This is a fan-fiction based on characters created by Yoshiki Takaya and contains violent situations with adult language. Any similarity to actual persons, living or dead is unintentional and purely coincidental.

Title7 Days Of Hell: Part 2

27th February 2000 – New Cork Texas – O’Conner Household

Jason slowly awoke, his mind coming out of a deep sleep that would usually see him stay in bed until the afternoon. Fogged by sleep and with no idea what had awakened him at five thirty in the morning? He simply laid there smelling Fiona’s hair for a few seconds, as he gathered his thoughts, but he still couldn’t come up with an answer. He then held back a yawn, trying not to wake up Fiona, and guessed he was simply just not used to sleeping beside Fiona anymore. The thought of that was a bit shocking to him, that he could get used to not being beside her anymore, but, as he figured it, he guessed it would not be long before he got used to being beside her once again.

Jason then sighed softy as he resigned himself to the fact that he probably wouldn’t be able to go back to sleep anytime soon. So he slowly got out of the single that he was sharing with Fiona, as Elera was still asleep on his parents’ double bed. He could sense that they both where still asleep but did not want to wake them. So he made his way downstairs in total darkness. Though still half asleep, he did not even bother to enhance his vision as he had lived in this house for the first 18 or so years of his life and knew that even in his half asleep state that finding his way would not be a problem.

A moment later, Jason walked into the kitchen and instinctively walked towards the sink before grabbing an empty glass from the cupboard to the right of the sink. Still on autopilot, he rinsed out the glass twice before he filled it and drank the glass of water as he rubbed his eyes with his free hand. He then yawned as he stared blankly out the kitchen window. Then something caught his attention, as he suddenly saw a man looking back at him, smiling and laughing as he saw that Jason had noticed him. Jason was so shocked by this that he lost his grip on the glass of water and it fell to the sink and shattered, but, even before the sound of the shattering glass could go beyond the confines of the kitchen, time itself seemed to go into reverse around Jason, as he subconsciously reacted to the situation with his Matrix powers to avoid awakening Fiona and Elera.

Jason watched, spellbound, as the sound of the glass shattering reversed and returned to the glass as it reformed and refilled with water. It then shot back up to his hand as he stared at it a moment longer, dumbfounded, before his attention suddenly shot back to the window but now no one was there. Did he just imagine it? In his half awake state, he could not be sure exactly what had happened or whether the glass had actually shattered in the first place. He could have sworn he recognized the person and that it was Greg Lucas, the W’Kar, but he was in another universe altogether, wasn’t he?

Mexico City

Above the world’s most populated city a red crystalline being seemed to be living off the essence of the life below, as she floated in the air high above the city, and apparently savouring the moment before the great feast. She then let out an unnatural ear piercing, high pitched, feminine howl that travelled through the entire city, waking up every person, and getting everyone’s attention. Instantly a population of eighteen million people felt a fear greater than anything they had ever felt. No one could instil fear like Crystallite as the city fell into chaos below her.

Inside the Chronos “Tower Of Rapture”, a female Overlord, simply named Estelle, awoke feeling terror like she had never felt before. Her master and ruler of the tower was Damien Kane, a Zoalord that knew no fear. But he was in Australia and without his leadership, and that of any Zoalord, she had no one to reassure her that she did not need to know fear. But Overlords always held a special place in Alkanphel’s heart, like Imakarum, and where his eyes and ears for him to observe the Zoalords and, even though he was on the other side of the world to Estelle, he felt her fear and her memory of Crystallites unnatural scream. Though he did not want to leave Australia, he knew a population centre like Mexico City could not be left to die at the hands of the pure death of Crystallite. In Japan, Elite Zoalord Imakarum felt the summoning call from Alkanphel and teleported to Australia. Alkanphel quickly commanded him to take over the capture of the Clan Ship and teleported away to save the population of Mexico City.

Alkanphel teleported into the Directors office in the “Tower Of Rapture” to find Estelle cowering under a large conference table designed for meetings of the twelve. Up until now he’d never seen one of his lieutenants so frightened that they would be cowering under a table. Maybe it was his fault for allowing Overlords to be so human but, as he walked towards a window overlooking the city, his gaze went out to see the city below him and Alkanphel could sense the aura of fear that emanated from the people that inhabited it. Alkanphel silently summoned his Guyver unit, indenting the floor below him and shattering the office window, sending shards of glass flying out onto the streets below. Estelle seemed to feed from Alkanphel’s fearlessness, as she looked out from her hiding spot in time to see Alkanphel’s yellow Guyver enhanced humanoid form change blue and grow larger as he changed into his zoalord form under the Guyver armour. Warrior Alkanphel was then about to teleport into the night’s sky when he heard a soft voice call out his name. He stopped and turned around and walked towards Estelle as she crawled out from under the conference table. Estelle stood up and looked up into Warrior Alkanphel’s glowing eyes and asked “Master, please command me to feel no fear.”

“If I commanded you to simply ignore this greatest fear you have ever felt then you would be weaker for it. Remember, what does not kill you makes you stronger!” with that said Warrior Alkanphel teleported into the night’s sky to hunt and destroy Crystallite.

New Cork Texas – O’Conner Household

Jason was standing outside his parents’ house, on the back garden path, and looking up into the night’s sky. He didn’t dare to walk onto the grass itself as, unlike the house, it had not been kept tidy and God knows what could be living in it now. The fact that he could easily summon his unit and kill anything that lived there was something that had not entered his mind as he was still half asleep and was not fully aware that he was standing there in his underwear and did not feel all that cold. Really Jason did not know what he was doing outside. He thought more about that strange person who was standing where he is now and turned back to face the kitchen window. Was that really Greg Lucas, or was he simply losing his marbles, he thought? No, there was no way that it could be him. With his half awake logic Jason simply forgot about the event and looked up at the sky and thought how the stars where pretty. But, as he did, events of being in the W’Kar universe came flooding back to his mind. Jason remembered his final moments in that Universe battling the Atrahasis and how it exploded over a Star and almost killed him in the process. He then looked up at his old room where Fiona was probably still asleep and smiled. He might have almost died but look what he got back for almost being killed. He looked back up at the sky and smiled. The stars were truly pretty.

The grassed moved slightly back and forward as a light breeze blew through the garden. Jason by now was a little more awake and this breeze suddenly felt like it came from the North Pole. Jason shivered and started rubbing his arms, trying to build up some heat, and then decided, rather than heading back inside the house and rushing up to his bed and probably waking up Fiona, that he’d be better off summoning his unit. Without a sound Jason hovered to about two feet off the ground and then summoned his unit. Warrior Guyver smiled under his bio-armour as he scanned the fact that Fiona was still asleep as his feet touched the ground.

Warrior Guyver then realized for the first time that he was not alone, realistically speaking. Though there was literally no human life around for about a mile, a good five miles away there was a Chronos base. This brought home the fact that Texas was still in Chronos hands. Of all the states for him not to have freed when the Zoalords where put to sleep, his home one. But it was not for the lack of trying. Though now he also wondered if he still had the will to do it.

Central Australia – Clan Ship crash site.

Zeugma could not help but to be worried. Jason had been gone now for over eight hours and she had not heard back from him. No one here was telling her anything and, since she had promised Jason that she’d never scan the mind of any human without their consent, she could not bring herself to find out what she wanted telepathically. That of course left her rather stuck. Faye on the other hand had made no so such promise and was like a powder keg ready to explode. Like Zeugma, Faye had easily noticed the stress levels of the ACTF troops rise some five hours ago and she too felt this stress. As far as she could figure it, they where keeping something from her but she could not quite figure out what yet.

Standing beside Zeugma was the emotionally lost Zygote Guyver, whose world had been turned upside-down by the betrayal of Chronos and the sudden unexpected kindness of Dreadnought. All three of these women did not know what was happening and it bothered them in slightly different ways. Zeugma knew Jason went off to help Elera. Faye never wanted to be part of ACTF and only stayed there because Jason was there and as for Zygote Guyver, she simply felt like she had no place to go and the one person who had shown her kindness was gone.

Zeugma and Faye had found out one nice thing about Faye’s new unit. Like the original Warrior Guyver, Faye’s new unit had given her some telepathic powers. So Zeugma and Faye could in fact communicate with each other without any ACTF or EDF person being the wiser. They both communicated the fact that they did not like what was happening now and agreed that if not for the fact these people where viewed as their allies and friends that they would have left hours ago to find Jason. Faye then tuned to look at Zygote Guyver and wondered if she ever deactivated her unit but decided to leave that question to another day and asked instead “Do you want to find Jason?”

“I don’t know what I want,” answered Zygote Guyver.

“Will you come with us?” asked Faye as she pointed at Zeugma.

Zygote Guyver only nodded and followed Zeugma and Faye as they made their way towards the other Guyvers.

By this stage Warrior Guyver 2 was fuming. He could not believe that Jason would have attacked the ACTF base no matter what was the reason. General Carter had led the USA back to almost full control over its lands and no matter what that man was to be obeyed. Which was an easy way to think considering Warrior Guyver 2 was a pure bred military man and a member of the Marine Core. Though how he fitted these days was more like a member of Delta Force than a Marine, as he had a tendency to only be sent out on special missions and was no longer considered a regular defence forces person in any way shape or form. He was a Warrior Guyver, a weapon of immense destructive power, and with him where Guyver US, Battle Guyver and Guyver Merc. Elsewhere on the base, talking with her own people in human form was Angel. But she was mainly unaware of the turmoil around her, as the ACTF had not informed the EDF in anyway about Jason’s apparent betrayal.

About twenty miles away, Kron was receiving information from the Ark, which was now back over its usual location of Arizona main base, that Warrior Guyver was active in Texas. The local Chronos base, which was now stripped of its Bio-Titans and was only protected by five Neo-Zektoles, was requesting instructions. Kron was not quite sure at first why Warrior Guyver was standing in the back garden of an abandoned house as he looked down on him with a high orbiting Eye of Chronos. But then he remembered his file. Jason’s parents had owned that house. But what was he doing there? He simply had to know what was happening. Moments later Shadow Guyver, Chronos’ greatest spy got the strange order to go spy on a house in the middle of a Chronos occupied state.

