This is a fan-fic based on characters created by Yoshiki Takaya and contains violent situations with adult language.

TitleIn The Beginning Part 1
AuthorBrian O’Sullivan


With every story, there is a beginning. This is no different. Over two million six hundred years BC, the Creators had completed their ultimate achievement. The Creation of the Zoalord Alkanphel. This supreme Zoalord was to lead the army of the Creators in an intergalactic war. But on the day of their ultimate achievement was also the day of the first of many disasters. To test the full potential of their new army, the Creators used the bio-booster armour, one of their oldest pieces of equipment, on a base human. For the Creators themselves, it was little more than an all purpose space suit that supposedly boosted their natural physical power by ten folds and made them equal to an unenhanced human in strength. The merging of their old technology with the human had made a bio-boosted human.

The test started off as planned. The Creators recreated a Zoanoid T-Rex and it quickly attacked the bio-boosted human, trying to step on him, but he jumped out of the way, only to be whipped with its tail. The T-Rex then picked up the bio-boosted human in its mouth and proceeded to try and eat him. Inside the mouth of the beast, the bio-boosted human tried to get out and one could see him peering out of the mouth of the T-Rex. Then in a show of strength the bio-boosted human crushed the teeth of the T-Rex. In pain the T-Rex then let out the bio-boosted human from its mouth. Once he had fallen to the ground, the bio-boosted human extended a vibrational sword and jumped over the back of the T-Rex. Splitting the T-Rex in half as he landed back on the ground. The power of the Bio-Boosted Human surprised the Creators. The bio-boosted human was far beyond their dreams. They where so excited by it that they even wanted to re-plan their experiments on humanity. The Creators then commanded the bio-boosted human to disengage his armour. But he did not respond to their command. They tried again and the bio-boosted human gave them his answer. The Bio-Boosted human opened a chest plate. At first the Creators wondered what this being was doing, but soon got their answer as they where the first to experience the mega-smasher. It hit one of the space crafts of the Creators, blowing a massive hole right through it, killing a number of Creators and letting the internal fluid of the ship flow out to the ground below. Every Creator on Earth felt the death of their fellow brothers, the Creators then commanded Alkanphel to take command of his zoanoid army and stop the bio-boosted human. Under his command, the zoanoids attacked the bio-boosted human. But he proved too much for these lowly zoanoids and easily killed them with his head laser, vibrational swords and sonic disruptor. Alkanphel himself knew that he was the only one that could stop him and was about to attack him when the Creators commanded him to stop. They gave him the unit remover, a device designed to make the unit go back to its dormant state. Standing in a clearing, the sensors of the bio-boosted human detected the Zoalord Alkanphel coming towards him. Seemingly knowing the coming zoalords power, the bio-boosted human opened his chest plate and fired a single mega-smash at Alkanphel. Alkanphel stood there with the Remover and shielded himself as the energy surrounded him and went on by the zoalord, until it smashed into the base of a Creator ship. Once the dust cleared from the blast, to the surprise of the of the bio-boosted human, Alkanphel was standing in the middle of the path of the blast, totally unharmed, with the remover open. Before he had a chance to react the unit was stripped off the human host. With a simple look from Alkanphel, the human host was burnt to a crisp. After this disaster, Alkanphel sat on a hill overlooking the damaged ship and thought of the Unit-G and the power a simple human had with it. He was the Supreme Zoalord of the Creators army, yet the bio-boosted human could do all that damage to his army. But his thoughts where interrupted. All around him the space ships of the Creators, that had been on Earth for so long that foliage had grown on them, started to vibrate and shake the ground as they all started to rise into the air. Alkanphel frantically called out to the Creators, asking why. They responded, saying that humanity was too dangerous. They would attack the Creators themselves if not always under control. This was shown by what the human became with the bio-boosted armour, a Guyver. They could not stay here, on a world where their creations would destroy them if given half a chance. The Creators spacecrafts lifted off the ground and proceeded towards space. Alkanphel loved the Creators and wanted to follow them. He easily flew after them and followed them out of the Earth’s atmosphere, into space. Alkanphel pleaded with them to take him with them. The Creators responded, saying that humanity and the armour are too dangerous together. They could end up fighting side by side against them. Alkanphel asked them what where he and humanity supposed to do without the Creators? They said that there was nothing they can do. Humanity was of no value to them now. It was a pity that the experiment on this world failed. Then through the mental link, the Creators sent a massive mental blast into the Zoalord’s mind, immobilizing him. While he floated there in space, dazed, the Creators sent him one last message. Humanity was dangerous. The combat abilities they had when combined with the armour and out of control was too dangerous. We, humanity, would have to be eliminated and then the Creator fleet left Earth. Alkanphel asked them as they left ‘what is my purpose in life?’ But he never got his answer. Then Alkanphel felt a massive displacement in space. An enormous asteroid emerged from the wormhole, on a course towards the Earth. Alkanphel new that something like that would crush the Earth, making it lifeless. Refusing to let that happen, Alkanphel summoned all the energy of his body. Alkanphel created a force wave the size of the asteroid and crashed into it, blowing it apart. Alkanphel then vowed that he will recover and lead an army through the vastness of space and once again appear before them to storm the gates of heaven. But some fragments of the asteroid got by him and crashed into the Earth, producing massive climatic changes. But thanks to the past genetic manipulation on humanity, human populations were able to survive and to adapt to the situation. The spaceship that was hit by the Guyvers mega-smash now became Alkanphel’s resting place. Due to tectonic activities, the area around Alkanphel’s resting place became an island. On this island, the humans that still followed Alkanphel turned his resting place into a temple. Today this place is known as the Isle of Silha.

