This is a fan-fic based on characters created by Yoshiki Takaya and contains violent situations with adult language.

TitleUnion of the Guyvers: Part 2
AuthorBrian O’Sullivan

3 Days Later – ACTF HQ Washington DC

Jason sat outside the huge building on a bench overlooking the car pack area where the battle had happened three nights ago. He was thinking of the foes Guyver US and Guyver 1 had faced. No one had any clue what those creatures were inside only that they were Guyvers of some sort and not human. But somehow they knew enough about the ACTF that their attack was only aimed at one thing, capturing Cori Marcus. He thought it was for blackmail purposes. But as the General pointed out, blackmailing a weaker foe in the Guyver US made no sense. It was then they realised it was because of Cori. Somehow they knew who she was and that she was the one of the few people on earth who knew anything about the mysterious Relics that the Guyver units came from. Was that the reason she was taken? If so how did they know that?

Sean was understandably an emotional wreck. It had being days since she was taken and for all his power he could do nothing about it and couldn’t find her. Sho too hadn’t taken it well. When Guyver US had passed out he had to stand there as the alien Guyver creature appeared from the ACTF HQ building with Cori screaming over its shoulder. Even the Gigantic Guyver had to hold back seeing who was captured and before he could get any sort of idea together on what to do they escaped in their ship. It was impossible to track even for him as it flew away cloaked from sensors. Jason had being trying to explain to Sean that at least she was alive. Sean couldn’t grasp the idea why yet still consumed by the idea that he’d failed to protect Cori. But it would eventually sink in he hoped that she was alive, they wouldn’t have gone through this much effort to capture her alive.

Jason too was worried about her. She had made him feel welcome to chat with them whenever and be more than just an assistant assigned to them by General Carter. She had made it easier to get to know Sean. He had got to know her well too. He sometimes wondered if he only allowed himself to relax himself around them was because of her? Maybe that was what helped him get on so well with Sean? He never brought it up but he knew to himself that after Fiona and his family were killed he would never stop in getting revenge. Cori helped me mellow that out a little. Jason sighed and looked at his watch. It was eleven am. It would be an hour before the Guyver 3 and Aptom got here along with others of their friends. Sho had being telling the General and him about Agito and Aptom. Simply put they were going to make things interesting. Jason sighed looking up into the cloudy morning sky for inspiration on how he was going to approach Sean.

Fifteen minutes later Jason was knocking on the door of Sean’s room. Sean shouted for him to come in. The room was tidy as it normally was and sitting on the already tidied bed was Sean reading one of Cori’s archaeology books.

“Hi Jason,” said Sean folding a corner of the book and then closed it and put it down beside him.

“Hi Sean, how are you doing?”

“I… you know, it is best to come out and just say it… I’m not doing well man.”

“Sean you can tell me anything.”

“You’re just saying that because you have too Jason.”

“No seriously, I don’t give anyway my friendship to just anyone and I view you as my friend. This will be just between us not even General Carter will know.”

“Jason don’t lie to me, you have to tell him everything!”

“No I don’t, the General knows there has to be something’s kept between you and I and no one else. It’s the only way we can trust each other. More importantly the only way you will trust me!”

“I guess so…”

“Sean, I promise on the memory of Fiona that nothing you say to me now will go to someone else unless you want it too,” said Jason.

“Jason you don’t need to do that man. I trust you,” said Sean deeply sighing as he did. “I don’t know what I should do? How the hell am I meant to help the ACTF when I can’t look after my own wife?” asked Sean. Jason could hear the hurt in his voice. He knew it well himself.

“Sean when I lost my family, my parents, my sister and my newly married wife I learned one simple truth. Nothing I could do would get rid of the hurt, but I could do one thing. Make sure I could be here and ready to get revenge in their name! You are lucky! Cori is still alive out there. I wish I was in your situation and would give anything to be able to see any of my lost ones again. You need to only make sure you are ready to act when the time is right to get her back!”

“I’m sorry Jason…” said Sean.

“Sorry for what?”

“For me being like this the last few days.”

“Don’t get me wrong Sean, I understand why you’re hurt and doubting yourself. But it won’t get her back. Now get your ass in gear, we’ve another Guyver and a friendly zoanoid to meet!” Sean smiled for only a moment at that and got up. Jason was right he’d never see Cori again if he wallowed around in self-pity.

It was an hour later Agito, Aptom, Mitzuki, Tetsuro, Shizu and Natsuki had yet to arrive at ACTF HQ. It had being a long trip from Japan made longer by having to take buses all the way from San Francisco to Washington DC. But as Agito promised, it might have being a long trip but it kept them under the radar of Chronos. Soon they would be outside the Washington DC and would meet up with an ACTF patrol that would bring them the rest of the way. They were all surprised by how well organised this resistance movement was going by what Sho had told him through the Unit. Agito though said nothing more as the other talked and sat back into his chair thinking about the past. Years ago he suffered his greatest defeat in the USA at the Chronos Arizona base. Being here back in the USA reminded him of that.

He believed back then that he was the only person fully capable of destroying the Chronos organisation and ultimately ruling humanity as Zeus the God who cast down Chronos. He had taken the Gigantic Armour from Sho. An action that in his mind was proving himself superior to Sho’s will. The Gigantic Dark he attacked the Chronos Arizona base along with four Libertus Zoanoids and their Leader Griselda the zoalord from of Shizu. They were the work of Dr Alfredo Hekkaring the former number two Scientist of Chronos who he had freed. Back then they had proved to be far more capable than any zoanoid in Chronos including the hyper zoanoids.

When he attacked the Chronos Arizona base he should have won that day. Getting into the base was relatively easy. Zeus Thunderbolt had commandeered a Chronos helicopter and with Shizu his trusted companion and zoalord they entered the base. The zoanoids were powerless against her will and allowed them free access to the transport lifts within the base. But Chronos soon realised what was happening and the lift halted as the base went on full alert. He though was already at the centre of the base. The four men with him and Shizu jumped out of the lift which had a view of the vast insides of the Chronos base and fell towards the floor of the base. Agito then activated his Guyver armour and jumped after them followed by calling for the Gigantic Armour. The four men turned into their Libertus zoaforms followed by Shizu into her zoalord form. All five of them then clung onto the huge form of Gigantic Dark as he flew down to catch them who landed softly on the floor of the base below.

All that now stood in the way of them was the dome protecting the central core of the bottom of the Chronos Arizona base. It did not last long as Shizu then ordered the Libertus to change to mode B. All four of them had their shoulders change from into a high powered bio-blaster. All four fired at once breaking the dome. Gigantic Dark with barely any energy used calmly tunnel his way into the lower chamber to claim his prize. But to his surprise three Zoalords stood against him protecting the Ancient Relic ship of the Uranus. Above them Shizu and the Libertus slaughtered four hundred plus zoanoids and hyper-zoanoids. Despite the odds Gigantic Dark mortally wounded Yentsui tricking the zoalord to use his own powers against himself cutting his upper body from his left shoulder to the right side of his lower chest. Gigantic Dark proceeded to use his head beam to then burn the forest that the zoalord Waferdanos who to his surprise was never a human being. At this point victory was in his grasp and then Sho pulled the Gigantic Armour from him!

Agito did not care that Guyver 1 was in a battle of his own. He had not cared that Guyver 1 faced the might of four zoalords when he pulled the Gigantic Armour from him previously months ago. That day he paid the price as not only did Guyver 1 take the Gigantic Armour off him but he also locked Agito from using it ever again. This left Guyver 3 almost in a state of shock and facing the might of Hamical Valkus and Waferdanos. At that moment Griselda appeared explaining that the Chronos base was set to self-destruct and there was only two minutes left! The four Libertus were still alive. Quickly he formed a plan of attack that would still let him win declaring they would do this in one minute!

Guyver 3 opened fire first sending a gravity ball towards the zoalords and as they were distracted and were shielded by Valkus, Guyver 3 then sent three gravity balls towards the Relic cracking its surface at the point of impacts. The heavily wounded upper remains of Li Yentsui were lying face up on the hair of Waferdanos beside the other two Zoalords. He was the first to see the Libertus were moving along the top of the chamber. At that exact moment as the Libertus fell towards their target a ripple in reality appeared between them and their target. It was only there a moment and from it appeared Imakarum. He acted immediately and fired a hail of gravity bullets focused towards and disabling two of the Libertus and with his psionic powers grabbing the third and flinging it into the air and towards the burning forest of Waferdanos. The 4th Libertus latched on to the core of Waferdanos who pushed Hamical Valkus away from him. Agito did not hear what Waferdanos had said to Hamical nor did he care ordering Shizu to activate Mode C of the Libertus attached to Waferdanos.

The Libertus glowed white and a moment later before the zoalords could react exploded. But it was barely enough to kill Waferdanos who was in ruins but did not fracture the Relic. Imakarum had landed beside Valkus shielding him and the still living remains of Yentsui from the blast. Guyver 3 knew he’d lost the element of surprise had gone for his Libertus and a man he thought dead had returned to shatter any hope he had of defeating Chronos this day preventing him access to the core of the Relic. Below him and Shizu he sensed the remaining Libertus still alive on the forest below. He ordered Shizu to make it attack the zoalords in Mode B. As it did he dragged Shizu with him as he tunnelled out of the chamber. The base didn’t explode nor did Imakarum follow them after he’d killed the remaining Libertus. He could guess the reason, even with the empty Arizona Base Valkus would have had some way to shut down the self-destruct countdown mentally. Imakarum would stay there to insure Guyver 3 did not try to sneak attack the fallen zoalords and finish them off completely.

That day marked a turning point in Zeus Thunderbolts war with Chronos. Two months later his base was attacked by new Chronos Apprentice Zoalords. Most of the movement was wiped out, Shizu, Hekkaring and he barely survived the battle. Shizu suffered more than any others taking severe damage. Five months afterwards they were now established in Japan. Effectively in hiding and no longer a fighting force. It took everything Guyver 3 had managed to salvage to save Shizu. Effectively Hekkaring had to put her in stasis saving her life until such time he could find a way to save her. Over the last five months Agito formed a new plan. The plan was simple; ally himself once again with the Guyver 1 and through him inflict as much punishment as possible on Chronos for what they did to him. But even he had to admit that the plan would be harder to pull off without Shizu. Then Hekkaring gave his young master an idea.

He was involved in the technology in Chronos that made it possible to copy a memory from a living being to a machine. Chronos had extensively used the technology making information gathering a fine art where scouts or even zoalords could easily transfer information they had seen. If that was possible they could make a human clone of Shizu from samples of her blood taken before she was transformed and then transfer the memories from her injured zoalord body to the human clone. Once the had completed this process he too would go into stasis due to the lack of the vaccine they had as he too would soon die due to the anti-rebellion virus that all Chronos scientists had inside them. The bus came to a halt and Agito’s thought snapped back to the present. Looking at Shizu beside him reminded him of just how lucky he was that she was here to support him through all this. She was the only person who knew of the house in Japan and what lay beneath hidden in a secret chamber in the basement.

