This is a fan-fiction based on characters created by Yoshiki Takaya and contains violent situations with adult language. Any similarity to actual persons, living or dead is unintentional and purely coincidental.

Title7 Days Of Hell: Part 1
AuthorBrian O’Sullivan

China – About one hundred miles away from the main CRTF Base

The date was the 26th of February 2001 and about five miles above sea level opened a rift from hyperspace. A lone female figure fell out, holding a large Guyver like unit in her arms. She was badly hurt from her travel through the Great Barrier and was not fully conscious of the fact that she had returned to normal space. Instinctively she called out for help from her companion but he was nowhere to be found. But the call from a Warrior Guyver travels far and, a hundred miles away, one of the worlds most powerful Guyvers felt her call.

Mei Lynn did not recognize the Guyver who called for help and suspected that it might even be a Chronos trap, to lure her out of the CRTF base, but she couldn’t simply ignore a call for help. Mei Lynn summoned her unit and teleported to where she thought the Guyver was. She quickly sensed the unknown Warrior Guyver flying right towards the ground at over half the speed of sound and guessed that it might not survive the sudden impact in its injured state. She once again teleported, as she used her immense gravitational powers to warp space, reappearing over a totally unknown Warrior Guyver and quickly matched her speed.

But unknown to them, Kron had sensed the calling of the unknown Warrior Guyver and a Eye Of Chronos now looked down on them as they plummeted towards the ground. Black Nova flew under the female Warrior Guyver and twisted around to look at the Guyver’s face but, as she looked along the Guyver’s body, she noticed a very strange unit held in her arms. But Black Nova’s attention was quickly returned to the more eminent situation as she sensed that they would quickly smash into the ground at literally terminal velocity. She then flew to within a foot of Female Warrior Guyver, grabbed her arms, and slowed down their descent as above them appeared lord Kron and ten Bio-Titans. The clouds above them turned black and, a second later, a massive lightning bolt shot down past the master Zoalord and right into the back of the unprepared Black Nova.

The two Guyvers where literally blasted apart from each other, only twenty feet from the ground. Black Nova landed first, flat on her back, and looked up to see Female Warrior Guyver falling, with the unknown unit, and land right on top of her face. Above them the Bio-Titans bio-crystals where glowing brightly as the Bio-Lord Kron commanded them to combine their power and fire on the two Guyvers. Black Nova could sense the energy build up above her and tries to push the Warrior Guyver off of her, only to accidentally touch the unknown unit in the process. To her complete surprise, the unit activates and starts to merge with her own unit. Suddenly her unit deforms around her as it starts a new merging process. Under the mass of two merging units, Mei Lynn was now rendered completely incapacitated, with intense pain, and lay on the ground helplessly as the Bio-Titan’s above her charged their Bio-Smashers.

Female Warrior Guyver’s control medal glowed as it took control over its host and started to lift itself off of the ground. The Bio-Titans fired their massive combined blast at the two Guyvers. Under his bio-armour, Kron smiled as he saw the massive blast head right towards the two Guyvers, but then, out of nowhere, the beam seemed to widen before it hit the ground. Above the two Guyvers a spacial rift formed and the massive form of Dreadnought appeared, with his omni-directional shield activated, and shielding not only himself but his wife from the deadly Bio-Titan attack. Kron witnessed Dreadnoughts return to this universe with horror.

Under his shields, Dreadnought opened his left side hyper-smasher plate. Even before the Bio-Titans bio-smasher blast had cleared, Dreadnought’s hyper-smasher fired and sent a powerful backlash back against the Bio-Titans. Kron looked on completely unemotional as five Bio-Titans where consumed by the blinding beam of light. Kron already had reports on Dreadnought’s power range and knew that he could not stand against him just yet and could not call for sufficient reinforcements, with such wide spread battling over the world, in order to win this battle.

So Kron tried to teleport away, but, for the first time in his life, Kron could not teleport and felt an unnatural force preventing him from doing so. Immediately realizing the cause and the grave danger he was now in, Kron telepathically sent out a call to Chronos for whatever reinforcements they could send him but seconds later received a telepathic warning from Alkanphel that they where being blocked from doing so and that he was to escape. Kron ordered the remaining Bio-Titans to kill Dreadnought and then flew off as quickly as he could. Dreadnought did not wait for the Bio-Titans to regroup or for Kron to get too far away. The thrusters on his back fired, as he closed his right hand to form a fist with intense energy swirling around it and, a split second later, power punched a Bio-Titan out of his way, atomizing it with a single blow. Kron was his target and the Bio-Titans quickly realized it too. Three of them followed Dreadnought as he sped after Kron, leaving the last Bio-Titan to finish off the still immobile Black Nova and Female Warrior Guyver. Dreadnought knew his wife could keep it busy and did not worry about the Bio-Titan heading towards her.

Female Warrior Guyver now stood about twenty feet away from Black Nova, who was now finalizing her new form. She instinctively knew to stay away from a newly forming Guyver. But the Bio-Titan did not have such a well found instinct. As it passed an invisible boundary towards the still forming Guyver, she turned her attention towards the new threat. Between her still slimy deformed hands, a gravity ball formed and fired towards the Bio-Titan. It almost laughed at the small gravity ball and raised its shields, thinking it could easily deflect such a puny attack and then kill the Guyver for daring to fire on it. But the small gravity ball swelled in size as it travelled away from Black Nova. Before the Bio-Titan could realize what trouble it was in, the now massive ball hit its shield and imploded around it and engulfed the hyper-zoanoid. Behind his shield the Bio-Titan suddenly felt very sick and started to vomit up blood. Its shield collapsed and it exploded, as the gravitational forces that surrounded it pulled it literally apart. Black Nova then turned towards Female Warrior Guyver. But since she was making no offensive moves towards her, she simply stood still. . .

Now over fifty miles away, Dreadnought was closing in for the kill a single minute after the chase had begun. A chase that should have been over in mere seconds but, even though he had almost caught up with Kron immediately after they had started the chase, he had been repeatedly swatted away with multi-kiloton blasts as Kron tapped his ultimate attack sparingly to keep Dreadnought at bay. This had allowed the three remaining Bio-Titans to catch up with them but Dreadnought quickly destroyed them with a triple mega pressure cannon attack. This had however given Kron time to prepare his ultimate attack and then released it. Though lacking its full potential power, the incredible explosion still equalled a 10-Megaton explosion. Dreadnought had no choice but to enter hyperspace in order to avoid the blast. Returning a few seconds later to find that Kron had used the opportunity to fly further away but was still well within range of Dreadnoughts senses.

The Bio-Lord was now very weak and Dreadnought was about to finish him off with a hyper smash when he received a message from Black Nova to come back urgently. Dreadnought did not give it a second thought, though killing Kron was important, nothing was more important than the life of his friends. But when he teleported back to them, expecting to see Female Warrior Guyver in trouble with a Bio-Titan, or something like that, but instead he arrived back to see Black Nova finalizing her new form and Female Warrior Guyver sitting on a large bolder. They where not in trouble in any way and in fact Dreadnought could sense the massive increase in power from Black Nova, who could now match him in raw power. So why did she call him back?

“Jason…. Your sister has… she’s been changed,” said Black Nova as her new form finally pulled itself together.

“What do you mean Mai?” asked Dreadnought.

“We don’t know how yet, but she is covered in some strange red crystal and has totally flipped.”

“Wait a second, how can this be?”

“I don’t know, I know she was suffering from really severe headaches after you had left. So Dr. Redmond warned us all just in case, thinking that she might be infected with some germ that could naturally be affecting Guyvers. He must have been somewhat right because yesterday she lost it and from what I’ve been told, she is completely covered in a strange red crystal and has attacked Zeugma.”

“Holy SHIT!” Screamed Dreadnought, “Zeugma could kill her!”

“Not as easy as it sounds, whatever it was that has infected Jenny has also made her a lot more powerful and totally out of control.”

“Enough history, where’s Jenny?”

“Last we heard, she had attacked the Washington, D.C. ACTF base but was driven off by Zeugma and another ancient Zoalord. But Jason, she has badly hurt Elera and we’re not sure if she will survive.”

“Mai, nice to see you again and cool new Guyver form, you’ll have to thank my wife later for putting it on you but I’ve to go,” explained Dreadnought as he moved right beside Female Warrior Guyver.

“YOUR WIFE!” shouted a shocked Black Nova.

But Dreadnought did not hang around to explain any more and teleported away, taking Female Warrior Guyver away with him.

Washington DC ACTF HQ

Doctor Drake looked on in surprise from his lab, at the testing area, as it lit up, signalling the return of Dreadnought. He was even more surprised at what the lights revealed, Not only had Dreadnought returned but there was clearly another Guyver with him. A second later both Guyvers had disengaged their units. Dr. Drake had no idea who the woman was but thought it was best first to inform General Carter and then to introduce himself to the new arrival. Jason and Fiona both made their way towards the exit of the training room as over the intercom system General Caters voice could be heard. Requesting that Jason come to his office immediately. Jason could see why on his way to the office. Parts of the base where in ruins. Something big had happened here and he did not like the idea that it was Jenny who might have done this. Inside his office, General Carter sat back in his office chair as he tried to think of a solution to a very big problem. Hopefully the solution was about to walk through his door, because if things continued like they where, over the past few days, then the ACTF USA could be crushed.

“Jason, I’m sorry,” said Fiona.

“Huh, why do you say that hon?”

“Because if you didn’t come save me, then you could have gone home sooner and your sister would have been saved before she could have done this.”

“Fiona, hindsight is a great thing but let’s face it. I lost sight of everything once I’d the chance to get you back. You don’t know how many times I lay in bed at night, thinking if only I’d the power of the Guyver two years ago so I could have saved you. Then I finally had the chance and Fiona, nothing could have stopped me from taking that chance.”

“I truly don’t know what to say to that,” replied Fiona.

“I wouldn’t blame you, it’s not every day that you’re comatose, killed, resurrected, turned into a Guyver and then transported into another dimension.”

“Now I am truly speechless…..”

“Better get your voice back as we’ve arrived at General Carter’s office.”

“You’re joking right?”

“Nope,” said Jason as he knocked on a door.

Fiona looked at the marines who guarded the General’s Office and felt somewhat intimidated by them. They though knew nothing about her but they said nothing because they knew she was with Jason and it was the only thing that mattered.

