This is a fan-fiction based on characters created by Yoshiki Takaya and contains violent situations with adult language. Any similarity to actual persons, living or dead is unintentional and purely coincidental.

Title7 Days Of Hell: Part 3
AuthorBrian O’Sullivan

Clan Ship Crash site – Australia

EDF Armoured Battle Group 20 looked up at the massive Creator Battleship. If it where not for the man made battle armour covering them the clear look of shock on their faces would have had the Chronos zoanoid forces laughing before they proceeded to rip them to bits. Weapon pods opened up and within seconds a vast swathe of Chronos zoanoids where wiped out. Vaheria quickly refocused his efforts.

“Team 20, stop your day dreaming and look for any surviving Noid’s and make sure they’re dead!” roared Vaheria through his armours communication system.

Quickly the forty strong platoon spread out looking for any surviving zoanoids. Vaheria hoped that the Creator battleship would continue to attack only Chronos forces. Above him the Kavzar Commander focused on his armoured battle group. It was truly amazed by how far this child race of the Creators had come and had even made what it viewed as basic battle armour, would they someday make a living battle armour like the Kavzar?

Four beams of light fired down on Vaheria’s battle group. As Valeria himself and three others where pulled up towards the battleship the remainder of Team 20 opened fire soon discovering that human weaponry was simply ineffective as round after round bounced off the ships shielding. The Kavzar Commander inside did not even considering them enough of a threat to stun, never mind killing.

The armours on all four trapped troopers where torn apart and all that was left was the bodies of a woman and three men with a look of horror on their face as they feared the worse from a Battle Ship that had already laid waste to vast amounts of zoanoids. Then before each person a dormant Aceaer Unit appeared, though they did not know what they where. All four activated simultaneously. These units, however, where not Guyver units so it took only a matter of seconds for the new units to adapt to their hosts.

Mexico City

Alkanphel had seen much of death by this stage. From murders to car crashes, to people dying of old age yet there was still no sign of the being now known as Crystallite. Looking for her was like looking for a needle in a haystack. Even with the proverbial magnets, which were the three Eyes’ Of Chronos stationed above him, he could still not find her. But then he saw something he did not expect. One of the Eye’s could see a group of Creator troops heading towards Earth. He quickly realised that with him gone that the Creators would easily take control over the ruined Clanship and its treasures. But for him to take Kron and Guyver Powered Zerebubuse away from the fight with the ACTF would be equally costly with both the ACTF and EDF forces gaining control over the ship and getting even more Guyver units. That would be intolerable. Though most of Chronos’ Neo-Class zoanoids where now in Australia there was still a large number of Hyper-zoanoids and Bio-Blaster types for him to call on from around the world.

Knowing that Kron and other members of Chronos would try and send help to him he telepathically ordered that the Ark stop teleporting in any reinforcements from the clanship crash site and that no one should come to assist him until that site had been secured. Alkanphel then transformed into his most powerful form and waited as his Bio-Blaster zoanoids assembled on the rooftops around him. Moments later over fifty Neo-Zektole zoanoids, from around the world, were teleported in from various bases around the world. One of the many thoughts that went through the head of the leader of Chronos was this, <“Today this battle like many others would decide the fate of Chronos”>.

Clan Ship Crash site -Australia

Kron could feel the near death of his lord, but could not disobey a direct order to do nothing to assist his Lord until the ruined clanship had been secured. He was a professional in every sense of the word and knew he should forget about Alkanphel and focus on his task, keep the Clan Ship under Chronos control. Which was easier said than done, as he fought Zeus and attempted to direct the huge Chronos forces simultaneously. Thankfully Imakarum was a very skilled third in command of Chronos, allowing Kron to concentrate on killing Zeus once and for all.

The combined weather controlling powers of Kron and Zeus have caused a massive formation of storm clouds to form over the battlefield as the two combatants warily circled each other in midair. Bolts of lightning started to hit both combatants but instead of inflicting damage the lightning bolts simply started to dance around them as both started to accumulate an immense charge of electrical energy. Both combatants then extended their swords as they launched themselves toward each other and clashed in a Titanic show of power as the huge charge of electrical energy discharged itself into both combatants spectacularly, even as their swords clashed and they battled on.

Below Kron and Zeus battled the other Guyvers against the army of Bio-Titans, while most of the human forces battled at the outskirts of the battlefield. Occasionally either Kron or Zeus would be hit by a stray energy attack as they continued to battle; blow for blow, above the battlefield, but neither gave an inch in their nearly evenly matched battle.

In shear number the Chronos forces appeared to be prevailing but the human and Guyver forces were holding their own. But most of the weaker zoa-forms have already been destroyed and the remaining Bio-Titans were proving most difficult to destroy…

Near the outskirts of the battlefield, a single Bio-Titan launched itself at a squad of Wolf Armours when they unleashed a hail of Anti-Tank Missiles at it. The resulting explosions were deafening but the Bio-Titan quickly reappeared, as it burst clear of the smoke and dust that the explosions had thrown up around it, totally unharmed as the glow of its shield now made itself visible. The Bio-Titan then fired upon the squad and explosively blew up the ground that the squad had stood upon before they had launched themselves into the air at the last instant, but the Bio-Titan reacted quickly and blew one of the Wolf Armours to bits with a plasma energy blast before it had even gotten a hundred feet into the air. The other Wolf Armours instantly retaliated with laser blasts but they had no effect on the powerful Bio-Titan, which was about to blow another one of them away when it was suddenly hit with a hail of plasma energy bolts as a Squad of Blue V2’s came rushing towards it. The surprise attack blasting several fist size holes into the Bio-Titan before it had a chance to raise its shield but it simply ignored the damage done to it and returned fire upon the attacking Blue V2 Armours, who now switched to their doubled barrelled electric guns. The Bio-Titan might indeed have prevailed except for the fact that one of the Blue V2’s had snuck up behind it and blew its head off with a point blank discharge from its plasma bazooka. The other Blue V2’s then finished the job as they used their plasma bazookas to obliterate the Bio-Titans remains…

Further within the battlefield a Bio-Titan was about to obliterate a Green Armoured Marine when a Wolf Armour swooped in and slammed into the Bio-Titan at high speed, knocking the Bio-Titan to the ground as the Wolf Armour tumbled past it. The Green Armoured Marine saw his chance and started to move in on the Bio-Titan. Within a second of the impact the Wolf Armour had managed to re-launch itself back into the air but just as quickly the Bio-Titan got off a plasma blast at it and blew it to bit. An instant before the Green Armoured Marine jumped on top of the Bio-Titan and started to use his retractable jackhammer to hammer a hole into the Bio-Titans skull, but a Bio-Titan is not so easily killed. Before the Green Armoured Marine knew what was happening, the Bio-Titan had explosively obliterated him in a fiery discharge of bio-energy. The now nearly headless Bio-Titan then got back on its feet, the hole in its head had already partially regenerated, and was about to attack the next nearest armoured human when its chest suddenly exploded. The Bio-Titan twisted around to look at its attacker but was quickly hit by another plasma bolt that blew off its right arm at the shoulder as a Blue V2 fired upon it as quickly as its plasma bazooka could fire. The resilient Bio-Titan though still had fight left in it and managed to fire a plasma bolt at the Blue V2 with its remaining left hand but in its weakened state the blast was not powerful enough to penetrate the Blue V2’s energy shield and the soldier continued to fire upon the Bio-Titan until he was sure there wasn’t enough left of it to regenerate from…

Closer to the centre of the battlefield Aceaer Warrior Guyver 2 sliced a Bio-Titan in half with his vibrational swords and then obliterated it with his shoulder fusion cannons. He then turned and fired his arm rail guns with extreme precision as he fired each into the skull of a Bio-Titan until he had hit over two dozen of them all within the span of a single second. This disorientated the Bio-Titans long enough for Aceaer Warrior Guyver 2 to open his left Mega Smasher and vaporized the lot of them. He then opened his right Mega Smasher as he twisted around and fired upon another Bio-Titan that was about to attack him but the Bio-Titan was able to shield itself from the single Mega Smasher attack. Aceaer Warrior Guyver 2 easily sensed that the Bio-Titan was withstanding his attack and so quickly followed it up with a CPM enhanced triple plasma/pressure cannon attack. The Bio-Titan’s shield was already weakened by the Mega Smasher attack and so was unable to defend itself from the next attack as the fiery plasma/pressure cannon bolts tore into it and obliterated it spectacularly . . .

On and on the battle raged as both sides started to take on heavy losses but then, high above the battlefield below, appeared Crystallite. She could sense the death and destruction caused by these powerful beings. It summoned her to this place where she could feed on the most powerful beings on Earth. But an ancient Guyver felt her arrival and felt a dread in his soul that he could swear he had experienced before. But he had no memories of such a being and looked up at the Crystallite. He had heard of this creature from the Nova Guyvers and dreaded the idea of holding her off. This world’s most powerful Guyver happened to be that poor Guyver’s brother and he did not want to sour things with a person he had not even met yet by killing his infected sister. But he had heard of what she was capable of and knew his new companions would fear fighting her as much as him. However, he was an experienced warrior. He would capture her control medal and allow Dreadnought to use his fabled powers to heal her . . .

The battlefield suddenly became eerily calm as both sides quickly realized Crystallite had returned and stopped battling as they all looked up to see what she was about to do. Aceaer Warrior Guyver 2 was mentally cursing her return, even as he scrambled to think of a way to deal with her, when suddenly he was contacted by Guyver XT, <I am the only one capable of dealing with her, concentrate on the battle at hand. >

<Listen, she’s easily the biggest threat here. You got to be crazy to go up against her alone. >

<No time to argue, Dark Nova has her hands full keeping those Bio-Titans from overrunning your forces, and even with her it will take all you have just to take this clanship from Chronos. Let me worry about her. > Guyver XT replied, even as he launched himself towards Crystallite.

Aceaer Warrior Guyver 2 mentally cursed the situation but knew he had little choice but to hope this new Guyver stood a chance against Crystallite and prayed that the tide of battle turned in their favour soon.

Crystallite eyes glowed with fiery glow as she hungrily watched the feast that awaited her below when she suddenly sensed the approach of Guyver XT. She had no knowledge about this Guyver but for the first time the being known as Crystallite felt fear. She sensed that this being had killed another being like her. Quickly her thoughts turned to flight but the life force of the beings below her still called out to her to feast. No, she would not be denied this feast. She will destroy the destroyer.

XT dropped lightly to the ground, never taking his eyes off his opponent. He thought. A part of his mind found it grimly amusing that he continually found himself matched up against such creatures.

He felt tired, the deep-seated aches from the last battering he’d taken still affecting him. But he ignored them as essentially unimportant.

Around him the battle raged on, but he currently stood in the eye of the storm, an area of calm where nothing existed but the dead and dying. Hovering above it, the crystal demon drank of the life force beneath, siphoning it into itself. He could feel its power swelling. It was time.

It took two near misses with his head laser to get the demon’s attention, the third struck it’s shoulder, the energy dissipating against the hard crystalline substance of it’s armour, the fourth caught it in the midriff.

Crystallite snarled as she located the source of the beams, her armour refracting the damaging energy, dissipating it harmlessly… but her rage knew no bounds as she spied the Guyver with the strange aura.

Some indistinct memories surrounded this being… a faded memory of fear and dread… the sense of a creature that had killed one of her kind before. That in itself only increased her fury as she dropped towards him… She would destroy the destroyer, and emerge stronger than ever… The air whistled about her as she fell towards her adversary… To find he wasn’t they’re anymore.

A sudden blur of motion to her left and a stunning blow arrested her downward motion. She saw a blue and silver streak arrow pass her as she tried to recover from the blow, howling her rage and hunger.

XT rotated as he flew, turning to face backwards even as his forward momentum increased. The receding form of the crystal demon suddenly began to grow larger as it gave chase. He smiled tightly beneath the armour, feeling a strange exhilaration he hadn’t felt since coming to this world.

Meanwhile, miles away…

Jason almost growled in frustration as he continued to fight the all too stubborn Tonnin in their apparent stalemated battle. Tonnin in turn was even more frustrated at his inability to easily destroy this Guyver, something he took as a personal insult to his pride as an elite warrior of Chronos. But just as both were about to attack each other once again, Jason suddenly sensed the presence of Crystallite and smiled beneath his armour. With his sister’s location revealed to him he no longer needed to get any answers out of Tonnin.

Jason quickly reconsidered his options and quickly decided Tonnin was too powerful for him to simply ignore and Crystallite was too powerful for him to afford any distractions. That left him with only one real choice; he had to kill Tonnin and quickly before Crystallite could make his nightmare a reality.

Tonnin barely had a chance to sense a sudden surge in power from Dreadnought before he unleashed the power of his Quantum Smashers upon him…

Near the Clan Ship Crash site – Australia

The demon was gaining on him, which was the plan… the ground streaked by in a blur, the battle below falling into uneasy silence.

XT turned his attention back to his adversary… “You and me… we’ve met before… or another of your kind perhaps… things will be different this time.” Suddenly he stopped… no gradual slowing, the force of gravity slammed into him as Newton’s laws tried to claim him, but he simply shrugged off the effect of the G’s and swung his left leg up, foot lashing out, as Crystallite’s own momentum slammed her into his kick.

The blow took her in the midriff, doubling her over as he retracted his leg and wrapped his arm around her head. “We need to take this somewhere else.” He growled as a brilliant red portal opened behind him, and with a sudden jerk, he flung the stunned Crystallite through it, before diving through it himself.

The portal fluctuated… and then winked out… leaving the sky above the battlefield empty.

The demon receded down the energy corridor, XT following but a moment behind… he couldn’t afford to let her regain her initiative. He had to keep her as off balance as possible.

The portalling was short, only about 20 miles into the Australian Outback. Far enough, he hoped, to prevent anymore-collateral damage.

The Australian outback was a wilderness, rocky soil, scrub brush, desolate to the sight. XT’s feet sank into the sand as he set himself down. The demon was on her feet now, none the worse for wear, the blow, heavy as it was, hadn’t been damaging, only surprising… stunning her for but a brief moment… her scream of renewed rage pierced the air as she came at him.

He V-stepped to the left, coming in under her punch, his own sliding beneath her guard to slam into her midriff. He then pivoted on the heel of his right foot, driving his left elbow into her abdomen before slamming it up into her chin… she staggered backwards under the assault as he whirled with practice ease, bringing his right fist around in a roundhouse…

She took the blow on her forearm, neatly blocking it and tossing his arm to the side, knocking him momentarily off balance but he twisted nimbly to the side as her right fist grazed the side of his face. Then her knee slammed into his back and his feet left the ground, just as her left hand slashed down across his shoulder, raking through the armour before he could spin away.

He came around in a crouch, blinking in surprise… she was an impressive fighter to recover herself so quickly… he examined his shoulder, several layers of the armour had been torn through, but structurally his integrity hadn’t been compromised.

A blur out of the corner of his eye was all the warning he needed as he fell backward, Crystallite’s roundhouse kick whistling over him as his back hit the ground, both legs tucked into his chest like coiled springs, before he lashed out with them both. Catching the demon under the chin and slamming her backwards, away from him.

Crystallite staggered backwards before regaining her balance, hissing in rage as she set herself to renew her attack.

Miles away,

Tonnin had barely managed to dodge and shield himself from the worst of Dreadnought’s attack. His armour was badly scorched but otherwise intact as he prepared to counter attack but was caught off guard as Dreadnought suddenly slammed into him with a power punch that caved in his chest and sent him hurtling to the ground. Tonnin instantly rolled with the impact and launched himself back into the air an instant before the spot he had been was explosively obliterated by a power wave blast from Dreadnought.

It didn’t take a genius to realize Dreadnought had changed tactics and was now trying to kill him and he soon realized why as he too sensed the presence of Crystallite nearby. His time was up and now one of them had to die and he would be damned if it was going to be him as his body suddenly flared with energy. In an instant he had created a massive ball of fiery destructive energy around himself as he simultaneously launched himself at Dreadnought, who in turn prepared to counter this attack as he has done before, but an instant before impact Tonnin released his attack upon Dreadnought. This forced Dreadnought to counter the massive ball of energy as Tonnin quickly swung around behind him and unleashed a hail of combined gravity, hand beam, and rail gun bullets into Dreadnought’s back. Unable to properly shield himself from the secondary attack, Dreadnought was sent hurtling towards the ground as Tonnin relentlessly continued to fire at him, even after he had smashed into the ground.

