This is a fan-fiction based on characters created by Yoshiki Takaya and contains violent situations with adult language. Any similarity to actual persons, living or dead is unintentional and purely coincidental.

Title7 Days Of Hell: Part 7
AuthorBrian O’Sullivan

Fifteen minutes before the wormholes appeared above Earth and the Grakken Fleet.

Orbiting Mars on inside his Clan Ship Krullnar looked at the battle before him through the Clan Ship with distain of what was happening around Earth. The Grakken should have known better to meddle in the interest of the Gen. They would learn to stay away from Earth! Learn not to interfere in what could ultimately doom every living creature in the Galaxy if he did not succeed! The Grakken have yet to comprehend the only reason they are allowed to live is even in disobedience they still serve.

Krullnar floated in his armour thinking of the past two months and the lead up to now. He also thought of what he knew would have to come in the future. Even with the arrival of the ruined Clanship the Earth test was still in progress, but already there were some results that mattered. The Unit code named G’Kor type Warrior Unit G-19 known to the humans had Warrior Guyver 5 had been deemed a failure. The original Warrior Guyver DNA from the host Jason O’Conner resurfaced and infected the present host making him unstable. The units that had impressed him the most for all round performance was his one, known to the humans has Warrior Guyver 4, it had aided in the near destruction of the Hunter Darmon Crystal carrier and teamed with his ally’s Lar’Cass’s Giant Unit it was by far viewed has the most successful project followed closely by two other units, the Eve type Darmon Energy Battle Unit G-13 and the Hpa’Edem Type Stealth Battle Unit G-7.

Now he started the next phase in their experiments the modernised Aceaer Units. The plan was to use the most advanced Aceaer and Guyver technology and design an easier to build Enforcer class Kavzar to replace the current model. A host available that he wanted to use was the captured Proto-Zoalord Tonnin. The merger seemed a success until and he was sent against Alkanphel.

Alkanphel somehow took over Tonnin and turned him against the Gen. The defect that was humanity still made them hard to control. He’d repeated a past mistake of the Uranus. Krullnar sent a destruct command to kill Tonnin but it failed. This failure could in fact cost Krullnar his place has the head of the science council. A position his kin had held long before even Solom was born. But other events had happened over this period of two month that might just save his position even if news of Krullnar reached the high council. Galen a young Gen under his command had discovered along with his and Draven’s troops that Warrior Guyver himself had been converted into a more powerful form. The humans called Dreadnought. Dreadnought’s creation while an accident was one he created by allowing the Warrior Guyver to have back the War Relic has the Humans called it.

This was a most interesting development, which was made even more interesting when Dreadnought returned recently from another dimension with an untainted Female Warrior Guyver. He wondered if he could capture them both. Then he would be able to see how Warrior Guyver became even more powerful and apply the same techniques to his own Kavzar and breed an even more powerful class of Enforcer Kavzar and kill the traitor Tonnin along with Alkanphel. But first he’d have to capture the Warrior Guyvers. That was no easy feat and he knew enough about his father’s work to know that it wouldn’t be possible to do that without destroying them now that they were active. That also brought its own risk for he’d being warned of the possibility of a second paradox that surrounded Jason. Though he was not given much detail to work off other than to stay as much out of his way has possible. What he needed Warrior Guyver 4 to fight with them both and form a battle collective again. Then the unit might be willing to give away some of its secrets.

The appearance of Crystallite had not gone unnoticed to the Gen. They recognised the dark crystal and its intention. It had to be stopped and represented a greater threat to the Universe than almost all others expect for maybe the Guyver Zoalord and was the reason why in the past the Federation destroyed all life on Mars. An event that happened long before even the Uranus left Earth. It was an event the Council of 13 didn’t like to talk about. He was still waiting on news from the Gen on how they wanted to handle the Dark Being. But nothing had been reported yet. Draven had left with his cast of Kavzar Warriors four Earth days ago to meet with the other high council members of the Gen and to give them his finding and that of Krullanr’s on modern day Earth.

But their rival in the Gen Council G’Kor was certain to be making his case for direct control over the project instead of him. It was not widely known but during the Grakken War his fleet once tried to gain entry to Earth’s solar system. He wanted to recover work from his project. Something he found odd has G’Kor had one of the few successful projects in that of the Assassin Unit. Now used for rare missions into hostile space. One of whom was on the Earth known has the Guyver 4. Seraph the guardian of Earth’s Solar system stopped G’Kor entering the Earth’s solar system with her fleet during the Grakken Wars. He never explained why he did that.

G’Kor got some measure of revenge on her recently with the death of Solom, Krullanr’s own father. It greatly annoyed him that G’Kor was able to use his own father’s death for his political gains and have Seraph deemed a failure removed has protector of Earth. Effectively meaning her death for without the Earth to protect she had no purpose. Thankfully that time Draven was able to turn this to his advantage and arrange for the new Tests to begin. He was given control over them and he had Seraph reinstated and her fleet for protection. G’Kor objected to this. He’s since being not contactable hiding in his own world guessed Krullnar.

This also had a negative effect allowing the Enforcer Prime to remain controlled by his damaged master the Guyver 4. What she planned was uncertain for anyone to guess, she was basically now a child in charge of a very powerful and experienced warrior of the Gen. He’d seen reports of what happened on the Enforcer Prime’s war world. Her actions didn’t worry him, but the Orange cast of Kavzar did. No one, even Council Members where allowed have such a personal force. No one was allowed use Enforcer Technology for his or her own private army. But someone had and Krullnar wondered now if it would be a danger to the new tests.

Draven was not a person to waste time so the debate there must still be going on. He could almost guess the reason why this was taking so long. Many Gen wanted the Earth destroyed and void of life. To them the Guyver 0 event was enough of a reason to end their existence and if not for the Warrior Guyver they would have died when that project ended to end the risk of the Guyver. That group would be lead by G’Kor. While Earth was the most important planet to the development of the Kavzar war machine it should not be wiped out of existence and turned into a lifeless asteroid field because of an impending disaster. The Gen Federation should have learnt that mistake ten thousand years ago when they rediscovered humanity and used the Guyver effect to design the loyal Kavzar race. Krullnar fully believe that creatures like Dreadnought where vital to advancing the Federation and to defeating its enemies. Has such Earth represented a perfect test world that the next generation of Kavzar would come from his experiments.

Was it has Krullnar realised he wondered? This could be the one type of news he did not want has one hundred wormholes appeared all around his Clan Ship and his ten remaining battle ships. The first five ships appeared where scout ships. Fast sleek ships capable of cloaking and high speed combat. These were basically the eyes and ears of the fleet. The next ninety ships where battle ships like the ships that protected Krullnar’s Clan Ship but then out of the five biggest worm holes came five giant warships. These where not just troop carriers of the Kavzar army but also the most powerful space ships that were in the Gen fleet.

The combined firepower of these five ships even without the supporting battle ships could destroy the Earth. Leaving the planet unrecognisable has nothing more than an asteroid field. This was simply not a good thing he thought. Inside each of the five Super Battle Ships where one Enforcer Kavzar who was in command of the great vessel and an extra Enforcer Kavzar in support giving the fleet a total of twelve Enforcer Kavzars. It was a rare event for more than one Enforcer Kavzar to be sent on a mission but this was one of those rare occasions where just one Enforcer Kavzar would simply not be enough firepower.

HE then realised there where two other Enforcer Kavzars in hibernation mode, they were simply there if needed he guessed. Of the twelve one Enforcer stood out has he sensed them. Enforcer Kavzar Secundus was among them. The second Enforcer Kavzar ever made after Prime his battle experience was second only to him. Secundus’ battle experience against the Grakken made him the ideal choice second only to Prime.

His inclusion in the fleet meant the Grakken where first to be dealt with. The second mission would be to test what was on the Earth. Too make sure any counter attack from Earth did not succeed and destroy him. Unlike the Uranus the Gen do not like to repeat past mistakes, when Solom died it showed how much they under estimated Chronos.

The Earth had Dreadnought, Ultimus, Angel, Guyver Powered Zerebubuse, Tonnin and Dark Nova to contend with, beings in different fractions but, beings with fare to much raw power that one Enforcer Kavzar alone could not contend with them all. Some like Dreadnought and Angel could single handily defeat an Enforcer Kavzar. Dreadnought displayed powers he’d never witnessed before in teleportation from a single being in being able to switch the masses of the Grakken Warship and his Clan Ship. Alkanphel too though remained an unknown element has the removal of his unit had failed and the Kavzar sent to capture him killed by an unknown assailant.

Then Krullnar sensed something he did not expect, inside the Gen flagship was the master warlord Horus. One of the most technically sound and ruthless Uranus masterminds of warfare in the universe, a being that punished the Grakken forces with his vast armies. Horus politically wasn’t tied at all to G’Kor or Draven. Earth was clearly in deep trouble. Has the fleet closed on his position one of the wormholes stayed open has Krullnar heard Draven talk to him.

<“Krullnar, all does not go well at the High Council my friend.”>

<“I can guess what happened old friend; the Council can’t allow what’s happening on Earth and the Grakken to advance by capturing Warrior technology.”>

<“That and they can’t allow the Dark one to resurface. You must act to bring the situation under control.”>

<“How much time?”>

<“It depends on the citizens of Earth and you Krullnar.”>

<“What do you mean?”>

<“You have are been ordered to put in order this problem on Earth and to destroy the Dark Being.”>

<“Dreadnought, the evolved form of the Warrior Guyver has already disabled the unit. He has also cleared his sibling’s infection. He now fights against the Grakken forces.”>

<“Then that should be your main focus Krullnar. You have the fleet of Horas at your directive along with Secundus, Seraph and you have absolute say over what needs to be done. But Krullnar I warn you, the Council would like to see Earth survive this event, more so you know of our concern of Dreadnought and do not want you to destroy anything unnecessarily. You could be judged harshly if you destroy unnecessarily or if you do not act at all. You are in a very difficult situation which your future depends on and do not falter my friend.”>

The wormhole then closed off cutting Krullnar from the council and his friend. Krullnar collected his thoughts. He knew why Horus was here. Horus was to aid his military decisions but even though he was a scientist Krullnar was not comfortable with the size of the fleet he had to go against the larger Grakken Armada.

<“Horus, is this our total forces for the mission?”>

<“No Krullnar, this fleet is only here to protect you. The rest will attack the Grakken fleet on your order. Seraph has normal will with her fleet insure none escape.”>

<“It’s time to wipe them out. Destroy the Grakken!”>

Present time closer to Earth

W’Kar looked on in wonder at the huge amount of wormholes that had appeared above the Grakken armada. Whatever was appearing would decide who won today and if the Earth would still be a planet or a lot of floating asteroids! Even for W’Kar the sight of what appeared gave him mixed feelings of hate, dread and happiness has an armada of Creator bio-ships arrived above the Grakken fleet. Wonder had ceased and he smiled. His boredom was now quenched. There was something new and oh there would be war!

The Creator fleet stretched beyond his senses much like that of the Grakken fleet. W’Kar teleported himself closer to the point but still well within the Grakken lines so he could better scan what was about to arrive. Kavzar, countless of them and their Commanders flooded out of the giant black organic ships and then a smile crossed his face has he picked up twelve very powerful being within them. His eye’s focused on them and he sent the images of the beings to Dreadnought.

<“Hey Jason, what are these big ones?”>

<“They are the Elite of the Creators army, the Enforcer Kavzar and they are fucking powerful!”>

<“Then I better say hello to them!”>

<“NO WAIT!> screamed Dreadnought through his unit.

<“What? Why are you screaming that Dread Nuts? Remember that warning I gave you last night!”>

<“Let’s see if they will help us first we can’t afford a war with both the Grakken and the Creators, they can be as bad has each other!”>

<“Ok, ok! But I’m getting bored of killing the Grakken Dread Nut’s!”>

<“Ahh bo ho you oversized whining baby suck it up and kill the Grakken some more!”>


Clan Ship Crash Site

Imakarum didn’t have much time to think. Chronos was badly outnumbered. It was now past midnight and Day 7 of Hell. Tonnin continued to protect the Ark and its precious cargo. Sadah had disappeared; at a guess he could only surmise he’d lost interest in the battle. This left Warrior Guyver Vamore has the key Chronos asset on site until Guyver Powered Zerebubuse would be back in action. That would be at least another ten minutes. He hoped he would get the time needed to regenerate. Strangely now the fate of that depended on Dreadnought.

Dreadnought couldn’t believe his and ultimately the luck of everyone here this day has W’Kar screamed further obscenity’s at him. But this didn’t have the desired result he’d hoped for. On the outer edges of what he could sense in space he could tell the Creators had started to cut into fleet of the Grakken has large sections of the fleet now turned to face the Creators forces.

Suddenly the kind of building up and strategic order the Grakken ground forces had disappeared has they all now swarmed towards the Chronos front lines. He didn’t need his head sensors to guess where they where heading, it was blindingly obvious. Dreadnought blasted away a Grakken that was trying to rip his arm off and teleported himself inside the Clan Ship ruin into the largest cavern he could sense appearing right in front of the Guyver 4.

“Oh God no!” screamed Guyver 4 backing away from Dreadnought.

Dreadnought ignored her scream at first because he noticed something very odd. He sensed something cloaked inside the Clan Ship.

“I’m not here to kill you girl, please move back and stay out of my way,” said Dreadnought has he moved Guyver 4 behind him. Looking out the tunnel made previously by the Grakken attack he could see hordes of Bio-Titans and other Chronos Zoanoids. But beyond them he could sense the Grakken clashing into their battle lines.

<“Who else is with us girl?”>

<“What do you mean?”>

<“There is someone with us, cloaked!”>

<“How am I meant to know, I just go where I’m TOLD!”> Said Guyver 4. Dreadnought almost winced the way she psychically screamed, “Told”.  Guessing it was Shadow Guyver he didn’t think any more of it has the Grakken reached the outskirts of the tunnel.

Dreadnought teleported himself away from the Guyver to the closest outer tunnel to the Grakken forces and scanned in front of him for has far has he could sense. Apart from the odd zoanoid mostly only the Grakken where in front of him. His control medal glowed has he opened his chest plates and pointed them towards the tunnels entrance and the oncoming horde of Grakken. The leading Grakken only had seconds to react and fired their head beams at Dreadnoughts hyper smasher celled but Dreadnought’s body shield deflected their attack. Before they had a chance to do anything to do anything more serious to stop him Dreadnought’s hyper smasher fired. The blast blew apart the part of the Clan Ship in front of him despite being a large tunnel and continued on blasting apart countless Grakken has it blasted through the battlefield.

Angel appeared high above the battle below yet not quite in outer space at the outer edge of Dreadnought’s teleport block. She hated been here but knew without her Dreadnought might not be able to hold the horde of Grakken back even if he didn’t want that help. Much like he she’d need to hold back her hatred of Chronos and their methods and help them. Stopping for a moment she scanned around looking for the best place to strike. She could sense the Warrior Guyver Vamore battling against numerous Grakken and beside him something that made her pause in wonder. There were times when knowing what she sensed and it’s story gave her insightful information. There were also times when it shocked her by who she scanned and what she learned.

This was one of those times, before her battling the Grakken was the Enforcer Kavzar Prime. The Enforcer Prime according to her unit was the first of it’s kind. Created by Krullnar back when the Grakken and Creator empires where in wide galaxy scale war. It single handily turned the one of the key battles in the war to the Creators Favour. From what she could sense below the Grakken had still no defence against him other than pure numbers.

She could sense the hyper smasher beam has it ripped through the Grakken lines towards the mountains off in the distance. Sensing where the Enforcer Prime had made his place to fight the Grakken Angel wanted to be further away from him, landing the opposite side of the battle field from him. With the wings on her back extended she landed in the middle of a Grakken battle group. Three Grakken jumped towards he back with their swords extended. But didn’t realise the significance of her wings being extended and the lightning field being active and where burned to a crisp their cremated bodies turning to ash falling to the ground behind her.

Krullnar Research Fleet – Orbiting Mars

<“The attack on the Grakken fleet has commenced masters,”> said Enforcer Kavzar Secundus has he kneeled down before Krullnar and Horus. Even knelt on his knee he dwarfed both Creators.

Under his armour Horus smiled. Before him stood Secundus. Behind him five other Enforcers knelt in obedience and behind them a mixture of Kavzar Commanders from both the Creator Army and that of Krullnar’s personal guard. Outside the ship six other Enforcer Kavzars patrolled around the ship.

<“Their fleet is larger than ours, but it is unusually old and dated. With the other twelve Enforcers will insure their numbers count for nothing!”>

Both Horus and Krullnar nodded in agreement with Secundus’ assessment of the situation. One Enforcer alone could win this battle. But time was the number one factor here, they had to use overwhelming force to win and win quickly!

<“Masters, what should we do with the native species the Grakken assault?>

Horus looked to Krullnar in a sign of respect to allow the leading Gen to answer.

<“They are to insure that no Kavzar or it’s forces destroy a single being. They are important for my experiments and has such are important to all of the Gen!”>

Horus though he didn’t agree with this totally nodded in approval. He would sooner blow this rock to bits like what should have being done thousand years ago! But while Krullnar was here and saw value in these freaks of the Gens and the Federations past he only saw danger. That though in the end was why he was the Warmaster and Krullnar was the head scientist.

<“Masters, there is something I must bring to your attention has well.”>

<“What is it?”> asked Horus.

<“Enforcer Kavzar Prime is fighting the Grakken on the Earth outside the ruined Ship”.>

<“The Prime Enforcer is on Earth? He’s being outside my control for many years! How could he be here?”> asked a now very curious Horus leaving out that he had encountered the Prime Enforcer only a short while ago on the world of Prime’s birth..

Krullnar wondered if he should answer this. But he would at least give the Warmaster what he needed to know. <“This is not widely known. But the council grew impatient for the birth of the Warrior Guyver. They sent an Assassin Guyver to Earth to check what was happening. But she was captured or killed by unknown agents. Has such they sent a second Assassin Guyver but this time the host was to be brought up by the species native to the planet so she could blend in and search for the Warrior Guyver. It was deemed she needed a protector. The Council decided it was too great a risk to send anything other than the Prime.”>

<“Was there mission compromised?”> asked Horus realising there must be more to the story.

<“Enforcer Kavzar Prime will only obey commands from the Assassin Guyver. Has that is his mission to do so. Only two things will return him to his normal function. The completion of her mission which itself is a secret even from me. Clearly the return of the Warrior Guyver was only part of that mission. Or the Council agreeing to end her mission. But without the return of G’Kor cannot complete this command.”>

<“Interesting, that would mean the Assassin Guyver would be close by the Prime most likely in danger by the Grakken?”>

<“Yes, but has she’s one of us, it would be unwise to interfere”>

<“I don’t want to interfere in what would be viewed an equal mission to our own. But Prime being on Earth gives us an unexpected advantage against the Grakken. We should reinforce his position on the planet and crush the Grakken between him on the planet and the Fleet above!”>

In orbit above Earth between the Grakken Fleet and Earth

W’Kar’s view of Grakken had changed over time. They were not all powerful but they where warriors. They came at him and at him despite the causalities inflected on them and he was beginning to respect that.

He didn’t know this universe well and while the Creators in this universe didn’t seem to want to destroy the Earth every experience he ever had with them was telling him that the Grakken most likely where treated by the Creators as badly has his Earth was by them.

They still had more raw numbers than the Creators fleet, Chronos and ACTF combined but the lack of any special powered beings on their side like Dreadnought, Warrior Vamore or an Enforcer Kavzar had managed to hold them off. The arrival of the Creators and twelve Enforcers was taking its toll. Over half their fleet now fought the Creator forces. While both sides were taking losses most were on the side of the Grakken, that didn’t stop them from trying though and oh didn’t he like them for it. He could respect them for that. More so he could respect them for standing up to the Creators.

He stopped attacking the Grakken. Now he’d a different goal stop the Creators getting the technology from his world.

ACTF HQ – Washington DC

Dr Redmond’s office had being sealed off pending an investigation to the events leading up to Dreadnought’s apparent attack that had left a hole in the side of the building. Since then Redmond had moved into a backup facility on the other side of the building and had already begun to rebuild his lab and access backups. He vowed not to let this setback affect his important work.

Elsewhere in the massive X-Chronos building Dr Drake was feverously busy. He and a large team of work men had just in time completed a ten foot tick lead lined box which had a concrete outer covering. This was lined inside with camera and scanning equipment. They were ready.

A warning siren sounded and all the men and women that where working on the container left the room. Drake also left the room but through the entrance to the monitor room. Warrior Guyver 2 walked in with the package. It was a steel briefcase that contained the Turbo Unit. The unit was infected and no longer deemed recoverable. But it could still be of use to science. Drake’s responsibility since that cursed unit arrived was to make something that could contain it. Warrior Guyver 2 now brought the unit to that container.

Dr. Drake pressed the button that signalled the box to open. Warrior Guyver 2 smiled under his unit. If anything could keep this bastard Unit contained it was this. He opened the case and took out the now dormant unit. Apart from the Control medal the rest of the unit was crystal looking. It was almost see through he thought has it passed over a light from the bottom of the box that lit the unit up. At the bottom of the box he could see the shape of a dormant unit was to it. He placed the unit and then stood back. The large cover closed with a satisfyingly loud thud. Warrior Guyver 2 signed has he stood back. He hoped this unit would never be free again!

Outside patrolling the building the large eighteen-foot tall form of Gilgamesh made an impressive sight as he towered over the Guyver Merc who patrolled beside him.

“So you knew O’Conner before he got the Warrior unit?” asked the Guyver Merc.

“Yep, back in school we where the best of friends.”

“Not anymore?” asked Guyver Merc hoping that he’d find some useful information to use against Jason.

“You don’t like him do you? Snapped back Gilgamesh looking down on the Guyver Merc his eyes burning almost with the intensity of their light.

“Clearly I must have touched a nerve, sorry” said Guyver Merc has he looked back up at the giant W’Kar reproduction unit.

“There’s no need to be sorry. The only one who needs to be sorry is Jason!” answered Gilgamesh.

“Ok, I don’t like him,” admitted the Guyver Merc. “In fact I hate the bastard.

“That makes the two of us”

“I know why I hate him” said Guyver Merc. “The bastard betrayed his people and gave his sister a Guyver unit. Not once, but twice! What the hell was he thinking?”

“I know Merc. The worst thing about it is he didn’t learn the first time! Hell the first unit is being put in isolation has we speak”.

“The funny thing is she didn’t even want to be the Black Nova 2 at all. He forced it on her then to add insult to injury she’s ran off in a huff after stabbing him in the gut!”

“Being a Guyver isn’t for everyone after all”

“That is very true!

As Guyver Merc and Gilgamesh joked on about Dreadnought they both of them pretty much together sensed and approaching Guyver like being. It was fairly powerful they recognised the type of Guyver it was.

