This is a fan-fiction based on characters created by Yoshiki Takaya and contains violent situations with adult language. Any similarity to actual persons, living or dead is unintentional and purely coincidental.

TitleStrange World: Part 2
AuthorBrian O’Sullivan

Hyper Space

“Fiona, please calm down, you’re safe.” Said Warrior Guyver through his unit.

“WHERE THE HELL AM I AND WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU!” Screamed Female Warrior Guyver. But sound did not travel through the energy filled void of hyper space and so the Warrior Guyver could only sense her distress.

Warrior Guyver could see her moving about and pointing her finger at him like as if she was saying something to him. It then dawned on him once again that she was a new Guyver. As such she simply did not know that she could communicate through her unit. Knowing that she could not reply that easily, he said, “Fiona, you are safe. I know this is all hard to absorb but we’re in what they call hyperspace. There’s no air here, from what I know about it, so I can’t hear you if you are talking to me normally, and you’re probably not going to believe this but under this blue armoured thing, I am Jason.”

Fiona listened to the man that was almost her husband and she somehow knew that under the armour, there was in fact Jason. She could sense it clear as day. She then realised that the battle suit she wore was sending her formation about the host of the other blue being in front of her and she just simply knew who it was. Inside the unit she started to feel like crying realising what was happening, though the tear never got beyond her eyelid, as it was simply not capable of doing so within the Warrior Unit.

Inside his unit, Jason knew that it would be hard as hell to explain a lot of this to Fiona. He had to get her back to Earth. The only place he knew that they could talk while in their so-called human form was that planet.

Warrior Guyver floated towards Female Warrior Guyver slowly, so as not to alarm her, and as he touched her, he said, “Don’t worry Fiona, everything is going to be all right, I’m taking us back now.” He then teleported them out of hyperspace and into the middle of a forest, deep in the Amazon forests of Brazil. Then before a shocked Female Warrior Guyver the armour of the Warrior Guyver disengaged to reveal Jason. She though, did know how to get that thing off her yet.

“Fiona, look at your hands, notice the armour and simply will it to come off you, it might take awhile but trust me it will.”

Female Warrior Guyver looked at her hands and wondered what Jason meant. But she knew that he had just done what he had just explained and that it was very possible. She looked at her hands and body as she tried to will the unit off her and to her amazement the unit came off her. But she was completely naked, as was Jason. Fortunately Jason had a new trick up his sleeve to solve that problem, as he raised his hands and with a flash of light, used his holographic powers to temporarily cloth them both.

“Now that’s better. . .Fiona…. You don’t know how good it is to see you.”

“I felt the same way when I first saw you but Jason, you’re dead, your head…. It was crushed. I know I saw it and this is just making me feel like I am going crazy. One second I am, god knows where, and then where the hell am I now Jason, that is if you really are Jason?”

“I am Jason, well sort of, trust me and as crazy as this seems I am not dead Fiona…. Christ it’s so good to see you again.”

“But how can this be? How the hell can you be alive Jason?”

“Ok, this isn’t going to be easy to explain. First off, I’m Jason but I’m not the one you knew, he’s dead. I’m another me, from a different parallel universe.”

“Yeah right,” said a suspicious Fiona.

“Ok… let’s start at the beginning… I was there on my world when it was you in fact who where killed on our wedding day…”

Jason went on to explain the events of his life. The two continued to talk at points, getting quite emotional as Jason told her the full story of the past two years of his life without her. After two hours of talking, Jason had told her almost everything important that had happened up until now. The two of them had sat down on a fallen tree as around them the life of the Amazon ignored possibly two of the most powerful beings on the Earth and went on with their normal struggle for survival.

“You know Jenny was killed here, on this world, along with my family and yours Jason,” said Fiona.

“No… I didn’t know that but from what Atkins told me, you suffered a very similar fate to me, but I’ve already mourned for them once on my world and I am not about to do it again. Anyway, I guess you don’t know how to summon your unit?”

“No, I don’t know how to summon a unit, but I guess your going to explain?”

“Of course I will hon, very simply once you know how, you shout out the word Guyver and simply using your will to summon your unit.”

“Wait a second, you said that word and it did not come?”

“Said what,” asked Jason.
“That G word.”

“What G word?”

“The G-U-Y-V-E-R word.”

“You know I’m not very good with charades hon.” Jason said dead pan.

“Ooh you.” Fiona says before stepping back and saying, ”Fine… GUYVER!” screamed Fiona as she summoned her own unit for the first time and a blast field surrounded her as the armour of the Female Warrior Guyver surrounded her. Jason almost felt like laughing after tricking the woman he loved like that.

“I’m glad you enjoyed that, now tell me why you didn’t change?”

“Because I didn’t want my unit. You have to in some way want your unit to come when you say the word. In fact you don’t really need to even say the word but it helps focus your thoughts when you do want to call the unit.”

“So it’s an act of will!?”

“Yes, some of the other Guyvers from my world also use words like Bio-Morph but Guyver best fits in my opinion. It means out of control, by the way.”

“Hah, that figures.”

Jason chuckles, “Yeah, that it does.”

“Ok, are you going to summon your unit?” asked Female Warrior Guyver.

“Not at the moment, my unit has a thing in it called the Matrix and it’s repairing my Dreadnought unit. We need the power it has to defeat Alkanphel.”

“Do you have to fight him, he has already cost us both so much, and we should simply leave him and make a new lives for ourselves in a universe where there is no Chronos to fight.”

“Fiona, you know me better than my own mother did, since when do I back down from a fight and abandon my friends?”

“That is what attracted me to you Jason, you never hid from that kind of thing. But I am not sure I am capable of doing the things you’ve done.”

“Fiona, trust me, when your life is in danger and they have your back to the wall, you can do anything to defend yourself against the evil that is Chronos.”

“Ok, Jason, what do we do now as you are the expert at this?”

“I wouldn’t call myself an expert but you simply think of where you want to go and the unit will take you there.”
“Ok, I’ll try.”

“Before you do, remember to turn off your armour once you get there.”

“Ok Jason, but if I teleport you into a wall it’s your fault.”

“You what?”

Before Jason had the chance to argue or change his mind, Female Warrior Guyver touched his shoulder and the two teleported to Jason’s old home, arriving in the back yard. Female Warrior Guyver’s sensors immediately scanned the area, moving back and forward. She did not fully understand it but she was able to sense nearly everything for a good few hundred feet around her. There was a few zoanoids in the area but for the most part there was mostly only a human population. But most importantly the O’Conner house was deserted. Jason walked up the backdoor of the house and with a simple mental thought, the lock in the door opened up and the door swung open to let him in. Behind him the armour of the Female Warrior Guyver let go of its host as she realised that she was again nude and quickly ran into the house before anyone other than Jason noticed. Jason smiled as Fiona glared at him before he restored the hologram of her cloths and she then walked calmly by. Standing in the middle of the kitchen, he could see that the place was rather tidy. No dust or any sign of long term abandonment. Hell, even the back garden was tidy and well cut. Someone was living in his house that was for sure. That meant they didn’t have too much time before someone would show up and he couldn’t maintain the hologram of their clothing forever so both he and Fiona had better find some regular cloths quick. He walked out of the kitchen and up the stairs and found some clothing about their sizes.