Many years later, in deep in space, the Creators Solom, Krullnar, and an assistant of theirs had taken the unit of what was now called the Guyver and examined it. Solom was determined that what had happened on Earth should not be a complete loss to the Creators cause. That unit had not been touched since Alkanphel had captured it. Solom had an idea. If the Creator genetic code could be manipulated so that they could have a more humanoid code, they could take advantage of the Guyver effect. This would make them not so defenceless physically. Krullnar, his son, had an idea to take this one step further and together they agreed this would be the best step for the Creators if they could get them to agree. If the Guyver could be controlled, they would have a vast army of powerful troops. The idea was that if a humanoid host was engineered into what was now called a Kavzar, it could no longer bio-boost with the Bio-Booster Amour and could no longer become Guyver. This Kavzar would also have new programming in it to make them more controllable. Solom agreed with his son and pointed out a simple fact to his son. The Bio-Booster Armour was not designed for warfare. This fact meant that if he made a bio-boosted armour designed for war, the Creators themselves would be equal to the Guyver that attacked them! Together father and son would create a whole new Creator army to defend their race from aggression. But the Creator council disagreed with them. They still feared what a human could become. But Solom, by now, had an ally in the Creator council. The Creator Draven. He supported Solom’s quest. With the humanity experiment declared a failure, he felt that this left his race weak. He would not see his race fall. They had lost a powerful fighting force because of an incompatibility called the Guyver. He gave Solom permission to take the forbidden unit and use it in his experiments. That was the start of the Warrior Project.

Shortly thereafter, the forbidden unit claimed a Creator life and turned Guyver, but unlike before it merged the Creator with the previous human host. It was still mostly human but now it was nowhere near as dangerous and did not attack. This accident gave Solom the information he needed on converting himself into a humanoid form. He then grew Guyver like weapons when he merged with his unit. This new kind of Creator being, that Solom had become, was called the Creaer meaning Controller. Solom showed his new form to the council and he was declared the next generation of the Creator evolution. Now they where more than mind. They had physical strength and weapons, though only at the level of a low level zoanoid. But Solom made a bold claim ‘this is only my first step, this bio-booster unit is not made for war yet it gives me weapons, I will make a Warrior Unit and using it we will never be weak’. That was when the Warrior Project took a life of its own. The Creators invested all their scientific resources into this project. The council declared that the Creator of the next generation of their race would become their scientific leader and earn a place on the council. This would mean that that person would be only one step away from the leadership of the Creators.

For the next one hundred thousand years, the greatest of Creators scientific minds worked on their new units. A probe sent to Earth confirmed that humanity still lived on. It was agreed, after some heated arguments over the dangers involved in returning to Earth, that this would be where to test their new units. After all, it was Earth’s immense genetic potential that originally attracted them there and would now be needed to proceed with the Warrior Project.

Two hundred years after returning to Earth, the Creators worse nightmare happened. A Guyver Zoalord! With the Council Ship on Earth, the Creators feared extinction. Solom was feared dead by this stage and Krullnar, his son, was called before the Council. They held him and his father responsible for the disaster and for the eminent extinction of the Creator Race at the hands of their own creation. They ruled that Krullnar should be killed, left outside the Council Ship for the Guyver Zoalord to destroy first before the rest of his kind. Draven tried to halt this but was overruled. Then to the surprise of the entire Creator race. A savoir arrived, the Warrior Guyver. Sent back in time, he saved the Creator Race and returned home to his time line. The disaster had left them with heavy losses and immense damage to the Creators projects. This ultimately led them to once again abandon the Earth. Though they had little choice but to leave because of the risk to the Warrior Guyver’s time line, a paradox that if destroyed would also destroy them. But this time they did not leave completely empty handed. . . They continued their experiments on other worlds, some already inhabited, their population used and discarded as needed, as the Creators slowly perfected the design for their substitute warrior race, the Kavzar. . .

Almost two hundred and fifty million years after their second exodus from Earth, events had changed the Creator Empire. They control a vast region of the Milky Way Galaxy, with over 4,000 War Worlds to protect them with over 10,000,000,000,000 Aceaer Troops, over 4,000,000,000,000 Kavzar troops, and 4,000 of their ultimate protectors, the Enforcer Kavzar, the Empire has never been stronger. But old threats, like the Grakken Race, still remain. But now is the time of the Warrior Guyvers return and the chance to bring back the greatest mind the Creators had even known, Solom.