“A Black Nova”, said Guyver Merc.

“It’s Black Nova 2,” said Gilgamesh has his eyes locked on her.

“Speak of the Devil, the bitch is back,” joked Guyver Merc slapping Gilgamesh on the side.

“We better alert Cyber Guyver of this,” said Gilgamesh. He’s heard about Warrior Guyver 2’s grinding from General Carter he didn’t want one himself. <“Cyber, we need to alert the General. Black Nova 2 will be here very soon!”>

Black Nova 2 flew over the two of them. She didn’t recognise the tall W’Kar looking one and didn’t really care though has beside him was Guyver Merc. She had no time for him or that stuck up wife of his.  She’d woke up an hour or so ago in a strange house with the worst hangover she’d in her life. It took a good few minutes for the hangover to start to wear off enough for her to start getting flash backs of what happened.

Has she downed a cold glass of water in a fine kitchen she remembered then some of what she’d said to Jason. It was pure anger. But it was the truth of how she felt. Though sober and with no nasty hangover to keep her numb there where things she now wished she’d never said him that night. Fiona being back though meant nothing then but by god did it have her mind in a flutter now. Now different was she to the Fiona she knew?

Black Nova 2 landed in front of the main doors to the HQ. Armoured marines where all over the place but none blocked her way. She hated the way ACTF was efficient at times. They obviously knew who she was which meant somewhere inside the building was General Carter and she was due to have a run in with him. That or Stephen or possibly Sean and Cori she thought. Ah yes Cori that would make the most likely choice has she got on well with her compared to the others.

As she walked through reception a marine walked up to her to try and get her attention calling out her surname but she moved to her side and continued by him. She stopped by a reinforced lift. The steel doors opened and people stepped out around her keeping their distance. In the corner a large Green V1 battle armoured marine stood guard. He simply said nothing as she walked onto the lift and pressed the button for her floor.

Has she closed in on her room but has she did se sensed Battle Guyver standing before it. It was just her at first but then in the distance behind her was Guyver US who also had an Aceaer unit and the opposite side of the building was Warrior Guyver 2. She could relax now. She could talk with Cori. Sean was too much like Jason and she was still too angry to talk to someone like her brother.

“Listen Cori, I’m not looking for trouble. I just want my stuff and then I’ll be gone!”

“Jenny, just because your brother has left us doesn’t mean you have too!”

Jenny was taken aback with that. Now to realise fully what Jason meant when he said he and the others where in New Cork. “Listen I’m no lapdog of Jason’s, I go where I want to go!”

“We don’t want you to leave, you’re needed here Jenny.”

“Cori I didn’t want to be this thing yet again. Jason decided that. I’ve to live with it yet again. But I’ve learnt from my last mistakes. I’ll not be hanging around here waiting for the next disastrous fight Carter puts me in that results in me wiping out THOUSANDS OF PEOPLE!” roared Black Nova 2 the sound of her Guyver’d voice make it all the more shocking making Battle Guyver stand back a step.

“Jenny what happened to you none of us could comprehend but with Jason gone we badly need the likes of you.”

“Why did he leave?” asked Black Nova 2 looking for the reason she was getting a guilt trip from Battle Guyver.

<“Sean what should I tell her, she’s asking about why Jason left?”>

<“Tell her the truth hun, no point in trying to cover things up she’d only sooner or later hear it from the others.”>

“Sigh… You know Elera was hurt in the battle before he arrived back home?”

“I remember her being alive after my fight with Zeugma but after that, no I’ve no idea what happened to Elera.”

“A Zoalord attacked taking advantage of the chaos. During the fight Elera ripped her own leg off. She was put into a bio-tube that Redmond had in his research lab.”

“She what? Ripped her own leg off?”

“Yes, the Zoalord had some frightening powers. Anything that wasn’t a Guyver simply ran from him screaming or cowered in sight of him like a child.”

“Fucking hell… Ok so what does this have to do with Jason?”

“Well after I think his first battle with you he came back here to heal her. After doing that he freaked out and destroyed the lab.”

“He just freaked out? Common I’m livid with him at the moment but don’t ever think I’m that gullible.”

“Jason said that Redmond had taken samples of Elera’s blood to experiment with.”

“It’s probably more than that and let me guess? You guys don’t believe Jason but some of the others did so he didn’t leave alone?”

“Yeah… Fiona, Elera, Zeugma and Faye all left with Jason.”

“Hmm why would it matter much if Fiona left with him?” asked a now curious Jenny.

“You don’t know about her?”

“I know she’s from some alternative universe but aside from what does it matter to ACTF if she left with Jason.”

“She’s a Warrior Guyver.”

“Oh so another weapon left Carter’s army, no wonder your concerned!” how or why Fiona got a unit in the other universe didn’t matter to Jenny at the moment.

“You know it’s not like that Jenny. We’re well looked after here.”

“Look Cori, I’m not here for an argument. All I want is some time to my own space and to be by myself. Give me my stuff and that of brothers and I’ll be gone.”

“You want Jason’s belongings too?”

“This isn’t a big deal! The stuff in my room is my stuff. But I know Jason has most of my family’s remaining personal items in his room there. I’m taking them and it would be a silly thing for us to have a battle over,” said Black Nova 2 has her eyes, control medal and shoulder mounted crystals glowed. Battle Guyver could sense the build up in power from her. She knew then Jenny wouldn’t be talked out of this.

<“Sean I don’t want to get in a fight with Jenny over some personal items in her rooms and Jason’s.”>

<“I agree, the General is beside me and also agrees with that. Though he wants to know what she plans to do with Jason’s belongings. Sooner or later he too would be back for it and last thing he wants is to antagonise him anymore.”>

“Jenny we just want to know what you plan to do with Jason’s bits and pieces.”

“Look I’m pissed off with him. But if he’s not coming back here for a while until this mess with ACTF is cleaned up. I’m going to take a bag, but his stuff in it and take it home to New Cork. Say by good byes and leave him be and like I said. Have some space to myself. Away from Chronos and away from ACTF and most importantly away from him!”

Cori relayed what she said back to Sean. The General simply nodded has it was repeated to him. This was a “lose lose” situation but damage control was the key here. He needed Jenny calm down and get that anger out of her system. Adding to it now would only make ACTF the enemy and since she intended to give Jason’s belonging back to him that too would possibly mend some bridges there too.

“Jenny I just hope someday you’ll be back.”

Black Nova 2 didn’t answer that. She just waited to see what they would do. But has Battle Guyver stood back giving her access to her room and the two Green Armoured marines stood away from Jason’s door she realised the answer. She just gave Battle Guyver a nod and powered down and entered her room.

There was a big travel bag inside her walk-in wardrobe for when she had missions to go away for a few days. She smiled under her amour realising it would now be used for something a bit more long term has she unzipped it and packed her belongings into it. That was mostly clothes and money and she didn’t bother to pack with any fineness and simply packed her bag full. She flung it with ease over her shoulder and then went into Jason’s room.

Unlike her did didn’t have a big travel bag but too large cases. She put them both on his bed and opened them. Looking around the room she found a load of his picture and that of her family. She first grabbed some of his clothing and put that into the first case and then placed the pictures over them. Then put another layer of cloths above them closing it tight. In the other case she put his shoes, cloths and Jason’s personal locker.

She closed the door to his wardrobe grabbed the two cases by the handles and processed to walk out the room stopping has she passed the mirror. If she wasn’t a Guyver now she could never imagine holding this much stuff in one go. Hell Jason too would pass out doing this. Well before he became a Guyver. She manoeuvred herself out the door, said thank you to Cori and made her way out of the base.

Clan Ship Crash Site

Imakarum observed the battle has it continued before him. The Chronos forces had taken a large hit to their numbers. But they were still there battling keeping at bay the Grakken what managed to get by Angel, Enforcer Kavzar and the now regenerated Guyver Powered Zerebubuse. On another side of the Clan Ship the Warrior Guyver Vamore focused on destroying the still massive amounts of invading Grakken ships landing behind their lines.

Below on the ground commanding the Bio-Titan’s was Alfrid Drano. This was a Zoalord he liked. Not only was he able to micro manage the savage Bio-Titan’s his own power was amplified by the Bio-Titan’s themselves allowing him to make very damaging attacks to the Grakken.

This did not go unnoticed too inside the Grakken fleet. Inside the fleets flagship the “Helenea Revenge” the Grakken commander stood in his Destroyer armour overlooking the battle on his screen. The ship like most in the fleet was aged battle worn. The bridge was no different but to a Grakken warrior it made little difference. Once it functioned correctly was all that mattered.

Commander Krackkson had led his sect for near a thousand years.  A thousand years of self imposed exile that he and his fleet had imposed on themselves. The war with the so-called “Creators” ended then. It had lasted over 4 thousand years. The Grakken even after the arrival of the Kavzar Commander warriors of the Creators still managed to hold their ground and in some areas still expanded the Grakken Empire. But it was the arrival of the Enforcer Kavzar that ended the war. Within five hundred years of their creation they brought ruin to large portions of the Empire. Helenea the queen of the Grakken made peace with the Creator Warmaster Horus.

Why the Creators accepted this was unknown. Even though he commanded the Flagship of the Empire named after the queen, the leader of his race and birth mother. He resisted eons of Grakken doctrine and broke from the Empire with his fleet. Since then they had lived without the support of the home worlds. Finding a group of Planets they thought far enough away from both the Grakken Empire and Creator Empires to make their own. A place from which they could re-launch a new war with the Creators much like Helena had done in the past.

Little did they know but one of the planets close by their group of worlds was Earth. While encounters with Creator scout ships was not uncommon in other worlds of their Sect’s sector Earth not only had its fair share, which ended in the destruction of the Scouts concerned. It also had their biggest engagement with the Creator forces some sixteen years ago. Then after a long battle near the Red planet of the solar system they not only destroyed their first Enforcer Kavzar in eons but also destroyed a Clan Ship in a surprise attack. That day triggered a interest in the planet known by its inhabitants has “Earth”.

They spent a long time examining the Earth from space looking for lost comrades from the Battle of the Red Planet. Recently they and eventually made contact their people and through them they contacted others on Earth, people they viewed key. Some like Martin where because of their keen scientific minds. Unlike Martin his Sect didn’t have any scientists, they was all from the Warrior cast. They hoped he would bring key technology to their race, like the Hyper Space Copular he was beginning to finish development on when the Warrior Guyver attacked the Area 52 ending his research.

Unlike Martin who was now viewed a failure, Richard Baxter had always proved useful. Not only building a financial empire on Earth but also in providing them access to the Earth’s culture and recently control over the Guyver Mercenary test units. While he knew from experience that meddling with the Creator test units was a bad idea due to the way they self-destructed they would provide an insight into current Creator technology. Something they couldn’t do normally and most definitely he thought not in the long term.

He knew the size of the Creator fleets. What he looked on now on his screens was only a very small fraction of their total forces. It was only a matter of time before either the combined force of the twelve Enforcer Kavzars and the Creator fleet crushed his ships. This day would either spell the end of his sect or it’s victory.

On two different screens it showed a display of his goals. On the first was the ACTF HQ. Inside it was a Dormant Unit that was scanned from space. The unit was of Creator origin and it was infected with the strange red crystal they had captured sixteen years ago and had made the Hunter out of. They would “have it back!” he thought. On the other screen was the ruined Clan Ship. There his sensors managed to penetrate a ruined section of the ship. Three dormant units lay there. If he could recover even one it would spark a new age for the Grakken!

It was time to break a thousand years of silence. He could tell already with the intervention of the Creators and such large force of Enforcer’s that it would only be a matter of time before his fleet would be totally wiped out.  It was time to break the silence with the home and alert the Queen.

New Cork Texas

Two Zygote Clones patrolled the streets outside the O’Conner household. It had being a good few hours now since Angel had joined Dreadnought. Fiona didn’t sleep well at all through the night. It was now the early afternoon while Dreadnought still fought in what was time zone wise technically tomorrow. Throughout the night she saw flashes from him of what was happening. That was more than enough to keep her awake for an hour or so at a time. She’d not got out of bed and was still dressed in one of Jason’s long t-shirts and knickers though wrapped in the bed sheets keeping her warm.

She got up out of bed and walked by a mirror on the way to the bathroom. Stopped and then pulled up her t-shirt to look at her stomach. “Since when do I’ve abs” she thought has she looked in the mirror. She heard a knock on the door and then dropped her t-shirt down and walked over and opened it. There stood Zenechka who’d a very odd look on her face.

<“There is a Guyver flying towards the house”>

<“What’s got you so confused?”> Asked Jenny as the young woman didn’t looked panicked in anyway and she was aware of the two cloned warriors she had made that guarded outside.

<“She’s carrying luggage.”>

That she too simply found odd. She reached into the cupboard nearby and grabbed a dressing gown. She was far too groggy to do anything energetic has summon her unit this time of day. Anyway if that Guyver meant business she doubt Zenechka would have being simply stood there knocking on the door.

As she strolled downstairs she caught the smell of cooked meet. From that she guessed her friends had sorted out the food situation.

She walked outside to a nice breeze that made her shiver slightly. Waking out beside her Zenechka and her looked on as a Black Nova Guyver landed in the middle of the street looking on towards them. She was carrying a large travel bag on her back and 2 large suitcases. The idea of a Guyver trying to blow her up didn’t make sense so Fiona just knew it had to be for some other reason. But why would a Guyver fly to them with luggage?

“OH MY GOD IT IS YOU,” screamed the unknown Guyver as she dropped the two cases to the ground and flung off her travel bag.

This only confused Fiona more but she realised quickly that even with the Guyver distorted voice it was the voice of Jenny O’Conner she heard. She disengaged her unit to show a now smiling and beginning to cry Jenny.

“But you’re dead! I saw you get crushed.”

“Well it didn’t to a certain extent happen that way to me,” said Fiona has Jenny now jumped over the gate to the house and ran towards her.

Zenechka just looked on confused has the two women hugged. Jenny pulled back wiping a tear and looked at the young blond confused looking girl.

“Who’s that?”

“That is Zenechka, and she doesn’t know a bit of English.”

“Huh, how did she end up here?”

“Your brother being the Good Samaritan again!”

“He’s taking in young… Russian women now?”

“No! Ok you know the Zygote Guyver?”

“Yes that bitch whose has powerful has a Gigantic Guyver and sided with Chronos?”

“I wouldn’t quite call her that! This little wisp of a girl is that bad assed Guyver!”

“No way,” said Jenny looking at her. She was so young she made Jenny feel old and she was only nineteen!

“She’s got a few tricks too,” said Fiona smiling at the girl. Zenechka gave a nervous smile but really she didn’t have a clue to what they were saying. She’d no grasp at all of the English language. She liked Fiona and hoped that she might be able to learn from the older woman. Knowing that things where ok walked back into the house.

“Why did Jason… well not kill her?”

“Chronos set her up to be killed by him. We’ve no idea why. But he couldn’t kill her and she followed us back here after the…”

“After the?” asked Jenny.

“The fight with you.”


There was an awkward silence. Jenny remembered more of what she said to Jason. She even cursed his luck for getting Fiona back.

“Did Jason tell you of what happened last night?” asked Jenny breaking the silence.

“No, but I could tell something was not right when you didn’t return with him. What’s wrong hun as you know it’s not right to be fighting with family?”

“I was drunk… I was angry… but that was no excuse. I never wanted to be a Guyver, I truly didn’t want to be one again after what I did.” Zeugma walked into sight behind Fiona has she said that. The sight of her only compounded that guilty feeling. “I let him know it,” she said with deep regret in her voice.

Fiona knew this was a touchy topic. Last thing she wanted to do was force her into a situation. She felt that Jenny had enough of being forced to do things. “Jenny it’s not for me to tell Jason how to get on with you or versa. You two will sort it out when you’re ready.”

Jenny sighed in relief. She really wasn’t in a mood for another debate about why she should be doing or not doing something. This Fiona was very a like the one she knew. The Fiona she saw killed. “Fiona, how can this be? I saw you killed.”

“I was almost killed. I was in a coma for over a year. On the day I was going to be turned into some sort of Zoanoid test subject Jason saved me.”

“Sounds like the big lug,” said Jenny with an awkward funny smile.

“He can’t help but be the hero. What are you doing with those heavy bags?”

“When I was getting my stuff, Cori told me about what happened. I might be pissed off with him but I didn’t want anything to happen to his stuff so brought them here.”

“He’ll appreciate that hun, why don’t you come on in?”

Jenny nodded and walked in, then turned around and looked at the bags. Zeugma walked forward towards her looking at the bags.  “Don’t worry about those Jenny,” said Zeugma has she reached down for them to Jenny’s relief.

Two Hours Later – Clan Ship Crash site Australia

Dreadnought had managed to fight off wave after wave of Grakken. He now stood outside the ship blasting away another Armoured Grakken Destroyer and large pressure cannon blast. Not a great distance away the Guyver Powered Zerebubuse and Warrior Guyver Vamore had being cutting apart the Grakken forces since their spacecraft had being effectively cut off by the Creator Armada.

Chronos though had some serious loss in numbers too. Dreadnought had started to notice the presence of less powerful Hyper Zoanoids become more and more numerous along with the use of bio-blaster types like Vamore.  It was a good thing the Grakken where starting to lose this fight.

On the moon W’Kar sat looking at the battle in space with his Guyver enhanced eyesight. He had stopped fighting the Grakken for near two hours now.  But even without him costing them numbers the Creator Fleet had made a huge difference to the outcome of this battle. The Grakken numbers had being cut in half. Most of their large ships had being destroyed apart from those at the back of their fleet.

He realised then he was no longer alone on the Moon. He sensed a number of Guyvers teleport very close by him. He didn’t move though from his vantage point of the fleet. W’Kar didn’t jump just because come minor league Guyvers appeared close by. He didn’t know who they where. But he could sense their power level and none of them had the power to kill him he thought.

Warrior Guyver 5 and Reaper Guyver walked towards the unknown Guyver. Today they would earn their paycheques. They had never seen Baxter their boss break a sweat before. But today was different. They might have backed a losing horse when they picked Baxter over ACTF. Money wasn’t the only deciding factor. They were told by joining him they would be taken care of by the Grakken Empire. But that came with a cost. They would be put in danger at times on missions for the Grakken to prove their worth to them. That was today’s mission. Find out why the unknown powerful Guyver had stopped attacking the Grakken and see if he could be convinced to join Baxter’s team.

<“Well, well, what an interesting group of rejects you two are,”> said W’Kar through his unit now standing up and turning around to see them. <“And you look like some yellow garbage version of Warrior Guyver. Where did you two get your units? The local scrap yard?”> whipped W’Kar hoping to get the first good laugh out of someone since he last annoyed Dreadnought.

<“Well with a mouth like that, you’re no lapdog of the Creators,”> said Warrior Guyver 5 through his unit.

<“So what do I owe the visit from you two minor league players?”>

<“Minor league,”> said Reaper Guyver pointing his Bio-Scythe at W’Kar

<“Ha, ha don’t make me shove that where the sun don’t shine!”> said W’Kar now standing up and turning towards the two Guyvers and pointing his finger at Reaper Guyver. Reaper Guyver reacted in kind his energy absorbing abilities kicking in as a dark aura sounded him twisting light around him slightly making him shimmer slightly.

<“We’re not here to fight you. We just want talk with you and know who you are and why you stopped attacking the Grakken?”> asked Warrior Guyver 5 moving in front Reaper Guyver trying to defuse the situation.

<“I don’t give my life story to just anyone. First tell me who you two are?”>

<“Don’t tell this ignorant fool Warrior Guyver 5.”>

<“Guy’s this “ignorant fool” can hear what you’re saying!”> Warrior Guyver 5 simply shook his head in embarrassment on hearing that but tried to remain composed.

<“Ok we’re not getting off to the best starts here. Reaper Guyver and I are the representatives of the Grakken on Earth. Their diplomatic arm of sorts.”>

<“They are not a talkative bunch of Aliens at all! How can you even represent a bunch of mute and annoying race of Guyvers?”>

<“From what we’ve found out they are a very xenophobic race thanks to the Creators. But some have lived on Earth over the last decade or so and my associates and I work for them.”>

<“Ok just taking a random guess here. So they don’t like the Creators. I’m guessing they were stranded on Earth, got to know some poor bastard and made him rich and now you guys work for them?”>

<“Yes,”> said Warrior Guyver 5 sighing hoping this was getting through to W’Kar.

<“Ok, I don’t like either of you. Something just isn’t right about ye. But simply I’m not attacking the Grakken anymore has I trust the Creators even less than them.”>

<“Why don’t trust them?”>

<“That’s none of your business. Now both of you, fuck off, leave me alone to enjoy the show up there,”> said W’Kar pointing at another large Grakken warship that was being blown away by two Enforcer Kavzars and the resulting explosion lit up the space around it for miles.

<“Alright we’ll be going. Thank you for your time,”> said Warrior Guyver nodding his head has he turned to face Reaper Guyver pushing him away.

Reaper Guyver grumbled something incoherent and turned away from W’Kar and walked off with Warrior Guyver 5.

<“You should have let me attack him Lorcan.”>

“Either you’re stupid Kazuma or your head sensors don’t work as well has mine! He could have killed us both, had enough left over to wipe out the rest of us Mercs and even after that continue on to blow chunks out of the Grakken fleet for has long has he wanted. Kazuma didn’t say anything more. Both Guyvers teleporting away leaving W’Kar alone again.

W’Kar had over her that too but said nothing. They where distracting him from his show and anyway killing weak Guyver’s to him wasn’t much of a sport. He wondered how long the Grakken would last out and what the Creators would do next. Secretly he hoped he would be fighting them next. But he was in no rush. There would be plenty of time in the future to fight them.

The Grakken of the Sect continued to fight the Creators army fiercely, but it was only a matter of time before the greater technology of the Creators would win out the day. Unknown to W’Kar, on the outer edges of the Sol system was yet another fleet of the Creators. This fleet monitored the system from intrusion and had being here in one form or another since Warrior Guyver saved the Creators from the Guyver Zoalord. Normally this fleet was commanded by Seraph, an Enforcer Kavzar type that unlike the rest of her kind didn’t have a home world where he was produced. It’s only mission was to monitor and protect the Earth from interference. They now prepared to make sure that any Grakken that tried to escape the fleet of Horus never got away. She would join the twelve Enforcer brothers in combat and ride the Grakken from the Sol system.

W’Kar teleported off the moon arriving near the Clan Ship crash site battle. He could see Dreadnought doing something he’d never have expected, helping Chronos. Further away he could sense Angel. In her own way she was an elegant fighter though deadly fighter. But he couldn’t help shake the feeling he there was something familiar about her. This wasn’t the time to ask her though and he then looked towards the area the Enforcer Prime was fighting. He was like Dreadnought in away in how he fought. Plenty of firepower being used but unlike Dreadnought didn’t seem to mind collateral damage to the zoanoids around him. He was right in what he guessed while on the Moon. The Grakken where going to lose and sooner rather than later.