Jason got dressed and then went down the stairs. Letting Fiona go up to change in private, about two minutes later Fiona arrived down wearing a pair of jeans and was fully clothed and happy, knowing these cloths wouldn’t spontaneously vanish on her. But as she looked at Jason her expression changed.

“Jason, there are people living here.”

“I know, the place is too clean, but you’re dressed and I can see you’re happier that way, with your butt not showing. So let’s get out of here before whoever is this place’s new resident gets back.”

“I know you where enjoying that, but that will get me noticed out there faster than being a Guyver.” Fiona said with a grin.

“Especially with your nice ass.”

“Hey, quit it you.”

“Why, it’s been two years since I last saw it.”

“Well it’s been only a few days to me since I last saw yours.”

“Hmm… Okay, lets go someplace.”

“Where then Jason?”

“I don’t know yet, but we both have no money. Not really a problem since we both can survive indefinitely without food.”

“What do you mean we don’t have to eat?”

“Well the units we have, it has a thing in it called the Hyper Space Link, simply called the HSL, it not only feeds our Units energy during battle but it feeds us, the hosts, as well.”

“Jason, can we eat food, as I do like to eat?”

“Yeah I know, your ass shows it,” said Jason as he ducked under Fiona’s arm as she went to hit him. The two of them laughed as they left the house and walked down the street together.

Chronos LA HQ

Alkanphel and Valkus stood before a huge bio-tube that contained the Zoalord from of Fulton Balcus. They had started the process of making him into a true Supreme Zoalord to help recover from the lost brethren killed by the Warrior Guyvers. Alkanphel was fuming. He had recovered his lost power, he was now able to storm the gates of heaven but now two Guyvers stood in his way, killing his Zoalords and ruining his plans. Though thanks to the Matrix he had removed two of his crystals from his chest and had already replaced them while the two removed crystals where now undergoing the process of been readied for two new Zoalords. One named Zarfel and the other called Tonnin. Once they where ready their would once again be 12 Zoalords Of Chronos Cabal. But this would take days if not weeks or months to prepare and for them to be processed properly.

Up on the top floor of the building, Gyro and the remaining members of the Chronos Zoalords had assembled to discuss the present state of affairs. They all talked about how Chronos in its 400-year history had never suffered from such a loss. They had some set backs over the past few years all right, but nothing on the scale of today. They knew that Alkanphel now planned to replace their fallen comrades and the one person Gyro did not want ever to become the Supreme Zoalord, would soon be one.

Back in the processing Centre, Alkanphel brooded about the recent chain of events. Never had he faced beings with the power of these strange new Guyvers. Only his chance encounter with the Matrix had prevented total disaster. His renewed power had given him the strength needed to destroy the Guyvers but he could not shake the feeling that they might still live. Even if they had been destroyed, he could not be sure that more of them would not appear and realised that if they did that it would be up to him to take care of them now. His Zoalords knew what was needed of them and soon there would be three new Supreme Zoalords on their way to make his elite group whole once again. Time now for him to find out more about the Matrix. Alkanphel then teleported to Arizona Chronos base, where the Matrix was in a huge glass chamber which itself was inside a huge sealed lab with countless Chronos Scientists around it trying their best to find out want it was. But as he quickly found out, from scanning their minds, that the Scientists did not have a clue how it worked or even what it was. The only thing they knew was that it was highly advanced. One of them had ordered a zoanoid to drag a dead body of man inside the lab. The zoanoid quickly exited as ordered, then the glass chamber holding the Matrix opened up. It stayed still as Alkanphel walked closer to the glass screen as the Matrix shined. It floated up and over the dead body of man as it suddenly grew in size and covered him in a crystalline web. After a few seconds the man was encased in a cocoon. Alkanphel stood there and waited. He remembered something about the male Guyver. He had a blue crystal centre to his control medal. And that thing there was very similar looking.

One Day Later

Jason woke up beside Fiona. They where lying in a nice big double bed in a motel on the outskirts of town. The night before, without any cash, he had forced his way into the room and the two of them had the resting place. He smiled, as he smelt Fiona’s messed up air. He then got up out of bed and looked out the window to see two policemen talking with the motel owner. Jason could sense the fact they where going to be in shit soon as he could sense the fact that they where zoanoids. He quickly turned towards the still sleeping Fiona and gently woke her up.

As her eyes opened Jason said, “Fiona, stay quite, there are two zoanoids outside dressed as police officers.”

“Huh… What do they want,” asked Fiona as she turned away from her pillow to look at Jason.

“They are with the motel manager, I guess he must have found out about us.”

“Damn, what are we going to do now?”

“Wage war.”


Jason walked towards the door, stopping only to pick up his trousers and to put on a t-shirt. Outside the Motel Manager was explaining the situation when Jason, still in his bare feet, opened the door and stood on the doorstep. The two police officers looked a little surprised as Jason simply walked towards them.

“I can sense the fact you two are zoanoid scum, now fuck off before I kill you both so me and my girlfriend can have breakfast in peace!” said Jason.

“Son, you got a lot of nerve breaking into this mans business and then threatening us like that, shows you’ve a great set of balls, but not much sense. We’re both going to rip your throat out and feed on your dead body, real nice and slow,” said the closest police officer as they now walked towards Jason. But they stopped in their tracks as behind Jason, the Dreadnought Cocoon warped reality and appeared as he shouted “GUYVER!”. The Warrior Guyver appeared around him and a split second later the Dreadnought Cocoon encased him and then released him as Dreadnought. He was back and at full destructive power.

The three men looked at him in shock as he stood almost twice as tall as them. Before the two police officers had a chance to realise how deep their situation was, Dreadnought fired out a dual side head beams, hitting both zoanoids, killing them instantly as their bodies were instantly vaporized. Dreadnought turned to face the motel manager but he had pissed his pants and had fallen to the ground holding his heart. Behind Dreadnought the door of the motel room exploded out as Female Warrior Guyver appeared out of the dust. Female Warrior Guyver looked at Dreadnought, remembering their conversation from the night before. She knew now that he had his Dreadnought armour back and that now he would not stop until Chronos was destroyed. Dreadnought turned to look at her and seemed to shrug his massive shoulders and then teleported away, leaving Female Warrior Guyver behind.

