This is a fan-fiction based on characters created by Yoshiki Takaya and contains violent situations with adult language. Any similarity to actual persons, living or dead is unintentional and purely coincidental.

TitleStrange WorldPart 1
AuthorBrian O’Sullivan

Hyper Space

An infinite energy filled void that ebbs and flows with the cosmic tide that links all realities and dimensions of the universe. Suddenly a powerful vortex forms and rips into hyperspace from one of the near infinite realities that link to it. Even before this vortex fully forms, a large armoured form is thrown through its event horizon from normal space, violently entering hyper space as it experienced massive gravitonic stresses before finishing its transition into hyper space and hurtling uncontrollably through its energy filled void. Ripples of powerful energy fluxes then cascade around the large armoured being, as it floats unprotected within hyperspace. Rapidly healing battle wounds can be seen all over its body, even as the powerful energies around it ruthlessly tear into its body. The pain engulfed unconscious being relives a nightmarish memory from its past. Until finally it awakes with a scream “NO!!!”. The form of the being then explodes with a blinding burst of energy that rips into the very fabric of hyper space. . . a space rift explodes open and the being emerges through it, into normal space. Right over an alien sun and was immediately grabbed by its powerful gravity, with seconds to spare the armoured being focussed its dwindling power to teleport home before its injuries again caused it to lose consciousness. The being then disappeared in a flash of light seconds before a solar flare roared through the space the armoured being had been. . .

Chronos LA HQ

Zoalord Fulton Balcus sat quietly in his office chair, dryly looking at a report of the new batch of test subjects, which had been brought to his Office from the Chronos Arizona plant. He really loved the Arizona Zoalords, he thought sarcastically, for the way they treated him. They always sent him the worst test subjects, as each was what they deemed human genetic scum. Almost every last one of these pieces of scum were physically defective in some way or had a genetic based illness of some kind. They had unloaded all of these onto him, the weakest Zoalord, not even a member of the Twelve, but then he noticed a gem, a human female. She had been in a coma for six months because of a cranial injury, induced by a blow to the head from a blunt object. But it could be healed. With a little work, she would make an ideal test subject for a new Zoalord body he was designing for himself. He then looked on towards her human name. A thing he would normally ignore, it was Fiona O’Conner. . .

Miles above the so called city of angels, Los Angeles. Dreadnought appeared in a brilliant flash of light. His control medal and body was badly damaged and no sooner had he appeared had gravity grabbed him and he began to fall uncontrollably towards the ground. Jason, the host of the Dreadnought was again unconscious and unaware of his situation. But despite being badly damaged, the control medal took over the unit. It activated Dreadnought’s gravity controllers but even with all five together, because of Dreadnought’s damaged state, it was only able to slow down his descent. But it was already too little too late. . . A mile from the Chronos LA HQ, Dreadnought violently smashes diagonally through an abandoned building before crash landing through an alleyway that ends with him ramming through a large steel dumpster, as he smashes into yet another abandoned building, an old warehouse which had a “To Lease” sign on it, before finally coming to rest in a pile of rubble. Needless to say, he was not unnoticed. Two police officers where patrolling a street nearby and heard Dreadnought’s crash landing. They both ran towards the location and called their headquarters, to alert them of the situation. While inside the abandoned building lay Dreadnought. His armour was in a severely damaged state, but the immediate threat was over, and the Dreadnought armour disengaged, leaving a still damaged Warrior Guyver behind, which was not totally covering the host. The two police officers walked literally through the hole in the dumpster, watching out for bits of warped sharp steel. Inside the building, it was dark but they could clearly make out the glow of Warrior Guyver’s control medal and eyes. The two officers did not know what to make of this.

“You are in a restricted building, stand down!” shouted one of the officers.

Warrior Guyver was unresponsive to the statement and the two of them then showed their true colours as one turned into a Gregore and the other into a Zencrebe Hyper-Zoanoid. Warrior Guyver simply raised one arm and shot his arm beam through the thick armoured spiked head of Zencrebe, killing the Hyper-Zoanoid instantly. But the second the blast ended, there was a cracking sound from the control medal of the Warrior Guyver, and the unit disengaged and vanished, leaving a naked and still unconscious Jason O’Conner to fall to the ground. The Gregore saw this as an opportunity to eliminate this obvious threat and quickly ran up to him, picked him up and was about to bite Jason’s head off when he received a mental command from Balcus, < “Stop you idiot, this could be a test subject from Lord Valkus. Bring it immediately to headquarters”>. The Gregore instantly obeyed and flung Jason over its shoulder, turned and looked at the decomposing body of Zencrebe. Whatever this thing was, over his shoulder, it killed Zencrebe faster than any other zoanoid or hyper-zoanoid that Gregore knew of, but a Zoalord had commanded him and he had no choice but to obey. He then continued to walk out of the building, through the hole, pushing the dumpster out of his way, so as to not damage what he now viewed as an injured zoanoid. . .

Back at the LA headquarters, Balcus was in telepathic contact with Zoalord Valkus. <“Lord Valkus, it looks as if one of my zoanoids have found a missing test subject of yours.”>

<“No Balcus, that is not possible. Whatever you have found is not one of mine, all my zoanoids are accounted for. But you have picked my interest. What exactly is it you have found?”>

<“It was a being capable of firing a high intensity energy beam, that instantly killed a Zencrebe with one direct shot to the head. I saw it through the eyes of a Gregore.”>

Balcus then sent the image of what he saw of the Warrior Guyver to Valkus, who responded, <“Balcus, keep that being alive, I will be in Los Angeles soon, with Gyro.”>

The link was then broken, leaving Balcus to wonder exactly what he has stumbled upon. . .

Meanwhile, as the Gregore walked down the alleyway, it stopped as it heard some commotion behind it. He turned around and saw two homeless men, he noticed one of the men was black and the other was a young white guy but thought nothing of them and turned back towards the main street, where a Chronos truck was going to meet him.

Ten feet further on, one of the homeless men shouted out, “Hey, green fuck, turn around, you sorry mutated son of a bitch”.

This enraged Gregore but he did not lose sight of how important the person on top of his shoulder was and continued on, promising to himself that he would return and kill the two lowly humans.

One of the homeless guys turned to the other and said, “Doesn’t seem to be listening to you old man.”

The other responded saying, “What the hell are you doing, calling me old man? I’m only a few years older than you and trust me. I’ll get that green son of a bitch to listen.”

“Yeah, right pops.”


Then the black man pulled out a 50 Cal. Desert Eagle handgun and aimed it, with both hands, at Gregore’s head and fired. The powerful bullet hit right on target but did nothing to the zoanoid except piss him off totally. The Gregore dropped Jason onto the ground and turned around roaring, “You’re going to die you human scum”. But those were the last words the zoanoid would ever utter, because behind the two men, lying under some newspapers on the ground, was another apparently homeless man, armed with a McMillan M88 rifle. He fired with expert precision, hitting Gregore right in the left eye, the bullet continued on through his brain and as it hit the back of his scull, it exploded, blowing apart the zoanoids head. The headless zoanoid body then fell to its knees before collapsing to the ground and started to evaporate. The two homeless men then quickly ran around the dead zoanoid, towards Jason and looked him over, wondering why he was so important to the Gregore. Then the black homeless man turned him over and saw his face. A shocked look of recognition crossed his face and he said, “My God, it’s Jason O’Conner”.

