This is a fan-fic based on characters created by Yoshiki Takaya and contains violent situations with adult language.

TitleTime War: Part 1
AuthorBrian O’Sullivan

Utah – Tens of thousands of years ago

 Zeugma and the Tribe of the Great Snake readied for war deep in the mountains of Utah they had retreated to their tribe’s ancestral home. Kron her mate had brought war to her people and with the survivors of his old tribe the Black Fang they had conquered the smaller tribes around them. She knew her warlord mate well and knew this would be so they could challenge the Tribe of the Form again.

Two days ago they did. They had lost that battle and now they were being hunted down. History had repeated itself she though thinking of when the great warrior joined her tribe all those years ago. Her father thought that the great warrior would make her tribe stronger. It had but the Tribe of the Form had taken notice of this rising power and sought to crush it. This lead to war for survival and her tribe was losing. Pushed back now to its ancestral home the final strong hold of her tribe she hoped there they could turn the tide of battle.

They had found them. Off in the distance Zeugma could see men coming towards them wearing their distinctive wooden face masks of beasts. It was said the Tribe of the Form could turn into these beasts; Kron though had never seen such things before and said they used the myth to scare their opponents. Moving up hill Zeugma split her forces as planned. Kron and his strongest men moved up the hills into the trees. Zeugma and a group of warriors stayed in the middle.

As the first men of the Tribe of the Form got close enough Zeugma’s people took advantage of their elevated position and threw their spears. With deadly accuracy of a hunter’s tribe their spears found their mark impaling the enemy. They though where simply outnumbered for each man that they downed more would take his place. Zeugma signalled her forces to fall back. Behind her was a crevasse with steep sharp sides. Her people knew this home land well and Kron as planned positioned him men for the attack.

The men of the Tribe of the Form saw Zeugma with her distinctive blond hair in the distance. They knew she was the leader of the tribe and all clan members now targeted her. Zeugma wasn’t a fool and realised she had being spotted judging by the sheer amount of men that ran her direction. She turned around and ran. Her people had being warned what to do if she had being spotted. Kron had warned her of what the tribe done to his Clan Father in battle. The Tribe of the Form was known to kill opposing clan’s leaders, to kill all its males and take their women as their mates to expand The Form’s tribe. There was no freedom in that tribe, you done what The Form commanded.

Zeugma and her group ran as fast has their feet would carry them. Jumping over large rocks and a small stream as they then entered the chasm. Behind them their enemy’s were gaining on them. That only made her and her men press harder as they ran through the narrow channel reaching the end of it, a massive wall of rock. The men of the form roared in delight seeing that Zeugma and her group were trapped. It was ill advised Kron herd that same roar when they killed his father. His spotter waved his hands a sign of the enemy being in the right location. Kron took his favourite obsidian edged dagger from his belt and cut the rope that was holding back a large bolder. Before the men of The Form could react the boulder had triggered a landslide and rocks crushed and men of the form. Those that survived quickly were killed by Zeugma and her group as they counter attacked. They had won!

<“Well done Children!”> The telepathic message was heard by all of Zeugma’s people. They looked at each other in fear wondering where this voice came from. Then in the forest below they saw a grey haired man walking towards them. Behind him coming out of the forest was so many men that they could not be counted.

<“You done well killing my scouts, most tribes get wiped out by them alone!”>

Zeugma looked up at Kron. The look on his face was that of fear. All around her the look on her warriors of her tribe faces was that of fear. What was it they faced that could put fear into the hearts of men and women with just a few words? Her tribe had just killed fifty odd men, yet this warlord thought he could killed them all himself. The older looking man now walked by himself towards her people leaving the huge army that followed him behind. Whoever or whatever this man was, it all screamed danger to Zeugma.

“Reeve get to the village, get the old, the children and the kids and take them has far away from here has you can,” said Zeugma pointing at the young man beside. Reeve looked up to his brother for guidance. Kron simply nodded knowing whatever happened now all that was important was to get the future of the tribe to safety while they fought this old man. He too like Zeugma knew there was something wrong about this. The old man was simply crazy or knew something they didn’t by challenging the might of the tribe single handily.

The man entered the chasm and was in range of the spears of Kron’s team. With a simple nod Kron had shown his intent. He and his men all reached back and through their spears at the old man. Kron had thrown many a spear in their life time; the spears were travelling on target. Kron now stood back expecting the man to attempt to dodge the spears somehow, but he stood still. The spears like Kron expected were mostly on target. But they did not hit him. The man emitted a glowing circle around him, the spears harmlessly hit off that and then fell to the ground.

<“Ha, ha, ha little children, you don’t know who I am do you?”> said the man telepathically to all of the Tribe of the Great Snake with another silent message of fear. Even this time Zeugma frightened by what she saw. What was this man? Around her the men that were with her ran literally for the hills trying to climb up the wall of the chasm to get away from the man. Zeugma looked up to see if Kron was still there. He was not, he and his men on seeing what the man was capable of hearing his message ran now in fear.

The man changed, his eyes glowed and his form grew very large. Horns started to grow out of his head and a red crystal appeared on his forehead he continued to change looking like a giant lizard. Before Zeugma could even wonder what this meant the red crystal on his forehead glowed and fired. Around her the men trying to escape were hit by these beams of light and were blasted apart. She was now alone and the creature walked towards her.

“You never had a chance little girl. Did you really think you could challenge the might of a Zoalord? That you could challenge Fulton Balcus!”

Zeugma knew there was nowhere to run. But knowing that didn’t stop the fear that gripped her of the man beast that walked towards her that could kill men with light from its forehead! She turned to her right but as she did Fulton raised his left arm firing a ball of energy that slammed off the rock face to her right cutting off that route of escape. She tried again turning to her left but before she even had the chance to take a step another large ball of energy slammed into that wall of rock. The force of this explosion sent rock flying everywhere one hitting her on her right shoulder knocking he off the ground to the rocky ground below.

Zeugma blacked out from the pain of both the impact on the ground and the knowledge that her right shoulder was broken and her right arm was now limp. Fulton walked slowly towards his prey, it was not often he deemed it necessary to personally get involved in an attack on a tribe. But blond women where a rarity in this land and rarer still was a woman in charge of a clan he deemed worthy of taking over.

“Don’t worry girl, I’ll allow your arm to mend before you become my mate!” said Fulton Balcus, now close enough to be herd with his normal voice. Zeugma still unconscious didn’t move. Fulton reached down to pick her up when there was a roar above him of “Clan Mother”. He looked up to see the sight of Solufein the clan shaman jumping off the wall of the chasm into the air his spear pointed down as he targeted the Zoalord.

