This is a fan-fic based on characters created by Yoshiki Takaya and contains violent situations with adult language.

NOTEThis story takes place on an alternate Earth at about the same time as the events taking place in the Warrior Guyver “Revenge” Story line.
TitleWarrior Guyver 2: Hunter / Prey
AuthorBrian O’Sullivan

Part 1 From the view of the chronicler

ACTF HQ Washington DC

Situated in the industrial area of the city ACTF HQ was an assembly of old factories that had being modernised and where now a production centre of currently Blue V2 battle armours. The area was impossible for Chronos to attack with countless armoured soldiers and there was always a Guyver stationed in the base. Warrior Guyver 2 was a Guyver now for all of one day. From what Dr Drake could tell he was what seems to be a different design of Warrior Guyver technology to that of the original Warrior Guyver. The ramifications of which were yet to be discovered but the worst is feared. Chronos no longer seems to be the main worry as the fact that the Creators may have returned became known. What can their reasons be for returning now after two and half million years or a few thousand depending on whose version of the past you believe? The general wasn’t happy.

“Jason, why in hell did you have to blow up the only source of information on why the Creators may have come back to Earth?” asked General O’Neil.

“With all due respect sir, you did order us to do so if we couldn’t recover the craft before Chronos forces arrived. Chronos was mobilizing their forces to the area and there was a chance of them getting a hold of the alien ship. We had already completed our main mission objective with the acquisition of the new Warrior unit. We were in Chronos controlled territory and the craft could not be moved, with the reports of Guyvers working for Chronos and that acquisition of a Creator vessel would have warranted the direct intervention of the remaining Supreme Zoalords. Given the push in Arizona we had no choice but to destroy the craft rather than be stuck in Ireland unable to help the Gigantic Guyvers,” answered Jason.

“I’m not saying this because you did a bad job. . . In the future. . . I just want you to think more before you act, you would have been able to hold off the Chronos forces with the extra Warrior Guyver until you got that information,” said General O’Neil.

“Sir, if I may, I don’t think there would have been much of anything left intact in the alien vessel that would have answered any of our questions. The ship was non-functional and suffered major damage from the crash. If anything, if the vessel was on a military mission that any useful information would have been known only to the pilot and there wasn’t much left of it. Even if we had stayed that a major battle between us and Chronos would have destroyed the vessel in any case. The only alternative was to let the craft fall into enemy hands and we couldn’t let that happen,” said Stephen.

“Hmm, ok it’s time to be totally honest with you all. First of all please let me totally finish what I am about to say before you ask any questions,” said General O’Neil. The three men all nodded and waited.

“The ACTF has being in talks the last day with Chronos,” said the General. Immediately the look of shock on their faces told the General he what he expected they did not think such a thing was possible all three stayed quite holding back the urge to make any shocked comments.

“According to them, the vessel you all found that Warrior Unit in was not from the Creators. It was from the race who designed the Warrior Unit and they are called the Gen. They originally were from the same Federation as the Uranus the race that interacted with our planet countless years before hand. This is a lot to take in alone so before I continue if you have any questions about what I’ve just said please ask them now,” said General O’Neil stopping for a moment.

“Why were you talking with Chronos?” asked Sean.

“Because it was the first time they asked in all these years for peace talks,” said the General.

“Peace talks? Seriously there can never be a peace with them!” said Sean.

“Sean, this war has cost a lot on both sides. If Chronos is open to talks we have to explore the possibility,” answered the General.

“How do they know so much about these non-Creators?” asked Jason.

“Alkanphel has encountered them before. He was the one who insisted we talk, if we do not we will not survive the next few days,” said General O’Neil.

“He’s one to talk,” said Sean.

“Sean, you’re going to have to get over your hate, it clouds your judgement,” said the General. Sean did not argue he just nodded and sat back into his chair.

“What makes Alkanphel think we’re in danger?” asked Jason.

“Because we took the armour of their scout,” said General O’Neil.

“That Elf bastard! He set us up,” said Jason. Sean couldn’t help but smile at what Jason said but kept down the urge to laugh sarcastically at it.

“Indeed he did and we were all too willing to take what we could from the ship,” said General O’Neil.

“Ok sir, what do we do now?” asked Stephen.

“I want you to call all the Guyvers here as I’ve a bad feeling that there’s going to be a massive battle cantered around the two of you and we need to decide who is going to visit Chronos,” said General O’Neil pointing at the two Warrior Guyvers.

“Sir, Guyver 0 has always being cagy about his past and will not even speak with us. Maybe we should ask Max to find him and speak with him. He might know something useful,” said Sean.

The conversation went on, for a man who hadn’t gotten all the facts, General O’Neil was pretty sure something bad would happen and he wanted all the Guyvers on our side to be in one place to take care of whatever was going to happen. Sean contacted Max and he then spoke with William, aka the Guyver 0. He agreed to come too. The only thing they now worried about was that the Gen had been away for so long. The Guyvers where an accident of the original Creators that where incredibly powerful and that person was the Guyver 0. But these Gen came back to create the Warrior Unit. Why? What would they think about Jason having one of their Units and Stephen their new Units? The new weapon systems in Stephen’s Warrior unit were ominous to say the least. These were questions that they hoped to answer before the Gen arrived, because what the Gen could have at their disposal now after thousands of years of research was mind boggling.

November 2nd 2010 – ACTF HQ Washington DC

The war with Chronos effectively has stopped. The ACTF has pulled out of Arizona to give peace talks a chance. All the worlds Guyvers have arrived at the base to discuss the situation and hopefully find a solution.  Inside a large meeting room all the worlds Guyver hosts sat at a large round table. With them was also General O’Neil and a human member of the executive branch of Chronos Valkyria.

“Do you honestly believe Chronos?” asked Max the GuyverC looking towards Valkyria. Max was the Canadian Guyver and the youngest of the group.

“We do not have a choice,” answered Valkyria. She was a small petite blond woman but knew how to throw her voice.

“We always have a choice, we fight like we always do and we win!” countered Max.

“Not against these odds Max,” said William the host of Guyver 0, much to the surprise of everyone else.

“What do you mean Will?” asked Max.

“You have not seen what forces the Gen have at their disposal. I have, I was there when it all started, when the Gen discovered the Guyver effect and how it was made,” answered William.

“And you attacked them?” asked Sho.

“No I did not,” answered William.

“But I saw you in the vision the Japan Relic gave me when I linked to the ship,” said Sho.

“Yeah, exactly it’s how we confirmed you were the Guyver 0,” said Max.

“I just went along your story as it was the easiest option. The truth is that I am no longer just that Guyver you saw in the memory of that Uranus Ship. I am both Gen and Human. But more human than I expected to be so much so I lost most of what it meant to be a Gen.”

“Who are the Gen?” asked Agito.

“They are ex Federation race that mastered not only the Guyver effect but enhanced it here on Earth after the Uranus left your world,” answered William.

“The Uranus was the name of the aliens that came to Earth first and developed the zoanoids and the brought the Guyver Unit with them?” asked Agito.

“Yes, but when they discovered what a human could do as a Guyver they left your under the order of the Federation and then proceeded to send a large planetoid through a wormhole to collided with your world!” answered William.

“They what?!” shouted Sean as the others pretty much sat there in stunned silence.

“That’s impossible! We’d all be dead if that was the case,” said General O’Neill.

“No it is not General, Alkanphel at great cost destroyed the planetoid but its fragments caused the last great ice age,” answered William.

“How do you know this if you were defeated?” asked Agito.

“From evidence found when we discovered the Earth was not destroyed,” answered William.

“Before I merged with the Control Spheres of the Arizona Relic to create my own Gigantic Armour it showed me your death and the planetoid exploding after Alkanphel slammed into it,” said Agito

“Wait, you never thought it would be a good idea to tell the rest of us?” asked Max.

“No, we had a war to fight and revealing Alkanphel was the saviour of the Earth wouldn’t have helped us in that war,” said Sean.

“Ha, and you are all meant to be the good guys fighting the evil organisation of Chronos?” asked Valkyria.

“Just because we view us to be the good guys, doesn’t mean we can’t have our own secrets and I’m sure Chronos has plenty of secrets” said Sean.

“That is very true,” said Valkyria smiling as she leaned back into her chair.

“William, how come there are no records of the Gen in our history?” asked Jason.

“Your written history does not go back far enough; your pictorial history is either crude or is ignored by your scholars and any sites of importance to the Gen was destroyed by them before they left after those that were worthy were transported away,” answered William.

“Those that were worthy?” asked General O’Neill.

“Yes, those humans that the Gen deemed worthy or needed for their further tests. Mostly it was people from the most your advanced culture the Atlantians,” said William.

“Why did you not go with them Will?” asked Max.

“I did not go because Solom deemed me as not one of the worthy.”

“You are a Guyver! How could you not be viewed as one of the worthy?” asked Agito.

“Solom is a Gen you do not question,” answered now very glum looking William.

“Is there any Gen you know of that might be of help to us?” asked Sho.

“Draven is Solom’s rival on the council. If we are lucky they do not see eye to eye on this issue.”

“How large is this army of theirs?” asked General O’Neill.

“They would easily number in the billions occupying hundreds of not thousands of worlds,” answer William.

“How do you know this if you have being stuck here on Earth?” asked General O’Neill

“I know this because I have witnessed and fought the first true Kavzar. It has no rival like it other than the Zoalords or now maybe the Gigantic Guyvers,” answered Guyver 0.

“Why do you think they came back William?” asked Sho.

“I think they came because they have unfinished business here. The only reason Jason has a Warrior Unit is because they had to leave Earth suddenly warning me not to contact them or risk alerting our enemies of Gaia’s location. That was tens of thousands of years ago,” answered William.

“Why would they leave their equipment behind?” asked Jason.