One day later, Jason awoke on a bed, in a near pitch dark room, and quickly sensed that he was naked under the sheets. Then the memory of the past few days shot through his head. He’d been asked by a white female Guyver, called Ira, to help fight off a group of evil Creators, led by an alternative universe Krullnar. He had then met a super being, called Atrahasis. A being so powerful that it took the combined might of all the Guyvers there to defeat it and with its last attack, he was caught in something. A spacial rift of some kind, it damaged his unit. Leaving him only fragmented memory of being in intense pain, then a moment of clarity in what must have been hyper space before returning to normal space, right where he had left off, and that was the last thing he remembered until now. Jason then tried to sit up but found that he had been tied down to the bed with restraining straps. He looked around and was wishing he could at least see where he was when his eyes suddenly adapted to the near total darkness and he could suddenly make out his surroundings, as clear as day. At first he thought the lights had been turned on but then realized his sight had been enhanced. <“That’s a nice new trick.”> he thought to himself as he then looked around and saw that he was in a small room, with a single steel door. He had no idea how he got there but he wasn’t about to just lay there and started to strain against his restraints. The restraints were strong, so he decided to call his armour but as soon as he tried, he felt a sudden jolt as his unit sent him a sudden wave of information. It could not be summoned because it was badly damaged but it was repairing itself. Jason almost cursed aloud at this realization. He was being held prisoner, God knew were, and he was powerless to do anything about it. In a burst of anger he strained against the restraints and they suddenly snapped as if they were made of tissue paper. Surprised, he quickly freed himself of the restraints. He then quickly wondered how he had broken free so easily but then he remembered that he did have some power without his unit. <“Damn!”> he thought,< “I really should have gotten the doc to check me out after merging with the Matrix. . . Oh well, looks like I’m going to have field test my new abilities.”> He then looked at the floor, right beside his bed and noticed he was hooked up to an I.V. and carefully pulled it out. A quick sniff revealed it was a sedative, his body must have adapted and neutralized its effect but there was no telling how long he had been kept unconscious. Though the fact his armour was still repairing itself was a good indication that it wasn’t long. He then sat up and grabbed some cloths that was on the only chair in the room. He knew whoever had put him in this room would probably be back soon, to check on him, and he better get his bearings in case they weren’t friendly. He reached out with his mind and sensed that he was underground and above was a building. Reasonably sure that no one was about to enter the room, he started to get dressed. His mind focussed on the two pairs of socks outside his reach and, to his amazement, the two socks moved towards him. He smiled and thought to himself that he was not completely powerless and finished dressing, then he put on a pair of runners, which was beside the chair. Jason stood up and started to look around his location. There was no window but he knew he was underground and above him where a large number of other very large and tall buildings. He was in a city for sure, but he had no idea which one. He turned back around and tried to open the door to the room but it was locked and both it and the walls had been reinforced with steel bars. But he was not going to let a little thing like that get in his way. He stood right beside the door, with only a few inches between him and it as he summoned the energy from his blast shield. Despite its weakened state, the blast shield, which could be used to protect Jason, was focussed against the door and blasted it with considerable force, but the door withstood the blast and was only dented slightly outward.

“Damn!”, Jason exclaimed as he realized he was in a pressure chamber. A battle ship would sink before one of these things would burst open. He then punched the door in anger, but instead of hurting his hand, the blow left a light impression of his fist on the door. Surprised, he looked at his hand and realized it was glowing and then opened his hand to see a ball of plasma energy quickly form in his palm. Jason thought of some of the new powers his Warrior Unit had shown since merging with the Matrix and decided to try something as he pointed both his palms toward the door and then willed his energy to form a Power Wave attack. Jason’s blast field again activated but this time its energy merged and focussed with the plasma energy in Jason’s hands and within a second, a powerful blast of energy lanced out from his hands and smashed into the door, blasting it to bits. Jason smiled at the realization that he had some real power in his human form, as he walked through the mess that he had made and carefully walked around the shards of molten metal. He was now in a corridor, with a radiation warning sticker on the wall. <“Hmm, must be in some sort of old cold war bomb shelter.”> Jason thought as he followed the corridor to stairs leading up. He passed two more floors that held barracks and supplies of all sorts, before coming to an old style freight elevator with a simple up/down switch. Jason got on and clicked up. He soon got out on the ground floor of an abandoned office building. He didn’t see any exits, but sensed that the building he was in was connected to another, on an upper floor. He found the stairs and made his way up to the fifth floor. There he noticed some windows that were boarded up, so he stepped up to one and ripped out one of the boards. Looked out and then knew with a cold certainty that he was in an English speaking country, from the billboard he saw on a building across the street, but it was the fact that it was a Chronos controlled region, as the billboard picture a Gregore zoanoid playing baseball of all things, that sent a cold chill through him. This clinched it, he had made it back to Earth alright, but had again wound up behind enemy lines, this narrowed things down he thought, as it could be reasoned that he was either in either the Texas or Arizona State. The whole place was a mess, whatever the place was before Chronos got to this city, it has long since been abandoned. But that brought up the question, how the hell did he get there? Just then he sensed the approach of some men from the other building as they crossed over and entered the building he was in, on the eighth floor. . .

Elsewhere in the city, at Chronos LA HQ, two men arrived by helicopter. Around the landing pad stood a lot of men dressed in black suits, waiting for the important occupants. The doors of the passenger helicopter opened up and then two of Chronos most powerful beings, Zoalord Hamilcal Valkus and Zoalord Reichmann Gyro, walked out. The loss of the unknown, suspected to be hyper zoanoid, concerned Dr Valkus and was foremost in his thoughts as they then walked between the guards and another five men walked out of the helicopter. They where the Hyper-Zoanoid Team 5. The five most powerful zoanoids ever made by Chronos and the work of one man, Hamilcal Valkus.

Valkus and Gyro, both, did not like Fulton Balcus. Balcus was viewed as a embarrassing reminder of the failures which can be made during the zoalord process. If not for the fact that Alkanphel, for some unknown reason, still valued this pathetic excuse for a zoalord, Valkus would have arranged for his disposal long ago. Even though he was somewhat valued, Valkus, using his contacts in Chronos Arizona, had always made it hard for Balcus to improve himself. Since, as he saw it, there was no way there was going to be thirteen Supreme Zoalords. Gyro had similar thoughts, as he also shared this view, as he looked at a Lisker, a rather strong class of zoanoid but nothing compared to his Zerebubuse or Zektole. He scanned this zoanoids mind and found out that it was one of the main security officers for Balcus. He had supervised the incoming shipment from Arizona HQ and he was the one responsible for finding a human, suitable for tests on Balcus’s new zoalord body. Gyro would have to arrange for this zoanoid to be killed. He informed Valkus of his discovery telepathically and the two decided they would have to arrange a test for mister Lisker with a Zerebubuse and the disposal of Fiona O’Conner. . .

Back at the abandoned office building, Jason had found a lift. But it was not working. He looked around it and found a door which led to more stairs. He realised though that he didn’t have time to run up the stairs and avoid whoever was coming, and down led only to a dead end. Three seconds later, he heard voices as a number of people where walking down the stairs towards him. Jason turned back and looked around. At the back of an open area was an office, with some blinds at the opposite side of the room he was in now, he quickly ran to it and hid. A few moments later, three men, dressed in bum like street cloths, walked into the open area of the office. Two of them looked white and the other man was black. They already had their guns drawn and were carefully checking the area, obviously they had been alerted by some alarm that Jason had set off during his escape. The black man gave hand signals to the white guys, ordering one to stay by the stairs while the other checked the rest of the floor, the black man then started to walk towards the office he was in. Then, as the man got closer to him, Jason got a good look at his face and realized, with a little shock, whom it was. The guy was Atkins, one of his oldest friends since the days he worked for the FBI. He was only a trainee when he met him and they had always kept a good friendship. Atkins would have been his best man if not for an even longer friendship with his long time friend Andrew. Who died the day of his wedding. If not for the fact Atkins was off at assignment, the day of Jason’s wedding, chances are that he would be dead as well now. Relieved, Jason opened the door and walked out into the open office area.

“Hey old man, how are you doing? I’ve not seen you since that time in Europe, with the other Guyvers.” said Jason.

Atkins quickly pointed his Desert Eagle at Jason and replied, “I’ve not been in Europe for two years and you’re some zoanoid freak, as the real Jason O’Conner died on his wedding day.” said Atkins.

“What the fuck are you on about? I didn’t die then, yeah, sure, I’ve died a few times while battling other Guyvers but nothing serious.” said Jason jokingly.

“What the hell are you talking about boy, you look one hell of a lot younger than you where at your wedding day. There has been way too many fishy things happening, since the fall of the USA, for me to except whatever the hell you’re saying.” said Atkins before he cocked the trigger of his gun.

“Hey, hold it Atkins, it’s me, trust me, and what the hell do you mean by the fall of the United States, we where winning, technically, when I left to face the Creators a few days ago.”

Behind Atkins, the other man walked into view, it was Sean Barker. But Jason immediately noticed that there was something very different about him. He was not a Guyver or he could no longer sense the fact if he was. Normally no matter what form Jason was in, he could tell who where Guyvers and who where not, he could even tell who was a zoanoid. Jason quickly tried to scan Sean’s mind and was surprised when he could. No matter what form he was before, a Guyver, being out of control, was beyond that skill of his because it naturally blocked it. He then scanned Sean’s mind closer and he knew, after a few seconds, that this was a very different Sean Barker from the man he knew.

“Oh crap! Okay, this is freaking me out, I’d had enough of these fucking alternate realities.” said Jason.

“Alternate realities!?. . . You crazy son of a bitch, stand there and shut the fuck up.” said Sean.

“Listen you two, I’m not from here, I’m from another universe altogether. We all knew each other there and we all fought Chronos there.” said Jason.

“We only fought Chronos once man, and that was at your wedding and like I said before, you where killed.” said Atkins.

“Atkins, in my world, it was not me who died, you where not there at my wedding day, you where looking for Sean, who happened to be a Guyver like me, during that day the church was attacked and Fiona was killed by falling debris.” said Jason.

