This is a fan-fic based on characters created by Yoshiki Takaya and contains violent situations with adult language.

TitleTime War: Part 2
AuthorBrian O’Sullivan

Feral Island 100 miles south east of present day Malaysia

It was here Solom chose as the location of his own Ship. It had being over a hundred years since the creation of Guyver Supreme. His creation as far has Solom was concerned was the true beginning of the Warrior Project. He had the first stable Battle Unit. Since then he’d worked tirelessly on producing his first Battle Guyver. It was a success and defeated the Guyver Supreme. The first Unit and still the only Prototype Unit to pass the Supreme Test as was now known. That was over ten years ago.

Solom’s first complete Battle Unit had very capable fire power but similar shielding to that of Guyver Supreme himself. It was the first Unit to successfully use the HSL system he’d designed. Members of his team had also successfully designed other Units. Hpa’Var designed the Turbo Unit, it basically improved on where the Guyver Supreme design left off. The Unit being far more stable and with a basic HSL system to feed the Unit overcame the design flaw that left Guyver Supreme in a Bio-Pod to regenerate after a long battle.

Hpa’Edem another member of his team had designed a near perfect Stealth Unit. But it was defeated by the Guyver Supreme who’s more advanced sensors than that of a Standard Guyver where able to sense the gaps in their sensor range. His second Unit failed also to defeat the Supreme Test. That was over fifty years ago, yesterday Solom and his team toasted their latest success. The Hpa’Edem Stealth Unit-G3 had successfully completed what his determined team mate had envisaged, a perfect Stealth Unit. Guyver Supreme had not being able to sense the Unit at all. As such he was unable to a successful attack on his opponent.

Solom should have being happy with the progress of this, and indeed he was. But the issue was none of these successful Units where what he envisaged for the Warrior Project’s completed Unit design. For him to have what he wanted for his Warrior Unit, their three Units would need to be combined and retain all the powers of the three original Units. The first Warrior Unit prototype he had made was a complete failure. It now remained in a dormant state inside a storage pod in the ship after being defeated with ease by the Guyver 0. He now worked on the second Unit taking the few working systems from the first Prototype.

Learning from his past mistake he had worked on a second power system for the unit for a backup to the HSL system. This system was given to him by the Gen known as Eve, a rather mysterious friend of his mate Ananke. Solom knew it to be using cutting edge research of the Darmon being, that this could be very dangerous bringing with it a new set of risks, but it also brought with it advances in technology that he and his group had yet to accomplish. He wondered if this was the right thing to do. But he had little choice without a means of linking these three units together and makes the Unit stable he would fail the Supreme Test.

Atlantis – Solom Coliseum

It had being many years since Kron now ruled the city. Many years he’d witnessed and organised battles and displays of war and enjoyed the power of being the ruler of the most powerful human nation on Earth. Zeugma and her little sister Seraph were always away looking after the needs of the Gen leaving Kron free reign to rule as he saw fit. The only thing to relieve his boredom of immortality was to see others lose their lives. Countless lives of man, women, zoa-forms and Guyvers had lost their lives in the Solom Coliseum just to relieve his boredom and that of his brother Reeve.

Today though it was different, Kron stood in the middle of the great Coliseum awaiting his opponent Solufein. He’d forgotten his name. The name of the Great Snake’s clan Shaman son, he’d killed the father, won the right to Zeugma by beating the weakling to a bloody pulp. It was only the plea and promise of Zeugma that saved Solufein that day. Ever since the arrival of the gods, he never realised one of the few people of the combined tribe to have vanished was Solufein. The rest where either zoanoids or zoalords or had being resettled to the area around the great Clan Ship. What had the God’s done to Solufein? Why did the Gods want him to fight such a worthless weakling? There was a blinding light as Solufein appeared before Kron. His eyes glowed like twin suns burning into him. The gods then ordered combat to begin.

The area around Kron turned dark as he summoned gravitational energy towards him. Solufein did not move or show any emotion as Kron built more and more power. A second later he let go firing a huge distortion towards Solufein, the zoalord just stood there as it past harmlessly through him and continued on to obliterate a zoalord protecting the crowd. The crowd roared in both awe and fear at the sight of this unable to decide if their ruler was going to be the victor or if more zoalords would die today. Kron looked at Solufein perplexed to how the rival zoalord was able to evade such an attack.

“There was a time Kron when I feared you,” said Solufein as he now walked slowly towards Kron. Kron raised his right arm, energy surrounding it and as he brought it crashing down an energy wave crashed towards his enemy. Again the energy passed harmlessly through Solufein towards the crowd crashing into the huge stone wall below it sending rock, dust and debris flying everywhere.

“There was a time you ruled the Great Snake with fear and intimidation,” said Solufein getting closer to Kron. The fear on Kron’s face now showed as he realised this was no mere zoalord he faced. The orbs on his knuckles glowed as he pulled his hands back and then forward firing ten mini gravity balls towards Solufein. Again the attack passed harmlessly through him slamming into the wall below the crowd now realising it wasn’t safe in this part of the coliseum had moved back away from the walls.

“You killed my father, you killed the Numidan, the Clan Father and the gods rewarded you how? They made you the ruler of this great kingdom!” shouted Solufein. His eyes glowed filled with rage as he now attacked Kron. But this was not in away the Zoalord expected. His mind linked to Kron. Kron’s fell to his knees in pain holding his head screaming in agony has Solufein walked up within hands reach of the powerful zoalord.

<”CEASE”> ordered a voice.

Solufein though compelled to follow did not. He was a Lost One; he did not need to obey like other Zoalords did. Reeve in sensing the voice and noticing his brother’s attacker did not stop now fired on Solufein with zoa-crystal fire. To Solufein a zoalord who could warp time the attack happened slowly and once again time slowed around him and he warped himself out of reality as the blast hit where he stood. But before he could counter attack Reeve, the most powerful of the zoalords appeared between them, Zeugma! The Clan mother, daughter to Numidan the one person he knew and possibly the Gods also knew he would never disobey. Before she even needed to ask he stopped the attack on Kron and returned to normal time.

Zeugma in her battle from shined brightly brimming with raw power focusing those in the Coliseum zoa from and human alike to look away in a show of strength. Kron now freed of Solufein’s mental attack now began to recover his brother Reeve teleporting beside him.

“Kill him Zeugma,” roared Reeve with such anger that he was almost foaming at the mouth.

“Solufein, why did you disobey the gods?” asked Zeugma walking towards the Lost One.

“What does it matter Zeugma? He dared attack a Master Zoalord; he dared to disobey the gods he should die NOW!” said Reeve, Zeugma could sense the attack looming from Reeve. Solufein stood silently leaving it to her what happened next.

<“The Lost One is important to us Zeugma, do not let him be destroyed if you can control him,”> ordered the voice.

“Our masters have spoken Reeve, he is to live.”

“To hell with what they think, he attacked me, he attacked Kron he is to DIE!” roared Reeve as his he raised his hand that was full of energy to attack Solufein. Before he could do commit though he found his arms resisting him. He attempted to fire his zoa-crystal that too resisted him. As his gaze turned from Solufein to Zeugma he was why he was unable to attack. Zeugma prevented him!

“You dare object to the orders of the Gods?” But Zeugma did not wait for an answer and with a simple flick of her wrist she sent Reeve flying with her psionic powers into the coliseum walls.

“He was blinded by anger Solufein, but you why did you of all people disobey the Gods?

“They have never being able to command me Zeugma!”

“What do you mean?”

“They call me the Lost One! They have tried to make more liked me but they have failed. They have never being able to command me unless I wanted to do what they asked.”

“And you wanted to fight Kron?”

“He never deserved what he has, after what he done to our tribe! To our fathers!”

“That was a life time ago, we’re Zoalords now, the agents of the Gods!” said Zeugma, the influence of those that commanded her showing clearly to those outside the control of the Gen. Solufein knew that he would not be able to change the mind of his childhood love, his Clan Mother and natural leader. To die at her hands would be an even crueller joke of misfortune.

“I will do as you ask Clan Mother, and as an agent of the Gods it will be as if he came from them,” said Solufein hoping this would not only please Zeugma but those that listened through her right now. Zeugma nodded in agreement, Solufein knew this meant more testing by the gods, that he would be placed inside a chamber for further study. That mattered little to him, someday the Gods would be gone and would be able to speak with Zeugma without their interference! Both Zeugma and Solufein then teleported away.

Kron heard what they both said, more so what that runt Solufein had said about him. He stood up, around him the crowd roared in delight at the sight of him recovering. He needed to show them that he could not only stand, that he could still command the elements. Kron’s zoa-crystal glowed and the sky above them turned from clear blue sky to darkness in mare seconds as clouds appeared. Lightning crashed around him as Kron floated off the ground. Then as soon as it started Kron stopped and the clouds cleared again to the cheers of a crowd Kron was well used to being able to wow. He walked now to his brother Reeve. He was still unconscious, Kron was unsure if this was because of the force of the impact or from a mental command from Zeugma. But as he neared his brother he started to move. Kron reached down to help his brother up.

“Where… are they,” asked Reeve, as he slowly got up with his brothers help.

“She left with Solufein, the Gods must have a plan for him,” answered Kron.

“I don’t care what they plan for them brother, some day the tables will turn and I will kill them all!”

Italy – Warrior Guyver project site 3 close modern day Pompeii

It was close to fifty years since the birth of Krullnar. By normal Gen standards though he was still a youngling, but born a human hybrid he ages much faster than Gen would normally. By human standards he was “born old”, by the time he was five he had already learned the complete human DNA map. His mind craved knowledge and by the time he was ten he began to form his own ideas on what would be the Warrior Projects future. Krullnar foresaw that while the Gen themselves where to take advantage of the Guyver effect with enhanced Units. The issue at hand was who or what would be their army. Would it be the Gen themselves? Unlikely and the Zoa-forms had an inherent weakness in that they could possibly go out of the control. While the Gen themselves had taken steps to modify the Unit-G in all Relic’s and ships they encountered on Earth if they ever faced the Uranus again it would be possible for a Zoalord or Zoanoid to encounter a Unit of theirs and that would be a disaster for all.

At the age of ten Krullnar foresaw something his father had only briefly thought of. The Guyver effect relied on two factors, to be human and the Unit-G. If this was modified and a new race created that would not go Guyver when merged with a Unit-G this would give them the warriors they needed. So not to risk the possibility of a weapon too powerful for them to control none of this race Krullnar envisaged would be zoa-formed like humanity is today. Instead they would be merged with a new armour and control crystal that Krullnar called Kavzar based on the legend of old the Warriors that protected the Council of the 13 on their lost home world.  Then on his eighteenth birthday her merged with his control Unit. It contained in it the work of his father and mother, their knowledge, hopes and fears for him. That day marked the change from childhood to that of a full member of the Warrior Project.

That was thirty two years ago when Krullnar thought of that idea and joined his family’s project. While his father worked on the second Warrior Unit itself his mother was at work in a secret site elsewhere known only to Krullnar, Solom and Eve. They had divided the work between them; Krullnar would continue work on what would be the weapons system, his mother and Eve designed the race that would come use it while he now had finished the first Zoa-Battle Unit G1. He had taken his father’s lessons in not to overwhelm the design and unlike normal Unit-G’s this Unit marked the first complete change control medal design in that it was controlled by a Control Crystal similar to that of a Zoalord’s Zoa-Crystal.

He looked at his Unit and couldn’t help but feel a little bit of dread while he wondered what future this Unit and the next prototypes would help achieve. If this Unit and the line of Units he would create worked, then there would be a day the Gen would no longer need humanity, there would be a day they would no longer need the Zoalords, and there would be a day he would no longer be able to be with Zeugma. His childhood crush was still a person he cared about deeply. It was something he kept to himself, knowing the Gen would never be in favour of it. He hopped that his creation wouldn’t spell her doom, and if he prevent that he would but not at a cost of the Warrior Project.

Pacifica Test Site

Pariah stood ready for battle. It was years since he first fought here. Since then a lot more plant life had taken hold on the huge land mass. But it was still mostly a barren landscape that the Gen kept free of large mammals that could interfere in their tests. Today he hoped would be no different than before, he would fight a new foe and he would defeat it. He now waited for the battle trained human he was going to face to merge with their Unit. Once that was complete then they would be given a knowledge dumb of everything they needed to know about the Unit. At that point battle would commence. He decided walk towards where he reckoned the combatant would be. Having fought here so many times before he had gotten used to the landscape and the points the Gen put their test subjects. This would at least give him something to do while his opponent got ready.

A few minutes later the islands control centre activated and sent the information pulse that signalled the start of battle. Guyver Supreme knew he was getting too used to battle, he was correct in his guess he had being walking towards his new foe. Guyver Supreme knew not to waste energy now, his Unit did not take enough power from the boost dimension to allow him to battle for an unlimited time. He had to use his power sparingly and effectively. He done the same old trick he always did, he let his foe waste more energy getting to him.

A few minutes later his head sensors twitched as his foe came into range. This thing was different to the normal pure Guyver beings he faced. It felt like a strange mix of Guyver and a Zoalord, he was worried at first when he sensed it but somehow realised it wasn’t powerful enough to be a true Guyver Zoalord. Whatever this thing was it was flying towards him, as he saw it the creature did look like a mix between a Guyver and a Zoalord and as it landed he caught sight of the beings control crystal, it was not like a Guyvers normal one at all but that of a Zoalord. He didn’t have time to wonder what that meant as the being sent a series of gravity bullets flying towards him. Guyver Supreme activated his shield that absorbed the attack and returned fire with his head beam. The being he faced control crystal glowed as Guyver Supreme realised he was in for a real battle for his life has a shield appeared around his foe and his head laser fire was also shielded.

Both foes stopped for a moment. Both had head sensors which moved back and forward trying to absorb as much information they could about each other in the few seconds they allowed each other to this.

Guyver Supreme found himself again on the receiving end of a fast gravity attack but it lacked the real power needed break his shield. Guyver Supreme this time retaliated with his pressure cannon. The gravity flew with deadly precision breaking through his foes shield and hitting him square in the chest blowing a hole through the centre. The being feel to his knees unable to scream in pain with what would be a mortal wound to a human the Guyver Supreme knew this was his chance to finish the fight. Before the being had a chance to recover he opened his mega-smasher and obliterated his foe. Guyver Supreme deactivated his armour leaving the man known as Pariah standing. He looked at where his unnamed foe stood. This wasn’t the most powerful prototype he had faced but it was the most surprising and the first that used the lesser powers of a Zoalord against him. He knew deep down that he would sooner or later face another foe like this as its Gen creator worked on the design. It would only be a matter of time before he faced one with real firepower.

Knossos – Floating City above Mount Olympus

Solom and Ananke sat together on the couch in front of a 3d holographic device that showed a play live from Atlantis. The Gen had discovered the human need for entertainment and the stories of Atlantis and their plays where the current height of this entertainment to them. Ananke and Solom hadn’t seen each other for months, both deep in work on their respective work for their Warrior Project. Both felt the need to relax and to be together. Ananke snuggled into the side of Solom as he then put his arm over her shoulder and held her to him.

