This is a fan-fic based on characters created by Yoshiki Takaya and contains violent situations with adult language.

TitleTime War: Part 5
AuthorBrian O’Sullivan

The Boost Dimension

In the vast energy filled void of hyper space floated the regenerating remains of the Warrior Guyver. His body had been destroyed but the Control Medal was now regenerating him and his mind continued to function within the Control Medal itself, though lacking a body that he remained in a sleep like state as his mind was lost in memory, replaying the last few hours of his life.

<“So the ‘Gods’ still have the power to fool my senses. No matter, no amount of trickery will save them for I will eventually find them and nothing they can do will stop me from destroying them once and for all! Ha, ha, eh!?”> thought Guyver Zoalord as he turned to the direction that he had just come, the Guyver Zoalord began to sense something approaching rapidly towards him. Curious, he focused his powerful senses on the still far off object and realized with a jolt that it was his mysterious attacker that had distracted him while the ‘Gods’ fled and hid themselves.

<“Impossible! Nothing could have survived my attack. What manner of being is this that can feel the power of a Guyver Zoalord and survive?”>

Activating his Zoacrystal/head beam laser, the Guyver Zoalord sent a blinding white beam of energy at the still approaching Warrior Guyver, who though still miles away could not dodge the beam in time as it lanced through the right side of his chest, easily penetrating both his body energy shield and armour and leaving a thunderous shockwave in its wake as the super heated air rushed to fill the void created by the powerful energy beam passing. Immediately the wounded Warrior Guyver plummeted toward the Earth and crashing with enough force to bury him beneath the rocky surface.

Guyver Zoalord quickly flew to the spot the Warrior Guyver had crashed into and observed the hole for signs of life. Within seconds of the moment that the Guyver Zoalord had peaked his head into the cavity of the hole that he was struck by the full force of a Warrior Guyvers single remaining Mega-Smasher. The surprised counterattack blinded the Guyver Zoalord as it sent him flying backwards a hundred feet before he recovered and steadied himself in mid air and looked again at the hole his attacker lay. Warrior Guyver slowly floated out of the hole with his blast shield active and stopped just a few feet above the hole, the damage done by the Guyver Zoalords head beam already half healed.

<“Again you surprise me Warrior Guyver, but that will not happen again! Surely you realise by now that you do not possess the power to harm me and it is only a matter of time before I destroy you!?”>

<“We shall see about that monster!”> said Warrior Guyver who then extended his vibrational swords and took up a fighting stance as he landed near the Guyver Zoalords position. The Guyver Zoalord in turn landed in front of Warrior Guyver and just stood there and watched as he waited for Warrior Guyver to begin his attack. Not one to disappoint, Warrior Guyver began his attack rapidly slashing at the Guyver Zoalord with all four of his vibrational swords but to no effect as none of the blows could penetrate the aura that surrounded the Guyver Zoalord!

The Guyver Zoalord finally started to laugh at his opponent’s efforts to kill him and then swung his arm toward Warrior Guyver as if to slap him and created a shockwave that sent Warrior Guyver flying back at uncontrollable ballistic speed until he slammed into a mountain over a mile away. Stunned, Warrior Guyver just laid their embedded into the surface of the mountain as the Guyver Zoalord leisurely floated towards him. Things were definitely not looking good for Warrior Guyver as he realised that the Guyver Zoalords energy reserves were a lot greater than he had previously thought and that he would need help if he expected to survive this battle, let alone defeat this monster.

<“Draven, can you hear me?”>

<“Yes Warrior Guyver, what is your status?”>

<“Not good, the Guyver Zoalord is too powerful and he is not losing energy fast enough for me to stand a chance of defeating him alone. Can you send me some assistance Draven?”>

<“We are gathering reinforcement for another counterattack against the Guyver Zoalord in case you fail in defeating it but in the meantime I can spare you these.”> In rapid multiple flashes, the Zoanoids and Zoalords that had survived the previous battle with the Guyver Zoalord were teleported around the still approaching Guyver Zoalord. As one they renewed their attack against the Guyver Zoalord. Finally very annoyed, the Guyver Zoalord landed and stomped his left foot hard down onto the ground causing an Earthquake like shockwave that knocked all in his immediate area off their feet and forced the Zoalords to take to the air where they flew rapidly around the Guyver Zoalord firing gravity bullets and hand beams to no effect as the attacks bounced harmlessly off the Guyver Zoalords powerful shield.

The Guyver Zoalord in turn rapidly fired his powerful hand beam blast at the flying swarm of Zoalords but only a few of the hundred remaining Zoalords fell to his attacks as the others moved too rapidly for the Guyver Zoalord to concentrate his blasts on them. Warrior Guyver by this time had finally recovered and joined the battle, firing full powered Pressure Cannon blasts and head beam bursts but even with their combined fire power that the Guyver Zoalord showed no signs of weakening. The battle finally started to seriously annoy the Guyver Zoalord and he extended all six of his vibrational swords as he raised his head to the heavens and activated his sonic emitters releasing an enormous sonic shockwave that shook both the air and earth with such force as to stun all his attackers and they fell to as one to the ground, the vibrations then began to reverberate through the ground and started to cause the otherwise solid ground to liquidate.

Both Zoanoids and Zoalords alike began to sink into the earth. Only the Warrior Guyver retained enough focus to stay above the ground as he started to focus all his strength into a Pressure Cannon. The charging ball of gravitonic energy continued to grow as Warrior Guyver focused all his remaining will into forming as powerful a blast as he could muster when something strange happened and the ball began to draw upon his body shield energy, causing it to grow into a blinding white ball of intense energy. So that when Warrior Guyver finally released his Pressure Cannon that it had the equivalent power of the minor version of Guyver Zoalords own hand beam blast but the surprise of how powerful it was knocked the surprised Guyver Zoalord onto his back. This stopped the Guyver Zoalords sonic attack and allowed the fallen Zoalords to recover and burst free of the ground. But all the other Zoanoids had succumbed and died beneath the surface. Now only a hundred Zoalords remained to continue the fight with Warrior Guyver against the Guyver Zoalord.

<“Foolish Warrior Guyver, you have only delayed the inevitable,”> said Guyver Zoalord telepathically as he flipped himself back up onto his feet.

<“Perhaps but this is far from over Guyver Zoalord!” I’m a persistent bastard and I will kill you!”> and with that said, Warrior Guyvers Control Medal flashed once as he sent a quick telepathic signal to the remaining Zoalords and all then used their gravitational powers to burrow beneath the surface.

<“Eh, what are you fools planning now? . . . WHAT!”> said Guyver Zoalord telepathically as he used  his hyper sensors to track his now underground foes. As one the Zoalords burst from the ground all around the Guyver Zoalord and shot upward into the air. Looking up at them, the Guyver Zoalord quickly realized that the Warrior Guyver was not among them. Redirecting his attention back down to locate the Warrior Guyver, his powerful senses quickly located him just below him just as a full double Mega-Smasher blast erupted up from beneath him and sent him flying upwards towards the waiting Zoalords who had used the distraction to give them time to charge up for a combined black hole attack.

At the apex of the Guyver Zoalords sudden rise into the air, all the Zoalords released their black hole attack onto the still disorientated Guyver Zoalord. The balls of intense gravitational energy quickly engulfed the Guyver Zoalord in an ink black field of dark destructive energy that sought to crush the Guyver Zoalord into oblivion. Intense energies wreathed around the Guyver Zoalord as they were held at bay by the Guyver Zoalords shield until an explosion with the force of a nuclear bomb burst through the gravitational field and spread outward in all directions. All remaining Zoalords were vaporized instantly and Warrior Guyver, who had held back to await the results of their coordinated attack, was barely able to raise his blast and Pressure Cannon shield in time as he moved away at his top speed as the explosion spread outward for miles in all directions and quickly caught up with him but the combination of his combo shielding combined with his speed proved just enough to resist the destructive blast as the Warrior Guyver was carried by the shockwave of the immense explosion.

The effect lasted for a full minute until the explosion finally waned and dispersed. The Warrior Guyver quickly re-orientated himself and looked back in the direction he had just come and saw miles of scorched and blasted earth. The explosion had thrown him over a hundred miles away from his last position. A massive cloud of dust began to block out the sun and turned day into night. Warrior Guyver was numb from shock at the power the Guyver Zoalord had just released. “How could he defeat a being that could do this?” he thought as he floated above the devastation below and in front of him. Just then his hyper senses detected motion from the centre of the destruction. Focusing on the location, Warrior Guyver suddenly realized his armour was giving him an enhanced view of the scene like the H.U.D. display in his former battle armour he had used before becoming a Guyver.

The enhanced full spectrum image showed the Guyver Zoalord kneeling in a crater that the explosion he had generated had made. Releasing so much energy must have finally weakened the powerful Guyver Zoalord. Now was his chance to defeat this monster thought Warrior Guyver and with that thought he sent himself flying toward the Guyver Zoalord and quickly accelerated to full hypersonic speed. Like a missile the Warrior Guyver dived into the dark cloud that cloaked the land surrounding the Guyver Zoalord, travelling ten miles a second, he quickly closed in on the still unsuspecting Guyver Zoalord. So seconds before impact Warrior Guyver activated his blast shield and started to generate the hyper Pressure Cannon that he had made earlier, focusing all his energy and will into one blindingly white ball of gravitational and electrical bio-energy that he released just before impact. The combo attack was immensely powerful but though the Guyver Zoalord was in a weakened condition that it was only enough to slam the Guyver Zoalord against the crater wall and bounced him to just past its rim a few hundred feet from where he had knelt. The Warrior Guyver lay stunned in the crater having transferred all of his momentum to the Guyver Zoalord. Both recovered about the same time and looked upon each other.

<“You dare to continue your attack after you have felt the magnitude of my power!?”>

<“Because if I do not then you will not stop until all on this world are destroyed and that is something that I cannot allow, you must die!”>

<“What makes you think I will go out of my way to destroy the whole world?”>

<“I’ve seen it! When I was sent back I saw the destruction you will do. Simply put, the Earth is nothing but rubble floating in outer space after your rampage!”>

The Guyver Zoalord stopped for a moment to think of what he was told by the Warrior Guyver. What exactly did he mean by “sent back”? Then it hit him, he meant time travel that would be how he would see something that had not yet happened.

<“Some how…  you are from the time what will come aren’t you?”>

<“You’re not some dumb brute are you?”>

<“No Warrior Guyver I am not! But no matter where you are from, these so called ‘Gods’ sent by own brother Kron to kill me! For that they will all die and if that means you have no future so be it!”>

<“You will fail! I do not care what they did to you Guyver Zoalord. All that matters now is that you are stopped!”>

<“Very foolish warrior, even in my weakened state, you do not stand a chance against me. You should have run when you had the chance, the beings of this world are an abomination that must be destroyed and I shall not stop till all other life has been extinguished!”>

Both the Warrior Guyver and the Guyver Zoalord then extended their vibrational swords in anticipation of the renewal of battle. Warrior Guyver made the first move as he launched himself into the air to come down sword first toward the waiting Guyver Zoalord who easily blocked with his own vibrational swords and shoved Warrior Guyver aside. Quickly recovering, Warrior Guyver launched a hail a mini-pressure cannons at the Guyver Zoalord who quickly blocked with a shield and then countered with a gravity bullet attack that Warrior Guyver blocked with his blast field. Stalemated, the now seemingly equally matched opponents circled each other looking for an opening or a moment of weakness.

This continued for a full minute when suddenly a pair of claw like hands burst out of the ground beneath the Guyver Zoalord and yanked the Guyver Zoalords feet out from under him. The hands then let go and a Zoalord yanked itself out of the ground having somehow survived the Guyver Zoalords previous sonic attack and protected by the massive explosion by the ground it was buried in. Warrior Guyver immediately dived in with his vibrational swords and slashed away at the fallen Guyver Zoalord but was blocked by the Guyver Zoalords shield. Quickly regaining his footing, the Guyver Zoalord fired a hand beam blast at Warrior Guyver. The attack was too sudden for Warrior Guyver to raise anything but his blast shield but that combined with his natural body energy shield was enough to keep the blast from vaporizing him but left the surface of his armour singed as if burned from a fire.