Warrior Guyver 2, Guyver US, Battle Guyver and Guyver Merc had not deactivated their units since hearing that Dreadnought had gone renegade. None of them knew how to take this, they needed Dreadnought’s power but how could they fight him if it ever came to that? Warrior Guyver 2, though, had a very simple plan running through his head. He and the other ACTF Guyvers would lead a daring raid to get more units. This time though, he’d not make the mistake of giving it to one of Jason’s friends but to a marine like himself. But he realised quickly who he had as assets and who he did not. Zeugma, Dreadnought and Guardian where going to be unlikely allies. Zeus would more than likely deal with them to get units though chances are, since he lost out the last time ACTF and he had a deal, that he’d want fist call on a Unit. So this would all depend on who would get what if they where to deal. With Agito would come Sho and Shizu. So there would be some powerful backup. Reports from scouts informed him that Alkanphel had left some ten minutes ago and that Imakarum, Chronos third in command, had joined them in his absence. Overall this meant Chronos was seriously weakened since Dreadnought’s arrival. Alkanphel had left, and Zygote Guyver had seemed to transfer sides, though this seemed unlikely to him. Even more unlikely that she’d fight on their side but at least she was no longer fighting against them. All in all he’d not given up hope of victory, he was ACTF and that was what mattered.

Guyver US had seemed to only harden his view on things. He viewed Jason as his friend. Even more than that, he owed the man for saving his life and reuniting him with Cori. Jason was a man that had an unusually raw hatred for Chronos. Time and again Jason had helped them turn the tide against Chronos, but now he had seemed to turn. No, something was not quite right with what happened in the USA. Jason would not act without a reason, provided that this was the Jason he knew. He had to admit that this could in fact be the wrong Jason, he thought. Who knows if the real Jason had actually returned from that other universe or worse had died and been replaced by an evil alternate? But one thing was for sure, he’d have to get some answers for ACTF on the full story of what happened there before he continued to judge a friend.

Twenty miles away, inside the remains of the Clan Ship, Natasha had been working inside the Clan Ship now for over three days. She was beyond tired now and badly needed sleep. Alkanphel and the zoalords had been pushing her to discover Units. She knew she would eventually find what remained inside this wonderful ship. The problem was time. It was only a matter of time before the ACTF forces broke the Chronos battle lines and she feared what would happen if a Warrior type Guyver got inside the ship. Female Guyver 2 and Guyver 2 both reported the fact that the Clan Ship would only barely respond to them. It considered them ‘impure’ for lack of a better word. This made her very curious as she had a theory that this ship was not from this universe. Its arrival coincided with the activation of the powerful ‘Guardian’ Warrior type unit. With what was known, the Creators did not have units that advanced. But one person, who was always an unknown, the Warrior Guyver 2 did have one interesting fact published about him in national newspapers. He was in fact from another parallel Universe. Was this ship in some way related to him? If it was then it would be the singly most important discovery to Chronos ever since after its foundation when Valkus met Alkanphel.

Back in the ACTF and EDF camp Warrior Guyver 2 was about to start making a plan with the three other Guyvers when Faye, Zeugma and Zygote Guyver walked into the command tent. This seemed like an unwelcome interruption, a fact that did not go unnoticed by anyone.


Zygote Guyver stepped behind Zeugma, fearing another disastrous fight as Zeugma shouted back at Warrior Guyver 2, “LEAVE HER ALONE WARRIOR GUYVER 2.”

“She’s a member of Chronos and she deserves everything she gets,” said Warrior Guyver 2.

said Faye telepathically to both of them, cutting in on their argument.

“Yeah, Jason does everything for a reason, like when he attacked Dr. Redmond’s lab,” said Guyver US.

“He did what?” asked a very surprised Zeugma. She suspected that there was a reason why she was being told nothing until now.

“Jason freaked out when he discovered that Dr. Redmond was keeping samples of Elera’s blood,” said Warrior Guyver 2.

“What was Redmond doing with Elera’s blood?” asked Zeugma

“Whatever doctors do with it, more than likely he was running tests to figure out how the girl works so he could heal her,” said Guyver US.

“You see he way overreacted zoa-wench and destroyed whatever hopes we had in figuring out how you two zoa’s work,” said Guyver Merc, getting his two cents in.

That comment infuriated Zeugma, she got the view that the ACTF only wanted her around for her strength and any feeling of family that came from ACTF quickly evaporated. She turned around to Zygote Guyver and Faye and ushered them out of the command tent.

“You guys should not have been so hard on them,” said Battle Guyver to the male Guyvers.

“Cori, do you really think we can trust them?” asked Guyver US before he then added, “Ones a Zoalord, the other has only ever followed Jason and finally the third one only yesterday tried her best to kill us. They really do lack on the trust department.”

“Yeah, and now any trust they had in us, and probably the ACTF, has gone up in smoke and once they meet up with Jason he’ll unquestionably never be coming back,” said Battle Guyver.

“We survived before without him, we’ll do so again,” said Guyver US, but Cori knew Sean well enough to know his voice lacked the conviction of his statement.

New Cork Texas – O’Conner Household

Warrior Guyver stood, debating with himself on whether or not he would attack the local Chronos base. Above him he could sense an Eye Of Chronos looking down on him so it was not like his presence here was a secret. He quickly decided to take some precautions and behind him appeared the Dreadnought cocoon. A few seconds later, the form of Dreadnought now replaced the form of the Warrior Guyver. His sensor range enhanced, Jason was now happy in the knowledge that there was no one around that could attack him or his sleeping wife. To ensure that an attack was even less likely, Dreadnought started to actively block all forms of teleportation. Unknowingly Dreadnought had in fact managed to block Shadow Guyver from being teleported in, forcing the Chronos Guyver to be teleported in some distance away, but he could sense the fact that someone had tried to teleport in close to his location. Moments later he sensed Zeugma calling out to him. Though now relatively safe, he realised that he had to air on the side of caution and teleported into the middle of the town before sending a signal to Zeugma and informing her of where he was.

This was a very familiar area of the town to Dreadnought. Only down the street was Ronda’s Diner, a place where he had his first date and first kiss with Fiona. He stood there thinking of the memories this town brought him as Zeugma teleported into the middle of the deserted town with Zygote Guyver and Faye beside her. They’re arrival was quickly followed by a sense of shock as they saw Jason in his most powerful form, standing there in the middle of a deserted street about twenty meters away. All three women suddenly feared that he’d brought them here to attack them in the middle of a deserted town. All three of them may have lacked a modern education, since two of them were from two million years ago and the other a girl who never had the chance to go to school, but all three of them could sense the fact that the only close signs of life where zoanoids in a Chronos base a few miles away. It didn’t take a genius to conclude that they were about to find out the hard way on whether or not the rumours that Jason had gone renegade were true or not.

Zeugma and Faye did not even know if they really should transform into their more powerful forms and get ready for a fight or just stand there and hope Dreadnought did not kill them. The tension was quickly broken, though, by Dreadnought when he shouted at the women, “Hello you three, what are you doing in my old town?”

Zeugma sighed in relief before shouting back, “I’m here to see how Elera is doing. I’ve heard some bad things about what happened in Washington.”

“Elera’s fine, she’d in a deep sleep in my parents’ house with Fiona,” said Dreadnought as he walked closer to them.

“Jason, I don’t mean to be rude, but why are you standing there in your most powerful Guyver form?” asked Zeugma.

“Oh, sorry to alarm you three but it’s only like this that I can easily block people teleporting and don’t exactly want to allow Chronos to teleport into my parent’s house. Sorry, with all that’s happened, it didn’t occur to me that it would look rather bad getting the three of you to teleport into the middle of a deserted street and me in my most powerful form looking like I’m ready to kick your collective butts.

“Oh Jason, we never would think anything like that…” said Zeugma as Faye smacked her on her shoulder and started to laugh at her.

Zygote Guyver, though, did not know what was being said. But could guess that they where kind of happy that Dreadnought was walking towards them. Dreadnought looked at the only other active Guyver and realised something. She might not understand English.

“Zeugma, can she speak English?” asked Dreadnought as he nodded towards Zygote Guyver.

“No she can’t, you can only imagine what it was like trying to direct her around the ACTF camp.”

“Does she speak any other languages?”

“None that I know,” answered Zeugma.

“Or me,” said Faye. “Though, she is able to talk through our units.”

“Have either of you figured out if she really is other than some Chronos Guyver?”

“She is not very talkative Jason, in fact she said nothing whatsoever, only nodded or shook her head when asked questions.”

“I knew there was a bit more to her than I originally thought,” said Dreadnought.

Mexico City

Circling above the huge city, Warrior Alkanphel was still none the wiser where Crystallite now hid herself. Above him even an Eye Of Chronos was having trouble locating her. She has seemed to naturally disappear into the biomass of the city. That then gave him an idea. Maybe he was looking the wrong way. Maybe he should be looking for a lack of life instead? Above him the biomechanical zoanoid, which was the Eye of Chronos, received its orders and started to examine the city for an increasing lack of life. On the ground, Warrior Alkanphel realised that this would not be an easy task and landed on top of the Tower Of Rapture.

New Cork Texas – Near the O’Conner Household

“Girls, we’re going to have to be quiet. Fiona and Elera are still asleep,” said Jason as they continued to walk to his house. Apart from Zygote Guyver, Guardian and Dreadnought had deactivated their units and Zeugma had stayed in her human form.

“I can sense Elera’s mind Jason. She’s dreaming about fighting that Chronos bastard and she is not winning,” said Zeugma.

“Zeugma, leave her be, she’s been through a lot over the past few days.”

“But I can help her.”

“Don’t you worry about her Zeugma, Elera will recover just like she did when her Uncle died.”

“You don’t know how hard it is for me not to help her Jason, she is my friend.”

“Okay, if she asks for help when after she wakes up, help her all she wants. But Zeugma don’t play god with her memories and start removing those that hurt her.”


“Because we are all the sum of our collective memories, including those that hurt us, they make us what we are.”

“That’s a very human view on things Jason.”

“Yes it is, but simply put this is my house and I’m a very human person and I’m not going to allow you to play with her mind.”

“Okay Jason, since this is your home I promise to respect your wishes and I will not try to remove any of Elera’s hurtful memories without her permission.”

“That’s all I ask Zeugma. The choice must be hers.”

A few feet behind them and still in her Guyver enhanced form, Zygote Guyver heard their conversation and wondered what it was about. Little did she know but she too had a similar problem.