“I wonder where Krullnar is?” asked Solom realising that one of the reasons he and Ananke had come home was also to see their son on the day of his first completed test Unit.

“He is probably collecting his thoughts wondering the city park,” answered Ananke.

Like his mother had guessed Krullnar walked the city not wanting to go home just yet needing to collect his thoughts as he entered the city park. He felt upset that his Unit had lost against the Supreme Test. He wondered if he was a fool to jump the process of his unit fighting against a standard Unit. Maybe he was he thought to himself. But as he sat on the grass in a park area near a monument to the Gen fallen home world he realised like his parents must have that he would have to overcome the short fallings of his Battle Unit. His second Unit and there would be a second would need to be more powerful with less emphasis on trying to capture all the Zoalord weapons and more on selecting some of their powers and merging it with the power of a Guyver. With less weapons the ones it had could be made more powerful and controlled and break through the shield of the Guyver Supreme. Maybe his next Unit would also fail? Maybe so he would design another Unit, a better Unit that would sooner or later pass the Test. If there was anything he could learn from his father it was that he shouldn’t give up because the Guyver Supreme obliterated his test Unit.

Krullnar got up and looked around. It was a long time since he was born, well to him that is has he was constantly reminded being fifty years old was nothing to the Gen. But around him more Gen had settled down like his parents and there was a large number of children playing together in the park as their parents looked on. He remembered coming here as a child. With both his parents and at times also with Zeugma would also bring him here for him to play. He wondered if he grew up too soon, he remembered at the age of five telling Zeugma he was too old to play in the park. He regretted that now looking back he would have liked to have had more time with the Zoalord.

Even though with a simple thought he could be teleported to his family home Krullnar liked to walk home. The floating city had many examples of great buildings, a Gen twist of modern technology and modelled after the buildings of Atlantis but on a grander scale. Though unlike Atlantis there was no trade district, the Gen if they needed something like food or clothing would have it replicated for them by the City with a simple thought. They wanted for nothing except their survival free of those that destroyed their home world. Krullnar hopped that soon he would have the answer for that, there would be an army of his Kavzar ready to defend the Gen the next time someone tried to attack them!

Krullnar neared his home, he knew his parents the head of the Warrior Project would be there. He wondered to himself if he would be upset with him for his failure to defeat the Supreme Test? But that would be so very unlike his parents and put the thought out of his head. He was getting nervous now, he wondered why he felt such an emotion, they where his parents they would support him no matter what, but in the end he couldn’t help it. He continued to wonder if there was a way for him to have made his unit better? Maybe he should follow his father’s example and not focus on defeating Guyver Supreme. He father once told him something that now he had tasted defeat made sense. “The object isn’t to defeat the Guyver Supreme, the object is to make a perfect Warrior Unit and in its perfection the Guyver Supreme would be defeated.” He relaxed now understanding what this meant, he shouldn’t focus on failure, he shouldn’t focus on the shame he felt for being defeated, but he should only focus on what he could control a perfect Warrior Unit.

The energy door to the house opened and Krullnar entered his family home. As he entered the house with a simple thought his cloths changed to lighter indoor clothes. To the side of the living room as the dining room and now that he was feeling a lot less nervous he felt how hungry he was. He sat down to the table and in front of him appeared his favourite meal cooked as he liked it. He could hear the play from inside the dining room. He smiled, he knew his parents hadn’t seen each other in a long time. Like him they would be very engrossed in their side of the Warrior Project. They rarely saw each other, and when outside this home and working on the Project rarely spoke of anything other than work. He sighed in relief knowing with it playing the topic of Guyver Supreme would be something for tomorrow.

Krullnar finished his meal and once again with a simple thought the dirty plate disappeared. Krullnar finished his glass of water and walked into the living room to join his parents. His mother had fallen asleep beside his father. Solom looked on at the play smiling as the story unfolded. It must have being a good one thought Krullnar as he sat down. Though to Krullnar a play wasn’t the best thing to be watching, he would have preferred it to be the battles of Zero the first Guyver against the increasing odds of those test Units he now faced. But chances of changing what his father was watching was unlikely. He was just happy to be there with him, Krullnar smiled and sat back in his chair.

Pacifica Test Site

It has being over three hundred and fifty years since Krullnar had made his first Unit. Since then he has finished two more Units both being defeated by the Guyver Supreme. But like the Units of the Warrior Project their designs are getting better and better. Krullnar still wants to perfect the basic design before he merges the Kavzar idea with that of Warrior Unit technology Bitter rivalries have since formed between the Nova Project and the Warrior Project teams. Both teams claim to have the edge on what will be the ultimate Warrior Project. Last year the Guyver Supreme was defeated for the first time by someone outside the Warrior Project. The Hpa’Tus Vulcan Unit – 3A the name of it while dormant proved too much for the Guyver Supreme obliterating him.

Anyone would have being forgiven for thinking this would be the end of the Supreme test, but such a useful being and test was not so easily ended. The Guyver Supreme’s Control medal had long progressed from a simple test Unit. Like the Guyver 0 they represented the peak of a testing system for weeding out the weak test Units that the Council of the 13 felt did not meet the standard needed to be “their” Battle Unit.  Before every battle the Guyver Supreme always remained in a Bio-Pod inside the great Clan Ship for over a week to make sure he was at the best possible bio-energy potential for the battle ahead. Unknown to all bar Solom and the Council after Guyver Supreme proved his worth centuries ago his Active Control medal was backed up inside the Clan Ship. When the Guyver Supreme died a dormant Unit was activated by the ship and fed the Control Medal information required from Guyver Supreme before his last battle. He was reborn unaware he was ever defeated.

The Warrior Project through Eve received information about the Nova Project’s next Unit, it was an ambitious and devastating Unit with control over gravity that inspired a response. Solom had to design a Unit that would nullify the advantage of the Black Nova Unit. Solom knew from the information given that it would take many years to perfect the design of the Black Nova, he had to perfect his Warrior Unit and fast. The third prototype using the three sided Control Medal had failed. Again when strained the Unit lost the HSL system, unable to feed itself enough power the Darmon system kicked in, but it was still defeated by Guyver Supreme. Krullnar held this Unit and the 2nd Prototype Warrior Unit in the Pompeii site research ship. Some years later Solom designed his answer to the Black Nova. But to test it battle before he amalgamates it with his forth Warrior Unit prototype he decided update his original Battle Unit the Unit that he first tested the HSL system on.

Now a year later he faced the Warrior Project’s latest test Unit, the Solom Battle Unit G2 stood ready to face the Supreme Test. The battle started and as before Guyver Supreme wasted no energy and simply walked towards his foe. The Battle Guyver though unlike its previous incarnation which outlasted the Guyver Supreme was now equipped with a modern HSL designed for the Warrior Unit. That gave it a lot higher energy pool than its needs that constantly regained energy from the boost dimension so it no longer had the limitation of stamina. The Battle Guyver rushed into battle flying at full speed towards the Guyver Supreme. The Guyver Supreme unaware of the advances this unit contained reasoned that such a waste of energy to simply meet his opponent would lead to this Units defeat. The Battle Guyver landed only a short distance away from him opening its left mega-smasher right away. Guyver Supreme immediately fired his head beam to destroy the mega-smasher cell before it fired. But the laser fire hit off the Battle Guyver’s body shield.

Once the shield appeared Guyver Supreme knew it would only me a matter of seconds before he would be on the receiving end of a mega-smash. His shield activated as he pushed it to the maximum he could. Her mega-smasher fired hitting him at point blank range. The power of the mega-smash was intense but Guyver Supreme had felt power like this before and knew he could withstand it. The blast cleared and Guyver Supreme countered with a pressure cannon attack aimed right for the Battle Guyvers head. Expecting to see the Guyver shield the blast Guyver Supreme opened his full mega-smasher. But to his shock his gravity ball was met by the Battle Guyvers blast field and it swirled around to and fired back immediately a him without the time to shield himself the gravity ball hit the middle of his upper chest blowing apart both mega-smasher cells the force of the impact sending him flying backwards to the ground. He knew he was finished as he lay there in shock. Battle Guyver’s blast field cleared she stood ready to obliterate the Guyver Supreme!

<“CEASE”> ordered the voice. But Battle Guyver’s mega-smashers continued to charge. Horus the Battle Master did not wait any longer. Zeugma teleported in front of the Battle Guyver before the mega-smasher fired. The blast hit her but before it even reached Zeugma her zoa-crystal flared has she channelled the energy around her and the Guyver Supreme. Guyver Supreme sensed this happening but he was in incredible plain and unable to do anything about it until his Unit healed the damage done to him. As the blast cleared a surprised Battle Guyver was met by Zeugma with her arm pointed at her with a Unit Remover charged. A moment later it fired and there was a momentary flash around the joints of the Battle Guyver as the Unit removed from its host Caye and then lay on the ground before her.

Caye the third in a series of battle clones stood before the Master Zoalord. Even though she was a Guyver disobedience was not allowed, Zeugma’s eyes glowed as Caye was set alight killing her instantly. Zeugma recognised her, though she realised she should not for she should have died a long time ago of old age. She was the image of one of Clan Sisters. Not a blood relation like Seraph but close. The Gods must have used her image, Zeugma wondered what ever happened to Aaye, did the Gods see fit to use her for something different to what they did to her?  It was something she would have to answer at a later time, Horus commanded her away from the Guyver Supreme and to return the Remover and dormant Battle Unit to Feral Island. Zeugma as always carried out the wishes of the Gods and teleported away leaving Guyver Supreme alone.

A short while later the armour had recovered enough to that he could close the cover to his mega-smashers. He was not fully recovered enough though to be able to deactivate his Unit. He could feel tiredness creeping in. That Battle Guyver was different from everything he had faced before. It was able to sustain high level attacks and was not only able to easily shield his pressure cannon, but manipulate the gravity ball so that it not only was totally ineffective but lethal to the person who fired the attack. He’d being defeated finally he thought. What would the Gen call him now?

Atlantis – The Palace of Kron

It had being many years since the events of Solufein and Kron’s defeat at his hands. While most if not all of the humans who witnessed the event where now dead the memory of the event lives on in Kron and Reeve. Neither has forgiven for what she did Reeve especially. But life continued on much as it did before. To the people of Atlantis they where Gods themselves and they took advantage of the status to the fullest. Reeve the younger of the too ensured his bothers wishes where always completed even if his brother did not know he wished it. Kron always busy either filling out the wishes of the Gods or arranging entertainment in the form of Gladiatorial combat wasn’t every good at keeping in seed in check as Reeve put it. When Kron did get a slave or princess pregnant and it was always a case of when to Reeve, not if that woman would silently disappear.

Tonight Kron was dining a guest and like all his guests in the past he received a warm welcome in Atlantis. Pariah had never visited Atlantis, Pariah rarely got to visit any place other than the Pacifica Test Site. As Kron introduced Pariah to the city he couldn’t help wonder why the Gen had allowed him to come to the great human city. He wondered if it was because some of them felt a level of pity for him to let him enjoy life just a little. He would never get to answer this question he thought. He often wondered how different life had being if he had never decided to make the body he had done. But as Kron introduced him to Kron’s bother Reeve he stopped wondering and shook Reeve’s hand in a sign of friendship.

Kron lavished praise about Pariah and his battles against formidable tests units. It was then he heard something that completely caught him off guard. Kron referred to his “only two defeats” in a life time of battle against other Test Units to a crowd of Atlantis elite humans and Zoalords. The look of shock was momentarily there on the face of Pariah for all to see. But he regained his composer quickly and smiled as the crowd cheered the foreign champion. Pariah knew to stay quiet, what Kron had let slip was something he should not even hint of importance for Kron was not a Guyver but a servant of the Gen. There was only one person that he could now speak with, Zero the only man and former Gen to have suffered the same fate as him..

The party continued on, there was no sign of Zero. An hour or so later there was a great feast. Foods and drink Pariah had never tasted where there for the taking. After the fight with Battle Guyver and the hunger he now felt Pariah couldn’t help not only enjoy it but ate until there was no room to eat any more. Pariah sat back, people around him in the huge hall still ate but he needed to let his food digest.

“You look to have enjoyed your feast,” said Kron to Pariah.

“Yes I did, thank you for arranging such a wondrous feast,” said Pariah fighting not to burp into the face of one of the top Master Zoalords.

“You are a great warrior of the God’s visiting from afar. Do they not feed you so well in Pacifica?” asked a curious Kron.

“No they do not,” said Pariah he would have loved to be based from here. Proper food easily beat being fed through a bio-tube after a long battle. He looked around the room and noticed the scantily clad slaves they had serving the meals. This was not a society of equals here in Atlantis by no means but the ruling class lived a life few humans could dream of or even the test warriors of the Gen. That thought reminded him of someone he wanted to meet, Zero!

“Lord Kron, where is Zero?”

“He did not want to take from your night Pariah, he is at his home in the Palace grounds,” answered Kron. Pariah knew not to push the matter and to enjoy the night.

The next day Pariah awoke in the feast room on a large couch with some sheets over him. As his eyes painfully opened he realised where he was. He tried remembering what happened the night before but found his mind was blank up the point he spoke with Kron. After that he tried some wine the rest of the night was a blur. He tried to move and realised there was a person lying on his right arm. As he moved the sheets he realised it was a woman. “Who is she?” was the first thought that popped into his head. He moved his arm gently form under her and looked around. The room was mostly empty of people but around the room he could see the odd person still asleep lying on similar couches.

He looked back down at the woman he had slept with. She was of had tanned skin, he could guess this woman was a slave as all the ruling class he had met where all paler and as he thought about it he recalled Reeve joking about the rulers of Atlantis busting into flames if they ever went out in the sun. He reached down and felt left her hand that was reached over the pillow. Though she was an attractive young woman she was not shy of labouring he thought. He must have disturbed her sleep as he heard her mumble something. Her eyes opened and she spoke, but he was unable to understand her. But as she continued to speak his mind reached out and learned from her how to speak her language. As she continued to speak about what he needed his willing servant to do Pariah realised that not all the abilities of the Gen had disappeared as he and his onetime race feared. They were still there buried deep inside him for him to learn how to use them again.

He would have thought the realisation would have brought joy to him, he could rejoin his race. But he thought it wouldn’t be possible and after all these years away from them deep down he felt no desire to do so. They were now a different species to him he thought. He was far closer to humanity now than to the Gen. The only other person he knew to be like him was Zero. He would need to find him and speak with him to see if he too had come to this realisation.

“Why can’t I remember what happened last night?” he asked the slave woman in her own language.

“During last night’s celebrations in your honour you drank a lot of wine. When you do that you not only get drunk but it can make it hard to remember what you did while you were drunk,” answered the woman. As she spoke he recalled more of last night and him kissing her though he did not know the words for his action.

“Last night, did we….” said Pariah but he could not think of the words to ask the remainder of his question.

“Yes, we did,” she answered. Pariah wasn’t too sure if she really answered his half question, but his head ached and he wanted to remain focused. He needed to find Zero.

“Do you know where Zero lives?”

“Yes I do, but I am not allowed to leave the Palace of Kron,” answered the woman.

Pariah waited a moment and considered his options then wondered what the boundaries were for this young woman meant to do to serve him. “You said you are my servant?”