Chronos LA HQ

As the Zoalords of Chronos waited for Alkanphel inside their headquarters, they where completely unaware of the disaster about to befall them. In the air above them a rip in reality appeared and out through it came Dreadnought with his chest plates open. Before any of the zoalords within the building had even a chance to know of his sudden arrival, the incredibly powerful hyper-smash of Dreadnought smashed through the top floor of the building and continued down through all the floors of the Chronos LQ HQ. Within the building only two Zoalords where lucky enough that they where out at the outer edges of the building as the hyper-smash hit, they where Purg’stall and Gyro. Both changed into their Zoalord forms as the Chronos building exploded around them and their comrades where vaporised before their eyes. Dreadnought looked down on the Chronos building as a huge shock wave emitted out from it, shattering the glass of every office building for miles around. Even as the now hollow remains of the massive building crumbled down to the ground, Dreadnought sensed the two surviving Zoalords escape from the building. He focussed his eyes on Gyro. Gyro looked up into the sky to see Dreadnought floating in the sky, looking down on him. He’d never seen such a being with such destructive power and he knew, as he looked at this being and recognized some of the features of the Guyver he had faced earlier, that Chronos made a huge mistake when they turned that Guyver into their enemy. There was only one being in Chronos who could face such a thing and that was Alkanphel. . .

Alkanphel sensed the death of his loyal Zoalords and the fear in Gyro. He knew his suspicions were correct and that the Guyvers lived. He then looked at the Matrix and ordered it to create something to hunt down and kill the Female Warrior Guyver and then teleported away. . .

Gyro was slammed so hard against the cement wall of the top floor of forty-floor building, with such force, that he was almost imprinted onto it. Most of his horns where broken off from his head and his left arm was in bad shape. With only a fraction of his power Dreadnought had already almost crippled one of Chronos’s most powerful zoalords. Dreadnought then started to fly slowly towards Gyro, who in turn was floating downward. Dreadnought wanted Gyro to know that he was going to die and was slowly building up energy around his right fist when Alkanphel appeared behind him and telekinetically tried to pull Dreadnought back, this worked for a mere second before Dreadnought activated his back thrusters and shot forward. Showing to Alkanphel’s horror that he could not hold him back. Gyro only had a second to realise his one last hope of survival was gone and that he was going to be killed as Dreadnoughts’ fist power punched through his chest. The resulting release of destructive energy not only completely obliterated Zoalord Gyro but also obliterated a huge eighth to tenth-floor chunk out of the massive office building, leaving the remaining upper floors to fall and crash into the remaining lower falls. Needless to say, the structure did not survive the stress and the whole building quickly crumpled to the ground. Behind him Purg’stall flew up beside Alkanphel, adding his power to his lord’s as above them, in what was a nice clear sunny day, suddenly appeared a huge storm cloud. Dreadnought now turned to face them as the energy contained within the dark storm clouds was released and focussed on him by two Zoalords. Over a hundred lighting bolts slammed into the shields of Dreadnought, with such combined might that the air around him was turned into a massive ball of plasma and exploded all around him. But as the blast cleared, it revealed the burnt from of Dreadnought, with his shatter shielding orbs, floating there with a gravity ball of huge proportions held in front of him. Dreadnought let it go straight towards Alkanphel. Alkanphel readied himself to counter the huge force of energy with his own shields, but Purg’stall, who was one of his most loyal zoalords, flew in front of him and used himself as a living shield. Even though he was shielded, Purg’stall was blown to bits by the large gravity ball and a second later the ball slammed into Alkanphel’s powerful shields, which proved powerful enough to stop this attack. The two powerful beings slowly floated towards each other and seemed to be looking at each other for an Achilles’ heel that they could take advantage of. This was more for Alkanphel’s benefit than Dreadnoughts, as he showed the supreme remaining Zoalord of Chronos that he would not be an easy thing to defeat as the glass like pyramid orbs over his body reformed and a second or so later it looked like Dreadnought was never damaged.

In Chronos Arizona, with over twenty different scientists looking at it that where still clueless on how the Matrix worked, the Matrix teleported itself and the subject away, leaving the scientists in a state of complete shock, and appearing above the fossil relic. A large beam hit the relic as it started to both heal and cut through the ship towards its control centre.

Dreadnought and Alkanphel still had not engaged each other in combat. Below them the dust had settled on the ruin pile of rubble that was once the Chronos LA HQ. They both simply where waiting for an opening to attack. To Dreadnought he had been waiting two years for this moment and wanted to savour the moment. He’d already killed most of the zoalords of this world off and new Alkanphel was would consider him a grave threat. But Alkanphel was in no way thinking defensively. He looked at Dreadnought as the ultimate challenge now. If he could defeat him then he and Chronos would be renewed. A stronger Chronos that would then go on to destroy the Creators. Alkanphel’s zoalord crystal glowed and a second later a powerful laser blast fired on Dreadnought. Dreadnought’s body shield absorbed the blast and returned fire with his own head beam. Alkanphel flew down below the blast and fired two energy balls, from both hands, right towards Dreadnought. Dreadnought flew out of the way of both balls of energy, leaving them to slam into a skyscraper and blasting it to bits. He then released a gravity ball of his own towards Alkanphel, only for him to do the same, leaving another skyscraper to get a large chunk blown off it. Below them some people  looked up with both shock and horror as the two powerful beings fought each other, while others with a bit more common sense realised that the two beings cared little about them and quickly arranged to get as far away from the city as possible.

In Texas, the Female Warrior Guyver had not moved from the outside of the motel she and Jason had stayed the night in. She lied there on the roof of the police car, without a care in the world. She could sense kids and others around her. Though they where a good few hundred meters away, too freighted to come any closer after what Dreadnought had done to the local police officers. More than lightly the townsfolk where totally unaware that they were Zoanoids in the first place anyway. So the image of these armoured people killing the locals must not have been going down well. Either way she had a long talk with Jason the night before. He was very different to the man she knew so well in a way. He was very focussed on killing off Chronos. Especially Alkanphel who he learnt had arranged the deaths of herself in his own world. Though this simply brought up the question why her? Why did she suffer the same fait? Unlike Jason she had no great paradox surrounding her or some great destiny. Or at least she hoped so. She saw literally what he saw when he telepathically sent her memories of the Time War battle as he now called it. That Guyver Zoalord was a thing of great evil and destruction. But Jason did not only tell her stories last night, he also showed her some of the most devastating attacks that she was capable of. She had even managed to catch him once the night before, but she wondered, was he simply letting her do that? The fact was that her unit could sense his power level very easily and it told her that he out powered her in every way possible. Maybe he let her catch him once in their mock battle, who could tell but him and he always had a way of keeping thing secret yet making you feel like you could read him like a book. She knew this but also liked to leave Jason thinking that he had kept something from her. It was their way playing with each other. Though sooner or later they would tell each other everything, as they did not like keeping secrets from each other for too long. But she quickly awoke from her daydreaming, as she felt something different coming towards her. She sat up and looked out into the morning sky to see a twin blade helicopter coming towards her. On it where five powerful zoanoids, and they where coming right towards her. The gravity controller on Female Warrior Guyver’s abdomen glowed and she flew elegantly into the air and landed in front of the car and deactivated her Guyver unit as the helicopter touched down before her.