“They did not expect Chronos to come into existence and for a hidden relic to have its dormant Units taken from it. They did not and neither did I.”

“Chronos was unable to get the Warrior Unit from the War Relic the same way we had done with the Relic Point, which allowed the two Gigantic Guyvers and Guyver US to capture the Warrior Unit with an Armoured Navy Seal Team lead by Jason,” said Valkyria.

“We remember the battle well Valkyria, it was where Aptom sacrificed himself so that we could kill Cablarl Khan,” said Sho angrily.

“Yes, which brings me to my reason why we need to work together. The Guyvers have inflicted heavy losses on Chronos, these have being heavily felt even in the ranks of the Zoalords with four of their members being killed,” said Valkyria.

“Why should we be concerned about that,” asked Jason.

“Our only hope, zoanoid, zoalord, human or Guyver against these Gen is escape! The only way we can possibly escape is on the Ark which will take the power of twelve zoalords to control,” answered Valkyria.

“How do you suppose we escape then?” asked Jason.

“We were able to recover the zoa-crystal of three of our fallen zoalords. They have being replaced with new Zoalords but the fourth zoa-crystal that of Imakarum was kept by your forces and used by ACTF to create your controller for the Libertus,” said Valkyria.

“So without Shizu you cannot escape,” said Agito with smirk on his face.

“Yes, without your zoalord we are all trapped on this planet when the Gen’s forces arrive!” said Valkyria.

“Why did Chronos command send you and not a Zoalord to this meeting?”

“Why did you wait until now to ask Mr Makashima?”

“If you answer my question first, I’ll explain Valkyria.”

“You did not recognise my surname when we were introduced did you?”

“No I did not.”

“My full name is Valkyria E Lisker. I am the sister of Oswald A Lisker the Guyver 2.”

“The failed Guyver who Chronos used to develop the Enzyme zoanoids,” said Sho.

“Yes, the one and the same.”

“But that still does not answer why Chronos sent you,” said Agito.

“Ok then,” said Valkyria as she stood up from her chair and moved back to an open section of the room. She screamed “BIO MORPH!” and a blast field surrounded her. As the dust cleared and there stood a female purple Guyver it was obvious to everyone that she was not a normal Guyver as she’d glowing sections on her leg armour and on her elongated spiked shoulders. But no sooner had she revealed she was a Guyver she deactivated her Unit.

“The reason Chronos sent me is because I am one of their three Guyvers!” shouted Valkyria at a rarely stunned Agito. The chair Valkyria has being sitting on had being obliterated but it did not stop her moving to her side, finding another chair and sitting back down at the large conference table that was still intact.

“You’re just full of surprises aren’t you Valkyria, but unless your unit is more powerful than my Warrior Unit or a Gigantic Guyver we have nothing to worry about with you or the other two Chronos Guyvers,” said Stephen smiling.

“You are still thinking in terms of “the Guyvers” versus Chronos. It’s no longer this, we will be in a fight for our very survival and when it comes we will all die for nothing other than the knowledge that we failed everyone around us,” said Valkyria. Guards were appearing in the meeting room now due to the commotion caused by her activating her Guyver Unit and the blast field impacting the floor below smashing in the ceiling the floor below them.

“So what you’re saying is that we have no choice but to go along with Chronos rule and escape on the Ark?” asked Sho.

“Yes, we all have no choice but Chronos will not be taking humans along just to make zoanoids. But to continue humanity’s existence,” said Valkyria.

“Guys, we have no choice really, it is either stay on Earth and face certain death or take a chance with Chronos,” said Jason.

“Unfortunately for some of us won’t have a choice. Some of us will have to stay here and battle the Gen so that the rest can escape.”

“Who will that be?” asked Sho.

“Those that have Units created by the Gen,” answered Valkyria.

“The Warrior Guyvers,” answered Jason.

“Yes, along with Shadow Guyver, Turbo Guyver and I,” said a very restrained Valkyria.

“Why would you stay here and die fighting with us,” asked Stephen.

“So that my family can live on the Ark and that someday my brother may live,” said an almost teary eyed Valkyria.

“I’ll do it,” said Jason.

“I will too,” said Stephen.

“Are you guys sure?” asked Sean.

“It’s not like we have much of a choice Sean. It’s either fight and give humanity some chance with Chronos or face annihilation against a force we cannot possibly win against,” said Jason.

Two hours later – The Ark orbiting high above Washington DC

Valkyria stood in the lab section of the Ark looking at the frozen body of the failed Guyver, Guyver 2 and was thinking of past events that lead them both to be here. It had being five years give or take a few months since the Guyver 2 unit activated accidentally on him. But because of its damaged control medal it was not long before the newly activated Guyver lost control. Genzo Makishima’s last good act was to hit the containment button and freeze the Guyver 2 preventing any further damage. But for letting the other two Units be acquired he was punished by being turned into the first Guyver hunting zoanoid the Enzyme. Even though Commander Guyot was a traitorous bastard he still obeyed the request of Valkus to send the frozen body of the Guyver 2 to Arizona for research away from the threat of the other two Guyvers. Valkyria had already decided to join Chronos by this stage and the events of what happened to her brother only further convinced her that decision was the correct one. She would help Chronos do whatever it needed to help her step brother.

The chamber door behind Valkyria opened and in stepped Alkanphel himself the ruler of Chronos. A zoalord Valcuria had only met once and that was this morning. He was by himself and from what she knew he was not only the oldest but possibly the most powerful and first zoalord. These facts were told to her by Alkanphel himself and she’d no reason to doubt him.

“Greetings Valkyria how did your meeting go with the Guyvers?” asked Alkanphel.

“It went as we hoped Lord Alkanphel,” said Valkyria.

“Good, but do they trust us?” asked Alkanphel.

“No, not fully, but that is to be expected after years of war. But they understand that they have to side with us or face the Gen,” said Valkyria.

“The two Warrior Guyvers have agreed to stay behind?”

“Yes along with Kalika, Alfrid, and I.” said Valkyria

“You all did not have to do this?”

“Yes we did, we all have loved ones that would die if we didn’t.”

“You are a Guyver. I may have told you more details about me than anyone else other than Valkus so you could better informed but in the end you had a choice and didn’t have to obey our request,” said Alkanphel as he walked up to the pod that contained the body of Guyver 2.

“Can you please tell him of me?”

“Of course I will Valkyria,”

ACTF HQ – Freedom Park

Sho sat on a bench looking out on the grass where Mitzuki and their two year old baby girl played. This day had taken its toll on him. He did not expect to hear that he and the other Guyvers would be fighting for the lives of everyone including his family. But as he looked over and saw Jason’s wife Fiona looking on as their two children chassed each other he realised he was not alone with this painful choice. Did he really have a choice though?

“Penny, for your thought?” asked Fiona as she walked over to him.

“Hello Fiona, I don’t think you want to know my thoughts at the moment,” said Sho.

“Ah common Sho, Jason tells me everything.”

“You know of the choice he has being given.”

“It’s not much of a choice for him now is it,” said Fiona looking away from Sho for a few moments at her kids and then back at Sho.

“I know, I’d do the same for them.”

“Of course you would Sho.”

“There are times Fiona I wonder if choices I made will come back and haunt me now.”

“What do you mean?”

“Years ago, I killed the thirteenth Zoalord. He was once my friend Murakami. We thought he’d died at Relics Point. But Chronos took his body and re-processed him to be the replacement Zoalord for Guyot.”

“That’s terrible.”

“Yes it was, but that battle Fiona changed everything. I was in a dark place after I killed Murakami. We all moved here to the USA after that battle. I helped Agito formulate his plans which became mine just as much as his. We attacked Chronos Arizona and freed doctor Hekkaring. Together we done things I never thought I’d possibly do in allowing him develop the Libertus Zoanoid.”

“Sho people chose if they want to be a Libertus or not.”

“People chose if they want to be a zoanoid inside Chronos or not too.”

“Sho they all knew the risk and the cost of being a Libertus, but every last one of them was given the option and could have said no. That’s what you all are fighting for.”

“That’s what I tell myself whenever I think about it Fiona. But it doesn’t change the end result. Even helping Agito acquire the Fossilised Relics Control Medal from Arizona and becoming Gigantic Dark changes completely nothing. In the end we are all, Chronos and humanity going to be destroyed by some Alien race. All we’ve successfully done is weaken each other and lay the ground work for them!”

“Snap out of it Sho, you see them you’ll do whatever is needed for them!” said Fiona pointing at Mitzuki and at Sho’s daughter.

“It’s best to agree with her Sho,” said Jason as he walked up beside them.

“Yeah I have to agree with you there Jason,” said Sho smiling at Fiona. She moved over and gave him a hub.

“You’ll do what’s right Sho,” said Fiona as she then ran over to her children.

“I don’t know if I can do it Jason?”

“Do what Sho?”

“I do not know if I can get along with Chronos after that all we’ve done to each other.”

“You both will, because we all do not have a choice,” said Jason as he looked out at his children.

“I’m sorry Jason.”

“There is no need to be Sho. We all made these choices; no one of us is solely responsible for all of this.”

November 3rd 2010 – High above the atmosphere – Antarctica

A small wormhole appeared in space and a relative to the Ark a much smaller bio space ship appeared. Between the control spheres inside the ship a lone Warrior Kavzar floated in a dormant state. The ship sensing it had arrived in the correct location sent a beam of light to the primed control crystal of the Warrior Kavzar. Not even a second later its eyes lit up as the creature came to life. There was no respite for this creature it immediately knew its purpose. It connected to the sensors of the scout class bio-ship and soon he’d found his target in the frozen lands of the North Pole. Why he’d chosen to live there would be a mystery to most but to the Warrior Kavzar the question did not enter its highly programmed mind.