But despite Tonnin’s onslaught Dreadnought started to get back to his feet and looked up just in time to see Tonnin, again ablaze with fiery energy, diving right towards him an instant before he smashed into him and sent them both beneath the surface… By this time Tonnin had fully regenerated and was about to unleash his own Smashers into Dreadnought but Jason was not going to have any of that and slammed Tonnin’s chest plates shut. Just as Dreadnought activated his back thrusters and explosively burst out of the ground with Tonnin in tow… But Tonnin had willed another thunderstorm to form overhead and an unnaturally powerful lightning bolt struck Dreadnought and knocked him off of Tonnin, who in turn used the opportunity to open his Hyper Smashers and unleashed their power upon Dreadnought…

Elsewhere in Australia,

XT rolled lithely to his feet, remaining crouched as he assessed his options. She was a trained fighter that was for sure, and her reflexes and reaction time were as good as his… So all he could do is try to do the unexpected and hope for an opening to present itself.

She lunged forward a second time, he launched himself to meet her off his coiled left leg, his right arm fending off her blow as he struck out with his left, slamming his fist into her temple, rocking her with the blow before his right slammed into her chin, making her stumble back a step as his left repeated the blow.

XT drove her backward under the flurry of blows, avoiding her attempts to defend herself to keep her off balance before suddenly something slammed into him, it was as if he’d suddenly stepped behind the jet engine of an airplane as he felt himself thrown backwards and away from her.

Crystallite blazed with a fiery aura, the energy effect washing over her already glowing armour… XT tasted blood in his mouth under the armour, and grinned… something about this fight struck a chord deep inside him… he was back on his feet in a moment… his enemy was powerful, and skilled… but that was okay… so was he.

Battle was joined with an echoing crash as he launched himself at her, taking the initiative as he feinted to the right before sweeping low to click her heels together and dump her to the ground. Only to have her use her own powers of flight to jet backwards in mid air… coming to hover a few meters away from him.

He had a brief seconds warning before she levelled a devastating laser barrage at him, pulsing her head crystal so fast that the rapid bursts made it difficult to dodge, but not impossible.. He faked to the left before rolling right and launching himself into the air… in flight, he was faster then she was, as he closed on her in a blur of motion.

She whirled towards him as he threw his first punch, and his fist suddenly slammed into something incredibly hard, arresting the motion. Then without Crystallite making a move, he felt two crushing blows slam into him, one in the abdomen, the other striking the side of his face, sending him spinning off away from her…

He growled at the pain, at her, and at her unexpected display of telekinesis. He stretched out with his senses, the visual world receding to a faded afterimage as his senses expanded into the energy spectrum, the sun’s energy bathing everything in a hazy orange mist, out of which he could see his opponents shimmering figure, and three bright pinpricks of light arcing out towards him.

He arrested his plummet and twisted sideways to avoid the first one, the second slammed into his shoulder and spun him out of control… but he lashed out with his left fist, the armour blazing with energy to meet the third, there was a bright flash as the energy effects cancelled each other out, and he watched Crystallite flinch… “Well, well, felt that did we?” He muttered.

The next moment he was in her face again… this time ready for the telekinetic effect, cancelling it with his own energy field as he resumed the close quarters combat.

Over 25 Miles Away,

After several continuous seconds of firing, Tonnin Hyper Smashers finally dissipated and he closed his chest plates as he looked down upon his opponent. Dreadnought had raised his shields in time to protect himself from the worst of Tonnin’s attack and the damage from the lightning bolt had already healed. Leaving the two combatants to again look at each other in frustration, at their apparent stalemate, as each struggled to think of way to vanquish the other. . .


XT let gravity claim him for a split second, falling backwards as Crystallite’s punch whistled passed his face, using his flight powers he reoriented himself, effectively turning a neat back flip to slam his armoured knee into her forehead, striking the control medal. He twisted to the side to avoid her panicked kick as he fell away from her in free fall once again.

She didn’t follow… both combatants taking a moment to regroup and gather their thoughts.

XT closed his eyes, letting his awareness flow through his armour, examining each wound and scratch… there were few of them, he had fought the demon to a draw so far… those minor wounds he had taken however, weren’t healing as they should.

He turned his attention to them alone, focusing his will, feeling the armour respond, but only at a fraction of the speed it should have… the healing technique sped the healing from nonexistent to a slow crawl… but no more. And he couldn’t defend himself and trance at the same time.

He couldn’t let this continue, he wasn’t exhausting himself with his efforts, but even he could be worn down if unable to heal.

The scream of triumph was his only warning as he snapped himself out of the healing trance, the ground rushing up to meet him and the red demon a sharp bladed barrier above him… she rushed to meet him, trying to force him to ground beneath her.

He obliged, a madcap grin lighting his face as he whirled, dropping his feet beneath him, not slowing his fall as she had hoped, he grunted with the impact as he let his knees collapse to take the force of his descent as he slammed into the ground.

As quickly as they bent, his legs snapped back straight, propelling him right into Crystallite’s shocked face. His shoulder rammed into her chest with shattering force, and he felt tough crystalline armour buckle under the assault.

And the chilling knives of pain as those splinters where driven into his own armoured shoulder. He disengaged, lashing out with a kick, throwing the still disoriented Crystallite off balance as he dropped to the ground, teeth gritted against a pain he should not even be feeling.

Red shards of crystal had gouged deeply into his armour, the biomaterial shredded beneath them, blood welled sluggishly from around the punctures, and he could feel the cold increasing, as the crystals drained energy from him.

A snarl brought his head up… Crystallite crouched like a wounded animal a short distance away, one hand clutching her shattered chest plate, which was slowly drawing itself back together, the cracks resealing as new crystal grew to replace the old. Her eyes stared at the ruin of his shoulder, lit from within by a hungry light.

He snarled back, just as fiercely, bringing her attention back to him… his lips pulling into a pain laced grin at how wary she was… he was a threat… one she was coming to respect. His fist clenched painfully, so that beneath the armour he felt tendons and cartilage shift with the strain.

Red energy blossomed around the embedded crystal, his control medal glowing softly as it controlled the release of violent internal energies. The armour around the penetration sites charred and blackened as the power poured over the damaged structure, and the crystal glowed brightly for a moment before disintegrating under the withering energy pulse… a column of pulsing crimson energy welled from his shoulder before fading as the source was bottled back up once more…

He found himself panting lightly… a sign of his body’s temporary drain as he shivered in the after effects of that expenditure… his shoulder was a mess, blackened armour and charred biomaterial. And he knew that the flesh beneath was equally raw and damaged… but the arm still had mobility… the rest would heal with time.

Over 25 Miles Away…

Tonnin had launched a hail of energy blade like hand blasts at Dreadnought that would have easily sliced through any being with the ease of a vibrational sword, but Dreadnought had managed to raise his shields in time and simply ignored them as he continued to warily watch Tonnin. Who then extended his swords and clashed with Dreadnought’s as he slammed into him in an attempt to knock him off balance but Dreadnought easily absorbed the impact and then grabbed Tonnin’s arm and snapped it 90 degrees in the wrong direction at the elbow. Tonnin simply ignored the damage as he tried to chop Dreadnought’s head off with his other arm sword but Dreadnought simply phased and let Tonnin’s arm pass through him before quickly grabbing it and was about to snap it as well when Tonnin flipped around and wrapped his legs around Dreadnought’s head before twisting around in the opposite direction as he flipped Dreadnought and slammed him into the ground. But Dreadnought instantly retaliated by activating his back thrusters, breaking free of Tonnin’s hold while simultaneously grabbing a hold of one of his legs as he twisted and slammed Tonnin hard into the ground. An instant later Tonnin knocked Dreadnought away with an energy blast before he flipped back to his feet and snapped his forearm back into place. Just in time to use his arms to shield himself as Dreadnought power punched him and sent him flying backwards over a hundred feet before he could stop himself, his arms again broken but already regenerating from the powerful blow.

Dreadnought was about to slam into Tonnin again with another power punch when Tonnin created a powerful shock wave to knock Dreadnought back before he unleashed a spatial warp that engulfed Dreadnought and made him feel as if he was being torn apart, but in the next instant Dreadnought had reflected the attack back at Tonnin, forcing him to stop the attack, just as he closed the distance and slammed into him with his power punch, which sent him hurtling several hundred feet away before Tonnin again straightened himself out and fired a massive destructive wave at of energy at Dreadnought, who in turn countered it with another wave of energy to cancel it out.

Dreadnought’s Control Metal then flared and steam vented from his face vents as he again assessed the situation. Jason knew it was within his power to destroy Tonnin but it was taking too long and he could ill afford to waste any more time on this servant of Chronos. This battle had already become more trouble than it was worth but neither could he simply leave Tonnin in a position to interfere with him while he confronted his sister…

Crystallite was stunned, she had never encountered anything like this before… this… insect, was fighting her to a standstill. Yet in someway a thrill flowed down her spine, a savage joy driven by a battle lust that the crystal infection did not create, only enhanced.

Her wound was healing; she could feel the pain easing as her chest plate healed itself. Crystal shod fingers clenched into a fist, full female lips pulled back to bare teeth behind a crystal faceplate. From her forearm a spine of crystal extended, the edge sharp to a molecular level, the planes of the blade humming with the hyper vibration that would allow it to slice through stone, steel, flesh, bone and blood.

She would soon gorge herself on this alien’s energy, and would be rewarded for his death… she knew that somehow… his death would buy her some great gift.


She leapt towards him, finding him on his guard, slashing at him with the right blade, while bringing the left around in a stabbing thrust meant to skewer him.


He parried the first blow, and somehow slid aside from the second, his elbow clipping her under the chin. A bright flash exploding before her eyes from the blow as she felt herself falling backwards, tripped over by his shin judo style.


She swivelled at the hips, scything her legs around above her to ward off any further attack as she rolled to a crouch, launching herself back at the blue-silver Guyver. She feinted a blow to his face, not resisting as his forearm slapped it aside, to score her blade over his injured shoulder.


He jerked backwards in unexpected agony, the Guyver usually dampened all pain, pain being only information, but her crystal was disrupting his Guyver’s normal operation, retarding his regeneration, and now breaking down his Guyver’s autonomic defences.

XT rolled away from his opponent, his shoulder blazing agony, the wound not healing, blood continued to drip from the shredded flesh slowly. He ignored the pain, shunting it aside… but knew he had to do some damage… NOW!

He rolled up onto one knee, twisting at the waist as he senses the blade descending towards his unprotected back, thrusting his hand out towards her, a sphere of blazing red energy exploding from his palm.

Time stopped. Or at least it might has well have, as both fighters came to a complete halt, neither moving a muscle. The narrow point of Crystallite’s sword hovered a centimetre from XT’s face, and a ball of ravening plasma hovered right before hers. If either of them made a move, they would feel the other’s weapon.

A chuckle escaped XT’s throat as he panted for breath. Stalemate! Just as his enemy Moved.

She disengaged, letting her left leg collapse slightly, bringing her out of line with his weapon as she thrust the blade forward again in a stab that would have impaled him. Had he not also been in motion, falling backwards, he brought his hand around, cupping the plasma sphere and slamming it into the side of her forearm.

The energy charge exploded, knocking them apart. XT felt the sharp myriad stings as plasmatic energy bombarded his armour, but he drained them back into himself, taking no damage.

The same could not be said of Crystallite. Her shriek of shock and pain changed to the snarl of a wounded animal as she staggered back away from him, cradling the shattered remains of her arm, the crystal smoking, half melted… a chunk of the forearm completely missing, hand hanging limp.

“Didn’t like that… I guess.” He panted, regaining his feet, not pressing the attack, and needing a moment himself. His eyes flicking over the wound, watching the healing noticeably slowed. “Well, it seems we come up even again.” He muttered… “Neither of us recovers easily from the other’s attacks.”…

Dreadnought telepathically communicated to Tonnin.

Tonnin replied.

Dreadnought replies sarcastically, hoping Tonnin’s ego was as big as he thought it was and he’ll do the stupid thing and try to obliterate him with whatever ultimate attack this Kavzar / Zoalord hybrid was capable of. But of course he was taking the risk that Tonnin might actually have the power to destroy him but there was little chance of that and he had few options left to him to finish this battle quickly.

Tonnin replies confidently as he starts to rise into the air, charging up his Power Pulse Cannon. . .

Crystallite flexed the injured arm, hissing in pain as torn muscle and tendon grated, the sensation increasing her fury, and her caution. The urge to kill, to devour was strong, but it was held in check along with her anger, some part of her restraining her berserker fury, lest it betray her.

The wound had closed, but it wasn’t the unmarked, unhindered regeneration of normal. The crystal was misshapen, ugly, a quick fix, and nothing more… once again she tested the arm, it still hurt, but was no longer incapacitated. She eyed her opponent… for each breath she took at rest, was one in which he used as well.

Energy flowed through his armour, his consciousness flowing around his wounds, binding them in a web of healing energies. It was difficult, he couldn’t remember when it had been more so… but the horrible shoulder wound had closed, he was no longer bleeding.

He chuckled softly, knowing that he couldn’t take any time to heal the broken armour, knowing he had to act, and hope that his rush patch job held up better than hers. He tensed bodily as he fell into battle readiness, feeling his muscles protest the heightened use. He felt the same tension flow into his enemy, knowing she was watching, and waiting… ready for him.

Some part of him revelled in a furious joy at this combat, not the violence itself, which was transitory… only a necessity. In the match of skill-to-skill, single combat against a dangerous enemy… in the midst of the blows he tried to quantify this sensation…

It seemed so long ago that he has studied the history of this tiny, relatively insignificant planet… but there was so much more to them than their beginnings… and he grinned as he gained new insight into them.

They had been called Vikings, North men, the Norse… and above all they revered battle… indeed, to get into the greatest of their mythological heavens one must die in battle. When he had first studied the texts of their history… he had been repulsed by such a bloodthirsty barbaric tribe of humans.

Now he felt the rushing thud of his pulse in his ears, his heart hammering in his chest, every muscle burning with fatigue. And yet, his exhilaration none the less as he clashed with his rival… He understood their martial code… why they prized this.

Crystallite was a puzzle for him to figure out… a conundrum he must find the answer to… He nimbly avoided a slashing thrust from her blade as he tucked his shoulder in and slammed it hard into her chest, knocking her backwards as he felt an icy prickle along his side, telling him he hadn’t escaped unscathed.

His own blades still useless, he couldn’t engage her, as he’d like… being forced to keep inside her defences, to keep her from rending him to shreds. His hand clutched her descending wrist, his other arm blocking hers on an inward stroke… they stood there, struggling to gain superior leverage.

Suddenly Crystallite flared brilliant white, XT instantly has his shield up, knocking him away from her, as the ground around her slagged into molten glass… it took him a moment to realize what she had done…

He threw himself to the side as an intense wave of solar energy scorched the air, the scream of superheated atmosphere gave way to the snapping crack as stones shattered under the assault… the bright sunlight, refracted and channelled through Crystallite’s crystalline armour formed a very effective weapon.

She turned towards him, again focusing the power towards him. He pumped up his shields and felt invisible energy rebound off the defence. But as the blurring wash of cascading energy faded Crystallite was gone!

He had a brief second to react as he felt something penetrate his only half strength shield from behind. A powerful arm wrapping around his neck, the other circling his chest, pinning his arms to his sides… he heard the hissing breath against the side of his head as Crystallite tightened her grip, not letting his shields force her away as they would have a blade thrust… she squeezed and he gasped in pain as he felt joints shifting under the pressure… she was literally crushing him!

He had a split second to think of some escape, his unit could keep a damaged body functioning as long as no incapacitating injury was taken… a splintered ribcage would qualify as that…

“Damn…. Rrrrgh…. Th… this is gonna hurt.” He groaned out as his chest plates began to smoke… his plasma-smashers activating in response to his mental command… he felt his lungs collapse, his heart pushed back out of the way as the cells sought the perfect spherical shape needed to fire…

He heard Crystallite’s grunt of surprise, and grinned… as he sucked the sudden pulse of energy back into himself… his shields collapsing… sheeted over his body to blaze into a brilliant aura… His chest expanded, his arms forcing outward… his redoubled strength breaking her grip on him as he reached up over his shoulder and grabbed her shoulder, fingers clutching, digging into armoured endoskeleton.