As the Warrior Guyver recovered from the near deadly attack, the Guyver Zoalord turned his attentions upon the remaining Zoalord and with a slash of his vibrational swords, vaporized the Zoalord as the powerful vibrations disassociated the Zoalords molecules and turned the Zoalord into a mist of free floating atoms.

<“Now Warrior Guyver, no more interruptions! You have proved yourself a worthy warrior and I shall now grant you a warrior’s death!”> said Guyver Zoalord as he turned back to Warrior Guyver. The Guyver Zoalord then began to open his chest plates to Mega-Smash Warrior Guyver into oblivion. Warrior barely had time to raise a blast and Pressure Cannon shield as he simultaneously tried to jump out of the way of the Guyver Zoalords all consuming Mega-Smasher blast but was engulfed by its deadly light. Warrior Guyver watched as the powerful energies of the Guyver Zoalords Mega-Smashers easily penetrated even his combo shielding and started to disintegrate him like a figure of sand being blown away by the wind until all but his head remained and then with a final flash of light there was nothing.

The Guyver Zoalord closed his Mega-Smasher chest plates and viewed the massive destruction before him as even a mountain that had stood a few miles behind where the Warrior Guyver had stood had been utterly destroyed and left nothing but a long trial of scorched earth as far as the eye could see if not for the still overhanging cloud of dirt and ash that blocked out the light and veiled everything in ink dark blackness. The Guyver Zoalord, now satisfied that all his foes had been eliminated, flew to a nearby active volcano and buried himself within as his armour restored his energy reserves with the geothermic energy of the volcano. Soon he thought would he be strong again and then he will destroy the ‘Gods’. But G’Kor he would receive the swiftest punishment. What the Warrior Guyver had told him confirmed what he suspected that his Unit was somehow compromised. When presented the chance he would have to die before he killed him and in turn destroyed the world he wanted to rule!

Meanwhile, within the vast energy field void of hyper space, a single small triangular metallic object glowed brightly as a mass of techno/bio-organic material began to grow from its base.



Elsewhere in time. . .

Somewhere among the infinite threads of the time stream, a dark humanoid shape floated among the infinite timelines leading to all possible realities and parallel universes. In this void of infinite possibilities, this strange being desperately sought only one but was blocked by a seeming unbreakable barrier. Cyber Guyver sought to enter what would be for him about thirty years into the past but was blocked by the natural resistance of the universe to any change in the natural flow of time. That resistance sent him into an unknown Universe where he had found the Female Guyver 2’s damaged control medal.

This being knew the futility of its task and how much of a long shot it would be but just as it thought it had come so close to only fail that a shockwave rippled through the time stream from far in the past of the time line that he now sought to enter and it saw its chance to break through the barrier. The dark being raised its hands toward the barrier and fired a beam of pure energy that slammed into the barrier and caused the shockwave that was already rippling through it to be magnified until a hole appeared in the barrier and Cyber Guyver quickly jumped through and into its own past time line, just before the cause of the ripple suddenly ceased and the hole snapped shut behind it but it had made it and was now on its way to its final destination, Earth in the year 2010.

Meanwhile, relatively speaking, back over twelve thousand years ago. . .

Somewhere in the vast energy field void of hyper space floated the regenerating body of the Warrior Guyver. The Control Metal flash rapidly as Jason finally became aware of himself and his surroundings. Images of the battle with the Guyver Zoalord continued to flash through his mind. His last attack on the Guyver Zoalord was completely ineffective, as even his full powered Mega-Smashers could not even weaken the Guyver Zoalord shields. All he managed to do was annoy the Guyver Zoalord enough for it to kill him. Fortunately it would seem his unit was capable of surviving even a Guyver Zoalords death blast.

To defeat this monster would require more power than even he has but there must be a way for him to get more power out of his unit. Why else was he sent back in time unless he was capable of stopping this thing? Galen had said he was the key to defeating the Guyver Zoalord so just how was he supposed to do that if his most powerful attack could not even singe the damn thing. Then it all clicked. He figured out what he was doing wrong as a single scene of the battle locked into his mind.

That’s the answer he thought. Warrior Guyver then signalled the Gen for an update as to what has occurred since his battle with the Guyver Zoalord. The response was quick as the Gen were surprised to discover him still alive having seemingly have been vaporized by the Guyver Zoalord and then gloomy as it seemed that many of the Zoalords were now dead. On the good side all of the Guyver Zoalords previous battles had seemed to finally depleted its energy reserves but after Warrior Guyvers last battle the Guyver Zoalord had been recharging itself within the confines of an active volcano in the hearth of the large land mass of Atlantis and would soon be back to full strength. The Gen were unable to send any warriors powerful enough to take advantage of the Guyver Zoalords presently weakened condition, as only their Zoalords could survive the interior of an active volcano and nearly all had been destroyed, and by the time their replacements would come it would then be too late. Time was on the Guyver Zoalords side and once at full strength that not even Warrior Guyver would stand a chance.

Jason acknowledged all this and then told them of his plan. The Gen expressed concern since for his plan to work would require perfect timing and co-ordination of their attack for it to be successful. Jason acknowledged their concerns. The plan was indeed very dangerous, especially for him, but was their only hope of defeating the Guyver Zoalord. The Gen finally signalled their agreement to his plan having no other choice. The Guyver Zoalord had to be stopped and his plan was the only one that stood a chance of succeeding. They then quickly communicated and agreed on the details of the plan. Finished, Jason signalled the Gen once again and informed them to prepare and that he would soon join them. One way or another it will end, he thought, one way or another…

Meanwhile back in October 2010, Mount Guyver – France

Solom and Galen stood silently by the portal that had sent Warrior Guyver back in time though to fulfil his destiny, it has been an hour since and still no sign as to whether history would as they hoped repeat itself. Behind them the humans that they had befriended had waited also but for something else. Guyver US had used his pressure cannon to make a tunnel through to the outside of the cave large enough that even the Blue Armoured soldiers could fit though. They though had a problem too that they shared with the Gen. They were all cut off from help in a hostile land! Having cleared the way out now was the time to decide action to take.

Guyver US deactivated his Guyver armour having looked outside and seeing a small town down at the base of the valley that was part of the range where Mount Guyver lay and no other sign of hostile intent. Realising there was a moment to catch up on his own thoughts he hoped that even though he was on the other side of the world that Martin Jacob’s would be arriving any time now in ACTF HQ and General Carter would be getting the truth out of him about Cori. He really missed her, but at least what Martin had said gave him hope she was alive and hopefully well. Now though he was the most powerful single person here with his impromptu group of military, Dr Anderson and two Gen he was sure Chronos would love to get their hands on and they were deep inside Chronos controlled Europe. Simply put if he wanted to help Cori, he had to stay focused to the goal, survive and help these people get to ACTF USA somehow. Captain Fleming stood beside him outside and used the communication equipment on his Blue Armour to secretly update ACTF on their current situation through encryption methods that would take Chronos years to decrypt by which time he hoped to be long gone from here.

“I can’t say exactly where we are but from what the two Gen over there have shown Jason and I, we’re in France,” said Sean to the still armoured form of Captain Fleming.

“Yeah the GPS confirmed it to me when I updated ACTF HQ to our situation. Sean, we’re in trouble. My men aren’t prepared for a recon this deep into Chronos lands. Out of the fifteen of us here, only one of us can speak decent French. Two of the men know basic French but not good enough to convince the natives that we’re not from America,” said Captain Fleming as they both entered the cave.

“Will that be an issue though,” asked Dr Anderson having overheard the two of them talk. “What I mean is, while they might figure out we’re American is that a bad thing?” he asked.

“I would say very much so Doctor. Europe is fully under the control of Chronos. Even if the rest of the World’s population knows we’re fighting for freedom there, Chronos is and has being in the day to day lives of these people for four years. For all we know the first person we meet could very well be a zoanoid,” said Captain Fleming.

“But wouldn’t there be groups of stranded American’s in Europe that Chronos will not let travel back to home?” asked Dr Anderson.

“Yes there would be, but would they be in such a large group in army gear? No the problem is we stick out like a sore thumb here, we did not expect to be travelling to the other side of the world in the blink of an eye,” said a clearly annoyed Captain Fleming as he pointed at the two Gen who stood still by the Portal.

“Then the question is how long do we need to stay here or do we move out now and take our chances,” said Dr Anderson.

“They do not know how long it will take Warrior Guyver to return,” said Sean as he walked towards the group from Solom and Galen.  Captain Fleming though noticed one important thing about Sean, he was dressed in normal civilian clothing. “How’s your French Sean?”

“Sorry not very good, growing up in LA the only thing I was interested in as a kid was learning martial arts,” said Sean.

“Well our main problem is simply food. We can hold up here a pretty long time, but we’ve only basic rations, enough to last us at most two days and that is pushing it,” said Captain Fleming.

“That should be long enough for Jason to win his battle and get back here,” said Sean.

“Let’s hope Warrior Guyver returns,” said Dr Anderson.

“What do you mean Doctor?” asked Sean.

“They said Warrior Guyver needed to go back in time to face the Guyver Zoalord and that he was important in their ability to win the battle. But they never said he would survive the encounter with him,” said Dr Anderson. To everyone listening it sounded cold but it was the truth of a cold hard fact that the scientific man had realised.

<“Galen, how long will it be before we know he has succeeded?”>


<“It may be awhile I’m afraid as time flows at the same rate back then as it does now, and according to record that it took your Warrior unit three days to defeat the Guyver Zoalord and even then he was believed destroyed as well as no sign of him could be found after the battle. So he may not be able to return to this time.”>

<“A Guyver Zoalord has power beyond imagination, how was even my Warrior unit able to defeat it?”>

<“I know only what was recorded from that time as knowledge of that time was forbidden except for what I have already told. Your Warrior unit proved to be the key to the Guyver Zoalords defeat but exactly how is known only by a few members of the council and they have sworn to secrecy to preserve the time line. I was not given such knowledge as it wasn’t needed for me to complete this mission.>

<“Yes, that would have been a logical precaution but then how will we know if my Warrior Guyver succeeds in his mission as time is fluid and even history can be changed.”>

<“If he fails then we will cease to exist and none of this would matter. Let’s instead dwell on other matters. You have being lost a long time Solom.”>

<“Indeed, what has happened to our species?”>

<“A lot to put it simply. We have expanded greatly our numbers are in the tens of billions and thanks to the Kavzar designed by your son and now we’ve a huge protection army”>

<“Krullnar is still alive?”>

<“He is the head of the Science Cast.”>

<“There’s tens of Billions of Gen out there?”>

<“Yes, we’re all effectively immortal thanks to the Units and there are so many we’re not allowed to breed offspring without licence or purpose”.”>

<“What of you Galen, tell me about you.”>

<“There isn’t much too tell. I’m one of the few new Generation Gen. I was born on what we now call our key Planets we have colonised, Core World 11. I was born for this purpose as a Scout who would visit Gaia and check when Jason O’Conner the Warrior Guyver would be born. I was still a child when I was put in status in the ship and it was sent here. The ship had all the knowledge contained inside it of what I needed to know. As I grew inside it the knowledge of this world expanded, when I arrived fully grown I barely had enough time to activate the Unit before I was attacked by a Grakken!”>

<“What are the Grakken?”>

<“Our races greatest failure, a race we used to perfect the Guyver effect to continue on our research. Their matriarch a powerful test Unit united her race, they built a huge army and attacked our race.”>

<“We have let one of our Test Species go out of control?”>

<“Yes, they are now our greatest of foes, but there has long being a truce with their kind. This one though that attacked me was different somehow, compared to what we know of the current Grakken the technology he used was very old.”>

<“But it was still effective enough to capture you!”>

<“Do you know how the humans found me?”>

<“No I do not, but it would be best we continue this conversation with them,”> said Solom telepathically as he sensed Captain Fleming and Sean coming towards them along with Dr Anderson.