Seconds later the Warrior Kavzar appeared as he teleported close by the home of Guyver 0. Looking around there was only white frozen snow and ice all the way to the horizon. Even though the weather was neither bad nor stormy it took a few moments for the Warrior Kavzar’s eyes to adjust to the white surroundings. Even then he could not immediately make out the dwelling of Zero. Warrior Kavzar’s head sensors then moved back and forward as it scanned the immediate region and found what he was looking for. The Warrior Kavzar’s eyes went blank as it then gave up control over its body.

<“Hello Zero.”>

<“Draven, but how are you able to contact me?”>

<“I’m talking to your through a Warrior Kavzar close by your dwelling.”>

<“Why have the Gen returned to Gaia?”>

<“The War is over Zero. The Federation has being defeated along with the Uranus.”>

<“What does that mean for me?”>

<“Your exile is over.”>

<“What of the people of Gaia?”>

<“They made their choice when they killed Galen, they are to be wiped out by order of Solom!”>

<“He’s condemning a world of billions because of one dead Gen? How are you allowing him to do that?”>

<“No I am not, it was not by decision! The choice was taken out of my hands, Solom used Galen’s death to convince the rest of the council Gaia is now our biggest threat and to allow him to do it personally.”>

<“They do not have a chance do they?”>

<“No they do not. But for you your exile is over Zero. You can return to your family on the world of Knossos, to the lands of the chosen.”>

<“It’s being thousands of years Draven, even immortal they would have forgotten about me.”>

<“No Zero, they are still in status awaiting your return. To them no time has passed at all.”>

<“I want to return to my family.”>

No sooner did Zero relay the message he found himself teleported to the South Ship orbiting the Earth high above his home. A status beam hit him and he knew not to resist and activate his armour as he drifted off to sleep.

<“Now Warrior Kavzar deliver my message to the Warrior Guyvers”>

The eyes of the Warrior Kavzar lit back up as the Gen released his control over the creature. Seconds later it vanished from the snow covered lands of the North and teleported away.

Washington DC – ACTF Buildings – The Testing and training centre.

Warrior Guyver and Warrior Guyver 2 were testing their abilities against each other in the only room capable of monitoring them and also shielded enough that stray blasts wouldn’t destroy the base. The room was placed at the furthest point of the base and the firing Guyver always had to be pointed towards an unpopulated area to minimise the chance of loss of life. So far they had realised some important facts. The Warrior Guyver 2’s Unit was designed more towards firepower while the first Warrior Guyver’s was more defensive in nature and Gravity based attacks simply did not work against him and were easily manipulated by his barrier shield to be used as he saw fit.

Out of nowhere a massive green and sliver Guyver looking creature with design elements of a zoalord teleported right in front of the Warrior Guyver 2 interrupting the weapons test. Before either Warrior Guyver had a moment to wonder what this creature was with a swipe of its arm it sent a hand beam toward Warrior Guyver. Luckily for him he was already storing gravitational energy in his active barrier shield so when the beam hit it did not penetrate his shield. But the rest of the energy that did not hit him cut through the shielded walls like they were not there.

“Get him!” shouted Warrior Guyver 2.

Warrior Guyver 2 fired his arm laser beams and all three head beams but they simply could not break through the creature’s body shield. The Warrior Kavzar was about to attack Warrior Guyver 2 but before it got a chance, it was hit by Warrior Guyver’s gravity shield as Warrior Guyver rammed into the Creature at near the speed of sound, releasing the shields energy it sent the Warrior Kavzar slamming it down to the ground with such force it caused a crater to be formed around its body and sending dust and dirt and chunks of concrete everywhere.

The bases alarms sounded as the creature immediately flipped back up to its feet. The Warrior Guyvers didn’t have a moment to react as the Warrior Kavzar turned its head towards the observation room and fired a quick barrage of laser fire cutting through concrete like it was not even there. Warrior Guyver 2 responded by firing a cyclone blast at the Warrior Kavzar which rippled along its body shield which then broke through and knocked off its bio-amour and sent the Warrior Kavzar thumping back against the wall of the room. At the same time Warrior Guyver then released the energy he had being building up around his barrier at the Warrior Kavzar which then blasted him through the building and out of the base.

Warrior Guyver and Warrior Guyver 2 knew they had to keep the pressure on what they knew to be a very powerful opponent and continued firing as Guyver US entered the room. The Warrior Kavzar from each arm fired two blasts at each Warrior Guyver. But they were not the ones to make the next move as the Warrior Kavzar surprised them all and singled out Guyver US!

Guyver US charged his pressure cannon, in anticipation of the Warrior Kavzars attack, and held it in front of him as a shield at the same time the Warrior Kavzar charged his own and held it in one hand. The Warrior Kavzar then shot forward at incredible speed, stopping instantly right in front of Guyver US, only to kneel down and slam its gravity ball straight into the one Guyver US was maintaining, easily punching through as his arm continued on through and impaled Guyver US’s chest with over half the length of its forearm.

All the Warrior Guyvers fired their head beams and pressure cannons at the Warrior Kavzar to stop him but his body shield took everything they had with impunity. Warrior Kavzar then stood with Guyver US still impaled on its arm and looked him straight into his eyes as Guyver US spewed blood onto the ground from his mouth vents and chest. Guyver US looked up in time to see the Warrior Kavzar head crystal charge up. The Warrior Kavzar then fired the deadly beam through Guyver US’s Control Medal, easily blasting through and blowing apart his brain. With that Guyver US was dead, the Warrior Kavzar then activated his arm Cyclone Power Matrix which erupted outward and engulfed Guyver US’s body in its fiery energies, quickly incinerating it.

GuyverC entered the battle just in time to see this and roared in rage at his friend’s death and quickly opened his right mega smasher. The Warrior Kavzar turned just in time to see the powerful blast heading towards him and didn’t even flinch as it engulfed him. . . When the dust cleared the Warrior Kavzar was unharmed and had both mega-smashers open. GuyverC had barely enough time to comprehend his predicament before the Warrior Kavzar fired and the blast sped towards him, but Warrior Guyver managed to teleported GuyverC out of its path at the last instant as the incredibly powerful twin mega smasher beams blasted through where GuyverC had stood, obliterating the building he had stood in front of, went on through the base and then through the city as far as the eye could see.

Warrior Guyver 2 then blasted the Warrior Kavzar with a full powered Cyclone blast as Warrior Guyver hit him with a Mega Pressure Cannon, this too proved useless against this beings powerful focused defences but it seemed to blind it for the few seconds as Gigantic Guyver entered the battle. Regaining its focus the Warrior Kavzar fired a quick number of powerful blasts towards Gigantic Guyver from its crossed shaped control medal crystal. Gigantic Guyver still closed in and only moved his arms in front of head. The orbs on Gigantic Guyver’s wrist glowed as small shields appeared which he used to deflect the beam attacks as he continued to run towards the Warrior Kavzar. Energy collected around the right fist of Gigantic Guyver as he then power punched the Warrior Kavzar’s face knocking it backwards.

“SHO MOVE!” roared Warrior Guyver as he, Warrior Guyver 2 and GuyverC all stood there with their mega-smasher plates open.

A large crater formed from our massively powerful attack around the Warrior Kavzar as they struck true to their target and anxiously waited for the dust to clear to see if they had finally killed the bastard. . .seconds past. . . Yes!

“Thank God, the damn thing is finally dead,” said Warrior Guyver 2.

“Sean…” said Warrior Guyver. They had lost an important ally and friend. They looked at the ground where Guyver US had met his end and then at the massive devastation that the Warrior Kavzars Mega Smashers had left as it tore through the base and the city before dissipating in the horizon. The Guyver’s knew their worst fear had come through, the Gen had returned and their forces had grown powerful. How were they going to face millions or billions of those creatures?  “May God help us all,” said Jason as he disengaged his bio-armour.

2 Hours Later – Boost Dimension

The boost dimension is a plane of existence that powered Guyvers and Kavzar alike. There two eyes lit up as its regeneration was complete. The Warrior Kavzar of Draven had completely recovered to the damage done to it by the Guyvers and was ready to go back and battle the Guyvers. Following protocol after being rendered inoperative the Warrior Kavzar contacted its master to report its status. But instead of being ordered to continue its assault it received a message to “Cease” and from this point on to cloak and only monitor the Guyvers.

Core World Prime – The Floating City of Knossos

Draven looked at himself in the mirror. He did not like what he had to do but it needed to be done. The message had to be sent that humanity did not have a chance against the Gen. He was one of a growing few who still felt a desire that Earth or Gaia as he people knew it should be left alone. With the Uranus and the Federation defeated the people of Earth did not need to pay the cost they were about to for the transgressions of a few. He left his private chambers and immediately walked into G’Kor.

“Hello old friend,” said G’Kor.

“Hello G’Kor, you were waiting for me?

“Yes my friend, the choice placed on us does not rest easily with me.”

“It was not simply by choice that the council voted to destroy humanity. Solom terrified us all with the idea that one of them could become a Guyver Zoalord,” said G’Kor.

“Yes, but when they killed Galen who was sent to investigate the ancient Uranus Relics they unwittingly gave Solom all he needed,” said Galen.

“What are we going to do?”

November 4th 2010 – Dead Sea Base

The Dead Sea base was the location the Ark was grown in. It was also the largest point of contact with the Ark and served as its main supply point. It was because of this that anyone who now had to go to the Ark was being first transported here. Due to there being only one Ark the problem was now getting people on board more than filling it up. Even with the Warrior Guyvers helping teleporting people inside the ship the numbers being saved was only in the millions. Inside the main meeting room Alkanphel and Purg’stall were meeting with the Guyvers due to the importance of the meeting the Warrior Guyvers were also present and had stopped assisting with the rescue operations and General O’Neil.

“I was surprised that you not only agreed to meet us here but to also end the war,” said Alkanphel.