He then sensed something odd from the Clan Ship. There was a second of the Clan Ship that was easier to scan than the others. Has he focused on it there was a area inside which contained three dormant units. They weren’t what he expected either. Black Units from his home universe around a ruined scout ship.  Dibblis must have found them on his world and brought them with him to this ship. Looking at the Grakken lines he could see they were trying to get to this section of the ship more than any other by the mass of them on that side of the battlefield. He laughed to himself then. Would be an easy way to piss off the Creators if one of the Grakken did manage to escape with one of those babies.  But they’d have to earn that!

<“Jason, get over here and leave the Grakken be.”>


<“You herd me fuck nuts!”>

<“Why the hell should I do that?”>

<“The Grakken are the only thing keeping the Creators in check. Let them get the Black Unit’s and at least maybe with that they can challenge those medium sized Kavzar.”>

<“You’re fucking insane!”>

<“And you’re stupid for a theoretically smart guy. Think about it, these Grakken are week. Far weaker than the Creator’s army. Without the Grakken to keep them busy their only other source of fun is Earth and it’s only a matter of time before they decide you’re too powerful to be running around free!”>

<“So you think we should let the Grakken get a Black Unit?”>

<“Yes, it’s near perfect. It will give them a little power boost and they’ll not get too powerful from it and importantly they’ll still not have that annoying Control Medal the Warrior Units have. They’ll then be able to give the Creators more trouble.”>

<“I know we’ve had our issues with the Creators in other universes but here they seem ok. The Grakken have being the ones to attack us not them.”>

<“Those other universes didn’t have the Grakken. The Creators clearly don’t have them on their best buddy list! >

<“You’ve a point.”>

<“Not only that you yourself know Krullnar hasn’t allowed the Earth to blown to hell because he wants to test those Units of his here. I know you’ve being able to scan the same thing I have?”>

<“The same thing about?”>

<“Don’t be playing dumb with me Dread nuts.”>

<“That those test units have a weakness?”>

<“Not only that, they are communicating back to somewhere. Even those two idiots who claimed they worked for the Grakken don’t realise their own Units are being used for he Creators to spy on them!”>

<“What two idiots?”>

<“Some fucker named Warrior Guyver 5 and a macho idiot he called Reaper Guyver visited me on the Moon has I enjoyed the fireworks while the Creators blew the shit out of them.”>

<“Those fucking gobsites. I bet they were trying to bribe you!”>

<“I didn’t give them much of a chance other than tell them I didn’t plan on killing any more Grakken and to fuck off and stop annoying me while I enjoyed the show!”>

Dreadnought laughed now has he stood beside W’Kar and looked on at the battlefield. He could see now only Angel and the Enforcer Prime now battled the weakening Grakken army. Weather or not he fought against them mattered little now.

<“Ok I’ll stand down. Let them get their unit”>

<“No, no you can’t “stand down” you’ve to make it a little hard for them so the Creators don’t think you’re on the Grakken’s side and let them have an easier time.”>

<“I don’t like this. But you’re right. Let’s do it!”>

ACTF HQ – Washington DC

Dreadnought had by this time being battling the Grakken in Australia for half a day. Has of yet they had not seen any attempts to attack the USA. General Carter though had two issues. First was to allow his army a chance to recover. In that front he had some very good fortune. The Guyver 1’s partner Mitzuki had being given a Unit G by Agito. The unit was named Apothecary for its ability to heal others. According to the Warrior Guyver 2 this Unit was of the same type made by a Matrix in an alternative universe. Basically it had no real fire power but amazing durability and the ability to heal others. Thanks to this Mitzuki was able to reduce loses significantly to the ACTF army and only minor injury’s where being treated in medical facilities. There were some limitations to this though, if the person was dead for a long period of time they were beyond help. For those that died during the Bio-Titan attack on the base a few days ago they could not be saved. Thanks to this the main loss to ACTF was in damaged or destroyed Armours.

Dr Drake thankfully had already transferred a lot of information needed to the reformed US Army Corps of Engineers. Over the last few months since Chronos had being driven out they had being putting lot of finishing work to factories in Detroit that would soon be mass producing the Green V2 battle armours. This would free him up for a project which he now worked on deep within the building converting the power systems of four particle cannons deep within the bowels of the HQ itself into part of a defence mechanism for the infected Turbo unit.

The next problem was a mixture of moral and diplomacy. Dreadnought had not just left. He left with a large percentage of the heavy hitters. But Jason wasn’t a bad person and he knew himself that if he asked Jason and treated him right then he would help out. He’d have to think carefully though before involving him on a mission. Most importantly he would have to make sure that if he got Jason’s help that he not team him or the group that where with him in anyway with Redmond or his group.

Having that loss effected moral. He needed to show his army they didn’t depend on the Warrior Guyver much when he was with them, even less when he was Dreadnought. They where the backbone of this resistance and they still had help from other sources.

Outside the building now patrolled Battle Guyver, Guyver 1, Aceaer Guyver US and Apothecary Guyver. Gilgamesh, Guyver Merc and Guyver 5 made up the alternative team who now rested. Cyber Guyver helped Dr Drake with his project. The Chinese host of Guyver 11 Mai slept counting herself lucky that her past was not being used against her by the ACTF for actions against the Chinese Guyvers. Amuro and Stephen where the reserve Warrior Guyvers. Both where in the canteen chatting with friends, as usual they chatted about anything that came to mind and being guys that meant the new Chinese Guyver who Eric couldn’t help but find attractive. Amuro who wasn’t quite used to their crude humour didn’t know how Eric ever hoped to not just bed Zeugma but now a Chinese Guyver who couldn’t speak English. But he listened away has Stephen and his friends laughed away at Eric’s expense.

“Sean, do you think Jason has a chance against those Grakken?” asked Apothecary Guyver.

“I know Jason, he’s a headstrong fool at times. But he never gives up and will never surrenders,” said Guyver US. Though he thought of one time Warrior Guyver did surrender but that was only because Chronos had Jenny under their control. Let’s be honest it would be a mighty cold bastard who could kill his own sister and that wasn’t Jason.

“Why did he leave?” asked Guyver 1.

“You’ve not be told?” responded Aceaer Guyver US.

“No, the General was extremely busy according to Cornel Storm. Even the Cornel didn’t have much time only asking us to go on patrol with Cori and you.”

“They’ve being busy trying to get the army organised since the army’s retreat from Australia. Jason freaked out after finding what he believed was evidence of ACTF trying to make something from Elera’s blood.”

“What where they trying to make?”

“He didn’t have time to say, things were very hectic in Australia and that’s nothing compared to what he’s going through now.” Even through his unit you could hear the concern in his voice.

“I’m sure Jason will be ok, he’s fighter.” said Guyver 1.

“Sho that’s what has got me worried. Jason fought tooth and nail ever since his wedding day to get revenge on Chronos.”

“What happened on his wedding day?” asked Apothecary Guyver cutting in.

“You’re not going to like the answer Mitzuki that’s why I’ve never gone into detail about it,” said Guyver 1 turning towards her.

“I want to know, he’s a friend of both yours and Sean’s. If you two don’t tell me it’s only a matter of time before someone else does or I’ll end asking him by accident,” said Apothecary Guyver. Guyver 1 turned to Aceaer Guyver US and nodded his head.

“On Jason’s wedding day the Church he was in was destroyed by Chronos. His family and friends where all killed by Alkanphel. That was apart from for his sister Jenny who he captured and used for an experiment. But Jason thought she was dead for a long time,” said Aceaer Guyver US. Apothecary Guyver stopped walking. The group stopped and looked back on her. She looked slumped and taken aback at what she just herd. After a few seconds though she pulled herself together and asked him to “Go on”.

“Jason spent over a year getting into ACTF though Atkins, an F.B.I. friend of both of ours. He was determined to do one thing, which was to get revenge on Chronos. He’s being like that ever since. That revenge has being his driving force.”

“Why though are you worried if he’s that driven and very powerful?” asked Apothecary Guyver.

“That’s the thing that has me worried. Revenge has driven him for so long. It took him a long time to open up even and tell me what had happened to him. After he rescued Jenny there was a change in him. He mellowed out more and was far less up tight and I finally got to know something of what he must have being like before Chronos done what it did to him.”

“But he’s fought a lot since then,” said Guyver 1.

“Yes he has. But he’s not the same and now he’s managed to get back the love of his life. Can you imagine it Mitzuki was killed, you lost her for a year odd and then somehow you got her back? Would you really be able to concentrate on an all out war?”

“If I thought she would be danger aga….. Oh  crap! Stand BACK!” shouted Guyver 1.

“Huh,” said Aceaer Guyver US moving away from Guyver 1 along with the others. The air behind him shimmered has the Gigantic pod appeared and moments later the Gigantic Guyver stood towering over the group pointing towards the sky behind the group. Off in the distance a Grakken mothership decloaked. No sooner had they noticed it the bases alarms sounded. The Grakken had finally made their move against the ACTF HQ.

“Why now?” asked Aceaer Guyver US.

“I’ve my own guess,” said Gigantic Guyver. “Jenny was in patrol in the area where Max and I along with the other Canadian forces killed the Hunter a few weeks back. It had the same strange red crystal in it that we later saw infecting her. That dormant Unit is here. My guess, they want it back!”

“They have another thing coming if they think that. That Hunter was powerful enough and Jenny was shockingly powerful as Crystallite. No bloody way are they getting that Unit without a fight!” shouted Aceaer Guyver US.

The mothership stated to move above the city towards the ACTF base over what is a very populated city. Gilgamesh, Warrior Guyver 2, Warrior Guyver 4, Guyver Merc and Aceaer Guyver 5 exited the building. Cyber Guyver who normally would be the main commutations bridge between ACTF and the Guyvers stayed inside with Dr Drake, their project had to be finished fast!

The Grakken craft made it’s way over the City. Gilgamesh was about to opened one side of his mega-smasher when Guyver US waved for him to stop. “Are you mad? If you destroy that thing where it is it would destroy most of DC!”

“Sorry you’re right. What’s the plan?” asked Gilgamesh hoping the more experienced Guyver’s had a plan.

“We’ll wait for them to come to us. Soon has they are over the river blow the hell out of them!” said Warrior Guyver 2.  The rest of them nodded in agreement. Warrior Guyver 2 and Warrior Guyver 4’s control medals glowed has both units started to form a battle collective. Warrior Guyver 2 relayed what he’d just said through a new head mounted communication device that was attached to the side of his Guyver armour. This was a new test device made by Drake that was about to get it’s test in a real combat situation.

The Grakken craft sensed the Guyver’s at the front of the ACTF HQ. The Grakken on board knew to get to it they would have to go through those Guyvers. They assembled their own task force that now made its way to exit the ship.

Around the Guyver’s the ACTF army of armours and men formed groups close to bunkers setup around the base. At each bunker a Particle Cannon now aimed at the Grakken craft. But like the Guyvers they waited. Cornel O’Neill had taken command of the local forces and was in direct communication with the Warrior Guyver 2 has well. “It was time to show these alien bastards that ACTF had teeth,” he thought.

Out of the Grakken ship twenty Grakken Destroyers made their way to the Guyvers along with hundreds of their Killer Robots soon opening fire on the Guyvers positions. Battle Guyver, Gigantic Guyver and Gilgamesh moved to the front of the Guyvers their large shields protecting the group from the Grakken small arms fire. The Grakken Forces cleared out of the way has a massive beam came from behind them as the ship itself now fired on the group. Apothecary Guyver’s control medal glowed as she raised her arms towards the three Guyver’s who shielded the group. Their shields extended further and increased with power. The beam hit their combined shields sending dust and dirt from the ground in front of the group flying into the air.

Five seconds later the blast cleared to reveal a crevasse that grew larger has it came to the Guyvers. The stopping at their still active and combined shield.

“I didn’t know you could do that Mitzuki,” said Gigantic Guyver sensing that Apothecary Guyver had helped him somehow.

“Neither did I,” she answered.

Behind her Warrior Guyver 2 and Warrior Guyver 4 didn’t say a word has both teleported from the group to commence their counter attack. Both appearing on top the now advancing Grakken Mothership.

Despite being a Guyver and having control over their own flight, both couldn’t help but feel a little vertigo being so high up in the air towering over the city below. Even the huge Pillars of Heaven building was below them. Both focused and now set to the task of disabling as much of the ships technology possible by blowing it apart.

Creator Clanship and Reserve Fleet orbiting around Mars

In a strange way Krullnar couldn’t help but like the Grakken. They were a mistake that was allowed to go out of control. A mistake that he himself had a hand in creating, but a mistake of which someone else had a lot more responsible than him of completing. She though paid for her mistake with her own life. More so after it was discovered she was not even a Creator any more but a sentient Unit-G that had gained control of it’s host.

Though out of control the Grakken played their part in his project. He looked on at a virtual screen in front of him of the Warrior Guyver 2. Through the Combat Collective on his own unit he learned more of this Unit that it shared information with. It was not the same has the “Warrior Unit of Legend” that had saved them in their darkest hour. Unlike most Creators he knew something that most other than Draven did not. That Unit was never going to be his father’s finial Unit. It was simply the Unit his farther made to combat the threat of the “Hpa’Tus Vulcan Nova Unit G-5”.

An advanced gravity controlling unit it would have out powered the Warrior Guyver 2 for example. The Unit he saw through the collective while advance didn’t have the advanced gravity nullifying powers the Warrior Unit Type 5 had. But what he knew was the goal of his father’s design. It was to make a control medal so advanced it could be used for more than one purpose. The gravity prototype using the Type 5 medal would have defeated their rival projects Unit-G. But not only thing it would be converted for different purposes. There were four other projects that ran simultaneously. Stellar, Hydra, Clandestine and one other project that even he was not aware of but he guessed was the work of his mother. All were lost the day the Guyver Zoalord appeared.

What he suspected the Warrior Guyver 2 unit to be would be the result of a Unit-G that didn’t need to defeat a Nova Project unit. While he’d learned of other advanced technology from that alternative Universe of Creators he suspected in some ways they could be behind his own Universes advances that remained hidden due to the Guyver Zoalord.

Now that Warrior Guyver had become Dreadnought it would be time to look for the Lost Projects. But he’d have to proceed carefully and not while a Gen War Fleet surrounded his own. Ever since the events of the Guyver Zoalord he’d learned not to trust all Gen. Something always bothered him about how a Zoalord could have ever got it’s hands on a dormant Unit-G. That over the years made him suspicious of the other Gen in the Science Cast.

Behind Krullnar his chamber opened has Galen entered and floated towards him. While he was there at the death of his father Galen could do nothing but watch has Chronos killed Solom. Draven rewarded the Guyver that had saved Galen, for that effort they were given three Aceaer Units that worked under the Guyvers control. Again the Guyver’s didn’t realise that they too had relayed information back to Krullnar. He had learned a lot from them too. Galen didn’t realise it but he’d helped in more ways than even the young Gen knew by giving Draven a reason to give the Guyvers those Unit-A’s.

“What do you report young scout?”

“Warlord Horus’s fleet has destroyed over fifty percent of the Grakken forces. He estimates that they will be completely cut off from Earth very soon.”

“That is good news. But does he know why we are facing outdated Grakken?”


“Yes outdated, these Grakken are from the time of the Great War with their race. That ended millennium ago and even then they would have being considered old.”

“No he has not Krullnar.”

“Ask him to find out. I’ve much to research and to focus on Earth.”

Galen though didn’t move and seemed hesitant to move like he’d another question on his mind. While annoyed Galen had interrupted his line of thought at least he’d learned not to do so by always contacting him through the Unit. He did not want any listeners to their conversation.

“Is there anything else?”

“Horus has a question for you.”

“What is it?”

“He asks why we do not take control of the Ruined Gen Warship that has crashed on Earth.”

“Horus should know has well as I; we’ve not being given approval by the Council to wage war on the Creatures of Earth. They along with me see the value of this world in our further research.”

“I believe like you he suspects this ship to hold other advanced Units?”

“It very well might,” Krullnar admitted. “But they are on Earth’s surface. Dreadnought has the humans now call him fights for control of those new units. I will not allow a war with him and risk the second paradox. Horus should know too not to meddle with him has well.”

“What is the source of this paradox,” asked a clearly concerned Galen.

“I do not have all the details myself. All I know is when the Warrior Guyver returned has Dreadnought our first report on this new form had an unexpected response from the Council of 13. Even Draven didn’t want to give any more detail other than to confirm there is an issue resolving Dreadnought and his future and that of the Gen are intertwined.”

ACTF HQ – Washington DC

Battle now raged around the HQ. Stray fire that hit the building met something the Grakken didn’t expect; an energy shield surrounded the base. Grakken captain looked at the scans of the shield. It made the capture of the infected Turbo-Unit much more complex. If they fired at the power needed to destroy the shield they would almost certainly destroy the building and with it the Unit they sought. This meant the only realistic option was the ground assault.

Already though his combat troops had left his ship and now fought the two Warrior Guyvers on top of the ship and also the Guyvers in front of the ACTF Base. The only thing he could do was move his ship closer to the ACTF HQ and get the anti-Kavzar defences into range of those Guyvers on the ground.

On the ground Gilgamesh fought like he’d being trained by W’Kar. He didn’t plan, he fought has it came to him power punching one Grakken Destroyer to oblivion and a large number of Killer Robots behind him. The only thing he did make sure of was not to accidently kill one of his side by keeping a decent distance between him and them.

A short distance away Aceaer Guyver US, Aceaer Guyver 5and Guyver Merc moved between Battle Guyver’s, Apothecary Guyver’s and Gigantic Guyvers shields blasting as many Grakken apart has they could hoping the combined energy’s of Apothecary’s and the other two would withstand most attacks while they picked off what they could at the same time.

Partial Cannons couldn’t fire their beams in case of hitting civilian targets. Instead they focused their all power systems towards shielding the Green and Blue V2 Armoured forces around as they blasted apart Killer Robots before they could get to the, but the numbers of them where vast and more still poured out of the ship above.

High above ground Warrior Guyver 2 and Warrior Guyver 4 continued to press the Grakken forces using the combat collective to its fullest almost allowing their Unit’s to take control over their actions. Moving quicker than the Grakken forces could pin point them both Warrior Guyvers kept up their pin point assaults killing a Grakken Destroyer with combined firepower before teleporting above one of the ship cannons and discharging yet another powerful focused arrack before moving on again.

With his ship under direct attack and the forces on the ground not making any head way the Grakken Captain acted. Grabbing his Dre’Klas as sign of leadership prayed to the Elders he would be able to do what was asked of him. In moments he was out of his craft and flying towards the ACTF HQ. His goal now to take the combat to the building itself directly, thinking that it’s shield was designed to keep out energy based attacks and not those of a physical nature he would be able to simply fly through it.

Seeing the Grakken Captain flying over them Aceaer Guyver US realised that this one was somehow different in that he wasn’t coming to help his comrades, this Grakken ignored them and was flying towards the building itself. “I’m going after him,” shouted Aceaer Guyver US as he pointed up at the Grakken Captain that flew over them. The rest of them simply nodded as Aceaer Guyver US took flight after the Grakken Captain. The defence shield around ACTF HQ like the Grakken Captain expected didn’t stop him as he flew right through it crashing through the outer concrete wall of the HQ building into the office section of the building.

Two Green Armoured marines where close by and felt the impact of the Grakken Captain smashing into the building. As they moved to investigate out of the dust the Captain’s Dre’Klas flew through the air into the chest of the lead Green Armoured Marine killing him instantly. The fired everything he could at the approaching Grakken Captain but not of broke his shields. The Grakken Captain then fired two pressure cannon attacks at the same time hitting the Green Armoured Marine in the head and chest blowing both apart. The Grakken Captain then quickly walked up to the first victim and pulled out his Dre’Klas as he moved towards his goal. In front of him hiding behind a group of pillars a group of un-armoured marines fired on him with their armour piercing anti-zoanoid rounds but they did no damage at all to the Grakken Captain. A few quick bursts of head fire laser later all three men were dead.

All that had happened in a relatively small amount of time, only a few seconds. Behind the Grakken Captain Aceaer Guyver US landed through the hole that was made before. Could see the dead bodies of the armoured and un-armoured marines has he chased after the Grakken Captain. Ahead he could both hear and sense more gunfire and the deadly Grakken Captain’s response that silenced them. As the Grakken Captain broke into the Testing and Training room he was surprised to see the sight of Cyber Guyver stood by the chamber of the Turbo Unit his arm merged with the shielding system developed by Dr Drake.

The Grakken Captain charge and fired two gravity balls one at Cyber Guyver and the other at the device beside him. But neither made contact hitting off a shield. As the Grakken Captain was about to open his mega-smasher plates Aceaer Guyver US burst into the room after him. The Grakken Captain though was not surprised and as Aceaer Guyver US went to engage him in hand to hand combat he was forced to duck his Dre’Klas that resulted in the Grakken Captain reaching forward and grabbing his arm and throwing him towards cyber Guyver.

Aceaer Guyver US activated his gravity controller before he hit the shield landed and shouted “You are not getting this Unit you red four armed asshole.” But the Grakken Captain seemed totally oblivious to the insult. Aceaer Guyver US expended his swords and ran towards the Grakken Captain who tried to spear him. Aceaer Guyver US who deflected it with his right arms sword and using that momentum jumped over the head the Grakken Captain slicing across the left side of his head cutting off his left top head sensor.

As Aceaer Guyver US landed the Grakken Captain turned to face him and roared in pain and fired his sonic disrupters. Aceaer Guyver US jumped out the way but the blast continued on to hit the chamber that held the matrix shard. This was not has protected as the Turbo Unit and its chamber the corner of the room it was contained near fell apart and crumbled. The Grakken Captain stopped Cyber Guyver fired a gravity ball from his free arm at him hitting him in the back. If not for his Destroyer armour absorbing some of the blast and its shielding system he would have being more severely damaged but the attack knocked him forward and out of the room.

Aceaer Guyver US took this chance to keep it that way and ran out after the Grakken Captain. Soon they were fighting hand to  hand blasts could be seen firing by the hole made by the Grakken Captains exit. Cyber Guyver now completely separated from the shielding system was about to help Aceaer Guyver Us when at the same time Guyver Merc had also entered the building. Both Guyvers had forced the Grakken Captain out of the building under a hail of fire from them both.

Dr Drake and Cyber Guyver walked through the rubble at the east side of the Testing and Training room. It was clearly visible the point where the Grakken Captain forced his way into the room. The Turbo Unit was safe through. The shielding system that Drake and Cyber Guyver had built done its job well and kept the Unit sealed. But the Matrix Shard that was captured from the clan Ship crash site was not so lucky.

