This is a fan-fiction based on characters created by Yoshiki Takaya and contains violent situations with adult language. Any similarity to actual persons, living or dead is unintentional and purely coincidental.

Title7 Days Of Hell: Part 4
AuthorBrian O’Sullivan

The Ark

Inside the massive bioresearch chamber of the Ark a lone Zoalord looked at three very large living bio-tubes. These had been specially prepared last night by Valkus and now contained three slightly smaller cocoons. Within each of these cocoons was a creature very important to the fate of Chronos.

Elite Zoalord Imakarum did not like how favour had turned against Chronos and its ruling Master class of Zoalords. Alfrid Drano remarked once that it was day 3 of hell. At the time Imakarum did not really pay attention to the remark until today. He was standing looking at the destruction all around the Clan Ship crash site when he overheard once again that phrase as an Overlord said that it was day 6 of hell. The 6th day since the Clan Ship crashed to Earth. Both Alkanphel and Kron had been incapacitated fighting for the prizes that possibly were held in that ship. It really did seem like Chronos was being put through hell. Every powerful ACTF and EDF Guyver possible along with some unknowns had fought and killed many of their zoanoids but Chronos still managed to remain in control of the Clan Ship. It was now up to him as acting leader of Chronos to make sure that Chronos maintained control over that ship.

Imakarum looked at Alkanphel’s cocoon for inspiration. But it stayed motionless. He realised with the defeat of Crystallite that Dreadnought would now be free to battle their forces. Even with the rumours that he’d left the ACTF forces his raw hate for Chronos meant he’d be back for certain. Tonnin, Guyver Powered Zerebubuse and the new Warrior Guyver Vamore where the only three people that could stand against a large opposition that where trust worthy members of Chronos, unlike Sedah who seemed to just like killing those against him. Dreadnought, Dark Nova, Angel, Zeugma, Zeus, Guardian, the Black Nova 2 and that unknown dark blue Guyver calling himself W’Kar, who had decimated Kron, were one of many possible enemies that could join in battle against Chronos. Without the leadership and power of Alkanphel he could see that the Bio-Titan forces would be the key to victory. To that end the acting leader of Chronos smiled. Over ten thousand new Bio-Titans had been processed and were being teleported to Australia; the enemies of Chronos would pay for the Clan Ship with blood if they tried to take it from Chronos.

Central Australia-A few miles from the Clan ship crash site

Warrior Guyver 2 looked on at the Chronos battle lines with only a gloomy outcome in mind. ACTF and EDF armours had little or no hope with the huge numbers of new Bio-Titan’s. The only people capable of tackling such combined firepower where the likes of him. Capable of fast regeneration and with an advanced alien unit designed with strong survival technology. He turned away from the Crashed Ship. It’s blue alien mass standing out against the Australian wilderness. There in front of him were the huge form of Gilgamesh, Cyber Guyver, Battle Guyver Aceaer, Warrior Guyver 4, Guyver US Aceaer, and Guyver Merc. Their allies were somewhere else around the camp. But as far as he could figure it, Zeus, Angel and the new Warrior Aceaer, along with himself, would be the only ones capable of a proper hit and run tactics that were currently in Australia. He walked up to Sean, the oldest Guyver in the records of ACTF realising that he had more than likely already came up to the same conclusion as him.

“Sean, those Tin guys have a snowballs chance in hell against that many Bio-Titans,” said Warrior Guyver 2 as he pointed to a group of Green V2 and Blue V2 marines.

“Yeah, those guys are getting blasted to bits by those fuckers. What do you think we should do?” asked Guyver US Aceaer.

“We are up against a vastly superior force in terms of power zoanoids. The only thing we have going for us is the fact that they have to defend that,” said Warrior Guyver 2 as he pointed at the crashed ruin of the Clan Ship. “We need to assemble a powerful mobile strike force capable of inflicting great damage quickly, teleport away, and then seconds later strike them again. Hit and run Gorilla Warfare.”

“You mean like a Blitzkrieg?”

“Well that’s the Germans version of it; Ghangis Khan was the one who actually invented the tactic. But more relevant to our present situation, it’s a great tactic to take on superior enemy forces with a smaller force and still bring them down.”

“Sounds like a plan, but do you think it’ll actually work?”

“It worked for Ireland 80 odd years ago when a vast part of Ireland won the right to rule themselves free from the British Empire. We will us that tactic and give it a Warrior Guyvers edge.”

“So what about little old non Warrior Guyver me?” asked Guyver US Aceaer.

“You, Cori, and Philip would guard against counter attacks.”

“So we stay here and look after the Tin guys?”

“Nope, they should be teleported back to their bases and then those bases protected by you guys, but seriously I doubt they will go that far to retaliate.”

“What makes you say that?”

“Because Chronos wants the Clan Ship and it will be a lot more than just me attacking.”

