This is a fan fic based on characters created by Yoshiki Takaya and contains violent situations with adult language. The W’Kar, Fighter Guyver II, Assassin Guyver, Dibblis and Ninja Guyver (Jessica Pike) are creations of Allen Lucas, owner of the ‘Great War Of The Guyvers’ web site. This fiction mostly takes place in the fan-fiction world he created.

Disclaimer 2

This is a fan fic based on characters created by Yoshiki Takaya and contains violent situations with adult language. Dreadnought, Warrior Guyver 2, Zeus, Black Nova, The Aceaer Unit, Krullnar and the Warrior Kavzar, among others, are property of Brian O’Sullivan and Andre Harmon of the Warrior Guyver Fan Fiction and are simply visiting the Great War Of the Guyvers world.

NoteThis story takes place just after “Warrior Guyver: All Things Change Part 4” and “Great War of the Guyvers: Cat and Mouse”.
TitleMeeting Of The Warriors
Author Part 1Brian O’SullivanAuthor Part 2Allen Lucas

Part 1
Within the myriad tapestry of infinite parallel universes and dimensional realms, exists a dark and icy planet that circles a yellow star, being the third of nine planets orbiting this star. An apparently dead world, but this was not always so, for this world’s former inhabitants had once called it Earth! This is the Earth of the Warrior Guyver 2. Once it was a world full of life but now it’s just a frozen wasteland of darkness and deadly radiation. Almost all signs of life throughout this world have been utterly destroyed. Nuclear winter has long set in and it will be a long time before life is plentiful on this world again. Thirty Warrior Kavzars are the only humanoid forms that still inhabit this world, long since left behind by their masters, the Creators, in case the Warrior Guyver 2 was to return. They stand like statues as they wait with the patience of immortals for either the return of the Warrior Guyver 2 or a new command from their gods, the Creators. Like the rest of the Creator race and their Warriors, they believe he was the one who had killed the great Creator Solom, but this will be the last day they spend on this near dead planet. A massive Creator Clan ship has appeared in orbit and is commanded by the Creator Krullnar, son of Solom. Only a week ago, in earth time, the Creator council had banned him, and the rest of his race, from interfering in other universes in what they saw as an insane hunt for the Warrior Guyver 2. He could be anywhere in any number of universes and the risk of dimensional warfare was too much for just one being, but Krullnar didn’t care about that. The Warrior Guyver 2 had killed his father, Solom, and that was all that mattered. Now all he wanted was to kill the Warrior Guyver 2, but to do so, he has stolen his fathers Clan Ship and a fellow Creators Matrix. An act so unthinkable for a Creator that none had tried to stop him until it was far too late, but he had no army or beings to convert to Warrior Kavzars. A problem he now fixed as he claims the Warrior Kavzars on the world below, so they can complete their mission to kill the Warrior Guyver 2 and he could finally have his revenge.Krullnar, knowing his fellow Creators would soon arrive to try and stop him, quickly left the command centre of the ship and floated into the massive opening that was the laboratory of the Clan Ship. With a simple command to the Clan Ship, all thirty of the Warrior Kavzars on Earth were teleported into the lab. All of them then simultaneously bowed to their god, the Creator. “Warrior Kavzars, the time has come, we are going to hunt down and kill the Warrior Guyver 2” declared Krullnar.
In the command centre of the Clan Ship, Krullnar’s Matrix floated beside the one he had stolen as both devices floated between the two large pyramid shaped control metals of the space craft. All four of them glowed and flashed as a massive vortex started to appear before the Clan Ship. The shields of the ship then activated as it entered the trans-dimensional vortex. Krullnar, using his link to the Clan Ship, could see the many layers of realities pass by him. It was a wonderful site to behold for any sentient being but to him it was all just a mess that he had to travel through so he could kill the Warrior Guyver 2, but soon the ship reached the barrier that shielded his universe from the other forbidden realities. Krullnar knew that his quarry had passed this way and immediately realized why as he locked on to the universe the Warrior Guyver 2 had escaped to. He quickly became enraged when he realized that it must have been Draven, who had helped the Warrior Guyver 2 escape, for only a Creator would have known the exact coordinates of the forbidden universe and there could be no mistaking the path the Warrior Guyver 2 had taken as his own Matrix clearly showed him. Krullnar swore that Draven would be the next to die, but his revenge against the Warrior Guyver 2 must come first. He then called upon the power of the two Matrixes. The shields glowed with the energy released from the two Matrixes and then the craft tried to smash its way through the barrier, but as the shield collided with the barrier, an energy force rippled along with and away from the craft. About ten seconds later, the ripple returned. Amplified by the barrier, it was now a massive shock wave. It slammed off the Clan Ships shield, blasting it backwards and away from the barrier. The massive ship hull ruptured and leaked fluid as it careened away from the barrier at high speed, leaving a mist like trails behind it. Inside the craft, Krullnar tried his best to regain control over the ship but it was totally unresponsive. A second or two later and the craft entered a subspace layer into an unknown reality. . .

Another Earth, XT’s Island.

Two men stand, looking at a grave stone. It reads “Here rests Ira Pike, she died protecting the ones she loved”. Neither one said anything to each other and kept their own words of remembrance to themselves.

“Jarrod, I have to leave, this place always depresses me. I’ll see you later when you’re finished.”

Jarrod simply nodded his head in agreement and Greg walked away, but as he walked away, he looked up into the sky just as he heard an unusual rumbling sound. He was immediately startled to see a massive fire ball flying across the sky that must have been easily over a mile across.

“Holy shit, now there’s something you don’t see every day” said a surprised Greg.

At Ira’s grave, Jarrod turned around and he too looked at the fireball with amazement.

“Greg, I told you one day we would be wiped out like the dinosaurs.”

“You think I’m going to let that thing, crash on my world? HELL NO, W’KAR!”

Greg’s unit appeared around him as he felt that familiar surge of power through his body. Behind him his brother Jarrod activated his unit as well and the two Guyvers flew up after the fire ball, both quickly accelerating to super sonic speeds.

“I’m telling you Jarrod, if that thing causes the extinction of mankind, I will kick your god damn butt.”

“Why is that, my ever so loving brother?”.

“Knowing you, you probably wished for this shit to happen, just to prove me wrong”.

As the two Guyvers got closer, and as they kept on arguing over this giant asteroid that was going to kill all of mankind, the head sensors of the W’Kar sensed a disturbing feeling. This thing was like a Creator space craft, though it was not like any other he had sensed before.

“Jarrod, looks like I’m not going to have to kick your butt.”

“Yeah, I got it too. That’s a Creator vessel.”

Ahead of them, four smaller objects fell out of the blazing vessel and waited for the two Guyvers, as they approached at full speed. The Fighter Guyver II, and W’Kar, got a quick look at these new beings but didn’t have a clue as to who or what they where. The Creator craft was still on its crash course so the two Guyvers activated their shields and flew right by them, as they went after the space craft. The new beings quickly turned and followed, and as they did, the craft started to lift through the air and began to break free of Earth’s atmosphere. Inside it, Krullnar had managed to gain control over his spacecraft, with the help of one of the Matrixes, while the other Matrix was engaged in repairing the massive vessel. Soon the ship cleared the Earth’s atmosphere and a wormhole appeared in front of it as the ship quickly disappeared into it, closing just before the W’Kar and Fighter Guyver II could get to it. They then turned around, looking for those four unknown things but they where gone as well.

“Fuck them, I was really looking forward to a challenge” said W’Kar.

“Not to worry brother, I got a feeling they’ll be back.”

“I hope you’re right, It’s been too damn boring around here lately.”

The two Guyvers gravity controllers glowed for a second as they turned around and headed back down to Earth. Meanwhile, on the other side of the world, Dibblis was hard at work. He recently had discovered an ancient crashed scout ship and was keen on getting it repaired as it also contained three Black Units for him to enhance. Hopefully, with them, he could finally destroy the W’Kar. His efforts where soon rewarded as the ships systems began to come online but then, as the control interference of the ship began to kick in, Dibblis was hit with over two million years of data. Even with his advance mind, he could not hold all the data and the Creator screamed in agony. Dibblis broke the link with the Creator craft and waited for the living space ships own control medal to process all the data the sensors had read over the past few million years. After a few minutes, the control medal signalled that it was ready for data retrieval. The control medal in Dibblis’s unit opened up and a beam of light shined onto it. For the most part it was information he already knew of or was simple planetary movement for the past million years. Dibblis was almost disappointed and was hoping for more when he got his answer. In the last section of the logs, the scout ship had detected the presence of a massive Creator vessel entering the Earth’s atmosphere. It had also detected four extremely powerful beings that had flown out of the ship. That was enough for Dibblis. Even though the ship had no shielding system, the engines where working fine now. He would have to go after that ship now, while the trail was still hot. All of ten seconds later, the scout craft burst through the ground and was flying at the speed of sound within three seconds of clearing it. It was not long before the scout craft was holding position where the unknown ship had entered the worm hole, but even with the advanced scanners of this scout ship, Dibblis could not find anything that could lead him to the craft. It seemed to use a far more advanced version of worm hole technology than any he was familiar with and very simply did not leave any trace of the craft that had gone through, but as the scout ship held position in space, the sensors began to detect something. Before he even got the chance to respond, four large unknown blue, Guyver like, beings appeared around the vessel. All of them had their Vibrational swords extended and where ready to close in for the kill. The scanners, at this range, were able to get a clearer reading of these beings and they were clearly Guyver like beings, but they where nothing like any he had seen before. One of them vanished for a second, as it teleported, when he was detected inside the spacecraft. Dibblis then felt the two forward Vibrational swords of the being burst through his back and out his chest. Even as the swords of the being where being pulled out, it made a cryptic comment about death to all Guyvers, which he nearly wasn’t able to understand because of the intense pain, he was feeling. Then as Dibblis fell back, he turned around to look at his attacker with his own eyes. Only to find that it was about to shove one of its Vibrational swords through his control medal.

Through his unit and natural telepathy, Dibblis screamed “NO! I am a Creator, not a Guyver!”

The being stopped and floated there confused. Its control medal glowed as Dibblis detected communication between it and an unknown source. Then a moment later, the being retracted its swords.

“I am a Warrior Kavzar. I am to take you and this craft to the Clan Ship so you can prove your claim.”

Seven more of the Warrior Kavzar appeared and surrounded the scout ship as a massive wormhole opened up in front of the ship. The control medal of the Warrior Kavzar glowed as it sent a command to the scout ship to fly into the opening. To Dibblis, this answered one question, they were related to the Guyvers but seemed to serve someone which meant they where controlled, so the term Guyver did not apply. It only took a second as the scout craft went into the wormhole and came out again a second later. Through the sensors of the ship, Dibblis could tell the fact that his ship was now on the dark side of Jupiter, where Earth’s spy satellites could not detect them and there, in the darkness, was the massive Creator space ship. Part of the ship opened up and the interior of the ship illuminated, showing where the scout ship was to dock. They soon moved inside it, then the massive opening closed behind them. Dibblis knew that he was either going to die in the next few moments or was about to meet an ally. He looked at his chest and noticed that the wound had stopped bleeding and was now closed over. Once the ship closed back up, the scout ship was covered with liquid, which washed off millions of years of dirt that had still clung to the scouts’ ship hull. The Warrior Kavzar then grabbed the shoulders of the Creator and teleported him into the lab of Krullnar. Dibblis looked around at the huge lab. It was easily about three hundred meters wide and was full of biological equipment and there, in the middle, was a being with Guyver looking armour, and as his control medal glowed, Dibblis noticed the pyramid shape to it.

“So you claim to be a brother Creator?” Said the Guyver looking being.

“It is no simple claim, I am a Creator, scan my DNA and you will see the original code of my form before I took this humanoid body. What of you? You are the one that seems to be more like a Guyver than Creator, how do I know you are one of us?”

By this stage Krullnar had scanned him, so replied saying “You deserve to treat me with resentment fellow Creator. I’ve scanned your DNA structure and though we are different now, it is clear that you are a Creator of this universe. Please except my apology for what my Warrior Kavzars have done to you. My name is Krullnar

“Apology excepted Krullnar, my name is Dibblis, but what do you mean this Universe? Where did you come from?”

“I’m from another reality Dibblis. I’m on a mission to kill the Guyver that murdered my father, the Warrior Guyver 2.”

“There was a Guyver here once called the Warrior Guyver, but there has never been a Warrior Guyver 2 as far as I know Krullnar.”

“I ended up here by accident Dibblis, while trying to get through the great barrier to the forbidden realities when a power surge from the barrier itself blasted my craft into this reality.”

“The forbidden realities?”

“Our Creator brethren in that reality let a Zoalord activate a Unit-G and it became a Guyver Zoalord. To stop this being ever escaping into another universe, the passage to that and similar realities were sealed off.”

“And that Warrior Guyver 2 hides there, escaping justice?”

“It is no longer justice I am after but revenge.”

“How did the Warrior Guyver 2 escape there?”

“Using the Matrix.”

“What is the Matrix?”

“That is too complex to go into now, suffice it to say it is the embodiment of millions of years of work.”

“Then maybe you’re looking at this the wrong way Krullnar. If this Warrior Guyver2 was able to go through the barrier, it was because he is small and held this powerful device. While you, with this great vessel, were simply too large to break through.”

“I suspected as much, but had hoped the power of the two Matrixes in my possession would have been sufficient to give me passage. Now I’d only be able to send two, maybe four, Warrior Kavzars and the Warrior Guyver 2 would have more than likely have made allies on that world and could resist them with the help of the Matrix he has stolen.”

“Then I’ve an offer for you Krullnar. The W’Kar of this universe, or Warrior Guyver as he was once known, is incredibly powerful. If we rebuilt a controllable version of his unit, we could send it into that universe and have it kill the Warrior Guyver 2.”

“Please share with me, the information about this Guyver.”

The control medal on Dibblis’s unit shined as he sent the information on the W’Kar and all the past events. Krullnar’s unit processed the information as his control medal shined in response. After a few seconds, the transfer was complete.

Sounding incredibly excited, Krullnar said, “Dibblis, we will merge the technology of my Warrior Kavzars with the W’Kar and we will make the ultimate fighting machine. So not only will we get revenge for what these Guyvers did to each of us but on our fellow Creators that refused to help us.”

“We will need to capture the W’Kar to do this, which is not going to be easy.”

“We have thirty Warrior Kavzars at our disposal, and maybe we can capture some of these Jy-taki that you gave me information about. Together they will capture his control medal.”

Krullnar glowed white and disappeared, a second later, Dibblis noticed he too started to glow and all of a second later, he was in another area of the massive space craft. It was like the control centre of a Creator ship but the control medals where pyramid in shape and in between them, hovering, were two blue crystals. The control medal of Krullnar opened up and extended as he linked with the massive spacecraft. The blue crystals glowed and Dibblis could sense the massive vessel moving. Krullnar then sent him a link of what he saw outside the spacecraft . . .

Elsewhere in Creator territory, a Jy-taki scout ship was patrolling their borders. Inside it was sixteen Jy-taki. One was linked with the spaceship and the others where in a dormant state. The pilot was flying towards a Creator held world when the scout ship detected a massive vessel appearing, as it flew out of a wormhole, the Jy-taki sensed the fact that it was indeed a Creator spaceship but it was of no design that he knew. Just as he was about to command the ship to identify itself, Krullnar, Dibblis and all thirty of the Warrior Kavzar, teleported just in front of the Creator craft.

“Jy-taki, I am Krullnar, your god. Bow to me and do me proud when we attack the W’Kar.”

“We do not serve you false Creator” said the lead Jy-taki.

The control medal on Krullnar’s head glowed as the Warrior unit he possessed changed his mental frequencies to match those needed to command the Jy-taki. “What did you say, servant?”

“I live to serve only you god.”

“That is much better.”

“You have got to teach me that trick,” said Dibblis.

“All in good time Dibblis, now lets return to Earth and claim our prize.”

War Clan Island

Jarrod was sitting down at a computer. On this computer was a database of what had happened over the past few years. From his arrival from another dimension to the death of his friend Ira Pike, the Assassin Guyver, nearly six months ago. He then set to work updating it with the craft and the four beings he saw today that flew out of it. He knew full well that these things where going to be trouble. He did not know why but instinct told him so. If anything, his brother would make sure of it as he loved fighting. The only exception was when he was with Cassandra. For Greg would always calm down around her and did not like to fight when she was around. Though this did not stop him beating the complete crap out of someone if they attacked when she was around.

Outside the base, Greg and Cassandra where walking together, looking at the sun as it set over the ocean. For once Greg was almost at peace and he did his best not to think of the next round of battles with the Creators, even though he knew something was up with that strange ship, he simply enjoyed the moment while it lasted.

Two Days later, XT’s island.

Jessica Pike is visiting the grave of her sister. Her friend, XT, is off doing something and she had been left behind. Though she didn’t mind. The past year or so had passed by so quickly that she had barely time to even mourn her sisters passing. By now she had gotten over it but it was nice to spend a day or two near her sister. So it was while she sat near the grave of her sister that she sensed Guyver like beings coming near her. She stood up and turned around and saw nothing unusual but could still sense something. Jessica knew something was wrong and summoned her Guyver unit. The Ninja Guyver wraps around her. A second later, using its advanced eyesight, she saw what was giving her that feeling. There where three Jy-taki and ten large Guyver like blue beings she had never seen before, followed by what looked to be Dibblis and a smaller blue Guyver looking being.

“That traitorous bastard!” said Ninja Guyver . . .

Back on War Clan Island, Greg continued enjoying the moment but was in no way surprised when he received a call from Jessica, for help, through his unit. When Cassandra looked at his face, she knew full well that some Guyver was calling him for help.

“Go and help them, Greg.”

He simply nodded and walked away from her before he summoned his unit. A blast field then surrounded him as he entered hyper space. While inside hyper-space, it took less than a second for the W’Kar to have a change of mood from rather calm to completely pissed off that he had to leave Cassandra. Meanwhile, Ninja Guyver was now in a bad way. Her right arm had been cut off and now three Warrior Kavzars where playing with her, cutting parts off her body, piece by piece. Just as she thought she would need to use her Warrior Rage, as one of the Warrior Kavzar’s was about to shove his two forward right vibrational swords through her chest, the W’Kar appeared behind him with a nice red fiery glow around him.

“Ya’ll throwing a party here and I didn’t get an invitation!? I’m hurt.”

“So this is the W’Kar?” asked Krullnar.

“Yes, that’s him, but be careful and do not underestimate him.” warned Dibblis

“Dibblis, you little rat bastard. I’m going to use your goddamn rib cage for a gun rack after I’ve had fun with those new Jy-taki” said W’Kar

All ten Warrior Kavzar, and three Jy-taki, fired their head beams at the W’Kar, but he easily deflected the beams with his shield, but he realized, while judging their beams power, that the blue beings where slightly more powerful than the Jy-taki but that they where still no match for him on a one on one basis.

“That’s all you blue pussies have? My grandpa’s belt had more kick to it.,” taunted W’Kar.

The Warrior-Kavzars obliged him. All ten of them opened their Mega Smasher chest plates.

“You think you ten chicas could hurt me with that?”

He got his answer as ten mega-smasher blasts fired towards him. He could have easily teleported away but he wanted to prove to these new guys that he was more powerful than all ten of them, but as the blast hit him, he quickly discovered to his horror that the blasts where ripping through his shields. Before the W’Kar could teleport, the combined mega-smasher blast broke through and scorched him, burning off a layer of bio-armour. When the blast cleared, the W’Kar was gone. In hyper-space, the W’Kar was incredibly pissed. He had under estimated those things and knew his mistake could cost Jessica her life. Still badly burned, the W’Kar teleported back to Earth.

There stood the three Jy-taki, holding the Ninja Guyver back as she struggled helplessly against them, her unit had finished regenerating her injuries but she was helpless against their combined superior strength, but before she could call upon her W’Kar upgrade, an unknown Creator pointed some sort of blue crystal at her. She glowed white for a second and before she even had a chance to resist, her unit was taken off her, leaving a normal human girl against thirteen incredibly powerful beings. One of the Jy-taki then picked up her unit and another picked up Jessica. The W’Kar could not allow that unit to be captured by a Creator. Knowing he was out powered, he called out to his brother for help. Two seconds later, the brother arrived to see what he was up against.

“Damnit Greg, why do you always have to call me with bad news” asked Fighter Guyver II.

“No time for chit chat brother, just capture back Jessica’s unit before they get away!”

“What the hell happened to you?”

“I’ll tell you later! Just start blowing away the blue things!”

Krullnar’s control medal glowed and another ten more Warrior Kavzar surrounded him for protection as the ten others, and one of the Jy-taki, attacked the two powerful Guyvers. Jessica was taken right up beside the Creator as he pointed the Matrix that had removed her unit, towards the grave of Ira. The tombstone and grave glowed momentarily as suddenly the control medal of the Assassin Guyver appeared above it. The damaged medal was clearly what the Creators were after.

Behind them, the W’Kar had recovered from his attack and was engaged in hand-to-hand combat with the Warrior Kavzar. There were simply too many of them for him to handle this way so he changed his tactic. His gravity controller glowed as he fought one of the Warrior-Kavzar and once he had it off balance, he turned around and fired the gravity ball at a Warrior Kavzar that was about to stab him in the back. The intense power of the gravity weapon blasted through the body shield of the Warrior Kavzar’s chest, leaving the body to fall to the ground. Behind him, the Fighter Guyver II had smashed his forward right sword through the power crystal of one of the Jy-taki, killing him instantly.

Jessica could not believe her eyes as the control medal of the Assassin Guyver, her sister Ira, began to reform. It was now beginning to shine as it came back to life and at an accelerated rate, began to regrow its host. W’Kar knew time was now running out. He caught a glimpse of Ira’s unit beginning to grow back and he now knew full well he wasn’t dealing with some amateur. These guys had an agenda and if they where after the Assassin and the W’Kar Prototype units, they would soon be after him. He knew that the pressure cannon had the power to break the shields of the Warrior Kavzar. A rapid attack might drain him a lot but if he took down enough of them, he could then get at the Creator who had that crystal thing. He told Jarrod his plan and the two of them teleported beside each other. Then as the Warrior-Kavzar turn to face them, they blasted away with multiple gravity balls. With each one almost the power of a normal Guyvers mega-smasher, even though their opponents where powerful enough to withstand this, the rapid attack managed to cut down two of the unsuspecting Warrior Kavzars before the others activated their outer shields, which withstood the attack. W’Kar then stopped his pressure cannon attack and opened both sides of his mega smashers. He pointed it away from Jessica but at an angle so that he would get a number of Warrior-Kavzar. Krullnar knew this and ordered his Warrior Kavzar to shield themselves and wait for the blast, this would be a chance to test the power range of the W’Kar. Dibblis was shocked at how willing the Creator was to let his army be destroyed but stayed silent and watched. After a few seconds, the mega-smashers fired and the first five Warrior Kavzars where hit with the brunt of the attack and their advanced shields quickly collapsed under the intense mega-smash and they where quickly vaporized but the remainder all survived with only the front two with any serious burn damage. Yet another group or Warrior Kavzar then appeared behind W’Kar and the Fighter Guyver II and it was becoming clear that there where a lot of these guys around and they regenerated fast with now only two of them with light burn damage. In front of him, Fighter Guyver II did not have a stamina limitation when firing a vast amount of gravity balls and he proved it, blasting away Warrior Kavzar and Jy-taki alike and managed to make a path to see the Assassin Guyver, who was fully healed and to the shock of the Fighter Guyver II, looked pregnant or very fat? Another Warrior Kavzar then stood between him and whatever the hell was happening to the Assassin Guyver. He teleported to within a foot of the Warrior Kavzar that was in his way and activated his shield, using it as a battering ram and sent the Warrior Kavzar over two hundred feet away from him and right over Krullnar and the Assassin Guyver. With a clear line of sight, he fired a head beam at the Creator, blasting off his arm at the elbow, leaving his hand and the Matrix to fall to the ground. Krullnar turned to face his attacker, only to have his face blasted off by W’Kar. W’Kar then landed and stood by his brother. Krullnar’s mouth and nose area had a hole the size of an average mans fist, all the way out the back of his head. His shield was simply useless and the Creators unit immediately went into self defence mode as the Creator lost conciseness. The Warrior Kavzar, who was carrying Jessica, dropped her and picked up the Creator, who doesn’t react to the warrior at all, and teleported away, quickly followed by the whole group. Leaving W’Kar, Fighting Guyver II, Assassin Guyver and Jessica by themselves, but W’Kar got a sense of where they went.

“You wimps, running so soon. Jarrod, look after them while I go play fetch.”