End of Prelude

Miami, Florida State, Present Day

A young man named Sean Barker sat in a chair, looking at a TV, but his mind was elsewhere as he thought back to nearly two years ago, when he had first discovered what he now knows is called the Guyver. The single most important event in his life, after being born, was being merged with this thing. It changed his life completely and he still does not know if it was for better or worse.

Back then, he was dating a Japanese American girl name Mizky. Her farther, Dr. Tetsu Segawa, had stolen the Unit from Chronos LA HQ to stop its activation by Zoalord Fulton Balcus. This led to the Doctor hiding the unit and his then defeat to a zoanoid called Lisker, who was sent to retrieve the unit. Sean, at this time, was training in basic Akido, but, to be honest, he was not that good and spent most of his time being knocked down by his sparring partner, who seemingly really disliked him. During his class, Mizky arrived and they talked a bit and he then got back to training as another man arrived. He was Max Reed, later Sean would find out that he was a CIA agent. As class went on, Sean tried his best to find out what Max and Mizky where talking about in another room overlooking the practice hall. But this distracted him from a move that his instructor, Ms Jansen, was teaching the class. She noticed this and requested that Sean demonstrate the move with none other than his sparring partner. Which of course Sean failed miserably at showing something he had not seen and was beaten once again. His sparring partner teased him, which of course caused Sean to be pissed off, and the two got into a fight. Again Sean’s lack of fighting skill got him beaten again, with him receiving a bloody nose. At this point, an upset Mizky left with Max. Sean then followed them to a crime scene by an urban river. High up on a cement bank, he watched them completely unnoticed. Two men joined Max and they talked for a bit, then Max left with Mizky. Sean jumped off his perch and, as he did, he knocked over a lunch box, which contained something interesting. Not knowing what it was at the time, he put it in his backpack and left for Mizky’s apartment on his scooter. On his way there though, the scooter broke down while driving through an alleyway. It was not long though before a gang confronted him, led by no other that his nemesis sparring partner. They fought and the unit came in contact with Sean and it activated on him. The Guyver then went on to beat up the gang, almost chopping the head off one of his attackers. They ran off, but he was in shock at what he had become. Shock quickly turned to panic and with an emotional yelling of ‘Noooo!”, the unit deactivated and the now very confused Sean rushed home. The next day Sean over slept and woke up at five, wondering if the memory of the night before had been a dream. He then left to see Mizky. When he got there, she told him the news that it was her father who was killed at the river. At this time Ms Jenson, the Akido instructor, showed up to help Mizky with some stuff, so Sean offered to get then some lunch. He left, walking by two men on the way by him. By the time he returned, he saw the same two men on the way out with a wrapped up carpet, over their shoulders. He went on into Mizky’s apartment to discover it in a mess and Ms Jenson dead. He rushed out of the apartment block just in time to hear the two men argue about a ‘girl’. He knew that must be Mizky and found two bottles and hit them over their heads with them. Sean then freed Mizky as Max showed up. The three of them then escaped as a group on men gave chase. This led them to a warehouse where they hid and Mizky explained what the men where looking for, something called ‘Guyver’, and that was what they killed her father and Ms Jenson to get. The sad fact was, Sean had the Guyver unit at that moment but he did not fully realize what he had in his possession. After being chased around the warehouse for a few minutes by some strange looking monsters called zoanoids, with Mizky captured and Max knocked unconscious. Sean had to figure both what was the Guyver and whether he was this thing. He shouted at the head Zoanoid that he was the Guyver. Lisker, the head zoanoid of the group seemed not to believe this at all. As Sean tried his best to summon the Guyver unit, he was knocked over by this zoanoid. Mizky screamed at Lisker not to hurt Sean and was backhanded by Lisker for her troubles. This enraged Sean, he knew he was helpless against Lisker and his zoanoids and if he could call back the power suite, that he used to beat up the gang, he would have a fighting chance against these things. Will and action then became one and the same as he then declared with certainty that he was the Guyver. That second a blast field surrounded him and his armour activated around him. This new thing in front of Lisker did not impress him, being a powerful zoanoid type. But as the Guyver, Sean’s physical power and combat skill was magnified a hundred folds and he quickly killed two zoanoids, that had then arrived and joined the battle, and beat the others around the place with ease. Then he fought Lisker. Again he proved more powerful than these monsters and was systematically beating Lisker until he tried to head butt the monster. As his control medal made contact, he immediately discovered that it was a very bad move. His control medal was his one weakness and as it was impacted with Lisker’s armoured horn like bone skull, he felt sharp pain through his head and got very disorientated. Immediately Lisker and other monsters picked up on the fact that the control medal was the weakness of the Guyver unit. They attacked him all at once and managed to hold him long enough for Lisker to give him a running head butt to his control medal. As Guyver Sean stumbled back, disorientated, his head sensors picked out the female zoanoid, that was holding Mizky, ready to strike at him from behind. He extended a vibrational sword, as he swung around, and sliced open the female zoanoid. But it also seemed like he had hit Mizky. Guyver Sean was shocked at what he had done and fell to his knees, where the zoanoids proceeded to beat him to the ground. Guyver Sean no longer resisted, too horrified by the dreaded thought that he had killed Mizky. Lisker then removed his control medal, moments before the unit would have auto activated the mega smashers, and that was the last thing he remembered of his first battle against the zoanoids. But what only seemed a few seconds later, he was regrown inside the body of a zoanoid. He emerged inside a lab full of zoanoids. He then proceeded to free Max, whom was in a processing tank and to kill all the zoanoids. It was then, as they where going to escape, that Max turned into one of those zoanoids. But Max did not survive the transformation and with his last breath asked Sean not to let Chronos get away with the horrors they had unleashed. The zoalord leader of these zoanoids, Balcus, then made some remark about Max not having enough time in the processing tank, which only pissed off Guyver Sean. He kicked Balcus through a doorway, thinking that it would kill the evil grey haired man. But was soon surprised when a giant sized beast of a Zoalord moved through the large doorway, into the processing centre. Balcus’ Zoalord form was huge and he was incredibly strong. After a two minute hand-to-hand, cat and mouse, battle, Guyver Sean was pinned against a processing tube in the centre of the lab. As Balcus tried to literally pull the control medal out of the Guyver’s head, using his hand like tongue. Without Sean commanding his unit to do it, in an act of self-preservation, the Unit activated his mega-smashers. Balcus was caught by a close range blast from both mega-smashers cells. The powerful blast knocked Balcus’s massive form back through a hallway of zoanoid processing tanks before being destroyed in a massive explosion that took out the large number of processing tanks, which his body had crashed through. Guyver Sean had single handily done the seemingly impossible and destroyed Chronos LA. Sean then deactivated his armour and left with Mizky, thinking the nightmare was over. . .

