This is a fan-fiction based on characters created by Yoshiki Takaya and contains violent situations with adult language. Any similarity to actual persons, living or dead is unintentional and purely coincidental.

Title7 Days Of Hell: Part 5
AuthorBrian O’Sullivan

An incredibly massive explosion of gravitational energy erupted as two powerful but incompatible destructive energy fields collided, the resulting feedback is devastating to both Warrior Guyver Vamore and Dreadnought as they were explosively flung from each other. The shockwave of the explosion could be felt for miles as virtually all combatants in the surrounding area found themselves slammed to the ground and tossed around like rag dolls. Those nearest the epicentre of the explosion were literally squashed like bugs as the powerful gravitational shockwave slammed them into the ground with incredible force. The normally dark and light blue Dreadnought was now a smoking charred wreck and crashed through a dead tree, miles from his previous position at the epicentre of the explosion, before hitting the ground and finally coming to a stop. He quickly regained his senses knowing he was surrounded by a huge army of zoanoids and looked down at his burnt body, immediately noticing his pyramid crystals, which normal glows a mixed green and white, were not only shattered but burnt out hollows. He knew instantly what it meant. Both his primary shielding and power channelling capability was now crippled. He would not be able to adequately shield himself or fully use any of his power wave attacks until the crystals on his body regenerated.

Miles in the opposite direction from which Dreadnought had been sent by the explosion, Dreadnought sensed that Warrior Guyver Vamore was also badly damaged, his body virtually pulverized by the explosion, but his Control Medal was still intact and he was quickly regenerating. Fortunately Dreadnought could still block him from teleporting even without the full use of his energy channelling abilities. Now was the time to finish that bastard off and maybe remove his unit. But then Dreadnought sensed every last Bio-Titan in the area heading towards him. At first he thought in arrogance that he was Dreadnought and a lowly Bio-Titan was nothing. But then he remembered that they could overpower him with ease when in a group. This was an army and he had no serious shielding for a few minutes. Too much was at stake for him to let his pride get in the way when he knew full well that it was time to call in some backup but when he tried to call out to Zeus and the other Warrior Guyvers he was shocked to find that the unthinkable had happened and he himself was being blocked. There was only one thing in the world that he could think of which could possibly be responsible. “Oh god, is it that THING which attacked Fiona here!?” he thought out loud in a barely perceptible whisper.

But it was not just Eliminator’s arrival at the battle scene which worried Dreadnought, it was Tonnin’s! Dreadnought sensed the other Warrior Guyvers and Zeus flying towards him at high speed. He knew then that they too were somehow being blocked. But as Tonnin closed in on him, another powerful ally joined the battle as W’Kar appeared out of nowhere with his two Mega-Smashers open. Tonnin only had a second to think as the blast tore through the sky towards him but as the Mega-Smasher energy consumed him the former experimental Creator weapon seemed doomed.

Dreadnought quickly found that he was also being blocked from teleporting and realised now just how advanced this thing which was blocking him and the other Warrior Guyvers was. Even more worrisome was the sudden feeling that his energy was being drained. There was no time to waste now, he knew given time his unit would adapt to this new threat but he also knew what it was really here for and with that thought his back thrusters fired and gravity controllers glowed, rocketing him away from combined Bio-Titan and various other Bio-Blaster zoanoid fire with a thunderous boom as he instantly accelerated to super sonic speeds. Head sensors moved back and forward in a crazed manner as Dreadnought rapidly dodged multiple laser and energy blasts as he sped towards Female Warrior Guyver’s location several miles away. . .

Even as Dreadnought closed in Zeus guessed that it was to protect Female Warrior Guyver. Knowing they could ill afford to let their most powerful member get too distracted he stopped dead in his tracks as the others flew on towards Dreadnought. Below Zeus any hyper-zoanoid with hair found it standing on edge. A Minodlius and a Panadyne hyper-zoanoids noticed this and wondered what was happening. Only an Elegen hyper-zoanoid realised what was happening quite quickly as he sensed the atmosphere below Zeus electrify.

The hyper-zoanoid did not have time to alert anyone as out of nowhere the sky darkened and storm clouds filled it. Alfrid Drano sensed the unease in his troops and then sensed the mind of the Elegen close by but it was already too late to act as a huge discharge of electricity flowed through Zeus followed by countless bolts of lightning exiting simultaneously from the dark clouds above. It was only a second later that over three hundred hyper-zoanoids were burnt to a crisp. Only the odd Bio-Titan still stood.

At the outskirts of the destruction Zoalord Drano, who was now in his Zoalord battle form, faced Zeus. Suddenly Drano’s crystals ripped from his body and flew in front of him as every Bio-Titan in a mile radius fired their bio-smasher at him. Zeus had sensed the energy build up and had already opened his Hyper Smashers and fired them, just as Drano redirected the energy of the Bio-Titans bio-smashers through his crystals to form a single massive energy blast. In what only took a blink of an eye Zeus’s Hyper Smasher beams were quickly overwhelmed and he himself was consumed by the beam. Even with his powerful shielding he could not survive for long. Moments later what was left of him seemed to vanish, consumed by the incredibly powerful energy blast as the beam moved on and disappeared into the horizon

Warrior Guyver 2, Warrior Guyver 4, Warrior Aceaer and Female Warrior Guyver circled around Dreadnought as they all continued to dodge fire from hyper-zoanoids and returned fire whenever possible.

“Dreadnought, why can’t we talk through our units!!!?” roared Warrior Guyver 2.

“I don’t know!” shouted Dreadnought as he looked at the massive beam which hit Zeus disappear over the horizon.

“Oh God, Agito, is he dead?” shouted Warrior Guyver 4 as flew by the two of them and fired a head beam through a Thancrus’ head.

“I don’t know. But we better focus on the battle or we’ll be joining him!” shouted Dreadnought.

As the other Guyvers continued to dodge and return fire Gilgamesh had started to wonder why he had lost contact with them. But in the heat of the battle and with loads of high level zoanoids attempting to blast him out of the sky he quickly forgot about them and focused on survival. Even more so when miles away he sensed a person who was really annoying him, Sedah. The last time they fought he had lost, but “NOT THIS TIME!” he roared in challenge.