Fighter Guyver II just looked back and forth from Jessica and Assassin Guyver and nodded his head, wondering what the fuck was going on. He was still nodding his head when W’Kar teleported away. Assassin Guyver then fell to the ground just as her unit deactivated. She was completely naked and was clearly very pregnant but there was blood everywhere and she was totally unresponsive. Fighter Guyver II ran over to her and he found it amazing when he could sense the baby within her with his head sensors, but then he realized something was wrong. The heartbeat of the kid was slowing down. Quickly he thought of a way to save it. The Creator that had resurrected the Assassin Guyver had left behind the blue device that had done it. He ran over to it and went to pick it up when the Matrix flew up to greet him. It hovered above the arm of Krullnar and Fighter Guyver II could sense a Creator trying to command it. This gave him a simple idea, he was a Guyver so why doesn’t he try and command it. He reached out his hand and the Matrix teleported right on to it and started glowing in sequence with the glowing Control Medal of the Fighter Guyver II’s as the two aliens yet Creator made technologies started to talk to each other. That very second Jessica, Ira and Fighter Guyver II found themselves teleported to War Clan Island, inside a lab where the long dead body of a different Assassin Guyver was held. A second later, Cassandra found herself teleported into the room and looked at the Fighter Guyver II in total shock. She then looked at Ira and really wondered what the hell was going on when a bright blue light shot out from the Matrix and hit her and Ira. The beam then picked them both off the ground and carried them towards the Fighter Guyver II. Then another beam smashed into the bio-tube that held the dead Assassin Guyver. Jessica and Fighter Guyver II then looked on in shock as Ira’s belly begins to break open and a child is seen being removed from her body. The child is removed and hovering while the Matrix repairs the damage done to Ira and disposes of her afterbirth. While Cassandra’s stomach splits and the child is fused into her. Then behind her there was a thud sound as a dead corpse fell to the ground and the Assassin’ unit went dormant and released its long dead host, as it was quickly repaired and brought back to life. The unit then activated and wrapped around Cassandra. The Matrix then releases Ira, then teleported off Fighter Guyver II’s hand, to above Cassandra, who was, strangely enough, not in any pain as the unit merged with her.

“What the fuck is going on?” screamed Jessica.

“This thing is called the Matrix, and it’s trying to heal both Ira and her kid. But it needs Cassandra to do it” answered the Fighter Guyver II.

“She does not want to become a Guyver asshole.”

“Do you think I asked it to do this, that thing has a mind of its own. I’m trying to save your niece and her life is far more important than Cassandra wanting to stay human. Anyway, once she is merged with the unit, and the child is born, we can use that thing to remove it!”

“Still, Greg is going to be pissed.”.

“To be honest Jessica, you should be more concerned about Ira, who looks like she is in complete shock. I’ll worry about the psycho when he returns.”

Jessica looked at her sister but didn’t know what to make of her. She was unconscious, on the floor, and totally naked. Right beside her, the white form of Cassandra’s Assassin unit was totally incased in a Gigantic like cocoon and hovered in the air beside Ira and Jessica. Fighter Guyver II was still unwilling to let go of his Guyver armour as he knew that sooner or later his brother would return. They argued before about Cassandra getting a W’Kar unit to heal her from her illness and now he had somehow influenced this Matrix to merge a once dead assassin unit with her, it wasn’t a W’Kar unit but judging from what he seen this device do so far, he doubt that it would matter. His brother was really going to love that and so would Cassandra when she recovered. . .

Meanwhile, W’Kar had appeared in the thick murky Atmosphere of Saturn’s moon Titan, masking his teleportation from the Creators. He then cloaked as he flew up and out of the atmosphere, towards the Clan Ship. Despite its size, W’Kar couldn’t see it yet but his Guyver senses told him he was getting close to it. . .

Washington DC ACTF Main base. But on a different Earth from that of the W’Kar.

Jason O’Conner woke up from a rather crappy nights sleep. His room was a complete mess after his erstwhile terrible twin Lorcan had taken it over for the past two weeks, but that didn’t stop him from living there. He got up with a start when he noticed his palms were glowing and his arms appeared almost transparent but as soon as he had gotten up, all was normal again. “Whoa!?” He said aloud. He knew he should have gotten a complete checkups by Dr. Drake, after his return, but as usual his life has been too hectic and wasn’t even sure if he really wanted to know all the details of what had happened to him. Somehow, while he was cocooned in hyper space, he had not only acquired a Gigantic Warrior upgrade unit but he has also merged with the mysterious Matrix that Warrior Guyver 2 had brought with him from his alternate parallel universe. He then groaned to himself, “My life just keeps getting stranger” he thought to himself before walking into his bathroom and looked at himself in the mirror. He had not shaven for two days and had stubbles all over his face. He picked up a shaving foam can and sprayed some of it into his hand and then applied it to his face. While shaving, he thought of the dreams he was having. Normally his dreams where messed up. At most they would make sense for only what seemed a few minutes, but the one he had just had was like he was really looking at events that were taking place with another totally different set of Guyvers. No Sho, no Agito, no Sean and no him. Instead there was a Guyver called the W’Kar and he seemed to be powerful and was capable of fighting and beating the Warrior Kavzars, at least that’s what he thought they were, and these white and green guys called the Jy-taki. Whatever the hell they were, but the thing that got him was why the hell would he dream about other Guyvers? And a Matrix at that.. . That was right, there was a Matrix in his dream, used by a green version of the W’Kar. Fighter Guyver II, if he remembered right, had used it to move a baby from one woman to another. Then the thought of that made Jason gulp as he felt the urge to puke. . .

An hour later, Jason was fully awake and ready to face what he knew was going to be a crappy day. It was three days after the battle in New York and Stephen, once the main host for the Aceaer Marine, had been killed in combat with a Bio-Titan and today was his funeral. Jason was in a black suite and met his sister outside his room, who was also dressed in black. Then the two O’Connor’s made their way to an elevator and then out to the reception area, where they met Faye and Zeugma, who both looked respectful for once and were dressed in black dresses, and they had Elera with then, who Jason guessed must have coached them on how they were meant to dress and Cori and Sean where also there. Looking again at Faye, he couldn’t help but feel sorry for her. Considering all the things she had gone through since meeting him, she had gone from a self reliant cave woman, on a Creator controlled Earth, to a time displaced Guyver fighting Chronos on modern day Earth. Now she was only human again thanks to him, not that he had much choice in the Matter. Her control medal had been critically damaged during the battle for New York and had been barely frozen before her unit could go rogue. Though he was now merged with the Matrix, he had little to no idea on how to use the new powers it has given him. So when he tried to heal her, he instead removed her unit and sent it god knows where, as it promptly disappeared after its removal. Now she wondered around the ACTF base, as without her unit she couldn’t speak with anyone who either didn’t know her peoples ancient dialect or had telepathy. That severely limited the people she could talk to, to just him, Elera, Jenny, and Zeugma. To a woman who probably already felt estranged to the world around her, she must now feel very isolated, but she was a fighter and would not let herself give in to such emotions. It helped that General Carter had agreed to let her to continue to use the spare Aceaer unit. She could at least feel that she could still be useful, but now they had a mass to attend and had more than enough depressing things to think about. . .

Elsewhere, in the different top class hotels all over the city, where Sho and Agito from Japan, Sai and Keilynn from China, and Max and Greg from Canada. All of them where here to pay their respects. Of course, there where also Stephen’s parents.

Now the strangest thing, and arguably the most depressing thing about this whole situation, was that Stephen had a double on this world from a different universe. Now called the Warrior Guyver 2. The Creators and their army of Warrior Kavzars destroyed his Earth. He escaped, bringing with him a Matrix, a Gigantic Unit, and a dormant Warrior unit. Since then, Agito had gotten the Warrior unit, Sho had gotten the Gigantic Unit so he would no longer have to share with Agito, and the Matrix had merged with Jason’s unit. But this is what hit him hard. His family was in a Chronos spaceship called the Ark, on their way hopefully to a new Earth in his universe, far as possible from the Creators. While here on this Earth, his double died and his family was now mourning his doubles death. To think he was just a normal Marine only a year ago! His life was totally screwed up. He was going to his doubles funeral and yet he could not show himself to his doubles family. He almost decided not to go but the fact that all the Guyvers where going as Guyvers, and not as their host forms, gave him a way to disguise himself. This was because for the most part the Guyvers where unknown to the general public. The only exceptions were Jason and Jenny, who had their face printed on Time when a reporter got pictures of them from a Chronos agent. For the most part Chronos only knew he was a Guyver from another dimension and not the double of Stephen. So it would be the Warrior Guyver 2 today at his funeral.

The ACTF Base was a huge facility made from the one time Main Zoanoid reprocessing base of North East Coast of the USA and the parking lot itself was almost half a mile from the Main building, holding a number of Particle Beam Cannons, as well as cars of the employees and members of ACTF. The Main advantage to this was that the general public and press could be kept away from the building itself. In the reception area, all the Guyvers, apart from Jenny and Jason, activated their units. General Carter joined the O’Connor’s with Zeugma and Elera in the black limousine. Stephen activated his Warrior Unit, followed by Faye with her Aceaer unit, and then Cori and Sean activated their Guyver units. All four then stood by the limousine. Inside the Main lab, Dr Drake was still hard at work with the Cyber Guyver, who was to stay on the base in case Chronos would choose to attack during the funeral. The Limousine left toward the Main gate and above it flew the Guyvers as they all headed towards a Cathedral near the centre of the city.

There was public mourning, not only for the Aceaer Marine, but for the other fallen marines and US Army men from the battle for New York. The Grakken and Chronos forces had taken a heavy toll on the city and loss of life was in the thousands and there was still areas of New York where they where still searching for people and the death toll was climbing every day.

At the Cathedral, the reporters from various news organizations where there in force. There was a serious ACTF presence at the location and again the Press was kept away from the approaching cars. The Guyvers landed first, followed by two black limousines, with the front one with Stephen’s family and the second one with Jason and company. The cars pulled up beside the church. Guyver US walked up to the first car and escorted the Cain family into the Cathedral and then the Warrior Guyver 2 opened the side door of the second car, letting out the passengers. Jason and company exited to a barrage of flashing lights followed by General Carter, Elera and Zeugma, who where both wearing black veils so you couldn’t see their faces or Zeugma’s pointed ears. Zeus and Gigantic Guyver landed nearby and looked at the huge Cathedral doors. The door were easily twenty feet wide and thirty feet high, which was the Main reason the Cathedral was picked as the likes of Zeus and Dreadnought were over ten feet tall and most buildings where simply too small for them.

Jenny and Jason then stood apart as General Carter, Zeugma and Elera entered the church. They where about ten feet away from each other and without saying a word, their units activated and went into their most powerful Guyver forms. Psi-Guyver walked ahead of him then as Dreadnought walked behind her. His head sensors reacted just as he walked through the large doors, as he sensed Zeus and the other Guyvers within.

The plan was for the Guyvers to all be there but to stand at the back of the church while the mass continued in front. Zeugma and Elera walked away from the General and stood beside Warrior Guyver 2 and Dreadnought. Which Dreadnought found interesting. He and Zeugma have discovered that because of his now improved mental abilities, that he was able to talk with her using pure telepathy. So as the two female zoalords walked toward him and above them he sensed a man with a camera, who must have been taking pictures. He signalled Zeugma and within a second the man threw his camera at her and exited the Cathedral. It was quite useful to have a master zoalord helping you out sometimes. Dreadnought could even sense her commands that where very simple, “Give me the camera and leave!”

Zeugma now found this whole event strange. The modern humanity did not believe in the Creators at all. Even after the appearance of the Clan Ship above New York. The press knew who they where but as of yet no one worshiped them, instead humanity worshiped many different beings from God to Buddha. She viewed this as them being misguided but she had no will to try and force them to believe in the Creators. Simple fact was that they were no longer worthy of such loyalty. She would do only two things now with her life. Get rid of Chronos and then retire to the quite life or explore the world maybe. A strange thing about being given a choice now. She had to decide things herself. She then looked up as everyone stood up, including the United States President as a number of priests and a cardinal walked in. She was half tempted to float up a little bit, to see above the heads of the people in front of her, to see the mass but instead decided to see the events through the eyes of a human girl that just happened to be a niece of the dead Stephen.

As Zeugma looked on at the mass, Elera was looking at the Guyvers. They where a myth according to her people. No one wanted to believe in the old story of the Warrior Guyver and the Zoalord Alkanphel. Yet four hundred years ago Alkanphel awoke and sent in motion his plan to get revenge against the Creators. Yet it was only half a year ago when Chronos took over most of the world that they discovered them. He deemed what was now the half-breed Zoalord race as impure and had his zoalords and zoanoids hunt her people down. There were only five of her people left that really had any power. She and her Uncle where the most powerful of them and managed to escape the Chronos attack, but even that ended badly, with her uncle being killed. Though thankfully the Warrior Guyver 2 was there to save her life. Her thoughts where then interrupted when the Cardinal and a number of priests walked into view and stood behind the alter and everyone in the church stood up.

Mass went on like normal. The Cardinal was the Main speaker and must have been used to strange beings in his church as he totally ignored the Guyvers in the back of his cathedral, including the huge forms of Dreadnought, Zeus and Gigantic Guyver. When just before the Cardinal was about to start the communion, the head sensors of Dreadnought moved, followed a second later by Zeus. There was a Guyver like being and he or she had just popped through a dimensional rift, in a low orbit, and was now crashing to Earth. Dreadnought sent a message to the Guyvers that he would be gone and if he needed any help that he would call them and then teleported away but left a hologram of himself so his departure would not disturb the mass. Warrior Guyver 2 was happy with that knowledge. There was Dreadnought, a powerful as hell Guyver and then if he needed help, he would have to help out when he was at most a quarter of the power of Dreadnought. . .

Dreadnought reappeared, five miles, above the Alaskan coast, just as the unknown Guyver shot past him. He quickly looked down, as he could clearly sense an unknown type of Guyver and what was without doubt another Matrix. Which raised the question, was this another Guyver from Stephen’s universe? Did this mean that this Guyver was like the Warrior Guyver 2, when he first arrived, as this Guyver had emerged from a dimensional rift and was now falling to the ground at high speed? Such questions would have to wait as, unless this Guyver was a lot more powerful than he sensed, he had to act now or it would be killed on impact. The control medal of Dreadnought glowed and he flew down after the Guyver. Within a second he had caught up with what was clearly a white female Guyver and quickly noted that she was badly cut up and under parts of her armour, you could see red blood stained clothing or skin, but she held a Matrix close to her chest, which spooked Dreadnought. Then right above him, he felt the fabric of space open and he turned around to see two blue dots appear out of the opening but even though he was around a mile below them, his enhanced eyesight focused and he could see two Kavzar like beings emerge and quickly fly down after him. Dreadnought flipped back around towards the falling female Guyver and flew up right behind her back. Behind him then where the two Kavzar but then they teleported right in front of the two falling Guyvers. They both fired their head beams at the Matrix in the white Guyvers hands when around her appeared an extended shield from Dreadnought. Dreadnought continued to shield the white Guyver and at the same time sent an image of the two Kavzars to the Warrior Guyver 2. Within a second later, Warrior Guyver 2 screamed his response through his unit that they where the Warrior Kavzars from his world. Then the white Guyver in front of Dreadnought sent him a signal.

<“Please, help me”.>

Dreadnought flew right behind her. His massive body was over twice the size of the Assassin Guyver and his huge arms easily wrapped around her.

“My name is Jason, trust me, these things will not harm you.”

Then the booster systems on Dreadnought’s back kicked in and he flew down and away from the two Warrior Kavzars, towards the sea as he quickly accelerated to many times the speed of sound. The two Warrior Kavzars looked at each other, then they too flew after Dreadnought. Dreadnoughts shield shimmered a little as it changed into a more aerodynamic shape. To his amazement though, the Warrior Kavzar where fast but it was clear he was faster. His goal was simple now, place Ira where they could not get to her or the other Matrix, then kill those things and get back to her. When a mile in front of them Zeus, Zeugma and Aceaer Warrior Guyver 2 appeared. Dreadnought immediately stopped all forward movement and halted just ten feet away from them, letting go of the Assassin Guyver as she activated her own gravity controller and flew away from Dreadnought.

“These people here will look after you while Zeus and I take care of those Warrior Kavzars.”

Assassin Guyver just nodded her head as Dreadnought and Zeus flew towards the Warrior Kavzars. The two Warrior Kavzars where waiting for them but the two new Gigantic Warrior Guyvers didn’t care. Dreadnought’s right fist glowed as energy circled around it as he flew towards one of the Warrior Kavzar, who in turn flew right for him and the other towards Zeus. Dreadnought knew the reputation of these things. They proved to be an unstoppable force on the Warrior Guyver 2’s world and in fact, one of those things helped to kill his alternate so this would be revenge for his alternative self. Dreadnought then quickly power punched the Warrior Kavzar, smashing through its shield and impacting its body shield, and sent it crashing down towards the sea and to a small island off the Alaskan coast, he then flew after it.

The island was just basically a fifty-meter wide rock and the only thing growing on it was moss. Dreadnought, with his great speed, landed there first and a second later the Warrior Kavzar, having recovered from the power punch, landed right in front of him. But strangely it made no aggressive moves towards him. The two powerful beings looked at each other as above them Zeus and the other Warrior Kavzar where in a fire fight that as of yet showed no clear winner. Then the Warrior Kavzar spoke to Dreadnought.

“A primitive Warrior Unit prototype merged with a Matrix and War Ship control medal to produce a more powerful type of Guyver. Krullnar would be interested in you. I will remove your control medallion and give it to my master.”

“Bite me!”

“Resistance will be futile Guyver.”

“Over my dead body you weak pile of shit, they sure don’t make you guys any smarter in that alternate universe.”.

“So be it.”.

The Warrior Kavzar extended his six Vibrational sword and ran towards Dreadnought, who in turn extended his swords and just waited for him. The two beings then fought sword to sword but for all the speed of the Warrior Kavzar, it was clear that Dreadnought could easily match him, but the fact was that both could do much more than fight hand to hand with their swords. The Warrior Kavzar, realizing it was losing, quickly teleported behind Dreadnought and blasted him with a full, double handed, Cyclone / Hand Beam blast. Dreadnought had somehow predicted what the Warrior Kavzar was up to but also sensed that it did not have the power to hurt him unless he was careless. So he had already turned around and was waiting for the attack with his shields raised, allowing him to easily withstand the blast and quickly reared his right arm back as he barely even bothered charging up energy before he power punched the Warrior Kavzar’s face, sending the being flying twenty feet before slamming off the rocks. The Warrior Kavzar body shield had managed to protect it from the worst of the attack and the force of the impact against the rocks but its face was badly damaged and where its eyes once where, there was a hole left by the fist of Dreadnought and its head sensors were destroyed from the force of his fall and the implosion of his brain, skull and bio-material parts. The Warrior Kavzar was still, amazingly, conscious though and then tried to teleport away from Dreadnought but to its amazement, it could not. Jason too was amazed, his armour was sending back signals that the enemy was attempting to escape and that it had taken steps to disrupt its teleportation. Now that it was damaged, it was time to finish it off. Dreadnought simply opened his left chest plate and without its eyes or means to sense the coming danger, the Warrior Kavzar received the full brunt of Dreadnoughts Quantum hyper-smasher, totally obliterating it.

Dreadnought then looked above him and toward Zeus, who was fighting the remaining Warrior Kavzar. The two of them where engaged in a fire fight, which for the moment showed no clear winner, though it was becoming clear that Zeus would win. Dreadnought decided to wait to see if Zeus needed help. The hands of the Warrior Kavzar glowed as it held its hands together and then pulled them apart, creating a black ball of energy between them. Zeus had seen Imakarum use a attack similar to this before and guessed that was what this thing was about to do. Around the Gigantic sized Guyver appeared a powerful shield and as the space around Zeus warped, his shield was already at full strength and protected the powerful Guyver. Zeus then flew right towards the Warrior Kavzar, but the closer he got to the being, the more his shield was put under pressure from the warping of space. The two orbs on Zeus’s chest glowed along with the pyramid shaped orb on his abdomen. He placed his hands in between them and a huge black ball of gravitational energy appeared. Zeus aimed it right at the Warrior Kavzar’s hands and fired. The Warrior Kavzar detected the coming hyper gravity ball but did not move a muscle. Instead the energy produced between his hands got more intense. From Dreadnoughts viewpoint, he could visibly see the gravity ball slow down as it got closer to the Warrior Kavzar, then it began to dissipated, but below him Dreadnought had opened one side of his quantum hyper-smashers. The Warrior Kavzar noticed this and he tried to teleport away but soon found out that he couldn’t. So, in a last ditched effort to save itself, the Warrior Kavzar flew backward just in time to miss the Quantum hyper-smash of Dreadnought, but as the Warrior Kavzar waited behind the incredibly powerful blast of Dreadnoughts to clear, Zeus had opened both of his chest plates. Then as the blast cleared the Warrior Kavzar looked in shock as a blinding white beam of energy hit him. Within a second the intense beam broke through the Main shield of the Warrior Kavzar and then its body shield. With all its defences broken, the Warrior Kavzar was then totally obliterated by the power of Zeus’s hyper-smashers. The blast cleared and then Zeus flew towards Dreadnought and then they both flew back towards the others and the Assassin Guyver.

Dreadnought’s eyes focused on her, she in a way reminded him of Guyver Faye, but she had blades on her heels and a gigantic like head beam. She was floating now, about ten feet from Aceaer Warrior Guyver 2 and Zeugma. They seemed not to be talking at all and where just waiting for the return of him and Zeus. Some five seconds later, Zeus and Dreadnought stopped only a few feet before them. Dreadnought and Zeus both had their eyes fixed on the Matrix in her hands, but despite their size and the fact they had both just killed a Warrior Kavzar each, the small white Assassin Guyver did not seem to care about their power. She was incredibly tired from her ordeal in getting into this universe and Dreadnought looked in shock as she disengaged her Guyver unit and just fell towards the sea, still holding the Matrix. Warrior Guyver disengaged the Dreadnought armour and then flew down to the falling girl and caught her, then teleported to the Washington ACTF base. He arrived in the hospital section of the huge base and as soon as he appeared with the young red headed girl. He calmly walked over to a bed and without him touching it, the sheets where pulled back. He then stood still as Ira floated off his hands and onto the bed. The sheets then folded over her. Jason then deactivated his armour as Warrior Guyver 2, Warrior Guyver 3 and Zeugma teleported into the room. Agito and Stephen then deactivated their armors and looked at Ira and then at Jason, who now had the Matrix floating just an inch over his hand. . .

A day later, the funeral was finished and most of the guests had left. Sho had gone back to Japan and Sai and Keilynn had gone back to China and the only Guyver that was not an active ACTF member, still to be on the base was Agito. He did not want to go while there was a chance that he could get his hands on a Matrix. There were only two of them in this universe, one was in the control medal of the Warrior Guyver, and the other was sticking close to the host Jason. If he could get that away from him and merge with it, then he could rival the power and killing ability of Dreadnought. That was not to say he was not already powerful. He had power, just not as much as him. Agito was not stupid though. He knew full well that to take the Matrix from Jason, without knowing how to merge with it, would mean that he would have to fight Jason. Which was not a good idea with his new found ability to stop teleportation, which was the main escape route of the Warrior units control medal. Giving Dreadnought the ability to kill other Warrior Guyvers like himself, with relative ease considering how hard a Warrior Guyver is to kill. No, he had to bide his time and wait for an opportunity to present itself. . .

Jason had stayed by Ira’s side all day and night. He recognized the young red headed woman from that strange dream about those different Guyvers and that a baby was taken out of her and put into a different woman and what he really wanted to know is what the hell was happening here. Every once in a while Jenny or another person would call in to check up on what had happened but Ira stayed asleep. Jason knew she must have been through a very difficult ordeal for her to be that tired. So he let her rest as the morning went on, Jason was getting more and more tired from lack of sleep himself and still fully clothed, laid down on top of one of the hospital beds, about ten feet from Ira. For a while he fought to stay awake but then the lack of sleep got to him and his eyes stayed closed and he drifted off to sleep. About an hour later, Jason felt a hand pushing his shoulder and awoke to see Ira.

“Where am I” asked Ira?

“We’re in the Washington DC Main Anti Chronos Task Force base or ACTF as we call it” said Jason as he sat up.

“You mean you still actively fight Chronos here?”

“Yeah, why, in your world you don’t?”

“We did for years, but by 2011 the human and Chronos forces joined together to face the Creators.”

“2011? It’s the year 2000 here.”

“The war with Chronos only started on my world around then.”

“It’s been going on here for over a year now, anyway the Creators attacked your world?”

“Yes and I was killed by one of their warriors called the Jy-taki but somehow I was brought back to life by that thing called the Matrix.”

“Yes, I saw that, a kid was taken out of your stomach and put into another woman who is now in a cocoon.”

“How the hell do you know that?”

“I’ve no idea, but from what I can guess, it was because there was a matrix in your universe and it was sending me the signal.”

“Why would it be sending you a signal like that?”

“Because I have a matrix in my control medal.”

“You, you where that big blue Guyver?”

“Yup, that was me.”

“You are capable of killing those Warrior Kavzar just as easily as a W’Kar, which means you are a very powerful Guyver. But the reason I came here is to get the help of the Guyver called Warrior Guyver 2 to kill the Creator Krullnar, who has captured my friends.”

“I’ve met Krullnar, he doesn’t seem that evil.”

“Yours maybe but this one is hell bent on revenge for the Warrior Guyver 2 killing his father, he wants him dead and now he also wants my friends.”

“What about that Guyver that is as powerful as me, W’Kar?”

“He too was captured.”

“Please tell me what happened.”