Sean was with Mizky for another two months. But the stress and strain of those events caught up on their relationship. Sean was still the Guyver and constantly felt the urge to defend those who could not defend themselves. He became a vigilantly and fought drug lords and, as he viewed it, other criminal scum. With such pressure, they went their separate ways. The next ten months went fast for Sean. One day mixed into the next, he got odd jobs as he could find them and almost every day battled the local crime lords of LA. A year after the fall of Chronos LA, Sean was having strange dreams about being a Guyver and saw images of other Guyvers in his dreams. Sean could not make sense of these dreams until he saw a tabloid news report one day, on the TV. It was from a man who was attacked by a strange beast that killed his brother. The attack had happened near an archaeological dig that he and his brother had spied upon and copied a drawing off the wall of the cave that had almost identical drawing on them to what Sean had drawn from his dreams.

That event sent Sean on the second most important venture of his life. On his way to the archaeological dig site. In a small shop, he met Cori Matthews. She was the daughter of the head of the dig where Sean wanted to go. After some persuading, she brought Sean to the dig. There he discovered and fought a zoanoid, saving the life of the hunter he had seen on TV, but did not arrive in time to save the life of the reporter that had gone with the hunter to find evidence of the monster that had killed the hunter’s brother. Surprised that any zoanoids were left after he had destroyed Chronos LA, Sean was surprised again when he then met Atkins, an undercover FBI agent who informed him that Chronos was far larger than Sean had realized and that it was a World Wide organization. Sean realized that Chronos was financing the dig but his need to find answers prompted him to stay despite the danger. Sean’s presence soon allowed them to discover an ancient Creator ship, a.k.a. a Relic, buried in the centre of the cave system. But when he and the others ventured into the Relic, a Chronos agent named Arlen Crane recovered a Guyver unit from the Relic that Cori had found. Sean was knocked out while talking with Arlen, who realized by this time that Sean was the Guyver. Though warned by this time by Sean, Cori was finally convinced of the true danger of her situation when she overheard Arlen making a report to his superiors. Unfortunately she was discovered and was taken away by two of Arlen’s men. Now that he had the unit and captured Sean, Arlen ordered the deaths of the students and staff of the dig. While Arlen and the other Chronos agents prepared to secure the site, Atkins knocked out the guard watching the unconscious Sean and freed him. Sean then told Atkins the real secret behind Chronos was the fact they could turn into monsters. Having pieced together enough to believe Sean’s incredible story, Atkins’ told him a strike team was heading in to take care of Arlen and his people and that he had to get Sean to safety. But Sean feared for Cori’s safety and Atkins revealed that she had been taken away. Sean refused to go with Atkins and went after Cori, arriving just in time to save her and her father, who had tried to rescue Cori himself and revealed that he too was a zoanoid but was no match for the other two zoanoids. Guyver Sean killed the two zoanoids attacking Cori, and her father, and was about to kill Marcus as well, thinking he was another zoanoid attacking Cori, when Cori got in the way. Guyver Sean stopped himself barely in time and Cori found herself staring at the tip of his vibrational sword, a mere inch from face. Guyver Sean realized who the final zoanoid was and that the danger was over for now and deactivated his armour, revealing to Cori what a Guyver was and that he was one. Marcus was ashamed that his daughter had discovered his dreaded secret and ran away before she could talk to him. Cori then watched Sean warily as she struggled to come to grips with all that was now revealed to her.

