This is a fan-fiction based on characters created by Yoshiki Takaya and contains violent situations with adult language. Any similarity to actual persons, living or dead is unintentional and purely coincidental.

Contains violence, foul language, and scenes of Sexual content.
Title Front-line
AuthorMathew Bellamy

Tensions are high and fists are flying. The being only called Crystallite has the ACTF and the mighty Chronos on edge. Up here in Canada, the mainstay of Chronos’ force remains lower class Zoanoids. This has given the Canadian branch of the ACTF the opening needed to take back a lot of territory, and make a large dent on the Canadian Chronos population.

However, with all good news, comes the bad? The Canadian powerhouses, code named Ultimus and Prometheus have been nowhere in sight. Ultimus was last spotted down in the US, and may possibly be helping their ACTF. Prometheus, however, has all but disappeared from the battlefield. Are the ACTF holding him back for something big? We can only wonder. However, this is not entirely bad news. The once U.S. Supplied Wolf Battle armors are now being produced here in Canada herself, and is greatly increasing our military might.

The Wolf armors are combating the Chronos forces wherever they pop up, and are highly effective against the lower class type Zoanoids, but what of the other Canadian heavy hitters?

The Guyver 0 and an unnamed female have been seen acting as a separate unit, but doing major damage to Chronos forces wherever they go. The famous first Guyver, code named Guyver 1, has been spotted with a team of Wolf armors a few times, and has been seen using the Gigantic armor more than once…

This just in! The Canadian battle unit known as the Hounds, have completely freed the city of Winnipeg. This is a great victory for the Canadian forces, and a moral victory for the whole world.

Now onto the weather… -click!

Lt. Colonel Greg Howser shut the radio off and sighed a bit. “Propaganda.” he sighed, knowing damn well it hasn’t been that easy. Many soldiers have lost their lives, but the media, now mostly controlled by the Government, does nothing to honor those soldiers’ deaths. He took out the small jewelry box out of his desk and opened it. “Lt. Colonel… does it even matter anymore?” he sighed and pinned it to his uniform. For a month now, he had been stuck behind a desk because of his promotion, with the arrangement that he could join battle whenever they really needed him. He envied Max and Will. Not being official Military they had the freedom to do what they wished, when they wished.

So far nothing has happened that would warrant him being called to help the battle. He had almost hoped a Zoalord would pop up one day. He stood up and walked over to his large office window. He cocked his head up and looked into the night sky. He smirked and looked over at his clock. “Ah, what the hell…” there was a small flash of light, and he was gone… now five feet away from his window, outdoors hovering there enjoying the breeze.

“You know that’s a violation of Military Protocol?” A voice from above him laughed. Greg looked up and spotted the General leaning out of his window enjoying the fresh air as well.

Greg smirked and floated up there. “What’s the good word General?”

Kulser smirked. “Same ‘ol, same ‘ol, I suppose. The armored teams are making quick progress, and the surviving soldiers are getting used to the suits and are getting more kills and surviving.”

Greg just nodded and remained silent.

“You’ll be heading out tomorrow for an operation, a strictly classified mission.” He turned and went back inside.

“Sir?” Greg Floated in the window and was quickly tossed a folder. He opened it and started paging through the papers.

“Our sources say on the Manitoba-Ontario border, there’s a small Zoanoid plant there.” Greg nodded as he continued to page through the papers and photographs. “However, it is big enough to transform into a Armor production plant.” He walked over to his offices small bar. “Needless to say, we need a front-line plant. Shipping the new armors out from the main BC plant is too slow… With or without ice?”

Greg closed the folder. “Ice please.” he set the folder on the Generals desk, as the general poured them a glass of scotch. “I do see your point. While our forces are holding on the front line, our forces between are stretched thin.”

The General nodded and handed Greg a glass. “Up to it?” he smirked as he drank.

Greg nodded. “When do I leave?”

“In six hours. We already have a team of armors escorting the production plant crews and equipment.”

Greg raised an eyebrow. “Really? Figured I’d accept eh?”

“Your a soldier my friend. Not a desk jockey. I knew you’d never be able to resist.”

“Oh really?” Greg smirked “And what made you think that?”

The General smirked. “Because my friend, I’m a soldier too.” he took another drink.

Winnipeg, Manitoba, Military HQ

A large convoy of trucks rumbles into town under the shadow of night. Within seconds of the last truck entering, explosions rock the front of the convoy, and a loud speaker booms.

“Alright! Everybody in the truck get out with your hands up!” One door on the first truck opens, and out walks a bearded man wearing military fatigues and a flak jacket.

“Let us pass, or you’ll be shown the true power of armored soldier.” The man smirked.

“Identify yourself, or be fired upon!” the voice continued.

The man shrugged. “Very well… Black Knights… Attack!” In an instant, all that could be heard was the sound of metal ripping and people screaming.

“O…open fire!!” The loud speaker boomed again, but there were no replies.

“You see, your soldiers are far under trained. I’m embarrassed to call myself your allies.” The man’s chuckle oozed with ego.

“ENOUGH!” a louder voiced boomed into everyone’s heads, as the ground in front of the bearded man exploded, but only knocking him to the ground. Down from the sky floated Sara in her Zoaform. “You American special teams make me sick sometimes. I mean really, destroying government property just to show off?”

“You’ll pay for that… Knights… “ The man picked himself off the ground as he spoke, only to be interrupted by having a green humming blade in his face. “… Stand down!”

Sara laughed. “That’s what I thought.” Her feet touched ground and she walked over to Guyver 0 and the man. “Now, who are YOU?”

The man dusted himself off and stood up. “Lieutenant Cory Anderson, field commander of the special ops team, the Black Knights.”

Sara raised an eyebrow. “I’ve heard of you.” She smirked. “And I will say I am impressed. Your team is indeed good but ambushing our people is not the way to greet your allies.”

Anderson just grinned and nodded as they shook hands, “I’m not paid to make friends ma’am, only to get the job done and besides I don’t much appreciate having guns pointed at me. But no harm done, your people were just knocked out for a bit.”

“I know, which is the only reason you’re still alive, lieutenant”.

Anderson arched an eyebrow and then motioned to Guyver 0, but all he got was a blank stare that sent a small shiver down his tough spine.

“Come on, the base is just up ahead.” Anderson nodded as Sara and Guyver0 took to the air.

Vancouver British Columbia…

“But this is just so cute!”

Max sighed, but couldn’t complain. He had taken some time off to spend some time with Megan, but Warrior Guyver or not, even he couldn’t take much more shopping.

“Hey! Are you even listening!?” Max snapped back into reality and faced a slightly flustered Megan.

“Uh yeah, of course I am!” He managed to stutter out. She gave off a little smirk and continued to shop as Max followed blindly. He really didn’t care, but just to have things like they used to be was enough for him. Megan finally settled down a bit, and they sat down to get something to eat.