“Jason, thank God you’re back,” said a relieved General Carter as Jason opened the door. This almost shocked Jason as much as it shocked him to see Fiona alive in that alternative universe. General Carter was never that emotional about anything because he always had things under some level of control, so to say that to him right there and then meant real trouble.

“General, after you said that, I know we’re in trouble so I’ll make this quick, this is my wife Fiona, you know the dead one, anyway forget that for the moment and tell me what happened. I’ll teleport off and kick butt and she’ll protect the base.” Said Jason.

“Um… Sorry but I’m a little thrown off by that last statement Jason… Your sister has been infected with something, we don’t know what. It’s some sort of red crystal and it completely covered her entire body. This happened during a Chronos attack and she literally attacked and sucked the life out of a Bio-Titan. Not something that would normally worry me has one less Bio-Titan the better but she then went onto attack Elera who was already badly mauled by an attack from Damien Kane. Zeugma and a friendly new Zoalord saved her, don’t know about the new zoalord but Zeugma has since kept Jenny at bay. But that is not that only thing Jason.”

“How worse can this get?”

“Here’s how worse. When Warrior Guyver 2, Zeus and Black nova returned four days ago, they arrived with the remains of the Clan Ship. That thing has already shown its enormous potential with Faye becoming a new type of Warrior Guyver. Chronos wants it badly and we know we can’t allow that to happen. God only knows how many other things are inside it.”

“General…. It’s time for me to sort this mess and all I need to know now is where is everyone?”

“Warrior Guyver 2, Guardian, that’s Faye’s new adopted name by the way, Angel, a new Guyver from Europe, Battle Guyver, Guyver US Aceaer, Guyver Merc and Zeus have been fighting over the Clan Ship in Australia for the past four days. Zeugma has been helping them until yesterday and Guyver 5 has been stationed here in case we need to contact the other Guyvers. There are some other new Guyvers but we simply don’t have time to talk about them now since I know you are in a rush, also not known is the present location of Zeugma, and with Jenny gone rogue, and Elera frozen, we’ve lost our telepaths.”

“Well, time for me to go, Fiona dear, anything happens here call me, but I’ve a sister to save and a Clan Ship to keep out of Chronos hands.”

Without a word said, without the blast field being used, the Warrior unit formed around Jason, its host, his control medal glowed and his unit breathed out the excess impure air and Warrior Guyver was ready to face this latest challenge. Fiona dreaded moments like this as he glowed brightly and disappeared to whatever battle laid ahead of him. But last time it was Alkanphel whom he had to face, someone he hated, now it was his own sister and she feared he could not defeat such a threat, or worse the pain it would bring him if he had to kill his own sister. . .

Sydney Australia

Warrior Guyver appeared above the Sydney theatre, overlooking the great city. He never gave General Cater enough time to mention where the battle was but out there somewhere where his friends. He sent out a simple telepathic message that only Warrior Guyver 2 could receive. A relieved Stephan, on the other end, sent a message back to him and Dreadnought teleported to the middle of Australia. There he appeared in the middle of an ACTF and EDF battle force camp. All around him where countless Green V1 and V2 battle armoured marines from the ACTF and the European Wolves Armours with over three hundred particle cannons, as well as the Guyvers but they where in their human forms and scattered around the camp. There was no sign of Zeugma but then, moments after his arrival, so did a familiar friendly powerful feeling of a Zoalord. Warrior Guyver instantly knew it was Zeugma but was alarmed by how weak her life force now was. She was badly cut and wounded, her left arm looked as if she was holding it to her body, by her incredibly mental will alone, and looked lifeless. She almost smiled as she saw Warrior Guyver but then fell to the ground as she turned into her human form and lay there lifeless. Warrior Guyver ran towards her, pushing a Green V2 marine out of his way. She was there all but naked, battered, and bruised from her day long battle with Jenny. Warrior Guyver picked her up with ease and as gently as possible. With his own telekinetic power, he helped hold her arm to her frame and walked into the nearest large tent. There, two colonels, one from the ACTF and another from the EDF, where ordered out by Warrior Guyver, along with their armoured guards. He laid Zeugma down on a large meeting table and wondered how in God’s name his sister could have done this to Zeugma. Even at Jenny’s best, she was only a third of the power level of Zeugma. Even if the Zoalord held back a little, she should have been very capable of surviving Jenny’s attacks with ease. Outside, Warrior Guyver could sense Stephen and an unknown female, which was a Guyver, coming towards him and Zeugma. He did not want them to be questioning her in her present condition and simply asked Stephen to wait outside with a simple telepathic message to wait. Warrior Guyvers’ Matrix glowed along with a fiery blue aura which covered his form. He placed his left hand on top of Zeugma’s head. His aura surrounded her in a healing blue flame that quickly had an effect on the fallen zoalord. Zeugma’s eyes lit brightly, turning green as she regained energy lost during the battle with Jenny. Her body seemed to explode brightly with energy as she turned back into her Zoalord form. Warrior Guyver continued to feed her energy and repair her damaged body as she sat up to talk with him.

“Jason…. I need…. To tell you … what happened…,” said Zeugma.

“Zeugma, as much as I want to know what the hell happened, just rest there and heal,” ordered Warrior Guyver.

“But, but…”

They where the only two words she said as Warrior Guyver gently pushed her back down on the table. Zeugma got the message and simply rested and let Warrior Guyver heal her of the damage inflicted by his very own sister. Outside Faye, Agito, Stephen, Sean, Cori, Philip, Cyber Guyver and their new friend Angel waited for Warrior Guyver to finish healing Zeugma. They had left the Zoalord to keep Jenny at bay, away from this ship and their life force while they tried their best to capture it from Chronos. But that was a day ago when Jenny turned. They all knew Zeugma was fighting a twenty four hour long battle with Jenny that only boggled the imagination to what happened to Zeugma in the end. Back inside the tent, Zeugma could feel her own depleted energies return thanks to Warrior Guyver and who she now simply had to talk with.

“Jason, your sister has been turned into something that can only be described as evil,” said Zeugma.

“I know Zeugma, I’ll deal with her when I find her and rip those fucking red crystals out of her,” declared a pissed off Warrior Guyver.

Warrior Guyver could sense the life force of Zeugma return to what would be deemed her normal high levels. She seemed to smile at him as he helped her off the table and together they walked out of the tent towards their friends.

Washington DC ACTF HQ

General Carter was in full flight, informing Fiona O’Conner about the ACTF and their operations as he personally showed her around the huge base. But it was more than that and Fiona realized it. General Carter was using her to find out what Jason was up to during the past four days. As they chatted, he built up the information needed on what Jason had done to battle her worlds Chronos. So far Fiona seemed to notice no change in how General Carter was treating her. That was until she reached the very end of her story. General Cater looked visible shocked with the idea that Jason has in his possession a dormant Black Nova unit and that even though his sister was in danger he’d not given it over to the ACTF. There were countless men in the armed service that were ready to take that unit and use it to its fullest to devastate Chronos.

“Fiona, could you contact Jason and please ask him to give you the Black Nova unit?”

“I don’t know if he still has that thing, Mr. Carter, he did not have it with him when he rescued me and that Black Guyver in China.”

“Please ask him Fiona.”

“Ok, I will.”

About five seconds later Fiona had a response from Jason she knew General Carter was not in any way going to like, “He says he’ll not give you the unit until he knows what is happening to Jenny.” General Carter said nothing, but was visibly angry with the response. Fiona could sense from him that he was losing patience with Jason and his willingness to give ‘civilians’ what he deemed his units. Jason would not have gotten his own Warrior Unit if not for the fact the General Carter himself put such trust in the man and his quest for revenge and that it was the ACTF that allowed him to go on that mission. Never mind that paradox Time War nonsense. This naturally shocked Fiona and she really did not know what Jason had landed her in the middle of. For the past few months, rumours and counter rumours had passed through this very ACTF base that Jason and General Carter where not happy with each other. Really there was no truth to them at all at first, just some harmless chitchat. But like most rumours it grew and got wilder and finally it and others reached General Carter. It did not affect his thinking on matters but recently his own men seemed to go against him, Faye was given the new Warrior Unit without his knowledge. He would have not given it to her because really she was too wild for such a unit and should not have gotten it. Two people came to mind, A Marine named Jai Long or a Navy Seal named Richard Tran, both people where far better than that psychopath, simply named Faye. Rumours only fuelled this belief and made it worse, twisting him against Jason. Fiona’s recently acquired telepathic abilities easily picked up these strong feelings and put fear of God into her that some of her husbands so-called friends felt that way about him, after he had done so much for them.

Central Australia

Warrior Guyver watched as all the main players activated their Guyver units, while he transformed into Dreadnought. From night time in the USA, he had teleported into day time Australia and a new counter strike on Chronos forces in the region, and now, while they had the opportunity, they where going to get some pay back. Above them an eye of Chronos picked up the Guyvers activations and that Zeugma was with them. Its strange signals and probing immediately caught the attention of Dreadnought. His head tilted up and his eyes focused on the area where his head sensors detected the strange sense of something living looking down on them. His Guyver enhanced eyes locked in on the living bio-mechanical satellite and to his shock, a huge eye was looking back at him. The only two other people who could even guess what Dreadnought was looking up at was Zeus and the new Guyver from Europe, Angel. They where the only other Guyvers with head sensors advanced enough to scan into the void of space and once Dreadnought had locked onto the satellite, theirs naturally seemed to follow. A moment later, Dreadnought’s centre head beam orb fired. An intense beam of quantum energy lanced up into the clear sky. In the void of space, a lone Chronos spy satellite, which was never intended for any kind of combat, was the first ever outer space casualty of Chronos as the quantum beam cut right through the centre of the eye. The delicate mix of the biomechanical satellite, suddenly disturbed violently, mixed together and exploded. From the ground, only a momentary little sparkle could be seen in the sky as the satellite exploded. It would have gone unnoticed in the ACTF camp if not for the fact that it was Dreadnought who shot it down form the middle of that very base.

While Cyber Guyver, Angel, Zeugma Guyver Merc and Zeus waited and stood back. Guyver US, closely followed by Battle Guyver and Warrior Guyver 2, walked up to Dreadnought, their friend who had been missing for days, “Jason, I’ve two questions, what was that you just blew up and where, the hell, have you been?” Asked Guyver US.