“We’re not fools Alkanphel. No doubt you know of the battle at New York,” said General O’Neil.

“Yes we do know, but that it was still a surprise to us that even with your great losses you would agree to end the war with us,” said Alkanphel.

“Fighting against impossible might be desirable for someone to meet their end but I will not see us all destroyed just because of our pride or some insane desire to fight to the bitter end,” said General O’Neil.

“Ok then, let’s get to business. You know why we need each other General?”

“Yes, without Shizu we are stuck on this world and can’t escape on the Ark.”

“Exactly General, we both have something the other needs to survive. The question would be can we work together?”

“We don’t have a choice, so we have to make this work.”

“I think we can work together General.”

As they continued talking Agito was thinking of Shizu who was sitting beside him. It was almost five years ago when Imakarum lead a team of Enzyme 3’s against Sho and him and their friends. Little did she or Agito for that matter know how much their lives would change after that event. Sho the Gigantic Guyver ended up fighting their former friend Masaki Murakami in a death battle in the sky while Agito and Aptom faced the four Enzyme 3’s. It was a brutal battle which ended when Gigantic Guyver chopped off the head of Imakarum. Enraged at having to kill his friend Gigantic Guyver then proceeded to arrive in time to decimate the Enzyme 3s. Agito then removed the zoacrystal from Imakarum’s head giving it to Shizu for safe keeping.

After the battle they returned with Agito to the USA arriving before a Chronos strike on the base could happen. While Agito had planned things differently wanting the power of the Gigantic for himself an angry Sho was easily manipulated, though looking back he now often wondered was he the one that was being manipulated allowing Sho to fulfil his desire for revenge? The question now mattered little, what mattered was the end result. Sho and he waged war on Chronos. Working a on a tip from his informants Gigantic Guyver and he attacked the Chronso Arizona base and captured Doctor Hekkaring, the Chronos number 2 scientist after Zoalord Valkus himself. They convinced Hekkaring to join them having already capturing a supply of the drug needed to keep the rebellion virus at bay. Through him the Libertus zoanoid was made. Volunteers found within Zeus Thunderbolt became the first wave and their leader was Shizu who underwent full Zoalord processing taking the former zoacrystal of Imakarum and they with the Guyvers attacked the Washington DC processing plant.

“Are you ok Agito?” asked Stephen who was sitting beside him.

“Sorry I was thinking of the past and what lead us to here, what did I miss?” asked Agito.

“Alkanphel asked would you be willing to let Shizu submit to his command?”

“That is a very blunt way of summarising what he requested Stephen,” said General O’Neil.

“It is to the point Sir,” said Stephen.

“It is not my choice, Shizu chose to follow me and become a zoalord. It is her choice if she is willing to work with Alkanphel and the other zoalords.”

“I will work with you and the other Chronos Zoalords, but I have a concern Alkanphel.”

“And what is that Shizu?”

“How will we be represented in leadership decisions?” asked Shizu

“As a member of the Zoalords of Chronos Shizu, you will be their representative Shizu. General O’Neil will govern his people like he has always done,” said Alkanphel.

“..and the Guyvers?”

“We’ve no remover Shizu, they destroyed that when they destroyed Guyot. If we’re lucky enough to find any Uranus technology we will need their help to get it.”

“What about technology from these Gen?” asked Agito.

“They have designed their version of the Unit G not to work with Zoalords and restricts the power levels of those that have zoanoid powers to that they do not go beyond a yet to be determined power level,” said Alkanphel.

“You really did give Valcuria her Battle Unit,” said Jason with a look of shocked realisation on his face.

“Yes, we did, to the other 2 hosts and her,” answered Alkanphel.

“The Gen limited their units to prevent a Guyver Zoalord from happening, which means the only two Units that can make you become a Guyver Zoalord are Agito’s and mine,” said Sho.

“Yes, but we’ve learned a lot Mr Fukamachi of the Unit-G from trying to repair the Guyver 2. It is not possible to remove what makes it you from the Control Medal without the Unit Remover. To do so without it would almost certainly destroy the control medal,” said Alkanphel.

“But what about Max, the GuyverC? We Guyvers have never being able to communicate with him through our Units like we can with each other. Where did Chronso find his Unit?” asked Sho.

“We did not find his Unit. It was constructed from what we could find out from the Control Medal of the Guyver 2.”

“My Unit was a Chronos test Unit?” asked Max.

“Yes,” confirmed Alkanphel.

“If Chronos can create a Guyver Unit, why not make one for you?” asked Max.

“Have you ever seen how the Unit-G lives in its natural state without the Control Medal Max?”

“No, I have not,” said Max.

“We have,” answered Sho pointing at both himself and Agito.

“The Guyver in its natural element without a Control Medal to regulate it is an insatiable monster capable of absorbing any living thing it touches and merging its characteristics with itself.”

 “We faced clone of Sho after the Enzyme bit off his arm. It never absorbed another person?” said Agito

“You were lucky it was bonded to a higher form of life. The bio creature had access to Sho’s brain and as such knew not to eat all of its food source.” said Alkanphel

“So if one of these Chronos constructed units failed it would be incredibly dangerous,” said Agito.

 “Yes, more so than the threat of even the Gen,” said Alkanphel.

“That doesn’t leave us with much of a choice, we have to follow the plan.” said Stephen.

“I recommend that the Guyvers get to know each other. Shizu and General O’Neil can you please say behind?” asked Alkanphel. All the Guyver hosts allied with the ACTF looked oddly back at Shizu and the General as they moved out of the room but were signalled to move on by the General. General O’Neill knew there wasn’t a danger; if they were there was more subtle ways for Alkanphel to kill him before even one of the Guyvers could Bio-Boost or Shizu could react. Purg’stall walked up to the site of Alkanphel as Shizu and the General walked towards them.

“I’m sorry for having to remove our friends from this conversation but this is only a matter for the zoalords. I’ve invited you here General as this also directly concerns you,” said Alkanphel. The General nodded his head to show that he was paying attention as Shizu and Purg’stall listened on.

“I have something to tell you both that is of personal nature to me and is a secret only a select few of Chronos know about even within the Ranks of the Zoalord. But given how close we’ll be living together of the next few years it is something I will have to confide in you both,” said Alkanphel.

“Before we continue, what insurances do we have that your people won’t just turn everyone into Zoanoids the moment they leave Earth?” asked General O’Neil.

“It would not serve my purposes to simply turn all the remaining humans into Zoanoids General, but I have anticipated your concern,” said Alkanphel. In the middle of the table a 3D picture of a crystal appeared.

“What is this?” asked General O’Neil.

“That General is a Zoacrystal. It is still growing but relatively speaking; soon it can be used to make a human into a full Zoalord.”

“From our information though, to do that would take a lot of time, a lot more than what we have before the Gen attack in force,” said General O’Neil.

“Very astute of you General,” said Alkanphel smiling. He liked the idea of this human being a zoalord of Chronos.

The talks continued as General O’Neil and Alkanphel worked out the details. For them ensure a smooth relationship with Chronos and the ACTF the General agreed to become the 13th Zoalord. The plan was simple, for now, as many people as possible would be evacuated to the Ark, and put into stasis, which will then leave orbit and make its way to the edge of the solar system. From there they would wormhole to their first distention. What they hoped was that those who had the Gen Guyver units could put enough of a fight that it would give them the time needed to reach their evacuation point.

It was the hardest thing General O’Neil ever had to do, ordering a committee to choose who would stay and die and who would go on the Ark to an uncertain future. All the people going would be put into stasis pods to maximize space and to help ensure all would survive the long trip ahead of them. For both Jason and Stephen this was their last day with their family. Neither liked the idea of sacrificing themselves but they had too. The Gen would never forgive them for taking their Units.

Valkyria stood looking at the control medal of her step brother, Oswald Lisker the Guyver 2. She joined Chronos to prove she was better than him. She loved him as a brother only for after the death of her mother to learn he viewed her and her mother to be an inferior race. Ever since then she burned with the desire to outdo him. She’d succeeded becoming the Battle Guyver. A fully operational Guyver already put her beyond his achievements. But she couldn’t help but find it funny that in some small way he was going to outlive her. Be it frozen hoping that someday Natasha might make a breakthrough and discover how to fully repair his damaged control medal. But if that event did happen, he would wake up to learn one unmistakeable truth, she did better than him!

A day later and the ACTF discovered exactly what the new units were capable of. The Battle Unit was pretty impressive, though only about 50% more powerful than a standard Guyver, her unit showed the added ability to project powerful energy shields that she could also manipulate to produce highly destructive energy/force blasts. This shield power was very similar to Warrior Guyvers blast shield in that it is powered by HSL tech and thus does not draw upon host energy unlike the other Units, which proved to be powerful but a little unstable as well.

Testing of the Turbo Guyver as it had become known proved interesting for the Guyvers. This Unit was different to that of a standard Guyver in that he had the ability to go into what can only be described as a ‘turbo’ mode that allows her Unit to temporarily double its power level to match the raw power and abilities of a Warrior Guyver. It had a downside though in caused the Unit to use up its stored energy reserves like crazy and exceeded what the Unit could pull from the Boost Dimension. The result was it left the unit at a quarter of its normal power level which would be approximately was around half that of a normal Guyver. This was a drastic power loss to suffer when facing the Warrior Kavzar. Its host, Alfred Drano was a man with no family. He understood the risk involved in using what could be his most deadly ability.

