This is a fan-fic based on characters created by Yoshiki Takaya and contains violent situations with adult language.

TitleTime War: Part 4
AuthorBrian O’Sullivan

October 2010 – Present day

“What a difference a month makes,” thought Warrior Guyver and he battled a Powered Zerebubuse hyper Zoanoid. This was a huge alternative version of the Zerebubuse and had many anti Guyver weapons. He’d already discovered to his surprise that his high-frequency blades where easily blocked by the beasts shield spikes and could then counter with swords of his own. But the trick didn’t work for long as Warrior Guyver discovered his swords where of a higher quality and chopped off the right arm of the hyper-zoanoid through one of his swords. The Powered Zerebubuse tried then with his other arm to blast Warrior Guyver but he dodged the attacks got in close and then sliced his blaster arm off. His blades adjusting to the hyper zoanoids shielding he then proceeded to slice him in half killing the hyper zoanoid.

Warrior Guyver looked around him, Blue and Red armoured soldiers battled alongside regular army and tanks fighting a wave of zoanoids. Off in the distance a group of bio-blasters that would normally destroy tanks with ease were being cut down by a Warthog A-10 jet flying overhead in support of the freed US Army that had joined the ranks of ACTF. Warrior Guyvers head sensors twitched as he detected a group of air bound zoanoids chasing after the jet . His gravity controller active and moments later he was chasing after them. The high speed game of cat and mouse lasted only a few seconds as he chased them down and blasted them with carefully aimed head laser fire. The jet safe Warrior Guyver turned around leaving it fly off to its next target. Looking down at the battlefield that was a suburb of San Francisco he looked for the next pocket of large zoanoids and descended to battle them.

Hours later the battle was over, Chronos was defeated and the push into the West Cost was complete. Jason relaxed now in building that they had captured from Chronos. Their former HQ if he recalled correctly. All that mattered about the building was that the top office had a couch large enough for him to stretch out. It was almost like a bed, it was dark and he was tired so this place would do as good as any. Lying there he thought of what had happened the last month. The only areas of the USA now under Chronos control where the states around Texas and Arizona. They knew though Arizona would be the worse combat, possibly the largest underground base of Chronos was there. Agito a man he disliked told them one thing important about that State that the ACTF had only heard in rumour. It was the location of the largest Chronos base possibly on the Earth. Nuking it out of existence wasn’t a choice either inside the core of the huge base was a Fossil Relic.

General Carter decided then to focus his forces on capturing the major cities and towns in north central USA and then the West Cost in an effort to boost numbers before going after the two main remaining centres of Chronos power in the USA. That was a moth ago. A month of constant battle for Jason. At first he thought that his Unit had no limitations as no matter how hard he fought he never tired. After the first two days of solid battle he started to have mini blackouts in the battle field. Next thing he knew he was fully asleep his Unit in control. Thankfully it knew the difference between a zoanoid and ACTF soldier. After that day plans where adjusted, while yes he was still a weapon of destruction he ignored commands completely when under control of the Unit and as the General described it “Could not be used in a tactical manner”. Jason listened in surprise as a solider told him once of what did when under control of the Unit, simply described as ruthless a non stopping killing machine. No hesitation, “death in carnet” was the term used but he understood why that was not ideal.

Though he was feeling sleepy this being the first time he had a chance to relax he could not get asleep. He had to relax. Jason thought back to when he got the Unit. After that Battle he sent the War Relic away to wherever its Creators thought was its home. A short time later he was back in the ACTF HQ. With Sho’s help who was the most powerful Guyver on earth along with Guyver 3 and Aptom and Guyver US spear heading different divisions of the enlarging ACTF Army they had quickly drove Chronos from their lands. Agito though on the other hand just didn’t seem right. Far too manipulating for what Jason liked. But in the end Warrior Guyver didn’t let his personal feelings cloud his judgement, Agito might not be a person he liked and he did not like how he operated but in the end he was a ruthless killing machine and it was what the ACTF needed.

In the month since ACTF freed the East Coast states former government organisations where re-established. One of them, the first to start the fight against Chronos was the FBI had also being reformed along with the local police forces. ACTF viewed this a key challenge as without it chaos would rain on the streets with the power vacuum once Chronos had being driven out. For him this meant had to also resign from active FBI duty so he could concentrate on fighting Chronos. He was now a member of ACTF and to fulfil the promise of revenge he made to himself this seemed to be the best option. Anyway what would the FBI be doing with a Warrior Guyver? He would not be all too useful to them and he would be a lot better placed under permanent ACTF command. Sean was now reassigned protecting the East Coast region from Chronos counter attack. Overall things were going his way but he couldn’t help but feel something bad was about to happen as he drifted off to sleep.

Two Weeks later – Washington DC

It was now well after dark a long black car drove through the rain on its way to the Washington DC Headquarters of the Anti-Chronos Task Force, what used to be formally known as the Pentagon. Inside sat alone passenger, Jason the Warrior Guyver, brooding on the past and of things yet to come. It had been a long two weeks for Jason since helping ACTF forces capture San Francisco. Chronos had been pressing their attack on Oregon and Idaho and had made their bid to take over the entire West Coast. Jason had been sent there to assist the remaining U.S. forces in those areas. So for the past two weeks it has been just one battle after another. ACTF and he had no choice but to at times let his Unit take over. Chronos did not take the fall of the States of the USA easy at all.

During these battles he had noticed strange things about his Guyver unit. No matter how intense the battle, or how much he exerted, he never seemed to get tired and always felt in top form. Though puzzling when compared to the other known Guyver units, he found it to be a most useful trait, allowing him to fight for hours without stopping. Another thing he noticed was he never got hungry with the armour on and this was something that he found strangest of all that no matter how long it had been since he had last had a meal that he had no need for food. Another interesting new power of his Guyver unit was that in addition to his armour ability to adapt itself to new threats and his armours natural protective body energy shield was that he could call the protective bio-boost blast field that all Guyvers produce upon activation of armour as a shield anytime he needed it to boost his defences. This proved to be a great tool when fighting the occasional group of Hyper-Zoanoids and their more advance weaponry.

But two things worried Jason now that he actually had time to think. The first was the one new power that really spooked Jason was that he could now hear the thoughts of anyone around him, including Zoanoids, but Jason ignored this thinking it must be his imagination. This gave Jason much to think about but the one power his Guyver did not have and what he most wanted now was that it was no cure for lack of sleep. The second thing that worried Jason was not about himself but Chronos. Sho had fought Zoalords before and Sean too. They both described them as the top of the Chronos food chain a terrifying creature of destruction. Battles with them were close and dangerous. But where were they to stop him? What was Chronos up too? This was something he could not answer and soon his tiredness caught up with him and he was back asleep.

After another hour of driving, the car pulled up besides the DC Headquarters. This building at one stage happened to be the main processing centre for Chronos in DC. Its car park was huge and around it was over one hundred Red and Blue type armoured marines for protection. The car pulled up to a checkpoint and a marine looked in the driver’s window to see Jason asleep in the back. Without saying a word the marine then signalled to let the car through. Entering the perimeter of the base, the driver drove for over two minutes to a designated parking spot and awoke his sleeping passenger. Jason groaned and got out of the car. Remembering what he was here for he then made his way to General Carter’s office.

Jason had being in contact with the General a lot over the last month and a half. Video conferencing meant that no matter where he was pretty much each and every few hours he’d be looking at a screen seeing the General. While he was on the front line General Carter handled the “awkward stuff” as Jason put it. Basically he handled the military planning and also managed the rebuilding of the Democracy of the USA. It was too early yet but the first sign of civilian government was beginning to show and potential candidates where debating on TV why they where the best to lead. Most though where happy that the Army had fought back finally against Chronos and most debates were about doing things properly in a war footing where the United States itself was the battle ground. In short most people knew ACTF would be effectively running the country for the next few months while the Country got itself on its feet and decided what the new USA would be like. As of yet there was still no President of the USA, General Carter was the highest ranking military official not turned into a zoanoid and still active in the military. Though he often said he looked forward to the day he could take orders until then he had to do what was best for the country not for him.

Jason was getting close to his office. He stopped thinking of the past month and a half and focused on last night. The General said he’d something important to talk with him about that he could not over the conferencing system. Jason knew that system was the most encrypted system on Earth. So whatever it was that he needed to speak with him about it was important. Jason forever focused always thought of one thing, this would give him revenge. Revenge on Chronos for what they did to him! For what they did to his family and his wife! While most would tire from constant war Jason hoped someday to finally meet those responsible for X-Day and the day they all died!

Jason arrived at the door of General Carter’s room, it was open but he stopped in front of it. “Come in,” said General Carter seeing him arrive. Two marines that where in the room then closed the door as Jason walked in. Sean wasn’t here yet, but another man sat on chair beside the Generals desk. There were two free chairs on the other side of the desk. The unknown man stood up and turned towards Jason. “Hello Jason, this is Edger Walsh have a seat,” said General Carter pointing in the direction of the seat opposite the unknown man dressed in a suit not different to that of Jason’s. Jason walked towards the man and shook his hand and then went to his seat and sat down. As he sat down and focused on the face of the man he couldn’t help but feel he recognised him from somewhere. He was most likely from the Bureau but he couldn’t place where he’d seen him before.

“I know I’ve said this already over that video chat but now that I have you in person I have to say well done on the West Coast missions and in Utah and Ohio. Without Sean and you we would not be enjoying any freedom from those Chronos bastards!” said General Carter reaching over to shake Jason’s hand. He duly obliged and shook the general’s hand.

“Thank you once again sir it’s great to able to put the hurt on Chronos.”

“Indeed it is, we’ve waited too long for this. Sean should be here any moment. Once he’s here Edger will tell you why I summoned you both here,” said General Carter. Jason just simply nodded. He wondered what could be so important to pull both of the US based Guyvers from the front line. A second or so later a marine opened the door and Sean entered the room. The General introduced him to Edger and he sat down beside Jason.

“Ok let’s get started gentlemen, you are probably both wondering why this couldn’t be said over video conferencing and why I’ve taken you both off the front lines?” asked General Carter. Both Sean and Jason simply nodded they hadn’t an idea why but knew it was important. “First let me say, Sean sorry but we do not have any leads on Cori, I’ve every resource available searching for her and those Red bastard four armed Guyvers.” Sean didn’t have much to say it still hurt too much that she was missing and simply nodded. He’d tried looking for her himself and failed. He simply had to wait like the General said and hope the situation changed.

“You are probably wondering why Sho, Agito and Aptom are not here. Aptom using one of his doubles has found were the Segawa Sibling’s parents are located. Understandably the forces around them are large enough that he by himself is not enough to rescue them and nor does he have the ability to sense through walls like a Guyver. With Sho’s insist they left for Japan two days ago to go and rescue them.” Both Guyvers nodded their heads they both understood why Sho would insist on this mission. It was not in the US interest strictly speaking but they in the end hostages that could be used against him.

“That’s ok sir, we’ll look after things while they are away,” said Sean.

 “Now that wasn’t why you were both summoned back to HQ. Mr Walsh can you please give them the background to why we’ve summoned them both here?” asked General Carter.

“Gentlemen I am the former Chief Archivist of the FBI now working for ACTF, back before X-Day the General made sure what we knew didn’t fall into Chronos hands. Now that we pushing Chronos back it’s time we acted in insuring our States assets do not fall into Alien hands,” said Edger. Jason knew exactly where he’d seen the man before. He’d only heard of him mostly in rumour and seen him maybe once in his whole time at the Bureau when working on the Sadah file. The guy had being part of the FBI since the Hoover days.

“August 4, 1958, just hours after completing “Operation Sunshine”, the USS Nautilus, the first nuclear powered submarine, had made history as the first vessel to reach the geographic North Pole 90 degrees North. When the sonar officer informed the Commanding officer of a strange echo from a nearby ice deposit that had recently cracked open. Unable to determine its source, Commander William R. Anderson ordered a team of divers to investigate. What they had discovered was the body of an alien buried in the ice. Word of the discovery was kept secret as the body was kept frozen and brought back to America. This is the first event of importance,” said Edgar.

“How does this relate to us?” asked Sean.

“Let him continue son,” said the General.

“July 20, 1969, Apollo 11 successfully lands on the moon and Neil Armstrong takes the first historic steps on the moon when two unidentifiable radar blips show up on the Orbiters sensors. No one notices as the UFO’s danced around the moon with one vanishing as it was seemingly destroyed and the other lost as it crashes into the surface of the moon. The event took all of ten seconds but was recorded by the Orbiters computer. November 19, 1969, Apollo 12 successfully lands on the moon and discovers a crashed alien ship. Word of the discovery was kept secret as the remains of its former pilot were brought back to Earth. April 13, 1970, Apollo 13 lands on the moon and recovers the wreckage of the crashed alien spacecraft. A cover story was released showing that Apollo 13 had never landed on the moon and that the crew had nearly died from a major malfunction. The wreckage was released into Earth orbit and recovered by a secret early prototype of the space shuttle as the crew of Apollo 13 made a successful re-entry and splash down on Earth. The remaining four Apollo moon mission showed no other signs of alien presence on the moon,” finished Edger.

“How are both of these events linked with us?” asked Jason.

“In the cases of both of these events both of the Aliens contained what we now know to be the Control Medal in their armoured heads,” said Edger. Both Jason and Sean sat there quietly in shock at once they heard. The USA had encountered Guyver like beings before they were active?

“But Sean was the first active Guyver?” asked Jason.

“No he is not and in the case of the first being carbon dating the ice around his body has shown him to be over ten thousand years old,” said Edger calmly like as if he was talking of an everyday occurrence.

“What are their statuses now?” asked Sean.

“From what we know, Chronos never captured them after X-Day,” said General Carter.

“How could they not? I mean they controlled everywhere and they should have by all means captured those two Guyvers,” said Jason.

“We do not know why. ACTF was not able to control the Area 51 before X-Day to get the assets out of the base,” said Edgar.

“We met a lot of resistance from the base commander Martin. He is also a scientist there and insisted the two Aliens stay there for research. Unless I wanted to reveal the existence of the ACTF we could not act against him,” said General Carter.

“What is the current status of Area 51?” asked Jason.

“The base never fell into Chronos hands,” answered General Carter.

“How is that possible?” asked Sean getting over the fact there really was aliens in the base in the first place what he wondered was why Chronos would not take over such an important base.

“We do not know why,” answered Edger.

“But what we do know is that the base is not responding to communication attempts and is actively hostile to our forces,” said General Carter.

“They have attacked our forces?” asked a surprised Sean.

“The 5th Armoured Division supported 131st Army tried to make contact with the base. They were attacked by Robot Centuries at the outskirts of the base. They successfully defeated the two Robots that they described as “cat like with guns”, but at the cost of fifteen men. The only way our commanders feel they can capture the base is by using heavy firepower to overwhelm the defences. But the likelihood of that causing collateral damage to the assets inside the base that we want to capture makes that an unacceptable risk.”

“I can see where this is going, you want us to go in and find out what is happening?” asked Sean.

“Yes, you will both be supported by the 131st Army Division and the 5th Armoured Division,” said General Carter. Both Jason and Sean nodded they did not need any more explanation there was too much at stake to let Area 51 turn into a new warzone against an unknown enemy.

“That’s all you need to say sir, of course we’ll do it. When do you want us to leave?” asked Jason.

“I know you both have had a hard time battling everything Chronos could send at us recently, I want you both rested. You’ll be leaving to join our forces in 24 hours.