A short distance away Jason, Sean and Sho stood by the steps to the main entrance to the ACTF HQ. They were going to be the ones to greet Sho’s group from Japan. General Carter didn’t want to overwhelm them with people to great when they arrived to the base and he himself would greet them later when they’d settled in. He had informed his officers about Aptom and that there would be a friendly zoa-form on the base and for the men to learn who he was and not to shoot on sight. Sean looked around the outside of the base. All signs of the battle three nights ago had since disappeared and the only sign of battle now being the increased amount of patrols around the base. He didn’t really want to talk about it but knew Sean’s friends would have questions, a lot of questions about three nights ago.

“Here they come,” shouted Jason pointing towards the far end of the bases massive car park as two big Humvees came into view.

“They’ll be hungry after such a long drive,” said Sho.

“Don’t worry General Carter doesn’t leave anything to chance, the canteen is ready them. Chef will have some traditional Japanese food ready,” said Jason.

“I like the Chef, how did that man find such good sushi?” asked Sho.

“It’s one of those mysteries in life. The man is amazing, somehow he kept us all well fed and meals interesting over those years we were all underground,” said Jason. Sean simply nodded in agreement and said nothing. He was still not in a talking mood unless he had too. The two Humvee’s pulled up to the steps and out came their passengers. Mitzuki ran straight towards Sho and kissed him. It was a sore thing for Sean to see given what happened three nights ago. But he kept his cool knowing they’d not seen each other in weeks and were doing what was natural. He only hopped he would be doing the same with Cori soon.

44 minutes later – Conference Room Alpha

Introductions were done and General Carter, Colonel O’Neil, and Sean sat one side of the large table and on the other side were Sho, Agito and Aptom sat down to their chairs. To the top of the table was a large display screen which at the moment was turned off.

“Gentlemen, welcome to the A.C.T.F. Headquarters. I hope you are impressed by what we’ve managed to achieve,” said General Carter.

“Yes General, I’m very impressed! The day you took back your city changed the world.” said Agito. The others in his group looked rather curiously at him for saying this. Indeed they had done well, but what was the angle Agito was playing?

“Thank you Agito, I can see from our intelligence and from talking with Sho a lot of our success is thanks to your efforts and that of Sho’s and Aptom that has weakened Chronos, even though some of those actions would be questionable,” said General Carter looking directly at Agito as he said the last part of that sentence.

“Unfortunately General Carter as you understand there are times when questionable decisions have to be made,” said Agito.

“But did you have to make a point with our Capital City at huge cost to those around the Pillars of Heaven?”

“Yes General I did. I did not know of the ACTF or that there was an American Guyver who had built a resistance movement. I only knew my resistance movement which I lead called Zeus Thunderbolt and it had to make its presence felt and wake the world up to the idea that Chronos had some opposition,” said Agito.

“And indeed you did, but at a heavy price,” said General Carter.

“Unfortunately General when Guyvers battle Chronos there can be large cost of lives. It was not just unique to my battles with Chronos,” said Agito. Sho let out a deep sigh knowing he was referring to him and the battle in Tokyo against the Dragon Lord. Chronos had still to this day yet to rebuild large sections of the ruined city and the cost of lives to both human and especially zoanoids were immense.

“It was you who lead the Zeus Thunderbolt. We tried to make contact with your resistance movement when its headquarters were based in New York. But we were too late. You must have being the man they simply called “Boss”? Asked Colonel O’Neil he knew it best at this point to move from that subject.

“Yes that was me,” said Agito.

“Gentlemen, I think it is best we come back to this point and other day. At the moment we’re here to discuss Chronos Island,” said Sho. He knew of what Agito had done as the Gigantic Dark but in the end everyone here needed each other to have some chance against the Chronos forces that would meet them there.

“I agree totally Sho. It is understandable what you two had to do in your battles with Chronos. They have forced us to defend and attack our own cities. Any past misgivings need to be let go so that we can defeat them,” said General Carter.

“I guess this is my turn then. I’m sure Sho told you of my abilities?” asked Aptom.

“Yes, he has,” answered General Carter.

“Good, I was able to infiltrate Chronos newest base. They call it “Chronos Island”, it is an artificial island that they built up above sea level. Inside this base is a Space Craft. Chronos call this Ship the War Relic. Carbon dating put it at twelve thousand years old, far less than that of the ships that Sean, Sho and Agito’s Unit were found in.” said Aptom

“Carbon dating from the Utah site put that ship at slightly over a million years old,” said Colonel O’Neil looking at ACTF paperwork marked Top Secret. Sean recognised the document, it was produced by Cori. He wondered if that document had somehow being leaked to the red alien four armed Guyvers and was it the reason she was kidnapped. He would speak with Jason about this later, as at this moment in time he now was the only person he trusted in ACTF.

“The War Relic is also different in design and pyramid in shape instead of oval.” said Aptom.

“What do you suspect is inside it?” asked General Carter.

“Tetsuro has a theory on this. When I was linked to the Japanese Relic it showed me a vision of the past. The Creators had made their army the zoanoids. Then they linked one of the Units with a human. That made him into a destructive force that destroyed everything earning the name Guyver which means in their language “Out of Control”. His theory is that my Unit was never designed for war. That it naturally became war like because the Creators had designed the host for war and it adapted to suit us. He further believes that the reason this new ship is called the War Relic is because this is designed for war and that any dormant Unit inside that ship would be also.”

“A Warrior Unit,” said General Carter.

“Indeed,” said Sho.

“Why has Chronos not captured this Unit already?” asked Colonel O’Neil.

“They are unable to do that safely. If you tried to drill into a Living Relic Ship it would dissolve any drill before it got anywhere near a vital chamber. In the past they sent in hundreds of zoanoids inside the Japanese Relic, only one survived the journey long enough to bring back three Dormant Units. A War Relic might prove impossible for them to enter safely without a Guyver to open a passage,” said Agito.

“It’s only a matter of time though before Chronos get inside or those Red Alien Guyvers discover the base,” said Sho.

“It is a fortress island, for those Red Alien Guyvers and for us we have the same problem. Chronos Island has the best of Chronos zoanoids and most likely one or more Zoalords or their Apprentice Zoalords,” said Aptom.

“It does make me wonder though and this is not meant to be insulting but why has Chronos not crushed your resistance movement?” asked Agito.

“We have fought hard to get this far, I can’t see what makes you think Chronos hasn’t used their full force against us,” said Colonel O’Neil.

“He is correct Colonel, we haven’t faced the full might of Chronos, they have being holding back for some unknown reason,” said General Cater to the surprise of all in the room.

“The question then General is why? Chronos took over the Earth in one day, crushing all forms of resistance quickly and effectively. According to witness reports they even deployed the Dragon Lord Zoalord against US forces based in the Middle East that had put up and effective resistance against the zoanoids even detonating a nuclear missile to earn a temporary victory that they then lost against the Dragon Lord himself who survived the blast. Chronos were effective and made lethal use of all their forces to achieve their gaols,” said Agito.

“I don’t understand why you’d say that as Chronos have escalated and used more effective zoanoids and even a zoalord against us and almost killed Guyver US,” said Colonel O’Neil.

“That event proves my point Colonel, Taylor Smith is the most lethal Guyver killer ever created by Chronos. He had disabled Guyver US only to be removed from the battle by Alkanphel who actually saved Jason from his subordinates attack,” said Agito. On hearing his code name Sean focused his eyes on Agito. He didn’t like this man but he’d to agree with him on his point. Why would Chronos not press their advantage?

“I have also wondered why we have being so successful. From all reports we received since we should have faced very serious opposition in the form of the Enzyme 3, a zoanoid simply put that is impossible for our Red Armours and even the planned Blue Armours to kill. It’s very blood and fluids are capable of dissolving a Guyver,” said General Carter.

“The Enzyme 3 is not only the most lethal foe of a Guyver, it is also capable of neutralising my weapons as well, the man who experimented on my body to make me an adaptable zoanoid capable of absorbing other zoanoids and their abilities designed the Enzyme 3’s to correct his mistake and kill me. It has a heightened immune system capable of resisting my attack and a virus that causes any wounds it does to my body not to heal.” said Aptom.

“It makes no sense,” said Colonel O’Neil.

“What doesn’t make sense?” asked Aptom.

“Why they would remove such a perfect killer from battle,” answered the Colonel.

“I believe it is because they are moving them to protect Chronos Island,” said Agito.

“Or people in the Port of Miami have confirmed what you believe Agito. Large containers marked ‘E-3’ were seen and were transported to a large ship of theirs the same day we took back New York,” said General Carter.

“That type of zoanoid doesn’t have skin designed to withstand fire. In fact judging by the hair that covers a large percentage of its body maybe a flamethrower style weapon or incendiary rounds would be effective against it, but the heat and fire from the weapon would need to be very intense to counter act their hyper healing,” said Aptom. He wondered if napalm breath he’d acquired from Darzerb would have being enough, but he doubted it because Hamical Valkus designed Darzerb whose abilities he’d absorbed and Dr Valkus had designed the Enzyme 3 to counter.

“You saying they heal so fast that they can literally out heal being burned alive?” asked Colonel O’Neil.

“I’ve acquired Bio-Missiles by absorbing a Hyper Zoanoid called Gaster. Against Enzyme 3 though the zoanoids hyper healing actually cruse the missiles before they can explode on piercing their skin, unless fire burned their body completely to ash there is a strong possibility Enzyme 3 would regenerate,” answered Aptom.

“How have you being able to defeat such a monstrous creature?” asked Colonel O’Neil

“Every time we’ve encountered them a Guyver be it I or Sho we have needed help to defeat them. Without a hyper zoanoid or zoalord to control them they act on pure killer instinct. They are always in a team and are bread to be very aggressive with only one goal, to kill. Without them being held in place allowing us to use a mega-smasher on them they are impossible to kill for a Guyver alone,” said Agito. Sean had said nothing other than hello throughout the entire meeting but this grabbed his attention. Agito was reckoned by Sho to be the most aggressive and deadly Guyver he’d encountered. Yet even he was saying that for a Guyver alone it would be near impossible for a Guyver to defeat a team of Enzyme 3. He really did have to ask himself why Chronos had removed the Enzyme 3 from the USA, surely it made the most sense to have them here to face them now?

“What exactly held them in place for a Guyver to his weapons to kill it?” asked Colonel O’Neil.