He bent forward; going to one knee as he almost effortlessly flung her over his shoulder into the ground, the hard earth catering beneath her as he jerked her back up… The female Guyver whirling towards him, slipping his grip and landing a powerful blow to his abdomen,, he felt her foreword blade scrape along his armour before sinking into the softer tissue to the side. He twisted, escaping with little more then a grazing wound as he decked her hard.

He had to end this quickly; he was using up what energy he still had at a furious rate.

And then the world went to chaos as a nova of light blossomed on the horizon… Crystallite staggered backward from his assault… and raised her arm reflexively against the sudden brilliance.

Sensing his chance, he clenched his right fist… feeling the protestation of his unit as he forced energy through the emitter on the back of his hand… a blazing, if unfocused energy blade sprang forth… wavering and flickering with the imperfection of its emitter crystal…

He gritted his teeth as he thrust it out in a stabbing blow at the demon, meanwhile pumping what remained of his Induction charge through the blade. It flared with more brilliance as he stabbed down at her chest..

But Crystallite wasn’t taken completely off guard… stunned, in pain… she managed to twist to the side… almost clearing the blade… which slammed deep into her side… her tortured howl cut the searing air as the energy tore through her armour and into the flesh and bone beneath.

A second later XT’s scream echoed hers as his blade emitter exploded, taking most of his hand with it in an incandescent release of intense energy…

Blood spattered the dusty ground as the two wounded combatants staggered apart… XT gritted his teeth against the pain, raising his other hand… a plasma sphere flaring into being in his palm as he drew his arm forward, aiming for his staggered opponent’s control medal.

A huge new shape suddenly moved into his line of fire, his projectile glancing off on tremendously powerful shield.

<“Stop!”> Dreadnought commanded, both audibly and telepathically.

Dreadnought had set himself between his sister and her attacker… “Back off, I won’t let you kill her.”

XT staggered back a step, weaving in pain and confusion as he found himself gazing up at a blue figure who was half again his size… “Oh you’ve got to be kidding me…” He wheezed in pain. “Out of my way blue boy… she has to be stopped now!” He ground out the words through gritted teeth, holding on to consciousness with difficulty. He tried to move to the side, to get a clear shot at his enemy.

“I said back off!” Dreadnought moved to again block his way… reaching out to slam a hand against XT’s chest, knocking him backwards… XT grasped the wrist… about as big around as his knee. And suddenly felt his unit reaching out towards a powerful source of healing energy… drawing that power back into his damaged body…

Before searing pain exploded behind his eyes… He never knew if he managed to scream or not, as the world descended into chaos around him… his vision blacking out as he jerked himself free of contact.

Dreadnought froze in shock as he felt his Matrix lash out at the damaged Guyver, reacting to a stimulus he could just barely sense. Visible lightning crackling down his forearm, to blast into the Guyver’s battered body, and clawing up his arms to flicker across his face, and stabbing with needle points into his control medal.

Then, just before he felt Crystallite Move and before he could stop it, she had teleported behind the reeling Guyver, her intact forearm blade extending, stabbing in.

XT twisted, fighting passed the pain and disorientation, trying to dodge… but much, much too slow. He felt his armour grow suddenly cold and dead around him, realizing with shock the damage that his new opponent must have done to him… as his link with his unit atrophied to the faintest touch, his energy fleeing like water from a broken vessel.

The blade stabbed into the Guyver organism, avoiding the armour protecting the spine, which might have slowed its advance, it cleaved through into the flesh beneath. Dreadnought watched in stunned horror as the blade burst out underneath XT’s left chest plate. Blood spattered the thirsty ground.

The pain was intense… but already becoming distant… his life-force being drained now through the direct contact… XT felt the blade within him growing, with branches and spurs of it digging into his flesh, anchoring the blade inside him. Somehow he managed to release the last of the energy he was holding… the plasma sphere he still held in his hand… he brought it up, and slammed it hard into the gaping wound in his chest… where it exploded.

The damage was fearsome, but even as the plasma ignited, he channelled it through his tissues, a column of incandescent energy blazed out of the wound in his back, forcing the crystalline blade out the way it had come, he heard himself cry out in pain as the blade’s anchors tore through his flesh, some of them shattering and splintering off, leaving slivers embedded inside him

The plasma cauterised the wound, and he slumped forward to his knees before pitching forward, his arms not obeying his command to catch him, as he fell forward to the ground. He heard Crystallite screaming in pain, and found the energy to grin weakly, as he imagined what a face full of plasma must have felt like. Before thought as well, fled from him.

Dreadnought realised that XT would not last much longer against what was his sister. He knew this and XT knew this. Both of their senses told them so. Dreadnought knew if anything XT had probably stopped his nightmare from coming true, his sister had not killed everyone and in no way was he about to let XT be destroyed.

XT now lay against a rock. He knew that some of that creatures crystal had remained inside his wound, stopping him form healing. After all those years he thought he was about to finally meet his maker in whatever sort of afterlife he was about to meet.

Then suddenly there was a blue flash and Crystallite was gone. He looked over his shoulder and thanks to his Guyver enhanced eyesight he caught a glimpse of Dreadnought as he pulled his sister towards the fallen Clanship.

Imakarum looked on at the battle below. It was proving very costly to both sides. Not only has that but Creator forced where now attacking the master of Chronos. What would happen if Alkanphel were defeated? Would Kron have the vision needed to take Chronos to the stars? Then he noticed something off in the distance.

Caught in Dreadnought’s arm, in a almost American Football style flying tackle, Crystallite was being flown at such speed that she had travelled ten miles in a matter of a second or two. Her control medal glowed and quickly adjusted to the situation as she pulled her right arm up and extended her vibrational and stabbed Dreadnought in the back. Dreadnought let go of her and shoved her away from him, causing if anything more damage to him has her blade cut through his left shoulder blade and shield pyramid. Quickly a blue flamed aura surrounded him and then focused itself into a blue ball of fire in held in his right hand. With Crystallite only a few feet ahead of him he fired an aura bomb at her.

Imakarum looked almost in awe as a blue explosion appeared above the battlefield. Then his eye forced on the red trail coming towards him. It was Crystallite and she was crashing towards his direction. With Tonnin out of action, Guyver Powered Zerebubuse and Kron fighting ACTF forces it was up to him to protect the Clan Ship from those two powerful creatures.

Crystallite crashed into the ground only a few feet from the ruined remains of the Clan Ship. With the power of the aura bomb around her it spelled disaster for the Chronos forces around as a telekinetic force wave exploded from her location, sending anything that was not Crystallite or inside the Clan Ship flying from there location clearing the area for at least a mile wide.

Dreadnought got exactly what he wanted, an opening for him to get his sister. His right arm still out of action Dreadnought focused all of his gravity orbs and fired deadly pressure cannon attack against Crystallite. Still almost imbedded in the ground her head sensors picked up the immediate danger. But it was too late as a red flame engulfed her and tried to act like a shield. Moments later she was hit by the huge gravity ball.

Dreadnought landed only a short distance away from Crystallite. He knew this was the time to end this battle. There was an audible pop sound as his shoulder and bio-armour pulled his left arm back into place. He flexed his left arm muscles and once again moved his fingers. Now he was ready. Then to his surprise the ground around Crystallite exploded, sending dirt and dust everywhere. Next thing he knew he was hit by a massive fireball and sent flying into the air away from Crystallite. . .

Over Thirty Miles Away…

Shards of Tonnin’s Zoa-Control Crystal, now free of Dreadnought’s teleportation block, began to glow as they disappeared into hyperspace and quickly merged back into a single crystal. Within moments Tonnin’s crystal began to regenerate him and a minute later he had regained consciousness… But he was confused, he thought as he replayed the last few moments of his battle with Dreadnought in his mind…

He had charged up his ultimate attack and watched as Dreadnought threw up some sort of spatial distortion shield that he had almost laughed at, thinking him a fool for granting him the time he needed to charge up his attack, before he fired his three meter wide ball of concentrated destructive power, with the power to destroy an entire city, and watched it engulf Dreadnought. But something went wrong and the energy of his attack exploded outward, blasting him away and blinding him. An instant later Dreadnought was floating before him, but he hadn’t even sensed him move, and obliterated him with a hyper power punch a heartbeat later…

Raged now filled Tonnin as he realized the ease and speed with which Dreadnought had defeated him at what should have been the moment of his triumph… A moment later and Tonnin reappeared near where he had fought Dreadnought and quickly scanned the area for his opponent’s whereabouts. Grimly determined to even the score one way or another…

Miles away XT lay where he had fallen wounded. The crystallite infection seemed if anything to be growing. He knew he was not in the best of shape.

“Looks like you’re in terrible shape.”

XT looked up to see Aceaer Warrior Guyver 2 looking down at him, “Well thanks… for stating… the obvious!”

“I better get you out of here then and now, judging by what I sense coming.”

XT too sensed it! It was Tonnin and he had regenerated! A quick scan of Aceaer Warrior Guyver 2 told him one thing, they both where going to be pounded to death by this beast.

“I told you that you where in no shape to fight! Warrior Guyver 2, get him out of here!” shouted Dark Nova as she flew by the two Guyvers, sending a hail of gravity bullets towards Tonnin.

Mexico City

For about two years Mexico City had never seen anything close to full a scale war and even then it was a fast battle like in most of the world the day Chronos took over the country. Today it was Chronos’ turn for a sudden attack but this time it was on them. The Creators were not only showing up in Australia they were also after him!

The night’s sky lit up as intense laser fire and a mega-smash from a Kavzar Commander was sent towards the leader of Chronos. Warrior Alkanphel either dodged many of the laser blasts or used his psionic powers to bend them around him until he saw the mega-smash coming towards him. Every crystal on his body glowed as he forced all his vast psionic power and braced himself. Then in a demonstration that even an ancient Zoalord like him could kill the latest Creator warrior as he reversed a mega-smash eight times the power output of a normal Guyver and sent it back towards its sender. Seconds later a Kavzar Commander was vaporised but to an army like the Kavzar it did not even impact on there moral as behind the now dead Kavzar Commander was eight more all ready to combine their power to kill the powerful Zoalord.

Below the leader of Chronos Neo-Zektole types and bio-blaster type zoanoids fired on the creator forces trying to thin out their numbers. But it was soon clear that these hastily put together forces of Chronos where out classed.

Clan Ship Crash site

Deep within the ruins of the fallen Clan Ship Natasha and her hand picked team had yet to find the control centre of the ruined ship. From there she hoped to locate any other units similar to that of Guardian. A Guyver Chronos disliked highly due to its erratic host merged with a powerful unit. Just using some of its most basic powers had let her cause great damage to Chronos. Natasha and the Guyvers she was with knew there were other units to be found within this ruined ship. The question was where. The Dormant Warrior Units inside a ruined Clan Ship did not give off any signals to their location. Even if it did it would not make things any easier. The Clan Ship was made out of almost the same material as the Warrior Units. If they decided to blast their way to the core of the ship it would have some very bad results. So they where being forced to almost literally search every area of the huge ship. This required new Overlords to arrive in numbers of twos and threes so that their combined psionic energies would hold the new found passages open.

All around Natasha stood Guyver 2, Female Guyver 2, and Guyver Zoanoid. Maybe not the most powerful Guyvers in Chronos but probably the most experienced Guyvers there were in Chronos. Guyver Zoanoid was the only surviving member of a team of zoanoids that discovered a Relic with the late Marcus Edwards. But this was nothing like the Relic in Utah. This ship was a mass of ruined bio-chambers. Next to nothing had been discovered inside it that was useful, though all three Guyvers knew that even the remains of the ship itself were important to Chronos because it could be grown into another Ark. But before it could be transported to the Dead Sea Base where already the Ark 2 was been grown out of the remains of the War Relic they needed to make sure there was nothing of value that could be ruined by transporting this huge amount of bio-mess thousands miles around the world in large living sections.

New Cork Texas

Max was now getting a little stir crazy. He did not know any of these women and did not want to seem to be spying on them. He stood up and acting more on instinct than rational thought he opened the front door and walked outside the house. The fresh warm air hit his face and he was instantly happy to not be listening to the women chatting. Max smiled then started to look around. . “Boy this town is a shit hole… kinda like home…” he smirked. Chronos had blitzed this town and took everyone. The street was covered in dirt and leaves and apart from Jason’s house every garden he could see was over grown. Why they would want to leave ACTF and come here he did not know. But he quickly realised one thing. He was not in Canada anymore. Being February in Canada it was simply bloody freezing up there. He was wearing a heavy enough jumper because he did not want to be using his unit the whole time and now he was in Texas. The ground was dry, the street looked like it had not seen rain in a week or so and he quickly noticed boy was it hot. He was about to take off his jumper when he realised that he was here for a simple reason, to protect Jason’s friends. Being a Warrior Guyver had two simple advantages for this task. It came with the ability to regulate the temperature of the host so he would not fry to a crisp in the Texas sunlight and had head sensors so he could look for intruders. A second later he shouted the word Guyver. The Warrior Guyver C armour surrounded him and he instantly felt cooler. He could sense Fiona, Faye, Zeugma, Elera and the host of the Zygote inside the house. He could feel the power emanating from the master Zoalord and quickly the advanced sensors that were part of his unit let him know she could beat him in a battle. As for Elera, she would be a push over though she was fairly powerful and if they were active then he would also be able to tell how powerful Fiona and Faye would be in their Guyver forms. But all he could tell now was that they were Guyvers. But his activation had been felt by those inside the house. The front door squeaked as it was pushed open. Warrior Guyver C turned to see Fiona step off the porch. He suddenly felt rooted to the ground as her deep blue eyes locked with his own. His swallow passed a suddenly dry throat and found his gaze sweeping down across her body.

She made an almost impossibly attractive figure. The warrior unit eliminated unneeded body fat and tissue, giving her an unbelievably balanced physique, the curves and planes of her body showing a degree of perfection almost unbelievable. Her long blonde hair wreathed a heart shaped face, her skin flawless, holding the delicate flush of perfect health.

Warrior Guyver C jerked his head up as if coming awake. The second she walked into the light he was mentally undressing her with his eyes. He flushed deeply beneath his armour and cleared his throat. An almost comically nasal sound when heard through the distortion of the Guyver.

He called his thoughts firmly into order, but he couldn’t help thinking… if Fiona was whom he had lost and rediscovered… he’d have probably done everything Jason had and more.

He understood, someone like Fiona was worth just about anything.

“Max, why have you turned on your Guyver?”

“Because Jason asked me to look after you all, not to hang around chatting with you lovely women,” said Warrior Guyver C.

“Now you don’t go brownnosing. I’m sure Jason wouldn’t mind you chatting with us. I know we’re a bit of a rag tag group and its bad enough that the blond haired girl is not talking with us but you’re meant to be one of the nice guys. You don’t have to stand out here looking like you’re spittin’ nails.”

“Fiona, don’t worry about me, I just feel safer looking out for you ladies in my Guyver form.”

“Okay, but an hour from now it’ll be my turn. Otherwise it’ll be me spittin’ nails and Jason can tell you that ain’t a good thing to let happen.” Fiona said with smirk and a wink, as she playfully let a trace of southern accent into her voice.

“Okay Fiona.”

Fiona then smiled and turned as she went back into the house, allowing Warrior GuyverC to see those curves from behind. She was one woman who could get hormones racing… Thankfully she could not see him blushing.

Warrior Guyver C could sense her walking towards the other women. Above them he could sense the host of the Zygote Guyver having a bath, damn it those hyper-senses were way too precise…

Clan Ship Crash site -Australia

Aceaer Warrior Guyver 2 had returned from China and was back in the thick of battle. He braced himself once again as his omni-directional shield deflected yet another powerful bio-smasher blast from a Bio-Titan. The only reason he did not try to dodge it was behind him was a Blue V2 that would have been destroyed if not for him getting in the way. He cursed as he looked down at his blackened scorched armour. Seconds later the Bio-Titan was hit simultaneously by five gravity balls blasting its chest and head to bits, leaving enough of the hyper-zoanoid left for the Blue V2 to finish off, as Aceaer Warrior Guyver 2 went after his next target.

Not so far away Aceaer Guyver US and Battle Guyver were also working together as a team to take down another Bio-Titan. They realised they did not have to finish it totally off, just get it wounded enough or blasted into enough pieces and then Green V2’s and Blue V2’s would finish off the rest of them. Which was easier said than done though when you have to consider their power level.

All around them were the most powerful and most lethal zoa-forms of Chronos. Slowly but surely they were beginning to win the tide of battle. It would be only a matter of time before the only people fighting here would be Guyvers and Zoanoids.