“Solom and Galen, we’ve a few things we need to talk about. First of though would you mind deactivating your Units?” asked Sean.

“Why would you want us to do that?” asked Galen clearly concerned now at what the humans wanted.

“We’re in a foreign land controlled by the enemy. The only advantage we have is that they do not know we are here. Travelling in Guyver armour seems great but it is not tactically. Guyvers aren’t the norm anywhere and will be easily spotted. We will be attacked and considering Chronos have zoanoids that could dissolve Guyver amour all over the world trained to kill Guyvers our best option is too simply be not attacked,” explained Sean.

“This Chronos really has a zoanoid that can do that?” asked a surprised Galen.

“Yes, it is a third generation Guyver killer, it has an enzyme that could dissolve Guyver armour and the only person who could transfer the immunity to it was Warrior Guyver,” said Sean.

“How effective is it?” asked Solom.

“Very, Enzyme III the current version is a Neo Class Hyper Zoanoid, the lifespan of the person who becomes one is cut short for it to be used to give them amazing regenerative powers that means only destroying their whole body will kill them, they live inside bio-tubes stored in various locations around the world waiting for a Guyver to show up like us,” said Sean as he pointed at the two armoured forms of Solom and Galen.

“Captain you are the tactician, would it not be better for us to stay armoured and defend this point from attack,” said Galen.

“No in this case it does not. You don’t fully understand the situation we are in gentlemen. We’re cut off from help here, we have limited ammunition and are outnumbered by a huge amount of zoanoids that simply put can’t be put into numbers,” said Captain Fleming

“Chronos is a global organisation, they were able to take over the whole world’s population in a single day, they did that on sheer numbers of their normal zoanoid forces,” said Sean.

“There are billions of humans, to do that their forces must be impressive,” said Galen.

“Yes they are,” said Sean.

“To put this into context, your idea is that we blend in as we travel through the Chronos controlled population?” asked Solom.

“But your men and women are not in civilian clothing,” said Galen as he pointed to the mix of men and women behind the captain that were busy helping the two Blue Armoured men get.

“That is very true but we have a plan,” said Captain Fleming.

“Would you mind sharing it?” asked Galen.

“Sean is dressed in civilian clothing and thankfully rather plain clothing. His ability to speak French though is none existent though. Private Giraldin over there, she is our best French speaker. You two have some ability to learn how to speak a language within moments, what we’re hoping is that under your bio-armour that you look rather human?” asked the Captain.

“While I think it is best to show you Captain, I get a sense of modesty from you and under this bio-armour I do not have any clothing,” explained Galen.

“In which case Solom I hope that is not the same for you?” asked the Captain.

“I believe if he is wearing clothing it too would be ripped or damaged by events leading up to him being trapped in the Polar ice,” said Dr Anderson before Solom had a chance to reply. Solom turned to the doctor and nodded. He liked this human; he was a solid example of why he chose humanity to be the Gens host race to rebuild, not just for their psychical ability but their ability to learn.

“Ok, give me a few minutes to check with the team and see if we can find something useful,” said Captain Fleming as he turned back to his group still in his Blue Armour.

“Doctor, you seem to know much about us?” asked Galen to which the Doctor nodded his head a little in agreement. “Would you mind telling me how it was that I was found and taken to Area 51?” asked Galen.

“During the time of our first Moon Landing you and the other Alien Guyver like being fought close by. It was detected by the ships sensors. That being captured you containing what we now know to be your Control Medal inside a box that prevented your Unit from re-growing. We were under the impression though that you were dead,” explained the Doctor.

“This Alien Guyver had Four arms and was by human standards very tall?” asked Galen.

“Yes, it was,” said Dr Anderson.

“It is called a Grakken, my race and it are enemy’s,” said Galen.

“So that’s what they are called,” said Guyver US.

ACTF HQ Washington DC


Max Steiner arrived in Washington DC for the first time in his life adult life. He was being driven to the huge complex that was the formerly known as the Pentagon. He had heard of the American ACTF movement since helping his own country start its own revolution against Chronos as the GuyverC. ACTF USA simply put was far in advance of that what was in Canada at the moment. With the Warrior Guyver on a mission he could barely believe back in time and Guyver US now confirmed to be in Europe this left them at risk. Guyver 1 and Guyver 3 were being kept up to date on the situation as an air transport was made available for them to fly to the USA after successfully completing their mission in Japan. That left him basically the main protection for ACTF USA for at least the next twenty four hours being realistic. He didn’t know the logistics of it but he understood transporting Guyvers out of Chronos controlled Japan to the “free” USA wouldn’t be an easy process.

Elsewhere in the city escorted by large group of military vehicles was Martin Jacobs. He was chained in irons locked to a mettle bar of a troop transporter that was being used to move him from the airport to ACTF HQ. He couldn’t help but smile as he thought <“they think they had me? They have nothing; because soon the Grakken would return and with him and his race I will be freed so I can continue my work!”> Behind his vehicle was another armoured transport inside that was the Dormant Aceaer armour that he formally used contained within a steel box.

Inside another military vehicle was Dr Theodor Fitzpatrick, his wife Allison and their two teenage children. Theodor just wanted to be with his family after all they had being through. But what they had being through was the reason he was here. He like Dr Anderson worked on replicating the Killer Robots under the threat of that if he did not his children would be killed. He saw one of the other scientists that wouldn’t follow Martin’s commands; she was dead now after seeing her family killed in front of her first. He wasn’t sure why Colonel Bale asked him to go to Washington but when he explained that Dr Anderson their former lead Scientist was missing he knew he was the next highest in rank and best person to speak with the ACTF about what happened in Area 51. Once the Colonel arranged for his family to go with him there was no other reason not to go.

At an old abandoned factory site on the other side of the city the old smashed grime incrusted glowed slightly for only a moment. That was the only sign that inside the building Cyber Guyver had made it to his destination. Immediately his sensors reached out from the building looking for telecommunication equipment. Barely a second later he was connected to the internet confirming what he hoped. ACTF was in its infancy and information on the Warrior Guyver was scarce at best only confirming recent sightings in a battle against Chronos LA. The circumstances matched his own memory of events perfectly. But he had to be one hundred percent sure, he needed to connect to the computer systems of the ACTF HQ!

Cyber Guyvers chest cavity opened to reveal a now perfectly repaired Control Medal of the Female Guyver 2. He picked it up and placed it on the ground then walked away as it began the regeneration process. Soon she would be reborn without the weakness of a damaged Unit and together they would take what he needed from this world, the life of Warrior Guyver!

Back in the very building complex Cyber Guyver was targeting Martin Jacobs was locked inside a holding cell. He kept thinking about the years of work ruined by Warrior Guyver and Guyver US and how he could pay them back. But the reality of his situation was beginning to set in as he found an orange prison style uniform on his bed. <“How the mighty have fallen!”> he though and he pushed it aside and lied on his bed looking up at the plain ceiling.

Meanwhile in another part of the building Max Steiner was being escorted through the building. He had already seen impressive military equipment before in Canada but what he’d seen in the last few minutes blew him away. The Blue Battle armour was what he hoped it was, a man made battle suit capable of taking on the standard zoanoids. His own counties newly formed government inside Canada’s version of ACTF made a deal with the US ACTF for his help in the form of military aid. He would have helped anyway as he recognised that with the USA free from Chronos it made perfect sense for it to be in the way of Chronos getting into Canada as well and the blindingly obvious fact that it was literally the only ally free of Chronos.

Max was then introduced to General Carter; all he knew about the man from what his friends and allies in Canada told him was that this man was the highest ranking person and effectively the leader of the free United States. “Hello General, I’m Max Steiner and am known as GuyverC.”

“Welcome to the USA Max, I hope your trip here has being an easy one?”

“Yes General it was thank you.”

“Do you know why we requested your help?”

“Yes I do General, Guyver US is in Europe cut off from help after being teleported there by alien Guyver like beings and Warrior Guyver has somehow travelled back in time to fight a Guyver Zoalord!”

“It sounds unbelievable doesn’t it Max?”

“I’d have said it was totally unbelievable General years ago, then Chronos struck and took over the world in one day and I somehow got a Guyver Unit and am one of the few people able to fight back. The Unbelievable is my day to day life.”

“Indeed it is Max, and as you said you’re one of the few people truly capable of taking on Chronos.”

“General, your army is also capable of taking on zoanoids. Are you sure you really need my help?”

“Yes Max I do, I don’t know why but from what we know of Chronos and from what we learned from the Japanese Guyvers, Chronos has never fully faced us. Sean only faced an Enzyme 3 for example when he fought with the Japanese Guyvers to help capture the Warrior Unit. The question is why did Chronos not use that ‘Guyver Killer’ against us when we captured Washington DC and effectively stop our uprising there and then?”

“I do not know General but it is a good question to ask.”

“Yes is it Max, I suspect Chronos hasn’t shown its full power yet. Why I do not know but they are capable of a lot more than they have shown us,” said General Carter as Max cut in to say, “And without Warrior Guyver and Guyver US here they might chose this time to show that power?”

“Indeed Max, very astute of you.”

“So if Chronos attack in force I will be alone to face them until Guyver 1 and Guyver 3 get here?”

“No Max you will not, before they left Guyver US and Warrior Guyver captured a dormant Aceaer Unit in Area 51.”

“What is an Aceaer Unit?”

“To be honest I don’t fully understand myself Max, all I know is it’s a bio-unit much like your own made by an alien race called the Gen. They made Jason Unit, but according to reports it is pretty powerful” said General Carter

“Have you decided who will get the Unit?”

“Yes, I believe he is trying to figure out how to activate it as we speak!”

At the old abandoned factory Cyber Guyver looked on as the humanoid form of Valcuria became more apparent. It would not be long now before she would be whole and soon after would help him take revenge on the Guyvers and now that he knew that the Warrior Guyver was back in time that the American Guyver was in Europe ACTF HQ was open to attack. Everything was going as planned.

Meanwhile, relatively speaking, back over twelve thousand years ago. . .

In the freezing cold lands of North America the almost unnatural snow storm continued. There was not much if any signs of life when the weather is this bad. But from below the snow appeared the Guyver 0. Even through the Guyver armour he could feel the cold. As he awoke he remembered the events leading up to the attack from Solufein. Somehow his attack sent him to the other side of the world in a mare blink of an eye. The forced of which almost killed him. He could only guess that the coldness of the area could have possibly slowed his recovery but he’d no means of telling how long it took him to recover from the attack. He tried to contact the Portal but it ignored him leaving him wherever he was.

The only thing he could think of now was if he could somehow get to his family. But he had no bearings as to where he was. It was daytime but he could not see the sun. No he would not panic but he realised it would take a long time before he would see his beloved family again and would be one hell of a long journey even for a Guyver. Seeing a mountain range off in the distance Guyver 0 started to walk towards it. History thought him and Guyver Supreme not to waste energy in a fight, he now had a simple fight survival.

Travelling north through what in modern times would be known as France, Pariah and his group of around one hundred Atlantian troops continued north on horseback. This was another trade root of the “Gods” that the men knew well. Their families travelled with them too. Thankfully for Pariah the captain of the Guards recognised him for whom he was. Realising that there was a war between the ‘Gods’ they listened to him and his request to get away from their battle or suffer the fate that befell the city of Argus if the Guyver Zoalord was to return! With these men Pariah hoped to make it to the main port towns to the North and from there to where he had moved his family and that of Zero.

The Council of Thirteen that was now effectively twelve argued and continued to so endlessly. Draven was almost in despair at the thought of what was happening here. G’Kor strongly objected to the plan of the Warrior Guyver. Not only that he objected to the very thought of a human’s help. He was not alone the usual five Council Leaders followed him in his view like they always did. Without Q’Nar known as ‘the Decider’ here to make the final seventh choice the debate was endless. Draven now simply didn’t trust G’Kor; it was time to act not a time to debate.