Dreadnought’s head sensors moved back and forward relentlessly looking for any sign of the Eliminator. But there was nothing. He only knew he was being fooled somehow and that it or something else like it was close by. He looked at Female Warrior Guyver and knew he could not face losing her, not again, and especially not to this thing. Fortunately he felt his full strength starting to return as his unit finally adapted to the energy drain from the Eliminator, though he was still unable to teleport or communicate telepathically with the other Guyvers. He only knew he had to do something soon to end this stalemate.

Dreadnought’s control medal flared and time seemed to stop around him as his unit started to quantum compute all the tactical possibilities of his situation. In a single instant his unit allowed him to analyse all possible scenarios until one single course of action became apparent to him. In the next instant Dreadnought’s perception returned to normal as he finally decided on a course of action. Quickly he flew before the Female Warrior Guyver and grabbed her shoulders. Their Control Medals flared as their close proximity allowed Dreadnought to temporarily break through the block and telepathically share his plan with Female Warrior Guyver. She nodded her understanding and then he stepped away and before the other Warrior Guyvers, as they fought the Zoanoids below, Female Warrior Guyver appeared to glow and then there were two of them standing next to each other.

Dreadnought grinned beneath his armour as the first part of his plan was working. To the others and even to Female Warrior Guyver herself it sensed like it was now two of her standing next to each other!

Dreadnought waved for one of the Female Warrior Guyvers to follow him and shouted at Warrior Guyver 2 to stay with the other Female Warrior Guyver. Then he flew towards a large group of Bio-Titans with one of the Female Warrior Guyver’s following close behind. With his pyramid shaped body crystals still regenerating Dreadnought created and focused a large pressure cannon shield in front of him to deflect any incoming fire and flew right for the largest group of Bio-Titans he could find as fast as possible.

Warrior Guyver 2 looked on wondering what the hell was happening. One Female Warrior Guyver kept close to him while the other flew closely behind Dreadnought. He could not tell which one was real of if they both where? Dreadnought did reappear with one of them only a day or two ago and this only confused the matter . . . This line of thought was quickly left behind as a huge plume of debris flew up from Dreadnought’s point of impact. Countless zoanoids along with anything else on the ground ended up flung into the air quickly impairing everything but Guyvers seeing anything further than a foot away for over a mile in all directions.

Dreadnought landed in the middle of the destruction he had caused with the Female Warrior Guyvers that had followed him landing beside him. He looked now for any sign of movement in the dirt hoping to see the outline of the Eliminator. But there was nothing. This thing was able to control its cloaking ability on par with him. Anything else would have been forced to de-cloak and show itself.

Then with speed that surprised him the being de-cloaked and in a blink of an eye had shoved its sharpened claw like fingers through Female Warrior Guyver’s back and right through her heart. Female Warrior Guyver was then blasted from its arm sending her flying to the ground in no shape to fight with blood pouring from the huge open wound. The Eliminator then opened its Mega-Smasher plates and readied to finish off its prey.

In an incredible burst of speed Dreadnought flashed right in front of the being which had in a heartbeat already collected enough energy to obliterate the wounded Female Warrior Guyver. Dreadnought then found himself on the receiving end of a very powerful hyper-smasher.

For a second the battle seemed to stop as the Guyvers scanned the destruction around Dreadnought. But behind Dreadnought the sign was not that of a person being overwhelmed as it became apparent that the wounded Female Warrior Guyver with him had not been obliterated and that he had successfully blocked the attack. As the blast cleared, the orbs on Dreadnought’s body shimmered as cloaking fields disappeared to reveal fully regenerated pyramid crystals.

Eliminator seemed to be taken aback for a moment as suddenly it was allowed to sense the full ability of what it was up against. Dreadnought seized the initiative using all the speed he could muster and power punched it right where its human nose would have been, smashing through its shield and sending it flying.

But as it landed on its back it seemed to almost snap back to reality as it fluidly flipped itself back over onto its feet and fired two gravity balls towards Dreadnought. Dreadnought immediately raised his gravity shield expecting to be able to redirect the energy right back at his attacker. But suddenly he sensed a massive energy spike behind him. Leaning backward, Dreadnought’s back thrusters fired and he shot into the air an instant before a massive Mega-Smasher blast tore through where he had stood just an instant before, missing Eliminator but completely engulfing the fallen Female Warrior Guyver.

The Guyvers were shocked to see the fallen Female Warrior Guyver still there after the blast had cleared but then she too shimmered and disappeared. Making it apparent she had only been a hologram.

Dreadnought’s sensors focused on the attacker, it was Warrior Guyver Vamore. He thought to himself that the fool did not know when to quit when he was ahead. In an instant Dreadnought focused his power through his quantum beam orbs, sending three powerful laser like focused energy beam blasts towards the Warrior Guyver Vamore. Two of the beams hit and tore through the Warrior Guyver Vamore’s Hyper Smashers shoulder pods, temporarily destroying them, while the third hit and severed off his left arm from the shoulder.

Dreadnought was about to open his Quantum Smashers to finish the job when he suddenly realized he could no longer sense the Eliminator. He twisted around looking for it, hoping against hope that it was not going after the real Female Warrior Guyver, when suddenly he felt its whip like vibrational swords rip into his back. It only took an instant for him to pull away but Dreadnought was surprised both by the fact the Eliminator had so easily penetrated his shielding and at the pain he felt from the attack. His unit quickly informed him that the Eliminator had drained some of his energy during the brief contact and also had injected something into him when it tore into his back and his unit was having difficulty dealing with it as it flooded through him and acted like a poison.

Thought Dreadnought to himself

Seeing that Dreadnought was in trouble the remaining Female Warrior Guyver broke away from Warrior Guyver 2 and started to fly towards Dreadnought. Warrior Guyver 2 saw this and quickly channelled his CPM’s to boost his speed and flew after her, in an instant he had caught up and was about to grab her leg to stop her when he sensed an energy spike and stopped dead in his tracks as he quickly redirected his CPM’s into a directed shield to block a Bio-Smasher blast from a nearby Bio-Titan that had aimed at Female Warrior Guyver but hit Warrior Guyver 2 instead. By the time the blast cleared Female Warrior Guyver had already reached Dreadnought’s side and was blasting away with her head beam at the Eliminator.