“No, now I know you’re a fake, that’s not the way it happened, Sean never joined us until Chronos attacked the States and he is sure as hell is no zoanoid or Guyver, whatever word you want to call you monsters. You were killed by falling shit and Fiona was hit on the head by a beam of wood. I pulled her out but unfortunately the poor woman suffered brain damage.” said Atkins.

“Fiona not dead!?”, asked a surprised Jason.

“She was in a comatose state and put into a hospital in Dallas. While Chronos took over everywhere, and then she was moved to an unknown Chronos base.” said Atkins.

“You don’t know what the hell happened to her, don’t you?”

“No we don’t, what should we care about some comatose woman!?” said Sean.

Jason glared at Sean. Anger filled him, he knew this was a strange moment for all three men, and tried to clam down. Getting angry now could cost him on this alien world and from what he could sense from Atkins, he was telling the truth about Fiona. Deep in hyperspace, he could sense the fact his unit was repairing the damage done to it by the Atrahasis, but also sensed that the Matrix was still a part of him in his human form, granting him a level of power even without his armour, and it would not be long before he’d have the power of his Warrior Guyver form once again. He looked once again at Atkins.

“Where is Fiona?”

“I don’t know Jason, or whoever you are. Lets stop with the mind games and tell us who you really are and what does Chronos want with you?” said Atkins.

“Fine, I guess in this world, the Chronos LA base was not destroyed as you their, Sean, did not become a Guyver?”

“Yes, the main LA base is still active and I was never a fucking Guyver you strange warped mother fuck.” said Sean.

“Then I’ll be leaving you two, take care of yourself Atkins, thanks for pulling Fiona from the church.”

“No, you’re staying right here prisoner.” said Sean.

“No, I’m not.” said Jason.

A barrier shield appeared around Jason, destroying the floor below him. Atkins fired his gun, only for the bullets to be destroyed by the shield. Jason still could not summon the Warrior Unit but with the barrier shield around him, he could feel that he had some control over the forces of gravity. It was like as if he had the gravity orb on his waste, and as soon as he realised that, he thought up and Atkins and Sean both looked on in amazement as Jason literally flew up through the ceiling, like it was nothing. Within a few seconds he had cleared out through the roof of the building and was gone into the sky above. Jason knew it was not a good idea, in his present state, to attack a Chronos HQ. Even at full power, with his older Warrior Guyver form, he had trouble when he attacked the Chronos Dallas HQ. But this was different. This world seemingly never had discovered the Guyver units. They would not be prepared to face a being with any sort of power. Well, that was what he hoped. According to Sean, well the Sean of his world that is. The processing tanks of Chronos LA where in the basement level of the building. If he could destroy the zoanoids there first, then he could take on the Zoalord that controlled the base and if it were anything like the Zoalord Sean killed there, he would not have much trouble with that. But that’s only if things went bad. . .

Inside Chronos LA HQ, Gyro was looking at the blond hair on Fiona O’Conner’s head as she floated naked in a Chronos bio-tube. She was simply a pawn in a game she was not even aware of, between Balcus and a number of other Zoalords. Zoalords, that if he had a chance to, he’d destroy. So he was not about to allow Balcus to become the 13th Member to the Chronos Supreme Overlords. She had not yet been converted, but an interesting idea came to mind. Chronos LA was famous for its large number of failures. It would not be hard for Gyro to arrange that she would become one of those failures and never would she become a Proto-Zoalord. He smiled, a cold wicked smile, at the thought of his simple solution. . .

Inside Chronos Arizona, sitting around the round table at the celestial hall, sat Zoalord Purg’stall and Zoalord Alkanphel. They where both discussing recent events and the progress of how the human population of the USA was being converted into zoanoids when Alkanphel felt something strange coming from what was meant to be a dead fossil Relic, at the core of the Arizona base. Alkanphel stopped talking and a few seconds later Purg’stall also felt the strange sensation that Alkanphel must also be sensing. The two Zoalords stood up and looked at each other with confusion and then made their way outside the hall and into the glass corridor that circled the hollow interior of the Arizona base, where the Relic rested. There they both saw something above the Relic. It was a light blue crystal, but it was so small that they could only make out its glow. Purg’stall looked towards Alkanphel, only to see him teleport away and reappear above the Relic, like a bolt of lightning, in his Zoalord battle from. There above the Relic, Alkanphel did not have a clue at what he was looking at. It was a crystal of some sort that was changing shape constantly. Though one thing was constant. It was emitting a beam down to a section of the dead Relic. Alkanphel’s eyes focused on that section of the Relic and he noticed something with a shock. It was coming back to life. Whatever that crystal thing was, it had the ability to regenerate the creations of the Creators. If that was the case, then it could do the same to him and finally, after so many eons of time, he would be back at his full fighting capability. Alkanphel then flew under the crystal, between it and the Relic, and instantly he could feel the damage done to his body start to heal. . .

Jason was now a block away from Chronos LA HQ. All around him where people going around, taking care of their day to day business. Almost every person he scanned had one thing that was not on his or her minds. That was Chronos. Strangely enough, the people, of this worlds USA, did not consider Chronos to be in anyway a hindrance to their day-to-day life. Most people he scanned considered that their life was not impacted at all. Though there was the odd person who hated them for the death of a loved one or the fact that now, if you called a policeman, you where talking with a zoanoid. But others even saw that as an advantage as crime had died pretty much under Chronos rule. Who in their right mind would rob a house, to find themselves mutilated by a zoanoid cop or dragged away to become a test subjects for some new zoanoid design? This sickened Jason. These people would not fight for there freedom as Chronos had simply bought them out. Well then, he’d have to set-up a Chronos rebellion on this world, before he left, and remind people what freedom was like before Chronos showed its ugly face. Jason by now had made his way to the front of the Chronos building. He had been here before, two odd years ago, after the destruction done by Sean. If not for that event, LA would not have been so easy to retake from Chronos. But then he took notice over what he was wearing. There would not be much chance of him simply walking into the building with what he was wearing. All around him people where wearing suites but then he realised something. Two types of people normally get into an office building. People in suites and in Chronos case, black suites and then deliverymen. Jason turned back and looked around and saw a sandwich bar. Well, even zoanoids must get hungry. The question then was what time was it? He’d lost his watch, along with pretty much all his cloths, when he was regenerated. If only his Guyver could regenerate things like that. He stood there for a few seconds, waiting and then saw an opportunity. A woman, who was walking by, had just checked her watch. With a simple passive scan of her mind, he found that his timing was perfect. It was ten to twelve. Almost lunch time. Though now he realised that he had no money, but given the circumstances, he might as well engage in some telekinetic five-fingered discount. Strange thing about Jason was, even though he had the most powerful battle Guyver armour he’d ever seen, he still believed in God and knew that stealing was wrong. If anything, it was that God fearing nature of Jason that stopped him from going over the edge and try to take over the world, with him as the ruler. It might seem strange to power hungry people, that Jason could kill over a hundred zoanoids, who where really just genetically altered humans, and not give it a second thought. But to actually do those sorts of things with an evil and selfish motive was not something that Jason could do. But after meeting some alternate world Guyvers, Jason now always wondered what would happen if he ever lost that ability to control his ambition. At the moment he had Chronos to face and destroy, but what the hell would happen to him if he destroyed them and no longer had anything to fight? . . .

Jason refocused his thoughts to the goal at hand and now stood only two feet away from the sandwich bar and was about to steal the food when a man walked by him, who was a zoanoid which Jason swore he recognized. Jason followed him and started to scan the zoanoid and realised who it was. The man was Alfrid Drano. In his own world, he was the top Disciple Zoalord for the USA and second in command of the group overall. But in this world, things where not so good for him. Jason scanned his mind in more detail and found that he was childless. This made him wonder about that strange Guyver 4, who was in the Dallas HQ office of Drano’s. But this one was not so lucky. Though he believed himself to be. He was a Zerebubuse type hyper-zoanoid here, in this world, and was in no way connected to the top levels of Chronos like the Drano he knew of. This was proving to be an interesting day. But then Jason picked up something from his thoughts that picked his interest. It was concerning a shipment that was made from the Arizona HQ to the LA HQ of live human cargo. It turned out that Gyro, who strangely enough was still alive here, was incredibly annoyed with him over letting a subject over, who could be used by Balcus to rebuild his zoalord form. This was confusing Jason, but the next bit totally messed him up. Drano was remembering the face of the female test subject. Her face was that of Fiona, the woman he was meant to marry if not for that Elf bastard Alkanphel, who killed her.