“I will need to start at the beginning to fully explain that. We were once allied with group of rebel Chronos Scientists from the former Relics Point in Japan,” said Sho.

“Relics Point, it was the Chronos facility where you tried to capture a Creator Spacecraft. When Chronos destroyed it they then inadvertently caused the creation of the Gigantic Armour?” asked Colonel O’Neil.

“Yes, after the battle while I was inside the Gigantic Cocoon and Agito was lost in the Rocky Mountains they began to die off because of the Chronos Anti-Rebellion Virus which requires a Chronos supplied supplement to keep at bay. To save one of their team and to continue their resistance against Chronos they turned one their members into a Lost Number zoanoid. That man was Toshiaki Hayami,” said Sho.

“Sorry to make you stray further from the point, but this is important to know. You’ve mentioned this type of zoanoid before, what exactly makes a zoanoid a ‘Lost Number’ and different to other zoa-forms that someone would want to be one?” asked General Carter.

“A Lost Number is the result of mutation during the process to turn a human into a zoanoid. The results are unique to the zoanoid in question but the one thing we all have in common is that unlike normal zoanoids is that Chronos cannot clone a Lost Numbers battle type hence why we’re given that term. The reason that Hayami wanted to become a Lost Number, Colonel O’Neil is because of another side effect. Lost Numbers are harder for Zoalords to control allowing us a near human level of freedom to fight against them!” answered Aptom.

“Hayami made himself into zoanoid type called Bio-Freezer. He had the ability to control the temperature around him and reduce it drastically freezing zoanoids on the ground around him and could cause a small river to freeze up. It was with his help that I was able to defeat the last of the Enzyme 3’s that had attacked us while Sho faced Zoalord Imakarum. Once the zoanoid was frozen with the Guyver sonic attack it was shattered to countless pieces,” said Agito.

“What happened to Hayami?” asked General Carter.

“He…” said Sho as he was cut off by Aptom who asked, “Can I answer this please Sho?” Sho nodded his head signalling it was ok. They had both taken the death of Hayami badly, but for Aptom he’d to live with his sacrifice forever.

“I was captured by the Zoalord Kabral Khan and held captive in the main Head Quarters of the Japanese Branch. They used me as bait to draw Sho out into a battle. They fought their way to me and released me. But what they did not know was that Kabral Khan has an ability to take over the body of a host and replace their brain with a false brain that he can control. Guyver 1 and Hayami had to face my mind controlled body. During the battle Guyver 1 discovered that if part of my body was cut off that Kabral Khan would destroy it because he would unable to control it. Hayami was mortally wounded buy my mind controlled body. But he also froze it in place. Guyver one mega-smashed it obliterating the false brain controlled body. Hayami sacrificed himself freezing part of my body inside his wound. I then regenerated inside his body he had seeded to him,” said Aptom. There was a lot that Aptom left out of that night’s event. The Gigantic Guyver going Exceed to face the Dragon Lord and the huge cost in both human and zoanoid lives. The strange flash that consumed Kabral Khan’s body as he froze him to death that made his body disappear before and robbing Aptom and the memory of Hayami of its final revenge. But for both Sho and Aptom there were events they did not like to talk about as it was still too raw.

“His sacrifice is to be admired Aptom and remembered, he fought to save a lost comrade against the odds and gave everything so that you could continue on his fight,” said Colonel O’Neil.

“Indeed Colonel, it is for him that I volunteer to be a test fire target for the development of the Blue Armour weapon systems the ACTF will make to fight the Enzyme 3,” said Aptom.

“Are you sure you’d want to do that?” asked Colonel O’Neil. He could only guess what pain Aptom would suffer putting himself through that.

“For everything we have being through and those who we have all lost and what we will face at Chronos Island I will do what is needed to insure the plan is a success,” said Aptom.

“Ok then, I’ll talk with Dr Drake and tell him what we need of him,” said General Carter.

“Irrespective of that General, I feel we should attack Chronos Island before they enter the Warrior Relic! We have to attack now!” said Sean. It was the only thing he’d said throughout the entire meeting other than hello. That along with his stark message took everyone a little by surprise.

“Sean, we’ve not spoken much. But as a fellow Guyver I understand how hard it must be to understand just how dangerous an Enzyme 3 is, how difficult it can be to defeat and just how costly it is to fight against them when your friends are nearby. You don’t want to face them unprepared,” said Agito. Like Sho and Aptom he too had lost heavily to Chronos. While some might consider Agito to be ruthless in his ambition this was one of those times that he spoke from the heart. Sean sighed and sat back down into his chair.

“You’re both correct. We can’t wait forever on Dr Drake to upgrade the Blue Armour but nor can we attack them now with the resources we have at present. We will assault Chronos Island in one month,” said General Carter. Everyone in the room agreed, including the reluctant Sean.

While they talked Shizu, Tetsuro and Mitzuki were on tour of the base with Jason. The General had arranged for a translator to help him with the tour but as it turned out she was not needed due to all three being able to speak good English. All four of them had done most of the tour and were headed towards Dr Drake’s lab.

“Can you tell me more about the Red Armour?” asked Tetsuro.

“The Red Armour was originally an exoskeleton suite designed for use in outer space and was invented by Dr Drake. I think the original intention was for something that people could use up there and to move about safely outside spaceships doing whatever work was needed. Years ago, long before he knew of Chronos the General and Dr Drake met. The General saw the potential of his design from a military viewpoint. Dr Drake has worked for years on converting the original design to something that could work down here. Two years ago he finished prototyping and we began to build the Red Type Battle armour in our Underground Base,” said Jason.

“The ACTF designed and manufactured all the Red Type Battle Armours underground?” asked Tetsuro. Judging from his tone Jason realised he was finding it hard to believe.

“Our Underground base was a massive Cold War installation. It was designed over fifty years ago and built forty years ago. It was designed then as an ultra-secret base that would still function even if the surface above was obliterated by nuclear war,” said Jason.

“But that does not answer how the ACTF could make such advanced anti-zoanoid weapons in such a short period of time,” said Tetsuro.

“It’s being joked by some members of the ACTT that the General somehow knew of Chronos even before FBI realised what Chronos was after the fall of the LA branch to the Guyver US five or so years ago. That’s not really important, what’s important is that he took over the base fifteen years ago to see him through to retirement which should have happened five years ago. During that time he had already seen the base through its renovation and modernisation,” explained Jason. Tetsuro and the others listened attentively as he explained the past events of the ACTF.

“Why would the US Government bother to modernise an old Cold War base though?” asked Tetsuro.

“The US Government knew very little about this. But the military saw that the Chinese and other rogue nations had the possibility of launching nuclear war heads at the USA or that some terrorist might somehow smuggle a device into our country. The idea was to have the former Underground ACTF base ready if such an event were to happen,” explained Jason.

“It would be safe to say there was a large element of luck involved in the ACTF being allowed to form?” asked Tetsuro.

“Yes, it is safe to say that. Timing is everything I guess,” said Jason.

“Sorry for all my brother’s questions,” said Mizuki.

“It’s no problem at all Mizuki, this is what I expected,” said Jason.

“Sho warned you?” asked Mizuki.

“Yup, though ‘warn’ is such a strong word, he just informed me that Tetsuro liked technology and would most likely have many questions,” said Jason.

“It was probably a warning and you’re just being nice, but I can’t help but find this both amazing and exciting that somehow an organisation like yours survived in a Chronos controlled world!” said Tetsuro. His face was like a kid in awe of the situation.

“Yes I have to admit we were lucky, but it doesn’t feel that way. Almost everyone in the ACTF has lost someone or more to Chronos.”

“We’ve all lost loved ones to Chronos Jason, we try our best in their memory to help those that can fight Chronos.” said Shizu.

“Hopefully you all being here with ACTF will let us help you with that burden Shizu.”

“That is what makes me worried,” said Mizuki.

“Why would you be worried about the ACTF being able to help the Guyvers?” asked Jason.

“I’m worried because if the ACTF is here to help Sho and Agito what is the need for us being here?”

“The ACTF would never try and pull you, Shizu or Tetsuro away from Sho or Agito. It would be silly to even try. You’ve all being here helps them feel at home, simply put we want you here,” said Jason.

“Sorry Jason, Mizuki tends to worry a lot over nothing,” said Tetsuro. His sister then quickly slapped his shoulder as he laughed. As they smiled they walked down a different coloured corridor and a sign saying ‘Research and Development’. Just as they turned a corner in front of them was a group of heavily armed soldiers and a woman who was sitting by a screen.

“What is this place?” asked Shizu.

“We’re about to pass into one of the most secure zones in the ACTF HQ,” answered Jason.

“What is she looking at on the screen?” asked Tetsuro.

“If you are a zoanoid or not,” answered Jason.


“I don’t know, but it’s always correct,” answered Jason as the woman behind the screen smiled as Jason and his group of guests walked on.

“What would they have done if one of us was a zoa-form?” asked Shizu.

“They would have asked me to confirm what to do next,” answered Jason.

“But if you were not here?” asked Shizu.

“If you did not look like Aptom who they now know is the only allowed zoa-form on site, they would try and detain you,” said Jason.

“Did the use of these scanners allow the ACTF to make an underground base with people they trusted and then knew were not zoanoids?”

“Yes indeed Tetsuro. Throughout different military and FBI buildings we had had Dr Redmond’s Zoanoid scanners secretly in place under the pretence of National Security and to prevent terrorists entering the country. Only personal cleared got to work on the ACTF base and updating its huge underground Cold War era facilities. I only got to see the place after X-Day,” said Jason. Tetsuro though wondered how ACTF could create such technology and just how long they really knew of Chronos. He decided it best though not to push that now. Anyway he liked a good mystery and this would give him one to work on. They arrived then to a very large reinforced door. Beside the large door was a large sign that said ‘Testing and Training Room’ and below that ‘Class A Access Only’.

“What was this room?” asked Shizu.

“It was previously a room where Chronos had zoanoids fight against each other,” answered Jason as he put his hand on a hand scanner by the door. It took five seconds before there was a beep and a green light. Long enough for Tetsuro to wonder why it was taking so long. “It takes a few seconds to see the blood still flowing in my hand,” said Jason knowing the question was about to come.

The door opened revealing a huge long room. It was like entering a totally different designed section of the base. They’d entered into a corridor area that surrounded most of the inner section of the room which had the thickest glass Tetsuro had ever seen. He walked up and knocked it and it felt like knocking metal. Then his eyes focused on what was happening inside the room. There literally was a battle going on between three Red Armours and three Blue Armours. He noticed though they were not using live rounds as a Blue Armour had used its jump back to avoid an attack from a Red and then returned fire of its hitting the Red Armour with a large blotch of paint.