“We’ll be ready sir,” said Sean. He liked missions like this, not fighting Chronos and hopefully being in Area 51 would him not focus so much on Cori being missing. He had to hold out some hope she was still alive and make sure the ACTF was in a position to help.

General Carter thanked everyone at the meeting and they all left the room. Out of the shadows a Purple Guyver appeared. General Carter turned to him and bowed.

“How are you finding being a Guyver,” asked Sean as he and Jason walked towards the canteen.

“Not as much fund fun has I thought it would be, I have a lot more responsibility now than I used to as your liaison officer,” answered Jason.

“Yeah suddenly you’re now the person they go too rather than you simply organising my day,” said Sean.

“Yeah the good old days, let’s get some food I know unlike me you’re probably hungry?”

 “Yup, I am O’Conner.”

Tokyo Japan – Large Freight Ship at the Old Shipyard

“Valcuria Stop! You’re destroying this place!” shouted the voice of Genzo Makishima though the ships loudspeaker system as he looked at a live feed of the battle between Guyver 1 and Female Guyver 2. Their battle was brutal hand to hand combat resulting in both Guyver knocking the other through and into walls destroying vital equipment within the Chronos base ship.

“You Fool! What is more important; retrieving the units or the survival of Chronos Japan?!” shouted Female Guyver 2 as she round house kicked Guyver 1 sending him flying through a steel wall of the ship.

The huge Chronos HQ base ship docked in the harbour is being destroyed by the battle as Guyver 1 and Female Guyver 2 try to inflict the most damage possible to each other throwing each other through walls and vital equipment and fuel lines within the ship causing sections of the ship to overload and explode Unknown to them though they are being watched as they fight.

<“She fights much like I did when I first got the Unit,”> thought Cyber Guyver as he stood silently against a bulkhead of the huge mostly metal ship. His Cybernetic body made it near impossible for Guyvers to sense his being there in this ship. Only his sudden movements would possibly give him away and he didn’t need to move at all. The ship was now part of his sense telling him exactly what was happening all around it.

He’d arrived to this world a week ago. Time travel had proved a lot more dangerous and unpredictable than expected. Rather than arriving at the point he expected where his quarry would be at his weakest he instead arrived here! He knew right away everything was wrong when he discovered Chronos HQ Japan wasn’t the old office he expected, or its destroyed shell after Guyver 1 and Guyver 3 had destroyed it but instead was this huge ship. His second surprise was discovering that in this alternative universe his Unit was activated by Valcuria!

He was there hiding when Mitzuki was brought into a holding cell and at that point he knew his alternative counterpart would face Guyver 1. But like the Unit of her alternative universe counterpart Oswald Risker it was damaged when Chronos tried to recapture the dormant Unit. Would she suffer the same fate of Guyver 2 he wondered?

“There is an explosion in the seventh block; fire breaking out,” said a male voice over the loud speaker system as Chronos troops raced to the area to try and put the fire out. “Fire confirmed in the sixth block. Guyvers now fighting in the second block” said the voice. <“Genzo the old fool is correct. They are destroying this base!”> thought Cyber Guyver amused by what he had found since being stranded in this Universe by the unpredictability of Time Travel. He recalled what he had found out before he had absorbed the machine into him that research notes held in the computer system from Dr Anderson noted that true Time Travel would be near impossible. It would take a cataclysmic event to trigger an opening in time for him to travel into.

Guyver 1 drives at Female Guyver 2 who uses his momentum to flip him through a wall causing another explosion. Walking towards him closing in for the kill Guyver 1 reaches out from the smoke and grabs her by the right foot and pulls her leg up tripping her up sending her to the ground. Standing up and still with her leg held in his hand he swings her towards a large computer terminal screen that filled the wall of the room with such force that it sends her through the wall behind it. Crashing through Female Guyver 2 regains control of her fall and lands on her feet.

Guyver 1 presses his attack jumping after Female Guyver 2, but seeing him coming he jumps up towards him and round house kicks him to the back of the head sending him falling with enough force to be knocked through the floor below into the holding centre of the ship. Guyver 1’s head sensors twitch forward as they sense another life from in the area with him. Looking up he sees that it’s Mitzuki, his girlfriend who has being kidnapped by Chronos! Distracted by seeing Mitzuki he leaves himself open to another powerful kick from Female Guyver 2 sending him flying into a large open room. Landing against a railing Guyver 1 realises just how big the open room is. Slumped against the railing he looks up as Female Guyver 2 fly kicks him in the upper chest sending him through the railings falling to the ground below.

Desperately he reaches for anything that will stop his fall and manages to grab a pipe line halting his fall to the ground below. Seeing this Female Guyver 2 jumps down and kicked the piping and back flipped back onto the platform leaving Guyver 1 crash uncontrollably to the ground below. Guyver 1 once again is sent through one floor with the force of the impact and slams of the hard steel flooring of the ship below that level.

“What’s the matter little boy. I told you before you cannot beat me!” gloated Female Guyver 2 as Guyver 1 slowly stood up and looked towards her. “There are only three units like ours on Earth. One is still missing; that’s why I must bring you to headquarters alive… as an important specimen,” said Female Guyver 2. Unknown to her though as she was telling Guyver 1 this he control medal begins to flash on and off repeatedly.

“That’s not going to happen,” said Guyver 1 as he begins to get up from the ground.

“You still don’t understand. If you don’t come with me you’ll die,” said Female Guyver 2 still unaware of her flashing control medal. Cyber Guyver senses it from below; it was damaged much like his own was back when he first possessed it! Even though she has not used her Unit to its full abilities she has managed to overload the control medal trying to out power Guyver 1. The flashing continues until Valcuria realises that sometime is dangerously wrong with her Unit and she holds her mount as the unit begins to go out of control. The pain courses through her body forcing Female Guyver 2 to her knees.

“Her control medal is damaged,” said Guyver 1 as he focused on it seeing now clearly the damage to the left side of it. Realising has she now lies there slumped to the ground this would be the best time to press his attack Guyver 1 strikes and kicked her below the chin sending her up into the air and follows up punching her Control medal damaging it further. The Control Medal falls out in sections from the Female Guyver 2 and bounces away from her parts of it broke off the main orb of the control medal from the impact on the ground below.

<“What happens if it gets damaged?”> wonders Guyver 1 as he looks at the gaping hole where Female Guyver 2’s Control Medal used to be! At that very moment the once clearly still Guyver from of his attacker begins to melt before his eyes turning her into a Bio-Boosted humanoid monster! Guyver 1 seeing this horror in front of him opens his chest plates moments later releasing the power of his mega-smasher. Unknown to him below the desk Cyber Guyver’s body has absorbed the plating below turning it into part of his body. Before the mega-smasher hits the control medal of Female Guyver 2 and as sample of the bio-boosted creature are sucked into the ground below. As Guyver 1’s mega-smasher ends there isn’t a sign that there ever was a Female Guyver 2!

As Guyver 1 leaves to look for his girlfriend Cyber Guyver disconnects from the ship. In his hands are the parts of Female Guyver 2’s control medal and a sample of her genetics.

“Soon Valcuria, you will work for me and together you will help me get revenge on the Warrior Guyver!” says Cyber Guyver as her control medal is absorbed into his body along with her bio-material.

ACTF HQ – Washington DC

Jason awoke in his bed. It was the first time in over a month he had done so and while he was awake he didn’t want to get out of it. It had being a long time since he properly rested since becoming a Guyver. He wondered if he would have become one if he’d really known what that meant, but that thought disappeared. The more he woke up those precious moments in the morning where he didn’t remember why he fought and continues to fight Chronos disappeared. His mother, father, sister and his wife all dead, killed before him on the day he was meant to be married. A different more driven Jason takes over one that will not rest until the day he kills those responsible. He sighed and let out a deep breath he had to remember to use his urge for revenge to give him focus, it was no used to him to use it on those that he worked with. He then got out of his bed and went to the washroom to get ready for the day. A short time the refreshed focused Jason the world knows is ready and leaves his room.

Outside his door was a Marine, god only knows how long the man had being standing there but he knew the General well if he wanted Sean and him rested he would make sure that happened.

“Yes, what is it marine,” asked Jason.

“Sir, I’m here to inform you that your aircraft is ready for transport,” answered the Marine.

“Okay, so where is Sean now?”

“At last report, Mr. Barker has not stirred from his room since he retired approximately nine hours ago sir.”

“Very well marine, he will need breakfast when he wakes up keep the pilot prepped when he’s ready we’ll go,” said Jason walking towards Sean’s quarters. The marine a young man named Stephen Cain nodded and quick marched towards the Generals office. It was only a short distance away from his but it gave him time to think about the present. He’d not being around Sean much since he became a Guyver, apart from the mission where he became a Guyver the Area 51 mission would be the first where they would fight together. But it had being over a month since Cori had being kidnapped by the four armed Guyvers. Jason had the sad certainty that came with knowing Fiona his meant to be wife was dead. Sean was not so lucky and the uncertainty would be playing havoc with his emotions.

Sean told him last night as they ate and evening meal in the canteen he rarely slept properly since but too rarely talked with anyone about what happened to Cori. He only opened up to Jason last night because like him he was a Guyver and also shared a similar loss. Jason though felt unable to advise him because while he had no hope in ever seeing Fiona again he had at least some hope of finding Cori. Jason didn’t feel he’d helped his friend but Sean said it was good to simply talk with someone about it.  Outside Sean’s door like his stood a marine patiently waiting for Sean to wake up. Jason joined him and he too waited for his friend to awake.

Twenty odd minutes later Sean appeared from his room wearing blue jeans, a t-shirt and a light jacket. He tended to wear the same type of cloths into battle, as Sean called them easily replaceable. What was the point in wearing your favourite cloths into battle as the Guyver Armour would never regenerate them but it would a missing limb!

They dismissed the marine and walked to the canteen, not much was talked about there as they knew the Area 51 mission wasn’t widely known off. Sean ate a large breakfast and looked in surprise as all Jason had was some water.

“What’s wrong with you,” asked Sean.

“What do you mean?”

“Here I am eating food with enough calories for two people yet all your having is water? For breakfast? Really just water Jason?”

“Yeah… Just water.”

“Common now something’s not right you where never one to shy away from a good feed in the morning as you’d burn it off training later in the day.”

“Ok it didn’t happen right away or at least I should say I didn’t pay any attention to it, but after a week or so I noticed that I don’t get hungry anymore.”


“Seriously, I don’t get hungry at all anymore. I’ve not actually had a meal in over a week. The most I ever feel any need for is water and even then I don’t think it’s because I have to but because I’m just used to drinking water most of the time.”

“But you don’t need to eat?”

“Nope, tested it last week I’ve not eaten a thing, nothing, nada for the last week and I feel fine.”

“What about last night?”

“You ate, I chatted. If you remember right, I said…”

“That you didn’t need dinner… So what you’re telling me is that being a Warrior Guyver means you don’t lose your appetite?”

“No, the docs checked me out I’m not lacking for anything, quite the opposite they say I’m in the best shape of my life. They believe the Warrior Unit is designed for total independence from natural resources. In other words I don’t need to eat food to stay alive.”

“That sucks,” said Sean as he loaded his mouth with the last of his breakfast. Jason just laughed he had to admit while he wasn’t hungry the smell of being in the canteen was enough to give him the urge to eat but this test was something he wanted to do to push the limit of his Unit. He hadn’t told Sean yet but he was also able to focus on the minds of people around him there and then. Though it wasn’t has revealing as one would hope, all the chef was focused on was cooking. So what he looked like he was doing was also what he was thinking. “What a surprise!” thought Jason sarcastically to himself.

A short while later they were both walking to walk to the large car park outside. There a helicopter transport would bring them to a nearby airport and two two-seater fighter jets would bring them on the rest of their journey. A short trip to the airbase later had Jason and Sean on their way in a new line of U.S. supersonic stealth bombers modified to carry them in metal containers. Both looked a little nervous as it was explained that they would drop out of these when their sheath fighter jet carrying them let go of them like a bomb just outside the makeshift base the 131st had setup. Basically a light would flash or they would see through a window that they were dropping through the air so they could call out Guyver and their Units would activate so they could fall to the ground unharmed without blowing up the aircraft they were inside.

A short while later they were inside what Jason jokingly called though his Unit a flying coffin. Sean wasn’t amused by the idea though as he was also inside one. Both of them couldn’t see anything outside but where kept up to date by the pilot on their status and location. Sean didn’t mind the quietness of this after this nerves settled down but it gave him time to think and wonder about Cori. Would he ever see her again? He couldn’t answer that question and for all his power he’d to get used to the idea that he had to wait and see what happened, ACTF would find her eventually. If anyone could it would be them.

It didn’t feel like long but near an hour or so later they where over the target zone. Both Sean and Jason felt a jolt as their “flying coffins” where left go and started free falling through the air. A mere second or two after they felt the jot a light changed from red to green to show that they could now activate without blowing the jet to bits. Both Guyvers activated seeing clearly in the daylight sky. <“This is fucking awesome,”> said Jason though his unit. He’d never really thought of the idea of jumping out of a plane without a parachute but he was doing that today!  Even Sean who was not in the mood for any type of fun couldn’t help but enjoy the feeling of free falling though the sky. The closest he’d ever got to this feeling was when he jumped off a cliff once rescuing Cori and her late father. As he shouted out Guyver he wondered why everything he thought of reminded him about her!

Warrior Guyver and Guyver US took control of their decent and moments later they landed a short distance away from the 131st Army camp. As they walked towards it they could see a number of soldiers walking towards them. As Guyver US focused on the camp he could see that they were prepared for attack, a large number of tanks were sitting on the perimeter of the base behind man made bunkers of desert sand. Around them were soldiers armed with Anti-Zoanoid rifles and Armoured Soldiers from the 5th Armoured.

“They are prepared to be attacked,” said Guyver US.

“Indeed whatever these Robot things are they must pack a punch if there’s this much heavy firepower around the perimeter,” said Warrior Guyver.

“How many did the General say it killed?”

“I didn’t ask, I was just surprised to hear the words “Killer Robots”, who could have developed something like that?”

“Not a clue Jason,” said Guyver US as the soldiers sent to meet them got within a few feet.

“Guyver US and Warrior Guyver welcome to Nevada, I’m Captain Christen Fleming,” said the young African American looking man.

“Thank you Captain, what’s the situation?” asked Guyver US.

“Over there by the south of Groom Lake is the base,” said Captain Christen pointing to the large to the East. Both Guyvers turned towards the direction he pointed as he continued. “Yesterday, we approached the base. As you might not be aware of the base before X-Day was one USA’s primary testing grounds for advanced aircraft and other wonderful unknown stuff that I don’t have clearance to know about. Our mission was to free it from Chronos control but as we approached the base we were attacked by two “Killer Robots” as we now name them.”

“How hard were they to take down?” asked Guyver US.

“Very, they are fast, agile and well armoured. The Anti-Zoanoid rounds only dented the bastards. But rounds from the tanks took them out but we lost fifteen men to them. We knew then we were not dealing with a usual Chronos situation but something else. The major contacted HQ and we were told to reinforce our position and wait for heavy hitting help.”

“That’s us,” said Warrior Guyver.

“Yes sirs, whatever is inside that base the brass really want it intact. The two of you have the firepower to take them out with ease and not blow up whatever it is command wants intact.”

“When do we attack?” asked Guyver US.

“The Major wants to talk with you both first, I guess after he gets an idea on how best we’re going to support you both we’ll commence our assault then.”

Both Guyvers nodded their heads and followed the Captain and his men back to the base. Warrior Guyver stopped though and turned back towards the base. He didn’t know what it was but something there felt wrong, he got the faint feeling that something there he could sense was wrong and it was calling out to him.

