This is a fan-fiction based on characters created by Yoshiki Takaya and contains violent situations with adult language. Any similarity to actual persons, living or dead is unintentional and purely coincidental.

This fic takes place during All Things Change Part 4.
TitleWarrior Guyver C: Brute Force
AuthorMathew Bellamy

The heroes returned back to the camp, victorious. The Giant and Warrior Guyver 4 walked right to the tent where the General was, while Warrior Guyver C stopped and put Greg in the infirmary. By the time he returned, Justin and Amuro were already out of their armor, and were in some military flight suits. One was hanging beside a change room for him as he walked in.

“Good, you’re here.” The General looked his way. “Please get changed. We’ll begin when you’re done.” Warrior Guyver C nodded, and within moments, he emerged as Max, and sat down. “First off, a good job out there guys.”

“Thank you sir.” Amuro replied, while Justin and Max just nodded. The General nodded toward Max. Max stood up.

“The creature we found, did not appear to work for Chronos, or the Creators. What it wanted, was one of our Warrior control medals.” Commander Forrester stepped in.

“So, what your saying, is that it wanted to fight you?”

Max nodded, “It appears that way. But, it wasn’t such a bad mistake on its part.” Forrester raised an eyebrow.

“Why do you say that?”

“Because, even when not at full power, it was beating the shit out of Amuro and me.” Both the Commander and the General looked somewhat shocked. “Anyway, Justin showed up, hit it with his attack, and we thought it had been destroyed. Until that is, it split into two beings. Not as powerful as the whole, but still, more than a match for even all of us.”

“So how did this Hunter become so powerful?” The General interrupted.

“We don’t know.” Max shook his head. “But I’m guessing that Greg knows.”

Commander Forrester looked puzzled. “And why would you think that?”
“Well, let me finish the story then.” Max cleared his throat. “Anyway, then Greg showed up. With a Commander class Kavzar…”

“A WHAT!?!” The General stood straight up.

“A Commander Kavzar.” Max said again.

“What was a Commander Kavzar doing down here?” Forrester shot in.

“Apparently, the Creators sent it down to take care of this Hunter. We don’t know why, but it was probably a threat, or was a threat to them long before it came here.” Max seemed very sure about that. Anyone could tell by the look on his face.

“I see.” The General sat back down and pondered this. “So, what happened to Greg? Why isn’t he here?”

“Well… you see…” Max quieted down a bit. “After we had again thought the creature was destroyed, it took the Kavzar Commander by surprise. The Hunter shoved its hand through the back of the Kavzar’s head, tearing out the Kavzar Commander’s crystal in the process.” He paused for a second. “However…”

“However what?”

“However, the Kavzar Commander’s crystal was shoved into my own head. “Everyone looked up and saw Greg, standing there, fully healed. “I almost died!”

“Ah, Greg. Glad you’re here.” The General motioned for him to sit down. Greg shook his head.

“Sorry sir, I better not. That thing is still alive.”

Everyone stood up at that. “WHAT!?!?”

“I don’t know how I know, but I can feel it. And its power is growing.” Greg crossed his arms and closed his eyes.

“So, even with your enhanced Mega smashers, it still didn’t die?” Max looked confused.

Greg shook his head. “I vaguely remember that myself, but the armor thought it had killed it, or it wouldn’t have retracted.”

“Can someone please tell us what is going on here? Since when does Greg have Mega Smashers again, and how could they have killed this thing, when two Warriors couldn’t?” The General seemed angry.

Elsewhere, at a secluded Chronos base…
A cloaked figure was looking out a window, he could see a great distance from the towering building that he was in.

“Lord Destrol?” a voice called to him from behind.

“Yes, what is it?” He did not seem pleased.

“Milord, my name is Noire. I was sent here by Lord Kron.” Destrol turned to see another cloaked man, who wasn’t wearing any armor however.

“I see. You must be the Disciple Zoalord I requested.” Destrol looked pleased.

“I am.” Noire said quietly without lifting his head.

“Rise Noire.” Destrol turned to his window again. “You are no Zoanoid, nor human. A disciple you may be, but you are still a Zoalord.” Noire slowly did so. “Look at them Noire.” Noire walked over to the window in which Destrol was looking out. All he saw was a group of men, it was obvious to him that they were Zoanoids. “They appear to be such a waste now, don’t they?”

“The Zoanoids Milord? Weren’t they an important part of controlling the humans who have not been turned?” Destrol smirked.

“Indeed they were.” Noire seemed confused. “But now, they are nothing but cannon fodder to us, or even the Guyvers. Even the Enzyme class has proven to be inefficient.”

“Yes, but only to the Warrior class.” Noire pointed out.

“That is my concern.” Destrol paused. “The Creators have seemingly made more, and different units. And with them so close to Earth, all they need do is drop some more down, and create a larger army to fight us.”

“We cannot forget about their Kavzars either Milord” Destrol turned to him.

“Of course. The Creators loyal dogs.” He looked up to the sky from the window. “Yes, they have proven themselves to be a problem as well.” Destrol sighed. “It almost seems hopeless doesn’t it?”

“Not at all.” Destrol raised an eyebrow. “Master Alkanphel and Lord Kron will find a way to win.”

Destrol smirked. “I see they have you programmed well.” Destrol turned and walked towards the door. “Come, Noire. I have a job for you.”

“Yes Milord.” Noire followed Destrol out of the room.

Back at the base, in one of the infirmary buildings. There sat Sara, sitting over Will, who was still out cold from the battle. As soon as his injuries were healed, the Guyver retracted and left his body to rest. Sara smiled at that. She kissed him on the cheek and headed for the exit. She turned and looked back on the unconscious warrior and smiled again when she picked up a faint stray thought that his mind had subconsciously transmitted. Something she would not have normally picked up from a Guyver host except for the fact that Will was also a natural telepath, and not at all surprised at what she saw.

A tear came to her eye as she walked out.

Back at the meeting, Greg and Max finished telling the General and the Commander, what had happened.

“Damn.” Forrester shook his head. “Can you sense where it is now?”

Greg shook his head. “Unfortunately no. But I know it’s still alive.”

Amuro, after absorbing all of this stood up. “So, do we have a plan?”

The General sat in his chair quietly. “Well. . . The only thing we can do is wait till morning and send Greg out. Since he is apparently the most powerful being here now and will stand the best chance against this Creature. The rest of you will remain on standby, just in case.”

“Standby?!” Justin yelled out. “I want some action.”

Greg frowned. “Oh yes, one more thing happened.” The General looked over at him.

“That is?”

“Our orders were not to split up until our search was over.” The General nodded. “Well Justin here, had the bright idea to sucker punch me in the back and then run off towards the fight.”

The General looked over at Justin, who was looking mighty angry. “Well, I suppose I can’t do much about it. He’s not military personnel.” Justin looked surprised. “But, if I were he, I would watch my back if he ever tried that again.”

