” And the good news..?”

” They have found the Warrior Guyver, Guyver U.S. and an unidentified female Guyver that is a friend of the Warrior Guyver.” The group all seemed to perk up a bit after that news.

Forrester was the first to speak. ” So that’s two Warrior class Guyvers on our side. . .  Chronos must be scared a little now.”

Kulser smirked. ” Wait there’s more. A Guyver type creature that had a half Zoa crystal and half control medal. . .” Greg looked in utter shock.

” You mean like mine!?”

Kulser nodded. ” It gave the US ACTF two more Aceaer units and teleported away.  There’s no clue on its intentions, but we are mostly positive that it doesn’t work for Chronos.” He opened a file. ” In fact we believe it was sent by the Creators.”

Cyber Dark folded his arms. ” . . .  I wonder what it was. . .”

Kulser shrugged. ” That will have to remain a mystery for now, we have other concerns at the moment that we could use your help in, welcome to the team Mr. Matthews.  With your help I expect we can defeat the Chronos forces Canada.”

Cyber dark nodded. ” Thank you sir, but I’m still a novice at this.  I really haven’t had much time to train in the use of my powers.”

Forresster looked over at him and Greg. ” Well D-Day is still 2 days away.  Would you like to train with Greg?  I’m sure he and you are about the same in power from what I’ve heard.”

Cyber Dark looked over at Greg. ” Thanks.  I would like that. If it’s alright with him of course…”

Greg smirked. ” Sure.  Why don’t we go over there now?”

Cyber Dark turned for the door. ” Sounds good, lead the way.”

The General laughed, ” Have fun.”

Forrester joined him. ” But not too much fun.  Last time that happened, Greg made a new hallway with his gravity weapon.”

They have a quick laugh as they leave.  Commander Forrester then looks at the General as he thinks to himself “Humor.  I wish we all could be laughing but with Chronos constantly attacking and killing our troops, there isn’t time for humor at all”. . .

The General  clasped his hands in front of his face. ” So Keith, what do you think our odds are we’ll beat Chronos?”

Forrester sat down. ” I’d say they are pretty good.” He looked over some open files. ” We have a Guyver, two enhanced Guyvers, lots of blue armors with the best men that we have, new Robo Guyver armors, a dozen new Cannons, and one of the new US Green armors. . .” He lightly smirked. ” Hmm, yup, this time we are prepared.”

Meanwhile, in the base main medical lab, Dr. Gast was working over a computer screen in front of a tube with a young female in it.  A door opened behind him and Will walked in, stopping about three meters from the tank.  Dr. Gast turned around. ” Ah, Will.  How are you feeling?”

“I’m fine now.  The Guyver healed my wounds and I have gotten plenty of rest,” said Will.

“But that’s not why you’re here is it?”

“Your right.  How is she?”

“Well right now I have her in stasis.  She’s free to get out if you want to talk to her.”

“She can. . ?  How?”

“I’ve managed to stabilize her mental and motor functions.  I was also able to remove the command imprints from her mind, which was to kill you.”

“But what if she gets controlled again?”

“She won’t.  I noticed that when the fighting started, whenever that Proto-Zoalord wasn’t paying attention to her, she was much more savage.  Even though she has been turned into a Zoanoid, the combination of the zoa-crystal and your own bio-armor prevented them from directly controlling her as they would a normal zoanoid, so they resorted to simply imprinting a set of commands into her mind that they reinforced telepathically.  I don’t think they can do anything to her now that I’ve removed those mental imprints.”

“Thank you doctor.”

“It was an honor,” said Dr. Gast who then turned around and pressed a few more buttons on the control pad and the liquid started to drain.  Will grabbed a towel from a cart and picked her up.  He silently thanked that a female assistant had gotten her into a jump suit when her body returned to human form.  He walked over to one of the examination tables.

“I’ll check what they’re serving at the mess hall.  She’ll probably be hungry when she wakes up,” said Dr Gast.

“Thank you doctor.”

Dr. Gast nodded and left the room.  Will kneeled by the table and just wondered if her life would ever be the same again.  Then suddenly the Guyver organisms started giving him a tingling sensation.  A Guyver was trying to contact him telepathically.

said Will through his unit.

said the voice.

The communication was then cut off.  It left Will a little shocked but if there was some way he could help Sara he would.  So he walked over to get a bigger blanket so she would be warm.  He placed it over her and stepped away.  He did not say anything but the blast field appeared and he was again Guyver0.  He picked Sara up and left the lab thinking that he would have to apologize to the doctor later for the damage caused by his transformation. . .

In the training room, Ken was training the new team of Robo-Guyvers when Greg and Cyber Dark entered.  Ken didn’t notice them right away as he was sparring with one of the team members.  Greg and Scot watched as Ken out classed the Soldier by pure experience alone.

“All right every one!  That’s enough for today!” said Ken as he turned around and saw Greg.  He took off the helmet, grabbed a towel and walked over to them. “Hey Greg, what’s up?”

Impressive Ken, you sure have improved since you first joined.  Makes me almost wish I could get back on the team.  Oh, by the way this is Cyber Guyver Dark.”

“Just Cyber Dark for short.  Nice work there.”

“Thanks,” said Ken.  “The new armors are getting closer and closer to mine.  Today was actually a challenge.”

“Are you done with the training room?  Cyber Dark needs some training and I volunteered to help.”

“Yeah, go right ahead.  Just don’t make a new. . .”

“Yeah, yeah!  I know!  Now go have a shower.  You stink like month old moldy socks!”

“Hah ha.  Later.”

Ken left the training room.  Cyber dark and Greg then walked over to the middle of the training room.

“Well?  Are you ready,” asked Greg.


“Then lets go!”

Greg took a step back and there was a bright light, but Cyber Dark didn’t have to shield his eyes, since his artificial eyes instantly adapted to the light.  The light was soon gone and there stood the Proto-Guyver.  His crystal started to glow, and he took a step forward.

“Well, shall we start with a little hand to hand, or work on your powers,” asked Proto-Guyver.

Cyber Dark gave his answer in the form of a gut shot.  Cyber Dark then jumped back and got into a fighting stance.  Proto-Guyver was only hurt for a second, and soon he stood straight up.  Under the armor he smirked.

“Let’s go!!!” roared the two of them as they started running at each other.  The two titans clasped hands in a test of strength.  Both of them could not gain the upper hand, unit Cyber Darks control medal flared, and the lights on his arms got brighter as he started to over power the Proto-Guyver.

“Ugh, impressive. . .” said Proto-Guyver.

The Proto-Guyver kicked his foot into Cyber Darks chest and used it to flip him over his own head.  Cyber Dark landed with a huge thud.  Luckily the ground was padded and not concrete or metal, or he would have left a large dent.  Cyber Dark rolled over and picked himself up and said “Your gonna pay for that!”

“Oh really?  Then show me what you got!”

The two ran at each other again.  Sounds of their battle could be heard well beyond the training room.  As Ken heard them even as he exited the locker room, he couldn’t help but think “Boy those two are really going at it, hope there’s still a training room left when their done”.  Ken then saw Dr. Gast, with a tray of food, on his way back to his lab.

“Hey Dr. Gast!”

“Oh Ken!  How are you?”

“Fine.  What’s up?”

“I’m bringing Williams friend some food to eat.  Poor child, she has been through a lot.  So how are the new troops coming along?”

“Great!  They are all really fast learners and the new suits are really something.  Now that they are at the same power level as mine, Chronos will be begging for mercy soon!”

“Don’t get your hopes up yet Ken.  Chronos still has many powerful creatures.  Just look at what they did to Williams friend.”

“You do have a point. . .”

“Don’t worry.  It won’t be easy but we’ll still beat them.”

“I’m sure your right. . .”

Well here’s the hallway to the lab.  Do you want to come with me?  I’ll show you how to reroute the power in your suit manually in case of emergencies.”

“Sure, why not.  Got nothing better to do for the time being and anyway, after that last battle, I’m not sure how much I can trust my suits automatic power management systems when I go full out.”