“That was some sort of giant eye satellite thing that was looking down on us all and trust me you’ll not believe me when I tell you where I’ve been,” responded Dreadnought.

“Jason, I’ve stopped thinking in terms like ‘you’ll not believe this’ a long time ago when I became a Guyver, destroyed Chronos LA and then fought, and did not kill enough, a Guyver Zoanoid over a Relic which was sitting in a mountain for God knows how many millions of years so Jason you just tell us what happened,” said Guyver US, but unknown to him, and the others, Guyver Merc was receiving a message from his wife, Guyver 5, that General Carter had said that Jason had a Black Nova unit and was refusing to turn it over.

“Well guys, you’ll not believe this, but I’ve been to an alternate Strange World where there was no active Guyvers. There I found Fiona alive, though in a coma. Long story short, I healed her, found a dormant Warrior Unit and gave it to her and fought and killed all that worlds zoalords, and left behind three standard Guyvers whose host where you Sean, Atkins and some other guy they worked with whose name I can’t remember.”

“YOU LEFT OUT THE FACT YOU FOUND A BLACK NOVA UNIT!” Roared Guyver Merc. “You fucking bastards have been giving me a hard time since my old cutthroat team of Merc’s back stabbed us all. But this fucking hero, as you view him, has acquired a Black Nova unit and refuses to give it to the ACTF we all protect and serve.

“Wait a second you green, son of a bitch, my sister has been turned into some creature while I was gone. So as far as I’m concerned, that unit is staying right where it is until I know what is happening to my sister. Got that fuck wit!?” Said Dreadnought.

“Jason, be careful of what you say,” said Warrior Guyver 2.

“Stephen, I don’t care, when it comes to my family, what the hell I say. Fact is this, last time she was turned against me you almost killed her, now I tell you all this, anyone that gets between me and her, I’ll view as my enemy and kill them if they touch Jenny. Zeugma, you’re excused, as clearly you care about her enough that you did not kill her, but please, all of you simply stay out of my way.”

“Well, big guy, you will get what you want for now, but Jason, there is always a cost in the long run,” said Warrior Guyver 2.

Guyver US sat back in disgust at what he heard. One of his best friends had seemingly turned on the people who had protected the USA for the better part of two years, whom he was also a member of. But the simple fact of the matter was, what could he do about it and what was he willing to do as his friend had some very strong reasons for doing this.

Twenty miles away, at the crash site, Alkanphel stood in his Zoalord Warrior form. He had been in mental contact with the satellite and was using it to get his first look at Dreadnought when it was destroyed. Beside him stood Kron, Guyver Powered Zerebubuse, Zygote Guyver, Shadow Guyver, Guyver 2, Guyver Zoanoid, an almost unwilling Guyver 4, Zoalord Damien Kane, Zoalord Alfrid Drano, and the Twin Zoalords Elmira and Elena. All around them then where countless Bio-Titan’s. Warrior Alkanphel readied himself for the coming battle, knowing that things could only now get worse.

Deep inside the ruined Clan Ship, wearing a Chronos exo-suite armour, Natasha, the top Chronos scientist, had made her way near to the control centre of the Relic. With her were Female Guyver 2, the Chinese hyper zoanoid Zariyan and Zoalord Zarfel, along with a large number of zoanoids, including hyper-zoanoids like Thancrus and Zektole, but the single most numerous type of zoanoid were the Overlords, whose telepathic powers where actually holding the Clan Ships passageways apart, allowing those inside to move about. Outside, a small purple female Guyver, code named “Guyver 4”, did not like the situation she was in at all. Her life had gone from bad to worse as far as she was concerned, and now she was in the middle of a desert, with countless zoanoids around her, and then, to make things even worse, she was up against a large powerful combined ACTF and EDF task force now, according to Alkanphel. Led by Dreadnought himself. The returning champion of the ACTF, who appeared out of nowhere, to fight Kron in China with a mysterious Female Warrior Guyver and then later to blow apart a Chronos Satellite. She was expected to help against that incredibly powerful being and then, to make matters a shit load worse, Chronos now knew about the Enforcer Kavzar and that she could command it. But what they did not fully comprehend was this, she was sent to spy on the Warrior Guyver, who was now Dreadnought. The Enforcer Kavzar was sent to protect her but not only that, he was also expressly told not to harm, in any way, the Warrior Guyver. So it obviously would do nothing whatsoever against Dreadnought, who was that very person. So she, who was only rated recently as being fifty percent more powerful than a standard Guyver, would be placed against a being reckoned to be twenty five times more powerful than a normal Guyver in the hope that her protector would kill him. But he would not, even if it meant her death. This was not good at all. Especially because Alkanphel was forcing her to do this and she could not back down because her own father was one of his zoalords and under his complete telepathic control.

Zygote Guyver was a complete mystery to all but Alkanphel, Kron and the twelve Elite Zoalords. They knew she was an alien Guyver, with a raw hate for the Creators that matched only Alkanphel’s. But no one knew the full story of this Guyver. Chronos only just trusted her. Kron and she had fought together to protect Chronos during one of their weaker moments in recent history. Kron himself had talked of her with Alkanphel, stating that she could be trusted. Alkanphel though, did not trust her. She might have fought with them, she may hate the Creators but, like the Grakken, she was a Guyver, an independent powerful being that does not share its true feelings unless it really wants to. To this date she had shared nothing. Not her background or history. Just that she hated the Creators. He knew she was a liability but at the moment she was plain and simply needed.

Above them then, the Ark itself was moving above Australia. Inside it the Navigator Zoalords and their leader Sasha readied themselves for the coming battle. The plan itself was simple. From orbit they would get revenge for the demise of the Australian ‘Eye Of Chronos’ and at the same time blow the ACTF and EDF forces off Australia, using the Ark’s massive weapon systems.

Alkanphel and Kron had yet to face Dreadnought in battle and simply put, did not think it was a sound tactical option to simply charge in and fight him as he’d already killed Guyver Zerebubuse, who was a fairly powerful being between the power range of Kron and Alkanphel. So they decided together that it would be best to test him off against a being they could afford to lose and that really they could not fully control and that was the Zygote Guyver.

Zygote Guyver was a little shocked, naturally, when she received the message from Alkanphel to attack and test Dreadnought. She stood beside the huge powerful form of the Guyver Powered Zerebubuse and wondered why he wasn’t picked. He is the single most powerful being in Chronos after all. She guessed she was being used to test the new form of the Warrior Guyver and knew from the fact that he defeated Guyver Zerabubuse, who was literally twice her power level, in a matter of minutes. Alkanphel must have little use for her to be using her in such a manner but clearly he cared less for her than Kron. Maybe it was because zoanoid type Guyvers seemed to be more trustworthy than her? That Powered Zerebubuse must have proven itself many times in the past for them to trust him so much. If she was to carry out her Creator’s revenge, she would have to prove herself to those zoanoids and zoalords.

Zygote Guyver activated her gravity controller and flew gracefully towards the front line of Chronos. Things where still relatively quite between the two sides after the past four days of battle. So when she appeared between both battle lines, it was immediately noticed by both sides Guyvers. Dreadnought looked at the others and remembered bitterly why he recognized this Guyver. “I know that bitch, she attacked me at ACTF DC before I got the Dreadnought armour, so guys I want her.”

“Jason, after what you just said, I hope she kicks your giant blue ass.”

“Philip, we all can’t have what we want, that not only includes you but that old fart Carter.”

Dreadnought then teleported away as Warrior Guyver 2 was about to give him a verbal. Dreadnought reappeared right before Zygote Guyver. Just as Warrior Guyver 2 was about to follow him, he found that he could not. Dreadnought was actively blocking all teleportations, to and from his new location. Zygote Guyver also realized this fact. Like Dreadnought, her unit had a very advanced scanning system and immediately sensed the fact she was blocked from teleporting. Her unit also told her about the being she was about to face in combat. It was an advanced mutation of the Warrior Unit merged with an unknown device, implanted into his control medal, along with the control medal of the War Relic. His power level was easily triple hers and her instinct now was to run. Dreadnought, on the other hand, was also fed information about Zygote Guyver. She was an unknown unit type and heavily merged with her host to produce her high power levels but even then she only managed to be at most 1/3 his base power level.

“So little girl Guyver, the tables are turned from the last time we met. You want another chance to test your abilities against mine, now that I am more powerful than you!?” said Dreadnought as he thought about relieving some of his stress by killing this apparent Chronos Guyver.

“Looks like I’ve little option but to face you Warrior Guyver.”

“It’s Dreadnought now.”

As Dreadnought announced his name, his control medal glowed and his centre head beam fired a quantum beam blast at Zygote Guyver. Zygote Guyvers’ shield activated just in time as the beam hit her, it had easily the power of a Guyvers mega-smash, concentrated into a fine point. Zygote Guyver held the blast off with her shield but Dreadnought did not just stand still. In a blinding flash of speed, he seemed to almost teleport as he appeared right before Zygote Guyver. A second, later Zygote Guyver was power punched into the air and sent flying for over a kilometre. Thankfully for Zygote Guyver, she was almost landing on top of the best zoanoid type of Chronos, the Bio-Titan. It recognized the Zygote Guyver and jumped up to catch her, giving her a soft landing. She could not have hoped for something better, considering her stomach area was literally obliterated by Dreadnoughts power punch and leaving a hole where there once was bio-material and intestines. If not for the fact she already had her shield activated, she’d be dead now. Not giving her a chance to recover, Dreadnought had already caught up to her and simply did not stop as he smashed into the couple with his omni-directional shield. Zygote Guyver was once again knocked into the air as the Bio-Titan was blasted apart by five pressure cannon blasts, fired at once. The remains of the Bio-Titan splattered around them as Zygote Guyver landed with a thud, her still open wound spreading blood and bio-material onto the ground around her.