“I am the slave of the Palace of Kron,” answered the young woman.

“And I am a guest of this Lord Kron?”

“Yes you are.”

“So by bringing me to the house of Zero rather than disappointing me you would be doing what an honoured guess asked?” The young woman did not answer.

“I promise you, you have my word that nothing wrong will happen to you by fulfilling my request,” said Pariah as he looked into the young woman’s eyes he could see the mixture of fear and confusion caused by his request.

She nodded and then claimed off the couch and stood up. He sensed from her she did not answer him in fear of simply getting it wrong. The punishment for doing so must have being severe to cause such a response. Pariah looked at her as she searched through the bedding looking for her clothing and quickly got dressed.  He admired her attractiveness and understood why he was attracted to her, he guessed even more so when he was drunk and less likely to debate with himself how she felt about it.

“Follow me,” she said as she waited. Pariah pulled the sheets off him and looked for his clothes knowing that in this culture it was frond on to walk around naked. He got dressed and she led him through the massive Palace of Kron. Even though she was walking with speed and he had little time to admire it he couldn’t help but appreciate the art and sculptures made by man that was held in the Palace. He had overheard Gen speaking at times of the grandeur of Atlantis now he understood why and why the Gen that replicated it in Knossos the great floating city of the Gen. Pariah stopped thinking of his people as they left the grounds of the Palace two guards approached them.

One of the men pulled out a whip. Pariah sensed the extreme pain and fear coming from the mind of the woman what thing brought. The guards where merciless to slaves and he had brought her here. Before the guard or the girl has a chance to react Pariah had shoved the girl away from him and roared GUYVER. The ground under him exploded in dust as a barrier shield surrounded him and he became the Guyver Supreme. Both guards stood in shock looking at the armoured being never expecting to see anything like the Guyver 0.

“This woman is taking me to my brother the Guyver 0. I promised her she would not come to harm helping me find him. Do you men dare to make me a liar?

They did not answer but ran away in fear of what he was. “At least they were smart,” he thought to himself he would have killed them if they broke his word and harmed the girl.

“Let’s go,” said Guyver Supreme as he turned to the young woman.

The woman just nodded as she got off the ground, she too much like the guardsmen was in shock at what Pariah had become. He was most defiantly a champion like the Guyver 0, the Champion of Atlantis. Pariah retracted his armour his point made and with the young woman walked off towards the home of Zero. Behind him he could hear the guards arguing. They now walked through the city streets. Pariah could tell from the looks the woman was given it she was not viewed as an equal.

Kron had being awoken by the commotion caused at the entrance to the Palace. Dressed in his regal armour he walked to the front gates. Kron did not believe in getting second hand information and using a higher ranked guard to find out what happened. He believed it was best to act when he had the information at hand, if what he heard was what thought he hear that woke him from his asleep it would be of importance for him to act fast. The guards saw him and stopped arguing immediately and kneeled towards the ruler of Atlantis.

“What happened here?” asked Kron as he turned and looked at the indentation in the fine stone walkway that was the point the Guyver Supreme activated.

“My Lord, A slave tried to leave the palace without escort from the guards. We did not know the man the slave was with,” said highest rank guard as he walked forward.

“Did you not meet him when he toured the city? The man is Pariah, the armoured warrior of the Gods!” shouted a clearly annoyed Kron.

“My apologies my lord, we were not gifted to have been there to witnessed it.”

“Hmm, was anyone harmed?”

“No my lord, he turned off the Gods Armour, said he was going to find his brother the Guyver 0 and that this girl was to bring him there, he swore her no harm!”

“Ensure that none comes. You three go, spread the word about them make sure all guards leave them be, anyone unlucky enough to survive an attempt on making Pariah breaking his word will be killed by me! GO NOW!” The guards men ran as fast as their feet would carry them, quickly they met other guards who were given the mission and the warning. Quickly the word spread, do not attack the girl, and do not dare attack Pariah! Kron turned back to the Palace hopeful that his well trained men would follow his orders.

Reeve looked down from an overhanging balcony. He had witnessed Pariah’s intimidation of the guards, his impressive armour that appeared out of nowhere and his enhanced Zoalord hearing allowed him to hear every word his brother had said. Behind him he sensed something turning around to see another armoured being. Immediately he kneeled and bowed to him.

“Rise Reeve my loyal servant!” said G’Kor.

“G’Kor my God what is you want of me?”

“I want nothing but your company my loyal Zoalord.”

“You have it,” said Reeve as he stood up. He couldn’t help but notice the armour of G’Kor. It was so similar to that of Guyver 0 or Guyver Supreme. But unlikely them he didn’t look as bulky, though more armoured a lot less sign of the bio-material that was between the armour of the Champions. G’Kor sensed him being aware of this.

“I can sense the question inside you. You wonder why Guyver Supreme and Guyver 0 are different to me?” Reeve simply nodded.

Pariah arrived to the closed off area before the home of the Guyver 0. In the district he chose for his home it was by far one of the largest. The salve woman and remarked at how he not only owned this home but most of the ones surrounding it in the walled off district. The guards at the entrance already pre warned by the palace guards already had the doors to the compound open and motioned for them to enter. Pariah understood why, he was happy that he didn’t have to demonstrate why they should again.

As they entered the compound Pariah was impressed by the size and splendour of the buildings inside the Zero District of the city. One of the district guards ran up to him and the slave woman. He wasn’t armed and looked to be visibly older than any guard he’d ever met in the city.

“Hello, my name is Tenos I’m captain of the Zero District I have to ask you sir why are you here?” said the man as he stood in front of them but not in a threatening manner and not directly in the path of them so that they had to stop. Pariah stopped walking and turned to the man, he had treated him with respect introducing himself and not preventing him from going forward.

“I am Pariah, I am the Champion of Pacifica and the Gods call me the Supreme Test. I’m here to meet Zero,” he answered. Pariah didn’t know quite what it was, but this older man gave him a strange feeling.

“Can you prove your claim to me sir,” said the man backing off a distance enough so that the blast field would not harm him. Pariah defiantly got the feeling this man had intimate knowledge of what he was. Pariah turned to the slave woman who also knew now to do the same and she walked away from his side. Seconds later he screamed Guyver and his amour appeared around him. Guyver Supreme’s head sensors instinctively moved back and forward to give him an image of the area around him and what was inside the buildings. As he scanned the man before him he knew now why he got a strange feeling from him. He was part Gen, like himself Zero must also have dormant genetic code that was still Gen. This man in front of him was somehow related to Zero.

“You are related to Zero,” said Guyver Supreme looking at the Tenos in to his eyes.

“Yes I am Pariah the Guyver Supreme. I am his fifteenth son from his fourth wife. Around you in the Zero District are the houses of Zero and his extended family. As the Champion of Atlantis he provides for all of his extended family.”

“I have proved my claim, can you bring me to him?”

“Yes I can but what of the girl?” asked Tenos.

“Can you see that she is well looked after for bringing me here?”

“Indeed I will, she will be treated like an honoured guest.”

Guyver Supreme nodded towards Tenos. Tenos gestured for them to follow him towards what looked to be the largest villa in the centre of the compound. Guyver Supreme couldn’t help but scan the area with his sensors. Each house had a variety of different people in it, from young to the elderly. Not all of them sensed like Tenos. Guyver Supreme could understand why. Not only would the wife of Zero be human, but the offspring of theirs and their offspring would intermingle with that of humanity. Daughters would find human male mates and vice versa he imagined. Zero had long outlived the average human lifespan being a Guyver, offspring from a century ago would now have a family of their own and their extended family and so on all the while why Zero continued to seek human companionship. Some of the minds he sensed why scanning the houses confirmed his theory. The realisation of this made Pariah realise he never needed to be the outcast he allowed himself to be. Guyver 0 must have some point sought and got what he wanted, family.

Pacifica Test Site

Solufein admired the Gods work sitting on the highest point of the land. Compared to the mountains of his tribe though these where basically small hills of rock. Zeugma had told him of this land located in the vast seas to the far west of his tribal home. It was the Gods place for testing of creatures of real destruction. He’d explored the land, it was mostly just rock though soil and grass lands had started to form, birds had also colonised the rocky short to the east. But there was no human life at all on this land.

The gods had given him this time to relax to think for the first time in years. He had reasoned with Zeugma that he would not be of flight risk, after all where else would he go? The only people he cared of were mostly dead. The tribe he knew long changed into the warrior tribe of the Gods and lived around their great ship in a foreign land. The only people he knew now where Zoalords. He did not want to be at war with Zeugma especially even if that meant he had to put up with a man he despised Kron. As the Gods had come to realise over the years, if they wanted him to do something they only needed to ask her.

The freedom he was enjoying on Pacifica was thanks to him taking part in one of the God’s test battles. He had faced a Guyver for the first time. It was not an easy battle but he had won. He discovered to his horror that he was unable to affect them like he did Kron. It was only after the battle that Zeugma translated the word Guyver for him. It meant Out of Control. He realised now that meant he could not use his mental abilities against such a foe. But he adapted and used his ability to manipulate time around him to defeat his foe. His foe though was more like himself than he cared to realise at the time. His foe was like him, put in a situation where he had to fight him. The Guyvers that the Gods tested may have being Out of Control but like any human a Zoalord couldn’t command, if one was put in a situation where they had to do it or else, most humans would simply do what is required of them. Given the option of to fight or face certain death at the hands of Zeugma, the Guyver would fight for survival alone. It made them dangerous foes he thought.

But where did they come from he wondered? Where did these hosts for the Armour of the Gods come from?

Atlantis – Villa of Zero, the Guyver 0

The home of Zero was a splendid property by even Gen standards. It had its own large farm land even though it was surrounded by houses and occupied a large portion of the compound itself. Inside the main house Pariah sat talking with Zero in a large room. Zero’s extended family continued about their house work or play leaving the two men talk.

“…you had a choice though Pariah. It might have not being explained to you, but our brothers gave you the option of being a Guyver,” said Zero.

“How do you know such things?” asked Pariah.

“I am the first Hybrid, indeed I never had a choice to become the Guyver 0, but it happened. I made the best choice available to me. I am still Gen, I may have a human body but I have not distanced myself from our race. You decided to take on this persona of the Pariah, the outcast. You most likely followed rumour and suspicion of what happened to me?”

“I guess I did, I believed that once you became Guyver you where put in permanent status?”

“Our race has its secrets Pariah, this is probably why humanity interested us, they are a primitive race but think very alike how we do,” said Zero. Pariah nodded his head in confused agreement, he had not live among humanity has long as Zero he wondered if Zero had developed more insight living in both cultures for so long. The Gen used humanity as a slave race commanded by the elite of their race, the Zoalords. From what little he witnessed in Atlantis he knew humanity was also capable of forcing others of their race to be their slaves. It was one similarity that he had seen, in all his time Zero must have seen and witnessed more.

“When I became a Guyver, when it merged with me and the damaged control medal reactivated the pervious hosts restored information I was indeed confused about who and what I was. Yes other Gen did not react well but no life was lost and I did not go out of control like the human side of by body did. That was a long time ago, Hpa’Edem my Gen father over the years helped me regain control over what I was. The Council knows I am far more than just a human Guyver. They asked me to help here on Earth, much like they would have asked you after your experiments if you could help them test their units?”

“Yes, they did ask me to help. They said I would be the perfect Guyver subject as the Gen part of me meant I’d never attack my own kind.”

“Indeed, do you believe if you die out there in a test battle that is the end of what you are?”


“No it is not, we are Gen, and did you not think them capable re-creating you after your destruction?”

“What do you mean?”

“We are too important to them. We are the standard to which other Test Units are measured. If they cannot beat us in battle they are a failure and they are destroyed. This much our Gen brothers would have told you.” Pariah simply nodded towards Zero to acknowledge this. “Before every battle we always go to the Argos the great Clan Ship. This is not only to make sure we’re at our best bio-potential it is so that we can be scanned and have our consciousness backed up. If we die we are simply restored to the point before the battle, none the wiser that we ever lost the battle. Solom the lead scientist even has a name for it now calling it “Combat Death Evolution”. We apparently learn from this process somehow and don’t commit the same mistakes making us more experienced. If we make bad choices the bad choice would be wiped out. Personally I believe it’s a not some sort of evolution, only a result of the process. We’d sooner or later win, that version of us is the only one that progresses.”

“But how did you find out?”

“For years I did not, but living in a great city means you find out from witnesses that you are defeated. Once I’d a suspicion I confirmed it, before a battle and after I’d being to the Clan Chip I would always talk with my third wife as part of my warm up to battle. If I could remember the conversation with her I knew I’d won, if I did not we logged it. Over time it gave a more rational picture than just being unbeatable by these newer and newer Test Units.”

“Are you saying the same thing has happened to me?”

“Yes, you’d never know if you didn’t have companions free of control. Humans naturally are hard to control, as such secrets slip.”

“I don’t… I mean I wasn’t given a choice Zeugma threatened me that I would die if I did not go through with merging with my Unit!”

“It was all bluff towards you, she would have done that so you fought for your life knowing that in your first battle if you did not win you would have being dead. My guess is after what happened to you that much like me you looked for a way to be useful. We are useful now, it costs us our lives and they bring us back again and again,” said zero in his hand was a small book bound in leather he passed it to Pariah,

“What is this?”

“It is the log I made with my third wife.”

Parish nodded, he opened the bind and opened the book. At first he couldn’t understand the notes, it was in a foreign language. But moments later he left Zero contact him telepathically and he shared with him how to read Atlantian. He read through the first few pages, as he realised how personal this book was to Zero, it was his wife’s thoughts and hand writing, it was her dairy. It described their life, her hopes for him and their children and it also then told of his request. She did as he asked, keeping a log of the days he went off to battle and forgot their conversations. Looking through the dairy quickly he found six times that it happened. He handed the book back to Zero.

“That my friend was the diary of my third wife. She died of old age sixty four cycles*1 ago. It was nine years later before I married again, and her diary spanning the last ten cycles alone dwarfs the book you hold.”

“The new units have progressed that much?”

“They have, I’ve overheard Kron and Reeve talk of the latest one called Battle Guyver. Solom’s latest work, it apparently obliterated me,” as Zero said those words he could see the look of curious fear in the eyes of Pariah.

“I have fought it as well and I only survived because a Gen halted the test and the Battle Guyver disobeyed it.”

“That is the first defeat you remember?”


“Someone on the Warrior Project must have wanted you to learn from the experience.”

“Why would you say that?”

“You’ll most likely face one again or something similar.”

“This has happened to you before?”

“More times than I care to recount!”

“Yesterdays experience has thought me one thing Zero, I have nothing to leave behind if I die unlike you. How did you get to live in such a place with this massive extended family?”

“Out of all the test Guyvers, the Zoalord threat you and I in particular almost like the way they few our Gen brothers as Gods. For me I’ve always being based here, I made this place my home and Kron and Reeve the Zoalord rules of Atlantis have always made this a place I can live in when I don’t have to fight for my life. But you’ve never being based here, you’d have to speak with someone of importance and request it.”