Justin looked over at Greg, who didn’t look one bit happy. “Uh. . . yes sir… sorry sir.”

“Your method was wrong, but in the end, we did win. We’ll leave it at that. For now.” Everyone just sighed. Greg accepted the order, but it was obvious that he did not like it. “You’re all dismissed.” Everyone got up and headed out. Justin went in the opposite direction of them, but did not leave camp.
The rest of them went back to the eating area. Very few people were there, considering the time, but they didn’t care. They ate in silence anyway. Eventually Justin showed up, but he sat away from everyone else.

After finishing, Max left and went back to his room to lay down. It should have been an exhausting day, but because of his unit, that fight was nothing but pain to him. He closed his eyes and started thinking about the past week and since he became a Guyver.. How he and that Zoalord nearly decimated a whole city, and how much it hurt when Cyber Green tried dissecting his Control medal. And then the feeling when, the Warrior Guyvers own sister, nearly destroyed his already damaged control medal. He had forgiven her, because she was under Chronos control, but they would never be friends or friendly for that matter. He found it best just to avoid her as much as possible. Even though, in his own mind he has forgiven her, she probably doesn’t even remember what she did.

He rolled over and opened his eyes, wishing that none of this had ever happened, and that he was still back in his old room. But it was not so. His watch beeped. 10 PM. He sat up on the edge of his bed, unable to sleep.

“What else could possibly go wrong…?”

Elsewhere in the Camp…

Amuro and Greg where doing a patrol, and just generally talking. When they ran into Sho. Who looked pretty tired.

“Hey Sho.” Amuro waved. Sho looked up and smiled. Greg and Amuro approached him and sat down beside him.

“How are you doing bro? You don’t look good.” Greg joked.

Sho sighed. “Well I’m tired, and have been battered and beaten too many times.” He took a drink of whatever he had been drinking. “I just want to know when it will stop.”

All three of them stayed silent for a bit. “Can’t you just take some time off, and let us handle things?” Amuro asked.

Sho shook his head. “No, Chronos knows who I am. Have for a long time.” he sighed. “Where ever I go, I cannot escape them.”

“You are quite right Mr. Fukimachi.” The three of them spun around to see a Young man in a red cloak. “Good evening gentlemen. My name is Noire.”

Greg quickly sensed that the newcomer wasn’t human, “What in hell do you want!?” Greg said as he now looked agitated.

Noire smiled a sincere smile. “Nothing big I assure you. I’m not here to fight.”
“Yeah right, we’ve heard that one before. How can we trust you?” Amuro almost yelled.

“Well, I am only a Disciple Zoalord. Even Mr. Fukimachi, using the Gigantic armor, could defeat me.” He sighed. “So you see, me wanting a fight would be rather pointless.”

Greg, never letting down his guard asked again. “Then, what do you want?”

“I am here to learn. If you will allow me.” Greg raised an eyebrow.

“Learn? Learn what?” Still not letting down his guard. But it was odd, Noire actually seemed frightened.

“My lord has told me I need to learn how to be more… human.” He took a step back and knelt to the ground. “And I thought, what better place than here? A place where humans survive, even though, it seems like god has forsaken them.” He picked up some dirt and let it run through his fingers.

“What are you saying? That you just want to talk to us?” Sho stepped forward.

“Yes.” Noire nodded. “If you would let me.”

Sho looked to Greg, who just shrugged. “Hmm, I must be crazy for even considering this but okay. But you better come with us, so no one decides to blow you to bits while we… ‘Talk!’.”

Noire rose. “Of course.”

They all then headed for an empty tent with some chairs and a table. While Greg quickly communicated to Max telepathically about their surprise guest. Both agreed that Max should scout the area for any sign of Chronos troops and then report to the General while Greg and the others kept an eye on the Disciple Zoalord. The tent was equipped with standard provisions so Amuro made some coffee while Greg and Sho sat with Noire. After a few moments of silence, Noire spoke first.

“You humans perplex me, to no end.”

“Why’s that?” Greg asked.

“Our master Alkanphel is only fighting you because you choose to fight him. And yet, you also seem to fight the Creators.” He took a sip of the coffee. Obviously liking it. “You and the Grakkens are the Wild cards of this war.”

“Wild Cards? We fight our enemies.” Sho jumped in. “We fight to protect who we are.”

“I do not understand. You are human, destined to become Zoanoids bound by the Creators will. Are you not?” Noire seemed confused as he took another sip of coffee.

“We are not Zoanoids. Chronos makes us Zoanoids, so they can fight in their own war versus the Creator race.” Sho calmly said.

“But the Creators tried to kill you. Why do you help them by fighting Master Alkanphel?”

“Because, Chronos is just as bad as they are. Using humans as tools of war.” Greg seemed flustered. “If they did not want us to have free will, why did they give it to us?”

“You do bring up a good point there, Mr. Howzer. Though I do not believe free will was an intentional gift of the Creators. Why else would they have so quickly decided to destroy us when they discovered that their creations could become Guyvers!?”

“However it was given us, we have free will and your master is a fool to think we would let him take that away without a fight.” said Sho.

Noire sat silently for moment while he took another sip of coffee. “I believe that Master Alkanphel does what he does, because that is what he was taught. So, to him, what he is doing, is right.” Noire finished his cup of coffee and set it down. “That is how my Masters see it.”

“Of course. It’s just like any extreme religion or government.” Greg added. “Their goals may seem honorable to whoever follows them, and for those who don’t, they have to suffer. Even Hitler had his reasons. And the Germans loved him.”

Amuro filled Noire’s mug again. Noire smiled and took another sip. “So, why did your Lord send you to become more human?”

“He said that if I became more human, it will make me stronger.” Noire took another sip. “What he meant by that, I do not yet know, but it was intriguing.” They continued for a few hours. Sho, exhausted as he was, eventually fell asleep. While Greg and Amuro continued the conversation.

By this time Max had finished his reconnaissance and reported to the General, informing him of the situation. The general was of course upset, but was assured enough by Max’s recon and the fact that Greg was personally keeping an eye on their uninvited guest to wait till morning to confront the Disciple Zoalord. In the meantime he had Max relay a message to Greg, to continue what he was doing and learn as much as he can about their guest, for now. So the conversation went on through the night. All the while Noire was learning what it was to be “Human” pretty well. It all came to an abrupt halt, when General Kulser, twenty armored marines and Max finally showed up, just after dawn. Greg came out first, closely followed by Noire, then Amuro.

Feigning surprise at the presence of the Disciple Zoalord, the General yelled out, “All right, will you two mind explaining what is going on here? And why there is a Zoalord in this camp?” Greg was about to open his mouth, when Noire stepped in front of him.

“Ah, you must be General Kulser, am I right?” Three of the Armored Marines stepped forward in between the General and Noire. However the General Walked in between them and stood in front of Noire.