But at that moment there was a thundering sound in the sky. Fulton swathed the crazed man from him sending Solufein crashing to the rocks. He then looked up in awe of the sight that greeted him. The masters had returned. In the sky above was a Creator ship hovered above the Utah Mountains.

<“Zoalord, we have returned, cease combat with these lesser forms! Return to your home land and ready yourself for our service.”>

Fulton bowed towards the ship and backed away. This time it was Fulton Balcus who felt fear and the compulsion to follow the overwhelming presence of those who ordered him. Inside the ship the Gen known as Solom looked down on what he’d witnessed. These humans had fought a Zoalord, a primitive most likely prototype Zoalord to that of Alkanphel but a Zoalord none the less. They would be useful for the Project. Earth was clearly not as void of life has the Uranus thought. It would be best to keep it that way. He contacted the Council of 13 and made them aware of the situation and that not only humans had survived but he’d even discovered an ancient Zoalord Prototype.

With that and a single thought to his ship Zeugma, Solufein, Kron and the test of her tribe where all teleported into pods inside the ship of Solom.  Some reacted badly to the sudden imprisonment but after a few seconds the sedative in the liquids they floated in made them unconscious. Then in the remaining pods that numbered in the thousands The Tribe of the Form all including the Zoalord Fulton Balcus found themselves teleported into the ships bio-pods.

Solom thought of what lead him to this. To his arrival to the forbidden ancient seed world of Gaia, a world all the Federation thought destroyed. A world he and the Gen would claim for themselves and ultimately he and his brethren would tame the Guyver effect!

One Month Later

Solom had waited patiently for the arrival of his brethren. Soon they would begin the work needed to turn the Guyver effect into a controllable weapon. It was eons ago when the Uranus left this world. He’d discovered evidence of the planetoid on the Earth’s surface. But it was in many different locations around the globe. Something had shattered it before some parts of it made any impact on the Earth below. There could be only one logical answer, Alkanphel!

According to a captured archive from the Uranus the peak of their work was the Creation of the ultimate Zoalord. The leader of humanity and the zoanoids they could become. Solom had being observing humans since his arrival; their children are completely and emotionally attached to their parents in all tribes he observed. Alkanphel would have not reacted well to his world being destroyed. Only Alkanphel had the power within him to destroy what the Federation sent to destroy Gaia. But Solom was unable to find the Master Zoalord, land masses had changed much since the time of the Uranus, their ancient test site where the Guyver effect was witness destroyed.

The only possible key he had found to Alkanphel was another ancient Zoalord he had found, Fulton Balcus. From the archive he knew this was a test form of Zoalord powers. A being made long before Alkanphel, he was a prototype of what was to come. Though from what Solom understood while he was not as powerful has Alkanphel he was by no means weak. Since the Uranus had left Fulton had brought together a tribe of warriors and was planning of conquest of the world. With the abilities granted to him by the Uranus and Alkanphel’s absence he imagined that would be a possibility. If not for his arrival Fulton Balcus would have Zeugma now as his mate. Solom had healed her body of the damage done by the Zoalord. From the minds of those he captured her knew she was their “Clan Mother”. She was a natural leader; she did not panic in the face of impossible odds. She would be ideal to become the new leader of humanity.

Solom’s planning though was interrupted when his ship sent him a telepathic message. A Gen Clan Ship had entered the solar system with a large number of Research Ships that where similar to those used by the Uranus.

<“Greetings Science Leader Solom,”> said Draven, Solom’s lifelong friend and member of the ruling Council of the 13.

<“Greetings Draven you’ve arrived with the Research ships, I take it as a good sign that means the Council has agreed to start the Warrior Guyver project,”> answered Solom.

<“You would be correct.”>

The Clan Ship and the other Gen ships moved away from each other. Each Research Ship held its team of Gen scientists who where dedicated to their version of what the Unit-G should become to be classed the Warrior Unit. The Unit that replaced a device that had being used by the Federation before the Gen joined it eons ago. They heard of this planet through hushed rumour, on discovering it was true they went about acquiring the original Unit that went Guyver to attempt to recreate the effect. They acquired it from the Uranus along with basic information on what they done on Earth, but an experiment with the Unit proved fatal for one Gen. His body and being was nearly destroyed but what emerged was a re-incarnated Guyver 0.

As the ships got closer Solom continued to think of the events that led the Gen race to Earth. The Guyver 0 was a mix of a primitive human mind and that of a Gen. He was an accident. More Guyver than Gen, but unlike before with the Uranus he did not attack without cause. The part of him that was still Gen allowed Solom to communicate with him. Solom and other Gen scientists were able to learn from him of what exactly a human being was. From that day the seeds of what where to happen next grew. Solom and other Gen realised that while it was not a perfect merger the Guyver 0 represented what Gen could become if they were able to harness a human body. But unlike the Guyver 0 they would need to grow one not merge with a mature human. Due to the nature of their DNA to do that they would need more human subjects, to both experiment on and to breed their hosts.

Solom was sent to the ancient seed world of Gaia to see if any genetic material somehow survived the attack of the Federation. At most they hoped for some frozen sample to remain, but Solom personally held little hope of that. The size of the planetoid that the Federation sent through a wormhole to crash into Earth should have insured no surface area survived. But what he actually discovered was something that even the Uranus did not know. Gaia and its Creatures where still here. The Uranus had breed a near perfect warrior race. Humanity had survived a harsh Ice Age brought on by the destruction of the planetoid. They were not as numerous as they were at the time of the Uranus but as a species they not only survived but since the Ice Age began to thaw out their numbers had grown, wars for expansion of territory happened all over the globe even now between small human tribes. But Solom could see sooner or later that would lead to larger and better armies. Humanity thrived off combat as much has it loathed it.

But humanity along with the creatures of Gaia had a fault that the Uranus deemed could not be fixed. When merged with the Unit-G the flaw allowed them to go out of control and to be bio-boosted far beyond other creatures ever were. What scared the Uranus, what scared the Federation was that if that happened with a basic human, what would happen if a Zoalord merged with a unit? It was a realistic threat one that they would need to design a method of prevention against. Even more so if such a powerful host like a Zoalord was to merge with a powerful test unit it would be unstoppable. Solom could see the dangers and why this was not easily agreed to by the Council of the 13. But the rewards outweighed the risks. If they could make a controllable Guyver they would be unstoppable and no one in the Federation including the Uranus could stop them.