Around Zygote Guyver, a number of hyper-zoanoids where coming to her aid as she looked up to see laser and bio-energy blasts heading towards Dreadnoughts location. A second or so later, a huge number of gravity balls flew over head. The zoanoids stopped firing, she could guess they where dead now and soon so would she as she could sense Dreadnought slowly walking towards her. The perfect union of Guyver and human, which was Zygote Guyver, suddenly showed her human side as she started to cry and curled up into a ball. Dreadnought, still hyped by the fight, closed in for the kill. This Chronos Guyver was going to get what she deserved as he saw it and he clasped his hands together and slowly moved them apart, allowing a gravity ball to charge between his hands. But Dreadnought did not expect to find her curled up like a baby, lying on the dirt. The sudden realization that not all his opponents where hardened warriors took the will to fight this Guyver right out of him. But she was still an enemy of ACTF and deserved no mercy, especially after she helped setup the escape of that scumbag Martin. But Dreadnought truly did not like the idea of destroying Zygote Guyver anymore. It was one thing to kill someone in battle. That was a pure survival issue. But when his target lay before him on the ground, helpless and crying, that was a total different matter. The dark ball of energy between Dreadnought’s hands disappeared genteelly and he then reached down and grabbed Zygote Guyver by her shoulder pods and lifted her high off the ground, as she still held onto her stomach. He easily stood over three feet taller than her and held her up so she was eye level with him.

“Listen girl, I will not kill you today but if you ever attack me or my friends again, I’ll not be so merciful next time,” said Dreadnought

Zygote Guyver said nothing and only nodded. To her Creator, if she was still alive, he would be seen as the ultimate perversion of the Guyver species. Way too dangerous to go against in the future and an ally that she would have to make if she was to succeed in her Creators plan. Then in a rare expression of kindness to an enemy, Dreadnought’s Matrix glowed as he healed Zygote Guyver’s wound. Zygote Guyver was so shocked by this action that when Dreadnought released her, she simply fell to the ground without any control and landed on her backside. Up to that moment, Zygote Guyver expected to be killed by the merciless ACTF Guyver but instead he’d shown her mercy. She stood up rather awkwardly and looked up into the pink glowing eyes of Dreadnought. Dreadnought could sense that something was not quite right here but could not put his finger on it. Why did Chronos send her by herself into the middle of a war zone and not give her any real backup when he attacked her? It was not like she seemed to be winning at any stage of their one minute long battle and in Guyver terms a minute long battle can be a lifetime. He could sense Guyver Powered Zerebubuse some distance away, along with Warrior Alkanphel, and yet neither one of them came to help her. Considering that even though he could block their teleportation, they should have still flown to her aid in a matter of seconds. It was not only Dreadnought that wondered this but so did Zygote Guyver.

This question would have to be answered later as right in front of Dreadnought, a red crystalline vibrational sword literally cut an opening in reality, opening up a passageway. Both his and Zygote Guyvers’ head sensors moved back and forward, trying to gather as much information as possible as a red crystalline Guyver walked out from the tear. Dreadnought instantly recognized the form of this new looking Guyver. It was Psi-Guyver, his sister. Almost every part of her was transparent red crystal, apart from her control medal which still looked normal. Zygote Guyver turned around to see what had appeared behind her. She sensed that this being was no longer a Guyver as she knew it and it did not know fully what it was. But what she did know was that it was incredibly powerful and could even possibly rival Dreadnought. As this thing started to walk towards them, she felt Dreadnoughts hands once again pick her up. Quickly he placed her behind him. Dreadnought did not like at all what his senses where telling him about this new threat. This being, that was once Jenny, was incredibly dangerous. Even as she walked towards him, Dreadnought could sense the life that infested the soil die as she walked towards him. She had literally become death.

About a mile away, Alkanphel and Kron looked on in amazement at the new being. They had heard about this new being from Damien Kane and Shadow Guyver. This thing stopped Kane’s attack on the ACTF HQ and both Alkanphel and Kron suspected this to be Jenny O’Conner. She had been missing for a number of days. They had heard rumours from intercepted ACTF HQ communiqués that she was sick, something very worrying to Chronos as Guyvers do not get sick and such an illness to the Guyver species could infect the Guyvers that Chronos own. Now they had the answer, she was infected with some sort of parasitic crystal. This pleased Alkanphel as he realized now that Dreadnought would be preoccupied with this being and not his Chronos forces.

Dreadnought could hear Zygote Guyver say the word “Crystallite” as she walked slowly out from behind his back. That must be the code name Chronos had given Jenny’s new form. She seemed to nod her approval to the fact. Dreadnought did not want to fight his sister, Zygote Guyver did not want to be there, and Crystallite showed very simply what she wanted as she then raised her hands into the air, as her body seemed to burn before them with an aura of fire that then collected into a fire ball between her hands. Dreadnought gulped and a second later he was basted by Crystallites’ fireball. The blast sent Dreadnought flying backwards against a bolder, which was cracked by the impact. Zygote Guyver turned for only a second to look at Dreadnought flying towards the bolder when he sensed that Crystallite was about to fire one of those fireballs at her. Zygote Guyver did not want to just stand around and wait to be killed this time. The red bio-crystals on her body fired three laser beams towards Crystallite, but she simply stood there and did nothing as the three beams hit harmlessly off her. Crystallite then let go of the fire ball in her hand and a second later, Dreadnought, just as he was about to stand up, was greeted by a burning Zygote Guyver, who crashed into him, sending him back with such force that once again he crashed into the bolder .

The sudden arrival of Crystallite did not change the plans of the ACTF and EDF Forces. Over three hundred particle beam cannons, teamed side by side, opened fire, timed perfectly with the Warrior Guyver 2, Angel and Zeus to create a massive blast that ripped right through the Chronos battle lines, wiping out five percent of the Chronos zoanoid forces and sending another ten percent into complete disarray. But disarray was not something that lasted in the Chronos army as the Zoalords took control, a moment later the Bio-Titan’s returned fire and the dangerous game of obliteration continued with Dreadnought, Zygote Guyver and Crystallite caught right in the middle. . .

Way above them, the Ark received orders to obliterate Crystallite and Dreadnought. From the control centre of the Ark, Sasha could sense that Zygote Guyver was right between her two targets and would be caught between them when she fired, but Chronos training told her never to question an order from those above her in any way. At the very front of the Ark, a pod opened up and revealed an immense dark crystal. Moments later it began to glow brighter and brighter as energy started to collect within it.

Dreadnought stood up, holding the burning Zygote Guyver in his arms. He realized that it was not like fire as people would know it. The flames where literally from Crystallite’s burning red aura and using that fireball attack, he could sense her feeding off the living bio-energy of Zygote Guyver. Dreadnoughts’ omni-directional shield activated and surrounded both him and Zygote Guyver, cutting off the aura connection between the burning red Crystallite and her victim. The red flames that covered Zygote Guyver ceased to burn. Dreadnought knew that she would only get hurt again but wondered was she really worth the effort of trying to save. But Dreadnought was not an evil person and he knew he’d never forgive himself if he let this Guyver die without fully knowing what her story was. A kilometre away, Zeugma felt the call from Dreadnought to help him get Zygote Guyver out of the war zone. Zeugma wondered for a second what did he mean by helping a Chronos Guyver to escape out of the war zone. But she knew he’d had to have a good reason for such a request. Anyway, if she where to attack her, Zeugma would show her that it would be the last mistake that Guyver ever made.

Zeugma teleported in behind Dreadnought, immediately feeling the presence of Crystallite, who quickly turned his back on his sister. Focussing his omni-directional shield towards his wayward sister. Zeugma reached out her arms as Dreadnought bent down and dropped Zygote Guyver. He then turned once again to face his sister. Zeugma waited a moment to ponder how the situation would go. She could not stop the carnage of Crystallite and simply did not know if Dreadnought could either. But if some one could it would be him. Dreadnought’s shoulder pods, chest and abdomen simmered as his five gravity orbs glowed and collected energy, she assumed he’d use to shield himself. A moment later, a shocked Zeugma looked on as Dreadnought fired a gravitational force wave at Crystallite, hitting her with such force that it cracked a number of her body crystals and sent her flying towards the Chronos battle lines. Dreadnoughts’ back thrusters ignited and he was gone. Zeugma stood there for another few seconds as a tear rolled down her left cheek. Then she too departed from this now lifeless spot of Earth and teleported away, taking Zygote Guyver with her. . .

A team of a Neo-Zektole and a Bio-Titan patrolled the front of the Chronos battle lines as Crystallite fractured body slammed onto the dirt ahead of them. The two zoanoids ran towards the fallen being, but then both zoanoids exploded, sending their splattered flesh and blood flying all over the place. Dreadnought stopped right in front of Crystallite as she stood up. She had a large number of cracks all over body that shattered the illusion of her being see through. Under the red crystal, the human form of Jenny showed herself. Dreadnought felt slightly relieved, seeing his sister clearly under that red crystalline material but it was only for a moment. The life around her was dying and Dreadnought could sense that clearly as Crystallite rapidly rebuilt her energy reserves. Her cracked body ignited once again with its fiery red aura and once again the human form of Jenny disappeared into the body of her Crystallite form. Particle beams from ACTF and EDF force Particle Cannons and Bio-Smasher blasts from Chronos Bio-Titan’s and Neo-Zektoles fired around Dreadnought and Crystallite as they both seemed to be about to leap at each other when suddenly the sky above them lit in a blinding white light. The light intensified around the two combatants, burning the landscape and setting what little vegetation was around them in flames. It did not take long before Dreadnought was forced to point his omni-directional shield to be redirected above him and to activate his barrier shield. Crystallite’s burning aura intensified around her, surrounding both her and Dreadnought. From under his dual layered shielding, Dreadnought could sense the fact that Crystallites’ aura was acting like a shield. Protecting her from the burning light that he now knew was coming from out in space. A kilometre away, Warrior Guyver 2, Angel, Zeus and the other members of the ACTF and EDF forces looked on as a large pulse fired down the beam of light towards Dreadnought and Crystallite. It only took a second for that pulse to reach the ground and its devastating results where literally felt by the front lines of both fighting forces as the beam, with the combined power of twenty Guyver mega-smashers, hit the Earth. Dreadnought was no fool and teleported out of the wave of destruction as his shielding began to fail, followed closely by Crystallite. Both beings had teleported high above the Earth, effectively in outer space, and within striking distance of the Ark itself.