Then suddenly Battle Guyver was caught by a random laser blast that blew a hole through her gravity controller, shattering her hip. She roared in agony as she slumped to the ground with two Bio-Titans ready to pounce and finish the female Guyver off. Guyver US Aceaer extended his swords and was ready to attack both Bio-Titans when one of them exploded. Blood and guts flew everywhere and when the gooey stuff had cleared there stood Gigantic Guyver followed by Female Gigantic. Guyver US Aceaer sensed a new type of Guyver come up behind him then and place her hand on his shoulder to motion him out of the way. It was a new Apothecary Guyver and to be honest he had no idea what that was. He only somehow knew he should trust her as he watched her leaned down beside the wounded Battle Guyver. The pyramid orbs on Apothecary Guyver glowed and seconds later, before a shocked Guyver US Aceaer, Battle Guyver’s body began to heal with an observable swiftness.

Then, as three Bio-Titans then seemed to be about to attack the two Gigantic Guyvers, the Bio-Titans where suddenly struck by a huge lightning bolt which ripped through their shields and fried them to a burnt crisp. It was Zeus and like usual he did not stop for any gratification. Question to those below was this; Kron was known to have a rivalry with Zeus so why was he not fighting him now?

Kron flew above the battle, watching the results. Suddenly, he felt the presence of a new being. He immediately tried to analyze the creature. His senses told him it was a Guyver. It was no secret to anyone, Kron hated Guyvers. He immediately flew over to see the creature. He saw the form of a large Dark Blue Guyver, and his head sensors moved back and forward trying to gage this creature’s power level. Kron smiled in his Bio-Lord form, the being was only a little more powerful than a Gigantic Guyver, easy prey.

Kron charged the Guyver, rocketing in on him at high speed. The other Guyver quickly turned and with unbelievable speed grabbed Kron by the throat.

Kron struggled, attempting to free himself, but to his surprise it seems Kron’s body would no longer respond to his mental commands. Kron watched the eyes of the Guyver glow red. From his feet his legs were quickly surrounded by a gravitational field, and began to be crushed one inch at a time, under the massive pressure. He knew then he was set up by this clearly new powerful Guyver and he was out classed. The Guyver’s body burned in a red fire and pulled the Bio-Lord towards him and looked directly at Kron.

“I am W’Kar!”

At the same time, Imakarum awaited, watching the battle through the eyes of the combatants. With the arrival of Crystallite, plus the absence of Alkanphel, the odds were stacking too high against him. Imakarum took a deep breath. Suddenly, his mind was shot with a bolt of pain.

“Lord Kron,” said Imakarum as he realised something was badly wrong as he teleported to check what the hell had happened to the 2ndin command of Chronos.

Imakarum appeared suddenly at the source of the feeling. As he looked down, he saw a dark blue Guyver standing in the middle of the battlefield. He was covered in blood and bio-material. The Guyver looked upward at Imakarum, and his red eyes glowed. Imakarum did not recognize this Guyver, or what type it was. He saw the orb on his chest The Guyver’s head was like that of a Gigantic Guyver’s and if anything he seemed larger and his natural senses told him to beware of him. The Guyver stared coldly up at Imakarum, and suddenly he felt the being bombarding him with psychic energy.

the Guyver asked.

The dark Guyver held his arm up, and Imakarum focused in on the object in his hand, however he could not quite make it out. The Guyver threw it at him. Imakarum reached out his hands and caught it. It took him a second or two, but Mirabilis quickly realized he held the head of the Master Zoalord Kron! His eyes had been torn out, and the jaw bone ripped off, but he knew it was Kron. The elf ears, brown hair, and the damaged remains of his zoalord crystal gave it away too easily.

The dark blue Guyver looked up, and seemed to almost laugh. Suddenly Warrior Guyver 2 appeared out of teleport far away as well, staring down at the sight of the dark blue Guyver.

Imakarum suddenly made a quick decision. Any being capable of destroying Kron was certainly capable of taking him down, then his death was certain. But as suddenly as W’Kar arrived he was gone.. .

The battle between brother and sister still raged, Crystallite focused her energy and fired an intense force wave at Dreadnought. Dreadnought had sensed the build up and activated his barrier shield and focused his omni-directional shield towards the wave and waited. The wave slammed off his dual layered shielding. The intensity of the blast though seemed to surprise Dreadnought as his omni-directional shield fell and his shield orbs shattered, leaving him with only his barrier shield protecting him which now began to be dented and appeared ready to fall as well. Quickly thinking about that possibility all five gravity pyramids on Dreadnought glowed as he reinforced his barrier shield.

Deep within the Clan Ship, even someone as unbelievably smart as Natasha had almost wet herself when she saw a blinding flash of red light turn two Overlords to charred crisp as it ripped through the Clan Ship. Natasha only once before had been that close to death and she did not like the idea then and sure as hell passing by her did not like it any more now. “What the hell was happening outside?” was now the number one question on her mind.

The wave cleared leaving a scorched burned Dreadnought smouldering only a few feet away from the ruins of the Clan Ship. Dreadnought stood there as Crystallite extended her vibrational swords and closed in for the kill. Dreadnought if anything seemed to have totally ignored her standing there waiting for her to strike. A second later Dreadnought was sliced in half…. Crystallite’s burning aura engulfed the fallen warrior feeding on his bio-energy. Only for the real Dreadnought to appear behind her and power punch the wound made by Guyver XT sending her flying uncontrollably and slamming off the outer layer of the Clan Ship only a few feet from the opening made by her attack on Dreadnought.

Dreadnought’s mind was now set on a single purpose. So when his head sensors scanned the new opening made by Crystallite he did not immediately realise that he could sense an open unit chamber only a few feet from the control medal centre of the Clan Ship. That single mindedness took a few seconds to dent and when it did the sudden realisation of what he had been sensing hit home, they were three Dormant Prototype Warrior Units! This unit type was the basic main building block of his current unit and the exact same as the type of unit that was active on Fiona. Then as he allowed himself to sense more around him than just Crystallite he realised there where hundreds of Zoanoids, Overlords and Chronos controlled scum inside the ship and his sister had just given them access to those very units! The thought of went through his head. Through accident more than desire maybe his sister was making his nightmare come true. . .

Mexico City

Warrior Alkanphel continued to dodge, shield and redirect countless laser blasts, gravity balls, rail gun bullet shots and anything else Kavzar beings could fire at him. Even with a basic HSL system he was using energy far faster than it could supply, being that he normally had huge energy reserves he could still fight these Creator warriors for the time being, but it was only a matter of time before they overpowered him the way an army of fire ants would swam and kill a praying mantis. Miles above the fight a team of eight Krullnar type Kavzar Commanders appeared in a spherical battle formation. On the arm of the middle Kavzar Commander was something designed by their master Krullnar, a Unit Remover designed to remove the unit of the Zoalord Alkanphel.

Lacking the head sensors needed to detect the new threat quickly, the leader of Chronos was none the wiser. The Kavzar and Kavzar Commander already engaged with Warrior Alkanphel started to move into a position where each one could strike him. Warrior Alkanphel quickly looked around and knew they were just about to do a combined strike. Timing it to perfection they all fired and Warrior Alkanphel, the crafty old warrior he was, teleported out of the way to right behind one of the Kavzar Commander’s who had fired on him. His crystal smasher charged, he fired at close range obliterating the Kavzar Commander and killing another two Kavzar in front of him. The other Creator warriors seemed to back away from him momentarily. Instinct seemed to tell him something was wrong when he suddenly caught a glimpse of a flash of light in the right corner of his right eye. He turned on towards it only to be caught by a combined mega-smash from two Kavzar Commanders. He covered his control medal with his left arm as his shield surrounded him and attempted to deflect any more damage.

As the pain began to stop Warrior Alkanphel now only had one thing on his mind, revenge against those two Kavzar Commanders. He focused what telekinetic strength he had against the deadly wave of energy hitting off of his shield and redirected it enough at the two Kavzar Commanders that both beings were vaporised.

As the blast cleared two Kavzar flew in towards Warrior Alkanphel ready to further hurt an already burnt leader of Chronos. Below them three Neo-Zektoles had spotted the two Kavzar and all lined up beside each other. Their laser pods opened and all focused their firepower on the lead Kavzar, obliterating the surprised Kavzar. Warrior Alkanphel then charged an energy ball before his out stretched left hand. Using the eyes of the Neo Zektole’s he did not even have to turn around as he sent the gravity ball behind him towards the head of the Kavzar. But as its head blew up yet around four Kavzar Commander Group flew towards Warrior Alkanphel. The two leading Kavzar already had a mega-smasher cell open, each directed at the building where the three Neo-Zektole stood. Within seconds’ intense beams of light shot through the sky obliterating the rooftop and destroying the hyper-zoanoids before the beams went on to kill countless others in the destruction that followed as the beams continued until they slammed into the city streets below. Warrior Alkanphel’s orbs glowed as he summoned more reserve energy only to be then shot six times in the back by a combination of Kavzar and Kavzar Commander zoa-crystal fire blasting large chunks of bio-material and flesh from his back. One blast hit his spinal column in the middle of his back causing an instant fall towards the ground for the leader of Chronos.

The Creator forces converged above the falling Warrior Alkanphel as he plummeted, face first through a car which promptly exploded. Anyone with an ounce of sense ran as far away from the burning wreckage as possible. Zoa-forms though knew it was their leader and did not run. But it was in vain, the forces of the Creators are a well oiled machine and within seconds the Creator forces obliterated any sign of support for Warrior Alkanphel. Two Kavzar Commanders and three Kavzar closed in on the burning wreckage. Then suddenly the wreckage split open and flew with astonishing speed towards them only for them to shield the attack. A badly still burning Warrior Alkanphel emerged from the ruined car only to be then struck down by a massive bolt of lightning. As electricity seems to dance from his twitching body the Kavzar Commander with the Unit Remover stepped forward.

Warrior Alkanphel’s head slowly and painfully moved up as he attempted to stand. But he only succeeded in giving the lead Kavzar Commander the target he was looking for, the control medal of Warrior Alkanphel. The remover opened up to reveal a three sided control medal, there was a sudden flash followed by a sudden shaking of Warrior Alkanphel.

Alkanphel could feel and sense his living Guyver unit attempting to leave his body. In his state that quite simply would leave him dead. Using every fibre of his being he resisted forcing his unit to stay a part of him. Through the Unit Remover the Kavzar Commander could also sense his resistance. Suddenly four tendrils shot out from the arms of the remover into the head of Warrior Alkanphel. Every joint where the armoured plates of his Guyver armour joined lit up as his unit began to remove itself. Then suddenly a large purple cocoon appeared above the leader of Chronos. It opened quickly to reveal a nine foot tall Warrior Guyver / Gigantic looking being, with control medal looking devices on his large shoulders, and spiked fingers.

The warriors of Creators stopped in their tracks. Waiting for a shocked Creator to decide what to do with this new clearly advanced being. But it made its mind up for him, only the quick glow of the beings control medal was any sign of action as it pounced at the lead Kavzar Commander shoving its fingers though his chest and slicing off his right arm with its vibrational sword leaving the Unit Remover to fall the ground. A light blue aura surrounded the purple being and within seconds the impaled Kavzar Commander found itself been leached of all energy faster than even its HSL system could compensate for and with the sudden activation of a Warrior Guyver style barrier shield the Kavzar Commander, which was over a foot taller than the new threat, was explosively obliterated. The barrier shield was surrounded with energy from its pressure cannon systems and fired at the closest Kavzar blowing it apart in less than a second. The new beings power leaching systems feed off the Kavzar and remaining three Kavzar Commanders HSL systems and suddenly Krullnar, who was observing the battle, found himself blocked from communication with his forces.

Clan Ship Crash Site Australia

Crystallite fell shattered against the ruins of the Clan Ship. She let out a high pitch sequel shattering the ear drums of most creatures too close to her, including Dreadnought who was way too close to this psionic attack. As he fell back holding his head where his ears would be crouching in pain Crystallite attempted to absorb energy from the huge, still somewhat alive, bio-mass of the Clan Ship. Slowly the area close to her turned different shades of brown and black as it literally had the life sucked out of it. Then suddenly it stopped. Crystallite could no longer absorb any more energy from it… Dreadnought stood up, still deaf from her attack he could no longer hear the battle around him but he could still sense everything around him thanks to his head sensors, and he could also sense that Crystallite could no longer absorb energy from the Clan Ship… He wondered what could have caused this then he sensed it deep within the Clan Ship only a short distance form the exposed unit chamber. It was the damaged shattered remains of a Matrix. . .

Imakarum now was basically Zoalord in charge of Chronos. Lord Kron’s Zoalord Crystal, along with his skull, had been teleported to the Ark for safety and now that a new unit chamber had been discovered he was not about to let it fall into the hands of the ACTF or EDF. Deep inside the Clan Ship Natasha received orders about what to do closely, followed by Zoalord Zarfel. Electricity flowed through his body followed by a blinding light as he changed into his Zoalord form. He was the internal protection for the lost ship, its last serious line of defence. Every Overlord inside the ship not already involved holding up some important section of Clan Ship made their way towards the Unit Chamber. Then they all stopped some one hundred meters from it. Only one being was allowed near such a treasure, Natasha, who Imakarum hoped would be able to capture the units without them activating due to her being inside a Chronos Exo-Suit.

Dreadnought and Crystallite continued to fight. He could sense the Chronos troops movements inside and the sudden powerful sign of an incredibly powerful Zoalord. , he thought was Chronos getting these powerful assholes to ruin his day?

As the two powerful Guyvers fought inside the Clan Ship Natasha followed the path of destruction made by Crystallite. The charred dead remains of the Clan Ship smelled so bad that even the air filters in the Robo Armour Natasha had on her could not block it all out. Beside her stood Guyver Zoanoid, Guyver 2, and Female Guyver 2, all of whom should be able to collect the dormant Warrior Guyver units without the trouble of them activating on them. All of whom also had Creator designed unit fully capable of filtering out harmful smells and toxins coming from rotting bio-flesh. . .

Outside Aceaer Warrior Guyver 2 almost stopped dead in his tracks as he realised what Dreadnought was telling him. There was a damaged Matrix inside that ship and Chronos was closing in on it. Maybe he did not trust Agito but without his power they would not have a chance of breaking into the Clan Ship, especially with Angel in a fight with Guyver Powered Zerebubuse and Dark Nova keeping Tonnin off everyone’s back. Zeus too was surprised to hear the message passed on from Aceaer Warrior Guyver 2. He quickly obliterated a Bio-Titan and teleported to the side of Aceaer Warrior Guyver 2. From his vantage point he could make out the battling forms of Dreadnought and Crystallite besides the opening into the Clan Ship, his enhanced eyes focused even more as he looked down the dark passage way which to him was not dark at all.

He could make out Overlord’s and such making their way towards the heart of the Clan Ship. If Jason was right that would mean they where close to moving on a Matrix. His eyes seemed to glow even stronger with the idea running through his mind. Warrior Guyver 2 seemed to sense this. Almost subconsciously they seemed to form a plan dividing what they saw between them, even compensating for the fact Zeus had greater killing ability.

Guyver Merc needed no Warrior Unit to know that something was up and joined the two Warrior class Guyvers. Then as Dreadnought and Crystallite continued to fight outside the Clan Ship Aceaer Warrior Guyver 2, Zeus, and Guyver Merc flew by them into the opening of the Clan Ship. Within seconds two Overlords found themselves blasted to bits. Zarfel could sense the death of these commanding hyper-zoanoids. His eyes glowed and Zoalord Zariyan seemed to back away knowing that he was about to lead a direct fight against the Guyvers…

Natasha in her armour could now see the unit chamber. As the three Chronos Guyver’s took up a defensive position she moved towards what she suspected to be a Warrior Unit Remover in the centre of the Unit podium. As she walked towards it she bent over one of the two damaged Warrior Units. She only caught a glimpse of monetary flash of its control medal. The thought crept into her mind before the damaged Warrior Unit activated itself.

Outside Dreadnought too was not too thrilled with the idea of Zeus inside the Clan Ship along with the activation of a Warrior Unit but quickly began not to care with the simple thought he’d deal with that later as he began to focus on removing the unit from his sister that had turned her against him. He could sense he was winning and quite simply now was the time to end this. The Matrix at the end of his control medal flashed as it activated its removal procedure. Crystallite screamed in agony as her unit began to be ripped from her body. . .