An hour later the Research Ships had found their locations in different locations around the globe. The Clan Ship itself located in what would many years later become France. The huge ship was the representation of the Gen race. Inside it was the Council of the 13. Those who ruled the Gen where all located in this ship. They had realised the importance of this mission to the most forbidden planet of the history of the Federation, a planet that shouldn’t exist. If command decisions needed to be made on important matters on Gaia then they would be made quickly.

The Science Cast where all present on the Clan Ship. They all knew their mission. Before the Warrior Project could go ahead they first had to implement possible counter measures. They were lucky when the Guyver 0 event happened that the host was communicative and did not attack them. From him they learned nothing they had defensively would be capable of surviving an attack from a standard Guyver, let alone a test unit.

So that represented the first goal. Solom had located a prototype Zoalord of the Uranus. But he was not the panicle of the work of the Uranus; they would first have to locate Alkanphel. From him they would make new zoalords and zoanoids and then they would have protectors capable of defending the Gen from the Guyver risk.

That also represented the second goal. Their protectors could equally be their doom. Any powerful zoalord they made or powerful zoanoid for that matter could become a Guyver. A human Guyver they could handle with the zoalords. But something more powerful than them would be their downfall. Solom had an idea that would “limit” this threat. Solom knew this was a realistic threat. He had discovered what the Prototype Zoalord was after, inside the mountains of Utah was a Uranus relic ship that was still active after all this time. It was a Store Ship having hundreds of dormant Units inside it. Even though he was no Alkanphel the Zoalord Fulton Balcus would have being near unstoppable as a Guyver. But if he was limited in what the Unit would have done for him, if the Unit could sense that the host was over a certain Bio-Boost potential then he would not receive the full effects of the merger.

This lead onto the third goal, the Gen admired the personal power a Guyver represented to the host. They would as such need to make a Human Hybrid body for the Gen to occupy much like the Guyver 0 but in a much more controlled manner. Solom having the advantage of being on Earth first had already solved this from tests on the humans he had captured a month ago.

The fourth goal was the one that would take longest. Once they had their human hybrid bodies and had their army of protectors ready and the safety limitation technology designed then they would be able to set to work designing and testing what would become the Warrior Unit, the replacement to the Unit-G Controller. After those goals where completed the fate of Gaia and its in habitants was in the hands of The 13. But Solom suspected the worse, even though he saw value in the world for continued research after the project he understood that the Federation and its Uranus would be too big a risk if they discovered what the Gen where up too.

Months passed as the Gen worked tirelessly to lay the foundation of their project. Solom worked on the human hybrid body project with a large team behind him they neared completion of that goal. The Council of the 13 continued to both monitor the project close at hand and also the affairs of the Gen race. Their main concern though was also that of Solom’s. Where was the body of Alkanphel?

The answer to this came when Hpa’Var another Gen scientist was working on Fulton Balcus to test their control over him and his control over a group of zoanoids. Fulton Balcus had become more accepting of Gen realising they controlled the Earth now. Hpa’Var was able to get a better reading of his mind and picked up an ancient memory of the Uranus test site where Alkanphel was born. Not only had that memory being picked up, but Fulton Balcus over the years travelled from there after Alkanphel saved humanity from the death the Federation planned. Fulton hid this from the Gen out of fear of betraying Alkanphel, a being he saw take flight after the Uranus when they left. From the evidence around the globe and this, the Gen now had a very clear idea of how Gaia survived and where Alkanphel was located.

Hpa’Var and Solom located Alkanphel on the Island of Silha, a time lost place that also had creatures from Earth’s past located on it. Alkanphel was inside a man structure made by his followers over of a ruined Uranus ship. He was in a deep sleep and did not awake when he was called. Solom said that this was due to the damage his body had gone through and the price he paid for disobeying the Uranus. They both agreed he was too damaged to be what they needed and that they would need to make a new leader of humanity. A sample was taken from Alkanphel. Hpa’Var asked Solom if they should kill him off now as he put it “put him to rest”. Solom though admired the Zoalord for what he was capable of and in case they needed another sample he would be here resting for them if they needed it. They left Alkanphel with their sample.

Months and then years went by as the Gen continued to work on their projects. The next breakthrough was almost a decade later by Solom’s team. They finished work on the Limitation Effect as they called it. Any existing control medal and all future designed control medals would be fitted with this. It was described by them as an infection into the design of the control medal. It would intricate itself into the control medals key functions and once there be impossible to be removed without destroying the Unit. In essence it would insure that no accidents involving mergers would be too disastrous. The combined power of a zoalord and a Unit G with a Limitation Effect inside its control medal would only be a few times more powerful than that of a human bonded Unit-G. Within the power range of their new Zoalords to deal with if necessary.

As Solom’s team had worked on the Limitation Effect the samples from Alkanphel were given to Hpa’Tus Vulcan’s team to work on. For them this was no easier project than that of Solom’s team project. They had figured out Alkanphel was born a zoalord and was the result of all the research the Uranus did on this world. Due to Solom’s teams success in designing their Limitation Effect they did not have the time to work out how the Uranus grew Alkanphel and more importantly how to grow one of their own from scratch without it being defective. Instead it was decided to zoa-form a human into a modern Zoalord based off the sample of Alkanphel. Hpa’Tus Vulcan agreed with his rival’s team that the human Zeugma had shown qualities that would make her the ideal choice to be the new leader of humanity.

Ten years later – A landmass that will become France in modern time

<“Zeugma awaken!”> said the voice that thundered through her mind.

Zeugma opened her eye lids to reveal yellow cat like eyes. She blinked repeatedly as she realised she was inside some liquid that completely surrounded her. But she could breath and because of that she did not panic. As she focused she realised she was inside come pod like chamber. As she reached forward her hand simply went through it. She then noticed her hand was not right, it was yellow in colour and had an orb in the palm of her hand.

<“You are now our Zoalord, but not just any type of Zoalord you are the Master Zoalord. You have being chosen to rule humanity for us!”> said the voice telepathically to her.

Zeugma wasn’t sure what to make of what the voice was telling her. But the voice unlike that of the Zoalord Balcus came with a feeling of trust, deep down she knew she could accept what that voice told her to be true. The pod around her disappeared and retracted around her she thought she was going to fall to the ground she found herself floating in the ait.

<“As a master zoalord Zeugma, you have many powers over the elements and to and to command humanity and the zoa-forms. You are able to fly and personally insure destruction of those that would wish us harm.”> As the voice was telling her this Zeugma landed softly on the organic ground at her feet. Sensing yet further questions in the zoalords mind the voice continued. <“You also have at your disposal imprinted memories and knowledge needed for you to complete what is required of you.”>

<“I will serve you well my master,”> responded Zeugma as she knelt towards where she thought the voice came from.