City of Argus – France

The area around the clan Ship had centuries ago become a large city. Unlike Atlantis which reminded largely a human populous here a mix of zoanoids and zoalords lived and outnumbered the remaining human population. This was the primary City of the Gen and it was from here they managed their Tests. Miles away from this fortified city human tribes lived their lives unhindered by this massive Gen army. Most neighbouring human cultures knew through bitter experience not to attack the City of Argus. No army sent against them could possibly win. Over the centuries trade routes where established with Argus as the human populations traded wheat and other crops for protection against other human tribes. Through trade the Gen and the odd Zoalord demonstrating his powers against an outside human city that was being attacked the Gen forces rarely had to battle to survive in over two hundred years.

Solufein appeared in a small village only a mile south of the City of Argus. Still in his Zoalord form the natives bowed before him. He sensed what they where, mostly zoanoids and the odd human in the mix. A large man who bowed before him seemed better dressed than the others. The mind of the enhanced zoanoid commander told him what the purpose of this village was. It was a farming village one of many that supplied food to the City. The mind of the enhanced zoanoid told him nothing of what he came here to find out. He thanked the man and turned towards Argus. He flew up into the air and could see the large city sprawling in front of him and behind that the large form of the Argus itself, the Clan Ship of the Gods. He had see research ships before, but even there impressive size paled in comparison to the Argus.

Solufein didn’t want to waste any more time and rather flying to the city teleported himself into the city appearing in the trade district. This was not Atlantis, but some of the advanced techniques from that region was brought here by the Gods. Atlantis iron weapons for example would be traded for food. Here the trade district was more basic though than the cooked foods and species of the Trade District in Atlantis and he could only see raw food stock being prepared for sale or the live animals themselves. Even so this was something Solufein had never witnessed. From the minds of the people who were selling their produce he could tell they didn’t hunt like he used to. They farmed a system the gods introduced beyond the living memory of the people here. He had to admit to himself the idea never accrued to him and if the Gods had never appeared he would have died a hunting shaman of his people. An hour ago he visited his tribal land, has he remembered there was no sign of his people there other that the remains of an old settlement high in the mountains that had not being completely taken over yet by nature.

Unlike the village here the zoanoids and humans in the City barely paid him any attention. They had seen many zoalords and did not feel the need to bow unless he commanded it. Solufein liked the idea; he could easily walk around here without undue attention. As he walked around the cities he wondered how the “Gods” viewed him compared to the other zoalords he now sensed around the city. The term Lost One stuck to him. The Gods always referred to him by the term. If not for Zeugma he would not be alive now to wonder around this city looking for any signs of his lost tribe. He dared not ask her about them for fear of angering the Gods who controlled her. He only asked for permission to come here to see the world.

He wondered the city for hours. It was getting dark now and the traders had all but left the trade district. No one here knew about his tribe, or if they did where capable of keeping it to themselves. It was like as if the Gods had wiped them out. Had all the people of fighting age like him become the Zoalords of the Gods? He may never get a direct answer to that and to seek it would bring more danger than immediate reward. To find out what he wanted he would have to do the bidding of the Gods and never resist them and allow himself to be controlled. He found that line of thought funny. The Gods couldn’t control him but if he wanted  to be with the woman he loved he would have to give up his freedom. Solufein came across a large home. The being inside it felt familiar to him, it was the Zoalord Fulton Balcus. He thought about it for a moment and decided he had to visit the Zoalord.

Solufein looked at the bell in front of the house not completely sure how he should properly approach the Zoalord. The last thing he could afford was a battle with the Zoalord or even a bad argument. He pondered for a moment the use of the bell then pulled the rope in the middle and made it ring. A few moments later the door opened and a woman Solufein sensed was a zoanoid appeared behind it. The female zoanoid looked at the Zoalord that stood before the door. The immense power and fear Solufein could emit filled her with fear, but no more than that of her master.

“How can I help you Zoalord?” she asked the tremble in her voice showed Solufein that he had to keep his powers in check. Without really trying he had frightened her.

“I’m the Zoalord Solufein and I want to meet your master.”

The female zoanoid nodded her head and turned to someone beside her. Solufein could hear the man talking. While he couldn’t fully make out the hushed words he heard enough of the man’s voice to know it was Fulton Balcus the being who attacked his tribe so long ago. Solufein felt nothing but contempt for his Zoalord but held back his emotions. This Zoalord was here before the Gods arrived as such he would know things even Zeugma might not.

“Come in,” said the woman. As Solufein walked in the doorway the man behind her came clear it was the man he expected to see.

“Fulton Balcus,” said Solufein looking reaching out his right arm. A custom he heard from Zeugma that they did in Atlantis as a sign of friendship. Fulton knowing the custom did likewise and they both shook hands.

“Hello, have we met before?” asked Fulton Balcus wondering why the rumoured Lost Zoalord was at the door of his home.

“Yes we have, back when you commanded the Tribe of the Form you attacked my tribe the Great Snake.”

“Ah yes, the boy who tried to save Zeugma,” said Fulton Balcus the jibe cut at Solufein but he smiled knowing it would be best to leave it go.

“Yes that was me. I have a question for you if you don’t mind?”

“Sure go ahead boy,” said Fulton the comment again meant to antagonise the Lost Zoalord. Solufein again though didn’t lose focus, and to get argy at this man he loathed wouldn’t give him his goal. Fulton Balcus and the Solufein walked to his guest room leaving the female zoanoid who went upstairs.

“You were a Zoalord before the Gods came to our lands,” said Solufein. To that Fulton just simply nodded as they both sat down.

“How was that even possible?”

“Are you sure you want to know?”

“Yes I am.”

“Solufein you are the Lost One, I’ve overheard the other Zoalords speak of you. Only Zeugma can control you?”

“Don’t try and distract me old one.”

“Answer the question as it is important boy!”

“Hmm, yes I am something happened to make me different than the other Zoalords, the Gods called me a Lost One. All I know it means is when they try and command me I don’t have too.”

“Good you are like me then and they can’t monitor our conversation.”

“How would you be like me?”

“The Gods called themselves the Uranus when I was born. They said I was a controller for all the zoanoids they made before.”

“How long ago was this?”

“I honestly don’t know,  but I was made before the great Zoalord Alkanphel!”


“Yes, the true ruler of the Zoanoids, humanity and the Zoalords.”

“But that is Zeugma?”

“No boy don’t take this the wrong way. But she is not like Alkanphel and I. She was not born a Zoalord by the Uranus. She came a very long time after and was made by these Gods that roam Gaia now in their human bodies!”

“Human bodies?”

“You’ve not seen them have you?”


“They sometimes at their important tests appear in person. They look like the Guyvers you have fought in your tests. But they don’t look as strong or powerful.”

“How do you know such thing?”

“After they came, your loathsome troublesome tribe and mine was taken into the Argus. I was told to settle here and command their new army. I never got to see them in person for years until at one of  their Tests a number of them appeared in person to see the results. They have the aura of command. But the Uranus never appeared in person, they always commanded from their ships!”

“These Gods act differently to the ones that made you.”

“Yes I would go as far to say that these Gods are not the same beings that came before to our lands.”

“I can never tell anyone what you’ve told me can I?”

“No, the Gods would either have them forget it or kill the secret.”

“How are you able to resist them Balcus?”

“I think it is because I am made by the Uranus that these new beings that claim to be Gods have trouble commanding me. It has become more clear over time as long as I don’t go out of my way to trouble for them they seem happy to leave me be doing as they ask.”

“That’s not quite it is it?”

“What do you mean boy?”

“The reason why the God’s don’t monitor you. You fear it is something else.”

“”Spit it out then, what is it you think I fear.”

“That the God’s don’t monitor you because you are obsolete,” the relatively young Zoalord. Fulton Balcus did not answer what he had said. A few minutes of silence past and both Zoalords thought about what was said.

“Fulton what happened to the others in our tribes those that did not become Zoalords?”

“They either died of old age or where chosen to be part of the God’s tests and became Guyvers.”

Elsewhere to the south east of the city Guyver Supreme arrived he had flown all the way from Atlantis. The natives of the city seemed to barely notice he was there as he now walked the streets towards the Argus. He wondered why that was the case. He was not equipped with a stealth system like some of the Guyvers he had fought before. There were no other Guyvers in the area that he could sense either. Rumour had it they lived outside the city and led a much rougher life to be at their peak. He wondered if it was not for his accident and the way his body became to being if he too would have lived there in the harsh lands to the south. As he reached the great ship he noticed the amount of Zoalords living in the settlements immediately around it exponentially increase. He understood why, their small army wasn’t enough to cope when the Swarm came and destroyed their world. The Gen made sure now that such a force wouldn’t be able to do that again.

As Guyver Supreme walked down the street that stopped at the skin of the Argus his eyes focused on the four Zoalords that guarded it between him and the great ship. He did not stop if the Zoalords had reason to stop him they wouldn’t use force unless he forced them into that situation. That was what he hoped would happen if that would be the case he would find out in a few seconds. As he walked up to the four they moved to the side and bowed. He could only guess why they did that and wondered if they would greet one of the other Test Guyvers like they had him in the same way.

As he stood within stepping distance his Control Medal glowed and the skin of the ship opened in a circular motion before him. He stepped in and as expected the ship entered a cleaning cycle washing his Armour before he entered the ship. What he saw inside though caught him totally by surprise. The organic structures of the great Clan Ship looked like a strange mix of organic and that of what he’d seen in Atlantis. Gen wondered around organic streets without their armour on. Seeing this he also done the same and commanded his Unit to deactivate. Even with his Unit deactivated it was still obvious to be able to tell the difference between him and those around him. The Gen human bodies where much weaker and shorter than him by near two feet. He was far more human than they and that was even more noticeable when he looked at their hair. He had far more human like hair which was dark red colour. They had a mixture of blue, purple and green hair colour mostly. That was why he was outcast or at least led to believe he was an outcast. Even though it had being many years since he was last on the Argus and the great ship had converted its insides Pariah knew where he was going. Moments later he arrived at the Chamber of G’Kor.

Pariah entered the Chamber as it opened before him. This confirmed what he had thought someone was allowing him to come here and that was G’Kor.

“Welcome back to our home Arven,” said G’Kor.

“I’ve not gone by that name in a very long time G’Kor.”

“I know, you call yourself Pariah the Outcast,” said G’Kor as he got up off his chair and walked towards Pariah.

“The name is fitting for my situation,” said Pariah looking at G’Kor eyes. He was different to the other Gen. His human body reacted differently to the other Gens whose eyes all glowed in a strange blue tone. G’Kor’s eyes were glowing like the other Gen but where red in colour. Why this was the case was something Pariah would probably never know.

“You are the brother of Draven, even with your more human body you could have chosen to live amongst us.”

“It was my fault I have this body. It was my penance and my choice to make it of use for our race,” said Pariah the hurt in his voice coming through. Even after all these years the he had not forgiven himself for what he did to himself.

“You indeed have Arven,” said G’Kor. As he paused G’Kor raised his hand to stop him. “You have done more than what is required of you. Your countless Test battles have given the Science cast an important barrier to success,” said G’Kor.

“Yes but what of me when the Tests are over?”

“You will live out your life wherever you want.”

“Yes but I’ve nothing like what Zero has today in Atlantis.”

“Ah this is why you came here you want to live in the great City and to have a family?”

“Yes I do, I have no life outside combat for our race. I want to have some sort of legacy.”

“You could have this already if so wished and had explored the lands around you, the islands to the south of Pacifica have a tribal human population.”

“I have visited them before. Compared to Atlantis they do not have a culture other than merely hunting to maintain their existence.”

“You know Atlantis is my domain?”

“Yes I am aware, Kron informed me you command that region.”

“You have done many things for us since your self inflicted accident Arven. I have one more to ask of you before I grant you permission to live your life in Atlantis.”

“What challenge do you have for me?”

“Oh this isn’t going to be combat. Well not the kind you are used to,” said G’Kor to which Pariah simply nodded. “I know you and Zero did not lose all your abilities of our people. It is buried in there muddled inside your human mind waiting for you to learn how to us it.”


“Do you not think we would keep a close eye on of our missing brothers?”

“I… guess I should have.”

“What I want is a hybrid that only you can give me. I want you to mate with Helenea. She is my associate and has volunteered herself,” said G’Kor has he said those words Helena arrived in the room through a chamber behind G’Kor. Pariah thought her attractive but even so he wondered if G’Kor truly meant this.

“You want me to mate with her.”

“Yes it is the only way to make a pure hybrid.”

“Why would you want this?”

“You do not need to worry about that. The child will be looked after. You will have what you want for impregnating her.”

Pariah stayed silent. G’Kor waited for his decision. Pariah though still had a question that needed to be answered before he decided.

“Did Zero have to pay this price?”

“No, he was and still is lucky to have ended in Atlantis. Before we could even debate it he had a family.”

Pariah nodded realising the implication. He doubted what G’Kor said happened exactly like he said. There would be some element of truth but G’Kor was known for his unique way of viewing things and allowing situations to form so he could get what he wanted. Zero was most likely allowed mate not only to see if it was possible but what would result of it. He was allowed see it so he could want it for himself and G’Kor too could benefit. It wasn’t an easy choice the idea of giving away some of himself and having an offspring he would most likely never meet did not sit well with him. In the end he realised he would never be attached to the child. That and because doing so meant he would be able to have other offspring and in the city he viewed best to do so meant the cost was worth it.

“I agree to your terms Council Leader,” said Pariah.

Mount Guyver

Mount Guyver was called so by both the “Gods” and the Zoalords that lead their army. Called so because this rugged area was chose to be the location where most of the test Guyvers lived. The only exceptions being Guyver Supreme and Guyver 0 due to their status as fallen Gen. At any one time there could be five or six Guyvers living in the mountains. It was here that Solufein teleported in his search for what happened to his tribes people. He doubted they were killed off violently it was most likely they simply died of old age and their ancestors mated with the natives and what make his tribe unique simply disappeared over time in the city surrounding Argus. But he left the home of Fulton Balcus the zoalord called him back and warned him to be careful about what he sought and that this mountain would contain some of his answers.

Unless he was here to see it he wouldn’t have understood by description along how the land was so very rugged. It seemed unnaturally so with share rocks jagging out around the land. He couldn’t sense any beasts and wondered if one tripped or fell down the side of the mountain how soon it would be before that unfortunate person died. He thought this mountain must be a test site of the Gods made to give the Guyvers and more so their hosts an extreme environment to live in.

Solufein lifted off into the air so that he could see the layout of the land better. Even though it was now nightfall with his enhanced Zoalord eyesight it was to him like as if it was daytime. As he few around looking for signs o life he sensed he was being followed. He turned around to see a strange flying creature. It was a mix of a tiger and a bird and it was not alone. Solufein could sense their thoughts with ease now after seeing these creatures. They had being zoa-formed and they where both the guardians and constant threat in this land to anything human. He did not want to fight though and with a simple mental command the creatures left him alone. Solufein had sensed something else from these creatures. Nestled into the mountains there was had a device that the Guyvers and him were unaware of its purpose. The creatures thoughts showed things magically appeared there that the Gods wished for. This intrigued Solufein but it was not what he came for.