A minute later Jason, Zeugma, Faye, and Zygote Guyver arrived just outside the door to Jason’s house. Jason looked at his front door and then back at Zygote Guyver and realised that she would not fit through his doorway in her present form. He stopped and allowed Zeugma and Faye to get by before he then he put up his arm out in front of him, gesturing Zygote Guyver to stop.

“Zygote, you’re going to have to deactivate your Guyver unit to fit in my house,” said Jason, talking through his unit so that she would understand him.

She simply shook her head, signalling her unwillingness to do so.

“Zygote, I don’t want to hurt you, please trust me, nothing will harm you in my house.”

“I trusted someone once before and he did some horrible things to me.”

“If I was some horrible person Zygote, I would have killed you long before now. I’d not wait until you where only a few feet away from my house.”

Zygote Guyver thought about this for a few seconds then disengaged her Guyver armour. Jason now looked at the blood haired woman who was the host but took a few seconds to notice the fact that she did not look any older than fifteen. She was wearing a torn hospital gown that she had on her now for over two months and looked a mess. Jason was more than a little shocked at the sight of her. He expected her to be a lot older, nearer to his age if anything. But how did she of all people discover a Guyver unit? For that matter, how in gods name did she manage to get into a Relic?

Mexico City

Alkanphel had deactivated his Guyver armour in the hope that his Zoalord from would be a more attractive target to Crystallite. But, as of yet, she had not yet attacked him. Indeed she had yet to attack the city on a large scale at all. She was very capable of doing so and if anything her feeding pattern to date showed she killed everything she came in contact with. So why was she here, in one of the most populated cities on Earth, and wasn’t wiping out the population to increase her bio-energy supplies? The only conclusion was that she must be here for another reason, but what could it be?

The O’Conner House, New Cork Texas

It had been six hour since Jason had met with Zeugma, Zygote Guyver and Faye and they where all now asleep. Jason was sleeping on an armchair while Zeugma was asleep on the armchair opposite to him, Faye was asleep on the floor and the host of Zygote Guyver was asleep on the couch. They where all pretty tired from fighting over the past few days and one by one had all fallen asleep.

Inside the spare room Fiona was slowly waking up. The sunlight was shining on her face as she reached behind her looking for Jason, only to find nothing but more bed sheets. She guessed he must be out fighting someone or looking for Jenny and thought nothing more of it. Though, as she started to wake up more, she realised she found it strange that she thought nothing more of it. Unlike Jason, she was not really alive over the past two years. The accident that killed her Jason also put her into a coma and the next thing she remembered was the blue form of Warrior Guyver as he healed her. Though even that seemed like a dream, she was barely conscious then and the next thing she knew she was a Guyver and in a battle against Alkanphel of all people. Overall she was happy with how things turned out considering the ruined events of her wedding. She started to cry as she remembered what happened that day. She’d give up her warrior unit for her family and friends to be back. But even Jason, with all his power, could not do that for himself. She then realised she was not alone and turned around to see Elera looking at her.

“Excuse me, but who are you?”

“I’m Fiona.”


“Fiona O’Conner.”

“No way! You can’t be!”

“Why not?”

“Because she’s dead.”

“You’re thinking about the wrong Fiona O’Conner.”

“What, Jason has a long lost cousin with the same name as the dead love of his life?”

“No, I’m not his cousin, I’m his wife.”

“But how?”

“You know Jason’s been missing?”


“Well…. Okay this is a little hard to explain, it will probably be just as hard for you to believe as well.”

“Give it a shot. I’m a zoalord and human hybrid from a bloodline over two million years old. I’ve heard many stories that are hard to believe that have come true, like the Zoalord Alkanphel for example.”

“Okay… Well I’m from a different universe, where I come from it was Jason that died not me, Jason found me in a coma and healed me, turned me into a Guyver and then killed that Zoalord Alkanphel and brought me to this universe.”

“Alkanphel’s dead!?”

“Well, my universe’s version of Alkanphel is dead, yours I guess is still alive.”

“Damn and you just had my hopes up as well.”

“Sorry about that, I guess you’re Elera.”

“Yes, that’s me.”

“Do you know what happened after Jason healed you?”


“I better let Jason tell you then.”

“Oh my, I guess it’s not good news then. But at least I’ve got my leg reattached to my body,” said Elera as she looked down at her legs and smiled.

“It’s a great gift that Jason was given, he used it to bring me back from the dead.”

“Yeah, but he was nearly killed to get it.”

“I know, he was also nearly killed before he found me too.”

“Oh, I’ve got to hear this story!”

“I’ll leave that to him.”

“What about Jenny? Is she okay?”

“No, she’s still out there somewhere. Jason was attacked by something else when they last fought and he lost track of her.”

“He must be pretty messed up?”

“He is. He’s trying not to show it, he seems calm about it, but I know him, he’s going to explode and destroy whatever gets in the way of him and his sister the next time.”

“I’d hate to be that person.”

“Whoever does will deserve it, all Jason wants is his sister back, and anyone that gets in the way is an idiot.”

The Ark – Orbiting the Earth over Australia

The idiot that Fiona was referring to was still inside the Ark. His name is simply Tonnin, an enhanced new breed of Kavzar, he had enough firepower within himself to destroy a small country with little effort. His mission now was simple in description only. Keep the Ark from being destroyed by Dreadnought or Crystallite. Not an easy task considering Dreadnought was the most powerful Guyver on the planet that Chronos had to face. But there had been no sign of those two in hours. Kron had informed him that Alkanphel was in Mexico City hunting Crystallite while he knew from reports that Jason was in Texas. Why he was still on the Ark and not killing Chronos’s enemies he did not know. But Alkanphel knew he was there on the Ark and if he wanted him anywhere else then he’d tell him.

Alkanphel in the meantime had still not found any sign of Crystallite. This indeed made him curious to why she was here. This infection was without a doubt more complex than he and his Zoalords originally thought. They suspected she was turned into some mindless killer. But by the simple fact she had not wiped out this city made that assumption seem to be very wrong. She was capable of some advanced thoughts other than to just eat powerful beings like her brother. This made her even more dangerous . . .

Dreadnought flew over the Ark. He’d been fighting his sister for days. The battle in Australia had gone purely against the ACTF and all his friends where dead. He’d seen Crystallite kill Warrior Guyver 2 while he stood back helpless, fearing that he’d kill his sister if he interfered. Now she was chasing him to the Ark, he could not escape from her nor could he teleport away. He was being blocked somehow. Suddenly he lost control of his unit and crashed onto the Ark. He stood up and realised that his unit had fallen off him and was standing there as Crystallite closed in. He was helpless as she landed in front of him. Too frightened to move he just stood there as she picked him up. He looked into her eyes hoping to see something of his sister looking back at him but as her mouth opened and her fangs bit into his neck, sucking his life blood, he realised there was nothing of his sister left in this creature. Then suddenly he was looking up into the eyes of Fiona who had been shaking him. He’d been dreaming, well having a nightmare was more accurate he thought.

“Are you okay Jason?” asked Fiona.

“No, I’m not okay.”

“What just happened?”

“A nightmare I’m not going to let come true.”

“Oh. You dreamed about your sister?”

“Yes, I’m not about to go into it, I’ve wasted enough time waiting for her to show herself, I’m going to find her if it’s the last thing I do.”

“Wait a second and I’ll come with you.”

“Oh no you’re not Fiona, stay here and look after them. I’ll be back as soon as I can.”

Jason glowed slightly as he disappeared from the armchair and reappeared a thousand feet above his parent’s house, floating in midair as he shouted the word “Guyver”. The Warrior Unit appeared around him, quickly followed by the Dreadnought cocoon. Dreadnought was then about to leave when he sensed Ultimus about twenty miles away. Ultimus quickly stopped dead in his tracks as he realised Dreadnought was active, then he quickly found himself facing him as Dreadnought teleported right in front of him.

“Hello Max, what are you doing so fare away from Canada?”

“I got some disturbing news from General Carter… but I came to confirm it myself.”

“Yeah, I guess all of you guys got the bad news about me, but go near Fiona or Elera and I’ll kick the living shit out of you.”

“I’m not as easy to push around as Dr. Redmond,” said Ultimus, before he realised it was not the best choice or words.

“Do you even know why I did that?”

“No I don’t, as I said before the reason I came here was to find out why.”

“Max, Chronos are not the only ones experimenting with Zoanoids, the only reason ACTF USA has got that scumbag Dr. Redmond working for them is to make them a zoanoid army.”

“You’re joking!?”

“I wish I was, but while Elera was being supposedly helped by Redmond, he was really using her to get samples of her zoalord blood.”

“Why in gods name would they want her zoalord blood?”

“When I scanned his mind to find out why, he said to himself “because we need a controller”.”

“We need a controller… My God they want a zoanoid army of their own.”

“Yeah, I kind of flipped when I found out that and basically destroyed any samples he had of Elera’s blood.”

“Jason, I hate to burst your bubble but there is someone else, who is a lot more powerful than Elera, who you should warn.”

“You mean Zeugma?”

“Yes, if they could make a controller out of Elera imagine what they could do with her!”

“Ohhh crap…”

“Even worse Jason, they may already have a sample of her DNA.”

“What do you mean?”

“You where not around the day ACTF found her, how do you know if they did not get a blood sample then while she was unconscious on that hospital bed?”

“Umm, I’ve completely no idea.”

“Well if they did, they sure as hell have it well hidden by now.”

“What makes you say that Max?”

“Simple Jason, you destroyed Redmond’s lab, you’re a risk now.”

“I see what you mean. Can you do me a favour Max?”

“Well, I guess everyone deserves at least one favour, what do you want?”

“Could you look after my wife and them down there?”

“You do know Zeugma is even stronger than I am?”

“Yes, but I’ve a bad feeling something is going to happen and I’d like you to be here to stop whatever it is that’s coming.”

“Uh, you get a bad feeling and you want me to stop it?”

“Max, you’re more powerful than you give yourself credit.”

“Thanks, okay I will, but first we’ve got to get some things straight.”

“Okay, go ahead.”

“First, if there’s any trouble in Canada I’m going to leave.”

“Okay, but let me know first.”

“Will do! Next, if I do this you owe me a favour, right, which I can call up whenever I need it?”

“Yes, okay we’re agreed, thank you Max,” said Dreadnought and with that said he teleported away.