New Cork Texas

A short time ago, Warrior GuyverC was standing outside the outer wall of the O’Conner household. Over head he could see dark clouds moving towards his direction, if anything it seemed like even nature was beginning to warn him. He looked up and down the street as he wondered why he was still getting a strange feeling something bad was about to happen. What was it? It was not because of those women inside the house. Though he’d have understood why, it was also not because of the zoanoids he could sense a few miles away at a Chronos base. They seemed to be leaving well enough alone, a really wise decision considering the fire power here, not including him. Though he would love to attack them and wipe out the base, but he was here now to protect Fiona and those in the house, not start a fight with a bunch of low level zoanoids. Then something got his head sensors twitching. He did not know what but by this stage he did not want to mess about, Dreadnought’s bad feeling were bad enough but add that to his own and you get serious trouble. Without uttering a word the Giant Unit activated and he was turned within a second into the massive form of Ultimus.

Inside the house Zenechka, Faye, and Fiona could sense the sudden spike of energy as the Giant unit was summoned.

“Hey girls, something bad is happening outside,” said Fiona as she stood up and backed away from the kitchen table, followed by Zeugma, Faye, and Elera.

Zenechka quickly wrapped a towel around her naked body and looked out an open window at the form of Ultimus wondering what the hell was up. But the answer appeared right in front of her eyes as a large purple Gigantic Guyver looking being appeared out of nowhere and fired a barrier shield attack at Ultimus. Ultimus was prepared though and before it hit him he power punched the gravity wave, dissipating it before it could damage him, but even he was surprised to see another one charged within another second and fired at him. He quickly shielded himself but it was already too late as he found himself blasted down the street.

As Fiona, Elera, and Zeugma ran out the front door to see nothing but Ultimus springing bank up to his feet at the same time he extended his four forward pointing vibrational swords only to see that his foe was gone. He turned towards the house to see the three women followed closely then by Faye and Zenechka…

“Hey all of you be careful. Whatever this creature is, it can cloak!” roared Ultimus.

They really did not need to be told twice. They moved away from each other and all bar Elera transformed to their battle forms. As the blinding white light from Zeugma’s transformation filled the area it caused a momentary visual effect which allowed Ultimus to catch a glimpse of the attacker. His charged shoulder cannons fired only to miss the Purple Attacker as he jumped high into the air. The mega-smasher like attack sent destructive energy ripping through New Cork and destroying every building on its deadly path. Up in the air the burning pink eyes of the attacker looked right into the pink eyes of Female Warrior Guyver, though it was only for a split second the message was sent, this thing was sent to eliminate her, this Eliminator would stop at nothing to kill her!

A blue aura surrounded Eliminator for only a split second, followed by his barrier shield and then within a second fired the result at Female Warrior Guyver. Thinking she could use her own barrier shield to redirect the attack back at Eliminator she charged her own shield and braced herself. Only to find her blasted through the front door of the O’Conner house. The crystals on Zeugma’s body glowed as she focused her psionic energies and caught the Eliminator in mid air. But before she could get an attack ready it teleported to her left side and fired four gravity balls towards her. She quickly attempted to divert the first one but had to shield herself as she was blasted by the other three and was sent falling to the ground.

Guardian extended her whips and tried to wrap them around the neck of Eliminator only for it to grab hold of both whips with its clawed hands. Guardian could only guess for a second what was about to happen as suddenly she found herself being drained of bio-energy. Then suddenly a two laser blast fired between the two cutting her whips. Ultimus then quickly fired his already opened chest hyper-smashers at Eliminator. Once again New Cork found itself having a line of destruction blasting through the town but once again an incredibly quick Eliminator leaped out of the way. Ultimus realised that only if he hurt this purple freak could he from there hyper-smash it to hell.

That realisation though meant nothing as this time the Eliminator opened one side of his hyper-smasher plates. With unbelievable speed it fired within two full seconds. Ultimus barely had time to ponder what to do. He attempted to simply teleport out of the way, only to discover he was blocked from doing so, wasting valuable moments trying to do that cost him, as he found himself caught in a powerful destructive blast. Thankfully for him he is a Warrior Guyver type and instantly his body shield activated giving him time needed for him to power his meteor attack and fly his way out of the assault. Zygote Guyver however, who was closing in on Eliminator from behind, Ultimus was not so lucky. She dived out of the wave of destruction but a slight move from Eliminator saw her body caught in the beam and within seconds most of her body was vaporised and her head and arms continued on landing in the overgrown front garden of a house next door to Jason’s.

Eliminator’s sixth sense kicked in as it closed it hyper-smasher and back flipped out of the way as Zeugma fired an intense laser barrage from every green crystal on her body, only just missing it. A somewhat burnt Ultimus ran towards Eliminator with all four of his arm vibrational swords extended. He swiped at Eliminator’s head with his left two forward pointing sword but only to realise his huge height counted against him as the Eliminator easily ducked under his blow and extended his two own swords and parried Ultimus’ left arm attack and was about to swipe at Ultimus when the giant Guyver raised his left leg and extended his knee’s vibrational sword stabbing Eliminator right in the middle of his chest. Under his armour Max smiled thinking that he struck a major human organ… Eliminator though did not even grunt as the blade was removed as Ultimus lowered his leg and then slashed Ultimus lower stomach with his left hand and blasted Ultimus once again with a fast charge barrier shield attack sending the sixteen plus foot Guyver flying across the street through a house demolishing the building in all of two seconds.

Eliminator turned towards Zeugma who was already in the middle of her next attack as she made a swiping motion sending four laser waves flying towards Eliminator. This time it did not bother to dodge the attack instead it activated its barrier shield and reinforced it with his pressure cannon. The laser waves smacked off its shield with little or no effect and Zeugma braced herself for it’s soon to come counter attack.

“Zeugma get out of the way!” scream Elera.

Zeugma quickly turned to see Elera about to transform into her zoalord form. “NOOooo,” roared Zeugma but it was too late for her to stop now even if she wanted.

A white flame seemed to surround Elera, burning off her clothing, as a golden yellow zoalord crystal appeared on her forehead followed by a horned crown, followed by the revealing of the rest of her Zoalord from.

Eliminator did not wait firing its head beam. Elera ducked to her right, the head laser cut through her shield like it was not even there clipping the side of her left shoulder and burning its way through some of her long black hair. She did not even notice as her eyes glowed and she reached her right arm towards the dark storm clouds above. Eliminator fired its head beam once again at Elera. Elera only had the slimiest of moments to realise it was aimed right at her head only for the beam to be reversed and sent back towards it sender. The laser hit off Eliminator’s left shoulder, which was shielded, then it turned its head towards Zeugma.

Zeugma released her clenched fists sending six energy balls flying towards Eliminator. Eliminator’s control medal flashed momentarily as it moved itself out of the way of the first ball of energy. Zeugma this time had a trick or two ready as her zoa-crystal shined and all six balls where psionically redirected toward the fast moving Eliminator. Eliminator’s head sensors moved back and forward slightly then it released a barrage of gravity bullets all of which hit the energy balls causing six mini explosions. Then suddenly a huge number of lighting bolts headed towards Elera. Zeugma looked on with her mouth wide open in awe as Elera redirected the natural energy around her and sent it towards Eliminator who was jolted off its feet and sent flying through the house next door to the one Ultimus effectively collapsed.

As the dust cleared Zeugma and Elera looked in shock at the totally unhurt Eliminator. It blurred for only a second and disappeared from sight. Elera turned towards Zeugma. She feared it was coming after her now! Zeugma feared the same but it was too late for her to figure out what as Eliminator de-cloaked with his right hand claws shoved into Elera’s gut. Zeugma did not even have time to scream her disapproval as she used her vast psionic powers to shove Eliminator away from Elera, who quickly fell involuntarily to the ground. As Eliminator cloaked again Zeugma dived towards Elera. Zeugma looked down on her fallen friend. She was choking as she tried to speak with her.

Elera wondered for a second what she meant… Then she did not even know how but the pain stopped. She looked up at the master Zoalord and then found herself drifting asleep.

Female Warrior Guyver stumbled out of the house, her head sensors moving backward and forward, constantly looking for the now invisible attacker. She’d been trying desperately to contact Jason but to no avail. She needed him, his strength, and his raw passion to keep her simply alive. What was this thing? Why was it after her and her friends? How in God’s name did it manage to rip apart some of Jason’s most powerful friends and allies?

She thought of everything about the Guyvers that Jason had told her. Her unit was meant to be the main prototype of a Creator Warrior Project and contained a weapon that was capable of being used to wipe out the Guyver Zoalord. Yet that thing was able to rip through her barrier shield with an attack she should have been able to absorb. She then guessed something that really sent fear to her soul. Was that thing designed to kill her? It was too early to guess that. Guardian and Ultimus both stood up and fast walked towards Elera.

Both of them where still somewhat hurt and like Female Warrior Guyver wondered what the hell was this attacker. It was fast, powerful and clearly deadly. Ultimus wondered what he had gotten himself into. Chronos does not have the raw technology needed to design something like that. The Creators though where not unknown to him, he had seen a Kavzar Commander in action and knew from that experience that they where pretty powerful warriors. That thing was no Kavzar of any type according to his head sensors, it was based on a Guyver armour type and if anything it sensed like another Warrior Guyver. Something according to ACTF USA’s latest thoughts on the subject was not possible. Everything they knew about Warrior Guyver’s battle with Guyver Zoalord meant the Creators lacked Solom’s technology. They had managed to create reproduction units of sorts and that crazed idiot Warrior Guyver 5 and his running buddy Giant Guyver whose unit he took off that traitor Justin where modern examples of Creator tech. Was this thing another modern example of Creator tech?

Those thoughts though quickly focused on the here and now as Eliminator de-cloaked. Ultimus stood in front of Zeugma as she looked after Elera as Guardian and Female Warrior Guyver kept their eyes locked on the attacker. Under her armour Fiona so wanted to run away or even teleport away, it wasn’t funny. Jason was the fighter, not her! But she then focused on Faye. She had changed a lot from the woman Jason remembered less than a week ago. Her new unit gave her telepathic abilities which allowed her to catch up with the modern world with startling speed. But one thing Female Warrior Guyver knew was this, Faye was still the young woman she was before getting that Warrior unit and maybe the most hardened warrior Jason knew of and that was when she was just a standard Guyver.

That was why it was Guardian who was the first to extend her vibrational swords and run towards Eliminator. This time it stood still, its swords already extended from fighting Ultimus and waited for her. Female Warrior Guyver edged forward slightly then stepped back as she had both fight or flight thoughts raging through her mind. Oh did she so want to run away. As Guardian swiped at the attacker which simply jumped backwards letting her over extend herself and allowing Eliminator to step forward with its long vibrational edged fingers and make four very deep cuts into her back. As she roared in pain and fell to her knees Female Warrior Guyver fired a barrage of head laser blasts only for each shot to be effortlessly absorbed by the creature’s body shield.

Eliminator turned its attention towards Female Warrior Guyver. She gulped realising that was not going to be a good thing. Leaving the injured Guardian it now started to run towards her only to find itself held in its spot. Female Warrior Guyver could sense it was because of Zeugma. Talking full advantage of the opportunity she opened up both of her mega-smasher plates. Guardian who was slightly in its path sensed the build up of energy. Her body shield stepped in holding together the wounds on her back as she dived out of the way. Seconds later Female Warrior Guyver’s mega-smasher fired. Only Zeugma knew the strange fact that it was not even struggling to break free. As the mega-smasher blast hit Eliminator one person had a view she never thought she would see. The mega-smash from Female Warrior Guyver was being completely absorbed by Eliminator and Guardian’s unit informed her of one very important fact, it was making it more powerful.

She tried to telepathically tell Female Warrior Guyver to stop but found herself blocked from doing so. As the blast cleared a clear line of smouldering suburbia could be seen leading up to Eliminator where it oh so clearly stopped. Female Warrior Guyver just looked in shock at what she just saw. It could not have done that against Ultimus’ and the fact it could against one of her most powerful attacks shocked her. Guardian though had her mega-smasher plates open. This time Eliminator struggled to break free. Then stopped and opened both of his mega-smasher plates and pointed them at Female Warrior Guyver. Female Warrior Guyver’s gravity controller activated as she flew high into the sky. Eliminator closed his mega-smasher plates. Its body shield shimmered as it tried to break free of Zeugma’s psionic grasp. Elera gasped as Zeugma’s hold over her wound weakened. It was all the distraction Eliminator needed as it break free and flew after Female Warrior Guyver.

Female Warrior Guyver could sense it coming after her and pushed her unit even more to get as far away from it as possible. It though was a lot faster than she was. She could sense it catching up on her at an amazing rate. The continuing thought she was about to be killed by a creature she could not even hurt raced through her mind. She had been only alive for a couple of days, now she was about to die.

Clan Ship Crash Site – Australia

At his moment of victory over his infected sister Dreadnought’s mind shockingly realised something. He’d lost his link with Fiona! As Crystallite fell to the ground in a heap Dreadnought focused all his energy and focus on contacting his wife. But he could not. He turned and looked down at his sister and screamed “NO!” Why in the names of all things holy was he being forced to choose between his sister and wife? He tried to see if he could teleport to his house…. he could not. He tried to contact Max, Zeugma, Elera or Faye but could not. Then he realised something, he could contact someone, Zenechka!

New Cork Texas

Miles outside New Cork’s town centre pretty close to the Chronos base stood Zygote Guyver with two Zygote Clones. She felt Dreadnought’s call, as she had hoped she had now reached outside the creatures blocking range.

<Where’s Fiona?>

Zygote Guyver’s head moved up and looked into the sky where she focused on Female Warrior Guyver and sent what she was seeing to Dreadnought. Dreadnought looking through her eyes looked on in horror as the view focused on Eliminator. . .

Female Warrior Guyver head sensors twitched. She looked up ahead of her and saw in the distance ahead a large dark blue cocoon and then beside it appeared what looked like three Zygote Guyvers. There was no way this was a trap was it? Then her sensors really picked up what it was. That was the Dreadnought cocoon!

She could sense Eliminator gaining on her and knew it would catch her soon but now she could sense Guardian and Ultimus following behind it. Then as she looked forward her eyes focused on the Zygote Guyvers and she noticed that two of them had no control medals, though she did not under stand the significance. She remembered that she was blown up into three bits by the attacker. Could she have grown back into three versions of herself?

Clearly the answer was yes as the two Zygote Clones flew towards her at full speed. She pushed her harder and harder to move faster. As the distance between her and Zygote Guyver closed she sensed Eliminator gaining. Then both Zygote Clones stopped and opened their mega-smashers. Female Warrior Guyver gulped but continued towards the Dreadnought Cocoon. Two blinding beams of energy came towards her lighting up the dull storm clouds. That moment she ducked below the two beams as they continued on towards Eliminator. Eliminator as well moved itself out of the way of the two beams of energy when from below it appeared Ultimus as he de-cloaked. Before it had a chance to react Ultimus power punched Eliminator into the two focused mega-smasher beams. Female Warrior Guyver pulled away as Eliminator was forced to stop and move itself out of the beams and engage a Giant upgraded Warrior Guyver. Below them another Ultimus faded as Guardian now focused her energies with catching up on the action.

Zygote Guyver flew a few feet away from the Dreadnought Cocoon as the red orbs around her body glowed. Storm clouds seemed to be drawn around her but even with them in her way Female Warrior Guyver could still sense her target. She flew through the circling cloud to find the Dreadnought Cocoon open and she saw the form of Dreadnought… But something was just not right about it. Jason was not inside the armour. Something drew her inside and as she touched the armour inside the cocoon closed around her.

Beside her the crystals on Zygote Guyver glowed intensely then released the energy built up hitting the storm clouds surrounding her. Powerful surges of lightning flashed all around her building up inside the storm cloud. Moment’s later powerful lightning bolts of Guyver enhanced energy shot out. Ultimus looked on in astonishment as Eliminator was blasted away from him with a force greater than most Guyvers, including Warrior Guyver types, are capable of mustering.

As the clouds around them dispersed and disappeared the cocoon opened and a Female Gigantic Warrior Guyver appeared. Immediately all her gravity controllers lit up and the thrusters on her back fired as she rocketed towards Eliminator. The upper vibrational sword on her chest extended and she arched her body and her shield orbs glowed so she became a living spear of focused energy. Eliminator brought itself out of a spin and turned its head towards her. It quickly fired a number of head laser shots, all of them hitting off the shield of Female Gigantic Warrior Guyver. Nothing though was going to stop her as she slammed into Eliminator piercing his chest, then sending an explosive energy charge into its chest blasting it away from her at an incredible speed.