Rage filled Jason. No longer could he hold his cool anymore. He felt that if he did not act now, that he could lose his chance to get Fiona back. Deep in hyperspace, the Warrior Unit felt the distress from its host. In the day that had past, it had repaired almost all the damage done to the primary unit. But the Dreadnought armour was only back up to ten percent. Without the Matrix that was on the Prime unit it would remain damaged for over two weeks. Jason knew this as his unit relayed the information to him. He had an option. Activate his unit now and battle an unknown Chronos force and attempt to rescue his wife, or leave his unit where it was for the next day and attack in his Dreadnought form and completely obliterate Chronos. Jason knew though that he could use his unit now and then deactivate it later, to repair the Dreadnought armour. He knew that his unit would have three functional c-sections, which would bring him up to sixty or even up to seventy five percent of his normal functional range. More than enough to get in and out of Chronos LA before Alkanphel got there to protect them, but blasting his way in might get Fiona killed as well. What was he to do? . . .

Jason finally decided on trying to sneak into the building and walked up behind Drano and was only a few feet from him when he grabbed his head and broke his neck, as he quickly dragged the body into an alleyway. Assured that no one had seen him, Jason was about to remove Drano’s cloths when the body suddenly started to evaporate and destroyed the cloths in the process.

“Damn! Looks like I’m going to have to try the delivery boy routine.” Jason thought aloud, before he notices his palms were glowing again. He looked down at them and then noticed that the plasma energy was flowing from his hands and started to engulf his body. Before he had time to think what was happening, he was completely covered and then Jason found that he now appeared to be Drano. Jason realized that he had somehow instinctively created a hologram of Drano around himself.

<“Cool. Now this can be a very useful power.”> Jason thought to himself with a smile. So long as no one questioned him, he should be able to just waltz on in and get to Fiona without the slightest resistance.

Jason then made his way to the Chronos LA building and walked through the main doors, into the reception centre. The guards there saluted him, he returned the salute and was about to make his way to the elevator when he sensed one of the guards get a telepathic message from who must be Balcus. The guards then yelled to him to halt and then yells, “Drano is dead, you are an impostor. Surrender or die!” Then all the guards started to transform into zoanoids.

Jason whispered, “Oh Crap!” before turning around and dropping the hologram of Drano. He looked upon the zoanoids, they were an assortment of thirty, composed of fifteen Ramotith, ten Vamores, and five Gregores.

Jason then thought to himself that he better keep them guessing, before smiling and saying, “Surrender!? I don’t think so.” Jason then vanished before them as he cloaked. . . Surprised, the zoanoids quickly looked around to see where he had gone, only to find that each of them now faced one of him. Jason had created thirty holograms of himself in front of each of the zoanoids.

Chaos then ensued as the zoanoid quickly attacked the holograms, thinking that at least one was the real Jason, but none where real and each zoanoid only attacked empty air. The holograms then disappeared and another Jason appeared near the building entrance. He whistled to attract the zoanoids attentions and then waved bye as he walked out. The zoanoids roared and they started to charge after him but just as they reached the doors, Jason again disappeared. But they didn’t have to wait long before the real Jason reappeared in the exact spot he originally disappeared from.

Jason then cupped his hands and aimed at the zoanoids as he yelled out, “Thanks for lining yourselves up for me. Now let me give you freaks a taste of real power”. Jason then started to glow as he powered up his Power Wave attack. Before any of the Zoanoids had time to react, a massive energy blast erupted from Jason’s hands. Three of the Zoanoid managed to dodge out of the way but the rest where quickly vaporized as the blast engulfed them. So powerful was the blast that even after vaporizing the twenty seven zoanoids, it still had enough power to explosively blast through the front of the building and into a building across from it. Sending glass flying into the street as if a bomb had gone off. Now only one of each type of zoanoid remained.

The Ramotith ran up to an intercom while the Vamore charged up its laser and the Gregore prepared to charge. The Ramotith quickly pressed the intercom button and screamed, “Code Red! We need re-enforcements now!”

The Gregore, by then, had reached Jason and now grappled with him in a test of strength that both found to their surprise, Jason was winning. Jason had half expected to need to call upon his blast field but the Gregore actually seemed weak to him. The Matrix must be making me as strong as a Guyver, Jason surmised before breaking the Gregore’s arms and pushing it in the way of the Vamore blast as it fired its lasers and simultaneously activated his blast shield, obliterating the Gregore between the two attacks. The dust and smoke quickly cleared and the Vamore barely had time to see that Jason had not been harmed by its attack when Jason fired a double-handed plasma bolt towards it. The effect was devastating as the blast blew through the Vamore with the effectiveness of a Guyver Pressure Cannon. Quickly killing the Zoanoid. The Ramotith, by this time, was completely convinced it was about to die and wanted to run but Balcus had taken control of his body and then spoke through it to Jason, “Who are you and why are you here?”

“Isn’t it obvious Balcus, I’m here to kill you!” Jason lied, hoping to distract the Zoalord from his true goal.

“Assassin!? Which of the twelve sent you?”

“I’ll tell you just before I kill you.”

“You’ll never get the chance!”, Balcus declared before he now forced the Zoanoid to attack Jason. Jason in turn ran towards the zoanoid, his right fist aglow with energy and punched his fist right through the zoanoids chest. Jason then yanked his arm out and let the zoanoid’s body fall to the ground. He knew re-enforcements where on their way, seems forcing his way in was now his only choice. Quickly scanning the area, Jason detected the placement of security cameras and then blasted them with a quick plasma hand pulse each. The elevator arrival bell then rang and Jason turned to see a Chronos soldier step out, take off his helmet and without a word, transformed into a Zerebubuse Hyper Zoanoid.

Jason simply jumped towards the zoanoid and shouted the word “GUYVER!”. Less than a second later, and before the zoanoid had a chance to recognize the strange word, the blast shield of the Warrior Guyver obliterated him. Another second later, Valkus and Gyro picked up on the fact and realised that their hyper-zoanoid had been killed as easily as the others had been. They then quickly looked at each other as each wondered if the other had sent this Assassin after Balcus. . .

Warrior Guyver thought about his remaining options and decided to play one more deception. He then turned towards the still open elevator and pressed the button for the top floor. . . Balcus was now near panic as a security officer informed him that the elevator was now heading up to his office.

“Don’t just stand there!”, Balcus yelled, “Stop that elevator and kill that bastard!”

…Half way up, the elevator was stopped and the doors opened to the view of two dozen Vamores, with their lasers fully charged and ready to fire, but the elevator was empty. . . One of the Vamores moved closer and observed a large hole in the floor of the elevator. . .

Meanwhile, down at the basement level, a Chronos scientist was about to start the genetic alteration ordered by Gyro, when he heard the elevator arrival ring but noticed the doors did not open. Something that only happened if an unauthorized person was attempting to reach this level. A guard took notice as well and walked up to the doors, ready to transform if needed. That second though, Warrior Guyver blasted the steel doors of the elevator forward. Hitting the guard and quickly killing him as his pulverized body hit the wall, on the other side of the room, and slumped to the floor. Warrior Guyver then walked out into the processing centre. His control medal flashing rapidly as his head sensors activated. He almost immediately sensed that there was only one human in the processing centre and that, he hoped, was his wife. But he also sensed five zoanoids, still in human form, around the place. He started to walk towards Fiona, as the head scientist walked out in front of her processing tank, in total shock as he looked at the Warrior Guyver. But as he scanned the man, he realised that a Zoalord was using the man to look at him. Warrior Guyver raised an arm up and a forward vibrational sword extended before him. Before the scientist had the chance to move, the vibrational sword pierced his heart and was ripped through his brain, cutting off Dr Valkus. . .

Valkus then turned to Gyro, “It would appear that our so called assassin has an ulterior motive for attacking this complex.” . . .

Warrior Guyver now stood before the processing tank that held Fiona. She looked perfect. Her long blond hair was floating around, above her head, moving with the motion of the bubbles that floated up from the base of the bio-tube to its ceiling. He had his head sensors scanning her like crazy, picking up every possible scrap of information about her. But even with his advanced senses, without the Matrix at full power, he could not get even a hint at what was now wrong with her and the Matrix was still engaged in running and repairing his unit. But he was paying too much attention to only Fiona. Behind him Zektole landed almost unnoticed behind Warrior Guyver. Its host, Jason, simply did not care of anything else, other than Fiona. Zektole had never seen a being such as Warrior Guyver. Zektole raised his left arm and his weapon pod opened and fired three bio-laser beams at Warrior Guyver. Instinct took hold of Warrior Guyver and instantly his omni-directional shielding protected him from the laser blasts. Warrior Guyver turned to face his attacker and let his sensors stop scanning his wife. Instantly, he picked up the other hyper-zoanoids of Team 5 and the three Zoalords within the Chronos building, one of which was on his way down the elevator shaft, in his battle form. Warrior Guyver knew that was his only way out of the base and there was still other zoanoids scampering around him, and Fiona was still in a very vulnerable position. Zektole was continuing his attack on Warrior Guyver but could not penetrate the shielding system of the Warrior Guyver. Warrior Guyver was almost in a daze. He had not seen Fiona alive in nearly two years and memories of her funeral, with that of his family and friends, came flooding back to him, almost leaving him incapacitated. Zoalord Gyro landed right behind Zektole. This was the first time he had ever witnessed a being that could shield an energy attack other than the Zoalords. He ordered Zektole to his side and waited. This was not a being to attack without questioning who it was.