Sydney Australia

Dreadnought appeared high above the main Chronos HQ in Sydney Australia called “Jehovah’s Temple”. Gravity instantly got a hold of him and he plummeted down through the air towards the base. The local Overlord commander could not believe her eyes when Dreadnought crashed into her office. Then, if it wasn’t bad enough that the number one threat to Chronos had crashed into her building, she almost defecated herself as an invisible force lifted her up towards him.

“Where’s Jenny?”

“Who’s Jenny? I don’t-“

“You’re telling me you don’t know who my sister is?” asked Dreadnought as he telekinetically flung the female Overlord against a wall. The Overlord stood up and dusted herself off. Dreadnought could sense a power build inside her as her Overlord crystal appeared on her forehead. He could have stopped her with a thought but waited to see what she was up to. Next thing he knew the ceiling of the room was falling on top on him. He could no longer see the Overlord, thanks to the dust, but he could sense the Overlord attempting to escape out the window. But, before she even had the chance to shatter glass, she found herself being telekinetically grabbed and pulled into the centre of the dust filled room. Her eyes stung and she could see nothing but grey dust but then she heard a strange high pitched sound and then saw two beams of light emanating right in front of her. She gulped as she realised it was the tri-level control medal of Dreadnought and then the pinkish glowing eyes came into view. He had not moved a muscle since she tried to attack him.

“Bad move Chronos bait,” said Dreadnought in a cold tone.

“Why are you calling me ‘bait’?”

“You are what you are,” answered Dreadnought as he turned around and walked out of the dust filled room with the Overlord being dragged behind him. In the corridor outside zoanoids of different types where running to the aid of the local commander but soon found themselves face to face with Chronos’ version of the bogeyman. Dreadnought casually fired two huge one-handed gravity balls down both ends of the corridors, killing over fifty zoanoids in one go and then blasting two huge holes into the walls they eventually ended up hitting. The Overlord realised her ninety nine percent of standard zoanoids could not even kill a regular Guyver. Meaning the chance they had of killing Dreadnought was less than nothing. She had more chance of being hit by five lightning bolts in five seconds than they had of killing him. In short she needed some heavy backup and fast. On the other side of the Earth Alkanphel sensed this from his Overlord. Seconds later Tonnin, who had been going stir crazy from inactivity, received the call he had been waiting for.

Dreadnought reached down and picked up the female Overlord by her neck. “Where‘s my sister?”

“I told you I don’t know anything about you.”

“Well then, you better hope your would be rescuer will, Chronos bait.”

Miles away Tonnin appeared outside Dreadnought’s blocking zone. He’d been looking forward to this chance at defeating Chronos’ single most powerful enemy. Dreadnought instantly sensed his arrival. He debated quickly with himself on whether or not he would kill this Overlord. The fact his sister was once this type of zoanoid and along with her very human features troubled him. It’s a lot harder to crush someone’s neck when a frightened human face is looking back at you. Dreadnought cursed Alkanphel and then dropped the female Overlord on the ground. She collapsed flat on the floor so she was eye level with Dreadnought’s toes as Tonnin rammed into the building. The impact shook the top floors like an earthquake.

Dreadnought waited to see what this Kavzar thing was capable of this time and quickly got his answer as Tonnin raised his two arms and pointed them towards him and then fired a hail of rail bullets, which hit off Dreadnought’s omni-directional shield causing little or no trouble to the powerful Guyver. Tonnin, though, had far greater powers than that and the Kavzar crystal on his forehead glowed and a moment later he fired a gravitational force wave towards Dreadnought. Under his armour Jason smiled knowing he could easily just activate his barrier shield and deflect such an attack. But he then quickly realised that there was a fallen Overlord at his feet. Momentarily he questioned would it really matter, the old saying of killing two birds with one stone came to mind, destroy the Overlord with his shield and deflect an attack from Tonnin, but he knew his conscious just would not allow him to do such a thing. So instead he reached down and picked up the fallen Overlord and jumped up through the ceiling just in time as the gravitational force wave passed underneath him. Dreadnought knew that this would someday come back to haunt him, that he was being seen as nice, but he just could not kill those who where no threat to him.

Tonnin bashed his way up through the floor to follow Dreadnought only for this to be Dreadnought’s turn at attacking. Dreadnought held the Overlord on his left arm and turned so that his right side faced Tonnin. Then, with his right arm outstretched, Dreadnought had readied a force wave of his own. Tonnin did not even sense the attack being built up and now found himself being blown through wall after wall away from Dreadnought and the Overlord. Dreadnought dropped the Overlord then flew up through the building until he burst through the roof and then stopped high above the Chronos tower. Moments later Tonnin followed suit but stopped a few meters away from Dreadnought.

“Why did you not kill the Overlord?”

“Never mind that, I’m not here to answer your questions. Where the hell is my sister?”

“Even if I knew I’d never tell a second rate Guyver like you anyway.”

“Second rate Guyver? You cheeky Chronos pup I’m going to kick the living shit out of you and bring your battered remains to that overrated elf throw back.”

Tonnin roared at the insult to his master. His control crystal fired, sending a powerful laser bolt at Dreadnought, who simply ducked under it. The boosters on Dreadnought’s back fired as he sped towards Tonnin, his right arm reached back and energy swirled around it ready to power punch this new adversary to hell.

Central Australia

Warrior Guyver 4 was simply amazed by the amount of military hardware assembled by the USA ACTF and European EDF. They had thousands of armours, along with over three hundred particle cannons, ready for the next attack on the Chronos forces. The need for this new build up was obvious. Dreadnoughts return, instead of strengthening the ACTF forces, had instead weakened them with his apparent betrayal. The loss of Dreadnought was bad but even worse was the possibility that he might have taken his friends with him. When you consider the fact that his friends included, Zeugma and Faye, who where pretty powerful in their own right, it made the loss even more hard felt. But General Carter was not a man to run and hide and neither where his forces. Sean, Stephen, Cori, Philip and him where now charged with the mission of capturing the Clan Ship.

Warrior Guyver 4, whose real name is Amuro Rei, was only 21 years old. His parent’s where both born and married in Japan and immigrated to the USA ten years before he was born. Amuro grew up in the good old US of A leading a pretty normal life that was until Chronos struck. The US Army fell within a day, all signs of opposition disappeared. Then one day he met Philip and he became a mercenary. Like so many people he knew, he hated Chronos and it was what Philip needed from him most of the time, a simple raw hate for those that ruined his life. Then one faithful day, when three hyper-zoanoids caught up with Philips mercenary team and he was sure he was about to die, the Creators decided to play with his life and forced him to have a Warrior unit of sorts. He was named Warrior Guyver 4 and then sent to Canada to help the Canadian ACTF fight Chronos. But now with Dreadnought leaving he’d probably never see Canada again. Well that was if Dreadnought really did leave.

Warrior Guyver 4 could feel the tension in the ACTF camp, Dreadnoughts return should have easily saw to them winning yesterday but instead left them to doubt the outcome of the war itself. But then, as he wondered the base, he sensed a very powerful Guyver teleport into the command tent of the local ACTF General. He feared the worse and started to run towards the tent when he sensed another Guyver teleport into the tent and he almost instantly recognised who it was. It was his friend Jett, the Ninja Guyver. That other Guyver with him must be Black Nova, he thought.

From different sections of the base, all the Guyvers ACTF USA and Europe had made their way to see who this new powerful Guyver was. To their surprise it was a newly enhanced Black Nova, who was now going by the codename of Dark Nova, and she was giving off serious signals when scanned that she was almost as powerful as, if not equal to, Dreadnought. Clearly she was a serious powerhouse capable of causing major damage to enemies. This of course really did impress Warrior Guyver 4. Dreadnought was frighteningly enough in a way, but Dark Nova looked smaller, more compact, but was still an equal to the larger Dreadnought…

Miles away in a small but not yet totally deserted town, the only significant living thing was no longer what someone could call a human being. This area had been under Chronos control until three days ago when the numbers of Chronos troops in the area was drastically lowered. But, being the Australian outback, which is basically a desert, there was not many people for Chronos to process to replenish there numbers they where losing to the ACTF forces. The only thing significant about this town was its prison that had been converted by Chronos into a testing centre. The prison originally housed well over two thousand inmates and serviced an area the size of the United Kingdom. With that jail under their control Chronos had a stockpile of expendable humanity for it to turn into new zoanoid types. That was until three days ago. Not all Creator forces in the area followed the orders of Krullnar. One Kavzar Commander and his task force, under the command of a different Creator, had test units of their own outside the control of the Creators high command. This Kavzar Commander and his forces raided and quickly destroyed most of this then converted processing centre. The Kavzar Commander knew what this place was after only a few seconds of being there and what its purpose was, these humans where clearly being held captive and that the ones in the larger cells by themselves must be viewed as the most dangerous. Even as his forces subdued the Chronos forces inside the prison the Kavzar Commander’s head sensors scanned the jail and he could see a perfect three-dimensional representation of the area. His brain then instinctively focused on the isolation cells of the jail where the most dangerous prisoners where kept. But there was only one person alive in that part of the prison.

Deep within the prison was probably the most feared human in Australian legal history. He was only known as Sedah. No one knew this mans real name, no one even knew where he was originally from, the only thing people knew was this man loved to kill people and prayed on those mostly in small rural areas. During the height of his blood lust he literally wiped out a village of two hundred people. The thing most alarming about this man was the fact he looked like everyone else, acted like everyone was the pillar of society wherever he went as the local law enforcement. He even investigated his own case at one stage. A trained detective, and a man who studied at one stage to be a coroner, he left nothing at a crime scene that would ever lead back to him. But one day he slipped up and was caught killing a victim in their house on CCTV. It turned out that the victim had trouble at one stage with a baby sister and had installed a hidden camera to catch the person abusing his son. Sedah was discovered that day. But that only led to a bigger mystery, who was his man and how many people did he kill? Only Sedah really knew the answer and his contempt for the world saw to the fact that he’d take such information to his grave.

Two years ago, almost a week after he was captured, Australia, like the rest of the world, was taken over by Chronos on X-Day. And when Chronos took control over the jail fully and started processing its inmates the local Chronos Commander realised who Sedah was. A specimen like Sedah was truly a rare find and the commander and Chronos waited until they had an experiment to suit this individual. Chronos never did get around to such an experiment but today someone else would.

Sedah sat there emotionless as the Kavzar Commander ripped the cell doors from it hinges and flung the solid steel door down the hallway with little effort at all. He did not run, he did not scream, he only smiled at the being that was easily eight hundred times his strength and killing ability. The Kavzar Commander knew then he had the perfect host for the next Neo-Kavzar Omega Class unit.