The Portal wasn’t the only means of transport on this world. The Argus before the Gen had come to Earth was the whole world to the Gen people for eons after the great disaster that fell to their home world. Even though they had being on Earth many years and had built the Portal the ship still had a basic teleport system inside it. The time was now, Draven left the debate to arrive in an old Uranus ship. They discovered this ship from the memories of Fulton Balcus. It was what he fought over with the Tribe of the Great Snake the day Solom discovered Earth!

The Warrior Guyver had a plan, but to do so he depended on the Guyver Zoalord using a specific type of attack against him. The Warrior Guyvers plan also depended on time to build up energy time that the Guyver Zoalord was unlikely to give! No the Warrior Guyver needed help and with their not being enough Zoalords that simply meant that the only other quick source of help was from other Guyvers! Moments later Firnus and Hector appeared before Draven. Looking at Hector moments later Draven knew how to speak their language.

“Do you know who I am?” asked Draven to the two men in their native language.

“I have seen your kind before after test battles. Zeugma refers to your kind as ‘gods’ but I have lived long enough to know you are not!” said Fimus to the surprised look of his son.

“No we are not ‘Gods’ but we are all that stands between the Guyver Zoalord and his destruction.”

“Who is the Zoalord that became the Guyver Zoalord?” asked Fimus.

“The Zoalord known as Reeve,” answered Draven.

“He is the younger brother of the Black Fang’s leader! What made you think you could control such an animal?” asked Hector.

“Clearly it was a huge mistake, but what is done is done. If your people do not help us and help the Warrior Guyver defeat this foe we will all die!”



Only the most hardened devotees of Kron stayed in the city now praying to the ‘Gods’ for salvation from devastation that now gripped there lands. A mass of people now depended on the Atlantis navy to get them off their now crumbling home as massive earthquakes gripped the land. In the centre of the land what was thought to be a long dead volcano was erupting since the Guyver Zoalord chose it to be where he’d recharge the energy lost to the battle with the Warrior Guyver.

Elera was one of the lucky ones. She knew this as she looked back from the deck of the largest of the Atlantis ships ever built at was now the disappeared cost line onetime greatest civilisation of humanity. The Dawnslicer was before it’s time and it held over two hundred people as it sailed towards what would be modern day Portugal the closest northern lands to Atlantis. Elera now counted herself lucky she was Kron’s final blond haired mistress. Since his disappearance and that of Reeve the former slave girl was well known as Kron’s favourite. A fate that normally meant death but the women who became Kron’s favourite all ruled like queens before they met that final fate at the hands of Reeve. As she continued to look back at her former lands she felt her unborn child kick. She had being careful to hide her pregnancy from Reeve but with him gone now her child would live!

Deep within the now active Mount Atlantis the Guyver Zoalords eye’s opened. Finally he was fully recharged! There was no warning to those outside as in a moment the huge volcano exploded. In the blink of an eye the force of hundreds of thousands nuclear bombs ripped through the land. Even though she could no longer see her home lands the destruction of Atlantis lit up the sky as the explosion filled up the sky where Atlantis once was! All the passengers and crew stood in silence and awe as they looked at the site before them. Moments later they felt the ship rising as under the ship the sea rose as a massive tidal wave spread out from Atlantis towards Europe and Africa. Luckily for Elera and the Dawnslicer they were near the beginning of this wave and the ship came back down from the top of the wave without any serious damage. But those on the coastal regions were not so lucky as the wave raced towards them and it came closer to land the massive wave rose higher and higher! The Guyver Zoalord emerged from the centre of the explosion impressed with the destruction he is capable of.



Present Day – Abandoned Factory Washington DC


Supervisor Valcuria awoke inside her Guyver armour with a start trying to dodge the punch to the head from an alternative universe Guyver 1. It was only after moving to the side did she realise that she was no longer in the Chronos Japan Ship and that Guyver 1 was nowhere to be found! Then from the dark shadows emerged Cyber Guyver. As her head sensors adjusted to him she realised he was a Guyver or sorts but nothing like what she sensed from Guyver 1.

 “Hello Supervisor Valcuria,” said Cyber Guyver keeping a safe distance from her so not to be threatening to her.

“Who the hell are you or what the hell are you and what happened to me?”

“I am Cyber Guyver and what happened is that you lost your fight with your universe’s Guyver 1.”

“I lost the fight with that boy?”

“You did Valcuria, and you know you did. Only moments ago as you awoke you flinched to the side trying to avoid the attack of Guyver 1. He was successful, your already damaged Control Medal took too much damage from the blow. It fractured falling out of your head to the ground. But before the Guyver 1 could destroy it and what remained of your out of control body I retrieved the damaged control medal, repaired it so that it would rebuild your body!”

“I did not know the Guyver was capable of doing that!?”

“Indeed it is, but you where a fool to fight a Guyver even if it was Sho Fukamachi with a damaged Control Medal.”

“You call me foolish?”

“Yes I do, you overloaded your already damaged Control Medal! Look at yourself in that old mirror over there, what do you see now?” Female Guyver 2 did as Cyber Guyver instructed and walked over to an old dirty glass mirror. But it was clear enough for her to see her reflection, the dent to her control medal was gone, it looked perfect!

“How is this possible? No one in Chronos is capable of fixing my Control Medal and you clearly are no longer human?”

“No I am not, thanks to the idiots in this Universe I lost my human form! My now machine human form is far in advance of anything here today! It’s capable of a lot of things, one of which is to completely repair a damaged Control Medal!”

“Where are we?”

“We’re in Washington DC, this world though is a lot different to what you know from yours.”


“Chronos on X-Day took over the whole world in one day. The Twelve Zoalords ruled unopposed as at the time the only two known Guyvers where defeated at Relics Points. That was five years ago, here in the Washington DC a rebelling started lead by its figurehead Guyver US. Chronos has allowed the rebellion to flourish so that the Warrior Guyver would be born. It is Warrior Guyver who did this to me and he at this moment in time is also time travelling into Earth’s distant past allowing us to travel here. He has left the ACTF HQ unprotected and we will attack it and find out their secrets!”

“What do you want from me Cyber Guyver?”

“I want you to help me defeat the Warrior Guyver!”

“Why would I do that?”


“You will Valcuria because I seek revenge on the Warrior Guyver for what he did to me!”

“You have not answered why should I help you?”

“The reason is because not only did I save you from certain destruction but when we are finished here then the two of us will kill not only Guyver 1 but the Guyver 3 who revealed himself after your defeat!”

“Okay, you got a deal, I help you here and then we kill my universes Guyver 1!”

“Excellent, at this moment in time the Warrior Guyver is back in time and the rebel base is unprotected and the information inside it is ours. Together we’ll destroy it so when the Warrior Guyver returns he will have no support or help!”


“Who and what is this Warrior Guyver?”

“A prototype Guyver unit that possesses four times the power of a normal Guyver!”

“But if his unit is four times as powerful as ours then how can we beat him?”

“Don’t worry I have a plan for him!” said Cyber Guyver as he left out a deep mechanical  laugh that unnerved Female Guyver 2. She wasn’t sure if she should follow this former man to help him get his revenge. But she was sure what he said was true as the proof was in front of her and he had repaired her Control Medal. At the very least she would follow him until she knew enough about this world to leave him and join this Universes Chronos!



Meanwhile, relatively speaking, back over twelve thousand years ago. . .


Warrior Guyver appeared from the boost dimension standing near the Portal. It seemed to be the focal point that kept him grounded to this point in time. As his armour sensed what was around him he was alerted to the fact there was a Guyver behind him! But it wasn’t the Guyver Zoalord as he turned around he saw a Guyver that reminded him of a white female Guyver 1.

“Why have they done this?” asked the white female Guyver. Even behind the alerted sound that the Guyver armour produced Warrior Guyver could recognise the voice, it was Faye, but he wanted to be sure.

“Faye is that you?” to which she just nodded her head. “Why have they done what Faye?” he asked not quite sure who ‘they’ were.

“Why have the ‘Gods’ turned all of the Tribes into Guyvers?”

“They have done that so your people will help me stop the Guyver Zoalord.”


“Because when he is done here he will destroy this planet and kill everyone and everything here.”

“But why make more Guyvers? We cannot be controlled.”

“Because they are losing with many of their Zoalords dead and they are desperate,” said Warrior Guyver as Guyver Faye walked up to him and tried to touch his control medal but a small shield surrounded his control medal preventing her touch.

“Your Unit is not like the rest of ours?”

“No, it’s called the Warrior Unit it is designed for Combat while your unit was not naturally meant for it and is accidentally a powerful Unit,” said Warrior Guyver as he sensed a pulse like wave hit him and Guyver Faye. Both remained quite as they digested what had just happened.

“What was that?” asked Warrior Guyver realising it that whatever it was he now knew the full extent of how his Unit worked.

“My people called it the ‘Wave of the God’s’; when we have to fight each other the wave tells us how to us the Units to fight our enemy in their battles,” explained Guyver Faye.

“What do you mean you have to fight each other?”

“The Gods chose the best of us to fight each other in battle to the death in their God Armour,” said Guyver Faye to a shocked Warrior Guyver. The Gen forced humans to fight to the death to test their Guyver designs. But then he realised he should have known this. How else would they be able to test their Guyver designs? But the idea left Warrior Guyver bad feeling that it was wrong. But this moral argument would have to wait!

“This ‘Wave of the God’s’ it has told you how to use your Armour Faye?”


“Ok then, let’s go it’s time to end the Guyver Zoalord.”

“Do you think we can kill him?”

“Together with your people, yes we have a chance but Faye if he targets you, run!”

Guyver Faye listened to the advice as she and Warrior Guyver left the cave to a sight of over one thousand Guyvers. They were all mostly standard Guyvers most reminded Warrior Guyver of Sean’s Unit having a kind of wrinkled look the others were like that of Sho and Agito’s look. Warrior Guyver hoped that these tribes of warriors that were bread for battle would make the difference in the fight against the Guyver Zoalord.

Present Day – ACTF HQ Washington DC

Stephen Cain sat alone inside a large room looking at the dormant Aceaer Unit.  The General had chosen him above all others to get this Unit. the General called him the best all round fighter he had ever met, capable of snatching victory from defeat and a kill list of Zoanoids second to none in both Red and Blue Armours. In his hands was a report from those that knew of the Aceaer Armour and how well it fought against Guyver US and Warrior Guyver before they defeated it. There was a note from Sean that whoever uses the Unit should not let a Guyver get in close as the amour does not heal its host as well as a Guyver Unit.

Stephen grabbed the unit and looked at the unit with curiosity and wondered how to turn it on. He noticed that on one side if the unit was what looked to be a button. He pressed it and a second later the armour clasped around him. It did not try to merge with Stephen like the Guyver unit but instead simply began to form itself around him. After clasping onto him, the armour then finished to form around him and giving him his Aceaer weaponry. The armour looked identical to the way it looked when Martin was using it. Since a human had used the Aceaer for the past decade that it was already ready to interact with the human nervous system. Stephen adjusted quickly to what the Unit was telling was around him. The armour gave him a 3D like display that worked from his head sensors so what was around him. To him this was basically a very advanced biological version of the Dr Drake designed battle armours.

Outside two marines in Blue Type Armours patrolled ahead of Yuri Boyka, Dorian Morden, and Gabriel Kelso and a team of about fifteen other men and women. They were all assigned to patrol the base grounds together. But the three men armed with anti-zoanoid rifles could never be so different. Yuri Boyka simply put was a mountain of a man who had being fighting his whole life, Even though he was technically Russian he was head hunted by the ACTF before Chronos was a known threat to the world. Apart from General Carter a few others Yuri was one of the first people to fight as part of ACTF independent command before even X-Day hit the world. If there a way for Yuri to kill something, there was no better man to find it.