Dreadnought had never liked the Ark and now he hated it. That ship was nothing but bad news since he attacked it and was blown apart. Now his sister was turned into God knows what and they had both been attacked by the Ark itself. Inside the great ship, Sasha sent a message to Alkanphel that Dreadnought and Crystallite had survived the Ark’s attack and were quite possibly about to counter attack. . .

Washington DC ACTF base

Fiona had only been on this Earth for thirty minutes and already she was sick of being here. She did not want to be in the middle of an army base that seemed to be dependant on her for support yet its commander hated her husband. She now stood in front of the bio-tube that held the unconscious form of the Zoalord Elera. This girl Zoalord had faced a Chronos Zoalord twice her power level and somehow managed to hold him off until Jenny ripped her to bits.

Unknown to the newest Warrior Guyver, outside the base, hovering high in the air, was the cloaked form of Tonnin. This being was Chronos’ returning Beast Master and was quite simply now one of the three most powerful beings in Chronos. Tonnin was once a member of the Proto Zoalord’s in charge of Europe. But when the Creators returned to Earth for the first time in over two million years, they destroyed almost all of the zoanoids in Europe and captured him. They then recently converted him into a new type of Kavzar warrior, with the intention of killing off Alkanphel. But they had not counted on the genius of Alkanphel and Valkus. They had included a fail safe in the new Proto-Zoalord design that allowed Alkanphel to retake control of Tonnin. Now a modern advanced Creator enhanced warrior, Tonnin is one of the three most powerful beings of Chronos and probably the most advanced warrior they have that is capable of taking on and beating Dreadnought. With Tonnin were two Bio-Titans. His advanced cloaking field easily covered them all, making them invisible to the naked eye and to any means of detection including radar and Guyver head sensors. But as he floated there, ready to cause chaos for the remaining ACTF forces, he felt the order from Alkanphel to teleport to the Ark and to defend it from Crystallite and Dreadnought. If Tonnin could smile he would have, he wanted to defeat Dreadnought and show he was truly the most advanced being ever created. He teleported away, leaving his two Bio-Titans without the protection of his cloak and letting them become visible, for all to see and sensors to scan.

Fiona was shocked and did not know why her unit activated without her command as the floor below her was indented by the shape of her blast field. Her control medal glowed and her unit’s air vents blasted out air as her head sensors informed her, of why her unit had activated. Less than a kilometre away, two Bio-Titans were hovering above the base. She though, could only guess that they where powerful zoanoids as this was simply the first time she had sensed the Bio-Titan type zoanoid.

The Ark – Orbiting high above the Earth over Australia

Tonnin teleported into the middle of the Ark, only a couple of feet away from the command tower itself. There, in front of him, was Sasha sitting, in her zoalord form, on Alkanphel’s command chair, showing that she was the command Zoalord of this group of zoalords. Tonnin respected Sasha and this group of Navigator Class Zoalords, as they where designed solely for navigating and maintaining the Ark. A job that they all took incredibly seriously, operating the great ship so efficiently that they where earning the respect of the other zoalords of Chronos. Sasha immediately recognized the being before her. It was Tonnin, the prodigal son of Chronos who had returned to kill Alkanphel for the bastard Creators and now one of their greatest hopes to defeat them. Sasha did not want to insult a person who would clearly be joining the Master Zoalords ranks and floated down to him but did not bow to him.

“Sasha, what is the status of Dreadnought and Crystallite?” Asked Tonnin.

“They are closing extremely fast and will be here in a matter of seconds,” reported Sasha.

A movement later, the Ark shook slightly as outside Crystallite bounced off its protective force shield and sent flying uncontrollably out into outer space. Dreadnought stopped only a few millimetres away from the shield and quickly turned around while moving backwards so he was looking towards Crystallite. Crystallite regained her bearings as Dreadnought was about to power punch her and she quickly ducked below his arm and rammed a forward pointing spike of crystal into his armpit with such force that it ripped through his shoulder bone and up and out through the right shield crystal pod. Dreadnought activated all five of his gravity controllers, pulling himself away from Crystallite and flew back some twenty feet away from her, giving him the needed seconds to comprehend what had just happened. The same crystals that covered Jenny had also infected his unit. So what would normally be a quick and easy thing to heal now became an unknown threat to his survival as his shoulder was simply not healing from what should be only a scratch to a being with high healing powers like him. Crystallite seemed to smell blood and now closed in to feast on the huge energy reserves of Dreadnought.

Washington DC ACTF HQ

The two Bio-Titan’s landed in the middle of the parking lot of the ACTF base. A mile away, two Particle Cannons charged, ready to blast the two hyper-zoanoids but where simply outclassed as the Bio-Titan’s fired first. Two mega-smasher like blasts fired, both equal in power to a standard Guyvers, hitting the two cannons right on target. For a second it seemed like the two cannons shields were holding the energy beams back but that idea disappeared as the blast broke through, vaporizing a great big hole through the middle of both trucks. Both trucks exploded, sending a shock wave flying out, smashing every car window for a mile around except for the reinforced plexi-glass of the ACTF Building itself. At the opposite side of the building, two other Particle Cannons came into view. Already fully charged, both of these cannons fired, blowing apart over one hundred cars before the two huge beams even reached the two Bio-Titans, and then hitting against their shields. But unlike the previous two destroyed cannons, even a single Bio-Titan’s shield was capable of withstanding both cannons alone and their shields held off the attack from both cannons with ease.

If they still had a mouth in their zoanoid forms the Bio-Titan’s would now have had a sadistic smile on their faces as they charged up their bio-crystals, ready to blast the next two cannon’s off of the face of the Earth. It was then that behind the lead Bio-Titan appeared Female Warrior Guyver. She already had her arm vibrational swords extended and, using surprise to her advantage, sliced the closer of the two Bio-Titans into two parts, separating the upper torso from its hips and legs. The Bio-Titan fell into a heap before her as the other one turned towards her and fired. Her barrier shield immediately surrounded her as the blast hit, enveloping her shield in destructive energy, as it continued on towards the city centre, hitting at least one large office block building.

Female Warrior Guyver could sense the large office building some mile or so away begin to fall apart and almost let her guard down as she thought of all the dead and dying that would be in that building. But she quickly realized that the longer she let this fight go on, the more people that would be hurt. Her gravity controller activated and her barrier shield expanded with the dark swirling energy from the pressure cannon. So when the Bio-Titan’s blast cleared, its eyes gave away that fact that it was shocked to still see a large black sphere where once stood Female Warrior Guyver. A second later the shock was literally blasted away as its body was completely obliterated by a giant sized gravity ball. Behind her though, the other Bio-Titan was far from dead and was about to fire when a large gravity ball hit, obliterating it before it had the chance to attack Female Warrior Guyver, who only turned around in time to see a large blue Guyver disappear. She shook her head wondering who the hell was that, then shrugged her shoulders and started to walk back towards the ACTF Building.

Central Australia-Clan ship crash site

With Zeugma back to full strength and Dreadnought keeping Crystallite at bay, Angel, Guardian and Zeus all knew that they could now take the fight to Chronos and cause them some very serious hurt. Both Guyvers quickly communicated their plan to teleport right into the middle of the Chronos Battle lines and draw out the heavy hitters like Kron and Guyver Powered Zerebubuse and finish them off. Finally starting what they all wanted, the final destruction of Chronos. Zeugma would stay with Warrior Guyver 2, Guyver US Aceaer, Battle Guyver Aceaer, and Guyver Merc and shore up the ACTF battle lines unless things went south for the 3 more powerful Guyvers. Cyber Guyver had two jobs, 1 to keep an eye on Zygote Guyver and ensure that she takes no part in any more fighting and 2, to keep an active line of communication with the Guyvers and the ACTF + EDF forces as Cyber Guyver was the only Guyver who could do that since he was based on Human and Creator technology.

Three seconds later, Guardian appeared between a battle group of countless zoanoids. Her two bio-whips quickly latched onto a Bio-Titan and a Neo-Zektole and started to both electrocute and crush them at the same time. Then right in front of her another Neo-Zektole blasted her with his head beam as another Bio-Titan opened fire behind the Neo-Zektole. The Neo-Zektole already knew of the attack behind it and surrounded itself with a specially designed shield made to allow the energy of a Guyver’s mega-smasher blast to flow around it without damaging the zoanoid. So, as the bio-smasher blast hit the shield of the Neo-Zektole, it harmlessly passed by, hitting Guardian and smothering her with pure destructive energy. But as the mega-smasher covered Guardian with energy, the fact the two imprisoned zoanoids where not freed, in anyway, and where still being crushed to death should have let the zoanoids know they where still in deep shit. But as the zoanoids cheered, the blast cleared and there stood Guardian with her two mega-smasher plates open. Neo-Zektole stopped cheering and surrounded himself with his shield once again. Moments later it was his turn once again to be hit by a mega-smasher class weapon. He survived long enough for the blast to consume and kill the Bio-Titan behind him first but the destructive energies of Guardian’s mega-smashers overpowered his shield and killed him and a large number of other Neo class hyper zoanoids behind him.

Moments later, Zeus and Angel appeared above Guardian, both with their hyper-smashers open. Kilometres away Alkanphel looked on with distain as more of his precious neo-hyper zoanoids where killed off. “Kron, take Guyver Powered Zerebubuse and Guyver 4 with you and kill those three now”, ordered Alkanphel as he turned to his second in command. Kron simply bowed and teleported himself and the two Guyvers into battle.

The Ark – Orbiting high above the Earth over Australia

The Ark’s shield shimmered as a burning meteorite simply phased right through them, followed by the burning meteorite slamming off the hardened thick skin of the Ark itself. A second later, another burning meteorite flew through the shield of the Ark but this time the second meteorite stopped just above the Ark’s outer layer. Then, as the burning meteorite hovered in the same location above the Ark, the flames that covered it cleared and its famine humanoid form could clearly be seen. There before her lay a burning and charred Dreadnought, his unit blackened and still burning from her assault. Under his unit, Jason was almost unconscious from the pain and loss of bio-energy. But Jason had always been a stubborn bastard and simply never knew when to give up. Dreadnought’s control medal glowed as it finally figured out how to counter the crystal infection. His pink eyes glowed, followed by a sudden sense of awareness, and within a millisecond Crystallite found herself slamming off the inside of the Ark’s shield. Dreadnought floated where Crystallite had been seemingly gloating at him as he burned a moment before. The flames around his body stopped burning and the red glowing crystal that had infected his body turned black, cracked and was ejected from his body.