Today, though, twin Zoalords Elmira and Elena where leading a thirty Bio-Titan taskforce to retake the fallen Chronos processing centre. But neither the forces of the Creators, nor a living person, was to be found here. All the Chronos personal that worked in the jail had been killed and any human with an ounce of common sense used the opportunity given to them by the Creators attack to escape this place and run for their lives. Even though the twins are zoalords, they understood oh so well how humans thought and acted. After all, these two twins where probably the two youngest Zoalords in Chronos history. Though, that was not to say they where members of Chronos for only a short period of time.

Both girls were only five years old and living on the street when they were discovered by an agent of Chronos that worked in a school sponsored by the Concern charity. It was overcrowded and basically under funded. Keeping track of them all so you could actually give them an education was made even more difficult by the fact a lot children in the area died from malnutrition or went missing because there is more evil in the world than just Chronos after all. Out of luck more than anything else the agent came across them through a conversation with another teacher. Through day-to-day work with the girls she found that the twin girls simply out preformed every other kid in their class.

A little bit sceptical, but still intrigued, the Chronos agent included information on the two in a report to the local HQ. From there the report went to the main Brazil Branch of what was called Max Pharmaceuticals at the time and the Commander decided that it was time the Twins where put into one of their private schools. From there the Commander took great interest in the girls and every one of their relative achievements as they proved to be in fact wonder children. By the time they where ten both girls had finished third level degrees. Together these highly competitive girls continued to have a bright future. So to call Elmira and Elena children of Chronos would be no insult at all to these girls. They grew up in Chronos. Chronos took them off the streets and gave them a future. But today they where going to meet there first real challenge since becoming Disciple Zoalords. Deep within the prison a cloaked Cocoon, which contained what was once a human being, de-cloaked and began to hatch.

Only a few miles away a Guyver called CRT Guyver 1 landed. She had been sent here by herself to see if it was possible for her to recover something from the crashed Creator Ship that would be of help to the CRF, a rival to the CRTF that the Nova Guyvers belonged too. Vastly out numbered and out powered on all sides, Mai knew this mission was near impossible but it was also extremely vital. But even so, she was the only one here and without a Guyver for support and/or one capable of teleporting meant that she was basically a normal Guyver by herself against a set of huge opposing forces. She was experienced enough but CRF Guyver 1 was still very nervous about this mission. Worse case scenarios quickly flashed through her mind. It was more than likely that Chronos would find her out and she’ll find herself being killed by a Bio-Titan, or, even though the chance was far less, she could be found by one of the CRTF Guyvers and they most certainly would kill her after their last meeting. Damn them, she thought, they should realize that only her group of freedom fighters would truly free their homeland of China and bring it back to its glory as a communist superpower.

China had never been a Capitalist ideal of a democracy and as such Anwynn and her group where taking advantage of Chronos taking over the homeland so that they could install their ideal on what China should truly be like. They would do that over her rotting Guyver enhanced corpse if they wanted that to happen, she was more than willing to die so China would be returned to how it was before Chronos took over. With her head sensors checking the countryside like crazy, looking for sign of any danger and finding none, she was pretty sure she was alone and left her position to see if she could get closer to the Clan Ship combat zone.

Only a short distance away, Warrior Guyver 4 was on patrol looking for any flanking action from Chronos. But so far there was not a living thing that he had encountered which could have been of threat to him or ACTF troops. Just the wildlife of Australia that was seemingly wise enough to stay out of a Guyvers way. Then he sensed something he did not expect, it was a Guyver and he knew from his meetings with the ACTF and EDF Commanders that none of his allies would be in his patrol zone. His control medal only shined for a second and then Warrior Guyver 4 disappeared behind a cloaking shield and quickly made his way towards the unknown Guyver.

CRF Guyver 1 found an outcrop of land that allowed her to see all the way to the crash site using her Guyver enhanced eyesight. She could not see it clearly but could tell that both sides out numbered her vastly. It hit home the fact that the CRF, in terms of raw numbers, where nothing on the likes of ACTF and the huge forces of Chronos. They had not seen even one percent of there forces. It really did make her wonder how the hell would she and her friends defeat all those Chronos forces. Her wondering though suddenly turned to shock as her head sensors moved back and forward as they detected a powerful Guyver come out of nowhere behind her. She turned around and saw a blue Guyver looking at her, his control medal and crystals glowing he was ready to react to any sudden moves from her and she could tell it. Warrior Guyver 4 on the other hand had his own mystery, he knew she was a human Guyver of some kind but which Guyver group did she belong to? An apparent answer soon appeared behind him, it was the Shadow Guyver. All three Guyvers looked at each other, and readied for attack.

Twenty Miles Away

Dreadnought and Tonnin’s battle had since lead them from the city and had them ventured, by accident more than by desire, towards the Clan Ship crash site. Nether one of these all-powerful opponents had given an inch in their battle and neither had given the other the chance to finish this fight in any sort of easy manner but both had suffered no damage that their shielding systems could not handle, nor that their vast speed could not escape.

Dreadnought’s head and arm beams fired, hitting Tonnin’s shield, but inflicted no real damage. Tonnin returned fire with his control crystal, hitting Dreadnought, and getting much the same result. But now that they where outside the city and miles away from any real sizable human population, Dreadnought decided it was time to stop holding back, as he raised and pointed his arms at Tonnin, and then fired a force wave blast. Tonnin flew below the powerful destructive blast of energy and returned fire with his enhanced rail guns and hand beams. Dreadnought’s omni-directional shield flashed slightly with every hit as Dreadnought closed in on Tonnin, who continued to fire relentlessly while enhancing the rail bullets with his own gravitational energy. Still having little effect, Dreadnought got to within a few feet of Tonnin and then attempted to power punch him with his right fist but missed as he found himself hitting a hologram instead. An energy ball from Tonnin then blasted a huge section of Dreadnought’s right side ribs apart. Dreadnought’s body shield immediately closed in around the huge gap in his side, holding him together, as behind him his omni-directional shield turned into a close range pulse that swung around his body and hit off the still cloaked form of Tonnin. Tonnin’s body sparkled with energy, revealing him.

DIE GUYVER!” Yelled Tonnin as he fired a massive energy pulse at Dreadnought that quickly engulfed its target and flew on until it hit the ground and exploded spectacularly.

Tonnin then looked into the crater his blast had created and smiled when he could sense nothing within it, but then he felt something tap him on his right shoulder and turned around as he realized Dreadnought was now behind him and was even more surprised to see that he was totally unharmed.

“Congratulations! You’ve killed my hologram. Now let’s see how well you do against the real McCoy.” said Dreadnought just before Tonnin control crystal flared and he tried to take Dreadnought’s head off with his left arm vibrational sword. Dreadnought instantly countered with his right forearm sword and shoved Tonnin’s sword aside, but then Dreadnought shot forward with an incredible burst of speed. Tonnin saw Dreadnought coming but could not react in time to avoid the sudden hail of punches from Dreadnought as his motions became a blur of raw speed and power. Knocking the unprepared Tonnin around like a rag doll as his body reacted to the blows. Dreadnought then grabbed Tonnin’s right shoulder with his left hand as he pounded into his stomach with his right fist with several more quick blows. Dreadnought then brought his fists up and folded his hands together as he smashed them into Tonnin’s back and sent him hurtling towards the crater Tonnin had created and watched him crash land into its centre.

Tonnin was physically unharmed by the attack, since Dreadnought had not enhanced his blows with energy, but his pride was now hurt as he got up and now roared with rage.

Dreadnought smiled beneath his armour as he heard Tonnin roar in rage, even as he sensed the sudden build up of energy as Tonnin fired a black hole attack at him. thought Dreadnought as he simply floated in midair as he watched the powerful vortex of concentrated gravitational energy hurtle towards him and activated his barrier shield at the last moment as he bounced the attack back at Tonnin.

Tonnin was already flying towards Dreadnought when he saw his attack bounced back at him but he didn’t even flinch as he started to glow with energy and rammed his way through the heart of the black hole attack and obliterated it as he continued unabated towards Dreadnought.

Dreadnought started to fire a hail of mega pressure cannons but Tonnin simply rammed his way through the attacks until a moment later he smashed into Dreadnought’s shields but this time he was stopped and soon received a power punch to the right side of his face, the powerful blow smashing through Tonnin’s shields and knocking him to his side. Tonnin extended his swords and tried to counter attack but then Dreadnought power punched him in the gut and sent him hurtling away. But Dreadnought did not want to let his prey get too far away from him, as he still had to find out if this Chronos scumbag knew anything about the present whereabouts of his sister. So, with a telekinetic burst of energy, the dazed, wounded, Tonnin found himself hurtling towards the ground below. Tonnin slammed off the dirt with such force that he was impaled into a small body shaped crater and was cursing himself for letting Dreadnought catch him off guard yet again.

NO!” Yelled Tonnin, as his body flared with energy and the ground around him exploded as he sprang back to his feet and twisted around to stare up at Dreadnought.

Tell me where my sister is or die!” yelled Dreadnought.

GO TO HELL!” yelled Tonnin as his Control Crystal flared and suddenly Dreadnought found himself plummeting to the ground at high acceleration as the force of gravity around him was suddenly increased to 100 times normal.

Dreadnought smashed into the ground with enough force to create a small crater and was buried over twenty feet below the ground before the ground compacted enough to support his now 220 ton weight. Tonnin then raised his hands to the sky, as dark storm clouds suddenly appeared overhead and began to sparkle as a massive charge of electrical energy built up with it. Within seconds the storm reached its peek capacity and then Tonnin released its total energy into the hole that Dreadnought was buried in and caused the ground to explode with the force of a baby nuke.

Only five miles away Shadow Guyver, Warrior Guyver 4 and CRF Guyver1 had continued their stand off, one o them had moved a muscle and were waiting for the other to make any sudden moves. But the stand off was soon to end as they began to be distracted by storm clouds overhead. If Guyvers could have shown expressions easily, then Amuro’s mouth would have been touching his feet in shock. Before him a massive dirt shockwave was coming towards him at unbelievable speed. The other two Guyvers quickly realised what was heading towards them too and all now looked at each other with renewed concern. All three Guyvers quickly decided to run for it and flew up into the air only to be hit by the shockwave.