Out stepped five men. She had no idea who they where but a tall man with gelled back white hair, who was in fact Panadyne, a new member of Team 5 and who also had a strange look on his face as he realised who he was looking at. So did the remaining members of Team 5 who all recognised her as the woman who was in the bio-tube when that thing attacked Chronos LA. But Panadyne was the one who had slit Fiona’s throat thinking that she was just some rebel that he was sent to kill off. He and his zoanoid task force had wiped out and captured anyone of value and she simply had no value, as she was a vegetable.

“How the hell are you alive?”, asked Panadyne as bluntly as a one could.
His fellow hyper-zoanoids turned to look at him wondering how would he know about her? He was only recently introduced to the group.

“Some women are just simply lucky,” replied somewhat nervous Fiona.

“No one is that lucky woman, I slit your throat so you would no longer breath precious oxygen meant for Earth’s true human race the Zoanoids,” said Panadyne shocking everyone who heard him. It was a huge blunder to the other Hyper Zoanoids simply because Valkus and the other Zoalords wanted her alive. To Fiona it pissed her right off the scale once the initial shock factor was gone. Her next word was one simple yet ancient word said with a lot of raw anger and emotion “GUYVER”.

All five Hyper-Zoanoids looked in shock as the Warrior Unit surrounded its host. But shock does not last long on zoanoids as highly trained as them as all of them changed into their hyper zoanoid forms. The pods on Zektole’s arms opened up and he fired six laser blasts at the Female Warrior Guyver, who ducked her head down and put her arms over her eyes and stood there like a frightened animal ready to become road kill, but her body shield managed to take the brunt of the blast but it did scorch her armour. Even as Zektole fired, Thancrus ran toward her and swung his vibrational swords at Female Warrior Guyver’s neck, only for the spikes on her chest to extend and slice through his vibrational sword. She then extended her right arms vibrational sword and slashed both through his other arms vibrational sword and through his neck, cutting his head off. Even as Thancrus’s decapitated body fell to the ground, Elegen wrapped his shockers around the Female Warrior Guyver and sent over a million volts through her body. But they were having little effect on her, as she quickly got over the surprise of the sudden electrical shocks and grabbed Elegen’s shockers. She then yanked hard on them and pulled Elegan close to her as she kneed his crouch, simultaneously extending her upper knee blade, slicing right through Elegen’s mid section and instantly crippling the hyper-zoanoid. Female Warrior Guyver was then hit by explosive liquid from Panadyne’s blasters, knocking her back fifty feet and sending her smashing through the motel room window where she had stayed the night before, landing on her bed with such force that she ripped right through it and landed on the hard floor below. She then stood up as a volley of laser fire from Zektole, along with two explosive blasts from Panadyne, greeted her. She had only just enough time to activate her barrier shield as her whole room exploded around her, trapping her inside. Outside the three hyper-zoanoids looked at their fallen comrades. Elegen was in bad shape and was no longer able to stand, while Thancrus had already started to dissolve away. Darzerb was filled with range for what this thing had done to his friends. As he looked at the dust settling on the rubble that was once part of the motel, he noticed something moving. Darzerb knew it was this Guyver thing and ran towards the rubble, stopped and blew his napalm fire breath over it. Inside the rubble, Female Warrior Guyver instantly felt the heat of the blaze, only inches above her, starting to intensify. She did not yet know the true extent of her abilities. The fact was that Jason really did not have time to explain everything he knew about the Guyver unit and so the fact was the Female Warrior Guyver did not know that the fire would have little to no effect on her. Even without her body shield a normal Guyver unit has a great resistance to heat and realistically she had nothing to fear from even napalm fire. But she was human at the core and did not know this. Instinct told her only one thing, she was going to burn to death. Her sensors gave her an exact bearing on Darzerb. Under the rubble she opened one side of her mega-smasher plates and two seconds later Darzerb, who was still breathing fire on the rubble of the motel, looked in shock, which only lasted for a split second, before being consumed and vaporised by the blast from the mega-smasher. The huge beam of destruction followed on from consuming Darzerb to hitting the fallen Elegen and vaporising the stricken zoanoid. Zektole and Panadyne had only just missed the blast, more out of simple luck than skill, as they where standing in the right place at the right time. As Panadyne followed the path of destruction made by the mega-smasher with his eyes, Zektole opened the pods on his back and extended his huge insect like wings. Since it was a bright sunny day, he quickly filled with energy and floated up off the ground. Female Warrior Guyver leaped out of the opening she had made, jumping through the gap in the flames, only to get an incredibly bad sense of danger from Zektole. She only had time to sense the energy he was collecting being focussed to the white armoured area around his abdomen as it then opened up and a second later she was being consumed by a powerful mega-smasher like beam. Her body shield managed to hold off the powerful blast for a valuable split second as her blast shield surrounded her and she then used a move taught to her by Jason the night before. Her gravity orb glowed as she reinforced her shield with her pressure cannon. Panadyne looked on smiling, seeing the blue bitch being seemingly consumed by the destructive energies of Zektole, but a second later, as Zektole’s blast dissipated, a seven foot tall swirling black round ball of energy came into view. It was Zektole’s turn to try and survive as Female Warrior Guyver fired her huge barrier wave at Zektole. A second later Zektole was obliterated leaving only Panadyne to wonder how soon would it take for her to kill him.

Female Warrior Guyver looked at the destruction around her. She was simply amazed at the destruction she was now capable of and along with that being well able to kill those zoanoids, who where also able to cause huge amounts of destruction. She smiled under her armour as the last remaining hyper-zoanoid fired his liquid explosive blasters only for her to lunge out of the way and fire two single handed gravity balls, at the same time, from both of her hands, blasting Panadyne’s blasters apart. Panadyne, like most hyper-zoanoids, did not know fear because it normally never faced anything that could over power it and Team 5 so easily.