“Sooo…what’cha thinking ‘bout?” Megan rested her chin in one of her hands as she ate.

Max smirked. “How it’s so nice to have something that’s just like it used to be.” She smiled. Both of them leaned forward, but where interrupted by the all too familiar sirens. Max sighed and stood up. “That is close…” He felt a pair of arms wrap around him from behind.

“I’m not going to fight it.” Max turned around. “You are who you are now.” Tears welled up in her eyes. “Go. Just be sure to return to me.” Max leaned down a bit and they kissed.

“You know I will.” She just nodded, and grabbed her bags. By the time she looked back, he had already left. She hurried off to the nearest shelter.

Max appeared on the street a few blocks away, standing behind a group of armored soldiers in Wolf suits, and a familiar face.

“Ken!” Max ran forward a bit.

Ken spun at hearing the voice. “Hey, long time no see.”

“What’s going on, Zoanoid stragglers?”

Ken shook his head. “More like a Zoanoid Militia.” He pointed down the street, “Heading our way with surprising force.”

“What? They must have a few hyper classes then?”

Ken nodded. “Mostly blaster types, but this area’s suits aren’t equipped to take such attacks.” He pointed to the armored suits with him, “This guy’s can, as well as myself.”

Max smirked. “Want me to save you the trouble?”

Ken laughed. “Be my guest.”

Max just nodded and walked ahead of them. He silently Bio-boosted, and took off flying just above the ground at high speed.

Winnipeg, Manitoba, Military HQ



Forrester watched the soldiers enter from behind his desk. He was not too pleased with their actions, but grudgingly he let them off… for now.

Anderson saluted, as did the rest of his team. Forrester returned the salutes and they all sat down except Anderson.

“Sir, allow me to introduce the Black Knights.” Forrester nodded, and Anderson continued. “My second in command and code name of Knight 02, Sgt. Jesse Hunter.” Hunter, a big, gruff looking man, who looked like he had more experience than all of them combined. “Knight 03, Agent Samantha Landon.” Samantha grinned. She was quite beautiful, with a hint of toughness behind her eyes. “Knight 04, Agent Kent Simon.” Kent was well groomed, and looked overly cocky. “And finally Knight 05 Corporal Winston Greys.” Forrester recognized him. He was a former college football player, who probably enlisted once the ACTF became active. He was big, but had a gentle air about him.

“Good.” Anderson sat down and Forrester continued. “Currently, we’re pushing Chronos back in a big way… However, something has come to our attention that we can not ignore.” Forrester activated a large map on the wall behind him. “It seems we have lost contact with one of our advance scouting squads…”

“A scouting squad!?!” Kent laughed. “THAT’S what you called us here for?” Before Forrester said anything, Anderson shot him a look that could have maimed him. Kent shut up pretty quickly. Forrester and Anderson just nodded at each other.

“The scouting squad reported they were following a Chronos transport of captured civilians and were reporting that they may have found something when we lost contact with them.” He turned back to the map. “We want to know what they found… and if the team and reported civilians are still alive and have not yet been compromised then a rescue objective is of course part of the mission.”

“What do we think they found?” Samantha spoke up.

“We think they found another Chronos processing outpost. Apparently either well defended, or a trap.”

Winston was the next to speak up. “So, basically, we go in, find out what happened, and extract?”

“Not exactly, if the situation is within your possibility to neutralize, then do so at your own determination. You may evac if you want, and we’ll send our troops in.”

“So it’s safe to say, we have the prerogative on what happens during the mission?” Anderson crossed his arms.

“Correct.” Forrester nodded.

“Very well, when do we launch?”

“The mission will commence at 1300 hours. Dismissed!” Everyone got up and left, Forrester stayed and looked at the map.



A group of fifteen Zoanoids slowly made there way down the street, making sure to destroy as much as they could.

“Why are we doing this again?” one of the Zoanoids asked.

“Why are you complaining? This is fun!” Another laughed as he let loose a beam of red energy, which tore into a nearby car, causing it to explode. A few of the other laughed as they continued.

“We’re doing this because that is what our master told us to do.” One of them walking in the back spoke up. The rest just shrugged and continued. One fired a shot straight down the street, only to have anther beam come back from its direction. The beam tore through its head and it fell to the ground. All 14 of the remaining Zoanoids looked in the direction, only to see a green blur flying towards them.

“Is it Guyver 0!?! Ha! We can take him!” Just as the Zoanoid finished speaking, it was blown apart by a hail of gravity bullets. The other Zoanoids growled. As far as they knew, Guyver 0 couldn’t do that, and it finally hit them who they were dealing with.

“It’s the Warrior Guyver!” A few of them started to back up.

“Come on! There are a group of us, and only one of him!” another shouted… but it had been proven wrong as its face was blown apart by another volley of gravity bullets, spraying his dark blood on the pavement below him.

“The Warrior Guyver? I’m insulted.” Max laughed as he stopped about 10 yards from them. “There is more than one of us you know. The least thing you could do is get our names right.” he sighed.

The Zoanoids growled. They didn’t know what to do. They were getting pissed off, but their opponent is a Warrior Guyver… unfortunately for them, Max answered their dilemma for them, as he ran forward and extended his elbow blades. They lashed out and sliced two large Zoanoids into many pieces, barely letting the blood seep through the wounds.

His sensors moved and he suddenly realized he had been surrounded. Two more Zoanoids tried to pounce him from behind, but in an instant, Max was airborne, and already behind the two. Putting his fists forward, his forward blades shot out like bullets, piercing the Zoanoids bodies, and continuing down, lancing two more Zoanoids. Max landed, breaking the ground at his feet, right in front of another Zoanoid. The Zoanoid clasped his hands together and was going to try and pound Max into the ground, when he was blown away right into a nearby wall. His body lay in a bloody pulp as Max stood up again. He slowly turned towards the remaining five.

Max was about to take another step when a volley of laser fire came from behind the Zoanoids, blowing two apart. Then a shiny silver blur, with what looked like two large red energy wings, shot forward and using two long glowing red elbow swords the last three Zoanoids were quickly diced up. Robo-Guyver stood up as his suit ejected some steam. The red energy from his wings dissipated and the wings themselves closed.

“Something new I see” Max laughed as he retracted his unit and started to walk toward Robo-Guyver and his team. Ken retracted his helmet only.

“Sorry to ruin your fun, but we just got an urgent call from the General.”

Max lost the smirk he was wearing and raised an eyebrow. “What’s up?”

“It seems Jason O’Conner, Dreadnought, has gone rogue.”

Max frowned then looked at Ken again. “You’re kidding right?”

Ken shook his head. “Afraid not, my friend, apparently he teleported in, attacked one of their scientists, stole something of importance, and left.”

Max shook his head. “There’s got to be a reason behind it… I mean from when I met him, he seemed like a very determined guy. He wouldn’t just turn against the ACTF…”

Ken shrugged. “I don’t know the details myself. The General hadn’t been filled in very much either, but said we should be on the look out.”