They met with Colonel Tom Bale who commanded the 131St. Captain Christen Fleming would be the point of contact for the Guyvers. They would go in first and destroy anything that stood in the way of the troops. The Captain and the 131st backed up by the 5th Armoured would secure the areas freed up by the two Guyvers. It was a simple enough plan, Guyvers go in, destroy the bad guys leave as much of the base intact as possible and let the army secure the area. Both Guyvers nodded their heads in agreement of the plan and left the command tent.

<“So what way do you want to do this Jason,”> asked Guyver US.

<“I’m not saying this to be rude, but by Unit is faster and better shielded. I’ll go in first draw their fire and soften them up then you join in and finish them off. Does that sound good to you?”>

<“Yes, works for me, let’s get this over and done with.”>

Warrior Guyver simply nodded. He heard of Guyver US’s actions of late. Simply put his friend had a violent streak brought on by being a Guyver. He was a vigilante in LA awhile back killing local drug lords and fighting crime. They never stood a chance against him. Lately with Cori being kidnapped he took his aggression out on the zoanoids of Chronos. Though he wondered why he cared as Chronos wasn’t something he was concerned about other than destroying it. It was the brutal methods that he heard Sean was using that had raised the concerns of commanders he’d being fighting alongside with. The only thing that worried Jason now was that they were not against Chronos now. He hoped his friend could control that aggression of his.

“Update Captain Fleming on what we decided, I’m going to strike now!” said Warrior Guyver taking off into the air and leaving at full speed towards Area 51 as Captain Fleming left the tent. Captain Fleming had done so only just in time to see Warrior Guyver leave.

“Where the hell is going?” asked a concerned Captain

“He’s doing a solo pre-emptive strike captain! I guess you’ve not read his file sir?” asked Guyver US. He didn’t wait for the captain’s response though no was given and walked towards the front line of the camp followed by the captain.

“What should we do?”

“Get your men and equipment ready, knowing the Warrior Guyver this won’t last long,” said Guyver US. Captain Fleming had read the file of Warrior Guyver and how he would spearhead attacks drawing enemy fire away from the army he fought with. He guessed that also included taking the heavy hitters so that Guyver US would not have to. Behind them his men got ready along with the heavy armour that would follow them. Off in the distance Guyver US could see laser fire going back and forward between Warrior Guyver and the bases defences. Today Area 51 would be once again a base of the freed United States!

Three more Killer Robots came for Warrior Guyver, he’d already learned an important fact about them they had shields. Not the best shields but it could hold off his head beam for awhile and could take a pressure cannon blast and the robot would still be intact. His gravity controller glowed and the closest Robot was one the receiving end of two gravity balls fired by Warrior Guyver the first downing it’s shields the second blasting it apart. The other two got closer now he fired two gravity balls again killing another and as the third got close to him sliced it in half with his right arms forward vibrational sword.

<“Sean, they’re shielded. It takes two fast hits with your pressure cannon to kill one.”>

<“Rodger that Jason.”>

“Captain, Jason reports that the Killer Robots he’s fighting take two hits from a Guyvers pressure cannon to kill because they are shielded,” said Guyver US turning to Captain Fleming.


“Yes, they have an energy shield of some kind that has to be knocked down before we can blast them apart.”

“The ones we fought yesterday did not have that!”

“Get your heaviest guns, tanks, Blue Armours etc ready armed with the biggest largest rounds possible whoever is in command of this base has thought of the possibility of his Robots facing us and has prepared.” The Captain simply nodded. He didn’t know if Guyver US was aware of the fact but he’d already ordered his men to do just that before he knew he faced shielded targets. Fact of the matter was he was simply happy to have the Guyvers here.

Warrior Guyver continued to battle Robot after Robot. He’d the measure of them now and understood how even an unshielded one would cause havoc to the army. But it wasn’t long before the bulk of them were killed off. The only thing that slightly upset him was that Dr Drake would have loved to have got an intact model so he could upgrade his Armour design with the technology behind these Robots.

The largest buildings where just south of Groom Lake and that was the location Warrior Guyver was now headed. His head sensors constantly were on the lookout for the Killer Robots. But he couldn’t find any. Two miles behind him Guyver US lead the army towards the base. They too were on the lookout for any more of their lethal attackers. Warrior Guyver arrived at a check point only hundred or so metres away from the building in front of him. There he saw the first signs of life other than robots as two guards came out of the security hut.

“This area is restricted, no one is allowed in,” said the closet guard but Warrior Guyver continued to walk though slowly towards the armed men. Though what they were armed it was very unlikely they could harm him.

“I’m part of ACTF, we’ve freed most of the USA from Chronos why are you attacking us?” asked Warrior Guyver.

“This area is restricted, no one is allowed in,” said the second guard. Warrior Guyver could see it in their face as well has sense it the men were afraid but not of him of something else.

“What the hell happened here!” demanded Warrior Guyver as he reached forward and grabbed the lead guard.

“Please don’t kill me! I’ve a family!” said the man. Warrior Guyver almost let go at that point but the other guard came over and grabbed his arm.

“Please, help us! We’ve being trapped here, our family’s held hostage don’t kill us. Do something anything to make it look like we’re taken us out and go into the base and free our families!” begged the second guard.

Warrior Guyver stopped for a moment then shoved both men to the ground with force. Not enough to kill them but enough to make sure they didn’t get up right away and make it look like he hurt them. “Stay down guys, when the army comes behind me let them capture you!” They didn’t answer only just to grunt in pain but Warrior Guyver could sense from them they were somewhat happy with the result and had not killed them.

As he closed in on what looked like a reception area of the building his head sensors twitched as he detected two more Killer Robots and two soldiers. They were inside the building going towards the open area that he could see through the glass of the reception area. Warrior Guyver focused on the two soldiers a man and a woman. Once again he could sense they were not totally willing in taking up arms against him. The woman in particular had the image of her child in foremost of her determination to do what was needed. Some bastard held this base to ransom.

He extended all four of his vibrational swords and smashed through the windows of the base and ran at full speed for the three Killer Robots. Only one of them had time to file a plasmas blast of sorts towards Warrior Guyver but it didn’t break his shielding. Moments later all three where sliced apart by the Warrior Guyver. Warrior Guyver pulled back in his swords as the male soldier fired his gun at Warrior Guyver. The bullets simply stopped before his body shield. Warrior Guyver then back handed the man sending him forcefully to the ground knocking him against a wall breaking the man’s right arm. From the other side the female soldier now unloaded her rifle Warrior Guyver turned towards her. He could see the raw panic in her face as she realised there was nothing she could do against him. Warrior Guyver grabbed her by her shoulders and picked her up off the ground like she was nothing.

“Where are they?” Demanded the Warrior Guyver but she did not answer. Her panicked eyes weren’t focused on him they were focused on the camera behind him! Warrior Guyver’s head sensors twitched as he looked around for all the cameras in the area. He dropped the woman and a moment later blasted apart all the seven cameras that were in the area with head laser fire.

“Whoever they are they can’t hear you now! What’s happened here?” asked Warrior Guyver.

“What the hell are you?” asked the woman in return.

“I’m a Guyver, it’s hard to explain what that means and we don’t have the time but I’m a former FBI agent now part of the Anti-Chronos Task Force or ACTF. We’ve freed most of the United States from Chronos!”

“What’s Chronos?”

“How the hell… you really don’t know what Chronos is?”

“We’ve never heard of Chronos, we’ve being cut off from the rest of the world for the last four years,” said the man as he got up holding his broken arm in place.

“You’ve being cut off for that long?” asked Warrior Guyver, the both simply nodded to answer him.

“Yes, but while I do not know what this Chronos is you’re talking about. We’ve heard stories of Creatures like you inside the base,” said the woman.

What have you heard?” asked Warrior Guyver.

“Not much only a rumour none of us have being able to confirm. It was said that the man who runs this base found armour like yours. He released one of the aliens inside the base after he made these,” said the woman pointing at one of the Killer Robots.

“They were made here?”

“Yes said the male solder, four years they struck. They took over the nearby towns where our family’s live and took them hostage,” said the male solider.

“We’ve no idea who controls them really, but we hear his voice every so often. He took over the factory where they work on the new planes. From there new Killer Robots come out daily,” said the woman.

“You said you heard of people like me inside?” asked Warrior Guyver turning to the male soldier.

“One of my friends in the early days of this said he was down in the labs, when the Robots struck. The man was in some sort of green armour. From what he said it reminds me of you,” said the male soldier.

Behind them the Army and Guyver US had arrived. Captain Fleming now in a Blue Armour joined by some soldiers entered the building. Warrior Guyver explained what he’d found out while the soldiers evacuated the injured Area 51 guards.

“Fighting inside this building is going to exceedingly dangerous. No soldier without a Blue Armour will be going inside until we’ve secured the place room by room. Guyver US and Warrior Guyver will lead the way. Men without armours will evacuate any base personal we find,” said Captain Fleming.  The Guyvers nodded their heads in agreement with the plan. They now knew they were in a hostage situation. The whole base was that hostage!

Room by room, battle by battle Guyver US and Warrior Guyver cleared the top area of Killer Robots. Despite their best efforts and that of the Blue Armoured men with them there were casualties. All of the people they freed told the same story, the Robots came from nowhere but some human voice came from them and through that controlled them, warning them if they did not do as he demanded their family and friends would pay the cost! After an hour of battling through the large building they had secured part of the building that was above ground. Now came the hard part they would have to go into the underground level part of the base. Those freed that had being down there explained it was the most secretive part of the base, some said a being similar to Warrior Guyver and Guyver US controlled the base from down there.

Arizona – Chronos HQ

Chronos Arizona Base was by far the most important base to Chronos. It was the site of two assaults by Gigantic Dark. The last attack being the most infamous not only for him almost killing two Zoalords but for it being his last. Since that day the Guyver 3 has never being seen in that form and his Zeus Thunderbolt movement was dismantled by Chronos. This has lead Chronos to believe there is a rift between Guyver 1 and Guyver 3 and the theory confirmed by Imakarum is that there is only one Gigantic Cocoon to share between them. Inside the command centre of the base two Apprentice Zoalords continue to argue with each other. The room filled with zoanoids and come hyper-zoanoids busy controlling the base ignore the commanders and continue with their work.

“Our troops are still losing Drano! Why can’t we join them in battle and crush the Guyver US?” asked Tonnin.

“Did you not learn anything from Taylor Smith?” asked Drano.

“What do you mean?”

“He did not follow the plan of the Zoalords, he paid for it!”

“Taylor Smith was a fool! You compare me to a bumbling idiot who lost not only control of his forces but let there be a rivalry with the Guyvers cloud his judgment.”

“Smith was more than just a fool. Imakarum gave us instruction, not to prevent Jason O’Conner from becoming the Warrior Guyver but to lead the battle in a way that we lost convincingly.”

“At least the fool done the latter correctly,” said Tonnin.

“What do you mean?” asked a confused Apprentice Zoalord Drano.

“In getting himself killed in a battle with Guyver US and the Warrior Guyver he at least gave them a hard fight before he died,” said Tonnin unaware of what really happened to his Apprentice Zoalord brother which was something Zoalord Drano was not about to reveal to him.

“Indeed he did!” said Zoalord Imakarum, startled but Zoalords turned to the man who was viewed as the second in command of Chronos and bowed.

“Rise, what has you confused with our plan Tonnin?” asked Imakarum.

“We are not sending our best forces to hold back the ACTF, even areas where the Warrior Guyver does not battle Chronos forces do not contain the best of our Hyper Zoanoid forces. Why are we allowing this upstart movement against Chronos space to expand against us? We should be crushing them like we did Zeus Thunderbolt!” said Tonnin.

“If those forces as you said, had the the best of our forces, then Warrior Guyver would be sent there to battle them.” answered Imakarum.

Tonnin stopped for a moment. “Why do we not defeat this Guyver? Surely his very public existence is reason enough for us zoalords to kill him once and for all?” Drano stayed quite as he listened to the Paris based Apprentice Zoalord commander. Charles Tonnin was from a rich family, a born fighter but like Apprentice Zoalord Smith he failed to see the bigger picture. Chronos Command didn’t have to say why, but it was clear to him they not only wanted Warrior Guyver alive but wanted him in certain locations. He and the others had being instructed as such and when their army’s failed they were simply given a new army and told to battle in a new location. The tactic to him was simple, let the Warrior Guyver fight and win. He knew from scout zoanoids in the hills close to Groom Lake what was happening there. ACTF forces and whatever had taken over the base now fought each other. Alkanphel’s plans seemed to be entering their final phase.

“We do not defeat them because Alkanphel commands it so. We do not destroy them because Alkanphel has a plan for the Warrior Guyver.”

“That is all I needed to know,” said Apprentice Zoalord Tonnin as he bowed towards Zoalord Imakarum. He looked over at Alfrid Drano and he could tell that Drano had already worked out what he asked. He would have to look out for Drano. Alfrid Drano was a very likeable man but he far cleverer than him and that made him dangerous.

Area 51

The top section of the base was now under ACTF control. Guyver US and Warrior Guyver now looked at a huge door that blocked the way to the inner underground section of the base. From the people they freed they knew this was where the most secret part of the base was. From here they were pretty much on their own. The army would hold back knowing that whatever lay down there would be more than what they could take on, this now was a battle for the Guyvers.

Warrior Guyver went first the massive reinforced steel door must have being a foot tick. But it did not matter. With his front right vibrational sword he cut a large circular hole. Then retracted the blade and pushed the cut out shape out of the way. Both Guyvers then entered the passage to the underground section of the base. Warrior Guyver could not sense any robots or Guyver like beings nearby only a lot of people. Guyver US sensed it too and walked over to the closest room he sensed with a lot of people in it. Pulling the large door off its hinges the sight inside of what they sensed shocked Guyver US. It was a long storage room and there must have being a hundreds of people cramped inside it, mostly women and children. But this was only some of the hostages that they were told of. It was like a makeshift prison inside and there were temporary bunk beds inside than he could count.

“Warrior Guyver, go up ahead and keep guard and I’ll free the rest of them!”

Warrior Guyver moved forward there must have being over twenty of these rooms. Behind him now he could sense the crowd of people going towards the exit he had made, it would take them awhile before all the people would get through that. As he hoped Guyver US didn’t just free all the people in every room at once. One by one each room was opened and as need he could see Guyver US carrying children or helping someone with movement difficulties to the exit. He hoped this would be the bulk of the hostages.

 Standing guard as the people left behind him Warrior Guyver wondered if he should with Guyver US helping. But while it didn’t feel like it he was helping them he’d to remind himself he was in a very dangerous base and while the Killer Robots had a hard time killing him, they would shred the civilians they just freed. No one or nothing would be getting by him to those people. As Guyver US continued to free more and more people Warrior Guyver continued to guard them. Then his head sensors twitched. As he looked down to the left side of the corridor that connected to the long walkway behind him he sensed it, something was there something that reminded him of a Guyver but it was not. Then it was gone replaced by a horde of Killer Robots coming towards him.

<“There coming Sean, loads of them to the left of us!”>

 <“Go get them Jason, there’s still two more rooms of people to free!”>

Even though Guyver US couldn’t see him Warrior Guyver still subconsciously nodded his head and at full speed ran towards the closest Killer Robot. Quickly destroying it Warrior Guyver moved from one to the other dispatching them ruthlessly. None of them where getting by him to those people! Guyver US could sense the battle from where he was now soon he would help his friend. Minutes later the wave of Robots where dead and Guyver US had freed the last of the large rooms of people and joined Warrior Guyver. Around him were the broken metal bodies of the Killer Robots and bits of metal stuck into the concrete of underground rooms where Warrior Guyver had used his pressure cannon to dispatch a robot or two.