Female Warrior Guyver then fired two shots from her head laser, basting through Panadyne’s kneecaps and blowing his lower legs off. Panadyne fell face first to the ground. Unable to run away, he looked up to see Female Warrior Guyver slowly walking towards him. There was only two thoughts on her mind and they where why did Chronos want her dead and where was Jason’s friend imprisoned? She looked down at the pitiful zoanoid and was about to question it when she started to sense its emotions. All the zoanoid could think was that he should have obliterated her body so that she could have never come back to do this to him and his friends. Her mind started to focus on his thoughts more and more as Panadyne thought of the events that lead to this moment where he was at the mercy of Female Warrior Guyver. Panadyne did not realise it then but his own thoughts betrayed him. As he looked at and thought about the silent female in front of him, Female Warrior Guyver read those thoughts. It only took a few seconds and from the zoanoids own thoughts Female Warrior Guyver knew what had happened to her because of this thing and the location of where Atkins and his men had been taken for processing. USA’s 4th Major Processing Centre, located on the outskirts of LA. She stood there for a moment and as Panadyne tried one last time to hurt her, sending out his whips in a vain attempt to cut into her legs, but they where simply useless against her and where deflected away from her. Panadyne then looked in shock as she teleported away. Female Warrior Guyver reappeared over the city of LA. Her head sensors immediately picked up on the uncontrolled battle Dreadnought and Alkanphel where having above city. She could sense the enormous energy being used by both of those powerful beings. Neither was giving the other an inch but Dreadnought was at one huge disadvantage in that he cared about those below him, only firing when he knew a miss shot would go harmlessly into the air. Unluckily for him Alkanphel had realised this and was now using it to his advantage. Happy now to see that Jason was still alive and knowing that Jason did not want her to interfere in this battle with Alkanphel, Female Warrior Guyver flew towards the Processing Centre. Dreadnought was once again forced to shield an energy ball from Alkanphel rather than simply avoiding it and then could not return fire himself. Dreadnought knew he had huge replenishing reserves of energy and could recover from most of Alkanphel’s attacks, given some time, but this location was not in his favour at all. Way too many people where getting hurt and killed below and he knew he would have to vacate the city before any more people got killed and unleash his full power against Alkanphel.

Africa – Sahara Desert

Deep in one of the most hottest areas of Earth’s surface, where over the past few thousands of years nothing much has lived here in any great number. That is until today, when suddenly Dreadnought and Alkanphel appeared instantly, out of nowhere, over the one area of Earth where he could fight Alkanphel without the fear of killing vast amounts of people. Dreadnought’s enhanced senses allowing him to easily sense the intense heat around him, even under his dual layered armour. Alkanphel was surprised but quickly adapted to the change to their environment, realizing that his opponent had somehow teleported them to a new location that was more appropriate for battle between powerful beings such as they. Alkanphel also realized that this also put an end to the slight advantage he had over Dreadnought and that now his opponent would not hold back. But for Alkanphel, the real problem was why this obviously powerful Guyver was fighting him at all.

“So Guyver, you readily attack me and my fellow zoalords but you hesitate when your actions cause the deaths of mere humans. So I must ask you, are you a pawn of the Creators, sent here to destroy me and my plans for revenge, or are you some misguided, self-proclaimed, saviour of humanity?”

“Neither monster. For the pain you have caused, the lives you have destroyed, and the horrors you have unleashed upon this world. I will be the instrument of your death. I am Dreadnought!”

“Madness!” Yelled Alkanphel, just before he raised his hands towards Dreadnought and unleashed a cyclone attack, the deadly vortex of whip like tendrils of energy lashing out to ensnare Dreadnought in its deadly embrace.
Dreadnought did not even try to dodge, instead he roared in anger as he could no longer control his hatred and no longer had anything to hold him back, as he activated his back thrusters and shot forward towards Alkanphel with an incredible burst of speed. Diving right through the vortex of energy toward Alkanphel, easily breaking the sound barrier within the short distance that separated, his right fist already charged up for a power punch. Within a single second, Dreadnought was mere inches from delivering a devastating power punch right into Alkanphel’s face when he was he was suddenly deflected upwards by a combination of Alkanphel’s powerful telekinesis and shield. But the power of Dreadnoughts power punch partially penetrated Alkanphel’s defences and knocked him back onto the ground while Dreadnought quickly regained control of his flight and twisted around and fired a double handed power wave blast at his prostrate foe. Alkanphel was engulfed by the powerful blast as it went on and blasted right into the ground and caused it to explode outward is a rain of molten silica as the desert sand got melted into molten glass. The blast lasted only a few seconds but left a sizeable, over 100 feet deep and 20 feet wide, crater/hole of blackened and still molten glass. It looked like the mighty Zoalord had finally met his end but Dreadnought knew it was not over, even before Alkanphel teleported above him, a few seconds later, and quickly released a massive ball of swirling destructive energy. Dreadnought had learned to tap his unit’s new ability to anticipate his opponents actions and was already prepared for Alkanphel’s attack, having raised and partially charged his gravity shield, and caught the powerful blast with his shield. Dreadnought then combined the energy of the blast with his shield and started to build up charge for a power attack he instinctively knew he could do. Alkanphel was clearly more dexterous than he had previous thought, his assault would have easily destroyed any other Zoalord. Yet this Zoalord not only survived but had managed to counter attack with a blast that would have taken him out if he had not been ready for it. Dreadnought knew then and there that nothing but his most powerful attack would be able to kill this monster, and he had every intention to use that weapon and every other weapon in his arsenal until he succeeded.

Alkanphel, in the meantime, quickly realized that Dreadnought was charging up for an attack that would surely kill him. Something he had no intention of letting Dreadnought get the chance to do and decided it was time for him to use his own ultimate attack. Alkanphel then flew straight up, at full acceleration, as he made a dash for space, the one place he could safely use his ultimate attack without destroying all life on the planet.

Thinking the zoalord was making a break for it, Dreadnought quickly activated his back thrusters and flew up after Alkanphel. The two beings quickly made their way high into Earth’s atmosphere as Dreadnought gave chase. Ahead of them a jumbo 747 flew at 10,000 feet, on it way from Egypt to the USA. No one expected that up there so high in the sky that their flight would be interrupted. But just as the pilot looked at his radar, he barely saw a blip before the high-speed monsters, that where Alkanphel and Dreadnought, flew right past the plane, at unbelievable speed, and quickly where out of sight. Leaving a shocked pilot wondering what the hell had just happened, even as he struggled to maintain control as the plane was rocked by the sonic booms that marked the two powerful beings passage.

Dreadnought was slowly catching up on Alkanphel, despite Alkanphel’s many course changed and occasional telekinetic blasts. They had already managed to cross over half of the huge landmass that was the Sahara. Dreadnoughts control medal glowed as his head sensors picked up additional information on Alkanphel’s speed and then a second later Dreadnought disappeared. Alkanphel did not notice as above him reappeared Dreadnought. His head and arm beams fired across the back of Alkanphel. Alkanphel’s back was badly cut from the attack and as quickly as possible a shield appeared, deflecting the three beams from doing any more damage. Alkanphel stopped and turned around, firing his zoa-crystal and sending a beam blasting at Dreadnought, who’s already super charged shield easily protected him from the blast. Dreadnought could sense the tide of the battle turning his way and now pressed the attack, charging the gravity orbs around his body. Alkanphel fired two energy balls back at Dreadnought but only for Dreadnought to fire gravity balls simultaneously from each of the orbs on his body. Two of these gravity balls got redirected back at Dreadnought by Alkanphel’s telekinesis and the third passed harmlessly through the spot that Alkanphel had been a moment before, having safely teleported into space and reappeared just passed the orbit of the moon. Dreadnought was not about to let Alkanphel get away from him and activated his back thrusters and shot up to catch up to his target as he willed his unit to grant him his maximum power and started to charge his shields with even more energy as he used his gravity shield to hold a massive charge of both gravitational and bio-energy.