“Jason do you know how to use this new armour?” asked Tetsuro

“Yes, its like an extension of your body and has cool H.U.D. targeting system inside the helmet that can track multiple targets at a time, and Sho should know that well as I was the one who managed to tag him with it last week.”

“How did you “tag” him,” asked Tetsuro.

“I shot his throat,” answered Jason.

“With one of those paint balls?” asked Tetsuro.

“No, it was a live round test!” said Jason.

“You WHAT!?” shouted Mizuki realising what he’d meant.

“It was a test to see if the new Blue Armour was capable. Sho wanted to see this himself and told me to hold nothing back,” said Jason.

“You really didn’t,” said Tetsuro.

“Sorry, but I play to win,” said Jason.

“Even for a Guyver what would have hurt!” said Mizuki.

“It did, he could not disengage the unit for a few minutes while it healed his throat,” said Jason.

“I guess it did prove the Blue Armour was capable,” said Tetsuro. He was still stood looking through the window throughout the whole of the last part of the conversation. He was mesmerised by the sight of the armours still mock battling.

“Everyone has their weakness you just have to find it,” said Jason.

“What if you’d hit his Control Medal,” said Mizuki.

“We’d not be having this conversation. At a best case I’d have knocked out Sho and then the Unit would have taken over and killed me the threat. Worst case his Unit would have gone out of control and again I’d have being killed by the Bio-Creature it would have become,” said Jason.

“Did Sho warn you before the Test fight?” asked Mizuki.

“Yes, indeed he had warned me and so had Sean! Trust me, I aim to win but I’m no fool. An out of control Guyver is the last thing I want,” said Jason sounding as calm and professional as possible as they now neared another room that was to the back right of main observation level. They could see this room through the reinforced observation windows and it had blacked out window down to the test battle. There was a door between the observation level and this room and the group had arrived at it. Once again this door had yet another hand scanner and Jason put his hand against it. A few moments later the door opened.

“Who is it?” asked Dr Drake as Jason and the group walked into the mostly empty observation room. Dr Drake was a middle aged man with glasses with greying hair in a white lab coat that looked like it was now a little shabby. He handed even turned his head still looking attentively at the screen and was finishing a long note on a tablet device.

“It’s Jason O’Conner. I’ve our guests from Japan with me.”

“Ah welcome to the Testing and Training Room,” said Dr Drake as he turned from his screen. The group walked closer to him then he shook their hands as the Doctor was introduced to them by Jason. Tetsuro though was barely now paying any attention to the conversation that was starting. The room was full of computers, video equipment, a large window through which you could see two groups of armoured men fighting, and from where he was sitting Dr Drake could watch everything. Tetsuro looked at it all and wished he could join the Dr in designing and testing these fighting armours. It was instantly a way he could help Sho and their battle with Chronos.

Elsewhere in the base the meeting between ACTF and the Japanese Guyvers and Aptom was over and they were all now leaving the room. Agito was happy with how the meeting had gone. The ACTF was an organisation he would happily fit in with. He had only once concern, Guyver US.

“Sean do you have a moment to talk in private?” asked Agito.

“Sure,” said Sean but he was dreading what would Agito want to talk about. He was guessing that it had something to do with his attitude. The last thing he wanted was another lecture no matter who it was from.

“It’s obvious you’re under a lot of pressure and I know why. But you need to be better handle your emotions so that those that took Cori pay for what they have done not those around you who want to help,” said Agito.

“But I don’t even know who took her!” shouted Sean. He knew has he shouted it that was the wrong thing to say but he couldn’t stop himself from saying it. General Carter and Colonel O’Neil were close enough still to hear Sean shout. The Colonel went to walk towards them but the General stopped him and shook his head. “Let him blow off steam,” said General Carter. Sho and Aptom had already turned a corner and were on their way to meet up with Jason and the rest of their group and didn’t hear the commotion.

“You being angry at the wrong people about it will not save her or help us find out who took her,” said Agito, his calm demeanour almost annoyed Sean more than what he said. But he couldn’t help it and Sean knew Agito was right on the mark with him.

“Being angry is not something I can just turn off!” said Sean.

“It’s something you’re going to have to learn to turn off, you’re a Guyver you need to get better at it or more of your friends and the ACTF will lose people because of it!” said Agito. Sean didn’t respond to that and neither said anything for a few seconds. Jason hadn’t put it as blunt as that to him but it was true what Agito said, if he remained like he was now people would lose lives. Even Guyvers needed support in the end, even him.

“I’m sorry Agito,” said Sean as he then left Agito to look for Jason. Agito’s first meeting with the American Guyver went better than he expected, he hoped now he would be a good ally as he turned back towards General Carter and Coronel O’Neil and walked towards them.

“So what do you think of what I have done here Tetsuro,” asked Dr Drake. Tetsuro had broken away from the rest of the group as Jason talked with the Mitzuki and Shizu about how the armour works.

“If you mean the new armour, you have done very well. They are meant to be able to handle anything up to the Gregore Zoanoid type,” asked Tetsuro looking closely at a Blue Armour which dodged an attack from the slower Red Armour by using is booster rockets to propel it backwards a few feet.

“Yes indeed they are,” said a smiling Dr Drake. Tetsuro was still looking at the fight below and not really taking any notice as he chatted away he asked “Ah, what are they doing down there?”

“They are testing the new armour against the old.”

Tetsuro, now paying attention he asked, “Are the group painted in Red wearing the old armour?”

“Yes indeed they are the ones painted red. Let’s go down and you can take a closer look,” said Dr Drake.

Tetsuro enthusiastically agreed and the doctor went out of the observation room leaving the women with Jason and went down a set of stairs to the lower level were Dr Drake put his hand on the panel and the door opened and they went inside. The room the test battle was happening flashed a blue light and on the screens of the combatants a warning screen shot up and all ten armoured combatants stopped.

“Men stand at attention,” ordered Dr Drake as Tetsuro and the doctor went towards the nearest man who was equipped with the red armour.

“The red armour is the older type of armour designed to give our men a fighting chance against the lower Zoanoids. It is shown itself to be fully capable of that job so it is in mass production and in about a week we will have around four thousand produced and deployed. The Blue Type is the armour that Jason up there used and fought Sho last week and had him in a bit of trouble. The Blue Type is currently in the prototype stage and what you see here are all that has being produced.”

“What were the upgrades that where done to the blue type armour,” asked Tetsuro.

“Mostly all upgrades where on the armours movement and firepower. We found on the red type that though it provided adequate muscle enhancement that it suffered a serious lack of mobility and speed. So when the blue project came along we concentrated most of our research on that part of the armour. It now lets the wearer to run at a normal pace and with hover jets can reach speeds up to 100MPH, jump twenty feet and sixty with jets, armour is lighter but just as strong, can even climb and has use of nearly the full range of human motion. While my team and I concentrated our research on the armour, the Army designed a new weapon for long range combat against the Vamore type Zoanoids. It is basically a larger version of the anti-zoanoid rifle and has superior targeting, ammo, and range.”

“Has the new armour been fully tested?”

“Yes, in the technical sense but their testing has not being against anything serious in combat yet other than fighting Guyver 1,” answered Dr Drake as Sho and Aptom also entered the room though the direct main entrance. A few minutes later they were followed by Sean who chatted with Jason.

Chronos Island

Taylor Smith stood at the bottom of the huge complex looking at the War Relic. Close by him the concrete floor bore the marks of Aptom’s battle with the Neo Hyper Zoanoids. He had being upset with Alkanphel when he said he viewed being sent here a demotion. He still viewed it as such but he obeyed the order of the Leader of Chronos. He had no choice in that regard. Alkanphel’s will was his even if he didn’t like the idea. But as he looked between the War Relic and the marks on the ground he smiled, it was only a matter of time but sooner or later the Guyvers would be here, he would kill them then!

“What is it now Drano,” said Taylor Smith as he turned around to see the well-dressed brown hairs man walking towards him.

“Some humility wouldn’t be unbecoming of you Lord Smith,” said Alfrid Drano.

“I was not selected to be a Zoalord because of my humility Drano, it is best you remember that,” said Taylor Smith his eyes glowing faintly as his annoyance of being put under this man’s command showed itself.

“I remember many things Lord Smith why you were selected as a zoalord is not one of them as it was not by my choice,” said Alfrid Drano

“No it was not your choice; those who chose me did you. I am your equal and I am not your subordinate Drano!”

“Correction Lord Smith, we are both the subordinates of Destrol, and he expected you at the command meeting that ended fifteen minutes ago.”

“That presumptuous ponce, he is not as special as he believes! I’m here for only one reason, to kill or capture the Guyvers! I’m not here to follow your lead or his!” Taylor Smiths eyes changed to a full glow as he almost shouted out those words.

“The Elite Zoalords will hear of this Lord Smith.”

“Ha! The Elite Zoalords, their numbers are few and it is only a matter of time before Lord Alkanphel selects replacements for their fallen members! When I hand him the Control Medals of the three Guyvers he will elevate me into their rank!”

“Believe what you will Lord Smith,” said Alfrid Drano as he turned around and left his fellow Zoalord. None of the other Apprentice Zoalords would dare to have said what Taylor Smith had said. Why Alkanphel had let him live was a mystery. Taylor Smith smiled as he left, he didn’t care if he’d insulted Alfrid Drano or Destrol they would not have the glory he was destined for!

Alfrid Drano entered the lift which brought him up from the lower levels toward the core of Chronos Island. It took a lot of control to remain calm in the presence of Lord Smith. He disliked the man and was in total contrast to the lead Apprentice Zoalord on Chronos Island. Alfrid Drano respected Destrol as he was different to all the other Apprentice Zoalords. To be around Destrol was like being around an Elite Zoalord in that he could feel the pressure to comply to the Zoalord. Simply put, there was something different about this man compared to the other Apprentice Zoalords. Minutes later Alfrid Drano arrived in the command room of Chronos Island. Destrol stood looking at the large displays that towered above the terminals Chronos personal worked on. On the middle screen was Taylor Smith.

“Presumptuous Ponce,” said Destrol as Alfrid Drano walked up beside him.

“Pardon me Lord Destrol?”

“Is that what he called me?”

“Yes, it was. How did you know?”

“Lip reading is a useful talent Lord Drano even for us Zoalords.”

“Indeed, what will we do with Lord Smith?”

“He will get what he wishes,” said Destrol as he then smiled.