“Let me guess, you, Gilgamesh who has to learn how to teleport first, Warrior Guyver 4, Agito if he’s not planning something for himself, Max if he not fighting for Canada, that new Warrior Aceaer if he wants to come play, Angel if she can teleport, Dark Nova if the twins do not need baby sitting, Jason if he’s in a cooperative mood, and then Faye and Fiona if Jason happens to be coming along would be the strike team.”

“Yeah, pretty much.”

“Good luck getting it together Stephen”

“Thanks for the vote of confidence bub.”

“Always there to help Stephen, but you honestly think Jason will help?”

“Yes, he may be more than a little pissed with Carter but he still hates Chronos and we both know him well enough to say, “He does not leave his friends high and dry“.”

“You want to go ask him?”

“No, we both will.”


“Guys, great plan, which doesn’t evolve me getting in the thick of things, but it’s time to get this plan together,” said Guyver Merc as he walked between the two chatting Guyvers.

“Your right Philip,” said Warrior Guyver 2 as he turned and walked with Guyver US Aceaer and Battle Guyver towards the temporary camp.

“Yeah, you don’t have to get in the thick of things,” said Warrior Guyver 4 mockingly as he walked by Guyver Merc with his middle finger extended, pointing at his face.

New Cork Texas ­ O’Conner Household

Jason eyes opened as he found himself awake beside his wife. His mind quickly became aware of last night’s events as he asked himself what type of hell he had to fight yesterday. Yesterday he had saved his sister and healed her of the effects of the Crystallite infection. But he in his quest to “save” her he had forgotten that his sister might not like being a Guyver again when he activated a Black Nova unit on her. Her rebellious action last night which was really only a few hours ago, clearly showed the fact that she was very pissed off at him. His response was simple enough. Leave her alone to get over it. Even he with all his new found power could not cure a naturally upset little headstrong sister. Worst part though was to find her dancing with of all people, Greg Lucas. He arrived home then to find everyone asleep and faced with another small though no less equally important problem in the form of a note on the kitchen table saying:

Hello Jason

Since you are the man of the house it is you’re responsibly to feed us poor non-Warrior Guyver enhanced ladies (and us WG enhanced ladies that like to eat food too). Since all of have agreed this is a fair deal you’ve to live with it!!!!


Zeugma “Leader of the really hungry women


Fiona “leader of the hungry Warrior Guyvers”

It was in a mixture of different hand writing and he bet to himself that if he looked in the waste bin beside the table that he’d find a few other drafts of the letter. He shook his head and then smiled, Not wanting to wake anyone up he effortlessly floated up the stairs, dodging the floor board that always creaked, and walked into this bedroom to a sight he’d never get board of, Fiona sound asleep looking at peace with the world. Maybe he woke her up when he slid into bed, who knows but she did not say a word only moaned slightly as he snuggled up to her. That was only a few hours ago. Why he’d woke up in the middle of the night yet again he did not know. But he guessed as much as he loved the idea of being with her his unconscious mind still lagged behind him. Hell for the past few days his dreams where the same as when she was dead. Same raw hate, same reason for once again killing Alkanphel over and over again along with anyone else that got in the way. He lay there thinking maybe his subconscious mind had a point. This woman looked like, acted like, smelled like and even kissed like the Fiona he remembered. But the idea was there in the back of his mind that this woman was not the one he fell in love with. He realised though as he looked at her in the dark that this woman was the closest he’d ever get to the original woman he loved. Maybe she thought the same way? Fiona always managed to read him like a book. More than likely she had the same thoughts as him and then chatted about it with someone else. He could bet that Zeugma, Elera and Faye more than likely had already heard her views about their relationship.

Jason was now wide-awake and realised he could not sleep. At least until he calmed down. But how in bloody hell was that to happen. Chronos by the second could be finding more Warrior Guyver units. The idea of another Warrior Guyver zoanoid on the level of Warrior Guyver Vamore did not please him. Different combinations of zoanoid and Warrior Units went through his head, most frightening of which would be a Warrior Guyver Bio-Titan. Its energy reserves alone would make it surpass a Guyver Zoalord. With that realisation he slid out of bed feeling something he’d ignored for the past two years, fear. Fiona would be dead once again if Chronos created that kind of being. The Creators for one would not stand for it and that tiny research fleet by Creator standards would be reinforced with a huge fleet and they would obliterate everything he held dear. Letting Chronos win because of his new deep mistrust of Carter would be unbelievably irresponsible and could lead to far worse things happening.

It was not even dawn as Jason’s body glowed ever so slightly and he disappeared from the end of the bed and from the early morning night of Texas to appear high above the Australian outback during the day. From there he let gravity take a hold of him and he found himself falling through the air.

Below him Warrior Guyver 2 had sensed the falling form of Jason falling down towards the ACTF camp. Under his armour he smiled, thinking that Jason seemed to be having more fun now being a Guyver. His Guyver enhanced eyes focused on Jason as he activated his Warrior unit. Seconds later then it looked like his Dreadnought’s Cocoon was chasing him through the sky then it encased him for only a second and released him leaving him in his most powerful form. Warrior Guyver 2 hoped Dreadnought was not here to cause trouble. If he was, they were in even more deep shit than he originally thought.