Ira then went on to tell Jason about the events of the past few days in her universe. It turned out that after the transference of the baby from her to Cassandra that she remained unconscious for three days and finally woke up on a hospital bed, being fed intravenously. Jessica was beside her bed, waiting for her along with Jarrod. Greg had gone to the forbidden island with the cocoon, which contained his wife, along with the Matrix. After Jessica gave her a huge, Jarrod told her what happened over the past 3 days. Greg had surprised the Creator ship behind Jupiter, immediately destroyed a section of the massive ship with a mega-smash. Using the confusion to his advantage, he pretended to be a Jy-taki and then entered the ship. Within a minute he had recaptured Jessica’s unit and gotten out of the ship as Krullnar’s warriors closed in on him and the ship itself started to attack him with so many different kinds of acid that even his unit had trouble gaining immunity to it all. So as he floated in space, and his armour was healing itself, he waited, as he wanted those blue things to follow him so he could get some payback for messing up his nice armour when he saw the ship enter a wormhole and disappear. Without anything left to do, he returned back to Earth to find a cocoon and Ira with a sheet over her and Jessica with Fighter Guyver II standing in the corner of the room. He flung the dormant unit back at Jessica and made some smart-ass comment about finding her trash. That was when he noticed a strange and familiar feeling from the cocoon. He turned to his brother and quickly asked him why that cocoon felt like his wife was inside it. Fighter Guyver II told him but changed the story slightly. He said after they discovered the Matrix had the power to heal a Guyver that he thought that it would be able to cure Cassandra. Which is what it was doing now but it had a strange side effect. It had sped up the age of a child within her, despite the fact it was repairing a dead Assassin Unit for her. At this point, Fighter Guyver II expected to have his butt handed to him again after the last argument they had over Cassandra’s illness, but W’Kar was of mix emotions. Indeed he was upset about Cassandra becoming a Guyver but on the other hand he had just become a dad. Which was never meant to happen because of the curse of being a W’Kar. He deactivated his unit, followed by Jarrod, and ran over to him and gave him a hug. Clearly happy he was going to be a father. Though he did say, he was pissed about the Guyver thing, which he blamed on the Matrix. Which worked fine for everyone concerned.

Three days later, she awoke. Jessica told her of the events and about the kid and what Jarrod had said. She wanted Ira to know this as the child came from her, something Ira did not remember happening at all. Ira then told her sister about the whole truth. Around ten years ago, before Greg got the W’Kar unit, he and her had sexual relations. She got pregnant but the child was killed when Enzyme 3’s, killing the child destroyed her mid section. After telling Greg many years later of the news, he got very upset. It turned out that the W’Kar unit killed his reproduction system so that child would have been the last he could ever have had and she never knew this. He almost killed her that day, if she hadn’t activated her unit in time, the slap from W’Kar would have knocked her head clear off. Then as she lay there, he demanded that she never speak to him again. Which they never really have done since.

As far as Ira could figure out, somehow the Matrix had read that fact from her control medal that she was once pregnant. Maybe for a cruel joke that Creator deliberately had the Matrix rebuild the child so he could use it against Greg. Whatever the reason, that child was his and as far as she was concerned the child should stay that way. Greg might have some psychotic tendencies but he has always done his best to look after his family. Jessica accepted her sister’s judgment and agreed to try and keep the secret that Ira was really the mother. Ira told all this to Jason, as she didn’t want him to tell Greg what he saw. To do so would have unpredictable results and more than likely end with Dreadnought and W’Kar battling each other. Though she saw this happening anyway. Greg always liked a challenge.

For the next few days she stayed with her sister, who told her of all the events while she was ‘dead’. The two sisters had a sense that something bad was going to happen and made the most of their time together. During this time, Jarrod visited them and gave Ira a ‘welcome back to life gift’ of the W’Kar Upgrade module, but he didn’t stay long and went to his brother to see if Cassandra had awoken yet.

But their feeling was proved right two days later. The Clan Ship of Krullnar appeared above War Clan Island. W’Kar, Fighter Guyver II, Ninja Guyver and her, flew up to attack it and finally kill that Creator bastard. W’Kar started off the battle opening up one side of his mega-smasher plates. The intense blast fired and hit right on target, only for the blast to be stopped by the shield of the clan ship. In response, a pod on the ship opened up and fired an intense red beam at him. W’Kar thought nothing much of it and a shield appeared around him. The beam hit off him and he then got the strangest sensation of heat from it. Then the beam changed to a blue colour and it was suddenly freezing cold. At the same time the beam was draining energy off his shielding and growing stronger. Which was not meant to happen at all. He was normally able to drain energy off attacks on him, not for them to be weakening him. Dibblis must have given Krullnar information on how to incapacitate him. As W’Kar fought to keep himself shielded, the Warrior Kavzar and Jy-taki attacked them. Ira activated the W’Kar upgrade and like a Gigantic Cocoon, it appeared behind her and then latched onto her unit. Though still not as powerful as a true W’Kar, this did give her a fighting chance against a Warrior Kavzar and the Jy-taki, but as the battle continued, the W’Kar found himself without his shielding and he eventually fell to the attack from the Clan Ship and was frozen solid and then captured. Fighter Guyver II and Ninja Guyver kept the rest of them busy as Assassin Guyver was to go back to the Forbidden Island and get the Matrix to heal W’Kar. But halfway there, she felt two Guyvers quickly catching up on her. They where her sister and Fighter Guyver II. Both of them where badly damaged and making a run for it, with twenty Warrior Kavzars, along with a Jy-taki, behind them. The two of them moved away from her, drawing the small army away from her, but two Warrior Kavzar broke off from the chasing group and now went after her and they where gaining on her. Then as the Warrior Kavzar teleported right in front of her, she used the power of the W’Kar upgrade to instantly power up and went to the speed of light as she blasted right by them. When she stopped an instant later, she was miles away from them and close enough to the Forbidden Island that she was only a minute away at near her present top flight. But when she neared the island, she quickly remembered that it was protected by a vast shielding system and the fact that her unit did not have the ability to teleport, but then remembered that the W’Kar upgrade gave her a hyper space orb, so she concentrated and teleported herself past the shield. Though there were some major events in her world that she did not know about since her death. A long time friend of hers, who she thought dead had returned. Shendal Bensen, the one time owner of the Ninja Armour. which she was now using as the W’Kar upgrade. Shendal had her Zeo Guyver armour active and detected the coming Assassin Guyver. Though Assassin Guyver never knew about Shendal’s return, and never saw the Zeo Armour before as Zeo Guyver rushed out to see who had gotten past the shield, Assassin Guyver took her chance and flew right past her and on towards Greg’s house, where he had left the cocoon with Cassandra and the Matrix, but Assassin Guyver had detected the fact that she was human under some sort of armor as she flew right by her without saying a word to the woman. Assassin Guyver then detached the W’Kar Upgrade and yanked the door off Greg’s house and entered it, closely followed by Zeo Guyver. Ira then started to search through his house when Zoa-Guyver grabbed her arm and introduced herself. Assassin Guyver was shocked to hear how she was, as she too was, meant to be dead, like herself. Assassin Guyver explained that she didn’t have enough time for a reunion chat and quickly explained why, then Zeo Guyver directed her to the bedroom where Cassandra’s cocoon was resting. Beside it, on a bedside cabinet, was the Matrix. Assassin Guyver picked it up and held it in her hand, then it opened up and a light shined right from it, hitting her control medal. Ira found her unit communicating with the Matrix, but she didn’t fully understand what was being transferred back and forth between them. A second or so later, she found herself in front of a massive energy field barrier and she found herself being pulled towards it. The Matrix then zapped the part of the barrier immediately in front of her, weakening it for her passage, and she was just starting to force her way through the barrier when she sensed that two Warrior Kavzar had come up behind her. She could sense one of them firing and just in time she managed to activate her light speed system and she then literally ripped through the weakened section of the barrier, with the Warrior Kavzars following in her wake. The rest was how Dreadnought saw it. She fell, through the sky, only to be caught by him. He and that black Gigantic Guyver then killed those two Warrior Kavzars.

“So will you help me?” Asked Ira?

“Yes I will.”

Jason then stood up and activated his Warrior Unit without calling a blast field, followed by the Dreadnought cocoon. He was easily twice the size of Ira, who did not seem to care about that fact. She then activated her own unit, followed by the W’Kar upgrade. Though she was still four or so feet shorter than him, she was still taller than the average Guyver.

The two Guyvers then exited the hospital area of the base. Under her armour, Ira had to admire the work of the ACTF. The building was heavily converted to accommodate the huge forms of the Guyvers and the armoured men that walked around. Strangest thing was the so called normal people that walked around, totally ignoring those armoured marines and Dreadnought and her like as if it was a normal event.

“How long have you guys been active?”

“For about a year and four months now.”

“Have you been a Guyver that long?”

“Nope, I’ve only been a Guyver for about five months now.”

“Did you start off like that?”

“Nope, last month, I was blown apart, along with a War Ship Relic, and its control medal and mine bonded much like Sho’s did in the past. There was a Sho in your universe right?”

“Yes there was, he got what we call the Gigantic upgrade.”

“Well the Dreadnought armour acts the same way, but while it was merging with me, Stephen, the Warrior Guyver 2, was in a battle with Alkanphel and tried to use the Matrix to defeat him when the Matrix was blasted out of his hands, it was damaged by this and it decided to merge with my damaged control medal.”

“Making you into what you are today?”


“Sounds just like a Mark 2 upgrade”.

“A what upgrade?”

But Dreadnought found he would have to wait for that answer as he and Assassin Guyver at that point entered the War Room. Zeus, Black Nova and Aceaer Warrior Guyver 2 where already there, waiting for the two Guyvers to join them along with General Carter, who was there as an observer. All having been alerted by Jason telepathically and through their units that their guest had awakened.

“Okay guys, we have all talked about this event happening and you three and I were selected as the only members of ACTF, and Zeus Thunderbolt, able to stand against the force of a Warrior Kavzar. The beings responsible for the destruction of the Earth, Stephen is from. Now they have attacked another universe and hold a powerful Guyver captive and you can bet they’ll soon be on the way here since Krullnar is in charge of them” said Dreadnought.

“Okay Jason, I’ll take over here, while the Krullnar of this world might be somewhat benevolent, as he did give Jason the War Relic. This alternate one is from the same universe as myself, where Solom was a fucking bastard. Solom, who as we all know, is Krullnar’s dad. It was Solom who had made the deciding vote to attack my world and it was he who personally killed the Jason and then Agito of my world. Solom nearly killed me as well before my worlds version of Draven killed him and then gave me Solom’s Warrior Unit and Matrix. If this Krullnar is anything like his father, which is likely as the old saying goes, like father like son. Then we’re in a whole shit load of trouble.” said Aceaer Warrior Guyver 2.

“Thank you Stephen” said Dreadnought, cutting in. “Even though this is not our universe that is in trouble, the fact of the matter is, Krullnar was more than likely on his way here to get to us and simply got side tracked by Ira’s universe. Which means, while we have this chance, we should make a first strike and destroy him and his army there, before he can breach the barrier and get to us.”

Zeus and Black Nova said nothing and just nodded their heads in agreement. It was no secret that Zeus did not really like Jason and vice versa but Agito, the host of the Zeus armour, knew full well that the possibility of these beings arriving on his Earth did not please him at all. Any ideas he had of taking over the world depended on this. Black Nova on the other hand was concerned about this. She was not as close as the Nova Guyvers were with Dreadnought and the rest of the American ACTF, but if they where defeated, then China would be next on the Chronos hit list. If giving her support now would prevent this, then she would give it.

General Carter was strangely silent but nodded his head in approval. Which Ira found both peculiar and familiar. There where all these Guyvers, and any one of them could kill him with a fraction of their power, yet most of them respected him. He must be a good leader to earn that sort of consideration from beings that could easily ignore him and go on to do their own thing. This reminded her of her world’s government. A group of humans that had managed to collect together a group of Guyvers, including herself, to fight Chronos during the Great War.

“Before we all go and fight this Creator, I would like to thank you all for putting your lives on the line to help me and my friends” said Assassin Guyver.

“Ira, we all acknowledge the fact that these beings that are attacking you, where in fact targeting us. You and your universe only got in the cross-fire. We will help you get rid of these interlopers and then we will leave you to your business” said Zeus.

“Thank you Agito” said Assassin Guyver.

Dreadnoughts control medal glowed and the new Matrix appeared before them and opened up. Before him then appeared a vortex but it did not suck anything into it. It just stayed where it was, an opening into another universe.

Greg’s House, Forbidden Island.

Zeo Guyver stood in shock, beside the bedroom door. Only a few seconds ago, her one time dead friend Ira had just returned, picked up that Matrix thing, and disappeared. Then her unit reported something outside the house. She ran outside to see a group of Guyvers land by the house. First was a twelve foot tall blue Gigantic Guyver, followed by a ten foot tall black Gigantic Guyver, followed by another smaller black Guyver and another smaller blue and green Guyver, and finally Assassin Guyver, with the W’Kar upgrade on her. All of them had burn marks on their armour and all looked badly damaged for some reason.

Assassin Guyver collapsed to her knees for a moment or two. She clearly did not like travelling through that barrier thing that was between the two dimensions. Though this time might not have been so bad because of the fact she was using the W’Kar upgrade, that Dreadnought had helped to weaken the dimensional barrier, or the fact she did not try to bash her way through at light speed this time.

Dreadnought walked towards Zeo Guyver and looked down on her.

“Ira, would you be so kind as to introduce me to these nice new Guyvers” asked Zeo Guyver a little nervously.

“Shendal, how long was I gone?”

“Only a couple of seconds Ira.”

“We must hurry” said Ira as she sent information through her unit, to Dreadnought, about W’Kar’s location.

“Stephen, Agito and Mei, could you go with Ira and help her friends?”

The three nodded their heads and Dreadnought then teleported away, leaving the four of them to go after Fighter Guyver II and Ninja Guyver. He reappeared above War Clan Island but couldn’t see anyone around at all. Then he looked up into the sky and his sensor orbs moved back and forward. He could tell that something massive was cloaked nearby but couldn’t pinpoint its exact location. Then a group of ten Warrior Kavzars appeared from nowhere, around him, and above him was the Clan Ship, as it suddenly de-cloaked.

“Oh crap! I should have seen this one coming.” Dreadnought said just before the Warrior Kavzars started firing head beams and hand beam/cyclone blasts at him.

Dreadnought immediately sprang into action as he raised all his shields to block the attacks that managed to hit him as he used his superior speed to dodge around the Warrior Kavzars. Again, like his first battle with a Warrior Kavzar, Dreadnought started to get a sense of what the Warrior Kavzars where going to do before they did it and soon none of the attacks where hitting hit. The Warrior Kavzars soon realized this and switched tactics as they prepared to use their swords but then Dreadnought teleport in front of one of them just as it was about to activate its swords and within a split second had forced the Warrior Kavzars arms towards its head, making the Warrior Kavzars forward swords pierce through its own head as the swords extended. Dreadnought then yanked its arms forward and sliced open its head with its own forward arm swords, slicing through its Control Medal Crystal, but this did not kill it as a Warrior Kavzar can withstand even this level of damage but it was enough to knock it out of the fight as Dreadnought quickly flew away from it before the other Warrior Kavzars could get a lock on him and combine their firepower. He then teleported between two other Warrior Kavzars and screamed out “Power Wave” as his shields lit up with a fiery aura, as he focused his power into twin Mega Smash like blasts that then engulfed the two Warrior Kavzars, but by now they all had their shields up to full strength and the two managed to survive the powerful attack but just barely as they were now serious burnt.

The first Warrior Kavzar, Dreadnought had damaged, was now healed and joined the others as they all started to create the spacial warp that Dreadnought had seen the Warrior Kavzar, that had battled with Zeus, use. The field quickly engulfed him and a large area around them, stopping short of the clan ship and island below. Dreadnought was not being damaged by this field as he already had his shields up but the attacked slowed him down enough for the clan ship to get a weapon lock on him.

Dreadnought was then hit by two beams, one blue and one red, that gave him an alternating sense of extreme cold and heat, as well as draining energy from his body shield. His HSL system went into overdrive, to compensate for the energy loss, but Dreadnought quickly found that his shields had adapted and where now immune to the energy drain from the Creator clan ship. With the beam still on top of him, but now useless, Dreadnought prepared himself for a fight as he knew the Warrior Kavzars would resume their attack the moment they realized the clan ship’s beams were not effecting him and attack they did as all ten of them started to fire a massive hail of gravity bullets, little realizing that this was the last kind of attack they should use on Dreadnought. Dreadnought quickly absorbed the gravity attacks with his gravity shield and quickly amassed a massive charge that he then discharged, a few seconds later, in an omni directional shockwave that blasted all the Warrior Kavzars away from him and smashed into the clan ship with enough force to break the beams lock on him. Dreadnought then quickly cloaked and projected ten holograms of himself before each Warrior Kavzar. They all scanned for the real Dreadnought but their sensors told them that all ten where real, which was not possible.

“What manner of Guyver is this?” Krullnar asked aloud before ordering his Warrior Kavzars to attack all the Dreadnoughts.

“An obviously powerful one” remarked Dibblis

The Warrior Kavzars instantly obeyed Krullnar’s command and attacked the Dreadnought nearest them with their vibrational swords. Each Warrior Kavzar then quickly defeated the Dreadnoughts they fought as each was quickly sliced to pieces and fell to the ocean below. . .

“That was quick” said Dibblis.

“Too quick. My Warrior Kavzars are powerful but so too was this strange new Guyver” said Krullnar as he double checked his ships sensor scans, but then the sensors started to pick up a massive energy build up but could not lock on to its source. “What’s this!?”, Krullnar said just before Dreadnought reappeared and fired a massive double celled quantum hyper smash blast at several of the Warrior Kavzars. Most managed to dodge but two were hit head on and despite having their shields fully raise, they were quickly overwhelmed and destroyed as the beam went on and blasted into the island below.

“Damn it, I gotta be more careful where I aim.” Dreadnought said to himself, just thankful he hadn’t destroyed anything important on the island before he prepared to continue his attack, but then Dreadnought sensed that the Warrior Kavzars were being ordered to retreat. “Oh no you don’t, I ain’t through with you bastards yet!” said Dreadnought just as the Warrior Kavzars soon found out, to the shock of the Creator and themselves, that they were unable to teleport.

Inside his ship, Krullnar did an enhanced scan of Dreadnought with his Matrix and soon realized that it was no W’Kar based unit but was a Warrior based unit like his own and that somehow it had merged with a Matrix. Which was not possible, but now this Guyver had destroyed two of his Warrior Kavzars and the rest could not escape by teleportation. Krullnar then tried using the teleportation systems of the Clan Ship but again the Warrior Kavzars were unable to escape.

“Damn it! NO! I will not be stopped now that I am so close to having my revenge!” Screamed Krullnar at the image of Dreadnought, but just before he was about to order the rest of his Warrior Kavzars to go out and attack Dreadnought, his sensors picked up a massive ship approaching their coordinates from hyper space. . .

A moment later, as Dreadnought was charging up for another attack on the Warrior Kavzars, his sensors went crazy as a ship, larger than even the Ark of his own universe, appeared beside the Clan Ship. Dreadnought turned to face the huge spaceship, leaving the Warrior Kavzars to fly away. Dreadnought didn’t know what to make of this thing but got his answer as a huge pod, larger than him, opened up and fired a powerful mega-smasher type beam at him. Given time to sense the build up of this attack, Dreadnought managed to dodge the blast and now flew towards the Accolade. The weapon pod on the Accolade fired again but Dreadnought teleported just as the beam was about to hit him.

Inside the Accolade was Albass, the daughter of Alkanphel in this universe, and Nano Xetel, currently one of the most powerful zoalords of Chronos. They had come to help W’Kar, only to discover these powerful beings around the strange new Clan Ship, which now held W’Kar. Having sensed the more powerful one, which seemed similar to the smaller versions and according to their sensors, had attacked the War Clan island. So they simply decided to attack Dreadnought upon the moment of their arrival, thinking he was the leader of this new group of enemies. So when Dreadnought then appeared, inside the Accolade itself. Only ten feet away from Albass. Nano Xetel immediately became concerned for Albass’s safety. She may be Alkanphel’s daughter but the fact was she was nowhere near as powerful as him and this being before them was clearly powerful and would not be pleased to see the two Zoalords that had just tried too kill him.

Dreadnought on the other hand was surprised to see what he clearly sensed to be two Zoalords on the bridge of the Accolade. Remembering what Ira had told him about Chronos being the Guyvers ally in this world against the Creators, he hesitated as he quickly thought out why they had attacked him and was about to speak when Nano Xetel changed to his Zoalord form with a blinding light, forcing Albass to turn her head away from him. Dreadnought, knowing this Zoalord was about to attack, fired his main head beam at Xetel, who shielded the powerful laser. Nano Xetel did not want to get into the high power fight while inside the Accolade and so close to Albass. One misdirected shot from him, or this being that he thought a servant of the Creators, and she could be killed, never minds any damage to the Accolade. So Nano Xetel decided the best thing was to take this fight back outside and quickly tackled Dreadnought as he teleported the both of them to the dark side of the moon, but Albass didn’t like this at all. Having a good look at Dreadnought, she realized that it was some sort of Guyver, but why would a Guyver be serving the Creators, never mind as what she originally thought of as a leader. But that thought quickly went out of her mind as the Creator Clan Ship, which had taken advantage of the distraction the Accolade had provided, started creating a worm hole before it and was about to escape. The Accolade again fired its forward mega-smasher but this time at the Clan Ship but only for it to deflect the blast with its shields. Before she could do any more, the Clan Ship was fully inside the wormhole and had disappeared with W’Kar!

Dreadnought and Nano Xetel were both fighting at full speed now, with both of them not giving an inch. Nano-Xetel clearly had the strength advantage but unknown to Dreadnought, Nano-Xetel was now no longer able to teleport because of the strain put on his body’s nanotech structure. This gave Dreadnought the edge in mobility. Nano Xetel raised both of his hands and put them on his opposite shoulders and pulled them back down to his waste, creating two hand beam blade blasts that where crisscrossed and heading straight towards Dreadnought. Dreadnought’s omni-directional shielding focused itself above him, and over this head, as he flew toward Nano-Xetel. The two blades like hand beam blasts smashed off Dreadnoughts shielding without Dreadnought receiving any damage. Energy then formed around Dreadnoughts knuckles as he closed in on Nano-Xetel. Quickly closing the gap between them with his incredible speed as Nano Xetel braced himself for the attack. Which came an instant later as Dreadnought delivered a full powered power punch that blasted through Nano Xetel’s defences and smashed into his Zoacrystal, with enough force to crack it. Nano Xetel reeled back in pain as Dreadnought now watched to see if his opponent was defeated, but even as he watched, the Zoacrystal healed before his eyes and Nano Xetel looked back at Dreadnought and smiled.

“Impressive, but it will take much more than that to defeat me, servant of the Creators!”.

Nano Xetel then opened up his left chest plate as he prepared to mega smash Dreadnought. Dreadnought, already surprised that the Zoalord’s Zoacrystal had healed so quickly, now was further surprised to see that this Zoalord had a Mega Smasher and barely had time to raise his shields before the blast engulfed him, but his shields withstood the attack and when the beam cleared, he already had his swords extended as he prepared to again engage Nano Xetel in physical combat, but Nano Xetel was already on top of him as he had fully expected Dreadnought to survive the mega smash and now smashed down on Dreadnoughts head with a double fisted blow, backed by his immense strength. Sending Dreadnought, hurtling head over heals, down towards the moons surface, but Dreadnought had sensed the attack and managed to roll with the blow and quickly righted himself. Dreadnought then slashed out with his vibrational swords, as they lanced out and formed vibrational whips that went hurtling towards Nano Xetel, but instead of dodging, the powerful Zoalord simply caught the vibrational sword whips with his bare hands and then twisted around, as he used the whips to hurl Dreadnought around him, and then slammed him into the lunar surface below.

Back on Accolade, Albass had managed to get a rough estimate of where the Creator vessel had escaped to and was about to call out to Nano Xetel to return to the Accolade when the Accolade sensors informed her that several Guyvers where approaching the Accolade. A quick scan revealed it was Assassin Guyver, Zeo Guyver, Fighter Guyver II, Ninja Guyver and three other strange new Guyvers.

Albass allowed them to teleport aboard and immediately turned to them.

“I’m glad to see you guys made it, can you tell me who’re your new friends?” Albass asked as she looked at Zeus, Aceaer Warrior Guyver 2, and Black Nova warily.

Ira stepped forward and said, “Albass, these are Guyvers from another parallel world and are here to help us against this new Creator that’s teamed up with Dibblis.”

Looking at Zeus, Albass said, “Your new friends wouldn’t happen to include a big blue guy that looks kinda like this big black one here?”.

“Uh, yes that would be Jason, why, you’ve seen him?”

“You can say that.” Albass said just before she set the Accolade on course for the dark side of the moon and started trying to reach Nano Xetel telepathically, hoping she wasn’t too late.

Meanwhile Nano Xetel was about to use Dreadnoughts vibrational sword whips to swing him again when Dreadnought snapped to his feet, channelled a power surge through his vibrational whips and yanked them out of Nano Xetel’s grip. Slicing into Nano Xetel’s hands in the process.

“That is the second time you have managed to hurt me, servant of the Creators, and it shall be the last!”

“Listen you dumb piece of shit, I ain’t no god damn servant of the Creators and I ain’t going to take your crap any longer. Time to die you freak!”

Dreadnought then launched himself forward as he activated his back thrusters and quickly closed the distance between them as he slammed into Nano Xetel with his blast shields, smashing the Zoalord back as he was carried back by the force of Dreadnoughts impact and the power of his blast shield. This lasted a full ten seconds before Nano Xetel was able to knock himself free, with a mega smasher intense force beam blast, but they where already well past the moons orbit.