After a few minutes of searching their thoughts Solufein realised why the Gryphons showed him that image. The magical device of the Gods was in a network of caves. The largest of which housed the device branched off that where smaller caves they could not get into due to their size. This is where the gryphons thought the humans to live. Their young hunted them there and where in turn hunted by the Guyvers. This was a hostile situation to go into but Solufein being compelled to find out more decided it was worth the risk.

Moments later he had teleported himself into the cave. The cave seemed wrong almost perfect him shape leading to the outside and it was unnaturally large. As he turned and looked at the back of the cave he was in awe of what he saw. The entire back section was this strange looking device that the Gryphons had saw. It was built into the rock of the mountain and had an unnatural glow to it. At the top of the cave was a device that reminded him of a large Guyver crystal that they had in the centre of their heads. He stood there in awe looking at it. The Guyver armour he once heard in distance memory being called the “Armour of the Gods” by he thought Zeugma. He almost forgot the comment but it now had added meaning to him. If that was the Armour of the Gods then this was some sort of device of the Gods.

Solufein turned from the large cave and into one of the caves on the side. This cave was natural compared to the artificial looking one he was just in and parts of it where jaded and too tight and for large creatures like griffons to pass through. It was likely that if not for the large cave this smaller natural would have remained hidden behind the rock of the mountain. After a minute or two slowly walking and at times climbing through the cave Solufein came across the first signs of human life. The walls of the cave had tribal paintings on them in this section. These depicted in a basic way the arrival of the great ship of the Gods and around those paintings where more depictions of the people hunting creatures for survival. It reminded him of the great cave his people had made their home before the arrival of the Gods and of the strange paintings there his people regarded as scared.

The memory bought a sense of shock to him. Those caves and the area his people had made their home was connected with the Gods. Not in present day but many years ago. The stories of what that cave meant to his people where lost over time. His father only described the strange shape of what where now clearly pictures of the ships of the Gods as something important to his people a long time ago but its true meaning was lost.

Out of the corner of his eye Solufein spotted someone or something. He turned to see nothing wondering if it was his imagination. Then he clearly heard footsteps. He moved quickly after the person. But as he saw her more clearly he realised it was a very young girl. She wasn’t a Guyver as he could read her very panicked thoughts. He would not chase her and let her go towards where he hoped would be her people. If not for a being a zoalord Solufein wouldn’t have being able to keep up with the young girl has she dashed through the cave. The girl obviously lived here able to anticipate the awkward and dangerous corners of the cave and jumping clear over a chasm that would have lead to her certain death.

After minute of chasing the girl Solufein sensed the others in the tribe. She had indeed brought him to her people. As the girl ran by an elder who guarded their section of the cave she received an unmerciful slap to the head sending her crashing to the ground as the man then focused on Solufein. Solufein stopped in his tracks as the man ran towards him. He knew by the man’s lack of fear what he was and a moment later confirmed as she summoned his Guyver unit. The barrier shield that surrounded him destroyed the rock of the cave close to him but it didn’t cause a cave in. He was a dark blue Guyver and looking at him he could not see any sign of advancement over the Guyver he had fought at Pacifica. This Guyver was a standard type but not a fool stopping a few feet before the zoalord.

“What do you want Zoalord,” said the Guyver. But what struck Solufein was the language he asked the question in. This wasn’t the language the zoanoids and people around Argus spoke. This was the language of his people. He quickly guessed that as most zoalords where from his tribe did this mean that so where the Guyvers?

“What do you want Zoalord?” asked the Guyver again this time getting a little closer to Solufein but this time in the language spoken in Argus. He wondered what he would answer the Guyver with. Should he tell him the truth and risk him telling the “Gods” or should he lie not really knowing the relationship between the Zoalords and the Guyvers and if they would follow his orders?

“Who are you to dare to ask me questions?” answered Solufein with a direct question of his own to test his authority over the Guyver.

“It’s being a long time since the Gods sent a Zoalord here. They said they would only do that if we disobeyed them and we would never be stupid enough to do that,” answered the dark blue Guyver. Solufein realised why the Guyver was being agitated by his being here. Like him the Gods did not fully trust him and were treated differently to that of the zoanoids and zoalords who could be controlled by the Gods. If he wanted to earn this Guyvers trust and in doing so find out more about his people he would have to tell him something.

“I am the Zoalord Solufein,” he answered. The Guyver stood there emotionless for awhile.

“Solufein, son of Tarik?” asked the Guyver. Now it was Solufein who stood there dumfounded. This Guyver not only knew him but possibly his father too.”

“Who are you?”

“It would be best we both speak like brothers and without our warrior forms,” said the dark blue Guyver as his armour detached from him to reveal a man Solufein did not recognise but there was something oddly familiar about the man. Solufein’s battle form disappeared into him as he turned into his human form but as always his eyes remained golden in appearance.

“Sorry but I do not recognise you friend,” he said the man seeing clearly the confusion in his face not hidden at all behind a curious smile.

“I am Firnus and I’m not surprised you do not recognise me.”

“Firnus, but you where an honoured elder even when I was young!”

“Ha, ha it seems old age mattered little to the “Gods”. What brings you here shaman?”

“I’m on a personal journey to find out what happened to our tribe.”

“How do you not already know?”

“The Gods chose not to awake me for many countless moons, when I did awake all had changed.”

“Indeed they have boy, come with me we have much to talk of.”

Twenty four years later – Feral Island

Solom and the other leaders of the Warrior Project Hpa’Var, and Hpa’Edem where to meet today at this location in what was now becoming main site of the Warrior Project the research ship of Solom. The land and islands including sea creatures around Feral Island had being converted into a mini testing site by the group as well as a protecting force. The 4th Warrior Guyver prototype control medal had being finished and the resulting Unit lay before Solom. Every feature in the Unit had being tested to its limits and beyond. It annoyed him that the lesser prototypes had defeated the Supreme Test but his Warrior Unit had not. He was not alone in his frustration. There had being three equally defective Black Nova prototypes that failed the Supreme Test. He felt that both he and Hpa’Tus Vulcan shared similar luck. But with every setback the Warrior Project advanced and this stability owed much to the past prototypes that failed the Supreme test.

He had now not seen his wife Ananke for over a year now in person. He missed her much even though they talked through the link. This was no fault of her own or his. Both worked hard for the future of the Gen race on their sides of the project. Ananke and Eve worked on something on the Dead planet that she was not allowed tell him of. All he knew was it was somehow connected to the creature of Death Darmon. Technology brought from it also lay inside the 4th Prototype. What other things they worked on was a mystery but Ananke had told him recently that the work had entered a new phase and both he and Krullnar would be happy with the result.

Krullnar his son he saw more often. Solom felt a father’s pride that his son was not only determined to do this alone but almost successful with his third prototype. He recently began work on his forth Unit. He hoped this would be his final prototype. Solom wondered if that was the human part of him showing through as impatience was something the Gen learned from humanity. Solom thought wondered now with his hears of experience if this would be his final prototype. He did not think so. Even if Krullnar’s next unit were to be a perfect prototype he would sooner or later want or have to improve on the design or have to prototype the next phase of the project which would be to add weapons and systems in use in the Warrior Project into the Kavzar design. He knew Krullnar was aware of this, it was just Krullnar was determined to have his own effective design before he merged his father’s work with it.

His thoughts of this where interrupted when on schedule the other two leaders of the Project. Like Solom both Gen arrived armoured form as they where teleported to his ship by the Portal. All three then deactivated their Units.

“Greetings Solom,” said Hpa’Var and as what was now custom the Gen greeted each other like humans would.

“Hello Solom, the forth control medal is complete?” asked Hpa’Edem.

“Welcome my friends, yes it is complete. Hopefully this will be the final design towards our goal of merging the Units.”

“I worry though about the three control medal design, even in this reinforced design I fear the design will still be overloaded and will fail over time,” said Hpa’Var.

“I believe this too,” admitted Solom to the surprise looks on their faces. “While building the Third Prototype and more so while building this Unit I began to understand even more how the Control Medal that I designed would have a expectedly high chance of failure. We will put this Unit to the Supreme Test as to not would be uncalled for but I have already planned the next Prototype,” said Solom has he finished his sentence in the middle of the chamber a massive hologram appeared of a pyramid shaped Control Medal. “Ananke has being in communication with me about the work she has being completing for a new Generation of Unit. A Unit that can be more easily customised and given time will be capable of holding a much more advanced Combat artificial intelligence.”

“I think we finally have it,” said Hpa’Var.

“Yes we do, from the test system developed by Ananke the Firth Prototype will complete. But I estimate it will take at least sixteen years to complete a working prototype,” said Solom the agreement of the other members of the Warrior Project.

“It is time we started on the Ships that complement our projects,” said Hpa’Edem.

“I agree it is time we begin the final phase of the project,” said Hpa’Var. Solom nodded his head in agreement looking at the representation of his future Warrior Unit.

Atlantis – Compound of Guyver Supreme

It had being many years since Pariah agreed to the demand of G’Kor giving the Council Leader what he wanted. For Pariah it has paid off extremely well. It wasn’t long after arriving back in Atlantis before he took the slave woman he met as his wife. Nine months later he had the first son of over twelve children. Has Zero often joked he needed to make up for lost time. Pariah liked having a friend around like Zero who knew what he was going through and had similar issues.

Today he worried about his wife Feaia the one time slave girl who he met that faithful day and brought him to Zero. Despite being his wife and being now viewed a good she always acted like she did that day. She was born a slave and it was the only life she knew. She was a tireless mother to their children and wouldn’t let others help her unless he ordered it so. But he did not like to do so. It took many years and five kids before she would accept the help of others. Now they had twelve children he had realised she now in her forty’s could no longer have children. He still loved her but like Zero he now faced a hard choice. Would he still have children even though his first wife was still alive?

He talked only of this with Zero, who commented that he too was so devoted to his first wife that until the day she died he never slept with another. But that was a Gen belief and was from a biological standpoint that they had to only have one mate stemming back to the time of their former biological bodies. They where human now, they didn’t have the imprint that kept them with their mate chosen before they where even born. He was capable but not in mind of having more than one mate. But his wife who represented all that was good in his life since moving made it a very hard choice. It was one Zero said only he could decide. Pariah asked what Zero chose but Zero didn’t give him the answer saying it would only pollute his decision. Pariah basically knew what that meant “make your own mind up you fool!”

As Pariah thought of this he received a call from Solom. He would be expected to test against the forth Warrior Prototype today. He stood up from his chair and went to Feaia. It was time to prepare for death.

Mount Guyver

Though today he came here for a different reason in the years that Solufein first visited whenever like that faithful day he had the freedom to do so he came to the Mountain of Guyvers. This to him was as close he could find to home. All of the Guyvers and clones that wondered the massive cave systems of the Mount Guyver belonged to the Tribes of his homeland. They still hunted as they would back before the “Gods” arrived. For the Tribe of the Form they had gone from the most powerful tribe to the weakest after the Gods removed all the zoanoids from their population. Without their leader this allowed the Tribe of the Great Snake to dominate the other tribes and where rewarded as such having the most active Guyvers in their ranks.

The tribes where made up of a mixture of the Guyvers who remembered events as long as Solufein did. Clones that where based off people he originally knew and then their offspring who grew up and over the years died of old age and had children of their own. The clones did not have a memory of their past selves. Fimus described them as a clean slate. If a clone failed as a Guyver often or resisted the commands of the Zoalords it and its generation would be wiped out by the gods. They would be replaced by a number of infants knew clones that the tribe would take care of. The Tribe in respect of the person who originated the clone always named the child after the elder it was from. The young girl Solufein met was called Daye, she was the fourth generation of cloned based of Aaye a woman he knew well. She was Zeugma’s childhood friend. He heard that it was Zeugma herself that killed her previous generation of clones. It saddened Solufein that Zeugma had being able to do that. For this the Gods someday would be held responsible!

Daye was now a fully grown woman and fought in many test battles. Solufein tried to chat with her but like Aaye this woman and he could never find common ground to talk. She still held him responsible for her being slapped as a child by Fimus. What worried him was that the reason he was sent here today was to bring her to Zeugma. She was to become the host of the Warrior Unit prototype.

Pacifica Test Site

Seven hours later Guyver Supreme and the Warrior Guyver prototype are in the middle of a great battle. Guyver Supreme had learned from his failure to defeat the Battle Guyver and the Shadow Guyver units. It had put that to good use avoiding her attacks fighting to the fullest of his abilities. Even with its huge energy reserves the Warrior Guyver found it hard to score a direct hit on the weaker Guyver. The question to those observing it was who would break first, Guyver Supreme’s stamina or the Prototype Control medal.

“She is being too wasteful,” said Hpa’Edem. Beside him stood Solom and Hpa’Edem who looked on at a 3D representation of the battle from the safety of the Solom Research Ship many miles away.

“I disagree with you my friend, we instructed her to push the Unit beyond the limits,” said Hpa’Var looking towards Solom to see whose side he chose.

“You are both correct. She is both wasteful and testing the Unit’s most powerful weapons. But the Guyver Supreme is an excellent host capable of faster reactions than Daye.”

“Why do we continue to use human hosts?” asked Krullnar as he walked into the room.

“Good to see you made it Krullnar,” said Solom to the smiles of his companions.

“I would not miss this father, the creation and test of one of your primary prototypes is of great importance,” said Krullnar.

“Thank you, to answer your question, the Council does not allow the creation of tests hosts like Pariah or Zero without their express consent,” said Solom.

“Ah so the reason has more to do with politics?”

“Yes,” answered Solom. Behind him Krullnar could hear the disapproving tones of Hpa’Var and Hpa’Edem as they talked in hushed tones about the Council. Krullnar could guess that some of the dogma built up since the Gen had come to Earth had only gotten worse not better over time. He turned from his father and focused on the battle as a warning sensor alerted them to the Warrior Guyver building up a powerful attack.

“What in Darmon’s Wrath is she doing?” said Hpa’Edem on the 3D image before him, the Warrior Guyver had turned into a black swirling ball of energy.

“Finally she is pushing the Unit and using the ultimate attack,” said Hpa’Var hoping to be proven right in seeing the limits of the Unit before Solom had to tell him.

“What is she doing?,” asked Krullnar.

“If the Unit is capable of holding out Krullnar you will see,” said Hpa’Edem. Solom now was totally focused on the information being sent to him from the Unit to even hear his son’s question. Krullnar did not mind, he was his father’s son and would do the same if it was one of his prototypes fighting the Supreme Test he would also be totally absorbed in what was happening.

Guyver Supreme continued with his tactic of evading the attacks of the Warrior Guyver. He had to force the powerful Guyver to make mistake that would give him the opening he needed. The Warrior Guyver now hid behind powerful and growing shield. He remembered the fight with the Battle Guyver and how it was able to manipulate its shield and not only prevent his pressure cannon from damaging it she returned his attack against him. He wouldn’t fall for this mistake again but he could sense the Warrior Guyver building up gravitational energy and feeding it into the shield. He knew there was a powerful attack building and that it would be something like he had never witnessed before. He had to put some safe distance between him and it. The Gen looked on as Guyver Supreme flew at full speed away from the Warrior Guyver who stayed motionless and continued building up its attack. Guyver Supreme stopped and landed on a hill miles away from the Warrior Guyver. Even some ten miles out he could see the black spot growing in the distance. What he sensed seemed impossible the Warrior Guyver was far exceeding anything he had sensed before.