Max closed his eyes for a second. “He’s nowhere near here… that’s for certain.”

Ken looked at Max. “Maybe you just don’t know him as well as you’d like to think.”

“For all our sakes, we better hope you’re wrong.” Max backed up a bit and bio-boosted without the blast field. “I’m going to find out for myself.”

Ken sighed. “I had a feeling you would. Good luck.”

Max just nodded and teleported away… only to appear… not where he had planned. Dreadnought had his teleportation field set up, so no intruders could get close to him instantly. Max gulped a bit. This definitely was not good… he was blocking everybody out… and he doubted the most powerful Guyver on the planet would really like any visitors… especially one he wasn’t really well acquainted with. Max summoned the Giant unit as well, and headed for where he thought Dreadnought might be hiding out.

An undisclosed Chronos Facility-

Destrol had spent the last five hours pacing, hoping to have heard something from Australia. Chronos was in one of its biggest fights for power, and he wasn’t allowed to assist in anyway.

He had thought about betraying his orders and following anyway, but he knew it was not right to question his fathers’ orders. Alkanphel had his reasons for keeping him out of battle. He sat down at his desk to go over some Zoanoid files, when the monitor on his desk lit up, with a Chronos soldiers face on the screen.

Annoyed with the interruption, Destrol continued his work. “What is it?”

“Sir, you requested information when the Canadian forces started their advance” The Soldier said calmly.

“What’s their status?”

“It appears, they are preparing a strike on the great lakes Zoanoid plant.” He picked up a printout. “By our estimation, they will be ready early tomorrow morning.”

“Any information on how they are attacking?”

“No sir. We think it’ll be a black ops job. Very few people were told anything.”

Destrol nodded. “Alright, send in a request for a team of Bio-Titans for defense, and warn the factory. Make sure they are prepped for a battle.”

The soldier nodded. “Yes sir.” The screen went blank and Destrol sighed a little bit. With the large battle in Australia, the Chronos forces consisted of mainly regular Zoanoids. All the high-powered warriors had been called to help take the warship. Everywhere else, Chronos control was slipping bit by bit. Soon however, Chronos would return to full strength, and hopefully with new powerful allies, and their plans to control the earth could get back on track.

Just as he was about to get back to work, the monitor flashed on again.

“What is it this time?”

“Important news sir, Warrior Guyver C has appeared over Texas!”

Destrols eyes widened as he stood up from his chair, “What!?”

“Apparently he teleported right outside of the blocking field of the Warrior Guyver’s control.” The soldier continued. “And he headed inside the field only moments later.”

A devious smile grew on Destrols face, “Thank you soldier.” He turned off the monitor and walked over to the window. “Well then, with that Zoa-Guyver out of duty, and little boy Max gone… I think it’s time to show those humans who really controls this part of the world.” He turned and the monitor flashed on again. The soldier appeared on the screen again.


“Have a squad of my personal team assemble.” He grinned. “We’re going out.”

The soldier nodded, “Yes sir!” Destrol shut off the monitor and headed to the door of his office. “Well then… this should be… fun.” He laughed as he left.

ACTF – Canadian HQ.

Will and Sara walked into the mess hall, only to see the Black Knights sitting at a table, talking rather loudly. They hurriedly got their food and sat away from the soldiers. However, they still got the attention of the Knights, as they were the only two groups in there. One of them stood, with a large smile on his face, and headed over to them.

“Hey’a , name’s Kent. What’s yours pretty lady?” he cockily sat down beside Sara, while Will peered over at him from the other side.

“Sara.” She said without even looking at him.

“Hey Sara, what a pretty name…I got a mission to go to later, but before that, let’s say you and I…” He continuously got closer to her, until he was almost whispering in her ear.”

“Sorry, I don’t do troopers.” She grinned a bit.

“Trooper? Why you’re talking to one of the infamous Black Knights! With our power suits and skills, we could take on Guyvers if we wanted to!” He laughed a bit, still trying to win her over with his ‘charm’, as it were.

“Really? Would you care to prove it?” She laughed as Will stood up beside her.

Kent looked at him. “Him?.. A Guyver? HA!” He laughed. “He isn’t any Guyver I remember from our files.” He got up and walked over and faced Will. “Look pal, me and the little lady are talking… why don’t you leave and let her be with a REAL man.” He was obviously joking, but did get right into Wills face.

Will started to back up, and Kent grinned. “That’s a good boy…” He turned back to Sara, but was tapped on the shoulder. He turned around and punch Will in the face… however, Will’s head barely moved. Kent backed up a bit, but was solidly hit by a punch from Will, which sent Kent sprawling across the floor, back to the table the Knights were sitting at. “You sonofouva!…” The rest of the Knights, except Winston, stood up.

Anderson stepped forward. “I’m sorry, but it’s customary for teammates to stick up for one another.”

Sara laughed as they approached Will. “I wouldn’t get to close if I were you. He’s got a temper.”

“Don’t you worry your pretty little head dear.” Samantha spoke up. “Kent is a pushover compared to the rest of us one on one.”

“Really? I do suggest you sit back down and finish eating… for your own benefit of course.” Sara was clearly enjoying this, and had a big smile on her face.

They advanced a little more, not heeded her warnings. She sighed. “Oh well, some people never learn.” She turned to Will as she backed away a bit. “Will, why don’t you show them what I mean?” Will deviously grinned and nodded.

There was almost a gleam in his eye as the blast field erupted around his body. The Knights had not been close enough to be hit by it, but Kent was knocked down in surprise. Out of the smoky rubble, out walked the green figure of Guyver 0. Sara walked back over to Guyver 0, as the Knights backed up just a bit.

“Now, I’m willing to forget this, and throw it away as a ‘boys will be boys’ incident. Just stay out of the real men’s way. You never know what you may get caught in.” She grinned as her eyes flashed and the rest of the Knights were thrown to the floor by an unknown force.

Anderson and the rest of them picked themselves up. Anderson just nodded in their direction and sat down. Winston, who had seemingly just been watching, just looked at Sara, grinned and nodded. He turned and went back to his food as Will retracted his Guyver armor and sat down with Sara to eat. Kent sat down, his ego thoroughly bruised.

Outside… about 50 meters above the base, floated Noire, ‘sitting’ in a meditation pose. He chuckled at the events that had just transpired. Noire had been there for the last five hours, on watch duty while the guards changed shifts. However, he stayed, as he listened to all the events transpiring and conversations that went on in the base. He still thought that these humans were rather odd creatures, and he still had a lot to learn about ‘being human’.


As the sun began to set, the base became livelier. People were hurrying about, preparing for any departures and arrivals of troops. On the airstrip, a large plane was being loaded with ammunition energy packs, and armors. Of these armors, the specialized Black Knight suits, colored in their custom Black and shades of gray. Right now, they didn’t look like overly much… however, half of the gear that was being stored on the plane was extra equipment for their suits multiple custom hard points.