“Oh crap!” Warrior Guyver 2 exclaimed as he again launched himself after the Female Warrior Guyver but it was already too late as the Eliminator lashed out with its vibrational swords, extended like a Gigantic’s whip like vibrational swords, and sliced the Female Warrior Guyver in half. But before the two halves could fall to the ground they shimmered and disappeared as it was revealed that she too had only been a hologram. Warrior Guyver 2 had no time to ponder what was going on when he suddenly sensed another Bio-Titan targeting him

The few seconds the hologram Female Warrior Guyver had bought Dreadnought wasn’t enough for his unit to fully adapt to the Eliminator’s poison but it did allow him to recover enough to now launch a counter attack. Dreadnought then quickly channelled his power to create a massive ball of energy above himself before yelling out, “Hey asshole here’s a little something I learnt from another asshole named Tonnin.” Dreadnought then threw the massive ball of energy towards the Eliminator.

The Eliminator tried to teleport out of the way but found itself being blocked by Dreadnought. Unable to escape in time the Elimintor activated its energy draining fiery aura and grabbed the massive ball of energy as it slammed into the Eliminator and started pushing it back but the energy ball quickly shrank and faded to nothing as its energy was absorbed by the Eliminator. Leaving an unharmed Eliminator still standing before Dreadnought.

Dreadnought grimaced beneath his armour, “Yeah well that didn’t work too well against me either.”

But Dreadnought was feeling better as his unit finally adapted to Eliminator’s poison and his back fully regenerated

The other Guyvers were having a tougher time of it, without the ability to communicate through their units they soon found it near impossible to coordinate their efforts. No longer were they the well oiled fighting machine they had been just minutes before but rather desperate individuals now fighting to stay alive against overwhelming numbers. Warrior Guyver 2 had managed to rejoin them but with every Bio-Titan they took out a dozen seemed to take its place

Eliminator lashed out with its whip like vibrational swords in an attempt to tear through Dreadnought but his unit had adapted and quickly countered with his own swords before lashing out with rapid fire from his quantum beam orbs, putting the Eliminator on the defensive. The Eliminator then tried to cloak but Dreadnought quickly countered with an incredible burst of speed and rammed the Eliminator before it could fully cloak, smashing it into the ground and forcing it to de-cloak. Just as quickly Dreadnought reached down with his left arm and grabbed Eliminator by the neck, tearing it out of the ground and was about to power punch its head with his free right arm when suddenly the Eliminator grabbed his left arm with its clawed hands and dug into Dreadnought’s armour, siphoning energy as it activated its gravity control orb, simultaneously pulling Dreadnought’s hand away from its neck, and twisted around to slam the surprised Dreadnought into the ground. Dreadnought then activated one of his back thrusters and twisted free of Eliminator’s grip, tearing rivulet like gashes through Dreadnought’s arm, but just as quickly Eliminator opened its left Hyper Smasher and a heartbeat later Dreadnought was engulfed by the powerful beam and sent hurtling away until he slammed into a group of Bio-Titans nearly a mile away.

Instantly the Bio-Titans swarmed towards Dreadnought in mass. The closest Bio-Titan launched itself towards Dreadnought with its bio-swords extended, ready to stab through Dreadnought’s Control Medal, but Dreadnought instantly countered with his sonic busters and atomised it. Dreadnought then rapidly fired all his quantum beam orbs as he simultaneously twisted around and lashed out with his whip like vibrational swords, which he combined with a zoalord type energy tendril vortex. The combination attack quickly tore through and obliterated all the Bio-Titans within a hundred feet of Dreadnought but like an army of ants the Bio-Titan army continued to swarm towards Dreadnought and a moment later he quickly disappeared beneath a pile of them. In the very next instant beams of blinding white light could be seen piercing the pile of Bio-Titans and a second later they were vaporized by a powerful power wave enhanced blast field. Dreadnought immediately released another power wave enhanced blast field that managed to obliterate another group of surrounding Bio-Titans before the next group combined their shields to block the attack. But despite the onslaught of Bio-Titans Dreadnought’s main concern was still the Eliminator which he now sensed had lost interest in him and was now scanning the area.

NO!!! roared Dreadnought even as more Bio-Titans prepared to attack him but in the next instant Dreadnought glowed with a bright blue light which quickly exploded outward. Instantly knocking away all the surrounding Bio-Titans, for over a mile radius, and giving Dreadnought some much needed breathing room but the soliton wave matrix energy bomb had no effect on the Eliminator as it simply absorbed its energy before cloaking.

Thought Dreadnought angrily as he felt the pain from his still regenerating left forearm. Between the energy drain and poison effect even his unit was having difficulties dealing with Eliminator’s physical attacks.




But no sooner had that thought been made that Dreadnought suddenly sensed two things simultaneously. One was the Warrior Guyver Vamore, who had re-attached its arm and with its now regenerated shoulder Smashers was now preparing to fire upon him. The other thing Dreadnought sensed, or more precisely lacked the sense of, was an unidentifiable gap in his hyper sensory perception coming right up behind him. Dreadnought’s Control Medal then flared as he focused his power to quickly regenerate his arm and then twisted around and grabbed the still cloaked Eliminator. In an instant Dreadnought instinctively activated his unit’s quantum speed ability and appeared next to Warrior Guyver Vamore with Eliminator in tow, his after imaging confusing the Warrior Guyver Vamore just long enough for him to now fire in the wrong direction. Dreadnought then slams Eliminator into Warrior Guyver Vamore, knocking them both to the ground as he rips open his chest plates and prepares to Quantum Hyper Smash them to oblivion.

Eliminator was underneath the fallen Warrior Guyver Vamore and was the first to react to its predicament, moving with lightning quick speed it tossed Warrior Guyver Vamore out of the way as it fluidly flipped back onto its feet and jumped into the air an instant before the incredible power of Dreadnought’s Quantum Hyper Smashers tore through the spot it had been. The Warrior Guyver Vamore was tossed sufficiently far enough to avoid being directly hit by the beam and shielded itself from what little of the beam’s corona it was expose to before getting fully clear of the beam but the resulting shockwave of its passage slammed into him and knocked him like a rag doll for over a mile before he could regain control of his flight. . . Miles away the Quantum Smasher beam tore through the Bio-Titan ranks and vaporized over a hundred of them before the beam could be seen disappearing into the horizon.

The Eliminator now flew over the beam and headed towards Dreadnought, who in turn tried to redirect the beam towards it but quickly saw it was going to land behind him before he could redirect the beam.