Dorian Morden was captain of the group. He knew he was here mainly to train Gabriel so that he would be more useful to Dr Drake and build up his combat experience. Dorian had so far being successful in resisting the urge to try and manipulate the situation to his advantage. Like Gabe and Yuri he too had served in ACTF since before X-Day but was not content with just being a captain. He wanted more, he wanted to lead one of the new Army Divisions against Chronos and wage war on a grand scale. He knew after years of being in the old ACTF HQ not to fall foul of the General again and it was a mistake that cost him a higher command and a mistake he would never repeat again! No he would do as asked and put his intelligence to good use and make sure Dr Drake and more so the General got what they wanted, a combat trained technician.

Gabriel Kelso though couldn’t be more different too the two men in was teamed with. Like Yuri he joined ACTF before the X-Day event but it was more through luck than anything else. He worked in the technical team of the FBI that supported agents in operations against Chronos. That group was brought under ACTF command along with him. He almost went crazy living underground for five years but occupied himself by working for Dr Drake and his armour project. That was what brought him eventually to what he was doing now. ACTF needed engineers who could not only work out in the field with the armour divisions but also be hands and eye support for Dr Drake as he tried to advance the designs of the Battle Armour. Gabriel enjoyed getting outside and there simply wasn’t anyone better to learn from than Yuri and Dorian.

But life has a strange way of testing people, even those that think they know everything needed to know in combat as in front of the three men what was a normal patrol of the ACTF HQ building turned incredibly dangerous in a heartbeat as a blinding white light engulfed the two Blue Armours in front of their patrol along with two other marines unfortunate to be close to them.

“What the fuck….” said Gabriel as he looked dumbfounded at what just happened in front of him before begin pulled back by Yuri’s huge arm.

“We run now!” said the huge Russian man.

“What!?” shouted Dorian looking at Yuri.

“That a Guyver’s Mega-Smash,” said Yuri pointing in the direction of where it came. Dorian followed the direction Yuri pointed at to see a dark Guyver walking towards the base. Behind him the smaller from of a purple female Guyver walked behind.

“Retreat!”ordered Dorian, he was no fool and a group of thirteen men and women with just anti-zoanoid rounds were nothing to one Guyver never mind two! Seeing a defensive bunker nearby he ran towards that leading his patrol towards it. There they would make their stand and if needed die trying to protect the base!

Female Guyver 2’s head laser fired repeatedly cutting down three male and a female marine before the rest of the team got behind the bunker. Ducking behind the bunker the team could hear her head laser fight hitting off the concrete of the bunker. Yuri looked at the two Guyvers through a slot in the wall. He recognised what she was about to do next!

“This place not safe! RUN!” he roared as he grabbed Gabe by the arm and was followed by Dorian and the rest of the team as a gravity ball from Female Guyver 2 slammed into the bunker blasting it to bits. As they ran for cover three tanks gave covering fire only to become Female Guyver 2’s next targets. As Yuri, Doran, Gabe and their team got away the three tanks were blown apart by her.

“You have mastered the mega-smasher, the pressure cannon and the head beam well Valcuria,” said Cyber Guyver as he and Female Guyver 2 walked towards ACTF HQ confident that nothing now would stand in their way.

“I never knew the Guyver unit was capable of such powerful attacks,” said Female Guyver 2.

“Your battle with Guyver 1 was brutal hand to hand fighting he also did not use any of his weapons. Sho is not a fool he probably realised showing them to you that you would learn how to use them against him.  The child didn’t realise that if he had shown you those weapons that in using powerful attacks your armour would have overloaded your control medal faster,” said Cyber Guyver to a surprised Female Guyver 2. She had to admit to herself Cyber Guyver was correct, Sho had not only beaten her but he had beaten her before the battle started.

“Where are we going?” asked Female Guyver 2.

“Through the front door,” said Cyber Guyver pointing at the reinforced armoured door that had being built into the front of the ACTF HQ buildings main entrance. Female Guyver 2 nodded as she simply cupped her hands as another pressure cannon blast blew the reinforced doors apart.

“Valcuria, one thing you need to be aware of before you weaken yourself. Your Guyver Unit doesn’t have unlimited energy using your more powerful weapons a lot will tax your reserves especially the mega-smasher.” Female Guyver 2 nodded in agreement as out of the dust a green Guyver appeared with his hands cupped and gravity controller glowing!

“Who the hell is that?” asked Female Guyver 2.

“GuyverC!” said Cyber Guyver as he and Female Guyver 2 jumped out of the way of a gravity ball sent towards them.

The Ark – Orbiting Earth above Chronos Arizona

Ever since its creation the Ark has being important to Chronos. Built from the living remains of the Japanese Relic it later became the primary research centre of Chronos of the Unit G, a project whose history shaped modern Chronos. Natasha Manning sat in the forested area of the Ark. She loved when she got time to rest here. It helped her focus on what she needed to do and overcome complex problems. But looking at a large oak tree it also amazed her still despite her huge intellect that orbiting so high above the Earth was this forest.

“Hello Natasha!” said a male voice that Natasha recognised. Turning around to see Geoff walking through the forest towards her she smiled and stood up.

“You always know where to find me!” said Natasha

“You may be a ‘Lost Number’ but you’re still my Natasha, I’ll always know where to find you,” said Geoff as leaned down to kiss his wife.

“Valkus only just left the ship and you two are lip locking on the Ark! You two should be more professional!” said another male voice from the background.

“Vincent you shouldn’t be interrupting our lunch time!” said Natasha with an annoyed look on her face. But both Vincent and Geoff knew her well enough to know she wouldn’t be annoyed for long.

“You’re someone to talk about professionalism Vincent!”

“Don’t go there Geoff!”

“Ha, I will! The time I take professional advice from a guy who unknowingly sleeps with the second in command of Chronos LA’s daughter…”

“Will be the time I was the best man at your wedding?”

“Guys enough of the joking, has it worked?”

“Yes Natty, project rebirth has worked. Both control medals have started to regenerate their hosts!” said Geoff Manning as Vincent suck her arm.

“Well done Natasha you’ve made us all proud!” said Vincent Leon Russo.

Meanwhile, relatively speaking, back over twelve thousand years ago. . .

<“He did what?”> said Warrior Guyver telepathically to Draven as he and Guyver Faye along with a large group of Guyvers flew to the former site of the Argus. The telepathic communication not only said the words but shared Warrior Guyver’s shock and panic of what the Guyver Zoalord had done with his awakening!

<“Get a hold of yourself Warrior Guyver?”>

<“I’m sorry for the outburst Draven, but what he is capable of is….”>

<“What a super existence is capable of Warrior Guyver, but together with the Guyvers and the Zoalords you will have the chance to kill him!”>

<“At least this answers one thing from my time.”>

<“What is that Warrior Guyver?”>

<“No wonder they could never find Atlantis, he blew it apart!”> said Warrior Guyver as he landed at the ruins of the former City of Argus along with a large group of Guyvers. Never had he seen so many before, never had anyone in fact now that he thought about it. Then more Guyvers began to be teleported in. These though unlike Faye’s Guyver armour which was much like Sho’s and Agito’s had a kind of wrinkled look that reminded him of Sean’s Unit.

“Warrior Guyver, that is Guyver Fimus, our Clan Elder,” said Guyver Faye as she pointed at the dark blue Guyver that stood on top of a large ruined building overlooking the former city. Warrior Guyver stopped talking with Draven, he had to speak with Fimus. Faye’s people were a group of tribes, if he wanted any hope of controlling them it would be through him! Warrior Guyver’s gravity controller glowed as he flew up to meet Guyver Fimus followed by Guyver Faye.

“You must be the Warrior Guyver,” said Guyver Fimus before they could say a word.

“How did you know that?” asked Warrior Guyver.

“I have met Draven, we know what we must do if we want our people… our world to survive this demon!” said Guyver Fimus.

“Ok, I hope you and your people will be ready,” said Warrior Guyver.

“We will, but I have a warning for you. We are not all of the same tribe, there are four Tribes here, all with different loyalties. I lead the largest of the Tribes the Tribe of the Great Snake, they will follow me,” said Guyver Fimus.

“Who are the other Tribes,” asked Warrior Guyver.

“Have patience young one I am getting to that. The Tribe of the Form has being mostly destroyed by the Guyver Zoalord, what remains will follow me in revenge of their fallen leader. The Plane Striders is lead by my son Hector, they too suffered loses to the Guyver Zoalord. He is over there and will follow me against the Guyver Zoalord,” said Guyver Fimus as he pointed to what looked to Warrior Guyver like a purple version of Guyver US he was with another group of Guyvers talking.

“That leaves one tribe,” said Guyver Faye. Guyver Fimus would have repeated what he told to Warrior Guyver to her but after hearing her voice and knowing it was Faye he decided against it.

“You are correct, that leaves the Black Fang Tribe. Most of them will join us, but a few still worship Kron and Reeve.”

“Who are they?” asked Warrior Guyver.

“They are the brothers who ruled the tribe before the so called ‘Gods’ arrived, Kron was married to Zeugma the former leader of our tribe to make it stronger, but all he brought was war. They were all turned by Draven’s people into Zoalords and like me have lived many moons beyond what we should. Reeve is the Guyver Zoalord!” said Guyver Fimus.

“What happened to Kron and Zeugma?”

“Reeve killed them!”

“Reeve killed his own brother?”


“He must have being forced to do that.”

“What happened between them doesn’t change what we need to do now. We must kill the Guyver Zoalord, and whoever decides to follow him.”

“I agree,” said Warrior Guyver as his head sensors twitched and he looked off in the distance to see Guyver Zoalord.

“He’s here!” shouted Warrior Guyver. Guyver Fimus and Guyver Faye looked at the direction Warrior Guyver faced but at first could see nothing. All of a few seconds later they too could see the large from of the Guyver Zoalord as he landed on the outskirts of the fallen city.

“It begins, fight well Warrior Guyver,” said Guyver Fimus.

“You too,” said Warrior Guyver as he flew to face the Guyver Zoalord.

“Faye, wait we need to talk,” said Guyver Fimus.

“I must help Warrior Guyver,” she said.

“Indeed you will, but I must tell you something important,” said Guyver Fimus.

“Go ahead Elder,” said Guyver Faye as she turned towards him.

“Hector will not know who you are in your armour.”

“Will that really matter; we are facing the end of the world?”

“His thoughts for your former life cloud his judgement.”

“I have had enough of living as an outcast because of him Elder,” said Guyver Faye as Warrior Guyver flew off and she followed behind.

Warrior Guyver landed a few hundred meters away from the Guyver Zoalord. Before he could even start his attack over to his right he saw a small group of five Guyvers fly towards the Guyver Zoalord that where ahead of him. Warrior Guyver thought to himself they were very foolish to rush in but as they closed in on the Guyver Zoalord they suddenly stopped and bowed. “Those Black Fang bastards!” thought Warrior Guyver as he started walking towards the Guyver Zoalord. The Guyver Zoalord snickered when he saw Warrior Guyver. “I want you to kill this weak fool.”

One of the Guyvers just nodded his head and ran at the Warrior Guyver. Warrior Guyver saw his chance to show that he too was powerful to the other tribes that now looked on at the coming battle. The two combatants moved towards each other. In a sign of strength the Guyver extended his vibrational swords and growled at Warrior Guyver. Warrior Guyver shrugged his shoulders and while his opponent was posing and Warrior Guyver extended his swords as well. The Guyver lunged at Warrior Guyver trying to cut him but Warrior Guyver deflected his attack and then stabbed the Guyver with his forward right arms vibration sword. Warrior Guyver turned his forward sword into a long spike while the Guyver was still stuck on it.