“I sensed him Sean,” said Warrior Guyver.

“Sensed what Jason?” asked Guyver US.

“The man controlling these things, he’s up there ahead of us,” said Warrior Guyver pointing in a general direction that visually seemed through the concrete floor.

“Can you sense him anymore?”

“No, he was only there for a moment then sent his Killer Robots and ran off.”

“Was it a Guyver?

“No he sensed different.”

“Ok whatever it is we’ve to stop it. Let’s chase him down and end this!” Warrior Guyver nodded his head in agreement. The both Guyvers raced towards the direction he had sensed the unknown being. As the two Guyvers raced towards their target they noticed something. The area of the base their were in was under the hanger and office style admin building and was basically a very large underground storage area close to the armoured entrance to this secretive section of the base. As they moved deeper into the base this changed from large storage areas to laboratories with notices on the door warning inside where clean rooms requiring people to wear certain clothing before entering. A sign Warrior Guyver ignored as he walked into a lab full of scientists working on a Robot and ordered them out of the room and to leave for their own safety. One man thought stayed.

“Is one of you Sean Barker?” asked the man. Both Warrior Guyver and Guyver US stood their stunned that the man not only knew what a Guyver might be but who one of them actually was. Neither Guyver answered the man.

“Do not worry, my name is Doctor Theodor Fitzpatrick, I was approached by the ACTF before the base was cut off but as you can guess I’ve not being able to report in for a long time,” said the man. He was middle aged and to Sean he reminded him of Dr Drake.

“I’m Sean, how did you know my name?” asked Guyver US.

“I’m one of the high level scientists here in Dreamland. I knew of the two captured what we now call Guyver like beings in ice inside the core of Area 51,” said Dr Fitzpatrick.

“How did they get here,” asked Warrior Guyver.

“Sorry I don’t know who you are.”

“We’ll get to that Theodor after you answer my question,” said Warrior Guyver.

 “You sound like a man from law enforcement. The first one was found frozen in the North Pole by accident by the USS Nautilus over fifty years ago. He’s maintained in that condition frozen in the Core of Area 51. It could be said without him Area 51 wouldn’t be the base we have today but that wouldn’t be the case. It was the second being that would be more important, because he was found with another alien being. The other brought with him advanced technology that was mechanical in nature not just biological.”

 “Wait, there was a third alien found?” asked a very surprised Warrior Guyver.

“Yes, he is a lot larger than the first one we found. He’s a very tall red being with four arms,” answered Dr Fitzpatrick.

“Those four armed red Alien Guyver bastards!” roared Guyver US. Warrior Guyver stepped between Guyver US and man slightly just in case Guyver US done something daft. This man might have vital clues to the whereabouts of Cori.

“What can you tell us about him?”

“I don’t know much, he has only worked with one group of men of which only one man now survives. He simply will not speak with other person,” answered Dr Fitzpatrick.

“What are they called,” asked Warrior Guyver.

“We do not know. Only one man might know and that is the man the Alien has being seen talking with.”

“Go on, please tell me everything,” asked Guyver US. Dr Fitzpatrick nodded his head and continued.   “Martin Jacob’s one of our lead scientists who was working on the successor to the F-22 Raptor. He had being the only man that the Alien trusted to talk to. But he would not if monitored, and he always knew when he was being monitored. Martin and the Alien spoke often and the YF-29 was turning into a spectacular craft. But he somehow made these things in secret and they overran the base. The Alien then demonstrated why he had being kept here by only his will to remain here in secret and broke out of the holding area with ease.”

“You were all not truly aware of how powerful the alien was?” asked Warrior Guyver.

“No, we knew the amour was some kind of space suit far in advance of anything humans had ever created. But what we did not know was the weapon systems it contained until the day he decided to take over the base with Martin.”

“The four armed Alien Guyver, he wanted to stay in the base?” asked Guyver US.

“Yes, he was found on the moon. He had captured the other alien and kept the Crystal inside a box. His craft was some kind of scout ship that crashed in battle with the other alien,” said Dr Fitzpatrick.

“I’m guessing we gladly took the alien to Area 51 to examine his technology?” asked Guyver US.

“We did, their technology was far in advance of ours.”

“Thank you Dr Fitzpatrick, go now please and keep safe. There is a large force of US Army back at the entrance to the Underground Section of the base. Go there please and stay alive. Whatever you’ve learned here we’ll need if we’re ever going to hope to defeat Chronos,” said Guyver US.

“The families and friends have they being freed?” asked Dr Fitzpatrick to which Guyver US simply answered by nodding his head. “Thank you,” said the Doctor as he turned and ran towards the exit of the base.

“Ok now we know why the base has fallen to the Alien. But Sean, he’s unlikely give us the answers we need. You know these red alien Guyver bastards will not speak with us.” Guyver US simply nodded his head in agreement. He remembered Gigantic Guyver overpowering the three that attacked him. The last one even defeated would not give them any answers to why they attacked. They simply wouldn’t speak no matter what happened to them. Their only hope in getting answers was from this Martin Jacobs.

“This green armoured Guyver like being everyone is talking about. Do you think it is Martin?” asked Guyver US.

“There’s a very good chance it is,” said Warrior Guyver.

“Ok we’ve being distracted long enough for him to get away where do you think he’s hiding,” asked Guyver US.

“Deeper inside the base, from what I’ve read of the signs in the hall ways there are huge underground caverns inside this base and we’re close by them. My guess is he’s hiding inside one of them hoping that our head sensors will not pick him up.”

“That… that makes perfect sense. He knows what we are after all.”

They then walked through several empty rooms before coming to a long hallway that led to a door that opened to a large circular chamber. In the centre of the chamber was a large freight elevator. Finding no other means to progress they entered the elevator and took it down. About three hundred feet later and they arrived in another chamber with a hall leading to a large pair of doors. Going through the doors revealed a very large chamber the size of two football fields and a fifty-foot high ceiling with a craft in the centre that looked like a small Relic, but standing in front of the craft was Green Armoured man. But he was not hiding. Behind the small ship as Guyver US and Warrior Guyver closed in on it they could sense another ship behind it technical in nature.

“Who are you,” asked Guyver US.

“Hello Guyvers, I have been expecting your arrival. I am Martin and I have ruled this place for over decade. Join me and I will not have to kill you two,” said the Green armoured man.

“Are you a Guyver,” asked Warrior Guyver still trying to make sense of what his unit was telling him about this armoured being in front of him.

“No I am not a mere Guyver but an Aceaer,” said Aceaer Martin.

The two Guyvers looked at each other and said, “Aceaer”, as the shrugged their shoulders and wondered what was this being was. All they knew was they didn’t want to kill him. He knew too much. His armour was like a Guyvers but it had no visible control medal, had two big pod like protrusions on its shoulders that looked a lot like warped versions of the Gigantic armours shoulder pods, a small pod like protrusion imbedded into each forearm, and was a little larger than a normal Guyver.

“Now will you join me and help me rule this world?” asked Aceaer Martin.

“You’ve got to be joking,” said Guyver US.

“It is no joke! Have you not seen the technical marvels inside this base?”

“I’ve seen no fucking marvel you shit! You’ve killed people, captured their families and friends. Held them in this shitty base forcing them to work on your Killer Robots… If that is what you’d be like as a ruler of the world I want no fucking part of it! Shouted Guyver US with Warrior Guyver nodding his head in agreement thinking “what a crazy bastard, like I’d ever join that fucking idiot.”

“You short sighted fools. Then die!” roared Aceaer Martin

The Aceaer raised his two arms and aimed them at the Guyvers. The pods on his arms opened up and started firing. Small pellets travelling at near the speed of light streaked towards their targets leaving a trail of glowing ionised air. The pellets directed at Warrior Guyver bounced off his body shield but the force of the impacts forced him back across the chamber into a wall, Guyver US didn’t fare as well. The pellets ripped through his gut and sent him flying back into a wall and then slid down to the floor holding his guts together with his hands.

Warrior Guyver had quickly recognized the effect of the Aceaer weapon and shouted at Guyver US, “Shit, he has a rail gun.”

“You two will be first of many Guyvers I shall kill,” shouted Aceaer.

He then once again fired his deadly weapon at Guyver US hoping to kill him off, but Guyver US used his gravity orb and pulled himself down through the ground. Warrior Guyver then fired his head beam at the Aceaer punching through what appeared to be an energy shield that barely slowed the powerful laser beam as it lanced through the Aceaer’s left shoulder pod. In anger the Aceaer fired his pod pellets again but Warrior Guyver just raised a single-handed pressure cannon shield to deflect the pellets. Warrior Guyver then ran towards the Aceaer. The pellets could not break through his shield and Warrior Guyver extended his forward vibration swords while closing in for the kill.

Warrior Guyvers head sensors twitched ad he sensed two gravity balls coming towards him. He retracted his blades as he jumped out of the way. Looking past Aceaer Martin he saw his new attacker. It was the Red Alien Guyver.

<“I’ll take him Sean, you beat the snot out of that Green armoured wanker!”> said Warrior Guyver telepathically at the same time as he pointed towards the Red Alien Guyver. Guyver US nodded in agreement.

The Red Alien Guyver continued his attack with both his lower arms lasers and head beam, rapidly blasting away as Warrior Guyver did his best to evade the deadly laser blasts. Aceaer Martin, seeing the Warrior Guyver so distracted by his partner, opened his right side undamaged shoulder pod revealing what looked to be a mega-smasher cell and took aim. The strange weapon started charging up but before the Aceaer Martin could even get the weapon halfway charged Guyver US blasted it apart with his pressure cannon.

Aceaer Martin then turned around to face Guyver US, extending his plasma swords the Aceaer tried to chop off Guyver US’s head but Sean countered with his vibration swords, pressing swords together in a test of strength, Guyver US glanced over his opponents shoulder and saw his partner battling the Red Alien Guyver. That moment he realised those people he saw and freed where held here by this man to betray them and his people to whatever the hell these Red Alien Guyvers where! Raged filled Sean’s veins as he shoved Aceaer Marin back and the round house kicked him in the face with his foot into the Aceaer’s head with enough force to make him flip backwards through the air till he slammed into the wall on the opposite end of the chamber and crumpled onto the ground. Guyver US looked at the ground where Aceaer Martin had being standing, a metallic object had being knocked off his head and had landed there.

Meanwhile Warrior Guyver had succeeded in manoeuvring himself close to the Red Alien Guyver and grabbed him from behind. Warrior Guyver then yanked with all his might and swung him in a quick circle that at its apex sent the Red Alien Guyver flying across the room to smash head first into the far wall with such force as to actually embed him into the steel reinforced concrete.

“I know you’ve being speaking with that fool over there said,” Warrior Guyver pointing at Aceaer Martin. “You might not speak with us but you understand me! I will kill you here and now for what you and that fool have done to the people who worked and lived in this base. For what your people did to us in Washington!”

The Red Alien Guyver picked himself off the ground after breaking free from the wall. He had heard and understood the Warrior Guyver. His ally defeated it was time to cut his loses! He swung around and fired a quick triple pair of gravity balls at Warrior Guyver who by this time did not dodge the attack and simply put up a pressure cannon and blast shield to deflect the triple twin blasts but something happened that distracted Warrior Guyver for a brief moment the gravity balls seemed be absorbed into his shield. He could feel the energy from the attacker reinforcing his own.

The Red Alien Guyver sensed it too. The Warrior Guyver was simply not only more powerful than him but better technically. He had to retreat and tell the hive what he had found out. A technical pod attached to the side of his face was the only remaining part of his Destroyer Armour. But it allowed him to control the recreations of his Technology. Behind him five Killer Robots appeared and ran towards the Warrior Guyver.

Warrior Guyver let go of the energy built up in his shield obliterating the closest Robot, as he did that the others responded with plasma fire that hit off Warrior Guyvers body shield. They continued their attack as the Red Alien Guyver ran behind the Relic. Warrior Guyver could sense what he was doing but wasn’t able to destroy the remaining Killer Robots quickly enough. The mechanical craft took off as Warrior Guyver rammed his vibrational sword through the head of the last Killer Robot. As he focused on the Jet lifting off through a massive opening overhead platform he could tell the jet was nothing like he’d ever seen before. He shot at it with some quick head laser shots but the Jet had a shield powerful enough to take those blasts. Before Warrior Guyver could charge up a more powerful attack the Jet was gone.

Meanwhile Aceaer Martin was barely holding his own with Guyver US and he realised now he had being abandoned by his ally and now faced an even more powerful Warrior Guyver who now turned his attention towards him. He knew that he was going to lose! Ten years of plotting and scheming been spoiled he did not know how to take it and shouted at Guyver US, “How dare you interfere with my plans. I will rule this world and no one shall stand in my way.”

“You fucking maniac! I will stand in your way! It was you who betrayed the people here to that Four armed Red Guyver fucker in some insane power trip! Do you honestly think we care now that your plans have come crashing down,” roared Guyver US.

Following through on his word Guyver US redoubled his efforts using everything short of the Mega-Smasher in his attacks upon the Aceaer. The Aceaer did his best to dodge and kept Guyver US at bay with rail gun and bio-laser head beam fire but it was clear he would soon succumb to his attacker as Guyver US defended himself using his pressure cannon as a shield and from behind that blasted away the Aceaer’s rail guns off his arms. Warrior Guyver sensed Aceaer Martins coming defeat whatever his unit was it didn’t provide the regeneration that a Guyver unit did and Warrior Guyver could sense internal injuries and severe bruising along the areas where Guyver US had landed some hard punches or kicks. He had joked before that karate was useless in a battle but clearly it wasn’t in this case.

“Guyver US Stop!” shouted Warrior Guyver hoping he wouldn’t release the pressure cannon attack.

“Huh,” said Guyver US turning to Warrior Guyver.

“We need this idiot alive,” reminded Warrior Guyver. Guyver US grudgingly agreed with him that was the case pulled the attack back into himself.

“No, please I can explain,” said Aceaer Martin as now he faced the two Guyvers alone. Now virtually defenceless, the Aceaer continued to back away from Guyver US, he knew he had badly underestimated the powers of these two Guyvers and knew he had to plead for mercy, “No it’s not my fault, the alien brained washed me, I was under his control. He made me do all those things.”

“Sure he did Martin, just like he’s going to make me kill you!” said Guyver US.

“No, I don’t deserve to die. You can’t just kill me I know too much!”

Warrior Guyver stepped up to Aceaer Martin and pointed at him with his right vibrational sword so that it was only a short distanced away from his Aceaer covered face and shouted at him, “Disengage the armour now!”

“No! Go to hell, if I do that you’ll just kill me!”

“We can kill you now as is, so do what my friend says or we’re going to make you wish you could die,” said Guyver US with obvious distain that could be even made out through his Guyver distorted voice.

“Fuck off!” replied Aceaer Martin

“That does it! Warrior Guyver let me kill this son of a bitch!”

Warrior Guyver looked back down at the Aceaer, he’d like to kill this person has well, he totally understood what Guyver US was going through but they had orders and had to think first what would be best for the USA, not what was best for them. “No the general has questions that need answering. Now disengage the armour Martin or I’ll take your head off myself.”

“NO! I am Aceaer, you can’t do this to me!”

“Now Martin!” shouted Warrior Guyver with authority.