Warrior Guyver snapped out of inaction and turned his attention away from Fiona, and toward Gyro and Zektole. Behind them, the other members of Team 5 where coming into view and the other lower level zoanoids where too close for comfort. Behind a bio-tube, directly behind Fiona’s, stood the zoanoid Lisker. Gyro knew this too but to him, the strange dark and light blue being stood between them. Gyro commanded Lisker and the other zoanoids to stay where they were and not to further antagonise the unknown being. Warrior Guyver simply stood still, ready to shield his fiancée from further attack. He knew full well that the longer they waited, the sooner he would have the ability to teleport once again. But the number game was with Chronos. Gyro realised that whatever this thing was, humanoid in shape that it had stayed close to that blond female who was nothing but a simple human. What was their connection?

Warrior Guyver’s sensors where detecting larger numbers of zoanoids coming into the LA Chronos building, including another Zoalord. His Matrix was not healing him fast enough. He had to escape and escape now, before even more Zoalords appeared, trapping him and Fiona in this basement level processing centre. Lisker suddenly found himself picked up off the ground by an invisible force and flung backwards and away from the Warrior Guyver. Alarmed by this, Gyro and the others closed in on Warrior Guyver. Warrior Guyver’s control medal glowed, along with his gravity controller, and his hands moved to his abdomen. Zektole and Gaster though, where not waiting for Warrior Guyver to do what he was doing and fired anyway, without Gyro’s approval. The Warrior Guyver quickly fired a wide angled, low yield pressure cannon blast that hit Zektole, blasting him into Gyro, and knocking both to the ground. Gaster’s missiles exploded around Warrior Guyver shields. But one missile managed to get behind him and beyond the range of his shield. He quickly tries to swat it away from Fiona, telekinetically but it explodes and the blast manages to shatter the bio-tube that contained Fiona. Warrior Guyver, though, managed to telepathically hold up Fiona as the liquid around her poured out of her shattered bio-tube. Thancrus, Darzerb and Elegan spread out and away from the firepower based zoanoids and jetted in and out of bio-tubes in a pincer movement towards Warrior Guyver, with the five remaining standard zoanoids. Warrior Guyver fired his head laser towards Gaster and flew backwards and grabbed Fiona with both of his arms and held her close to him as his omni-directional shield contracted around them. The extremely powerful laser like blast hit Gaster’s chest, causing most of his body to explode, which spontaneously mixed his liquids and caused a massive explosion that took out a nearby Zoanoid and caused part of the roof to collapse. With Zektole still suffering from a major wound, produced from the gravity ball, which had smashed up his chest, Gyro knew he would personally have to act against this being. His zoa-crystal glowed as his hands rose in front of him and a gravity well appeared between his hands. He quickly ordered the remaining members of Team 5 out of the way and released a huge gravity wave towards Warrior Guyver. Warrior Guyver though, did not want to get into a fire fight with a Zoalord, now that he had Fiona in his arms and focused his shield above him and flew up into the concrete ceiling of the processing centre, just as the gravity wave blasted through the bio-tube that had contained Fiona. Gyro looked on and almost laughed as the gravity wave went on to hit Lisker, totally obliterating the zoanoid with what in war is so called friendly fire.

Warrior Guyver’s omni-directional shield was the only shielding system he had, which would not harm Fiona, who he held in his arms. But unlike his barrier shield, it did not naturally tear apart what it came in contact with, which was not the Units host. Because of that, Warrior Guyver literally had to force himself through the rock but luckily for him, he managed to break through into the car parking level of the Chronos LA building. Warrior Guyver’s head sensors quickly moved back and forward as he gauged his location and immediately flew towards the upper level of the car parking area. Below them, Gyro moved towards the opening made by Warrior Guyver and flew up and after Warrior Guyver, as above them he contacted Sin Rubeo Amniculus, who was now flying out of the Chronos building and waiting for Gyro to contact him so he could assist the Zoalord in the capturing of this strange being.

Warrior Guyver could sense Gyro behind him, as he cleared the car parking area and flew up into the sky of LA. His shield now forms an aerodynamic cocoon around him and Fiona as he now tried to put some distance between himself and the two Zoalords. Thankfully for him, even though he was not fully functional yet, Warrior Guyver was still faster than the Zoalords, who where chasing him, and quickly he put over a mile between them every two seconds.

Thirty seconds later, the Zoalords had given up the chase and had flown back to Chronos LA. There, Valkus was inspecting the damage done by the unknown being. It was incredibly powerful, like that of the Zoalords but he sensed the fact, as he looked at the tapes of the being, that it was holding back. The being had stayed close to the woman the whole time, once it had gotten into the basement level of the base. It must not have wanted to harm her. But why would it be after some normal human female? There were many of them around, outside the base and a lot easier to get to than the woman who was inside this base. Clearly he had lied about being there to kill Balcus but how did he know the Zoalord by name? There must be some connection between the unknown being and this woman but he had no idea what it was. . .

Warrior Guyver flew over the office building he had escaped from earlier on in the morning. He could sense the fact that there were now a large number of people inside it. Though he did not know who they where. The only thing he knew for sure was that there was no zoanoids inside the building. Still holding Fiona, Warrior Guyver floated down his escape route. Almost immediately he was fired on from below. But this was handgun and machine gun fire and was easily shielded away from both him and Fiona. Warrior Guyver landed with Fiona to see twenty men with guns, all still shooting at him and his fiancée. Given the situation, Warrior Guyver was highly protective of Fiona and was extremely tempted to laser these men to death. But they where the only people who could guard him and Fiona until he had regained full use of his unit.

In the middle of a large group of men stood Atkins. He, like everyone else was startled by this unknown thing, coming into his base of operations but he realised he recognised the woman in the things arms. He stopped firing his gun and ran over to the other side of the being so he could see the woman’s face. It was Fiona.

“Everyone hold your fire,” screamed Atkins at the top of his voice.

Luckily for everyone concerned, he had trained his men well and almost immediately, almost all the men stopped firing. Well those that could hear him. The others stopped a few seconds later as they realised what was said by their commanding officer. Sean walked up beside Atkins.

“Are you sure this is wise old man,” asked Sean.

“Hell no, but that woman there is Fiona, and I bet you that creature there is Jason,” responded Atkins.

“What if it’s not him, but some Chronos creature?”

“Then it would have killed us all. You saw how ineffective our weapons were. No, there’s only one way to find out Sean and that’s to trust him. We have an incredible amount to gain if that thing is Jason and it’s as powerful as it seems.”

Atkins walked slowly towards Warrior Guyver, who was not moving a muscle. He still had his shield active around him and Fiona and as of yet, did not trust any of the men around him. Even Atkins, who he realised was walking towards him, was not someone that he could trust. This was not the man he knew from his world but another Atkins.

Atkins now stood right in front of the shield around Warrior Guyver. He knew the Jason of his world. That if this thing was Jason, he would be thinking of Fiona first and him second. This thing clearly showed its shield could take anything that his men could fire at it. Yet it did not attempt to kill his men. He realised he had to trust his instincts now and hope that they where right and that this thing was Jason. He then gave the order for everyone to leave.

This left a very gutsy Atkins, standing right in front of Warrior Guyver, by himself, with no backup whatsoever. He knew he was crazy and was either very right or very wrong. But Jason was one of his best friends and that woman there was one of the nicest people he had ever met. Considering she was a girl of the Deep South and yet she had not a racist bone in her body.

Warrior Guyver deactivated his shield. He could feel the fact that she was cold and quickly walked to the underground bomb shelter and towards the room he had slept in the night before, with Atkins right behind him. He placed Fiona on top of the mattress and pulled the sheet over her. He realised now, that this was no hospital. That unless his unit repaired itself in time, without the Matrix, she would more than likely stay in this vegetative state and die of starvation.

“So you got her Jason, now the question is, what are you going to do with her? As she’ll die soon without any medical treatment.”

“She would have been a zoanoid if I had not gotten there in time, I’d rather she die now, still human, than to suffer that!” said Warrior Guyver as he stood up and looked at his old fried.

“You are a lot colder than I remember you Jason.”

“I am not the Jason you remember Atkins, my family, friends, my life as I knew it, hell, even my fucking dog was all killed on Chronos’ X-Day. I’ve now got Fiona back and she is a fucking vegetable.”

“Calm down Jason, you’ve got her back. I’ll arrange for someone to take care of her.”

“Atkins, just keep her alive for the next few hours, I’ll be back then with a cure for her.”