Only a short distance away Angel and Gilgamesh waited for the two Warrior Guyvers to meet. She being the most powerful Guyver there since Dark Nova went back to China as backup in case Dreadnought decided to fight ACTF and EDF forces. But she trusted what Stephen and the others had said about Jason.

Dreadnought landed only three feet away from Warrior Guyver 2. He could sense all that other Guyvers not too far away. He knew all but one of them and judging by the location of each of them they were ready if he caused any trouble. Every combat sense within his unit told him that if they do attack he should kill Angel and from there wipe out the large purple W’Kar like being and then anything else with power, though that was normal for his unit to send him such information. Since he got merged with the Matrix his unit always evaluated everything from a combat viewpoint informing him of who to destroy and when. Only person who was never viewed in that manner was Fiona.

“Jason you know we don’t want to fight you!?” said Warrior Guyver 2.

“That’s good as I’m not here to beat the crap out of you guys. I’m here to make sure from now on that Chronos gets sweet fuck all from that ruined heap over there,” said Dreadnought as he pointed at the Clan Ship.

“Boy, are we glad that you decided that,” shouted Guyver US Aceaer.

“Thanks for the vote of confidence bub,” said Dreadnought.

“Well Jason you did go and blow a whole chunk out of the side of the ACTF H.Q.,” said Warrior Guyver 2.

“Redmond was trying never mind trying. Redmond was taking samples of Elera’s blood so that he could make a controller,” said Dreadnought.

“Did he say that?” asked Guyver Merc.

“The green voice of descent talks! NNOOOO he did not say that but I read it clear as day from his mind,” said Dreadnought in a clearly annoyed tone that even the normal distortion of the Guyver vocal system could not hide.

“And was there anything left of his lab or experiments so you could prove this?”

“Well. No I was not concerned with gathering evidence at the time you green pain in the ass.”

“So basically we have your word against theirs?”

“Yes I suppose so Philip!”

“Well forgive me Jason, but the fact of the matter is that ACTF by its name alone is one of the only forces organised against Chronos. I’m not about to abandon it just for you!” shouted Guyver Merc.

Dreadnought realised that he had been an emotional fool for the way he acted two days ago and now he was paying some of the cost. His friends were being given a choice he did not count on, trust him and leave ACTF command and then live with the fact they possibly let Chronos win. He knew as well as any of them just how well Carter could manage things. Hell they have effectively replaced him with that W’Kar like being. He would have to bide his time before trying anything else against ACTF, getting proof being top of his new to do list to take those bastards down. “Listen, I am not about to ask you guys to do anything against Carter or ACTF. Believe me or not, it doesn’t matter right now. Right now all I want is to help you guys stop those Chronos bastards, so Stephen tell me who you want me to hit and how hard!”

“Well first off. I do not want you to hit anyone, yet.” said Warrior Guyver 2.

“Oh” said Dreadnought.

“We want you to evacuate as many of these guys as you can out of the battle zone,” said Warrior Guyver 2.

“Why is that, are we losing?” asked Dreadnought.

“Because.” Warrior Guyver 2 started to say when he was suddenly interrupted by Guyver Merc.

“Jason you’re not a team player or something? Why not just do as asked!?” shouted Guyver Merc.

Dreadnought’s eyes and control medal flashed for a moment but then he said, “Okay”, and then turned away and headed towards the ACTF camp. Behind him Warrior Guyver 2 walked up behind Guyver Merc.

“What the fuck are you doing? WE need his help badly and you keep getting in his fucking face!” shouted Warrior Guyver 2 right into the face of the Guyver Merc.

As Guyver Merc walked away in a huff as the large form of Gilgamesh came up to the side of Warrior Guyver 2.

“What is it big guy?”

“Stephen, it would be best not to let Jason know who I am right away, we’ve had our differences long before there was an ACTF.”

“Ok Derek I won’t say a thing until you’re ready.”

“Thanks Stephen, I’m going to a clearing a few miles away to practice, let me know when things are ready.”

“Will do, see you later.”

Gilgamesh turned away and started to walk away. Warrior Guyver 2 then started to help Dreadnought teleport the armies back home.

Gilgamesh arrived at a large clearing miles away from everyone. Even Chronos were staying out of his way. He knew why, when acting in defence of a position it is not wise to attack a powerful opponent and weaken the defended position. Even more so when Dreadnought was around and now was helping out ACTF and the EDF. He though was no fan of Dreadnought. He focused on a large bolder and fired a large gravity ball at it. As it hit, and the stone exploded, it sent dust everywhere and nearly cloaked the form of a twelve-foot tall almost Gigantic looking Guyver as it suddenly appeared. It was W’Kar, a true W’Kar and not a reproduction, which was what W’Kar sensed in front of him.

“So you have the first reproduction unit,” said W’Kar.