Dreadnought followed the falling form of Crystallite as she hit off the Ark. The pyramid orbs on Dreadnoughts’ body glowed as he readied himself for round two with his sister. Then, as the boosters on his back fired and he closed in on Crystallite, Dreadnought suddenly sensed a massive energy surge coming his way but it was too late for him to do anything about it. He had two choices, teleport away and let the powerful beam go on to destroy Crystallite and thus let his sister die, or take the brunt of the attack and give Crystallite a chance to get out of the way. For Jason, there really wasn’t much choice as he hadn’t given up hope yet of saving his sister. So within the blink of an eye, from the time he had first sensed the coming blast, Dreadnought found himself disintegrating as he felt the full destructive power of Tonnin’s hyper-smash. Tonnin looked on, gloating as Dreadnought was sent hurtling towards the Earth and turned around to face Crystallite, only to discover she was gone. . .

Hyper-space, an energy-filled realm where the Guyver unit’s rest when they’re dormant or in the case of Warrior Units when they need to be repaired. There appeared Dreadnought’s gigantic sized pyramid control medal and a burnt humanoid corpse.

Central Australia-Clan ship crash site

Female Warrior Guyver appeared above the battle scene, ready to jump head first into the fight. She smiled when Guyver 5 Aceaer asked her to come here and fight. The atmosphere of that ACTF base seemed like poison to her and she was so desperate to get away that she did not realize what she had volunteered for. Below her raged a huge epic battle between the forces of the EDF, combined with the ACTF, against the zoanoid forces of Chronos. She quickly focused on the main hot spot of the battle where Guyver Powered Zerebubuse, Kron and Guyver 4 where fighting Angel, Zeus and Guardian. From what she could see and sense, the weakest Guyver, Guyver 4, was staying out of the battle while the two more powerful Chronos fighters where fighting Angel, Zeus and Guardian.

The fight was still at a stalemate really, though Guyver Powered Zerebubuse was twice the power of any Guyver he was fighting, but, with Angel and Guardian acting together, they where able to out manoeuvre him and stay out of his deadly reach. Zeus was once again battling Kron as the two warriors continued there bitter rivalry. Female Warrior Guyver took a second or so to decide what to do but it was a simple choice in the end when Warrior Guyver 2 called to her and told her to take the Guyver 4 out. She realized there and then that she did not know which one was the Guyver 4, so sent back a simple message to Warrior Guyver 2.

“Which one is Guyver 4, the female Purple one or the other big ones?”

Warrior Guyver 2 who was about to kill a Neo-Zektole stopped for a second as he realized Female Warrior Guyver knew completely nothing about who she had to fight. This proved to be a costly mistake as the Neo-Zektole concentrated all of his fire power on Warrior Guyver 2’s right arm and proceeded to blast it off him. Warrior Guyver 2 screamed in pain and held the stub where his arm once was. Before Warrior Guyver 2 had a chance to get any sort of revenge, the Neo-Zektole was telekinetically flung against another Neo-Zektole and then both Neo-Zektole’s where incinerated by a powerful energy ball from Zeugma. Warrior Guyver 2 took this chance to answer Female Warrior Guyver’s question as he picked up his wayward arm and placed the burned stump against his shoulder, then finally answered

“Get the purple female Guyver.”

Angel just ducked in time, below Guyver Powered Zerebubuse’s right arm, as Guardian jumped over it and managed to kick Guyver Powered Zerebubuse in the face, knocking the great beast back a few feet. This was no small achievement considering Guyver Powered Zerebubuse was literally over twice as tall as Guardian. Under her armour, Faye was on a rush now that she could only get from fighting something her unit told her was four times her power level and she loved this fact, why fight unless the fight was a real challenge? Angel fought simply for revenge and got some as she sent an electrified gravity ball slamming off the chest of the Guyver Powered Zerebubuse, though it only seemed to piss him off as he raised his left arm towards her and attempted to blast her to bits. Luckily Angel was no fool and faster than this big beast. So she ducked below its arm, allowing it to blast apart a huge section of the Chronos zoanoid battle line and killing, strangely enough, mostly other Powered Zerebubuses, it almost made her laugh but quickly controlled the urge as she back flipped out of the way of his right arm and those hyper-vibrational swords of his followed a second later by a flicker of Angel’s shield as she protected herself from the powerful vibrational wake.

Less that a kilometre away, Guyver 4 simply stood back from the battle and letting the others fight. She did not like war in anyway, which was really an understatement considering that in front of her battled beings ten times to twenty times plus more powerful than her, that could kill her in a heart beat. Though she realized that was probably what Alkanphel wanted. He hoped that when she was attacked that her protector would come to the rescue and kill an ACTF Guyver or two in the process. She knew she was simply bait. Then her head sensors, which had been overloading her mind with information, focused on the signal of the Warrior Guyver. She stood there socked, hoping that of all people that he would not be after her, but as Warrior Guyver flew toward her direction, she dreaded what was about to happen. Dread then turned to anger, anger led to raw hate, how dare Alkanphel do this to her? Guyver 4’s control medal glowed as she sensed a massive barrier shield flying towards her direction. At the last moment before impact, she back flipped up into the air. This let a Zerebubuse catch the barrier shield attack instead, which blew it to bits.

Guyver 4 landed behind a Neo-Zektole as the Warrior Guyver landed. Guyver 4 had met the Warrior Guyver briefly before and this Guyver was not a him, but a woman. How the hell did that one get by Chronos without her hearing about it?

The Neo-Zektole in front of her extended its two forward pointing vibrational swords and ran towards Female Warrior Guyver. She extended her arm swords as Neo-Zektole went to slice her head off, as behind her a Bio-Titan went to stab her in the back. Female Warrior Guyver turned to her side, parried the Bio-titan’s attack but missed the Neo-Zektoles blade as it ducked below her swipe and stabbed her in her left hand side, just below the rib cage, then right through her intestines and right out through her right hand side ribs, puncturing her right lung. Instantly she coughed up blood and bio-material as she fell to her knees, holding her stomach at the same time as Neo-Zektole extracted his vibrational sword from her. The Bio-Titan walked up to Female Warrior Guyver and kneed her in the face, knocking her flat on her back, but not before her unit reflex fired its head beam and burned a hole through the Bio-Titan’s leg. The Bio-Titan yells, “Argh. . . You fucken Guyver Bitch”, before it then blasts a fist size hole through her stomach with a quick one handed bio-energy plasma pulse blast. Female Warrior Guyver could no longer even speak as she raised her right arm, with her hand outstretched, looking like she was pleading for mercy but it was not something built into the genetic mind set of Neo-Zektole and Bio-Titan zoanoids.

The Bio-Titan extended his other vibrational sword and swung for a killing blow to Female Warrior Guyvers’ Control Medal but her unit reacted instinctively and extended the forward sword of her outstretched arm, as well as all her other blades, and parried the blow but Bio-Titan was not to be denied and quickly sliced off the offending arm with his other sword, quickly followed by both of her legs. Female Warrior Guyver fell back in shock, her eyes just catching a glimpse of Guyver 4 as she started to black out from the pain and blood loss. The Bio-Titan and Neo-Zektole stood beside each other, over the now helpless Female Warrior Guyver. Fiona knew she was way over her head in open warfare against multiple high powered zoanoids and cursed herself for thinking she could handle something like this without any serious training.

The Neo Zektole then spoke to her, “Nice try girl but you’re still going to die.” As it stepped back to let the Bio-Titan finish her off, as it again prepared to impale her Control Medal with its sword.

Fiona knew she was about to die when suddenly, from hyper-space, she heard someone screaming <“NOOOOO!”>. Her head sensors twitched as a massive barrier shield appeared only a few feet away from her. Out of the disruption appeared the fist of Dreadnought, already charged with energy swirling around it. Before the Bio-Titan had a chance to react, it was blasted to bits.

Dreadnought now stood over his fallen wife and quickly noticed the Neo-Zektole opening the laser pods on both of its arms, as it was about to attempt to finish off his wife. But before it got the opportunity to do so, Dreadnoughts’ omni-directional shield activated and extended out to cover Female Warrior Guyver just as Neo-Zektole fired. The six deadly beams hit Dreadnoughts shield, though weakened from being extended, it proved more than powerful enough to deflect Neo-Zektole’s attack.

Another two Bio-Titans nearby, on opposite sides of Dreadnought, had noticed Dreadnought’s return and had already charged up their bio-smashers and now fired on him with their combined power, but this too was easily deflected by Dreadnought’s shield. Unfortunately for the Bio-Titans, this attack had done nothing more than annoy an already pissed off Dreadnought. A mere second later, Dreadnought had his arms outstretched towards the Bio-Titans and without turning to look at his target, dropped his shield and fired two separate, single handed, power wave beams that obliterated the Bio-Titans and several other hyper zoanoids behind them.

Neo Zektole was now terrified as he witnessed this and realized with cold dread that Dreadnought had not for an instant taken his eyes off of him. Before the Neo-Zektole could even begin to think of what to do, Dreadnought, with lightning speed, snapped both arms forward and fired all his head and arm beams simultaneously, blasting foot wide holes through Neo-Zektole’s head, effectively decapitating him, chest and blasting off its right arm, followed a second later by a telekinetic blast that sent the hyper zoanoid flying, as if shot from a cannon, through the air, away from Dreadnought and his wife. Dreadnought knew that was not enough to kill a Neo-Class zoanoid, thanks to its enhanced hyper regeneration ability, but he did not have time to totally obliterate it just yet and wanted it to suffer a bit first anyway.

Meanwhile, other zoanoids where now coming to attack him and his wife, which was something he would not allow. His body lit with a blue flaming aura, as he held his hand before his chest. Summoning his aura into a condensed flaming cylinder, emanating from the palm of his hand. Dreadnought’s control medal flared as he raised his arm then and slammed the cylinder off the ground. Within a second of this action, a powerful blue solution shock wave emanated from Dreadnought, blasting all zoanoids, within a kilometre, away from Dreadnought and Female Warrior Guyver.