Alkanphel knew he had but moments before Dreadnought caught up to him and immediately started to glow with energy as he started to prepare to use his ultimate attack, channelling the totality of his power into a single destructive attack, but he was weakened and injured by his battle with Dreadnought and had barely prepared the attack when he saw Dreadnought hurtling towards him at over 300,000 MPH. Time was up and Alkanphel had no choice but to use what energy he had charged up around him and hope it was enough to destroy this powerful Guyver.

Dreadnought was brimming with immense power and flew towards his target like a comet out of hell. Alternating swirls of pitch black and blindingly bright energies surrounding him as he himself started to glow as his whole body was supercharged with bio-energy. Never had Jason felt so powerful before, it was even becoming hard for him to think as he guided himself now almost entirely by instinct. Alkanphel in turn had tapped a small portion of his immense energy reserves and was now also glowing like a comet as the two combatants now hurtled towards each other at almost unimaginable speeds. A second before impact and Dreadnought reared back his right arm as he instinctively channelled the total charge he had accumulated to be released in a single power punch like attack. His mind sensing the fact that the energy charge had reached a level he could no longer control and felt it ready for release, like an unstoppable wall of force, like a Tsunami. . . A moment later, in the utter silence of space, the two spheres of light crashed into each other and resulted in a burst of light characteristic of a birth of a star as a powerful shockwave of plasma energy, shot out in a ring like formation from the point of impact. . .

Female Warrior Guyver had destroyed everything that had come against her with ease. No zoanoid had a chance against her and with the Twelve Zoalord dead, no one apart from Alkanphel himself could face her with any chance of victory. She was now somewhat lost in the huge building and was looking for the prison centre. Though without the leadership of the Twelve Zoalords, the zoanoids uncontrolled human side had shown and, with it a natural sense of cowardice in the face of a clearly superior force, had them running away from the sight of the Female Warrior Guyver. But it was then she felt the call for help from Warrior Guyver, Jason was hurt and had lost the ability to teleport, only just hanging on to consciousness. Female Warrior Guyver’s barrier shield wrapped around her at the same time as she teleported away, reappearing in the void of space. She quickly sensed the presence of the Warrior Guyver as he floated weakly nearby. Warrior Guyver also sensed her and now started to fly towards her. Alkanphel was a few kilometers away and was slowly regaining his senses. The two combatants powerful attacks had cancelled each other out, leaving Alkanphel a little dazed and weakened, but Warrior Guyver had not only lost his Gigantic Armour but had also reverted to his weaker pre-matrix enhanced armoured form. Not a worse change of fortunes could have occurred. Warrior Guyver was now no more powerful than Female Warrior Guyver and any further conflict with Alkanphel would surely result in their defeat. Warrior Guyver had no choice now but to reach Female Warrior Guyver and have her teleport them to safety. But Alkanphel quickly regained his senses, realised what was happening, and quickly teleporting between them. Female Warrior Guyver’s unit quickly hinted at the fact that she was out powered by Alkanphel and she immediately teleported behind him and right above Warrior Guyver. The two Warrior Guyvers flew right towards each other as Alkanphel’s crystals glowed and he raced towards them. The crystals around the great Zoalord glowed as a huge power wave filled the air around him. Warrior Guyver looked in shock as he saw this and his unit instantly informed him that he was to get out of the way as he had no defence to this, only to get out of its way as quickly as possible. Female Warrior Guyver also shared this knowledge and quickly grabbed Warrior Guyver, just as the powerful attack was fired and started to tear into the Warrior Guyver. The Warrior Guyver screamed in pain as the Female Warrior Guyver teleported them away. Alkanphel would have roared in frustration if not for the vacuum that now surrounded him. Final victory had yet again been taken from his grasp but he had at least won the battle, time now to return to base and see to his injuries. . .

Female Warrior Guyver and Warrior Guyver reappeared inside the War Relic. She looked in shock at Warrior Guyver, who was badly hurt, and was missing his lower left arm and wondered how the hell would they defeat Alkanphel.

“Fiona, don’t worry about me,” said Warrior Guyver.

“Don’t you dare tell me not to worry about you Jason! You might be used to this shit but I’m sure as hell not,”

“Fiona, I’ll heal.”

“How do you know THAT?”

“I just know Fiona, trust me, you know me, and that I hate lying and believe that secrets kill relationships.”

“You better heal up, or I’m gonna kill you Jason!”

“Argh, don’t make me laugh hon, afraid my ribs aren’t yet up for it.”

“You’re lucky man Jason.”
“I know it, Fiona, only you could put up with me for ten years with no sign of marriage.”

“If it was not for the fact we are swimming in the middle of a space ship, and are under alien armour, I’d kiss you.”

“Don’t tempt me honey, I’d love nothing more than a repeat of last night. Aside from never having had sex in oxygenated water before, but I have to ask you, did you find Atkins and Sean,” asked Warrior Guyver.

“I’m sorry but I couldn’t find them, it was unbelievable that there was too many people in that building and I could not sense anything more than who was human and who was a zoanoid.”

“It’s ok honey, you’ll get them the next time you’re there and I’ll kill that bastard Alkanphel!”

Chronos Arizona

Alkanphel teleported into the lab where the cocoon made by the Matrix rested. He sensed the information coming from the Matrix. The being inside the cocoon was still growing. It would be days before it would be born and ready to accomplish the task he had given it. Alkanphel though was tired from his battle with the Warrior Guyver and needed the Matrix. The Matrix felt this need from its new master. It had already set in motion the needed systems to make the Eliminator that Alkanphel wanted and disconnected itself from the Cocoon. Alkanphel smirked as the healing beam from the Matrix hit him and immediately his body recovered from the damage done to him from Dreadnought. But it not only healed Alkanphel. The Matrix is classed as a universal tool. It can do more than heal and build engines of destruction like Dreadnought. The Matrix knew where Dreadnought was located.

Warrior Guyvers control medal started to glow as his Matrix came back on-line. He quickly realised that he now had access back to the Dreadnought armour and that his own power reserves where quickly being restored. But no sooner had he regained his full power that he sensed the coming of Alkanphel.

With a flash of light Alkanphel appeared in space, very near to the War Relic but could see no sign of it as it was cloaked, but he had brought the Matrix with him and now commanded it to reveal his hidden prey. Within a second a beam shot out from the Matrix and de-activated the War Relic’s cloak, revealing it to Alkanphel. Quickly the War Relic raised it shields and shot forward as it raced away from Alkanphel.