Kalika Karlon like Valkyria was one of the few female Inspectors in Chronos. Despite her young age she rose fast through the ranks of Chronos and her keen mind helped her figure out many situations in moments. Like her comrades she was chosen to be one of the Guyvers due to her lack of family, to her Chronos was family. Her Unit was codenamed Shadow Guyver. She was capable of cloaking completely from view and only the Gigantic Guyvers or the Warrior Guyvers seemed capable of noticing, even then it wasn’t immediate and wasn’t clear. They could just tell their senses were being fooled but couldn’t pin point where. Like the Battle Guyver she too noticed she never got physically tired and it was theorised that both the Shadow Guyver and Battle Guyvers had an early version of the HSL that kept the Warrior Guyvers constantly a peek performance.

November 5th 2010 – Dead Sea Base

Day two at the Chronos Base, Warrior Guyver 2 was watching as the last Pods disembarked to the Ark began to be loaded with their precious cargo when Agito suddenly signalled him for an all ACTF Guyvers meeting. Minutes later we entered a secure chamber deep within the base along with two people that Max and Agito introduced as Greg Howzer and Ira Pike. We were soon shocked to learn that both Greg and Ira were Guyvers with power levels near that of a Warrior Guyver. Ira was an American secret agent that had acquired her Unit years ago and had secretly been working with Agito and Sho over the past two years. Greg was a member of the elite Canadian Robo Guyver team and had recently bonded with his Unit. Agito then explained the reason for the meeting.

“I’m sure you can appreciate the reasons for keeping the existence of Greg and Ira secret, now more than ever. Thankfully they are not Warrior Tech Units so will not be traceable by the GEN. Quite frankly they are our ace in the hole to ensure this mission goes according to plan, with both Jason and Stephen having to stay to face the Gen that we’ll need them in case the Zoalords try anything once we’re in interstellar space.”

“Let us hope it doesn’t come to that,” said Jason.

“Yes, a battle in deep space would be bad enough but with all those people. . . Let us pray that the Zoalords will not be insane enough to risk humanities last hope,” said Sho.

Warrior Guyver 2 listened attentively and agreed with the plan. He wasn’t a very religious man but silently prayed as he thought of the Ark on their way into deep space with possibly the last of humanity inside it. The Ark would now truly live up to its name as it would soon ferry humanities last hope to some new world. All now hinged on him and the other Guyvers being able to distract the Gen long enough to ensure those souls could escape Earths certain destruction. Hopefully he would be up to the task at hand and that Alkanphel’s plan would succeed. Warrior Guyver 2 knew the price of failure, the total annihilation of the human race! Still, even if he and the others succeeded his thought now went to billions still left on Earth were doomed to die. He could only hope that they would have the strength and will to do what was needed. . .

Part 2: From the View of Stephen, the Warrior Guyver 2.

Day three, the Ark was well on its way and had already neared the edge of the solar system. Two more days and it would be far enough away to make the jump into hyper space without being detected by the Gen. At least that was the plan, it was up to us who remained to ensure the Gen would be distracted enough not to notice. To that end we prepared as we hurriedly equipped as many people as we could with weapons and armours. Even knowing that we had next to zero chance of surviving a battle with the Gen and their Warrior Kavzars, we prepared all available nuclear weapons so we could at least go out fighting. Meanwhile, Jason and I met with the three Chronos Guyvers, to plan out our best and worst case scenarios as to how the meeting with the Gen would go.

Day four. . . Preparations were finally complete. Nothing left to do but wait for the Gen to arrive. . . I keep wondering if we realised we’d have this much time could we have fitted more people onto the Ark. There are so many people still here with me that do not know what is coming…

Day Five, the Gen arrive. A massive dark blue Gen vessel, over ten times the size of the Ark, made the jump from hyper space and appeared in orbit around the Earth. Within seconds six Dark Blue Warrior Kavzars teleported to the predetermined meeting site just outside of Washington DC. One of the Warrior Kavzars then stepped forward and simply ordered us to prepare for the arrival of the three Gen. My heart pounded as we waited for the Gen, this was it, the moment of truth. . .

First there was Solom, the creator of the Warrior unit and helped develop the Warrior Kavzars. From Zero’s description, I had a nasty feeling that he would probably want to dissect Jason or I. Then there was Draven, one of the original Gen who came to Earth and bio-engineered mankind. Zero described him as one of the few Gen with what we would call a code of honour and is probably the primary reason we haven’t been all vaporized yet.

Finally there would be G’Kor, the Gen responsible for observing this sector of space and who was most likely the commander of for Galen, the dead Gen we had observed in the crashed vessel that I had gotten my Warrior Unit from. None of us were happy at hearing that, no wonder the Warrior Kavzar had attacked us without warning; we had killed one of their gods. I did notice though that the Warrior Kavzar that had killed Sean was a different colour to these. But if that meant anything I did not yet know.

Many of us wanted to kill Alkanphel right then and there for getting us into this situation but this was not the time to quibble about fault. Alkanphel may have been right in trying to prevent word of our continued existence from reaching the Gen but he failed and now we had to work together to see if there was any way we could get out of this mess. If not, then we had to do everything in our power to keep the Gen distracted long enough to ensure the escaping people got far enough away to avoid detection. Either way, we didn’t have long to wait as the Gen finally teleported down a minute later.

“I am Draven, member of the High Council of the Gen. Who is your leader?”

A slim white man black haired man dressed in a suit walked towards the Gen and the Warrior Kavzar without a care in the world holding only a briefcase.

“I am Director Taylor Smith of Chronos and the Americas,” said the slim white man in his black suit and smartly brushed hair. Even though he was only an averaged height man he looked down on the three armoured Gen by over a foot in height. The Kavzar that circled them though were a totally different matter at ten feet tall while smaller than a Gigantic Guyver made everyone else look small.

“You are not the leader of your species. Where is Alkanphel?” asked Solom stepping beside Draven and looking curiously at the man.

“He slumbers in a deep sleep,” answered Taylor Smith. This sparked my interest, why would Chronos give that as an excuse for him not appearing? He’s in a deep sleep?

“He still suffers from what the Uranus done to him?” asked Draven.

“Yes, he does,” answered Taylor Smith.

“Explain why your kind have killed the Gen Galen and stolen his Warrior Unit,” demanded Solom. The venom in his voice could be heard even through the distortion caused by his Unit.

“Please forgive our actions, at the time we were in a state of war and had need of the Warrior Unit. We are now aware of our error and are prepared to make any reparation that you may desire,” said Warrior Guyver 2 stepping forward beside Taylor Smith.

“Forgiveness. . . No Warrior Guyver thief, it’s too late for that, your peoples fate has already been decided. The time for talk is over!” shouted Solom. The three Gen then disappeared as they teleported back to their ship with their Warrior Kavzar escort. Seconds later we received word that thousands of Warrior Kavzars had appeared around the world and begun to attack. . .

Damn them! The Gen had only agreed to halt the attacks and meet with us so they could gather their troops and annihilate us all in one fell swoop. This was Armageddon but we had to hold them off at all cost. The Ark needed another hour before it could make the hyperspace jump without being detected. We all knew what was at stake and wasted no time springing into action with phase one of our battle plan. Taylor Smith gave the signal and several thousand nuclear missiles worldwide were launched and sped towards their target, the Gen vessel.

The Gen vessel immediately began to shoot the missiles down but we were betting at least a few could get through, we doubted that any that got through would really damage such a massive ship or even weaken its shields but it bought us time. Time that we used to battle the invading Warrior Kavzars. Fortunately we had planned ahead and anticipated that the Warrior Kavzars would attack the cities first so all had been evacuated except for armoured soldiers and people who decided to stay and fight.

The rest had been evacuated to bomb shelters. Now Me, Warrior Guyver, Battle Guyver, Turbo Guyver, Shadow Guyver and a couple thousand Blue and Green armoured soldiers along with countless remaining zoanoids battled the Warrior Kavzars that soon appeared in Washington DC. We were barely holding our own while the death toll around world ranged in the hundreds of millions in a matter of minutes. The power of the Warrior Kavzars was incredible, even prepared as we were that we stood next to no chance against the thousands of Warrior Kavzars, but we had to hold the line and prepare for phase two of our battle plan.

Meanwhile, Taylor Smith looked at a tablet that in real time gave him information on the battles around the world. It was as we realised a futile battle. Taylor Smith dropped the tablet and then opened up a briefcase and inserted an electronic key card into the device within. He then entered an authorization code and a panel within the case opened to reveal a large red button. He was glad most people around the world didn’t realise what he was doing. Even at his most God Hating best he could not imagine ever a situation where at a touch of a button he would wipe out most of the world’s population. But then he pressed the button.

Phase two of the battle plan was initiated. In every city in the world, strategically placed clusters of nuclear bombs were triggered simultaneously. Engulfing each city in the tell-tale mushroom shaped clouds of the most powerful weapon of mass destruction ever created by mankind. . . In Washington DC, Taylor Smith barely had time for his brain to register the blinding white light of the multiple nuclear blasts before it vaporized and everything else within thirty miles. . . Phase two of the battle plan was completed.

The plan was simple, lure the Warrior Kavzars into the target zones within the cities that we knew they would attack first and blow them to hell. The only problem was making sure the Warrior Kavzars stayed in the target zone long enough to execute the plan. So several billion people had to stay and keep the Warrior Kavzars occupied up to the last moment. . . An insane plan but considering what was at stake that we had no choice. . . Now it was time for phase three of the battle plan. When planning this General O’Neil knew that even if phase two was completely successful that the Gen could still call on additional forces and we still had another forty minutes to go before the Ark could make the hyperspace jump.

We had cut it close but I along with the other four Guyvers had successfully teleported to safety just as the nuclear bombs detonated. We watched from afar as the nuclear explosions blossomed out and the skies grew dark. Soon the world would be enveloped in a nuclear winter. . . We had sacrificed everything to ensure the success of phase two and now we five were all that remained to complete phase three. This too was a simple plan, we simply had to survive the next forty minutes. . .