Female Warrior Guyver had already stopped bleeding from the stump of her arm and legs, as Dreadnought now calmly picked up her severed arm and legs. Dreadnought could sense the zoanoid army regrouping and running towards him. But then, to his surprise, they stopped and pulled back. As he bent down to help up Female Warrior Guyver, he and the other Guyvers received a message from Cyber Guyver that the ACTF forces where pulling back, Chronos seemed to be doing likewise and where backing away from the battle, but he was not about to stop fighting, no one sets up Fiona to take a fall like that and escapes lightly.

Guyver 4 had not been affected by the aura blast from Dreadnought and was quietly walking away when the air before her shimmered and there appeared Dreadnought. Before she could even say a word, Dreadnought grabbed her by her neck and was lifting her off the ground.

“You should not have set up my wife you stupid girl”, said Dreadnought. The iciness of his tone was shocking to Guyver 4. She’d read countless reports on Jason and never knew he could sound this cold.

“I….. did not….. Attack her”, said Guyver 4 as she struggled to breath.

“You’re on the wrong side of Chronos then bitch. You should have tried to save her you fucking dismal excuse for a Guyver.”

“I…. did not …. want to be a Guyver.”

“Tough luck girl. When you just sat on your purple behind and let her take the heat, then you crossed the line.”

Zeus, Zeugma and Angel had stopped fighting after Kron teleported himself and Guyver Powered Zerebubuse away and where now walking toward Dreadnought, whose arrival seemed to turn the tide of Chronos aggression. Angel recognized the type of Guyver that Dreadnought held in his hand. It was an Assassin Class Guyver. One of the few successful Unit-G projects the Creators brought back from Earth all those millions of years ago. They where rarely used and only by Creator/Human hybrids, the only type of host which they worked on. How Angle knew this, she did not know but she knew something like this Guyver should not be just killed off on a whim, even if it was by a pissed off Dreadnought.

“Zeugma, you have to stop him from killing that Guyver,” said Angel.

This surprised both Zeus and Zeugma, who never thought more of this Guyver than some simple Chronos lap dog.

“Why?” asked Zeugma.

“Because she is part Creator and would be a useful ally considering we have a Creator fleet orbiting so close to this planet,” answered Angel.

“Part Creator?” said Zeugma to herself. This surprised the Master Zoalord, she never thought she’d be asked to ever save a Creator again for the rest of her life and only now to be asked to stop Dreadnought from killing one.

Dreadnought was about to focus a gravity ball into his left hand and obliterate Guyver 4’s head and control medal, killing the Guyver. It was just as his abdomen gravity controller glowed that he felt Zeugma touch his mind with the simple message not to kill that Guyver.

Dreadnought was totally confused by this, why would Zeugma be concerned about this Guyver? But she was obviously concerned for a reason and for the second time, within two hours, Dreadnought released a Chronos Guyver, letting Guyver 4 fall to the ground.

Guyver 4 stood up as Zeus, Zeugma and Angel walked up beside Dreadnought. How things had turned since Guyver 4 last met Warrior Guyver and Warrior Guyver 3. Back then Chronos had Kron, Zygote Guyver, Guyver Zerebubuse and Powered Guyver Zerebubuse, who protected her while there was no single Guyver or being on Earth that could take them. Now there was four that she knew of and all four stood before one of the weakest Chronos Guyvers. . .

Two miles away, thanks to his enhanced eyesight, one of the most powerful Disciple Zoalords, Alfrid Drano, looked on in horror at his own daughter being at the mercy of the four most powerful beings that opposed Chronos.

“Sir, we have to rescue her!” Said Zoalord Drano as he turned to Alkanphel.

“I’ve already instructed the Ark to teleport her out of there but Dreadnought will not allow it,” said Alkanphel.

“Then I’ll force him to allow it master,” said Drano.

“You’ll do no such thing Drano, Dreadnought could have killed her but already has let her go and would not do such a thing unless he wanted her to live.”

“I will do as you order, my master,” said Drano as he bowed.

Alkanphel said no more to his disciple zoalord and waited as he observed Dreadnought and the other Guyvers deal with Guyver 4. Other things now occupied the thoughts of the master zoalord. Chronos lost a lot of Neo-Class zoanoids against the Guyvers and combined ACTF and EDF forces. He had protected these zoanoids from serious battle until now but that Clan Ship was simply too important to just leave to the ACTF, even more important than the secrets that Guyver 4 could contain. . .

Guyver 4 stood up and looked at those in front of her. She recognized them all from Chronos data files. Dreadnought, the Guyver the Creators sent her here to observe, Zeugma, a master Zoalord created by the Creators themselves, Zeus, an ex Chronos operative named Agito Makishima, and Angel, an unknown really. Chronos did not know much about its host yet, though the fact she hated Guyver Powered Zerebubuse was no secret. Then another Guyver came up behind them, it was Female Warrior Guyver, her arm and leg where now reattached to her body and the only sign that they’re ever cut off, was a tiny line that circled the point where they had been cut off. But it would not be long before there would be no sign that she was ever injured apart from her shredded clothing under her bio-armour. Guyver 4 said nothing and took a lesson from her farther, don’t talk unless spoken too. The last thing she needed was to anger these five beings.

<Jason, what happened with Jenny?> Asked a concerned Female Warrior Guyver, through a direct link between her unit and Jason’s.

said Dreadnought

asked Female Warrior Guyver.

Answered Dreadnought.

As Female Warrior Guyver walked up to the side of Dreadnought, Zeus decided to start the questioning of a Guyver he had first seen lying on a couch in the managing director’s office of Chronos Texas.

“So who are you Guyver 4?” asks Zeus.

“I don’t think I should tell you that,” said a clearly frightened Guyver 4. Even through the normal distortion from speaking through her unit, all the Guyver listening to her could clearly hear her speak with a very frightened tone.

“Sorry to butt in Zeus, but listen girl, your Chronos friends are not going to help you, they can’t teleport you away nor can anyone teleport in to rescue you. Alkanphel and all of the other Chronos Guyvers and Zoalords, are running that way away from us. They’re not coming to your rescue and like Zygote Guyver. I don’t think they give a shit, what the hell happens to a ‘human Guyver’ girl.” Said Dreadnought.

“You lie, my fath…. em, they’d just not do that,” said Guyver 4.

“Your father?” said Dreadnought.

“No, I did not stay that,” said Guyver 4.

“Yes you did,” said Zeus. “Only one of the Zoalords here has a daughter and that is Zoalord Drano.”

“How the hell would you know that?” asked Guyver 4.

“That is my business Isis, I fight Chronos and as Sun Tzu’s once said, “Know Your Enemy, know yourself”,” said Zeus.

“Alfrid Drano, one smart lucky Zoalord,” said Dreadnought.

“What do you mean?” asked Guyver 4.

“He’s lucky that my sister and I did not kill him, we had him near total defeat when his blasted Bio-Titan’s, and that bitch Female Guyver 2, saved his zoalord ass,” said Dreadnought.

“Don’t talk about my dad like that you murderous bastard,” said Guyver 4.

“I’m not just a murderous bastard, I’m hell incarnate to my enemies’ missy and don’t you forget that! I’ve killed a Guyver Zoalord over one hundred times my power level and recently an alternative version of your beloved Alkanphel. Now do you really think a piss ant Guyver like you or that pathetic excuse for a zoalord you call a father can stand against me then you’ve another thing coming,” said Dreadnought as he leaned over Guyver 4 and exhaled air out of his four blow holes, covering her head with white concentrated air for five seconds.

“I don’t scare that easily Jason,” said Guyver 4.

It was the wrong choice of words to say. Dreadnought’s control medal shimmered and he glowed as his aura became active. Guyver 4 gulped as she realized too late what she just did and received a telekinetic shove, sending her flying backwards and landing head over heals on her face. Before she had a chance to figure out how Dreadnought had done that without touching her, she felt her body being dragged back towards him but being forcibly shoved into the ground to maximize any damaged that could be inflicted from the dirt. Guyver 4 raised her head up to see Dreadnought’s feet now that she was only a few inches away from them. Then the invisible force picked her up, holding her at eye level with him, while her feet were left dangling off of the ground.

“I see you’re a little dirty,” said Dreadnought.

She barely got the chance to say “huh?” Before she was shaken senseless as the invisible force of Dreadnought’s telekinesis attempted to shake the dirt off of her with a ferocity that would have killed a human. Then a moment later there was a thud as Guyver 4 fell on her backside as Dreadnought let go of his telekinetic grasp.

“Listen Isis, you don’t know how dangerous a situation you really are in. If you attack us, then I’ll have no choice but to kill you. If you do not attack us, then chances are Alkanphel will kill you and try to take that lovely unit off you,” said Dreadnought.

“So leave Isis, before we change our minds and decide to kill you,” said Zeus.

Dreadnought stood back. Letting Guyver 4 stand up and turned around to face the Chronos forces before she started to walk off, wondering what would she do next?

Dreadnought then turned towards Angel, a new unknown type of Guyver to him, and he did not like being kept in the dark, so felt it was time to talk with her, “So you’re Angel?”.

“Yes I am, Dreadnought,” said Angel.

“You can call me Jason if you want?” said Dreadnought.

“Ok, Jason but you can still call me Angel, I can’t remember my real name,” said Angel.

“No problem, let me introduce you to my wife, Fiona,” said Dreadnought has he called over Female Warrior Guyver. As she walked towards them, about ten meters away, Guyver 4 turned back to look at the team chatting together. They had a feeling of family that was plain to see, even to her during the short time she was with them. The thing that confused her was this, why did Chronos not try to make her feel like part of the family? She would always be an out cast to them, a Creator half breed, an enemy, if only her father was not one of them! . .

“How did you become a Guyver,” asked Dreadnought.

“I’ve no idea, the only thing I remember is waking up in England as a Guyver,” said Angel.

“Some Creator must have done that for a reason, only thing is what was their reason for doing that and creating a Guyver who can nearly rival me?” Asked Dreadnought.

“I’ve no idea why? But I know this, the Unit I’ve on me has information on almost all the Creators projects, it allows me to know that you where originally the Warrior Guyver, version 5 of the Solom made Warrior Units, but where this information comes from I do not know. I don’t even know if I learned this information or was it forced on me by my unit,” said Angel.

“Strange, as for me, I’ve my own burden and I’ll deal with her the next time I see her,” said Dreadnought.