Back at the site, Atkin’s strike team arrived to help him. Together they secured the site and killed most of the Chronos agents at the site but not before a student had been killed. The remaining civilians were then evacuated from the site, and Arlen, with two of his people, were brought before Atkin’s. Cori had by this time gotten over her shock and assured Sean that she was not afraid of him and even compared him to a proverbial knight in shining armour. The two then kissed and then decided to return to the site and warn the others of the danger that Chronos still posed. Unfortunately Atkin’s men had missed one of the Chronos agents, that was a Lisker type, and it quickly over powered them all and killed them, leaving Atkins the only survivor and the now prisoner of Chronos. Sean and Cori had returned and had used the time that the FBI had given them to go to the cave and started setting up explosives to blow up the Relic. Sean had convinced Cori, with the dead body of the student, that the killing would not stop as long as the Relic existed as both Chronos and the government would kill to possess it. Despite Cori’s utopian idealism for the technological potential of the Relic, she realized Sean was right and that all the others saw was simply the weapon potential the Relic had for either side. But while setting explosives, Sean felt the call of the Relic and went in to connect to the Relic, knowing he would not get another chance. The Relic showed Sean images of the Creators projects and that it was ultimately a failure because of the Guyver. By this time, Arlen was back inside the cave system and he and his zoanoids captured Cori, who was still busy setting explosives. Sean realized this as he heard her scream while he was inside the Relic. In the battle that ensued, he then killed the zoanoids, with a little help from Atkins and Marcus, the later fatally wounded, and leaving only Arlen, their ringleader, left. Sean then realized in shock, after he attacked Arlen, that he had merged with the unit they had discovered on the Relic and he was now a Guyver Zoanoid. A being far stronger than Sean but his unit had been damaged and his Control Medal was cracked. After a long hand-to-hand and vibrational sword-to-vibrational sword fight, Sean was on the verge of defeat. Guyver Zoanoid had his vibrational sword stuck in Guyver Sean’s stomach and Guyver Sean was squirting blood out his face pressure vents. All looked lost when Cori, using Atkin’s handgun, shot the Guyver Zoanoid’s already damaged control medal. This caused a reaction in the Guyver Zoanoid’s control medal, sending serious stress and pain through its host. Using this to his advantage, Guyver Sean then pushed the Guyver Zoanoid off him and after a running spin kick to the Guyver Zoanoid’s control medal, he ripped it out and then mega-smashed the deforming body. Atkins then stood beside Guyver Sean, followed by Cori, and said that now that the Relic was in the government’s hands, things would look better for the government now that they had the Relic and had access to its technology. Guyver Sean disagreed, he felt that the Government would be as big a threat as Chronos with the Relic. Because of that he could not allow them to have control over the Relic and its Units. He then commanded the Relic to leave and go back home. The Cave system that contained the Relic started to crash down around them as the Relic took off and they all ran out, leaving behind the control medal of the Guyver Zoanoid, hoping that it would be crushed by the falling rubble.

That though was six months ago. Sean was still with Cori and once again was fighting crime. But lately he was fighting more and more zoanoids. At first he wondered where they all were coming from? Then last night he had a spot of luck when a group of men kidnapped some homeless people right before him. Normally he’d surprise such an attack group but because of the rising numbers of zoanoids, he decided instead to follow them back to their home base.

About an hour later they arrived at a huge warehouse. Guyver Sean’s senses immediately picked up on the fact that there was a huge number of zoanoids inside this building. The place was a huge hive of zoanoid production for a company called Max Pharmaceuticals. There was so many zoanoids that he could not get a count on how many of them were inside it. For the first time since he fought the Guyver Zoanoid, Sean realized that he very may well be over his head on this one. Chronos was ready to invade everywhere and he was only one person against this huge invasion force. Guyver knew that he had to use his head here. He was here alone, against a huge force of zoanoids. Knowing Chronos, if they where kidnapping large numbers of people like here and putting them back into their normal lives afterwards that there could be possibly countless numbers of zoanoids around the USA. He knew that he had to contact Atkins and he hoped that Atkins had something ready to fight something like this, because if not the USA was fucked, as he saw it.