Nano Xetel then decided it was time to level everything he had against Dreadnought and again opened his left chest plate as he prepared to fire the combined power of his mega smasher, with his force beam and gravity bullet attack.

“Today is not my day to die servant of the Creators, this battle is now over!” said Nano Xetel as he fired the equivalent of a 35X mega smash at Dreadnought. Dreadnought saw it coming but realized that most of it was gravity based and instantly raised his gravity shield and waited for the blast. The powerful combo blasts quickly

engulfed him and the force of the impact sent him flying backwards until he crashes down to the moon and then deep beneath the surface before the attack finally cleared and Nano Xetel watched to see if he had truly finally defeated Dreadnought, but a few seconds later Dreadnought erupted back through the surface and flew up to face Nano Xetel, his gravity shield glowing ominously with the dark gravitational energies of Nano Xetel’s gravity based attacks and Dreadnoughts own power.

“Big mistake freak!”

But before Dreadnought had a chance to use the massive gravity charge on Nano Xetel. He sensed the Accolade approach and they both telepathically heard Albass screaming for them to stop. Both warriors looked again at each other. Both waiting to see if the other was going to continue the attack.

<“Xetel, stop fighting, he’s not with the Creators”>

<“Are you sure my lady”>

<“Yes, I’m with Ira now, she assures me she brought him and three others to help”>

<“… Hmm, but I was just beginning to enjoy this battle.”>


<“Very well my lady, I will stand down if he stands down”>

Dreadnought had listened in on the telepathic communication; he too was disappointed but knew he couldn’t let his personal feelings cloud his judgment. This wasn’t his world and for better or worse he had promised to help Ira. So he started to power down the gravity shield and disperse its energy.

<“Until next time Zoalord”> Dreadnought telepathically said to Nano Xetel.

<“Yes, until next time Guyver”> Nano Xetel telepathically replied before they both headed for the Accolade.

A minute later and they joined the others on the bridge of the Accolade. Ira then quickly explained how she had met Dreadnought and the other three Guyvers and why they had agreed to return with her to stop this new Creator threat.

“So you’re the reason we’re in the mess!?” said Fighter Guyver II as he stared at Aceaer Warrior Guyver 2.

“What’re you trying to say? That I fucking made this bastard come here?”

“Yes! This Creator thinks you killed his father and now he has my brother.”

“Guys, guys, this is not going to help rescue Greg.” Said Assassin Guyver as she stepped between them.

Fighter Guyver II stared at Aceaer Warrior Guyver 2 for a few seconds more he relented and looked at Assassin Guyver and then back at Aceaer Warrior Guyver 2.

“You better just pray that we can get my brother back safe” said Fighter Guyver II before he walked away to another part of the Accolade’s bridge.

Albass then addressed the group, “Okay everyone. I’ve managed to get an approximate lock on where that Creators ship went but we’re going to need a plan if we’re going to get Greg back in one piece.”

“If we can get past the Warrior Kavzars, I should be able to quickly locate him and get him out.” Said Dreadnought.

“That simple huh?” Asked Ninja Guyver, a little sarcastically.

“Well, there’s always unknown factors but my unit is merged with a Matrix and that gives me a definite edge. I’ve already discovered I can block their ability to teleport and fool their sensors. If the rest of you can provide a distraction, I shouldn’t have any problems getting in and out, before they even know I was there.”

“Those are very big ifs to risk my brother’s life on, plus the fact I don’t trust ya.” Said Fighter Guyver II.

“Perhaps but unless anyone else has a better idea?” Albass said as she looked around at everyone. Seeing that no one else had a better plan to offer, she then said “Very well then, I’ll set a course to the Creator ship”.

Meanwhile, in another part of the Milky Way galaxy. . .

Deep within a dense asteroid field. Orbiting a red giant star, over ten thousand light years from Earth, was Krullnar’s massive Creator vessel. Within the ships Main lab, Krullnar and Dibblis were working hard on analyzing W’Kar’s control medal as he laid frozen solid before them.

“We must be very careful Krullnar, the W’Kar element is extremely powerful and unstable. One mistake and this entire section of the universe would be destroyed and us along with it. Even in this weakened state the element is still very potent” said Dibblis nervously as he watched Krullnar begin to examine the Control Medal of their subject with the Matrix device.

“I understand the dangers Dibblis. Such a substance was once discovered in my universe as well. In fact, it was instrumental in the development of the technology that allowed for the development of both the Warrior and the Matrix technologies, though we never managed to safely integrate it into a control medal as you have. A most impressive accomplishment.”

“Yes, it’s a shame the W’Kar element is so rare. Otherwise I would have simply made another unit myself and we could have avoided this dangerous procedure.” Said Dibblis, still nervous despite Krullnar’s reassurance that he had everything under control.

The W’Kar control medal then began to open up before them, as the Matrix carefully stimulated it. Once fully open, Krullnar then commanded the Matrix to start an extensive passive scan while encasing the W’Kar control medal in a powerful dampening field, but even then the two Creators could still sense the immense power contained within.

“I’ll take the fact that we’re not dead as a good sign that you’ve succeeded Krullnar.”

“Yes, the scan will take some time but is unavoidable considering the volatility of the W’Kar element.”

“Let us begin the second phase of our plan then.”

“Yes, I’ve prepared two transformation cocoons to apply our combined technologies to our units.”

“What of the Warrior Mark II units?”

“They are already being made but will take much longer to complete, in fact it won’t be until after phase three is completed before the first three units will be ready.”

Krullnar then showed Dibblis to his transformation cocoon and sealed him in before proceeding to his own cocoon. He then commanded three Warrior Kavzars to guard the lab until his return and told the rest to stand guard outside the ship in case any of W’Kar’s allies managed to find them, before sealing himself in the cocoon. . .

Two hours later. . .

The Accolade reappeared in normal space after another of many hyper space jumps, as the search for Krullnar’s ship continued.

Albass slammed her hand down on the control console of the Accolade, “Damn, nothing again, I don’t understand, each time I seem to get a lock on their location, it leads to nowhere. The Accolades sensors are the best known, aside from the Creators Science relics. What did they do, make a million random jumps to lose us? “

“I don’t think so, if he still went after W’Kar after losing the Matrix Ira used to get to my world, then he must have another and must have used it to give you false readings on where he escaped to.” Said Jason, having long deactivated his armour, as did the others, as the search had dragged on from minutes to hours.

“Oh man, we’re never going to find them like this!” Said Jarrod.

“Wait, Jason, why don’t you use the Matrix on the Accolade and see if it can find out where those bastards really went?” Asked Ira.

“Hmm, not a bad idea.” Said Jason just before he called forth the Matrix he had gotten from Ira. He then turned to Albass and with a node she stepped out of the way as he placed the Matrix on the Accolades control panel. The Matrix then began to glow as tendrils of glowing energy started to flow into the ship. The view screen then came to life as images of different parts of the galaxy started to rapidly flash by until a second later it locked in on what appeared to be an asteroid field. The view then backed out rapidly to show the whole Milky Way Galaxy, with a flashing point showing the Creators ship location.

Jarrod whistled before asking, “Is there anything that gizmo can’t do?”

Jason shrugged, “Dunno, it’s not exactly all powerful, as otherwise I’d be omnipotent having one of these things merged with my control medal, but it can do just about anything you can possibly ask of it. I think its Main limitation is just a lack of raw power as it seems to need to use external objects and power sources to do most of things it does.”

“Well, it’s impressive enough for me.” Said Albass as she set course to the coordinates shown them by the Matrix. “Everyone better armour up now, its high time we rescued a friend.”

Part 2The Accolade
On the bridge next to the Proto Zoalords that pilot the ship, Aceaer Warrior Guyver 2, Zeus, Black Nova and Dreadnought do not feel good. In their world Chronos is the bad guy, the ones they are protecting people from. In this world it is completely different. The world has united to throw the yoke the creators attempt to swathe them in.

Dreadnought and Zeus revert back into their normal forms of Matrix Warrior Guyver and Warrior Guyver 3. The bridge is jam-packed enough with the massive forms of Fighter Guyver II and Xetel, who have no smaller forms to go into.

“So this W’Kar, what’s his position in your world” Warrior Guyver 3 asks out loud to any who may reply.

“Second in command of Chronos” Albass says continuing to view the screen stoically.

“WHAT!” all four of the visitors scream!

Fighter Guyver II and Albass looks at them puzzled for a moment, and then the fact hits them. They must still be at war with Chronos.

“So this W’Kar is a traitor to the human race, oh great” Matrix Warrior Guyver says.

Fighter Guyver II stomps toward him. “Keep your hole shut. My brother is no traitor. This is what we had to do”.

“I told you Jason”, Assassin Guyver says to him, “In this world, we joined Chronos to stop the creators. I was only around in the beginning of the alliance”.

Matrix Warrior Guyver looks at the crew, obviously quite upset by this revelation.

“My brother is not the most stable person, we all know that. Greg has had his moments in the past that nothing mattered to him and he killed for the sheer pleasure of it. But when it comes down he tries to do the right thing. Chronos was the least of two evils at this point” Fighter Guyver II says, he is interrupted by Albass.

“We can continue this discussion later, were here” Albass says.

The Clan Ship

The ship alerts the Warrior Kavzar. The three inside stand and gain information from the computer. One teleports outside to the others as the other two proceed to the Jy-taki’s chambers.

Along the far wall is a large station of individual cells. Unlike the Warrior Kavzar, the Jy-taki has limitations on their energy reserves so must be recharged. Above them is a large crystal ball with swirling energy that is pouring beams into them as their eyes glow. The energy stops and they all step out.

“What is going on, where is our gods” one Jy-taki says.

The next beside him shakes his head. “I am not sure. I cannot contact them”.

A Warrior Kavzar steps up to them. “Jy-taki, are you malfunctioning?”

“No malfunction, we are not certain of our places and duties, which of the group us Jy-taki are the leader” one says.

“Leader?” The Warrior Kavzar says in confusion. The creators simply gave us orders and we followed. Only a Commander class gives orders and they simply relay those given by the creators to the rest of the flock.

“Yes Warrior Kavzar, we require a group leader,” one says.

The Warrior Kavzars medal glows as the ship contacts him, sending information to the other Warrior Kavzar. The Jy-taki have a different hierarchy. Unlike the Kavzar, they have independence and require a hierarchy to operate unless a creator mind is in direct control. All Jy-taki have independent personalities unless they are constantly monitored. The ship is having difficulty controlling them, as their makeup is much different than that of the Warrior Kavzar.

“The Creators are in a transformation state, we must protect them. There is a creator technology based craft coming towards us that has been identified as the same used by the earthlings” The Warrior Kavzar says.

“The Children are attacking” one Jy-taki says to the others. “We understand. 9A001G5671-54 is highest in bio energy reserves, he is the logical leader”.

The one with that designation steps forward. “I assume the leader role. Warrior Kavzar let us protect our gods”.

The Warrior Kavzar nods. The Jy-taki do not have the ability to teleport by themselves, but the ship teleports them all but one outside.

Space, between the two massive crafts

Zeus, Nano-Xetel, Fighter Guyver II, Black Nova, Aceaer Warrior Guyver 2 and Warrior Ninja teleport outside and are shortly followed by a group of 20 Proto Zoalords.

“”What!? Proto Zoalords can’t breath in space”” Zeus says through his organisms, puzzled.

“Our Zoaforms don’t breath,” Xetel says into space, audible even in the airless void.

Warrior Kavzar and Jy-taki then instantly begin attacking with all forms of weaponry quickly surround them.

Four Warrior Kavzars are battling Xetel with their blades, using different weapons but none seem to be able to pierce his powerful skin as he grabs two by their chest and slam them up against each other. Two fire their Mega Smashers; Nano Xetel creates a barrier shield and blocks the weapon.

Warrior Ninja hacks and slashes at a group with her sword, and then goes into her raged mode in which she chops one into two pieces. A fellow of his rapidly teleports around her, confusing her senses enough to let it wait until her raged mode simmers. Then he teleports above her and stabs both his forward blades into her back, then she is hit in the front by two Warrior Kavzars Cyclone blasts that fry her body in a unshielded state, exposing her organs to space, which freezes them into a hard shattering crystal as her hyper space orb glows and the blast field explodes bringing what’s left of her into hyper space.

A Jy-taki swings his blades at Aceaer Warrior Guyver 2. Aceaer Warrior Guyver 2 matches the blades as the two of them quickly begin trying to cut the other into bits. Aceaer Warrior Guyver 2 gains a quick advantage by firing weak cyclone blast that the Jy-taki blocks with his shield and is greeted by a Vibrational Sword across his throat, almost lopping his head off. The Jy-taki falls back holding his throat as it heals. His shoulders begin to glow as he taps into his energy reserves and accesses his Bio Energy Doubler and comes forward at high speed and begins slamming his blades against those of the Guyver, who floats back for a moment to gain some room. He looks towards the Jy-taki to see him covered in a bluish flame as he puts his hands above his head in a triangular fashion and the flame is absorbed into his hands and he fires a Bio Wave attack that Aceaer Warrior Guyver 2 blocks with his full body and Aceaer shielding, but it begins to overwhelm him before he must use his CPM’s to reinforce the shields and at the end of the aftermath, fires a highly powerful Cyclone Blast that has been used to enhance his Mega Smashers and Fusion Cannons. The blast hits the Jy-taki and vaporizes the exhausted warrior in a cloud of energy.

6 Warrior Kavzar hit Fighter Guyver II hard with multiple Mega Smashers. He uses his bio energy doublers to block them and fires five massive gravity ball that easily blast a Warrior Kavzar apart, leaving his body limp, but still he remains until Fighter Guyver II teleports into hyper space, charging a triple pressure cannon attack and appears above the Warrior Kavzar and pumps three Gigantic Guyver Mega Smasher quality gravity balls into the skull of the Warrior Kavzar, destroying his medal/crystal, as well as his body. The other Warrior Kavzar attack but, in his powered form, Fighter Guyver II stabs three in the medals with his Forward blades before the rest react and step back, but quickly get a 20X Mega Smasher fired in their direction, forcing the three to block but are quickly vaporized, but their medals escape to hyper space, being far enough away from Dreadnought to avoid his teleportation block.

Zeus is attacked by two Jy-taki whose gravity orbs glow as they use the gravity crusher on him. Zeus is attacked on all fronts by powerful gravity rifts as he begins to channel his CMP’s to boost his powers and begins to break through. Two Warrior Kavzars see and grab the Jy-taki’s shoulders, using their own strength to boost the gravity rift. Zeus is outmatched in pure energy as his armor is crushed around his body. He uses his Gravity Orb to try and bounce back the attack some, but it barely does any good as his body crystals are crushed and his medal begins to feel powerful gravity rifts. Zeus mentally opens his Mega Smasher plates and fires toward the 4 warriors. The Jy-taki’s have no time to react before they are blown to pieces by the weapon. The Warrior Kavzar fare better, using the Jy-taki themselves as shields, along with their own shields, they survive with major burn damage, but are still alive. Zeus flies towards them at hypersonic speeds and slices ones medal into 4 pieces using his three elbow blades, the other teleports behind Zeus and fires a combined Hand Beam/Head Beam attack that breaks a good section of Zeus front body as he turns to face him. Zeus breathes deeply in anger as his eyes glow and he fires a giant bolt of electricity towards the Warrior Kavzar and blows his legs off.

Black Nova fights two Warrior Kavzars and a Jy-taki. She uses her temporal powers and shifts their time spectrum, giving her a vast speed advantage she uses to slam her Vibrational hair into both Warrior Kavzars Control Medals/Crystals before they have a chance to even assess the situation. The Jy-taki views the carnage but is also caught in the shifting. Black Novas shoulder crystals glow as she fires a powerful Pressure Cannon that blows his head clean off, taking the Jy-taki’s power crystal with it.

The Clan Ship

Dreadnought appears onboard the ships experiment area. He looks around quickly with his hyper senses. Quickly noting that this ship is much more powerful than the ones the Creators have in his world. He then detects two Warrior Kavzars onboard and one of those Jy-taki he was told about. He also detects a powerful Guyver presence aside from the ones he is used to seeing. This must be W’Kar. He turns in that direction and begins running at the highest speed he can without tearing the walls down and comes to a room with a large blue Guyver locked inside of a block of ice. On the adjacent wall is two Gigantic like cocoons that he detects contains two Guyver like beings within, no doubt the Creators.

Suddenly the Warrior Kavzars and the Jy-taki appear. All three attack at once, the Jy-taki glows in a blue flame as Dreadnought senses an energy buildup, he is the strongest out of all of them.

Dreadnought extends his blades and fires a triple mega pressure cannon attack from each hand, all which attack the single Warrior Kavzar on his far left, blowing his body to pieces and destroying the helpless Control Medal/Crystal, without it’s ability to teleport away. The Jy-taki fires a quick Bio Wave that Dreadnought raises his shields to block, The Warrior Kavzar follows up with a powerful Black Hole attack. Dreadnought jumps into the center of the hole and absorbs the gravity attack, rolling back around behind the Warrior Kavzar and fires it at an enhanced power with his Pressure Cannon at the Jy-taki. The Jy-taki raises his shields and blocks the blast in this powerful stage, amazing both Dreadnought and the Warrior Kavzar alike.

Part of the weapon has peeled behind the Jy-taki and blows a large section of the ships control area away, leaving W’Kars iced body unattended to. Dreadnought uses his Matrix to melt the ice as he battles the two warriors. W’Kars medal shines and his eyes light up before a large red flame baths his body burning the remainder of the ice away.

He stands up and fires a Pressure Cannon, blowing the Warrior Kavzar through the local wall.

“Ya’ll mother fuckers made a very bad mistake, you pissed me off” W’Kar screams in anger! He burns in red fire as he takes off at super speed and rams his forward plasma blade through the battered and bleeding Warrior Kavzars Control medal/crystal as Dreadnought crushes the weakened Jy-taki’s head with a double power punch to the opposite sides of its temples.

W’Kar stands above the decaying form of the Warrior Kavzar and looks over at Dreadnought. “Whom do you work for” he demands.

“The ACTF, well, in my world. Here I’ve aligned myself with Ira Pike, who wanted me to help rescue you” Dreadnought says.

W’Kar retracts his Plasma Blades. “Alright, I guess some things don’t change”.

Dreadnought is left in confusion as a blast field explodes around W’Kar and he disappears.

“Now that’s an interesting way to teleport.” Dreadnoughts says to himself before following.

Outer space

Dreadnought and W’Kar emerge outside with the troops, all of the Proto Zoalords are dead, only 9 Warrior Kavzar remain and 2 Jy-taki.

“No point in running when were winning” W’Kar says as he begins to glow red.

Dreadnought feels his HSL working in overdrive, as energy seems to seep from his body. The Matrix warns him that W’Kar seems to be draining energy from all the surroundings and focusing it. Dreadnought chooses to allow it, as it’s not enough to threaten him as W’Kar runs forward dropping small balls of energy next to the creator warriors that explodes in their face at the power of 6 Guyver Mega Smashers. Dreadnought stops teleportation of the Warrior Kavzar as he attacks using his Pressure Cannons and Gravity Bullets towards the Jy-taki, killing the remaining ones. Warrior Ninja appears from a blast field and rams her plasma blade through a Warrior Kavzars medal and breaks another in half with a powerful pressure cannon.

W’Kar and Fighter Guyver II combine their Pressure Cannons to kill another Warrior Kavzar. W’Kar spots another to his right and comes towards him at high speed. The Warrior Kavzar raises all his shields to his medal, but W’Kars Plasma Blade pierces through the shield easily and stabs through the Control medal/Crystal, killing him.

The Clan Ship

Krullnars cocoon opens revealing a pink membrane as a 7-foot tall Guyver like being steps out. His body is larger and bulkier from the Mark II enhancement to his Warrior Unit. Quickly he contacts the ship for a status report.

“DAMN. The Warrior Kavzar and Jy-taki are currently in battle with the earth Guyvers outside. W’Kar has escaped and Dibblis is still in his transformation cycle” Krullnar says. <“Warrior Kavzar, Jy-taki, return”>.

5 Warrior Kavzar appear on the ship around Krullnar. “Where is the Jy-taki”?

“I am sorry my god, all the Jy-taki Warriors fought bravely, but were killed. We are all that survived” one of the Warrior Kavzar says.

Krullnar commands the Matrix and starts to make his escape through a wormhole, but quickly teleports the two still forming pre natural Orobouras crystals to safety.

Outer Space

The Clan Ship begins to move away as a rift forms around the ship.

“Oh no you don’t” W’Kar says already charged to his highest. “No one escapes after that shit”. He raises his hands and fires a 10 foot wide ball of Plasma Energy towards the Clan ship that hits as it is going through the wormhole and blows a large section of the ships rear off, being atomized on the sides of the wormhole before the rest of it disappears.

“You cowards, how dare you leave before I kill you” W’Kar says to himself. He ignites his blast field.

Fighter Guyver II teleports away, coming back with a large missile, obviously a nuclear bomb. He looks over at W’Kar, who looks back and nods. Fighter Guyver II teleports it with him into hyper space, looking around at pockets which contain some of the Warrior Kavzars control medals.

“I shoot, you run. You run, I find and shoot again” Fighter Guyver II says pressing a button on the bomb, teleporting away as it explodes, destroying the medals in a humongous blast.

The Accolades Mess Hall

The whole group is located in the mess hall. W’Kar stands in the middle with Fighter Guyver II. Dreadnought and his friends in front of them and the others off to the side. It’s almost a showdown.

W’Kar and Fighter Guyver II both nod at each other as their armor seems to liquidate and form into normal clothing. Dreadnought deactivates his Dreadnought armor, and then his Guyver unit with the others.

“My name is Greg Lucas,” the host for W’Kar says. He is a young man in his early twenties with long black hair and a black coat, slightly open in the center revealing his muscular shaven chest. “This is my brother Jarrod”. Jarrod, the host of the Fighter Guyver II armor is a slightly younger man just as tall as his brother. But he has a red muscle shirt and khakis with his wild short brown hair.

Jason looks at them both. “My name is Jason O’ Conner, I am the Matrix Warrior Guyver, also known as Dreadnought in my larger form”. Greg notes his looks, a clean well kept man of 25 years. He wears a navy blue suit that compliments his blue eyes. Jason runs his hand through his short red hair.

“We already know Agito over there” Jarrod says.

“Since when did he get a new unit? Last time I saw you were giving Alkanphal and I shit as a Wyvern Zoalord” Greg says in a frightening tone.

“We’re from another universe,” Agito says. “I am Warrior Guyver 3, also known as Zeus, not Wyvern”.

“I am Mei Lynn,” the female says. “Call me Black Nova”. She is tall for a female, Asian as well with long black hair and a body that screams.

“Stephen Cain, Warrior Guyver 2” the younger man says, obviously military. He is a bit shorter than Jason, but much more of a tougher build. He is bald with a gray T-Shirt with the letters USMC imprinted on it, United States Marine Core, and wears typical army green camo pants.

Greg smirks, and then completely laughs. “What a group. Don’t be surprised if I’m not as hospitable as most people, but thanks for your help. Although I was very close to breaking out and wringing that lizards neck and the rest of those blue Jy-taki”.

“They are Warrior Kavzars, from my world. I’m not only a visitor of your world but of theirs as well,” Stephen says.

“Alright, you people just raped my mind. Someone explain to me slowly what the hell is going on,” Greg says.

20 minutes later

“So let me get this straight,” Greg says looking at Stephen. “The boy wonder here killed that other Creators daddy so now he’s pissed off and wants to kill him. So he decides to show up in my world and mess with me. Not the brightest bulb in the box is he.”

“So now after I got jumped by those sissies Ira went to your world, followed by some of those Warrior Kavzar and brought you guys back here to help cause you wanna stop them here instead of worrying about them in your world.

“Now Dibs and Krusty-Butt have detailed scans of my medal, this much I remember. They want to merge that Warrior Kavzar, the Jy-taki, Mark II Technology and now my W’Kar tech into one big bruiser to exact their revenge upon the universe. Sounds like a hobby”.

“If you merge the Warrior Kavzars with those Jy-taki, and that Mark II you told me about, they could have warriors as strong as me in the millions” Jason says.

“With the W’Kar in them, that could be more” Mei says. “I’d say they would be at least 30-40 times a Guyver in power”.

“EHH, wrong” Jarrod says. “More like 70X-90X”.

“My unit was based on one ideal, sheer power. The more the better. That’s the reason my body can drain energy from everything and divert it, it can handle energy surges well over 50X that of any other unit and can evolve to suit new battle conditions” Greg says. “Your Warrior Units are hard to kill, I’ll give you that. But in the power range you guys are coming far behind me”.

Jason looks at him sternly. “Are you kidding me? You saw me in action, I can blow those things away just as easily as you”.

Greg smiles at Jason. “At the base you said is a Warrior Unit. You need to have a device and a gigantic to pose any threat. W’Kars don’t require that, we do that all on our own”.

Agito, Stephen and Jason then all are on alert, while Mei stands back.

“For your info I killed a Guyver Zoalord in my weaker form” Jason says with pride and scorn.

“And I bet you needed help to do it huh” Greg says with a smile.

Jason flares again.