But no sooner had that thought crossed my mind that a Warrior Kavzar appeared amidst us. We had barely enough time to react to its presence before it attacked; single handily it fired a black hole attack at both me and Warrior Guyver. We countered with our mega smashers and obliterated the black holes but the Warrior Kavzar was already on the move as it fired two powerful cyclone blasts at Battle Guyver and Turbo Guyver. Battle Guyver managed to teleport out of the way at the last instant but Turbo Guyver was hit dead on and even though he had raised his shield, the power of cyclone blast easily penetrated and vaporized him.

Now only four of us remained. Warrior Guyver wasted no time and launched himself at the Warrior Kavzar, raising all his shields as he smashed into the Warrior Kavzar at mach two. I followed up and Mega Smashed the Warrior Kavzar, but like our first battle with a Warrior Kavzar, this proved ineffective against the Warrior Kavzars incredibly powerful shields. In fact I think I only managed to piss it off as it then took the time to open its Mega Smashers, ignoring both Warrior Guyver and Battle Guyver as they continued to blast at the Warrior Kavzar with their gravity weapons, and fired them at me. . .

This all took less than three seconds to elapse and I was barely able to jump out of the way at the last instant but even then was singed right through my body shield by the mere proximity of the blast. Warrior Guyver then let loose and hit the Warrior Kavzar with his Mega Smashers, which distracted the Warrior Kavzar long enough for Battle Guyver to blast it with a pressure cannon enhanced gravity shield attack she has being building up. . . We watched as the large black ball of energy engulfed the Warrior Kavzar and waited to see if it would teleport itself out but it didn’t even bother as it simply blasted the attack apart with a cyclone blast that took us by surprise and knocked us all to the ground as the shockwave of the blast hit us. . .

I got up just in time to see the Warrior Kavzar charging towards me and we grappled but it quickly forced me down to my knees with its superior strength. I strained with all my might but felt my arms begin to break under the enormous force exerted by the Warrior Kavzar. Desperate, I started to blast away at the Warrior Kavzar with my head beam but the Warrior Kavzar simply laughed at my efforts. “Nooooo!” Warrior Guyver screamed as he launched himself at the Warrior Kavzar, activating all four of his vibrational swords and began slashing at its back but this too proved futile against the Warrior Kavzars shields, only managing to elicit cuts that healed as quickly as they were made, and so the creature simply ignored him as it continued its efforts to break me.

Soon my arms finally snapped under the enormous pressure and in one last desperate move, I signalled Warrior Guyver to get out of the way as I willed my Mega Smashers open and blasted the Warrior Kavzar. Fortunately the creature must have been either unprepared or unable to resist the force of the blast at so close a proximity. Either way, my Mega Smashers managed to blast the Warrior Kavzar away but the damn creature quickly recovered and continued its attack on us. . .

We were losing and we knew it but there was still thirty minutes to go. We had no choice now but to run and hope we could stay ahead of the Warrior Kavzar for at least long enough for me to recover from its last attack. We signalled Shadow Guyver and Battle Guyver our as we desperately dodged the Warrior Kavzars deadly head beam, black hole, and cyclone blasts. Shadow Guyver who was assisting Battle Guyver was somehow holding her own but we knew she must be near total exhaustion as the HSL on her Unit was not as advanced as that of the Warrior Guyvers and the constant high level strain was pushing it beyond its limit. We couldn’t afford to waste another minute, Warrior Guyver and I quickly formulated a plan.

I gave the signal, Warrior Guyver then stood his ground and countered one of the Warrior Kavzars black holes absorbing it into his gravity shield then immediately followed it up with a Mega Pressure Cannon blast after which he then launched himself directly at the Warrior Kavzar, it tried to counter with another energy blast but Warrior Guyver had already teleported behind it even as he continued to accelerate to his top speed and smashed into the Warrior Kavzar at mach five. This stunned the unprepared Warrior Kavzar long enough for Warrior Guyver and I to dodge around it and grab Battle Guyver and Shadow Guyver. We then flew away at top speed and managed to get a good thirty second head start before we sensed the Warrior Kavzar lock on to us. The creatures speed was incredible as it quickly closed the gap between us. We quickly tried to lose the Warrior Kavzar by teleporting rapidly around the world but it followed wherever we went. Desperate, we teleported into hyperspace but within seconds the creature followed us even there. We had to slow it down so Warrior Guyver and I blasted it with our Mega Smashers just as we teleported back into real space and landed somewhere in Central Europe.

“Hopefully that bought us some time!” said Warrior Guyver.

“We gotta take this bastard out!” I said.

“Agreed but how?” asked Battle Guyver.

“No choice but to hit it with everything we got and hope it’s enough. We still have to keep the Gen distracted for another twenty minutes.” said Warrior Guyver.

Determined, we four stood back to back as we waited for the Warrior Kavzar to find us, but soon the seconds turned into minutes and we wondered if we had actually managed to lose the Warrior Kavzar but no sooner did that thought cross our minds that three Warrior Kavzars appeared around us. They were soon followed by a Gen who we recognised as Solom.

“So these are all that is left to resist us. I hope you four realize it is futile to resist us any longer. Your kind has already conveniently exterminated itself!” said Solom.

“We haven’t given up yet freak!” said Warrior Guyver.

“Don’t be stupid, what little remains of your race is doomed to a slow death by the nuclear winter your own weapons have produced. Did you really think you’d accomplish anything by destroying the few thousand Warrior Kavzars sent to destroy your puny race? You have not faced the true Gen army! We have hundreds of trillion Warrior Kavzars in the Gen Empire.

“Now you’re the one being stupid Gen! You are a member of a second tier race to the Uranus who created us to be warriors! Did you really think we would go without a fight?” asked a defiant Shadow Guyver who had totally impressed me with that question.

“Insolent worm, if you wish to suffer before you die then, so be it!” shouted Solom.

Solom then sent a telepathic command to the three Warrior Kavzars who then surrounded Warrior Guyver, Battle Guyver and I, leaving Shadow Guyver alone to face Solom alone. I assumed she had a good chance against him but could sense that her unit was still underpowered from its constant battles with the Warrior Kavzar. Solom sensed no more powerful than a normal human.

Shadow Guyver went to punch Solom but he quickly and easily avoided the attack moving to the side. Shadow Guyver followed up using her head beam targeting his head with multiple quick shots. Solom’s armour was hit by a number of these but none penetrated the armours body shield. Solom though responded shooting out her knee caps. Before she’d a chance to use her gravity orb to pull herself up Solom had opened the right side of his mega-smasher. Her head sensors moved just in time to notice it but in now panicked state at the sight and realisation she couldn’t move didn’t have time to respond and a few seconds later she was obliterated.

“Now what am I to do with you three?. . Hmm!” said Solom turning to us.

“I’m sure you have something planned in that sick mind of yours!” I said.

“Amazing, your kind has been left to develop on its own for tens of thousands of your years and you still lack the intelligence to appreciate the genius of us nor rival your greatest cavitation of Atlantis. . . Warriors you may be but with such stupidity it makes me wonder what we were thinking when we left you savages.

“Are you going to kill us or bore us to death with your drivel?” asked Warrior Guyver.

“So you want to die next. . . Hmm, so be it!” answered Solom.

Solom then signalled the Warrior Kavzars to separate us. One Warrior Kavzar grabbed Warrior Guyver and held him in place as the other two forced me and Battle Guyver to the side and erected some kind of force field around me to prevent any interference. Solom then raised his right hand toward Warrior Guyver and a small orb, that looked a lot like a miniature Gigantic Guyver pod, appeared in his hand. A second later and Solom’s Control Medal began to glow brightly. The small orb then opened to reveal a glowing triangular object that seemed to be building up a charge of energy. A powerful beam of light then lanced out from the device and engulfed Warrior Guyver in a sparkling field of energy that seemed to paralyze him. My arms had fully healed by then and I tried with all my might to interfere but the force field made me helpless to do anything but watch as it quickly became apparent that the device was a Unit remover. The process was quick as the Warrior Guyver armour rippled for a moment and then pulled away from Jason as it quickly reformed around the Control Medal, solidifying back into its dormant state. The now dormant Warrior Unit then floated toward Solom who then snatched it out of the air with his left hand. Solom then looked at the Warrior Kavzar that was still holding Jason.

“You can kill him now!” said Solom coldly.

The Warrior Kavzar quickly complied and vaporized Jason right before our eyes.

“Nooo! You god damn son of a bitch! I‘m going to kill you, you fucking bastards!” I roared at Solom. I didn’t care if he killed me next at least he knew I’d kill him if I got the chance!

“Such pathetic threats, you are truly unworthy to wear that armour.” said Solom.

Solom then raised the device towards me and again the device opened and began to build a charge of energy. Desperate, I began smashing into the force field the Warrior Kavzars still maintained around me with everything I had. Thoughts of my life and all the friends I had lost this day flashed through my mind. I began to be filled with a sense of utter rage. Then I felt the paralysis field hit me and I could no longer move. “Nooooo!” my mind screamed, it can’t end like this. I won’t let it end like this. . . Time slowed to a crawl for me…

I felt that sense of power build, I began to feel the effects of the paralysis field begin to weaken. The sense of power grew until I realized that it was truly a physical feeling and that I indeed was building up a huge charge of energy. I felt more powerful than I had ever felt before and with one last supreme force of will, I broke free of the paralysis field and opened my Mega Smashers. The result was immediate and spectacular as I released all the energy I had stored into the Mega Smashers and fired a beam that must have beam at least twice the power of my normal blast as it easily blasted through the force field the Warrior Kavzars had erected around me and headed straight toward the surprised Solom. Solom was barely able to jump out of the way of the blast before the powerful beam blasted through the spot he had stood. One of the Warrior Kavzars quickly countered by jumping into the path of the beam while the other two tackled me to the ground.