“I’ve no idea what you’re talking about,” said Gilgamesh as he scanned what was clearly a powerful Guyver like being. He knew from Warrior Guyver 2 who this person was though and knew not to take him lightly.

“Your unit is from my home universe.”


“It is a reproduction of my unit. A weaker one at that.”

“So are you here to gloat or have something else going on in that twisted mind I heard about?” said Gilgamesh wondering what possessed him to start a verbal slugging match with W’Kar.

“Ha, ha, ha, whatever you have heard about me, it’s all true and I could easily whoop your tall purple ass.”

“You could not reach my tall purple ass shorty.”

“Oh yes I can young W’Kar wannabe,” he said as he activated his gravity controller bringing him eye level with Gilgamesh.

“So what are you doing here?”

“Wondering if you’re worthy of having a W’Kar Repo Unit. It’s not for the weak. Stupid is okay, but not the weak.”

“Someone must have, because this unit appeared in my place!”

“That someone was not me! Why do you think THEY picked you?”

“I’ve no idea.”

“What do you know about the Warrior Guyver?”

“More than most people would suspect.”

“You know him personally then?”

“That’s none of your business, Greg.”

“Oh so my name has been passed around. Aren’t I the popular one?”

“What do you expect with last nights attack? You managed to buy us the time needed to get our guys out of the battle zone and for Apothecary Guyver to revive most of them.”

“Even her unit is from my universe.”

“You sure, from what I was told it was made when those two Creators were working together.”

“You don’t want to go there,” W’Kar said, quite coldly.

“Okay So what else are you doing here?”

“I’m going to beat the shit out of you for the fun of it.”


With a sudden flash Gilgamesh found himself knocked on his ass and W’Kar looking down on him. “Your unit is like mine kid, you are capable of incredible speed and simply put you are designed to kill. And I don’t mean that one on one crap either. You’re good at that, but so much better at the mass slaughter level,” said W’Kar as he looked down. “Remember this, W’Kars are not Guyvers. We don’t do well completely thinking things through. Get pissed, it helps.”

Gilgamesh roared and attempted to sweep W’Kar. He back flipped out of the way letting Gilgamesh get back on his feet. Gilgamesh extended his right vibrational sword and went to slash W’Kar’s head off. W’Kar promptly ducked and then shoved his left forward sword into the exposed right ribs of Gilgamesh.

“You are really too tall for hand to hand combat you should concentrate on firepower.”

“What make you so great?”

“I’ve been the W’Kar for forty some odd years, and if I really wanted to there would be one less reproduction out there.”

“There are other reproductions like me?”

“Yes there are other reproductions, but none of them are the same.”

“Did you train the others?”


“Why do you want to train me?”

“Boredom. Since I can kick everyone’s ass here it would be some fun at least to see another W’Kar in action against maybe that Warrior Guyver Vamore creature. In fact if not for me it would have mega-smashed your sorry ass to hell and I think you want some payback! So come on, do something already. I’m tired of talking.”

The Ark ­ Orbiting Over Australia

Imakarum had not yet left the Ark. Zoalord Drano had sent him a report about the retreat of the EDF and ACTF armed forces. He though suspected that did not mean an end to the battle. Instead it would mean a change in the tactics used against Chronos. Reports of Dreadnought on scene suggested no less.

Imakarum entered another lab where a white female Guyver was held in stasis. Which basically meant that she was frozen solid due to the fact her unit was discovered almost about to go out of control. There standing in front of the unknown Guyver was a lone zoanoid in full uniform. Imakarum knew who it was right away. It was the Vamore host of the Warrior Guyver unit Chronos now had control of in human form.

“Why are you here Vamore?”

“I need to know what happens when a Guyver fails Sir.”

“You are looking at the result.”

“Is not possible to repair her is it sir?”

“Not for many years. Chronos was only able to repair Guyvers in the past thanks to the help of Natasha and whether she will return to us is still unknown.”

“I’ll keep that in mind sir and not fail Chronos and not fail myself.”

“Dismissed Vamore.”

The Vamore teleported himself away without the need for assistance from the Ark to do so and leaving Imakarum to ponder the fate of Chronos. Over the space of one day the Master Zoalords had been defeated and both of them were in cocoons and it was unknown if they would ever recover. If they did not it would be up to him to fulfil Alkanphel’s dream. He looked at the fallen white Guyver and wondered if Alkanphel would ever recover.

ACTF USA HQ ­ Washington DC

“Sean, it was a good idea to change battle tactics, our loses have been so high” said General Carter as he walked beside the oldest Guyver member of ACTF and looked at a massive Particle Cannon which showed the signs of war that had just been teleported back to the USA.

“Sir those guys were taking a pounding and the only thing we have to show for it is a Warrior Guyver Vamore who almost wiped out our army.”

“Well you and Stephen have managed to convince Jason to help us, use him to kill that new Guyver and capture his unit.”

“I bet Stephen already has a plan to do so sir.”