The side of the room opened and through it Zeugma could see the outside world. She did not need to be told what she was meant to do from her. Instinct infused into her by the Gen told her to leave the ship. She flew out of the ship and realised it was far away from her home lands. Around her many villages of primitive huts had being built around the great ship of her masters. She could sense the humans and zoanoids inside. She could also sense the Zoalord Fulton Balcus inside one of the more solid structures.

Landing outside the building the door opened itself with a mere thought from the Master Zoalord, her powers doing her bidding with ease. Inside the building scantily clad women were doing their about their duties tidying the building and maintaining its gardens as she barged into the room. Fulton Balcus clearly did not live a hard life she thought. The slave women stood in silent shock looking at the glowing form of Zeugma. Zeugma read the minds of the women and did not like was she found. She floated up to the balcony above her and into the room of Fulton Balcus.

“How things change Zeugma,” said Fulton Balcus as Zeugma floated into the room the light from her body brighter than the candles that lit it. A second later Fulton Balcus found himself being lifted off the ground into the air and towards the new Master Zoalord.

“Tell me why I shouldn’t kill you now for what you did to my people! For what you tried to do to me!”

“Your people? Your people eons before even your grandparents existed survived me! All the people of that region of Earth served me. The “Great Snake”, the “Black Fang” and the “Form” all those tribes where made by me! Your grandparents though chose to forget that and you chose to fight against it. You and your people paid for your mistake!” As Fulton Balcus spoke those words much like she was able to read the minds of the women who served him she knew it to be true from reading his mind.

“You’re not merely a Zoalord Zeugma, you are the Master Zoalord bread to rule us all. Do you think now that you are a Master Zoalord, our replacement to Alkanphel that our masters will allow you to act any differently to me? No you are bread to rule and you’ll be expected to do so. To insure what our masters are doing her they continue to do without interruption! To insure their army has the most experienced Zoalord ever created so that their mission will come to fruition!”

Zeugma continued to read his mind while he spoke those words. It was all true! The Masters who came from space would expect her to rule much like Fulton Balcus explained. She was now the ruler of humanity she would be expected to manage it, to insure it did not interfere with them and to use it and all its resources including this Zoalord she despised to do what was required for them!

“They let you live?” asked Zeugma.

“They had me rule humanity while you their perfect Master Zoalord was processed. I am to serve you, that is the order of things.”

“Who was this Alkanphel you spoke?” asked Zeugma her psionic powers pulled the zoalord closer to her.

“We should not talk of Alkanphel, to do so would only anger the Masters.” As Fulton Balcus spoke those words she was not able to probe thoughts of who this Alkanphel. She now could guess it was Alkanphel who she replaced, not the ancient Zoalord that attacked her people. But she could see through his mind that something blocked her from revealing any more. She though even with all the genetic programming the Gen put inside her couldn’t help but let this human part of herself through, she hated this man who obliterated the people of her tribe.

<“Zeugma you are a Zoalord, petty feelings produced by your former life should no longer be your concern!”> said a commanding voice. Zeugma knew they had being monitoring her and the Zoalord and they did not like what sensed coming from her. She was ordered to so she did as obeyed and pushed memories of her former life out of her mind.

<“I do what is required my Masters.”> As she replied saying that through her mind she let go of the old Zoalord. He had served the Masters while she was made into a Zoalord. They still had use for him and as such she could not kill him and go against her Masters wishes.

“You’ve a lot to learn Zeugma, that is why the Masters chose to let me live!”

Over the next few years Zeugma learned as more and more of her old tribe and that of Balcus were made into the ruling elite, the Zoalords. Kron her mate was made like her into a master Zoalord though less powerful than her he was far more ruthless in applying their commands. Zeugma learned more of the “Gods” who came to Earth. They desired their privacy above all. They commanded from afar so she never saw them only the shine from their Control Medals. They had a plan for her and her people and talked of “the tests”. But they had yet to announce any details of what those tests would be.

She had learned more of the planet she called home. From the Gods she learned that many, many years ago the Gods were on the Earth before. But a great disaster threatened them so they left to the Stars forsaking the Earth to its doom. Her predecessor Alkanphel saved the Earth at great cost to both himself and to the Earth. It caused the great ice age, something only in recent years has abated enough for the Gods to come back for them to continue their work. Her tribe and that of the Form or the Black Fang was the norm for what the rest of the Earth was like. Many small tribes or some large tribes using basic tools and simple buildings to live in. Most hunted to live. But she also met other tribes, bigger larger tribes that no longer called themselves by their tribal names. They did not hunt, they moved far beyond that keeping animals in large enclosed areas and keeping at bay predators. At first she too did not understand why they did this. But as she read the minds of the people who done this she realised why. Farming led to an abundance of food, far more food than the family who farmed needed. This developed trade for other goods. The most advanced tribe that realised this called itself and the large island they inhabited Atlantis.

The people of Atlantis did not hunt in the traditional sense of what Zeugma knew. They were very advanced compared to the tribes of the lands to their East in what would now be called Europe and Africa. The people of Atlantis used metal to make armour and weapons for their army, their army fought and trained together all the time supported by the abundance of food from their farmers. They in turn protected the people who thought in schools to advance their people who in turn designed better weapons, better ways of farming and to improve the life of their people. The realisation of what civilisation could do astounded Zeugma. But there was also darkness to this bastion of humanity, Atlantis preyed on the weaker tribes for recourses. The people of those other tribes would become slaves to do the bidding of their masters. Other slaves that were more warlike fought for the amusement of the Atlantians in massive stone buildings.

The Gods decided that Atlantis should obey them instead of their fictional ideas of what a God was. Their king believed himself a God. That was until Zeugma and Kron descended form the heavens during a gladiatorial fight. She commanded them to obey the true Gods, they disobeyed. They sent their warriors into the coliseum against her and Kron, before they even got close Kron destroyed them and many others in a display of his powers. Upon seeing this, their king kneeled before them and swore obedience to the true Gods!

With that Atlantis the most advanced human culture on Earth at the time was taken over by the Zoalords in less than two minutes. Kron was about to make an example of the Atlantians by destroying their culture for daring to disobey the Gods but was stopped by Zeugma. She learned well from Fulton Balcus. His most important lesson was to be able to anticipate the will of the Gods. They sent Kron and her to this land to take it over. Not destroy it and lay waste to its people and knowledge. The Gods had a plan for Atlantis.