Ken and Dr Gast started to walk to the lab.  When they arrived, Sara and Will were missing. The floor was clearly damaged by what  looked like it was blasted by a. . .

“Blast shield?” said Ken.

“It would appear so but why would he take her away from here?”

“Do you want me to contact the General,” asked Ken.

“No, a soldier might shoot the girl out of reflex if the girl is in her transformed state, but I want you to go look for them.”

“Why me?”

“Your armor has the upgrade and better thrusters in case you run into trouble.”

“But what if Will fights me?”

“Don’t give him that chance.  Back away and report.  There isn’t much more you can do.”

“Okay.  I’m leaving now!”

Ken runs for the door and back to the suit storage facility, leaving Dr. Gast to ponder why Will would take the girl from here?

Meanwhile, somewhere in Canada, within an underground Chronos base. . .

Destrol was wondering what to do next. . .  He had lost his trump card against Guyver0, Rofel, and his spy within the army.  Things were not going well.  His father wouldn’t like this at all.  This train of thought was then interrupted, just as he was getting up from his desk, as a Chronos soldier entered his office.

“What is it?” asked Destrol.

“A message from the main base.  Lord Alkanphel has left to regenerate.  The one known as Kron will be in charge of all Chronos activity till his return.”

“Hmm. . .  Thank you, you are dismissed.

Destrol sat back down.  Kron. . .  Why is he not surprised.  With all the chaos he would not trust anyone else.  Not even ValKus or Imakarum. . .  Suddenly there was a beeping at his desk.  He pushed a button and the screen lit up.


“Sir, the new Neo type Zoanoid is complete.  All the adjustments have been made and it is ready for production,” said a Chronos scientist.

“Excellent.  I will be down there in a minute to inspect it.”

“Yes sir!”

The screen went blank.  With these he thought, he can finally defeat them.  He got out of his chair and walked towards the door.  When it opened, he was standing face to face with a tall man with short black hair and pointy ears dressed in armor and a cape.  He knew who it was immediately.

“Kron! . . “

“So you are the son of Alkanphel.”

“Yes.  Why, does it matter?”

“I have chosen you.”

“Me?  For what?”

“You will see.”

“Well, I was going to inspect my new Neo Zoanoid creation.  Do you want to go now or can it wait?”

“Hmm. . .  Let’s go see this new Zoanoid of yours first.”

Destrol and Kron started walking towards the development room.  Destrol couldn’t help but to think what Kron had in store for him.  ‘He had chosen him’. . ?   But for what?  Destrol almost went by the door.  He pressed the button and the door slid open.  They both entered.

“Well here it is,” said Destrol.

“They look awfully familiar. . .” said Kron.

“That is because we used the Razell zoanoid as a base,” said the scientist.

Destrol continued to watch the computer analysis of the zoanoids bio-readings, and then murmured “Hmm. . .  Good work.”

“I suppose you chose the Razell model because it is easily manipulated,” said Kron.

“It took allot of work though.  We used DNA from the Guyver armor sample we obtained from Guyver0. . .”

Kron was surprised to here that name again. It had not changed in millions of years. Guyver0?  Hmm, the original Guyver, so it would appear the news of his demise was as unfounded as that of Lord Alkanphel.  So it managed to survive.  No bother, it is only a mere Guyver.  No longer a serious threat.

“We were able to enhance its structure with that DNA.  It is now eight times stronger than its original counter part.  Speed, agility, everything has been increased, and we added two pairs of vibrational swords.  We have also eliminated our original problems with using the Guyver DNA by limiting it to only those parts that we intended to enhance,” said a Scientist clearly happy with his work.

“Well done,” said Destrol.

“Yes,” said Kron. “This is well done.   If the test is successful, we will need more of these.  Now Destrol, it’s time.”

Kron then teleported them away.  Leaving the scientist to get things in order.  Kron and Destrol appeared in an organic breeding room.  Valkus was standing in front of an empty tank.  Kron and Destrol walked over to Valkus.

“I have brought him.”

“Why have you brought him here,” asked Valkus.

“I have chosen him for the twelfth position of the new Supreme Zoalords.”

“What!?!  I thought there were twelve already?” said a clearly confused Destrol.

“Yes, so did I,” commented Valkus.

“I am not one of you but he can be,” said Kron pointing at Destrol.

“Very well. . .  Destrol, you’ll need to be in Battle form.”

Destrol transformed into his battle form, and then entered the tube.  Valkus hooked him up.  The tube closed and it filled with liquid.  Destrol was put in an artificial sleep.  Valkus pushed a few extra buttons and left it to do its work.  Kron then approached Valkus.

Back at the US/Canadian forces base, Cyber Dark and The Proto-Guyver were still training.

Remember to concentrate. . .” said Proto-Guyver.

Cyber Dark was now working on his weapons.  He was shown a video of the original Cyber Guyver fighting so at least he had some ideas.  He was holding his arms out in front of him, trying to create the fusion cannons but it wasn’t going so well.  Cyber Dark fell to his knees.

“I just can’t concentrate. . .  I feel too weak. . . “

“Well you did just have the hardest workout of your life, your probably drained.  Why don’t you take off the armor and rest?”

“I can’t take it off.  I am the armor. . . “

“Oh. . .  Well then try to rest anyway. . . “

“What the. . . “

After sitting down for a few minutes he began to feel stronger and he kept on getting stronger, as the lights in the room suddenly dimmed.  His control medal flared and his arms began to change.

“Whoa!,” said a clearly surprised Proto-Guyver.

Cyber Dark had quickly formed the fusion cannons.  The control medal flared again and they fired!  The beam was intense but as it approached the far wall it seemed to die down a bit.  By the time it was finished, only the outer layer of the wall was melted.

“How. . .  How did you manage that,” asked Proto-Guyver.

“I’m not sure, one second I feel wasted and the next I’m back to speed.  I think I must have drawn some power from the base.  Hmm, it appears that the beam is a short range weapon.”

“But super effective, that wall was reinforced titanium alloy mixed in with the same kind of heat refracting ceramic plating as the US space shuttle uses to survive the heat of re-entry and you turned it into molten slag.  How do you feel?”

“Actually, fine.  It didn’t drain as much energy as I thought it would.”

“Well that does it for the weapons.  That wall is enough damage for one day, no need to test the Mega Smashers in here.”

“Uh, yeah, guess we did get a little carried away..”

“Well I’ve got to get some rest.  Using my armor like this really tires me out.  I’ll show you to your room, and then I’ll be resting until the big day.”

“Okay.  I guess rest is what I need as well.”

Cyber Dark and  the Proto-Guyver started to leave the training room.  On their way out, they saw a Robo Suit run down the hall to the exit.  They didn’t care that much.  If it were a battle, the alarms would be going crazy so they continued on their way.  Cyber Dark was shown to his room and the Proto-Guyver went to his.  Inside Greg’s room, he disengaged his armor and sleepily collapsed onto his bed.  However, in Cyber Darks room, Scot just lay there thinking about everything that had happened. . .

Ken had just reached the platform.   He pushed the buttons and the doors closed. The elevator started going up.  He turned on the upgrade module he grabbed on the way out and went through a systems check as he waited.  It was now night and the sky was dark.  When the elevator stopped, he walked out the doors and activated his thrusters.  He quickly shot up into the air.  He then flew over the trees looking down for any sign of Guyver0 or Sarah but he couldn’t see any sign of them.  An hour later, his thrusters were starting to overheat when he detected a truck approaching.  He quickly landed and hid as well as he could behind a big rock.  As the truck got closer, he saw it was a U.S. transport truck.  He stepped out from behind the rock, and charged his weapons just in case.  The truck stopped when it saw him and three men got out.  One of the men walked up to the Robo-Guyver.  He recognized him instantly.

“Max,” asked Robo-Guyver.