“I am. Who are you, and what are you doing here?” Noire bowed to the General.

“My name is Noire. I am a Disciple Zoalord.”

“So you are a Zoalord!”, Noire nodded.

“And I am here to learn about humanity.”

Max raised an eyebrow. “Humanity? You mean someone from Chronos has a heart?”

“Not now Max. Let him speak.” The General hushed Max up pretty quickly.

Noire smiled. “Thank you General. However, I am sure you will be pleased with what I have to say.”

“Oh really?” The General smirked. “Well then, let’s talk.” He motioned to head over to the Generals tent. In minutes they were there. “So, what did you want to say?”

“I find you humans quite interesting. Your will to live surpasses most of our army. No matter how many times you get beaten, you go on.”

“What can I say? We’re pretty stubborn for a race.”  Forrester laughed.

“But I finally realized that is what real strength is. No matter how many times you lose, you refused to be beaten, and you will not stop until you have won.” Noire stood up. ” My lord told me, to become more human, is to become stronger, and now I know what he meant by that.”

“So what are you going to do with this knowledge?” The General asked calmly.

Noire seemed somewhat depressed. “I fear that I cannot go back to my lord. He would believe that I have been tainted.” He looked the General right in the eyes. “But if it is all right, I would like to stay here.”

“But wouldn’t that attract attention form Chronos?” Greg stepped in.

Noire shook his head. “I will talk with my lord. But if I were to stay, I could not help you in battle against my lord and Chronos.” The General nodded. “But nor would I fight you.”

“That’s understandable.” The General crossed his arms. “But what about against the Creator race?”

“Since the Creators are enemies of Chronos, I would help, yes.” The General looked around the room. Very few were in disagreement.

“I think it is settled.” The General held out his hand. “Noire, we would be honored if you would stay with us.” Noire took his hand and shook it.

“Thank you General.”


Destrol stood alone in his room silently. The monitor on his desk lit up. But only static was seen.

“Do we know what it is?” The faceless voice asked.

Destrol shook his head. “Not exactly. It appears to be of even further alien origin.”

The voice remained silent for a second. “Very well. The Canadian stationed Guyvers should be able to handle it now…” it sighed. “If not, you will have to interfere.”

“Sir?” Destrol looked a bit worried. “I do not think they would be very willing to take any help from myself. The green one especially.”

“You have permission to use IT.”

Destrol nodded. “Very well.” The monitor went silent and Destrol sat down in his chair. “Damn it…” He smirked. “Go Guyvers…” he chuckled a bit, and was glad there was no one near that could hear that.

Back at the camp…

Greg has gone off with Noire to show him around the camp, while the rest of the team split up to do their own thing. Max went back to his room, Amuro the same. Justin sulked in a corner somewhere, and Will was still out as a light. Sara however, went for a walk. Not too far out of the base, but just enough so that she could be alone. Assured that no one else was in her immediate vicinity, she let herself fall to her knees and started crying.

She loves Will. But she knows that their love will not last long. Will is basically immortal, while she has roughly three years to live. The side effect of her Zoanification. There wasn’t anything that could help her now, unless someone had the technology to help her, which at the present time, possibly only Chronos had but she would rather die than fall into their cruel hands again. Her tears came slower as she picked herself up.

“No… I shouldn’t be crying…” She sniffled. “I’m stronger than this. . . I”

“But not strong enough.”

She looked around, finding it odd that her enhanced senses could not find anything. “Who… who’s there…?”

All she heard was laughing. “You cannot sense me, can you little puppet?” It laughed some more. “Now, allow me to release you.” Sara felt a tight grip over her neck, as she was lifted into the air.

She tried to transform into her battle form, but she was too weak from getting strangled. She felt the hand loosened up a bit, and then she was effortlessly tossed to the side.

“You are too weak.” she heard it say as it appeared in front of her. It… was the Hunter that everyone thought Greg had destroyed, and he was much larger this time, and looked much deadlier. “Go, and show me the one who defeated me before. I want a challenge!”

Sara just looked up at him with groggy eyes as she tried to catch her breath. She leaned up against a tree and transformed into her battle form. “I… will not… sacrifice anyone, just for the sake of your pleasure. She lashed out with a telekinetic burst, which actually sent the Hunter backwards to the ground.

“I see the little doll has some fight left in her.” It laughed and stood up. “This form of mine is weaker than the last, perhaps, even you could defeat me now, hmm?” From what Sara could tell, he was right. He may be bigger, but that was only for show. Her attack had much more effect than it should have. Encouraged, she lashed out with a volley of energy blasts fired from a set of crystals on her hands.

The Hunter tried dodging them, and was successful, for the first two, but the third hit his right leg, scorching it badly.  “Shit… you’re more powerful than I original calculated. I’m impressed.” He stood up, as the wound started to heal itself slowly.

“Yeah, well I’m about to get downright amazing on your alien ass!” The air around her started to warp, super heating it, as Sara started to float. Her crystal flashed and she blasted towards the Hunter, who didn’t see it coming, and she delivered a crushing blow to its head. Sending it flying at least 20 yards. She then raised her hands over her head, and a green energy ball started to form. “Let’s see if you can handle this!” She brought her hands forward, just as the Hunter was picking himself up off the ground. The ball was released at an incredible speed towards the Hunter, who looked like he didn’t even know it was coming. However, it was rather obvious that playtime was now over, as the Hunter stood up straight and casually caught the ball of energy with one outstretched hand. The energy ball then shrunk and disappeared without a trace.

“Fool! I said it was impressive, but do not think that someone like you could defeat me.” He started walking towards her. “You see, I’m not really in a weakened state. I’m clearly more powerful than you are, in fact I’m more powerful than ever before.” He laughed. “I just like to play with my prey. In fact, you just let me gauge your powers. Oh well, playtime’s over! But I’m going to enjoy making you suffer before I kill you.” The Hunter raised his arm and fired a volley of lasers. Sara dodged to the side, but the explosion rocked her and knocked her to the ground. By the time she looked up, he was standing over her. “Still alive eh? . . . Good!” He wound up and kicked her in the stomach, sending her 10 yards into a large tree, cracking it in half. She tried to pick herself up, but found something else was lifting her. “Now, you will suffer for the pain that was brought upon me!” He punched her in the stomach and let her drop. As she hit the ground, she coughed up some blood.

“Oh that must have hurt.” He laughed evilly. “Allow me to release you from your pain!.” He started charging his arm cannon. However, it was interrupted by the fact that it was blown completely off. The Hunter looked over and saw the White crystal bearing Guyver that destroyed him before.

“Back off asshole.” Prometheus snarled. “Your beef is with me. Not her.” Behind him was the Warrior Guyver C and the Giant Guyver.

Warrior Guyver C crossed his arms. “Uh, Greg, you might want to just whack him right away?” Prometheus just nodded.