In the fight between the Grakken Captain and the Aceaer Guyver US its holding chamber had being destroyed. The room below could be seen from above. Dr Drake stayed above looking down has Cyber Guyver activated his gravity controller and went to the room below.

It would have being pitch black to a normal person has there was not a light in the room. But Cyber Guyver could easy see what was in the room. It was times like this he was glad he still had a human sole at least. The room was full of dead people. A mix of those who’d died in Australia over the last week and those that where killed during the fight with the Bio-Titan’s and Female Warrior Guyver a few days ago. Due to the sheer amount of the dead the room below had being used has a temporary morgue.

This was simply something Cyber Guyver didn’t like to use his head sensors to scan through the bodies looking for the illusive Matrix Shard has the battle still raged outside with the Grakken. He soon found a table close by the hole in the ceiling that did not have a body on it but looked like it had a chunk of left over skin with long hair on it left there.. As he walked closer he noticed an empty black bag beside it. The bag looked like it had being cut open. He picked up the hair and noticed that it was attached to bone. He guessed that it was part of this persons skull, but why was it left here? He looked on ahead and saw something he couldn’t sense on his head sensors. It was a body, which was clumsily walking towards the exit.

He shouted at the person who slowly has he made his way towards it turned around to face cyber Guyver. It was only has he closed in did Cyber Guyver notice how wrong this woman looked. Her head seemed to be missing a large part of its skull and that the brain was missing. The way she moved was like she was not completely in control of her limbs and had to drag herself along and those body parts followed slowly behind her will. Seeing this Cyber Guyver slowed down almost in shock at what he saw. Before he could do any more there was a scream from woman has her eyes glowed blue Cyber Guyvers sensors did pick up a spike in energy from her and then vanished completely from view.

Cyber Guyver looked perplexed by what had happened. He’d seen many things; he’d even been in outer space. But he’d never seen a ghost before. Though was it really a ghost he wondered. He turned back to the hole in the ceiling.  It was almost directly above the table that had the missing body. Looking for a scientific answer to what he just saw he thought back to what he knew of and what was theorised about the Matrix.

The Matrix that was now in Dreadnought’s control medal was damaged in a fight with Alkanphel. It somehow sought out the still forming Dreadnought. The two being damaged somehow merged and became what he is today. That blue crystal in the centre of his… That was it that blue crystal. He thought back to the ghost to her glowing blue eyes. The Matrix that Warrior Guyver 2 was also damaged. It has merged with the deceased body of some unknown woman. Has he realised that the door to the temporary morgue opened.

Dr Drake, another man and two Green Armoured marines walked into the room. The shoulder lights of the two Armours pointed towards Cyber Guyver and the table he stood at.

“Doctor the room is safe, but we’ve a different problem now,” said Cyber Guyver. Dr Drake and the other man walked towards Cyber Guyver.

“What’s happened?” asked the man beside Dr Drake.

Cyber Guyver stood there for a moment wondering who this man was and if he should answer him.

“Scot this man is Dr Holston one of the pathologist’s assigned to the base,” answered Dr Drake not wanting there to be any misunderstandings between the two.

“I’ve seen the most bizarre thing ever Dr Drake. I could have sworn I saw a ghost but I think it was in fan the woman whose body was on this table. I think her body has being used as a host by the Matrix shard.”

“What is a Matrix Shard?”

“You don’t need to know,” answered General Carter as he walked into the room towards the three of them. “Suffice to say it’s an alien device of immense power. Dr Holston what can you tell us of the woman who is missing?”

Dr Holston walked by Cyber Guyver to a bench beside the table that the woman’s body was on. Looking at a jar that had a brain in it and back at the body he was ready to respond. “She was Eve Michaels a local teenage woman. She’d being killed when the building she was a resident in was hit by fire from the battle with the Female Warrior Guyver and those Bio-Titan’s that attacked the base. Due to the nature of her death and impact to her head to confirm cause of death her brain was removed,” said has he pointed at the jar on the bench that held the brain in fluid.

“That would explain the hole the head I saw,” said Cyber Guyver.

“Her body had all its internal organs removed and weighed, put in plastic bags and sealed up inside her body. How it is possible for her to able to get up and move is something I can’t comment on. Simply put that is impossible, something happened to the body, something that like you said made it move,” said Dr Holston.

“It didn’t just move, her eyes where glowing blue and she was able to teleport away somehow,” said Cyber Guyver as he shrugged his shoulders knowing it sounded crazy. The other three men looking dumbfounded at this looked also confused.

“I know it sounds mad, but the only answer is what you suspect Scot. That somehow the Matrix Shard has merged with that woman’s dead body,” said Dr Drake.

“Does she have any next of kin,” asked General Carter turning towards Dr Holston.

“She does, her parents and brother live locally. Her brother is a member of 4th Armoured Division in fact.”

“I’ll explain there was an accident and her body was lost in the battle with the Grakken. Prepare what remains we have so they can have a burial. None of you are to speak with anyone with less than Omega Access to what happened here today, that is an order!”

They all nodded in agreement and General Carter left the room. Cyber Guyver flew Dr Drake back up through the hole in the ceiling leaving Dr Holston. Outside the building the battle between the Grakken and the ACTF forces continued and Aceaer Guyver US still battled the Grakken Captain.  The Grakken Mothership started to fly over the Potomac River towards the ACTF HQ.

New Cork Texas

Jenny walked out the door of her old home. A place she stayed from time to time while she was known has Psi-Guyver and needed to get away from everyone that her brother and his wife and friends now used has their home away from ACTF. At least Jason had broken away from them and took those he saw at risk away from them. She sighed, he’d always be a protector. At least if she ever needed a place other than W’Kar’s to hide out she could do so in this town.

Fiona walked out behind her. Jenny and her had a long good chat.  She knew now why she hated what Jason had done to her. In a way he had done the same thing to her. But unlike Jenny she understood Jason’s point of view and feeling that where was no choice in what he did and that he done it so that she would be able to protect herself. She was very grateful that he did. After all the hurt done to Jason and to herself in her own world by Chronos, what other choice did he have?

They both realised it would take a lot of time though before Jenny could forgive Jason though. Fiona thought it would only after she accepted being the Black Nova 2. That too was something Jenny didn’t want yet to accept. What concerned her was if Jenny would be given the choice of accepting it or not? Chronos wasn’t about to forget about her and even if she were human she would still be a target. There was no easy way to say that to her and Fiona hoped time would heal the wound.

Jenny to her credit realised this. But she still couldn’t help the anger she felt for the situation she was in. There was an uneasy silence has they both considered these things. This was interrupted as Zeugma and Elera walked out the door to join them.

“Jenny this is your home too, thank you for letting us stay here,” said Elera as Zeugma looked nodded beside here.

“You’ve my thanks as well,” said Zeugma.

Jenny smiled; she wasn’t alone when live suddenly changed for her. Events of the last few days saw Elera and Zeugma leave the ACTF, without them they too needed somewhere that they could call home. “It’s no problem, it’s nice to see the old house being used and before you say it, I know when I’m ready I can come back home,” she said turning towards Fiona.

“You are being too humble Jenny, you’ve done a great deal for me, you’ve saved me from the Zoalord that killed by Uncle and looked out for me before Zeugma showed up, without you I’d most likely be dead so yes, thank you for all that you’ve done for me.”

“I’m a bit stumped on what to say to that Elera. But I have as much to thank the two of you for has well. You two both gave me someone other than my bother that I could talk with about being part zoa-form. Without you two I’d have probably never being able to accept being that in anyway and our friendship is the is one of the few good things that happened.”

“Jenny don’t think that being human you would end up been kicked out of our club,” joked Elera. Hearing this Zeugma shuck her head almost wondering if Elera really did say that but was relieved at hearing Jenny’s laughter.

“I’d expect nothing less,” said Jenny as she smiled. “And I’ve as much to thank you two for has well. You two sacrificed a lot and suffered a lot when I was infected. Thank you for keeping me from being a lot worse.”

Zeugma and Elera walked over to Fiona and they group hugged. Seeing the Fiona was missing Zeugma and Jenny who where closest to her waved their hands signalling for her to join them. Wasting no time at all she then joined in the group hug.

Upstairs in the room she was using as her bedroom that was in fact Jenny’s old bedroom Zenechka looked down at the group of women. She’d never in all her human life had the feeling of friendship and trust that they had. She hoped that someday she might have just that. While the Unit part of her had a mission it was thousands of years old and knew how to bide it’s time. She could wait and learn and not repeat the mistakes of it’s Creator and die alone or the mistakes of the host and be mistreated.

Behind her walked in Faye. Faye was a minimalist at heart and what she wore reflected that wearing only a t-shirt and jeans. In the months she’d spent in modern times she never wore more than what was needed. Normally not using cloths at all saying in Guyver form more than almost all the Guyvers the combined including Warrior Guyvers. That was before her Unit was damaged and then removed and while removing it lost by Dreadnought.

While she was no longer a standard Guyver but a Mark II Enhanced Warrior Guyver she had got with it the ability to read the minds of humans and some zoanoids. In the last few days she’d learned more about modern mankind than she really ever wanted including how to speak English. Something she’d barely a grasp for after months of trying. But even after learning about it that didn’t change what she really was, a warrior born. She always looked on things with that viewpoint.

She found Zenechka interesting as well more so because she wouldn’t of let her live if the choice that Dreadnought made was hers. Zygote Guyver would have being killed that day without a moments notice simply because she was the enemy. Jason though was her “Clan Father”. He was the leader as far as she was concerned. That basically meant to a normal person that to Faye, Zenechka was ok because Jason said so. Faye had no second thoughts even remotely about that. To her second thoughts and doubts are wasted emotions. She though wanted to speak with the new member of her clan because she simply didn’t know enough about her.

“How are you Zenechka,” said Faye in perfect Russian. Zenechka turned around with a curious smile surprised that Faye knew Russian.

“I am fine, but how do you speak Russian?”

“My new Unit has some interesting alterations. One of those is to easily understand and know languages within moments of meeting someone. After I learned you where Russian I it was just a case of visiting Russia and learning it.”

“I never expected a Warrior Unit would have such a side effect on a human host.”

“How would a young girl know enough about my unit to say such a thing?”

“She… I mean “I” should not.”


Realising the cat was out of the bag she quickly decided it would be best to open up to someone about who and what she was. “The Unit and I are one person now. It’s not really easy to explain in words.”

“You and your Unit are one?”

“Yes,” said Zenechka

“Your Unit was alive… I mean your Unit can think for itself?”

“Simply put yes.”

Faye walked closer to the young girl noticing her arms and the scars on them.  They didn’t look like something that a person would inflict on another. Simply put there was more effective ways of killing another person that slicing another person’s wrist. Looking at the amount of scars this happened more than once.

“Would you mind telling me happened to you?” asked Faye as she lifted up the girl left arm to look at the scars on her wrists. Zenechka turned from the window has Black Nova 2 flew off and sat down by the bed. Faye could tell by the expression of the girls face that she this would not be easy for her to talk about what had happened to her.  Apart from Jason, since arriving from her time

Faye found it hard to connect with anyone thought that was mostly thanks to the language barrier she had and that she was widely feared for having a savage reputation. Most people who knew of her would have thought her incapable of any type of affection or care. But that was only to her enemy and treatment of them that this reputation came from. Zenechka was no longer her enemy. In the strangeness that was her life, Faye didn’t have any one she could tell her problem either that had being eating her up, she wondered if this girls problem was what she’d her was simpler to hers.

After a minute or so silence she answered. “I’ve not had an trouble-free or good childhood. If you could call it that at all.” Faye nodded to this, she never had a childhood by modern standards either but for very different reason being grown to that of a teenager inside a Creator bio-tube. She was born old and knowing how to fight to the best of her abilities.

“In what way was it not an easy childhood?”

“I never knew my parents. I was brought up in orphanages and the day I finally thought I was going to be free of it all my so-called adoptive parents where nothing of the kind. They where employees of a man who ran a brothel.” Upon hearing this Faye stopped listening for a moment as her mind searched through scanned thoughts to work out what a brothel was. The realisation was bad enough; selling ones sex wasn’t something she was aware of in modern humanity. More so she realised if a young girl was taken into such a place that it wasn’t for her own good and safety.

Faye refocused to what she was saying. “… It wasn’t long after that they “put me to work” so that I could pay off the debt the man had for buying me.”

“How could your society have let such a thing happen to you?”

“The brothels owners older brother was the town’s mayor and he’d ties to the local police who were paid to look the other way. No one really cared what happened there.”

“They raped you?”

“Yes, after a year or more. I don’t know really I lost count of the days. I was pregnant. He forced me to have an abortion. While I tried to take my own life after that,” said Zenechka as she rubbed her lower arms where the scars still where. “The only nice man I’d met since being taken into the orphanage a nicer you younger doctor than the man that the mafia boss had taken me too took care of me. I though feared being found having to go back to them ran away from the hospital. While hiding in the forest my Unit found me and merged with me.”

“Your unit found you?”

“Yes, the Unit isn’t like a normal one, it was able to move and fight even without a host. But without a host it was unable to defeat a Kavzar that it had being battling the past month.”

“So it picked you?”

“Yes, since then we are both the one person.”

“But since you are now a Guyver you must have got some revenge on those that did this to you?”

“I have got some revenge on them. But I am not done yet.

“If you ever need help I will be there for you!” said Faye. The way she said it so emphatically sparked Zenechka’s curiosity.

“I appreciate the offer but why would you help me?”

“Because you are not the only to have your trust abused,” answered Faye. The look on her face was one that Zenechka knew too well from looking into the mirror and looking at herself.

“Do you mind telling me what happened to you,” asked Zenechka. Faye realised this was like how she got her to open up and knew it was her turn to open up to this young girl.

“You know about the events surrounding Jason’s attack on the Ark?”

“Yes I was there at the time. He attacked with the War Relic and was almost destroyed but like Sho before him he merged with the crafts Control systems,” said Zenechka.

“Jason was presumed dead. Though most of us had spoken with Sho and knew of the events that led to the Gigantic Guyver. So we hoped he would return at some point. The problem was though that I view him as my “Clan Leader”.”

“Clan Leader?” asked Zenechka.

“What do you know about me?”

“Only information that Kron shared with me when you where a standard Unit-G. You are a time-displaced warrior from the era of the Guyver Zoalord. It was reckoned you where possibly the most formidable of the Guyver’s and with an Aceaer upgrading your armour you’ve being capable of killing a Bio-Titan in a one and one battle.”

“That is all correct. I am from what I’ve being told is possibly twenty thousand or more years ago based on the best guesses of Chronos and that of the ACTF. I too didn’t have any parents but that was for a very different reason to you. I was born nearly an adult by the Ancients. I too never really had a family to call my own. We were grouped together by the Ancients and forced to fight to use what we had learned to prove who was the fittest amongst us. Many of those that where grown died either against others like ourselves or against zoanoids. Those that proved to be able to live where then used for testing the Armour of the Gods.”

“By that you mean what we now call the Guyver Units?”

“Yes, I would have being a test subject if not for Jason. When he arrived I could tell he was different to anyone I had met before. He had a Guyver unit yet had not being one of my tribe. Then he led us to victory against impossible odds against the Guyver Zoalord. He then did the now typical Jason thing of rescuing me when the Ancients turned on those that saved them and killed those Guyvers that had fought with the Warrior Guyver to accomplish that victory.” Said Faye stopping at that point.

“You admired him… no you more than admired him Faye?”

Faye gulped and nodded. “I didn’t know much about him then only that he was a great warrior and leader. When we returned back here I learned of his dead wife who he still mourned. But I couldn’t help but have feelings for him. I can only now put them into words but back then I just knew he was the Alpha male of our group of Guyvers.”

“What happened after the attack on the Ark?” asked Zenechka knowing that she mentioned it first for a reason before giving her the background she needed to understand what happened. After all she may be young and illiterate but she was not by any means stupid.

“Jason appeared some months later. He didn’t have a Gigantic style unit and seemed to be the same old Jason. But we should have known that the memory loss and that he didn’t remember events like rescuing his sister and basically any event after the “Time War” that there was something wrong. In hindsight he simply wasn’t the Jason we all knew. He was far too aggressive but if anything that impressed me more.”

“Why would that have impressed you?”

“In my time the best and most aggressive fighter was the best possible mate.”

“Oh, you and him…?”

“Yes, I later learned I’d being taken advantage of. He wasn’t Jason he was Lorcan the Warrior Guyver 5. His unit has malfunctioned from what I now know and was based on the arm of the Warrior Guyver which he lost in battle with the Guyver Zoalord. Eventually Lorcan’s unit recovered enough so that he once again took over. But not before he’d done what he had done. He told me later he done it so he could have “some easy sex”. Then he tried to kill me.”

“That bastard! Does Jason, I mean the real reason Jason know this?”

“By the Ancients NO! And I don’t want him or Fiona or any of our Clan knowing either. They don’t need to know this. This is our bond between you and me!”


“We have both being wronged in life Zenechka and we’ve both being given the chance to get revenge on those that done this to us.”

Zenechka nodded and said, “I know your secret and you know mine.”

“Yes and those that wronged us will pay for it!” added Faye. “But first we need to make sure that Fiona is safe for when Jason returns home. Those that wronged us can wait until we’re ready.”

Zenechka nodded and then hugged Faye. Both of them then got off the bed and walked downstairs and into the living room where Zeugma, Elera and Fiona where chatting away. They both smiled and sat down and listened to a story about Jenny that Fiona was telling the others.

Clan Ship Crash Site – Australia

Dreadnought and W’Kar continued to battle the Grakken on the other side of the Clan Ship from where the Black Units where. This left an opening they hoped the remaining forces of the Grakken could use this opening to get the Black Units and leave. While Angel agreed though not knowing what a “Black Unit” was trusted Dreadnought’s judgement that a slightly more upgraded Grakken would keep the Creator forces more interested in them and away from Earth. None of them though wanted to explain this to the Enforcer Kavzar that continued to battle away not only to protect the Clan Ship but more so the Guyver 4 that was inside it.

<“They are not going to make it inside the ship,”> said Dreadnought.

<“I agree,”> commented Angel nodding towards Dreadnought the same time.

<“I’m impressed that they still fight to the last to get a simple Black Unit, these Red Shirts impress me but their numbers are too few and the Creator forces up there have stopped them getting any reinforcements,”> said W’Kar pointing up into the sky.

<“What’s the plan now guys?”>

<“Once the Grakken are gone. Take over the ship, get what we can and then blow it back to hell so that Chronos can’t make another Ark from it,”> suggested Dreadnought.

<“How long do you think they have,”> asked W’Kar.

<“I’d say about twenty or more minutes before the Enforcer Prime and Chronos have completely destroyed them,”> answered Angel.

Dreadnought and W’Kar both nodded to her agreeing with that estimate. It wouldn’t be long now before the Grakken would be no longer a factor in this battle.

High above them the battle raged even more furiously in space. Commander Krackkson’s should be in retreat now but he was trapped. It takes a long time for Grakken craft to recharge travel. But as they had being in constant battle since their arrival this meant recharging wasn’t possible due to keeping weapon and defensive systems on-line. The outer fleet of the Creators prevented his escape. The Seraph too had joined the battle against those that tried to escape. He’d long since learned to stay clear of that engine of death that protected the Earth’s solar system. It wouldn’t be long now before the Sect would be totally destroyed. He even allowed one of his ships to try and capture the Infected Unit in the mad hope that uncontrolled it would give the Creators something else to battle, but the local resistance was proving to be costly.

He had gambled and lost to gain what was in the ruined Clan Ship. He never expected that the Creators forces would not only include twelve Enforcer Kavzar that where ravaging his fleet but more in reserve. The Creators never even at the height of the war fielded such a force. If that was not enough the smaller fleet of Creators orbiting the Red dead planet also had a large force of Enforcer Kavzar protecting it. Earth was simply put one of the most important worlds to the Creator’s. It had to be, no world could ever have such a force protecting it for it not to be. But his harsh lesson in learning this information would be that he and the sect would pay for that information with their lives.

One of the twelve now made its way towards Helenea’s Revenge. The Commander knew in the damaged state the ship was in from fighting off a previous Kavzar Commander and Kavzar attack that it would be sooner rather than later he would join those that already had died. Behind his chair a Dre’Klas power staff sat on the wall. It was a ceremonial weapon for him given to him by Helenea herself for bravery in battle. He bore many memories for him and also sadness. He would meet this Enforcer Kavzar head on and let his fate be decided.

The experienced commander knew the route out of his ship well and was outside in the vacuum of space before the Enforcer Kavzar had reached the ship. Even though it could teleport they preferred to chase down their pray and destroy those in the way. The Commander smiled under his armour as the beast neared him. After all these thousands of years of war this would be how it would end, against the top warrior the Creators had. He felt now his life was complete and charged the Dre’Klas.

Then all around and his damaged Mothership an armada of unknown but clearly advanced technology based ships appeared. The main one even dwarfed the Helenea for sheer size. Something he’d not ever seen before other than the Ark that orbited the Earth and Creator Clan Ships. In a way they reminded him of Grakken ships but more sleek looking and angular. The Enforcer Kavzar had stopped in its tracks. Krackkson would not be prevented from his moment and flew towards his target. But before he even got close the fleet opened fire on the Enforcer Kavzar causing it major damage forcing it to retreat as he noticed himself being wrapped in light. The next thing he noticed he was teleported away into the giant ship he had observed.

Expecting an attack he stood in a battle stance his Dre’Klas ready to strike the first thing that attacked him! But what he saw took his breath away instead. He was on the bridge of the ship looking at what looked like more sleek looking Grakken Destroyers who where bowing in respect to their Elder, behind them stood the person responsible for the real surprise. It was Helenea herself his former mate and ruler of the Grakken!

<“How is this possible? You should be at the Hive Home not in this death trap of a solar system?”>

<“You should know me better, I would not allow you to suffer such a fait.”>

Nodding in respect the old warrior looked at those in front of him. <“Are these warriors battle hardened and ready?”>

<“I would not have brought them to you if they were not.”>

<“Good we don’t have a moment to spare. We need to strike fast and retrieve what we can from the fallen Creator ship.”> Knowing time was of great importance he sent her mental images and thoughts she needed to know to make a quick decision on what to do next.

<“By the Elders!”> Helena screamed as she quickly realised the meaning of what she was shown. The orbs on her shoulders glowed and the pods opened to reveal what looked like two giant control medals. In a matter of moments all Grakken in Earth’s solar system knew their mission and what they where asked to do. At the core, all Grakken are basically Guyvers. But what made them different was that a Grakken would never under any circumstances disobey an Elder. This was why even Helena was here to rescue him. Krackkson was her Elder! The reason she ruled was because he wanted her too, she was gifted with the experimental control unit. She could have over a million single conversations at once and individually command the Grakken. Her unit was also more powerful than all the others but impossible to replicate due to it being active the Replicator could not clone it. For that reason he wanted her to lead. She did as much but was unable to command him due to her respect for him being the Elder. This ultimately ended with him commanding his own separate Sect of only the most experienced and battle hardened of warriors capable of both acting on their own and of taking command.

