This is a fan-fic based on characters created by Yoshiki Takaya and contains violent situations with adult language.

NOTE:The fan fic is based on the Warrior Guyver, a fan fic based on characters originally created by Yoshiki Takaya, and takes place on an alternate Earth at about the same time as the events taking place in the Warrior Guyver “Revenge” Story line.
TitleWarrior Guyver 2: Prologue
AuthorBrian O’Sullivan

In an alternative dimension, a parallel Earth version of Stephen Cain began an entry into his new journal as he reflected on the events of the past few months. . .

My Name is Stephen Cain and this is where my story begins. It all started three months ago on November 1st, 2010. That day I was called out to a very important briefing, which consisted of me, the Captain of the 4th squadron Blue Type Armoured Division, Jason O’Connor, a.k.a. Warrior Guyver, and Sean Barker, a.k.a. the Guyver US. We three had been assigned the mission of finding a downed space craft that was suspected of being from the Creators, possibly a scout ship but nothing was known for certain.

So it was now our job to find out but if we knew this spaceship could be from the Creators, you could be damn sure that Chronos would be all over it too considering the shot it down as well and we could not afford to let them reach and capture the craft. We were lucky when we all managed to get the Warrior Guyver from Chronos just a few months prior, of course we had the help of Guyver 1 and Guyver 3, but now that we had the Warrior Guyver that we should manage without their help this time round and leave them on their mission, finally it was time to Strike Arizona and finally wipe Chronos USA completely out.

Now it was time to beat Chronos to the punch again, well at least we wouldn’t have to fight through a whole zoanoid army and straight into a major Chronos base again, but somehow I’d feel a lot more comfortable knowing for certain what we were up against now. . .

General O’Neil started off as usual as he told us the situation “A spacecraft crashed in Ireland and is suspected to be of Creator origin”. Then he told us what we had to do, “Go to Ireland and bring me that damn spacecraft!” Thanks to Chronos, now was not a time to worry about breaking international laws by entering Irish space with armed forces.

Fortunately we would be using a few of the new Stealth Transports, state of the art troop carrier aircrafts that’ll put us right on top of the enemy before they could even see us at day or night. So getting to the crash site would not be a problem, it was the getting back part that would be the problem as the other troops were to leave as soon as the craft was secure but if we couldn’t get it to fly that we were to destroy it and fight our way back to the U.S, bad news for me but then the general added that “if you do find a Guyver unit, the person in charge of the mission is to merge with it!”. That news was really good, it would mean I’d become a Guyver if we found one. The General must have great trust in me to have made that statement.

For the most part I had to ignore the needs of the two American Guyvers. I knew my job. It was to get together 100 of my best men in the next fifteen minutes and get 100 of the best Blue Type Armours stationed on the base and make damn sure they all knew the plan and what was expected of them quickly. For myself though, I was given the new Blue Type Second-Generation Armour. It was the latest in fully tested battle armour, though the only real difference was that it held missile batteries for added fire power. What more could a guy want, other than to use the Green battle armour, but because they would not be ready for another 6 months that I was stuck with what was presently available.

All well, I guess I’d just have to wait to test that baby out. Now don’t get me wrong I liked using the Blue Battle armour but that thing is only half as powerful as the Green was supposed to be and was in no way capable of taking on the powerful Hyper Zoanoids like Zektole. Of those of us going only Sean and Jason where capable of taking on them at the moment and thankfully there was only about ten Hypers in the US that we had to worry about. More would be coming but they wouldn’t be wasted on us lowly troops, as the Warrior Guyver was so powerful that he could kill a Zoalord by himself, so he was everyone’s target outside the two Gigantic Guyvers who were a step beyond even him though they did argue that Warrior Guyver could out last them. My main problem was the likes of Gregore, big and strong but stupid and unshielded, but there were thousands of them in any major fight, not to mention the Vamores with those bio-lasers of theirs, slow re-fire rate leaves them vulnerable but they could take you out with a single blast if your weren’t careful.