Kent and Winston final checked their equipment while Samantha helped guide the equipment into the plane. Anderson and Hunter were in Forrester’s office, going over the last details of the mission.

“Here’s a recent drone recon image of the area.” Forrester placed a piece of paper on his desk and pointed to an area. “It seems to be like we feared. There is definitely a large Chronos movement in the area and they seem to have set up a base”

Hunter nodded. “Has the mission been changed?”

“Affirmative, they’re too many enemy troops in the areas for even your team to handle and still complete the mission. So we’ll be sending in one of our teams with yours.” Forrester handed Anderson some specs. “Our suits have very little offensive capabilities, compared to yours, but their armor is top of the line, thanks to your Government’s help. So your team will clear the way and serve as escort while our team infiltrates the base.”

“Variables, sir?”

“Remains the same, your team still has mission prerogative.”


Anderson looked over the sheets and nodded, “Understood sir.” Forrester nodded, and the two men left with their new orders. As the door closed behind them, Forrester sat back in his chair. “And good luck… you’ll need it…” There was a small warping of space in the corner of his office as Noire appeared.

“Sir?” He looked at Forrester, just wondering why he’d been summoned.

“Noire, I want you to follow them in secret. If things get out of hand, start protecting the captives, and if need be, teleport them out.”

Noire shook his head. “I am sorry Mr. Forrester, but I cannot do so.” Noire sighed. “I cannot get involved in your conflicts with my masters.”

Forrester sighed, but nodded. “Alright, I just thought I would ask.” Noire nodded slightly and teleported out of the room. Forrester cursed a bit, but even before Noire had entered the room he had guessed this would be the answer. “Guess it will be plan ‘B’…”

Elsewhere on the base, Greg was getting prepared mentally for his mission. Noire had taught him how to use his telepathic powers a bit better, and he was testing his limits. Until that is, he was interrupted by a somewhat familiar, but disturbing voice.

“Well, well, playing with my Soldiers are we?”

“Destrol…” grumbled Greg. “ Do you mind? I’m a little busy here.”

“You would do yourself a favor and leave the mind games to us human.” Destrol sneered. “We are not telepaths to be trifled with.” Suddenly Greg was hit by something, and it broke his concentration. Greg snapped back into reality.

“Man… I got to work on that…” He shrugged as he got up. “Well now, I guess it’s time…” He stood silently for a second, and then his armor appeared. Prometheus stood in his office only for a second, and with a warping of space, he was gone.

Within seconds, he was about a kilometer above what seemed to be an ordinary looking facility, but with a bit over average security. Unfortunately, this was as far as his surprise attack went as soon there was a barrage of laser fire from below. Naturally they just bounced off his shields. His crystal flashed, and then a beam of continuous energy shot from it. He traced out the path of fire from the lasers, and one by one, the Zoanoids fell. He started his descent, sensing a large group of Zoanoids gathering on the upper levels of the factory. He landed, about 30 yards from the factory entrance and the crystals on his knuckles started to glow.

The doors of the factory burst open and a ton of Zoanoids, mostly power and hyper classes, started charging towards him. His crystal flashed again, as he swings his arm horizontally, lashing out with an energy wave that swept across the Zoanoids, turning them into nothing but burnt cinders of dissolving flesh. The wave had also destroyed most of the seemingly normal warehouse, which the Zoanoids had just come out of.

Prometheus walked over to the ruins, and his crystal glowed as he searched for the entrance. He opened his hand, palm down towards the floor, and using a burst of pure force, the debris and cement tore away from the ground were he was standing, revealing a very high tech metal elevator door on the ground. Without much of a second thought, he powered up an energy ball, and blasted the door open, allowing him entrance to the lower levels.

Within the #04 shelter of Vancouver, Megan waited patiently for Max to return. She hadn’t expected him to take so long, but she knew he probably had work to do. However, that didn’t mean he wouldn’t hear about it when he returned.

The mood of the shelter was actually pretty light. People had been getting used to this kind of thing, what with the Canadian forces with such powerful Guyvers, and Chronos not really caring about Western Canada all that much.

The big reinforced doors to the shelter started to open, gaining everybody’s attention. A soldier in Wolf series armour looked around, and then spoke. “The threat of your safety has been dealt with. You are all free to return to your homes and activities.” There was a bit of cheering from the crowd, while Megan just sighed in relief. She knew Max could handle those Zoanoids… but what about that Zoalord he fought before? What if he returned? Could there be another tragedy like what happened before? She shook her head and tried not to think about it. Thinking like that could only bring it upon them. And she didn’t need anything to keep them away from each other for such a long time again. She thought but then screaming and gunfire interrupted her thoughts.

Three wolf armours were shooting at a group of Zoanoids who had either been part of the crowd inside the shelter, or were waiting for it to open. However, the troopers couldn’t handle all of them, as a bunch jumped over them, and made their way into the crowd, like they were looking for something, or someone? Megan huddled behind a large group of people, unaware of the Zoanoid Ramotith behind her.

Come with me, girlie!” It snarled as it grabbed her arm. Megan screamed but no one seemed to be doing anything. All around the shelter Zoanoids were picking up young females, making it difficult for the Wolf armours to take them down. “It’s a shame my master wants you all for himself, or I’d…” His speech was cut short as he fell to the ground, with Megan being thrown a foot away to the ground. She looked up, and saw a green armoured Guyver.

“Max…?” she almost jumped into him, if he hadn’t shaken his head. Someone floated down beside the Guyver.

“No, he’s my man.” Sara chuckled. “You okay?” Megan nodded as she picked herself up. Guyver 0’s head jerked as he sensed another Zoanoid approaching, and dashed off to destroy it. “Just stay behind me and you’ll be okay.”

“But what about the other people?” Megan pleaded.

Sara chuckled. “You mean them?” She pointed to the rest of the people who were all gathered in a group, cheering for Guyver 0, as the Zoanoids had dropped the women, and started to escape. Guyver0 was brutal. It was almost like watching an out of control Guyver unit protecting its host. She shook her head. “It’s amazing what kind of an effect a Guyver can have on the normal Zoanoid mind.”

Megan just sighed.

“So where is Max anyway? He was on leave last time I checked.”

“He went to investigate an alarm on the other side of the city… quite a while ago…” She sighed sadly.

Sara shrugged a bit. “I know you can’t help but worry about him… but he is much more powerful than he was before.” She put her hand on Megan’s shoulder. “I’m sure he’s not out goofing off leaving his girlfriend behind.” Megan nodded, but remained silent.

“Well, well… if it isn’t the fake sister of Chronos, and little Megan.” A voice, all too familiar to Megan spoke behind them.