“A cure, how in God’s name do you plan to do that?”

Warrior Guyver turned away from Atkins, not giving him an answer and activated his gravity controller and flew out of the side office and up and out of the office building. He then turned east and headed towards the Pacific Ocean. Warrior Guyver realised something important. That there was no Guyvers on this world at all, yet there was a Chronos. That meant that more than likely that they never discovered the Guyver Units and that if he found one, he could use it on Fiona as he simply felt that he did not have the time to waste, waiting for his unit to repair itself fully, so he could heal her. . .

Thirty minutes later, Warrior Guyver landed over what in his world was called Chronos Island. This island was where the War Relic was discovered on his home world. But as he flew over the island, he indeed sensed zoanoids but no War Relic. This was really pissing him off. Why was this world so different. He landed in the middle of the zoanoid outpost and activated his gravity controller as a Gregore zoanoid ran towards him. Normally he’d fire a pressure cannon blast and kill the zoanoid but he did not have the time. He forced his pressure cannon towards the ground, blasting it out of his way then he literally started to fly into the ground.

In Chronos Arizona, Alkanphel was smiling as he flew down to Purg’stall. Purg’stall honestly did not have a clue as to why his master was so happy. While Alkanphel was in the blue crystals beam, he had received a report from Valkus about the strange being that had attacked Chronos LA. Alkanphel though, was back at full strength. He read the mind of Purg’stall, instantly knowing all he needed to know abut the strange being. For the second time in over two and a half million years, Alkanphel realised he would have to face a Guyver.

Warrior Guyver had tunnelled down about half a mile into the ground and had found nothing. There was no War Relic, no sign of anything made by the Creators. Warrior Guyver stopped tunnelling and realised that the shaft he made into the ground, which was totally unsupported, had started to fall in on itself because of a single Vamore zoanoid that was blasting it apart. Seconds later he sensed something he really did not want to. It was Alkanphel and he was brimming with power. He had sensed Alkanphel before, when he was trapped in Arizona and he was nowhere near that power. This was not the time to face something with that much power. There was nothing worth fighting for here and he had to use his head and discover where this world Warrior Unit was buried, if it was on this Earth at all. He opened both of his mega-smashers and pointed them up the opening, towards the rubble that was now falling on him. Three seconds later, Alkanphel and the other zoanoids where knocked off their feet as the huge mega-smasher blast ripped up and out of the Earth, hitting the Supreme leader of Chronos head on and immediately vaporizing the zoanoids that where close to him. Alkanphel though, was not about to let even this powerful Guyver get away with such a blatant attack. All his zoa-crystals glowed as he focussed his telekinetic might towards the mega-smasher that was surrounding his shields. Warrior Guyver quickly realized what Alkanphel was doing and closed his mega-smasher plates and focussed his pressure cannon into the cup of his hands and into the ground to his side, then blasted his way out of the path of the returning mega-smasher blast, only just missing it. A flew seconds later, Warrior Guyver managed to escape up through the ground, to find Alkanphel in full Zoalord Battle form, waiting for him. Warrior Guyver stood there, looking at his arch nemesis. His unit was warning him of the fact that he was overpowered. But his unit had repaired itself. He could feel the rest of its power come back to him, but even with that he was still out powered by Alkanphel. But Alkanphel did not want to destroy a possibly powerful ally.

“Guyver, we do not have to fight.” said Alkanphel.

“Oh yes we do, I’ve been waiting for this since the day you killed Fiona, you miserable fuck.” responded Warrior Guyver.

Warrior Guyver then let loose with a power wave attack, resulting in a double handed hand beam blast with eight times the destructive power of a standard Guyver Mega Smash. The incredibly powerful blast quickly engulfed the surprised Alkanphel, but he managed to deflect the attack around him before summoning enough power to send the beam back at the Warrior Guyver. Then the instant the beam was about to hit him, the Warrior Guyver disappeared and reappeared behind Alkanphel, in what seemed the same instant, still firing the power wave attack. Caught off guard, Alkanphel was knocked forward by the powerful blast. Before Alkanphel had a chance to recover, Warrior Guyver stopped the blast and redirected the energy through his Mega Smashers as he quickly pulled open both chest plates. Alkanphel turned around just in time to see the Warrior Guyver fire his Mega Smashers with sixteen times the power of a standard Guyvers full double Mega Smash. Alkanphel quickly focused all his power into his shield, just as the incredibly powerful blast hit him. Clearly surprised at the level of the Warrior Guyvers power, the powerful Zoalord knew he could no longer hold back and that this Guyver had to be destroyed. Alkanphel then summoned all his power and not only reflected the Mega Smash back at the Warrior Guyver, but also added a powerful blast of his own. Fortunately for the Warrior Guyver, his blast was countering itself, since he was still firing, and that bought him the time he needed to teleport out of the way. Warrior Guyver then tried to change tactics and teleported next to Alkanphel, with his swords extended, and tried to slash at him, but the moment he appeared, Alkanphel grabbed him telekinetically and sent him hurtling towards the ground. The Warrior Guyver tried to resist but was helpless against Alkanphel’s telekinetic power. The Warrior Guyver was then violently smashed into the ground, creating twenty-foot wide impact crater. Alkanphel then created a fiery ball on swirling energy, with one hand and sent it hurtling towards the dazed Warrior Guyver. The Warrior Guyvers sensory orbs detected the powerful blast and the Warrior Guyver again performed an instant teleportation, at the last instant, and appeared in front of Alkanphel and quickly power punched him in the face, even as the powerful ball of energy hit the ground and exploded with the power of a baby nuke that sent enough dirt into the air to completely envelop both combatants in a dark veil of dust. Alkanphel was able to deflect most of the force of punch, so was not harmed, but he quickly returned the blow with a back handed punch that nearly took the Warrior Guyvers head off. The Warrior Guyver’s head was hit so hard that his neck snapped and he was sent hurtling to the ground like a falling meteor. Fortunately Alkanphel quickly lost site of the Warrior Guyver in the thick dust cloud, giving the Warrior Guyver time to recover.

Warrior Guyver got up and waited the second it took his unit to repair his neck before looking up at Alkanphel. Though he could clearly see Alkanphel, he could see that Alkanphel could not, for the moment, see him. He then cloaked, just as Alkanphel waved his arms and created a brief blast of wind that blew the dust away, hiding him from Alkanphel’s view. Warrior Guyver knew then, that as much as he wanted to fight this being, he was forgetting the real reason he was even at this place was because he was trying to save Fiona. He was not about to risk her to get revenge on Alkanphel. This fight would have to wait, he then flew away from Alkanphel as he left the confused Zoalord and then teleported away. Alkanphel looked around for several minutes before he realized the mysterious Guyver had escaped him. Leaving Alkanphel with many unanswered questions. The last time he had faced a Guyver, it could not do anything like this thing. . .