Within the span of single second Dreadnought had stopped the beam and slammed his chest cell plates shut before quickly twisting around and giving the Eliminator a power punch with his left arm a mere split second later after it had landed behind him. The Eliminator manages to absorb the power of the power punch with its energy draining fiery aura and shields but before it could fully recover Dreadnought struck it again with a power punch from his right arm. Unable to absorb the power of the second powerful blow the Eliminator’s chest caves in and it was sent hurtling into the air at several times the speed of sound. Such was the power of the two Power Punches that a sizeable crater had formed beneath Dreadnought from the shockwaves produced from his attacks. But Dreadnought had no time to press his attack as his hyper sensor orbs quickly warned him that Warrior Guyver Vamore was now targeting him again and he activated his back thrusters as he narrowly dodged a hail of high powered Hyper Smasher pulses from Warrior Guyver Vamore’s shoulder Smashers

Warrior Aceaer was doing his best to hold his own but he was taking on damage and finding it more and more difficult to dodge enemy fire but fortunately for him he was sticking close to Guardian, who was taking some of the heat off him. Guardian meanwhile had in an instant twisted around and crushed the skull of a Bio-Titan that was about to stab her with its vibrational bio-swords, before lightning quick slicing it into four separate halves with her vibrational swords, but before its body could fall to the ground Guardian had engulfed it in a black hole attack, destroying the body before it could regenerate, and sending the attack out towards a group of three Bio-Titans already charging towards Guardian. They quickly countered with a combined Bio-Smasher blast that obliterated the black hole attack but Guardian had already opened her Mega Smashers and fired upon the Bio-Titans and engulfed them in its fiery energy before they even realized they were still being attacked.

While nearby another Bio-Titan was about to slash into Warrior Guyver 4 with its vibrational bio-swords. Guardian sensed this and twisted around and lashed out with a plasma enhanced vibrational sword whip, cleanly slicing off the Bio-Titans arms and then slicing its torso in half as she retracted her sword back to herself. This gave Warrior Guyver 4 time to twist around and obliterate what was left of the Bio-Titan with his right Mega Smasher. Warrior Guyver 4 then quickly nodded his thanks to Guardian before engaging another Bio-Titan.

Warrior Guyver 2 was also holding his own, alternating between channelling his CPM’s for speed, slicing through the surround Bio-Titans with his vibrational swords, and boosting his Mega Smashers to obliterate as many of the Bio-Titans as he could before they either got the chance to combine their shielding or was replaced by another Bio-Titan.

But then the Guyvers all felt a sudden energy spike and turned around to see Alfrid Drano flying towards them about to focus the power of the surrounding Bio-Titans into the same powerful attack he had used on Zeus.

“SCATTER!!!” yelled Warrior Guyver 2, as the four Guyvers desperately tried to fly out of the intended path of Drano’s attack.

Guardian however did not fly away but rather activated her Bio-Energy doubler and with a battle cry flew directly towards Drano.

Thought Drano as a hail of Bio-Smasher beams lanced towards the crystals before him, knowing the power he was about to redirect would easily obliterate even her. But suddenly Guardian simultaneously unleashed a directed bio-energy enhanced sonic attack along with a Gravity Crusher attack. Drano’s crystals glowed as they were about to fire the redirected Bio-Titan energy but then the crystals were engulfed by Guardian’s combined attack and explosively shattered, releasing the accumulated Bio-Titan energy in a single explosive discharge. The powerful energy explosion spectacularly slams into both Drano and Guardian and sent them hurtling away from each other, with Drano getting the worst of it as the backlash of energy painfully surged through him and burnt his body. . . The power of the explosion was such that all for miles around were slammed away and knocked to the ground.

Guardian quickly regained control and watched as Drano was caught by a Bio-Titan. She would have pressed her attack but then over a hundred Bio-Titans flew up to block her path and she soon found herself dodging Bio-Smasher blasts. she thought to herself as she simply extended her swords and again threw herself into battle, tearing her way through the surrounding Bio-Titans with the ferocity and fluidity of movement of a warrior well experienced in battle.

Dreadnought had sensed what had happened to the other Guyvers and was relieved that they were able to handle the problem, which was a good thing because he had his hands full handling his two problems. Which now appeared to be teaming up against him as both Eliminator and Warrior Guyver Vamore attacked him in turn, never letting him get the better of either of them as each interrupt him before he could deliver a killing blow to either, a situation that was quickly starting to frustrate Dreadnought. This was not to say Dreadnought was not having an effect upon his two opponents, Eliminator had lost its right arm to a power wave blast before it had a chance to adapt and absorb the energy of the attack and Warrior Guyver Vamore had again sustained damage to his Shoulder Smashers forcing him to activate his barrier shield to keep Dreadnought away from him.

In fact the tide of battle finally seemed to be going Dreadnought’s way but then Eliminator cloaked before Dreadnought could stop it. His head sensors went wild as he tried to locate it when suddenly it appeared in front of him. Reacting before thinking he power punched it but even as he threw the punch he realized it was a trick but it was too late as his fist went through the hologram and the real Eliminator appeared and grabbed him from behind, its clawed hands digging into his armour as it activated its energy draining fiery aura and started to drain Dreadnought. The pain was intense as Dreadnought found himself again poisoned and a significant amount of his power being drained from him.

Suddenly miles above the battle field a cloaking field wavered for a moment and Eliminator was able to detect something that Dreadnought had been hiding from it. Eliminator then withdrew its right claw from Dreadnought before suddenly shoving it and its arm through Dreadnought’s chest, before just as suddenly withdrawing it with Dreadnought’s heart in its grip before finally letting Dreadnought go and letting him collapse to the ground.

Normally Dreadnought would have regenerated within seconds from such a wound but Eliminator’s attack had weakened him and he found it hard to stay conscious as his weakened body struggled to overcome Eliminator’s poison and regenerate.

The cloaked figure above was still cloaked but now without Dreadnought enhancing the cloak the Eliminator was able to locate the cloaked figure’s position and then started to fly up towards its intended prey.

<No, Fiona> Dreadnought thought as he realized where the Eliminator was headed and struggled to get back up.

Warrior Guyver Vamore wondered a moment why the Eliminator wasn’t pressing its attack on Dreadnought but saw his chance to destroy Dreadnought himself and unleashed the power of his gravity shield, sending a massive ball of gravitational energy towards Dreadnought, who in turn was also about to be attacked by a group of approaching Bio-Titans. Anyone else would have been worried to say the least but the only thing Dreadnought felt at that moment was pissed off!