Helena knew that with such a force of Enforcer Kavzars even the newer more advanced ships and Grakken Destroyers that it would be only matter of time before they would be overwhelmed too. Her forces needed to act now. More of her Hive Home fleet arrived to battle the Seraph and her fleet at the outer edges of the solar system. Other ships arrived to save what was left of the Sect. In places they forced back the Creator warriors but in others where the Enforcers where present they continued to press her forces hard.

High above the Clan Ship crash site one of the Hive World motherships appeared through a wormhole. The effects of such a large ship suddenly appearing cased a storm that battered the desert below and around it. It has positioned itself so that if the Gen destroyed it the wreckage would fall onto the Clan Ship itself. Enforcer Kavzar Prime immediately focused his attention on the ship and then launched himself towards it.

The Grakken reinforcements that flew out of the ship not only tried to attack Enforcer Kavzar Prime to keep the threat of him contained they also reinforced the lines of the Sect before teleporting most of that force inside the ship to protect their Elders. Only the Sects ground force commander remained behind. He was dumbfounded by the response of the Hive Home fleet. The old Motherships of the Sect wouldn’t have being capable of what this newer craft had done and as for saving what was left of his army while simultaneously reinforcing it impressed the old warrior. Around fifty Grakken Destroyers now surrounded his position while a large force assembled ready to go after their target the Scout ship of Dibblis that contained three Black Units.

<“Well I think there is enough of them now!”> commented W’Kar his sarcasm was not lost on Dreadnought and Angel even though they didn’t respond to it. They had being attacked by large number of these new Grakken. They no longer had to pretend to be on the defensive these newer Destroyers while still not as powerful has them where more capable than the older models in use by the sect.

The forces of Chronos mostly centred on the core sections of Clan Ship. It was there that their scientists expected more Warrior Units where contained due mostly to the proximity of the find of the Warrior Unit that now was in use by a Vamore. It and Guyver Powered Zerebubuse fought with the remaining Bio-Titans lead by Alfrid Drano where keeping the Grakken forces at bay. Mixed with those where large numbers of other Hyper Zoanoid types and Bio-Blaster zoanoids reinforcing them. But Imakarum was wondering if this was because they had known something that Chronos did not. Most of their forces were away from Chronos lines and from his viewpoint it looked like they are about to attack the most damaged section of the Clan Ship, but why?

The Ground Commander knew from commands he from Helena herself that speed was of the essence. The craft above him took detailed scans of the target area of the Clan Ship. He ordered the attack. Above him pods on the ship opened up as over a million Killer Robots descended on the Chronos battle lines. The Commander knew they were cannon fodder for the likes of the Bio-Titan but they would keep Chronos main force at bay long enough. Then he and his group attacked the Clan Ship as the rest of his forces went towards Dreadnought, W’Kar and Angel.

Deep inside the Clan Ship Zarfel was told telepathically by Imakarum to expect trouble as the Grakken had broken into the south end of the ruined Clan Ship. That section was being explored by a group of hyper muscle type zoanoids and Overlords. Beside him stood the Guyver 2 and two Bio-Titans. He would not probably get to the other side of the ship in time. But he had to send what he could to that section before The Grakken captured whatever it was they were after!

“Guyver 2, alert our Guyvers and get them two the South section of the Ruin, we have Grakken to defeat.” Guyver 2 simply nodded and obeyed the Zoalord. In a heartbeat he was gone using his amazing speed he ran faster than sound through the Ruin through the corridors held up by the Overlords. Hearing his alert Female Guyver 2 and Guyver Zoanoid rejoiced, finally a real chance to show Chronos their worth. The odd one out from this was Guyver 4. She had thoughts of panic fill her mind, but realised there was no hiding from this. She could though call for help if needed and relaxed her.

All four Guyvers made their way towards the main junction in the south section of the ruined ship the furthest point in that they could go. This was the mode destroyed section of the ship and was taking the brute strength of many hyper muscle types mostly though of the Darzerb type to both explore and to rip open sections of the ship for the Overlords then to keep open psionically.

<“How do you think we’re meant to get any further in,”> asked Guyver 4.

<“It’s time we showed Chronos our worth,”> answered Female Guyver 2 as she activated her pressure cannon and pointed it towards the biomaterial of the ship that shredded before her as she started to tunnel into the ship. Both female Guyvers entered the tunnel moving in southerly direction.

“You, follow me and command the others to keep this passage open. We will not allow the Grakken to have whatever it is they are after,” shouted the Guyver Zoanoid at nearest Overlord. He nodded in agreement and commanded the others to follow as commanded as a battle group of Guyver, hyper muscle zoanoids and Overlords made their way towards the invading Grakken forces. The Grakken too had to tunnel in the same way has the Guyvers not willing to risk potential damage.

ACTF HQ – Washington DC – Five minutes before the arrival of the Hive World Fleet

The Grakken mothership now was over the Potomac River. Below it the forces of the Grakken continued to battle the ACTF Guyver team. With their attention so focused on the ACTF HQ building itself, the forces around it and the Guyvers they didn’t pay much attention to the two destroyers sailing up the river. The USS Carter and USS Freedom were the latest in design from the now reformed US Navy. They were not only fitted with the latest in partial cannon design weapons but two large rail cannons one at forward and aft of the ships along with zoanoid detection systems and reprisal systems powered by dimensional couplers.

Both destroyers had being waiting for the Grakken Mothership to be over the river where it would do the least amount of damage if brought down. As the Grakken Mothership continued to fire on the ACTF HQ building, the two destroyers opened fire with their partial cannons. The two large beams a second later smashed into the shields of the Grakken Mothership. Even though the shields held inside the ship effects of the attack caused systems to overload; with no Science Cast to supervise repairs to the ship over the eons and old self repair system of the ship itself was in need of repair and could no longer fix damage systems. The engines began to fail as another two partial cannon blasts hit the Mothership and blasted out the other side of the huge craft. It started to fall down to the River.

The attack of the Destroyers had an instant effect on the Sect Grakken that still battled the ACTF Guyvers as their Destroyer armours lost power.

“Ah ha you’re dead now,” shouted Aceaer Guyver US as the Grakken Captains Dre’Klas and Destroyer armour disengaged and seemingly vanished away from him. The Grakken Captain though answered with his upper arms vibrational swords extending. He was not about to be defeated easily. His forces now reduced to half power he knew the only thing he could do, fight to the death with honour.

But he was not given that option. Above the Grakken Sect Mothership another more highly advanced and larger ship appeared. Before the Gakken of the Sect had a chance to react to this they were all teleported away from the ground leaving a rather shocked group of ACTF Guyvers wondering what was about the happen. The new ship fired and very wide angled beam at the falling ship that on contact with the ship encased it in a blue looking energy field. The Sect Mothership stopped falling and started to rise has the other ship took off carrying the damaged ship with it.

The Grakken Captain looked in wonder as he quickly realised he had being along with his troops teleported into a modern Grakken spaceship. In front of him and in the rest of the large room Grakken where working on what looked to be new models of Destroyer armour. They had being pulled out of the battle for the infected unit but why? The answer came as he heard the voice of Helena through his unit. While she was not his Elder in charge she was well respected within the Sect and he knew now that she had deemed the infected unit too great a risk and uncontrollable and that the target for all Grakken now was the fallen Clan Ship. He though and his warriors has a different fait has their ship cleared Earth’s atmosphere and entered a wormhole destined for the Home Hive.

Outer edges of Earth’s Solar system

The Seraph Battle Fleet normally positioned itself so that Jupiter blocked their view from Earth due to the largest of the ships in the fleet inability to cloak. Other smaller scout ships much like the one Galen once used to at one time to then patrol around the solar system looking for any threat to Earth. While it was normal for Gen to be in command at any situation the Seraph was the exception to the rule. The 13 Ruling Council could only command her. She was known for her steadfast application of these rules no matter the situation. It was argued that her steadfastness cost the life of Solom due to her unwillingness to go to Earth to rescue him. She though was proven correct by Draven and Krullnar who reminded the council that without her steadfast application of the rules the Warrior Guyver’s own creation would have being at risk from outside influences. Worst still helping Solom could have possibly affected the timeline, as the Warrior Guyver had not yet returned when Solom had died.

Solom’s death did not go unpunished. She was in danger after it of being without purpose and as such disposal when it was deemed she was no longer required by G’Kor has the Warrior Guyver had returned from his mission and the Paradox was safe. When the dismantling of her fleet happened Krullnar gave her a renewed purpose. That saved her, to protect Earth once again and to protect his mission. Having spent eons doing as much this was something she welcomed. G’Kor disagreed but with Krullnar’s mission being of such high importance he was overruled.

Now the Seraph was paying her master back. When the Hive Home fleet attacked the Horas War Fleet they also sent a large force of ships to attack her fleet. No longer was she destroying those that tried to escape but this battle was a fight for survival. Already the Grakken had demonstrated that these newer ships where capable of immense damage and where simply better armed and more accurate than the old ships she had faced earlier. Rarely if not never in the past had she herself being damaged so much that her Kavzar Crystal had to enter the Boost Dimension to regenerate. Having already being there once already since the new Grakken ships arrived she now fought at her full strength and speed that her HSL would allow. Seeing two large Grakken ships beside each other the Seraph flew between them the four energy fields that a human once told her looked like “wings of an angel” extended from her body slicing into both ships as she flew by with a large number of Grakken Destroyers and smaller ships chasing and shooting at her from behind. As both ships exploded Seraph would quickly flip around flying backwards towards her next target while firing on killing the Grakken forces chasing her. But each time she targeted a large ship the focused fire from it or those large ships around it did not always guarantee that she would get her target with the ease she had enjoyed when facing the old Sect ships.

Clan Ship Crash Site – Australia

Grakken and the Chronos Guyver forces closed in on their target inside the ship. They both now knew what the other side wanted the Guyvers with their head sensors could now sense the dormant Black Unit’s. Guyver 2 using his speed advantaged now went ahead of the Chronos group towards the damaged Scout ship.

It was noticeable to him once he entered the Scout ship due to not only the colour change of the bio-material he bore through but that this ship had held together better than the rest of the Clan Ship. He had entered the main control chamber of the ship but he was in shock with the realisation that only did this ship have 3 Units it also had Control Spheres that were mostly intact. The lower one those did have a large crack and the upper spear as well too had two large cracks. Thinking of him though he knew these could still be of importance has it could be repaired. The possibility of a Chronos controlled Gigantic was worth fighting for and possibly something the Grakken had not yet considered. Taking a defensive position in front of the chamber holding the Units he waited now for the Grakken to attack a slight aura could be seen around his body.

It wasn’t long before the first Grakken Destroyer entered the chamber and attacked. The Grakken Destroyer towered over him firing both arm lasers at him. Guyver 2 had speed to his advantage before the beam emitters had even fired he already had moved to the side to dodge the laser fire and in a fluid upper cutting motion he sliced the Grakken Destroyer in half and then using his gravity controller backed flipped himself back to the spot he was standing in before as the two sides of the Grakken flopped to the ground.

Two more Grakken Destroyers entered the chamber. They didn’t even acknowledge their fallen comrade as they both stepped over the two sides of his body and aimed at Guyver 2. Guyver 2 ran towards the closer of the two and dodging their attacks and vibrational swords sliced the closest across his mid section through his stomach area. But as he turned to the other Grakken Destroyer three more Grakken entered the room. Guyver 2 had to fall back as the lead Grakken with his Dre’Klas opened fire with his sonic disrupter. Guyver 2 stood by the Unit Chamber as the four Grakken Destroyers now stood still waiting to see who would move first. The Grakken knew now not to underestimate Guyver 2.

The answer came as Guyver Zoanoid and two large Darzerbs came charging into the room at full speed.  The two Darzerbs due to their huge size seemed to cause the Grakken Destroyers the most concern, and they were targeted first. Given that they were not in front of the Unit Chamber the Grakken where not so forgiving on weapons they used as they charged and fired their pressure cannons at them. These proceeded to slam into the upper area of the first Darzerb with one hitting his head instantly killing him. Behind them Guyver Zoanoid extended his two vibrational swords jumped over the falling body of the Darzerb towards on of the Grakken Destroyers. Taking advantage of the distraction given to him Guyver 2 once again attacked the other side of the four Grakken Destroyers killing one before they could catch him as he once again showed the lethal effect of speed and vibration weapons slicing through large control medal of a Grakken Destroyer. As this was happening Female Guyver 2, Guyver 4 an Overlord, three more Darzerbs entered the Chamber along with a Bio-Titan, one of the few remaining Gliddean, a Gaster and two Enzyme 3’s. With Grakken numbers also reinforced the battle over the dormant Units.

The fight descended into a complete melee. Female Guyver 2 battled one Grakken Destroyer, a being on paper that totally out powered her. Knowing that it couldn’t use its most powerful beam weapons of the dormant Units where behind her Female Guyver 2 had forced it to fight mostly hand to hand. But she was showing why she was a ruthless and effective Guyver by punishing any mistakes it had made. If not for the added armour and shielding if this was a normal Grakken it could have most likely had being killed by the “weaker” Guyver. As they fought Guyver Zoanoid fought another Grakken Destroyer using his Guyver enhanced strength combined with that of his zoanoid form he was easily power powering the Grakken Destroyer having flung it through the wall of the chamber. Guyver Zoanoid roared and signalled for the Grakken Destroyer to dare to attack him again. Raising to the occasion the Grakken Destroyer didn’t hesitate charging towards the Guyver Zoanoid. Behind them another Grakken Destroyer fought against a Darzerb and two Enzyme 3’s having already dispatched another Darzerb with its vibrational swords the Grakken Destroyer tried to the same to an Enzyme 3 but that resulted in two things. One his armour was covered in its blood and the Enzyme being chopped in half. Standing back the Grakken Destroyer fired two head beam blasts at the second Enzyme 3s head blowing out it’s eyes. The blood on his armour though acted like acid and quickly he found that it was dissolving his Destroyer Armour. Realising what it was doing to him he quickly disengaged his armour revealing the red Grakken inside. This caught the attention of the Overlord who noticed while humanoid these Grakken where far from human. The Grakken though had underestimated the Enzyme 3’s regenerative powers as the one he cut in half had already place itself on its legs and was standing as the other Enzyme 3’s eyes had already grown back and focused on the now de-armoured Grakken. The Overlord felt no pity as the Enzyme’s discovered they could affect tits armour ripping and sliced at the Grakken cutting deep into it.

As the others battled Guyver 4 made her way quietly to the platform that held the dormant units. She’d only ever seen her Unit before in a dormant state for the briefest of moments before she was forced to merge with it by her protector. These units even when dormant looked different to her or any Unit she had read of in that they where black in colour. From what she could see though there was no remover device in the middle of them so whomever Chronos chose to get these Unit’s she hopped it was a good one.

The Grakken Ground Commander fought still in his ancient armour with his trusted Dre’Klas against a Gliddean Neo Class zoanoid. He found this creature impressive but simply put he was better. Dodging it’s beam attack the Commander shoved his Dre’Klas through the centre of the hyper zoanoid chest and then in one motion moved it up through the hyper zoanoids head.  The Commander then turned his attention to the Guyver 4 who now stood above the dormant Units. Firing his head beam over them at the Guyver 4 only for the laser fire to be stopped by her shield. Guyver 4 looked up at the Grakken Commander who now ran towards her. Thinking fast she charged her pressure cannon and fired it at the Commander who demonstrated he too had shielding that absorbed the attack. But then to stopped, turning around to see the Gliddean creature was still very much alive his attack on it now a fast fading scar. The Gliddean now ran towards him. The Grakken Commanders head sensors moved back and forward trying to get a sense of what this creature was but the important thing he knew was it was not Guyver based yet had very powerful regenerative powers.

Guyver 4 knew now would be the best moment to grab a dormant Unit with the battle raging on and that Grakken that attacked her once again in battle with a Gliddean. She reached down and grabbed the closest unit and shouted at the Overlord to protect her has she turned away from the holding pedestal towards the Overlord. But it was too late. A Gaster type Hyper Zoanoid that had joined the forces had it’s armed sliced off by a Grakken Destroyer. If the Grakken Destroyer had know more about this Hyper Zoanoid he might have tried some other way of killing it. The explosive chemicals from both sides of the Gaster mixed on the ground below it and exploded. If not for the fact he was at the outer edges of the room no one would have possibly recovered dormant unit. But Guyver 4 was knocked by the blast into a Darzerb.

The explosion knocked everyone back stopping the battle for a few moments. Guyver 4 knew something was badly wrong when she looked down at her stomach and saw a blue glow coming from the Control Medal of the Dormant Unit. Before anything could be done to stop it the Black Unit wrapped around the Darzerb in front of it. Guyver 4 jumped off him and backwards away from it. Looking at the others they could almost sense the urgency, which she had done that and looked at the now forming Black Guyver Darzerb. She now looked around to see what happened to the other two dormant Units that had being blown from their Pedestal. The Grakken with the staff weapon stood up holding a dormant Unit under his to left arms. The other Grakken Destroyers formed a defensive position around him as he turned to escape from the room. But Chronos wasn’t interested in stopping him anymore. They had a potential disaster on their hands with a powerfully strong hyper zoanoid that was about to become a Guyver.

Chronos forces retreated from the chamber as did the Grakken who had not only got that they wanted but also didn’t want to be around when this newly forming Guyver emerged out of control. Guyver 4 though hesitated. Where was the third unit? She hadn’t sensed it since the explosion. She then sensed something from her Unit. It was telling her something memories of the moment the Gaster died flashed through her mind as the Unit had sensed an “unknown” had sliced its arms off. Whatever had done this also made one of the Units vanish as the Gaster exploded to cover its tracks. It all happened in a moment so whatever done this was a not only very powerful but skilful too. She though needed to get away from the Darzerb as well. Female Guyver 2 had returned to shout for her to follow them. They then left the newly forming Guyver.

The Grakken’s plan was working, outside the Clan Ship the forces of Chronos still was occupied by the lethal killer robots that used their great number to kill some of the weaker zoanoids. This kept them from re-enforcing the team inside the Clan Ship. The Grakken craft though now went into the phase of it’s mission. A further five hundred Grakken Destroyed left the ship and flew towards the entrance forming a leaving corridor of warriors for the assault team to fly through. The Grakken Captain was the first to leave the Ruined Ship followed by the rest of his team. He then flew towards the Grakken mothership with his new Warriors following around him.

Dreadnought, W’Kar and Angel all found themselves fighting loads of killer Robots which did nothing other than give the distraction needed for the Grakken Destroyers that were still alive a chance to fly away from Dreadnought who was stopping them along with everything  else from teleporting for miles around. Angel had already discovered that she couldn’t easily disable these mechanical creatures that had some sort of EMP shielding having to settle to destroy them with more conventional weapons. But it was obvious to Dreadnought now that they were in full retreat. They had sensed the reason; the Grakken had captured a Black Unit. All three of them teleported into space to see what had happened, arriving at a location where once the Grakken fleet looked so immense that it seemed endless. Instead now the wreckage of Grakken ships was everywhere to be seen.  Those ships that still functioned where leaving through worm holes away from the Creator forces. They all thought this was a huge price to pay for a single Black Unit.

3 Hours Later – ACTF HQ – Washington DC

Warrior Guyver 2 stood before General Carter to report the present situation. Things simply had not gone the way the General had planned. But then who could have expected that not one, but two huge Grakken war fleets would attack?

“…Jason reports that they escaped with one Black Unit, that Chronos has captured one as well that activated on a Darzerb hyper zoanoid and that the third Unit’s location is unknown describing that it “vanished from view”. He’s suspecting that maybe the Shadow Guyver captured it for Chronos. After they captured one Unit he Grakken left in their fleet. But he’s described that there is a lot of wreckage of their fleet up there from both the Grakken we have seen and fought before and the newer more advanced looking group. That is the end of it sir after that Angel left for Europe and Greg to places unknown. Jason is still in Australia awaiting our decision and plans to attack Chronos soon; he believes there are still dormant Units inside the Relic.”

“The choice is do we trust Jason to hand over any captured Units if go after the remaining dormant units?”

“I trust him on this one sir. I view him as a friend, a misguided friend but still a friend that for all the time I’ve known him has done what he says he would do.”

“Of your friend how would you rate his performance lately and take into consideration what happened here at ACTF HQ?”

“He is still possibly the most powerful Guyver that overall is still on our side. He is a very resourceful person and will look at all ways to get his goal completed even if it means working with those he does not like. But he is a civilian and never was military. He acts at times rashly and makes his own judgement calls without consulting those above him in rank. He is viewed by the most of the non-military assets as their natural leader and when he viewed them as being wronged by ACTF he took them away from us. Overall sir, my assessment would be that he is an asset but will most likely never work under your direct command because he will no longer trust that those he protects are safe here.”

“I would agree with your assessment son, the Dr Redmond situation should have being handled better. But what done is done. But Stephen I’ve two questions for you. How do you feel Sean and Cori are and If ACTF was developing zoanoids to fight for us would you be able to still fight alongside those forces?”

“I’m military sir. As long has those that chose to be zoanoids done so freely and knew of the risks involved and done it to protect the United States of America then the I would fight with them to protect our great country. With Sean I’d assess that he would not take that well sir, he barely believed in ACTF when he first joined thinking we would be worse than Chronos only looking for “weapons” as he put it. Such an event would ultimately mean he would leave too and Cori would follow.”

“I’d agree, from this point on any captured Dormant Unit’s are to come to ACTF HQ. I will arrange a selection process that will find military people and we will chose our next generation of Guyver more carefully.”

“Sir, I already apologised for my actions in giving Faye the Warrior Unit, but I thought that giving it to the most experienced host would be the logical choice.”

“There is no need to apologise for this a second time Stephen. You should have come to me first but your actions in the end saved lives, Guardian as she became nicknamed saved many lives fighting for us. We could have never expected that Jason would have reacted so badly. But it has not being a complete lose,” said General Carter pointing at a view screen behind him. On the screen was a dormant blue Guyver Unit sealed now in a protective chamber.

“Where did that come from?”

“It appeared in the Testing and Training room an hour ago. It’s a Standard Unit-G according to Cyber Guyver who sensed its arrival into the room from what he called the “Boost Dimension”. We believe it to be Faye’s damaged Unit-G that Jason removed some time ago.”

“As you said sir, not a complete loss.”

“No it is not, and its host will be a military person as will the host of the dormant Warrior Unit that Jason has. We will be forming an elite Guyver team son, and I want you to command it.”

“That would be an honour sir!”

“Congratulations Stephen dismissed!”

“Yes sir!”