“Out of all three of you all of you use some kind of upgrade a gigantic or that Aceaer thing. That female here is the only one with any true power out of all of you. Which matter the fact Mei, if you don’t mind, later I would like to fight you. No killing of course, but I love to fight you see” Greg says.

“Fucker why don’t you take me on” Stephen screams.

“HEY” Ira says with authority. “Greg why don’t you shove your ego down for a moment. These people are here to help not start trouble”.

“Woman I only speak the truth. Whether they like it or not that is how it is. I’m going home now,” Greg says.

“I still have questions,” Stephen says grabbing Greg’s shoulders. Greg lashes out and grabs him by the throat and lifts him into the air. His other hand begins to glow as a plasma blade is formed from his jacket. “I don’t care” Greg says and tosses him towards Jason and Agito who catch him. Greg disappears in a blast field.

“Must be Cassandra. She’s been in that cocoon for a while now. He’s worried” Jarrod says.

“He’s a fucking psycho, what’s his problem” Stephen screams.

Jarrod smiles to himself. “That’s Greg. He’s a mental case all right. A good shrink could probably tag him with quite a few disorders”.

Jason activates his Guyver armor and then his Dreadnought armor and teleports after him.

Forbidden Island

Greg emerges from his blast field outside his house. He walks up to the door and looks inside to see the cocoon still intact. He scans it to still sense his wife inside. His senses jerk and he looks behind him to see Dreadnought appear from a teleport.

Greg’s armor forms over him. “You dare come to my home without permission”.

“I dare to anything I want. Let me make this clear, I don’t care how powerful you are, don’t care what happened to you in your past and I don’t feel sorry for your problems. I don’t care about your world, it’s not mine. I’m here to stop Krullnar before he comes to mine, plain and simple”.

Greg smiles under his armor. “I can respect that. But if you want to stay here without a fight deactivate your unit”.

“I’ve seen what you can do in your human form, no way,” Dreadnought says, not mentioning his own human form enhancements.

W’Kar laughs. “That wasn’t my human form. I still had my armor active. I can mutate my armor anyway I want, and appear as anything, even my human form. You wanna stay, deactivate and I will do the same”.

“Why should I trust you?” Dreadnought replies.

“I may be powerful and violent, but I don’t lie” W’Kar says.

Dreadnought thinks, and deactivates the Dreadnought armor and Guyver unit along with W’Kar whose armors organism seems to seep back into his body.

“Come on in wuss” Greg says stepping in his home. He walks up to the gigantic cocoon and touches it.

Jason steps inside and looks at the room, mostly a wooden home, very clean and furnished, but plain and simple. But the Gigantic cocoon clashes.

“Your wife, Cassandra, is in there right?” Jason says.

“So Ira is running her mouth again huh,” Greg says.

“Not really, my Matrix picked up some of the events that happened here” Jason says stepping beside him. He’s about the same size as Greg is, but Greg is of a thicker build and paler complexion.

“I’m starting to despise that device,” Greg says. “I’m glad it was able to save Cassandra, but am not happy it made her a Guyver to do so”.

“Why’s that” Jason asks?

“My wife hates Guyver units. She considers them to be ‘Tools of Evil’. Can’t blame her, look what my W’Kar Unit did to me over the years” he says. “Unlike the Unit-G, the Unit-W fucks with you. My unit is damaged, and is desperately trying to heal itself. But the damage was so severe that it had to revert to a primitive design to save itself. Namely that of a Guyver Unit”.

“You don’t consider your unit a Guyver Unit”? Jason asks.

“No, it’s not a Guyver Unit. Guyver Units don’t have the power W’Kars do. This unit I wear when merged in its full form made a creator 50X a Guyver Unit. That’s twice as powerful as your highest form and mine. Now apply that ratio to a human host,” Greg says. Jason literally is speechless. “Now you understand why the creators cannot get ahold of the technology inside of me. From what little they got we can only imagine what they can create. Your units are advanced and very difficult to kill. Imagine my power with that practical immortality”.

Jason nods. “I agree. We cannot allow that to happen. We are different people, but we can find common ground on that”.

Greg smiles. “I’m keeping this relationship on a level of truth. I don’t like you. Already I’ve scanned you. My medal allows me to do that to anything with creator tech in it. Your Matrix blocks more than 90% of the info I can get normally, but from what I’ve seen you are not suitable for the power you possess in my opinion, and your defeat of the Guyver Zoalord was more luck than skill. So we are going to fight sooner or later, count on it”.

Jason almost laughs at his confidence. “I find you a overconfident, psychotic, lame excuse for a human being who befriended the person who I most hate and helps run the reason I continue to fight. You wanted the truth, I’ll give it to you”.

Now Greg bursts out laughing. “Well said”.

Suddenly the cocoon shakes and breaks open revealing a light blue guyver like being who has a large belly. She falls out and onto the ground as the cocoon disappears into hyper space.

Greg grabs her and helps her up. “Cassandra, are you okay”.

Jason looks at the Guyver. It’s the most odd design he’s ever seen. She has three large antennas that protrude from her head and halfway down her back. She has a massive, larger than Gigantic sized medal in her forehead separated into 3 sections as some of the prototype warrior units of his world has. No Vibrational swords, no mega smashers, no sonic orbs or hyper sensory orbs.

“Greg” the Guyver coughs out. “Is that you”?

Greg nods as he points her face to him. They hug as he helps her up.

“You’ve been out awhile,” Greg says.

She touches her face in yawning, and then notices her hands. “Oh my god, what’s happened”?

“From what I was told you were sealed within a cocoon when my brother used the Matrix to try and cure your disease, but that weird device had a mind of it’s own and made you a guyver” Greg says. He looks over at Jason with a stern face, giving Jason the obvious signal to step back, which he did as affairs between the couple are not his business.

She checks her stomach area and notices the large bulge.

“Your pregnant my love” Greg says.

1 hour later

Cassandra sits on the couch with Greg, her head in his lap. He strokes her hair speaking words neither Jason nor Jarrod can hear outside.

“She’s based on a lot of your guys technology. I doubt we can remove her unit cause of that. We have the Mark II removers, but I’m not sure they can affect your technology enough, or at all” Jarrod says as he leans up against the railing.

“I could use the Matrix in my unit to remove it” Jason says. “This device can affect Warrior Units, so I know it will do the job”.

Jarrod nods. “I doubt you will be around when the baby is born. We cannot remove it until then or the child will die. Cassandra isn’t the mother. She can’t support the child naturally without that unit. We’ll just use that other Matrix to do it after we deal with the creators”.

Jason looks at him. “That device shouldn’t be here, it belongs to us. I will be bringing it back with me”.

“Bull shit. If anything it’s ours to keep. Krullnar came here with it and has been screwing us with it. Just cause you’ve seen it before does not make it yours” Jarrod says.

Jason shakes his head. “We need them to use against Chronos in my world”.

“We need everything we can get to battle the creators in mine” Jarrod replies sharply. “The World Government was already practically destroyed by them, Alkanphal was almost killed and we suffered a lot of damaged from them. Agito and his dumbass crew are killing off our Zoagod troops, meaning we probably won’t have enough to protect this world when they do get here”.

“The fact your brother joined the enemy doesn’t help” Jason barks.

“My brother went in Chronos because he understands the future. Besides, he’s done more good for the world by staying in Chronos than he ever did fighting them” Jarrod says stepping up from his leaning with force.

“How’s that?”.

“Chronos had 60 million Zoanoids. Every one of them under Gregs command were converted back into normal humans and sent back to their families” Jarrod replies.

Jason is shot down in surprise. “But what about-?”

“Human clones. Each has no family as they were made in processing tanks from birth. He hates to do it, but survival is the most important part of our current situation”.

Jason turns in thought. This is a surprise. He looks in on Greg and his wife, Cassandra. She has a tear in her eye and Greg holds on to her like a father.

“I don’t understand him,” Jason admits.

“What, you think I do,” Jarrod says stepping beside him in his spying.

Jason shrugs his shoulders. “He’s so violent towards almost everyone. He’s self centered, arrogant and self-righteous in all forms of the attributes. But he works to help the people of this world, cares so strongly for this woman, and sometimes even shows compassion”.

“Well most of those little quirks you can attach to that unit he has” Jarrod says walking away, sitting on a swinging bench on the porch.

“How’s that” Jason asks?

“The W’Kar unit is damaged, as you know. What you and almost everyone doesn’t know is that it has a will of it’s own. It works not to better the host like our units, but to better itself, often at the hosts distress” Jarrod says looking in on his brother, who has now lifted Cassandra up and is bringing her into the back room. “At first the unit acted normal. But then it started causing odd chemical imbalances within his system. This basically resulted in making his emotions intolerable to normal human standards. When he grew angry, he REALLY grew angry. Once he even struck Ira in a fit of rage when he and she worked together. Later the unit learned that this chemical imbalance that occurred during his anger phases caused a raise in bio energy, which helped it heal faster, so it would pump this up to max.

“Then Ira left Greg. Greg found Cassandra. Have you ever fell in love very strongly” Jarrod asks.

A dagger pierces Jason’s heart. “Yes, my fiancé. Alkanphel and Chronos killed her on my wedding day. Alkanphel said that he did this on purpose to cause me to gain this unit”.

Jarrod nods. “Yes, you know. Now imagine those same emotions, but multiplied ten times their normal degree by your unit. Then imagine at this level your love being torn into three pieces by Imakarum Mirabilis in front of your eyes. This was the beginning of Greg’s insanity. He began blaming everything, Friends, Family, government, churches, Chronos, anything he could blame. Greg began killing people for no reason and at random. It wasn’t until Jessica and Ira found him and reasoned with him that he quit. Ever since Greg has dedicated himself to preserving the human race. At first he battled Chronos as one of their strongest enemies. Alkanphal was his friend at the moment of this, adding yet another complexity to his list”.

Jason can’t imagine that. The pain he felt for his fiancé was beyond what words can describe. His chest feels as though it is caving in on itself as he remembers the rubble of the ceremony, the blank bloodless look of his fiancés face as he cried above her.

“You can think he’s a dick all you want. It’s the truth, he is. But it’s not his fault he’s a schitz” Jarrod says walking off of the porch as his clothed body reverts to his armored form and he disappears in a blast field.

“This world is wacky” Jason says to himself as he steps inside of Gregs home. He looks at some of the decorations. Most seem Egyptian in nature. Statues of Pyramids, the Sphinx, one is of a temple with an eye set above it.

“It’s called the Temple of Horus” Greg says stepping in. Jason looks at him in surprise. “Your not the only one who can pick up psychic transmissions. Of course mines just a modified version of my organisms. Just a hint, unless you remember to block your thoughts from other psychics, they can read any you think, even if you are a guyver. They can’t directly read your memories and stuff, but can easily pick those up”.

“How much more advanced are your organisms” Jason asks.

“Well I used to be able to pick up FM stations on them” Greg says laughing, Jason wonders if he is serious. “Of course I wouldn’t call that an advancement. Longer range, more specific targeting and simple things like that. But even a Gigantic has those increases over a normal unit”.

“I take it you like Egypt” Jason says looking around.

Greg shrugs. “I like all mythology, but have little time or care for it now. This is mainly Cassandra’s doing. She’s big in that. She even does tarot and studies various Occult mythology. She can cast whatever spells she wants, but personally I prefer a Mega Smasher”.

Jason laughs.

“”Dreadnought, W’Kar, would you guys come to the Accolade with Cassandra”” Albass says across Jason and Gregs organisms.

Jason is surprised. “Albass isn’t a Guyver, is she”?

“No, for some odd reason the girl can use her own psychic powers to transmit into organisms. Haven’t found out how yet, but it’s not on top of my priority list either” Greg says. “”I’ll be there in a second”” Greg sends back.

“I’ll be going now,” Jason says walking out of the home, activating his armor and teleporting away.

Greg turns and goes into the back with Cassandra, who is lying on the bed. “We should go Cass. We need to know something about that unit you have”.

“I’m not going anywhere right now. How can I have a child, you know I’m sterile” Cassandra says.

Greg remembers, how can he forget. The reason hurts both her and him. Raised in an orphanage, where it was common practice to rape the younger children, later making them perform these acts so they can have freedom. All those years of it simply tore her up inside, in the worst way. “It does not matter how it happened, only that it did”.

Cassandra continues to cry. Greg sits beside her.

“How can I bring a child into this. A mother and father who will never die, who are constantly hunted in a world that is in constant jeopardy” she says.

“How can you not?” Greg says. “To refuse a life from someone who has yet to be born is wrong. All beings have a choice; this is the most important one ever. Do you want to live in this world? No being has the right deny that right. Not a person, not a Guyver, not a zoalord, not an advent. Not even a god can make that decision”.

“Why does this always happen to us” Cassandra asks flipping around to face Greg, tears rolling down her soft face.

Greg smiles. “Because we can handle it”. They kiss and Greg helps her to her feet and walks with her outside.

“I don’t like being a Guyver” Cassandra says.

“I don’t like being a W’Kar, but it is what I am. You must keep that unit, I doubt the child can survive without it” Greg says, half lying.

Cassandra nods. “It responds to thoughts right”?

Greg nods and stands back.

Cassandra thinks to herself and says the word, “Guyver”.

No blast field is formed as the armor straps around her, forming around the pregnant belly.

Greg smiles. “Your not only a unique human, but a Guyver as well”.

Cassandra blushes under her armor, her normal shy self.

Greg straightens his face and twists his head around. “W’KAR” he screams to the heavens as a powerful blast field erupts around him and the organism shoots from his back surrounding him and slamming the armor on top of him.

The Accolade

Matrix Warrior Guyver watches as W’Kar and Cassandra in her Guyver armor emerge from their teleports. Albass and Black Nova are standing against the wall.

“It’s about time you two showed up,” Albass says walking up to them.

“Oh gee, my mistake” W’Kar says. “What’s this about”?

“I wanted to help Cassandra” Albass says. “We’ve setup the lab to study your unit. Balcus and Josh are there”.

Matrix Warrior Guyver still can’t believe this world. An alliance with Chronos based on the creators’ return he can understand, it happened in Stephens’s world. The fact that they trust each other so well he doesn’t. Jarrod admitted that Chronos was responsible for the death of Cassandra before she was cloned, so why does Greg trust Alkanphel.

Cassandra nods and walks with Albass, followed closely by W’Kar, then Matrix Warrior Guyver and Black Nova.

They reach the door marked simply “Lab” and walk in as the door opens to their presence. Matrix Warrior Guyver and Black Nova both force back their anger and aggression as they see Hamical Balcus, this worlds counterpart to their worlds Hamical Valkus. A young man stands near him, who is either his assistant or his equal. On the side of them are 20 or so Bio Tubes, each containing a half formed human body.

“What’s up Greg?” the man says beside Balcus. “Welcome to the freak show”.

“How are the Zoagods coming Josh?” W’Kar asks.

“Pretty good, could be better though. Most of the cloned humans don’t survive the process. Luckily none are alive when the process takes place or I don’t think I could handle the screams” Josh says.

“It’s mainly due to the fact this is the first time we ever tried this process. Each time we create a new batch more survive, so it’s not in vane” Balcus says.

Josh walks up to Cassandra. “Whoa, girl you’re looking good in that armor. Neatest design I’ve seen since the blue demon over here”.

W’Kar looks down at the guy, who seems a midget compared in size to him. “You trying to piss me off, or is this just an accident”.

“Oh quiet” Josh says grabbing Cassandra’s hand and walking her to a Bio Tube.

“Little shit head. Ever since I met him he’s too stupid to understand I’ll crush his skull in less than a moment,” W’Kar says.

“He a friend of yours?” Black Nova asks.

W’Kar nods. “Josh and I were friends even before I got this damn unit. Afterward he designed the War Clan Armor to battle aside Ira and I. We were very good as a team”.

Josh helps her in as he tells her to not be scared. A sheet of glass covers her as a liquid is poured into the container. W’Kar walks over in front of her.

Balcus begins pushing buttons on a panel. Matrix Warrior Guyver cannot help himself as he steps to his side watching his movements. He begins to scan the armors composition.

“The armor is mainly biological, even more so than any Guyver I’ve ever scanned. I’m estimating her durability is less than that of a standard Guyver,” Balcus says.

“Looks like I still hafta play babysitter” W’Kar says looking at his wife, within a Guyver unit he knows nothing of.

“Oh, by the way Greg, you scanned her Bio Level yet?” Josh asks.

W’Kar shakes his head. He looks at her as his control medal glows. “Pretty damn low, it’s only 784. Even less than a Standard there too”.

“Well looks like she’ll always be that sweet little thing that won’t hurt a roach,” Josh says.

“What’s a Bio Level?” Matrix Warrior Guyver asks, looking at Josh.

“Well, the oversimplified version is that a unit has a certain amount of energy at all times that relates to its ability. Things such as armor durability, strength, energy attacks and weird abilities all relate in this energy level. I’m not sure why it’s there, it’s probably something the creators either installed in all forms of life they made, as we can never get one directly from a creator, or something that all beings put off naturally” Josh says in a ‘I know something you don’t know’ tone.

“Do we have one?” Black Nova asks.

W’Kar nods. “I’ve already checked them. It’s easy to do for me. You are at 7903, meaning your somewhere around 8X stronger than a Guyver at this moment. It changes depending on certain circumstances. For example when your gravity field is going and your moving at high speed, it would increase to a larger number”. W’Kar looks over at Matrix Warrior Guyver. “Your right now 13102, about 13X stronger than a normal guyver. At your Gigantic form your 26655, which in my world is 28X a Guyver”.

“In mine I’m classified 25X” Matrix Warrior Guyver says.

“That’s my readings. You do have that HSL you told me about that gives you those high-powered attacks, which would be what my unit is reading. Or possibly you have abilities you have yet to realize” W’Kar says. “I’m at 18000 most of the time, but my unit is very tied with my emotions. The angrier I get, the more I can boost certain traits until I rage. The most enraged I get is 27000, after that I just blow my top and go 65000”.

“That’s pretty high I’m guessing” Matrix Warrior Guyver says.

“Enough to kill any being I have yet to meet” W’Kar says.

“Well that I’d like to see” Matrix Warrior Guyver says in return.

Josh looks at them both. “Children, please. We’re trying to do something important here”.

“You guessed right Josh. The child is tied in with that unit heavily. It’s begun to nurture the child along with the mother as though it’s a parent,” Balcus says. “Wait, the medal is showing odd readings”.

“How’s that” Josh asks looking at the screen.

“We detect the medal has both 4 processors inside of it, and it has a small shaving of W’Kar Element” Balcus says.

“Whoa, cool” Josh replies looking at the screen. “The four sections are using the element as a power source, but the element itself seems to be drawing power from another source”.

W’Kar looks at his wife and his medal glows. “I can’t tell you what it is”.

“Let me try” Matrix Warrior Guyver says walking near the Bio Tube. The front section of his medal glows as he begins to scan her.

“That medal is almost identical to our Warrior Guyver models. The Element you are speaking of seems to tap through the HSL, which means she may also have a Cyclone Power Matrix to her advantage” he says.

“Um, Mr. Matrix Warrior Guyver, do you mind if we take a scan of your medal” Josh asks.

He turns to them. “Actually yes, I’ve already let part of this medals secrets fall into my worlds Chronos hands, not again”.

“Well, do you mind explaining how the damn thing works a little bit? We’re having trouble understanding why it’s setup like this,” he asks again.

Matrix Warrior Guyver nods. “Well the four processors work together, making one processor. It kind of works like it’s a computer that has 4 CPU’s. That helps take some wear off of the host and increases our power”.

“Well that’s not what I’m seeing here” Josh says waving his hand to Matrix Warrior Guyver to come here.

He looks down at the screen. The Matrix begins to contact the host, giving him information on this medal setup.

“Well each section is working on a different task here. Two are being used to deal with the W’Kar Element, which I’m guessing is very unstable here. One is working with the host as normal, the other is helping the child” Matrix Warrior Guyver says.

“Okay, the element probably got there cause we’ve been using pieces of it to keep Cassandra alive. Looks as though the unit has that figured out. But why would it use the element to hold energy, give it a HSL and possibly a CPM if she’s so weak” Josh says.

“Duh moron” W’Kar says. “It’s being used to keep her alive”.

“Duh moron, just the element being there is enough to do that. It’s giving that thing WAY more than even close to being needed” Josh says. “My guess is that it’s being used to power another ability. I mean she has no Mega Smashers, her Gravity Orb is unable to produce a stable enough field to make a Pressure Cannon, the hyper space orb is the only thing there that does what it’s supposed to, her head laser is half that of a Guyvers and she has no Sonics”.

Suddenly a large glow begins to surround Cassandra as an energy blast emits from her, not very strong but it blasts glass across the room, one piece hitting Josh in the stomach.

Everyone looks down as Josh begins to scream curse words. Cassandra runs over and grabs his arm.

“I didn’t mean to, I’m sorry, I’m so” she repeats over and over before touching his wound. To everyone’s amazement the glass is forced out and a glow comes from her, and the wound closes extremely fast.

“Whoa, cool” Josh repeats looking at his ripped shirt, and woundless stomach.

W’Kar grabs his cranium and shakes it. “Alright, that made sense”.

“I’m so sorry Josh” Cassandra says to him again. “I don’t know what happened”.

“Hey, no prob. You fixed it” Josh says.

Balcus presses a few buttons. “Seems that last scan the unit did not like. It released energy inside the element as a blast field”.

“Well Apothecary, seems we figured out what you do best” Josh says.

“Apothecary Guyver, sounds like a neat name” Black Nova says helping her up.

“Uh, yeah” Apothecary Guyver says.

“Um, this may not be the greatest time to bring this up but where is those other two rodents you guys came with” W’Kar asks?

“Agito and Stephen, I don’t know” Matrix Warrior Guyver says.

“I heard Stephen saying he wanted to go visit the World Government, but Agito I don’t know” Albass says. The door on the side of the room opens and Ira walks in. “Greg, do you mind if I stay at your house. I don’t feel comfortable with Kalen and Jessica”.

“Sure” W’Kar says. “Just don’t eat all my damn cheetos”.

“Uh, that reminds me. Jason, I’ve already made room for Mei, but we have no other vacant rooms on the Accolade, that is unless you mind sleeping in the bunks with Proto Zoalords and Zoagods” Albass says.

“You can stay with us as well Jason, if you wish” Apothecary Guyver says.

“What! Now I can understand Jarrod or Ira, I like them, but him!” W’Kar says louder than normal.

“We have plenty of room” Apothecary Guyver says. “Our home is very large Greg, it’ll be fine”.

W’Kar grumbles and looks at Matrix Warrior Guyver. “Well?”

“I accept, I don’t feel comfortable next to any Zoaform aside from those with the ACTF” Matrix Warrior Guyver says.

W’Kar growls again. “You better not touch my cheetos either. Oh, Mei, about our little tussle later. Show up anytime, I’m ready to fight 24-7”.

Black Nova nods. At the same time she admires his strength, he’s got a very poor attitude.

W’Kar looks at Apothecary Guyver, who nods as a message is sent to her. They both teleport away together.

Matrix Warrior Guyver walks over to Ira. “You need a ride”?

“Thanks” Ira says and activates her armor. Matrix Warrior Guyver grasps her arm and they teleport away.

“Um, if you don’t mind me asking, what’s with W’Kar and cheetos?” Black Nova asks.

Josh laughs. “Well the devil does need his midnight snack”.

Albass smiles and walks out the door, followed by Black Nova. She deactivates her armor.

“I can’t believe Alkanphel had a daughter,” Mei says.

Albass smiles. “Funny how our worlds spell his name differently. My father is not really my father. I’m actually a clone of him”.

“Wow, that’s wild” Mei says. “So your just as powerful as him”.

“Kinda-sorta, Balcus suspects I’m at the core more powerful. He used some form of advanced new creator technology that may have increased my power over my dad. Unfortunately I can’t zoamorph”.

“Why’s that”?

“Don’t know. Josh suspects that it’s because while my father raised me, he never tried to get me to zoamorph or use any of my powers. So now because I’m older I have yet to understand how to, or a subliminal block. The most I’ve ever done was morph for a few moments when my dad was almost killed and saved him. After that I could do little things, weak gravity bullet attacks, every one in awhile I could use a hand beam, but that’s it” Albass says.

Mei nods. “Why does Chronos do this to people”?

“What do you mean, the capturing and force of becoming a Zoaform” Albass says. Mei nods. “I don’t really understand why my father does that. But I’m completely against it, as is Greg. Together we changed the policy after the Jy-taki first came. All the Zoaforms below the level of Proto Zoalord were made back into human and sent home. Half of the stock of Neo Zx-tole and equal were as well”.

“Your much better than your father, if you don’t mind my saying” Mei says.

Albass nods. “I love my father, but disagree with his methods. Hopefully one day I can have more impact on what happens here”.

A teleportation behind them, they turn and see Alkanphal in his Chronos armor. “Albass, I’m back. We were able to put down Agito and his troublesome brigade again, but I lost 20 Zoagods once again. I received your message about what has happened, you have done a good job taking over, I’m proud of you”.

“Thanks dad, this is Mei Lynn, she’s one of the group who have come to help deal with the creators” Albass says.

Alkanphal looks down at her. He reaches his hand out, but Mei refuses to shake. “I see, I understand. Nonetheless I welcome you as a friend. You did help rescue Greg, for that I am grateful. Which reminds me, where is he?”

“On his island with Cassandra and Jason” Albass says. “I wouldn’t suggest visiting him right now though, Jason is pretty much determined to kill you”.