Sara spun around, in the back of her mind wondering why she didn’t sense his arrival. Destrol raised his hand, and Sara went flying and hit the floor 50 yards away into some containers. This of course got Guyver0’s attention as he blasted towards Destrol, High Frequency swords extended, and firing a volley of head laser shots. As Guyver 0 passed Megan, he grabbed her, and tossed her backwards, only to be caught by Sara in mid air. Unfortunately for Destrol, he watched this, instead of Guyver 0, who brought his sword down on Destrol, slicing through his armour and reaching his chest fairly easily.

Destrol grabbed his chest in pain and instinctively raised a shield, and blasted Guyver0 backwards. He growled a bit, and then the rest of his armour blew off of him, as he transformed into battle mode. “You will pay for that Guyver…” His shield was pelted with small energy bullets from above. Sara was already in Zoalord form. However, as powerful as she was… Destrol was more powerful. With a wave of his hand, her own energy became his weapon, as her energy bullets were reflected back at her, who didn’t have her shield up, and hit her with full force. And again, Guyver0 rushed Destrol, only to have their right arm swords to meet blade to blade. The Blades themselves were close to even… but with Destrol size and power advantage, Guyver 0 lost his arm at the elbow. But not one to back down with an injury, Guyver 0 swung around with his other fist, aiming for Destrol mid section, only it wasn’t his fist for long, as he charged a gravity orb in his hand. Destrol’s body shield however easily protected him from it.

“Fool. Not even a Gigantic Guyver could harm me. What makes you think you of all creatures could?” Destrol created a fist, which quickly glowed with energy. He brought his fist into Guyver 0’s chest, causing major injury to his chest and mega smashers, and sending him flying backwards until he smashes into a wall. Destrol satisfactorily watches as Guyver0 collapses to his hand and knees as blood squirts from his face vents and seeps from his chest wound.

Sara, who wasn’t as damaged as Destrol thought, fired a beam from her head crystal that surprised even Destrol in power. However, his shield held. Destrol smirked. “Not bad wench. Still, nothing I couldn’t do.” And he returned in kind, using his head crystal to fire a beam at Sara. Sara put her hands in front of her, and as the beam hit, her shield seemed to hold. However, once the beam from Destrol was finished, Sara had a large ball of energy gathered in front of her. Destrol’s eyes widened as the ball of HIS energy sat in her hands.

“You want this back? Fine, then take it!” Sara threw the ball of energy in Destrol’s direction, a little wildly, as she couldn’t control its power. However, as Destrol tried to dodge, Guyver 0 rammed into him and body checked him into position, to take the energy ball straight on. The ball exploded on contact, in a blinding white flash. Megan, who was over with the remaining Wolf Armours and civilians covered her eyes from the flash. Sara and Guyver 0 however, never looked away.


Back at the Canadian main HQ…

“Okay, you know the rules of engagement. Remember, if you encounter any civilians we are to lead them to the evac point.” Anderson reminded his team as they suited up.

“What about Zoa-formed humans?” Kent asked, as he locked himself into his armor.

“Unfortunately,” Anderson paused, “We can’t be entirely sure whether the civilians haven’t already been compromised. However, we have been given mission prerogative on this one and we do expect heavy enemy resistance.”

“Shoot to kill then.” Samantha added in.

Anderson just lightly nodded, “But only if necessary, our primary concern is to secure the area and take out the base. We can let the Canadian team worry about the civilians.”

Hunter grumbled something, no one understood, but knew what he was thinking. Especially Samantha, “Don’t give me that old man. You know as well as I do that we can’t risk having a spy infiltrate any ACTF compound.”

“Still doesn’t mean I have to like it.” He retorted. Samantha didn’t respond. She was more of a Military person than Hunter ever seemed to act. They often got into arguments over right or wrong, and their orders and Hunter was usually the first to question their orders if his conscious disagreed. Samantha on the other hand was a cold-blooded orders follower, and would kill just about whomever her superiors told her to.

“Just follow the rules of Engagement people, we’ll deal with the civilians as the situation warrants. If the situation allows then we’ll help evac them and let the Canadians deal with them.”

“But Sir?”

“Those are our orders agent. The Canadians are aware of the risks and have the resources needed to deal with it. I’m more concerned about getting us through this mission. Just stay frosty and everyone watch their six. If the situation goes our way we’ll deal with the civilians if not then we’ll complete our primary mission objective and take out that base. Is that understood?”

“Yes sir.” Everyone says.

“Lieutenant, we have a radio call from the LZ. Everything is prepared for our arrival.” Greys chimed in. Anderson nodded and did a systems check on his suit.

“Alright, 5 minutes to drop time people. Let’s keep it clean… and no fancy stuff. In and out.” Anderson spoke in a louder tone voice than normal. Salutes and nods all followed. The 5 minutes that followed seemed more like 50 as they waited. But the time soon came, and, as they had done many times before, soon finding themselves fighting against earths gravity as they headed for solid ground, while the cargo containers parachuted around them.

From the ground a young man watched as they landed. “Well then, it’s about bloody time.” He smirked. Ken had arrived earlier than they had, and had used ground transportation. He shrugged it off as they started collecting the gear. Anderson approached Ken, who was wearing a simple jumpsuit.

“Excuse me soldier, but we are the Black Knights, reporting for duty.” Ken just nodded, finding him awfully professional, especially for not knowing Kens real rank.

“Right this way.” Anderson nodded and ken started to their camp. It was a simple looking camp, with a large camo tarp covering most of the tents. The Knights exited their armors, but still wearing their “plug” suits.

Kent looked around. “Soldier, where’s the C.O. of this platoon.”

Ken smirked. “That would be me.”

Samantha raised an eyebrow, “You? How did a boy like you get such a position?”

Ken smirked a bit. “Miss, how is not important right now, wouldn’t you agree lieutenant?” Anderson just nodded, and everybody sat down. “Now, there isn’t much more to fill you in on, other than the fact you’ll be given a bit more backup than originally planned.”

Winston piped in “Who or what would that be sir?”

“Two platoons of the newest modified models of Canadian made Wolf Armors. Not as advanced as your stealth armors, but the weapon systems are basically the same.” Ken fluently added as he continued. “The main force, consisting of the units I just mentioned, will provide a diversion for your team and a squad of ours to make your way to the base. The main force will then provide cover fire until your team is ready to pull out.” Ken paused for a second, making sure everybody understood… but there was really no need. After all, these were professionals…

Greg slowly lowered his way into the base. He easily destroyed their cover, but he couldn’t have the luxury of letting lose inside. They needed it intact as much as possible. He steadily walked along the hallways, bursting the casual Zoanoids head with telekinesis. Simple Zoanoids were still nothing compared to him, but they still needed to be wiped out, and fancy wasn’t really called for. After all, he has a deadline to meet.