He contemplated using his mega-smasher but doubted by this stage if he would even dent what was before him. After what seemed an eternity she let go of the attack. Ah huge field of energy flew towards him he knew he’d have no hope of survival if hit by that. The Warrior Guyver looked on as the Gravity Wave blew a large chunk of Pacifica away. The Force of the impact on the south east edge of the artificial land mass fractured it sending a mile wide chunk into the sea. Broken off the Gen controlled land it quickly gave way to gravity and sunk into the sea below.

The Gen looked on in pure amazement at the result of their work. “By the Council, it worked!” said Solom. The shock in his voice was evident to all in the research ship.

“This should not be possible,” said Hpa’Var.

“Clearly it is, though it is unexpected we finally have a working Prototype!” said Hpa’Edem pleased he could finally work on the Stealth Warrior Unit and put the more powerful control medal to use and perfect his design originally seen in the Shadow Stealth Unit G-3.

“Congratulations Farther,” said Krullnar as he put his arm around his shoulder and hugged him as they continued to look at the Warrior Guyver Prototype 4 close in on the site the Guyver Supreme once stood. The hill had now turned into a cliff face to the sea. The damage this Unit was capable of amazed Daye as much has it did the Gen who watched her obliterated everything before her.

Then to her complete shock she sensed something in the ground below. Before she could react Guyver Supreme burst up from the ground below. His pressure cannon and shield seemed too shimmered together and fired. She activated her barrier shield which like the Battle Guyver before it absorbed the Gravity element of the attack but the raw energy of the shield of Guyver Supreme was included in the attack broke through damaging the Warrior Guyver. This in turn caused the energy it was collecting to explode around it causing yet more damage to the Warrior Guyver. The Gen looked on in complete shock as Guyver Supreme opened his mega-smasher and fired. The blast hit the Warrior Guyver dead centre. Moments later the Warrior Guyver was completely obliterated. The Warrior Guyver had failed the Supreme Test.

“How the Dzar could that happen?” said a totally shocked Hpa’Edem.

“I do not know,” said Solom. His tone was more sullen almost in defeat that his hope of a final success against the Supreme Test was once again ruined. Though Krullnar noticed a curious smile on the face of his father. It reminded him of when he was a child and Solom with hide a surprise from him. He wouldn’t do that now would he?

A few minutes of awkward silence passed. Guyver Supreme walked slowly down the path of destruction his mega-smasher had made towards where the Warrior Guyver once stood. He realised something was wrong. Normally when a Guyver was destroyed he immediately was informed the test was over. This time was not the case. He was tired from the battle and felt drained. But knew he could not let his guard down until he was told the battle was over. He did not know why but something told him he’d fallen for such a thing in the past.

Moments later it a Guyvers blast field appeared out of nowhere and from it appeared the Warrior Guyver. She looked totally unharmed. Guyver Supreme stood still in shock. He had killed her didn’t he? Her pointed shoulders looked as intimidating as when he first faced her. They centred on him but she didn’t attack. Both Guyvers stood facing each other. Pariah knew he couldn’t last for long. Had he done enough damage to stop her? He doubted he had done that, she was just toying with him now and in a few moments she would kill him for the battle had severely drained him and keeping his composer now in front of her was hard enough.

Then out of nowhere she let out an ear piercing scream. In a matter of moments her Guyver unit deformed. He shoulders changed shape first the pointed edges moving downwards and looked more like that of a standard Guyvers only more armoured. Her forward vibrational sword was absorbed into the Unit as long finger nails appeared instead along with a forward spike under her wrist. He could see two spikes appearing from behind her back. Guyver Supreme did not know what to make of her sudden change but he knew somehow by the way her control medal had being flashing randomly through the transformation something inside the unit had broke and she it had adapted for it. Her eyes focused on him and she screamed again leaping towards him her left arm outstretched ready to claw his face off. He extended his right vibrational sword and sliced off her arm expecting her to react to the pain and the fact her arm was cut off. She did not instead crashed into him where the real attack happened as the two spikes from her back extended and coiled under her arms and struck him in the chest. The pain was immense but it was almost instantly drowned out as he felt the life disappear from his body. What the hell was this thing?

“CEASE!” Ordered the Gen voice.

There was no response from her as she continued to drain Guyver Supreme of his life force. Guyver Supreme though smiled he sensed himself pass away. He knew he would return in some from as this existence faded away and once again he would break another Test Unit. Then out of nowhere he felt a force pull them away from each other. As he flew backwards he saw Zeugma standing in front of him. Moments later he was teleported away appearing in a Gen ship regeneration chamber.

One hour later – Mount Guyver

Solufein teleported to the Tribe of the Great Snakes cave expecting not his normal reception which is one of no commotion of fuss at seeing him arrived for he was a well known visitor. Instead he arrived sensing the hostility in those that did not have a Guyver Unit. In the Cavern Zeugma stood standing in her humanoid form in front of Fimus arguing. She had asked him here to help assure their Tribe that what happened was the will of the Gods an implore the Guyvers to obey them. Solufein knew the urgency of her request the Gods where not forgiving especially in this area towards those that disobeyed them.

“…I am still the Clan Leader Fimus, I respect you but you cannot stand before the will of the Gods!” Solufein heard Zeugma’s words and nodded in agreement. His old Clan Laws where simple. She would be Clan Leader to him and all her tribe until the day she died.

“Daughter of Numidan you will always be my Clan Leader,” said Fimus as he bowed before her. Zeugma nodded they continued to talk. To Solufein’s right he noticed Fimus youngest son signalling him to come over. As he wondered what Hector wanted him for? Losing track of the conversation between Fimus and Zeugma he went to the teenage boy.

“Daye is dead isn’t she?” asked Hector. The emotion was clear in his eyes Solufein didn’t have to read the boy’s mind to know what he was thinking it was there in front of him. Hector could barely hold himself together to ask the Zoalord the question.

“She has being deemed a failure by G’Kor,” said Solufein. This was the only God the Tribe of the Great Snake knew of and to them he was the God of Death.

“Who are the Gods to deem her a failure? She is my mate never has their being such a woman who is warrior born!”

Solufein could not answer the question. He thought back to the final moments of the battle between the Warrior Guyver and Guyver Supreme. Guyver Supreme was saved by Zeugma and teleported away. But the Armour of the Gods turned Daye into something. Something primal she was completely unresponsive to any questions from both him and Zeugma. All this Guyver cared about was trying to get in contact with the two zoalords so that she could drain them of their life’s energy like she tried to do to Guyver Supreme. She was the definition of Guyver. But against a Master Zoalord the Guyver though powerful could not compete. Zeugma fired the remover and moments later it was removed leaving a sight he thought he’d never see. Daye the child he met so many years ago crashed to the ground looking drained and grey haired. As she came to the realisation that the Unit was removed cowered in the corner away from it. He read her mind she barely noticed Zeugma and him. All her mind focused on was the Dormant Unit and the fear she felt for it and what it made her do and the hunger. Solufein knew then this Unit was something wrong, something evil that should be destroyed. But before he could act the Gods themselves arrived!

“Answer me Solufein!” shouted Hector snapping the Zoalord back to the present. “Yes she’s dead Hector,” answered Solufein. Has he answered the young man he recalled what happened to Daye. The Gods Solom, Krullnar, Hpa’Edem and Hpa’Var appeared in their armour. Solom retrieved in person the prototype Unit. He knew who they where instinctively and while he did not feel the need to as he observed Zeugma bowing to them he done the same. He could not hear what they said but he could tell from their gestures they talked of not only the Unit but pointed towards the host as the four continued to decide what action to do next. It was then they were joined by a fifth God, G’Kor. His arrival soon caused upset before he could work out what he had said Zeugma’s eye’s flared and Daye was burned alive mercifully dying quickly.

“It may take me a life time Solufein, but I swear I’ll have revenge on this G’Kor, God or no God!”

22 Years Later – Feral Island 100 miles south east of present day Malaysia

Deep inside an alien warship located on a small island Solom was hard at work. Using his vast telekinetic powers that normally remained idle and the natural control his unit gave him over the warship, a ship that he himself had grown for this purpose, he had finished the fifth and hopeful final prototype of the Warrior Unit project. It had being a hard to get to this stage and it had being lined with both a path of success and failure and of pain. G’Kor’s decision to kill Daye impacted him more than it should have. But it was wrong, so very wrong it was his Unit that failed. It was his Unit that went out of control taking over the Host. It was his burden not an innocent Clone. G’Kor said he had grown too human, using his rank he ordered Zeugma and she obeyed. The image of Daye dying would forever haunt him. Gen where normally shielded from such things Solom got to see her fear and read her brief sense of horror as Zeugma turned on her. Maybe he was being too “human” as G’Kor put it. But he was a living being and what had happened to another in front of him impacted him greatly. But there was no way he could change what had happened, Daye was dead now. All he could do now was insure that his Fifth Warrior Unit Prototype was not a failure and those that paid for it with their lives at least done that for something.

The Warship he finished the Prototype in was completed last year. Completed in Gen terms meant that it was grown. Its Pyramid Control medals matched that of the Warrior Unit and the theme matched that of the ship itself being pyramid in shape though similar to that of a Uranus ship. This was the first Gen Warship and had two sister Ships designed for the variants of the Warrior Unit that Hpa’Var and Hpa’Edem where working to finish. Each ship matched perfectly the Warrior Unit it was built to test with. With these completed Units and ships he would finally be declared the victor. The Black Nova stood no chance against his Prototype Warrior Unit! But he would not test the Unit yet. Tests had to be done to insure it was stable, that it could stand the stress of the Supreme Test and then Black Nova. He knew his rivals too neared completion. Even the rash Gordon claimed to finally near completion of his Eliminator project. He realised that this new year would prove to be the most important in his career.

He contacted Hpa’Var and Hpa’Edem to let them know of the news. They too reported their Warrior Units near completion. Solom turned his attention back to his completed Unit. It would have to be tested. But after years of pain staking work he was not about to rush the process. The host he had selected was Faye, the fifth generation of a warrior woman he met millennia ago. A woman he ordered to be re-incarnated he felt wronged so that she could finally prove herself to be the true warrior who would help the Warrior Project show that it was the choice of the Gen as their new Unit. This time it wouldn’t be the Unit that failed the host. She though had only recently come of age. He felt she needed some more time before the test could commence. Unlike the past prototypes he was sure of the success of this unit. Merged with his son’s Kavzar Technology would produce a being that could conquer all opposition with the power greater than that of the Guyver and yet remain controlled.

Knossos – Floating City above Mount Olympus

Solom teleported to his home, it had being a long time since he allowed himself to rest. It had being years since he saw his wife or son in person. The Warrior Unit had cost so much to complete and it had cost him time with his wife and son. Time he hoped he could make up to them now that the project neared completion. The house was dusty from not being used in months. But that was easily sorted with but a simple thought it was cleaned by a Gen device. He was deeply tired and fell onto the couch not making it to the bed and fell asleep like he had done so many times before.

Below the great city on the frozen peek of Mount Olympus Seraph the protector patrolled. If she where human she would have counted this as the most boring work imaginable. Who in their right mind would try and attack the Gods? Who other than the Zoalords themselves could reach the Floating City? No one could. The Gods did not need a Master Zoalord who devoted her life to their protection. But Seraph was no longer human. Her highly programmed mind loved that she did this for her Gods. She would gladly complete this task over and over again without any malice to those that asked it of her. Even as a young girl Zeugma’s sister was the most obedient of the two always doing exactly what was asked of her. It was no surprise to either of them that now as a Zoalord she had settled into this life without trouble happily obeying her Gods. Tonight though was no different than the past no one would be attacking the Floating City.

There was only one time she could recall a moment when she would have being close. It was over twenty years ago. She looked up sensing a powerful being approaching off in the distance. She did not change into her battle form she recognised who it was. Zeugma landed in front of her. Even in human form she emitted an aura that Seraph normally found compelling to obey. But right now she was not. Seraph knew something was wrong soon as she saw her sisters face. She had being forced to do something she did not like. Zeugma landed beside her sister the only person she now truly felt close too and even then they had not talked liked sisters in over a century. Zeugma told her of having to kill Daye, at first Seraph did not know who it was and wondered why Zeugma would be so affected by caring out the Gods wishes. But she realised it was Aaye’s reincarnation. Not only had Zeugma to kill her childhood friend, a person she knew since birth once, this was the fourth time she was forced to do such a thing. Even her, a master Zoalord felt the pain from doing so once the Gods left her to her own thoughts.

Seraph though in reality was like speaking to a post. She might have being Zeugma’s sister but the Gen processing never found a more willing host to give up her humanity. Seraph shook her head and looked back up at the floating city, thoughts like this was for the weak. She had to remain strong, focused for her Gods so that they are protected. Once again like so many times before even the memory of her sister buried itself in the back of her mind.

The next day Solom awoke. He went about his usual routine and got ready for the day. For once it would not be occupied by thoughts of nothing but work. Ananke would be arriving back soon too. She had being working on something she said was wondrous. He did not doubt it, every Gen somehow or another viewed their self worth as being great, but why Solom was attracted to Ananke was simple. He viewed her as the greatest Gen mind that ever lived. Some would debate but that did not matter to him, his wife was beyond him and had worked in secret now for many years in the dead Red planet. On what she would not say but research from her greatly helped the Warrior Project. She only told him once that they would make something great together and named it the Matrix. What it was Solom did not know, like a child playing with a pet cat with a ball of string she would dangle little bits of information in front of him only to take it away. It was what he loved about her.

Solom left the house and walked the city. “The Gen population had truly thrived now,” he thought as he walked the city. Gen of adult age and children roamed the street about their daily business. So great was the number of newborns there was now a younger population who could not yet be given a Unit-G than there was in the older generation. Gaia the ancient forgotten world had truly being a place that saved his race. But as G’Kor reminded him this was only the first phase in their resurrection, once they had completed the Warrior Project and the victor was decided they would leave and go onto the next stage. Krullnar worked on his Fourth Zoa Guyver unit and it too near completion. The timing could not be better, if this design finally defeated the Supreme test he and Krullnar could progress onto designing the Kavzar. Solom didn’t know why but the idea of leaving Gaia was not a good one, he’d grown accustomed to this world. To him this was now his home.

Two Months later – Atlantis City – District of Guyver Supreme

It was midsummer in Atlantis and the days where long and hot. Pariah sat out in the garden with Feaia enjoying the sun. She was in her mid sixties and both knew her age was beginning to take her. She was still the commanding woman of her family, still a prideful woman not looking for help but she tired easily. Pariah knew she was long lived for the average person. Most human’s life expectancy ranged between the forty’s and early fifty’s. Atlantian’s had carved out a world where their life expectancy was slightly higher but unlike the Gen or as he thought future human cultures they had yet to discover medicines to cure diseases. Pariah used his medical knowledge many times not only to save her but his many children and grand children. His grandchildren played in the large garden at the back of the house with his youngest daughter who was in her early twenties. Like Zero he too had lost count of the family he now had. But he could not bring himself to marry another woman while Feaia was still alive.