Japan Chronos Point Relics Point

At the same time as the American Guyver was pondering what he was going to do against a zoanoids population up surge, Gyro was floating in his battle from, in mid air inside Relics Point base, looking at Alkanphel. Only a few moments ago, Alkanphel had figured out his plan to use the Remover to capture a Guyver unit and use it against Alkanphel and the other ten Zoalords. So as a Guyver Zoalord, Gyro would rule the Earth and Chronos. Alkanphel had offered to spare Gyro from his deceit if he gave Alkanphel the Remover but Gyro refused and activated his battle form and the two had fought a running battle through the Relics Point base. Above them, on top of the Chronos base, the nine other Zoalords of Chronos arrived. They had earlier planned to “Liquidate” Commander Gyro only to find that he and Alkanphel where already battling each other. Immediately they favoured Alkanphel, as they knew how powerful the leader of Chronos was. But now Gyro planned to finally kill Alkanphel. Valkus sensed Gyro’s motives and realized what attack Gyro was about to use but it was too late. Before Alkanphel had a chance to realize what Valkus was warning him about, Gyro had fired his black hole attack against him. Alkanphel fought against it and then was seemingly pulled inside the dark destructive vortex, killing the mighty Zoalord.

The mini black hole was pulling apart the Chronos base from the inside out, right before the eyes of Valkus. He knew he had to stop Gyro or else Chronos could lose the Relic at the core of Relic’s Point and any chance of finding any more tools of the Creators that they might have left behind. Valkus flew up beside Gyro and, using his own gravitational powers, he forced Gyro’s black hole to destabilize and caused an explosion. Gyro then blacked out and was unable to hold himself up in the air and fell down towards the lower levels of the base, leaving Valkus to survey the damage done to the most important Chronos building on Earth.

At the bottom of Relics Point, Guyver 1 had taken control of the Relic at the core of Relic’s point and was arranging for the escape of Guyver 3, their friends and comrades, who where the scientists of Chronos who where rebelling against the Zoalords. They where all going to escape using the Relic when Gyro crashed literally through a few feet of solid cement right before them. Gyro stood up unharmed and summoned the Remover the second he saw Guyver 3. Gyro could not believe his luck finding the Guyver 3 right inside the Chronos base. Once he had removed his unit and activated it, he could kill Valkus here and now and finally he would be in charge of the Chronos Cabal. But first he had to get the unit off Guyver 3. Gyro summoned the Unit Remover from Dr Shirai’s lab. It responded to his command and floated in the air towards him.

Thirty Minutes Later – Miami, Florida State

Guyver Sean had made his way to a local police station. He deactivated his unit and calmly walked inside. He had been dreading this idea for awhile now. With the recent upturn in the number of zoanoids he had encountered over the past month, he wondered if he was too hasty in getting rid of the Relic he had discovered. Another Guyver would be an extremely useful ally now at this point because of the way it felt to him. America was going to be over run and it was his fault there was no army of Guyvers to stop them. Even with all the power he possessed, he was still only one person against possible millions.

Inside the police station, no one recognized Sean. Unknown to him, Atkins had never put him on a known missing person’s list or anything of the sort that a local policeman could have a look at. Sean was so secret that only five people knew about him and that included the President of the United States and the man in charge of the new Anti Chronos Task Force organization, General Carter. Sean was, for once in his recent life as a Guyver, rather exasperated by the situation presented to him, still stressing about what to do, he walked up to the counter and stood in front of a policeman.

“Can I help you sir?”

“Yes you can, I’m wondering, can you help me get in touch with an FBI agent by the name of Atkins?”

“Son, you know you can use the phone book for such matters.”

“Listen up asshole, I don’t have the fucking time to talk with some half wit shit cop like you, get me Atkins and get him now, it is literally a matter of life and death.”

“Calm down son, no one needs to get so hot under the collar. By the way this conversation is going, you’re going to be spending a night in jail.”

“Fuck you and stop calling me SON! Listen, I’ve just seen a serious threat to the American way of life as you know it and talking to you, a nobody son of a bitch pig, is getting me nowhere at all.”

“That’s it SON, your visiting the holding cells until you calm down.”

“Son, there isn’t a jail on Earth that can hold me,” said Sean.

“We will have to test that theory,” said the Police Officer.

The policeman shouted out at a passing by junior officer to lock up Sean on a public disorder charge. Sean simply stood as the female officer put handcuffs on him and guided him towards the cells. Sean wanted to summon his Guyver unit there and then but with her being so close to him that there was a danger to her because of his blast field. But as soon as he got an opportunity, he would show that asshole at the desk why there was a reason to be very afraid.

Sean was pushed into a large public holding cell where there was over ten other prisoners looking at him like he was going to be their dinner. Unfortunately for them, Sean was not in the mood to be beaten around a jail cell. Still handcuffed, Sean pushed his back against the cell’s bars, and as far away from his fellow prisoners, and shouted the word “Guyver”. The female officer fell to the ground as a blast field surrounded him and the cell doors, along with its steel frame, where blasted away from the Guyver. A few seconds later, as the dust settled, she stood up and took out her gun and held it in front of her. She looked in shock at the dust as she made out the two lights, which she soon realized where the eyes of an alien looking being as the Guyver walked out of the dust cloud, right towards her. Frightened, she fired at the Guyver as he walked towards her, but they were nothing to the Guyver and simply bounced off the outer layer of the armour. She continued to fire, emptying her gun and only succeed in having a bullet ricochet off Guyver Sean as he got closer to her and for it to hit her leg. She fell to the ground and looked up at the Guyver as he now towered over her and was only a foot away.