Prometheus entered a large room, with many storage boxes and transport vehicles of all kinds. He noticed that the roof was now fully open and Chronos soldiers were rushing into helicopters and Vertical launch vehicles as fast as they could. He smirked under his armour as he sent a shockwave of pure force in front of him, spreading as it advanced.
Crates flew and shattered against each other, and smashing into some of the vehicles, causing little damage yes, but it caused even further chaos as two helicopters tried to take off at the same time, only to have their propeller blades to hit each other, causing them to crash in a fiery explosion. Prometheus couldn’t help but laugh at that. They were doing his work for him. He just shrugged, as his control crystal flared. It was time to get a bit serious. He raised his arms in front of him, and spread his fingers.

Within seconds, hundreds of tiny laser bolts fired from the crystals on his hands, each bolt a homing missile of sorts, each finding a Chronos Soldier to kill. He waited a minute or two before he continued, just to make sure. Soon scientists would be all over this place, and one Zoanoid could cause a lot of trouble against regular humans, before any help showed up. As he walked, he looked around, even though his senses could pick up anything. As he walked by the fire, he shot out a blast of pure force again, putting out the fire completely. He looked ahead as his sensors picked up an empty shaft, probably an elevator shaft. Then he felt something coming up the shaft. He stood about five feet from the door, as it stopped on his floor. With a small ping, it opened, revealing a single Bio-Titan. At first, he just laughed, but soon realised that, while yes, he was much more powerful than a Bio-Titan, it wasn’t sent here to kill him. Bio-Titans excel in weapons of mass destruction. It seems they weren’t going to let him have this base easily…

The people in the shelter began to evacuate it quite quickly, while the dust was still thick. The soldiers were doing a good job of keeping them covered from any Zoanoids that had been left over, or slipped through Guyver0’s blades. Megan had made her way into the group, hoping to hide among them, and let Sara and Will distract him enough to get away.

“THAT hurt!” Destrol yelled as he pushed the dust away from him in a blind rage. However, he quickly regained his composure, “Impressive to the very last attack, eh?” He laughed. “I must admit, while I was responsible for your original form, the scientist who finished the work, so to speak, did quite the impressive job.” Sara frowned. This was the man responsible for her condition… and yet, somehow now, she enjoyed it somewhat.

“Well then, as thanks, I suppose I owe you something.” Her frown turned to a smirk. “You have yet to see, what I really am!” Her crystal glowed as bio armour started to appear all over her body, giving it a much more threatening appeal. “Leave now, or feel the pain of my wraith!”

Destrol laughed. “Do you honestly believe that you can beat me?” He shook his head, still with a huge grin on his face. “Your still only a weakling compared to my true power, wench.”

Sara literally growled as she leapt at Destrol, who brought his hand forward, as if to stop her. She did the same thing, and the two of them grappled. Her strength indeed was greater than Guyver0’s Destrol began to ponder, but still, nothing compared to his own. He started to crush her hands, breaking them right down the very bone. Sara screamed in pain. Pain was something Will could handle, not her. Guyver0 however had other plans, having already reattached his severed arm, as his swords came down upon Destrols arm, starting to cut them. But before his blades could do any serious damage, Destrol brought his other arm forward, blocked Guyver0’s blade, and blasted him away with his body shield, sending Guyver0 flying into a wall, creating a small crater. Guyver0 fell to the ground, barely catching himself before hitting, and was barely standing. Destrol dropped Sara, who, seemed to be in shock over loosing her hands, at his feet and turned to Guyver0.

“Again, Guyver, you weaklings impress me.” Destrol raised his damaged arm. “But look, your attempt to hurt me is almost completely healed. I told you, there is nothing you can do to stop me.”

Guyver0 stood up straight, and his control medal flared. Destrol looked at his mega smashers. They were still too damaged to be used. Destrol raised his shield anyway. However, Guyver0 just stood still. Destrol frowned. He didn’t like this one bit. Simple Guyver or not, he would not under estimate him. Guyver0’s control medal flared again, and yet, nothing happened. He sensed motion behind him, and turned to see Sara rising. Damn it! He thought. It was just a simple distraction. How could he have fell for it? He heard the control medal behind him flare once more, but didn’t take notice of it as he started to charge an attack aimed at Sara. However, this time, something was happening. Destrol canceled his attack and spun around. Now in Guyver0’s place was a green cocoon. Within seconds, it peeled away to reveal the form of Gigantic Zero. Destrol cursed under his breath.

“Pesky Guyver… still you are no match for… ARGGGG!” Destrol felt a sharp pain from behind him. Sara had her left hand inserted into Destrols back, while her right arm hung limply beside her. Destrol fell to one knee, only to see Gigantic Zero launching himself towards him with his back thrusters, with a power punch being charged. Two things then happened almost simultaneously as Destrol created a sphere of energy around himself, causing Sara to again scream in pain as she was blasted backwards. Her hand, and most of her left forearm, had been completely burned off. She doubled over, crying and screaming in pain. But in that same instant, even before Sara could fall to the ground, Gigantic Zero’s fist met Destrols sphere of energy, and literally tore right into it. In Destrols weakened state, he didn’t realize how little power he really put into it. He raised his body just enough, so that Gigantic Zero’s fist hit him in the chest, instead of his head, and was sent flying backwards, as Gigantic Zero transferred all his momentum into the punch, and put a good 3 feet into the wall, which had been so far behind him before.

Gigantic Zero wasted no time, and opened the Gigantic Hyper Smasher plates. Destrol, who was still conscious, still realized that, he could die right now. These two upstarts had given him just as much trouble as that Warrior Guyver. As well, a Gigantic Hyper Smashers were still as powerful as a Warrior Guyvers, only, they could not sustain them for as long. He began to raise his full frontal shield, pouring every last ounce of strength he had left into it. He would not die. The massive energy lashed out, taking large parts out of the shelter as well, as it barreled down towards Destrol. When the beam collided with the shield, it began to warp around it, and Destrol cursed as his started to feel the extreme power of the Hyper-Smashers.

And in an instant the beam subsided and Destrol was gone. The area he had occupied was now about a kilometer deep. Gigantic Zero closed his chest plates and hurried over to Sara, who was in tremendous pain, and was hysterical. He cradled her in his overly large arms, as he stood up ready to leave, only to have his head sensors shoot backwards. He spun around, and saw Destrol, severely burned and damaged.

Destrol coughed, and spit out some blood. “Very well… you won this battle…” Pain shot through his right side as he grabbed his ribs, “But know this… your little victory comes with a price and it will never… happen… again…” With that, he frowned in pain, as he teleported away. Gigantic Zero just stood there holding Sara. He started to walk out of the shelter, fearing what teleporting might do to Sara in her condition. He activated his gravity orbs, and started to fly up when, again, his head sensors shot back, as a large explosion rocked the city from behind him. His shields easily stopped any debris from harming them however the area of the explosion had been completely turned to dust. About 200 meters of city had been reduced to ash, as it quickly became apparent by what Destrol meant by a price. Will let the Gigantic fall off as he flew Sara back to base…

Ken walked around the base. There was still plenty of time before the mission commenced, that he just needed to go out and get some air. Ken constantly had to wear full clothing. All over his body, in certain spots, there were small metal plates of sorts that summon his armor. After all, even Guyvers have the organisms on their backs, and it was no different for him, except with his armor not being partially sentient, it needed more than just two things on his back. Besides, he’d taken to being a military man of action. For some, it’s a curse, but mostly, he found it as a blessing in disguise. He stopped near the edge of the base, when he heard footsteps behind him. He looked over his shoulder and saw Agent Samantha Landon.

