This is a fan-fic based on characters created by Yoshiki Takaya and contains violent situations with adult language.



Prologue: Psi-Guyver, Kindred Hearts

AuthorBrian O’Sullivan

It has only been a day now since her arrival at the Washington DC HQ and she hadn’t settled well to say the least. The pain and humiliation she had suffered the years that she had been a prisoner of Chronos had taken there toll. She had even given her Unit-G the name Psi-Guyver because of what she had become, because of it and what Chronos had done to her, so she would never forget and never forgive what Chronos had done to her, to her friends, family, and her brother Jason. Poor Jason hadn’t received a good welcome on his return because of his actions in the Chronos base. He had let himself be used by Chronos, even if it was only to protect her. In the end he had made up for it somewhat by saving her and together they captured a Creator Relic. Chronos had suffered heavy casualties to the assault, and the US now knew of the Bio-titans and the Overlords, but that didn’t stop General Carter from severely reprimanding Jason. She thought it was funny that this normal man could still make Jason uneasy. Really it wouldn’t be hard for something as powerful as the Warrior Guyver to simply rip him apart but Jason respected him too much to do that. That respect was the only way really for the General to have some control over him. The General had threatened Jason with deportation and exclusion from the Anti-Chronos forces for giving away the secrets of his armour. The General might have gotten away with it if he wanted now that they had the Warrior Guyver 2 but decided to let Jason stay, but she saw this a different way. The General wanted to show Jason he was in charge and what Jason had done was wrong in his eyes even though Jason had only done what he felt he needed to rescue his sister and really didn’t care for the costs. That may have been wrong but in the end he had succeeded and now she was back. She also happened to be equal to the Warrior Guyvers in power level and she stated this clearly to the General when she was questioned ‘If Jason goes I go’. Now General Carter would be a fool to let two of the most powerful Guyvers on Earth leave and he had to restrained himself. Not that it mattered much to her as she now wondered if she would even stay here as she considered her choices. One, stay here and fight Chronos with these people. Two, go off somewhere, try to find a life, and fight Chronos whenever they try to capture her again. Option one did have more going for it but life here was not what she really wanted. The only reason this would change would be if her brother decided to leave. Then she would go, but for now she was tired and would sleep. . .

That night Jenny woke up with a scream. She quickly collected herself as she looked at the clock and saw that the time was now two AM. Once again she had not gotten a good nights sleep. A a marine knocked on her door and asked if everything was alright. She yelled through the door that she was fine and just had a bad dream. She then got up and went to the bathroom. Looking at herself in the mirror, Jenny thought of the dream she just had, it was rather strange. She was being flown by her uncle but he was a zoalord of all things, but still she felt protected by him because he was her uncle. This to her was the strangest part of the dream as she now hated the Zoalords, but then they where stopped by a blue being that her uncle called ‘Guyver’. Yet she didn’t know what one was even though she was one now. The Guyver was then hit by a bolt of lightning from another Zoalord that was chasing them intending to kill them both. The fight continued and while the blue Guyver fought the other Zoalord, her uncle was blown apart by a white light from the ground below. That was when she had finally woken up. This dream made little sense, it was almost as if they were the memories of someone else. Jenny decided she better make sure that this was just a dream and left the bathroom, turned on the light to her bedroom and then sat down in front of the computer that was supplied to her. She logged in and loaded up a data base on all the known Zoalords and Guyvers. She started the search on all known telepaths. As she had thought, she was on the list, along with all twelve Chronos Zoalords, the Guyvers at the very bottom in a special section and then a mention of two others. She double clicked on the name ‘Darrien’ and uploaded his file. There was no picture but the description of a meeting with Warrior Guyver 2 and of his death confirmed what she dreamt, but how the hell would the death of a Zoalord effect her? More importantly, why would she have dreamt about an event that she had no previous knowledge of as if she herself had witnessed the event. She then double clicked on the name ‘Elera’. She was the answer, not only was she alive but she was on the base, it was her memories that she had seen.

Jenny got dressed and walked out of her room. Two marines where standing there as guards or maybe her keepers but she didn’t care as she walked by them as if they weren’t even there. One of them called out to her but Jenny ignored him. She walked down the corridor and turned left. The room she wanted was the last one on the left again, which was near the corner of the building. She knocked on the door but got no answer. The two marines walked up to her and asked her to stop, but she didn’t listen. One of them put their arm on her shoulder. Jenny turned around with her eyes glowing. The marine backed off. She couldn’t sense anyone in the room and with a single shove, smashed the door open. The room was indeed empty right and Elera’s window was broken but the glass was mostly on the outside of the building. Not wasting any time, Jenny rushed forward and jumped through the window as the shocked marines watched and a second later saw the form of the Psi-Guyver fly by the window as they looked out.

“Shit! What will we tell Jason,” asked the first Marine.

“Your sister scares the shit out of us and left chasing that female zoalord,” answered the second Marine.

“You know that could work,” said the now smiling first Marine.

While the Marines discussed the best way to tell Jason that his sister went AWOL. The Psi-Guyver flew towards the city, only wanting one thing, to talk to this girl.

A mile away deep into the heart of the city, Elera walked the streets looking around in wonder. She wasn’t allowed out much as a girl because of the fact she was half zoalord, but now no one could tell her not too. People where out drinking, partying or just trying to get from point A to B. All of this amazed her. The lights, the sounds. Also this city was free and its people seemed almost oblivious to the fact there was a war outside, but still there was the odd reminder with those Red and Blue armoured marines that walked by. So distracted was she from all the things she now saw that she shortly found herself walking down an empty side street when a man walked up to her and stopped her. She immediately got the strangest feeling from him and wondered what could be causing that, she got her answer when he changed into a Zerebubuse. She tried to command him but she was simply not able to.

“Hah, ha, ha, you see girl, I’ve been reprocessed so neither you nor the Creators can control me!” said Zerebubuse.

He then raised his arms up as he readied himself to deliver a deadly blow. Elera readied herself to change into her zoalord form to fight the beast when she sees his head explode. The body falls forward and the zoanoid starts to dissolve in front of her. Elera then sensed the presence of her savoir and looked up to see the blue form of the Psi-Guyver hovering above.

“We need to talk!” demanded Psi-Guyver.

Continued in Story 4.