“I did not mean for you to get hurt officer, but this is very important, get me FBI Agent Atkins NOW,” said the Guyver.

She did not know what to say. Behind him a prisoner tried to walk by him only to be backhanded by the Guyver, sending him flying up off his feet and onto another prisoner.

“Listen you idiots, I am not here to allow you scum to escape,” said the Guyver as he turned to face them, which was enough to send them running back into their cell, dragging the now unconscious man the Guyver had hit. He then sensed people coming to the fallen officers aid and ran towards the door.

The door to the lockup was then opened and five officers looked in shock at the Guyver standing before them. A split second later, the Guyver had grabbed the handguns of the two closest officers and crushed them before their owners. One of the officers simply did not get the hint that he was dealing with a being near one hundred times his strength and power and pulled out his nightstick and went to hit the Guyver with it. This did impress the Guyver on how stupid the man was. The policeman hit the Guyver with all the force he could muster and only succeeded in showing that he was completely useless against him, as the Guyver stood completely unharmed. He then grabbed the man by his neck and lifted him off the ground with ease. Two of the other policemen held onto his arm, trying save their fellow officer. As they held onto him, another man approached the Guyver from behind. The Guyver let go of the officer he was holding, leaving the other two men that where holding onto him fall to the ground with him and then round hose kicked the other officer in the chest, sending the man flying back in the air and slamming into a desk, knocking the man unconscious.

Five minutes later, a black helicopter landed on the street outside the police station. The area had been cordoned off by several swat teams and a large crowd of journalists and bystanders where being kept away from the police station. The helicopter doors opened and FBI Agent Atkins jumped out and ran towards the head of the local SWAT team, who was about to storm the building.

“Excuse me, but what the hell are you about to do?” Asked Atkins.

“We’re going to take the subject out.”

“You’re a fool if you think you can hurt him with those pea shooters, get out of my way before you white boys get hurt.”

“Who the hell do you think you are, coming into my town, in your helicopter, and telling me what to do?”

“I’m FBI, Special Agent Atkins, and that is a Federal Building, as such it’s under my jurisdiction. Not yours! Get your men back, hold off the crowds and I will deal with the subject.”

Atkins walked towards the doors of the Police Station, completely unarmed. Unlike these other men, he knew Sean was the Guyver. He felt that going in there armed, would not be a smart thing as a Guyver had more firepower in that blast weapon of his than all the firepower of a battalion of Marines.

At the same time, elsewhere in New Cork Texas. At the age of 30, FBI agent Jason O’Conner was about to do something he had been waiting ten years for. He was going to marry his long time girlfriend Fiona tomorrow morning. Now it was his stag night. Almost everyone he knew was there in his local hotel bar. All his friends, the male members of his family, where with him celebrating at his bachelor party as a female-stripper was giving him a lap dance while in a different hotel, about a mile away was Fiona, the female members of her family and friends, including Jenny, who was Jason’s younger sister, and they where enjoying a striptease from a male stripper.

Back in LA, Atkins walked into the reception area of the police station. All around him where police men that where knocked out or hurt in one way or another so that they could not move. Though thankfully none of them seemed dead, as Sean had been known to kill people that had crossed him on a number of occasions. This worried him, as he walked around a bend to see the Guyver standing in the middle of a room with a number of people lying on the floor around him.

“What the hell are you doing Sean, there are a lot easier ways of getting my attention.”

“But none of them would have gotten you here faster than this.”

“True, you’ve not killed any of them have you.”

“Of course not, most of them shot themselves when their bullets ricocheted off me. Luckily for them, for the most part they are not seriously injured, though I do recommend that you get them to a hospital.”

“I’m about to do so now, you stay there and turn off that armour of yours.”

“No fucking way I’m going to do that Atkins. Not with that many men with guns around me.”

“Sean, you brought this on yourself.”

“Hey, these idiots only had to call you, not give me attitude and then when I gave it back, they locked me in a cell. We do not even have time to have this conversation Atkins.”

“Why’s that kid?”

“Chronos has a massive processing facility only a mile from here, with so many new zoanoids in it that I couldn’t count them all. They have been kidnapping people from all over the area and bringing them to that place, changing them and then dumping them back out on the street none the wiser that they are zoanoids.”

“You’re joking, we’ve been keeping a close eye on them, there is no way that they could be taking in that many people.”

“Are you sure that those Eyes are still human that you have been using Atkins?”

“They are some of my best people Sean.”

“A simple reason for them being the best is that they might not be of human origin anymore and have a little genetic advantage from Chronos.”

“There is no way that could. . . We would know Sean!”

“Right, then explain to me why Chronos has such free reign that they could so easily establish such a major processing plant, right in the middle of this town, without any of your people the wiser?”