Alkanphal nods. “Alright. Let us now examine this Warrior technology and prepare to do battle with Dibblis and this Krullnar. We must destroy the creators, at any cost”.

He floats by them and proceeds to the bridge.

Mei Lynn sneers at him. “Please Mei” Albass says. “I don’t know what the reason is that you hate him, but I’d rather not have any hostility within here at this time. We are in a major war with Grend, we’ll have 500 Jy-taki within a few months at the most, and it’s a very delicate time for the entire earth. We’re trying to save the world, not just ourselves”.

Mei nods. “For now I will, but I want to ask him a question”.

She jogs forward a few steps, and Alkanphal turns to her. “Yes?”

“How did you justify capturing people and making them Zoaforms against their wills?” Mei asks.

“I thought one of you would have that question. We must destroy the creators, they are a threat. I created Chronos to do that, but I need troops like any army. If it wasn’t for the fact the resistance was always killing my zoanoids I would have required much less,” Alkanphal says.

“That’s pretty self righteous,” Mei says crossing her arms.

“But it’s the truth, I can’t battle the creators alone. If I had better time to prepare we would not be in the stressful time right now” Alkanphal says looking behind her towards his daughter.

“Your preparation is destroying lives. I was tortured and experimented on, along with my partner Syn for your damn preparation. Is this war with the Creators worth ruining the lives of every person on Earth?” she asks, thrusting her face forward.

“There are two sides to every coin. Those who have felt the sting of the creators are willing to do everything to destroy them. Those who haven’t can’t” Alkanphal says and turns to float away.

Mei activates her armor, blowing a small section of the Accolade to dust. She activates her temporal powers and flies out of the ship, as she phases through the walls.

“That was memorable” Alkanphal says smiling to himself.

“That was damn rude, on both your parts” Albass says flinging her arm in the air and walking away.

Alaska, The World Government Relic Base

Warrior Guyver2 hits ground and looks at the base. It looks like a large relic ship with a human made building surrounding it.

“Whoa neat” he says walking forward. Suddenly four guyvers fly out of the building. One is a female guyver, who seems to be emitting a natural yellow glow constantly. The other is a dark black guyver, another someone who looks exactly like Guyver2 from his world, and the other a Guyver Zoanoid like creature.

“Are you one of those new Guyvers?” the yellow glowing one says.

“Yes” Warrior Guyver 2 says. “My name is Stephen, known as Warrior Guyver2”.

“The name is Philip, I’m known as Dark Unit” the black one says.

“WAR” the Guyver Zoanoid creature says. “A Guyver Bonder Zoanoid type aligned with the World Government”.

“Aza Guyver” the female says. “Names Megan Douly”.

“Sean Andrews, Guyver4” the Guyver2 look alike says walking up to Warrior Guyver2. They shake hands.

“Um, any relation to Sean Barker?” Warrior Guyver2 asks.

“Not that I know of” he says. “Then again knowing the way this universe thing goes who knows”.

Warrior Guyver2 laughs at that. “I know that. I’m a stranger to the universe I came from to here as well. I just watched my doubles funeral in my world”.

Aza Guyver, Dark Unit and the other deactivate their armor and begin walking together. WAR is a slender Zoaform, resembling a Vamore without the shoulder pods.

Megan Douly is a woman in her late twenties, dark brown hair at her shoulders.

Philip is a large black man, heavily built with an odd tattoo on his shoulder and sweat drops on his bald head.

Sean is blond haired, small in stature and build.

“In truth I’m a basic scout zoanoid with a high bio energy level, which makes me almost twice that of a Gigantic Guyver” WAR says.

“Can I ask a question, how did you guys fare against Chronos?” Stephen asks.

“It was the late 90’s when Chronos attacked. Almost everyone fell at once. Japan, United States and Britain were the only ones that really stood up. Russia fell almost instantly due to the fact their government was in turmoil, a great loss because of their military standing. The surviving nations leaders decided to combine efforts, which created the World Government. At first we were composed of leaders of all the nations into a congress which decided the actions. Guyvers from all over the world joined up. We had Sho, Agito, Sean, Philip, Ira, Jessica and I as teams. Sho, Agito and Sean were known as the Guyver Elite, Ira and Jessica were the Black Assassins and Philip and I were the Demons, a name which I still think sucked” Megan says.

“Eventually W’Kar was learned of. Ira and Jessica kept him secret; he was responsible for most of the major Chronos losses and saved us in a major attack from the resurrected Commander Gyro. At the time he was known as Warrior Guyver, I heard from Ira later she gave him that name as the unit she had was programmed with certain information. Warrior Unit was a code name given by Dibblis and Grend, as they did not want the other creators to know that the unit was actually made with the W’Kar Element, hell even the first Jy-taki called it the Warrior Unit. He helped in the attack and began working closely with us, along with his extra dimensional brother Fighter Guyver, and the extra dimensional Prototype W’Kar known as Ninja Guyver. He never joined our ranks, preferring to remain at War Clan island with hiss group of friends, the War Clan and later the combined W’Kar force of Fighter Guyver, Ninja Guyver and him known as the Warlords.

“We were plagued with failure later and gained a small momentum with the help of XT Guyver, and later his new form of XT2. We fell hard to the Jy-taki attack as they sent over 30 Azathoth to us and killed a lot of people including Sho and Ira. Later, after W’Kar officially joined Chronos and began to stop Zoanoid production and released the Zoanoids from captivity, we practically became a little sect of Guyvers who helped when needed.”

“Chronos rules the world now huh” Stephen says.

“Not really. They run most of the military, but Greg prevents Alkanphal and Chronos from stepping into countries affairs. Only Agito and Zeus Thunderbolt stand against them, which even we consider stupid. As much as we hate it Chronos is our hope against the creators, Greg saw that before any of us” Megan says. “We were recently joined by Sean and Philip. Their doubles in this world died, Sean from Energy Guyver and Philip from Carrion”.

“Yep, I’m a stranger” Sean says.

“Philip, can I ask what that tattoo is on your arm” Stephen inquires.

“Certainly, it’s my tribes symbol. I’m from Africa actually, a tribesmen. I was trained from birth to be a warrior for my village. Our village has a religion which stems from Creator lore. One of the artifacts we had was a Guyver Unit, although we had no idea what it actually was, it was considered a gift from gods. I bonded to it by accident. Obviously Chronos learned quickly of it and attacked the village. By the time I awoke the tribe was mostly dead, and I gained a great hatred for them. Still, I understand the predicament we are in now”.

“That’s a new story” Stephen says smiling.

“Well his was always original” Sean says. “Mine’s pretty lame. I was a fire fighter. A Chronos plane downed near the forest I was in charge of doing my job in. We went and began to do our job and I bonded to one of the units the plane had aboard, they were bringing to Japan for Alkanphal. But I got into it and beat the hell out of the Chronos squad that attacked”.

“I was an archeologist. I was in Australia researching the occurrence of strange markings on cave walls, basically Guyvers and Zoaforms I know now. I found my unit there within the dirt, with a Firepower Upgrade to boot. Well there was an old Creator zoanoid there as well that protected the place. When I became a Guyver, I ran from it. Philip saved me and we were friends ever since”.

“Same here, I remember that” Philip says.

“I was an experiment” WAR says. “Pretty simple huh”.

“What about you” Sean asks.

“I was the leader of the 4th Armored Division in the United States Army. Along with Jason and Sean Barker, we were to secure a crashed Creator craft from Chronos. Inside I bonded to a Warrior Guyver unit and became Warrior Guyver2. Later the Creators attacked my world with millions of Warrior Kavzar, killing off many people. We detonated nukes across the whole damn planet and they still survived and attacked. Luckily Chronos built a small fleet of Arks and transported people away, in hopes of finding a new world to cultivate. Jason and I stayed behind with a few others and tried to buy some time, but Jason was killed and I escaped after Draven, a Creator, gave me a matrix and I went into another universe”.

Asian Zeus Thunderbolt Base

Zeus teleports inside of the large complex. He looks around and sees a green Zoalord like creature and a purple Guyver who looks a lot like his old Guyver form, but much larger, even slightly taller than him.

“Who are you” the purple Guyver says.

“I am Zeus” Zeus says. “I heard this dimension had a Zeus Thunderbolt as well, I am here to see my double”.

“I am Agito” the green zoalord says. “If you are Zeus you must be me”.

“My duplicate is a Zoalord?” Zeus says.

“Your half right. I was a Zoalord, now a Wyvern. Call me by that term” Wyvern says and zoamorphs into his human form with a small crystal imbedded into his forehead.

“Incredible” Zeus says. “And you are”.

“Necro Guyver, I’m one of the members of this group. Names Kenji Sasaki” the purple Guyver says extending his hand. Zeus shakes his hand and notices the orb in his chest.

“Hyper space Orb, are you the W’Kar Prototype?” Zeus asks.

“No, one of the reproductions, 3rd one to be exact” Necro Guyver says.

“If you will excuse me Kenji, I would like to speak with him alone” Agito says.

Necro Guyver nods and walks away.

“Truly amazing. I heard Alkanphal speak of Guyvers coming from another world. I suppose you are among the group?” Agito says.

Zeus nods. “I am from a world which is still at war with Chronos”.

“We have continued the war. I will not be denied a leaders role in the world, therefore I must exterminate Chronos”.

“Similar interests require similar approaches. I have established Zeus Thunderbolt to be a strong force in which to battle Chronos. After receiving my unit, I created this armor from a Creator experiment and am now Zeus”.

“Zeus, you continue to call yourself by our old name” Agito says.

Zeus nods. “Zeus killed Chronus, it’s very appropriate”.

“That’s why we used it as a normal Guyver” Agito says.

“Yes” Zeus says. “Why did you decide to become a Zoalord?”.

“At the time all the most powerful units were gone, and Mark II can only do so much to standard units. So I made myself a powerful zoalord, and later merged with a Wyvern unit. Wyverns were made to upgrade zoalords to 10X level,” Agito says. “It’s very useful because I’ve found that I can control even Proto Zoalords and Neo Zx-tole, unless Alkanphal himself is among them. Therefore we have almost unlimited killing potential”.

“A good idea. My unit gives me Zoalord like powers, such as weather control, but not the ability to control Zoaforms. Not even Dreadnought can control Chronos Zoaforms, mainly because Alkanphel programmed them all to obey only the psychic control of the Zoalords of Chronos, override able only by him” Zeus says.

“He did something similar, although he never suspected a Wyvern so I am freed from that” Agito says. “How is Zeus Thunderbolt in your world”?

“We have recently received many red armors from the US Government that I am employing for use. Also I have given Shizu my old unit, and she also has access to a Gigantic” Zeus says.

“Shizu also received my unit, but was unfortunately killed. I for a time gained a Black Unit that I added Mark II technology to and became fairly powerful,” Agito says. “I’ve employed a group of Mark II Guyvers and Necro Guyver as my main force. Most of my groups were wiped out by Chronos years ago”.

“How did they manage it?” Zeus asks.

“Chronos learned of the location of my base. Then they mass-produced the first line of Proto Zoalords. They used them against us and killed 90% of my forces within an hour” Agito says. “I suggest you take precautions to prevent the same”.

The Clan Ship

The ship is 50 million miles away from the outskirts of the Milky Way galaxy, as we know it.

The transformation cocoon shakes and splits open, revealing the same pink flesh inside. A Guyver like being steps out with a large sized circular medal. He is a small bit taller than Krullnar, who stands in front of him.

“How are you Dibblis” Krullnar asks.

“Disoriented, but I will be okay in a second” Dibblis says grabbing his head. His control medal shines and he gains his bearings. “W’Kar has escaped hasn’t he”.

Krullnar nods. “Unfortunately. But it will be okay, we have gained enough information on the W’Kar Unit to merge it with my Warrior Kavzar technology. I’ve also included some of the Mark II and Jy-taki in the mold”.

Dibblis walks with Krullnar into the main control room where the 5 Warrior Kavzar stand, and quickly bow to their masters. Behind them stand 2 Orobouras who do the same.

“I have been busy studying these” Krullnar says. “Their makeup is extraordinary, the ability to merge the dead into a living more powerful warrior. The Jy-taki may not have the advantages my Warrior Kavzar do, but they are certainly a deadly race of warriors. A group of 5 million of these can all be killed, and then hundreds of thousands of these powerful warriors can then again serve the advent race”.

“Yes it is a very effective design. I suggest incorporating that into the new design” Dibblis says.

“Already done Dibblis” Krullnar says. “It will be much easier to create the new design if we use a base mold of the Warrior Kavzar”.

“It would prevent the need of creating a new human mold” Dibblis says. “I suggest we equip the Warrior Kavzar first with some Jy-taki enhancements and help along the process. It will also help the outcome of the new design”.

Krullnar hands Dibblis a Matrix, that Dibblis commands to enhance one Warrior Kavzar with Jy-taki like intellect, reaction time and human base design. The Warrior Kavzar nods and begins to grow in physical size.

“Yes, now Warrior Kavzar, step into the transformation cocoon” Krullnar says.

“Yes my master” The Warrior Kavzar says. He steps into the cocoon.

“It won’t be long, what shall we name the new addition to our army” Krullnar asks Dibblis.

“During my many years in space I often came back to earth and studied their cultures. He shall be called ‘Atrahasis’, as he was the one who ferried us into a new world” Dibblis says.

Krullnar agrees in a smile. “A good name, it is said. We shall create the first test Atrahasis and if successful, we will boost the other Warrior Kavzar to this new design”.

“And what of the Orobouras” Dibblis asks?

“They can become a part of our current squad” Krullnar says.

“Since you have no immediate plans for the current Orobouras or Warrior Kavzar, I suggest a new mission for them” Dibblis says.

“I am listening”.

Forbidden Island

W’Kar sees Black Nova land. “Ah, so you decided to grace us with your presence”.

Dreadnought stands off to the side, Ira and Cassandra close by. He looks sternly, watching to make sure W’Kar does not hurt Black Nova. Cassandra and Ira speak softly to each other and walk away together.

“I decided to take you up on your offer. I’d like to test my skills against you” Black Nova says.

W’Kar laughs. “You’ll fail that test, but nonetheless I will enjoy this battle. This is the first time I ever fought a temporal being, this should be fun”.

Black Nova sets one of her hands on the ground as she shrinks back, her shoulder crystals and gravity orb glowing.

“Hmph” W’Kar guts out and unsheathes his plasma blades and begins to analyze her gravity field. “OOH, neat. That’s one heavy gravity rift”. He begins to try drain energy off of it.

Black Nova senses the energy loss in her field but begins to push harder as waves emit from her body that begin to blur her from normal vision and distort the surrounding matter.

“Spooky” W’Kar says. “Wanna see something spookier”.

W’Kar launches forward at high speed, breaking the ground as he flies and comes down with his plasma blade on her head, but at the last second she disappears.

Dreadnought looks in amazement. Mei has stopped the effects of time within the proximity of her. W’Kar is caught in this and can move only very slowly. Black Nova on the other hand is moving too fast for him to see.

Black Nova jumps over him and extends her Vibrational swords, slicing him down the back. The blades only scratch a small bit of the armor. She continues to ditch out major punishment on his back. Finally her forward blades are stabbed through and into his back. She slices continuously with her elbow blades into the wounds but when she looks up W’Kar is slowly coming across with his elbow plasma blade.

She slides under it and begins to manipulate the gravity field and gravity pulses riddle W’Kars body, each hitting with the force of a three-ton weight.

W’Kar slowly moves his body towards her and suddenly lashes out at high speed, still within the Temporal field and rams her with all his strength into a forest, her body slamming into a tree and splitting it in half. She shakes her head and looks up to see the tree falling on top of her, but she quickly slides out of the way and turns towards W’Kar.

“That’s one hell of a scratch” W’Kar says grabbing his back, his hand comes into view as he holds his left lung covered in organism and blood.

“NO WAY” Black Nova screams.

Dreadnoughts view zooms in and sees what W’Kar is holding, which he recognizes and then sees the large wound in his back that is healing. How does he remain in control after all his internal organs, short of his brain, have been shredded? And even more, how did he escape that temporal field?

W’Kar stands laughing at her confusion. His control medal lights up as his wound reaches it’s final stages of closing and he drops the chunk of lung and spins his head around as though he’s stretching.

He lifts his hands, still flaring the plasma blades. “I wasn’t planning on playing this rough. But as I used to tell my mother, ‘She started it'”.

He flies into the air and comes down at high speed, Black Nova dodges, going deeper into the forest.

W’Kar slices the trees in his way as he moves in on her. “Hey look, I’m a lumberjack”.

Black Nova opens both her Mega Smasher plates and points them at him.

“Now the fun begins” W’Kar says and forms a small field in front of him as the weapon fires towards him blasting trees to cinder and ash, slamming against his shield but W’Kar seems to smile at her efforts.

Black Nova closes her smasher plates. A quarter of this section of forest is dust but W’Kar stands in the center holding a large green ball of energy.

“Nice try sweetie, but you think a Gigantic Class Mega Smasher can even give me a rash” he says as his gravity orb glows and he fires the energy ball, propelled by the gravity orb at high speed. Black Nova doesn’t react fast enough and her body is blown in half, sending both chunks 200 feet apart.

W’Kar walks over to the upper half of her body, which has now gone rogue and is attempting to defend itself. Dreadnought lands beside him.

“Before you say any shit she ain’t dead” W’Kar says. He reaches down and grabs the upper half of Black Nova and lifts her up. The corpse is firing head beams and gravitational shockwaves, but neither produce any effect on W’Kar.

W’Kars medal begins to glow and Black Novas does as well and her body goes limp.

“What are you doing”, Dreadnought asks.

“Remember how I said I could contact and read control medals” W’Kar says. “Well I just did, Lucky for us that my power was high enough to overload its self defense mode. I did not know how strong her armor was, I expected her to be able to defend against that”.

“I think I remember her saying that her armor absorbs energy attacks, but I don’t know how much” Dreadnought says.

“Not a lot, that was only 20 times the power of a standard mega smasher” W’Kar says as his gravity orb glows, the lower portion of her body begins to drag towards them and attached to her upper portion.

“That’s a massive attack W’Kar, she’s not like Zeus and I” Dreadnought says with force.

“Bitch bitch bitch bitch bitch, your like an old coot. She’s alive so don’t worry about it” W’Kar says and lays her body down as she finally gains control and stands up.

“Damn, I thought you said no killing” Black Nova says.

W’Kars armor begins to form around him into his human form. He stands smiling. “You rearrange my internal organs and then say I was too rough blowing you in half”.

Black Nova stands up. “I’ll go back to the Accolade. I’d rather not leave Alkanphal alone, I don’t trust him”.

“Ah, the elf is back. Good, I need to talk with him later” Greg says and walks away.

“Alkanphel is on the Accolade” Dreadnought says.

“Believe it or not they say his name differently, the e is pronounced with an a. But this is their world, I don’t like him either but I think we should just leave it” Black Nova says.

Dreadnoughts breathing vents flash with hot air. “I just won’t go there. I absolutely despise that thing above all things and don’t know what would happen if I saw his face”.

Dreadnought teleports away, leaving Black Nova.

“Whatever” she says and forms a wormhole, teleporting away.

Elsewhere on the island

“They said I shouldn’t say, but I think you should know” Ira says to Cassandra.

“Know what?” Cassandra asks.

“Do you remember what happened just before the matrix zapped you” Ira asks?

“A little. I remember seeing Jarrod holding it and you and your sister” Cassandra says.

“When I was revived by the matrix I was with child” Ira says.

Cassandra interrupts, “Are you saying?”

“Yes, that child was mine and Gregs almost two years before he met you. But Krullnar must have revived it inside of me for some reason. But in my current state I could not keep the child and it was going to die. So Jarrod told the Matrix to save the child. It teleported you there and transferred the child from me into you and then gave you that diseased assassin Guyvers unit to help the child live” Ira says. “It must have discovered that you were sick from Jarrods mind and decided to kill two birds with one stone, so to say”.

Cassandra nods. “I felt like that was the case. It didn’t seem right that this could happen. The way Greg is with his unit made him unable to have children, and I couldn’t, well, because of other reasons. It didn’t seem right that I could even with the help of some cursed Guyver unit”.

“Well I know the child is in good hands, that I don’t doubt in the slightest. You’d make a great mother, and Greg would certainly protect it without any doubt. But Cassandra, being a Guyver isn’t a bad thing. The Guyver unit does not make you a bad Guyver, it’s the host that does that” Ira says.

“In most cases, but what about Greg” Cassandra replies. Ira can’t say anything; Greg was much different before he got the Unit-W. “That’s why I don’t want to be one, but I doubt that will make any difference now”.

Greg’s home, nightfall

“Where’s you wife” Jason says sitting on a couch in Gregs front room. His jacket is slung over the back with much care and he is holding a glass of wine.

“She decided to go to sleep” Greg says walking into the kitchen and grabbing a case of beer. “I feel like a damn hillbilly carrying this shit” he says dragging it into the front room next to a luxurious easy chair which he plops in and opens a can, drinking it down very quickly and in one gulp.

“Whoa you’ll get drunk quick like that” Jason says.

“I can still get drunk, but not as quick as a normal person. Another lovely effect of the great W’Kar unit” Greg says. “How was your unit founded?”

Jason sits his wine glass down on the coffee table in front of him. “Well, directly after Alkanphel was injured and the Creators fled, Guyver0’s unit was recovered and activated on a Creator. But something went wrong and the unit regenerated it’s human host. Solom, one of the Creators of my world, decided at that point that he would work on creating a unit which would both give the Creator race the power of a Guyver, and by adding the power of a Guyver to the Creator army would give them a powerful race of warriors that could easily be made.

“Solom first got permission from his superiors and worked on the first version called ‘Guyver Supreme’. It was a good unit, but not what they wanted. They went through many prototypes, many of which are now active in my world. Battle Guyver, Turbo Guyver, Shadow Guyver, Life force Guyver, Alkanphels unit and a few others. By this time the Krullnar of my universe created the first Kavzar, which were hybrid Zoalord and Guyver technology and could be controlled by the Creators. The first were weak and failed to defeat the prototypes.

“Then my unit was created, the first full ‘Warrior Unit’. Now Solom was ready to create a Kavzar version of this unit but disaster struck. One of the Creators in a rival project, gave a Zoalord a buttered down version of the Unit-G and the Guyver Zoalord was created. It attacked Solom and the ship he was in, sealing the Warrior unit within it for 2 and a half billion years, until Chronos excavated it and we struck back, and I activated the Warrior Unit in my original form. Later I was given the task by the resurrected Draven and Solom to go back in time and help stop the Guyver Zoalord, which I did and in return the Creators left my world to ensure that I would in the future have access to the Warrior Unit and could come back in time to save them”.

“Wow, what a tale. Mine’s fairly bland in comparison. At about the same time a few Creators decided to return to earth. They thought that the human race was too great a thing to just be left alone, as the Creators learned the human race survived and decided to just leave them thinking without guidance they would kill each other off. Among that group were Dibblis and Grend, two of the greatest advent minds within their empire. Dibblis was responsible for much of the work on the human race and Grend was responsible for the creation of the zoalords including Alkanphal.

“They experimented many times with new types of Guyver units, never failing to keep the subjects within a tight grasp, namely surrounded by powerful zoalords. There the first steps of the W’Kar units were produced and the ideas given, none were prototypes or could even be considered W’Kar units, but each unique. None of those units were ever found, I suppose they destroyed them afterward.

“What I am about to tell you is a secret which I have kept, knowledge no one aside from the creators involved and I know. Dibblis and Grend then put their minds together to create a new unit type. One that completely bonded to the host, in effect creating an entire new organism with unimaginable power. Two prototypes were made, both of which killed the human hosts they bonded to. It was unknown why they killed them, and whether or not it could have been prevented.

“Then disaster struck in my world. Grends new device that made standard Guyver units from matter malfunctioned. It went rogue and began creating multiple units until one zoalord destroyed the device. This Zoalord was one of Grends most trusted, and attempted to hide his masters’ mistake to help him. He hid every unit within a holding cell. This fact went unknown by the creators until much later, when they captured a human village and kept them within the cells.

“Over 50 Guyvers were created. And along with that a botched experiment created a rogue zoalord who led the Guyvers and then recruited a small amount of other zoalords who went rogue shortly after. They began attacking them, so the Creators left for a short time. But they could not leave those Zoalords and Guyvers on earth alive. They then made the first pure W’Kar unit, the prototype now worn by Jessica as Ninja Guyver. When bonded to a creator it gave them almost zoanoid power, but this was not enough, they needed much much more if they ever hoped to defeat the gang.

“That is when my unit was created. In it’s first stage in was the first successful unit type to completely merge with host and made the Creator, Ai-Talis . 5 times the power of a Guyver. Still not enough, but the Creators had an idea. The rare artifact known as ‘W’Kar Element’ was being held within a special cell on Earths moon. They retrieved the element, and it merged with Ai-Talis and the W’Kar Unit perfectly, boosting his power to fifty times that of a normal Guyver and created thusly the first W’Kar being to ever exist, with a Creator body and W’Kar unit.

“Ai-Talis was able to do things the creators had never seen, power not thought to exist. But during his power testing something went wrong, his creator body began to buckle under the stress of the unit as the unit tried to gain more from the host, which Ai-Talis simply did not have. It killed the host and was removed from the dead corpse of Ai-Talis in a damaged form, the W’Kar Armor was unable to be used upon a Creator host.