Ultimus’ eyes followed the form of Eliminator as it fell towards the Earth below. The boosters on his back fired and he quickly became a living comet. As his head sensors moved back and foreword and he pulled his right arm back. The knuckles on his fist glowed as another swirl of energy built up around his fist under the comet attack. Eliminator stopped its decent and turned itself towards the approaching comet. A barrier shield surrounded Eliminator and it quickly fired a massive pressure cannon attack towards the coming comet. Ultimus though sensed the attack and moved out of its way. Before Eliminator could force another attack Ultimus had combined his comet attack and power punch attacks. From where she floated the only thing Female Gigantic Warrior Guyver could see was the purple body of her attacker being splattered. Under her armour she smiled. But something she realised was this thing was something very like a Warrior Guyver and she had a horrible feeling it would be back.

Clan Ship Crash Site – Australia

Warrior Guyver found himself on the receiving end of a massively powerful psionic attack that lifted up into the air and started to squeeze the very life from him as both armour and bone started to crack under the pressure. A moment later the psionic wave shifted focus, sending him flying over two hundred feet away from the now quickly healing form of Crystallite. Crashing him against a large boulder that cracked as his back slammed off it and he landed face first into the dirt. <Life’s a bitch!> he thought. He had his sister near defeated, his wife was then attacked and he had to give up his Dreadnought armour to protect her and since has been on the receiving end of massive amounts of punishment.

Even as his body started to rapidly regenerate his head sensors twitched, dragging one side out of the dirt, as it scanned Crystallite opening up her Mega-Smasher plates. He lay there for a second as parts of his spine snapped back into place before his gravity controller activated sending dirt flying from under his body as he sprang onto his feet. Crystallite’s Mega-Smasher was about to fire. Warrior Guyver’s sensors detected a mixture of zoanoids and, most importantly, ACTF forces behind him… Warrior Guyver had no choice but to try and stop Crystallite from firing as he instantly power boosted to twice his normal maximum and channelled his total power into an Ultra Power Wave Punch, equal in power to a 5 kiloton explosion of TNT, as he rocketed forward to deliver the powerful blow. But on impact Warrior Guyver was shocked to see his attack harmlessly absorbed by a psionic barrier, just inches from Crystallite, and leaving him to stare in helpless horror at the blinding glow of her now fully charged Mega Smashers. Still power boosted, Warrior Guyver’s barrier and omni-directional shields activated, as he channelled all of his power to reinforce them, and focused them in front of him.

The mega-smasher blast hit and instantly he felt a combination of his shield being pulverised and drained at the same time. With shocking speed he found his shields disappearing, a shield that could have withstood a 20 kiloton explosion of TNT, and soon he found his body being vaporised. He barely had time to feel the pain of the attack before he realised he was no longer on Earth but looking at the swirling energies of what has been called hyper space. He tried to wipe his eyes and could swear he was doing so but quickly realised his arms had been vaporised and his mind was playing tricks on him. His only hope was that somehow by the time he returned his sister would not live up to the events of his dream. . .

Crystallite quickly turned her attention to the Clan Ship. Her senses searched it for what was stopping her from consuming the great biomass. It did not take long for her powerful sensors to find out what it was. The shattered remains of a Matrix working within the control medal chamber.

She looked down the chamber sensing the battle within. Three ACTF Guyvers where taking the battle to those inside the Clan Ship. But she sensed that one of the Guyvers inside was weaker than the others. Someone had activated a unit she had damaged. It was a Warrior Guyver type with a HSL system that she could feed off to regain the energies lost to fighting XT and Dreadnought.

Inside the fallen Clan Ship Warrior Guyver Natasha’s eyes lit up as her mind took control over the unit. She was disorientated at first thinking she had just lost consciousness for a few seconds. She looked at her hands and it was not the normal flesh, it was the hands of a Guyver. That was something she had not planned.

Her head sensors glided backward and foreword as the Guyver unit fed her information on where she was when a sudden burst of realisation kicked in that she was in a battle zone against other enemy Guyvers. Most of which had more experience and more firepower than she did. Her Warrior Unit attempted to link with the units of Zeus and Aceaer Warrior Guyver 2 to share their fully working sensor range. But such a link requires a trust between the hosts, neither Guyver trusted her but the act alone let them both realise quickly they now faced an enemy Warrior Guyver.

<Stephen, kill her now!> ordered Zeus through his unit.

The professional that he was did not allow Aceaer Warrior Guyver 2 to debate if Zeus should be giving orders. He broke off his high speed battle with Guyver 2, and a number of Overlords, and ran towards the Unit Chamber. Zeus tried to cover him with a burst of lightning bolts and easily knocked the Overlords away but Guyver 2 managed to dodge the attack. Hyper accelerated as he was, Guyver 2 quickly made sense of what was going on, though not as powerful as Aceaer Warrior Guyver 2 he was still far faster, and used his superior speed to get in front of Aceaer Warrior Guyver. Guyver 2 tried to stop him with a point blank triple pressure cannon blast but Aceaer Warrior Guyver 2 simply rammed through the barrage, letting his combined Aceaer and body shields take the blasts, before knocking Guyver 2 aside and continuing on his way at over twice the speed of sound.

Inside Warrior Guyver Natasha cursed herself for allowing her unit to try and contact others for help, but she really had been a Guyver for only a matter of a minute. So how was she meant to know what a true Warrior Unit would do?

Aceaer Warrior Guyver 2 was only feet away from the unit chamber. Chasing him was Guyver 2, while behind the two of them the chamber lit up as a massive lightning bolt was fired from Zarfel at Zeus who only just dodged it. The huge bolt of electricity surged through the Clan Ship electrocuting everyone and sending them falling to the ground in agony, bar Zarfel himself and Zeus. Zeus’ head sensors moved as he sensed the Overlords which had been holding the Clan Ship open lose psionic control over the vast wreck.

Aceaer Warrior Guyver 2 gathered his senses and knew what was about to happen. He snapped back onto his feet and fired a hail of rail bullets at Guyver 2 who was just getting back onto his feet. Guyver 2 burst into action dodging a number of them but Aceaer Warrior Guyver 2 knew of his speed and quickly changed his firing pattern into an x shape catching Guyver 2’s leg, shattering his knee cap, and blowing off his lower leg. However, rather than pressing his advantage against Guyver 2 he turned his attention to the new Warrior Guyver. His sensors told him it was weakened and its control medal was damaged and he knew what that meant from what Jason told him about the Warrior Unit in damaged form, it can’t teleport!

As he rounded the corner he saw Warrior Guyver Natasha ready to defend herself. He knew even without the Aceaer unit on him he out powered her. But before they even had a chance to battle, Aceaer Warrior Guyver 2 looked in horror as a red crystalline vibrational sword sliced through the fabric of reality and out stepped Crystallite.

Using her vast psionic powers she lifted the new Warrior Guyver towards her and a basically defenceless new Guyver found a hand being shoved through her chest and ripping out her heart. Crystallites mouth plates opened and she consumed Natasha’s heart as she looked on. Aceaer Warrior Guyver 2 was also in a state of pure shock after witnessing that, how the hell did a Guyver like Psi-Guyver turn into that freak?

The orbs on Aceaer Warrior Guyver 2 glowed as he pushed his unit boosting his abilities as far has they could. But as Crystallite licked her lips she simply swatted Aceaer Warrior Guyver 2 out of her way as he jumped at her. Aceaer Warrior Guyver 2 found himself flying through a living wall of bio-flesh into the Control Centre of the Clan Ship. There he saw something that reminded him this ship was from him home dimension as he flew uncontrollable though the air, Pyramid Control medals… Aceaer Warrior Guyver 2 slammed against the wall of the chamber. He shook his head and used his gravity controller to get him back on his feet.

He thought Crystallite would be right after him, ready to finish him off, but she was not. She was still feeding off the new Warrior Guyver. This was not good. Zeus and Guyver Merc were only just keeping Chronos forces away and neither where powerful enough to defeat Crystallite. Warrior Guyver must have had his butt kicked by Crystallite otherwise he’d be here fighting her. Then he realised who would be perfect!

<Mei, we need your help now!>

Dark Nova had only just defeated Tonnin who was more than likely regenerating once again. Not wasting a second she teleported to Aceaer Warrior Guyver 2, appearing within the Control Medal chamber. No words needed to be said, Dark Nova sensed Crystallite immediately and her victim. She knew who and what the creature was and without a second thought she fired a barrage of gravity bullets.

Crystallite’s head sensors picked up the attack and she pulled her arm out of Warrior Guyver Natasha’s chest and with a quick slice of her fight forward vibrational sword she had cut herself an escape root and disappeared. Warrior Guyver Natasha was hit twice, blasting two fist size chucks into her left side, hitting her already weakened ribs, and upper hip, effectively crippling her. Luckily for her Dark Nova was not after her and teleported after Crystallite. Aceaer Warrior Guyver 2 was now left with an easy target and was close to two dormant Warrior Units.

Then he sensed something he truly did not want to. Zeus was hit by a massive energy blast blowing apart most of his body and sending him to hyper-space to recover. Guyver Merc seemed to have noticed Zeus was being taken apart by the Zoalord and was already near the exit of the chamber leaving him on his lonesome in the heart of ruined ship vastly over powered.

Then, just as it looked like everything was about to go to hell, Warrior Guyver teleported into the unit chamber. He thought his sister was there and was about to teleport out when he looked down at the new fallen Guyver. Already a Crystallite like infection was setting into her chest and if he wanted to he could kill her now. But that would simply not be like him, he only killed those who were a threat and they were fast approaching him. Then the icing on the cake for a screwed up situation happened as the giant form of Guyver Powered Zerebubuse was teleported right in front of him, his huge eighteen foot form towered above him and the spikes on his shoulders were even piercing the living chamber above them.

Quickly both Warrior Guyver and Aceaer Warrior Guyver 2 had the same thought go though their heads <Oh Shit!> and decided to grab what they could and run for it. For Warrior Guyver that meant simultaneously ducking below a three bladed sword hand claws and grabbing the closest dormant unit at hand, which happened to be the damaged one, and then teleporting out of there. For Aceaer Warrior Guyver 2 he turned around and looked at the shards of a Matrix. He scanned them and found which one was the largest chunk, grabbed it and teleported out of there reappearing in the Testing and Training room of ACTF HQ Washington DC looking at the massive form of a giant purple Guyver like being that had the distinct scanning signature of a W’Kar.

Twenty Minutes Ago – Andrews Air Force Base Washington DC

Andrews Air Force base normally would be in the spotlight of the media because it is the home base of Air Force One. Andrews Air Force base, like so many others in the USA, suffered huge loses the day ACTF regained control of the Whitehouse and the then freed President ordered massive bombardments of Chronos bases, a move that did manage to kill many low level zoanoids. Then the Zoalords all arrived to defend the USA and the tide turned against them. At the time ACTF truly did not know who or what these strange men were; only that they defied gravity and the laws of nature and within days the USAF was all but wiped out.

Very few pilots survived that day. Andrews was probably the hardest hit of all Air Force bases. One pilot in particular remembers that day. A green freaky looking thing attacked his squadron. It was like he was everywhere all at once. Jets where being cut to pieces and nothing and no one seemed capable of getting a clear shot against this strange creature.


Derek Prince woke up sweating and almost jumping out of the bed. He looked around his darkened room, realising where he was. He shook his head and pushed his hands through his damp hair. Ever since that day he had never slept longer than two hours, tonight being the normal result of his constantly recurring dream of that creature. Since then he had read reports from the ACTF about whom and what that creature was. A zoalord, somehow he would have revenge on those who done this to him, but he wouldn’t be getting any revenge if his mind did not allow him to sleep. He got up out of bed and turned on the lights, looked down at the damp bed cloths and ripped them off the bed. <Oh well,> he thought “What a surprise, no sleep tonight”.

Derek left his bedroom and went into the bathroom. He looked at his face in the mirror using the dim light shining through his bedroom and then pulled a string just above the mirror turning on the shaving light and focused on his eyes. He could see the black dot in the centre and the nice blue ring around it but then there was almost nothing but red pigment, showing just how badly his lack of sleep was affecting his body. Just as if noticing they where in bad shape was a sign his eyes began to sting like hell. This was now a routine of sorts and opened the bathroom locker and reached for some eye drops. On the shelf above the eye drops was perfume from his wife, though she was at her parents with their daughter. No way were they going to see him in this state for months on end.

As he bent his head back and picked up the eye drops he heard a loud thud coming from his bedroom. He quickly looked at the bathroom for anything that could be used as a weapon, but there were none. He clenched his fists, walked over and looked through the doorway. His room seemed to be rippling in front of him with a strange blue glow as if he was looking through water. He rubbed his eyes wondering if his eyes where playing tricks on him. But when his hand moved away from his eyes the strange watery effects where still there. Through the distortion his eyes focused on a large purple circler thing on the floor beside his bed.

The distortion cleared and he wondered if he was on some kind of strange medication. He really would not have known if he was or not as he could barely remember yesterday, never mind last week. He walked towards his bed and the unit came more and more into focus. He knew what it was. The media had every bit of information possible published about the mysterious Guyvers. One of which he knew. The unit was larger than the ones that were published though, it was mostly light purple apart from a large silver circular orb at its centre that he recognized as a control medal and that was really the extent he could take in. But what the hell was it doing in his bedroom? He reached down and picked up the unit and it was surprisingly light. Then the control medal lit up.

Twenty minutes later ACTF HQ Washington DC – Testing and Training Room

Beside General Carter stood Brigadier General Spears of Andrews Air Force base and right in font of them was the largest Guyver either had ever witnessed. This being was easily taller than Dreadnought, who was twelve feet tall. General Carter was barely much taller than this Guyver’s knee cap. Guyver 5 was beside him and she too looked miniscule against this Guyver. This new being already codenamed as Gilgamesh by General Carter and according to Guyver 5, he may look like a Guyver but there was something different about him that did not just sense right. After all even Dreadnought when scanned showed he was a Guyver of some sort.

“Sir Derek is a good man, he’ll make a fine addition to the ACTF,” said General Spears.

“Thank you for making his transfer quick and easy General Spears,” said General Carter.

“The United States Air force does not have the expertise needed to use a Guyver asset General Carter, you clearly do sir.”

“Even so General, you could have made this harder and understandable so. I am well aware of what damage the zoalords have done to the Air Force and you could use a Guyver asset to get revenge on them.”

“I learnt a long time ago General that it’s not what is best for you that matters it is what is best for the nation.”

“I can’t comment for the nation General, but I promise we will use this new Guyver to the best of his abilities.”

Deep within his unit Derek could not believe what had happened to him. For the first time in months he was fully awake. His unit was giving him huge amounts of information about the structure of the building he was in and the amount of people within it and the weapons they held. Then he sensed something strange, he did not know what his unit was telling him but then Aceaer Warrior Guyver 2 appeared just a few feet away from him.

Aceaer Warrior Guyver 2 would have attacked right away if not for the fact General Carter was standing right beside him.

“Major Cain, this is Captain Derek Price, codename Gilgamesh, and beside me is Brigadier General Spears of Andrews Air force Base,” said General Carter instantly defusing the situation.

Aceaer Warrior Guyver 2 wondered how the hell did a W’Kar unit get here? But his training told him to focus on what was immediately important, “Sir I have captured this piece of a Matrix, but we’re on the receiving end of a very bad beating down in Australia.”

Central Australia – Alice Springs Prison

It had been a day since Chronos discovered a black Cocoon inside the cell of the notorious Sedah. Both Elmira and Elena realised that it was Creator technology of some kind. It could be related to the Clan Ship after all the Gigantic Cocoon appeared when the Relics Point ship was destroyed by the zoalords of Chronos. The question for them was centred on who was inside this thing?

The question of what type of unit was inside this thing had been answered. Files from Chronos Europe on the Angel Guyver had confirmed that this cocoon was similar to her. Reports from spies in Europe had said that Angel had no memories of who she was when she first awakened. It was within those few days that if Chronos had got to her first they could have convinced her to join them. This time though the twins planned a different approach to that which only succeeded in assuring that Angel would never work for Chronos. It when then the front of the cocoon opened. Both twins simultaneously ordered all Bio-Titan’s who where around them to revert to their human form so they would pose no danger to this new Guyver. They where not going to threaten this being!