In an instant Dreadnought had activated his Gravity shield and redirected Warrior Guyver Vamore’s gravity attack at the oncoming Bio-Titans, obliterating them. He then turned towards Warrior Guyver Vamore and fired his head beam causing Warrior Guyver Vamore to dodge and was about to fire back with his own head beam when he suddenly realized dark clouds had formed above him. Before Warrior Guyver Vamore had a chance to react a hail of lightning bolts all shot down towards him simultaneously. Dreadnought didn’t even bother watching as he focused his unit’s power to regenerate, his wounds glowed with an inner light, burning out Eliminator’s poison, before they quickly regenerated.

No sooner had he recovered that Dreadnought activated his back thrusters and with a sonic boom marking his passage rapidly flew after Eliminator. But just a second later and only halfway towards intercepting the Eliminator, Dreadnought suddenly sensed a massive energy spike as he sensed Warrior Guyver Vamore had recovered and was now targeting him in preparation for a full power discharge from his shoulder Smashers. Now with only seconds to react Dreadnought realized that whatever his choice Fiona was about to die! He could either stop and shield the incredibly powerful oncoming Hyper Smasher beams and give Eliminator time to reach Fiona, or go on to stop the Eliminator and chance Fiona being obliterated by Warrior Guyver Vamore’s attack.

Dreadnought tried to yell and communicate at the same time but Eliminator was still blocking all communications and his voice faded away behind him as he was already travelling at supersonic speed. Virtually exploding with rage, fear, frustration, and anxiety Dreadnought’s Controlled Medal suddenly glowed an instant before his entire body became aglow in cascading light. The next instant revealed two Dreadnought’s, one stopped and turned around to shield against Warrior Guyver Vamore’s attack while the other Dreadnought sped on to intercept Eliminator.

By this time Female Warrior Guyver realized that the Eliminator was headed right for her and dropped her cloak as she prepared to make a run for it but the Eliminator was far faster and was nearly upon her when suddenly it sensed Dreadnought coming after it and turned just in time for Dreadnought to smash into it with a power wave enhanced power punch that tore right through its chest and out its back before the explosive impact knocked Eliminator back and sent it hurtling to the ground below. Dreadnought then sensed the other Dreadnought had successfully shielded Warrior Guyver Vamore’s attack, albeit barely as he was severely scorched and had lost his left arm to the powerful attack, but was not done as he willed open his chest plates and unleashed his own Quantum Hyper Smashers upon the Warrior Guyver Vamore, sending it running for its life as it flew away from the incredibly powerful beams as they tore a canal through the ground behind him. The Warrior Guyver Vamore managed to escape the attack but was buried, as were over a hundred Bio-Titans also caught in its path, by the resulting tidal wave of molten rock and earth created by the power of the Quantum Hyper Smasher beams as they tore through the ground. Both Dreadnoughts then turned to look at each other before the one that had shielded and countered the attack glowed and then faded away. The remaining Dreadnought suddenly grimaced in pain as part of the damages sustained by the other Dreadnought transferred to him and he found he could not move his left arm but the pain quickly faded as he rapidly regenerated. In addition he also found that he had memory of both attacking the Eliminator and of blocking then attacking the Warrior Guyver Vamore attack.

“Jason? … What just happened?” asked a confused Female Warrior Guyver. Her senses telling her that both Dreadnoughts had been real and the power demonstrated by both was too great for either to have been a hologram.

“I’m not entirely sure Fi. But it seems I can do two things at once if I really put my mind to it, which can be real useful come to think of it.” Dreadnought said as flexed his now fully regenerate left arm and he turned around to look at Female Warrior Guyver.

“Yes indeed” Female Warrior Guyver was saying when she suddenly sensed Jason was smiling at her beneath his armour. “Hey, now you better not be thinking what I think you’re thinking “

“Hold that thought Fi.” Dreadnought said as he sensed Eliminator had recovered and was heading back towards them. In an instant, Dreadnought had used his quantum speed ability to intercept the Eliminator and even before Female Warrior Guyver sensed that Dreadnought was no longer floating beside her that he immediately power punched the Eliminator’s head Control Medal, only to find it heavily shield as his punch bounced off its shield but Dreadnought didn’t let up as he now began to pummel the Eliminator with rapidly delivered power punches, all aimed directly towards its head control medal as it quickly became clear Dreadnought was determined to end Eliminator as a threat to Female Warrior Guyver once and for all.

While Female Warrior Guyver looked on helplessly, wondering if there was anything she could possible do to help, when she then sensed a group of Bio-Titans heading her way. Female Warrior Guyver thought before saying, “So much for plan A, time to switch to plan B.” Female Warrior Guyver then extended all her vibrational swords as she dodged energy blasts from the Bio-Titans and prepared to engage when suddenly she sensed an energy spike and pulled back. A second later she watched the Bio-Titans get engulfed by a powerful Quantum Hyper Smash that instantly vaporized all of them. She quickly looked down and saw Dreadnought on the ground closing his right chest plate while his right kept Eliminator pinned face down into the ground.

Eliminator did not remain pinned for long as it activated its gravity control orb and disappeared into the ground, quickly followed by Dreadnought. Explosions from the ground could be seen as Eliminator and Dreadnought exchange blasts but then suddenly a large wave of earth could be seen as the ground distorted as something large moved through it and appeared to be tunnelling as the ground collapsed behind the wave, moving at over half the speed of sound the wave soon exploded as the grappling forms of Dreadnought and Eliminator flew out of the ground and back into the air to continue their battle. All the while Dreadnought was continuing to pound away at Eliminator’s head Control Medal as the Eliminator did its best to defend itself

Meanwhile Warrior Guyver Vamore had blasted itself free from his premature burial and quickly sensed Dreadnought was still battling the Eliminator. With payback in mind he tried to get a lock on the quickly moving target but then caught sight of Female Warrior Guyver still floating above and realized he had a better way of getting his revenge on Dreadnought and then aimed his shoulder pods Hyper Smashers at Female Warrior Guyver.

Dreadnought immediately sensed what Warrior Guyver Vamore was about to do and immediately released a directed matrix energy soliton wave blast at him, striking an instant before Warrior Guyver Vamore fired his shoulder pods Hyper Smashers and sending him hurtling uncontrollably away. Warrior Guyver Vamore did manage to fire his attack but was no longer aimed at Female Warrior Guyver, who watched the beam lance out and harmless shoot out into space.