He heard his grandchildren scream in delight and run to the side of his house. He stood up knowing he had a visitor. It was Zero with his wife, Pariah was losing count now of how many he had but unlikely him Zero felt the constant need to be having children and had three wives now of varying ages. It was not a sore subject between them, both respected each other to know what they wanted out of life was different from each other. As Zero said to him many times, he did the exact same with his first wife and still loved her to this day.

“Pariah my friend, how are you this fine sunny evening,” said Zero with one of Pariah’s grandchildren riding on top of his shoulders.

“I am doing well, enjoying the life come let’s have some wine and enjoy it together,” said Pariah mentioning towards the large table to the back of his villa.

They sat, they ate and drank the house servants attending to their needs. As usual Pariah’s grandchildren asked many questions of Zero of his battles, but Pariah sensed Zero was here for a reason. After awhile when the children got used to the idea of his guest being here and their wives now chatted away Pariah knew the topic would change to something more serious.

“Have you thought about what I said yesterday,” asked Zero.

“Yes I have,” answered Pariah.

“What have you decided?”

“You’re correct; it’s only a matter of time before the Council of 13 decide to leave. It’s unlikely we will be allowed to stay here and what would come of our family.”

“Indeed, after you told me of what G’Kor asked of you for admittance to this city I’ve come to realise, that while it is a very good thing we are allowed to have a family, it is contingent on us being of use to them. I heard that they seek a host for the new Warrior Unit!”

“How could you know such a thing?” Pariah knew enough that a successful Warrior Unit would signal the end of the project. The end of their usefulness.

“I still have my sources.”

“This is not good news at all.”

“I will contact my eldest children and begin arrangements. What is this land like?”

“Hostile, not many people have settled on this large island to the North. Only animals and lot of trees,” answered Zero.

“I hope it is far enough away from here Zero.”

“No place would be, but the fact they would have to look for them alone would mean that they would be somewhat safe. Once we remain here in Atlantis I find it unlikely they will look for our children.”

“I never thought it would come to this, after so many battles,” said Pariah.

“Eventually my friend all things must come to an end.”

“I never asked you this before. If this is how we are going to come to an end, when did it all begin for you Zero?”

“I guess this depends on from where I start and whom.”

“What do you mean?”

“In a way I am a hybrid. A being made from two people,” answered Zero.

“How is that possible?”

“You really do not know?”

“No, I know what happened to me. I was foolish and decided to make a human body that was more human so that when I bonded with a Guyver unit I would be closer what the humans are in power than our brothers. But I failed, I am too human,” answered Pariah.

“You could say the same thing happened to me, but unlike you who most likely cloned a human from that was built for the purpose and had no memory of what is was to be alive I am not so lucky.”

“How is that possible?”

“I was foolish, or I should say the Gen side of me was. My human side was a hunter from Gaia’s past. The land was harsh and the ships of the Uranus like the Gen today where dotted around the Planet. They though had being here so long vegetation had clearly taken hold of their outside structure. I know now that Alkanphel was born signalling the end of their project. But for me it simply meant pain as I bonded with the Unit-G. I don’t remember much from when the Unit was out of Control. What I do clearly remember though is a flash of light and losing the Unit after that it seems to go dark.”

“We know from the Uranus ship records that Alkanphel used the remover on Guyver 0 then killed the human host,” said Pariah. He had seen the ships memory. It had shown him these events when he queried what a true Guyver was. It was what inspired him to his own “failure”.

“Yes, I’ve seen that too or more correctly my Gen side of me saw the memory. It was that which led me to the recovered Unit,” said Zero. Pariah simply nodded in agreement. “I can’t remember how I did it, but I somehow managed to get the Unit to recall its past host information. It remained locked though inside the Unit and to truly see what it held that was the mystery at the time. G’Kor wanted results and fast telling me that the future of our species was inside that Unit. After seeing what I discovered he suggested we bond the Unit to someone so that they could see the recovered memory. At the time we were at the ruins of our home world. We had nowhere to go and abandoned by the Federation for what we had done no future either. I took it upon myself to give us that future.”

“That is why you activated the Zero Unit? It was because you felt the weight of our race on you?”

“Yes. Though I did not just merely decide ‘Oh I’ll just go an activated it’, no I carefully modified the Unit and put in safeguards to protect me.”

“The Gen side of you,” asked Pariah now sitting towards the edge of his seat listening to what his friend told him.

“I did not do enough though. I still have painful memories of bonding with the Unit. Screaming in agony as the being I was then was modified by the Unit. I lost control and I just wanted to escape the pain. The idea of escaping became more urgent. I opened my chest plated and fired the mega-smasher. The Control Centre of the Uranus ship was destroyed and my last memory was escaping it and wondering onto the frozen north waste lands of our home world.”

“The Unit G is not kind when it merges with a host,” said Pariah. Zero laughed at the light hearted joke as Pariah too knew that pain and he was not going to argue with his friend who had it worse.

“Pariah, G’Kor has being their always at the edges or inside the Guyver Project. From the day I became Zero. This is why I don’t trust him. This is why I feel the need to have my family migrate. This is why you too should do the same.” Pariah simply nodded in agreement with his friend.


Argus – Gen Command Clan Ship

Argus was a ship of the modern Gen now. Gone was its watery insides and a human could walk around freely inside this ship now. The Gen rarely walked around in their armour that was for emergencies and this was not. The Council of the 13 were in session, before them Solom lead of the Warrior Project had finished explaining the goals of the Warrior Project. The three Warrior Units and their Ships would become their key command centres in Battle. The Kavzar their warriors would be controlled from these ships designed for Stellar, Stealth and Ground combat. He explained how the Control Medal the most advanced ever designed by a Gen could be adjusted so that it could also fit other roles if they arise. Case in point being the finished Prototype it was designed for one purpose to defeat the Black Nova. There was mutterings in the background as he said this, Hpa’Tus Vulcan was not without his friends and supporters. Both had claimed to have finished their tests and have the perfect embodiment of their projects completed. Draven insisted the claims be put to the test. A plan was laid out the Supreme Test would begin soon those that past it would meet in battle. No quarter would be given the Unit that survived the coming battles would be ruled the victor of the Warrior Projects. Grogan objected at this point, his Eliminator project too was completed, he wanted to take part. Neither Solom nor Hpa’Tus Vulcan objected and it was set.

G’Kor arrived back in his chamber. “At Last” he thought, behind him Eve the Gen who worked with Ananke Solom’s wife walked in behind him.

“Is the project on the Red Planet going as planned too?” asked G’Kor.

“Yes it is, the first Assassin Unit is completed. The A.I. she designed is impressive far in advance of what even her husband has shown you today.”

“Indeed, the AI might be advance but is the Control Medal as powerful?”

“No, but husband and wife’s work complement each other. She plans on merging her design with his to make the perfect Warrior Unit.”

“I dare say she might be beyond that already,” said G’Kor.

“What do you mean?”

“Ananke is one of our greatest minds if not the greatest. It was only fait that decided that she was female and mother to Solom’s child. A fait I controlled, she is the ideal Gen to bring everything together in the perfect location and you have helped her greatly my love,” as G’Kor said that he pulled her towards him and kissed her roughly. Eve was his mistress and she knew it. “Indeed, everything is now in place,” he thought as he removed Eve’s cloths.

“When we are done, I have a task for you.”

“What do you want of me?” asked Eve as she was lead towards G’Kor’s sleeping chamber.

“Hm,” he said his eyes transfixed on her body. “Oh I want a lot you now, but after that I want you to modify Krullnar’s Proto Guyver remover.”

“In what way?” she asked as Krullnar as she sat on the bed beside G’Kor he was now kissing her neck. “In what way do you want me to modify the Unit?”

“I want it to be able to remove the Units of Guyver 0 and Guyver Supreme, but not only that it must wipe their memories clear of what it is to be Gen!”

“Why would you want to do that?”

“The Warrior Project will finish soon along with it there use!” Eve tried to hide the wrongness she felt for doing what he asked as she lay back on his bed, but he was G’Kor, what he wanted she would give!

Mount Guyver

They had not seen nor heard from the “Gods” in many years. Fimus reminded his Tribe they should enjoy these quite times as they came rarely and always signalled new Battles for his tribe. His son Hector could no longer live in the caves after the death of Daye. He lead the warriors of the Great Snake to reclaim the surface. Soon joined by his father Fimus the threat of the Griffons where put to an end. For now at least, it was not the first time Fimus thought them wiped out! The other two Tribes joined them on the surface and as in the past the tribe’s numbers grew during this time of quite. Then four cycles ago a young woman appeared, she called herself Faye. Unlike those times before when the reincarnation of Aaye appeared as a baby this time she was near fully grown woman.

Very quickly her tribe learned though this was a different woman to those of her past. This reincarnation of Aaye was nothing like her in personality, only how she looked was the same.  She spurned the advances of Hector or any man. She was a warrior born from the day she appeared. Her arrival marked the return of Zeugma but strangely not new battles for the Guyvers of the Tribes. A group of the youngest warriors were selected from the three tribes. They faced battles and tests to prove themselves and that they did. Faye though a great and vicious warrior who lead her band into many battles could not adjust to living with her tribe. When not “training” as Zeugma called it she would live by herself inside the caves. Fimus wondered what the Gods did to her to have made such a cold hearted killer who could not live with her people.

Hector walked into the hut of his father. Sat in near the middle of the hut where a small fire burned that heated the small building smoke travelling up and out through the middle of the sealing. Hector sat down by his father he and enjoyed the warmth of the fire as it was a cold frosty winters morning.

“Good morning father.”

“Morning Hector my son. Last night was a full moon, have you the people ready?”

“Yes I do, all accept from her,” said Hector. Fimus knew exactly who he meant. He knew it still many years later hurt his son that Daye was dead. A pain constantly renewed by Faye being here alive and being so different to the woman she used to be. Hector refused to call her by name unless he had too. They had many talks about this and he realised years ago not to bring it up. What would be would be.

“Ah yes “her”, who will we send to ask her if she is ready?”

“She is born ready,” said Hector. Fimus couldn’t help but smile at the comment his son still admired her somewhat. But as before he knew it was best not to joke about what was a sore topic.

“I have to agree with you there Hector. Ready the others check with the other tribes that they too have their people ready for the training.”

Hector nodded and left his father. Fimus felt for his son. He now looked older than he did. He did not want to outlive his son nor did he want to be there to see him die of old age. He hoped this training of Zeugma’s would mean a chance he would be chosen for a Unit, but while Hector organised his people she viewed him too old for the training. Fimus knew that this meant it unlikely his son would ever be one of the new Guyvers. If only Hector would settle of another woman but at least Daye had a son with him before she died.

Elsewhere on Mount Guyver was the Tribe of the Form and it was the smallest of the three tribes. But that was not always the case. When the Gods first appeared they outnumbered both of the other two tribes combined with ease. But in the years after the arrival of the Gods that changed greatly. All of zoa-forms that made up the bulk of their number where removed from the tribe. They lived in the great City of Argus under the control of their founder Fulton Balcus. All of them have since died of old age and being replaced but it was the Tribe of the Form who made up the first elements of the Gen zoanoid army. Only one man, their human leader Razule the Guyver bore witness to those events lived to tell the human tribe their history.

Razule too knew last night before was a full moon and what that meant to him and his people. Some of them had being chosen by Zeugma for the training along with those of the Black Fang. But what concerned him most was that his youngest son was chosen to be part of this training. Razule was Guyver, capable of doing what he wanted. But he knew all too well what happened to those that decided to do what they wanted against the wishes of the “Gods”. Not only would he pay the price with his life but others in his tribe would too. To prove himself as a man and for his tribe his son wanted this. In a way that made it easier for Razule but not much he still worried like any parent would that he wouldn’t see his child again.

One week later – Atlantis City – Coliseum of Solom

The crowds roared in delight as Kron ruler of Atlantis sat in his chair overlooking the grounds below. Beside him ever in his shadow was Reeve his brother. Today though they were joined by a special guest Guyver 0, he would not be battling today it was Guyver Supreme that graced the hallowed grounds of the Coliseum. But he was not their only guest. Fulton Balcus the old leader of the Zoalords was here too from the City of Argus and sat beside them. The crowds knew this and knew what a rare event for the Champion of Pacifica to be allowed battle in their Coliseum. In the last twenty years the size of the zoa-formed Gen forces had expanded greatly. Even Kron who was known for his attention to detail could not keep track of all the Zoalords. Twenty of these where stationed around the Coliseum ready to reinforce it. Kron spared nothing in preparation of these events for his “Gods”.

Pariah stood on the ground below ready for the fight to come. He had said his peace with his wife, she left this morning with the bulk of his children to the land found by Zero. An Atlantis out posts unknown to most but a few people trusted to them alone. It left him at peace with himself knowing that if he died here today that his family would be safe. Across the other side of the huge coliseum he could make out the doors opening and a man coming out alone. “This would be his opponent then,” he thought to himself. Soon he would be in combat and would either die in glory or would once again defeat his foe. He expected it to be as Zero said the fifth generation of Warrior Unit prototype. Would he be able to defeat it? He did not know but he would not lay down for it if it was. The Unit activated on the man. Zoalords instinctively backed away leaving the man a large gap so he was not threatened. Moments later there was a pulse and both foes knew what to expect from each other. Pariah smiled under his armour, it wasn’t Solom’s unit after all. It was his Son’s!

Proto Guyver’s zoa-crystal glowed with power and a red aura surrounded him as the Unit powered itself up. Guyver Supreme nodded at Proto Guyver as he thought this Unit had being advanced by Krullnar since he last fought it. The crowd roared in anticipation as the two foes walked towards each other. Again Guyver Supreme smiled the host was no fool either as he did not simply rush into battle like many pervious test Guyvers. Proto Guyver attacked first, the glow around his hands changed and as he raised them and opened his clenched fist a large number of fast small gravity bullets fired towards Guyver Supreme. Guyver Supreme’s shield activated and a large number of the slam bullets slammed of his shield. Guyver Supreme could tell by the impact if not for the shield they would have caused some decent damage behind him the gravity bullets that missed him slammed into the walls causing dust to be sent everywhere but they lacked the size needed to destroy a section of the huge stone slabs that surrounded the battle grounds. He better not take this fight lightly as there was real firepower behind this test Unit of Krullnar’s.

Guyver Supreme responded with head laser only to find the shields of the Proto Guyver capable of withstanding them. Both foes engaged in a fire fight either dodging the blasts sent at them or absorbing them with their shields.

“They seem quite even Zero,” said Kron turning to Guyver 0.

“I agree Lord Kron, the new test Unit of Krullnar’s is very interesting.”

“Indeed it is, you and I get along well Zero, this is due to our mutual respect and your one of the few people who have no problems telling me the truth,” said Kron.

“We both have our reasons for liking this relationship Kron. You know Guyver Supreme and myself are not normal test Guyvers,” said Guyver 0.

“Yes, you are the fallen ones,” said Kron.

“Ah that is what they are calling us now, the fallen,” said Guyver 0.

“It’s the name my bother I have given you,” said Kron turning to Reeve. Reeve nodded at them and continued to watch the battle.