Stephen turned around walked out of the room. Behind the General a figure looked like it stepped out of the curtains and decloaked.

“The project is back on track?”

“It is still in danger but it is getting back on track but I expect us to lose direct control over two assets.”

“Ah yes the boy who discovered the Utah ancient Relic and his mate, I would agree we could loss direct control but they wouldn’t be direct opponents.”

“No they would not, but in time Eminence I see them being future obstacles once Chronos leaves Earth.”

“I see that two, more so Dreadnought who has demonstrated his unwillingness to follow this organisation.”

“For the moment though he will be on our side which is important considering Chronos’ recent powerful additions to their forces.”

“It’s quite a change to me. In the past, the Ancient blood rivalry between the Zoalord clans and my forces always saw Guyver against Zoa-form. This is something that Alkanphel the Zoalord king slept through and something that has never happened before apart from the Guyver Zoalord event. With that behind us now and the paradox it caused, Alkanphel must enjoy playing with fire with his zoaform Guyvers and the possibility of making a second Guyver Zoalord.

“You told me before Eminence that it shouldn’t have being possible for the Guyver Zoalord to have happened?”

“Yes, when the Advents betrayed those that helped them. They had teams of Zoalords with Unit-Removers attack those that fought the Guyver Zoalord. I still to this day remember them holding those Dormant Units and the Advents never being worried. I heard some of their talk over the Units. They mentioned a limitation device they had put into the Unit-G to stop them activating one.”

“That makes me wonder, Alkanphel chose to bond with the weakest Prototype of the Warrior Unit.”

“Yes he did, the first one Solom’s first attempt at creating a Warrior Unit control medal, he abandoned it before it was even completed.”

“That is why I think he used it. That device you mentioned must not be in his incomplete unit. But he was never able to activate the Turbo Unit that Chronos captured.”

“That would make perfect sense Carter,” said Primitive Guyver as he leaned back.

“Alkanphel’s people not only managed to repair two of their damaged Guyvers they also once according to your reports made an Artificial Unit?”

“This is true, she called herself the Guyver II F., but her current status is unknown.”

“They must be developing their own Guyver technology based on what knowledge they have collected from the Relics.”

“Yes, they must plan on upgrading Alkanphel’s unit. I would not be surprised if they had some device similar to a remover to remove his Unit to upgrade it when needed.”

“They also according to your reports had access to the Warrior Guyver while Alkanphel held control over his sister,” General Carter simply nodded as he said this. “I would agree that does look most likely of outcomes present for Chronos.”

“There is a report though Eminence that Alkanphel has being injured in a battle in Mexico City against forces of the Advents.”

“Interesting, thought without him they might put their plans to conquer the Advents on hold. This would mean we would have to defeat the ruling Zoalords to gain control. To do that, we need to have in place our replacement Zoalords to control zoanoid population. Even if the Zoalords and their elite zoanoids leave we will need them to control the rest of the Chronos forces that are left behind.”

“Yes Eminence, but I have a plan to recover from the set back Dreadnought caused….”

Twenty miles from the Clan Ship crash site – Australia

It was times like this Jason was thankful that his Unit removed the need to eat. ACTF had done a really good job of cleaning out their site when they left yesterday. The battle over he Clan Ship had lasted seven days now. ACTF and the EDF forces had left and only thing left around where a few tents. But this would make a good a place has any for him to meet up with what he hoped was a team of Warrior Guyvers. Together they would form a combat collective again and do quick hit and run attacks and break into the Clan Ship and capture the last group of Dormant Units he had sensed inside. They where in the most shielded and concealed section of the ship. If not for his Matrix he wondered if others could have sensed them. But it would only be a matter of time before Chronos got inside that section of the ship.

Chronos now had a new heavy hitter, a Black Guyver Darzerb. He was not looking forward to fighting such a creature. Sho had told Sean and him stories of the Hyper Zoanoids they had fought in Japan. One of those stories was of the “Hyper Zoanoid Team 5”. Sho and Agito had fought the original team of them a number of times, only ever killing two of the Team 5, Thancrus. The rest where all absorbed by Aptom and Zektole who was enhanced into the first Neo-Call Hyper Zoanoid was killed by Sho who returned from near death as a Gigantic Guyver.

Neo-Class Hyper Zoanoids where something he especially disliked, Warrior Guyvers where not as overpowering has a Gigantic Guyver and battles with that class of zoanoid lasted a long while. They were not always certain either, thinking back to his battle with Alfrid Drano in Texas. Thankfully it wasn’t a Neo-Class Hyper that had got the Black Unit, but he knew the Darzerb type well enough. They were almost equal in raw strength to that of a standard Guyver. They had really tough skin. They could breath fire and could take a direct hit from laser fire without that piercing the skin. All that had being enhanced by Unit that W’Kar simply called a stronger Guyver unit. Going hand to hand with this creature wouldn’t be recommended, he would have to defeat him in a battle of firepower and hope that the others wouldn’t be able to take this thing on one-on-one so they would have to stay clear of it.

That left Warrior Guyver Vamore, Guyver Powered Zerebubuse too and possibly Tonnin now that the Grakken where no longer here to fight could along with the others join the battle for control of the Clan Ship. He then stopped for a moment and realised he’d missed out Zarfel, the Zoalord in charge of China that had somehow found a way to increase his firepower to levels matching Kron. Last but not least there was the being called Sadah. Jason remembered that name from his time in the FBI. Sadah was possibly the merciless and ruthless psychopath he had ever had the miss fortune to read about.  Jason guessed that the only reason Sadah would ally himself with Chronos would be for a kick of some kind. It wasn’t likely that the Chronos commanders, more so Imakarum would not hold back that beast.

Even with Guardian, Warrior Guyver 2, Warrior Guyver 4 and Fiona together working with him forming a Combat Collective they would be simply out powered. He would need a new plan. Angel said she would come back, even though she was completely worn-out from all the battles. W’Kar too he knew he could count on, he’d come back simply to fight the new Black Guyver Darzerb. That left two others he hopped would be able to help out. Ultimus who he could very possibly end up owing yet another a favour too and Dark Nova who he guessed was looking after the Guyver XT.  He hoped they would come, there was five dormant Warrior Unit’s in the balance, 2 of which he could sense were Mark II enhanced.

But there was also another that could help out that he knew to himself he was deliberately leaving out of this list. The being now called Gilgamesh, its host was possibly his oldest friend Martin Prince. But after the way he treated Fiona was enough to make Jason consider that friendship. A few years after high school a chance encounter with Fiona in College was something he never looked back on. Deep down he knew Derek would never handle the fact he was dating Fiona. But in the end as far as Jason was concerned it was his fate to be with Fiona, he spent more than enough times consoling her after Derek broke her heart on many occasions. Jason sighed as he remembered the night Derek found out, he would have to pay him back fro that someday, but not today. Today if he wanted ACTF to succeed and for Chronos not get any more zoaform Guyvers he would need to bury his anger towards that man.

That left Sho and Shizu the Gigantic Guyvers, they where for a long time the most powerful Guyvers on Earth, Sho even had shown he had power to Exceed and destroy things that he could not normally. The rumours and pictures he saw of the battle with the Dragon Lord had him and Sean in ewe back before they had met Sho to discover he was just a young man. He would need them too if they wanted this plan to succeed, but would Shizu help without Agito? Agito was suspected to be dead; otherwise he would have being top of his list of people to ask. Agito may be a bastard, but he was one you could deal with once he saw something to his advantage from the deal. Sho though he knew would come either way, like himself Sho would never allow Chronos to get any more Units.

Warrior Guyver 2 was first to arrive teleporting to a spot only a few feet away from Dreadnought. He had on him a Aceaer Unit, a sign he wasn’t taking this one lightly either.

“Hello Jason, Are you serious Jason, they have a Unit from the W’Kar universe active on one all things a Darzerb?”

“Yes they do.”

“And the Grakken have one as well and another mysteriously disappeared?”

“Yep, remember there was a few million Grakken, it was not like I was given a lot of choice.”

“Considering what you where up against, I’m surprised that Ruin is still there. The General had me up in space confirming what you said about the Grakken Fleet. I’d to take some fancy satellite too that Nasa had made and converted. You can guess the result Jason.”

“I can, though it will be years before Nasa can get those wreaked Grakken Ships to Earth.”

“My Guess is they’ll not even try to get them to Earth and will work on them up there.”

“You could be right there.”

“Anyway, yes the General agrees with you. We can’t allow any more Unit’s to fall into Chronos hands.”

“Yea but who does the General plan to give the Unit’s we capture too?”

“You should be able to guess that Jason, you know him well enough.”

“Yeah, you’re right, I’m guessing people very like you,” said Dreadnought laughing. Though this did confirm one of his concerns.

“Ha, ha you’re right there. He’s asked me to lead the group. He already has two people lined up for Faye’s old Unit that has returned and that other Unit that you can fix?”

“It’s good to hear that her old Unit has returned. Yes, speaking of which do you have any people who have being trained and know of my unit before it got enhanced?”

“It would be safe to assume yes, you know the General and he wouldn’t have said that if he had not already put in place what he planned.”

“Ok, we will have a dormant Warrior Unit ready for him then. But Stephen, if Faye’s unit returned part of me helping is that I want Sean to get one of the Warrior Units from the Ruin.”

“I’ll need to check with the General about that one.”

“Ah, I’m guessing he wasn’t too happy with Faye getting the Guardian.”

“No, he was not.”

“I still respect him you know. It wasn’t a hard choice what I did. But you know me I protect those that I feel I owe.”

“Yes Jason, simply but you’re not military, and I don’t mean that in a bad way. You also have done, and continue to do what you feel is best to protect those you view as a friend. I only hope you can cope when they find themselves in the real world one day facing something truly nasty without you to be around to protect them.”

“Am I really that overbearing?”

“You can be yes. But in the end you’re not as bad has Agito!”

Dreadnought laughed at that comment and Warrior Guyver 2 teleported back to the ACTF HQ. Jason could understand why he would want to check with the General first before agreeing to this. Jason though needed him. Chronos had the advantage. They held the Ruin, and they held the insides of it too. He could probably destroy it but even that would take a lot of that due to the size of it that too made it unlikely he through due to those who are protecting it attacking him. Or worse those figuring out they could lure him out of the battle by attacking Fiona. Yeah, he would have to learn that by giving Fiona a Unit he would have to let her understand how to protect herself. Last thing he wanted was for her to die, but equally he didn’t want what happened with Jenny where she might resent being a Guyver and he was the one forcing her to be one. After this battle was done he would have to really chat with his wife and find out what she wanted.

Many miles away Greg had woke up after hearing Jason’s call for help. He walked out of his room and into the living room where he noticed the luggage from Jenny.  “She must be making herself at home” as he walked by it. Well at least she was doing something right as he sniffed the air. It was the smell of cooking food. He walked into the kitchen to see Jenny in front of a frying pan. On the kitchen counter was some crusty white bread rolls real butter. In the frying pan he say sausages, eggs, bacon and other stuff he wasn’t quite sure of cooking away. He’d to admit; even though he didn’t need to eat he sure did like the smell.

“Good morning, what’s this stuff?” Asked Greg pointing at the white pudding.

“It’s called white pudding. You never had it?”

“Nope, I can’t say I ever have. Where did you get it from?”

“It’s an Irish meat product, after visiting my old home and meeting Fiona I was really in the mood for something that reminded me of home. So I went to Ireland, and bought some food that mum would have cooked for breakfast on Sundays.”

“I have to say, it smelled good. Wait you went to Ireland?”

“Yeah, it’s a small country in Europe.”

“But isn’t it under Chronos control?”

“Nope, like most of Western Europe it’s free of Chronos, but even if it was I doubt they’d ever place huge Chronos forces there. There’s only four odd million people in the entire country.”

“Good to hear, I’ll have to do some travelling later when I’m finished helping your brother out in Australia,” said Greg wondering if he could mention the name now without getting a reaction.

“You’ll need a good feed then as my mum used to say,” said Jenny as she dished up the meal.

Greg grabbed a large glass from a cabinet and filled it with water and sliced some bread and put some butter on it.  He could smell the freshness of it, he really did like this universe for having not only things he missed but other things as well and sat down at the kitchen table. Jenny placed a plate in front of him of in some cases slightly burnt looking food. He looked at her grab some beans, a sausage and an egg place it in between too thick slices of bread and takes a good bite out of it. He then did the same and he had to admit to himself it was a good time not to be a vegetarian.

“Hmmm, this tastes great, it mustn’t be good for you though!” Said Greg as some tomato sauce from the beans dribbled down the side of his mouth only to be quickly caught. “Both lovely and messy!”

“Yeah takes some getting used to it, Mum would cook it whenever one of the relatives from Ireland called over and brought over some fry food.”

“I can see and taste why you’d miss this, good thing we’re bought bio-boosted and don’t have to worry about getting a wide ass!” Joked Greg not wanting to ask about her family from Ireland as he didn’t know if they too were at Jason’s wedding and perished there. That would be something to ask another day.

“Ha, ha, yeah it is.”

“You met Fiona?”

“Yeah I did, curiosity got the better of me.”

“Is she like what you remembered?”

“She is, but as we chatted about stuff and how her and Jason met you could tell she from an alternate dimension… you know I never in my wildest dreams thought I’d ever have to say those words…”

“You get used it eventually Jenny,” said Greg with a light laugh. “But I get your point you can tell she is not the Fiona you knew.”

“Yup, but don’t get me wrong, she is just as lovely has Fiona I knew who died here. I can see why my idiot brother would go into protector mode and save her so he regain some of his life. He was mad about her, always was even when that prick Derek dated Fiona years ago!”

“Wait Derek Prince?”

“Yeah how the hell did you know that?”

“I’ve met him.”

“How did you meet Derek?”

“Some… friends of mine have given him a W’Kar reproduction unit.”


“These annoying aliens called the …….. gave him a W’Kar reproduction Unit, a Unit based on mine made some time ago.”

“Why did they do that?”

“So that he will kill your brother.”

“What the hell?”

“Yup, I thought you were still angry with him?”

“I am, but that doesn’t mean I want the big idiot dead!” she shouted.

“Hey, don’t shoot the messenger!” he shouted back.

“Seriously, Derek Prince has an advanced Guyver unit?”

“I’d call it a W’Kar unit, but basically yes he does.”

“I’m surprised Jason hasn’t killed him yet.”

“He hates him that much?”

“He should, but knowing Jason the fool that he is, Jason is trying to work with him.”

“Yep, that’s your brother for you. Anyway you where saying.”


“You where chatting about Fiona.”

“Oh yeah, Jason waited a long time before he dated her, they were in their early twenties in fact. But when I chatted with this Fiona she told me their relationship was much longer in her Universe. She said they dated from their early teens. Goes to show what would have happened if Jason thought for himself more.”

“If he done that he wouldn’t be the brother you know.”

“That is very true. But even in that Universe Chronos ruined their lives.”

“Sounds like a twisted fait,” said Greg as he finished the last of his Irish breakfast.

“Yeah but they both fight to be with each other. Fiona told me more of her Universe. There it wasn’t Derek Prince that got in the way of their relationship it was over bearing parents worried they would be having sex.”

“Ah good old mom and dad, the kill joys of hormone imbalanced teens!”

“Ha, Ha, Ha,” laughed Jenny smiling at the thought of it. She was now tidying up after she too had finished her portion of the breakfast.

“Funny thing is they both there still went to the same College and studied the same subjects has they did here. They still ended up in nearly the same situation they did here only it was Fiona that survived the Church being ruined by Chronos.”

“In a way they are lucky to have found each other, I’m glad Jason found some reward for helping me out.”

“What about you Greg, don’t you have someone special.”

“I do, her name is Cassandra, you can see some of her painting s around the house. Soon as my business is finished here in this Universe I’ll be going back to her and my child.”

“You’ve a kid?”

“Yup, she, he isn’t born yet but I’ll find a way back to them.”

“I hope you do, have you asked Jason to use that Matrix thingy of his?”

“I have my own one… But no neither it nor even Jason at this moment in time can get me back home. So in the mean time I’ve to give myself something to do while I wait for the chance to get home. Sooner or later I will get home!”


“Yep, anyway time to kick some ass. I heard from Jason there is a Black Guyver Darzerb down in Australia that thinks he’s unstoppable. The fucking idiot can think that all he wants, I’m going to show him he dam well is stoppable!”

“Sounds lethal.”

“No doubt he is, but the trick is to never let them know you think that and just kick its ass!”

“You’re going to be going now?”

“Yup, it’s time to join your “idiot Brother” and capture the last of the Unit’s before Chronos gets them.”

“If I’m not around when you get back, I’ll be visiting relatives in Cork.”

“New Cork?”

“No, Cork in Ireland. I’ll be with my cousins.”

“That sounds good, see you later.”

“Have fun!”

“Oh I’m sure I will,” said W’Kar as he teleported out of the kitchen. Jenny only then realised his unit was most likely still active on him event when he looked to be eating his breakfast. She smiled to herself as she cleaned up.

W’Kar arrived to see Dreadnought standing in the ruined camp alone. Off in the distance he could sense the forces of Chronos. The army of zoanoids they had was as large has the army they had the first day he arrived. But now there was a lot less Neo-Class Hyper Zoanoids. The toll of the last few days of battle had taken its toll on them too. But amongst them he could sense the unmistakable power of zoanoid Guyvers.

“Hello Jason, so why are you calling in more people to help? You’ve me we can take all of those zoa-bitch Guyvers.”

“Emm, because I don’t just what to beat them. I want to take the dormant Units inside the ship. We can kill them some other day when they are not standing on top of five dormant Warrior Units.”

“Really? There’s five of those things left inside that giant… shit looking Ruin?”

“Yes there are, two of them are Mark II enhanced too.”

“Oh that would be fun if one of those got on a hyper-zoanoid… Oh let’s give it to a Gaster, I’m sure we could take it and those zoa-Guyver bitches too.”

“Are you mad? No we are not going to make a perfect team of Guyvers just for you to fight!”

“Jeez, you’re no fun today Mr. serous.”

“You know I could tell you where joking?”

“I wasn’t joking, really it would be fun, you could even remove his unit afterwards.”

“Fuck off, we’re not doing that!”

“Ha, ha, ha I really do like pulling your chain. By the way, your sister cooks a nice breakfast.”


“Jenny went to Cork, and I don’t mean the shit hole of a town you call Cork but the real city in good ole Ireland and cooked me an Irish Breakfast!”

“Don’t be calling… Wait she went to Cork in Ireland?


“And then made some fry food for you?”

“Yep, and it tasted good.”

“Well at least she’s… wait did she mention anything else about Ireland?”

“She’s going visit some cousins there she said.”

“Oh ok,” said Dreadnought. With all that had happened to him since his wedding he hadn’t thought much about his mother’s family. When he was getting married his mother’s oldest sister Mora was on her deathbed with Cancer. The Irish side of his family mostly stayed with her. His only Uncle Jacob’s, his part of the family came over, to fly the flag as he put it. They sadly had died along with his father’s family. Mora died a week after X-Day, Chronos had yet to get their medical teams established in what is a small county with a small population, it was simply too late for Mora to receive their cure for Cancer that they published in the weeks after they took over. But he knew then whom Jenny likely was visiting. It would be his Aunt Mary, his mother’s youngest sister. He now simply hoped Jenny wasn’t getting them in trouble. But with Chronos out of Ireland and mostly focusing on the larger central European Countries they should be ok. He’d have to visit Ireland soon though to make sure.

“You ok,” asked W’Kar wondering why there was a long silence from Dreadnought.

“Yeah I’m fine, just thinking about family, I’d kind a shut out the fact I still had family left in Ireland.”


“Speaking of which, this Universe isn’t in perfect sync with your own time wise. Chances are your family is still around somewhere.”

“If they are, whatever this Universe’s me is up to, I hope its ok as I’ll be leaving them alone.”

“I understand why you’d do that.”

“Yeah, my life if fucked up enough as it is. Last thing I want is to bring the chaos of my life into theirs. That’s even if they are around in this universe. You never know, some distant relative might have done something different to what happened in my universe and there you go! No Greg or even no Greg’s family line at all! It’s not worth thinking about.”

Dreadnought simply nodded in agreement as W’Kar finished saying that Warrior Guyver 2 arrived back along with Gilgamesh, Warrior Guyver 4 and Gigantic Cerise. Gilgamesh towered over both Warrior Guyvers and even the Gigantic Guyver from of Female Guyver 3 looked small beside him. W’Kar and Dreadnought turned to face them.

“Hello guys, any news on when the others will join us?” asked Aceaer Warrior Guyver 2

“Max doesn’t know if he’ll be coming, if so he’ll be arriving any minute with Sho and Lynn will be here soon after,” said Dreadnought.

“Soon as Lynn arrives we attack?”

“That’s the plan. Greg, Lynn, Philip, Faye, Zygote Guyver and I will attack first drawing out the Chronos heavy hitters. That will leave Stephen, Amuro, Fiona, Sho and Shizu free to attack the inside of the Ship. Though from what I scan sense Sho and Shizu will have Zarfel to contend with.

“Zarfel, the Chinese Disciple Zoalord commander?” asked Gigantic Cerise.

“Yes, and as we all know the battles here over the last 6 days, he’s more powerful than the average Zoalord, so be careful,” answered Dreadnought.

“There is also the Guyver 4,” said Warrior Guyver 2. “There is something not right about her other than her looking like Female Guyver 2?”

“Yeah, each time that big Kavzar has appeared in a battle. It has being in one she has also fought in.”

“t would be safe to assume that little Guyver has some connection with the big Kavzar then?” asked Gilgamesh.

“I’d say so,” said Warrior Guyver 2. “The first time we fought it was when we found the Guyver 4 inside Chronos HQ Texas. It’s power level seemed immense but Warrior Guyver came up through the building like a bat out of hell and slammed into it. The thing didn’t seem to want to fight you at al, just powered down and took a direct hit.”

“I always wondered why he did that. He simply let me hit him with a direct hit, done not a thing to protect himself,” said Dreadnought.

“The only reason I can think of is simple, because he wanted you to end the fight, even at the cost of the Guyver 4,” said Warrior Guyver 2. Dreadnought nodded, but why would he be more important to a Creator warrior? More so why would Guyver 4 have control over it? Those where questions for another day though.

Gilgamesh had being listening. He could feel his Unit urging him to attack Dreadnought. But he was on a mission for his country and family. But Jason had said an interesting name. Fiona, he’d heard from others inside ACTF HQ’s rumour mill that Jason had being in an alternative universe and had not only found Fiona there alive but rescued her and gave her an active Warrior Unit. Even though he was married and had a family of his own they never entered his mind, all he could now think about was breaking up their relationship. Attacking Dreadnought would not get him that.

Dark Nova was next to arrive, the area where she teleported too darkened for all of a few seconds has she materialised.