Indeed they did, the next year Zeugma met her first God in person. The Gen called Solom. He was human in shape but completely armoured, his eyes glowed blue and his armour was a darker shade of blue. Where Zeugma had a zoa-crystal in her forehead he had a metallic sphere. Zeugma did not know why, but she could sense that physically she was more powerful than this God. But whenever he talked with her or ordered her his will was overwhelming. She had to obey him.

Solom wanted to see in person Atlantis and its people. Since the subjugation of Atlantis it had largely remained untouched. Zeugma herself and members of her Tribe that had being turned into Zoalords had taken residence there. Kron especially enjoyed these lands, more so the gladiatorial combat. He did not compete in them himself, for he viewed it unsporting. But that didn’t stop him enjoying it when two evenly matched men fought to the death. Kron had fully established himself in the society of these advanced people he had first sought to wipe out. The former ruler of the land reported directly to him. His keen mind soon got to grips with how things worked and learned at an amazingly quick rate how this land worked, its politics, its people, farming, and to him most importantly warfare. These people where not zoa-formed yet they demonstrated how a small but well trained force with the right tactics and weapons could destroy a much larger force of men in war. Solom toured the country with Kron, complementing the master zoalord for using his keen intellect to learn about them and how their society worked. Zeugma wondered why Solom was so interested in this race of humans more than any others. Indeed they where an advanced race but they were not Gods?

Time travelled slowly for the Gen who normally never suffered from boredom. But now that Solom had the first stable human hybrid body that retained the full conscious of his Gen mind he found himself being influenced by it. But its most important urge, to eat food was over wealming. He learned much from Atlantis on how a more advanced human race manages their food supplies. The storage of it, the preparation to the cooking and eating of it and the importance of taste. All this was important, he found that he had to force himself to eat the substance he designed that came from the ship for his human body. He found that simply it didn’t taste good. Atlantis was a mind opening experience in that regard.

After the visit to Atlantis the Gen realised for them to be able to fully adapt to having human hybrid bodies they would have to live somewhat like the humans, more so like those of Atlantis. They chose a location high in the mountains of Greece for where their floating city would be located. The natural predators of the lands would not be able to not be able to climb such heights. To insure their peace the Zoalord Seraph, sister to Zeugma was chosen to guard the mountains of Olympia with a large army of zoanoids in preparation of the coming floating City.

Over the years, Solom and the other Gen scientists had learned completely how human Genetics worked. Like the Uranus the Gen were now in a position to execute their plans. All Gen on Earth now had a human hybrid body. But like the Guyver 0, there was another who shared his fate. One of the Gen from Hpa’Var’s team decided the hybrid bodies designed by Solom were too weak. Compared to the Guyver 0 achieved in raw power, the Gen in their hybrid bodies only reached a tenth of that potential. To overcome that a body more closely to that of the Guyver 0’s was designed. The result was not what the Gen who experimented on it would have wanted. Arven became more human than Gen, like the Guyver 0 he now resided inside a bio-pod inside the great Clan Ship

The Gen found that now that they were all human hybrids like Solom they too had to eat. They too did not like the nutritional capsules that the ship produced and enjoyed the complexity of tastes of real live food produced from the Earth. Atlantis again proved its worth, produce from there being highly sought after and their servants happy to oblige. With that Gen society became established in the world. Over the next number of years they strengthened their presence in preparation of the tests they planned to conduct. New Gen test sites where established around the globe, the largest being in the centre of the Pacific Ocean surrounded for many thousands of miles by the sea and ocean this new artificial island was three times to size of modern day France and not yet inhabited by any creature other than some plant life that made use of the rotten sea vegetation that was on the surface. It would make the ideal location for the tests limited in outside influences. With their test sites established finally the Gen were able to work on Warrior Projects, the competition truly now begun.o:p>

Fifty Five years later – Coliseum Solom in the heart of Atlantis capital city

The crowd roared as William the great walked into the middle of the coliseum. Around the battle area of the coliseum zoalords including that of Kron’s younger brother Reeve stood ready to shield the crowd from harm. The unarmed man looked defenceless as his opponent emerged onto the field from a chamber below the ground. It was a massive zoa-formed sabre tooth tiger and the only thing keeping it at bay as the mental control of Kron ruler of Atlantis. He wanted a show for his people, a show of power they had not seen in the coliseum ever before. The Gods answered his request, Kron guessed the timing was right, Zoalords talked of a battle between test subjects they were forbidden to interfere in. Zeugma herself the only zoalord present and the only one of their kind knowing what truly happened would not speak of it. Kron seizing the moment approached G’Kor a god who had made himself known to Kron for permission to conduct his own test expecting it to be denied. G’Kor agreed, stating they had waited too long to truly test a Guyver! Kron did not know what this was, but the preparations requested by G’Kor were keenly taken care of by Kron. The result of this deal now stood face to face inside the coliseum.

<“He doesn’t look much brother, are you sure he’ll put up much of a fight?”> asked Reeve telepathically wondering how this simple human was meant to defeat such a creature before him. A normal sabre tooth tiger after all could kill a man with ease and this man had no weapons.

<“This man is a creature of ledged to our masters. They call him Guyver. It means  out of control and for them to revere him as such he must be very powerful.”>

<“Let’s find out then?”>

<“Yes, proceed!”

“You there are you ready?” asked Reeve pointing towards the man.

He nodded and roared “GUYVER” at the top of his voice the sound echoing around the coliseum. A blast field surrounded him the dirt at his feet blasted into the air covering him as his armour appeared from the boost dimension and bonded with him. The dust cleared to reveal the form of the Guyver 0 to the gasps of human and Zoalord alike. This man wore the Armour of the Gods! Unlike the Creators they had seen Guyver 0 looked far more muscled, the Guyver armour amplified this man far more than what it did to the Gods!

Battle commenced the tiger was easily six times the size of the Guyver 0, it leaped and in the blink of an eye was on top of the Guyver 0. Guyver 0’s left arm was in the creatures massive mouth. Reeve huffed in disapproval.  Kron though looked on as the Guyver 0 was shuck from his feet and into the air. His enhanced eye sight focused on the Guyver 0’s arm, he was not cut! A second later the zoa-tiger roared in pain as a vibrational sword ripped though the right side of its mouth cutting through flesh and bone with ease. Freed Guyver 0 quickly following it up with laser fire hitting the left eye of the creature and then jumped back out of the way as it swung its massive claws at where the Guyver 0 was.