Our mission started short while later and we were all in Washington DC airport waiting for our air transports to arrive. Washington DC airport was no longer open to the public and was now purely a military airport. To the men and I have to admit to me as well Jason and Sean where cult hero’s. Only a few people knew who they where and to those that needed them, they were saviours


So there we were all waiting, even our most powerful had to wait for these planes and they didn’t mind so much as it made them feel human. I did feel like talking with the two Guyvers, but like the men, I was a little star struck and really didn’t know what to say to them. Like really think about it, what would be your topic of conversation? “Have you bio-boosted recently?” or “What does it feel like to be able to lift over 40 tons in weight?” Those questions sounded dorky so I and the rest of my men kept to ourselves and left the Guyvers alone. I wondered then if I’d be like them if I got a Guyver unit?!

Ten minutes later we were all on our way to Ireland. It would not take all that long to get there. Ireland is only a 5-hour journey by normal commercial airlines so by going this way on these new super-fast transports, I’d guessed we’d be in Ireland in less than two hours time. We guessed even Chronos would face similar issues getting a large force on site. Though for them the UK being only a few miles away from Ireland would mean no matter how fast we were, Chronos would get forces there before us. What we hoped was that as Guyver 1 reported before in the past about the Relic in Relic’s Point, it would not be easy for Chronos to break into it and they still had the logistically problem of getting inside it without a Guyver Unit.

To me that was the worst part of the mission. The waiting, I didn’t mind the fighting part, training takes over then. It’s the waiting that bothers me and the worst part is, these transports are designed to take you while in the battle armour, within eject able pods. The UI of the battle armours turned off to conserve power you can see nothing but darkness and hear almost nothing but the sounds of the engines. The only company you have are your own thoughts. Oh well I guess you just have to live with some things, though like some of the men, I had included a music player in my armour so was able to pass the time with some music. . .

Finally after what seemed like hours, I felt the plane stop and a simple message “we‘re there”. Now was the exciting part. The armours kicked into the life and the UI lit up showing using G.P.S. we where now over Wicklow in Ireland. The pods opened up and let us fall the one hundred feet or so to the ground. Using the Armours jump jets, we all landed safely. According to the battle plan we would be one mile south of the ship which had crash-landed in a lake in Glendalogh County Wicklow.

Before the Chronos War, I once went on holiday to this part of Ireland which was probably one of the reasons I was picked for the mission, but before I even had a chance to say anything to the Warrior Guyver and Guyver US, they had taken off after the spaceship. Not one to be left behind I ordered the men to follow. I knew what the two Guyvers where up to, this was not part of the mission really, they were getting there ahead of us so that they would provide a large distraction for the Zoanoids and knowing the Warrior Guyver, he planned to have them all killed before we got there.

I wouldn’t mind missing the fight, as a Gregore could kill one of us as even with this armour we were only on a level pegging with them and I hated losing any of my people to those bastards, but the Warrior Guyver could kill them in seconds and because of his incredible shielding they couldn’t even touch him. His shielding was even a weapon that could be fired if he wanted. So about one minute later my men and I arrived to see hundreds of standard Zoanoids being ripped apart by the two Guyvers and just beyond them was the crashed space craft almost submerged in the centre of a lake.

Warrior Guyver was really a weapon of destruction, the Zerebubuse that must have been in charge of their mission was already dissolving into a pile of goo because Warrior Guyver had punched his arm right through its chest. Then about 30 Zoanoids charged us only to be cut down before they got the chance by Warrior Guyvers head laser. So about a minute later, every Zoanoid in the area was dead, mostly thanks to the Guyvers but I have to give credit to my men for taking out about twenty Zoanoids with coordinated weapons fire, it was good to know we didn’t have to depend on the Guyvers to fight all our battles, as powerful as the Guyvers are, it’ll take more than them to win this war. We could only hope what we may find in the crashed ship would further help even the odds. . .