Despite the situation, my mind was clear and focused. I quickly realized the power had come from my Cyclone Power Matrixes and immediately willed the power inward again but this time I focused the power into boosting my speed and strength. . . Again I felt time slow to a crawl as my mind and body began to speed up and with a surge of strength, I broke free of the Warrior Kavzars and flew into the air. Looking down I could see that my blast had only slightly injured Solom who still laid on the ground where he fell, recovering from the shock of my sudden attack but he had dropped the dormant Warrior Unit which must have been destroyed by the blast.

Unfortunately, Solom still held the Unit remover and it looked untouched by the blast. The situation was still bad. Even with this power boost ability I just discovered that I could barely handle one Warrior Kavzar, let alone three and Battle Guyver had only proved she could take a hit and not give any but there was still fifteen minutes left before the Ark made the hyperspace jump. Unfortunately I had no more time to think as two of the Warrior Kavzars flew into the air after me and Battle Guyver while the third stayed to protect Solom. I was immediately attacked with a barrage of awesomely deadly firepower as the Warrior Kavzars rapidly fired a combination of black holes, Cyclone blast, hand beams, and head beams. I had to stay continuously power boosted just to stay fast enough to dodge their deadly barrage.

Battle Guyver then done something that I would never forget, rather than avoiding the Black Holes she flew straight into them absorbing there power into her Gravity Shield like we saw Warrior Guyver had done previously. After absorbing these the shield visually had grown much larger. Even when fired on directly by the Warrior Kavzar protecting Solom, she was able to deflect the attack completely by the energy surrounding her.

She focused now on Solom and getting revenge for all those that fell today and darted straight for him. The Warrior Kavzar protecting him charged its shields as Solom stood back and Battle Guyver crashed into him. The energy around her rippled violently as the two shields impacted off each other. It then exploded blowing us all away from each other with the forced of the impact. I somehow managed to keep regain control enough to see her standing there with the seriously damaged Warrior Kavzar before her before they both were sucked into a new black hole that formed in her core as she lost control of everything. This immediately killed her and the Warrior Kavzar. Solom himself was visually using all of his energy to pull himself away from the quickly growing black hole and no sooner did I think I was safe so was I.

Then one of the two Warrior Kavzars that were chasing me stopped and now flew toward Solom to save him. As I battled the other it then used its huge resources to get the Black Hole under control. Using this distraction I then tried to grab the Warrior Kavzar that was attacking me in a full nelson head lock but it quickly broke free and knocked me away. Even power boosted these things were still stronger than me but I seemed to be faster and used every iota of speed I could muster to my advantage. The battle itself was getting me nowhere but at least I was making sure the Gens attentions would be centred on Earth and not space. The Ark is humanities last hope, I had to do everything I could to make sure they got away, but there was still ten minutes to go when suddenly another Warrior Kavzar joined in and I was hit with a Cyclone blast that sent me crashing to the ground!

“Aargh, shit not now!” I said as I got back up just as the three Warrior Kavzars landed and grabbed me. They quickly forced me to my knees and kept my head down as Solom landed in front of me, still holding the orb.

“Impressive Guyver, but still futile! Your female comrade died well too and I didn’t know how you were able to suddenly increase your power under the Guyver effect but I shall have plenty of time to examine your Unit once I remove it,” said an almost gleeful Solom. I so wanted to kill this bastard and never have to hear from him again!

Solom again raised the orb towards me and activated it. This was it, I was lucky the first time but there was no way I could break free with all three Warrior Kavzars holding me down. I struggled nevertheless until finally the paralysis field again grabbed a hold of me and I began to feel my armour begin to ripple as it prepared to come off when suddenly one of the Warrior Kavzars holding me was blasted by a massive gravity ball and was knocked into the other two Warrior Kavzars, freeing me long enough to power boost and again break free of the paralysis field. Not wasting time to think, I immediately sprang forward to ram into Solom, knocking him to the ground and causing him to drop the Orb, which I quickly grabbed before jumping into the air and flying after the retreating figure of my saviour.

“Agito, what the hell are you doing here?!”

“You didn’t really think I would leave the survival of mankind in your hands did you?” asked Gigantic Dark. The smug bastard I couldn’t care less.

“Whatever, I’m just glad to see you. We still have a few minutes left, got any plans?”

“Just one, if I die, I’m sending the Gigantic to you.”

“What, we never tried that, it may not even work.”

“You better hope like hell it does or use the pod as a shield. Either way we’re out of time. You take one and I’ll take on the other two!” said Gigantic Dark. Maybe he didn’t realise this unit of mine could power boost but either way a Warrior Guyver was normally not as powerful as a Gigantic and I didn’t want to argue with him.

The three Warrior Kavzars had caught up to us and true to form, started throwing everything they had at us. Gigantic Dark and I did the only thing we could, we dodged like hell. But soon the two focusing on attacking Gigantic Dark realised that he had a very powerful shield protecting him.

The minutes ticked by as we all diced around each other avoiding the others more powerful attacks or outright shielding them, we still had five minutes left but we couldn’t be sure we were properly distracting the Gen.  We had to do something to make sure more than just these three Warrior Kavzars were concentrating on us. This though was taken out of my hands as Gigantic Dark stopped playing around. <“I’ve assed their powers, it’s time to end this!”> He told me as the packs on his back fired and he suddenly shot forward hitting a Warrior Kavzar with the Gravity Ram attack. The Warrior Kavzar didn’t have a chance to respond and was slammed backwards into the ground. Gigantic Dark didn’t let up following up hitting the damaged Warrior Kavzar in the head with a Gravity Knuckles obliterating its head as he hit it square on its combined control medal and head crystal. As the Gigantic Dark moved away the headless body of the Warrior Kavzar started to shrivel up like a zoanoid body would do when dead.

Now both remaining Warrior Kavzar focused more on him than I. Both fired Cyclone Blasts at Gigantic Dark forcing him on the defensive and with their combined power overloaded his shields shattering the orbs on his shoulders, arms and legs. I power boosted  then teleported next to one of the remaining two Warrior Kavzars and blasted him with a full powered Cyclone blast just as Gigantic Dark Guyver 3 appeared in front of the other Warrior Kavzar and power punched it before they could fire their Cyclones again. I then power boosted and headed straight for the other Warrior Kavzar just as Gigantic Dark fired his Giga Smashers. At the second Warrior Kavzar I had attacked. I dodged it teleporting next to Gigantic Dark and witnessed for the first and last time the amazing power that was the Giga-Smasher. The Warrior Kavzar was completely eclipsed the attack and nothing was left when it disappeared. Unfortunately that also used up most of Agito’s energy reserves and the Gigantic armour self-deactivated.

<“That’s it, I can’t use the Gigantic anymore. I’m sending it to you now.”> he told me telepathically.

The familiar Gigantic pod formed around me but then something went wrong and the pod deactivated and returned to hyper space. But I felt some kind of link to it and it felt like a shadow following me from then on.

“I can’t use it!”

“It doesn’t matter do not let it fall into the hands of the Gen! Sooner or later you’ll find someone else who can use it! If we somehow survive it will recharge but we’ll be long finished our battle by then.” said Guyver 3.

“We’re going to have to fight as we are then,” I said.

There was still two minutes left to go. The remaining Warrior Kavzar would catch up to us within seconds. There was only one chance. I signalled Agito to go after Solom, hopefully the bastard hadn’t teleported away, and take him hostage while I kept the remaining Warrior Kavzar busy. We sprang into action as I power boosted and flew at the oncoming Warrior Kavzar and Agito flew towards Solom’s last known position. Moments later, Guyver 3 found Solom, quietly waiting for his Warrior Kavzars to report our capture or destruction. Guyver 3 quickly fired a pressure cannon at Solom that knocked him to the ground where Guyver 3 quickly grabbed him in a full nelson headlock.

“Call off your attack now Gen or I’ll break your neck!” shouted Guyver 3.

“Fool, I will not be killed by the likes of you!”

“Wrong Gen, I’ll break your neck and my partner will use that remover of yours on you and if that doesn’t kill you, we’ll Mega Smash your ass into oblivion. So you only got two choices, call off those freaks or die, decide now!”

“Ha, ha, hah, foolish Guyver. You think the Matrix is a simple Unit remover.”

Without warning Solom activated his vibrational swords, using their morphing ability to chop off Guyver 3’s arms. Solom then quickly spun around and punched Guyver 3 to the ground.

“Your ignorance has proved your undoing. You even underestimated the power of the Warrior Unit, which you can see grants even a Gen powers that rival those of any mere Guyver. Now prepare to die fool!”

I was still dodging the remaining Warrior Kavzar and could do nothing as I felt Guyver 3 die and the image of Solom Mega Smashing him flashed through my mind. The shock caused me to pause long enough for the Warrior Kavzar to hit me with a Cyclone blast that knocked me to the ground. The Warrior Kavzar then quickly grabbed me in a head lock from behind as it pinned me to the ground and started to reach for my Control Medal. I quickly realized the Warrior Kavzar intended to rip my Control Medal out. I tried to break free but even power boosted the Warrior Kavzar was still clearly stronger than me.

My Control Medal flared as the Warrior Kavzar struggled to get past the Control Medal shield but I already felt the Warrior Kavzar begin to get a good grip on my Control Medal. I had only seconds to do something before the Warrior Kavzar succeeded and killed me. Suddenly the orb I had taken from Solom began to glow in my hand as it slowly started to open. The Warrior Kavzar noticed and halted its attempts to rip my Control Medal out long enough to try and get the orb from my hand when suddenly the orb flared and fired a blast at the Warrior Kavzars face.