Ken took off the helmet, and the two other men went back into the truck.  Max and Ken walked to the truck and got in the back.  The soldiers started the truck up again and they were on there way.  They didn’t need to walk to the base as it was night and they would be easily covered by the dark forest.

“Wow.  Look at you.  They gave you the armor?” said Max.

“Yeah.  Because of my experience in it already.  They even have me training the new team now.”

“Cool,” said Max.

“So you come to help in the attack?”

“Didn’t anyone tell you yet?  I’ve lost my unit.”

“How’d that happen Max?”

“To make a long story short, my control medal was damaged and I was on the verge of dying, when this thing called the “Matrix” pulled the unit from me and saved my life.”

“Oh.  That must suck.”

“I’m glad to be alive an all but trust me it did.”

There was a long silence, until the truck came to an abrupt stop.  Ken jumped out and put the helmet back on.  He ran to the front of the truck to see Guyver0 Standing in the trucks way.

“Guyver0?  What are you doing out here and where’s Sara,” asked Robo-Guyver.

“She is getting help.”

“Help?  What do you mean, there ain’t exactly many places that can treat a zoanoid?” said Robo-Guyver.

“I found a place, leave it that,” said Guyver0.

He walked passed the Robo-Guyver and deactivated his armor.  He got into the back of the truck and saw Max.

“Oh, hi Max.”

“Hey Will.”

Will sat down on the bench and was silent.  The Robo-Guyver got back in the truck and they left.  On the way back no one talked.  Will was silently thinking about what had just happened and wondered if he did the right thing.  Now that he had done it, what guarantee did he have that he would help her.  They soon approached the above ground bunker.  Ken got out and opened the main doors and the truck drove in.  As the doors closed behind him, Ken started thinking about what would transpire in about thirty hours.  Would they win?  Well his spirits were low as he had just found out that Max lost his unit, and he wasn’t sure what to tell Dr. Gast about what Will did with Sarah, but on the other hand they had the Proto-Guyver and Chronos only had one Zoalord that they knew of, so their chances were good.  Plus with Cyber Dark and the new Robo Suits they should have the advantage.

“Ken?  You coming,” asked Max.

Ken looked over at Max.  All the people were on the elevator waiting.

“Oh, yeah. Coming. . .,” said Ken as he pushed a few buttons on the panel and they went down.  They again stopped off at the barracks.  Then Max and Ken went down all the way back to the control center of the base.  Ken started to head off towards the change rooms.

“Uh Ken?  I’m just going to look around for a bit.”

“Oh sure.  The Generals office is down that way.  You should go there and report.  I’ll be there as soon as I’m changed.”

Ken pointed to the hallway.  Max nodded and left.  Ken continued his way towards the change rooms.  Max continued to walk admiring the base as much as he could.  He soon reached the door with General Kulser’s name on it.  He pressed the intercom button.

“Uh, hello there General.  Max Steiner reporting, sir.”

“Oh, please come in Mr. Steiner.”

Max walked in.  The General got up and shook his hand.  They both sat down.

“Welcome Mr.Steiner.  I ‘m sorry to hear the loss of your Unit.2

“Thank you sir.”

“I’m going to be brief as I know your probably tired.  In 30 hours we will be attacking the new Chronos Canadian stronghold.  During that time most of the troops will be called out to active duty and going to fight.  However in case of a sneak attack, we are keeping a couple of Blues to guard the base.  I’m sure you read the report on their last attack.

“Yes, I did.  Did we get any of the kidnaped back?”

“No, only one was returned but she was a Zoanoid at the time.  We have her in the lab now.”

“Those bastards. . .  So how do you know if they are Okay?”

“When we received the info about the whereabouts of the base, we also got some data regarding the prisoners.  None other than that girl has been harmed.”

“Ah, well at least that’s something.”

“Anyway, I want you to man one of the Blue armors that will be protecting the base.”

“But sir. . . “

“I know you’ve piloted one before.  It should be like riding a bike.  Besides I know how it feels to not be able to help when you’ve done so much already.  It hurts but you are young and still able, even if you aren’t a Guyver anymore.”

“Thank you sir.  I appreciate any opportunity to help with the fight.”

“Good, then I’m putting you in charge.”


“The troops I’m leaving behind are all excellent pilots, in fact they are some of the best we have, but they have no battle experience.  You’ve been to Chronos and seen all the things they are capable of, so you’d know what to do.”

“I see. . .”

“I’ll give you until tomorrow to think about it.  If you do, then I’ll show you your team, and get you reacquainted with the armor.”

“Okay. . .  I’ll do it, I’ll lead them.”

“Excellent.  I’m sure you’ll do us proud.2

BEEP!  BEEP!  There was beeping coming from the Generals desk.  The general reached over and pushed a button.

“Sir, it’s Ken Brandon.”

“Ah, do come in.”

 The door opened and Ken walked in.  He sat in a chair next to Max.

“Max has decided to help us.”

“Really?  How?”

“I’ll be leading the group that stays to protect the base.”

“Ah,” said Ken.

“Yes, I thought Mr. Steiner’s former experience as a Guyver and his combat experience with Chronos would prove most useful in that capacity.  Speaking of which, Mr. Steiner, was I informed correctly that you still posses the organisms on your back?”

“Yes sir,” said Max.

“What!?  Max, I thought you said your unit was removed!?”

“Yes it was but the Matrix didn’t remove the organisms for some reason so I can still communicate with other Guyvers even if I can’t bio-boost anymore.”

“Good, that gives us a secure means of communicating with you in case Chronos tries to jam communications between us and the base during the attack.”

“Great, Max your our ace in the hole.”

“Good, now you guys should get some rest.  Tomorrow the day we finish getting ready.  It will be pretty hectic so you’ll need to be alert.”

Both Ken and Max nod and they leave.  Ken shows Max to the room they had for him.  Ken then went to his room.  They both fall asleep fast.

The next day was just fast and furious.  Everybody was running around packing stuff into the trucks and transport vehicles.  Cranes were moving the armors into the transports.  It was going slow until someone suggested they get in them and then board the transport, that sure sped that up.  Dr. Gast was doing some final checks on the Robo-suits.  Kens suit stood out from the rest as it had the upgrade module attached.  Max was helping put ammo into the armors, while Ken was still resting.  Only the base combatant troops were working while the troops who would be fighting still had time to sleep so they would not be exhausted before they start fighting.  They would leave at 1600 hours and there was a five hour trip to where the operation will commence.  It is 1400 now.

Max and the crew he was with had just finished loading up the ammo when Ken got up.  He had already showered and eaten when he approached Max who was enjoying his coffee.

“Good morning Max”

“Morning?  It’s 2 PM!”

“Oh, so how are things,” asks Ken who is just happy he got up in time for the mission.

“Well, all the ammo is loaded, and they are just finishing putting the armors in the transports now.”

“Ah.  So isn’t this almost deju-vu?”

“What do you mean?”

“When you, Sho and Agito left to attack that first base, I was left wondering what the hell I could do.”

“I see what you mean.  Well at least I will be doing something.”


The alarm on Ken’s watch sounded. “Well I got to go.  It’s time for the debriefing,” said Ken as he walked off.

“Okay, later Ken.”

Max took another sip of coffee and got up to inspect the armor he’d be using.  If only he had not been so fool hardy and went on that mission, he could at least Bio boost.  Damn that Cyber Green!  He checked the systems one last time.  At least he’d be doing something. . .  Who’s he trying to kid?  He wants to be where the action is, not on guard duty. . .

1530 hours, Ken in the Robo-Guyver armor got in to the truck with the team of Robo-Guyvers.  Max watched from afar in the blue armor as the Proto-Guyver and Cyber Dark got in another truck.  Cyber Dark. . .  Looks exactly like him.  He couldn’t get Cyber Green out of his mind.  He’d forgiven Jason’s sister, Jenny for what she did as she was being controlled by Alkanphel, but Cyber Green said that he’d fought him before. . .  But how..?  He watched as the last of the trucks left.