The cocoon opened and from the darkness within the cell the only source of light was that of a three layered control medal lighting up as the Guyver within activated. It was then quickly followed by a number of glowing pyramids and four large red glowing wings like appendages that appeared from its back as the large cocoon started to rot and fall to the ground around this large clearly male gigantic looking version of Angel. It stood almost motionless, only its head sensors moved and the twins knew that that meant. The creature was taking account of everything around it. Now would be the time when the creature would show which side it would belong to.

Only a few miles away Crystallite was hit my a hail of gravity bullets which ripped through her fire aura shield like it was not there, shattering parts of the organic crystal around her breast plates and abdomen. She roared at Dark Nova, attacking her senses with her psionic scream. Dark Nova’s shield surrounded her protecting her from the attack. Her head sensors moved as she scanned Crystallite for weaknesses. There simply where none. To defeat such a being she would have to aim to kill it. But would Dreadnought ever forgive her and would that lead to a war against him and the CRTF, oh yeah! That would not be acceptable.

But life and death situations did rarely allow such kindness. Crystallite opened fire sending two fiery balls of energy towards Dark Nova.

Dark Nova knew she couldn’t hesitate for an instant and immediately fired off a massive gravitational shockwave, narrowly dispersing Crystallite’s attack before the fiery balls of energy would have engulfed her and drained her life energy. But in the very next instant Crystallite burst through the gravitational shockwave with her swords extended and tried to spear her way through Dark Nova, who narrowly dodged out of the way. Dark Nova then started to charge up a pressure cannon attack to counterattack but Crystallite beat her to the punch and twisted around and unleashed a massive psionic shockwave that slammed into her and sent her hurtling to the ground at over twice the speed of sound.

Unable to regain control in time Dark Nova explosively smashed into the ground, leaving a 20 metre impact crater before bouncing back into the air. Crystallite pounced on her an instant later with her swords once again and Dark Nova barely recovered in time to block with her own swords. Before unleashing a blast field like gravitational discharge that knocked Crystallite away from Dark Nova, giving her enough space to unleash a massive ten foot wide pressure cannon but Crystallite shielded herself from the attack and unleashed her own fiery blast of life draining energy. Only to be surprised in turn as Dark Nova as she opened her left chest plate and obliterated Crystallite’s attack and engulfed her in the Smasher’s powerful discharge of energy.

A moment later the charred, but quickly regenerating, form of Crystallite could be seen as Dark Nova closed her chest plate and pressed her attack by diving towards the still recovering Crystallite and flipped over her head in the last instant as she grabbed Crystallite’s head and twisted with all her strength, while simultaneously yanking her toward the ground and snapping her neck upon impact. Dark Nova then willed her polymorphic vibrational hair to stab into Crystallite’s back, hoping to immobilize Crystallite but the instant she did that she felt her strength being drained and her polymorphic hair quickly started to blacken and shrivel up.

Dark Nova barely pulled herself free before more than a foot of her polymorphic hair had been destroyed and then was slapped away by a psionic pulse from Crystallite as she started to get back up and snapped her neck back into place. Crystallite growled and her eyes glowed, a bright red, as she glared at Dark Nova.

<Great, I made her angry!> Thought Dark Nova as she warily watched Crystallite, waiting for her strength to fully recover before she renewed her attack upon Crystallite.

Dark Nova stood only couple of meters away from Crystallite. Her senses told her that this thing was extremely dangerous and very capable of hurting her, as she had already made painfully clear. But she knew that if she did not stop this creature who was in fact an ally many people would be hurt and a friend of the Nova Guyvers would be lost. Crystallite though growled again, sending a shiver down Dark Nova’s spine. It was that which forced her to realize this creature was no longer her friend and that she had to stop it. She could only hope that if she was lucky that Warrior Guyver would arrive and stop her stop this thing before it was too late. She would definitely have to be careful not to let Crystallite drain any more energy from her or infect her with her Crystals.

Then, as if in answer to her prayer, Warrior Guyver appeared between Dark Nova and Crystallite.

<Can’t right now, something attacked Fiona and I had to give her the Unit, but we should still be able to stop her together.>

<Don’t worry Mei, I almost got that blasted thing off her before, just give me the opening and I’ll handle the rest.>

But no sooner had he said that than a hail of plasma energy bolts began to rain down on their position as a squad of Bio-Titans flew towards them. Both Dark Nova and Warrior Guyver shielded themselves from the attack but it quickly became apparent that Crystallite was absorbing the bolts that struck her and that it was making her stronger.

But no sooner had Warrior Guyver communicated that to Dark Nova that Crystallite started to generate a massive fiery aura around herself that then exploded outward like a bomb, engulfing all around her with her life draining energy field. Warrior Guyver managed to shield himself from the blast but felt his shield weakening under its onslaught. Dark Nova also shielded herself but could not protect herself as well from the life draining aspect of Crystallite’s power and quickly felt her strength leaving her. The Bio-Titans were not as lucky as the blast sucked them dry of energy and their bodies instantly fossilized before falling to the ground were they then crumbled to dust. But the blast was like a living thing and spread outward for over three miles, catching several squads of armoured marines off guard and instantly killing them as their life force was totally drained from their bodies. The remaining Bio-Titans effected by the blast survived however, but were weakened.

Now Crystallite was floating high in the air ablaze with the life energy she had taken from all around her but still her hunger was not sated and she roared with frustration.

Thought Warrior Guyver, <Damn, didn’t know she could do that. Mei are you alright?> Warrior Guyver communicated to Dark Nova, even as he flew over to her and his used his Matrix to extinguish the flames of Crystallite’s life draining energy on her before it could drain any more of Dark Nova’s life force.

However, before Warrior Guyver could reply, Crystallite started to fire fiery balls of life draining energy towards them and Warrior Guyver had to grab Dark Nova and quickly dodge them as he started to channel energy into her to restore her strength. Within moments Dark Nova was back to full strength and they separated as they prepared to counter attack Crystallite. Warrior Guyver quickly power boosted and fired off a power wave enhanced full double quantum mega smash and Dark Nova fired off her Hyper Lens Flare attack worm holed the discharge to hit Crystallite from behind. The powerful combo attack managed to pierce Crystallite defences and she fell to the ground stunned. Warrior Guyver then tried to press the attack by channelling his power for power boosted Hyper Power Wave Punch but once again Crystallite stop him at the last moment with a psionic barrier and then swatted him away. Dark Nova had used her power to ionise the air and then charged Crystallite to try to hit her with combo electrical and gravitational enhanced power punch but she too was stopped by the psionic barrier and knocked away.

Dark Nova recovered first and fired off a black hole attack that quickly engulfed Crystallite but in the next instant it exploded and Crystallite unleashed her Mega Smashers towards Dark Nova. Normally Dark Nova would have been able to shield such an attack but she had little to no defence against Crystallite’s life draining power and Warrior Guyver knew that as he teleported in front of the blast. . . Moments later the blast cleared to show that Warrior Guyver was gone and now the battle was just between Dark Nova a Crystallite.

thought Dark Nova as she generated a time dilation field around Crystallite before she charged towards her with her swords extended but Crystallite was not as effected by the dilation field as Dark Nova hoped and blocked her attack with her own swords but Dark Nova was prepared for that and had already enhanced her swords with gravitational energy. So in the next instant Crystallite swords were shattered and she was explosive knocked back as she slammed into the ground.

Crystallite roared and unleashed a psionic scream while simultaneously firing her head beam that Dark Nova barely shielded as Crystallite got back up. Dark Nova countered with her own head beam and gravity bullet attack but Crystallite was able to shield herself but then Dark Nova followed up with a massive pressure cannon attack that penetrated her shield and blasted her backward again. But this time Crystallite stayed on her feet and immediately retaliated with a psionic wave blast that slammed Dark Nova back.

In an instant Crystallite was back on top of Dark Nova and grabbed her with clawed hands that penetrated the bio-armour as she started to drain Dark Nova of her life energy.

<No that’s mine!> Dark Nova mentally yelled before a blinding massive discharge of energy erupted from her body with the power of a small nuke and blasted Crystallite over a quarter mile away before crashing to the ground, her body charred and much of her crystal form cracked. Dark Nova was a little worse for wear herself as her form appear partially shrivelled up but quickly returned to normal as her energy levels returned to normal.

But Crystallite quickly recovered as well with the energy she had drained from Dark Nova and quickly launched herself back into the air as she flew back towards Dark Nova. Who in turn sensed Crystallite coming back and immediately unleashed a massive ten foot wide pressure cannon to great her with. Crystallite dodged but the attack followed her and smashed into her shield but it held and she continued on towards Dark Nova.

Crystallite was about to slam into Dark Nova but then Dark Nova used her power to phase herself and let Crystallite go right through her before she unleashed another massive pressure cannon blast that smashed into the surprised Crystallite and blasted her away from Dark Nova, who then unleashed two more blasts before Crystallite could recover. Then suddenly, before they could strike her, Warrior Guyver teleported right in front of her and absorbed the blasts with his gravity shield. In his left hand sat a fully active Matrix and with a simple flash from it, simultaneously with the Matrix inside his control medal, Crystallite screamed as she tried to resist the removal process but it was too late and she had been drained by constant battling.

Warrior Guyver could feel his sister resisting. Whatever that crystal was that infected her it had one hell of a strong hold. On the other side of the Earth Valkyrie felt a strange sensation as the gigantic like armour removed itself and disappeared into a cocoon. . . Dark Nova watched on as a large dark blue cocoon appeared right in front of her. All she saw was the back of the cocoon as she sensed it opening. Then it disappeared leaving behind a being almost twice as tall known as Dreadnought.

Dreadnought knew it was now or never as a five strong Bio-Titan task force made their way towards them. He focused every ounce of energy within him towards removing the unit of his sister. Then, after a few precious moments, strange blue fractures of light appeared along her armour. It was times like this Dreadnought really hated as the fire Bio-Titan’s fired. Their beams all directed towards the lead Neo-Class Hyper-Zoanoid and within seconds a fairly powerful mega-smasher like blast was being fired towards a basically crippled Crystallite.

As the blast made its way directly towards its intended target Dark Nova appeared in front of it taking the brunt of the blast and curving it away from Crystallite. As the blast cleared a glowing pissed off Dark Nova was left looking at the Bio-Titan battle group. Before her control medal and green crystals glowed and she cupped her two hands together. Within the space between them five small gravity like balls appeared and then disappeared. Above each of the Bio-Titans the balls of gravity imploded into five localised micro black holes. Before they even had a chance to ponder their fate all five where dragged off their feet along with the ground and plants around them into the unstable singularities which then exploded leaving behind nothing but five craters where 5 Bio-Titans once stood.

Dreadnought almost signed in relief as he witnessed Dark Nova saving the day yet again. Finally the cracks of blue light merged and Crystallites unit suddenly gave up and released itself, leaving behind a sight he had been fighting to see of his sister Jenny as she fell to the ground exhausted. Quickly his head sensors moved back and foreword scanning her to see if anything was wrong with her. With his Matrix enhanced senses he quickly found out that though free of the crystalline infection that she was now in the same predicament she was before she became a Guyver with her body being genetically unstable without the control of her unit and lack of an Overlord crystal to keep her body in check.

Almost without his expressed will the Matrix on his hand kicked into action sending a beam of light towards his fallen sister. Within seconds the unstable Overlord DNA was removed from her body. It was then that Dreadnought noticed the stupidity of his actions. As war rages around him he had left his sister defenceless. He looked down at the Matrix in his hand and it teleported away replacing itself with the dormant Black Unit.

Jenny had barely time to comprehend her situation and wonder about all the noise around her as she looked up to see the form of her Gigantic armoured brother standing over her with a black dormant unit. Before she had a chance to object Dreadnought activated the unit. There was nothing then but darkness and pain.

Dreadnought turned his attention from the forming Black Nova 2 towards the now dormant Crystallite unit. Even with the power of another Matrix he could not remove the infection from the unit, but at least he managed to remove the unit from his sister. Even dormant it was still draining life around it. Dreadnought raised his out stretched hand and a gravity ball appeared in front of it.

“Jason wait!” shouted Dark Nova.

“What?” said Dreadnought as he turned around to look at her?

“Jason, why are you going to destroy it?”

“Mei it is dangerous, hell it’s still draining life as we speak!”

“But it’s still a Guyver unit that we can learn from and if nothing else it could help us develop a new weapon against Chronos.”

“Mei. I respect you but that’s a crazy idea and besides that CRTF of yours simply does not have the resources to handle that.”

“But the ACTF does Jason!”

“Humph… Yeah they do,” admitted a reluctant Jason as he absorbed the gravity energy back into himself. “I know I’m probably going to regret this… Just make damn sure Stephen takes it somewhere safe then.”

“Ok,” said Dark Nova as suddenly Black Nova 2 awoke.

YOU BASTARD! roared Black Nova 2.

Dreadnought turned towards his sister already knowing he was in deep shit. There are times you fight, there are times you run and there are times you simply just take the hit. Dreadnought did not move as Black Nova 2 extended her right forward sword and then shoved it into his stomach.

Do you think after all the hell that I caused that I would want to be a fucking Guyver again?

She did not even wait for the answer and teleported away leaving a hole where her blade once was. Dark Nova walked towards Dreadnought in an effort to console him but he too teleported away.

Dark Nova sighed. It would be very unlikely to see Dreadnought joining the battle yet again and she was not even taking into account the fact his wife was attacked when she realised that. Dark Nova turned towards the dormant Crystallite infected Turbo Unit. Maybe such a thing should be destroyed? But there was so much humanity could learn from the Unit-G. she thought. Learning anything from it would lead to unbelievable advances for man kind. Well that is what she hoped anyway.

She then resigned herself to her decision and carefully picked up the dormant unit with a gravitational field when she suddenly sensed two beings teleport nearby to her. One she recognised as Aceaer Warrior 2. The other she realised was a W’Kar of some kind. She turned her head towards it and even with it being a fair distance away she had to look up slightly to look this thing in the eye.

“Mei, what happened here?” asked Aceaer Warrior Guyver 2.

“Jason removed that infected unit off Jenny,” said Dark Nova as she showed the now dormant unit floating between her hands. “She though did not like the idea of being a Guyver again after Jason decided to force a Black Nova unit on her.”

“I guess it’s not just Carter’s whose going to be pissed.”

“Yes,” said Dark Nova knowing how military command systems worked oh so well.

“What are we going to do with that?” asked Aceaer Warrior Guyver 2 as he pointed at the dormant Crystallite infected Turbo Unit.

“It can’t be activated again, it’s simply too dangerous but it has to be somehow or another useful to your scientists?”

“I’d imagine so, okay give me a minute.” Aceaer Warrior Guyver 2 said as he teleported away and returned a minute later with a containment case.

“Okay Mei, just place it in this case and I’ll check with General Carter on what he wants done with it. In the mean time you and….. Umm sorry I’ve forgotten your name?”

“Derek or as they decided to codename me Gilgamesh but you can call me anything you want,” said Gilgamesh with a little sneaky smile but really no one would notice under an inch of bio-armour.

“Okay Gilgamesh…” Dark Nova said as she floated the dormant unit into the containment case.

“Okay Mei, long story short Chronos has taken over the control centre of the Clan Ship. We have to take it back. Gilgamesh just got his unit and frankly we don’t know what he’s capable of but we need all the help we can get for this one. So I was hoping you two could team up for a bit?”

“I don’t know Stephen, I’d rather not, and it’s been hard enough watching my own back lately.”

“No problem, this unit of mine is plenty powerful so I should be just fine, but I’ll be happy to help watch your back Mei.” said Gilgamesh.

“No, you can call me by my code name, that’s Dark Nova to you,” she said as she teleported away…

Under the huge bulk of bio-mess that was the crashed Clan Ship Guyver Powered Zerebubuse could now move a little more freely. The Overlords had mostly regained consciousness, though their hair was standing a little higher than normal, and they had re-established their psionic gateways. Guyver Powered Zerebubuse was looking down at Warrior Guyver Natasha, all of his instincts where telling him this female Guyver was getting weaker by the second. Crystallite was bad enough but if that was to happen to a Warrior Unit it would be very bad. Considering that even if she did have a damaged control medal it would heal. He pointed his left arm at her head. The thought of wiping her out now would best option to get rid of that threat. But he was a military minded person and she was a Chronos operative, killing her off without permission of a Zoalord would see him on the endangered species list.