“The massive force was finally put down by the creation of Azathoth, mindless beings made from simple units. Dibblis tried using a version of the process on himself, but it warped his body and he lost his psychic powers. Grend and the other creators left him. Dibblis took a small relic, the W’Kar Unit, an Assassin Unit and a Black Unit. He programmed the Assassin Unit with basic information on the W’Kar Unit and gave the false code name of Warrior to it. Thus I was originally called Warrior Guyver as that was what we thought my unit was called”.


Greg walks outside to see Jason standing near a tree in the field.

“Ira and Cassandra are still asleep,” Greg says walking down off of the porch and onto the grass.

Suddenly two Orobouras appear around him and Jason.

“FUCK, W’KAR!” Greg screams activating his unit.

“GUYVER” Jason screams as his armor activates, followed closely by his Dreadnought armor.

“What are those things?” Dreadnought asks W’Kar.

“”Quick breakdown”” W’Kar says through the organisms. “”When 8 Jy-taki power crystals merge they form this, an Orobouras. These things are pretty damn tough, first one I fought kicked me and Jarrods ass. Second time I knew how to fight them though, and I had my energy draining””.

The Orobouras split up and attack both of them. Dreadnought predicts their moves quickly and moves away from the house, along with W’Kar at high speed, reaching the other end of the island, overlooking the ocean from a tall cliff.

“Come on my damn island this early in the morning. Ain’t anybody ever teach you shits any manners?” W’Kar says taking a battle stance.

“Quiet W’Kar, our orders are to exterminate both the W’Kar Unit and the unknown Gigantic Warrior Unit” one Orobouras says.

“Over my dead body” Dreadnought says.

“Exactly” the other Orobouras says. They split and charge them.

Dreadnought dodges the Orobouras as he flies towards him with a thunderous punch, caving in the cliff and sending the Creator warrior falling from it and toward the ocean. But he quickly uses his gravity orb to fly and is hit by multiple Pressure Cannons fired by Dreadnought. The Orobouras shielded just in time, but Dreadnought quickly throws a power punch that the Orobouras dodges to his right and throws a roundhouse kick to Dreadnoughts back.

Dreadnought expected the move and shielded his back beforehand, but the force from it landed him face first into the side cliff. He quickly teleports away as the creature blasts that section of cliff with a Bio Wave. Dreadnought appears behind him and fires all of his laser orbs at its mid section, burning a large amount of flesh. The beast turns angry and extends his Bio Swords, Dreadnought extends all of his Vibrational swords and beckons the Orobouras with his hand. The Orobouras laughs and teleports behind Dreadnought, but he’s 1 step ahead of him and turns stabbing the Orobouras through the right open chest plate. The Orobouras grabs Dreadnought and drags him down, slamming against the surface of the water at high speed. Dreadnought uses his blast field to escape his grasp and turns to him. The Matrix part of his medal glows as his body shield is extended out, pushing the water away from his body.

“You learn something every day” Dreadnought says. The two of them attack each other with their blades, the Orobouras Bio Swords are unable to pierce Dreadnoughts shield, but Dreadnoughts blades easily slice him in many places.

“Switch to Assassin Mode” the Orobouras says. Suddenly his heads antenna slick backward, his body grows thin and two bio swords appear on his ankles.

Dreadnought seems not to care as he fires a power wave attack at him. The water explodes into a vapor as it slams against the Orobouras, who raises a shield but in his Assassin state barely blocks it. The water begins rushing around, but Dreadnought and the Orobouras are unaffected by use of their powerful gravity orbs and shielding. They continue to go sword to sword as water swirls around them at the high speed they move, creating a underwater cyclone. They are both pulled to the surface of the water by it. The Orobouras fires a Gravity Bullet attack that Dreadnought flips out of the water, his gravity orb helping the maneuver, and lands back into the water on top of the Orobouras. He locks his legs under his arms and uses a double power punch; his forward Vibrational blades extend as well, into the Orobouras skull. The attack continues through his upper body splitting him into two halves as well as shattering his power crystal.

W’Kar is the first to attack, using his light speed as an advantage striking the Orobouras with his shoulder at such force he is knocked into the ground 400 foot before he is able to stop his descent. W’Kar stands at the surface smiling under his armor.

“Come on big boy, you can do better than that can’t ya” W’Kar says.

The Orobouras fires a Pressure Cannon/Hand Beam attack that W’Kar easily dodges, but drains a quick portion of the attack into a shield around his fist. The Orobouras emerges and is hit across the face with the shielded fist. W’Kar continues to bash him in the face with his hand before the Orobouras teleports away, appearing in the sky above.

“Chicken shit” W’Kar says laughing. The Orobouras opens both Mega Smasher plates and fires a powerful blast at W’Kar, surrounded by a lightning bolt.

W’Kar raises his shield, but does not get them strong enough as the blast hits him hard, his feet digging into the ground, the weapons energy striking off from around him and destroying the ground he stands on.

The Orobouras goes down to the ground, attempting to find W’Kar with his senses, but all the energy is blocking it.

“You little bitch” W’Kars voice is heard. The Orobouras turns and sees W’Kar, his arms to his side and surrounded in red lightning bolts. “Trying to fry me with electricity, you should know better”.

W’Kar points his arms towards the Orobouras as the lightning fires, surrounding the Orobouras in it lashing with powerful surges of electricity. The ends still connected to W’Kar, he begins to grab the lightning itself and uses the bolts as tethers, flinging the Orobouras into the air above and slamming him to his opposite side, he lifts him again and slams him into the ground, and again, and again.

“I bet that’s going to hurt in the morning,” W’Kar says drawing the red lightning back into his energy system. He then forms it into a crystal he holds in his hands. The Orobouras, pitch black from the electrical surge flies at high speed towards W’Kar again.

“Ever play hot potato” W’Kar says laughing. He throws the crystal into the Orobouras path, the crystal explodes in his face, knocking the beast back into a forest, his back smashing against a ton of trees before he finally stops at the base of one.

W’Kar teleports towards him smiling. But the Orobouras has prepared and fires a Mega Smasher, Bio Wave and Black Hole attack, W’Kar never gets a chance, barely raising a shield he gets blasted into the sky, disappearing into the vortex and emerging back a second later near the ground, his body torn to pieces by the attack and his armor a smoking mess. His legs are unfit for walking, his arms unfit for lifting, and his body and head for general, unfit for living.

W’Kar laughs at his torn body. “I smell like roasted chicken”.

The Orobouras walks over his body.

“Soon to be sautéed huh. Well Mr. Orobouras, would you do me one last favor before you kill me” W’Kar says.

The Orobouras extends his bio swords. “What?”

“Dodge this” W’Kar screams. His hyper space orb glows and a blast field explodes as he disappears.

The Orobouras begins looking wildly, trying to figure out where he teleported to. Suddenly he explodes and a fresh W’Kar stands in his place, covered in organs and blood.

“Damn, just had this armor dry-cleaned too” he says wiping a piece of meat from his shoulder. Dreadnought flies down beside him.

“Messy, but effective” Dreadnought says.

“Yep. Old trick of mine. Used to do it all the time to Hyper Zoanoids when I was in my Pre Warrior stage of Evolution” W’Kar says. He looks down and sees the Orobouras Power Crystal, cracked but still functional. Dreadnought steps on it.

Gregs home, during the battle

Ira and Cassandra wake to the sound of blast fields. They look around and both activate their armors and run into each other in the hall.

“What’s going on?” Apothecary Guyver asks.

“Not sure” Assassin Guyver says. “But I can guarantee Gregs taken care of it”.

Suddenly five blue begins emerge from teleport, Warrior Kavzar!

“Shit, RUN!” Assassin Guyver screams, they both run down the hall, Assassin Guyver fires a Pressure Cannon and blows the wall away and they jump outside.

The Warrior Kavzar follow, and quickly two grab them by the backs.

“”Greg, help!”” Cassandra says through the units. The Warrior Kavzar all teleport away, taking the two of them with them.

“”Greg, help!”” are the words both Dreadnought and W’Kar hear. They teleport back to the house together and see the wall blown away and the scratch marks made in the ground.

“Seven tracks” W’Kar says flaring in anger.

“Ira, Cassandra, and I’m betting five Warrior Kavzar” Dreadnought says.

W’Kar nods. “That’s it, no more fucking games. That son of a bitch wants to start something, he better have the balls to end it”.

W’Kar teleports away, but the Matrix tracks his teleport and Dreadnought follows.

The Accolade

W’Kar emerges on the bridge. He grabs the Proto Zoalord to his right and tosses him across the bridge taking over his post. He presses buttons at lightning speed and grabs the Matrix device on the bridges console.

Dreadnought appears a second later. W’Kar has activated the Matrix and is using it again to track where they are. The Matrix is on W’Kars hand as a hologram is emitted from it showing another solar system and the Clan Ship.

“So that’s where the fucker went huh. We will see how long he can stay there without a plasma blade rammed up his ass” W’Kar snorts. He turns and watches as the main door opens, revealing Alkanphal and Albass.

“Greg, what the hell is going on?” Alkanphal screams.

Dreadnought turns to see him. He looks identical to the one of his world. His anger no longer settled back as he runs forward with his Vibrational sword extended, but is quickly grabbed by W’Kar from behind and slammed to the ground with massive force.

“Step back Albass” Alkanphal says. “BIO-BOOST” he screams and a Guyver unit explodes around him. Dreadnought looks up. He looks very similar to the Warrior Alkanphel of his world, except this one is green and has a standard medal. This one also has Mega Smashers.

Guyver Alkanphal teleports outside, Dreadnought follows with W’Kar shortly behind.

Outside the Accolade, almost a mile above the surface of the earth, three powerful beings stand face to face to face.

“You’ll pay for what you did to my wife” Dreadnought screams.

“Who is this” Guyver Alkanphal asks W’Kar.

“The strongest of those new guys. But if he wants to start shit right now they’ll have to appoint a new one for that position” W’Kar says balling his fist.

Dreadnought attacks. He fires multiple Pressure Cannons that both Guyver Alkanphal and W’Kar dodge, they close in on his sides. Guyver Alkanphal extends his blades and locks them in with Dreadnought. Dreadnoughts sensors go wild as he detects W’Kar coming from behind. But if he lets go of Guyver Alkanphal to stop him then he’s open for attack there.

Dreadnought teleports behind Guyver Alkanphal, he wraps his arms around him and slits his throat using his Vibrational sword. W’Kar soars over Guyver Alkanphal and fires a energy ball into Dreadnoughts side, not damaging but blasts him across the sky and into the side of the Accolade. Guyver Alkanphal then fires his hand beams. Dreadnoughts slides to the side and the beams blast the side section off of the Accolade.

Albass and Mei both fly out of the Accolade as it depressurizes. Mei activates her Guyver armor and saves herself, but Albass goes spinning out of control.

“NO” Guyver Alkanphal says and teleports to catch his daughter. Dreadnought follows suit in front of Guyver Alkanphal, he opens his chest plates and points them towards both him and his daughter.

Guyver Alkanphal teleports away, going to W’Kars side as a large Mega Smash fires their way. Guyver Alkanphal turns his back and W’Kar steps in front of them, using his shield to block the Mega Smasher. Albass behind all of it screaming.

The blast stops and W’Kar looks down at Dreadnought.

“What the hell are you trying to do, kill Albass?” he screams.

“No, kill him” Dreadnought says pointing towards Guyver Alkanphal.

“Well while you’re worried about killing me I’m trying to save my daughter” Alkanphal says. He teleports to the Accolade and sets his daughter down, and then teleports back outside to the battle.

“Why do you protect her so. You can murder millions of others and not give a damn” Dreadnought screams towards them.

“Because I love her” Guyver Alkanphal says. “She is my daughter, that I am sure even you can understand”.

Dreadnought stops in his tracks. This is not the Alkanphel he knows.

“Goddamn son of a bitch” W’Kar says.

“I will stop now. Accept my apologies” Dreadnought says knowing that he was wrong. This is their world, not his, once again he is reminded of this.

“Greg, leave it” Guyver Alkanphal says. He deactivates his armor and flies back into the Accolade. W’Kar teleports away, followed shortly by Dreadnought.

The Clan Ship

Apothecary Guyver and Assassin Guyver are inside a large glass tube together unconscious.

“The first Atrahasis is complete” Krullnar says. His control medal glows and the transformation cocoon opens and a large beastoid Guyver being steps out. His size is awesome, over 22 feet tall he towers over everything in the room. He has a large 3-layered pyramid control medal that glows different colors. He has the Kavzar setting of new polymorphic plasma blades, his purple armor seems to glow without even needing to power himself.

“Incredible” Krullnar says. “He is truly a masterpiece, and this is only the beginning”.

“Yes. This is only the first step. We can make a Commander class Atrahasis at another time, and even then these creatures can merge into a new life form after 8 die, and that can even be made into another Commander class” Dibblis says. “You were unable to clone a piece of W’Kar Element though”.

“Yes, the scans were hardly sufficient to do so and the element is highly to volatile to clone safely. So I compensated, at the core of the Atrahasis medal is a large concentration of Anti Matter, which although not even close in comparison to W’Kar Element, it will for now serve it’s purpose” Krullnar says enthusiastically. “And what of your small project”.

“I was quite interested in W’Kars mates new unit. I was able to observe this ones new powers using a probe I placed on the Assassin one. She thusly transmitted the probe to the other female and I collected a small amount of data from it. This one, they are now calling Apothecary Guyver, has a very unique ability, one I nor you have ever seen before” Dibblis says.

“What is that my brother creator” Krullnar asks.

“This one can accelerate the healing properties of whatever biological specimen it comes in contact with. Josh, one of the human scientists of Chronos, was injured and on contact with him she healed him at a rate of ten times faster than even a Guyver. And what is more Krullnar, your Matrix device created this one” he says.

“Remarkable. Can we remove the unit and test it?” Krullnar inquires.

“Unfortunately no. Currently this unit is in a state of dual hosting. It’s serving both the unborn child and the woman. Even the Matrix device is having trouble separating the unit. Besides, this unit is flawed in dual hosting. By removing it we could damage it beyond repair. And because it was another matrix which created this unit the other one may not be able to duplicate the procedure to this exact specification. I suggest we clone the unit, it’s much easier than separating the host from the unit and risking damaging it’s internal structure” Dibblis says.

Krullnar nods. “Agreed. Cloning is a simple task”. Suddenly the matrix device flies in and pulls itself through the glass and into the tank with the two Guyvers. A green light begins to go over Apothecary Guyver and then the matrix floats out and goes to a pedestal that opens up to reveal a standard warrior unit. It lights the medal with the same green light and converts the unit into an exact duplicate of the Apothecary model. The Control Medal in the center grows in size and the organism stirs before the beam is cut off and the matrix returns to the command center. Dibblis lifts the inactivated unit to his face and studies it. He places it in a bin next to the three Mark II Warrior Units. A glass like case surrounds it.

“Shall we give it Mark II Technology?” Dibblis asks Krullnar.

“Let’s. We can always make another if the effect is destroyed” he says.

Both Dibblis and Krullnars control medals light as images are sent to them from the command center. W’Kar and Dreadnought are spotted coming towards the Clan Ship.

“Atrahasis” Krullnar says. The massive beast bows to his masters, and still he is taller than them. “Go and exterminate them. But be careful of the W’Kar unit, capture his medal if you can. We don’t want to have the element explode so close to the Clan Ship”.

“Yes my lord” The Atrahasis says as a blast field explodes around him and he disappears.

“”The Blast field, what was it’s power rating”” Krullnar asks the ship.

“”Indeterminate, subjects blast field was too powerful and too quick to analyze”” the ship says.

Krullnar smiles. “Good”.

Space, location approximately 1 light year from Clan Ship

Dreadnought comes out of a teleport and sees W’Kar about 20 miles ahead of him. He seems to be still, as though he’s contemplating his next move. Dreadnought quickly approaches him, “You don’t need to be going alone. I want to see this new threat too”.

“You should not be here, this is not your fight” W’Kar says with his arms crossed, gazing off to the side with his eyes closed.

“The hell it’s not. After these guys are done here they’re coming to my world, so it’s definitely my fight as much as it is yours” Dreadnought says most defensively.

W’Kar opens his eyes and faces Dreadnought. “Why don’t you face this fact, I am the strongest being in this universe, I can and will do this alone”.

“Why don’t you face the fact your wife is on that Clan Ship surrounded by Warrior Kavzar and possibly this new Creator warrior with god only knows what kind of powers?” Dreadnought says flinging his hand towards empty space. “The fact is your refusal to be helped is going to cost you dearly you arrogant prick!”

W’Kars eyes glow a deep black as his body is suddenly coated in red flames. “You dare come to my world and try and insult me, no one speaks to me like that without losing at least 4 limbs!” he screams and extends his plasma blades now coated in flames.

Dreadnought backs up and extends his Vibrational swords in preparation. His HUD suddenly reacts as the matrix begins pulling up information. The sight he views changes, viewing everything in a blue coat and tiny white streaks emanating from W’Kars body, forming a white ball in the center of him. His Control Medal also displays an almost blinding white light. The display tells him that the HUD is now displaying a massive energy build up in W’Kar, as though he has begun to drain energy at a high pace. He watches as W’Kars hands begin to swirl and twist and the energy builds up around his arms, eventually forming a white ball in the center. His view changes to normal as he watches W’Kar, still bathed in flames, hold a large energy vortex like attack.

Dreadnought teleports behind him but watches as W’Kar has already turned in expectance and fires his vortex attack. The blast fires as thousands of small blue swirls that surround Dreadnought, although they cause no damage to him with his shields raised.

Dreadnought is left thinking if this is all he can do now, but suddenly detects an energy blast emit from W’Kar, the black energy slams into him with the power of forty times the power of a mega smasher. Dreadnought tries to back off but finds his movement halted by the blue beams. He is blasted and partially scorched by the blast as it resides.

“As I said, you cannot do anything, leave now” W’Kar says, he retracts his blades and turns to fly away, but Dreadnought fires his Pressure Cannon attack in multiple bursts. W’Kar turns and shields quickly, blocking the attack and absorbing some of the energy. “Fine”.

W’Kar extends his plasma blades again and charges. Dreadnought meets his blades. W’Kar comes down and chops both of Dreadnoughts forearm blades off, then uses his elbow blades to slice his remaining blades. Dreadnought stares at his swords in shock as he receives a plasma blade in the gut, W’Kar removes it quickly and roundhouse kicks him in the control medal, but the shield receives all the impact.

Dreadnoughts blades begin to heal along with his gut wound at a high pace, quickly he fires a power wave attack from both hands, W’Kar moves for too fast for him to keep up with dodging, then teleports behind Dreadnought, hitting him with his blast field.

The Matrix contacts Dreadnought, W’Kar is using his energy draining to weaken Dreadnoughts HSL, his blades seem to be using a plasma infusion that can tear through Vibrational blades, and his teleporting is much different than any the matrix has ever seen. It is attempting to compensate.

W’Kar dodges Dreadnoughts head and forearm lasers, then goes again for a hand to hand approach. He slices down on Dreadnoughts blades, but Dreadnoughts blades are only slightly cracked this time. He continues the heated blade battle but now Dreadnought can match his plasma blades.

“Damn” W’Kar says. He begins his energy draining and begins to suck energy from around him, but this time it’s slower than before. “I don’t like that Matrix thing” W’Kar says once again.

He holds two red balls on his fist and runs to punch Dreadnought, who slides out of the way quick and power punches W’Kar in the back, splitting his armor apart and slamming his fist through his body.

W’Kar turns, watching as the insides of his body crystallize to the coldness of space. He smiles under his armor and points both of his hands at the big blue Guyver and begins to fire hand beams at high paces. Dreadnought begins to fire his forearm lasers with him as they pound each other with powerful laser attacks. Each time the other is hit, the damage is less than minimum, but a few of the attacks have hit W’Kar in his wound, blasting parts of his body apart in space.

“This is beginning to hurt” W’Kar says as he runs out of energy to power the hand beams. He flies forward at incredible speed and shoulder rams Dreadnought, his body shield was not enough to absorb that damage and his armor slightly cracks as he is knocked with that powerful force. But Dreadnought quickly recovers. W’Kar is healing, but far slower than him. He can use that to his advantage, it’s obvious that W’Kar has a massive speed and strength advantage, but to attack with really powerful attacks it takes him time to charge, if he damages him and keeps him damaged, eventually he must get weaker.

W’Kar smiles to himself. He is a fool to W’Kar. He relies on the unit as though it was his only hope, he believes he can win by outlasting W’Kar in the battle, but he is surely mistaken, W’Kar can be bio boosted for months or years and never feel the effects of the unit, well, not anymore. If he keeps the pressure up, never gives an inch for Dreadnought to think or react, he will easily beat him before the weakling ever knew what happened.

W’Kar fires his Pressure Cannon, and then pulls it back inside of him releasing it as a bio energy pulse. Dreadnought punches it aside and reaches to grab W’Kar, but they meet with their hands clamping, pushing and gripping as though they both wish to tear the others arms from their sockets and relish in their accomplishment. W’Kars medal shines, and a blue light circles around the segments in his medal. Dreadnoughts medal glows on each pyramid section and glows bright blue around the tip. They begin to rapidly flash and glow. W’Kars eyes turn from black to a deep glowing red as fire begins to burn from him, surrounding both him and Dreadnought in a blanket of red and orange flame. Dreadnoughts body coats in a bluish white flame, enveloping him and W’Kar with equal lighting.

“You are going to suffer Dreadnought” W’Kar says smiling under his armor. “You have yet to see my full potential, I could crush you into pieces where you stand”.

“Then do it, you psychotic bastard, I’d like to see you try” Dreadnoughts says. He looks and notices W’Kar has almost healed his chest, better slow that process he thinks to himself. He secretly charges a mega smasher cell as W’Kar screams a bloody roar, a cybernetic voice of a demon, and begin to press down on Dreadnought with all his might. Dreadnought tries to force back with his strength, but slowly he buckles down to the strength of W’Kar.

“As I said you pathetic excuse for a warrior, you are nothing in comparison to me” W’Kar says laughing a devilish laugh.

“Obviously not” Dreadnought says to W’Kars surprise. Dreadnoughts right chest plate opens by mental command. “Nope, I’m lying”. W’Kar looks far to late down to see the blast erupt. His mid section is hit unshielded by the powerful blast, his body is partially vaporized, the only thing remaining is his head and part of the hyper space orb which quickly flashes and his head and remaining body disappears.

Dreadnought takes a deep breath as his chest plate closes. His arms feel weak, the ligaments in his wrists were torn under the massive stress. It was like pushing a gigantic rock without his unit at full strength, but the rock could grab back and twist his wrists. The damage quickly heals as he takes a breather.

His hyper senses flicker as he detects an object coming towards his location, but has little time to react before W’Kars blast field appears, blasting him 20 foot away and him showing up where Dreadnought was once standing.

W’Kar has completely healed, he must heal faster in hyper space than in real space. “Your not getting off that easy, I’m like that energizer bunny. I keep coming and coming and coming”.

“It’s going and going and going dumb shit” Dreadnought says taking his fighting stance again. He wonders some things. Normally he’s able to detect danger before it comes, he’s not able to do that with W’Kar all the time, only some times, and his unit has yet to learn how to block his teleportation.

W’Kar is wondering as well. He’s able to block most of his mind reading, an unfortunate thing as that is how he determines his next moves. This is very bad as it’s forcing him to guess most of the time; it’s like fighting in his older evolutionary forms. He’s learned how to keep him from guessing his strategies though, keep his armor frequently fluxuating in function. Basically he’s having the armor work differently on purpose and doing things he normally won’t do. And it’s working, and he doubts the little punk can ever block his teleportation. After all, he teleports using a similar manner to how Guyvers activate their armor, and he can’t obstruct that.

W’Kar fires his Pressure Cannon, which then separates into three pieces and disappear. W’Kar then cloaks his armor, sending Dreadnought into a haze attempting to find him. But he does and fires his head laser, W’Kar dodges and continues to dance circles before the Pressure Cannons appear again and smash into Dreadnought, but are absorbed into him. “I need to stop firing that” W’Kar says sarcastically to himself.

“That’s it” Dreadnought says. His body glows in a blue aura and his eyes glow bright pink as lightning surrounds his body and he fires it towards the cloaked W’Kar, who is hit and decloaked, his body is shocked with powerful electricity, but Dreadnought continues the bolt. Then he focus’ it on W’Kars medal, which blows the surface structure of it and fries the internal bio circuitry.

The lightning bolt stops and Dread looks at W’Kar screaming and clutching his medal. It has begun to freeze, the damage has subjected it to the coolness of space and the frost has begun screwing with his energy systems.

W’Kar yells and opens both Mega Smasher plates and fires his Mega Smasher, Dreadnought shields and takes the powerful blast full force, is forced back over a mile before the blast settles and he looks and watches W’Kar, his forehead covered in ice, come forward and begin to attack. Dreadnought is now easily blocking his attacks and cuts off W’Kars left hand and blasts his lower jaw off with a head laser and forearm laser shot.

“”I will not die this easily,”” W’Kar says through his organism, his body barely moving.