“Well time to get going,” ordered Max. He and four more armored guards moved on to the platform and it made its decent. As it made the decent Max gave out the orders.

“Unit 1, you take the south corridor, while unit 2 takes the east.  When you two meet up, continue to the main control area and then switch positions.  Unit 3, you will go to the north corridor.  It’s not finished so just go up and down it.  If you happen to meet Units 1 and 2, have one of them take your position.  Unit 4 and I will take the west corridor and civilian safe shelters.  Everyone check in every five minutes.  Understood?”

“Yes sir,” shouted the squad.

“Then lets move out,” shouted Max.

The armors came to life and started moving towards their areas.  Max and the fourth unit started their way down to the shelters, checking every door to make sure they’re closed.

“Sir, can I ask you something,” asked Unit 4.


“You were a Guyver once, weren’t you?2


“Well, I just wanna know what it was like. . .”

“What it was like?”

“Yeah, how was it to know you were one of the most powerful people on this world?”

“Well, I was extremely overconfident.  Not a good thing when your fighting a war.”

“No, I suppose not. . .  Here we are.”

Max and the soldier approached a giant door.  Max pushed a few buttons by it and it opened.  There were people everywhere.  All of them had floor mats, pillows and blankets.  Some were making good use of them, others were up talking while some were scared out of their minds.  Max and the soldier looked around as they walked by.  Just as they were about to leave, Max sensed something moving beneath and a cold tingle went up his spin when he realized what it was.

“Unit 4, get these people the hell out of here.”

“What is it sir?”

“There’s something under here!  Everybody!  Get out of here now!”

People started to pour out from the door.  Max and Unit 4 opened fire on the ground. Their shells blasting holes into the floor.

“All units!  Converge on our position and prep your weapons!”

There was no answer.  Max shot at another part of the floor that moved.

“Sir!  I’m getting no response from the other teams!”


The ground burst open under them and both were thrown to the ground.

“What the hell..?” said a shocked Unit 4.

Through the dust they could see two figures.   As the dust cleared, their fears were answered.  As Female Guyver 2 and Guyver Zoanoid revealed themselves and dropped the helmets of the other Blue armors to the floor, it was a clear message that Unit 4 and Max was all that was left of the base defenders.

“Hello Guyver C or should we say Max,” asked Female Guyver 2.

“Yes, I heard you could no longer bio-boost after what the overlord did to you.  Ha, and here I was looking for a challenge!” said Guyver Zoanoid.

“Either way I’m not going down that easy!” shouted Max.

“Such courage, and yet no one here is even a Guyver.  You will die.” said Female Guyver 2.

Unit 4 opened fire on the Guyver Zoanoids head.  The right sensor on his head moved and he just bent his head out of the way of the bullets.  He turned around and looked at Unit 4.  His control medal started to flare.

“Well?  Not going to try again?” asked Guyver Zoanoid.

Unit 4 lifted his gun again and aimed again, just as the Guyver Zoanoid put his arms in front of him.  The air around his hands started to warp as he formed a gravity ball.  Unit 4 switched to grenade and fired at the ground in front of the Guyver Zoanoid.  Just as the Guyver Zoanoid fired the gravity ball, the grenade exploded.  Female Guyver 2 jumped away, but the Guyver Zoanoid was caught in the explosion.  It didn’t harm his armor but his footing slipped and he fell back.  The gravity ball hit Unit 4 and destroyed the arm of the armor, but the soldier was already out and on his way with a hand held anti-zoanoid gun at the downed Guyver Zoanoid.  He shoved the muzzle of the gun in the Guyver Zoanoids neck and opened fire.

“ARRRRRRRGGGGHHHHH. . .” roared Guyver Zoanoid as the armor piercing explosive rounds ripped a hole through the Guyver Zoanoids neck.  Female Guyver 2 went to attack the soldier but he was killed instantly when the Guyver Zoanoid shot him with a head laser through his chest.

“No!  You bastards!!!” shouted Max.

“Now it’s your turn. . .  Huh?” said Female Guyver 2.

The Guyver Zoanoid attacked the female Guyver.  He was still in self defense mode thanks to his brains lack of blood flow.  It wouldn’t last long but the fact remained that right now he is out of control.  Max used this as an excuse to escape.  He ran towards where the people had gathered.  The people looked at him and one started to cheer, then that followed by everyone else.  They thought he had won.

“Everybody get deeper into the base!  This isn’t over!!!” shouted Max.

Nobody could hear him over the cheering.  The Guyver Zoanoid still continued his attack.  All Female Guyver 2 could do was dodge and hope he’d be in control soon.  His attacks were well planned and with purpose that of the control medal.  She looked as his neck wound was healed on the outside already.  It’s just a matter of time now.  Just as she thought that, the Guyver Zoanoid tripped her and she fell backwards.  The Guyver Zoanoid extended his right arm blade and was about to stab her when his control medal flared violently.  Instead of stabbing her he retracted his blades and extended his hand.  She slapped it away and got up.

“Crane you are such a fool.  You let a mere human get you like that!” said Female Guyver 2.

“Now is not the time to bicker.  We do have a job to do.  Now where did he go?”

The two Guyvers ran in the direction that Max had retreated to.  Max was having trouble getting the people to leave.  They were tripping over each other and panicking.  Max turned around to look for anyone who had not left yet.  He was lucky.  No one was there.  Except for a pounding sound that was getting closer.  He knew who it would be.  But what would he do about them?  He most certainly is no match for them, even if he did still have his armor.  He pushed a few buttons on the armor and then got out.  He put on a vest full of ammo and grenades and picked up two of the anti-zoanoid guns.  Max then called out to the Proto Guyver, Guyver 0, and Cyber Guyver to tell the General that the base was under attack. . .

The troops where tired but alert.  At this range from their base they knew Chronos could attack them at any moment but they had not seen any sign of them.

“I don’t like this. They are being militarily unsound.  It makes no sense, we should have at least run into a patrol by now,” said Commander Forrester.

“Hmm. . .  No I think we might be the only militarily unsound army here,” General Kulser.


“Try and contact the base.”

“But that might give away our position. . .”

“Trust me and have us turn around.  We are done here.”

“You’re not thinking. . ?”

“Yes.  We were played for fools.  I want the Proto-Guyver and Cyber Dark to leave immediately and as fast as they can to get back to the base.  They will need the help.”

Commander Forrester had his hand on the comm button while the General had said that.  Guyver 0 quickly informed him that they had just gotten a message from Max, the base was under attack.  Greg jumped out from one of the trucks and started running, he soon followed that with his transformation and in seconds he was in the air.  Cyber Dark and Guyver 0 left right after him and they both started their rush for the base.

“Please God. . .  Let them get back in time. . .,” prayed General Kulser.

Meanwhile, back at the base. . .

“Where the fuck are you???” shouted Guyver Zoanoid down a hallway.

“Calm down Crane and use your Guyver senses,  He or something is just up ahead.”

They walked a bit more, and as they turned a corner they were pelted by armor piercing shells.  One shell went through Female Guyver 2’s hand.

“Fuck,” screamed Female Guyver 2 in pain.

The Guyver Zoanoid jumped around the corner and fired two quick gravity balls and destroyed the armor.  Female Guyver 2’s hand was bloody but it had already started stop bleeding.  They both walked into the big room.  The Guyver Zoanoid walked over to the armor and pulled off a piece of debris.

“Hmpf.  Unmanned.  Clever, but a waist of time!  Now show yourself and we’ll make this quick and painless!” shouted Guyver Zoanoid.

“I object to that!  I’m going to rip that little pest limb from limb!” shouted Female Guyver 2.

“Your not helping. . .,” said Guyver Zoanoid.

Max continued to run away from them, hiding and trying to remain still and as quite as possible would be pointless, even while still the blood flow in his body would be picked up by their Guyver senses.  He tried to formulate a plan, from what was available to him.  He had two high powered rifles with anti-zoanoid rounds, and had a couple of thermite grenades which at even close range wouldn’t damage their armour, but it still could slow them down.  But for what?  He hopes that they have figured it out by now that it was a trap, but what if they didn’t?  He might be able to at least injure the female for a while but the Guyver Zoanoid was stronger than a normal Guyver.