“I’m sure he does. Can you tell me the overall plan once the troops and equipment have teleported away from the combat zone?”

“The Warrior Guyvers and Gilgamesh will hit and run the Chronos forces and sooner or later make an opening and once they do they will raid the inside of the Clan Ship and see if they can capture anything of use.”

“Let’s hope they do.”

Australia ­ Two Hours later at the ruminants of the ACTF Command Centre

Warrior Guyver 2, Warrior Guyver 4, Female Warrior Guyver, Guardian, Zeus, Warrior Aceaer, and Dreadnought met up to finalise their plan.

“Faye, Agito, Derek and Jason are our heavy hitters, so you guys, if you want to that is, strike the other Chronos heavy hitters and allow the rest of us to wipe out as much zoanoids as possible and get into the Clan Ship,” said Warrior Guyver 2.

“Okay, I’ve two questions,” said Dreadnought.

“What are they Jason?” asked Warrior Guyver 2.

“One, Derek I guess is that Gilgamesh I’ve heard about, well who is he? And two, where are the Aceaer units? Because if Fiona helping out I’d like her to have one.”

“Derek is an Air Force captain, we have yet to know why but a W’Kar like unit was teleported into his quarters and transformed him into Gilgamesh. Never to look a gift horse in the mouth General Carter had him quickly transferred into the ACTF.”

“Air Force? OH MY GOD, you mean Derek Prince, how the hell did he get a unit?” shouted Dreadnought.

thought Warrior Guyver 2 but out loud he said, “Uh, what do you mean Jason?”

“Nothing, forget about it I’ll have a talk with him later”

Warrior Guyver 2 was less than relieved by Jason’s response, , he thought to himself.

“So what happened to the Aceaer Units?” asked Zeus cutting in.

“The three Aceaer Units are in DC, Sean, Marian and Cori are using them just in case Chronos counter strike against us there, they need the edge more than us after all.”

“Well in Japan, Sho, Shizu, Aptom and Nathan, our Twilight Guyver, are all prepared for Chronos and Mai Lynn has decided to stay in China just in case Chronos tries anything there,” said Zeus.

“Thanks for the update Agito. According to General Kulser Max and the others are available if we need them but he would prefer if they would stay in Canada as Chronos there is up to something,” said Warrior Guyver 4.

“Well the EDF, like you guys, have taken a pounding. Angel, Crimson and the others are taking advantage of all the Neo-Hypers being sent here and plan to take out some zoanoid bases,” said Warrior Aceaer.

“W’Kar, as much as I like having that guy on our side, he should really be left alone. So basically that leaves us,” said Warrior Guyver 2.

“Well as Gilgamesh is not here, Fiona and I will get him as we’ve stuff to talk about,” said Dreadnought.

“Okay, he’s over there somewhere training,” said Warrior Guyver 2 as he waved in the direction Gilgamesh had gone, resigned to the fact that Jason and Derek where going to confront each other sooner rather than later.

However, Dreadnought did not teleport. Instead he walked away from the others. Female Warrior Guyver wondered who this person was. The reason was because she never knew a Derek Prince.

<Jason, who is this Derek?>

<Fiona, how can you not know who that asshole is?>

<No, in fact since he was my best friend I never dated you until we met by chance in college one day.>

<Yes, we knew each other in high school but you were my best friend’s girlfriend.>

<Yup, I invited you back home and on we went to Ronda’s and I finally kissed you.>

Female Warrior Guyver stopped and started to laugh. Dreadnought looked back and wondered why this was so funny; he’d yet to get to the serious stuff.



<Well, you do have such high standards.>



<Yeah, you missed the burgers.>

<You’ve to admit she does know how to cook a good burger.>

<It’s all in your head Fi, as I said before you can’t get hungry.>

Over the ridge W’Kar and Gilgamesh had finished their combat training. W’Kar looked good and did not have a scratch to regenerate on his bio-armour. On the other hand Gilgamesh’s bio-armour showed countless regeneration scars where serious battle wounds had yet to heal.

“You are lucky I did not want to kill you. You’ve got skills for fighting, I’ll give you that. But you’ve got some things to learn about being a W’Kar.”

“I think you enjoyed tearing me to bits anyway.”

“I love a good fight and let’s face it; you could not give me one. Maybe after you’ve somehow survived a battle, or two, I’ll face you in a serious fight. But in the meantime I’m going to talk with a guy who can give me a good fight.” With that said W’Kar teleported away. But Gilgamesh’s scanners confirmed he’d not gone too far away and he could sense who he had gone to meet as well, Dreadnought!

“Greg, a.k.a. W’Kar this is Fiona.”

“Hey pretty lady.”

“Hi Greg,” said Female Warrior Guyver waving up at W’Kar. “I recognize you, weren’t you the one who blew that Bio-Titan away at the ACTF base?”

“What?” Dreadnought says looking down at Fiona.

“I think it was him. The base was attacked by two Bio-Titans. I managed to kill one but the other was blown to bits by some massive gravity ball before it could fire on me.”