He then lifted his right arm and let the Guyver slid down the spike until he reached his hand. Warrior Guyver then pulled his arm back and threw the Guyver off his arm and the Guyver flew through the air, slamming off the Guyver Zoalords shield. While the Guyver was just about to stand he looked up to see Warrior Guyver with his chest plates open. A second later the Guyver was totally vaporized in front of the Guyver Zoalord who was also hit by the mega-smash but not even its shields were phased by the blast.


“You allow this fool kill your brother and attack me?” said Guyver Zoalord to the other four remaining Guyvers.

All four of them got the hint and flew towards Warrior Guyver. The two forward pointing spikes turned back into vibrational blades as the first two Guyvers dived towards him with their swords extended. Warrior Guyver activated his blast shield knocking both Guyvers away from him, then teleported himself behind the other two Guyvers and shoved his two forward vibrational blades through the back of their heads and their control medals. The two Guyvers knocked to the ground got up just in time to see their two comrades start to go out of control as their control medals failed and they lose control over their Units.

The closer of the two remaining Guyvers flipped up to his feet and activated his sonic disrupter sending the disruptive blast rippling along the body shield of Warrior Guyver. Feeling the brunt of the attack Warrior Guyver didn’t wait to see if his body shield would fail to the attack any time soon and fired off a gravity ball towards the Guyvers head. Before he could notice it through the disruption he caused the Guyver was hit squarely in the face blasting off his face and the Control Medal.

That left only one renegade Guyver between him and the Guyver Zoalord. As Warrior Guyver calmly walked towards the Guyver behind him the out of control forms of his former comrades also lurched towards him moaning in agony.

“You made the wrong choice, if you had sided with me against the Guyver Zoalord you’d have died quicker!” shouted Warrior Guyver at the remaining Guyver. He looked back at the Warrior Guyver and what was once his friends lurching towards him and realised he had made a huge mistake. But before he could say anything he was hit in by Guyver Faye’s single mega-smasher. The blast carried along missing Warrior Guyver by only a few feet and continued on to rip through the city.

Warrior Guyver turned around and the three bio-creatures were now between him and the Guyver Zoalord. Warrior Guyver opened both mega-smasher plates and then fired his mega-smasher once again hitting Guyver Zoalord after the blast ripped through the three bio-booster creatures. Guyver Faye looked on thinking that the Warrior Guyver was mad to do such an open attack on something as powerful as the Guyver Zoalord. She was right as the now totally pissed off the Guyver Zoalord and his Control Medal started to glow brightly.

The gravity orb on the Guyver Zoalords abdomen stated to glow as well as he created a huge black force around him. Calling out to all the Guyvers around him Warrior Guyver warned them to get out of this forces way or they would be destroyed. All the Guyvers from the two main remaining tribes and Guyver Faye got the hell out of the way as he continued to build up his attack. All those that did not listen to Warrior Guyver and ran or flew for there lives where torn apart by the Guyver Zoalord’s gravity attack.

Present Day – ACTF HQ Washington DC


Aceaer Marine ran into a room that looked down he hoped on the main entrance of ACTF HQ. From there he looked down to see Cyber Guyver and Female Guyver 2 retreat momentarily under a barrage of gravity balls and head beam fire from GuyverC. His eyes focused on the mechanical looking Guyver as it started to return fire with an electrified plasma ball. GuyverC saw the attack coming and held a gravity ball focused in front of him. The plasma ball slammed into it causing an explosion that sent GuyverC flying backwards into the building.

Cyber Guyver chased after him and as Female Guyver 2 ran to join him Aceaer Marine opened fire with his rail cannon. The micro bullets hissed through the air as they ripped into her upper left arm hitting her before she had a chance to react. Female Guyver 2 back flipped and returned fire with her head beam forcing the Aceaer Marine to break off his attack for a moment and hide behind the window. Aceaer Marines head sensors twitched as he detected fast movement, getting up only just in time to see Female Guyver 2 flying towards him with her right arms vibrational sword extended Aceaer Marine only just had time to move his head out of the way as her sword continued to slice though his right fusion pod.

“You’re no Guyver,” said Valcuria as she turned around with speed round house kicking Aceaer Marine into the air and through a wall into the room beside them.

<“You’re from the future Cyber Guyver, what is this thing I am fighting?”> asked Female Guyver 2.

<“It is the Aceaer Armour, it has powerful attacks on the level of a Guyver but lacks our regeneration, cause the host serious injury and it will disable him!”>

<“Thank you,”> said Female Guyver 2 as under her armour Valcuria smiled.

General Carter ordered all the civilians and non-vital personnel to leave headquarters. Inside Dr. Drake’s lab, Scot a young lab technician was working on the new interface for the Green Project. This new interface literally linked a humans mind to that of the battle armour. But Scot was so busy working that he did not hear the Generals warning over the intercom.

Back outside, Female Guyver 2 out manoeuvred Aceaer Marine cutting his right arm off. Aceaer Marine screamed in agony and taking complete advantage of her opponent’s shock of losing his arm Female Guyver 2 kicked the Aceaer Marine in the head, knocking him to the ground. The barely conscious Aceaer Marine looked up to see her slam her foot on his leg crushing the kneecap. Aceaer Marine roared in further agony as Female Guyver 2 looked down on her fallen foe.

“You dare try and kill me?” said Female Guyver 2 to him as she showed Aceaer Marine that her left arm was once again capable of moment. “Your Aceaer Armour is poor at regeneration, you should have never attacked a Guyver alone!” she said as she opened her left side mega-smasher plate.

<“No you foolish woman, leave him be and help me defeat GuyverC!”>

<“My foe is good as dead; I will finish him off now and be done with it!”> said Female Guyver 2 back now pissed off as she was denied her victory.

<“You’re an idiot Valcuria, you where an idiot when Guyver 1 defeated you and you’ll continue to be an idiot without me!”> said Cyber Guyver as he sent two plasma blasts into GuyverC chest blowing apart his mega-smasher. GuyverC collapsed on the ground and looked up to see Cyber Guyver walk towards the Female Guyver 2.

Female Guyver 2 closed her mega-smasher plate as Cyber Guyver grabbed her by the still healing left arm and pulled her to face him. “You foolish woman will you ever listen to me? You can merge with the Aceaer Armour, doubling your power! Stop being an idiot and do what I say!”


“Now look what you’ve done!” roared Cyber Guyver as he turned to see that GuyverC gone. Their argument had given him the time needed to escape and he was now out of the range of his head sensors!

“Damn it! Leave this fool here as he’ll be still bleeding to death after we have killed GuyverC!”

Female Guyver 2 cursed out load as she kicked the fallen Aceaer Marine in the gut and then ran towards Cyber Guyver who was standing at a point in the corridor where GuyverC could have gone either direction.

“You go that way!” shouted Cyber Guyver as he then ran the other direction not giving Female Guyver 2 the chance to respond.

<“That will be the last time he talks to me like that,”> thought Female Guyver 2 as she did what she was told and chased after GuyverC.

GuyverC continued to run and stopped at a t-junction. He looked down at his chest, it didn’t hurt as much as before but he knew he wouldn’t have use of his mega-smasher. But his gravity controller was fine, this would be where he would make his stand! He then ran down another corridor to a range where no Guyver following him could sense him and turned around began charging up the biggest gravity ball possible and waited. Female Guyver 2 checked every room with her head sensors as she walked by but they where all empty or had the odd normal human hiding under a desk. That gave Valcuria a power rush having these people hide from her.

“Hey, BITCH!” roared GuyverC on seeing her by in front of him.

Female Guyver 2 stopped and turned to see a gravity ball flying towards her. She did not have time to dodge the weapon and the gravity ball slammed against her stomach ripping apart her bio-armour, blasting a large hole into her, and sending her flying with enough force that she went through a solid concrete wall. Female Guyver 2 had landed into the Battle Armour Testing and Training Room. Taking the advantage GuyverC ran after her and dived through the opening. Seeing Female Guyver2 just getting up from his last attack GuyverC quickly charged up and fired three Pressure Cannons in quick succession. Even though she was in intense pain, female Guyver2 noticed GuyverC preparing to obliterate her and barely manage to throw herself out of the way as one gravity ball caught her left arm and blew it apart as the other two continued on past her and blasted a hole clear through the steel reinforced wall.

Female Guyver 2 cried out both verbally and through her Unit. Sensing Female Guyver 2’s pain Cyber Guyver homed in on her location. Smashing his way into the Testing and Training room Cyber Guyver fired two plasma blasts at GuyverC but he jumped out of the way and both of them missed. GuyverC returned the favour with a gravity ball that hit the Cyber Guyver’s chest. The blast had punched a hole that revealed the Cyber Guyver’s circuitry.


“Valcuria you fool! Get up and help me kill Max!”

“What the hell are you?” asked GuyverC only then realising somehow this thing knew his name?!?

“I was Oswald Risker.”

“But you’re dead!”

“No but now you will be and unlike Arlen Crane and me you will not be coming back!”

Cyber Guyver extended his vibrational swords and started walking towards a now shocked GuyverC. But GuyverC wasn’t shocked because he lost focus on what Cyber Guyver had said. No he noticed something a lot more worrying. Female Guyver 2 had opened up one side of her mega-smasher and aimed it at the two of them. GuyverC dived through the floor as a massive bio-energy discharge erupted from the Female Guyver 2’s opened Mega-Smasher and engulfed Cyber Guyver in its emerald tinged blindingly bright light and began to rip his body apart as it rocketed through to the outside of the building. But in the research room beside them the blast caused a power surge that ripped apart the equipment that Scot was using and sent a power surge through his brain and the green armour he was working on. The devastated body of Cyber Guyver fell to the floor. Female Guyver 2 then knelt down on the body of the Cyber Guyver and was thinking ‘that’s the last time you piss me off’ when GuyverC flew up through his escape route. With one arm gone and the pressure cannon blast hole only half healed that Female Guyver 2 was in no condition to fight GuyverC and flew through the roof of the testing room to escape with GuyverC giving flight after her.

Meanwhile, relatively speaking, back over twelve thousand years ago. . .

Warrior Guyver stood facing the Guyver Zoalord off in the distance. Warrior Guyver had killed the reaming Black Fang Guyvers but that would be of no use if he let the other Guyvers die, unlike him they would not come back from the dead so easily. It was time to get his plan together and finish this off here and now. He signalled Guyver Faye and Guyver Fimus to get their people away from the battle zone and wait until his was ready. Now everything hinged on him as he launched himself at the Guyver Zoalord. Blasting away with multiple Pressure Cannons that proved utterly useless against Guyver Zoalord’s shield the Warrior Guyver finally smashed into them himself and painfully bounced off.

<“Hah, hah, ha, foolish Warrior Guyver, haven’t you learned yet that your power is nothing compared to mine?”>

<“I will never give up until you are destroyed!”>

<“Why will you never give up Warrior Guyver? I only want to destroy them! Those false gods do not deserve to live for what they have done to my people!”>

<“You’re an idiot Reeve! Too big an idiot to have the power you have. You have destroyed your people and you will not stop until the Earth is destroyed!”>

<“Enough of this!”> said the Guyver Zoalord as he then started hand beam blasting away at Warrior Guyver who in turn did his best to dodge the deadly bolts as he flew above the Guyver Zoalord. After a minute of this, one of the Guyver Zoalords hand beam blasts finally struck Warrior Guyver glancing blow but it was with enough force that it sent him flying uncontrollably into the face of a nearby mountain.

Guyver Zoalord flew up to examine his handiwork and finish off the Warrior Guyver when suddenly Warrior Guyver shot out of the mountain and flew past the Guyver Zoalord as he quickly accelerated to his top speed of mach five. Surprised, the Guyver Zoalord took a moment before he gave chase, which was enough to give the Warrior Guyver a head start of over ten miles but the Guyver Zoalord closed the gap in a mere few seconds as he came along side the Warrior Guyver. The Guyver Zoalord then grabbed Warrior Guyvers left arm as he swung him around with such force that Warrior Guyvers arm was ripped off and he was sent spinning out of control as he crashed into another mountain and was buried deeply into it. Looking at the stump of Warrior Guyvers arm, the Guyver Zoalord quickly grew enraged as threw the broken limb away and his hand became aglow with destructive energy as he raised both hands towards the mountain the Warrior Guyver had crashed into and fired a full double handed hand beam blast that quickly reduced the mountain to dust, leaving nothing but a crater that stretched several hundred feet in diameter.