Then as Female Guyver 2 looked down a corridor her Guyver enhanced eyes picked up Max running away.

“I’m coming to get you,” shouted Female Guyver 2.

She ran towards Max at incredible speed and shouted “Now you die!!!”.

“Not today bitch!!!”

Max started firing anti-zoanoid shells to disorient her, it wasn’t as effective as he would have hoped, as she was still advancing.  Then he tried his hand.  He fired the thermite grenades but they exploded before they could get near her thanks to her sonic disruptors.

“I’m a proper Guyver you fool I could sense those explosives before you could even use them.”

“Hmm, giving you trouble is he?” asked Guyver Zoanoid as he ran up beside her.

“Nothing that a true Guyver like ourselves and not some wounded want to be can control.”

“MWAHAHAHA!!!  Little Max can run no longer!” said Guyver Zoanoid.

“Oh fuck,” said Max knowing he would not last much longer.

Then the air behind Max started to warp. Both Guyver’s looked on in shock as a Gigantic Cocoon appeared and then out stepped the form of Gigantic Guyver.

“Well I don’t know about me, but now here’s guy who would agree with you!” said a clearly happier Max.

“Who the fuck are you?!?!” asked Guyver Zoanoid. He’d never seen this Guyver type creature before. It was taller than him, and had pods attached to its shoulders, but the one identifying mark was the three layered control medal.

“Some day you should read up on our enemies Guyver Zoanoid,” said Female Guyver 2. “That is Sho Fukamachi the Guyver 1, or as he is code named Gigantic Guyver.”

“How many times have I told you people not to harm my friends!?!” said Gigantic Guyver.

Female Guyver 2 did not waste any more time playing around and fired a head laser blast towards Max. Gigantic Guyver’s shield orbs glowed and Max found himself behind a large sphere of energy which thankfully blocked the laser.

“My turn,” said Gigantic Guyver as fired a dual laser blast from both sides of his control medal towards both Guyvers. Though it only left a scorch mark on there chest plates the point was simple he could hit both of them at the same time. Max ran behind Gigantic Guyver as the tall Guyver moved towards the two Chronos Guyvers. 

Plan or no plan Gigantic Guyver pressed the offensive as he pulled back is right fist, energy surrounded it and he made a punching motion. Guyver Zoanoid had no idea what he was doing but Female Guyver 2 did as she jumped out of the way. Guyver Zoanoid quickly realised why she did that as a wave of destructive energy came crashing towards him knocking him off his feet and down the corridor. If not for the fact he was some distance away and a Guyver he would have been killed.

Female Guyver 2 though already had a backup plan in motion just in case one of Max’s friends showed up. Gigantic Guyver’s senses twitched as he realised more than just Guyvers where attacking the base. A powerful zoanoid walked by the body of Guyver Zoanoid. As the dust cleared he recognised what it was from the encounter with them at Chronos Arizona. It was a Bio-Titan. The latest Neo-Class hyper-zoanoid designed by Chronos. He knew even Warrior Guyver 2 had a hard time defeating one of these. He had to go all out and that meant he’d lose the Gigantic armour if he won, but he’d no choice in the matter.

He did not need to be told twice. Max ran from Gigantic Guyver as his back thrusters fired. The Bio-Titan had been trained to fight this foe and its training kicked in. Gigantic Guyver normally would have tried to dodge laser blasts but with basically just a human behind him he could not and activated his shield once again. It held against the powerful bio-blasts but Gigantic Guyver already have an attack strategy worked out. The spike on his chest extended and energy formed around it. Before the Bio-Titan had a chance to move out of the way or gather enough energy to fire its bio-smasher it was hit full force by Gigantic Guyver. A huge section of the Bio-Titan’s chest and head had been obliterated. The spine though and what was left of the back and arms fell backwards onto the ground as Gigantic Guyver landed on his feet. His head sensors twitched as he picked up Female Guyver 2 moving toward Max. He turned towards her and cupped his hands. Two seconds later a huge gravity ball formed and he fired it towards her. The force required pushed Gigantic Guyver back four feet grinding his feet into the concrete. Female Guyver 2 stopped dead in her tracks looked up and then sonic disrupted her way through the think ceiling above just in the nick of time.

Gigantic Guyver was about to fire on the Guyver Zoanoid when he sensed the Bio-Titan move. He knew enough about these things to know that they needed to be totally obliterated for them not to regenerate. He opened both of his hyper-smasher plates. Within a matter of seconds the Bio-Titan was vaporised along with a huge section of base as the line of destruction continued out of the base until it hit a large hill. Gigantic Guyver though knew the consequences of his actions and it was no surprise as the armour fell off him and what was left behind was Guyver 1. Guyver 1 did not wait for the other two Guyver’s to gather their senses and grabbed Max and jumped up through the base. Female Guyver 2 and Guyver Zoanoid then quickly chased after them as Guyver 1 took to the air with Max. But as they followed up through the trees they noticed two more figures coming towards them.

“Who the hell?” asked Guyver Zoanoid.

“You dumb Chronos agents really piss me off,” shouted Proto-Guyver as he closed in on them.

The Guyver Zoanoid cringed under his armor.  As the two figures moved closer, Female Guyver 2 recognized Cyber Dark as the Cyber Guyver she fought with when they attacked the Washington Headquarters and roared, “You bastard!!!  You’re gonna die!!!”

“Valcuria wait!!!”, shouted Guyver Zoanoid but it was too late, she didn’t hear him, as she engaged in battle with Cyber Dark.  The Proto Guyver launched himself at the Guyver Zoanoid.  Guyver 1 and Max started to head away from the action so Max could be taken to safety.

“I’ve been waiting for this chance Risker!” shouted Female Guyver 2.

“Risker?  You must mean the former host of this body,” said Cyber Dark.


The female Guyver charged at Cyber Dark, who just side stepped and kneed her in the gut.  He then grabbed her arm and flung her into a side of a small cliff. She got up and fired a barrage of head laser fire at him, which he easily dodged, and followed through with a one handed plasma ball.

“What the fuck are you!?!  Your not even a Guy-oooof!” said Guyver Zoanoid as he barely got that out as the Proto-Guyver smashed him towards the ground.  However the Guyver Zoanoid was able to regain his control before hitting the ground and flew back up as he fired a gravity ball, but it was easily cancelled out by one of Proto-Guyvers, which was then followed by another gravity ball.  This one hit the Guyver Zoanoids lower left leg, blowing it apart.

“AHHH…  FUCK!!!!!!  Grrr. . .” growled Guyver Zoanoid as he activated his gravity controller pulling him off the group compensating for his damaged leg.

“I think it’s time I finished this!”, shouted Proto-Guyver as the crystal on his forehead started to glow, soon followed by all of the organic orbs on his body.  The air around him started to warp wildly.

The head sensors moved back and forward as they sensed what was happening around him leaving Guyver Zoanoid only one thing to do and  comment, “Oh shit!”

“NOW PREPARE TO DIE!!!” screamed Proto-Guyver.

 The Female Guyver 2 wasn’t having such a good time either.  She was better trained than Cyber Dark, but he clearly outmatched her in raw power.  Her armor was ravaged.  She was tired and needed time to regenerate, but Cyber Dark was not tired at all.

“Sorry, I didn’t want to do this but. . .” said Cyber Dark as he put his arms in front of him to form the fusion cannons, but nothing happened.  Cyber Dark tried again, but still nothing happened.  Female Guyver 2 decided to use this to her advantage.  She fired multiple head laser shots at Cyber Dark, a few of them piercing his armor.  He stumbled back in pain as the female Guyver got up.  He readied himself for an attack, but to his surprise she ran.  Just then he felt stronger, and his armor had already healed.  His energy reserves had caught up to him.  He started running in the direction the Female Guyver 2 went, but all he saw was a blinding light heading his way.  He tried to jump out of the way, but his legs were still caught in the blast. As he screamed in pain Female Guyver 2 cursed him for been a “stupid rookie” and she walked over to the rest of his body and stared at him.  She raised her arms and extended her vibrational swords.