“Ah, Agent Landon, what can I do for you?” He smirked as he spun on his heel.

“Nothing,” She casually said as she continued past him.

“You do know, leaving the grounds, is a sign of possible treason?” His tone turning a bit more serious.

She shrugged. “Do what you have to.” she looked over her shoulder, still walking.” I don’t really care.” She smirked as she walked into the nearby forest. Ken stopped and thought for a second. Should he follow her? Maybe she could be a Chronos spy. But then again, people always tended to do this all the time… there just usually isn’t any Officers around to catch them. By the time he’d come to the decision to follow her, 5 minutes had past. He sighed and went out to the forest in the direction she went. There was a small trail, and she had been wearing heavy boots, so her trail was easy to follow. He walked for a bit, and the path eventually split into two. One way led deeper into the forest, and the other, seemed to go to a small lake. Seeing as how the lake was quicker, he went down there first.

When he got to the small sandy beach, he saw a military uniform lying crumpled in the sand. Ah ha! He thought. She IS a Zoanoid! After all, she removed her jumpsuit so that it wouldn’t tear when she transformed, and could easily put it back on when she returned, and nobody would suspect a thing. He went over and inspected the clothing. Feeling around, he found her ID in a pocket. It checked out okay, but still this was suspicious. He looked out over the water, and it was all calm. Maybe she was a flyer type Zoanoid? He shrugged it off… to her surprise he’d be waiting here to take her out when she returned. He reached down and picked up the jumpsuit, only to have something fall out of it. He kneeled down to pick it up, and what he picked up was soft, and silky. He looked down at what it was… and realized it was a pair of black silk panties. His eyes widened a bit as he check the jumpsuit… and found a matching bra and a towel.

“Uh… oh…” was all he could manage, when out on the water, he heard some splashing, as if something had emerged from the water. It was about this time that he wished his Zoanoid theory was correct… but he was wrong. Oh so wrong. Standing, about 5 meters away, with her back turned to him, was a very wet and very naked Samantha Landon. He stood there, unable to move, as she ran her fingers through her short red hair, pushing the water out of it. All he could do was stare at her finely toned body. She had everything in every right way. Long toned legs, thin waist, long, semi muscular arms, and perfectly shaped… His mind stopped wondering when she turned around.

“Like what you see, hmmm?” she said with a mischievous grin. Obviously she knew he had been there, or she wouldn’t have put on a show. She walked up onto the beach, still dripping wet, water dripping off all the right places. “Well?” she said kind of playfully, “Aren’t you going to offer a lady her towel?” Ken shook his head and regained a little bit of his composure.

“Uh.. Sorry..” He said, turning his head and reaching out with the towel. She took the towel, making sure to caress his hand as she took it. A shiver ran up his spin as he pulled his arm back, and turned his back to her, obviously ashamed. He heard a little laugh, as she dried herself off. After a minute of two, the towel was tossed onto his shoulder, and out of the corner of both eyes, he saw a pair of arms wrap around him, and felt her body press up against his back.

“Can I have those back too?” she softly whispered into his ear, as she reached down with one hand, to his hand, which still held her silk panties. He let go, and accidentally dropped them in the sand. She took her other bundled clothing, and she kneeled down to pick up her underwear. But as she did, Ken could feel her checking him out now, her empty hand running down alongside his leg. He gulped a bit, as she backed off to get dressed. “Oh shit…”

“Uh… what’s wrong…?’ He barely got out, not even looking at her.

“You got sand in these. I can’t wear them until they’re properly washed.” Ken felt two more things tossed onto his shoulder. He peered over and noticed both were black, and both were silk. “Looks like I’m going commando.” she almost giggled. Ken nearly fell over. She picked up her stuff off of his shoulder. “It’s okay, you can turn around now.”

Ken sighed, a sigh of relief, as he turned around. “Look… I’m really sor…” he was cut short as he looked at her. She was in her full body jumpsuit, however the zipper down the front was open to well below her waist, and while she was dressed, her body was hardly covered at all. Her breasts seemed to be barely hanging inside her jumpsuit.

She smiled as she played with her hair a bit. “Zip me up?” she whispered, as she reached over for his hand. She pulled him closer and brought his hand down to where the zipper was. Ken got all red in the face, as he took the zipper trying to be careful, but still managed to pull that part of her jumpsuit away, just enough, to show all the way down the inside of her jump suit, down to her crotch. He nearly jumped, and his head shot up, and was now looking her straight in the eyes. He was a bit taller than her, but it was a pretty close match. She pulled him closer, and started to kiss him passionately, with his one hand now almost inside her jumpsuit. Using a trick she probably learned in hand-to-hand combat, she tripped Ken backwards. He was now on his back, and she was looming over him, almost pinning him down. The change in position left her jumpsuit open even more.

She moved some hair from in front of her face. “Mmmm… It’s been such a long time since I’ve been able to relax like this…” She smiled as she ran her fingers through Ken’s hair. “Do you know how hard it is, to work with 4 guys all the time, and none of them being your type?” She let her body fall on top of Kens. She was still a bit cold from her swim, and it sent another shiver up Ken’s spine. “Hmmm… Never been with a woman before, have you?” she teased as she whispered into his ear. Truthfully, no, Ken hadn’t. Not surprising in small mining towns where he was from, where half of the people there were family. And before he could ever move, Chronos came, and all this began. Ken just shook his head. She nodded lightly and blew gently into his ear. She got off him a bit, and sat up. She was still knelt down over his legs. She slid the top half of her jumpsuit down her shoulders, and freed her arms, again exposing her full breasts to him again. She then proceeds to unzip Ken’s jumpsuit, only to find a skintight black outfit underneath. “Oooh… this I like… she brought her hands inside the partially open jumpsuit and started rubbing his chest. She continued down as she leaned over and kissed him again, this time Ken returning the kiss completely.

Suddenly there was some rustling in nearby bushes, they both looked over and saw an ACTF soldier, who didn’t seem to see them because of some bushes and the fact they were on the ground. The soldier started to remove his uniform, and throw it on the ground. At first, they thought it might just be another person going for a swim… however, this time ken would have been right. The soldier turned into a flight type Zoanoid. However, now that he was transformed, his senses picked up the sweat from the two.

How precious! Two lowly humans out in the middle of no where!