September 2011 – One hundred miles north east of Chronos Island the Stealth ship U.S.S. Defiant

Jason stood looking at the Prototype Blue Armour that was in front of him. He’d far less time than he would have liked testing it. The same could be said for the team of Ex-Navy Seals that ACTF assembled in their ranks to join him on this mission. They were all hardened members of the ACTF who like him spent a long time in the former ACTF HQ underground. They all like him had either battle experience and or a large amount of time built up training in the Red Type Battle armour. This armour in front of him though was a far different animal. It was faster, stronger, equipped with custom weaponry developed with Aptom’s help. But running through his mind were the many ways it could go wrong, the jump packs for one required an expert touch and the Doc’s team were still fine tuning the Armours OS to compensate.

But all of that didn’t matter, what mattered was Chronos had to be stopped and they had to take the risk of using this experimental armour considering what they were up against. It was something they had never witnessed from Chronos, the Enzyme 3 and to make the matters worse it was them who had to hold that best off the Guyvers as much as possible so the Guyvers could help Aptom defeat the Neo-Class Hyper Zoanoids that also guarded the base! It really made him wonder about what Agito had said; why had Chronos not used such forces already against the ACTF? Also why did Alkanphel appear to save him? In the end it matter not why he would kill that freak for what he did to him. He didn’t know how but someday he would finish him!

Jason sighed, it was time. He turned around and headed to the crate that held his armour, the Seals had already suited up in their armour, opening a panel on the side of the crate and pressed the button inside it. The side of the crate opened up and two bars moved out holding between them his armour. The legs extended and the armour stood upright and the bars moved back into the crate. Then the back of the armour opened up waiting for its user to climb inside. Usually you would use a small staircase to climb inside the armour but out here Jason had to stand on the back of its leg and climb into the armour. Once inside the armour fully activated. Jason then commanded the armour to turn on the secured satellite link to ACTF HQ. As he did the HUD display on his helmet lit up and he saw the status of the other twenty fine members of his team Armour. All the other team members like him showed a fully active status and 100% ammunition level apart from the three members of the team that where there as ammunition holders for the other team members, their armours modified mainly as a supply function for this mission.

“Command, Expedition Strike Force ready,” said Jason through the interlink system.

“Operation Go,” said Colonel O’Neil though the interlink from ACTF HQ in Washington DC.

No more words needed to be said. Everyone knew their next actions thanks to constant drilling and training. Along the walls of the room they were in where blue modules hanging at their armoured forms shoulder height. Each one of them walked up and turned around and linked a panel at the back of their armour to the blue modules. These linked to the armour and as they moved forward and the modules came off the wall the duel propeller systems of the sea module became visible. The USS Defiant an experimental stealth warship was retrofitted by the ACTF core of engineers to be able house the Blue Armours and its passage ways expanded. The ship floated along two pontoons and had black painted armour running along it and a sharpened edge to it to lower its profile. To radar systems it barely registered as anything more than driftwood or a small single person boat. At the back of black ship a large door opened backwards and became a platform that lowered into the sea below. The now sea ready Blue Armoured group moved down the platform into the sea.

It was a daytime as it made no difference to attack a Chronos base at night-time or day due to a large amount of Zoanoids that could see with a natural night vision. Chronos personal patrolled the top outer ring of the circular artificial island. In the sea though it was the aquatic zoanoids that surrounded the island which knew of the attack first as the lead two Blue Amours fired their harpoon weapons through their heads then recoiled the cabled bolts back into the launcher module. As the team of Blue Armours got within range of the Island four different team members moved towards the lead positions in their formation. The modules on their backs opened to reveal a missile system. Within seconds of killing any aquatic zoanoids within range the patrols around the island didn’t even have the time to change into their zoanoid forms as they were bombarded by sustained missile fire for ten seconds obliterating most of patrolling zoanoids on that side of the island and blowing open the passageway into the building.

“We’ve an opening, move in before the close it!” ordered Jason as he and the other Blue Armours closed in within jump range.

“Colin’s your squad target the left side as we jump to the door and Roger’s your squad right side,” ordered Jason as he commanded his armour to rocket into the air closely followed by the rest of the team. As ordered the two five man squads of Colin’s and Rogers while in the air laid down covering fire blasting the approaching zoanoids before they could find cover or get close to the now landing Blue Armours. With their explosive zoanoid armour piercing rounds any zoanoid out in the open was quickly cut down by the precise short bursts of fire.

“Remember, conserve your ammo. Team Roger’s you’re on point after the entry team. Team Colin’s protect our rear.”

“Sir, yes sir,” said both Lieutenants Roger’s and Colin’s. Four of the Blue Armours arms extended large spikes as they moved forward and to the head of the group. They entered the building first with the rest of the team quickly following. Jason didn’t need to remind them to keep in tight formation this had being drilled into all of them and years of experience thought them, separate from their team mates and they would most likely die.

Deep inside the Chronos Island Taylor Smith left the lift at the bottom of the base and looked at the pyramid shape of shape of the War Relic. The Blue Armours of the ACTF were attacking the base. As he suspected they would be coming here.

<“Enzyme 3’s, come to me now!”> ordered Taylor Smith.

Inside the command centre of the base Destrol and Alfrid Drano looked at the quickly disappearing display monitors as the Blue Armoured ACTF soldiers shot each one out on their way to the War Relic.

“Is it wise to trust the defence of the War Relic to him?” asked Alfrid Drano.

“It is the will of Alkanphel,” said Destrol. Alfrid Drano nodded his head and smiled and thought to himself how if there was such a force out there called Karma this would be how Taylor Smith would be repaid for his deeds.

The team of ACTF Blue Armours were now making their way inside the building. Chronos soldiers and zoanoids were everywhere. The close combat team though made short work of them shoving electrified spikes that had come out of their armoured fists into the head of any zoanoid that got too close and by their guns. The battle continued to move towards the centre of the upper complex. But even with the best formation possible a large group of zoanoids managed to break their ranks as they passed by a doorway killing the two Blue Armoured men that entered the room to check it.

Seeing the commotion behind him one of the lead armours turned back and ran towards the zoanoids attacking the middle lines shouting “get out of the way”. The group split falling back leaving room for the lead armour to get at the zoanoids. The lead armoured man cut into the ranks of the attacking zoanoids. But inside the group of zoanoids was a man dressed in a lead uniform. There was a blast as he turned into the Neo-Hyper Darzerb. He reached out with his huge right arm and picked up the lead armoured man. He in turn shoved his two forward spikes up towards the arm only for the spikes to crumple and the electricity to be absorbed by the creature. Just as the Neo-Hyper Darzerb started to laugh and crush the head armour of the lead armoured man his armour exploded into a ball of energy blasting the large creature against the opposite wall of the room and obliterating its whole right arm and upper side.

As the blast field disappeared there stood the Guyver 3. His control medal glowed along with his eyes as the air vents over his mouth cleared. Guyver 3 was impressed. Seeing the Neo-Darzerb stirring trying to getting up this creature was a feat of bio-engineering. Guyver 3 then fired a number of pressure cannon blasts at the fallen neo-hyper zoanoids legs crippling the creature and hitting its other arm blasting a hole into its shoulder. Before it had the chance to begin to regenerate Guyver 3 opened his right chest armour plate revealing a mega-smasher cell. Neo-Darzerb only got a chance to look up and see the glow around Guyver 3’s chest area as the mega-smasher fired obliterating him. The powerful blast consumed him and then blasted through the wall and all the way through out over the sea.

“So that is what it is like to be in a building when a Guyver uses his mega-smasher!” said Destrol looking up at the corner of the room where the ceiling had cracked and some dust was falling into the room. Alfrid Drano didn’t answer him as he and a few others continued to look around for any sign of the room collapsing.

With Guyver 3 having revealed himself he made short work of the zoanoids near by him. His head sensors moved on his head as he quickly gaged the location of zoanoids around him. Not sensing any Enzyme 3’s nearby he the blasted his way through a concrete wall and then dived through the hole he’d just made to attack a team of zoanoids that where running towards the Blue Armours. Jason couldn’t help but be impressed as he looked through the hole made by Guyver 3 and his H.U.D. tried to read through the dust what was happening on the other side. Flashes of light and sounds of pain gave him enough of a clue to know Guyver 3’s reputation was well earned.

After ten more minutes of battle the team had made their way to the viewing area of the Core of Chronos Island. “This Chronos base has aspects similar to both the Relics Point and the Chronos Arizona facilities. Look down there! That is a massive blast door that they use to close off access between levels,” explained Guyver 3 pointing out of the window right down to the insides of the base.

“Is there any way through them?” asked Jason.

“Yes, with the power of the Gigantic Armour Sho can do it,” answered Guyver 3.

“If that’s the only way, then there is no point in waiting,” said a Blue Armoured person standing beside them. Smashing his way out of the safety glass that overlooked the inner ring the Blue Armour man jumped out away from his team mates. Gravity quickly took hold as it looked like he would be plummeting to his death. Then a ball of energy engulfed the armour disintegrating it and the Guyver 1 appeared as the smoke cleared quickly then followed by merging with the Gigantic Armour. Still in free fall the Gigantic Guyver’s back armour fired its bio-thrusters as he then rocketed towards the giant mettle barrier that blocked entry to the lower levels. Energy collected around his right knuckles as he then power punched his way through the giant barrier. Once again Chronso Island shuck with the force of the blast as Gigantic Guyver then flew by the barrier. Below him he could see in the distance at the bottom of the base the War Relic.

“Jump packs at the ready men, use control jets to aim and get through the whole Gigantic Guyver as made and get ready to fire them as we approach ground level,” ordered Jason. All the other Blue Armoured people nodded their heads in acknowledgement. Jason wondered if this was possible, but everything the HUD interface from his armour reported back to him said it was. Dr Drake gave these armours an advanced AI for a reason and he hoped his trust in the man would prove to be well placed as he ran towards the opening and jumped! Moments later he was followed by the remaining Blue Armours and Guyver 3.

Control jets fired and all the Blue Armours took control over their decent along with the Guyver 3 they all made it through the hole made by Gigantic Guyver with ease. Jason looked down at the floor below which was approaching him fast. Below he could see the Gigantic Guyvers shield activate as a Neo-Zektole fired his blasters at him. As they expected Chronso would resist and not give up the War Relic without a fight and the Neo-Class Hyper Zoanoid was making sure they got one. As the Neo-Zektole looked up and saw the Blue Armoured men falling down around him he moved his arm towards them. But he never got a chance to fire as the Gigantic Guyver then leaped forward with all the speed he could muster and then power punched Neo-Zektole in the gut sending it flying backwards towards the War Relic.