<“Hah, who will save the ‘God’s’ now that your Warrior is dead?”>

<“Err no I’m not dead, you missed me by a mile you retarded excuse of a Guyver!>

<“WHAT! You insolent insect, how dare you mock me, I will make you suffer!”>

<“You bore me, are you going to float there talking or fight?”>

Warrior Guyver stood atop another mountain a mile away from the Guyver Zoalord, having teleported out of the other mountain just in time, his plan was working! Now thoroughly pissed off, the Guyver Zoalord shot like bullet towards Warrior Guyver who quickly pressure cannoned himself into the heart of the mountain. The Guyver Zoalord shot past the mountain and then looped up, back, and down into the mountain to follow his annoying adversary. The Guyver Zoalord was emanating so much energy that he was blasting the mountain apart as he burrowed his way down and was near its base before he realised his target had teleported himself out of the mountain and was now hovering a mile above him.

In rage he lashed out with a roar as a gravitonic shock wave exploded outward from him and blasted what was left of the mountain to dust and still had enough force to reach Warrior Guyver, stunning him with its force, and was unaware as Guyver Zoalord shot upwards and grabbed Warrior Guyver by the waist and threw him downwards. Warrior Guyver slammed into the rocky ground with such force as to break nearly every bone in his body and bury his body over a hundred feet below the ground.

<“Die damn you!”>

Guyver Zoalord then fired another double handed full powered hand beam blast into the ground where he had thrown Warrior Guyver and blasted away until he hit magma and a fountain of lava shot up through the blasted hole, sending streams of smoke and ash into the air. The Guyver Zoalord watched the destruction with satisfaction and hovered above the newly created volcano and waited to see if he had finally finished off the Warrior Guyver.

Floating in the void of hyperspace, Warrior Guyver slowly regained consciousness as his Guyver unit finished healing his wounds and had nearly finished regenerating his left arm. Finally awake, Warrior Guyver realised somehow only a half hour had passed as he still sensed the Guyver Zoalord where he had lost again to him. The power of the Guyver Zoalord was incredible but he will have to fight him one more time. By now the Gen had put everything in place and were ready to implement his plan. Teleporting back to the valley that he had first engaged the Guyver Zoalord in battle, Warrior Guyver signalled the Gen, Faye and Fimus to get ready.

<“It’s time to finish this you pathetic excuse for a brother!”> said Warrior Guyver telepathically to the Guyver Zoalord sure he would get the response he wanted, an angry Guyver Zoalord!

The Guyver Zoalord landed a hundred feet from Warrior Guyver with such force as to make the ground shake with the strength of a level five earthquake. Around Warrior Guyver the ground cracked but using his gravity controller he then pulled himself up into the air.

<“This time Warrior Guyver when I kill you, I will fracture your control medal and make sure you die!”>


The Guyver Zoalord now only thirty feet away, his Control Medal glowed as he charged up his pressure cannon. The Guyver Zoalord started to rise off the ground as a huge gravity ball started to appear in front of his hands. Warrior Guyver gulped as he realized that if this did not work he’d be as good as dead. The Guyver Zoalord then fired the Mega Pressure Cannon at Warrior Guyver hoping to see this pest finally squished but that did not happen. Warrior Guyver had raised his barrier shield, tearing up the ground just below him. The mega-gravity ball smashed into his shield but instead of breaking through like the Guyver Zoalord expected, the huge gravity ball was refocused by the shield and the gravitational forces surged around his blast shield as Warrior Guyver’s Control Medal and Gravity Control Orb glowed brightly, his plan had worked, now he can focus the energy of the Guyver Zoalords power as he had done his own shield energy when he had fired the Mega-Pressure Cannon in his first fight with the Guyver Zoalord. Now Warrior Guyver rose off the ground and fired the huge gravity ball back at the Guyver Zoalord.

The blast ripped through the Guyver Zoalords shield, shredding parts of his armour sending Guyver Zoalord back to the ground. But it was no more than that. Warrior Guyver sensed the Guyver Zoalord was healing the wounds fast and activated his barrier shield and started to reinforce it with his own gravity controller. Only a few seconds later the Guyver Zoalord’s armour had completely healed and now looked at a large black ball where Warrior Guyver floated.

<“That actually hurt! But hurting me is one thing, killing me is beyond you insect!”>

<“Did if feel good Reeve?”>

<“Did what feel good? Your feeble attack?”>

<“No idiot, did it feel good when you killed your brother?”>

<“They forced me too!”>

<“Forced you my ass! You’re a Guyver Zoalord, you could have saved him if you wanted to. But no you killed your brother in cold blood!”>

Guyver Zoalord roared in an uncontrolled rage at Warrior Guyver. Under his armour Jason smiled it was time to finish this! He sent the message to all the Guyvers on his side and the Draven. Guyver Zoalord was about to attack the levitated Warrior Guyver when a gravity ball hit his shield.

“It seems as if they have turned against you Warrior Guyver,” as it turned into a barrage of fire.

It took a minute for the Guyver Zoalord to realise what was happening. Warrior Guyver’s gravity shield got bigger as more and more gravity balls hit him.

<“NO! I will not let you stop me!”>

Seconds later a massive beam of energy shot out of the head crystal and slammed against the Warrior Guyver’s now huge gravity shield but the blast was simply absorbed by the shield.

<“This is not possible, nothing can stand up to my power!”>

Blinded with anger and desperation that was happening in front of him might actually be capable of destroying him Reeve the Guyver Zoalords head crystal started to glow as he charged up his most powerful Zoalord weapon. Behind the Guyvers appeared Zoalords like him, designed for gravity based attacks. They too fired their gravity bullets at Warrior Guyvers shield.

The gravity shield was now bigger than when Warrior Guyver redirected the Guyver Zoalords gravity ball. Sensing the worst, the red orbs on the Guyver Zoalord’s body started to glow. The ground around Warrior Guyver started to be torn apart below him as the pieces of the ground ripped off and floated upward and he ordered the Guyvers that were near him to get as fare away from him as possible, then the Guyver Zoalord made his move.

Energy beams shot out of his body in all directions then collided together only a few feet away from the Warrior Guyver. Seconds later a black hole appeared where the energy beams collided but it did not have the desired effect the Guyver Zoalord wanted. Instead of sucking the Warrior Guyver into oblivion the black hole itself was absorbed into the now huge barrier shield but all this energy was too much for the Warrior Guyver to handle and his control medal started to glow wildly. Under his armour Reeve the Guyver Zoalord smiled in satisfaction he was overloading Warrior Guyvers control medal!

Sensing that his unit was having trouble controlling the gravitational forces, as bolts of lightning like energy rippled around him, Warrior Guyver used all of his will to fire the blast at the Guyver Zoalord, successfully redirecting all the destructive energy at his target but was in turn blasted by his creation’s wake that blasted him backwards and sent him slamming into the base of the mountain behind him. The Guyver Zoalord put up his shields to protect himself but it was too little too late. The Guyver Zoalord raised an arm in front of his control medal in the hope of protecting it as the huge gravity wave slammed into him and tore through his shield and then his body.

The Guyver Zoalord was really hurt. The gravity wave ripped his right arm off along with most of his chest and the flesh around his body leaving only the head on top of a grisly skeletal structure but luckily for the Guyver Zoalord his control medal was undamaged his arm taking the brunt of the attack. The Warrior Guyver collapsed down onto the ground with his control medal still glowing wildly!

<“Draven get them to attack now!”> Screamed Warrior Guyver through his Unit as Guyver Faye landed nearby him.

Hundreds of Gen in armoured form appeared above the Guyver Zoalord and immobilized his quickly regenerating body in a powerful psionic restraining field. Guyver Faye was about to mega-smash the remains of the Guyver Zoalord when she looked up and saw thousands of Zoalords fly over the horizon towards her and what was left of her people. What she did not notice was that each one of them had a unit remover. Shocking everyone the Guyver Zoalord stood up but did not attack anyone as he continued to fight the power of the Gen. His body had already started to heal as the Guyver armour regenerated the Guyver Zoalord’s ravaged body.

Guyver Faye’s head sensors twitched as she detected the sudden rise in power from the Guyver Zoalord. Turning her head from the Zoalords circling overhead she then opened her mega-smasher plates and preceded to then fully mega-smash the Guyver Zoalord. Somehow he had managed to raise its shield but it was not anywhere close to full strength and some of Guyver Faye’s blast broke through the shield and damaged the already wounded body of the Guyver Zoalord destroying the healing done by his armour.

Capitalising on her attack twenty of the new Zoalords landed all around the Guyver Zoalord and aimed their unit removers at him. The Guyver Zoalord fired its Zoacrystal at one Zoalord but the blast was blocked by the Gens psionic field. The Guyver Zoalord then fired a combined head beam and hand blast at another Zoalord and this time broke through and vaporised him and his remover but the Guyver Zoalord was too badly damaged to do anything else and the remaining Zoalords fired their removers until at last they had successfully removed the Guyver armour from him. Reeve the former Guyver Zoalord fell to the ground dying. He thought to himself that without the Guyver armour to heal the damage done to his body it wouldn’t be long now before he would join his brother in the afterlife. Losing consciousness the Zoalord’s eyes closed as the world around him went dark.

Warrior Guyver knew he was in bad shape. He felt exhaustion for first time since he got the Unit. Fighting to stay awake he could hear Guyver Faye shouting. It was the Zoalords! They were attacking the Guyvers removing their Units and killing those that resisted. Before he had a chance to contact Draven to try and stop this Guyver Faye opened both of her mega-smasher plates! Moments later she vaporised an unsuspecting Zoalord. But Warrior Guyver sensed it was a futile effort as they were simply outnumbered by the Zoalords.

The Zoalord who had removed Guyver Zoalords Unit held the deactivated Unit. He fired his hand beam at her and blasted her body in half through her waist. As the torso of Guyver Faye landed beside him Warrior Guyver could see and sense the other Guyvers run or fly away with the Zoalords giving chase. He could sense the Zoalord with the removed Unit closing in for the kill!


Warrior Guyver stood up ever the the gluten for punishment that he was. With his control medal still not in the best of shape got up to face the Zoalord. The Zoalord fired his unit remover at the Warrior Guyver but it done nothing to him. Warrior Guyver opened up his right side Mega-Smasher and fired at the Zoalord. It did not vaporise the Zoalord but when it broke though the Zoalords unprepared shield. The Zoalord was lifted off the ground by the beam of energy and was carried along until the beam hit a mountain. The Zoalord’s body along with the Guyver Zoalord’s former unit was buried within the mountain.

Warrior Guyver didn’t wait to see if he would be targeted by other Zoalords or the Gen themselves. He picked up Guyver Faye quickly and held her close as he felt the pull of time tug at him. With the Guyver Zoalord  defeated the conditions that had allowed him to exist in the past had been removed and the natural flow of time was pulling him back to his own time zone and he knew he had only moments to act and so with a flash of light later they were gone!

Guyver Hector the purple Guyver that reminded Warrior Guyver of Sean’s Unit looked on in horror as the tribes were attacked by the Zoalords. The false Gods had betrayed them! Those that resisted not only had their Unit removed but were killed by the Zoalords. Soon that was almost everyone and a battle for survival raged and Zoalords killed anyone that was a Guyver. Before Hector had a chance to do otherwise his father Guyver Fimus’ unit was removed. Guyver Hector fired his head beam trying to distract the Zoalord but it was for nothing as he fired gravity pellets into his father’s body killing him.