“Your husband is getting soft in his old age,” said Zeugma as she turned towards Female Warrior Guyver.

“SOFT! OLD AGED! You’re millions of years older than him, blonde,” said Female Warrior Guyver.

Zeugma laughed and said, “Nice to meet you Fiona.”

“You’re Elera, that Zoalord Jason was telling me about,” said Female Warrior Guyver.

“No, I’m Zeugma.”

“Oh, sorry just so many names to keep track of.”

“It’s okay Fiona, we can’t all be master zoalords with perfect memories.”

“Speaking of which, did Jason really heal you?”

“Yes, he did, and I’m very grateful. Your husband is one of the few friends I have on this world. You must be very proud of him. I know I. . . ugh.”

“Are you alright?”

“Yes, we have to get Jason back to Washington so he can save Elera, she is taking a turn for the worst.”

“How can you know that?”

“She is a telepath like me, since I’ve met her we’ve shared a link so I can look out for her.”

“You must really care about her.”

“She is the only other Zoalord I know who has not been infected by Alkanphel’s madness, without her I’ll be all alone Fiona.”

“Don’t worry Zeugma, Jason will help, he does not know how to say no to a woman in need,” said Female Warrior Guyver

Zeus was strangely quiet during all this chatting, but he was there to listen and found Zeugma and Female Warrior Guyver’s conversation very interesting. Dreadnought could heal more than just Guyvers, he’d have to remember that fact. Maybe someday he could restore the Zoalord Shizu?

Dreadnought and Angel stopped chatting as Zeugma made her request, Dreadnought felt a little ashamed, he was simply more concerned about his sister and totally forgotten about Elera to the stage where he was having conversations when he should have been saving Elera’s life. He apologized to Zeugma and teleported away.

Washington DC ACTF Base

Dreadnought appeared inside Dr. Drakes lab, much to the surprise of those that where working inside it. It’s not everyday does the most powerful ACTF Guyver teleport into the lab, in his most powerful form, standing literally twice as tall as any person in the lab.

“Jason, how come you’re back so soon?” Asked Dr. Drake as he peered above his monitor, wondering what Dreadnought was doing back so early.

“I’ve a job to do here before I can go back to Australia,” said Dreadnought.

“What is that?” Asked Dr. Drake.

“Doctor, where is Elera?”

“She is in Dr. Redmond’s lab.”

“Zeugma said she sensed her getting weaker, is she being treated for her injuries?”

“Yes, it’s probably just the Bio-Tube Dr. Redmond has put her in to stabilize her condition.”

“Bio-Tube!? He better be just looking after her best interests and not experimenting on her Drake.”

“Unlike me, he’s a medical doctor Jason. He swore an oath “To Do No Harm”, which is more important to him than anything.”

“We’ll see.”

Dreadnought didn’t bother to disengage his unit. It only took him a few seconds to figure out where Elera was, she was in an area of this huge base he’d not been too before. Must have been a newly rebuilt area that they had given to Dr. Redmond for his new lab? But what really worried him was the fact it did take a few seconds to figure out where she was. That meant she was in really bad shape, she always had a natural energy around her that made her easy to sense around humans. But that was all but gone. Dreadnought did not want to waste any time trying to walk or run to the new lab and as quickly as he entered Dr. Drake’s lab, he was gone and appeared inside Dr. Redmond’s lab.

Instantly Dreadnought got the feeling he was in a Chronos style lab. There was no sign of anyone, but around him where over fifty test tubes that must have been kept since the days this was one of the main Chronos processing centres. They where all empty bar two. One which had inside it most of Elera, she was still in her Zoalord form but signs of her injuries where obvious to see. Her zoa-crystal was cracked, there where numerous cuts all over her body and she was missing her right leg. He looked at the other bio-tube and inside it was the missing leg. The only thought running through his head was who had done that to her? Though he guessed it was his sister that had done this. Whoever was that new zoalord, it was unlikely he done this. But she’d have been dead if she was in that state and Crystallite got her, right? There was only one way to find out and that was to heal her and ask her. The Matrix, at the front of Dreadnoughts control medal, glowed and his aura grew around his body as he channelled the needed energy to heal Elera. The glass surrounding the two bio-tubes, that held Elera’s body parts, shattered outwards away from her body, letting the liquid she was floating in poured all over the laboratory floor. At that moment an alarm sounded, alerting Dr Redmond in an adjacent room to the fact something was wrong with Elera. The doctor ran into the large lab, slipping along the wet floor, knocking against a bio-tube a few feet away from Dreadnought. He looked up to see Dreadnought’s Matrix emit a blue beam onto Elera’s body parts.

“Dreadnought stop, she’s done that to herself, we don’t know how stable is she,” said Dr Redmond.

Dreadnought heard what the doctor said but ignored it. He then thought about it for a second, should he really heal her if she ripped her own leg off? Would she do it again? Fuck it he thought, that didn’t sound like something Elera would ever do to herself and he still had to find out how events unfolded here anyway.

“Dreadnought are you listening to me?”

“Shut the fuck up Redmond and let me focus,” ordered Dreadnought.

“Why I never,” said a shocked Dr Redmond.

Elera’s eyes twitched as her leg was moved back into position and nerve endings where reattached. Dreadnought realized that her leg was dead, effectively from lack of blood circulation. Gangrene had set in and if it where not for the fact he was healing the leg, as he noticed all this, she would have had to get her leg removed again once this was all over. Dr. Redmond looked in amazement as Elera’s wounds where healed before his very eyes. Then to the surprise of both him and Dreadnought, Elera woke up.

She was still trying to figure out what the hell was happening, but, as her mind awoke, a sudden sense of pain-shot through her body, as her still, mostly, dead leg sent pain signals up to her brain that things where not well. She let out a scream, breaking Dreadnought’s concentration and letting her fall to the ground. Elera once again screamed in pain, the joint where her right leg was being reattached to the rest of her body had not fully healed and the pain from just falling down a few feet was immense. Dreadnought didn’t stop though. She was once again lifted off the ground and, for the next minute or so, Dreadnought continued to heal the fallen zoalord. Elera quietened down as more of her body healed and messages of pain where no longer being sent along her nervous system. As Elera neared a nearly fully healed state, Dreadnought turned his attention towards Dr. Redmond. First lifting him off the ground and then taking his long white lab jacket off him telekinetically before he floated it through the air and over Elera, as she started to change from a Zoalord form to a rather attractive young woman. Elera reached her arms up to put Dr Redmond’s jacket on, then slumped to the ground. Dreadnought disengaged the Dreadnought armour, letting the power upgrade be teleported away by the Dreadnought Cocoon. Elera sat there, slumped against a bio-tube, obviously wasted by her recent experience. She looked up at Warrior Guyver and, to his surprise, fell asleep right before his very eyes.

he thought.

Dr. Redmond then reached for a syringe and started to walked towards them. Warrior Guyver was surprised by this and decided to do a quick telepathic scan of the doctors mind. What he found, he did not like at all!

Dr. Redmond was just about reach for Elera when Warrior Guyver stopped him with a raised arm and said, “What are you doing?”

“I’m taking a blood sample to do some tests.”

“Do you have any other blood samples from her?”

“Yes I do but that was before you healed her.”

Dr. Redmond looked at Warrior Guyver’s head sensors moving back and forward and felt a horrible gut feeling that he was about to do something he’d really dislike. He was not all that wrong. Warrior Guyver located Elera’s blood, as well as some tissue samples, stored in an adjacent room’s specimen freezer. A further scan to the room just beyond the freezer, revealed the horrible truth to what he had scanned from Dr. Redmond’s mind.

“Redmond, what the hell are you doing with her blood?”

Dr. Redmond quickly realized what Warrior Guyver was talking about and started to back away and toward a nearby alarm button.

“Jason, you must realize, we don’t often get a chance to examine zoa-form’s. We have to take whatever opportunities we are given and use them.”

“Elera is not an ‘Opportunity’she is an innocent girl.”

“NO ZOALORD IS INNOCENT!” shouted Dr. Redmond.

“You never had such poor choice of words in your life!” Said Warrior Guyver as his barrier shield activated around him and then turned dark has Warrior Guyver force’s gravity energy around it. Moments later a giant gravity ball smashed through the lab, taking a huge hole out of the side of the ACTF base and destroying most of Dr. Redmond’s lab and any samples it contained. Dr. Redmond stood there speechless. Warrior Guyver could sense marines running towards his direction. Like he sensed no one would be hurt from the attack, only Redmond’s experiments where destroyed and that was not something he minded at all. Warrior Guyver then bent down and picked up Elera. He then teleported away.

New Cork Texas

Warrior Guyver teleports into his old parents bed room. The room is still tidy and clean. He’s known for awhile now that Jenny has visited this house often. She even one time ran into an old friend named Sasha here, who was with another Chronos employee on the stairs only a few feet away. Sasha was now a zoalord of all things. He placed Elera on the bed and called out to Fiona. He told her not to tell the others where he was and to simply teleport away quietly. Moments later, Female Warrior Guyver arrived outside the O’Conner home and disengaged her unit and walked inside the house. This brought a strange feeling as she walked up the stairs of the O’Conner home, like she had done so many times before. But as she walked into Jason’s parents bedroom, to find a semi naked woman in his parents bed, the look of confusion on her face was plain to see.

“Fiona, are you okay?” Asked Warrior Guyver. As he then realized, as he asked the question, that she might have a very wrong impression. “Hey wait a second Fiona, she’s Elera, that hurt girl that got ripped to bits by that Zoalord of Chronos.”

“Then what is she doing almost naked on your parents bed?”

“I healed her, she fell unconscious in her naked human form, I discovered that fuck Dr. Redmond was experimenting on her and brought her here where she would be safe.”

“Okay, you’re lucky I believe you and that I recognize her face from seeing her this morning, though she was a zoalord at the time and had her leg stored in another test tube thing at the time.”

“Then why where you so confused and shocked?”

“Because I wondered how the hell she got here.”

“Oh, ok. Fiona I’m not joking but she is in danger from both ACTF and Chronos.”

“I believe you Jason and I know you, you’re just too soft to let someone you could save be in such a bad place.”

“Oh well, lets get some sleep, its going to be a long day tomorrow,” said Warrior Guyver as he looked out at the nights sky, out his parents bedroom window.

End of Part 1.