The still falling Blue Armours opened fire on the zoanoids below clearing the way for them to land. Guyver 3 using his gravity controller accelerated and flew below the falling Blue Armours and started to pick off zoanoids with rapid head laser fire before landing on the ground a few feet away from Gigantic Guyver. A few seconds later Jason’s Blue Armour fired is jump packs as it reached optimal distance from the ground cushioning his fall as he landed. Moments later the rest of the ACTF forces landed around them. With raw fire power they kept the zoanoids at bay killing zoanoid after zoanoid in the open area around them. The exception though was Neo-Zektole who got up after Gigantic Guyvers power punch revealing a cracked bleeding area around his gut and a group of four Enzyme 3’s that were running towards the Gigantic Guyver and Guyver 3. The anti-zoanoid bullets did not penetrate Neo-Zektole’s armour nor cause enough damage that an Enzyme 3’s regeneration could instantly heal what was done to it.

“Aptom and Sean, you’re up! Kill those Enzyme 3’s!” said Jason as he opened fire on a group of zoanoids in the distance.

Two of the Blue Armours broke off from the group and moved towards the fast approaching Enzyme 3’s. The Enzyme 3’s immediately broke up moving away from each other. Aptom was experienced enough to know what this meant, there was a zoalord monitoring the battle and he was wise to order the bestial Enzyme 3’s not to make themselves an easy target to them.

“Sean a zoalord is commanding them be careful,” said Aptom through the Blue Armours communication system.

Sean was thinking the same thing. He remembered what Aptom, Sho and Agito told him of these lethal zoanoids. Shortened lifespan, very powerful with blood designed to dissolve a Guyver but require a hyper-zoanoid or a zoalord nearby to control them. It was time to activate there was a zoalord nearby and he was expecting their surprise. The armour around him blew apart as a ball of energy surrounded him, moments later stood Guyver US. Immediately he started firing head laser shots at the Enzyme 3’s trying to get their attention. One of the Enzyme 3 ran towards him. The other three moved towards Gigantic Guyver and Guyver 3.

Aptom bust out of his Blue Armour as he changed into his zoanoid form. He ran towards the Enzyme 3 that was running towards Guyver US. He stopped and as the Enzyme 3 continued towards him Aptom froze the ground around him. Ice formed around the legs of Enzyme 3 and it slowed down. Then to shock of both Aptom and Guyver US the ice around the feet began to melt as quickly as it formed. They could both sense the temperature of the creature rise as then the air around it turned to visible waves of heat.

“Fall back Guyver US, only Gigantic Guyver can take these on!” said Aptom realising quickly that they had being updated against his most powerful attack.

<“Sho, help Sean, I’ll finish of the Neo-Zektole,”> said Guyver 3 through the units.

Guyver US had already committed to running at full speed towards the closest Enzyme 3. Even after acknowledging what Aptom said and meant it was too late he had no choice but to fight. Guyver US fired his head beam cutting the Enzyme 3 through the throat. Then stopping still he quickly fired a pressure cannon blast at the already fast healing hole blasting it apart again. But as he did two of the other Enzyme 3’s now closed on him from both sides. Before one of them could get to him though he was consumed by a giant gravity ball fired by the Gigantic Guyver answering Agito’s request with action! Guyver US turned to the other advancing Enzyme 3 and fired his sonic disrupter bursting the creature’s eyes.

Elsewhere Neo-Zektole found himself of Guyver 3 as he emerged from under the ground behind him. Before Neo-Zektole could even turn around to face Guyver 3 his legs were sliced off by Guyver 3’s vibrational swords who then continued on in one smooth motion to cut Neo-Zektole’s head off. Guyver 3 did not wait for Neo-Zektole’s regeneration to catch up with the damage he’d done and he opened one side of his mega-smasher. The blast fired and consumed Neo-Zektole then continued on towards the left side of the War Relic and continued to obliterate a number of zoanoids to the side of the War Relic before hitting the walls of camber.

Gigantic Guyver now stood side by side with Guyver US. His head sensors twitched as he sensed the uninjured Enzyme 3 now flying down on top of him.

“Keep those two busy regenerating I’ll kill the one above us!” shouted Gigantic Guyver as he took off up into the air. Aptom and Guyver US did just that. The Enzyme 3 flying towards Gigantic Guyver didn’t have a chance as the spike on his chest expanded and he quickly became a living comet and smashed though the Enzyme 3 reducing it to nothing but a blood splatter. If it were a normal zoanoid that would not matter but as chunks of Enzyme 3 hit the ground below a first size chunk hit the left arm of Guyver US before it had the chance to dissolve. This had an instant reaction burning into the Guyver armour. The pain for Guyver US was excruciating and he lost focus and keeping the other Enzyme 3 at bay.

Battle groups Roger’s still lead the group of Blue Armours towards the War Relic and group Colin’s made sure that no zoanoid took advantage of their flank or back positions. Zoanoid after zoanoid was gunned down by the firepower of the Blue Armours. The Armours converted to carrying extra ammunition worked perfectly and were keeping their comrades fighting. Jason still focused on the mission looked for any signs of bio-blaster zoanoids that could change course of the battle. But then out of nowhere the Neo-Thancrus de-cloaked in the middle of the Blue Armour battle group. Two slices later and Captain Rogers and Specialist Lucas were both cut in half. Two of Blue Armours turned towards the zoanoid and fired, but it cloaked once again and jumped high into the air out of the way of the incoming bullets. Both Blue Armours ended up shooting each other the anti-zoanoid rounds proving to be just as effective for cutting through their amour killing them both.

“Watch your fire this bastard can cloak” said Jason through his amours communication system as he looked around for any sign of the Neo Thancrus. But there was no sign of it at all.

“Armours deploy Smoke!” ordered Jason. Immediately a canister on the back of their armour opened and smoke started bellowing out filling the area around them. Captain Colin’s was the first to spot him shooting towards Neo-Thancrus and blowing apart it’s left arm also hitting the left shoulder pod that contained one of his bio-blasters. Neo-Thancrus let out a roar as the pain of the attack coursed through him. But the zoanoids healing quickly put an end to the pain and his right side pod glowed and pointed towards Captain Colin’s. Out of the smoke speared Guyver US. His right vibrational sword extended and in full leap he cut down through the right side put and cut off the Neo-Thancrus’ right arm.

“GET OUT OF THE WAY!” roared Guyver US. The Blue Armours knew what was coming next and had being trained well. Captain Colin’s armour relayed the position of Guyver US and Neo-Thancrus and had being programmed to alert the others in the group the optional position to be in if a Guyver needed to use its mega-smasher! Those blue armours including Jason’s that where in the line of fire between Guyver US and the Neo-Thancrus immediately knew which way to command their jump packs to fire to get them quickly out of the way. As Guyver US opened both of his mega-smasher plates he could see and sense through the smoke the Blue Armours jumping out of the way. The mega-smasher fired and consumed Neo-Thancrus and then continued on towards the back of the chamber away from the War Relic.

With the Neo-Hyper Zoanoids defeated that left the Enzyme 3’s being the only major threat left. Gigantic Guyver power punched in the direction of the remaining two Enzyme 3. The energy from that alone caused a destructive wave that crippled and fractured the two of them. Their regenerative abilities meant though that they were not yet defeated. But with his experience battling them Gigantic Guyver knew this already and all the gravity controllers on his body glowed as he then fired a large gravity ball towards their fallen bodies which consumed them and cracked and consumed the ground around them.

The smoke cleared around the Blue Armours. Jason could see now that the Neo-Hyper Zoanoids and the Enzyme 3’s were all dead it was time. “Sean! Lucus is dead, we need to get into the War Relic now and retrieve the Units,” said Jason to Guyver US who was still close by them.

“Ok Jason, let’s do it!” Answered Guyver US, any reservations he had in the past about giving “weapons” to people disappeared long ago once Chronos showed it was capable of taking over the entire world.

“Captain Colin’s, get the men into position you’re in command while I’m inside the War Relic.”

“Sir, yes sir!” “You head the man, move out,” ordered Captain Colin.

All of the Blue Armours and Guyver US who moved to the front of them made their way towards the Relic. To their sides Gigantic Guyver and Guyver 3 continued battling zoanoid after zoanoid. Chronos had not yet given up.

Taylor Smith looked on at the battle. He imagined what that smug bastard Alfrid Drano would be saying right now about his grand plan on capturing or killing the Guyvers. The Neo-Hyper Zoanoids had all being killed. The Guyvers and those annoying armours of the ACTF were a stone throw away from the War Relic. He was a failure as a commander! His eyes glowed as rage filled him.

The Blue Armours and Guyver made it to the side of the War Relic. Captain Colin ordered the armours to take up a defensive position around their current point. Guyver US’s control medal glowed as he commanded it to open. Then Jason and Guyver US entered the inner chamber of the Relic and the passage closed behind them and then the room started to fill with what looked to be water.

“This is what Sho described isn’t it” asked Jason as the watery substance started to cover his armour.

“This is to clean us before we go further inside the Relic,” said Guyver US remembering his conversations with Sho about the Japanese Relic he had entered.  This War Relic was more like how Sho had described compared to the Relic he had being in at Utah.

“This never happened to you though Sean,” said Jason.

“No it did not but all Relics are not alike, you can breath in this water somehow so don’t worry if your armour somehow fails. Once this passage fills, hold my hand and I’ll bring you to the units.”

“Okay, if you say so…..” said Jason as the liquid rose past his head.

The chamber finally filled. To Guyver US’s surprised as he looked at his arm which still bore the damage from the exploding Enzyme 3 the armour began to rapidly heal. In only a few seconds it fully regenerated including the vibrational sword. Jason noticed it too.

“That was an unexpected bonus,” said Guyver US as the next passageway opened and Guyver US and Jason made their way to the heart of the Relic where the units would be held. They were approaching an organic wall and Jason thought they were going to a dead end but with a glow of the control medal on Guyver US, the walls started to open up leading to the room with the Guyver Units. They floated down to the floor but this room was different than the room where the Japanese Guyvers where found. There was not three inactive Guyver Units but only one lying in a pedestal in the centre of the room. The unit was shaped different than a normal Guyver unit and had a pyramid shaped Control Medal.

<“Sho, Agito there is only one unit and it has a pyramid shaped Control Medal,”> said Guyver US.

<“Sean it must be a Warrior Unit,”> said Gigantic Guyver.

<“Yes, it must be, but why only one?”> asked Guyver US.

Jason looked at the Unit in front of him. The plan was simple; a Blue Armoured person would retrieve the Unit and bring it back to base. He was not meant to be here but he knew what Specialist Lucus roll would be. The Guyvers were reasonably sure that under all the metallic armour the Unit wouldn’t activate and as planned the General could then select a Host. He picked up the Unit and had a closer look at it thinking the fact that his Blue Armour would stop it merging with him. The unit started to glow in acceptance and before he had a chance to move the unit grabbed him. It ripped through the blue armour plating that he had on and started to merge before he or Guyver US could even react.