The interior of most Creator vessels are filled with water like substance but since the Blue Battle Armour was originally designed for use in outer space that it was not hard for the designer to convert it into armour that could work underwater. So it came as no surprise when the Warrior Guyver turned around and said that only he, Sean and I where to go into the ship. I may have been in command of the 4thArmoured Division but the Warrior Guyver was in overall command so I and the men just expected his orders. I didn’t realize at the time that the two Guyvers could already feel the fact that the ship was definitely some kind of Creator tech. You could sense that the two of them where talking to each other by the body movement but there were no words coming from them. Then Warrior Guyver turned around and signalled it was time to move in, I ordered the men to find themselves some defensive positions while we secured the craft.

The Guyvers again led the way but this time though Warrior Guyver and Guyver US did not move at their quickest pace as they did before, either because I was now part of their team or now since they didn’t have any Zoanoids to worry about that they were leaving me more time to catch up with them. You could see the top of the ship above the water line so I simply command my Armour to take off and then I flew on top of it. The Guyvers were floating just above the craft as I landed and then Warrior Guyvers Control Medal flashed as he signalled the vessel to open, then suddenly the ground was literally taken from under me. When I hit the bottom, I looked up and shouted “What the fuck do you think you’re doing Warrior Guyver!” at the man himself. He simply shouted down at me “You should have expected that Stephen”.

Well there was no damage done to my armour so I left it at that, just my luck the one spot I decided to land on happened to be the door to the damn ship. Then something I did expect happened, the area I was in filled with water as soon as Warrior Guyver and Guyver US joined me. Once completely submerged, an opening to the interior of the craft formed right before us and we floated into the next chamber. Warrior Guyver grabbed me from the back as he directed me through the spacecraft.

Fortunately the strange liquid surrounding us allowed for verbal communications as Warrior Guyver then said this ship was almost the same as the ship that his unit was found in but his unit was thought to thousands of years old. This news made me think, if there was a Warrior Unit inside, it would have to be in use because who else would pilot this ship? This unnerving question was answered when we entered the main centre chamber of the ship where, according to Warrior Guyver, should be the place to find the unit and inside indeed there was a Warrior Unit but above it was the dead body of what looked to be a dead man though his eyes looked very odd.

It was humanoid and looked simply like a small human adult and Warrior Guyver floated up to check whether it was really dead or not. Guyver US then shouted at me that since I was already chosen to use the Warrior Unit that I had better merge with it now. I had not seen the dormant Unit yet, distracted by the dead alien. I grabbed the unit but because my armour was hiding me from the unit that it did not react. Sean looked at Warrior Guyver and this time they started to talk out loud.

“This must be a Creator or some kind,” said Warrior Guyver turning to Guyver US.

“I agree, he might look human but even dead he doesn’t sense like one. I’m thinking it was one but what the hell is it doing here with a Warrior Unit? It must be a War Ship? But it’s too small for it to be a War Ship, maybe a scout?”

“No time to speculate Sean. The sooner we have another Warrior Guyver active the better!” said Warrior Guyver turning back to me.

“Stephen get out of your armour first! Don’t worry about the water, it’s breathable.” Said Guyver US, by this stage I guessed they were really stressed about this and time was of the essence.

 So I did what they asked and started to get out of the battle armour. Like they said as soon as the helmet was off it took a few seconds but the water was breathable. Unlike them though I could not talk, I guessed that was because my lungs were flooded with water, but I’m no doctor so why really I’ve no idea but that guess is as good as any. I reached down to the chamber that held the dormant Unit, no sooner had I picked it up I felt something click and the Warrior unit busted open and the organism within quickly enveloped me. It took about a minute and I was unconscious for the last part but when I came to, Warrior Guyver was looking at me straight in the eyes.

“Huh, guys what the hell just happened?” I asked.

“Your Unit while activating went into self-defence mode but because my unit is also Warrior Unit that I was able to stop yours, somehow before it did anything,” said Warrior Guyver.

“Ok, well  we have what we came for, let’s proceed with the General’s plan and get ready to leave,” said Warrior Guyver 2.