“You may not be the same Cyber Guyver, but you will still die all the same!”

She started to bring her arms down, when she sensed and energy attack coming towards her, the only thing she could do was jump out of the way of an energy attack from Proto-Guyver.

The Guyver Zoanoid was too occupied with countless attacks from Proto-Guyver’s organic orbs to see what was approaching.  They where incredibly tough to dodge, he could fire them as fast as a normal Guyver could fire the head laser, and with just as much accuracy.  The Guyver Zoanoid was using all he had to dodge them and didn’t have enough time for a counter attack.

“Give up? . .” asked Proto-Guyver.

He noticed a bright beam heading his way.  He stopped his attack and raised his shield.  The beam hit him head on, but the beam was being dispersed by his shield.  His sensors noticed something behind him.  He turned around only to be hit in the face but the Guyver Zoanoids fist.  He flew back and destroyed a bunch of trees as he crashed to the ground.  The Guyver Zoanoid then started to open his mega smasher, but was soon interrupted by the sound of something flying his way.  He turned just in time to see Female Guyver 2 hit him in the chest.  Her momentum was enough to send the Guyver Zoanoid to the ground.

<Valcuria! Why did you do that!?!>


The Guyver Zoanoid looked over to where she came from and saw six figures, one resembling the gigantic guyver. They moved a bit closer then he noticed they were not Guyvers.

“Well look another surprise!  Boys, get ready to fire!” said Robo Guyver.

The other five lined up, and multiple lights on their armor started to grow brighter.

“Ready, aim, fi…” said a Robo Guyver as he was cut off by a mysterious voice saying, “I wouldn’t do that if I were you!” They looked around and saw nothing. Their sensors weren’t showing anything either.  The Robo Guyver put his hand on the side of his helmet.

“Sir, we’re not alone here!  There’s something out there, but none of our scanners are picking anything up.”

“Hmm, be on alert, but make sure you get rid of those Chronos Guyvers!” ordered General Kulser

“Right!  Okay boys, ready, aim, fire!!!” ordered Robo-Guyver. But this time the ground in front of them started to move. They jumped back as four large creatures jumped out from the ground.  The Proto Guyver ran up to where the Robo team was.

“What the fuck are you?” shouted Proto-Guyver at the unknown new zoanoids. But the zoanoids didn’t move or answer.  The Proto-Guyver moved over to one, and pushed it over.  It’s like they had no life in them at all.  He turned around and walked towards the robo team as they were lined up again.  He turned again and opened his mega smashers.  They all opened fire, but before the beams hit them the bodies went limp, like they where empty skins. That’s when two things hit them, one being the fact that they were tricked and the second was the zoanoids coming out from the ground behind them and slashing them with vibrational swords.  This killed three of the new robo team, and injuring the back of the Proto-Guyver.  Then they started attacking the transport vehicles and the armored soldiers.

While all of this was happening the Guyver Zoanoid and Female Guyver 2 managed to get away to a safe distance. While they healed, they watched as this new breed of zoanoid started to rip apart the transports.  They laughed at the fact the anti-zoanoid weapons weren’t working on them.  After they were done healing they set back on their mission to find and kill Max and his protector Guyver 1.

Even the Proto-Guyver was proving ineffective against this new force.  He could take on one, at most two, but when ever he tried to attack them they would all stop and attack him like a well oiled machine.  Max and Sho were watching on a monitor with General Kulser and Commander Forrester.

“They needs help, badly,” said a clearly concerned Max.

“Help is on the way,” said Guyver 1.

“What do you mean,” asked commander Forrester.

“I’ve been in talking with Guyver 3, he is on his way here now inside the Gigantic Cocoon.”

A second later and large cocoon appeared on the battle field. As it opened Gigantic Dark’s sensors picked up the zoanoids. As he scanned them he realised there where a Guyver armour hybrid of some kind. Either way it did not matter to him, he would kill them now and find out what they are later. As he emerged from the cocoon he herd a strange voice saying “we meet again Gigantic Dark”. While the Cocoon faded away into hyper-space Gigantic Dark realised he knew that voice. It was from Shadow Guyver. All four of his sensors started moving back and forward looking for any trace of information that could lead him to where that elusive Guyver was hiding. Then from out of no where he was hit three times by head laser blasts but as he turned to face Shadow Guyver he once again disappeared. Gigantic Dark looked back at the armor on his side and it was only lightly scorched by the attack.

Mean while Commander Forrester realised something disturbing and turned to General Kulser. “Sir where’s Cyber Dark”?

“Damn!  I don’t know, he must be somewhere out there on the battle field. Talk with the communication boys and get Ken to find him.”

Gigantic Dark continued to look for any sign of Shadow Guyver. But he was too well hidden and trained to make it obvious where he was. Every so often he would appear and fire his head beam doing no serious damage other than to annoy Gigantic Dark. Gigantic Dark though did not wait for the next annoying attack as he extended all 6 of his vibrational swords which all wiped around him randomly probing for the hidden Guyver.

Meanwhile as the Robo Guyver searched, he wondered how are they going to win this one.  They’ve been pretty lucky so far, but it seems their luck has run out. Those new Zoanoids are hurting them bad and to make matters worse something strange was attacking Gigantic Dark after he arrived to help out. He then stopped as he herd someone saying “hey…  over here!”. Robo Guyver stopped and looked to his left and saw Cyber Dark who was just a top half of a torso and ran over too him.

“Are you okay,” asked Robo Guyver.

“Oh, I’m just peachy…  Now help me up,” said Cyber Dark.

The Robo Guyver reached down and picked him up.  Even with the strength enhancements the suit offered he could tell that Cyber Dark was really heavy. Then suddenly a warning light flashed on his H.U.D. that Cyber Dark started to absorb his armor.

“Hey!  What the hell do you think your doing?”

“I can’t help it, the armor is trying to regenerate itself!  Quick, disengage your upgrade module!”

Robo Guyver quickly complied and jettisoned the upgrade module, just before the Cyber Dark finished absorbing it and said “Boy, that was close!”

“Don’t worry it would have probably just have absorbed the rest of your armor, with a worst case scenario of our minds getting switched seeing how that was how it happened to me.”

“Gee thanks, I think, but now I don’t have an upgrade module and we still have a battle to fight.”

“Whoa, I feel a lot stronger.”

“It must the dimensional coupler in the upgrade module.”

“Wait, if that’s true then. . .  Let me try something.”

Cyber Dark concentrated on his armor and then it stared to change shape and soon took on the form of the upgrade module and attached itself to Ken’s armor.

“Can you hear me,” asked Cyber Dark.


“Good, then it worked.  I’m giving you control of the armor.  I will act as a secondary defence system…  A lot like the Guyvers control medal.  With me here you will also have more weapons, which I will try to explain on our way as I figure out this myself.

“Alright, let’s go!” shouted Robo Guyver.

Cyber Robo Guyver took off, flying in the direction of the fight. Gigantic Dark Has still not found the Shadow Guyver. But as he noticed Proto-Guyver’s battle with the Thazell zoanoids. While the only effective weapon they had was the vibrational sword with them working as a team it allowed them to keep him on the defensive and to fight using only hand to hand tactics. Gigantic Dark cupped his hands and all three gravity orbs glowed. It only took a few seconds and there appeared a large gravity ball. He waited for his chance as Proto-Guyver managed to blast one of the Thazell away from him then fired. Seconds later one of the zoanoids was turned to paste as it was blown to bits by a massive gravity ball.

As Female Guyver 2 and Guyver Zoanoid closed in on the battle they suddenly sensed a powerful creature appear just above them. As they looked up they quickly realised who it was, Kron second in command and leader of Chronos at the moment while Alkanphel rested.