Tonnin watched silently as the storm clouds dissipated and the smoke started to clear until he saw something glowing high above him and finally smiled when he was able to make out the floating charred form of Dreadnought but then gulped as he realised Dreadnought had opened one of his Hyper-Smashers.

Dreadnought communicated telepathically to Tonnin

A heartbeat later he fired. With a huge urgent effort Tonnin used all his gravitation power to pull himself back with enough distance to see Dreadnought’s hyper-smasher blast pummel into the ground in front of him. This was only half of his power but even then the energy expelled was more than enough to cause a massive shockwave of dirt, soil and rock to explode from the epicentre. Tonnin found himself truly impressed as he raised a powerful shield around himself, shielding him from all the flying dirt. Which was a lucky move considering that Dreadnought moved slightly so that the remaining energy of his hyper-smasher blast hit Tonnin. Tonnin did not bother to move and just stood there as his shield deflected the remaining hyper-smasher energy…

A few miles away the three estranged Guyvers where still alive, but the worse for ware was the weaker CRF Guyver 1 who had found herself buried. Shadow Guyver had revealed one of his secrets by shielding the effects of the shock wave and was totally unhurt, along with Warrior Guyver 4. Though neither Guyver had met before today they both knew which side they belonged to. Warrior Guyver 4’s advanced sensors though felt another disturbance approaching. Though he dearly wanted to get rid of this Chronos menace he also needed to escape the next shock wave coming towards him. But, as he was about to teleport away, Shadow Guyver teleported away first and left the unknown female Guyver effectively stranded as she just managed to pull herself out of the ground only to be threatened again with the same fate. Now he realised that the Guyver more than likely would survive the coming shock wave, but the fact Dreadnought’s fight was getting closer to them meant that her survival chances for a Guyver that could not teleport where well down. Beings that powerful could kill a Guyver like her in a second with one stray shot. Thinking more that she might be an EDF Guyver that he had not met yet he ran up to her only for her to extend her vibrational swords and move into a defensive stance.

“We don’t have time for this, let me teleport you away from here NOW!” screamed Warrior Guyver 4 as he pointed at the approaching shockwave.

CRF Guyver 1 did not want to be buried again under a ton of dirt and stone. She also did not want to meet the being causing such destruction so lowered her defences and seemed to give up and trust Warrior Guyver 4. Warrior Guyver 4 grabbed her shoulders and then teleported away just as the shock wave once again hit the area sending huge amounts of dirt and dust into the air…

Tonnin was not in anyway impressed by Dreadnoughts showboating. So far they had only managed a stalemate but he knew it was only a matter of time before one of them made a mistake and gave the other the clear advantage. It was time for him to finish off this Guyver threat once and for all.

Dreadnought landed a short distance away from Tonnin, as he closed his hyper smasher, his shield sparkling as grains of dirt where deflected away from him. Ahead of him the only thing he could see from his Guyver enhanced eyes was the glow from Tonnin’s shield. Cloaking was not an option, retreat was not an option, and it was time to end this. His wounds had healed from the lightning attack. Now a blue aura flame surrounded him briefly and was quickly concentrated into a blue cylinder between his hands…

Miles away from them, CRF Guyver 1 was simply shocked by being teleported. One moment she was facing a huge shock wave of dirt and rock coming towards her then she was standing on top of a hill looking on the destruction below. It just blew her mind that it was possible to do that. But she quickly realised that the CRF badly lacked any Guyvers capable of doing such a feat…

High above Earth, orbiting directly above Australia, was the Ark. Inside the command centre of the huge ship navigator Zoalords and Valkus looked on at the battle below. Valkus, unlike most of the Zoalords, viewed the Guyvers with distain. They where simple humans, not worthy of such biological weapon systems and where nothing compared to the Immortal Zoalords of Chronos. Dreadnought was at the top of this list of humans he hated for such arrogance for daring to rival the Zoalords. But being a scientist he looked at the way Dreadnought fought, while analysing his powers and his combat skills, and then started to think of a method of how to defeat such a Guyver. But even he could not come up with a solution easily. Sasha on the other hand admired the raw power of Dreadnought. This was probably due to the fact that unlike most Zoalords within Chronos she knew Jason before he became a Guyver, even before she was even a member of Chronos she knew of Jason. To now look down at the being below ripping apart miles of landscape in a battle against one of the most powerful beings within Chronos was truly impressive. To her it reminded her that anything in life was possible.

Unknown to the leaders of Chronos, they where not the only ones orbiting the Earth in their own spacecraft, the Kavzar of Krullnar where about to release stage two of their test units. Inside the cloaked Battle ship laid four new Aceaer combat type units. These units of Lar’Cass, an ally to Krullnar, would replace the failed Guyver Zerebubuse, Warrior Guyver 5 and Lostude Guyver units. This time though they where given a little direction on whom to give the units to and the battle below them in Australia seemed to call to the Creator forces bringing them to the correct kind of hosts, those that would not sell their services to the Grakken.

Below them the fight with ACTF and EDF forces had heated up against the zoanoid forces of Chronos. The fight between Tonnin and Dreadnought had acted as a signal that both sides where back at full war. The forces of the EDF and ACTF raced towards the overwhelming hordes of Chronos and their Bio-Titans. The fact that the Guyver 4’s Enforcer Guardian had failed to appear to protect her in her battle with Dreadnought had allowed Zoalord Drano to convince Kron that she could do little to help the situation and agreed to have her sent back to Chronos Arizona.

Angel Guyver was ready for a fight and instantly set her eyes on the Guyver Powered Zerebubuse. This massive Guyver being had lived far longer than it needed to and, as far as she was concerned, she was going to put a stop to it finally. Her control medal glowed as she prepared herself to do battle.

Guyver Powered Zerebubuse was just about to lay waste to the first wave of ACTF and EDF forces when he sensed something approaching at high speed and looked up just in time to see the hurtling comet like Angel Guyver, engulfed in swirling rainbow coloured vortex of electromagnetic energy, just before she smashed into him. The resulting explosive impact knocked Guyver Powered Zerebubuse over a thousand feet backwards before he was able to stop himself from the surprise attack. Angel, on the other hand, lay painfully on the ground at the exact spot she had impacted her opponent and was painfully reminded of what it must be like for a human to run into a brick wall. But then she sensed a massive energy built up. Her instincts take over and she quickly launched herself into the air just as a bio-laser beam, with ten times the destructive power of a Guyver Mega Smasher, obliterates a trench like path through the spot she had laid a moment before. The powerful bio-laser beam then obliterates a dozen Bio-Titans and a squad of ACTF armours before it dissipates into the distance, sending both sides into disarray as they scrambled to get out of the way of the powerful attack.

<YOU IDIOT!> Kron yelled through his unit to Guyver Powered Zerebubuse.

<Be more careful or I will have you destroyed!>

<Yes my Lord> Replied Guyver Powered Zerebubuse, even as he turned his attention back to his attacker.

Angel Guyver had barely time to gawk at the spot she had nearly been vaporized before she had to use all of her speed to dodge yet another powerful bio-laser beam pulse from the Guyver Powered Zerebubuse.

Energy blasts and artillery fire ripped into the opposing forces, quickly killing over a hundred on both sides, as the first wave began to clash. The ACTF particle beam cannons began firing into the Bio-Titan ranks and managed to take out several dozens of them before the Bio-Titans countered by combining their shields. The Armoured soldiers were barely holding their own against the powerful Bio-Titans but the Guyvers were helping to even the odds.

Dark Nova flew above the enemy forces and began unleashing a hail of massive pressure cannon blasts, timed to coincide with the ACTF particle beam cannons, punching holes in the Bio-Titans defences and allowing the human forces to tear into the Bio-Titans. The Green and new Blue V2 armours used their energy weapons to vaporize the scattered remains of the fallen Bio-Titans to ensure their destruction.

The other Guyvers quickly unleashed the power of their Mega and Hyper Smashers randomly into the Bio-Titan forces. Evening the tide of Battle as the Bio-Titan army slowly began to dwindle in size, but the human forces were still taking heavy losses as the Bio-Titans firepower proved easily capable of taking out even the Armours equipped with energy shields.

Aceaer Warrior Guyver 2 was just about to tell Cyber Guyver to call in the next wave of ACTF and EDF forces when suddenly the tactics of the Bio-Titans changed. Chronos were losing too many Bio-Titans and Zoalord Kron now took direct command of the Bio-Titans. Suddenly the combined power of several hundred Bio-Titans started to combine.

All the Guyvers realized that the Bio-Titans were about to release a massively powerful attack upon the human forces and there was little they could do about it. So in desperation most of the Guyvers began to hit the Bio-Titans with everything they had in the hoped of at least weakening the massive charge of energy they were collecting but their attacks had little effect as the massive charge of energy acted as a shield and deflected their attacks.

Aceaer Warrior Guyver 2 communicated to Cyber Guyver to relay a call for an immediate retreat to the human forces, but knew it was all but too late as the combine power of the Bio-Titans began to focus.

Angel Guyver was still battling the Guyver Powered Zerebubuse but had not managed to inflict any damage upon her opponent and was doing her best to keep from getting obliterated, but she was still aware enough of the battlefield to realize her side’s predicament. She knew their was little she could do but then she had an idea and landed, with the Bio-Titan forces directly behind her, as she took the Guyver Powered Zerebubuse next bio-laser blast head on and blocked it with her shields.

After several minutes of trying to hit his target, the Guyver Powered Zerebubuse was clearly surprised to not only suddenly hit his target but to see her survive it without a proverbial scratch. This Guyver must be nearly as powerful as Dreadnought to have survived one of his attacks but he was still confident that he could destroy her.

<Decided to give up and die, Guyver?> Guyver Powered Zerebubuse communicated to Angel Guyver.

Angel Guyver shot back.

Guyver Zerebubuse responded by opening his chest plates and firing his Mega Smashers.

Angel Guyver smiled beneath her armour as she quickly shot up into the air and flipped around as she unleashed her own Smashers in the same direction as Guyver Powered Zerebubuse’s beam, sending the equivalent destructive energy of a 40 kiloton explosion of TNT right into the Bio-Titans. Obliterating several dozen Bio-Titans before Guyver Powered Zerebubuse realized he had been tricked and stopped his attack. But the Bio-Titan’s combined charge of power was weakened but still viable as they unleashed it at the human forces.