Dreadnought telepathically managed to get from Female Warrior Guyver as his attack upon Eliminator’s Control Medal started to have an effect on its blocking ability but after every blow the block was up again

Warrior Guyver Vamore had activated his barrier field and managed to stop his flight but had been knocked miles from his last position and was about to start flying back when he suddenly realized he was near the position of the other Guyvers, who were all still battling Bio-Titan after Bio-Titan and saw an opportunity to rid Chronos of more of its enemies. He quickly opened his shoulder pods and took aim with his hyper smashers upon the first clear target he could get a lock on, which was Warrior Aceaer as he flew to stay clear on any large groups of Bio-Titans. All the Guyvers sensed the energy spike of Warrior Guyver Vamore’s should pods charging up and at first thought that Drano had returned to attack them again before realizing it was Warrior Guyver Vamore and that they were all now in deep trouble.

Warrior Guyver 2 was the first to realize who the first target was going to be and immediately channelled his CPM’s to power boost his speed and quickly accelerated to Mach 2 as he tackled Warrior Aceaer clear of the path of the extremely powerful hyper smasher pulse from Warrior Guyver Vamore

Dreadnought and Eliminator were grappling in a test of strength that would normally have easily gone Dreadnought’s way but Eliminator was using its energy draining aura, which kept Dreadnought from using his full strength but Dreadnought was not going to let Eliminator get the upper hand as he focused his power and shoved Eliminator away. The moment physical contact was broken Dreadnought felt his full strength return and he quickly extended his left arm vibrational elbow sword before launching it out like a harpoon into Eliminator, before just as quickly retracting it and pulling Eliminator back towards him as he reared back to deliver a power wave enhanced power punch with his free right arm. The result was devastating as Dreadnought’s punch penetrated Eliminator’s Control Medal shielding and connected with its Control Medal. The Eliminator was explosively knocked back and off Dreadnought’s Vibrational sword as its Control Medal was cracked by the blow. Dreadnought quickly realized though it was not going rogue and that it must have some sort of backup system since the block was still up. But now he had it down and would have then moved to finish off the Eliminator when he suddenly sensed that the other Guyvers were in danger from Warrior Guyver Vamore.

Dreadnought thought angrily as he quickly flew up to grab Female Warrior Guyver, not wanting to leave her within the vicinity of the Eliminator, quickly telling her the others were in danger before activating his back thrusters and speeding towards Warrior Guyver Vamore’s position.

Warrior Guyver 2 and Guardian had managed to dodge Warrior Guyver Vamore’s attempts to target them and blast them out of the sky and soon landed next to him with their swords extended. But Warrior Guyver Vamore acted with more speed than they would have thought him capable of and punched Warrior Guyver 2 with enough force to send him hurtling away before quickly grappling with Guardian before she could strike with her swords.

“Did you really think I was all firepower and no brawn?” Warrior Guyver Vamore said defiantly as he showed he was just as physically strong as Guardian.

Guardian however did not answer when suddenly Warrior Guyver Vamore fired his head beam at her head but Guardian had sensed his intent and managed to dodge the attack, snapping her head to the side in a lightning quick move, and letting the beam fire harmlessly past her. She then ensnared his forearms with her bio-whip tendrils before she activated her Bio-Energy doubler and snapped Warrior Guyver Vamore’s wrists. Her bio-whip tendrils then flipped Warrior Guyver Vamore over her head and then flat on his back behind her before she let go, extending her swords, and twisted around to slice into Warrior Guyver Vamore but again he surprised her with his speed and her sword only managed to slice through his left shoulder pod as he twisted away and snapped back to his feet before launching himself into the air to put some distance between himself and Guardian.

Guardian simply growled before launching herself after Warrior Guyver Vamore, opening her chest plates to fire upon him. Warrior Guyver Vamore almost laughed as he realized what she intended to do.

“You may be strong Guyver but even with only one of my shoulder pods you have no hope of matching my firepower.” Warrior Guyver Vamore said to Guardian as his right shoulder pod hyper smasher opened up and started to glow. They fired simultaneously but for once Warrior Guyver Vamore was right as Guardian’s beam was quickly overcome by his and she herself started to be engulfed by it.

Between Guardian’s Bio-Energy Doubler enhanced Mega Smashers and shielding she was holding her own against Warrior Guyver Vamore’s attack but she would not be able to maintain her beam as long as he could but just as Guardian’s ten seconds were up something got between her and Warrior Guyver Vamore. Five seconds later Warrior Guyver Vamore’s beam finally stopped and revealed Dreadnought had arrived in time to shield Guardian from the worst of the attack. Dreadnought then fried Warrior Guyver Vamore’s right shoulder pod with power wave enhanced quantum head beam before Female Warrior Guyver then flew in to support the now exhausted Guardian as she started to float down to the ground.

“Take a time out Faye, I’ll handle this asshole. Fi, stay with her until I get back.” Dreadnought says to Guardian and Female Warrior Guyver as he grabs Warrior Guyver Vamore by the throat. Dreadnought then unleashed a soliton wave Matrix Bomb to knock away the surrounding Bio-Titans and give the other Guyvers some much needed breathing room before activating his back thrusters and dragging the resisting Warrior Guyver Vamore along with him back to where he had left Eliminator. . .

W’Kar had waited patiently as he watched the remains of Tonnin’s Zoa/Control Crystal come back together and reform into one piece before rapidly starting to regenerate Tonnin. Being one of the most powerful beings on the planet was one thing but without anything to challenge him Greg was becoming seriously bored. At this rate he was even starting to seriously consider going after Dreadnought and fulfil the mission the Kregan had sent him to this reality for but he really hated the idea of taking orders and besides Tonnin was now pulling himself together. <Boy, this guy is really pulling it together, made me wonder at first when I first sensed his remains were still active. He may have succumbed easily to my Mega Smashers but he’s definitely a trooper. Maybe if I give him more of a chance this time then maybe he can prove an interesting diversion after all.> W’Kar thought as Tonnin’s regeneration finalized and he became aware of his surroundings.

“What?” Tonnin exclaimed when he realized W’Kar was standing nearby.

“Hi there, we weren’t properly introduced before, I’m W’Kar.” W’Kar said rather matter of fact like to Tonnin.

“I am Tonnin and you shall pay for your insolence Guyver.” Tonnin says as he quickly recognizes W’Kar as the one who had nearly killed Kron and the one who had attacked him before he had a chance to attack Dreadnought, Tonnin’s response was to quickly create a massive ball of destructive energy and fire it at W’Kar.