“”You wouldn’t have to die at all if just stop being so pig headed”” says Dreadnought before he flies forward and does a power punch through the center of W’Kars chest, blasting his organs to space. Then fires his sonic emitters in kinetic pulses, ripping apart the remaining organs of his body and forcing massive blood flow to the surface of the wound, relieving his body of blood. He then tears the backside of his head off with his hand and simply grabs W’Kars legs, and snaps them off like twigs.

Dreadnought watches as more than 90% of his body is now ice crystal, his brain now floating as a asteroid forever.

“”Never”” W’Kar says again through the organism.

Dreadnought laughs. “”I tear out your brain, destroy every organ in your body, drain it of all blood and make you a basic frozen pop sickle, yet you are still in control of your unit and still want to battle. You’re a persistent son of a bitch, I’ll give you that”.

W’Kars hyper space orb glows as he pulls together all the energy possible and disappears into hyper space, only to emerge a few moments later, holding a large bolt of electricity between his arms. He fires it, Dreadnought raises his shield and is hit with the full brunt of the attack, the blast begins to slam against his shields with heavy force, the only time he’s ever felt an attack this powerful or of this level was when he battled the Guyver Zoalord. It blasts through his shield and begins to attack his body with high voltages and heat blasts.

W’Kar continues the attack and fires six pressure cannons in rapid succession, Dreadnought blocks, but has not enough strength to build up enough shield and the fourth one blasts through his shield, blasting a large amount of armor from his legs, the others blast them completely off.

W’Kar towers over Dreadnought, staring him in the face laughing, “Look who’s laughing now, said the spider to the fly”.

W’Kar brandishes his plasma blade and goes to slam it through Dreadnoughts head, but he disappears, to appear moments later six hundred feet away firing a power wave attack with his Mega Smashers. W’Kar fires his Mega Smashers instantly, and raises his shields. The Mega Smashers he fires help deflect the blast for 6 seconds as they are only half the power of Dreadnoughts, then his shields take the rest. Battered and hit by this 40X attack, W’Kar attempts to drain energy from it and that helps, but his armor is scorched severely and at points his flesh blasted completely off. But as Dreadnought closes his smashers he is greeted by an attack at incredibly fast speed that hits his stomach and blasts a hole straight through it.

Dreadnought and W’Kar remain still, staring the other down as their bodies heal and recharge

W’Kar then senses something moving towards them. “Huh, what is that” W’Kar says scanning deeper around, but the signature has disappeared. He scans hyper space and discovers it. A blast field explodes to his right as he sees a massive purple being emerge. He is at least 20 foot tall, and built like a tank. He has a pyramid medal with layers of different colors, as well as Jy-taki and W’Kar type looks, including a pyramid hyperspace orb.

“Oh goody, I’m guessing it’s the creators new playmate” W’Kar says. Dreadnought flies next to him.

“I am the Atrahasis” the giant being says. “I am the newest creator warrior, and was sent to dispose of you two”.

“He’s got W’Kar and Jy-taki looks. He’s got both bloodlines in him” Dreadnought says.

“Don’t forget he also has your damn Warrior shit and Zoalord powers. This should be fun” W’Kar says cracking his knuckles. He launches forward with both fists ready to strike, Dreadnought following his lead.

They both punch at Atrahasis, who catches all 4 fists in his hands! Two in one hand, two in his other.

“What!” Dreadnought screams going into his boosted mode, which has no effect.

“You are both primitive, obsolete” Atrahasis says. “The creators value your destruction, as you are no longer needed”. The Atrahasis twists his wrists and tears both Dreadnoughts and W’Kars arms out of their sockets, blasting them apart with a bio energy emission.

“Mother fucker I will so kick your ass” W’Kar says.

The Atrahasis opens both chest plates and immediately fires, the blast firing toward both of them, W’Kar and Dreadnought raise shields but neither survive under the heavy power as they both escape to hyper space. But even in hyper space they are hit by the blast and their armor melting from their bodies, the crystals on Dreadnought shatter and both their Control Medals are smashed and cracked before the blast ceases.

The Atrahasis laughs under his breath as a blast field erupts around him and he disappears.

Clan Ship

The Atrahasis emerges from a blast field in the main science hall, crashing down in a thud and bowing to his masters. “It is done my god”.

“I detected them escaping to hyper space, why did you leave. You were once Kavzar, you know they escape to hyper space when threatened” Krullnar says.

“My god, my Mega Smasher attacked them while they were in hyper space” the Atrahasis says.

“It’s true Krullnar, I monitored the attack from here. Hyper space was attacked along with normal space, both W’Kar and that Warrior Guyver were surely either destroyed or highly damaged. Either way they are of no trouble now, the Atrahasis barely even fought and defeated them both” Dibblis says.

“The control medal of the warrior was fused with a Matrix, I want to be certain” Krullnar says. Until then have the other Warrior Kavzar enter the transformation cocoons and prepare for their new bodies. Each of the Warrior Kavzar bow and enter the cocoons. “We will simply add the Jy-taki host enhancements in here, better to not waste time”.

Hyper space

Contained within a pocket of hyper space lies Dreadnoughts torn body, the Matrix part of his medal, along with the rest of it cracked and broken, his body barely able to survive. Outside, W’Kars body lies in the thick of hyper space energy, attempting to repair itself wildly. The control medals of the two glow, but with little success in repair.

Then Dreadnoughts matrix crystal glows and shines a light towards W’Kars, the W’Kar Element in his medal lights up as its special energies are transferred into the Matrix and it begins repairing the bodies of both Dreadnought and W’Kar.

A few moments later the two stand, their blades extended as their friend or foe systems have engaged. W’Kar gains awareness first as his brain is repaired and looks as Dreadnought is still trying to gain his control over the self defense system.

“Wake up cheese ball” W’Kar says and teleports away. Dreadnought shakes his head as he awakens, and teleports away to follow Greg.

The Accolade

Dreadnought returns and watches W’Kar use the matrix device again to pinpoint the location of the clan ship, which seems not to work, giving him only an approximate number.

“Damnit, I hate this” W’Kar says. He teleports away once again, Dreadnought grabs the Matrix and follows, leaving Zeus who was in the room at the time pondering what happened. W’Kar found the area of the Clan Ship, they must be going there.

Zeus sends out a message to some of the more powerful Guyvers to meet him in the docking bay of the Accolade, which they all do in a short time.

The Docking Bay

Fighter Guyver II, Nano-Xetel, Guyver Alkanphal, Black Nova, Warrior Ninja, Albass, Aceaer Warrior Guyver 2 and Zeus all stand together.

“Greg and Jason have left to attack the Clan Ship together” Zeus says.

Guyver Alkanphal shakes his head in disappointment, “Greg should know better than to attack with that small a force, especially against the Creators”.

“He’s a stubborn bastard though, plus they have Cassandra, he’s not in the best of mind right now” Albass says.

“How do you know?” Black Nova asks.

“I can contact Guyver organisms, so we are in contact a lot. I asked him what was wrong about 30 seconds ago and he yelled saying she was captured” Albass says.

“Either way they are both in deep shit, it’s a Clan Ship, not the easiest thing to attack and completely destroy” Aceaer Warrior Guyver 2 says.

“Especially considering the creators are making a new toy to play with” Fighter Guyver II adds.

They all nod. “We should go in for assistance”.

“The problem is we cannot teleport that far, the Clan Ship is in another galaxy. You W’Kar can teleport that far, but we Warrior Guyvers only tunnel through hyper space for teleportation. I can probably go a bit further because of my Zeus armor, but I seriously doubt that far” Zeus says.

“Then how can Dreadnought?” Guyver Alkanphal asks,

“The Matrix is a all-purpose device, it brought us to this dimension, so I’m sure it can bring him as far as he wants” Aceaer Warrior Guyver 2 says.

“We can use TRANS” Warrior Ninja says. “It’s attached to the ship, and we can TRANS everyone in the room at once wherever we want, to any time we want, and in any dimension we want”.

Guyver Alkanphal nods as his Zoacrystal and Control Medal glow. The ship responds with a voice message, “TRANS ACTIVATED, TARGET CLAN SHIP”.

Suddenly they are all surrounded by a blue light and disappear, leaving only Albass.

Clan Ship

“The first test of our new Creator warrior was successful” Krullnar preaches. “The next batch should be made quickly, this process is becoming easier each time”.

“The other Atrahasis are 50% complete. The test subjects are still unconscious and the new units are ready to be activated. We should eliminate W’Kar’s allies and the other warrior units before we proceed” Dibblis says.

“Agreed, they can cause trouble if left alive” Krullnar answers.

A signal is sent to both Creators. “It seems we won’t have to wait very long, they survived and are approaching our location”.

Outside the Clan Ship

W’Kar and Dreadnought close in on the ship quickly.

W’Kar opens both Mega Smasher plates along with Dreadnought. They both aim.

“Fourth of July fireworks are nothing compared to these babies” W’Kar says.

Both of the High Powered Beings fire their Mega Smashers at full power, Dreadnoughts hits first and blasts easily through the clan ships shields and backed by W’Kars, blows the ship into two pieces, the rubble flying at high speed, but is deflected off of them both by their shields. A blast field explodes and The Atrahasis appears.

“You will not escape again” the giant says in a fierce angry voice.

“Don’t plan on it” Dreadnought answers harshly.

“Me neither, so fuck you” W’Kar says giving him the finger.

“This should be educational” the Atrahasis says.

Suddenly multiple blue lights flash around them and out steps the group from the Accolade.

“Whoa, you’s a big fella” Fighter Guyver II says brandishing his Bio Swords.

“He’s powerful” Guyver Alkanphal says. “But together we can destroy him like any other Creator warrior”.

Zeus charges his body up and fires his lightning attack at him, the Atrahasis catches the lightning as it hits his hand and redirects it toward Aceaer Warrior Guyver 2, who quickly realizes his predicament as he blocks it with his CPM shielding.

“You, my master Krullnar wishes your destruction” the Atrahasis says.

“Your going to have to beat me first bitch” Aceaer Warrior Guyver 2 says taking a battle stance and charging his fusion cannons.

W’Kar and Fighter Guyver II teleport in front of the Atrahasis, blasting him with their fields.

“Ya know I don’t like him either, but my momma always said” W’Kar says before Fighter Guyver II interrupts him.

“Life is like a box of chocolates?” the green one says smiling under his armor.

“Shut up and fight” W”Kar says attacking. He hits high speed, bashing into him with constant attacks, followed quickly by Fighter Guyver II with his Bio Doubler activated. The two hit him with multiple, mega smasher level, pressure cannon attacks and quick plasma sword stabs. Nano-Xetel and Black Nova follow, Black Nova uses her Temporal powers and slows him down, allowing Xetel to begin bashing him with powerful punches.

Zeus opens both Mega Smasher plates and fires on the Atrahasis, who lifts his hands and blocks them with a shield. He then glows bright white and blasts through the temporal field and grabs Xetels leg and tears it from his body. Warrior Ninja goes into her rage mode and hits her top speed in space and rams a plasma blade through Atrahasis back, the demon monster reaches behind him and grabs Warrior Ninja by her skull and flips her over his shoulder, crushing her skull. Warrior Ninja then surprises him by opening both Mega Smasher cells and fires them point blank into him. But his medal quickly reacts and forms a shield in front of him before the blast touches him, blocking all damage as he twists her head off her body.

Aceaer Warrior Guyver 2 fires a combined Mega Smasher/Fusion Cannon attack, boosted with his CPM’s, which are also blocked with a shield that Atrahasis himself did not even try to lift.

Dreadnought uses his polymorphic blades to stretch forward quickly, but Atrahasis quickly turns and breaks them in half with his polymorphic plasma blades.

“As I’ve said before, you cannot defeat the Creators ultimate creation” Atrahasis says. Atrahasis fires a pressure cannon at Dreadnought, who absorbs it and fires it back at him. Atrahasis then absorbs the attack and fires it back as the two of them continue to blast each other in showers of gravity.

W’Kar watches. “Now’s my chance” he says to himself. Aceaer Warrior Guyver 2 taps him on the shoulder.

“Let me go in, I’ll get your wife and Ira out of there. They need you out here taking him on” Aceaer Warrior Guyver 2 says.

“Yeah right, like I trust you” W’Kar says turning towards the clan ship.

Fighter Guyver II jumps in his way. “He’s right, let him. Those Creators are weak as hell, he’ll have no problem. We killed all the Warrior Kavzar and Jy-taki already, and I’m betting they had to use the other Warrior Kavzar we didn’t to make him”.

W’Kar stares his brother down and turns to Aceaer Warrior Guyver 2. “Go, but don’t fail”.

Aceaer Warrior Guyver 2 teleports away. The Atrahasis fires his last blast and then turns in anger as Aceaer Warrior Guyver 2 disappeared. “He could disrupt the experiments on the females”.

As those words are spoken W’Kar becomes bathed in flames and his eyes glow a fierce red. He fires off and slams into the Atrahasis with incredible force, breaking through his body shielding and crushing his Mega Smasher plates and upper cutting him with his plasma blade through his skull. Atrahasis pounds down with his fists and forces W’Kar off of him. He then fires his head laser and hand beams, a beam that W’Kar dodges and attacks again at high speed firing a large blue string that lashes against Atrahasis shields sending a electrical pulse through it, shocking the beast with unparalleled amounts of electricity.

Atrahasis is burnt, but quickly recovers showing his mega smashers have also by firing one at W’Kar. W’Kar teleports away, but when he comes out he is burnt to a crisp and still the fire of his warrior rage surrounds him.

Dreadnought looks at the Matrix on his arm and concentrates, the matrix then glows and begins to release thousands of little balls of glowing mass that attach themselves to W’Kar and begin to repair his armor at a much higher rate. Dreadnought then does the same to him, but instead the balls begin drawing energy off of his HSL and charge up for later.

“”W’Kar, I’m going to transfer the gravity energy I received off of Atrahasis and give it to you, use it against him as a non gravity attack and blow this fucker away”” Dreadnought says through the organism.

W’Kar wasn’t listening in his raged form, nothing matters to him except hurting the Atrahasis badly.

Dreadnoughts body glows as he begins to slowly transfer the gravity energy to W’Kar, who’s body greedily sucks it up and charges his energy draining system.

W’Kar extends all of his blades and spins around, slicing at Atrahasis shields, Atrahasis breaks the plasma blades with his own blades and grabs W’Kar by the neck, covering half of his face with his hand. He stabs him through the stomach with is two forward blades, poking them through his back and pulling them upward slicing him from stomach to shoulders in three pieces.

The fire around his body and energy balls begin to seep into the wound and heal him five times faster than normal. Already his body has reattached itself and is making final repairs as W’Kar fires his head laser into Atrahasis eyes, not expecting it the Atrahasis lets go of W’Kar and holds his eye socket. But the wound quickly heals.

W’Kar uses the gravity energy and forms an energy crystal in front of him, then opens his Mega Smasher plates and fires it through the crystal towards Atrahasis, who raises all his shielding. The blast hits him and then more energy is forced against him by the crystals energy and breaks through the shield and hits him with a massive amount of energy. Atrahasis screams in pain as he drains the energy of the anti matter to reinforce his shields and blocks the blast but when he is next seen his body is torn to pieces as armor pieces seem to not exist and blood and bone fragments surround his body floating away and hardening.

Dreadnought watches in amazement but knows it’s not enough. The Atrahasis isn’t going to be so nice now. He begins to feed W’Kar more of his gravity energy.

W’Kar wastes no time and attacks at full speed. The Atrahasis activates his CPM’s again and grabs W’Kars arms, ripping them off and strikes W’Kar with his fist, breaking through his armor and crushing the organs in his chest. He then tears the hyper space orb from his chest and the gravity orb.

“No weapons” Atrahasis says laughing, “Except your head laser and sonic emitters, but what are you going to do with them”.

W’Kar wraps his legs around Atrahasis head and begins to spin quickly, breaking his spinal cord and ripping his head off of his body.

Atrahasis gravity orb glows as he pulls his head back onto his body and it reattaches. W’Kars body is healing up, already his gravity orb and hyper space orb are restored and most of his internal organs, his arms are half done, but his Mega Smashers are completely finished.

Dreadnought comes forward now next to W’Kar. The small glows around his body fuse into his open mega smashers as W’Kar does the same with the crystal and they both fire at once, slamming into Atrahasis with incredible power, breaking through his shielding and blasting his body to bits as he teleports away to escape the blast.

W’Kar, still in his Warrior Rage form looks at Dreadnought who uses his Matrix to help W’Kar heal the remaining damage. But a blast field explodes and Atrahasis emerges once again screaming in anger as his body burns with fire. He attacks in his third boosted form and cuts both of the opponents in half.

Zeus and Fighter Guyver II fly forward and blast him with their Mega Smashers, but Atrahasis blocks them easily and fires 9 black holes at them, both of the Guyvers are torn apart in the vortex as Warrior Ninja and Nano Xetel attack head on, slamming into his body and not even breaking through his body shielding as he grabs them both and crushes their skulls with his hands. Warrior Ninjas damaged medal disappears and Nano Xetels Zoacrystal disperse into Nano machines and scatters.

Aboard the Clan Ship

Aceaer Warrior Guyver 2 comes out of teleport in the middle of the lab and sees Krullnar and Dibblis. “They told me you looked different than that?”

“Warrior Guyver 2!” Krullnar screams as he activates his CPM’s and charges at him, his Vibrational blades gleaming.

Suddenly Black Nova appears beside Aceaer Warrior Guyver 2 and stares at the oncoming Creator. Both Guyvers fire their pressure cannons and blast him onto the other side of the room. Aceaer Warrior Guyver 2 looks about and sees Dibblis standing next to a great glass tube that contains both Assassin Guyver and Apothecary Guyver.

They both run over. Black Nova blasts Dibblis away with a gravity concussion and Aceaer Warrior Guyver 2 commands the ship to release the two Guyvers. The glass casing drains of fluid and both of the female Guyvers fall to the ground.

Aceaer Warrior Guyver 2 helps them up, “Are you okay”?

They nod.

“What’s going on” Assassin Guyver asks.

“Your on the Creators clan ship. Dreadnought, W’Kar and the others are outside trying to put a lid on the new Creator warrior Atrahasis” says Aceaer Warrior Guyver 2 quickly.

All of their hyper senses move as Krullnar attacks from behind. Aceaer Warrior Guyver 2 activates his Cyclone Power Matrix and hits him in the chest, blasting at his chest with his forearm lasers and blasting him into the wall.

Aceaer Warrior Guyver 2 then fires a pressure cannon into Krullnars Control Medal and blows it apart, sending the Creator into screaming panic. He then charges his fusion cannons and blasts the Creator to dust, leaving a large burning impression on the wall of the Clan Ship. Assassin Guyver, Apothecary Guyver and Black Nova walk beside him.

Outside the Clan Ship

The Clan ship closes in on a large star as Atrahasis grabs Zeus by the stomach by both hands and sinks his fingers into his chest tearing the Guyver into two chunks.

Dreadnought comes from behind and hits him with his power wave attack, Atrahasis hardly flinches to block it as he is attacked from the side by W’Kar and Fighter Guyver II, who are in their highest forms. W’Kar rams his plasma blade into his side and Fighter Guyver II pummels him with his own blades.

Atrahasis points his hands to his sides and fires two powerful bio waves, blasting them both away. W’Kars armor peels off of his body as he tries desperately to drain more energy. He soaks it in as Dreadnought flies towards Atrahasis blasting at him with multiple hand beams and lightning bolts. Atrahasis flies through the attack and slams his forward blades through Dreadnoughts chest plates and gives him a knee to the same wound. He then grabs him by the leg and swings him towards the side of the Clan Ship, breaking his armor from the sheer force and energy of striking the ship. Dreadnought reacts by teleporting behind Atrahasis and firing a quick single-handed power wave to his back, which is blocked by an automatic shield. Atrahasis spins at high velocity and roundhouse kicks Dreadnought to his chest with an energy-bathed leg, which spears through the body shield and breaks Dreadnought in half!

Atrahasis then glows as a temporal dilation field is created around him, surrounding both W’Kar and Dreadnought. He begins to attack. Atrahasis punches W’Kar in the shoulder, then slams against Dreadnought with mighty force, and then saws W’Kars leg off. Atrahasis begins going back and forth, tearing Dreadnoughts shoulders off, breaking W’Kars neck and slicing both of them to nothing.

Suddenly the fire around Atrahasis fizzles and he falls to a halt, breathing heavy. Dreadnought watches him as his body heals fast, and then uses the Matrix and repairs W’Kar as well. They both fly over.

Dreadnoughts gets an idea, both the matrix he carries and the matrix in his medal glow and Atrahasis begins to freak out as his shields are destabilized.

“”W’Kar, I’ve lowered his shields, blast him”” Dreadnought screams over the organism.

W’Kar begins to drain energy off Atrahasis shield generators, further weakening him. He then pulls all he can and fires a 150X a Mega Smasher blast in his enraged mode at Atrahasis crushing his armor.

Zeus comes forward and grabs W’Kars shoulder. “Use my HSL’s”.

W’Kar nods and begins to drain off of Zeus’ HSL systems, quickly draining energy as his Hyper space orb helps. He begins to fire beam after beam until Atrahasis screams in pain and he fires his last shot, a wide angled blast through his control medal.

Atrahasis begins to surge in power before Dreadnought fires his full mega smasher at him. Atrahasis never sees it coming as he is slammed into the side of the Clan Ship and blasted through it. The Clan ship splits in two and spins out of control, heading directly for the center of the star.

“Damnit, Cassandra” W’Kar thinks to himself as he speeds off at high speed, followed closely by Dreadnought and Zeus. They slam through the side of the ship and see Aceaer Warrior Guyver 2 trying to reach for Assassin Guyver, who has a large crack in her control medal and seems to be barely holding onto her unit. Black Nova has Apothecary Guyver and is using her temporal powers to try and give them more time.

The ship begins to explode and burn around them as the stars heat burns through the ship. Dreadnought grabs a hold of Aceaer Warrior Guyver 2 and Assassin Guyver. W’Kar grabs his wife as an explosion occurs under them separating the group. Atrahasis is under them firing plasma bolts into the ship. Dreadnought hands Assassin Guyver to Zeus and flies out of the rubble of the ship.

Atrahasis control medal is in pieces, yet he is still active and attacking. Atrahasis tears a chunk of the clan ship off and throws it at Dreadnought who easily dodges it. Dreadnought notices that Atrahasis is torn apart, most of his systems are inactive. He opens both Hyper Smasher plates, quickly boosting them with his power wave attack and fires towards Atrahasis, who cannot raise shields and is once again blasted away and screams as he hits the surface of the burning sun and vaporizes his body.

An explosion occurs as the Anti Matter in his medal is subjected to the plasma of the sun. It explodes outward and begins to disappear as a temporal/spacial flux occurs. Dreadnought is hit by this, which starts to tear his control medal apart. He screams in pain even as he disappears into the bright light, as the Matrix in his hand reacts and transforms the massive wave of energy into a dimensional vortex and disappears into it.

Zeus watches this, then is blasted aside by explosions around the Clan Ship, his grip of Assassin Guyver loosens as she floats off towards the lightning flux of the dimensional vortex and the plasma of the sun. He watches as she passes through the outer edge of the explosion and saw what appeared to be two shadows of her separate and one is pulled away by a blue light before vanishing. Thinking it was some sort of optical illusion. He flies off to get her with Black Nova and Aceaer Warrior Guyver 2, who he notices has two inactive Guyver units with him, one he notices is a Warrior Unit. They were all then pulled into the dimensional vortex.

W’Kar watches as they all enter the limbo and disappear. He holds onto his wife. “It’ll be okay” he whispers to her. W’Kar looks around and slams through the top portion of the Clan Ship and flies out of the gravity pull coming towards the main area of space. Fighter Guyver II is seen and he grabs W’Kar, helping him force himself through the rift. Both activate their hyper space orbs along with Apothecary Guyver and teleport outside of it and next to his comrades.

He watches as the explosion rips through space and sucks the entire blast into itself, forming nothing but a black hole which collapses on itself then forms around showing an odd vortex of light blue energy and clouds of plasma. A wasteland.

Earth, but not that of W’Kar

A rift opens just above the atmosphereas the wreckage of the clan ship come through it as both then fall towards Earth. Both quickly glowing with a fiery light as they enter through the atmosphere, leaving behind a trail as it falls from Russia towards Australia. Black Nova and Aceaer Warrior Guyver 2, who were entangled in the living mess which was the Clan Ship quickly gage their predicament as Assassin Guyver floats off and away from the wreckage. Aceaer Warrior Guyver 2 drops the Apothecary unit and grabs Black Nova, teleporting them away from the coming impact.

Zeus who was still stuck inside the Clan Ship senses this and barrels through the wreckage to get to the unit. He is struck by a piece of bio wreckage as the ship strikes the Earth with massive force, sending millions of tons of sand into the sky, sliding across the ground and ripping up the grass and trees.

10 minutes later

A piece of the Clan Ship is thrown aside as Zeus steps out and sits down on the ground. His armor is healing form the damage done to him and he scans the area and deactivates the Zeus armor. Warrior Guyver 3 holds in his hand the Apothecary Unit.

Washington DC ACTF Base, Testing and Training Room.

Faye stands looking at the Aceaer Warrior Guyver 2. She knows something bad has happened even though she can’t understand a word he is saying to her but she easily recognizes the fact he has a Unit-G in his hands. Warrior Guyver holds the unit with one hand and with the other points at it and at Faye. As Faye looks closer at the Mark II Warrior unit, its control medal shines.

The End.