Dark Nova responded instantly as she teleported into the path of the attack and quickly created a Hyper Lens Flare attack, enhancing her Mega Smashers with her gravitational power to produce a blast twenty times more powerful than a normal Guyvers Mega Smashers, and tried to counter the Bio-Titans attack but only managed to slow it down before she was engulfed by it. Dark Nova then felt her world explode into pain as the blast started to vaporize her. Her gravitational powers slowing time around her and shielding her from the worst of the destructive energy about her but it was all too much for her and she knew she was about to die.

Outside of the blast, the powerful beam seemed to have slowed to a crawl and many thought Dark Nova had succeeded in stopping the blast but Ninja Guyver sensed she was in deep trouble and activated his cloak/time dilation field as he dived into the blast and tackled Dark Nova and knocked her clear of the blast a split second before she would have been totally vaporized. The blast then started to speed back up when Aceaer Warrior Guyver 2 teleported in front of it and focused all of his power into shielding himself against it but even with the added power of the Aceaer Unit he was quickly overwhelmed and was nearly totally vaporized before his Control Medal and Aceaer unit teleported away into hyper space. The beam then went on and obliterated several armoured marines before it smashed into a particle beam cannon’s shields but just as the cannon’s shields failed the beam finally dissipated, leaving the cannon severely scorched, sparkling with ionic discharges, but otherwise intact.

Both sides now began to regroup as they prepared to engage in battle once again. Little remained of Dark Nova’s body except for her upper torso, head, and the stump of her left arm, but she was alive and now regenerating as Ninja Guyver watched over her.

Moments later, Aceaer Warrior Guyver 2 returned from hyper space fully regenerated and communicated to Cyber Guyver to relay to him a status report. He scanned the battlefield and spotted Ninja Guyver watching over the wounded Dark Nova.

he thought but quickly dismissed the thought as he concentrated on getting the ACTF forces ready for the next wave of attack. It will take everything they had to keep from losing this battle before Dark Nova recovered…

Meanwhile, the battle between Dreadnought and Tonnin was still at a stalemate. Tonnin was nearly mad with rage while Dreadnought was quickly losing his patients with Tonnin’s refusal to tell him his sister’s present whereabouts. Storm clouds had again formed over them as they floated in midair, facing each other, as they waited for one or the other to make the next move. The landscape about them had been torn apart and pot marked from their titanic battle so far but neither had yet been seriously damaged.

Dreadnought then lashed out with a hyper pressure cannon that Tonnin simply rammed through before unleashing a zoalord psionic tendril attack that lashed out toward Dreadnought as Tonnin tried to ensnare him in their deadly embrace. But instead of dodging the attack, Dreadnought focused his shields about him and reinforced his body shield into a virtual ablative layer of energy armour, just before the psionic tendrils coiled around him and grabbed him in their deadly embrace.

The zoalord psionic tendril attack is easily capable of slicing through any unshielded matter and is easily in the destructive class of a Guyver Mega Smashers. So Tonnin was quite surprised to see Dreadnought appear unaffected by them, even after he channeled his power through them and bathed Dreadnought in destructive energy.

Dreadnought smiled beneath his armour before communicating to Tonnin, <Give it up. By now you must realize you can’t defeat me>.

Tonnin replied by launching a black hole attack at Dreadnought, who in turn extended his swords and broke free of Tonnin’s Psionic Tendrils and activated his barrier shield as he stopped the black hole attack dead in its tracks before he caused it to dissipate and disappear.

<You see, Tonnin, you can’t win>.

<Go to Hell, Guyver!>

Tonnin then changed tactics and used his gravitational power to suddenly increase the gravity around Dreadnought to a hundred times its norm but this time, instead of trying to move Dreadnought, Tonnin made him the centre of the gravitational field. Suddenly all the loose dirt and rocks in the area started to fly towards Dreadnought and quickly starting to engulf him. Dreadnought again activated his barrier field but this only caused the growing mass of rock and dirt to swirl around him, just beyond the range of his barrier field.

Soon Dreadnought found himself buried under tons of earth and rock. He quickly started to blasts holes in the mass around him, but each opening where quickly refilled as even more earth and rock was pulled towards him. A minute later and Dreadnought was buried under over two hundred tons of earth and rock that Tonnin now bathed with fiery energy as he melted the whole mass into a very dense, cement like, ball of fused glass and rock. Then, just as the mass solidified, the whole mass started to morph and change colour. Before Tonnin could realize what was happening, the mass had reformed itself into a gigantic version of Dreadnought and grabbed him with his massive right hand.

Tonnin looked up and saw Dreadnoughts giant Control Medal flare as he now looked down upon him.

DAMN YOU GUYVER! I will kill you!” Tonnin yelled as his body exploded with energy and he burst free of the giant hand about him. Shattering the massive hand but the hand quickly started to reform as the Leviathan sized Dreadnought started to reach out with his massive left hand. But Tonnin wasn’t about to let himself be grabbed again and quickly fired a massive ball of energy towards the even more massive form of Dreadnought.

In an instant the Leviathan sized form of Dreadnought exploded into a cloud of rock like boulders, with the real Dreadnought at its heart. Before gravity had a chance to take affect, Dreadnought activated his back thrusters and he launched himself clear of the rubble about him as he smashed into Tonnin with a power punch attack. Tonnin rolled with the powerful blow and twisted around, while simultaneously extending his swords, as he tried to slice Dreadnought in half but Dreadnought instantly countered with his own swords.

A quick test of strength later showed that Dreadnought and Tonnin were still at a stalemate as they silently stared at each other past their swords.

Mexico – Mexico City

Alkanphel had still not found any sign of Crystallite. The only thing he knew was that this powerful Guyver was still in Mexico City. But there was no sudden rise in the death rate inside the city. Above him two more Eye Of Chronos satellites where shifting orbit to join the Mexico eye to add the leader of Chronos in his hunt for Crystallite. He felt that there was no way a being with her hunger for life would simply be here in Mexico, one of the most populated cities in the world, not to feed. So now, with three eyes of Chronos, he would investigate every single death that happened.

Effectively zoanoids, the Eye’s Of Chronos could communicate as fast as a thought with their god Alkanphel. Within a city of over twenty five million people it was not long before the Mexico Eye sensed a dying life force. A rip in reality appeared before Alkanphel and he teleported on top of a building looking down on a street below. There was no sign of Crystallite, but he saw a man had stabbed a woman to death. Alkanphel did not like what he saw. At its most basic this murderer was killing a woman capable of breeding more children and hence more zoanoids for Chronos. But to say Alkanphel was a heartless person could be further from the truth, he really felt nothing but raw hate for this man. It seemed too late for this woman but Alkanphel was going to make sure this parasite did not kill any others.

The murderer smiled at the near dead woman below him. The fear in her eyes excited him in a way he could only find with watching people die. But fear is a universal thing not restricted to the female sex. The dying woman looked up with the final moments of her life and saw Alkanphel floating down towards them. With a mere flick of his wrist the man found himself being flung down the street and away from the woman. With her dying moments of life the woman smiled looking at an angel sending a ball of death towards her attacker and blasting him apart.

Alkanphel could feel the woman die. There was nothing he could do for her now but at least he got her revenge for her.

New Cork Texas

Max sat quietly on a couch in the living room of Jason’s house. He could hear the women chatting in the kitchen about various topics but he thought it better to stay where he was. They seemed to be talking about basic things like food, where they would sleep and so on. Information that he knew the ACTF would be interested in. He realised a long time ago that as a Warrior Guyver he no longer needed to consume food to live, but he could if he wanted too and he had found out it did not matter how much either because the unit burned fat like there was no tomorrow. Fiona, who he’d only just met, and Faye where both Warrior class Guyvers like him so food was not really a major concern, though he had heard Fiona say she wanted food and was not about to give it up, but realistically it was Zeugma and Elera who they must have been concerned about. <Crap!> he thought, even though he did not want to hear most of this. But without a TV he was basically stuck listening to them.


The hot spray of the shower was like a gift from the gods. Kalen let the torrent of clean water carry away the burn of fatigue from his muscles. Since his unplanned arrival to this world, he had been at less than his peak. And considering he’d been dropped from one colossal battle into another, and then contained a supernova, he felt he had a right to be feeling the strain.

He chuckled softly, running fingers through his long red hair. Yes, humans had disadvantages, but also distinct advantages as well, a hot shower being one of them. He reached for the pull chain of the faucet and pushed it up. The slightly squeaky valve shut and the downpour atrophied to a few slow drips as he grabbed his towel.

“Are you finished, Sir?” A heavily accented voice spoke in rough English.

Kalen grimaced, and then grinned in wry amusement. He had been doing this a lot lately, finding things that before might have seemed a bothersome irritant rather amusing. Almost getting yourself killed had that effect on people, he guessed.

“Yes, I am.” He replied, hurriedly drying off and reaching for his clothes, borrowed from Sai and Jet. It had taken some doing to find clothing in his size, and the results were not his preferred manner of dress. Jeans and a sleeveless blue t-shirt, he grinned as he donned his clothing, still… something could be said for them.

He stepped out of the Shower tent, and met the disapproving glare of his escort/guard. The man was a short, rather wide in the gut lieutenant, and very surly. “I will escort you back to your accommodations.” The soldier informed him, before gesturing towards the barracks.

Kalen waited until the man turned away before grinning widely, he knew he should be a lot more serious about his predicament, should be out trying to find a way home. His smile faded a little during the short walk back to his quarters.

He was alive, and that was enough for now. By the time he stepped into his accommodations, his smile had vanished, replaced by an expression of deep concentration as he went over his options once more.

He closed his eyes, it was not an easy thing to do, but he had learned many techniques over his long life. Reaching out, his consciousness brushed another; the answering flash of muted ache told him what he needed to know. His unit was repairing itself, but still very slowly.

He had stressed more then his own body in his last, sudden and painful encounter with a spacial anomaly. His unit’s resources were vast, but still finite. He had managed to achieve his goal. But the damage he had done to himself and his Guyver was considerable. It would be some days yet, maybe even weeks before all of it was healed.

This meant he would have to put up with the fatigue and muscular micro spasms a little longer. His unit would regenerate the damage, but only when its own regeneration was complete. Until then, he would endure, as he always had. He dropped down on the low cot, and within moments was sinking once more into a light doze.

He was floating in space, the eerie red glow of the nebulae surrounding him. He glanced down at himself, his armour a crisp blue, the forearm jewels missing, and the armour with a smoother, glossier look to it.