“No sense in dragging out a long battle. Max, bring Sara to the Med tent.” Warrior Guyver C nodded. “Justin, you wait here on backup, just in case this bastard tries something.” Giant nodded. Warrior Guyver C went over and picked Sara up, keeping his eyes on the Hunter. But it did not move. He backed up with Sara and jumped away. Prometheus walked towards the Hunter. “Now, die!” He lunged forward but the Hunter side stepped. Prometheus could feel its power growing.

“I will not die… you… will… diiiiiiiiiiiiiiiie!!!!!!!!” It screamed as its voice started to become more feral. Its body started to glow, a bright red, as it primed itself for battle. Then it  growled as it jumped towards Prometheus at amazing speed, connecting with a slash across his chest, cutting deep and knocking him back.

“Damn it!” Prometheus cursed. “He’s gotten much stronger!” The Hunter turned towards the Giant, who was already charging his most powerful attack. It raised its arm and fired a volley of lasers. However, the Giant stood there, allowing them to hit him. The lasers were small, but they tore through his armor easily. One clipping his left leg, another clipping his right arm, and the rest destroying one of his shoulder pods. For the first time, they saw what was in there. But only for a brief second before it exploded, sending the Giant flying off in one direction, and blasting the Hunter and Prometheus at least 15 yards each, but not causing each of them much damage. Prometheus got up, his chest almost already fully healed. “What the hell was that…?” Just speaking made the Hunter turn his attention to Prometheus again. However, this time, Prometheus was ready. He extended his new forward vibrational swords and in the Hunters rage, he tore past him and sliced the Hunters abdomen. However the Hunter didn’t seem to feel any pain as it backhanded Prometheus in the back of the head, sending him down. The Hunter slammed his foot onto Prometheus’s back, not breaking it, but keeping him pinned.

The Giant, quite the distance away now, picked himself up. “What the hell…?” He looked over at his blown apart shoulder pod. It had already started to heal, but he could see a crystal like lens. “Holy shit… there’s more to this unit that I thought.” Standing up straight, the little laser wounds already almost fully healed. “Damn it… that thing is much too powerful…” Just then Warrior Guyver 4 landed beside him.

“Justin, are you all right?” The Giant just nodded.

“That thing is back, and it’s even more powerful than before.” Warrior Guyver 4 looked at the damage caused by the recent attacks.

“So I see. Where’s the others?”

“They’re off fighting that thing.” he sighed. “I just recovered from an attack myself.”

Warrior Guyver 4 nodded. “We should hurry back…”

Just as Warrior Guyver 4 said that, a yellow Warrior Guyver teleported in front of them. The Giant and Warrior Guyver 4 took a defensive position, waiting for the new Guyver to do something.

“I am here to make you an offer.” It said. Both Guyvers stood straight.

“What do you mean?” Warrior Guyver 4 cocked his head. “What kind of offer?”

“An opportunity more like it.” He uncrossed his arms. “A chance to get from under the military heel that both of you suffer from, and use your powers to make yourself important and rich.”

“You mean like mercenaries?’ The Giant stepped forward.

The yellow Warrior Guyver nodded. “Exactly. Myself and a group of others have already defected.” He stopped for a second and looked around. “But we are always ready for new members.”

Warrior Guyver 4 crossed his arms. It was obvious he was thinking about it. The Giant however, stepped forward again.

“Where do I sign up?“

Prometheus and the newly buffed up Hunter were exchanging blows left and right. They matched each others moves and attacks equally. From ground, to the air, to the ground again, the cycle continued. Warrior Guyver C had returned from bringing Sara to the camp after putting her under the eye of Noire, as he would know best if something was terribly wrong with her. He had started watching on standby, seeing the destruction that had happened earlier, he at least knew that most likely, the Giant Guyver had a good excuse for not being here.

“Man… that Hunter has really bulked up… we’re definitely going to need all of our big guns on this one.” Warrior Guyver C stopped for a second. His body remaining stiff.  <Justin, Amuro, looks like we’re going to need your help…> he stopped for a second, sensing another Guyver with them.

The yellow Warrior Guyver laughed. “See? You’d be free of taking orders like that?” he laughed again. “How about you… fellow Warrior Guyver?” He extended his hand to Warrior Guyver 4, as if to shake on the deal. Warrior Guyver 4 however shook his head.

“I apologize, I cannot. Our team needs us as you can tell.” Pointing at the repairing shoulder pod of the Giant. The yellow Warrior Guyver shrugged.

“It’s your life. But remember, if your not one of us, your one of them, and you can consider yourself dead.” He turned to Giant Guyver. “ I will contact you later. I cannot be caught here.” And with that, he teleported away.

Warrior Guyver C tried contacting them again.

Warrior Guyver 4 answered. “Let’s go. At least help us until this thing is defeated…?”

The Giant cracked his large knuckles. “That’s no sweat. I have a score to settle with that thing anyway.” Their control medals flared as they rose into the air. “Lets move.” And they were off. Moments later, they could see the fight between Prometheus and the Hunter raging on. They noticed where Warrior Guyver C was standing and floated down by him.

“What happened?“ Warrior Guyver C looked over.

The Giant pointed to his shoulder pod. “Apparently, there is more to these shoulders than just being big.”


“Yeah, when that Hunter pierced it with a laser, I could see some kind of weapon lens, and then it exploded.” He shrugged. “Surprisingly it was tough enough to blow me, Prometheus, and the Hunter a fair distance.”

“Shit… that is powerful. Do you know how to use it properly?” The Giant just shook his head.
“I have tried, but it appears that I cannot.” He shook his head. “It’s odd that my own unit cannot control its own weapon.” Warrior Guyver C nodded in agreement, just as Prometheus slammed in front of them, back turned, still facing the Hunter.

“Whoa!” Warrior Guyver 4 nearly fell over.

“Greg… need any help…?” Warrior Guyver C stepped forward. Prometheus looked over his shoulder.

“No.” And he blasted back into the sky at the Hunter. The three Guyvers just watched as the two powerful combatants clashed. Prometheus tore through the Hunters body using his vibrational swords. However as he passed, the Hunters upper half fired a large blast into his back, tearing up his wings. Prometheus fell a bit then spun around, as the Hunter reformed its full body. “Shit… you don’t give up easily do you…?” the Hunter just growled and let out some sort of battle cry, and launched itself at him.

Prometheus smirked under his armor, and teleported behind the fast moving Hunter. “Die.” he opened both his mega smasher plates towards the Hunter, who barely has time to spin around, to see the on coming death. Like it did before, the mega smasher completely evaporated the Hunter.