“You two wait here, the battle plan has changed.”

“Why lord Kron,” asked Guyver Zoanoid.

“With so many new threats Chronos can’t afford to lose two of its Guyvers. Bio-Titan’s will arrive soon and once they do Shadow Guyver will also retreat.”

“Yes my lord,” said Female Guyver 2 bowing as she nudged Guyver Zoanoid to do the same.

Both Guyvers stood beside lord Kron and watched the battle and waited for the Bio-Titan’s to show up.

As the battle raged on Max continued to view the battle. Then something caught his eye.  One of the camera’s there was showing smoke coming from the background.  They zoomed it in as much as possible.  It was the base and there was a large group of people standing outside by the entrance.

General Kulser stood beside him and as he noticed the concerned look on Max’s he face he quickly paid attention to what he was seeing, and shouted “Send our guards over there now!”

“But sir..,” question Commander Forrester.

“Just do it!  They’re civilians!  It’s our job to protect them!” ordered General Kulser.


He walked over to the exit of the vehicle and ordered the Green armored guard, along with a platoon of Blues, to go to the base and protect the civilians.   They understood and used the jets to quickly get over there. He then turned around to see Max climbing into a spare Blue Armour.

“Do you really know what you are going to do against them Max?”

“No Commander but I have try something sir, I was a Guyver and I am not about to give up against that Chronos scum!”

thought Proto-Guyver as he tried to find and opening to take out another one of these creatures while Gigantic Dark continued to fight an opponent who was a master of stealth.

it was then as he thought about how to stop them his crystal glowed and the Thazell he was fighting just stopped. <Cool, let’s try this again.  STOP!> To his surprise all the remaining Thazell stopped.

Gigantic Dark just hit pay dirt as one of his swords caught the hand of Shadow Guyver slicing off the tip of his finger. While it was not serious damage it was enough to knock his cloak out of commission for a few valuable seconds. But sometimes life does not always go the way you want as six Bio-Titan’s landed around the exposed Shadow Guyver.

Just then the large form of Cyber Robo Guyver ran up beside Gigantic Dark. “What are those things,” he asked.

“Bio-Titan’s, Chronos latest and most powerful zoanoid type.”

“Oh hell!”

A short distance away Guyver 0 sensed the chaos of battle and flew at full speed towards the combat. Max could not believe his rotten luck. He was no longer a Guyver and Chronos was beginning to over run the battle field. Guyver 1 had left his side and was running towards Gigantic Dark to see if he could help out leaving Max and a team of Green and Blue armoured soldiers to protect the civilians.

The combat seemed to stop. The only reason the Guyvers could guess was because Shadow Guyver was escaping. But the all seemed not to notice that Proto-Guyver had all three remaining Thazell running towards the Bio-Titan’s. Gigantic Dark was about to charge an attack against them when Proto-Guyver sent them all a message that he was controlling the zoanoids. A second later a Thazell cropped off the head of a surprised Bio-Titan and battle once against commenced as Gigantic Dark fired another large gravity ball at the injured Bio-Titan blowing it to bits. But without the element of surprise the others would not go down so easily.

It was no surprise though that Max could not keep out of the battle. He ordered all the armours into a line so that they had a clear sight of the battle not to far away from them. He was about to give the order to fire when he remembered what he was doing here. Which was to protect the refugees. He knew enough about those zoanoids to know not to piss them off. As really even the combined firepower of all this armors would not get by their shields.

The battle was now chaotic. The Thazells had teamed up with Guyver 0 and Guyver and they where taking on two of the Bio-Titans. Proto-Guyver and Cyber Robo Guyver both where fighting another two as Gigantic Dark’s boosters fired and singled out the remaining Bio-Titan. He clenched his right fist and went to power punch the Bio-Titan but it ducked leaving him fly off the mark. As Gigantic Dark tried to stop his forward momentum the Bio-Titan charged all his crystal’s and fired his bio-smasher at him. Gigantic Dark sensed the energy coming towards him and activated his shield just in time. As the energy surrounded him he knew what he had to do and opened his own hyper-smashers and pointed it back towards the Bio-Titan. As the blast cleared Gigantic Dark fired. This time though the Bio-Titan had nothing that could withstand the attack and was wiped out. But ad the blast continued it caught the left arm of Cyber Robo Guyver vaporising it. While he shared the name Guyver it was merely a  name and not a statement of how well his armour could heal a person, in fact it could not. He dropped to his knees screaming in agony. Just as a Bio-Titan was about to take his head for doing that it was hit by a hail of gun fire from the armours. While it done no serious damage it was enough to give Guyver 0 time to dive into the of the beast and push it away from the fallen warrior.

Blue Armoured max ran towards his fallen friend as the others done their best to keep him at bay.  While Max was helping Cyber Robo Guyver away from the battle field Guyver 0 was rather surprised to find the Gigantic Cocoon appear only feet away from him. The message though was simple, boost and kill these things. As Guyver 1 fired his pressure cannon at the Bio-Titan he was fighting Guyver 0 back flipped into the Cocoon.

Overlooking the battle Kron cursed the week minds of the new Zoanoids. Something must have gone wrong with them as he could not control them at this range. Both Female Guyver 2 and Guyver Zoanoid knew things where going badly but knew to keep their mouths shut as Shadow Guyver  decloaked beside them and viewed the battle with them.

Gigantic Zero went to punch the Bio-Titan it ducked out of the way and in a surprising move round house kicked Gigantic Zero sending him a free feet away. This time though the Bio-Titan did not attack the fallen Gigantic but fired a number of quick bio-blasts at the Thazell zoanoids crippling them. Moment’s later the other Bio-Titan’s opened fire obliterating them. Now only Guyver 1, Guyver 3, Proto-Guyver and Gigantic Zero where left to face them.

Ken. . .  I’m sorry,” said Max as he help him away.

“I… it’s o… okay…2

“Don’t worry, the wound is cauterized, you’ll be alright…”

As they walked away from the fight, Cyber Dark watched as the Soldiers were getting destroyed.  Cursing himself for forgetting the dimensional couplers limitations.  As he started thinking, his armor instinctively started to regenerate Ken’s arm.  Ken thougth screamed out in pain as the armour was biologically melding to Kens arm.  Ken was screaming in pain as the armor attached itself to the open wound.  Cyber Dark tried to stop it, but nothing happened.  After a minute, Ken stopped screaming and had calmed down somewhat.  He was still in shock and had no idea what was happening, but the armor kept on growing. . .

Cyber Dark disengaged himself from Ken and Blue Armour Max stood back as as his armor morphed into a clearly newer and more advanced battle from looking more powerful but less Guyver like than before, and his arm was fully regenerated.

“Chronos, is going to pay for hurting me,” said Robo Guyver. Max though did not have the heart to tell him it was in fact Gigantic Dark who hurt him. Either way his anger was channelled in the right direction.

The battle though had turned against the Canadian forces. Even with a free Gigantic zero the four Bio-Titan’s had managed to badly wound Guyver 1 and Guyver 3 who both had many wounds over their body. Proto-Guyver and Gigantic Zero where providing as much fire power as possible to keep the Bio-Titan’s off guard and finishing them off.

But as Robo Guyver was about to let loose  and help out when two of the Thazell’s who had managed to regenerate and were back under Kron’s command moved into his way. But with a triple Pressure Cannon attack Robo Guyver blasted its head off.  Robo Guyver then launched himself at the remaining zoanoids as the others body hit the ground and started dissolving, leaving Kron wonder as he looked through the other zoanoids eyes how Ken’s Robo Armor had gotten as powerful as a real Guyver.  Only Cyber Dark knew, having realized that his bonding with Ken’s armor had somehow upgraded it. As Robo Guyver killed the remaining Thazell he saw a Bio-Titan just about ready to rip out a crippled Guyver 1’s control medal.