Warrior Guyver had simply had enough by this stage, Guyver US’s body language was simple enough, he was moving closer and closer to the Aceaer so he could kill him. The response a simple “3, . . . 2, . . . 1, . . . countdown from Warrior Guyver moving his two forward vibrational swords towards Aceaer Martin’s neck.

Aceaer Martin panicked then reached his hands behind his neck and started to pull something off. The blast field activated, knocking Warrior Guyver back, but the armour did not surround Martin, and instead it formed around the object he had pulled from his neck in his hand and turned into a dormant Aceaer unit.

“What the hell,” asked a clearly astonished Guyver US as he took the dormant Unit from Martin’s hands.

Warrior Guyver looked at him, the expression oh his Guyver face was like his jaw was wide open, “What did you just do?” he asked.

“I disengaged the Aceaer unit like you wanted.”

“You can take it off!?!” asked both Guyvers.

“Yes, unlike your primitive Guyver units, the Aceaer Armour can be taken fully off if the host so desires.”

“Well that’s an impressive trick.,” said Warrior Guyver.

“Yea what’s the point of having a unit that can leave you high and dry,” asked Guyver US.

“You two are too stupid to see the advantage of the unit not been permanently bonded to you.”

“Ok enough of this, for what happened here you know you’re unlikely to see the light of day for a very long time! Tell me what you know about the Four Armed Red Guyvers,” asked Guyver US hoping for some sign of what had happened to Cori.

“I’m not going to give you all my secrets Guyver. Suffice to say I know Cori is safe,” said Martin. Again Guyver US stood there gobsmacked. Warrior Guyver walked up behind him putting him hand on his shoulder to hold him back. But Guyver US knew that the last thing he wanted now was for this man to get hurt in any way he didn’t need any holding back.

“What do you want,” asked Guyver US.

“You two both know I’m injured and have a base full of people baying for my blood. If you want what I know you’ll make sure I arrive safely at your HQ in Washington. Old Dr Drake and I will then have a talk of what happened here and I’ll tell Carter in person about your woman.”

“You know a lot for a man who’s being hiding inside this base,” said Warrior Guyver.

“I was never hiding,” said Martin.

<“What do you think Jason,”> asked Guyver US telepathically.

<“He’s injured; we’ve to get him off the base and let the General deal with him. You know he’ll get everything out of this man he can get and we’ve still to find those other two Guyvers Edgar Walsh told us about.”>

<“I agree, it kills me but I agree I might end up killing him rather than getting what I want from him,”> admitted Guyver US. Warrior Guyver knew why, who wouldn’t want to kill this man after what he done?

A short while later the first recon patrol of the army made its way them. Warrior Guyver got them to arrange for an armoured case to be sent down to them to put the dormant Aceaer Unit in and for it and the prisoner to be brought to Washington DC ASAP. Soon Captain Fleming along with five other armoured US army men joined them. Even with the helmet of a Blue Armour over his head the voice coming from it was clearly his as he shouted orders for his men to take Martin prisoner and for captured Aceaer Armour to be taken to General Carter.

“Have you found the two missing Guyvers?” asked Captain Fleming.

“No we haven’t yet,” answered Guyver US but his response was slow as he turned towards Warrior Guyver who was away from the two men looking at the small Relic. Both Captain Fleming and Guyver US walked towards him to find out what he thinking.

“What’s up Warrior Guyver?” asked Guyver US with his normal voice so that Captain Fleming knew what they were talking about.

“That ship, it doesn’t feel right. It’s by far the smallest one I’ve ever seen,” said Warrior Guyver.

“What do you mean doesn’t feel right?” asked Captain Fleming.

“Our armour is a living organism Captain and these ships which came from the same aliens are also alive. The ship I found my Unit in or the ship that Guyver US found in Utah would normally call out to us our simply respond in some way with us,” explained Warrior Guyver.

“So what’s wrong?” asked Captain Fleming.

“This ship, it doesn’t call out to us at all. It doesn’t respond to my commands to open up,” answered Warrior Guyver. Guyver US nodded in agreement he too couldn’t command the ship.

“Do you think it has anything to do with the Four Armed Guyver?” asked Guyver US.

“No I don’t, whatever they are he chose to leave in mechanical ship that looked like a jet leaving behind his Ship,” answered Warrior Guyver.

“The replacement to the F22 Stealth Jet maybe,” said Captain Fleming joining into the conversation.

“Very possibly, it did look man made,” answered Warrior Guyver.

“What will we do with that,” asked Captain Fleming pointing at the small Relic looking ship.

“I don’t know, for the moment leave it alone and go look for the two missing Guyvers,” answered Warrior Guyver. Captain Fleming nodded his head in agreement as did Guyver US as they left the ship behind and continued to search the base.

Room after room they searched. But they found nothing that would lead them towards the missing Guyvers. As they wondered around the base they entered part of the original underground base. The doors were bulkier and the systems that opened them seemed a lot slower showing the marked difference in technology in use behind them.

As they freed another group of scientists Guyver US noticed a woman looking at him strangely. She was older than the others in the base and her name tag on her lab coat made him realise why she wasn’t the quickest to run to her freedom. It read “Allison Fitzpatrick.”

“Are you related to Dr Theodor Fitzpatrick?” asked Guyver US.

“He is my husband, is he ok” she answered walking towards him.

“He’s fine Mrs Fitzpatrick we rescued him earlier sorry but I didn’t realise you where further inside the base otherwise I’d have…, said Guyver US.

“Don’t worry Sean, he’s most likely gone to check on our daughter and her kids” she said once again Guyver US was left wondering who else knows who he really is under the Guyver amour.

“How do you know who I am?”

“Do you honestly think a wife wouldn’t know what her husbands secrets? Na I’m joking lad my clearance gave me access to the same information he has. We’ve being working on the two visitors too long now not to know who you are and how you might be related to them,” she said.

“What can you tell me about them?” asked Guyver US.

“There are two of them. The badly damaged one was found thirty years ago on the moon. The Red Four Armed being was also found with him. He’d captured the alien and held his Control Medal in a containment box and it has been frozen since then inside the base. The other one was found decades ago at the North Pole and the ice he was found in was carbon dated and was found to be around ten thousand years old so I guess he is the same age.”

“One of them was captured by the Four Armed guy?” asked Warrior Guyver joining the conversation.

“Yes it was, the Biological Ship was badly wounded…” said Allison before she was cut off by Captain Fleming “Sorry you said wounded”. “Yes wounded you see that ship is living creature… you look like Dr Drake’s work,” she said looking over Captain Fleming Blue armour

“I wouldn’t know Mrs Fitzpatrick,” answered Captain Fleming.

“Indeed his armour is, how do you know that?” asked Guyver US.

“Dr Drake and my husband are lifelong friends and he worked here with us for years a long time before all this happened.”

“While I’d love to hear more about Dr Drake we’ve to stay focused here. You said the biological ship was wounded?” asked Warrior Guyver.

“Yes, the Four Armed Guyver being fought a battle with it from his ship. They both defeated the other causing both of their ships to crash to the moon. When we recovered it there was a gaping frozen wound on the side of the ship. Not even a day after it was put in the hanger the ship closed the wound and we’ve never being able to get inside it since.”

“Who piloted the Bio-Ship?” asked Warrior Guyver.

“We’ve never met him or her. All we know is the Four Armed Guyver captured that person before Apollo 13 had landed on the moon. The Control Medal is in a container frozen at the centre of the base along with the frozen body of the older being found in the North Pole.”

“Does anyone have an idea of who they are?” asked Guyver US.

“All we know about them is that they are smaller than average humans and one of them has being on Earth a very long time before any known recorded human civilisation.”

“Do you think they are hostile Mrs Fitzpatrick?” asked Captain Fleming.

“No, what little evidence we have of the short human race it is this. They lived on Earth just before modern times. If they wanted too we’d all be dead as a race a long time ago,” she said. They all agreed with that assessment if they where hostile humanity would have being destroyed by them a long time ago. So the question was why where they here. No one knew the answer to that though.

“I know from personal experience and obviously you do too that the Four Armed taller ones though are much more hostile,” said Guyver US.

“We don’t know much, the first thing we know the Four Armed Being is now a member of a race at war with these smaller humans. We also know they are not overly hostile. They are willing to take prisoners if it suits their agenda. They also seem to be cast based.”

“Cast based?” asked confused Captain Fleming.

“They have divided their race into casts, to divide labour and roles within their society. Before Martin was seduced with power he shared some of the information the alien shared with him. He told him he was a Warrior and simply did not understand how his technology worked fully. As such when he crashed on moon after the battle with the others ship he was stuck there.”

“I wouldn’t agree with that assessment doctor,” said Warrior Guyver.

“Why not?” she asked.

“Because we’re capable of flight even in space, he could have at the very least flown to Earth.”

“Then why would he have stayed their Warrior Guyver,” she asked with a frustrated look in her face. Warrior Guyver could sense from her that she was confused to why he wouldn’t agree with her.

“He would have escaped at least to Earth Doctor. Though if he would have done so without the control medal of the smaller Guyver being he’d captured still being in one piece would have being another question. I think he didn’t want to arouse suspicion and simply waited for a chance to get off the Moon without having to do so wasting his own energy. I think these two smaller Guyvers are not alone and possibly like the Red Four Armed Guyver have an army of their own to possibly face them,” said Warrior Guyver.

“That would be a very good theory,” said a man in a lab coat as he walked towards them.

“Hello, who are you?” asked Warrior Guyver.

“Hello Warrior Guyver, I see you met my assistant Allison,” said a clearly old scientist looking guy who walked up beside Allison Fitzpatrick. He’d a curious smile on his face as he looked over not only the two Guyvers but also Captain Flemings armour.

“Warrior Guyver this is Doctor William Anderson the former head of this facility before Martin took power,” said Allison.

“Gentlemen I would like to thank you for freeing our base,” said Doctor Anderson.

“It was our pleasure to do so,” said Guyver US.

“So Warrior Guyver you think these smaller Guyvers might have their own army of warriors?” asked Dr Anderson.

“Yes I do and I don’t think we’ve met them yet and I think the only way we’ll get the answers to any more questions is to wake them,” answered Warrior Guyver.

“That would be very risky. We do not know if they are on our side,” said Dr Anderson.

“I know this much, the Four Armed Red Alien Guyvers are not human. They are not our friends and they have attacked our bases and kidnapped Cori Edwards. You might ask why is that important but she is the foremost archaeologist on Guyver Relics. While everyone else thought it was some crazy fringe science she discovered a massive buried Relic in Utah.  They sought her out and they kidnapped her while three others of their kind fought Guyver 1 and Guyver US. We now know one of them was here and they are a warrior race of some kind without the ability to develop their own technology. They are dangerous, they have a plan and humanity is merely a tool in getting to that plan and they don’t mind killing us to see that plan bear fruit. Martin is the only person who knows any information about them but we can’t trust him. That leaves only one source possible of information about these dangerous warriors, the small Guyver being who fought one on the Moon,” said Warrior Guyver.

“There are more of the Red Alien Guyvers on Earth?” asked Dr Anderson.

“Unfortunately there is and Cori is Guyver US’s girlfriend. At first we all thought it was because they wanted to get at Sean and have a hostage they could use against him. But they don’t need that. Now that we know they are a warrior race I think they did it because they need the information she knows. Why though is something I can’t fully answer.”

“Indeed I fully agree with your assessment, the fact there are a lot more of these Aliens that we did not know about before means we’re in grave danger. They are an interstellar race capable of battle in space and possibly have their own supply of Guyver units. We need to know more about them and fast,” said Dr Anderson.

All the people in the room agreed. Captain Fleming through the communication system in his armour updated General Carter to what was happening. He knew of Dr Anderson and agreed with what he and Warrior Guyver had talked of. It was time to wake the two Guyvers up and find out more about what was happening before it was too late. If they proved hostile Warrior Guyver the world’s second most powerful Guyver after Gigantic Guyver would see to it they paid the price.

They continued on their way to the most restricted section of the base. Warning notices put up by Martin showed pictures of Killer Robots done in the style of a traffic sign attacking a man as a warning not to continue any further. Seeing this Warrior Guyver motioned for Dr Fitzpatrick and Dr Anderson to get behind Captain Fleming. But he could nor Guyver US sense any incoming Killer Robots. After a few moments they decided to keep moving forward. Dr Anderson couldn’t help but talk of the history of the base and how they were now entering the oldest section of the base.

Dr Anderson from behind Dr Fleming continued to shout left our right or forward as needed leading them to the chamber that contained the two Guyvers. Soon though they were in a section of the base with no power that was deep underground and in complete darkness. Even with his Guyver enhanced eyesight he had trouble seeing down the corridors. But his head sensors did not rely on light and he was still able to sense a perfect three-dimensional view of where he was. Then behind him Captain Fleming clicked a button on his armour that opened up pods on his shoulders and helm that lit the room ahead of them.

Even in the total darkness before Captain Fleming armour lit the place Dr Anderson knew where the next turn was they needed to take. But with the Blue armours lights he easily was able to direct them the way they needed to go. Warrior Guyvers head sensors twitched as he detected something. It was a Guyver and as he focused on him he was able to sense close by the Control Medal that was removed from the other Guyver being. Then he started to wonder was it really a Guyver? It was frozen but something else about it sensed different too. He couldn’t quite say what it was but it wasn’t quite a normal human. Beside him Guyver US sensed it too another Guyver was ahead of them.

“This is new,” remarked Dr Anderson as they came up towards a set of a number of very solid thick walls and very heavy steel doors surrounding the lab inside with layers of protection. <“Oh Well”> thought Warrior Guyver, looked like Martin really did not anyone to get to those two Guyver like creatures.

But as Warrior Guyver smashed through a door and its massive steel frame hammered off the ground the lights of the outer circle lit up and two dormant robots activated and ran towards him. It was no surprise really. Those things would be more than adequate of taking down any normal man or marine with an anti-zoanoid gun. Guyver US moved between Warrior Guyver and Captain Fleming and the others so they could not be easily attacked by the Robots.

But the Robots attacked the closer target, Warrior Guyver! As the first Killer Robot came into sight it found its head blasted off by Warrior Guyver’s head beam. As another came up behind him Warrior Guyver simply reach behind it and with his left arm firing a gravity ball which blew apart its chest area sending it crashing into a wall.

Warrior Guyver looked at the next doorway. This time his sensors adjusted and this time he noticed the four dormant robots and behind them eight more between him and the centre chamber. He sighed and motioned for the others behind him to stay where they were then moved along the corridor. <“This base was not designed to protect it from him”> he though as he smashed though a wall and then shoved his left forward sword into the head of a Killer Robot before it could activate. As the Robot beside it activated reached across with his right arm and the polymorphic sword extended itself like a whip wrapping itself around the robots neck and chopped it off. His head sensors twitched as he sensed the other two Robots come up behind him but a dual pressure cannon attack later and both where destroyed.

Warrior Guyver then turned towards the final circular chamber between him and the central lab. He then shoved his two forward swords into the wall and cut a large circle into the wall and then with a good shove Warrior Guyver had made a doorway for him into the chamber that the others could follow him through even the large Blue Armoured form of Captain Fleming.

Before they got close to the new opening as he entered the chamber it was no great surprise as he sensed the eight Robot Killers activating. With a quick rapid-fire burst the closest three robots where wiped out. Two Killer Robots though close in from behind him and fired their lasers. But with a combination of a body shield and simply a bio-armour that is heavily heat resistant both laser blasts barely managed to cause even a scorch mark. Warrior Guyver quickly turned and fired his sonic disruptor disintegrating both robots.