Thought Alkanphel as he teleported ahead of the War Relic and then started to glow with energy as he tapped his immense hidden reserves of energy and started to glow like a comet as he rammed into the War Relic shields. The shields were no match for the immense energies of Alkanphel’s attack and quickly crumpled and shattered, followed a second later by the War Relic as it was blown to bits.
Within the nebula like mist that had been the War Relic floated Alkanphel as he used the Matrix to scan for signs of the Guyvers. The scan revealed nothing, Alkanphel smiled in satisfaction at finally having destroyed his enemies when suddenly there appeared before him the form of Dreadnought.

Back on Earth, within the complex the Chronos L.A. processing centre, Female Warrior Guyver continued her search for Atkins and Sean. Scanning the floor’s one by one but the search was taking too long and her concentration was weakened by her concern for Jason. He had insisted she return to rescue Atkins and Sean while he took care of Alkanphel. She was half starting to believe he was crazy but had no time to argue and knew she could do little to help him now. Now she was at the base and still no closer to finding them, she decided it was time for a change of tactics and cloaked. Soon a guard came running by and she grabbed him, de-cloaked and extended her forward arm sword near the guard’s neck.

“Tell me where the rebel prisoners are kept!”

“I-I Can’t tell you that…”

“Tell me or you won’t have a head to talk with, NOW TALK!”

“S-Sub level 15. . . Please don’t ki-”

Suddenly the guard found himself alone again and decided it was time to get the hell out of there as he quickly ran for the nearest exit. . .

In Sub level 15, prisoner’s Atkins and Sean were already alerted by the base alarms, for the second time that day, and were wondering what the hell was going on when they heard some of the guards screaming. Then everything went silent a second before their cell door was ripped off out and tossed aside by an blue armoured being that looked like a female version of the Warrior Guyver they had seen Jason turn into.

“Hey boys, it’s check out time!”

Deep in the vacuum of space, Dreadnought and Alkanphel had engaged in full combat as they threw everything they had at each other, constantly alternating between firing a powerful attack and dodging their opponents last attack. The battle continued to intensify as Dreadnought fired combinations of pressure cannons, power wave hand beam blasts, and quantum laser blast. Alkanphel dodged or deflected the attacks and countered with a torrent of hand beam blasts, zoa-crystal beam pulses, a Cyclone attack. Dreadnought teleported out of the way and then extended his vibrational swords and lashed them out like whip like tendrils as he tried to ensnare the Zoalord in their deadly embrace. Alkanphel quickly flew back to avoid them but they were getting too close and he tried to teleport but suddenly found that he could not and then grimaced in pain as he felt one of the vibrational sword whips slash lightly across his chest as he narrowly got beyond its reach. Alkanphel was clearly getting the worse of this battle, but the Matrix helped him heal as fast as his foe. So the battle was still tied. Dreadnought avoiding using his power boost as much as possible as he now knew that over use would cause him to revert to his pre-Matrix form, only the power of the Dreadnought stood a chance against Alkanphel and Jason could not afford to lose that power again in a battle such as this. Alkanphel knew he had to change tactics and then tried something new as he focussed his will on the Matrix and then charged Dreadnought. Dreadnought saw this and charged up his fists as he charged Alkanphel in turn, but to his surprise Alkanphel used the Matrix to open up a worm hole between them and both went through and came out back on Earth and over the US city of New York.

Surprised, Dreadnought hesitated a moment too long as Alkanphel blasted him with a focussed telekinetic blast that sent him hurtling towards the twin towers of the World Trade Centre. Dreadnought was about to crash diagonally through both towers when suddenly he instinctively did something he had no idea he could do and glowed as he altered his molecular density and phased right through the towers before he regained control and landed in the middle of the Wall Street district. Looking up just in time to see Alkanphel hurtling towards like a missile, preparing to hit Dreadnought with another massive telekinetic blast, but this time Dreadnought used his newly discovered power and reversed the affect as he made himself incredibly dense. Alkanphel came within a few dozen feet of Dreadnought and unleashed his telekinetic blast but this time it had no affect as Dreadnought easily withstood the blast and stopping Alkanphel instantly as he crashed into the now nearly unmoveable Dreadnought. An instant later and Dreadnought had teleported them back into space and now held Alkanphel by the neck.

<Monster, you will not use me to do your killing. This battle is between you and me!>

Alkanphel then released a massive discharge of energy that slammed into Dreadnought and broke his grip on Alkanphel as he was knocked back by the powerful blast. Singed but otherwise unhurt, Dreadnought now viewed Alkanphel as he again began to glow with the telltale energy that marked the used of his ultimate attack as he now intended to use its full power on his opponent.
The energy build up was happening too quick for Dreadnought to even hope to compete with and did the only thing he could and flew away from Alkanphel as he willed his unit to raise all its shields. Quickly Dreadnought was encased in a bright blue glowing sphere that quickly grew in power and started to produce a quantum field effect as almost holographic images of Dreadnought started to become visible all around him. Alkanphel saw this and feared that his foe may yet have a way to survive and quickly took what energy he had built up and used it as he slammed into Dreadnought’s quantum shield. The massive energy of Alkanphel’s attack slammed into the shield with over a gigaton of explosive power but it held and Alkanphel was bounced off. This disorientated the Zoalord and caused him to drop the Matrix. Dreadnought quickly willed it to him, taking away Alkanphel’s ace. Alkanphel was enraged and knew he had only one choice left and started to draw upon all his energy reserves as he prepared to use all his power in one last attack. Dreadnought senses told him that soon Alkanphel would have the power to overwhelm him but there was nothing he could do, it was taking all his power to maintain his shield and Alkanphel was already too powerful for him to afford to drop his shield for even a second. Suddenly the Matrix started to flash in his hand, he glanced at it, his own Matrix flashing in time with the other, and suddenly he knew that there was something else he could do. Dreadnought then glared at Alkanphel, the Zoalord now surrounded by a massive ball of energy.


Alkanphel did not have long to wait to discover what Dreadnought meant as his shield suddenly started to glow with additional energy as the very fabric of space seemed to warp and ripples of energy started to build around Dreadnought’s quantum shield. The effect intensifying to the point that Dreadnought now appeared to look like a miniature sun. Alkanphel’s time was up and he knew it as his own energy field had yet to reach more than half its full power, but he had no choice now as he started to head towards Dreadnought, surrounded with immense destructive power. The glowing ball that was Dreadnought was engulfed by Alkanphel’s attack when suddenly the energy field that Dreadnought was generating reached its peak and exploded outward like a mini-supernova, with the power of a 100 Gigaton nuclear explosion, the multi-dimensional energies exploding outward as immense energy was released from the very vacuum of space. The blast blasting back the energies of Alkanphel and revealing the Zoalord to its destructive power. In the utter silence of the vacuum of space, no sound escaped Alkanphel’s lips as he screamed in pain as his body was engulfed by the blast. Within seconds it was over and Dreadnought floated alone in space. Dreadnought could almost not believe it, he had finally killed the most powerful Zoalord on the planet. The nightmare, for this world at least, was over.

Back on Earth. . .