“Heh… stupid son of a bitch… “ Prometheus looked down at the group and gave them a thumbs up… one that was a little too preemptive. As almost instantly after that, he was engulfed in a beam that seemed to be near the power level of his mega smasher. He managed to get his shields up in time to take the full brunt of the attack, but his armor was badly damaged in the attack. The Hunter flew out of the forest below. Prometheus knew where he had made his mistake. When he tore the Hunter in half, its legs shrunk and fell to the ground, while the top grew new legs and attacked. The Hunter had cloned itself a new body while he had fought the other half. He had to admit, it was a clever trick, but now he was too damaged to fight full out. Without saying a word he called out for the others, who took off in an instant, with Warrior Guyver C teleporting beside Prometheus.

“You heal up. We’ll try to keep this thing busy for a bit.” Warrior Guyver C looked around. The Hunter was circling them, like a wild animal. He noticed Warrior Guyver 4 approaching, but saw the Giant flying away. <Justin! Where the hell are you going!?>

The Giant did not answer. Warrior Guyver C cursed. Just as someone teleported beside him. He looked over and quickly recognized that it was Noire.

“Go after him. I can protect Prometheus until he is healed enough to fight.”

Warrior Guyver C looked at him. Noire seemed serious. He just nodded, knowing it shouldn’t take long before Prometheus was back on his feet, and blasted off towards the Giant. Warrior Guyver 4 joined Prometheus and Noire in the air. “So, do we have a plan?”…
Noire smirked, as his eyes started to glow and he transformed into his Zoalord form. It was different from any other Zoalord he had seen. One of his shoulders had a large piece of armor, with at least 8 crystals on it, that he could see. The Hunter saw this as well, and charged forward, almost like an animal. Noires crystal flared and the Hunter was bounced off of something. Noire just smirked and Warrior Guyver 4 wondered what was so funny, while Prometheus was concentrating on healing all of the damage, but was taking a long time, for someone who was suppose to be one of the most power beings on the planet, let alone, the known universe…

Giant flew as fast as he could, but his speed was no match for that of Warrior Guyver C, who caught up to him easily. Warrior Guyver C flew in front of him, making the Giant stop.

“Where the hell do you think you are going!?” He crossed his arms.

“Out of my way!” The Giant snarled, “Or I’ll have to move you myself!” Both Guyvers control medals flared. Giant swung forward with his large fist, but Warrior Guyver C dodged underneath it and delivered a punch to Giants stomach. Giant keeled over a bit, but not before grabbing a hold of Warrior Guyver C’s leg. And with one swift motion, he hurled him as effortlessly as a rag doll. Warrior Guyver C slammed into the ground hard, causing a small crater. However, he barely even had time to do much as Giant came down with one fist forward, aiming right for him. He activated his gravity orb, at his waist, and blasted himself horizontally across the ground, Giants fist, just barely coming in-between his legs as he pulled away. Warrior Guyver C started pelting the Giant with minor laser shots, just to buy him some time to recover.

“What the hell is your problem!?” Warrior Guyver C shouted, as he finally got to his feet.

“You and your military, trying to control everything!” Giant flew towards Warrior Guyver C again. This time, Warrior Guyver C tipped onto his back, and Giant would have flown right over him, if it wasn’t for the fact Warrior Guyver C extended his leg, kicking the Giant upwards into the air. Warrior Guyver C then raised his hands to the sky and started firing a volley of gravity bullets, which started tearing up parts of the Giants armor. However, it seemed that the Giant did not notice at all, as he stabilized himself in the air, and opened his mega smashers. Warrior Guyver C did not move as they were fired. In fact he flew straight up into the blast.

When the blast cleared, Warrior Guyver C was nowhere in sight. The Giant laughed. “Idiot. The Kid took my mega smasher right on. Now he’s dead.” He laughed again. “Oh well. That’s what happens when you mess with me.” He started laughing uncontrollably, until he felt something pierce his stomach, right through to his back. Then it pulled out of him. Giant grabbed his gut, as blood poured out of it.

Back at the big fight…

Noire was keeping the feral Hunter at bay with his telekinesis, but the strain was clearly starting to show itself as he fell to one knee as he repelled the Hunter yet again. Warrior Guyver 4 was trying to cause damage to the Hunter, by firing some blasts from his gauntlet crystals, but wasn’t doing too much damage.

“All right… that’s enough.” They heard, from behind them. They looked and saw a fully healed Prometheus. Warrior Guyver stopped firing.

“What took you so long?”

Prometheus shook his head. “I think that Hunter has some kind of poison in him that effects our healing rate.” he checked himself over one last time. “And since apparently I don’t have the ability to become immune to it, like the Warrior units, it affected me all the way.” Warrior Guyver4 nodded. “Noire, stand down, he’s mine.”

Noire stopped what he was doing, and the Hunter knew it, and blasted forward, however, he blasted right into a shot from Prometheus. “Amuro, take Noire back to base, he doesn’t look good.” Warrior Guyver4 nodded, as Noire almost collapsed into his arms.

“G…good luck.” Prometheus nodded and took off to engage the Hunter in battle, hopefully for the last time.


“Never tried that one before.” Warrior Guyver C faded into view. “Pretty neat trick though.”

“Wha… t… the…?” The Giant cursed in pain as the armor slowly healed him.

“Invisibility. Basically this Guyver unit came with a stealth option.” Warrior Guyver C chuckled a bit. “Anyway, are you coming back with me now, or do I have to force you further?” Warrior Guyver C crossed his arms, as his control medal flared. However, something happened that he wasn’t quite sure of.

The Giant froze. “I… can’t move.!”

Warrior Guyver C flew around him. “Interesting.” As he floated back in front. “It appears I can control your unit. Now It looks like you have no choice.” He laughed.


“Now be a good boy and follow me.” Warrior Guyver C’s medal flared again, but the Giant did not move. However, something did happen. The top section on Giants armor started opening one by one, revealing an odd looking lens. Which, Warrior Guyver C did not expect to fire… but it did, almost instantly. Warrior Guyver C tried to fly out of the way, but his right arm and part of his right leg were obliterated into nothingness. Warrior Guyver C fell to the ground, clutching the place where his arm used to be.

The shock of losing two limbs must have over ridden the control over Giant, as he could move on his own again. He took full advantage of this opportunity, knowing he wouldn’t get another like it. He started flying away as fast as he could, his shoulder pods remaining open. He thought it odd, that he could not control the pods, but a Warrior Guyver could.

Back on the ground, Warrior Guyver C clutched his reforming arm, still in pain. His leg hadn’t been blown completely off, and it was healing quite rapidly, but it still hurt like hell. But the pain was not the only thing on his mind. He couldn’t control the Giant right now, because of the pain, but he sure as hell could catch up to him and try again once he was healed.

The Giant didn’t realize it, but he had flown right back to the military camp. He landed on the outskirts, and entered. Instantly being ordered to the Generals tent, which he headed to.

“Justin? What are you doing back?”  The General did not look too happy at all.

“Um… we found out what was in my units shoulder pods.” he sighed, but in his head he was laughing. “And it wasn’t what we hoped, as when it was partially destroyed, it exploded, causing a lot of damage.”