Before he could even react it was hit by two gravity balls knocking it off it’s feet. Robo Guyver turned around expecting to see Cyber Dark and saw a multi green colored Guyver with 2 blades on each arm.  As the new Guyver walked into the open they could see it in better detail. Some parts of the armor was now crystal green and the shoulders have become double pointed protrusions, but the one distinguishing feature was the control medal.  It was pyramid shaped!

The Guyver Zoanoid along with Female Guyver 2 at the same time comment ” My God. . .  Another Warrior Guyver!” Kron grumbled his disappointment of the situation.

The new Warrior Guyver walked forward towards the the Bio-Titans. It’s control medal flared for a second and he disappeared. Suddenly, one of the Bio-Titans body was sliced in half. The larger upper half falling forward to the ground. The Warrior Guyver stood behind it, with it’s forward high frequency sword extended. The other 3 Bio Titans fired a few lasers at it, but the Warrior Guyver Teleported away before the beams had a chance to hit.

“Damn! He’s fast!” said Robo Guyver turning to Cyber Dark who had walked up beside him.

“I don’t think that’s speed. From what I’ve heard a Warrior Guyver can teleport at will.”

The Bio-Titan that was cut in half, surprisingly enough, picked up it’s upper body and placed itself back on it’s legs. It quickly joined the other three Bio-Titans, who looked towards to weakened Guyvers, and started charging towards them, when instantly their path was blocked by the green Warrior Guyver. The last of the zoanoids ran towards him, but as they did, the Warrior control medal flared and it fired it’s head laser at the on coming zoanoids. It nearly sliced them all in half. The Bio-Titans started powering up there bio lasers. The Warrior Guyver stood there. They all fired at the same time, at the same spot. Their Lasers all lanced out and exploded on impact. The explosion was massive and blinding.

“Haha! Lousy rookie! He didn’t even raise his shields!” shouted an excited Guyver Zoanoid as he looked on.

“No… he’s not…” said a concerned Robo Guyver.

The Bio-Titans looked up and saw the Warrior Guyver floating above them horizontally, with his hands out in front of him charging a massive pressure cannon. They tried to scatter, but the Warrior Guyver released it. The gravity orb plowed through one of the Bio-Titans heads and out the out the other end. The Guyver Zoanoid and Female Guyver 2, saw this, and took off for their base, flying as fast as they could.

The Bio-Titan that had taken the Gravity orb had already healed, and it appeared the the new Warrior Guyver was doing all it could to dodge the laser Barrage from the Bio-Titans. 2 of the Bio-Titans flew up at the Warrior Guyver, as the other 2, still were firing energy blasts from the ground. As they approached, the Warrior Guyver started opening it’s maga-smasher. The 2 approaching him stopped and started firing plasma balls at it. However, the Warrior Guyver teleported again. This time, behind the two Bio-Titans that were on the ground, and both it’s maga-smasher cells were open. The energy lashed out towards the now helpless Bio-Titans. Their shielding was good, but not good enough to withstand the full beam of a Warrior Guyvers full Maga-smasher. The trench left by the maga-smasher was immense, but, to everyone’s surprise, one of the Bio-Titans remained. It was however badly damaged.

Kron smirked. ” Interesting. However, you are a important commodity right now.” Kron’s Zoacrystal appeared. ” Back to the ark for you.” The badly injured Bio-Titan was mysteriously teleported out of the battle.

However, before the Warrior Guyver even had a chance to close it’s chest plates, the two air born Bio-Titans were already almost on top of the Warrior Guyver, and were firing barrages of lasers at it. They easy hit him with multiple shots. the shots however, were doing little damage, but it was noticeable damage.

The Proto-Guyver stepped forward. ” Dammit! He needs our help!” Robo Guyver grabbed his arm and shook his head.

” Let’s face it. We don’t stand a chance. Our best bet is to wait, and regain or strength.” Gigantic Zero stood behind them, and crossed his arms.

” He’s right… As much as I hate to say it, we are all too tired to fight anyway.” Proto-Guyver reluctantly nodded, and held off trying to attack.

The Green Warrior Guyver flew horizontally backwards as the two Bio-Titans landed right where he was standing. The Green Warrior Guyver shot up into the air, and started charging something. The Bio-Titans didn’t really notice, or care for that matter. One of them followed the Green Warrior Guyver into the air, while the other stayed on the ground, charging it’s lasers.

The Green Warrior Guyver extended it’s swords, and changed directions, aiming for the flying Bio-Titan, who extended his own blades. The two Titans clashed, but the superiority of the Warrior Guyvers swords was beginning to show. However, the Bio-Titan quickly backed off, and it was apparent that the other Bio-Titan was about to fire. It had started to fire, when a large white beam blasted across, and engulfed it. The Warrior Guyver or the Bio-Titan that was in the air didn’t’ bother looking, but everyone else who did, saw the Proto-Guyver and his opened maga-smasher. He quickly closed the and fell to one knee, obviously exhausted. Guyver0 helped him up and and carried him back, while everyone else backed off, when they saw the Bio-Titan that he had mega-smashed, was still alive. But was badly damaged.

The other Bio-Titan, did not seem to care for his comrade, as it launched itself at the waiting Warrior Guyver. Again, the Warrior Guyver swords proved to be superior, as they actually severed both of the Bio-Titans. The Warrior Guyver, then proceeded to hack the the Bio-Titan savagely. First, it sliced off it’s right arm, then left leg. It spun around and sliced it in half across the waist. He then backed up a bit and opened one side of his maga-smasher. The beam engulfed the bio-titan and it’s severed body parts, completely obliterating them. It’s attention turned to the healing Bio-Titan on the ground.

The air around the Green Warrior Guyver began to warp, and suddenly he was encased in a white ball of energy. the Bio-Titan noticed this, and even without being fully healed, started firing as many lasers as it could. The lasers were on target, but they just seemed to be cancelled out by the white energy.

Everyone started to evacuate the area. No one knew what was going to happen, but they thought it best to stay away as far as possible.

And their suspicions were soon verified, when the giant ball of energy, with a Warrior Guyver at it’s center, started to move. And move fast. It’s target, was the last remaining Bio-Titan, who was still blasting away with all it’s lasers. However, they did nothing to stop the advance of the Warrior Guyvers attack. In fact, it was gaining speed, and didn’t look like it was going to stop.

The Bio-Titan stopped firing and stood there. Waiting. Kron watched, wondering what it was planning. Was it just going to give up and die? It couldn’t. It doesn’t know how to. Kron’s thoughts were soon answered.

When the ball of energy was about 5 meters from the Bio-Titan it flew up into the air, and the ball passed underneath it. It turned and started firing again. However, it noticed it’s arms and legs were melted off.

And then it hit ground. The energy expanded quickly, taking the Bio-Titan into it, a disintegrating it into nothingness, along with a kilometer wide area of ground.

The shockwave hit the retreating Canadian forces pretty hard., sending trucks flipping over, and sending men into the air. Kron however, remained floating in the air, the energy only reaching about 2 meters in front of him. He crossed his arms and frowned. ” Impressive… it seems the Creators played a little with this one.” He smirked. ” No matter. It will be dealt with in due time.” He teleported out of there, before the Warrior Guyver had a chance to spot him.

The main troops that were in the armors, were even blown back by the shockwave, but were not damaged. Kulser picked himself up and climbed out of the command vehicle. ” I want a team out there now! Find him! Make sure that the Bio-Titans were destroyed!” Robo-Guyver and gigantic Zero nodded, and took off for ground zero.

When they arrived, they saw a figure walking out of the smoking crater. By the outline of the figure, they knew it had to be the green Warrior Guyver. Or more importantly, their friend.

Robo-Guyver stepped forward. ” Max… is that you…?” The Warrior Guyver just kept walking forward. Both of them backed up a little, and almost started to run when the Warrior Guyvers control medal flared. However, they needn’t run. the Warrior Guyver armor jumped off it’s host and disappeared into hyperspace. Leaving a very battered looking Max, standing there for a few seconds, then falling to his knees, then face first into the ground.