This left three Killer Robot’s between him and the central chamber. This time though all three where a little more cautious about attacking. Warrior Guyver though did not wait for them to come up with some kind of plan to attack him. To his left where two Killer Robots and to his right was one. He turned to his left and ran towards the two robots. Behind him he could sense the third robot closing in on him as well. He extended all his vibrational swords and dived at the two robots. Both fired ineffective lasers at him as he dived between them and sliced them in two destroying them. As he landed Warrior Guyver pulled back in his swords and turned to see the last Killer Robot diving at him. His sonic disruptor fired and the only thing that bounced off his armour was metallic dust.

Finally entering the Central Chamber Warrior Guyver was kind of thankful that those protectors where seemingly an older version of what he and Guyver US had fought and lacked the advanced shielding the later models had. Before him he found what appeared to be to large cryogenic containment units with a computer interface control panel connected to each and a glass cover to view the frozen specimens within. Wiping off the frost that covered the outer layer of the glass covers. Warrior Guyver was able to make out the frozen remains of what appeared to be a short Guyver within one of the chambers.

With the chamber secured the two Doctors got work. Warrior Guyver looked over at the control panels. By the looks of things the equipment had not been updated in over twenty years. These were no sign of touch sensitive computer screens or flat screens that where inside the other sections and laboratories of the base. They were more tactile with switches and buttons that had to be pressed in. Accessing their control panels, Dr Anderson commented that he set them to start the defrost process. The computer display showed it would be twenty to thirty minutes until their core temperatures would reach room temperature.

The second one was simpler. The control medal of the second Guyver being was now encased in ice. Both Guyver US and Warrior Guyver knew that once it was defrosted whoever the person was the Unit would most likely sense them as an extreme threat and attack them. They decided instead that the best place to defrost him would be in the huge chamber that contained his ship so they could give him space and not seem to be a threat. With the base now secured and their families rescued Captain Fleming was able to arrange for two large heat generators to be stationed in the room to speed up the melting process. Guyver US left with the control medal to join up with a group of soldiers in the chamber taking Allison and Captain Fleming           . This left Warrior Guyver and Dr Anderson who was given a walky-talky to keep in touch with the Captain to stay with the ancient Guyver.

Everyone simply waited. They had no choice after all to wait and see and to hope that these short Guyvers where not hostile and might be able to protect them from the Red Four Armed Guyvers. The theory that they where an interstellar race capable of making their own units was not just an eye opening one the theory just did not rest well with any of them.  Slowly the form of the short Guyver became clear to see as the ice that covered it melted. Then after ten minutes which seemed a life time to Warrior Guyver the dark blue Guyver like being showed the first signs of life as in Control Medal glowed and his head turned towards the Warrior Guyver. Dr Anderson moved behind Warrior Guyver as the being moved forward a little and his chamber opened releasing the being who landed with a thud on the ground as he fell to his knees. Warrior Guyver stood a little closer to the Guyver adjusting so that he didn’t have a clear shot at the Doctor. The being in front of him though was far weaker than a Guyver never mind a Warrior Guyver. He wasn’t sure why but his sensors knew clearly that it wasn’t physically powerful like him.

Solom looked over his armour. It was damaged but healing. He was still cold and he could feel what his hands where frozen but that his armour was healing him fast. He looked at the Guyver in front of him as he shielded a human behind him. Why was he protecting this man from him? As he eyes regained their focus and he looked around him he realised something was wrong and out of the norm. The room was clearly filled with technical devices that were manmade but nothing on Atlantis could match what was in front of him. He could tell from the trail of ice from his body to the device in the centre of the room that it had being used to keep him frozen. As he turned back to the Guyver in front of him he realised that it was not just any type of Guyver it was a Warrior Guyver, it was his Unit!

<“How did you get to posses my Warrior Unit?”> asked the short alien Guyver telepathically. Warrior Guyver was a little surprised at the directness and wondered for a moment should he answer that question but realised it was best he did to hopefully from some kind of relationship with this being.

<“Your Warrior Unit?”>

<“Yes my Warrior Unit I designed and built it,”> answered Solom looking at the human man hiding behind Warrior Guyver. Unlike the Guyver in front of him he could sense this man’s thoughts. He quickly realised that from what he sensed this man knew nothing of the False Gods his people pretended to be. There was no thoughts of the floating City or Atlantis the greatest human civilisation. He dared not to probe any deeper in case it harmed the old human and caused anger to the Warrior Guyver.

<“You answered my question so I’ll answer yours. My people and two other Guyvers battled I guess what you would call a rebel group of zoanoids over this Unit. We won and they lost. When recovering the Unit it activated and I became the Warrior Guyver. I’ve answered your question so can you answer mine please, who are you?”>

<“My name is Solom, I am the Creator of your Warrior Unit.”>

<“What species are you?”>

<“No Warrior Guyver I answered a question of yours now you can answer one of mine.>

<“Ok I can agree to that, but I also need to tell this man what we’re speaking of,”> said Warrior Guyver telepathically as he pointed at Dr Anderson.

“There is no need Warrior Guyver, I have learned from him how to speak your language,” said Solom to the surprise of both Warrior Guyver and Dr Anderson.

“How did you do that,” asked Dr Anderson.

“My species came to this planet seeking redemption and survival many thousands of your years ago Dr Anderson. We long since learned to read the minds of your species not unlike the beings who some of you call the Creators,” said Solom.

“You are not the ‘Creators’?”asked Warrior Guyver.

“No we never claimed to be. But we let humanity still treat our race as “Gods” eons ago as it allowed for easier control,” said Solom realising he had got onto a conversation now  with these humans and it would be best to go along with it and get his own questions answered later. What he knew though from reading the mind of Dr Anderson which wasn’t perfect other than the ability to speak their language was he was defiantly frozen a very long time.

“If you where our “Gods” of old what happened,” asked Dr Anderson.

“What do you mean Doctor?” asked Solom.

“There is no recorded history of your race on Earth. What happened to it?”

“The Guyver Zoalord happened.”

“WHAT THE HELL DID YOU JUST SAY?” roared Warrior Guyver with the realisation of what Solom had just said to them. Solom backed off knowing how dangerous a Guyver could be and not knowing if the Warrior Guyver in front of him was about to go into a blind rage of if he could cope with the revelation that there was a Guyver Zoalord released in the Earths past!

“There is no need to shout at our guest,” said Dr Anderson with authority towards Warrior Guyver who realised now that his outburst might of scared the being in front of him, a being they now most certainly needed a lot more information from!

“My apologies Solom, but the news that there was a Guyver Zoalord in earths pasts is shocking news. I mean… fucking hell I’ve spoke with Sho and Sean in the past. There was one others Guyver in the past and what little we know of the Creators is that after the Guyver incident by the first Guyver the Creators got scared of the idea of a Guyver Zoalord and left the Earth to rot,” said Warrior Guyver.

“They did not just leave Warrior Guyver,” said Solom.

“What do you mean they didn’t just leave?” asked Warrior Guyver.

“A massive planetoid towards your world to totally destroy it after their fleet left your world in haste. It was destroyed by what we suspect to be Alkanphel before it impacted on the Earth,” said Solom. Warrior Guyver waited in silence for a few moments to absorb the news that the human race… no that all life on Earth owed its continued existence to the leader of Chronos!

“Are you sure of this?” asked Warrior Guyver.

“Yes, when we arrived at your world it was merely to check in the extremely unlikely chance that we could find any fragments of your species genome on the remains of your world. We instead discovered that they that failed to destroy your world. The only being capable of destroying the planetoid sent to crash into your world was Alkanphel.” Warrior Guyver stood silenced by the news.

“The Creators, where they the race that made mankind,” asked Dr Anderson.

“If by made you mean that they created the conditions for mankind to evolve then yes they are that race,” answered Solom.

“What do you mean by ‘created the conditions for mankind to evolve’?” asked Dr Anderson.

“Millions of your solar cycles ago the race you call the Creators created a rift for through which a giant asteroid crashed onto this world. The resulting devastation wiped out the large reptiles that dominated the world for they had finished with that they could learn from them. They then waited to see what life would evolve from that in the hopes that what would evolve would be their perfect weapon. What evolved was mankind and in mankind they had their seemingly perfect weapon. From everything they learned from your world they made Alkanphel to lead their army in interstellar war,” said Solom. Dr Anderson stood there shocked at the news. Beside if him it where possible to see his face Jason under his armour stood in near disbelief of what he had just being told in an almost shocked state. But he knew it to be true.

“Your species did not expect to find us, that is very clear. But why did you stay here? Why are you one of the only few things remaining of them?” asked Dr Anderson.

“My species was a dying race. Our home world is long since lost to us. That the group of species the race you call the Creators belong to long abandoned us to our fate leaving my home world fall to the Swarm!”

“I’m getting the picture of what you’re saying Solom, there are nasty species out there and one of them has powers to obliterate us at whim if he discovers we are simply alive because we have the potential to become a Guyver Zoalord,” said Warrior Guyver hoping he was not far off the truth.

“Yes that is correct,” said Solom as he looked towards Dr Anderson and could sense another question from the old man.

“You said your race was dying before it found Earth and by pure chance it was still here. But you said your race ‘was’, that is in the past thence what happened in our world that saved your race?”

“Sorry Doctor but I can’t answer all of your questions without you answering some of mine,” said Solom. Dr Anderson looked at Jason and then back at Solom. “Sure, ask us whatever you want.”

“Your race knows nothing of my people?” asked Solom.

“No, we thought you where the race that Warrior Guyver simply called the Creators. What little evidence of even their existence is tightly controlled by Chronos a group of zoa-forms that now rule most of the world,” answered Dr Anderson.

“As the good Doctor is a little out of touch with the modern world and before you need to ask this that group of zoa-forms is lead by an extremely powerful Zoalord called Alkanphel,” said Warrior Guyver. Dr Anderson looked curiously at Warrior Guyver wondering who was this Alkanphel. Even through the Guyver units modulated voice you could hear the venom which he said the leader of Chronos name.

“Does the Atlantian civilisation still exist?” asked Solom. The question surprised both the Doctor and Warrior Guyver.

“Do you think he means the Lost City of Atlantis Doctor?” asked Warrior Guyver.

“Indeed Warrior Guyver I think he does. The City you refer to is only mentioned in our earliest ancient written history and even then it’s only wrote of as here say,” said Dr Anderson.

“Apart from the Warrior Guyver is there any other proof of my races existence?” asked Solom.

“In Earth’s past if there is any proof or evidence of your races existence it is most likely under the control of Chronos but in more modern times one of your race got into a battle with another from a different Guyver alien race by the Moon. His control medal is regenerating as we speak,” said Warrior Guyver as Guyver US updated him on the status of the second alien Guyver and that Allison had left them to go look for her husband for a reunion with their children.

“Then we must go and speak with him with most haste! The Guyver Zoalord we must learn how he was defeated or if he was defeated at all!” said Solom. Warrior Guyver agreed but really was there such a being in Earths past? He couldn’t take the risk, if there was any chance such a being was alive today anything they have fought so far and even Chronos would be nothing compared to such a Super Existence. Hopefully this other Guyver would know the answer.

As they ventured back to main underground storage hanger that contained the Small Relic looking ship through the darkened tunnels Dr Anderson continued to talk with Solom. Solom was not what he expected, clearly he was very intelligent but he also seemed to have genuine compassion helping the doctor up to his feet when he tripped in the darkness. Solom then guided him as they continued back through the pitch black tunnel without the lights of Captain Fleming’s Blue Armour.

Soon they were entering the massive hanger. Even Solom seemed impressed by the engineering commenting on how far Humanity had come. Warrior Guyver wondered if he had figured out how long ago it was when this being last lived with humanity. They might never know exactly but he knew it was a very long time ago. It was so very long ago that he made the Warrior Unit he now used. He could respect the achievement of a dying race coming to Earth to survive and not only that but to then advance the design of the Original Creators Units. The realisation then hit him, another race than the “Creators” had mastered not only how to make a Guyver Unit but improve on it. Whoever they were didn’t matter the fact was this, if they wanted to they could have destroyed Earth a very long time ago and even now today could do the same again. He had to learn more about them and leave if they really are a danger.

They entered the hanger and walked to the side of the room where Guyver US, Captain Fleming with a group of around eleven other men including two other Blue Armoured soldiers stood. Solom looked to his right following their line of sight to see the small scout ship that was in the centre of the room. He tried but couldn’t command it the ship was unresponsive to his commands. But as he got closer to the group Warrior Guyver was walking too he noticed their gaze wasn’t centred on the ship but at the regenerating Gen in the far corner of the hanger.

“Guyver US, this is Solom,” said Warrior Guyver as he introduced the short looking Guyver like being,

“Hello, so you’re the man who made the Warrior Unit?” asked Guyver US reaching out to shake Solom’s hand. Solom looked at his hand unsure of what to do. <“Solom it’s a sign of friendship, reach out your right hand and shake his,”> explained Warrior Guyver and as he explained it telepathically Solom did just that.

“Hello Guyver US, I created the Unit your friend now uses,” said Solom.

“I hope you don’t think though you’ll be able to take it back,” said Captain Fleming on hearing Solom’s claim to the Unit.

“No Captain I am not planning on taking back the Warrior Unit. I do not know the current situation of your race and your war with the zoaform group you call Chronos and do not want to interfere in it. But simply put if I needed too I’d simply make another Unit rather than taking yours,” said Solom pointing at Warrior Guyver.

“Have you found the other Warrior Unit prototypes?” asked Solom.

“There are other prototypes?” Answered Warrior Guyver with a question of his own.

“There are four earlier versions of your unit along with that there are two alternative projects based off the Warrior Units control medal.”

“I wonder what happened to them…”

“You are not the only one Warrior Guyver.”

“Do you know who he is then?” asked Warrior Guyver as he pointed at the now almost completely regenerated Guyver like being.

“I don’t know but he is Gen like me, how did he get to be here?” asked Solom only then realising he’d given away the name of his race. But it was of little matter if they knew the name of his race.

“He was found on the moon over thirty years ago. He was in a battle that he lost against a Alien Race of Four Armed Guyvers that are much taller than you and sense to be a lot more powerful,” answered Dr Anderson.

“That question I wanted to ask you but was distracted by Doctor’s own mind of questions, do you know how long I was buried in the Earth’s Northern Ice?”

“You where found buried in the Ice, that’s is correct! Carbon dating of the ice around you put you there between fourteen and twelve thousand years ago,” answered Dr Anderson.

“How did you get there? Was it an attack by the Guyver Zoalord?” asked Warrior Guyver. Behind him Guyver US who had being quite letting the Doctor and Warrior Guyver ask and answer questions from the alien Guyver as they had some connection to him now on over hearing what was just said so casually by Warrior Guyver inadvertently shouted “A WHAT?”

“Sean don’t worry, it was in Earth’s distance past. That’s why we’re over here waiting for him to regain control and tell us hopefully what happened,” said Warrior Guyver pointing at now what looked like a complete Guyver like being.

All of the group looked at that point at the now regenerating Gen as the control medal of the being started to flash rapidly and his head turned towards them. But he did not attack, thankfully the distance between them was enough and he did not see them as a threat.

“Men, no aggressive moves towards that being, no aiming of rifles or anything that the it will perceive as a threat,” ordered Captain Fleming. He knew his lessons well and after Guyver 1 debriefed ACTF of what they didn’t know of the Guyver everyone in the ACTF and other military command structure that was to fight alongside him was expected to know these facts in the event that Guyver US ever suffered a serious injury and there was a potential of their troops being in his crossfire.

“Very well said Captain,” said the voice to the Captain’s side. Not knowing the voice that said that he turned around to see Solom looking back up to him.