Guyver 0 landed a few metres away from the zoa-tiger. His left arm was limp only for a second then flexing his left hand as he regained control over it he then cupped it as his gravity controller glowed and then a ball of energy flew from his hand towards to tiger blowing a hole through its hind left leg. Guyver 0 his left arms vibrational sword still extended calmly walked towards the zoa-tiger as it crashed around wildly unable to see where the next attack would come from. As Guyver 0 closed in on the creature the sound of his steps must have alerted the beast as its ears raised and it turned towards Guyver 0. Using it’s good right hind leg it pounced at where it herd the Guyver 0 but Guyver 0 jumped forward over his attacker flipping himself so his left vibrational sword met the tiger slicing it’ in half. As Guyver 0 landed so did the two sides of the tiger. The crowds erupted in screams of joy at the site they had just witness.

<“So that’s a Guyver Kron?”>

<“To state the obvious, yes this is a Guyver and we are going to see more of him!”>

<“This will be fun!”>

<“Yes it will Reeve.”>

Guyver 0 looked at the crowds that surrounded him. This was humanity, roaring in delight at the destruction he brought to that animal its body now dissolving away rapidly. Flash backs from his human body showed him images of past battles against a giant lizard, something the Uranus put in his way. He had not gained control of the Unit and it acted in self defence destroying the beast. The Uranus tried to command him to release his Unit and to obey them. Sensing a threat to the host the Guyver 0 went on to battle the “Gods” destroying one of their ships and many of their zoanoids. The flash back though stopped as Alkanphel ripped the Unit from its host! Unlike then the results of his own experiment has merged him to this Unit and its former host. Guyver 0 as he now simply called himself for he no longer existed as the being he was before, he was nothing hence Zero. He would have to forge a new life, a life on Earth that would actually mean something to him. As what remained of the tiger evaporated Guyver 0 the gladiator had found his calling.

That night was Zero’s first night with humanity. Kron arranged a celebration of his win against the bio-beast. The Atlantians duly obliged and in the great palace where Kron lived and a huge feast was prepared. Zero had spent most of his life since becoming a Guyver dormant. He felt that he was no longer of use to the Gen, but here he had found his place. Here he was a warrior, fighting at the amusement of creatures by birthright he should be commanding. But life did not agree with that assessment and because of his own actions he now found himself looking at two exotic women dancing before him. Like him the other men he glimpsed at they could not take their eyes off these women. Something inside Zero stirred and the realisation that he was more human now than Gen hit him like a ton of bricks as he realised he wanted these women!

“Seems he’s human after all brother,” said Reeve pointing towards the mesmerised Zero.

“Ha, ha it does indeed. He’ll be easier to control than I expected!” With a mental push from Kron one of the two women then walked towards today’s champion of the arena and took him to a room at the back of the chamber.

“Indeed he will with your helpful nudge,” said Reeve looking to see his brothers gaze shift around the room. Seconds later his eyes fixed on what he wanted, without word Kron walked towards a blond slave girl that attended their guests. The woman turned to Kron and presented him with the tray of drinks. Kron duly grabbed his favoured drink Ambrosia smiled and walked back to his brother.

<“Still, you can’t get over that blond witch? How many years now has it being since she last attended your needs?”>

<“That is none of your concern.”>

<“Indeed it is! It’s being many years since the God’s arrived! The life we had before that should mean nothing to us. Yet you, the most powerful of us, is still tied to Zeugma. She was another life time ago Kron. She now only attends to the wishes of the Gods not your needs!”>

<“I control my needs, my needs don’t control me!”>

<“I don’t believe you! You found a slave that even looks like her yet you don’t take her to satisfy your needs!”>

“Don’t test me brother!” Shouted Kron in his native tongue his voice rumbled through the room as powerful aura surrounded him. The guests and slaves in the room all turned to them to see what was happening.

“Show some respectability Kron, you’re my only kin it pains me to see you do this to yourself. Trust me Zeugma does not threat you as such, she has eyes only for Solufein!” Kron’s stayed motionless thinking about what Reeve had said. His brother was right he thought. Zeugma in all the years since the arrival of the Gods had never slept with him. She did not deserve such devotion from him. Kron turned to Reeve and nodded. Then walked towards the crowd and said “this is but a mere heated debate between brothers, no need to stop the Celebration of Zero!” said Kron in perfect Atlantian.

<“Ah ever the diplomat Kron,”> said Reeve telepathically to Kron in jest.

<“The subjects don’t need to concern themselves with the affairs of their demigods,”> responded Kron as he walked towards the blond slave girl. Reeve smiled as Kron walked off with her. “Get over that barren bitch brother; she’s brought you nothing but bad luck!”

Floating City above Knossos  

High above where humanity lived the Gen had made a settlement that floated above the highest point. There was no humans here this was where the Gen lived upon their floating city. This was where many of them that felt the need to live outside their ships chose to settle. It was a large advanced city based on that of Atlantis their favoured capital of humanity. Free of natural predators and protected by Zeugma the Master Zoalord nothing could endanger them here.

Since the many years he had helped build this city for his people they had become very accustomed to human life. He had enjoyed the many pressures of being human. He never chose to be male, he simply was given the body he was given. His original none human form did not have a gender, his species long since evolving beyond that. Now though he was male he had grown accustomed to being male and their society had added words like “him” and “her” to acknowledged the difference in genders when speaking with each other. After he had finished in the bathroom and walked back to his bed the sheets moved as his mate awoke.

From under the covered emerged Ananke a female Gen who was clearly pregnant. He’d never chosen to be male, she had never chosen to be female, and fate and randomness of chance had decided that. Life has many strange twists for use all, so did it have twist for them for making them male and female and giving them human bodies. She being the brightest mind of the Gen brought her to his team to work on the Warrior Project. Over the years they had developed an attraction for each other. It grew and eventually lead to a relationship between them. Six months ago Solom and Ananke enjoyed one of the pleasures of being human with the result being the pregnant female Gen that sat up on Solom’s bed.

“How is our son?” asked Solom as he walked over to Ananke and kissed her cheek as he put his hand on her stomach.

“He is like his father, restless in the morning,” said Ananke moving Solom’s hand so that he could feel the baby kick.

“Indeed he is,” said Solom the smile on his face clear to Ananke.

“Have you thought of a name for him?”

“Krullnar,” answered Solom. Ananke nodded in agreement with Solom. She too liked the name for the first human born of the Gen.