The affect was instantaneous as the Warrior Kavzar released me as it roared in pain and held its injured face. I quickly got to my feet and power boosted as I channelled all my power into my Mega Smashers as I fired on the injured Warrior Kavzar with everything I had. The blast engulfed the unprepared Warrior Kavzar for a full ten seconds before dying out, I closed my Mega Smashers and waited for the dust to clear. . . I soon heard a roar as the Warrior Kavzar came charging toward me out of the dust cloud, looking more like Melmot than a Warrior Kavzar. I blasted it with a Cyclone blast that blasted a hole through the Creatures chest and then followed up with my vibrational swords as I chopped its head off and watched the creature fall into a writhing bloody heap as it immediately began to regenerate.

The sickening sight quickly spurred me into action as I Mega Smashed what was left of the Warrior Kavzar into oblivion. That was it, the Arks had probably already made the hyperspace jump by now. Nothing left to do but get a little revenge before the Gen sent more of the Warrior Kavzars after me but just as I was thinking that, I was hit by a Mega Smasher blast from Solom. Though the beam was weaker than mine but it still seriously injured me through my body shield as the beam hit me from behind and knocked me face down to the ground. Solom then stepped over to my badly burned body and retrieved the orb from my grasp. I then turned over and looked at him before speaking.

“Your Warrior Kavzars have been destroyed Gen, you better leave before I recover and destroy you.”

“Fool, you think you have won! None of the Warrior Kavzars you have faced this day have been truly destroyed. You have only delayed the inevitable.”

“What are you rambling about Solom?”

“Amusing, you possess the power of a Warrior Unit and yet have no idea of its true power. . . Foolish Guyver, the Warrior Control Medal cannot be destroyed. You have only managed to destroy the bodies of our Warrior Kavzars; they are all safely regenerating within hyperspace, soon to return. Your kind has done nothing but inconvenience us and insured its own extinction.”

“Go to hell you fucking monster!”

“You are truly pathetic Guyver, now prepare to die.”

Solom then prepared to use the orb to remove my Unit when suddenly Draven teleported behind him and used a similar orb on him. Solom barely had time to gasp in surprise before his Warrior Unit was removed. Before he’d a chance to move I shot three holes through the middle of his forehead with my head lasers killing the asshole instantly.

“Are you fully functional?” asked Draven.

“W-wh-why did you do that?” I asked.

“It was not my wish to destroy your kind; Solom was the deciding vote that decided your world’s fate.”

“But why did you kill him?”

“Solom was more than just my political enemy! He would have used the success of this mission and my objections to it to force me from the Council and what he would do after that would end all opposing life in the Universe.”

“That’s just peachy. So tell me, why in hell should I trust you now?

“You’re alive; you’re not being attacked by the Warrior Kavzar! That alone should tell you all you need to know.”

“What about his army? They are regenerating won’t they soon be back!?”

“No they are all dead, as they are his personal guard and have failed him they have all being destroyed,” said Draven. He might not be as evil as Solom but he said it very coldly when describing the fate of so many of Solom warriors. I realised something thinking about it that all Solom’s warriors matched him in colour while the first Warrior Kavzar we faced match that of Draven.

“The first Warrior Kavzar that attacked us, that was yours?”

“Yes, those of us that wanted your race to survive had to send a message worthy of getting you all to work together to survive. It was the only way you’d a chance.”

“Guyver 0, what happened to him?”

“Zero was a hero of our past and helped forge the Warrior Project during the great tests. He was allowed to return to his family in Gen protected space.”

“They would be countless years old now?”

“Yes, but have being in status since his time awaiting his arrival.”

“Why was he not offered this before?”

“That was because Solom apposed due to his impurity.”

“That makes no sense; surely he earned it way back then if he deserved it at all?”

“Indeed he had but Solom did not see it that way. Solom has not being the same since Mars was lost to us! He has objected to so many things he in the past would not have.” As Draven was saying this I was looking around at the destruction brought by this Gen to Earth. Nowhere as far as my eyes could see was unaffected by the battle. I couldn’t sense anyone alive other than Draven.

“Now what is going to happen?” I asked worried that this still would end badly for me as it had for almost everyone else.

“You have to leave, this universe, you will always be hunted and bring nothing but danger to anyone of your race that has survived this chaos.”

I then got up as my body finished regenerating from Solom’s attack. Draven then teleported both of us to a deep underground cavern, somewhere in central Europe, before handing me Solom’s dormant Warrior Unit and orb device, which he told me was a Matrix Unit, the ultimate technological achievement of the Gen and was capable of much more than just the removal of Warrior Units. Draven then told me to go to the end of the Cavern, where I would find a chamber called the Portal. All I had to do then was stand in the middle and simple hold the Matrix above my head. I should then be transported beyond the reach of the Gen but after that, I should still need to get past some sort of barrier. Penetrating the barrier would not be easy but my power as a Warrior Guyver and the Matrix should get me through.

I didn’t know if I could really trust him but he did save my life and the only other way off world would have revealed the location of the Ark, so I really didn’t have much choice. Draven teleported back to his ship as I went to the Portal Chamber and did exactly what he told me to do. . . Suddenly I was engulfed in this flash of light as I was teleported into trans-dimensional space.

Back on Earth, thousands of Solom’s Warrior Kavzars began to reappear as they finished regenerating and returned to real space. Upon their arrival they were met with a signal from the Gen that they had failed their master. The response was immediate as their control medals glowed and their bodies exploded. At the chamber the Portal suddenly exploded and created a powerful volcanic eruption equal to a multi-Giga ton thermonuclear explosion that blasted a hole clear to the surface and spewed out millions of tons of earth, rock, lava, and gasses miles into the air. With Solom’s personal Army destroyed a green Warrior Kavzar went down to Earth to look for signs of life from the Warrior Guyver 2 but could detect nothing and reported the destruction of the final Warrior Guyver to the Gen. . . In the orbiting Gen Warship, Draven and G’Kor received the news.

“It would seem our mission is finally complete,” said G’Kor.

“Yes, but as I told the Council, they did not go without a fight,” said Draven.

“It is a pity Solom did not take that into account when he foolishly decided to personally destroy the final two Warrior Guyvers.”

“Yes, but G’Kor he had to be sure for himself of their deaths. After all they did have Warrior Units and who better than Solom would know how hard it is to destroy even one.”

“Yes, I was truly surprised at how long they lasted against our Warrior Kavzars. It is unfortunate that we were not better able to record the battle for our records.”

“True but the human’s insane use of their nuclear weapons created too much interference. They have insured their world’s destruction even as they fought us, there is no longer any need for us to remain here. I’ll recall my Warrior Kavzar and let us return to the Council to give our report.”

 G’Kor then gave the command for the Warrior Kavzar to return to the ship, while Draven retired to his personal quarters and activated his Matrix Unit which then projected two holographic images. One image showed the Ark in deep space as it made the first hyperspace jump, on their way to find a new world. The other image showed Warrior Guyver 2 as he prepared to penetrate the energy barrier the Council erected eons ago to protect them from the few parallel dimensions that could give birth to the one thing they still feared, a Guyver Zoalord.

Draven then considered his recent actions and then thought of what a human would say in his position. . . Taking one last look at the images, he simply said “Good luck!” before deactivating the Matrix Unit and returning to the Bridge as the Warship finally prepared to leave orbit and enter hyper space. . . Elsewhere in trans-dimensional space, Warrior Guyver 2 lifted Solom’s Matrix Unit towards the energy barrier before him.

The Matrix Unit began to glow as it began to charge up, soon the Matrix was emitting a blinding white light as enormous energies started to focus around Warrior Guyver 2 until the Matrix finally fired a powerful beam of strange multi-coloured energy at the barrier which then rippled at the point of impact. Draven had told me that I wouldn’t have much time so I immediately focused all my power into my shields and dived right into the weakened point in the barrier. . . Suddenly I was engulfed in a world of pain as the powerful energy barrier threatened to destroy me. Soon I felt my armour begin to melt as the energy barrier started to break through the last of my shields. I had only seconds left but I had no idea how much further I had left to go before to the other side of the barrier. It was all or never so I deactivated my Cyclone Matrix shield and power boosted, throwing everything I had left into speed as I rammed my way through the barrier. . . Just as I finally started to feel my body begin to disintegrate, I felt myself burst free of the barrier and then the Matrix Unit flared again and I found myself back. . .

On Earth?. . . What the, did Draven lie to me?. . . I looked around and sensed a battle nearby. Still too weak to fly, I made my way on foot to sounds of battle and soon recognized the familiar battle cries of human soldiers fighting zoanoids!?! . .

Did Draven send me into the past or was this truly an alternate Earth, only one way to find out. . . Feeling my strength slowly return, I jumped into the air, flew the remaining distance, and landed in the mist of the battle. As I suspected it was indeed a battle between humans soldiers and Zoanoids. I was immediately jumped by several zoanoids that, in my weakened condition, actually gave my some trouble as they quickly knocked me to the ground and proceeded in trying to rip me apart. Unfortunately for them, I heal real quickly and before they knew it, I blasted through them with a Cyclone blast and got back to my feet.

I looked around and saw what appeared to another Guyver, except it didn’t have a Control Medal, fighting a Powered Zerebubuse Hyper Zoanoid and was losing. Whoever it was, I had to help. I looked past the Hyper Zoanoid and saw nothing but onrushing zoanoids, perfect. Just as the Hyper Zoanoid managed to knock the Guyver like thing to the ground, I jumped in between them and let loose with my Mega Smashers obliterating the Hyper Zoanoid and all the Zoanoids behind it.

This turned the tide of battle as some of the zoanoids screamed out “It’s the Warrior Guyver, run!” and all the zoanoids began to retreat. The soldiers cheered and fired off a few shots at the retreating figures of the Zoanoids. I retracted my armour and then turned my attentions back to the Guyver like being and found that he too had deactivated his Unit, we both stood in shock as we looked at each other. . . I was standing face to face with. . . Myself!?!

To be continued in part two of Warrior Guyver: Revenge