“Thank you, small Guyver looking man,” responded the Captain jokingly. Solom could sense the humour in what he said.

“My race isn’t known for its height Captain.”

“My apologies if this sounds rube but are you human looking under that Bio-Armour?” asked Captain Fleming. The Guyvers and Dr Anderson where a little surprised by the direct question from the Captain but none the less it was a question worth asking.

“I do not mind Captain, the forms my race now have is based off the human genome,” answered Solom.

“You said based off, I guess you’re not fully human?” asked Dr Anderson.

“No, there were those of my race that tried. But we found that they become too human and lost what abilities made my race Unique by the process,” said Solom.

“Your race can’t receive the full Guyver effect with your humanoid bodies unless you give up what made the Gen race Unique and different from a humans?”

“Very astute of you Dr Anderson that would be correct,” said Solom.

“Solom, your comrade seems to be healed enough. Should we wait from him till regain his consciousness?” asked Warrior Guyver.

“It would be best to give him time to fully recover on his own. It shouldn’t be too long from now I’d guess.” But at that moment at the other side of the room the being they waited on began to awake. His control medal began to flash as the hosts mind took over.

Galen looked around wondering where he was. Thoughts of the Grakken filled his mind. It attacked him when his ship entered orbit of the Moon that orbited the Gaia the forbidden planet. He was lucky that he had time before hand to bond with his Unit after his arrival otherwise he would now be dead. He looked across the room and saw something that made him question what was in front of him and was it his imagination. That was that in the same room was not only was there Warrior Guyver itself! But there was also a Gen! There should be no one of his race on this world. It was forbidden for them to touch its soil! They were not fighting though and looked like they were in conversation. Realising that he wouldn’t get any answers by simply standing there and waiting he walked towards them. He only wondered why the Seraph had not destroyed him and the fellow Gen before him for breaching the ancient law of Gaia.

“I think he’s awake,” said Warrior Guyver as he noticed the awoken Gen walking towards them.

“I agree,” said Solom.

In the mean time behind them Captain Fleming was ordering his men not to show their “guests” any aggression and to let Guyver US, Warrior Guyver and Dr Anderson handle questioning them as they where only there to support the Guyvers and to relay any information required to ACTF HQ.

<“Who are you?”> asked Galen telepathically to Solom.

<“I will tell you when you get closer. One of the Guyvers beside me is a Warrior Guyver. He can tell we’re talking telepathically. Humans will find it rude that we do not trust them to talk openly amongst them. Learn from them how to speak their language and let’s talk without provoking them!”> Galen listened to the response and walked a little slower towards the group as he gave it thought. He was sent here to get close scans of the world and to confirm if the Warrior Guyver had being activated yet. The confirmation was now in front of him but whoever this Gen was he knew of humanity and now talked with them he would have to learn more and do as he was told. Much like Solom for him it wasn’t hard to read the mind of the closest human and learn how they form their language. His species had learned how to do that long ago in Gaia’s past and they had insured that ability was engraved in his genetic memory.

“Hello, who are you?” asked Galen as he pointed at Solom.

“I am Solom Chief Researcher and lead of the Warrior Unit Project.”

“Solom, but you died eons ago in the Great Disaster.”

“Well, I’m very much alive as you can see. Who are you?”

“I am Galen, Advance Scout to Gaia the Ancient Forbidden Test World.”

“Hello, what are you doing here?” asked Warrior Guyver.

“My kind and our army are forbidden from interfering in this world Warrior Guyver. We’re forbidden from doing so because we might interfere in Earths development and more the Earth’s Time Line and events that would lead up to your birth.”

“Why would Jason’s birth be important?” asked Dr Anderson.

“Because he is the one who defeated the Guyver Zoalord,” said Galen.

“Fuck off! How in Hell would I ever be capable of killing a Guyver Zoalord?” asked Warrior Guyver clearly distressed by the idea he somehow completed the impossible and didn’t know it. He’d remember killing something that powerful.

“You don’t remember how because for you the task has not being completed yet,” said Galen.

“What do you mean for me?”

“From your perspective the event is in your future. From our prospective you defeated the Guyver Zoalord in our past!”

“Time Travel…” said Dr Anderson. Warrior Guyver turned around to him to look at his face and the realisation of what the Doctor had said hit him.

“But Time Travel isn’t possible,” said Warrior Guyver.

“Yes it is, but purely theoretical,” said Solom.

“That was a long time ago and that has being used too discover how the Warrior Guyver accomplished the task of time travel,” said Galen. Everyone listening to this Guyver like being wondered if he was speaking the truth, was it really the Warrior Guyver that defeated the Guyver Zoalord?

“I know from Sean over there that when he faced Guyver Zoanoid a muscle type zoanoid that he was simply over powered, it was a mixture of skill and luck that allowed him to win. But a Zoalord is one hell of a lot more powerful than a Zoanoid! How am I meant to defeat such a thing?” asked Warrior Guyver leaving out the part that Cori actually shot the damaged control medal with a bullet causing it to go rouge.

“The Guyver Zoalord was able to defeat everything that was sent against him. The Master Zoalords Kron and Zeugma both together have being killed by him like as if they where nothing. He then proceeded to rip apart every Unit Project group in his way before attacking me in my ship. It was only by luck I was able to survive it seems,” said Solom.

“How the hell am I supposed to beat that thing?” asked a now nearly distressed Warrior Guyver.

“I never did actually say you won,” said Galen.

“You what? You mean I died back in Earth’s past countless years before I was born,” shouted a socked Warrior Guyver.

“I did not say you lost either,” said Galen to a now confused Warrior Guyver.

“It’s a causality issue Warrior Guyver,” said Doctor Anderson as Warrior Guyver turned to him hoping he would be able to explain it to him.

“Go on Doctor.”

“He can’t tell you how you defeated the Guyver Zoalord. If you won or even if you lost the battle, this is because to do so would change events that already happened in the past and affect the choices you will make,” said Dr Anderson.

“Great, just great, so tell me why the hell should I go back in time to try killing this impossible to defeat thing?” asked Warrior Guyver.

 “Because if you don’t, your world will be destroyed before you even had existed,” said Galen.

 “Okay, you can’t tell me how or even if I kill this Guyver Zoalord but could you tell me how to work the Warrior Unit to it fullest?”

“No I cannot, only Solom may know of your full potential,” said Galen.

“I am afraid I will be of little help as well. I created the warrior unit but did not have time to test it and it was never meant for a human so I do not know what it is capable of with a human host,” said Solom. While this was a lie it was for a good reason. He had read between the lines of what Galen had said. The Warrior Guyver did not have the knowledge needed to defeat the Guyver Zoalord right away, but one of the abilities he gave the Unit somehow must be capable of the impossible.

“Oh great. So I have two options. One I go face a foe whose name tells me it is going to be beyond powerful and that can only mean me been killed. Two stay here and according to you destroy my world by doing nothing. I guess I’ll take option one and at least have some chance at winning!”

“While it is not the most enthusiastic of responses I guess it’s better than you refusing,” said Galen.

“Can I bring another Guyver with me?”

“No you were alone,” said Galen.

“Don’t worry Warrior Guyver, I’m sure if I could defeat a Guyver Zoanoid that you can defeat a Guyver Zoalord,” said Guyver US.

“Don’t get me started!” said Warrior Guyver.

“Galen, you have answered why Warrior Guyver has to go back in time, but not how that feat will be accomplished. Can you please inform us?” asked Dr Anderson.

“You need the Portal and a unit capable of temporal teleportation,” answered Galen pointing at Warrior Guyver.

“Fascinating, use of a portal for time travel was only theoretical during my time, but was concluded only capable of alternate dimensional travel and not true time travel,” said Solom.

“It still is but we’ve had a lot of time research this and it has shown cataclysmic events such as the Great Disaster can weaken the barriers of space time enough to allow the use of the portals for time travel,” said Galen.

“Yes and the Guyver Zoalords destructive power would definitely count as a cataclysmic event. Does this world still have a Portal,” asked Solom.

“Yes, it was never removed it for obvious reasons,” said Galen.

“Excuse me, but what is a portal?” asked Warrior Guyver.

“It is an inter-dimensional gateway that we use to travel instantly over great distances. It is based on the same technology that transports the Guyver unit into hyperspace when you deactivate it,” said Solom.

“With it you and only you will be able to go back in time and face the Guyver Zoalord,” said Galen as he continually pointed at Warrior Guyver to make the message sink into his brain that he needed to do this and complete the impossible!

“Where is the Portal?” asked Warrior Guyver.

“This is something I need to do telepathically,” answered Galen to which Warrior Guyver nodded his head in agreement.

<“It is here,”> said Galen as he sent a mental image of the place where the Portal was located.

“Hmmm, that looks like some place in Europe. It will take a few hours for us to get there,” said Warrior Guyver.

“No it will not!” said Galen as his control medal glowed. No one had a chance to protest as suddenly there was a blinding flash that surrounded Warrior Guyver, the two Gen in the room and everyone is close by and within a blink of an eye they where transported from Area 51 to deep within mountain range in France, Europe.

“How the hell did you do that!” asked Warrior Guyver as behind him the army men quickly got over their shock as Captain Fleming and the other Blue Armoured soldiers lit up the room with their lights allowing those without a Guyver unit to see where they were.

“As a user of the Control Armour, all of us have access to this Portal, but since you did not even know it was here that you would never have known how to used it,” said Galen.

“How do you use it?” asked Warrior Guyver as behind him others in the group asked how the hell that was possible? He could hear Captain Fleming asking Guyver US to make a tunnel to an entrance both Guyvers could sense a relevantly short distance away.

“It works like your armour, you command it and it obeys. All I did was call out to the Portal and commanded it to bring us here,” said Galen as he noticed Dr Anderson move from the chaos of the soldiers talking about securing their position and getting out of the cave basically to find out more about what he, Solom and the Warrior Guyver talked of.

“When I go back in time, how do I get back to our time when I am finished?” asked Warrior Guyver

“Time travel is a tricky art but the portal will keep a lock on you provided you succeed in your mission or neither the portal nor your world will remain for you to return to. So all you have to do is call out to the portal and command the portal to bring you back to your native time.”

“Wait, wait how are you guys sure I have a chance in pulling this off?”

“There is a chance though it is slim. When I made your unit, it was to be able to boost the power levels of a Gen to match that of a Guyver, but you’re human and so the unit boosts you significantly more than normal for a Guyver. The Warrior unit augments you with power drawn from hyperspace as well as boost your own natural energy production far above the norm for even a Guyver. I’m am sure you have noticed that you possess superior power, stamina, and strength compared to your fellow Guyvers, but most importantly for your present mission is that I made the Warrior unit capable of teleporting,” said Solom.

“Teleporting! You mean I can teleport like we just did with the Portal?”

“Yes, which would explain how it is possible to send even you back in time. Given that it takes enormous energy to breach the barrier of time that the Portal alone could not safely send a living being,” explained Solom.

“But Galen said the disturbance caused by the Guyver Zoalord’s presence in the past made it possible?” enquired a confused Warrior Guyver.

“To reach that time period, yes, but to leave this one would require a similar disturbance to the time stream but as you would agree that would be counter productive to our goal here. So, for this to work, you must combine your power with that of the Portal or you will only be bounced to a parallel time stream.”

“Okay I think I understand now Solom, but before I go back in time, I have just one questions that I want answered.”


“When I concentrate on a person I am able to read their thoughts, how can that be?

“I designed your armour to be able to boost all Gen abilities. It was not intended for a human but it must have given you some telepathic powers.”

“So I was not imagining it?”

“No you were not.”

“Warrior Guyver, I’ve spoken with the General. He said given the choices we’ve no option but to send you back in time and to wish you the best of luck,” said Captain Fleming.

“Very well. I am ready as I’ll ever be!” said Warrior Guyver as the room was lit up by an organic construct that surrounded the back of the Cave.

Solom and Galen led Warrior Guyver to the centre of the Portal, a place marked by a large circular disk on the ground and ceiling. The sight reminded Jason a lot of the old sci-fi T.V. show Star Trek and the transporters they always used. Though in this case they where no machine. But some kind of organic construct reminding him of the inside of the War Relic.The irony did not elude him as he stepped onto the Portal that he was about “to go where no man has gone before”. Galen and Solom then looked at each other and telepathically linked until they agreed on the exact time space coordinates to send the Jason before turning back to face the Warrior Guyver.

<. . . Yes!>

Solom and Galen then focused on the Portal and Warrior Guyver disappeared in a flash. Warrior Guyver found himself in the time stream of all reality, around him was a blur of streaming energy and bubbles of space time that glowed like little stars that as they passed showed him images of other times and places, some that he knew of and others that had never occurred on Earth that he knew but on another parallel reality. Then one came into view and showed nothing but the vacuum of space and an asteroid field where once there was a planet, recognizing the constellations and other planets, Jason realized that the asteroid field he was seeing was once Earth.

He could guess what this meant. This is what would happen if he failed to stop the Guyver Zoalord. Galen wasn’t kidding when he said that the world he knew would cease to exist. The whole planet had been destroyed by that monster. As the bubble moved on, Jason could sense the time period he sought to reach and in his mind saw the breach in the time stream and within was the shadowy image of the Guyver Zoalord.

This was it he thought, now or never he had to make the final jump to the past. The Portal had brought him this far and now everything was up to him. Concentrating on his unit with all his will to cross the final barrier. The Warrior Guyvers Control Medal began to glow brightly and then the armour itself began to glow as enormous energy built up within him.

Jason did not know what he had started but willed it to continue, as the armour continued to glow ever brighter till the Warrior Guyver shined like the sun and then the Mega-Smashers opened up and fired, but instead of streaming outward, the powerful energies enveloped the Warrior Guyver and swirled around him before exploding outward and then the Warrior Guyver vanished from the time stream.

Twelve Thousand odd years ago – Mount Guyver

It had being relatively only a few short minutes after Solufein left the tunnel to hunt the Guyver Zoalord. Faye always felt an outcast of her people. She was never sure why but after shunning the Clan Leaders son she was never welcome in either the Clan of the Great Snake or the newly from Clan of the Three that was lead by the very person she would not mate with. She did not mind though, if anything she liked the solitude and being able to do what she wanted as she wanted.

Today was different though, she arrived back from a hunt to discover the carnage left by something. The Tribe of the Form had being wiped out. She walked deep within the cave formally her favourite spot next to two glowing large organic circular disks that were imbedded in the floor and ceiling of the cave only to find yet more death and destruction within. What would have tried to do such a thing? Why hadn’t the God’s stopped it from attacking the people here?

Either way, she had to eat. Faye moved into a small sub cave nearby that she had made her own home, Just as she was about to sit down and start eating her share of the hunt, a blinding white light shun from the Portal Room. Running out to see what happened the light was shining between the two large disks. The woman dropped the raw slab of meat and stood still in awe at the sight in front of her with her spear held before her. Falling out of the light was Jason.

Jason landed on his feet but the fall made him collapse to his hands and knees, disconcerted he barely realised that the journey through time had somehow deactivated his bio-armour. Jason then stood up and looked at the young cave woman in front of him. She had barely if any cloths on her and was the dirtiest looking and smelliest person he’d ever met in his life. She said something to him pointing her spear at him but he couldn’t understand her. One thing was seemed sure, she was not French unless this was the new clothing a hygiene standards for making wine.

Then he remembered that his unit gave him telepathic powers. If he reached out to this primitive then he might be able to understand her language and figure out when in time was he. He looked at her then let his mind reach out to hers. At first there was nothing but the thoughts of his own mind. Then he could hear something. At first he wondered if it was his imagination. But the more he focused the clearer in got until her thoughts were there clear as day.