“I see…” The General crossed his arms, and put a hand to his chin.

“And Warrior Guyver C figured it would be better for me to head back and heal, and so that I do not interfere with Prometheus’s battle again.” The General just nodded.

“Very well.” He turned back to whatever he was doing. “All you can do I guess, is go on watch, like the rest of our armored troops.”

Justin nodded. “Yes sir.” As he was about to leave, there was a large crash outside. The General and a couple soldiers ran out to see what it was, while Justin knew exactly WHO it was, and ran off in the opposite direction. What the General saw, was not what he expected to see, but he was relieved.

“Max, what happened?”

Prometheus was doing better than before thankfully. He had figured out most of the Hunters main attacks, and was keeping away from his poison laced claws.

The Hunter however, had plans of its own, as it blasted forward, and launched its hand at Prometheus. He tried to dodge it, but realized that it was going too fast, so he brought up a shield, and the hand barley curved away, but still cut him in the side of his chest. But it was only minor damage. The hunter then tried to fire its arm lasers but Prometheus then fired a crystal shot at it, blasting the arm off at the elbow and would have incinerated the falling limb. However, that had given the Hunter enough time to catch up to Prometheus.

With its one good hand, it slashed at his arm, but his own blades extended and blocked the attack. The Hunter reforming new hand came over and swiped at his head, but Prometheus fired a beam from his head crystal, incinerating it again. Prometheus kicked the Hunter away, then launched his own attack with his high frequency swords.

“Where is he!?” Warrior Guyver C just growled.

The General looked confused. “Who…?” Warrior Guyver C’s sensors moved, and he stood up straight.

“There!” He blasted into the air, and over the main compound building.

Justin didn’t get very far, before Warrior Guyver C landed hard right in front of him. He barely had time to bio-boost before Warrior Guyver C started attacking in a blind rage. He was however only attacking with fists. The Giant was able to actually fight back this way, but he wondered why the Warrior Guyver was not using his swords. The battle quickly took to the sky, as Warrior Guyver C forced the Giant to do so. Whether it was intentional or not, considering they were in the base at the time, was not one of their main concerns at the time.

The General, and the soldiers looked up in awe and confusion as they saw the two  supposedly ally Guyvers fighting. “What the hell…?” The General cursed. “They better have a good excuse for this…”

The Giant and Warrior Guyver battled on, until Warrior Guyver C got a few good shots in, sending the Giant backwards.

“Finish me!” The Giant yelled. Warrior Guyver C remained still. “You can’t can you?” He laughed. “Sure, you can destroy a whole city with that Zoalord friend of yours, but you cannot even kill little old me!? That’s pathetic!”

Warrior Guyver C’s control medal flared, and again the Giant couldn’t move.

“Oh no, so your just going to imprison me? I’m sooo scared!” However, a sudden burst of force seemed to shoot out from the Giant. “What the…” as his armor pulled off of him. “So you can deactivate my armor too? Big whoop.” But then he saw it. A shadow over his head. It was his unit! “What the fuck…!?” He tried to reach for it, but could not. Then he realized he was still up in the air. He looked down, and realized he was standing on something… then Warrior Guyver C appeared under him. Justin looked back at where the other Warrior Guyver C was, and it disappeared seconds later.

“Projection. Another of this units tricks.” Warrior Guyver C dropped Justin, then grabbed him by his neck, holding him in the air. “I’ll be taking your unit. There is more to it than meets the eye. I’ll let the General decide what to do with you.” He released his grip on Justin and let him fall.

“Nooo…!” He didn’t get to scream long though, as he quickly hit the ground. He opened his eyes and looked around, he hadn’t realized it but Warrior Guyver C had lowered them to the ground before dropping him.

“General, take this man into custody. He’s a traitor.” The General gulped, but did not question the Warrior Guyver. Warrior Guyver C looked over at Justin. “I’ll see you when I get back.” He started to lift off into the air, and he grabbed the unit. “Ok… I was able to control this thing once… perhaps…” He concentrated on the Unit, when his control medal flared violently, and the Unit’s control medal did as well. The large unit burst around him, as if it were trying to bond with him like a normal unit.

From the ground they could barely make out what was happening. All they could see was his figure, suddenly becoming MUCH bigger, and within seconds, it disappeared, a  split second before they all heard a loud sonic boom.

Warrior Guyver4 was slowly flying Noire back, who had reverted to his human form, when suddenly his head sensors shot forward, and they both looked and saw a massive object heading right for them. Warrior Guyver4 dodged to the side, but noticed it also altered it’s course to miss them. All he could see was a huge green and yellow streak shoot by them before they were both rocked by the objects super sonic wake and consequential sonic boom.

“Wha… what was that…” Noire looked in awe.

Warrior Guyver4 shook his head. “I don’t know for sure, but I think he is at least on our side.” Noire nodded at that, as they watched for a second, then turned and started back towards the base.

Prometheus and the Hunter were exchanging blows left and right. Each one of them fighting as dirty as they could. Prometheus shoved his forward blades into the Hunters chest and then blasted a hole through it with his hand. He swung around with his other arm and sliced off the Hunters head, grabbing it in mid air, and firing numerous blasts from his crystal into it. He was then gutted by the Hunters left arm, and its right arm entered through his chest plate. However, the pain was not enough to keep Prometheus from willing his other chest plate opened up, and half of the Hunters body was obliterated. He pulled the rest of the body from out of himself, and threw them to the ground. Knowing this is not the end of it. He concentrated on healing, but again, the poison had entered his system, and it would be awhile before he was at full combat ready.

However, the Hunter seemed to be taking a long time to reform itself as well, but it would still be done before he was, but at least, he would not be as worse off as he is now.

Minutes seemed to pass like hours, as the two combatants regrouped and healed. However, like he had predicted, the Hunter finished first. But instead of attacking him dead on, it started charging its own kind of mega smasher, the weapon that had so seriously hurt him before. It’s screamed out as it was about to fire, but both of their attention turned to a massive object flying at high speeds towards them. The Hunter, instead, fired at the incoming object. The beam was massive, like before, and seemed to engulf the massive object.

However, Prometheus spun around as his sensors picked up something behind him. As he spun around, he saw a massive green and yellow armored being. At first, he thought it might be some new proto-type Green armor, but then that wouldn’t have made sense. That and the fact it’s armor was defiantly Bio armor. He then got a look at the face, and more importantly, the control medal…s?

The massive Guyver looked down at Prometheus. “Think we can take him now?” the two medals flared. Prometheus recognized the pyramid control medal and the outer ring control medal looked awfully like the Giants.

“Max…?” The massive Guyver nodded.