W’Kar didn’t even move out of the way as he simply activated his shields and caught the ball of energy, its power forcing him back a few feet before he gained full control over it.

“Not bad, now that’s the spirit.” W’Kar said as his energy draining let him absorb the power of the ball of energy and caused it to slowly shrink and fade to nothing. “But let’s get a few things straight. For one thing I’m a W’Kar, not a Guyver, and second if you haven’t figured it out already you’re in deep shit. So you better come up with something better than that last attack or I’m just going to kill you and move on.” W’Kar said as his plasma swords began to glow and extend slowly. . .

Dreadnought had crushed both of Warrior Guyver Vamore’s arms to keep him from resisting him and threw him to the ground next to Eliminator. He then moved towards Eliminator when he realized it was only a hologram and twisted around just in time to dodge Eliminator’s vibrational sword whips but before Eliminator could retract them Dreadnought grabbed them and yanked Eliminator towards him. Eliminator prepared to claw Dreadnought in anticipation of another power punch attack but this time Dreadnought extended his own vibrational swords and sliced off Eliminator’s left arm at the shoulder the moment it came into range. Eliminator seemed to ignore the damage but Dreadnought sensed that it had become much weaker for some reason and saw his chance to finish it off. But suddenly the sliced off arm flew past him and quickly re-attached itself to Eliminator.

Warrior Guyver Vamore started to get back up when Dreadnought, without even turning to look at him, fired a Pressure Cannon and blew a hole through his chest

“Stick around asshole; I’ll get to you just as soon as I’m done with your creepy little buddy here.” Dreadnought said as he punched his right fist into his left palm in anticipation of his next round with Eliminator. . .

Tonnin continued to battle W’Kar, unleashing many of his abilities upon W’Kar but was becoming infuriated as he began to realize that W’Kar was simply toying with him but could not bring himself to risk using his full power so near the crashed Creator ship.

“What’s the matter Tonnin, don’t tell me that’s all you got because if it is then I’m going to have to kill you sooner than planned. By the way what’s with the name, is that a knock, knock, joke or couldn’t your mama think of something better?” W’Kar said mockingly to Tonnin.

“How dare you Guyver, I will obliterate you for this insult.”

“Yeah, yeah, you are a whiner aren’t you? And how many times do I have to tell you I’m a W’Kar and not a Guyver? Oh well, let’s see maybe you’re holding back because you’re afraid of damaging this big hulking pile of junk all of your people seem so desperate to fight over or maybe its that blocking field that creep ol’ Dready is fighting that is effecting you Hmm, I know let’s go to the moon!”

“What?” Tonnin got out an instant before W’Kar grabbed him and teleported them to the dark side of the moon before releasing his slightly scorched body to fall slowly to the ground.

W’Kar communicated to Tonnin before extending his plasma swords and communicating, <Now, where were we?>. . .

Dreadnought’s and Eliminators vibrational swords clashed repeatedly as the two exchanged blows but time was running out for Dreadnought as he sensed Warrior Guyver Vamore had nearly fully regenerated and he was not about to let these two team up on him again.

In the next instant Eliminator found itself surround by holograms of Dreadnought and immediately tore through the Dreadnought it had been fighting only to find that he was only a hologram and the real Dreadnought had cloaked. Now it was Eliminators sensors that went wild looking for Dreadnought but then it detected a power surge and turned as the hologram Dreadnoughts faded and the real Dreadnought de-cloaked. Eliminator immediately flew away from Dreadnought, sensing the power he was now building was enough to destroy it but before it could get far Dreadnought used his quantum speed and instantly appeared in front of Eliminator and delivered a Hyper Power Wave enhanced Power Punch that vaporized Eliminators head and obliterated most of its torso, sending its arms and legs flying away.

The blocking field immediately dropped and Dreadnought turned and looked down at the now fully regenerated Warrior Guyver Vamore.

Dreadnought thought to himself but instead of opening his shoulder pods to fire his hyper smashers at him Warrior Guyver Vamore instead activated his gravity shield and started to fly up to meet Dreadnought.

Dreadnought communicated to Warrior Guyver Vamore before activating his own gravity shield and the two again slammed into each other as each sought to overwhelm the other.

The conflicting gravitational field quickly started to become unstable and though the battle had taken them away from the main group of zoanoids guarding the clan ship, a stray bolt lanced out and struck a lone Bio-Titan, it tried to defend itself with a mega smash like bio-energy blast but the bolt just absorbed it and instantly blew it to bits on impact. Imakarum instantly responded and quickly ordered the Bio-Titans to combine their shields around the clan ship and prepare to fire their combined energy upon Dreadnought on his command. Whether or not the Warrior Guyver Vamore prevailed against Dreadnought was not his greatest concern, if their battle endangered the clan ship he would have no choice but to order the Bio-Titans to destroy them both. But then something unexpected happened and Imakarum could see that the two gravity shields were starting to merge and grow substantially larger

Dreadnought roared in frustration as he found himself unable to move forward despite being nearly within reach of his target, quickly realising that their gravity shields were somehow keeping them apart. Worse still both fields were also quickly becoming more powerful and had started to feed off each other. But too much energy had been generated for either of them to stop and teleporting away would give the other control of all the energy accumulated.

Dreadnought then sensed Female Warrior Guyver approaching with the other Guyvers.

<Fi, all of you get out of here!>

The other Guyver held back but Female Warrior Guyver kept on towards Dreadnought.

<I’m not going to leave you Jason>

Communicated the Warrior Guyver Vamore.

Female Warrior Guyver responded by activating her own gravity shield and started to siphon gravitational energy away from the two combatants, quickly forming a smaller but still massive gravity shield of her own.

Imakarum was not going to take any chances, he could sense the enormous energy the three Warrior Guyvers had accumulated and knew it was already enough to obliterate the entire clan ship. So he ordered the Bio-Titans to fire with everything they had. Over 10,000 Bio-Titans then combined their power and formed a massive nexus of bio-energy that quickly bulged and then fired towards the three Warrior Guyvers, with a combined power capable of vaporizing an entire city with the equivalent to nearly 50 Mega Tons worth of TNT. All three Warrior Guyvers sensed the coming attack but only Female Warrior Guyver was able to act as she instinctively fired her gravity shield at the oncoming blast. The power that Female Warrior Guyver had siphoned into her gravity shield was indeed immense but was not enough to fully counter the oncoming blast, weakening it by a third and slowing it down only a few seconds before it burst through and continued on towards its three targets.