“Hello Mai, how is the Guyver XT?” asked Dreadnought.

“Hi, he’s not good but he’s insisting that he is best at repairing himself.”

“I hope he can, I couldn’t fix him with the Matrix, if anything it seemed to hurt him more.”

“His Unit is not from here…”

“Wait, Guyver XT is here?” asked W’Kar.

“He’s in China,” answered Dark Nova.

“Is he the same one from my Universe?”


“Okay, after we’re done here kicking Chronos ass, mind if I go back with you Mai?”

“Not at all, are we ready to attack?” asked Dark Nova.

“No, there’s three others about to join us soon but we’ll also not have Angel here as well, she’s beyond tired and unless we’re losing badly I’d rather leave her alone,” answered Dreadnought.

“Another one of those isn’t going to be Max unfortunately, he’s busy in Canada,” said Warrior Guyver 2.

“Must be important for him not to be coming,” said Dreadnought as Female Warrior Guyver, Guardian and Zygote Guyver arrived. Before they could even be greeted fifty Zygote Clones as they teleported behind the Zygote Guyver.

“Jesus who the…” said Warrior Guyver 2 as Dreadnought cut in to say “guys meet the clones!”

“What the hell… I mean how… fuck it, Jason please just tell me,” said Warrior Guyver 2 barely able to get the words out with the shock of witnessing Dreadnought having an ally with her own private army of Guyver powered beings.

“Ok to put it simply, Zygote Guyver has some interesting powers, one of which is to be able to make combat ready clones, they aren’t as powerful has her, but they sure do pack a punch.”

“Nice, ok so she will be using them to keep the Chronos army off our backs?” asked Warrior Guyver 2.

“Yup, that’s the idea,” said Dreadnought. As he was saying that Guardian was talking with Zygote Guyver through their units. <“Jason is very thankful for all your help Zenechka.”>

<“I hope this was worth the pain of cutting off my fingers for.”>

<“It will be, but do you think you’d be able to control them all?”>

<“That should be no problem, I don’t need to control them, and they just need some guidance after that will do what they need to do.”>

“…and with that we’ll are as ready as we’ll ever be. You all ready to attack?” asked Dreadnought.

All of the team including the Zygote Clones nodded. The time for action was now. Dreadnought vanished as he teleported away. Appearing above the Ruin Dreadnought didn’t cloak wanting to draw the attention of Chronos. That didn’t take long at all as Warrior Guyver Vamore opened fire but Dreadnought ducked under the two blasts and flew down towards the barren land before the Ruin hitting it with a power wave blast. Sand and dirt exploded from this point quickly covering the area.

This was their sign to attack. Female Warrior Guyver, Warrior Guyver 2 and Warrior Guyver 4 grouped together with the Gigantic Cerise and Gigantic Guyver all now teleported into an open section of the Ruin. There were only a few hyper zoanoids and two Overlords protecting this area, they were simply no match Gigantic Guyver and Gigantic Cerise used their power punches to great effect destroying the zoanoids in front of them. The three Warrior Guyvers then quickly killed what survived.

Outside the battle too heated up. Dreadnought stood up from the blast he created to be greeted by the site of the huge form of the Black Guyver Darzerb standing above him. It though didn’t get the chance to attack him as W’Kar landed before it. “Hey fatty, you’re my dance partner,” said W’Kar. All his opponent did though was a dismissive grunt as he then punched W’Kar in the face with his full force. Dreadnought had to jump out of the way as W’Kar’s body flew by him slamming into a dirt mound behind him. W’Kar immediately jumped back out of it and shook his head before roaring, “At long fucking last, a challenge!” and then flew back towards the Black Guyver Darzerb.

Dreadnought didn’t have time to wait though as Warrior Guyver Vamore decided he wanted his rematch and fired on Dreadnought again. Dreadnought didn’t hang around waiting either even though Warrior Guyver Vamore stood on the Ruin with a number of other Hyper Zoanoids as he flew after his target. The Zygote Clones appearing as the dust cleared attacked the Chronos army itself.

Appearing out of nowhere Sadah then attacked the Zygote Guyver with what looked to be lightning coming from the devices on his back. This quickly burned some of the bio-material from her but was stopped as Guardian stood in front of the blast with her shields up blocking the attack. Sadah laughed as he then attacked her. Dark Nova couldn’t help them against Sadah, as the dust cleared the huge site of Guyver Power Zerabubuse greeted her.

Millions of miles away inside his Clan Ship Krullnar looked on in glee. This battle had two of his test Units, the Warrior Guyver 4 and the Guyver Powered Zerabubuse. He chose the hosts for all the Units. In Guyver Powered Zerabubuse case though, he had cheated. The creature would normally have triggered a Unit not to accept him as a host due to his bio-energy reserve being far beyond that of a normal human. There was some limitation put on the Unit to stop this creature meeting its full potential. Even so he liked what the Unit was telling him about its foe. This Dark Nova was what the host called it. He would have to find out how this creature far exceeded the Black Nova Unit, the Unit his father had designed the Warrior Guyver to defeat. What he could guess though, was that Dreadnought had vanished with a number of the other Guyvers when a strange white Guyver had appeared out of a dimensional tear. This Dark Nova appeared only after his return. What the Guyver Powered Zerabubuse was sensing now was most probably an example of another Universe’s Warrior Project. One where his father’s Unit wasn’t the most powerful.

Inside the Ruin the team of the Warrior Guyvers and the two Gigantics had cleared their way to another Chamber before the shielded zone. They could tell why Chronos had not yet broken into this section of the ship. It was simply because the ship had not let them and was preventing intruders getting in any further. As Warrior Guyver 2, Warrior Guyver 4 and the two Gigantics fought of the Chronos forces Female Warrior Guyver tried to communicate with the ship. Even with the loss of its Control Spheres the ship behaved like a Warrior Unit. It had managed to grow control nods inside its most complete section. With those it was able to regain control over the ship slowly and sensing that the ship was being invaded cut off the most intact section of the Ruin.

Dreadnought did not like fighting Warrior Guyver Vamore. His Unit like his own nullified any gravity based attacks using it’s blast field. Most of his quick powerful attacks were gravity based those that could normally quickly take down his opponent. In that sense Warrior Guyver Vamore had the advantage of being able to hide behind his shield and use his Guyver enhanced Bio-Blasters to keep Dreadnought unsettled and from focusing a decent attack on him.

Dark Nova had a similar issue. Guyver Powered Zerebubuse like Warrior Guyver Vamore had Guyver enhanced zoanoid weapons. The blasts from his arm weapon where deadly and fast, it was taking all her speed and shielding to make sure she was not hit by one of those beams head on. Dark Nova though didn’t plan on out powering this beast of a Guyver. She had heard about him from Dreadnought and knew from her own sensors in what powered him was a normal Guyver unit, because of that she knew that if she got him to waste his energy it would leave him open to her attacks. But at the moment he seemed to be brimming with power and nullifying her attacks with his own shielding that was emitted from the spikes.

Once again W’Kar was on the receiving end of a punch that sent him flying for miles. He was really enjoying the fight with Black Guyver Darzerb and under his armour was actually smiling as he hit the ground and found himself in a crater of dirt and rubble. Dusting himself off he stood up and waited for the huge form of the Black Guyver Darzerb as it once again tried to crash into him. This time though W’Kar jumped out of the way at the last moment leaving behind a sonic cocoon where he had being standing. Black Guyver Darzerb landed right on top of it. But as the sonic cocoon came in contact with him it shimmered along and dispersed along his armour and only slightly damaged him. W’Kar jumped in upper cutting him with all his strength. If he had being a normal Black Guyver that would have knocked his head off, Black Guyver Darzerb took the shot and as W’Kar was landing grabbed him by his legs and then swung him once again in to the ground with enough force that it made yet another crater, still not leaving go he then picked W’Kar back up and the flung him up into the air and left go. W’Kar activated his gravity controller and landed in front of Black Guyver Darzerb.

“With the forces of those impacts you should be unconscious right now,” shouted Black Guyver Darzerb at W’Kar.

“You’re not that intelligent are you dumb fuck? If I was even a normal Guyver, maybe, just maybe that would only make the control medal take over numb nuts.”

“I’ve not hit you hard enough then!” The Black Guyver Darzerb hit W’Kar with such force and speed that his lower jaw was ripped off in the impact. That was then followed by something even W’Kar didn’t expect as the vents around the mouth of the Black Guyver Darzerb opened and a green flame erupted from his bathing him in it. W’Kar knew of Darzerb type hyper zoanoid and what they could do, this flame being enhanced by the creatures Unit quickly burned through his armour forcing W’Kar to teleport his blast field exploding before the Black Guyver Darzerb as he went away to the Boost Dimension to repair. The damage wouldn’t take long to repair mainly because of W’Kar’s quick thinking and experience knowing a Guyver enhanced zoanoid weapons are usually deadly. Looking at his right arm that he had used to cover his control medal he’d have hated to have being a normal Guyver, without being able to teleport away that thing would kill any unshielded target close up. He had to admit, he liked it. The Black Guyver Darzerb not only had size, but it had extreme power and a deadly close combat weapon he couldn’t play with unshielded.

Back inside the Ruin Female Warrior Guyver successfully managed to connect with the ships consciousness. Much like Jason had guessed the ship was in such a badly damaged state that it was in a kind of self defence mode. If not for the fact she possessed Warrior Unit the ship would have simply ignored her like it was the group of Chronos controlled Guyvers that where attempting to do the same thing as her.

“Guys, I’ve got it! The ship though is badly damaged and we’ve two choice,” said Female Warrior Guyver as she continued to look on at the locked off section of the ship.

“What are the choices?” asked Gigantic Guyver who was closest too her guarding her from direct attack.

“Either the defences of the ship will stay up, or we’ve to turn the whole thing off.”

“I’m guessing turning the whole thing off means we’d have to race Chronos to the units?” asked Warrior Guyver 2 as he ran up beside them.

“Yep, they are also trying to get in. The ships ignoring them but soon has the defences go down they too will have access to the closed off section of the ship.”

“We have to beat them to the Units then,” said Gigantic Guyver.

They nodded in agreement and told the others in their team the plan, but as they readied themselves both the Gigantics and the Warrior Guyvers head sensors twitched. Zarfel was about to attack them head on.

“Shit, I didn’t expect him to come after us head on without the Chronos Guyvers,” said Warrior Guyver 2.

“Quick, what’s the plan Stephen?” asked Female Warrior Guyver.

“We’ve to stop him here and now. Fiona go with Amuro and get those units. Sho, Shizu and I will take this guy finally down and do the Nova Twins a favour!”

Female Warrior Guyver simply nodded not knowing exactly who he was on about, but it sounded as good as it would get plan wise. Warrior Guyver 4 and Female Warrior Guyver both ran away for the two Gigantics and Warrior Guyver 2 heading deep into the once closed section of the ship. The race was now on.

Elsewhere in a much quieter section of the ship Elite Zoalord Valkus oversaw what was going to be a future project of his. A group of Overlords and Darzerbs were clearing off a section of the ship to reveal the scout ship that once contained the Dormant Black Units. He had read a report from Chronos spies within ACTF that the lager ruined ship was from an alternative Universe. The same alternative reality that the Warrior Guyver 2 was from. But not only that they fought against it in yet another alternative Universe where the Advent who commanded it, had teamed up with one native to that Universe. This ship was different to that of the massive ship that had crash landed on their return and supported what their spies had being telling them. Given that it was mostly in tact but had damaged Control Spheres he wanted to retrieve the scout ship before any more damage was done to it. After a few minutes of cleaning away parts of the larger ruined ship the scout ship was revealed. It was damaged as he suspected. The Overlords had placed devices onto the scout ship and in an instance later both the ship and Valkus were teleported to a converted cargo hold section of the Ark where a science team was ready to begin work. Valkus though pondered thought without Natasha if this project would bear fruit quickly.

Dreadnought had enough now of dodging the attacks of Warrior Guyver Vamore. Energy built up around him as he continued to dodge yet another blast from the Warrior Guyver Vamore and then let go as what looked like lightning lanced out from Dreadnought’s right arm blasting through he body shield of Warrior Guyver Vamore hitting the bio-blaster pods that were already open. The blasters where ruined. Dreadnought’s eyes glowed as he now faced what was basically a strong Warrior Guyver that now lacked his zoanoid weapons. Dreadnought though didn’t get to press the advantage he had made, behind the Warrior Guyver Vamore another foe had presented himself. Flying towards them now was Tonnin. Dreadnought quickly fired his 3 head beams focused on the gravity controller of the Warrior Guyver Vamore disabling it then fired a force wave at him that sent him flying from miles away from the battle field. Unable to control his flight Warrior Guyver Vamore focused on keeping active his blast field landing miles away as Tonnin landed in front of Dreadnought.

<“What makes you think this fight won’t go like the other fights we’ve had where I kick your sorry ass?”> asked a taunting Dreadnought.

Tonnin answered by getting very angry, this anger was shown simply to Dreadnought by the glowing of sections of his armour that shined so bright it lit up the battle field. Dreadnought wondered if it was a good idea to taunt him, but shrugged his shoulders and attacked.

The race was now on, Female Warrior Guyver and Warrior Guyver 4 cheated as  soon has the barrier went down teleporting to the first Unit chamber. The room itself was damaged including the pedestal that once held the three dormant Mark II Warrior Units. One unit had already fallen outside the ship through a damaged section and was being used by Faye now called Guardian. The second Unit was in some bio rubble and Female Warrior Guyver ran towards it. The third Unit was left on the damaged pedestal was quickly picked up by Warrior Guyver 4. As agreed before with Stephen, Female Warrior Guyver teleported to the Ship that Dreadnought was using that was located near Pluto and left the Unit there. Warrior Guyver 4 though appeared in ACTF HQ. There standing in the testing and training room was General Carter, Dr Drake and number of unknown people who at a guess were there to fix the hole in the side of the room left over from the recent battle with the Grakken.

“Sir, I need to get back to Australia quick, this is a Mark II Warrior Unit.”

General Carter simply nodded, Dr Drake already had seven unit chambers ready based off the design for the chamber that now held the Infected Turbo unit. In one of those chambers he could sense a dormant standard Unit-G. The front chamber opened and Warrior Guyver 4 placed the dormant Unit inside the chamber. Warrior Guyver 4 wondered for a moment who was destined to get these new units, he hoped they would be better fated than those of the Mercs who then sold their services for the almighty Dollar.

“Good luck Warrior Guyver 4,” said General Carter as Warrior Guyver 4 stood back away from them and then teleported away.

Both Warrior Guyvers teleported back to the Mark II Warrior Unit chamber they had left earlier. Quickly they scanned around them to get their bearings on where the last three units were kept and to check where the Chronos team was. That was the bad news, they were entering the last Unit chamber, the one that Dreadnought expected to have the Type II Warrior Units that Stephen now had.

Back in the corridor the two Gigantics fought Zarfel, their powerful shields keeping the worse of his electrical damage away from them. Through the battle collective Warrior Guyver 2 now sensed what the other two Warrior Guyvers sensed.

<”Sho, Shizu I’m going to have to help them, can you two hold out against Zarfel?”>

Both Gigantics simply nodded as Gigantic Guyver send large gravity ball back at Zarfel while Gigantic Cerise kept him off guard and shielding himself with her head beam. Warrior Guyver 2 teleported away and joined up with the others as they teleported into the Unit chamber together. The moment they appeared a tense standoff happened between them and the Chronos team that had just got there as well. Both teams looked at each other and at the goal, the three dormant Warrior Units.

The Chronos team consisted of Guyver 2 and four Thancrus type hyper zoanoids along with another fast moving type two neo hyper zoanoids Glidden. The head sensors of Warrior Guyver 2 twitched as he sensed yet more of Chronos forces racing their direction. Leading that team was the power house known as the Guyver Zoanoid and Female Guyver 2, a person he knew from reputation not to underestimate. Behind them was yet another team that included with its hyper zoanoids the Guyver 4. All three Warrior Guyvers knew they had to act now and act fast before they got over run. Warrior Guyver 4 moved first running towards the Unit Pedestal as Guyver 2 done the same. Warrior Guyver 4 fired both his arm beams and head beams at the Guyver 2 who was forced to doge them but giving his speed that only slightly delayed him as both extremely quick Guyvers grabbed a unit and then retreated back to their teams.

Another tense few seconds went by as both teamed wondered who would strike next. Looking at the remaining dormant unit and then back to each other’s side for any sign of intent. Neither side made the next move though. Behind them there was an explosive sound from the battle between the Gigantics and Zarfel. All the Guyvers in the chambers head sensors twitched as they sensed the large form of Gigantic Cerise coming towards them. She landed on Warrior Guyver 4 knocking him to the side as she then hit the ground. She looked really worse for wear, her shield orbs where cracked from some powerful attack from Zarfel, the force of the attack and blown her here. Zarfel now moved towards the Unit Chamber as Gigantic Guyver tried to hold him off but Zarfel was intent on joining the battle in the Chamber itself.

The three Warrior Guyvers knew this was a bad situation to be in now, they had to act but they were too late. The Guyver Zoanoid and Female Guyver 2 entered the chamber with a team of hyper-zoanoids that waited behind them. Warrior Guyver 2 threw his captured Unit to Warrior Guyver 4 and ordered him to teleport away with it. Both Guyvers attacked, Female Warrior Guyver extended all her swords as she launched over the Unit Pedestal landing between the group of Thancrus and Gliddean and fought them in close combat. Warrior Guyver 2 at the same time leaped towards Guyver 2 and Guyver Zoanoid.

As they fought Zarfel shielded off a pressure cannon attack from Gigantic Guyver as he now entered the Unit Chamber from the point the Warrior Guyvers entered. Lightning filled the room, hitting zoanoid and Guyver alike knocking them to the ground. Gigantic Cerise tired to stand up only to be hit in the chest with a lightning bolt that sent her crashing to a few feet in front of the Unit Pedestal. Female Warrior Guyver and Warrior Guyver 2 leaned up to see Zarfel moving towards Gigantic Cerise. Before they could react to help her a bolt of lightning flew from the Unit Pedestal hitting Zarfel square in the chest knocking the Zoalord back into a charging Gigantic Guyver who power punched the Zoalord sending him flying into the Chronos lines. As Gigantic Guyver entered the chamber the large form of Zeus decloaked standing over the Unit Chamber.

Zeus turned towards Zarfel to see the Zoalords right arm had being just off after landing on a Thancrus. From what he could see and sense the impact of Gigantic Guyver’s power punch had broken his jaw has well. But before Zeus could finish off this Zoalord his head sensors twitched. Behind the Zoalord the Dormant Unit Guyver 2 had being holding was knocked out of his hands by either the force of the impact from Zarfel or from possibly being electrocuted from him. Either way this had resulted in the Unit now activating and merging with a Thancrus.

Zeus would have to act fact but as Warrior Guyver Vamore teleported into the room standing between him and them this changed everything.

<“Sho, grab Shizu! Fiona teleport them to ACTF HQ, let’s get out of here fast!”>

Zeus activated his shields standing in the line of fire as Warrior Guyver Vamore fired. Behind him shielded from the blast Gigantic Guyver grabbed the last dormant Unit as Female Warrior picked up Gigantic Cerise. Gigantic Guyver put his arm on her shoulder and they teleported away quickly followed by Zeus. Outside the Ruin that had battle raged on abruptly stopped as the Guyver forces against Chronos teleported away.

Imakarum sighed with relief as he hoped the battle was finally over. Chronos had finally after 7 days of combat seen the end of the attacks from ACTF?

ACTF HQ – Former Testing and Training Room

Out of all those that fought outside the Relic only Dreadnought and Gilgamesh where the only ones who teleported there. Dark Nova had gone back to China her mission now done she didn’t want to get involved in the politics that was about to happen over the newly captured units. W’Kar simply didn’t care what happened to any of the dormant units and went back to his Island to relax. Guardian and Zygote along with her four remaining clones had teleported back to New Cork.

Dreadnought was expecting things to calm down but could see Warrior Guyver 4 holding some sort or bomb looking device and Dr Drake was giving him some instructions. Before he could wonder what he was about to do he teleported away.

“What was that that he just teleported away?” asked Dreadnought as he stood beside Warrior Guyver 2

“That is a nuke of some kind,” said Warrior Guyver 2.

“Where’s he gone?”

“Well now that we’ve got all the units as we’re going to get, Chronos isn’t to be left with that advanced ship!”

“Dreadnought was about to protest but realised that it was a too late and b that part of him that still disliked Chronos agreed with this action.

At the Clan Ship crash site Warrior Guyver 4 placed the device in what was the Mark II Unit Chamber. He sensed the Chronos Guyvers coming towards him as they realised he had arrived back in the Ruin. But it was too late, he activated the bomb and teleported away. Shadow Guyver was the first there and the first to teleport away when he saw the counter at 04 seconds remaining. Imakarum somehow from him and before the counter had got to 01 he, most of the Overlords, Bio-Titans and Glidden and Chronos Guyvers were all teleported away. There was simply no time to teleport anymore troops as the nuke went off. All the remainder of the hyper-zoanoid and bio-blaster type forces left behind barely had a moment to ponder why they had being left by themselves. There was a blinding flash from the Ruin followed by other destruction as it was vaporised in the explosion. From the Ark Imakarum could see the massive mushroom cloud as it reached up into the horizon. The fight for the Clan Ship was finally over.

Angel Epilogue:

Kazimierz Dolny

After Angel arrived back in her hotel room an hour or so ago she had a long relaxing shower. She was now in a deep sleep. So deep she completely ignored calls for her to aid EDF troops who pressed against Chronos operations. Now that she was asleep for the first time in a number of days nothing was about to wake her up. In a way she probably though wished she could. She was having a nightmare, she was pregnant and her child was lost to her after a zoanoid badly injured her. The dream seemed odd to her like she was seeing through someone else’s eyes reliving their nightmare. The dream continued and changed like all dreams do. She died in her dream to a creature she did not know and had never seen bore only for the darkness to fade and for to be reborn to a binging light that bound her. She looked down at her Guyver enhanced stomach only to notice she was pregnant again?

At that point she woke up with a start. Her eyes blinked and she realised very quickly she hadn’t got enough sleep by the blistered feeling of her eyes. She was thirsty though and wrapped a dressing gown around herself and went to the bathroom. She ran the cold tap for over ten seconds then filled the glass  and drank the water. It was then she looked at the mirror. Looking at her lf like features and hair she wondered what she would look like if she was a normal girl. Shrugging her shoulders Angel realised with the lack of sleep she had she could barely focus on even that and walked back to her bed. She’d hoped though she’d dream about something other than her former life, if that was what she suspected she saw in those dreams. Deep down she didn’t know and that was what worried her.