“Max to you, Ultimus to all my enemies.” He said, as his attention was turned to the Hunter. He blasted forward at speeds only Prometheus thought he could handle. The Hunter and the newly formed Ultimus engaged in a brutal battle, with Ultimus tearing into it with very little effort. The Hunter didn’t seem to be making much progress in attacking, as Ultimus went right for its limbs, destroying them quickly as possible with a few well placed gravity shots. The Hunter fired a beam from it’s main body, and Ultimus  literally disappeared, and teleported on the ground, some distance away. Prometheus, landed as he dodged the shot intended for Ultimus.

As the Hunter tried reforming its limbs in mid air, Ultimus’s Warrior control medal flared, and his chest plates flared as well, and then opened. Then the Giant unit’s control medal flared along with the Warrior medal, and the shoulder pods opened to reveal similar lenses that the Giant had in his shoulder pods. Ultimus, then let loose. The blast from his hyper smashers fired out first, and then the different energy from the shoulder pods fired, circling around the hyper smasher energy. The Hunter barely had time to realize what had happened, before it was completely engulfed into the massive beam, which lasts for many seconds, before finally dissipating, and taking off into deep space.

Ultimus stood there silently, as his hyper smashers and shoulder pods closed.

“That is some firepower you got there…” Prometheus approached. Ultimus just turned and nodded. “So, what happened… how did you end up like that…?”

Suddenly, all the massive armor tore away, and all that was left was Warrior GuyverC. “Apparently, the Giant unit can be controlled by a Warrior Guyvers control medal.“ Prometheus nodded, as he disengaged his armor, now fully healed. “After taking some anger out on Justin, I took the unit off of him, and then it attached itself to my unit, like a Gigantic.” Greg smirked.

“Welcome to the high power society.” he grinned. “Let’s go report the news to the General.” Warrior Guyver C nodded and the two of them took off into the air. A second later and the two Guyvers were already reaching the speed of sound when they suddenly sensed a massive energy build up behind them. They barely had time to turn around before A massive mega smash like energy blast engulfed them. Warrior Guyver C instantly teleported into hyper space as the blast tore into his armor. Prometheus tried to shield himself but the blast quickly penetrated and badly burnt his body before the blast dissipated and left him to crash to the ground below. A sinister laughter emanating from the surrounding forest before the still reforming form of the Hunter de-cloaked and started to approach the fallen Guyver.

“Fool, did you think it would be so easy to defeat me”

Back at the base, Amuro had taken Noire to the medical tent to be helped, but things were not looking very good.

“He is extremely drained.” The doctor shook his head. “I don’t know what I can do for him. All of our treatments have failed thus far.” He looked at a clipboard. “At this rate he will die in a matter of hours.”

“Unless I help him.” A voice from a dark corner said. The doctor and Amuro looked over and out walked Destrol, in his human guise and armor. “Give him this.” He tossed a vial at the doctor, who caught it easily. “That will cure him.”

Amuro stepped forward. “How can we trust you!? After what you did!?”

Destrol lowered his head. “I am… ashamed at that.” Amuro looked a little surprised. “We are not entirely heartless as some of you might think.” He looked back at Amuro. “But War is war, no matter how you wage it. People, innocents will always die.” He closed his eyes. “I must be leaving now. Make sure Noire gets that syrum.” And Destrol teleported out of there.

The doctor looked over at Amuro, and then at the vial. “Do it!” Amuro said, still looking at where Destrol had been. the Doctor nodded, and emptied the vial into a needle, and injected into a new medicine dripper, and connected that into a vein on Noires arm.


Warrior Guyver C’s body was quickly regenerating in hyper space while Prometheus faced the now even more powerful Hunter.

Prometheus clung to consciousness as he twisted himself unto his back and looked at the Hunter.

“Dammit… Forgot about the arm…”

“That’s right. I transferred my consciousness a second before your friend vaporized my then only shell of a body. A truly close call, I must admit but now I’m stronger than ever and there is nothing you can do to stop me!”

Just then something caught the Hunter’s attention and it looked up just in time to see Gigantic Guyver hurtling towards it through the forest, Already raising his fist for a power punch. But the Hunter looked unconcerned as it simply waited for the Gigantic Guyver to get closer. A moment later and the Gigantic Guyver lashed out with a power punch, only to find that the Hunter had caught his fist and easily withstood the energy discharge that would have destroyed any lesser being but didn’t even jot the Hunters arm as he stopped the Gigantic Guyver dead in his tracks.

“Nice try Guyver but my power is way beyond you now!” said the Hunter just before he blasted the Gigantic off Guyver 1 and was about to destroy him when Warrior Guyver 4 teleported in, with both mega smasher plates open and fired upon the Hunter. The blast lasting barely three seconds before the Hunter walked through it and grabbed the Warrior Guyver 4 by the neck and raised him to eye level.

“I hate to repeat myself, so I’ll just kill you now” The Hunter then started to crush the Warrior Guyver 4’s skull when suddenly Prometheus grabbed him from behind, a in a full nelson wrestling hold, and caused the Hunter to drop the Warrior Guyver 4. The Warrior Guyver 4 then managed to get back up quickly and grab the still healing Guyver 1 before looking back at Prometheus and the Hunter.

“Try to make sure you kill that thing this time Greg.”

“You got it! Thanks for the assist. Better get Sho back to base.”

“Fools, I’m going to kill you all!”

“Yeah right.” said Warrior Guyver 4 before he teleported himself and Sho back to base.

Prometheus then started to try to break the Hunters neck but soon found that he could barely budge the Hunter. The Hunter then started to laugh at his efforts before he jerked free of Premetheus’s hold back handed him. Sending him crashing through several trees before landing on his back and quickly rolling back to his feet.

“I told you I’m stronger now. Your chance for victory has past, now it will be you who dies!” The Hunter then opened its chest plates and started to charge up its mega smash like laser cannons. Prometheus reacted instantly be opening his own chest plates and both fired simultaneously. The energies of the two blasts cancelling each other out, leaving this to a test, as to which could maintain their beams the longest. For a moment it looked like Prometheus was going to win this deadly contest when suddenly his beam died out after 15 seconds and had nothing left but his shield to protect him from the Hunters deadly blast. < No, I can’t let him beat me! > Thought Prometheus as he started to feel the deadly blast penetrating his shield, then suddenly the beam stopped and Prometheus looked forward to see the outline of a massive form appear before him and shield him from the last few seconds of the Hunters blast. Prometheus quickly recognized the figure before him and felt hope of winning this battle once again filled him.

“Max! About time you showed up.”

“Sorry about that Greg, just gotta watch out for this guy’s sucker punch for now on.”

“Yeah, don’t I know it!”

The Hunter was by now very annoyed at the constant interruptions and in a surprising burst of speed, had closed the distance between himself and the Guyvers and lifted them both into the air by their necks. “If you two are through, I’m going to kill you now. You Guyvers are becoming most annoying!”