Solom kissed her again as he sensed another Gen arriving to his home. It was Draven one of the Council of the 13 and an ally of his. The energy field on the door to his house opened as Draven received a message of welcome from Solom. At the same time Solom stood up and extended his arms, a light energy field surrounded him and his night clothes where replaced by comfortable day ware. Solom smiled as he left Ananke and walked out of the bed room towards the living room where Draven now sat on a couch.

“You not only learned well from the Atlantians Solom you’ve improved their human standard of living greatly,” said Draven as Solom walked into the room, he couldn’t resist sating back into the couch to relax.

“Even though by our standards they are still primitive, they do know how to live human lives to the fullest,” said Solom.

“And you take advantage of that well,” said Draven.

“Indeed I do,” said Solom at the same time with a mental command a feast of food appeared before Draven. The smell was a perfect example of hot food from Atlantis.

“My, you’ve out done yourself Solom, is this replicated?”

“Yes it is, there is a subtle randomness to it too, so the food tastes good but always different. You should leave the Clan Ship my friend, all residents of Knossos have access to this and you could too!”

“Oh it’s a tempting offer, but one can’t leave the likes of G’Kor to himself to run the Council!” Solom laughed along with Draven knowing of the politics that dogged the Council of the 13 and the rivalry that existed between its two greatest and most respected figures.

“Anyway old friend, I’ve come to talk with you about your son,” said Draven.

“What have the Council decided,” asked Solom knowing he and Ananke never asked permission before they coupled to have their son.

“It was an unusually quick decision,” said Draven pausing for a moment as Solom acknowledged what he said the hint from his friend being that if it was quick it was likely in their favour.

“The Council ruled that while it never set in doctrine that the fact is we are now a species that can be of both male and female members, that we all should have and some already did know this would happen and that offspring would be produced.”

“Indeed it is good when the Council follow what the Science Cast designed into our human bodies,” said Solom.

“The Council only asks if your son growing well,” asked Draven.

“Indeed he seems to be,” said Solom but got the feeling from his friend that this meant something more.

“They have asked that you approach Zeugma and ask for her help with the pregnancy,” said Draven.

Solom paused for a moment. He realised what the Council of the 13 asked, they only hoped Krullnar his unborn son the first born of human hybrid parents was born without undue difficulty. “Yes my old friend, I think you and the Council are correct. Zeugma would have access to knowledge and be trust worthy about our secrets.”

Draven nodded in agreement, a moment later with a telepathic command to the newly installed Portal located in France he was teleported away. Solom sighed; he had expected that the Council wouldn’t object to him and Ananke having a child. But he did not expect Zeugma to be asked to help with the birth. But as he thought about it he could see the logic behind the choice of the 13. Zeugma was more than a genetic warrior; she was the leader of humanity and the zoanoids. As such she would have witnessed many times women giving birth to newborn children. Despite all the knowledge of the human race that Solom and Ananke the creator of the hybrid bodies had she would be needed.

2 Years Later – Pacifica Test Site

He stood there, the only large mammal on a landmass three times to size of France surrounded by the Pacific Ocean. The man knew what the island was as when he was once a “god” he had helped make it.   He called himself Pariah now. The half cast outcast who was cast down, but soon he would have the armour of the gods to fight with. At long last after the years since he lost his ability to command due to him experimenting with the hybrid process the other Gen had found a use for him.

Like Zero before him, he is to become a Guyver. Merged with the Hpa’Var Battle Unit, what he hoped for his own sake was the first successful Battle Unit. That was only because he was chosen to merge with it and not because Hpa’Var was a former friend. He had heard Zoalords talking of other test Battle Units. None had yet to successfully beat in battle a standard Unit-G. He would not be facing Zero today, but he knew that today he would face a Guyver. He knew if he did not fight that his usefulness would be deemed obsolete. He also reckoned the human who was his test opponent was also made aware of this. The Zoalords would ensure if they did not fight that the Zoalords themselves would finish off the test subjects. He did not care though, he had his purpose now.

Before him a dormant Unit-G appeared. He realised this would be most likely a painful experience but gritting his teeth he reached down and picked up the dormant Unit. It seemed larger than the standard Unit-G he was used to seeing. Though he did not know if that was because he was now more human than Gen and seeing it differently? The unit activated and merged with him, like he had expected it was not a pleasant experience. But it was not long before the Unit was in the final stages of the merger. After a few minutes his control medal glowed as the host’s mind took over

He stood there adjusting to the change of his senses. Overall he looked like a normal Guyver though yellow armoured and with a purple bio-material. What set him apart from the others though was that his shoulders where pointed and housed a shielding system based on that of the Ships the Gen used.  The host though was not aware of this fact, like his opponent he knew very little of what his Unit actually was and how to use it. Miles away his rival also finished the merger processes. He remembered what Zeugma told him, he would have to fight another being with the armour of the Gods if he wanted to survive today. But where was his opponent he wondered?

The answer came a shielded platform in the middle of the island came to life. This was the command centre of the test site. Connecting to different sensors around the island within seconds it pin pointed the exact location of the two test subjects. At the same time both Guyvers knew where each other were located. Moments later they where feed information on how their Units worked and that battle now commenced. Then the information stopped sending. Pariah knew this was a proximity sensor. It’s designed to show two Guyvers out of range of each other’s senses where they were. Both hosts knew one of them now would die; the other would have a life of combat ahead of them.

The Guyver rushed to his opponent at full speed. Pariah smiled, he would not waste any energy simply to just chase down his foe and waited. A few minutes later in the distance he could see the Guyver making its way towards him. As the Guyver closed in on him his head laser fired, the control medal on Pariah’s unit glowed and a the pods on his shoulders glowed and before the laser hit him a shield covering his forward area appeared blocking the laser fire. The Guyver slowed down and the orb on his abdomen glowed as he fired his pressure cannon but like the laser fire before it was not powerful enough to break down the shields.

The Guyver closed in on him bringing them into range for hand to hand combat. Its vibrational swords extended went full force to slash at his shielded opponent. This was his moment Pariah thought, his gravity controller activated and he jumped backwards with lighting speed the vibrational sword missing where he stood. The Guyver had over extended himself, Pariah smiled under his enhanced armour and jumped forward with speed punching the Guyver in the back of the head sending him to the ground followed by pressure cannon attach aimed at his legs. The Guyver though sensed the incoming danger and using his own gravity controller flipped off the ground rather than landing on it and bounced onto his feet as the gravity ball slammed off the ground sending dirt and rocks flying everywhere.