Minutes later I was outside; the men had done their jobs and were being picked up Stealth Transports. But as the last of them was about to leave with ten of my men a laser beam fired and cut through the transport like it was not there. I thought for just a second I was imagining things when the transport exploded before my eyes. Following it’s line I could see that Chronos forces where approaching the site and we only had minutes to either fly this ship back home or blow it before the enemy arrived in force. Simply put we all knew if Chronos could get us stuck in a battle in Ireland they would take advantage and counter attack in the USA while we were not there!

“Not good, I better see if I can pilot this thing,” said Warrior Guyver concentrating. His control medal extended as he signalled the ship to take off, there was a violent lurch but then nothing.

“It’s no good, the ship’s too badly damaged, we’re not going anywhere in this thing,” said Warrior Guyver.

“No choice then, you better set the bomb Warrior Guyver 2,” said Guyver US.

“Okay, it’s a good thing the general makes sure to equip us for any eventuality,” said Warrior Guyver 2.

I then detached the package from the back of the equipment left by my men, though not a nuclear device; the bomb had the punch of a baby nuke and should be enough to take out the craft out. I then set the timer for one minute and hoped that it should be enough time for us to clear out.

“Okay guys, I do believe it is time to make our exit!” said Warrior Guyver 2 as in the background a full complement of Hyper Zoanoid Team Five appeared!

“We’ve one minute before this blows?” asked Guyver US.

“Yes, do you think they could stop it before then,” said Warrior Guyver 2.

“Yes,” answered Warrior Guyver.

“Well guys, we’ve got a whole minute, we better be fast!” said Warrior Guyver 2.

“I’ll take Zektole and Derzerb!” shouted Warrior Guyver.

“And I’ll take Thancrus and Elegan,” said Guyver US. That left Gaster for me. I was about to ask why as I got a Warrior Unit was Sean taking more on but then realised he was far more experienced than me. Though there was a whole load of other zoanoids that needed to be cleared out of the area as well.

And with that we all charged our targets, Warrior Guyver took all of five seconds to chop both of Zektole arms off while easily side stepping the charging Darzerb, Guyver US similarly eliminated Elegan with a Pressure Cannon blast and then began to sword fight with Thancrus, I then engaged Gaster firing missile for missile but he then switched to firing his explosive liquid spray and the blast knocked me off my feet as a Gregole zoanoid then jumped on me but I quickly dispatched it after figuring out how to extend my vibrational swords. It was only then I realised how easy it was to access the weapons of the Warrior Unit. I shrugged off its dissolving body to look up and see Gaster pointing his liquid arm spray ejectors at me and saying “Time to die you pathetic excuse of a Guyver!”

Gaster barely had time to say “Oh shit!” before I got up and blasted him away with a Pressure Cannon. Whoa that was a rush, the armour definitely responded to my will as Jason had said. I was then hit squarely in the chest by a Vamore bio-laser blast. Stunned, I scolded myself for not paying attention but thankfully I was unharmed, though now I was really pissed off and prepared to send a full powered pressure cannon blast at the surrounding zoanoids but something strange happened and the sides of my arms started to glow as a cyclone of energy started to form and an enormous blast erupted from my arms and shot forward, destroying everything in its path for as far as the eye could see and I was left with an enormous sense of power as if the energy from the blast had somehow supercharged me. Both Guyver US and Warrior Guyver had finished off their respective targets and had witnessed the blast.

“Remind me never to piss you off,” said Guyver US.

“How the hell did you do that?!” asked Warrior Guyver.

“I, I don’t know. I just concentrated on making the biggest pressure cannon blast I could and wham, I blasted half the country side away,” said Warrior Guyver 2.

“Whoa Warrior Guyver, I do believe they have made some improvements since your units time!“ said Guyver US.

“No Guyver US, I’d say he’s just different,” said Warrior Guyver.

Just then the remaining zoanoids got up the nerve to continue the attack but time was up and we had only a minute to clear the area, so we jumped into the air and flew away just slow enough so Sean could keep up and so were still close enough to hear the explosion as it destroyed the Creator ship and took out the remaining and unsuspecting zoanoids. So mission accomplished, Warrior Guyver and I grabbed Guyver US and accelerated to supersonic speeds as we betted that we could beat the Stealth Transports back home.


End of Prologue