Atkins stood outside of the Chronos processing centre with his friend Sean and Female Warrior Guyver, who amazed him. Jason had managed to get back his wife. Surprising since the last time he saw Fiona she was dead, now she was one of these Guyver things. The all then noticed a star like flare in the sky and then nothing. All wondered what had caused that, fearing the worst had happened. Female Warrior Guyver then sighed in relief as Dreadnought appeared before them. The huge layer of armour disappeared behind him as a cocoon appeared to take it away and a second later there stood Jason. Female Warrior Guyver quickly deactivated her own unit as she ran to Jason and hugged him. All present uncontrollably smirking. . .

One day later the world was a very different place. News of the death of the Chronos Zoalords spread around the world like wild fire. Wide scale rebellion was now happening around the world, without the Zoalords the zoanoid themselves where split. Those taken over against their will by Chronos now fought against other zoanoids in aid of their human cousins. Jason and Fiona had once again gotten married. This time instead of the grandeur of that last marriage that was in a large church, they got married in a small church in Vegas with Atkins and Sean as their witnesses. Later, as Female Warrior Guyver minded the Matrix, Dreadnought, who was now almost ready to go home, decided he first wanted to see if there were any units that he could take home with him and if there were that a few other units could be given to this Earths human population. It did not take him long to find one of the worlds biggest Relics in the Chinese sea. This was the main Relic of the Black Nova project. Dreadnought easily got access to the Relic. Dreadnought went directly towards the control centre of the Relic where normally in the next chamber laid the Unit-G’s. The Relic called to him as he swam by the control centre and he could sense it near, pleading to share the information it held of past events. He thought to himself that this might be an unique opportunity to find out what happened on this strange world to make it different to the one he knew. And with that natural sense of curiosity that he always had, Dreadnought entered the control medal chamber of the Relic. The two large control medals, one at the top of the chamber and the other directly below it shined and a natural force held the giant form of Dreadnought between the two control medals. His own control medal though was not like that of a normal Guyver’s. His was a Warrior Class Control Medal with the third layer made from that of a War Relic from his home dimension and the top layer merged with a Matrix. But even with all the factors that changed the make up of his control medal from all the others, all three layers of the dreadnought control medal opened up and spread out as the Relic linked with him and sent him a wave of information. Dreadnought saw through the Relic’s memory, the past that it had observed.

Solom led a team of Creators to complete the illegal work on the ancient seed world of the “Warrior” Project. He had asked a valuable friend of his, and a rival genius Hpa’Tus Vulcan, to make a rival project called “Nova”. The two sides started their quests to recapture the power of the Guyver they saw some one hundred thousand years ago and to improve on it. After many thousand years of working together both teams neared their goals of a perfect Warrior class unit. Solom and Hpa’Tus Vulcan started to rival each other as their worked neared its end. But after the test battle of the Battle Guyver against the Nova Storm, all hell broke loose. A war between the two projects broke out. Why this happened the flashing images would not say but in the end the Creators wiped each other out. When the images stopped, Jason was left wondering why? Why the hell would they fight?

As he slowly floated away, he thought more of his own universe, there he knew that the Creator leadership council gave its support but in this universe that did not happen and these Creators did not have that support and acted illegally when they came back to Earth. At first the two teams seemed to help each other with a mutual attempt at trying to save their race. Then when both got their working prototypes, the Battle Guyver and the Nova Storm. The tests where held on what was now China. Solom and Hpa’Tus Vulcan both observed the battle from the Nova Relic. He guessed that Solom might have used the opportunity to tap into the systems of this very ship and his rival project. There he discovered to his horror that the Nova Project here was far more advanced than that of his own. His next unit, his own Warrior Unit, the fifth version had just been finished but was less than one half the power of the Black Nova unit that was being designed by Hpa’Tus Vulcan. This fact would have alarmed Solom. Maybe even the Solom of his own universe. His own shielding systems, which led to the death of the Guyver Zoalord, could have been a defence system against that Black Nova? Dreadnought got his answer as before him lay two Units. One had a hole in its centre and seemed more of an upgrade module than that of pure unit. Then beside it lay a Black Nova unit. Not only did this universe have a Black Nova unit. But it had an upgrade! Dreadnought then sensed the mood of the Relic change. It had intended to trap him and suddenly the water turned to acid and his armour started to burn. Under his armour Jason smiled, he’d guessed right. After only a second, and very minimal damage, Dreadnought’s omni-directional shield expanded out and pushed all the liquids that the Relic could spit away at him. Dreadnought’s unit then warned him of intense danger. In the control centre of the Relic, a gravity well started to form. The Relic was about to self-destruct with him inside it! Dreadnought quickly grabbed both Units and teleported above the Relic. There he looked down at the sea below him. Even with him gone from it, the Relic seemed determined to kill him. The sea bubbled and a second later a mega-smasher style blast filled the sky. Dreadnought did not want to add further fuel to this already dead war between the Nova and Warrior projects. It had been dead for over a million years. He teleported out of the way from the attack and activated his cloaking systems, disappearing from the senses of the Relic and giving the impression that he had been destroyed.

At Relics point Japan, Atkins, Sean and one of their comrades, a man named Ian Byrne, waited outside the Relic for Female Warrior Guyver. They found it a little unnerving to be at the base of one of the main Chronos bases but so far no one had bugged them. Female Warrior Guyver had already made her way to the centre of the Relic and was on her way her out when Dreadnought appeared before his friends.

“Hey Jason, you’ve got two presents there for us?” Asked a smiling Atkins.

“No, they’re not for you guys, your Chronos is already defeated, they just don’t know it yet. These are for my world,” answered Dreadnought.

“Hey, what do you mean?” Demanded Sean.

“Chronos here is dead, their zoalords gone and their best hyper-zoanoids dead. My world they are strong as hell and we need the power these two units have so I’m taking them!”

“I guess you deserve them then J, you did free our world, take those blasted units, we’ll have these others your woman is bringing us now,” said a smiling Sean.

There behind Dreadnought appeared an opening chamber with the Female Warrior Guyver floating out holding three Guyver units. These Japanese units that in his own universe originally went to Sho, Risker and Agito would now have very different hosts. Sho in this world was having a very happy life with his father and enjoying their newfound freedom, Jason was not about to spoil that for Sho with cursing him with a Guyver Unit. Agito simply did not come into his thoughts, he did not like Agito’s power mongering ways. Female Warrior Guyver dropped the units, onto Atkins open arms and walked over to Dreadnought. He handed her the Black Nova Upgrade and waved good-bye to his friends. His shield then activated and surrounded him and Female Warrior Guyver and the two Guyvers disappeared.

In the energy filled void of Hyper Space, Dreadnought signalled Female Warrior Guyver to prepare herself for a rough ride as he opened up the inter dimensional vortex to his universe and they went through, but before the portal closed a cocooned object followed them through. . .

End of Strange Worlds.