Above Feral Island, Warrior Guyver appeared and quickly scanned the area as sensed, with some surprise, that there was a thriving modern population. The island itself was shaped very differently to one of his world. The fact it had a population, and not just some scattered houses, showed just how different things where here. But, as he floated above the island, he got a sense of what he wanted. There was a Relic there and it was calling to him. He flew down towards the centre of the island, landing on top of an office building that was directly above the calling sensation he was receiving. People had literally built their city on top of the Relic. With such a thriving population above it, there would have been very little chance of an archaeological dig happening and the discovery of what was below the city. Warrior Guyver walked around the edge of the building, looking at the streets below to find a manhole into the sewer system of the city, as from there he could tunnel into the ground without the attention of the locals. Then he saw one, right in the centre of the busy street. Warrior Guyver shook his head, he realised that nothing in this world was ever going to be easy for him. He looked at the street for a few minutes to get a good judgment on how the traffic was moving and within two seconds after a red light had given him a clearing, he flew down towards the manhole, lifted it off, and was underneath it within two seconds, closing it as a cars drove over him. Immediately his senses where filled with the rotten smells of the sewer system, but after few seconds of Guyver enhanced smelling of the most hideous smells a city can produce, his Guyver unit blocked the smell out for him. Warrior Guyver realised the next time he had to do this that he’d have to take that into consideration before trying to jump into a sewer system, just to hide from people. Warrior Guyver put the urge to puke behind him and floated down into the sewer system, which was dirty as hell and he could sense countless rats around him, which made his skin crawl under his armour. He might be a Guyver now, but thirty years of being a normal person, before he was a Guyver, was a hard thing to shake off. Warrior Guyver landed in the sewer, his cloaking system disengaged and then he started to tunnel into the ground. A few minutes later above him appeared Alkanphel and the rest of the Zoalords with Alkanphel holding the Matrix. He now sensed the call of the Relic below and unlike Warrior Guyver, he did not care if the natives of this island noticed him. But the Warrior Guyver had already landed on the Relic. The disgusting sewer water had flowed down with him and had completely filled the area around the Relic. The Relic opened itself up as Warrior Guyver commanded it to open and Warrior Guyver floated into this mouth that closed seconds after he had gotten inside. The Relic went through its cleaning routine and seconds later the brown coloured sewer was extricated out of the living ship. Now that he was inside the ship, Warrior Guyver recognized the type of Relic that he was in. It was the War Relic, but above him, Alkanphel floated above the ground with the rest of the Zoalords. His zoa-crystal’s glowed and Alkanphel telekinetically pulled the ground before the zoalords out of their way. But as they found the tunnel made by the Warrior Guyver, the ground was being ripped apart by more than just Alkanphel. The War Relic itself blasted up through and out of the city. Soaring above Alkanphel and his Zoalord but before any of them could react, the War Relic shot through the atmosphere at near light speed and it was gone. . . Warrior Guyver already knew where to hide the War Relic, as it flew out of Earth atmosphere. In the past, he had hid the Arizona Relic near Planet Pluto, and once again he would use the same hiding place. Then, as the War Relic made its way to the destination ordered by Warrior Guyver, he made his way into a chamber above the control centre of the Relic. He floated then in front of what was basically his own Warrior Unit. Like his own, there was only one of these units inside the ship and he picked it up and teleported away from the War Relic, leaving it to finish its course. Warrior Guyver appeared over the building where he had left Fiona. Warrior Guyver was then instantly struck by the fact that everyone was gone and the building looked like a war zone. There were a number of dead men around, all of them the agents that had tried to kill him earlier. Seconds later, he ran into the room where he had left Fiona. Cold dread gripped his heart as he found her dead body lying naked on the ground. Warrior Guyver roared in anger as he looked at her slit throat. He dropped the Warrior Unit and picked her up telekinetically so he could see what they had done to her. From what he could guess, Chronos agents must have attacked Atkins and his men and then a zoanoid did this to her. The many bullet shells on the ground indicated, along with lack of any other bodies, that Atkins’ and his men must have killed the Zoanoid but not before it killed Fiona. He must have missed the battle by a couple of minutes. But then Warrior Guyver felt some hope as this time he had a huge advantage over what happened to him before, when his world’s Fiona died on him. His control medal started to glow, lighting up the Matrix contained inside it and a beam shot out from it, hitting Fiona’s neck with its sparkling glow. Immediately the wound on her neck closed up. The light from the Matrix itself then start to hold up Fiona, letting the Warrior Guyver let go of his telekinetic hold of her. Fiona’s body was then jolted as Warrior Guyver sensed her heart start to pump life back into her body. Her eyes then started to twitch and opened up for a second our two then closed. After a minute, the Matrix stopped and the Warrior Guyver telekinetically lowered her to the ground.

Warrior Guyver could now sense the life within her and could only hope that she would be ok. Not wanting to have to repeat yet another death, Warrior Guyver walked over to the dormant Warrior Unit and picked it up. He placed it above Fiona, who was still unconscious, and before any last hesitation to make her a Guyver could enter his mind, the dormant Warrior Unit activated. Warrior Guyver knew that waiting there was not advisable. Even with the friend-or-foe recognition system, there would be a chance that she would attack him. So just as Fiona’s unit completely covered her body, Warrior Guyver teleported on top of the building and waited. He thought to himself that now that he had Fiona back, he should just leave this world and leave while he was ahead. But two things went totally against that idea. The first was simple honour. Atkins had helped protect Fiona and his men paid for that with their lives. The second was the fact Alkanphel had the Matrix that came to this world with him. He had to get that back, such a tool in any Alkanphel’s hands was a dangerous thing. With it there was a reasonable chance that this Alkanphel could follow him back and endanger him and Fiona yet again. Then there was the small voice at the back of his mind that made him wonder if he had the right to take Fiona from this world, but that doubt would have to wait till she was conscious again.

Below him, the control medal of this worlds native Warrior unit, was in the final stage of bonding with Fiona. For the first time in over a year her mind had awoke and she was feeling great pain as her unit was invading every pore of her body. To her, she felt in grave danger as in her mind she was still in the church on her wedding day and everything was falling down around her. Unknown to Warrior Guyver, Fiona had witnessed the death of her world’s Jason and it was the next to last thing she saw before she looked up at the ceiling of the church and saw a huge beam of wood falling down towards her. She tried to run out of the way but that was the last thing she remembered. So as the unit merged with her, and linked with its new hosts mind, it too sensed the danger the host felt.

Back on top of the building, Warrior Guyver knew he was going to have to take on Alkanphel and get back the Matrix. His thoughts where then interrupted as he sensed the Female Warrior Guyver coming towards him. She was flying up through building towards him. This had to mean she was not in control but that the unit was in self-defence mode and was coming right for him. Why the hell did he always have to have trouble when trying to do something good? He stood still and a few seconds later, Female Warrior Guyver came into view. Her unit had the same colours as his, but she was shaped very differently and had many vibrational blades protruding out of her form. She was clearly designed for battle and her control medal was glowing brightly as she stood only a few feet from Warrior Guyver. The two Guyvers sensed each other, even as their two units started to communicate with each other. Lucky for the Warrior Guyver, both units where designed by the same Creator and with a system built into the self-defence system of the unit to recognize what even a new host would consider a friend. So as the Female Warrior Guyver’s unit came close to him, the two units checked each other and her unit immediately recognized the fact that the host of the powerful Guyver was in fact Jason O’Conner, the fiancé of its own host. Warrior Guyver was relieved to see Female Warrior Guyver just stand there observing him. He got a sense from his own unit that the self-defence mechanism of her unit had recognized him. But he could not confirm that and simply did not make any aggressive moves towards the Female Warrior Guyver, making sure that her unit did not attack him. But true to form things were never that easy for Warrior Guyver. Above him appeared the Zoalords of Chronos. All twelve of them and they all meant business.

But this time Warrior Guyver was not going to run. His wife’s unit simply did not know what to make of the zoalords and simply stood on the tower block, waiting to see if they presented a threat. But Warrior Guyver did not wait. He extended all four of his vibrational blades and flew up towards the Zoalords as fast as his unit would allow him. But as he closed in on Sin Rubeo Amniculus and Tuaha De Galenos, who where the closest two Zoalords to him, Alkanphel caught Warrior Guyver in his telekinetic grasp, halting his progress. Warrior Guyver then fired two blasts from his quantum head beam, towards the two Zoalords but, with Alkanphel on top, it was pointless as the two beams where redirected back towards the Warrior Guyver, hitting him face on but thanks to his body shield, did no damage whatsoever. This really was not Warrior Guyver’s day. Like many people, he had underestimated Alkanphel’s power and was paying for it now. He was no mere Zoalord, but the leader of the Zoalords, and he was a fool for thinking that he, and his eleven other Zoalords, would be a push over. All twelve Zoalord then fired their zoa-crystals at the Warrior Guyver, hitting his powerful shields with their combined might, blasting the Warrior Guyver down and through the roof of the tower block. Female Warrior Guyver though, had disappeared during the distraction made by the Warrior Guyver. Zoalord Waferdanos didn’t even sense the Female Warrior Guyver as she teleported right behind him. Her arms latched around his hairy neck and she pulled him close to her, and before the other Zoalords had the chance to pull her off him, all six of her vibrational sword, which was contained on her knees and chest areas, extended all the way through his back and the back of his legs. Waferdanos could do nothing but die as Female Warrior Guyver then flew up in the air, with her already extended vibrational sword, slicing the zoalord to bits. Alkanphel then turned away from the Warrior Guyver, to face the new threat of the Female Warrior Guyver. But that was a fatal error, as Alkanphel and the other Zoalords turned their attention to the Female Warrior Guyver, Warrior Guyver himself blasted out of the building and with lightning speed flew between Jearvill Bun Hiyern and Luggnagg De Krumeggnic, with his swords extended, slicing both zoalords in half and then released a powerful pressure cannon attack towards Alkanphel, only for the attack to be blocked by his powerful shields. Once again Alkanphel telekinetically grabbed Warrior Guyver and once again the Zoalords fired on him, but this time Warrior Guyver was not about to let himself be an easy target. So as the blast closed in on him, Warrior Guyver teleported out of the way and right before Alkanphel. Alkanphel fired his zoa-crystal, only for the Warrior Guyver to duck underneath it and let the laser blast go on to hit Cablarl Khan, straight in the chest, blasting apart his rib cage.

Alkanphel realized that he couldn’t battle these Guyvers at full power. His zoalords simply where no longer equal to him anymore, in any way shape or form, and he out powered them all. Now his own firepower was killing his Zoalords. Alkanphel then ordered his remaining zoalords to break off, leaving him alone with the two Warrior Guyvers.