Master Zarfel!? roared Guyver Powered Zerebubuse.

commanded Zarfel.

<Sir, Natasha has merged with one of the damaged Warrior Units and has been further damaged by Crystallite.>

Guyver Powered Zerebubuse really had no idea though how he was going to follow those orders. As he saw it Zarfel wanted the impossible. He was no doctor he was a warrior. He was made a Powered Zerebubuse because he killed what Chronos wanted killed. It was not because he was ultra intelligent or anything special beyond his harnessed psychopathic tendencies. Really you had to be a little insane to actually like to kill in the first place and even more insane to like the idea of being genetically enhanced to kill. When he became a Guyver Powered Zerebubuse he became elite and maybe that was where this zoalord thought he could pull a miracle out of his ass and save this fallen Warrior Guyver below him.

It was then a little bit an insight happened that he would normally not expect. He was privy to many Chronos data files on the various different kind of Guyvers. One stood out more than any to him namely because of his raw hate towards him, Dreadnought. It was theorised by Chronos scientists that his control medal was badly damaged when it was connected to the control medal of the War Relic when he and it were almost destroyed by Warrior Alkanphel. In turn the strange though clearly advanced device called the Matrix was used by Warrior Guyver 2 against Alkanphel. He reported that this device was capable of removing his unit and would have probably done so if not for the intervention of a Bio-Titan which in fact damaged the Matrix that was being used to remove Alkanphel’s unit. It then in its damaged state merged with the damaged Warrior Guyver forming Dreadnought. He knew this because Dreadnought was one of the few creatures in the ACTF that could kill him. To know ones enemy is a key element if you want to kill him.

What that meant for him now was he’d the answer to how to cure the fallen Warrior Guyver lying down in a fetal position in by his feet. His sensors told him that there was a damaged Matrix parts orbiting between the two control medals of the Clan Ship. Damaged Warrior Guyver and damaged Matrix usually seem to merge together to repair themselves. Well it was worth a try anyway.

Guyver Powered Zerebubuse reached down and with his left arm he grabbed her by the neck and lifted her off the ground. If not for her body shield the lower part of her body would have probably ripped itself apart due to the weight of her legs and the lack of a heart and pretty much anything inside her ribcage. By any Guyver standards she was simply not healing.

asked Guyver Powered Zerebubuse through his unit. But after a good few seconds there was still no reply.

Guyver Powered Zerebubuse looked into her eyes which where unusually dark. Then as he was about to give up hope of her regaining any form of consciousness when suddenly her eyes lit up and with only the undamaged part of her control medal. She tried to talk normally but that would have required lungs.

<Don’t try to speak. Talk through your unit.>

<What…. Has happened….. to me?>


Zarfel looked down the dark passage way towards the huge form of Guyver Powered Zerebubuse. He realised he might have asked the impossible but that was what he had to do. But he could not quite see Warrior Guyver Natasha, who was just out of view.

“What is happening down there?” asked Zarfel looking at Guyver Zoanoid.

Guyver Zoanoid’s head sensors moved back and forward and he turned to face the Zoalord.

“Zoalord Zarfel, he’s holding her up by the neck.”

“Guyver 2, go check on them.”

“Yes my lord,” said Guyver 2 and a second later there was only a flash of yellow and he was gone. As he stopped Guyver Powered Zerebubuse walked towards the control chamber of the Clan Ship with Warrior Guyver Natasha still held in the air one handed.

“What the hell are you doing with her?”

“I’m going to heal her.”


“You’ll see,” said Guyver Powered Zerebubuse as he shoved her through the hole into the Control Chamber. He let go and her momentum carried her the rest of the way as she fell to the ground only feet from the bottom control medal. A second later all the remaining matrix shards came closer together. Only inches apart a blue aura formed around them. Immediately it grew in intensity to take over the whole chamber blasting Guyver Powered Zerebubuse away almost sending him crashing into and skewering Guyver 2 who was very thankful for the fact he was gifted with incredible speed as he dodged the mammoth spiky Guyver and was able to then turn with enough time to see him slam into an organic wall and basically impale himself there. Guyver 2 then turned towards Warrior Guyver Natasha and looking through the hole saw her lifted off her feet between what must have been the two pyramid shaped control medals. The matrix shards started to orbit around her and seconds later the whole room engulfed her.

What have you done? roared Zarfel at Guyver Powered Zerebubuse as the huge Guyver activated his gravity controller and pulled himself off the wall.

“Making Chronos a Dreadnought of our very own.”


A short distance away Warrior Guyver 4 arrived at the ACTF command tent with CRF Guyver 1. She really had no idea if she was about to be killed or would be accepted. She did not have much of a choice though. Warrior Guyver4 and her where chatting for the past hour as he and she completed his scouting mission. She had learnt one thing for sure, there was a lot more to fighting Chronos than she had been told. She had seen nothing of their firepower and from what she glimpsed of the battle with Dark Nova and Tonnin the CRF were nothing on the CRTF either. The idea of fighting for a Communist China seemed secondary now, first free the world of Chronos then she could wonder about what form the world would take afterwards. She did not know what the other two members of the CRF Guyver team planned but if there was one thing she realised three Guyvers where nothing on the grand scheme of things.

Behind a large table with a dirty map which had notes and scribbles all over it was Colonel O’Neill of the ACTF with a command team of various ranks and behind them was Cyber Guyver who was still acting as a glorified communications system with the Guyvers and the new EDF Aceaers.

“Warrior Guyver 4, who is this Guyver woman beside you,” ordered Colonel O’Neill as he looked up from the map.

“Sir she is a member of the CRF, a member Chinese resistance force fighting Chronos.”

“The C.R.T.F.?”

“Drop the T and that’s her group.”

“Never heard of them,” said Colonel O’Neill.

“And if we have anything to do about it you never will!” said Dark Nova as she stormed into the tent. Every orb on her body glowed as CRF Guyver 1 found herself pulled off her feet as gravity was warped around her dragging her towards Dark Nova so she was looking at the powerful Guyver eye to eye.

“See this silly bitch in front of me, her and her two Guyver pals attacked one of our teams weakening it so when it was attacked by Chronos we lost one of our Guyvers.”

“Hey you’re the ones with the powerful Guyver units. It was your terrible planning that allowed him to be singled out by those Zoalords and killed.”

“Huh you where there watching him be killed!” said Dark Nova with a clear tint of anger in her voice.

“We were observing the situation, what chance in hell would we have against those Zoalords?”

“None you fool, that’s why you should have surrendered and joined us long ago.”

“What and be part of a capitalist paradise when Chronos is defeated?”

“Be realistic for once in your pitiful life, what does it matter once Chronos is gone, we’ve a free election let the people decide and be done with it. If some of us do not like it all we’ve to do is move.”

“China was founded by revolution how are we supposed to know that you would willingly leave if things went against you?”

“I lived in China quite happily as it was before X-Day rather than seeing huge processing camps everywhere from Beijing to Hong Kong to Harbin.”

The two female Guyvers continued to argue, but Warrior Guyver 4 and Colonel O’Neill had no idea what they are talking about as it was all in Chinese, the only thing they could tell from the tone of the conversation was that it was very heated and Dark Nova and this red female Guyver clearly did not like each other.

“Do you know if that red Guyver can speak English,” asked Colonel O’Neill.

“Not a word sir, only way we could communicate was through our units.”

“Well stop Dark Nova ripping her head off, if she can work for ACTF and will not cause us any trouble then we need her, plain and simple that red Guyver is more powerful than a particle cannon and will do damage. At least she could help by buying time for our people.”

“Understood sir,” said Warrior Guyver 4 as he activated his gravity controller pulling himself between Dark Nova and CRF Guyver 1. said Warrior Guyver 4 so that both Guyvers could understand him.

<Ok, but if I ever see her back in China and getting in our way I will wipe her and her group out!>

CRF Guyver 1 just remained quite as Dark Nova left her fall to the ground and then left the tent still in a huff. The CRF where really getting under her bio-armour. CRF Guyver 1 though was not impressed with the idea of effectively being banned from operating in China. She would have probably argued with Dark Nova but it was only a few days since Nova Storm was killed, common sense told her to simply wait and go with the flow. Once the ACTF and she had a better relationship then she could go back to China with maybe an ally or two.

New Cork Texas

readnought knelt down by Elera as a beam of light from the Matrix embedded within his control medal was at work healing her. Under his left arm knelt Female Warrior Guyver as she snuggled to his side while trying not to shove her pointed shoulder into him.

“Jason, as you’re back I’ve to go home.”

“No problem Max. Thanks for being here. If not for you this could have been a lot worse.”

“Hey Jason, it was worth it. Not everyday does one of the most powerful Guyver around owe you a favour and those healing abilities of yours are almost impressive as your wife’s ass,” said Ultimus.

“Huh…, now don’t you get any ideas Max!”

“You don’t have to worry about me Jay, I’m taken!” said Ultimus as he teleported away.

“Fiona, what was he doing looking at your ass?”

“Ah Jason you only had be back for a few days and you’re already getting jealous.”

A few miles from the Clan Ship Crash Site

The two twin sister Zoalords stood overlooking the battlefield. The tide had turned against Chronos. Dark Nova, a giant purple Guyver, Angel and a few other lower level Guyvers along with new combat Aceaer types had taken full advantage of the interference of the Creators. Behind them the twelve foot tall form of Sedah emerged. He scanned the battlefield and looked on with glee as he saw the armies of Chronos, ACTF and EDF combat each other. He then sensed the Guyvers, the beings that basically were the heart and soul of the ACTF and EDF offensive. He did not know how or why but for some reason he knew a lot about each being as he examined them. But one of these Guyvers really stood out from the rest of them. That being was Angel. She was like him. Then he sensed something out that he could not understand so quickly. It was an eighteen foot tall purple Guyver like being and he knew nothing about it. Considering he knew very little about himself that wasn’t so strange but he did know one thing. He liked to fight, to kill and to see those that he viewed as in opposition to him terminated. Why he felt that way was a mystery but that was inconsequential. He knew what he was here to do and that Chronos were more like him than any of those armoured fools that thought themselves to be the “good guys”.

Gilgamesh had been dropped right into battle with no preparation. He was relying basically on the raw power of his unit against weaker though far more experienced zoanoids. In the heat of the battle Dark Nova and Angel had broken off to fight in various hot spots leaving him to work out the powers of his new unit on his own. Unlike most other American’s he never paid any attention to the Guyvers abilities due to his dislike of one of them. But he had quickly learnt two things. The silver orbs on both sides of his head were a type of sensor. Then the green orb to the top front of his head was a powerful enough laser beam that was even capable of burning its way through a Bio-Titan’s shield after a few seconds of resistance. But he had yet to master an ability that would allow him to obliterate those bastards quickly and easily since those things just kept on regenerating.

Then suddenly his head sensors twitched and more on instinct than anything else he jumped up into the air as large ball of electrical energy hit the ground below him. Next thing he knew he was covered in a fire ball of dirt, dust and flame. His sensors then picked up the person who had attacked him. He did not know what it was nor did he care. He quickly fired off six head laser blasts. But his opponent simply stood there and an electrical shield surrounded him and as the laser blasts hit they done nothing more than cause a nice light show around the stranger’s shield.

Then it was his turn to dodge as yet another wave of electrical energy was sent towards him. He sensed it coming then he leaped into the air dodging the blast. He really did not know why but he cupped his hands in front of his abdomen and pushed them in front of him but he loved what it did as a large gravity ball was sent back at his attacker. Sedah did not know why but he loved it when his prey would fight back. He did not know why he loved it he just knew he did.

Deep within the crashed Clan Ship a lone Vamore walked towards the unit camber. He was selected by Imakarum because he volunteered to join Chronos. Chronos gave him purpose and reason. Something life before X-Day did not have. Lord Alkanphel had been attacked and reports that he was trapped in a cocoon meant he would be out of action for a long time. Kron had been seemingly killed by a large dark blue Guyver looking creature calling itself W’Kar. Another large purple Guyver was fighting for ACTF and if Dreadnought and his presently absent from the battle team were to show up then Chronos would be totally overrun. He did not expect his leader to have to explain why he wanted him to go on a mission, but after he told him what he was to become he totally understood why. Outside the Vamore’s visual range Guyver 2 held a unit remover he had extracted from the Warrior Unit chamber. He had heard of these things and what they where capable of. But he would not be using it today hopefully as a blinding flash of light appeared and the remover was teleported away.

A mile away Angel continued to battle group after group of Bio-Titan. If anything they were getting more and more organised against her using powerful combined attacks that she only just was able to escape, but around her the forces of the EDF and ACTF where being decimated. Dead bodies of charred and mutilated soldiers with the smashed battle armour where all over the battlefield. The more morally depressing thing about fighting Chronos was you never see their dead pile for long, so after awhile the only people who see dead around you are those you care about.

Some distance away she could make out the battle between Gilgamesh and some creature that was incredibly similar to her. She tried to put that fact out of her mind knowing that it fought against her allies. Something told her that this creature was unusually hostile. Maybe it was the way it attacked without mercy picking up on the fact it was against a being that in every sense was a “young Guyver” who was only learning in the heat of battle how to use his unit.

Not too far away from there battle was Aceaer Warrior Guyver 2 who had teamed up with the new EDF Aceaers. They had combined forces to exploit the weakness in the Chronos flank created by a Creator Battle Ship. On almost the completely opposite side of the battle Guyver US Aceaer, Aceaer Battle Guyver, Warrior Guyver 4, CRF Guyver 1 and Guyver Merc where protecting and adding their firepower to a large advancing column of Particle Cannons and Green V2 battle armours. With her, Zeus and Dark Nova free for the moment to attack the stronger organised points of the Chronos forces it looked like they were about to prevail.

She then sensed something new and unexpected on the battle field. It was a new Guyver. But not any type of Guyver it was a Warrior Guyver. But it sensed strange compared to Female Warrior Guyver who she had scanned before. She got her answer why he sensed strange as the purple Warrior Guyver came into view as she flew up into the air to see him transformed into a Warrior Guyver Vamore. It quickly opened its right shoulder pod and within only a second it fired, consuming her in a powerful blast that she only just shielded in time. Before she knew it she had hit the ground and her armour had scorch marks all over it. As she stood up to gather her bearings she could sense Aceaer Warrior Guyver 2 running up to her. It was only then she realised just how far that new creature had blasted her.

“Angel are you ok?” asked a clearly concerned Aceaer Warrior Guyver 2.

“Yeah, I’m fine,” said Angel but she was clearly more hurt than she thought as she fell done to her right knee. Aceaer Warrior Guyver 2 ran up to her and put her arm over his right shoulder and helped support her as they stood up. In front of them lines of destruction could be seen coming from the Warrior Guyver Vamore. It was already having an impact using just what it knew from being a zoanoid. Sedah and Gilgamesh found their battle cut short as a duel hyper-smasher blast from Warrior Guyver Vamore found their target.

But as the blast cleared another being stood their holding the upper body of Gilgamesh, it was W’Kar. Warrior Guyver Vamore barely had time to wonder if this new Guyver was capable of fighting him when he saw him move Gilgamesh out of the way of an opened chest plate. Before he could even blink Warrior Guyver Vamore was introduced to hyper-space.

Oh shit! He followed us back! exclaimed a shocked Aceaer Warrior Guyver 2.

“Who is he?” asked Angel.

“That is W’Kar. Let’s just say he’s not from around here and he likes to fight… a lot!”

But Angel sensed something about this new being. She did not know what it was but something was familiar about him. Yet as she scanned him she could tell there was something wrong with his unit. It was in a flux of some kind. Then suddenly the new being stood before them.

“Hey Stephen, so this is where you’re from. Would you mind looking after this W’Kar wannabe newbie?” asked W’Kar as he dropped Gilgamesh like a bad habit right in front of them, neither replied as W’Kar teleported away…

It was then as W’Kar attacked Sedah that Aceaer Warrior Guyver 2 was relayed an order by Cyber Guyver that ACTF command had ordered a retreat. He understood why, this day and night had been very costly. As W’Kar provided the distraction needed. ACTF and EDF forces pulled back taking their dead and wounded with them.

An hour later on top of the ruined Clan Ship Imakarum surveyed the battle with the Disciple Zoalords. His opponents were pulling back. That W’Kar Guyver like creature though was continuing to prove troublesome as he provided the enemy time needed to retreat somewhat safely. But he knew as the local time approached twelve midnight that with the next new day it would bring yet another challenge to Chronos.

The end of part 3.