W’Kar nods. “That was me. I waited awhile because I wanted to see if you were any good. I figured you were like my old lady. I was wrong.”

“He probably would have gotten my number if you didn’t do that. Thanks.”

“Just returning the favour. Lucky shit. Can you even understand your luck? Hell, double for the fact she can actually fight”

“Yeah I know, but I think the fates have conspired to counter that good luck.”

“What do you mean?”

“Some strange purple Warrior Guyver hunter thing the girls nicknamed Eliminator attacked her yesterday while I was occupied with Jenny.”

“Well Fiona is still alive, could not have been too nasty as she’s not all that powerful.”

“It took her, another two Warrior Guyvers, a Master Zoalord and another fairly powerful Guyver, not to mention I lent Fiona my Gigantic, to win against it and Fiona told me it is still out there.”

“Sounds nasty, and fun, but you have something else to worry about bub.”

“What’s that Greg?”

“I was sent here to kill you.”

“Yeah right! Since when do you follow anyone else’s orders other than what you want to do?”

“That’s what I thought, the Kregen do not like you and would have not sent a unit to a host unless they really did not like you. Seems your time travelling and dimension hopping has got them a little irked. They want me to stop it. And I’m assuming they gave that unit out to make sure of it.”

“Well they picked the perfect person then,” said Female Warrior Guyver, butting into the conversation.

“Go on, tell me more, I love stories!” said a clearly interested W’Kar.

“Supposedly this Derek who is that guy under the Gilgamesh armour used to be Jay’s best friend and dated me.”

“You’re joking?”

“Nope, and what makes it worse is that I never knew him in my universe so this guy only has a beef with him!”

“That’s a good one,” said W’Kar laughing. “This is almost too good to be true! Got to hand it to the Kregen, they sure pick the good ones.”

“Laugh it up you two, but that psycho and me have issues.”

“Yeah, which is why I gave him some training.”

“YOU DID WHAT!!!” roared Dreadnought.

“Common sense Jason, you are more than capable of kicking his ass and would have ripped him to bits way too easily and I’d have lost some vital entertainment.”

“Greg you are one fucked up friend.”

“You’d not have me any other way.”

“You’re probably right, how’s Jenny?”

“She’s still pissed with you, you’d be best to leave her alone until she’s ready to talk to you.”

“You’re right.”

“Jason, this Derek guy is a powerful enough W’Kar reproduction. The tin man brigade, or as you call them, ACTF need his help. Without you watching their ass now they’ll need him.”

“Humph, you are right.”

“Well I’ve things to do and an island to make my own, later man and don’t do anything too stupid. We still didn’t finish that last fight.”

“Later Greg.”

“Bye, bye, W’Kar,” said Female Warrior Guyver as she waved.

W’Kar teleported away, leaving Dreadnought to wonder how he’ll greet a guy who was once his best friend.

“Jason, what happened when Derek found out about us?”

“He flipped and kicked the crap out of me.”

“Oh explains why you are not too thrilled with the idea of meeting him.”

“That’s not the worse part of it.”

“Go on.”

“He had already given you a black eye by the time I’d found him and he was still able to kick my sorry ass. He was always a strong jock bastard and combat training plus being mad as hell with us only made things worse.”

“That asshole gave ME a black eye!”

“Yes he did.”

“Why the hell is he still alive?”

“He was my friend and I was not about to kill him. Besides, by the time I became a Warrior Guyver you were already dead and Chronos became my main concern. Anyway we lost contact with him after the restraining order.”

“Have you talked with him since?”

“Not at all.”

“So this is totally unresolved?”


“Oh boy.”

“Yes this is going to be interesting.”

“I think that is an understatement Jason.”

As Dreadnought and Female Warrior Guyver walked over the ridge they caught sight of tall form of Gilgamesh. Dreadnought sighed. This could only turn out bad. The only question was how long it would take. Gilgamesh eyes confirmed what his sensors where telling him that Dreadnought and another Warrior Guyver he did not know of where on their way to talk with him. Unlike Dreadnought though, he was looking forward to this moment.

“HEY JASON if you get any closer you’ll breech your own restraining order!!!!”

“Derek you asshole you never knew when to shut that useless mouth of yours!”

“Fiona did not find it useless.”

“Derek you never could remember anything longer than a week and just to remind you she broke up with you so many times you spent more days off than on.”

“And you great friend moved in on her once you had your chance and took her away from me!”

“You were fool who did not realise she was her own person. She wanted me, just as much as I wanted her!”

“You were my best friend man, you should have stayed away from her.”

“Fuck you ya prick. Why should I ignore the love of my life because of an abusive asshole? She told me what you did to her. Hell you gave her a black eye because she would not let you get to second base with her! AND don’t give me that best friend bollocks you enjoyed yourself kicking my ass around my own house when you found out about us.”

“I bet as DREADNOUGHT that you’d like a part of me now!”

“Hell yes, and ..”

, said Female Warrior Guyver as she grabbed Dreadnought’s hand.