Then, as the other Zoalords where leaving, the host of Female Warrior Guyver, Fiona, awoke. She didn’t know what the hell was happening and almost immediately fell towards the ground, but luckily for her the Warrior Guyver was right behind her and had grabbed her. Female Warrior Guyver was flooded with information that she didn’t know how to handle and was literally experiencing information overload. Warrior Guyver knew what she was going through. Even though he was prepared for the event of being a Guyver, it was not an easy thing to get used to in the first moments and she was in no way prepared for this. Female Warrior Guyver looked at the face of Warrior Guyver and wondered what the hell was it that was holding her up in the air. Warrior Guyver knew she was in no way capable of taking on Alkanphel and the other Zoalords that where waiting just outside the battle zone to pounce on them. Alkanphel, in a strange way, sensed this and knew they had a weakness now that he could take advantage of and anyway, now it was simple revenge. Warrior Guyver could sense the air around him move and realized with shock what Alkanphel was going to do but it was too late. A second later, Warrior Guyver and Female Warrior Guyver where consumed by a mini tornado that appeared around them, ripping the two Warrior Guyver’s apart. Alkanphel then fired a hand beam down towards Female Warrior Guyver, slicing her in half and letting her fall to the street below as Warrior Guyver was flung through the top floor of an office building. Thinking that the Female Warrior Guyver was now dead, Alkanphel focused his attention to Warrior Guyver. Warrior Guyver was only just getting his focus when he was flung down a corridor. He could sense an electrical disturbance above him and all of a second later several lightning bolts ripped through the building, blasting him down through another four floors. Even though his body shield was active, he was still burned by the attack. Warrior Guyver lay there on the ground, his body twitching as Alkanphel floated above him snickering.

Down on the ground, but only a few seconds ago, Female Warrior Guyver could not believe what was happening to her. She was still alive as she looked down where her legs should have been, yet she could no longer feel any pain. This was because, unknown to her, her own unit was drowning out her feelings of pain. She was still laying there when she sensed something powerful coming towards her. She did not know what it was or how she could sense such a thing but Female Warrior Guyver knew that it was a threat to her. It was Zoalord Rienzi. He looked at her and wondered how the hell could she still be alive but decided that he should take matters into his own hands to make sure she was really going to be dead and at the same time getting some revenge for the deaths of his Zoalord brothers. Inside the unit of the Female Warrior Guyver, Fiona, its new host, had now got a grip of the situation as it was presented to her. Completely crazy as it seemed, she was covered in some sort of living armour. It was keeping her alive and conscious even though she had lost her legs. Hell, she was not even bleeding. But she realized that whatever this thing was on her body, it was giving her information that this thing that was floating towards her was a threat.

Now above her, in the building, Warrior Guyver could feel the call of Fiona’s unit. It was like his unit and hers where linked in some way. He knew that she was hurt and how badly and that she was under serious danger from a different zoalord. He looked at the sniggering Alkanphel and felt rage and desperation. Warrior Guyver raised his arms and pointed them towards Alkanphel and fired both of his arm beams and his head laser. Alkanphel did not stop laughing as he returned the three beams back towards Warrior Guyver. Warrior Guyver activated his barrier shield, defending himself but at the same time blasting open the ground on which he lay, letting him fall down to the floor below. Alkanphel followed, closing in for the kill, and fired six gravity bullets at the Warrior Guyver. Under his armour Jason smiled, he was waiting for this Alkanphel to make that mistake. As the gravity bullets hit the shield of the Warrior Guyver, they slid around it as they where taken over by there target and combined with his own power and sent back towards Alkanphel. This did not impress the Zoalord and he simply activated his incredibly powerful shields, deflecting the attack. Then Alkanphel returned the favour, sending an energy ball down towards Warrior Guyver. But this was not Warrior Guyvers game plan, as, before the ball hit him, he teleported out of the way, appearing behind Alkanphel. Warrior Guyver extended his forward vibrational swords right towards his enemy. But before they got a foot away from him, he felt himself being lifted into the air and suddenly his head was slammed into the ceiling and then flung back away from Alkanphel. Alkanphel turned around with a blue fiery aura around him. Warrior Guyver was again picked up off the ground and slammed into a concrete support beam. Warrior Guyver managed to bring his arms together and fired his pressure cannon towards Alkanphel, only for the gravity ball to be returned back towards him, Warrior Guyver though, did not let the attack harm him and returned the ball with yet more power back towards Alkanphel. Once again Alkanphel turned it back towards Warrior Guyver, only for it to be charged with yet more energy and sent back to the Zoalord. But Alkanphel could sense what the Warrior Guyver was doing and outside he sensed what Rienzi was up too as well. To the shock of the Warrior Guyver, the next time Alkanphel rebounded the now huge gravity ball, it was not back towards him, it was sent down through the building.

Outside Rienzi heard the commotion above as the large gravity ball crashed through the building. He quickly flew away as it went directly for the Female Warrior Guyver. Fortunately for her, her unit was identical to the Jason’s original Unit and thus also possessed the gravity shield weapon. So as the powerful gravity ball was about to strike her, her unit automatically activated the gravity shield and redirected the ball back towards Alkanphel. Unprepared for this turn of events, the powerful gravity ball smashed into his shield and knocked him a hundred feet into the air before he was able to regain control. Alkanphel was surprised, but quickly realized that the Female Guyver also had the ability to redirect gravity attacks. These Guyvers where now really starting to annoy him. So Alkanphel created a ball of swirling energy and sent it hurtling towards the Female Warrior Guyver.

The energy ball, like the one Alkanphel had used against the Warrior Guyver on the island, exploded as it hit the ground. Apparently blasting her to bits as the power of baby nuke engulfed her and destroyed the entire city block they where in. But her control medal triggered her units automatic escape mechanism and Female Warrior Guyver’s control medal disappeared from the battle as it escaped into hyperspace.

Warrior Guyver though, could only sense the dead call from Fiona’s mind, even as the blast sent him hurtling into the air. But there was not much to do about it. Thanks to the distraction from her supposed death, Warrior Guyver had ignored the warning his unit was giving him about Alkanphel. So as Warrior Guyver finally paid attention to Alkanphel, all he had time to do was think, <“Oh shit!”> as an energy ball hit him in the gut, blasting him backwards and right through the rubble below him, breaking through his body shield and ripping apart his stomach. Warrior Guyver landed on the back of his neck and almost broke his spine as the force of the landing knocked him over onto his already ripped apart stomach. Warrior Guyver could feel his insides coming out and oozing on to the ground, as a pool of blood bled out of him. But before Warrior Guyver had any chance of pulling himself together, another energy ball ripped down his back, opening up his spinal cord, blasting blood, bone and biomaterial into the air. Warrior Guyver would have screamed if he was capable but there wasn’t enough left of him for that. But his control medal and brain were still fully alive. Well at least for the next second. Without any blood flow, as his heart had been blown to bits, his brain was not getting any oxygen and he was quickly losing consciousness. Alkanphel walked calmly over towards the Warrior Guyver and fired his zoa-crystal. But this time it was not the distracted Jason that was in control but it was the uncaring focused unit. So as the beam touched his back, Warrior Guyver disappeared as the unit teleported away, reappearing right behind Alkanphel. The Unit fired its head laser at the back of Alkanphel, but like so many people before, it sorely underestimated the supreme Zoalord as the blast literally froze behind the zoalord.

“This ends now Guyver!” said Alkanphel before he commanded his Zoalords to teleport to safety and then a glow came from him a moment before the entire area was engulfed in a small nuclear like explosion that destroyed everything for up to half a mile. . .

Five seconds later, the Control Medal of Jason, the Warrior Guyver, teleported into hyperspace, beside that of Fiona’s control medal. The two control medals glowed simultaneously, only a few feet from each other. The two Warrior Guyvers control medals started to glow at the same time as Warrior Guyver’s rapidly started to regenerate itself and its host. Though the Female Warrior Guyver was not so lucky. Her unit did not have a Matrix merged with her control medal, so could only regenerate at the normal rate of a Warrior Guyver. A few minutes later, Jason’s mind awoke. Being in hyperspace sped up his regeneration and he was now back at full power. Before him he saw the head of the Female Warrior Guyver. He looked down to see the skeletal frame that the unit had formed as it was growing her a new body. A light then shined out from the Matrix in the Warrior Guyver’s control medal and lit up her body. It took a few seconds but then her body started to rebuild itself at an incredible rate and it was not long until her eyes glowed, signalling the reawakening of her mind.

Fiona now looked at the face of the Warrior Guyver and screamed, turning to face the layer of the universe called hyperspace. The source of all the infinitive energy that fuelled the Warrior Guyvers, flowed around her. Shocked at her surroundings, Female Warrior Guyver just simply didn’t know what to do, as she turned back and looked at the face of the Warrior Guyver. . .

End Of Part 1