Ken bolted up, and spun Samantha behind him. She put the top half of her jumpsuit back on, to cover up. “You know what? I’m going to make short work of your boyfriend here, and then take you home… heheh…”

“Not likely asshole!” Samantha popped around from ken and fired a couple round from her handgun into the Zoanoid. “Commander! Run! I’ll hold him here!”

Ken smirked and shook his head. His jumpsuit almost literally disappeared, leaving the black skintight suit, and now the “plates” on his body could be seen. “You ready Zoa-trash?” Ken powered up, and the Robo Guyver armor came around his body. Ken quickly dashed forward and sliced the Zoanoid in half with a laser blade. “Bastards… so we did have a spy…”

Samantha stood up. “So that’s who you really are, huh?”

Robo Guyver turned around and his helmet peeled away. “Uh… yeah… sorry I didn’t tell you.” He sighed. “Oh well, I guess it was fun while it lasted… this was just a one nig…” Samantha, who somehow got right in front of him, and had her hand on the side of his face, stopped him.

“Even sexier than I thought.” She grinned as they kissed again. However, again rustling in the bushes interrupted them. Samantha spun around, only to spin around again and move away from ken, and zip up her jumpsuit.  The rest of the black knights appeared with high-powered rifles.

“Landon? What’s going on here? Report Soldier!” Anderson demanded.

Robo Guyver stepped forward. “I’ll field that one.” The Black knights at first didn’t recognize him until they saw his face and realized the Ken was none other than Robo Guyver. “I had spotted someone leaving the camp and became suspicious. I followed and Agent Landon backed me up. We confronted him and he revealed himself to be a zoanoid. Agent Landon distracted him while I armored up and then took him out.” He pointed over to the still dissolving corpse.

“So there was a spy on the base.” Greys chimed in. Robo Guyver nodded.

“So it probably means one of two things…” Samantha piped in after turning back around. They either know about us, or the mission.”

Anderson nodded. “If it’s alright with you sir, we’ll head back to camp.” Robo Guyver nodded.

“I’ll… uh, do a fly over and see if there’s anyone else out here.” Anderson nodded and the Knights left. Ken watched Samantha, as she left with her hands behind her. When her back was fully turned he saw they she had been hiding her underwear from the others. She looked back over her shoulder and winked at Ken. He smirked under his armor, and activated his laser lenses and took off into the night sky…


Prometheus cursed his situation. The Bio-Titan wasn’t going to ruin this mission for him. It was time to play it smart. He flew straight up, through the open hatch left open by the Chronos goons who were trying to escape. From what he could sense, the Bio-Titan had not moved. “Shit… well… there are ways around this…” He flew back down, and sure enough, the Bio-Titan was still inside the elevator. Prometheus raised his arm towards the Bio-Titan, whose crystals started to glow. He then pulled his arm back fast, and using telekinesis, he pulled the mammoth Neo-Zoanoid towards him, and then flung it outside. He flew up again, only to be engulfed in the Bio-Titans blast. He was blown a good 4 or 5 meters before his shields caught up with him. When the blast ended, Prometheus was already healing the partially burnt armor from the blast. “Not bad. But, I can do better.”

Without as much as a thought the Bio-Titan began charging up again. They certainly weren’t a chatty bunch. Prometheus started to form a small ball of energy in his hand. By the time it got to the size of a basketball, the Bio-Titan fired again. Prometheus just smirked, and in an instant the beam traveled right through where he had once been. However, he was now right behind the Bio-Titan, and shoved the ball of energy into its back. Not being one to quit, the Bio-Titan swung its arm around; sword extended, and slashed at Prometheus… who was no longer there. He was now floating high above the ground.

“Time for a little indigestion,” Prometheus says as he mentally grins. His control crystal flared, and the Bio-Titan seems to bloat up for a few seconds, and then start to disintegrate as the ball of energy started to increase in size, and destroy it from within. However, before it was completely destroyed, it sliced its own leg off, and tossed it down into the base. Prometheus saw this, and waited for the energy ball to finish, before sending it up into the air as it exploded. He then started downwards, knowing he had to get to it quickly or he’d have to fight it all over again. He looked over and sensed that the elevator had gone down, and was on its way back up again. He quickly pondered his options, and moved to destroy the growing leg of the Bio-Titan, when he was hit in the back by a powerful beam. Two more Bio-Titans had just teleported in.

Now Prometheus was officially angry, there was no way he was going to let these two pet freaks of Chronos ruin his mission when he was so close to completing it. Emotion then became action as Prometheus suddenly flew towards the two Bio-Titans, while simultaneously using his telekinesis to yank them towards him. The Bio-Titans immediately started firing plasma bolts at Prometheus but his shield easily absorbed the few they managed to fire at him before he rammed into them. The next instant revealed that Prometheus had teleported them all to high above surface and now unleashed an energy blasts of his own into each of the Bio-Titans, blasting them away from him and in opposite directions.

The Bio-Titans were knocked over a hundred yards away from Prometheus before they managed to stop themselves, their bodies burnt with a fist size hole in each of their chests that now quickly closed as they regenerated. Both remained as silent as the first Bio-Titan and simply acted as they both unleashed a Mega Smash like bio-energy blast towards Prometheus. Their combined blast engulfs Prometheus in a blinding explosion but when the blast clears it reveals Prometheus was not even singed.

Prometheus then returned the favor to one of the Bio-Titans as he opened his chest plates and fired his Hyper Smashers upon it. The Bio-Titan tried to shield itself but the beams quickly proved too much for it and it was obliterated as the beams continued on and disappeared into the horizon before Prometheus finally closed his chest plates.

The other Bio-Titan had fired plasma bolts at Prometheus, even as he obliterated its fellow Bio-Titan, but as before the blast proved insufficient to harm Prometheus. It then saw Prometheus turn his attention back towards it and knew it stood next to no chance against this powerful being. So when it next charged up to fire, it was not Prometheus it aimed at but rather the Chronos base below.

Prometheus knew he had only moments to act and teleported to the top of the base as he charged up a black hole attack and unleashed it at the Bio-Titan just as it fired its Mega Smash like bio-energy blast at the base. The blast smashed into the Black Hole attack, which seemed to absorb it, until it was right on top of the Bio-Titan and exploded. The resulting shockwave knocked the Bio-Titan back and sent it hurtling toward the ground but before it had fallen ten feet it exploded spectacularly as Prometheus channeled his power into the unprepared Bio-Titan and destroyed it from the inside out.

<Finally> Prometheus thought but then he sensed a sudden energy surge coming from the base.

<Damn! The other one must have regenerated.> Thought Prometheus as he teleported back into the base, just in time to see the other Bio-Titan had not only fully regenerated from its leg but was about to self destruct in order to ensure the Chronos base did not fall into ACTF hands. . .

<Oh, bloody hell!> Thought Prometheus as he saw the Bio-Titan glow with a blinding light as it started to explode right before him.

End of Part 1.