<Huh, Fiona what are you trying to do?>

<Listen, the only reason you are at this God forsaken place is to make sure no one else gets any of those units. That purple freak and you can beat twenty shades of crap out of each other after you have beaten Chronos.>

<You’re right Fi.>

“But I am man enough to know you and I have to work together to stop Chronos, real question is, are you?”

“Jason the only person who screams like a bitch is you.”

“Fuck you Derek,” said Dreadnought as he teleported himself and Female Warrior Guyver back to the other Guyvers.

“You guys, keep that Gilgamesh fuck out of my face! I’m going back to Texas to cool down, when you start the attack let me know and we’ll be back,” shouted Dreadnought as he once again teleported this time to New Cork.

It was dark but the signs of battle against the Eliminator could easily seen by his enhanced eyesight. Dreadnought was vividly reminded by the ruined Johnston house across the road. From what his wife’s own unit informed through that link they shared that that being was capable of killing her with ease. Nothing she had could even harm it other than coarse language. No way was he going to leave her alone again until he found a way of preventing that thing from getting to her.

“Jason you are going to have to control that anger of yours, that asshole Derek is playing with you,” said Female Warrior Guyver, breaking Dreadnought’s current line of thought.

“Yeah, I know.”

“No it’s “Yes I know” make sure you don’t play his game.”

“Yes hun, and I if it were not for all those spiky swords of yours I’d give you a hug. Now time to get Faye and kick major Chronos ass.”

Atop of the Ruined Clan Ship – Australia

Imakarum stood on what now was his command post. Reports of just mostly Warrior Guyvers in the area were a concern. This meant constant attack from beings that do not tire, hard to kill, and all of them having some kind of grudge against Chronos. He was beginning to get like Kron. He hated Guyvers that could not see the truth even when shown to them. The Creators were the true enemy not Chronos!

Then he sensed something he did not expect as three Elite Zoalords teleported around him. It was the three European Elite Zoalords, Cablarl Khan, Jearvill Bun Hiyern and Luggnagg De Krumeggnic. Three Zoalords that once tried to take over Chronos and have been trying to get into Alkanphel’s good graces ever since.

“Mirabilis, we are here to show OUR support to Chronos and our acting leader,” said Cablarl Khan.

“To that end we bring you a gift,” said Luggnagg De Krumeggnic pointing towards a section of the battle field. There appeared a little over five hundred new Gliddean Neo Class hyper-zoanoids.

“They are the first batch of completed Gliddean, Mirabilis, and we leave them at your disposal,” said Jearvill Bun Hiyern.

“Thank you my fellow Zoalords. They will be used well, please leave now and ensure the protection of your bases. Battle is about to begin.”

The three Elite Zoalords bowed and were teleported away by the Ark. Imakarum smiled, these zoanoids made a perfect companion to the Bio-Titan. They are unmatched at hand-to-hand combat.

While Zarfel and Zariyan stayed within the Clan Ship, in the middle of a large group of Bio-Titan’s outside stood the other Disciple Zoalords of Chronos that where in Australia having an informal meeting. Zoalord Damien Kane, Zoalord Alfrid Drano, and the Twin Zoalords Elmira and Elena. They were in charge of keeping the Chronos forces outside the Relic together.

“Damien, your powers rely mostly on psychic terror to be effective,” said Elmira. “With the retreat of ACTF and EDF forces and the fact your powers have been ineffective against Guyvers you should leave this battle,” said Elena continuing her twin sister’s point.

“I will not abandon Chronos to you Zoalords Twins and Drano,” said Kane pointing at his Disciple zoalord brethren.

“You are not leaving Chronos to them you are leaving it to me,” said Imakarum as he floated down between the arguing Disciples

“My apologies Master,” said Zoalord Kane as he bowed towards Imakarum.

“Damien leave now,” ordered the Elite Zoalord.

“But who will replace me my lord?”

“I’ve already selected your replacement.”

“Who my lord?”


“THE ZOALORD TRAITOR!” roared Kane in disbelief.

Suddenly around Kane appeared a vortex and he found himself tossed a number of metres away from the now ruler of Chronos. As he pulled himself off the ground he suddenly found his right arm reaching back and making a fist. Next thing he knew he had almost broken his own jaw with a punch leaving him face first on the ground. The first thing his eyes focused on after the dirt as he looked up was the feet of Imakarum.

“I am the leader of Chronos now, you do as I say and you do not contradict me!” said Imakarum with cold chill to the words. Damien Kane stood up, his dirty cloak sending out a small cloud of dust back towards the other Disciple Zoalords as it was caught in the wind.

Kane was not given a chance to talk as the Ark teleported him away and instantly replacing him with Noire, Disciple Zoalord of Canada.

Then less than two miles away a aura bomb from Dreadnought hit the Chronos forces. The battle had begun. The four Disciple Zoalords bowed as Imakarum ordered the Ark teleport himself and one hundred Bio-Titans on top of the Clan Ship.