Dark Nova Epilogue:

Like Angel there was another Guyver who was both emotionally and physically shattered after the last 7 days of battles. Dark Nova had her life changed yet again. Her Unit had being upgraded making her immensely powerful and had yet to fully understand how much her unit had being changed.  A new good friend of hers had also being badly injured. Guyver XT was not in a good state before he decided to battle Crystallite. Since then and his adverse reaction to Dreadnought’s Matrix he’d being in a coma like trance healing himself. Dark Nova though worried the damage would be too much even for this unique Guyver she had come to know. Now though it was time to rest and to hope tomorrow would bring a better day for her friends.

Guyver 11 Epilogue:

New York City’s China Town District

Formerly the first Guyver of the CRF she pondered what her future would be like? Over the last two days she had tried to get in contact with her former colleges but they had completely ignored her. Maybe they had found out that she had joined ACTF?

She wouldn’t have put it past Dark Nova for letting them know she had betrayed her ideals. But the last few days were such an eye opener. She had seen Guyvers with powers that dwarfed hers. It was not only that which contributed to her changing her mind. She had seen for the first time since X-Day people free of Chronos. ACTF had appointed a Chinese American guide and translator to her that was also a young marine. Mai and her had visited the wider city to learn about America and its people outside that of a ACTF militarised zone of the city.

When ACTF HQ was attacked she was in New York City’s China Town district. No one here knew of her and her group, but they knew of the Dark Nova and the Nova Twins and their fight to free the people of China from the forces of Chronos. It was only then she realised how wrong the CRF was. It wasn’t about politics it was about simple freedom. People here didn’t care about who governed China, they just didn’t want their family and relatives back in the homeland turned into monsters.

As she sat with her guide in a restaurant she was completely unaware that the ACTF HQ had being attacked or that even the battle in Australia was now over. But as they left the restaurant and walked by a TV shop they saw pictures of the devastating nuclear explosion from space in Australia.

Grakken Epilogue:


Home Hive

The Helena’s Revenge arrived in the Home Hive system. It was the first time in millennia that the Flagship of the Fleet was back in the centre of the Grakken Empire. It was thanks to the Empress herself that Commander Krackkson was alive to see his home world again as he arrived there soon after the old flag ship on the Queens Ship.  The coast had being huge by human and even personal terms for the Commander of the Sect. But before him the Home Hive Fleet was beyond count. Of the fleet that fought in the Earth’s system it would be only a few percent of what awaited them in at Home hive.

This was where the Grakken differed vastly from humanity. Yes they were sentient living beings that respected each other especially their elders. But when it came down to it, the Grakken were of a hive mentality willing to die, willing to see their friends and family die if it meant that the race lived on and was stronger for their sacrifice. The Sects sacrifice of near three quarters of their forces would be mourned. But in the end the Grakken would prevail.

The sect had fulfilled the mission he set out for it. They had captured Creator technology greater than the Red Core unit. Soon they would bring this unit to a unique device on the Home Hive, a left over for the time of the Creators. A Relic that was capable of replicating any Dormant Unit. If not for this device they would not be able to mass produce all the Grakken a Guyver based weapons. Soon they would be replicating their newly acquired Unit.

But it would be eons before they would have enough Units to even dream about a new war against the Creators. The Commander and the Queen knew this. But if there was one thing they learned from the Creators it was the patience of an immortal.

Seraph Epilogue:


Outer Edges of Earths Solar System near Pluto

After the Grakken had left the Solar system the Seraph’s fleet actively looked for any remote sign of their return. It was during that time they noticed what was once viewed by Chronos as the “Sacred Relic of the Uranus”. In all her time alive Seraph had never seen a Uranus ship of this size dwarfing that of the Ship she captured some years ago. A ship that announced the soon arrival of the Warrior Guyver for it had contact with the Guyver US who sent it away from Earth after the defeat of the Guyver Zoanoid. Seraph wondered how such a ship so old could even be active then. But here was a second extremely old ship orbiting Pluto so that it could not be seen from Earth.

Sensors on her ship picked up something unusual inside the core of the ship. It was Gen based but the ship could not completely scan it. As the Gen Earth Protector fleet closed in on the Living Relic the ships energy levels grew and a shield surrounded it. She commanded a Kavzar Commander and its task force to attempt to enter the ship. But they were unable to, whatever this shield was it prevented teleportation. The only way inside she could contemplate would be to use force. But against such a ship would require the permission of Krullnar. The great ship of the Uranus might not be on Earth’s surface but it definitely came from there recently.

ACTF Epilogue:


ACTF HQ – Former Testing and Training Room

To Stephen what was happening now was far worse than being in a battle. What was happening now was politics. Everyone knew Dreadnought had access to two Dormant Units. A dormant Mark II Warrior Unit and a Dormant Prototype Warrior Unit like his Unit was originally. Everyone also knew he would want impact on where these units would go before he handed them over despite him already leaving ACTF a few days ago. But he and General Carter didn’t see eye to eye. Things where very civil though and neither man had lost their temper. But at stake here was not only bragging rights to show who was in charge but basically a chance to mould who would be the next in line to get these dormant units.

“…and that is why I would recommend that Sean has his unit removed and receives a Warrior Unit Type 2,” said Dreadnought. Warrior Guyver 2 only focused in on that last part of Dreadnought’s conversation. That was an interesting possibility; Sean was the most experienced Guyver in ACTF. So with a more powerful Unit he would be a very potent force.

General Cater was about to decline the idea but saw Warrior Guyver 2 who was beside Dreadnought nodding his dead. “I think that would be acceptable, Sean’s dormant Unit though would go to a person selected by a military committee lead by Stephen.” Dreadnought nodded agreeing to this. Behind him Guyver US was leaning against a wall with Battle Guyver. He agreed with this too nodding his head and walking towards Dreadnought.

“Do you want me to do it now?” asked Dreadnought. Guyver US nodded and less than a second later a light shined from Dreadnought’s control medal hitting that of the Guyver US’s. The lines around the armoured parts of his bio-armour glowed for a briefest of moments then the armour deactivated and collected before him. Dreadnought raised his hand and motioned towards a Unit Holding chamber. The dormant Guyver Unit then glided through the air into the chamber sealing it safely inside.

Gigantic Guyver still held the dormant Warrior Unit Type 2 that had being decided upon was going to Sean. He now raised an important question. “I’ve being listening to your conversation General and I would also like to ask, what will those of us that fought with your forces in Australia that fight Chronos in Japan be receiving?” Dreadnought wondered for a moment if he had removed Sean’s unit prematurely now that Gigantic Guyver could potentially have thrown a spanner in the works.

“The ACTF and the USA greatly appreciates the aid you have given us Sho. That is what we want you personally to become the host of s Mark II Unit,” said General Carter. It wasn’t just Gigantic Guyver who was taken aback by that comment. It was Dreadnought as well! The idea hadn’t even crossed Jason’s mind. Sho too now thought about this. Yes he would lose control over his Gigantic Armour. Yes he’d no longer be what he once was. But importantly he would be in command of a very powerful new unit that he witnessed Guardian using. A type of Guyver that never needed to stop, it never needed to eat or drink or rest. Even the normal Warrior Unit had much to be admired for its near unstoppable abilities. Even while on paper being more powerful he knew all too well about the limitations of using the Gigantic’s most powerful weapons. Gigantic Guyver nodded in agreement with this suggestion.

As if on queue Dreadnought and the others detected a Guyver walking towards the former Testing and Training room. Dreadnought and Gigantic Guyver wondered who it was their sensors powerful enough to see the Guyver through the walls but it’s Guyver look was new. Moments later a male Guyver walked into the room. His armour was white and blue, much like that of Faye though the shading was slightly different.

“May I introduce that Guyver 14 Ahote Aandeg,” said General Carter.

“Aandeg, that’s a Native American name I believe?”

“Yes it is Jason, very astute of you,” answered Guyver 14. “I am Native American, though I’m also a Yale Graduate with first class honours. I’ve being a member of the 4th Armoured Division fighting in the toughest fighting spots since joining the ACTF and was part of the team that also fought off the rouge clone of the Guyver US.”

“Impressive, I see why the General would have chosen you,” said Dreadnought. The General wasn’t holding back in his choice this time, going for the best and brightest. He could guess where this was going, not only was Ahote going to be a new Guyver, he was also chosen to be the next Gigantic Guyver. Gigantic Guyver realised this too, but waited for the General to confirm this.

“Ahote is merged with the former Unit of Faye’s it is our wish that he becomes the next Gigantic Guyver, Sho as a reward for all the help he has given us will receive the Mark II Warrior Unit captured by Fiona,” said Warrior Guyver 2. Dreadnought and Gigantic Guyver looked at each other and nodded. Dreadnought knew he would have to give up that Unit but at least it was no going to someone he could trust.

“Aandeg, I’m going to detach the Gigantic to it’s cocoon. It will stay here, you need to then walk into the cocoon and the Gigantic will link with you,” said Gigantic Guyver.

Guyver 14 signalled that he was ready and like how Guyver 1 explained the Gigantic Cocoon appeared and the Gigantic Armour detached off his Guyver 1 armour much like how a Guyver would detach off a human being. Guyver 1 walked out of the way and Guyver 14 backed himself into the Cocoon as it closed around him. Outside the colour of the Cocoon changed from a yellow colour to white. Moments later a large white and blue Gigantic Guyver stepped out of the cocoon as it disappeared behind him. His eyes glowed brightly along with his control medal as he blew air out of the breathers rapidly.

Guyver 1 then turned to Dreadnought and nodded, like the Guyver US a light shun on his control medal and his Unit detached itself from him. Sho wondered as his now Dormant Unit formed in front of him if he should in fact stay human. But no, for all the sacrifices of his friends to save him, to fight Chronos and for humanity he had to use his experience and master a new Unit. He looked on as his dormant Unit entered a chamber beside that of what was the Guyver US’s Unit.

Warrior Guyver 2 and General Carter looked on approvingly, no more debating on what would be best for the county or for the ACTF. General Carter had guessed both Gigantic Guyver and Dreadnought would have issues, these had now being death with and still this had gone as the General had planned. Both of the most experienced Guyvers would now get powerful Units. Their old Units would go to a new group of men. Men selected by him!

Warrior Guyver 2 walked with Sean holding his new Unit to the right team’s room, a room where the right Combat Armour team would prepare to test their new combat suits. Sho walked along with Dreadnought, his future unit appearing in his hand from the Ship orbiting Pluto walked towards the left Combat Armour room. The both where handed their new dormant Units and entered the large rooms going to middle of them before activating their Units. Minutes later two new Warrior Guyvers where born. While they clearly had what was characteristic of a Warrior Unit both Sean and Sho retained many elements of their original looks mainly around the head and the colour of their units. Of Sho’s Unit though it retained some characteristics of the Gigantic like shoulders. This made Dreadnought wonder how much of Sho’s will went into the design of his Gigantic and what would have happened if he was not so focused on the defeat of Alkanphel much like himself. All four of them walked now back towards General Carter.

Dreadnought knew now that basically as he had got what he wanted for Sean and also unexpectedly for Sho too and that General Carter had agreed with him it was time to also give ACTF the dormant Prototype Warrior Unit he had captured earlier. The Matrix that he now used to the control the Relic of the Uranus had finished repairing the Unit as the fight concluded in Australia. It was with a single command to that Matrix that the Dormant Unit was teleported across the solar system to Dreadnought’s hands. He walked to another empty chamber and sealed away the Unit. Dreadnought signed in a way he was relieved, he didn’t want the responsibly of having to select hosts for those units. ACTF was something he didn’t totally agree with, but it was something that stood up for American’s who didn’t want to become monsters.

No sooner had the four of them joined General Carter they all sensed the arrival of Zeus and Gigantic Cerise in the room along with an old man in a lab coat. Dreadnought had noticed earlier equipment he didn’t recognise earlier in that part of the room but reckoned it was one of Dr Drake’s projects. But as the old man walked over to inspect the equipment Dreadnought and Sho realised this was not just some mere old man. Zeus then teleported away and arrived a few moments later with two Bio-Tubes. As Zeus worked quickly to connect them up to the equipment in the room Dreadnought looked at what was inside them. The first surprise was a creature Dreadnought recognised, the Libertus! If that was not enough beside it was an injured looking Zoalord!

Dreadnought was about to ask the General what was happening when the Dr Redmond entered the room. The only line of thought on his mind was simple, “We’ve found our controller!”

Chronos Epilogue:


The Ark – Orbiting over Australia

In the central control section of the ship the Twelve Navigator Zoalords managed the great ship and where supervising the troops and personal rescued from the Clan Ship Crash site. Imakarum stood in the command centre of the great ship looking at displays of different sections of the ship. With the Navigators taking over the running of the ship it allowed him to now focus on what was important. Now that the Ruin was destroyed Chronos had to get back to what was important, the subjugation of the Earth. All Elite Zoalords and Disciple Zoalords where back in their home bases. There first mission to secure their locations and presence and then to produce new Bio-Titan’s and Glidden to replace those that died in the last 7 days of battle. Out of all that Chronos had lost, it had lost a large percentage of the Hyper-Zoanoid population.

Imakarum though did have one distinct advantage though which was time. ACTF did not have time to press any advantage they had in the USA. They also had lost a large percentage of their forces and their equipment in Australia. Given the amount of time since they retreated back to the USA they simply didn’t have the time to get the logistics in place to attack Texas and Arizona.

The only location that really worried Imakarum was Europe. There the EDF had pressed the advantage of the lack of Hyper Zoanoids and Zoalords to attack facilities in Russia. Chronos could not allow the European forces to liberate Russia. To do so would allow a huge percentage of the populous to not be processed and would jeopardise Chronos plans. Chronos would have to make sure all reserves and remaining Bio-Titan’s would reinforce these locations.

At the same time he thought about the forces on Earth, Imakarum pondered the future of Chronos. The last 7 days did not just affect the forces of Chronos zoanoids, but that of its leadership. He moved to the large room nearby and inside it where three large Cocoons. All were different form each other.

Warrior Guyver Natasha’s Cocoon was a deep red in colour.  Her Cocoon looked like that of the Gigantic Guyvers. Imakarum pondered what she would become, would she still be with Chronos? In that respect Natasha for a very long time was “Guyver” in respect of her being Out of Control. Being a rather unique lost number she was always capable of independent thought. Before even Valkus was fully aware of her and her capabilities Imakarum had met her when Alkanphel and him had discovered their project in the Ark. It was a project that saved the life of Prug’stall. But how long Natasha would remain in her cocoon would be a mystery. It would be anywhere from a year to a few months.

He moved along to the next Cocoon. This was a dark purple colour and it looked like a pod that would form around a caterpillar only at a much larger scale. It looked nothing like that of a Gigantic’s Cocoon. When Kron’s head was thrown into his hands by a being that called himself W’Kar, it in a matter of moments after the gloating W’Kar left started to cover itself in bio-material and grew exponentially. After a minute or so it had hardened into that was before him now on the Ark. Valkus theorised that Kron’s Bio-Lord device done this so that it could recover his body. Being that his control over his Unit was from his Zoacrystal the Unit should not be capable of absorbing him as his head was intact. Imakarum though was less concerned though about Kron as he moved along to the next Cocoon.

Then there was the Cocoon of Alkanphel. Like Kron, his cocoon was random in shape. Like Kron both Imakarum and Valkus were unable to contact the Zoalord inside the cocoon. Imakarum looked at a display screen that showed the memory of a scout zoanoid that witnessed the events of Alkanphel’s fall. The creator forces used some kind of modified Unit Remover on him. During the removal process it fired four tendrils into Warrior Alkanphel’s armour that looked to visually work like a tasar to shock the Unit off him. But they where interrupted by the Eliminator. A being Imakarum later witnessed attacking Dreadnought and Female Warrior Guyver. As the Eliminator fought off the Creator forces the remover looked like it was pulled into his armour. The bio-amour destabilised around it and by the time Eliminator had finished battling the Creator forces Alkanphel was encased inside a cocoon.

As Imakarum thought of this he sensed a presence in the room. Imakarum turned around to see the large form of the Eliminator kneeling before him.

Krullnar Epilogue:


Creator Fleet orbiting Mars

Krullnar was pleased with how the events of the last 7 Earth Days had gone. Yes the Grakken had captured a Unit from an alternative Universe. Yes the forces of Horas had failed to stop it from happening and it could be argued the restrictions placed on Horas by Krullnar played into that hand. But Krullnar knew something that only the Council of the 13 themselves knew. Being honest with himself he actually looked forward to the Grakken having a more powerful base unit.

Krullnar looked on at a display emitted from the central Control Sphere of the ship. The display that he could see through his control medal was of Dreadnought. As he forced on the gravity controllers the display would give him observed power levels that it had gathered from the Warrior Guyver 4. Krullnar was impressed by what the Warrior Guyver had become.

As Krullnar thought of the Grakken and Dreadnought, Seraph contacted him and informed him of the Uranus living Relic orbiting Pluto. As he saw the scans from the ship he realised what was inside that ship. He’d seen this type of interference before, only one other being could do something similar and that was Dreadnought. Inside that ship was what humans called a Matrix device. But the ship was not just active it had a powerful shield beyond that of an old Uranus ship. He suspected who was using that ship given that it had captured technology from another Universes Gen or Federation race. Without more knowledge of the paradox he faced by challenging Dreadnought he would have to not interfere with him. He understood now why the Council of 13 warned him away from Dreadnought now. Dreadnought was shaping events to come. Krullnar suspected he was even responsible for the Ruined Ship crashed to Earth from another dimension. That could have being the start of this paradox the Gen now faced?

Dreadnought Epilogue:


High in the atmosphere above Australia Outback where the Ruins Clanship was once located

Dreadnought never had a chance to even object to ACTF using a nuke against Chronos. It was one of many things that ACTF had surprised him with today. One of many things he should have known they could have and would do to simply beat Chronos. Without that raw hate that used to drive him he realised he was a changed man by having Fiona back. That part of him that was logical knew it wasn’t the “real” Fiona but in his heart she was just like how he remembered. It was that he basically had her back. He wondered if it was because of that he lost that edge hate gave him to do things he normally wouldn’t?

Maybe he thought, but at the moment he now hovered high above the area where the Clanship Ruin once was. There was a massive crater where that ship once was. The air and everything he could sense on the ground his unit warned him had high levels of radiation and that it would damage him if he deactivated his unit. Australia as a country though didn’t deserve to have a fall out worst than Chernobyl in the middle of its country. He wondered for a moment if he could do this? Only one way to find out!

His control medal and the Matrix in the centre of it glowed. Moments later the gravity orbs on his chest, abdomen and shoulder pods all glowed as energy collected around them. Before Dreadnought clouds and air began to be sucked towards the area in front of him. This then became more and more intense and soon topsoil and dirt on the ground was pulled up towards and area in front of Dreadnought. Dreadnought focused and soon anything eradiated from the nuclear blast was being pulled towards him.

High above Dreadnought, Navigator Zoalords inside the Ark where the first to notice the atmospheric event as it happened. Natasha the leader of the Navigators looked on in awe as they scanned what was happening. Dreadnought was cleaning up all irradiated material around the nuclear blast site. She informed Imakarum of what was happening. He told her not to interfere, this was neither the time to attack him and anyway why should they stop him from doing what he was doing as it did not interfere with Chronos?

The mass collecting in front of Dreadnought grew and grew as he collected more energy from his HSL system to power what he was doing. The orb collecting in front of him surpassed that of him in size and started to grow exponentially more and more. After only a few minutes the size of the orb grew so much it was the size of the ACTF HQ building. It was taking all the power Dreadnought could muster to hold all of it together. But finally he’d collected the worst of the radiated fallout in front of him. He reached forward and touched it with his hands and focused. Moments later the object was teleported close by the sun and simply disappeared in seconds from the intense heat.

Dreadnought relaxed and scanned as far has he could. He couldn’t sense anything for hundred and thousands of miles from him that was irradiated. Happy no more innocents would be affected by this he teleported away.

New Cork Texas

Dreadnought arrived on the road outside his home. He could sense his wife and friends inside the house. He wondered about Warrior Guyver US as he decided to nickname him; calling him Warrior Guyver 6 just seemed wrong. Sean the newest Warrior Guyver in ACTF was someone he knew well. Sean hated Chronos, and now even hated them more than him for turning friends into half complete zoanoids just to kill them and for turning Cori’s father into a zoanoid and for killing the man. Sean had reasons to hate Chronos. But now ACTF was about to do the same and Agito and Redmond where working together he wondered how long Sean would stay there. The town had a number of good houses in it. He could easily stay here Dreadnought though.

But there was one eye sore that after all the fighting with Chronos the last few days just had to go. The New Cork Chronos office out post had to go. He was about to attack it when another idea came to him. While he was in Australia the Matrix on board the Creator ship he had captured reported the modern Creator forces had tried to teleport inside it and it had prevented them. He stood there for a moment and wondered. The New Cork Chronos outpost was up on a hill at the outer edges of town. The idea was then reinforced in his mind when he realised then if he was away it would prevent anyone form attacking Fiona and teleporting near her.

Dreadnought’s control medal glowed, moments later a wormhole appeared above the Chronos outpost. Above it the Creator Ship Dreadnought controlled through the Matrix appeared. The zoanoids inside the based never knew what happened as their building was destroyed has the ship landed on them. The shield expanded and was reinforced as Dreadnought manipulated the Matrix inside the ship for it’s new mission. The shield now covered all of New Cork and a few miles outside it. The shield turned from a yellow colour to something that couldn’t being seen with the naked eye. Dreadnought now happy New Cork would never be attacked again deactivated his armour and entered his home.

Eve Epilogue:


Denver Colorado

In an old abandoned building in East Colfax the body of Eve Michaels laid on the ground. The hole in her head was now gone. Slowly her body began to move. She looked around the house. It had a hole in the ceiling and in the floor above that there was yet another large hole and she could see the morning sky through it. She looked around and saw a shattered mirror by the corner of the room Picking it up she used it to look at her face.

Her human mind suddenly was aware of what she was. She looked at her hands and at her body, all she was still wearing was the cover that was placed over her body. She wondered what she was going to do? She was at one time the embodiment of the Gen Race. Their life’s work, the Matrix, now she was human. Her body had deep scars and missing organs that had being regenerated. But what was her purpose now? She was in a foreign universe. It was no longer looking for instructions. It could think of it’s own free will now. She looked down at her stomach as it growled. She was hungry? She then realised something that she hadn’t considered. What do humans eat? What do modern humanity does do to get food? It looked around and realised it had no idea what the answer was to all these questions but the answer was not here.

She moved towards a boarded up window and her eyes glowed as the word that covered it was telekinetically pulled out flung behind her. Looking out the window she could see some people walking by chatting and talking. Looking down at the mere cover that was on her she realised she was not dressed correctly to mix with humanity. There would be much she would need to learn if she wanted to survive, there would be more she would need to discover and fast if she simply wanted to live among humanity.

The End of 7 Days Part 7