Before him was a humanoid creature that seemed composed entirely of diamond or some other transparent crystal. The sense of evil emanating from it made his flesh crawl. Whether the dark purple was a reflection of the colours about it, or it’s own colouring he couldn’t tell.

The creature moved… it was the same sort of attack he himself used… the gliding, deceptively easy, motion of a trained fighter as he pivoted along his axis and raised his arm to fend off the strike.

Or he tried to. Instead he found himself doing the opposite, meeting the creature head on as if he hadn’t a clue how this sort of combat worked. The sharp pain along his chest and side spoke of the slashing thrust of the blade edged protuberance along the back of the creature’s hand.

As if in a panic he lashed out with his left leg as the creature passed, The cold hard fingers closing like a claw about his ankle as it jerked him forward, Right into the staggering blow from it’s other fist. He felt armour buckle under the impact.

He flew backward as the demon released him, too stunned to even try to halt his backward fall, slowly rotating in the depths of space, until the glowing sphere of a planet came into his sight – A deep sapphire orb amidst the gas and dust of the nebulae.

XT blinked… it all looked… so very familiar.

A shining figure of white light rose from the surface of the planet, trailing plumes of gossamer light as it brushed passed him, the figure turning its face to look at him… Those eyes…

He cried out a denial, a wrenching scream of despair as he fought to regain control of himself, the figure of light continued passed him, its attention drawn to it’s nemesis. XT whirled, time seeming to stretch out as the world exploded around him in blinding white….

He awoke, panting for breath, his clothes soaked with sweat as he jerked upright in bed. Where had that come from… was it a nightmare, or something from his past. He pulled himself upright, wavering a little bit in the deepening gloom of nightfall.

And he realized the sense of skin crawling dread he had experienced in his dream had not abated… He closed his eyes, trying to isolate the sense… trying to locate it’s source… but a flash of that evil face jerked his eyes open as he took a reflexive step backwards, bumping into the cot.

He never knew how he got outside, but suddenly he heard the guards that were supposedly watching him shout. He brushed thought of them aside, the feelings that tore at him now too chaotic and distorted for him to make sense of as his eyes began to glow, radiating the cold radiance of an event horizon as he drew himself upright.

The power crackled about him, visible arcs of energy flowing and ebbing around his body as he gritted his teeth, muscles bunching along shoulders and chest as his nervous system was flooded with alien energies.

Half the camp went to full battle alert when a bright flash erupted in the middle of the barracks, the hollow thump of displaced air bringing sleeping soldiers to their feet, grasping for their weapons.

XT’s former guards stared in mixed horror and fascination at the new figure that stood in the place of the wounded young man they had been watching over.

The creature that faced them was at least head and shoulders above them, blue and silver armour still showing the puckered distortions of the last battle, and the wounds only half healed.

XT closed his eyes, his consciousness flowing through the armour, assessing its state. The response was less than he had hoped for, most of his weapons were still not functioning, but what was would be enough to start with, perhaps he could even find something or someone to enhance the healing.

The dust around his armoured feet swirled as he lifted himself from the ground. He vaguely heard the running of booted feet and shouts. He ignored them, as he rose skyward.

His preceptors slide smoothly in their sockets, and suddenly he could see the area around him as if it were a schematic. He was a little surprised by the size of the base beneath him; he hadn’t known it was quite so large. But that thought was fleeting as he extended his senses even farther.

The detail of his immediate area faded as he pushes his senses out in a narrowing cone that swept the area, extending miles around him and still pushing further as he searched for something… he wasn’t sure what…

And found it. An energy signature that was both familiar and unlike anything he could remember. A spark of brilliant crimson appeared before him, quickly widening into a portal. The blood red gateway expanding to a size just large enough for him to pass through…

It hung there in the air for a few more seconds, being watched from the ground with confused curiosity before winking out as if it had never existed.

Clan Ship Crash Site Battle

Both sides had regrouped and began to battle again but the humans were not foolish enough to make themselves an easy target for the Bio-Titans combined firepower and had scattered themselves around the Chronos forces and attacked randomly, doing their best to keep the Bio-Titans from anticipating their moves. Even the ACTF particle cannons where constantly being relocated, though this did make it difficult to combine their firepower and thus reduced their effectiveness. Fortunately the Bio-Titans had also suffered losses and where now scattered enough to prevent them from any serious combining of their firepower. Most of the Guyvers made sure to keep most of the remaining Chronos firepower centred on them but many worried that the battle was taking too long and the threat of Chronos calling in reinforcements was high. Dark Nova had finally recovered and both she and Ninja Guyver had returned to assist the other Guyvers.

The ACTF had managed to lose only a few of their particle beam cannons before squads of Blue V2 and Wolf armours swarmed in on the Bio-Titan ranks as they unleashed a combination of raw speed and firepower, while the EDF Armoured Battle Group 20 continued there flanking manoeuvres around the Chronos battle lines. Vaheria, their captain, hated Chronos with a raw passion that could have only happened when Chronos kills your family and then takes your oldest daughter and turns her into a zoanoid. But even with such raw feelings he was not on a death wish. Battle Group 20 was his family now and he had to take care of them. He had read this morning’s battle plan and knew the Guyvers would be attacking the centre of the Chronos battle lines to draw out the Chronos heavy hitters. So to send his battle group into the middle of that battle, when his armours did not include the shielding systems of the Green or Blue V2’s, would be foolish.

Above the battlefield appeared a portal that Guyver XT quickly exited before the Portal closed behind him. XT was quickly stunned by the sheer size of the battle he found himself in the middle of. Zoanoids and Guyvers of varying type were battering away at each other, bizarre powered armours vying for the upper hand with lesser zoanoids. His senses scanned the battle, and found a familiar figure.

He wheeled to the side, dodging an errant laser blast and dropped in a stomach-wrenching dive to the ground to avoid being the target of anymore.  Almost immediately he could sense the powerful presence of  Dark Nova, as she and Ninja Guyver continued to tear into the Bio-Titan ranks.

<Kalen? What the hell are you doing here!?>

He grimaced, feeling a faint tingling rush as a scan passed over him.

<You’re in no condition to be out here, Go back!>

XT smiled softly.

He felt Dark Nova’s disgust with him, but then felt her sense change to reluctant acceptance. He felt her attention slide off of him and across the battlefield to another Guyver. .

XT nodded to himself. He replied as he leaped, lengthening the jump with his flight powers to drop down at the edge of the melee.

A Zoalord was directing more Bio-Titan reinforcements into the fray against the beleaguered Guyver. XT ran in his direction, knowing that distracting him was the easiest way to confuse the troops.

Aceaer Warrior Guyver 2 dropped to one knee, but not with fatigue, a sensation he hadn’t experienced since becoming a Warrior Guyver. His left forearm blade stabbed out, it sliced through a Bio-Titans knee, dropping the yellow giant as the Aceaer enhanced Guyver leaped away.

A rain of Railgun bullets and laser pulses fell on the Hyper zoanoids from above as he dropped backwards to the ground. He then turned towards the approaching new wave just in time to see a blur of motion take the Zoalord Drano down.

Aceaer Warrior Guyver winced a little at the devastating roundhouse Drano took, spinning him around and dropping him down into a small ravine, temporarily out of the fight as a large form dropped to the ground behind him.

He whirled; his first reaction was to wonder rather unintelligently why he was standing there staring at the new arrival. “Uhhh, Thanks?” He continued, grimacing at how stupid that sounded, even as he suddenly got a sense of déjà vu as the Guyver reminded him of another Guyver he had once met and wondered a second if they were related somehow before finally shaking his head and getting back with the program.

“Who are you?” He demanded, stepping backward and surveying the Bio-Titans as they regrouped without their commander in evidence.

“Introductions can wait, just hang out for a second, I’ll be right back.” The new Guyver spoke with the light tone of almost bored amusement, which Aceaer Warrior Guyver 2 found very irritating.

He lifted his hand to stop his new ‘ally’ when a combined Bio-Titan blast came their way.

“Shit!” He yelped, teleporting himself away from a crimson energy blast capable of seriously damaging even him. He was peripherally aware that the other Guyver had not done the same, even as he became fully aware that it didn’t matter.

XT continued walking, unaffected by the withering attack, the burnishing affect of his shield fading slowly. “You really should know more about the people you try to kill.” He muttered, as if disappointed. This brought a snarl of fury from the group that had tried to blast him, all five leapt forward, goaded into an all out attack.

XT grinned, he sidestepped the first, left arm parrying the second’s blade, Right arm slipping up beneath his guard to slam the axe edge of his hand into the monster’s throat. As the zoanoid gurgled in surprise he used his shoulder for leverage as he swung his knee into the face of the third, bringing his elbow down onto the skull of the fourth and finally grabbing the fifth and throwing him forward to stumble over his comrades.

The first released a bolt of crimson energy. This time XT didn’t bother to shield it… the shot stung as it slapped into his chest plate, but he absorbed it before it could do any serious harm. “Ouch.” He drawled as the others struggled to their feet, the blood red haze that obscured their vision a mix of irritating pain and humiliation.

XT felt the approach of more of the Bio-Titans from behind and dodged left as another enhanced blast passed through the space he had just left, it struck one of the rising zoanoids, but was absorbed as the creature exhibited its own abilities, redirecting the blast at the Guyver.

XT once more shielded the blast, deflecting most of it into the ground, sending up a cloud of burned dust. From the centre of the cloud a stream of glowing spheres shot out, a dozen crimson stars that each ripped through a separate Bio-Titan.

As that dozen fell and began healing, a stream of crimson laser bolts stitched a swath through another group, cooking armour and the flesh beneath. Then a sudden flare of intense light from inside the cloud expanded outward with a loud thunderclap of displaced air.

The Bio-Titans that hadn’t been injured shielded themselves, the hammering blow pushing them backwards. The injured, a second too slow in erecting defences, were vaporized. Their bodies holding cohesion for a brief second after the wave passed, before collapsing into ash.

Only a short distance away Vaheria’s battle group was posed and ready to strike a blow against the forces of Chronos. They had somehow managed to make it within striking distance without being noticed. Then suddenly out of nowhere they saw a sight that frightened them. Every zoanoid within line of sight of them turned their heads towards them. They cursed the sudden disappearance of their luck and readied themselves to battle to the death. But then they realized the zoanoids where not looking at them, they where looking above them!

End Of Part 2.