Both Guyver grabbed the arm the Hunter was holding them with and kicked with all their strength into his chest and broke free as they sent the Hunter hurtling to the ground. Crashing feet first and backwards, the Hunter quickly flowed with his momentum and rolled back and flipped himself back to a standing position. The Hunter then looked up just in time to see Ultimus flying towards him at high speed and prepared himself to withstand the attack but instead Ultimus stopped short of the Hunter and power punch the ground before him. The thunderously powerful blow causing the ground to explode beneath the Hunter and knocking him into the air just as Ultimus reared back up and power punched the Hunter with a powerful uppercut that sent the Hunter hurtling up into the air at over mach 2, with an earsplitting sonic boom that caused an impact crater to form around Ultimus as he watched the Hunter shoot up into the air. The Hunter was more surprised than hurt from this attack but it did daze him enough to not notice the approach of Prometheus as he powered up a black hole attack. The Hunter stopped himself at 10,000 feet and was about to fly back down when noticed too late the hurtling black hole attack from Prometheus and was quickly engulfed by the powerful vortex. It looked like the Hunter had finally met its fate when suddenly the black hole attack exploded and revealed the Hunter. Torn nearly to shreds by the attack, the Hunter was badly damaged by his right arm was still intact and he opened it up as he charged up his ultimate weapon. “That’s it Guyvers, I’m through playing with you. Now you all die!” Yelled the now angry Hunter as he aimed his arm to the ground and fired. Both Prometheus and Ultimus had barely anytime to react before the ground exploded with the force of a 1 megaton nuclear blast. Both had raised their shields in anticipation of the Hunters attack but neither were prepared for the awesome destructive power now unleashed upon them and blown back by the blast, virtually helpless in its wake. The Hunter was laughing like a maniac. Even as the familiar mushroom cloud of the explosion engulfed him. Seconds later the CACTF base was rocked by a powerful  earthquake a minute before the blast shockwave finally hit them. Fortunately they were miles from the epicenter of the blast and only suffered a hurricane level blast of wind that knocked down the tents, not already knocked down by the earthquake and over turned some vehicles before quickly settling down. Emergency crews immediately sprang into action and searched the based for possible wounded. Minutes later the dust cloud started to clear and it was clear to see that miles of forest had been flattened and what was not immediately vaporized by the blast, was now burnt or burning.

Prometheus and Ultimus painfully lifted themselves off the charred ground and looked up to see that the Hunter was still where they had last seem him and was nearly fully healed.

<That’s it, we can’t let him use that attack again, we have to take that thing out now.>

<That’s your plan? Oh well, now I know what our enemies must feel like when fighting Warrior Guyvers.>


An instant later both had teleported to either side of the Hunter and proceeded to attack it with everything they had. Rapidly alternating between slashing with their swords and blasting with lasers and gravity ball blasts. Despite the Hunters greater power, the Guyvers combined attack was beginning to take its toll this time. The Hunter began to get desperate as the tide started to turn against it and started to open its arm weapon pods to again fire its ultimate weapon but neither Guyver was going to have any part of that and simultaneously sliced into the Hunters arm from above and below its elbow, slicing the forearm off and quickly obliterated it with a combined hand beam blast from both Guyvers. Now literally disarmed, the Hunter backed off and glared at the two Guyvers.

“Fools, you will never win. I cannot be killed. You only delay your own deaths!”

Both Guyvers then looked at each other for a moment before turning back to the Hunter. Without a word both opened up their chest plates, Ultimus also opening his shoulder pods, and both fired simultaneously on the Hunter. The incredibly powerful blasts engulfing the Hunter, even as he yelled out something that was drowned out by the roar of the Guyvers powerful blasts. Lasting a full fifteen seconds each before they finally relented and closed their chest plates. Both scanned the area for a full hour before stopping and turning to each other with relief. The creature was finally destroyed, the danger was finally over. The Guyvers then helped stop the forest fire before finally returning to base, or what was left of it, and reported to the General. Aside from a large chunk of the forest and some of the local wild life, everyone had managed to survive their encounter with the Hunter but it will be a long time before things returned to normal.
Three weeks later. . .

A team of armored troopers, were doing a routine scout along the Canadian and American border, until one of the passengers, sensed something. She was no ordinary passenger. She was Jenny O’Conner. Sister of the Warrior Guyver, and a very powerful Guyver in her own right as the Psi-Guyver. Though recent events had strained her sanity with the apparent death and resurrection of her brother, only to find that she had spent two weeks with an evil S.O.B. by the name of Lorcan and her real brother appeared as a now Matrix enhanced Guyver. It was more than enough to give the average person a nervous breakdown. Even knowing that her brother was now back for real was not enough, she needed some time away and quickly accepted the Generals offer to go on border patrol. So it was almost a relief when she sensed the nearby presence of zoanoids.

“Hold up…” She looked at the driver. “There is something out there. The soldier stopped the truck, and Jenny jumped out.” Stay here with the team. I shouldn’t be long. The soldier looked a bit disappointed, but sighed and nodded.

Jenny walked a bit away from the truck, and then bio-boosted, and continued on into some dense forest. She walked around, trying to pick up what she had sensed before, and then she came to a clearing. A fairly large clearing, that appeared to be recently made. At its center was a small crater, with something smoking in the middle. She cautiously approached it, and when she got close enough, she knelt down and picked it up.

The object was a small red crystal, about the size of a large marble. It was quite beautiful, but what would a thing that could be jewelry, be doing, smoking in the middle of a crater…? She shrugged, and was about to start to return to the truck, when she looked at her hand. The crystal was trying to enter her body. She tried to pull it off, but it only started to infect her other hand. She then transformed into her overlord form, but still no use, that only seemed to fuel it even further. She let out a piercing scream, that could be heard for miles as the crystal started to effect more and more of her. Then her sensors shot back. Two Zoanoids appeared, a Broize, and a Valvas.

“What was that…?” The Broize grumbled.

“Don’t worry about it. Lord Destrol is going to be upset if we do not find…” the Valvas stopped as he saw an unfamiliar creature standing inside a small crater. “You there! Identify yourself!” The creature just turned, revealing it had a control medal, but it did not look like any Guyver on file. The Valvas had no time to warn his compatriot, as he was blown away by a laser shot. The Broize quickly followed in death, as its head exploded.

The scream had alerted the troops as they quickly geared up, and started in the direction she had left in. By the time they had arrived, Psi-Guyver was sitting kneeling on the ground, in her normal form.

“Miss?” The Soldier approached. “Is there something wrong?” Psi-Guyvers control medal flared, and her armor peeled off of her. She stood up holding her head.

“No, it’s nothing.” She shook her head. “Just an odd headache. . . There were two zoanoids scouting the area. . . I took care of them, nothing to worry about.”

“Perhaps we should get you back to base so the doctors can look you over?” The soldier suggested, still concerned by the scream they had heard. She just shook her head.

“Naa, I’m fine.” The soldier just nodded. “Lets resume the patrol and then head back. I think I just need some rest.” The soldiers nodded, and they returned to the truck, and resumed their patrol.