<“Oh shit!”> said Guyver US.

<“What’s happened Sean?”> asked Guyver 3.

<“The Warrior Unit! It ripped through Jason’s armour like it wasn’t even there and activated!”>

<“Get the hell out of there it’s not safe!”> ordered Gigantic Guyver fearing what an out of control newly activated Guyver could do. He didn’t need to tell Guyver US twice. He was already on his way out of the War Relic!

But as he exited the War Relic he wondered if it truly was safer than facing a newly merging Guyver as he saw Zoalord Taylor Smith appearing into the Relic chamber with sixteen Enzyme 3’s!

“Ah there he is! I will kill all of you Guyvers and bring your control medals to Alkanphel as a gift!” shouted Taylor Smith.

“I’ve heard others like you from Chronos who said this before. They are all dead!” shouted back Guyver 3 as he stood beside Gigantic Guyver and Aptom facing the incoming group.

“Captain Colin, keep the men focused on the other zoanoids,” said Guyver US as he ran towards the other Guyvers and Aptom through the group of Blue Armours. He didn’t have time to answer though as Guyver US was not stopping for a conversation and a few seconds later he was with the other Guyvers and Aptom.

“What no sarcastic response from Guyver US?” shouted Taylor Smith still walking calmly towards the Guyvers with the Enzyme 3’s walking beside him.

“I show you what sarcasm is when I snap your neck with my foot!” shouted back Guyver US.

“Ha ha ha, we’ll see who snaps whose neck Guyver US,” said a smiling and laughing Taylor Smith as he ordered the Enzyme 3’s to attack.

“I’m going to fucking kill him,” said Guyver US.

“I doubt you can only Sho in his Gigantic Armour has a chance against him,” said Guyver 3 but Guyver US didn’t listen to him. A month of frustration and not being able to find Cori had eaten at him for too long and Taylor Smith didn’t need to say much against Guyver US for him to take it personally.

<“Sho look out for Sean,”> said Guyver 3, Gigantic Guyver though didn’t have time to respond as he get ready for the fight of his life charging his shield as Taylor Smith fired a plasma ball towards him. The shield held as Gigantic Guyver then returned fire with his head beam forcing Taylor Smith in turn to shield an attack. To Taylor Smith’s surprise his shield barely absorbed the attack pushing him back along the ground. But Gigantic Guyver didn’t have time to keep focused on this one foe as the amount of Enzyme 3’s just made it too dangerous to do so. Gigantic Guyver knew sooner or later he might have to use his Giga Smasher but do so would mean the Gigantic Armour being out of energy and returning to the boost dimension for it to regenerate. No he had to use the other weapons at his disposal. Energy surrounded his knuckles on both hands as sent two power punch waves towards the oncoming group of Enzyme 3’s crippling them.

Guyver 3 had a simple plan to disable the Enzyme 3’s so that Gigantic Guyver could kill them later. Opening up with rapid head laser fire and targeting their legs he quickly disabled the three Enzyme 3’s that ran towards him. But to keep them that way he had to keep blasting away at them to keep them disabled and their regeneration at bay! Aptom worked much like Guyver 3 knowing his body could be badly affected by the virus these creatures contained that affected his healing if cut by them. Aptom too kept them at bay using a combination of freezing the area around him and laser fire. But as before this only managed to slow them down he could not freeze them completely.

Guyver US with his vibrational swords extended ran straight towards Apprentice Zoalord Taylor Smith. Two Enzyme 3’s were directly between him and his target. With all the speed he could muster he side tracked the first and with the edge of his right arms blade cut the legs from under it without getting any blood on him. With the other Enzyme 3 almost on top of him though he could not enough distance between him and it. Guyver US cut the legs from under it but the blood that sprayed got onto his left arm around the base of the vibrational sword. The reaction was instant and the sword fell off as the blood dissolved the bio-armour around it but Guyver US did not care of the pain his objected was there in front of him and that smug bastard was smiling at him!

Guyver US fired his head beam at Taylor Smith’s smiling face but with a simple shield manoeuvre the laser shot was blocked. Returning the favour Taylor Smith fired his zoa-crystal missing his intended target but hitting Guyver US’s right shoulder blasting it apart and disabling his arm.

“Ha, ha, ha I thought you were supposed to be killing me,” said a laughing Taylor Smith as Guyver US roared in pain.

“I… will… kill… you!” said Guyver US as he fired his sonic disrupter at the face of Taylor Smith but again the Apprentice Zoalord shielded the attack and jumped forward towards Guyver US. Injured and in pain and lacking the vibrational swords he could not stop him from shoving his enzyme enhanced hands through both of chest plates and deep into his chest.

“Do not worry Guyver US. Your friends will be joining you in death soon!” said Taylor Smith as he as face to face with Guyver US. Even though blood started pouring out of the air vents in his face and he was in intense pain Guyver US still turned his head to the side to see what he was one about. The others were not faring much better than him due to the sheer numbers of Enzyme 3’s. Even Gigantic Guyver who they had hoped might be immune to the Enzyme was not as one of them sliced deeply into his back with its claws.

“Hah, even the Gigantic Guyver is not immune to a creature that good old Dr Valkus has updated to deal with pests like you,” said Taylor Smith as he ripped his hands from Guyver US’s chest. Guyver US could barely stand. Blood and bio-material covered the ground around him. He had to fight to keep from blacking out but through sheer determination Sean managed to stay in control. His gravity controller glowed as he fired a hastily charged gravity ball from one hand towards Taylor Smith. Taylor Smith though easily shielded the attack.

“Is that your last attack before I rip that Control Medallion from your head Guyver US?”

Out of the corner of his eye Taylor Smith barely saw the attack in time as he shielded himself against four gravity balls that slammed off his shield and the ground around him knocking him back from Guyver US. He looked towards his attacker still standing at an entrance he Guyver had made into the War Relic. Taylor Smith immediately realised this was not a Guyver he recognised, he was dark blue, with light blue pointed shoulders and as his eyes focused he realised it had a pyramid shaped control medallion!

“This changes nothing! I don’t give a fuck who you are Guyver, I will kill all of you today!” said Taylor Smith as he fired a plasma ball into Guyver US’s chest blowing it apart and turned towards the new Guyver. He said nothing, only his control medal glowed as he then started to run towards Taylor Smith.

<“Reserve team Beta attack this new Guyver now!”> Ordered Taylor Smith. From the top of the chamber through the hole Gigantic Guyver made ten more Enzyme 3’s appeared flew down towards the new Guyver.

The new Guyver’s head sensors moved back and forward and it then looked up towards the approaching Enzyme 3’s. A mere second later it fired constant blasts of sustained head beam fire along with duel gravity balls fired from both hands at the approaching attackers. Their delicate wings were no match for the laser fire and even with their enhanced healing it was not enough to regenerate in time to stop four of the Enzyme 3’s splatting as they crashed onto the hard concrete ground around the new Guyver. The other six landed around the new Guyver and attacked. The new Guyver jumped high into the air and back flipped up and over the group that had lunged at him. But as he landed the Enzyme 3 that he landed behind’s tail whipped back and its barbed spiked end cut through his gut and out the other side and then ripped back out. Taylor Smith looked on satisfied with the result as blood and bio-material form the new Guyver covered the area around him.

“Your would-be saviour is going to be killed just like you Guyver US,” said Taylor Smith as he looked back at the fallen body of Guyver US. Sean did not know how he was still awake to hear that he could only put it down to pure determination to kill that bastard that did this to him. But as his eyes focused on the new Guyver he saw something that Taylor Smith had not yet noticed. The new Guyver had a shield of sorts that covered its body and it was now focused around and holding his wound together. Taking its chance another Enzyme 3 jumped towards the new Guyvers head with its right clawed hand ready to rip out his neck. The new Guyver though reached out and instead grabbed the Enzyme 3 by the neck. The Enzyme 3 tried to claw at the Guyver’s arm but was unable to scratch through it. Moments later the forward point on the new Guyvers arm expanded along with his vibrational sword slicing through the next and out of the side of it. The Guyver was covered in blood from doing this but to Taylor Smith’s and Guyver US’s surprise the new Guyver was no longer affected by it and the Enzyme did not dissolve any part of him. As the two Guyver’s looked eye to eye the pyramid control medal of the new Guyver started flashing followed then by Guyver US’s control medal. At that moment Jason became conscious of what was happening and realised he had merged with the Warrior Unit.

“That’s not fucking possible!” screamed Taylor Smith at the Warrior Guyver. He fired a constant barrage of plasma balls at Warrior Guyver. But as the green balls of energy exploded on impact around they did nothing to the Warrior Guyver other than pushing him back a little from the force of the impact. Guyver US’s though barely capable of doing it laugh at the sight of what he’d seen.

“I might not be able to kill him. But I’ll fucking kill you!” said Taylor Smith looking back at Guyver US as he fired a plasma ball at him. But to the surprise of both of them it had little effect as it exploded harmlessly against his body.

“How is that possible?” asked Taylor Smith as Guyver US dragged himself off the ground.

“I do not know but you deserve everything you are going to get!” said Guyver US as he fired his head beam though Taylor Smith’s kneecap.

“I’ll rip you apart with my bare hands!” said Taylor Smith as he pulled himself up into the air rather than falling to the ground. He then flung himself onto Guyver US knocking them both over with the force of the impact. Taylor Smith then tried to rip into the head of Guyver US to get at his control medal. But he soon realised that his clawed hands were not capable of doing so. Guyver US then used his gravity controller to flip then both over so that it was Taylor Smith on his back then proceeded to pound the zoalords head with elbow, forearm and firsts in a mad rage. Seeing that Guyver US was now in control of the situation Jason realised that somehow his Unit had transferred the immunity to the Enzyme to Guyver US. He had to do so now for the other two Guyvers.

Gigantic Guyver stood back to back with Aptom and Guyver fighting off the Enzyme 3’s keeping them at arm’s length while making sure they could not get at the Blue Armours behind them who were now desperately low on ammunition. But even with the power of the Gigantic Guyver the pure numbers of Enzyme 3’s and their fast regenerative powers meant it was a tough task and the Guyver’s and Aptom bore the scars of those that got too close. But as the last wave of Enzyme 3’s grouped together Warrior Guyver ran through the group of Enzyme 3’s slicing them apart as he did so with his four vibrational swords as he made his way towards the Guyvers.

“Get the fuck off me,” roared Taylor Smith as he shoved Guyver US into the air off him and then jumped up to his feet as Guyver US moved so he too was standing face to face with Taylor Smith.

“You’ve lost your advantage asshole,” said Guyver US. His Guyver Armour had recovered to cover all the wounds on his body. It was only a matter of time before he fully regenerated and had access to his vibrational sword and mega-smasher weapons and Taylor Smith knew this.