The Guyver roared in anger which in turn activated his sonic disruptor sending a wave of destruction towards Pariah. Once again he sensed the incoming danger and shielded it. It was time to end this, he opened his right chest plate as his shield was still up and his opponent’s sonics still fired. Seconds later he dropped the shield as his mega-smasher fired. The Guyver barely had a moment to wonder what to do before the blast hit him full force obliterating him and sending a line of destruction far behind.

<“Well-done Guyver Supreme!”> said a Gen voice through the Units. Pariah now knew the name he had being given. He smiled as he deactivated his armour, the name suited him but deep down he still knew he was Pariah, the outcast.

Greece – Knossos Floating City above  Mount Olympus

Solom awoke on his bed. Already aware of his friend’s success he smiled in the knowledge his Project was making the first decisive step in claiming the prize of being the next Unit of the Gen. He walked into the bath room that was beside his bed and looked at himself in the mirror. His body had not aged since becoming human and being merged with his Unit-G, today was no different he had still not visually aged any more than he had yesterday. The Controller Unit had many advantages, the primary being to heal the damage of aging. From the distance he could hear his son playing with his wife. He’d grown much since his birth.

He walked into his sons room to see Ananke keeling on the ground with wooden toy animals that Zeugma had brought Krullnar as a present.  Zeugma had remarked how quickly Krullnar was growing but he was still a child. He was far too young to receive the knowledge of his race. The Gen had taken a step backwards in that regard, their offspring produced asexually would have all the knowledge on birth of their parent. That though did not bother Solom, his son would learn in time when his mind had grown and was capable of receiving that knowledge.

Zeugma walked the streets of Knossos dressed in a simple white dress on her way to the house of Solom. Seraph her sister and her were the only two Zoalords to be allowed access to this location. It was also her belief that they were the only two Zoalords to in fact know of what was in the floating land that moved above Mount Olympus last year. Even Kron her one time mate did not know of this lands existence, Kron being content with ruling the City of Atlantis rarely ventured outside its city walls.

It was two years ago when she learned of what the Gods looked under their armour. To her surprise they looked human, but they sensed totally different to her a zoalord, their presence overwhelming. It was Solom who introduced himself to her and his wife to a rather shocked Zeugma. Zeugma was sworn to secretly along with her sister Seraph who protected the land below the city. As both female Zoalords racked among the most powerful of their kind rivalled only by Kron it would not be hard for them to enforce. Both Seraph and Kron though where out powered and could be commanded by Zeugma the likely hood of Kron leaving Atlantis was remote. As such the secret of what the Gods where under their armour was trusted to only two zoalords.

As Zeugma continued to walk the streets she noticed many Gen too walked un-armoured around her barely acknowledging her existence. She guessed It was a reward for the level of trust her masters gave her for the help she gave Solom and his wife Ananke during the birth of their son. Since then she had being welcome to roam the city when not carrying out the orders of the Council or the Science cast.

Arriving at the house of Solom the field on the door opened, a light blue haired very young boy was running towards her with his arms extended shouting “Zeugma” at the top of his young voice. Zeugma bent down as Krullnar dived into her arms and hugged her. On the balcony above her stood Ananke and Solom both smiled as the Zoalord hugged their son. Their couldn’t be a better baby sitter for their son. Zeugma looked up and smiled holding Krullnar and a moment later the Portal teleported them away.

France – Gen Clan Ship Council site

Inside the massive bio-ship was not only the Council of the Thirteen but also the heads of the rival Science projects. They were all pleased with what they saw from the Pacifica test site. Finally a test Unit was stable enough and designed well enough to defeat a Guyver.

Hpa’Var the Gen who designed the Unit was part of Solom’s Warrior Project team. To them it was a proof of concept Unit. Other battle Units made before this day where simply too much too soon and had failed to be stable enough to defeat a standard Guyver. Hpa’Var’s was to make basic enhancements to what a Guyver was, and to work from there, The Hpa’Var Battle Unit 01 represented a base level of design that the rest of the team would now use to enhance.

Grogan of the Eliminator Project looked on in distain. Solom, Hpa’Var and their team had scored an important goal by making a stable Battle Unit. He like many other rival projects had tried to do too much too soon. Their Unit’s where powerful but unstable. But even with the results before his eyes he refused to accept this was the superior method before him. His goal remained the same, make a Unit capable of hunting down and destroying its target, a being of single minded destruction that overruled the host with perfect battle programming. A basic model of what he wanted wouldn’t do, he wanted perfection and even if it took him a hundred test Units to perfect, he would do it!

Another rival to the Warrior Project the Gen Hpa’Tus Vulcan though had a different reaction. His first Nova Unit had being defeated by Guyver 0 today. It had demonstrated immense gravitational powers that ultimately proved to be too powerful for the Unit to control. Looking at the Guyver Supreme he realised where he was going wrong and also guessed Solom had figured this out too earlier. The Control medal of the Unit was larger than normal. So like him he would also have to change the design of the control medal to allow it to have more control over the Units they wanted to create and not overwhelm his prototype with new and untested features.

“We should all learn from Hpa’Var example,” said G’Kor to the Gen assembled before him.

“Yes we should,” said Draven another member of the Council of the Thirteen as he wave in the general direction of the science teams assembled before the council.

“We at the council are here to support your needs, but we’re also here to insure you’re following the right direction. Overloading Units with new untested features has so far only resulted disaster for the Unit and defeat at the hands of a Standard Unit-G every time,” said G’Kor. All the science members nodded in agreement apart from Gorgon he would design his units as he saw fit. G’Kor might be known as the enforcer of Gen policy but Gorgon was too focused to his own method to care.

“I’m sure all will take heed of this advice,” said G’Kor. Hpa’Tus Vulcan looking around his fellow council members for any sign of decent. Since gaining a human form he did not hide inside specially made Gen town. He was now a well established member of the community of humans where he chose to live. From them he had learned how they lived and how to read their emotions. Gen are unable to read their fellow Gen minds unless they let them. But most if not all had not realised that in giving themselves humanoid bodies so that they could enjoy some of the power of the Guyver effect they had also given him a means of reading their emotions by simply reading their faces. Gorgon’s face with its look of discus told him everything he needed to know. This rival would unlikely be a threat to his Nova Project, Gorgon intended on not following the advice of the Council.

The Council continued to give advice and the Science Cast continued to discuss this with them. Gorgon continued to ignore the advice. As the talks continued Hpa’Tus had learned there was one Gen he could not read. Solom the leader of the Warrior Project had remained quite throughout the whole meeting. What did this Gen plan he wondered? Solom had let one of his team get the prize of the first successful Battle Unit prototype rather than claiming the surprise himself. What did he plan?

End of Part 1