Above Dreadnought flew Female Warrior Guyver. Dreadnought had refused to let her form another hit and run battle group but to stay with him. Below them she could see the devastating effect of his attack on the Chronos ground forces as order was replaced with chaos. Taking advantage of the opening given by Dreadnought the second Warrior battle group attacked. Comprised of Warrior Aceaer, Warrior Guyver 2, Warrior Guyver 4 and Zeus they quickly made sort work of large numbers of disorientated and disorganised zoanoids. Over five miles away, Gilgamesh appeared out of nowhere with both of his mega-smashers open. Within a heart beat over two hundred unprepared Bio-Titans, Darzebs, Zektoles and other types found themselves vaporised before a combined force of Bio-Titan shielding stopped it.

Suddenly as Dreadnought was about to focus on a Zoalord he’d never seen before he was hit by a massive beam of energy and sent crashing to the ground. Female Warrior Guyver cloaked as she flew down after Dreadnought. She could not sense the being that had attacked Dreadnought and could guess that it was another Warrior Guyver that attacked him. Meaning it was the Warrior Guyver Vamore as there were no other beings within Chronos that could fire a weapon like that and then cloak. As Dreadnought fell smouldering face first to the ground two Bio-Titan’s dived towards him. But before reaching the fallen Dreadnought a cloaked Female Warrior Guyver with extended Vibrational swords made short work of them before her cloak was forced to deactivate as zoanoid blood splattered over her Guyver armoured face.

Dreadnought shook his head and quickly focused on the battle around him just in time to be targeted once again by Warrior Guyver Vamore. A line of mostly Bio-Titan’s and other types of Hyper-Zoanoids moved out of the way as a Zoalord worked with the Warrior Class Guyver giving it the opening needed and a second later Dreadnought was in very deep trouble as another enhanced bio-laser came hurtling towards him.

Warrior Guyver Vamore smiled as the blast seemingly hit not only Dreadnought but Female Warrior Guyver. But as his head sensors twitched a slightly charred Dreadnought and Female Warrior Guyver appeared behind him and he realised quickly how much trouble he was now in. Dreadnought though fired a charged pressure cannon attack against the Warrior Guyver Vamore’s back, not knowing what type of Warrior Guyver he now faced. As the gravitational energy hit its barrier shield it only did one thing, warp around it and reinforce it as the Guyver took to the air at speed followed by Dreadnought and Female Warrior Guyver who where quickly fired on by the supporting Chronos forces.

Miles away, as Dreadnought and Female Warrior Guyver dodged or shielded laser blasts which would incinerate a normal person, the team of Zeus, Warrior Guyver 2, Warrior Guyver 4, and Warrior Aceaer were working so fluidly as a hit and run team it surprised them all. But way off in outer space one person knew exactly what was happening.

The Creator Krullnar had a very human reaction to the information fed to him about the test Warrior Units. Countless Mekra ago his father, and Creator of the Warrior Guyver project, Solom told him of the greatest feet of the Warrior Project. It was not only a unit that was powerful in its own right. But a unit that could form “Combat Collective”. When two Warrior Units fought beside each other against a common foe the hosts would be “influenced” to cooperate in combat by the Combat System of the control medal.

But what really made this Creator happy was not only was he able to create the Combat Collective with what the Humans called Warrior Guyver 4, along with his ally’s Warrior Aceaer, but that they were also able to form the collective with the slightly more advanced Warrior Unit’s from another dimension. In fact the forming of the collective was also sharing information about those units, giving this Creator information on their combat abilities. While in human terms this would not be like having a blueprint to making a Dreadnought or even a Warrior Type 2 Unit but it was enough to inform him on how they were different to each other and how his units should work with them.

Without words the four Warriors teleported a few miles outside the battle zone. Miles away they could see Dreadnought and Female Warrior Guyver fighting with what looked to be a black ball of energy capable of firing some incredibly powerful mega-smasher like blasts with speed that was simply unrivalled by any other being they knew of.

Dreadnought has a rare moment of being stumped. It was basically the first time he had fought a unit that was basically his own and with a bio-blaster zoanoid powering it making up for the less advanced unit. The main attacks he used were gravity based and they would be near to useless while that pale attempt at him hid behind a shield he powered and continued to fire rapid powerful bio-blasts at him and his wife. But it was the fact that his wife was in danger that affected him the most. Something snapped inside him and rage filled him.

“That’s it you freaky attempt at a Chronos version of ME!” roared Dreadnought as he pointed at Warrior Guyver Vamore.

Dreadnought’s barrier shield surrounded him as the thrusters on his back fired and within a second he was right on top of Warrior Guyver Vamore as their shields crashed into each other. As the destructive energies of both shields attempted to destroy each other it produced an incredible yet unexpected after-effect as random destructive bolts of energy shot out in all directions from the point the two shields clashed. Those few bolts that shot downward explosively blasted into the ground, leaving 30-50 foot deep craters.

The End of Part 4.