Dreadnought was not sure if he was going to survive but he was damn sure Female Warrior Guyver wasn’t going to survive an attack of this magnitude. In an instant his tri-layered Control Medal flared as he teleport her back to New Cork, Texas.

<Jason, NO!> Communicated Female Warrior Guyver as she found herself back home and unable to teleport back to Dreadnought.

An instant later the still incredibly powerful and massive bio-energy blast smashed into the Gravity shield surrounding both Dreadnought and Warrior Guyver Vamore. An incredibly blinding light then engulfed them as the pitch black gravity shield appeared to transform into a miniature sun. Within lightning bolts and gravimetric shockwaves washed over both Warriors and both screamed out in pain. But then the Matrix merged layer of Dreadnought’s tri-layered Control Medal started glow so bright that it appeared to turn white. Outside the blinding light started to die out as the gravity shield again became visible.

Imakarum cursed as he realised the attack had failed and was about to order the Ark fire upon them when suddenly the gravity shield appeared to be turning bluish and started swirling.

<What, what are you doing?> Communicated Warrior Guyver Vamore as he suddenly realised Dreadnought was wresting control of the Gravity Shield from him and changing it somehow.

<You’ll see! After all I did promise to put you into a world of hurt!> Was Dreadnought’s only reply before suddenly the now bluish swirling gravity shield shot upwards with Warrior Guyver Vamore trapped within.

Dreadnought watched with his enhanced vision as the aura bomb gravity shield cleared the atmosphere and smashed right into the orbiting Ark. Bursting through its shield and penetrating its organic hull like a massive pressure cannon, blasting a hole large enough to spear a skyscraper clear through it. Though compared to the massive size of the Ark the damage was barely noticeable in comparison, and even combined with the power of his aura bomb the Ark barely moved into a higher orbit. But he was sure it’ll be awhile before they recover from that hit as he sensed the Ark’s energy levels drop significantly.

Imakarum could almost not believe what had just happened. Dreadnought had not only survived but somehow turned the tables on Warrior Guyver Vamore and used him as a weapon against the Ark, which though not critically badly damaged was no longer in a position to help with the battle. In fact hurried reports from the Ark indicated they could not even use the teleport system for at least an hour until repairs had been made.

Jason smiled within his Armour as he watched the charred and battered form of Warrior Guyver Vamore re-enter the atmosphere and hurtle down towards him. Warrior Guyver Vamore’s left arm and right shoulder pod were missing, having been destroyed by the gravimetric forces he had been put under within the massive gravity ball.

Communicated Dreadnought to Warrior Guyver Vamore.

Warrior Guyver Vamore communicated back as he opened his remaining shoulder pod and fired.

The incredibly powerful energy blast shot down towards Dreadnought but an instant before it would have hit Dreadnought’s Control Medal and Matrix flared and in the next instant Dreadnought had switched places with Warrior Guyver Vamore who now found himself engulfed in his own attack.

Jason again smiled as he looked down upon the smouldering remains of Warrior Guyver Vamore, as little more than his head and a large chunk of his torso survived the blast and fell towards the now scorched ground below. Then in an instant Dreadnought was on the ground and caught what was left of Warrior Guyver Vamore.

“Nice reflexes, you must have shielded yourself from the worse of the blast. Normally your Control Medal would have auto teleported you into hyper space to regenerate at this point but unfortunately for you I’m preventing that.”

“Ugh, d-damn you to, to, Hell, Guy-ver why d-don’t you just k-kill me?”

“I will, just as soon as I remove your unit.” Says Dreadnought as his Matrix starts to glow.

The Warrior Guyver Vamore was rapidly regenerating but there was no way he could regenerate in time to save himself. He quickly resorted to firing his head beam and sonic busters but in his weakened state they were useless against Dreadnought.

The Moon

Tonnin had used his gravitational power to engulf W’Kar with tons of lunar soil and rock but in the next instant sensed W’Kar teleport behind him and narrowly twisted around and blocked W’Kar’s plasma sword with both of his before unleashing a massive discharge of energy into W’Kar, slamming him away. W’Kar quickly recovered and started to fire Mega Smash level Pressure Cannons at Tonnin who in turn used his gravitational power to deflect the Pressure Cannons harmlessly into either empty space or into the lunar landscape below them. But then some of the Pressure Cannons turned around, redirected by W’Kar, and came back at Tonnin and forced him to shield himself from their impacts. Tonnin immediately countered by opening his chest plates to fire his Hyper Smashers at W’Kar, who had used the time the Pressure Cannon attack had given him to charge up his own massive ball of energy and unleashed it at Tonnin just as he fire his Hyper Smashers.

The ball of energy was not even close to being the most powerful W’Kar had ever produced but he didn’t intend for it to be the most powerful, only powerful enough as he watched it engulf Tonnin’s hyper smasher beams and move inexorably towards him before finally engulfing him and explosively smashing him backwards through space nearly a mile before stopping, revealing his chest plates had been destroyed. But Tonnin did not retreat but instead focused his gravitational power and combined it with his arm rail guns and hand beam to create an extremely powerful force/energy beam blast that is equal to 20 times the power of a Guyvers Mega Smash attack. The beam quickly lanced out and struck W’Kar, who had raised his shields in time and withstood the attack though he had struggled to keep from being forced backward by the beam.

W’Kar laughed to himself. He’d not had this much fun since he arrived in this universe. Finally he was facing something that was almost a challenge.

< Hey you glowing porcupine freak! You are giving me so much fun I’m almost going to be sorry to kill you!>

< For a Guyver you talk too much.> Tonnin replies even as a vortex of swirling energy forms in his palm that quickly expands into a massive swirling ball of destructive energy that he throws at W’Kar who simply dives through it while firing a massive pressure cannon to clear a path through it.

W’KAR!> communicates W’Kar, even as Tonnin unleashes a hand wave energy shurikan blast that W’Kar counters and slices through with his plasma swords.

Tonnin though did not respond. For a second W’Kar wondered if it was because the Creator inspired Chronos lackey was lost for words. But that was not the case, at different points around the moon and for as far as he could see there where worm holes opening up. Judging by the amount of them it could only mean one thing, invasion!

He smiled under his armour; it was like all his birthdays had come at once. Expecting a Creator armada to emerge Tonnin and he parted company for very different reasons as one flew towards the largest wormhole he could find and the other towards the Ark.

End Of Part 5