Seeing his father dead and the tribes now being wiped out Guyver Hector realised this battle was now lost. Seeing their leader fall to the Zoalord he never got the chance to attack Hector as other Guyvers went in to kill the Zoalord for what he had done. Guyver Hector’s flew out of site of the battle. After a minute of flying away at his top speed he looked behind him he realised he was being followed as he spotted a Zoalord off in the distance.  He knew he’d only one chance in a large settlement of hunters up ahead of him. He landed a short distance away and deactivated his Unit. Minutes later a female Zoalord landed near where he had. Hector though did not simply wait to be found. Moving through the settlement he was soon in a mix of tribe he had traded with before and knew their language. They though did not know of him as a Guyver.

Hector knew he would not be safe for long; Zoalords simply didn’t give up easily as he left her checking the back of the necks of the settlements tribesmen. Hector knew it wouldn’t be long before she found him. Thinking back he remembered the transportation device that was in the cave of his people. Reaching out with his Unit he connected to it and moments later disappeared as the female zoalord still checked tribesmen metres away. Not aware of that event she continued to search in vain for the Guyver.


The Northwest Territories – in the lands of what will one day become part of modern Canada


Guyver 0 walked though the storm towards where the Guyver Zoalord was born. When he was attacked by the Golden Zoalord in the mountain the blast was so powerful he awoke on the other side of the world covered in deep snow. It had taken him a full day to get his bearings but he now sensed the former test site of G’Kor ahead of him. Why had the fates chosen that he would be anyway close to this place he did not know; but he knew Guyver Supreme’s Unit had being removed and that if he had survived he would need a Unit to continue his immortal existence. He hoped that G’Kor’s hideout remained hidden from the other Gen as that was the only place he knew of that would have a dormant Unit-G.

Guyver 0 stood over a snow covered crater. He sensed the ruin below him already hidden from view though it seemed only yesterday that the living ships guts covered the landscape.  Scanning the ruin below him he found what he wanted, the dormant Unit was buried in the Ruin close by Fulton Balcus. As he cupped his hands and readied himself to tunnel to it his head sensors twitched as a  Zoalord fired gravity bullets towards him. Guyver 0 turned himself towards the attack and used the focused pressure cannon to shield himself the others ripped into his Guyver armour but not hitting anything vital.

“Did you honestly think you could escape me?” asked the Zoalord in a distorted voice. Guyver 0 knew it was really! G’Kor was cutting off lose ends!

“You will have to try better than that!” said Guyver 0 as he let go of the gravity ball towards the Zoalord but he simply shielded the attack and blasted back at Guyver 0 with his zoa-crystal. Guyver 0 though was too quick and dodged the laser fire as he edged closer and closer to the zoalord knowing that a fire fight with a Zoalord wouldn’t result in him winning against that shield.

The ground around Guyver 0 started to rip up as the gravity zoalord focused on disrupting his path towards him. Guyver 0 activated his gravity controller and flew towards the Zoalords head with his vibrational swords extended. At that moment the ground around the zoalord erupted in dark energy sending the frozen ground around him flying up into the air knocking Guyver 0 with force into the air. The combination of the force of the solid ground and gravity way badly ripped up the bio-amour of Guyver 0 and as pain coursed through his body he landed with a thud behind the zoalord.


“Did you honestly think you could defeat a Zoalord?” said the stone faced power house as he turned around to face Guyver 0.

“I will kill you G’Kor!” shouted Guyver 0 as the Zoalord put his right arm out towards Guyver 0. The Zoalords zoa-crystal glowed as Guyver 0’s head sensors twitched and a Unit Remover flew onto his arm!

Guyver 0 sonic disrupter fired and a destructive sound wave hit the zoalord and rippled along the shield. The voice of G’Kor laughed through the zoalord and Guyver 0 knew now would be his end as the remover fired. Zero held his head in pain as the Guyver amour collected itself into a dormant Unit before him.

“You are nothing now Zero and soon the harsh environment of this land will kill you!” said the Zoalord as he looked down at the now mind wiped human before him already feeling the effects of the extreme cold as he involuntarily shivered.

Suddenly pain ripped through the Zoalord as his right arm was sliced off him at the same time as something sliced into the right side of his gut. G’Kor had a close mind link to the zoalord felt its pain and backed over in pain. Out of the storm a purple Guyver now walked calmly back towards the Zoalord blood dripping from his right vibrational sword.

<“I am Primitive Guyver false God! For what you did to my people I will kill all of you!”> said Primitive Guyver as he now quickly closed back in on the Zoalord and punched the zoalords zoacrystal with all his force. That shattered the zoa-crystal as it knocked the Zoalord backwards and off his feet. Primitive Guyver knew he had to capitalise on this and opened his mega-smasher plates and before the Zoalord had a chance to even stand back up he was obliterated by the blast. With the Zoalord defeated Hector the Primitive Guyver turned towards Zero.

“What did he do to you?” asked Primitive Guyver. But the man before him did not respond. “You are the probably one of the only two men who really know what they did to us…” said Primitive Guyver as he reached down and picked up the dormant Unit-G that was once Zero’s Guyver amour. He knew how cold and inhospitable this land was, Zero would soon freeze to death.  “Someday you might be useful again,” said Primitive Guyver as he put the dormant Unit into the arms of Zero and pressed his hands onto the dormant control medal. The Unit lit up as it activated and within moments he was covered in bio-armour.

The unstable ground around the reforming Guyver 0 rumbled. Primitive Guyver looked up the side of the mountain range they were close to see an avalanche of snow coming towards them. Guyver 0’s control medal glowed as his newly formed eyes focused on Primitive Guyver. Primitive Guyver knew from stories of his tribesmen that he would be out of control and would attack with the full power of his Unit anything perceived as a threat.

“When you recover from this, seek me out!” said Primitive Guyver as he flew up into the air leaving Guyver 0 to his fate as a huge avalanche of snow caused by a combination of the battle with the zoalord and Primitive Guyver’s mega-smash enveloped Guyver 0 and the Unit Remover.

Clan Ship Argus – Floating above the former city of Argus


“We have no choice but to follow what the Warrior Guyver said!” shouted Draven at Omicron one of G’Kor’s close allies in the council.

“WE have not voted!” said Omicron.

“This is not a matter for a vote. We are in a Paradox now that we cannot escape! The Warrior Guyver came from the future of this world to save our face. If we disturb his timeline we will doom ourselves to death at the hands of the Guyver Zoalord!”

“Where is the proof of his claim?”

“You want proof Omicron? Where is G’Kor through all this disaster?”

“Do not side track the question Draven if you want the support of the council you will provide us proof!”

“I’ll give you proof!” said Draven as the control medal on his head glowed and before him in a frozen perfectly clear block of ice was the arm of Warrior Guyver.

“What is this?” asked Omicron.

“This is the arm of the Warrior Guyver that was ripped off in the battle with the Guyver Zoalord. It has being examined and has confirmed his claim. It has particles that are in temporal flux showing that it has travelled through time! Now if you doubt that know this other fact. The dormant Warrior Unit that this man will merge with in the future is still in Solom’s craft!”

“That does….”

<“YES IT DOES!”> shouted the voices of the other nine members of the Council united.

<“We agree with Draven, we must preserve the Paradox!”>

In his chamber G’Kor awoke to hear the United Council side with Draven. He had lost! Realising that now that only proof of his action was the Guyver Zoalords unit he tried to connect with the Unit to activate its self destruct. But he was unable too! G’Kor calmed himself it was not a complete lost as the sealed section of his room opened up. There in front of him was the Dormant Assassin Unit he had taken from Ananke.

Meanwhile, Draven and the other Gen oversaw the deactivation and recovery of the Guyver units that were once used by the Tribes and their Zoalords. They could not account for the Warrior Guyvers absence but without the Guyver Zoalord they realised he must have being pulled back to his own time. As they prepared to leave good news arrived as they were contacted by Q’Nar, Knossos had being saved by the actions of Krullnar and Seraph and now resided on a world much like Gaia but it lacked any species capable of even basic tool making. It was a savage world but from the Argus and their floating City they would tame that world! This though was at great cost the master Zoalord and she was close to death. To save her they needed the regeneration pods present in the Argus, wasting no further time the great Clan Ship flew out of Earth’s atmosphere.

Far north of the former City of Argus Pariah the outcast looked over the coast towards what in present day would be the coast of England off in the distant horizon from France. Beside him the leader of the guards of Atlantis informed of where they needed to jury. It would be many days before a ship would be built capable of crossing the sea. But he was content and hoped that he would see his family again and would enjoy many years with them.


Present Day – ACTF HQ Washington DC


Standing outside looking at the destruction done to the building Gabriel looked in shock at the destruction done by one beings weapon.

“That boy is the mega-smasher. When you see a Guyver open its chest plates do not be in the way yah?” said Yuri as he slapped Gabriel on the shoulder and walked with Dorian towards the entrance of ACTF HQ.  Gabriel still too shocked to talk stood there for a moment then followed his comrades into the building.

Inside the building GuyverC was with Aceaer Marine as he was brought on a stretcher to the sickbay. He knew now that this Aceaer was very different to that of a Guyver. Aceaer Marine’s arm that was cut off already started to whither rapidly and was effectively dead. If he was a Guyver according to what he was told by the Japanese Guyvers if it was left alone it would form the core of a bio-boosted creature based on your own DNA. This Aceaer Unit made sure this wouldn’t happen and limbs cut off simply died. Around the injured sections of Stephen’s body the Aceaer Unit and bonded and was regenerating his body. Max though wouldn’t want to be one as the down time was more than that of a Guyver.

Inside the ruined Testing and Training room from the rubble the first sign of life emerged. Cyber Guyvers ruined body broke out of the rubble. His eyes and head reformed first but only on a basic level as he looked around the room to see if he had being noticed. He was not in any condition to face any type of foe! Seeing that there was no one around the room yet looked for an available source of material to cannibalise for parts to rebuild.  All he could think was that once he had rebuilt himself that he’d have his revenge on the Female Guyver 2, oh yes, he would have his revenge on her and all the Guyvers. . .

The Ark – Orbiting Earth above Chronos Arizona

Deep within the Chronos spaceship, the Ark, two regeneration pods held Chronos most ambitious work to date. The room they were in had a large number of Chronos scientists inside it as they observed what was happening. The room went silent as the head of Chronos Science and the oldest of the Zoalords Dr Valkus entered the room. Natasha and Geoff immediately walked towards him.

“Greetings Lord Valkus,” said Geoff as he bowed towards the Zoalord.

“Greetings Apprentice Zoalord Manning,” said Valkus as he then turned to Natasha.

“Lord Valkus,” said Natasha as she too bowed.

“Natasha, since the day we discovered you and your team up here you continue to surprise me with your developments.”

“Thank you,” she said with a beaming smile. It was no mere thanks though from Dr Valkus was truly happy of what Natasha had accomplished. Ever since Lord Alkanphel and Imakarum had discovered them on the Ark with the fallen and missing Zoalord Purg’stall what they continued to do here surprised the old Zoalord. Natasha Manning, a Lost Number with no noticeable zoanoid form but with an intellect high above others was probably the saviour of modern Chronos. Not only had her team helped rebuild the leadership of Chronos but was not responsible for their breakthrough in discovering how to repair the Control Medal’s of the fallen two Guyvers of Chronos!

“There is much Natasha that I have to be thankful for since that day you where rediscovered by Chronos,” said Valkus.

“That can be left for another day my Lord, they have awoken!” said Geoff manning pointing to a biological screen which showed the control medal of both Guyvers shining under the regeneration pods.

“Release them!” shouted Natasha.

The regeneration pods opened up and two Guyvers walked out. Their now undamaged Control Medals flashed once again as their hosts became conscious and were greeted by the people responsible for their salvation from oblivion.

“Welcome back to the living, Mr Risker and Mr Crain. It is time for Guyver 2 and Guyver Zoanoid to serve Chronos once again!” said Dr Valkus as both Guyvers realised they were in the presence of one of the twelve Zoalords and bowed towards him.

End of Part Five and Time War.