“The name is suitable for us.”

“Can I ask you something?”

“You can of course Kron.”

“Do you think that Proto Guyver would be my replacement?” It was a question Zero thought for a moment about. He didn’t want to insult or alarm the Master Zoalord. But in the end he long since knew how smart and possibility dangerous the Master Zoalord was. It was best to answer him honestly.

“No Kron whatever they plan you would be part of it,” said Guyver 0 thankful for the fact that both his voice was masked and that he was lying. Humanity was good for rebuilding his race but it was flawed. It was only a matter of time that the Gods abandoned them all. The more he thought about it the more he saw it that he was doing the right thing by moving his family from Atlantis. At least away from him they had some hope against whatever it was the Gen planned.

As Guyver 0 and Kron continued to speak and the intensified Reeve left them and walked into the area behind the royal seats that lead to a passage way that linked the huge Coliseum to the Palace. He ordered the Guards away as the form of G’Kor appeared.

“Master,” said Reeve as he bowed before G’Kor.

“Rise my most loyal of servants,” said G’Kor signalling for him to get up.

“I did not expect you master.”

“The time has come for us to act, to wipe out anything that can oppose us, this world, those that dared attack me and my home world. All will be wiped out by the cleansing you both will bring my soon to be Guyver Zoalords!” said G’Kor as behind him Fulton Balcus appeared out the shadows behind him. Both Zoalords nodded at each other in acknowledgement. A short distance away Guyver 0 listened though his enhanced hearing to something that sent him into shock with the realisation of just how powerfully wrong it could be. A Guyver Zoalord!? Not just one but two! What the Hell was G’Kor thinking? That he could somehow control such monsters? Then they disappeared as the portal teleported them away.

<“Pariah, we have to get out of here!”>

<“I’m busy right now and am surrounded by Zoalords, what do you expect me to do?”>

<“G’Kor has betrayed us all. He plans on making Reeve and Balcus into Guyver Zoalords!”>

<“You are joking?”>

<“NO, I am not I overheard just now talking about it before they teleported away with Reeve.”>

<“We have to tell the 13!”>

<“Tell them what? That a Guyver overheard one of the 13 telling a Zoalord that he wanted to make them a Guyver Zoalord? No they would never believe us we are the fallen! We have to stop him and stop him now or else!”>

<“You know this will cost us our lives?”>

<“It will cost us EVERYTHING if we don’t act!”>

<“Ok, how the hell are we to get away?”> asked Guyver Supreme as he dodged yet another attack from Proto Guyver.

<“We ask him to help! Proto Guyver, if we don’t escape now and stop a mad God we’re all going to die!”> said Guyver 0 telepathically two both Guyvers.

<“Who are you?”>

<“I’m Zero the first Guyver, one of the Gods leaders has gone crazy. He plans on merging a Zoalord with the armour of the Gods!”> Proto Guyver and Guyver Supreme continued to battle as Proto Guyver weighed what exactly that meant for him. A Guyver Zoalord was what he meant. The son of Razule was no one’s fool he knew what it meant if that was true. He had heard the many stories of his father and from that knew what a Zoalord could do. Zeugma was said to have killed many Guyvers with ease and the armour of the Gods made her into something that was amazing. To combine the two would just be something unbelievably powerful.

<“Are you listening to me Proto Guyver? If we don’t stop G’Kor now he will have his two Guyver Zoalords kill us all!”> Proto Guyver stopped for a moment in fear. All of his tribe and that of the other two tribes knew the name of G’Kor the God of Death! If the God of death wanted to make a Guyver Zoalord it would only be for bad things. Years of pent up aggression in his and the other tribes meant one thing, he was going to help the Guyvers against G’Kor.

<“I am listening, but we never going to defeat all of the Zoalords and go after him?”> said Proto Guyver firing another volley of gravity bullets at Guyver 0 but he found them easy to dodge as most flew past him.

The Guyvers continued to talk, Kron noticed something he couldn’t quite tell what it was. He realised that they were not fighting properly. Neither Guyver was really trying to land a proper killer blow like they were before. They were merely putting on a show! The realisation of this though happened to late. The orbs Proto Guyver’s chest and legs glowed and fired. The orbs ripped from his body and came together in front of him. As they moved around at an amazing rate a black ball of energy formed around them. “No! The fool” he thought, the weapon was for use in space only not on a planet if it grew out of control it would kill everything! Kron jumped down to the grounds of the Coliseum changing to his Zoalord form as he did. The others here where designed to shield the crowd and the black hole was taking all of their energy to do so. But Proto Guyver’s mistake was something he could fix, like his brother he too was a master of Gravity based attacks. Kron focused his energy in controlling the black hole. Every orb on his body glowed along with his zoalord crystal as he wrestled with it. Moments later he thankfully felt control over it and minutes later the black hole fell in on itself.

Kron felt exhausted but relieved he had caught it in time. He looked around at the crowd most were still unharmed but the Zoalords had paid the price of protecting them, some had paid for doing that with their lives. He looked around for the Guyver responsible but he was gone. But it was not only him who had left during the distraction, Guyver 0 and Guyver Supreme too had gone. He called out for his brother. He too had left. “What the hell had just happened,” wondered Kron knowing now things would never be the same again.

The Northwest Territories – in the lands of what will one day become part of modern Canada

The land he had sensed them teleport too was a frozen waste land something that he realised could easily kill him if not for having his armour active. Buried inside a hill in front of him was a Gen or Uranus ship of some kind. The distraction caused by Proto Guyver had worked. Guyver 0 had used it to get his friend’s and himself teleported to safety using the Portal. But they would not be alone for long. Once Kron had realised they had escaped they would come hunting for them. They had to use this time to kill G’Kor and the two Zoalords before they activated the Units. “They must be inside that ship,” said Guyver 0 pointing towards the top of a Gen ship that peered above the frozen land. It was snowing so heavily that normal human vision would not have seen it. Being a Guyver though they all sensed it one of the great ships was close by.

G’Kor and the two Zoalords stood in the centre of the ship. They were looking at the centre unit pod inside it was a single Unit. Both Zoalords looked in awe at the dormant device knowing already from many years of seeing the battles their Gods organised just what it could do to a human. But Futon’s expression changed as he noted there was only one Unit but two Zoalords with their “God”.

“You two are my most trusted servants. Together and you two helped me countless times. The time we were waiting for is now!  We will take complete control over the Test. But I only need one of you though can become the Guyver Zoalord.” said G’Kor to the surprise of both Zoalords.

“Why is that master?” asked Fulton Balcus. Reeve smiled that the old fool asked first you simply do not question the Gods especially the God of Death! He could even tell now this was a test from G’Kor to see who would be the most willing to serve him. Even with the untold power a Unit would give him he simply respected G’Kor too much to ever go against him. G’Kor was the only one who saw past the shadow cast by Kron!

“There is a simple reason. You are our most powerful servants, too powerful some might say. But only Reeve has shown that with that power and ambition he would never go against me!”

“I would never go against….”

“Old fool,” said Reeve as his fist that had already collecting energy left it go into the side of Fulton Balcus sending the Zoalord flying into the side of the ship. Fulton was in shock flying on the ground not grasping at first what had happened to him. Badly wounded Fulton Balcus was unable to act as G’Kor gave the Unit to Reeve.

Outside the ship Guyver 0, Guyver Supreme and Proto Guyver commanded the ship to open. It did not respond to their command. Seconds later they were fired on, the ground around them exploded in rubble as they were blown away from each other. Guyver Supreme got up first too see a Zoalord out of the heavy falling snow. They had being found!

Inside the ship the Unit was bonding with Reeve. G’Kor looked at the slumped form of Balcus. He was the one source of information that knew enough about him that could get him in trouble if his plan failed. That source was taken care of and as the Guyver Zoalords control medal glowed it was now completely irrelevant! G’Kor looked in awe at the huge form of the Guyver Zoalord. He could sense only one thing that this being was dangerously powerful. How dare the Gen call themselves “Gods” this is what a god should be and this god followed him!

Outside the three Guyvers battled the powerful Zoalord. For all the experience of Guyver 0 and Guyver Supreme they had never fought a Zoalord before. This single one proved a great challenge his shield had yet to be broken and if not for the pace of the Guyver 0 he’d have being hit and either badly wounded or taken out by the Zoalord. Inside the ship G’Kor knew of the battle with the Guyvers. They must be here to try and stop him. But they were far too late as the eyes of the Guyver Zoalord glowed and he focused on G’Kor. The huge eighteen foot tall form of the Guyver Zoalord walked towards him. Even though he thought himself in control of Reeve as a Guyver Zoalord the Gen felt a little bit of fear that with the merest flick of the beast’s wrist destructive power capable of blowing apart the ship would obliterate him and Reeve would be truly Guyver. But the Guyver Zoalord kneeled before him. Even knelt down his huge form was still taller than that of the Gen Control Armoured G’Kor.

“Master I am complete,” said the Guyver Zoalord.

“Indeed you are, it’s time you fulfilled your birthright!”

Outside the ship the Zoalord’s crystal glowed as he pulled all nearby energy towards himself. There wasn’t much but the ship itself seemed to drain of life as the Zoalord glowed with power. Guyver Supreme and Proto Guyver fired everything they had in a quick attempt to overpower it but it was too late. Moments later a shockwave pulsed out from the Zoalord blasting Guyver 0 and Guyver Supreme away. Proto Guyver shielded the worst but not all of the attack but fell to his knees before the Zoalord. The Zoalord raised his right hand and a Unit Remover appeared and attached itself to it. A short distance away Guyver Supreme got up first. As he looked towards the Zoalord and realised what he had on its arm it was too late for the Proto-Guyver. Seconds later his Unit was removed leaving behind a young man in basic tribal clothing.

The Zoalord reached down and picked up the Unit, the boy now was no longer his concern the extremely cold weather will kill him soon. He turned towards the Guyver Supreme, like the Proto Guyver he was badly injured his armour thorn in many places and he was bleeding badly. Pariah knew he was next to taste the remover and in his state it would mean certain death. Out of nowhere there was a huge explosion coming from the ship. The pure force from it knocked everyone away from each other but also killed the man who was the Proto Guyver. Out from the ruin came the Guyver Zoalord and G’Kor. G’Kor looked back at what was once a huge bio-ship that contained his secret projects. It was now a shell of its former self. With the control sphere destroyed the only link to him of this place was the Guyver Zoalord himself.

“Master there are two Guyvers here.”

“I know but they are beneath us now. It’s time let’s leave this place!”

The Guyver Zoalord nodded and seconds later they both where teleported away. The harsh snow continued to fall. In minutes the oddly coloured bio-material of the ship was frozen and started was being covered in the heavy snow. Some time past and the covering snow fall covered things in layer upon layer of snow. Then slowly there was movement. Guyver Supreme was the first to get up. His right arm was missing though he could barely notice it as the Unit or the cold had numbed the pain. He was in shock wondering what had happened to him. Then it call came flooding back Zero and him had failed the Guyver Zoalord was now born! His head sensors twitched as he looked for his arm. He sensed it about sixteen feet away buried in the deep snow. He reached down with his left arm and brushed away the snow and picked up his arm placing the now frozen stump at the end towards his shoulder.  Somehow after a few minutes his unit sensed the arm against itself and he felt his arm reattach itself to his body. The pain was immense but he’d no choice but to bare it then screamed out in pain as his will gave out.

A short distance away he sensed movement as the Zoalord stood up out of the snow. He too had being injured by the blast caused by the Guyver Zoalord. Guyver Supreme turned to face him but with his right arm still useless he turned his left side towards the Zoalord and charged up his pressure cannon. He hoped the Zoalord was too badly wounded to stop the attack as he fired the gravity ball towards him. But the zoalord shielded the attack. He then lifted his arm carrying the Unit remover and pointed it at Guyver Supreme. Then out from behind the Zoalord appeared Guyver 0 his vibrational sword extended he lunged his body towards the Zoalord decapitating him. Guyver 0 landed in a slump beside the Zoalord. He was without his left leg and left arm and was in really bad shape but he saved Guyver Supreme. Guyver Supreme walked over to his friend and slumped down beside him.

“We’ve failed,” said Guyver Supreme.

“We gave it a good try my friend,” said Guyver 0 turning towards him.

“Is the Guyver who helped us is dead?”

“He landed close to me. He didn’t have a chance without his armour.” Guyver Supreme nodded in agreement to what Guyver 0 had just said. Even with their units they hadn’t survived unharmed and where badly wounded.

“We should take him back to his people,” said Guyver 0.

“The world is doomed and all you can think about his letting this man be honoured by his people. I like your humility Zero.”

“There is another reason I suggest we should. His people are our only possible allies against the Guyver Zoalord. G’Kor will insure his first strikes go unnoticed by the Council. Our only chance though it’s still nothing is to gain come allies and hope we can somehow kill the Guyver Zoalord.”

“Yeah, we don’t have much hope even with them, but it is at least some.”

They nodded in agreement and then waited in the snow for their bodies to heal. Meeting other Guyvers could be dangerous even more so when bringing the dead body of one of their people. After some time both Guyvers where fully healed. They had recovered the body of Razule’s son and Guyver 0’s control flared as he contacted the portal moments later all three disappeared as they where teleported away.

Inside the ruined ship a slump of bio material moved as Fulton Balcus emerged from the ruin. His body was badly injured but somehow he held enough wherewithal to shield himself from the explosion. He’d being betrayed and abandoned for dead. But the fool for a God did not make sure he had finished the job. The then wondered if he was wise to think such things. Reeve had effectively killed him now. The wounds he’d suffered at his hand both before and after becoming the Guyver Zoalord will over time insure his death in this harsh land. Calling out for help too would be unwise, who would side with him against the word of a God? Him, a left over outcast from the Uranus!

No it was time to hide, time to hope that someday he would get his revenge. In his arm was a dormant Unit-G he had found in the rubble. He heard about these Ships of the Gods before from the other Zoalords. They described a pod that they rested in and awoke inside. Maybe this ship had one still that remained intact? It was a question he needed to answer soon. Using his powers he lifted the side of the ruin up. It revealed a chamber that somehow remained somewhat intact. He moved inside the snow and biometrical closing up the chamber behind him as he moved inside.

His enhanced eyesight combined with the glow glowing light from inside the dying ship was enough for him to move around. He saw what he needed with two intact pods was before him. He knew enough about the Unit-G to know this one of a kind Unit he had was never meant to work for him. This whole ship was only used to make the Unit that Reeve now had. But in time mankind would learn and like the great City’s man by modern mankind who’s wonders even he admired had shown. Sooner or later if he waited long enough someone somewhere would possibly find a way to make this Unit work for him! He placed the Unit inside the pod and a few seconds later it floated towards the middle of the Pod. He wondered if this was where the Unit was meant to rest? Most likely it was not but the Unit was a living being of some kind and he hoped the pods would ensure that meant it would keep it alive. He turned towards the second Pod and as he pulled himself up in the air towards it the pod opened and Balcus moved inside. He hoped someday soon he would awake, and he too would be able to become a Guyver Zoalord and have his revenge!

The End of Time War Part 2

*1 One cycle is the equivalent of one year.