At first he could not understand them, but when he concentrated even more on her they began to become clear as if his mind had learned from her how to speak her language.

“Hello, I’m Jason,” said Jason pointing to himself.

“I’m Faye and no you can’t have any of my hunt,” said Faye as she backed away from the strangely dressed man in front of her that to her had the most curious smell she had ever encountered.

“You need not worry Faye. I’m not hungry,” trying to calm her just in case she tried to stab him with that stone spear.

“Then what is it you want?”

“I need to leave this cave and find the ‘Gods’.”

“Can you not tell looking around stranger that the ‘God’s’ have left this place?”

It was only then that Jason’s eyes focused on the dark forms around him and his eyes adjusted to the gloom of the cave. There were bodies, lots of dead bodies all around him. “What happened here?” asked Jason,

“I do not know, it happened as I was out hunting for food,” said Faye as she showed him once again her kill proving the point.

“Sorry, but I don’t have time to waste here! More people will die if I don’t find the ‘Gods’. Do you want that on your conscious?”

“Everyone knows where they dwell.”

“I’m not like everyone else. If anything, me dropping from a shining light should tell you that!”

Faye looked at him, he was a strange man unlike any she’d seen before. What he said is true and she knew of no one else who ever appeared from the Device the Gods left in cave.

“They are on the other side of these mountains. Once you leave the cave simply head straight over the mountain in front of you and you will soon see their great city and the Ark in the middle of it!”

“Thank you,” said Jason as he made his way out of the cave, closely followed by a now curious Faye, once outside Jason turned to see that Faye was following him.

“I don’t think you want to go where I’m going Faye, it’s going to be very dangerous.” Jason then walked a safe distance away from Faye and the cave before yelling out “GUYVER” and turned into the Warrior Guyver and quickly flew straight up into the air leaving thinking he left the girl in awe. As he flew of Faye wondered why she felt some connection to the Unit he had. Was it the Unit the Gods had intended on her to use?

Warrior Guyver flew over the mountain and on the other side off in the distance there was an incredibly large Creator craft that left even the Warship he got his Unit from look tiny and it was surrounded by a large city. As he got closer he could see and sense that inside the city all around the huge ship was millions of Zoanoids and thousands of Zoalords. With an army like this why would the Creators need him at all?

What Galen said just did not make sense about him having been needed. Then in the distance he could see a large Guyver looking being flying down into the middle of an army that was outside the city. Immediately the great army swarmed the Guyver Zoalord, but despite their great numbers and combined fire power, none could even phase the Guyver Zoalord as he calmly stood in their mist and destroyed them one at a time at his leisure. Contemplating the futility of their attack, the Zoalords finally took to the air and began rapidly firing from above as they quickly dodged the Guyver Zoalords deadly hand beam blasts. This continued for several minutes before the Guyver Zoalord finally got annoyed and with a roar started to generate a black force around itself and then expanded it outward in all directions. Everything it touched was torn apart and the force spread out for around a mile in all directions.

The death toll was devastating for even the Zoalords who raised their shields did not last more than a few seconds before succumbing to the deadly force emanating from the Guyver Zoalord. Everything that was near the Guyver Zoalord was killed. After the field finally retracted, showing the Guyver Zoalord as it floated over the crater that its attack had created, Warrior Guyver could sense the Gen telling their Zoanoids not to have fear and to continue their attack on the Guyver Zoalord. After a few moments hesitation the Zoanoids charged as the Zoalords fired energy beams and gravity bullets at the Guyver Zoalord but even with that mass of firepower it did not even weaken the Guyver Zoalord’s powerful shield, bouncing harmlessly off as all their previous attacks had. Warrior Guyver did not have a clue as to how to beat this thing but there was a way and he had to figure it out. He then called out to the Gen.

<“Gen, I am here to help you beat this menace!”>

Inside the great Clan Ship the Council of 13 minus their leader looked at each other in shock. How could a human know their true name? They did not know what to make of this. Why was this human calling out to them? One of the 13 though realised he had no choice, if no other was going to do it he would!

<“Who are you?”> asked Draven hoping this Guyver would be capable of something against the Guyver Zoalord.

<“I’m the Warrior Guyver.”>

<“Another Guyver? How could you have found and activated a unit without our knowledge and why should we believe you are here to help us?”>

<“That’s a long story but I’ve been sent here by Solom.”>

<“You really then do have the Warrior Unit! But how could you have had time to talk with him, he has being attacked by the Guyver Zoalord! That question can wait, where are you?”>

<“I’m hovering above the mountains waiting for an opening to attack the Guyver Zoalord.”>

<“That would be suicide unless you possess the power of a Guyver Zoalord. For now it would be best for you to come to us to discuss a battle plan.”>

<“Very well, I’ll be with you as soon as possible.”>

Warrior Guyver flew as quickly as possible towards the massive Gen craft hoping that the Guyver Zoalord did not notice him, but even though the most powerful Zoalord could not harm him they did keep him busy enough for the Warrior Guyver to get to the Ship. Landing near what appeared to be the main access point, Warrior Guyver commanded the Ship to open up but it did not respond to him, but before he could fathom this unexpected situation the Clan Ship opened up before him and standing there was a Guyver looking being that reminded him of Solom and Galen.

<“Come in Warrior Guyver.”>

Warrior Guyver moved quickly into the craft with Draven closing the opening once he got in. There was a moment of awkward silence as he Gen looked hum over and his eyes then stayed focused on his control medal.

<“You’re definitely not a normal unit. So you must be the Warrior Unit that Solom has worked on so long to perfect.”>

<“Yes, but there is something else you need to be made aware of I’m not from this time either.”>

<“You time travelled to be here?”>


<“How can that be?”>

<“I honestly do not know the process completely. All I know is what Solom and the modern Gen told me and that was that thanks to the Guyver Zoalord event it has weakened the barriers that stop Time Travel normally. Because of that and combined with my powers and that of the Portal I was able to come back in time to help stop the Guyver Zoalord.”>

<“You said it was Solom sent you?”>

<“Yes, around twelve thousand odd years from now Solom and another Gen will be awakened from their frozen sleep by me.”>

<“How did you get the Warrior Unit then if by what you said I assume you already had your unit before you woke them?”>

<“Before me there was three other Guyver in what I consider modern times and thanks to their help I found it in what we called the War Relic, I mean one of your War Ships and later after that I released Solom.”

<“Then we can’t rescue Solom or recover our lost ships,”> said Draven quickly grasping the situation and what that actually meant.

<“And when this fight is finished you must leave this world and it creations to live on without further interference. The only records of your race for us are buried deep in the ground!”>

<“Yes, if you succeed in your mission and we survive this great disaster of our own making, I’m sure the council would agree to leave this world integrity of time or face the Guyver Zoalords wrath alone. I do believe we have changed enough on this world.”>

<“Okay then but we must hurry as from what I have seen from a parallel time line that unless we can stop this Guyver Zoalord that he will not stop until the entire planet is reduced to rubble.”>

<“Parallel time line? Then you must have really used the Portal to travel back to this time but that would mean that sometime soon this world will be utterly destroyed. Nothing less would weaken the barriers of time enough to allow you to come here from the future. The parallel time line you saw must be the original one before you interfered.”>

<“Original one!?! What do you mean, if that was the original time line then how can my time line even exist if the Earth was destroyed in this time period?”>

<“It is very complicated but in simplest terms you can think of it that in what you would call super time all time lines exist simultaneously and interact in ways that even we Gen find difficult to fully comprehend and we are considered near immortal by human standards. All of reality is in essence alive and like any living thing will protect itself against threats to its integrity.”>

<“So your saying that I’m an immune response to the Guyver Zoalords presence in this timeline”!?!>

<“In a way, yes, it is the only conceivable way that you could have crossed the natural barriers of time as they are essential to maintaining all of reality.”>
A low rumble through the ship reminds them of the immediacy of their situation and the battle outside for survival against the Guyver Zoalord.

<“Enough talk, we must formulate a plan quickly if we are to rectify this situation.”>

Draven then led Warrior Guyver to the centre and most protected part of the ship where the council awaited their most unexpected guest. Finally positioning the Warrior Guyver in the centre of the circular chamber, Draven then telepathically linked with the other Gen council members. Within seconds Draven had updated the council to this sudden change in their situation and then agreed on a course of action to be taken. Draven then broke the link and turned to Warrior Guyver.

<“The council has agreed to leave this world on the successful completion of your mission. Were you given any knowledge on how to defeat the Guyver Zoalord?”>

<“Unfortunately, no! No information on the event that are about to take place were given to me besides the knowledge that I will somehow defeat the Guyver Zoalord so as to preserve the integrity of time as your records of this time indicated that I had no such knowledge upon my arrival here. I can only tell you that though I’m only a human Guyver that the Warrior unit has made me at least four times stronger than a normal human Guyver and that at least will give me a chance against your Guyver Zoalord.”>

<“Perhaps but your power Warrior Guyver still pales in comparison to the Guyver Zoalords. Until we can determine how even you can defeat the Guyver Zoalord that it would be best for you to simply join the battle outside and hold the Guyver Zoalord off long enough for us to determine if it possesses any weakness that can be exploited.”>

<“Very well, I will do my best!”>

<“Let us hope then that your best will be enough!”> said Draven telepathically as his control medal then began to glow brightly and Warrior Guyver found himself teleported into the battlefield. Looking about, Jason quickly located the Guyver Zoalord in the centre of chaos of dead and dying Zoalords and Zoanoids. Out of the millions that of stood before against the Guyver Zoalord, now only a few hundred remained.

“My god” Jason thought as he saw the devastation the Guyver Zoalord had carved out of earth and flesh alike. No doubt rested on his mind as to what the Guyver Zoalord would do if not stopped here and now. Seeing an opening as the Guyver Zoalord turned to face the reaming Zoalords as they fired everything they had in a last ditch effort to penetrate the Guyver Zoalord shield. Warrior Guyver opened both chest plates and fired a full Mega-Smasher into the Guyver Zoalords back. The unexpected and powerful attack sent the Guyver Zoalord flying forward as Warrior Guyver continued to fire his Mega-Smashers for their full ten second limit, sending the Guyver Zoalord sprawling several hundred feet away, but even as Warrior Guyver closed his chest plates the Guyver Zoalord had already gotten up and turned to face his surprise attacker.

<“So the ‘Gods’ have made a new champion to defend them against me? Ha, ha, ha that was a worthy blow but you will have to do much better if you expect to stand a chance against me!”> bragged Guyver Zoalord through his unit.

Warrior Guyver showed no signs of surprise that the Guyver Zoalord had simply laughed off his most powerful attack. He knew that even his Mega-Smashers could not exceed the power that had already been thrown against the Guyver Zoalord by the Gen army of Zoalords. His one hope lied in wearing the Guyver Zoalord down as even a Guyver Zoalord must eventually tire as any normal Guyver would, not having the seeming unlimited stamina that Warrior Guyver possessed thanks to his armours unique hyper space power link. The attack was only to keep the Guyver Zoalord guessing as to the power of his opponent and to keep him from killing the remainder of the Zoalords. At least he knew that he could at least affect this monster and that was better than nothing. Meanwhile the Guyver Zoalord had grown impatient for a response from his silent attacker and fired a hand beam blast at Warrior Guyver who in turned immediately raised his blast shield and Pressure Cannon shield, even though the Guyver Zoalords blast exceeded the power of a normal Guyvers Mega-Smasher that the combination shield proved strong enough to withstand its devastating force.

<“So, you won’t be as easy to swat like these other pathetic weaklings. Hmm, time to try something different I think!>

The Guyver Zoalord then rose into the air as his right hand and Zoacrystal began to glow with building energy. Warrior Guyver prepared himself to dodge whatever the Guyver Zoalord was planning to through at him but what happened next totally surprised him as the Guyver Zoalord, now several hundred feet up, raised his right hand and pointed it at a nearby mountain. A vortex of sparkling dark energy enveloped the mountain and immediately began to rip it apart.

<“Now let’s see you survive this!”> said the Guyver Zoalord telepathically as he turned to look down upon the startled Warrior Guyver. The Guyver Zoalord then closed his right hand into a fist and the mountain crumbled into a million boulder size pieces. He then swung his arm toward Warrior Guyvers position and millions of tons of rock and Earth began to rain down upon on the unprepared Warrior Guyver.

So with barely seconds to react, Warrior Guyver countered with a full double Mega-Smasher blast but that only shielded him for ten seconds as they finally died out and the mountain continued to rain down upon him. Having no time for any other option, Warrior Guyver activated his blast shield and buried himself into the ground and used his Pressure Cannon shield to keep the pressure of the quickly increasing mass of rubble above from crushing him. Soon the last of the former mountain came down and on top of him was now an enormous pile of rubble. The pressure caused by all that weight was so great as to cause the earth around Warrior Guyver to compress into a dense mass.

<“Ha, ha, ha, so that was the best the ‘Gods’ could send against me? Fools, don’t you know that you don’t stand a chance against a real god!”> said Guyver Zoalord telepathically so all nearby Control armoured beings knew his boast!

Still floating above, admiring his work the Guyver Zoalord then turned to look for the great Clan Ship and destroy them all once and for all not only eliminate G’Kor but also avenge Kron, but the ship was gone. Angered the Guyver Zoalord realized they had used the battle to distract him long enough to escape his wrath. No matter, there was nowhere they could go that he could not follow. Extending his powerful sensors, he quickly realized that the ‘Gods’ had not yet left the planet. The fools actually thought to continue to fight him and had simply regrouped a thousand miles away to regroup their forces to battle him again. “Yes” he thought, prepare for the slaughter and your deaths.

roared Guyver Zoalord through his Unit as he flew toward his fleeing prey.

Meanwhile Warrior Guyver was slowly digging his way out of the mountain of rubble that the Guyver Zoalord had buried him in. Even with his great strength it was difficult to dig through the heavy mass of rock and Earth. The confining space was too tight for him to use his Mega-Smashers as they would only succeed in increasing the pressure on him and that would crush him, with millions of tons of rock on him then it would not matter how fast he could regenerate as he would be then trapped till something could release him and that could be too late to stop the Guyver Zoalord. So after what seemed to be hours but was really only twenty minutes, Warrior Guyver finally got close enough to the surface to shove a final sixty ton stone slab out of his way and pulled himself free of the rubble. Quickly sensing the direction that the Guyver Zoalord had gone, Warrior Guyver quickly leaped into the air and followed. A thousand miles away, The Guyver Zoalords was puzzled. Where he had sensed the ‘Gods’ was nothing but an empty mountain range. Somehow the ‘Gods’ had fooled his senses.

<Hmm, so the ‘Gods’ still have the power and tricks to fool my senses. No matter, no amount of trickery will save them for I will eventually find them and nothing they can do will stop me from destroying them once and for all!> thought Guyver Zoalord as floated there. Soon he would have his revenge.

Former City of Argus

Pariah had walked for miles from mount Guyver arriving at the outskirts of what now was a ruined city. He had seen the battle from afar and was one of the few people if not the only person to be walking towards it as others ran away. But what he was after wasn’t in the city itself! To the outskirts of the city was a garrison of Atlantian troops that protected the road to the coast used for trade between the two great cities. As he got into sight he could make out the distinctive armour of the men still there holding their post even as the ‘Gods’ army fought around them. He didn’t know if that was bravery or the training they were given that gave them the ability to stay but that wasn’t what mattered. What mattered was they would have transport to the coast!

The End of Time War Part 4