“I still have weapons that can kill you!” shouted Taylor Smith as he raised his right hand, energy began to form around it and the air in the chamber began to circle. Guyver US’s head sensors moved as he realised this zoanoids was like one Sho described, Purg’stall who was a very powerful zoalord who favoured ranged attacks using powerful lightning attacks. But this zoalord couldn’t do that in a confined area? A second later a lightning bolt shot out and only just missed Guyver US as he moved to the side. The lightning light bolt though continued on and hit Captain Colin Blue Armour’s blasting a hole through his chest killing him instantly as it then continued on to hit against the shield of the War Relic.

<“Sean, get them into the War Relic! You’re still too wounded to take on that bastard!”> said Jason through his Guyver unit as he ran towards Taylor Smith and fired a barrage of gravity balls towards the zoalord. Taylor Smith saw the attack coming and activated his shield protecting him from Warrior Guyver’s attack and then returned fire with another powerful lightning bolt towards Warrior Guyver. For a split second he wondered how was going to get by that and keep running towards his target when he felt the strangest of sensation as the control medal of his Unit glowed and came to life and he knew to activate his blast shield which appeared around him and absorbed the lighting attack from Taylor Smith.

As they both traded energy attacks Guyver US did not like leaving this fight to Warrior Guyver but he had too and had ran towards the Blue Armours and focused on opening the War Relic. As the Blue Armours started to enter he turned around to see Aptom standing among them.

“What are you doing here Aptom?” asked Guyver US.

“Gigantic Guyver and Guyver 3 have being made immune, I’ve not and I’m only a liability to them while they conclude the battle,” said Aptom. Guyver US looked behind the group to see Gigantic Guyver and Guyver mercilessly getting to work killing the Enzyme 3’s. With their enzyme being ineffective against them it was only a matter of time before sooner or later either Guyver done enough damage to kill them all. All the Blue Armours had entered the War Relic. Aptom and Guyver US now stood guard at the entrance as they looked back Warrior Guyver battling Taylor Smith.

“The Warrior Unit’s abilities are impressive,” said Aptom.

“Indeed, he has not stopped aggressively attacking,” said Guyver US.

Out from the blast field that surrounded Warrior Guyver a blinding white beam of energy flew towards Taylor Smith. The blast field cleared it there stood Warrior Guyver with both mega-smasher chambers open and still firing. Taylor Smith flew up into the air to avoid the attack as it blasted into the outer chamber wall. From the blast damage from Guyver 3’s earlier mega-smasher blast and now Warrior Guyver’s massive chunks of concrete started to crack and shake off around the impact area.

Above Warrior Guyver he could sense the atmosphere of the chamber change as high above him there was an explosion. Warrior Guyver looked up through the whole Gigantic Guyver made in the barrier to see the above it crumble revealing the dark sky above. As he looked back at the smiling Taylor Smith he only then realised what it meant as a massive lighting blot fired down through the holes made and hit the ground in front of him exploding into a ball of energy which knocked Warrior Guyver back.

“Hmm, I missed! I’ll make sure I aim better with the next!” said Taylor Smith as his eyes glowed and he focused on what he needed to do.

Warrior Guyver got back up fired a rapid set of head beam shots at the zoalord. Taylor Smith moved his right arm in front of his head. The crystal that covered his upper arm absorbed the laser fire and then with his left hand energy collected and fired back at Warrior Guyver. Warrior Guyver’s control medal flashed as he sensed the incoming danger and his blast shield activated absorbing the blast. He knew he had to keep pressure on Taylor Smith with Guyver US still busy getting the Blue Armour’s inside the War Relic and Gigantic Guyver, Guyver 3 and Aptom still busy finishing off the horde of Enzyme 3’s. He knew one important difference between his Unit and that of a standard Unit-G. He could fire sustained fire of duel gravity balls and surely this asshole couldn’t sustain a shield against those and keep the focus needed to fire on him with lightning bolts from the sky?

Lighting fired down from above but this time it was not aimed at Warrior Guyver. The massive lighting bold slammed into the area with Gigantic Guyver, Guyver 3 and Aptom and exploded in a giant ball of energy. Warrior Guyver looked on in momentary shock then sensing through the dust cloud they were still there he turned back towards Taylor Smith and started a constant barrage of pressure cannon blasts from both hands as he ran towards the zoalord. Taylor Smith could see the barrage coming towards him and activated his shield. He soon realised he’d have to keep it powered up to keep back the constant barrage from Warrior Guyver. As the dust cleared Gigantic Guyver stood over Guyver 3 and Aptom. His shield orbs had cracked due to the sudden shielding needed to keep them all alive. Gigantic Guyver saw now that the Enzyme 3’s where gone then returned the favour sending a large gravity ball firing towards Taylor Smith.

“I will not fail Chronos!” roared Taylor Smith as his shield began to give way to the barrage for gravity ball fire coming from Warrior Guyver and Gigantic Guyver. Warrior Guyver closed in on the Apprentice Zoalord and was only a few feet away when he took off into the air. He started to glow faintly at first then getting brighter and brighter. Warrior Guyver could now sense the battle inside Taylor Smith’s body to control the energy flowing though it and realised if could only mean death for those that could not shield themselves from what was about to come!

<“Get inside the War Relic!”> said Warrior Guyver through the unit to Gigantic Guyver and Guyver 3. Guyver 3 looked towards the Warrior Guyver and Taylor Smith and only wondered for a mare second why he would have shouted that through the Unit when his eyes focused more on the zoalord and realised the potential danger Warrior Guyver must be sensing.

“Aptom we have to go!” shouted Guyver 3 as he and Gigantic Guyver turned towards the War Relic and ran towards it. Aptom didn’t argue and followed the Guyvers to the War Relic.

Then it started, multiple large bolts of lightning started to rip the Chronos base apart as they fired down towards the War Relic and Warrior Guyver. The empowered blots exploded into powerful destructive blasts as each hit the ground. As they exploded Warrior Guyver shielded himself behind his blast field and he wondered if a few more hits would spell the end of its ability to keep him safe and him?

“Do you hear me Guyver? I will not fail Chronos and I will kill you!” shouted Taylor Smith. Energy coursed through his body burning large sections only for his regeneration powers to then heal those wounds. But even with such an amazing healing ability the energy he tried to now contain firing his ultimate attack multiple times was too much. The apprentice zoalord’s body burned brightly as his healing abilities could no longer keep up with the strain and Taylor Smith disappeared before Warrior Guyver’s eyes as his body completely burned itself out. But it was no time to celebrate for Warrior Guyver as the chamber was almost filled with the explosions from Taylor Smith’s last attacks. Warrior Guyver could see the War Relic shielding itself as a two bolts hit off it. Then as a bolt hit and overloaded Warrior Guyver’s shield it all suddenly it all stopped as Taylor Smith’s unnatural influence on the weather lost its effect.

Warrior Guyver looked up at the Chronos Island base. Taylor Smith’s attacks had gutted the base and shockingly the metal barrier that Gigantic Guyver had power punched through hole had being widened and the around the hole had visibly melted and the edges were in area still glowing red in colour. Warrior Guyver looked around for the zoalord but could not see him. Then he heard a cracking sound from above. Looking up he realised the super structure of the base had being severely weakened cracks from the base moved up the massive concrete walls of the chamber. It was time to leave!

Warrior Guyver ran to and entered the War Relic. Once inside the shielding system of the War Relic fully activated as it began to take off as Warrior Guyver commanded it to take off. Inside the War Relic Warrior Guyver looked surprised as he saw the damage done to the other Guyvers has already being fully restored.

“Welcome to the Guyver club Jason,” said Guyver US.

“I’d not intended on joining it Sean,” said Warrior Guyver.

“What now Warrior Guyver?” asked Guyver 3.

“Warrior Guyver that is a good enough code name for me,” said Warrior Guyver.

“Yes it is, now where are we going?” asked Gigantic Guyver

“We can’t leave the War Relic on the ground in the USA. Chronos will never stop fighting for it. We have to do what Sean done to the Utah Relic and send it away to where ever it calls home” said Warrior Guyver.

“I agree,” said Sean.

Agito did not agree but with Gigantic Guyver already nodding in agreement the majority was against what he would wish. As the War Relic cleared Chronos Island’s base it flew up into the atmosphere and towards the USA. Below them the stealth ship that brought them to Chronos Island was already on its way home.

The Ark, orbiting the Earth

The living bio-ship the Ark was grown years ago out of the living remains of the Relic after it was blown apart by the zoalords to stop it falling into the Guyvers hands. Based on the plans Chronos made from the other great focalised relics they had found it was grown in the Dead Sea. It could be said now to be the most secure outpost of Chronos. To this day no Guyver has ever attacked it. As such it is viewed as the safest location of Chronos.

Standing before a bio-tube was Alfrid Drano and Destrol. Inside the bio-tube was the damaged zoa-crystal Taylor Smith and his badly burned out upper body and head. They waited as the lifeless looking husk to begin to regenerate.

“Do you know why Alkanphel has chosen to save him?” asked Alfrid Drano.

“No I do not, but I can only guess he was impressed by his ruthlessness and has plans for him,” said Destrol. As he said that Taylor Smith’s eyes opened and even though his face was badly burned he smiled.

Elsewhere in the Ark Valkus turned to Alkanphel and asked, “Why have we allowed the Guyvers to capture the War Relic?”

“There is much we need to talk about old friend,” said Alkanphel. As they were speaking Destrol and Alfrid Drano entered the command chamber of the Ark. They both walked immediately toward Alkanphel who stood beside Zoalords Valkus and Imakarum and bowed.

“Is it done?” asked Alkanphel.

“Yes my lord it is done, he has activated the Warrior Unit,” answered Destrol.

“Perfect, did the battle go as it was foretold?” asked Alkanphel. As he said that Valkus was surprised to hear this but was intrigued and wanted to hear more.

“Yes, even down to the Warrior Guyver becoming immune to Enzyme 3’s and transferring that immunity to the other Guyvers,” said Destrol.

“That’s impossible!” said a shocked Valkus.

“Not any more it would seem,” said Alkanphel as he and Imakarum turned away from the other Zoalords and walked away from them leaving Hamical to talk more with the Apprentice Zoalords about the battle.

“Your plan has worked master, the Warrior Guyver is born!” Said Imakarum as he turned to Alkanphel as they ended the room of Project X the advanced development section of the Ark.

“Yes the first stage of my plan is covered,” answered said Alkanphel as he looked at a bio-tube in front of him. Inside it contained a young red haired woman. Inscribed on the lower section of the bio-tube was “Project OVERLORD – Jenifer O’Conner”!

The End, for now!