“I don’t honestly know but if you’re telling me the truth, then we’re in deep shit.”

Japan Chronos Point Relics Point

Gyro stood on top of the Relic, as it floated in the air above Relics Point. There, before him, was Alkanphel in full battle form. He was not destroyed by Gyro’s black hole attack and was now incredibly pissed off. Before Gyro even had the chance to move, Alkanphel ripped his zoalord crystal out of his head with ease before, behind him, the one armed Guyver 3 fired a pressure cannon through his back, blasting apart the middle of his chest and his heart, before exiting out his chest and killing the Zoalord. Leaving his body to fall to the ground below, taking the Remover with him. Guyver 1 and Guyver 3 now stood side-by-side, looking at the Zoalord Alkanphel. Guyver 3 was already badly damaged from fire from the other zoalords of Chronos while Guyver 1 was basically unhurt. Both of them knew how powerful a Zoalord was and that Guyver 3 was in no shape to combat something like Alkanphel. Guyver 3, with his remaining arm, opened a single mega-smasher cell while Guyver 1 opened both of his. Strangely, Alkanphel floated there and waited the few seconds before their combined mega-smashers charged up and fired towards him. But the Guyvers had grossly underestimated the power of the leader of Chronos. Just as the blast was about to hit him, all the crystals on his body glowed as he focused all his telekinetic energy through his hand, just as the beam hit it. A split second later, the energy of the mega-smashers were rebounded back towards the Relic that the Guyvers stood on, ripping right through it and blasting it to bits. Guyver 3 managed to stay out of the line of their returned energy but Guyver 1 was not so lucky. His body was blown to bits and was being vaporized right before the eyes of Guyver 3’s unit. All that was left was Guyver 1’s control medal. Then he noticed something else in front of Guyver 1’s control medal. The two Control Medals of the Relic where coming together and became one. Then, as a cocoon formed around them, the control medals seemed to summon the control medal of Guyver 1 towards them, sealing it in with them. That was the last thing Guyver 3 saw before he blacked out. . .

Some time later, in America, Guyver 3 awoke inside a cocoon of his own to find his arm almost healed. He broke out of his cocoon to find yet another one beside him. Hoping to find Guyver 1, he ripped off the top layer of the cocoon but only to find yet another harder and more solid cocoon below it. Inside it he could sense the control medal of Guyver 1. But then above him he saw a number of helicopters coming towards him. It was Chronos and he knew he was in no shape to fight them, so he hid behind a large rock formation. From there, at relativity a safe distance, Guyver 3 witnessed a team of zoanoids, along with a hyper-zoanoid, capture the cocoon that contained Sho. . .

One Day Later, “X-Day”, 6th of December 1997

The time was 2:00 A.M. GMT. With the destruction of Relics point the night before and the clear attack by Chronos on the population of Takeshiro City. Chronos now had no choice but to act with what remaining element of surprise they still had. Alkanphel had left his Zoalords alone so that they could capture the Earth while he took care of his personal business. The body of Murakami had been placed in a bio-tube, along with Gyro’s zoalord crystal, and was on its way to the USA.

Northern Washington DC, In a seemingly abandoned Industrial Estate

The sad fact was that the USA, even with its six months of warning, had not shared anything about their knowledge of Chronos with the rest of the world. Even with six months, their army was nowhere near the fighting capability of Chronos or their manpower. But one man, General Carter had managed to ready a small fighting force of what was called ACTF. The Anti Chronos Task Force, it was the only force of people that now knew the full truth of Chronos and was an ultra-secret organisation. Literally no other person outside their group knew of them in the USA except the President. Even he only knew of one mans name and that was General Carter. But no one knew when Chronos was going to strike and even they, the most prepared group on Earth to face Chronos, outside the Japanese Guyvers, had no hope in holding them back. That was until now.

With an unlimited budget and manpower, the ACTF’s main aim was simple. No one at this moment in time was ready to face the force that was Chronos. ACTF would remain silent and wait its time to strike back at Chronos.

General Carter had two hopes in saving the USA. The first was a man called Tomas Drake, who had a doctorate in almost every computer and engineering qualification going and was simply put a genius. But to most people though, they knew him simply as Doctor Drake. Even though he was no medical doctor and knew incredibly little about the human body, other than how to look at it from an engineer’s point of view. The thing was that Dr. Drake was designing the first of a new type of exo-suite battle armour that was to become the new fighting weapon of the ACTF against Chronos. This was not that easily done though. Dr. Drake had originally been working with NASA, for the past ten years, on a new type of space exo-suite for astronauts to safely work in extreme environments. Though the design was easily converted to make it into a combat exo-armour. It was still very basic and barely capable of countering even the most basic of Chronos zoanoids. Dr. Drake was now asked to use everything he knew, and could steal from other people, to make this land based attack armour as powerful as possible. The next main hope was another man named Sean Barker, who was the only known Guyver to the ACTF.

It was late at night, though still technically not X-Day, in the USA, because of Time Zones, and, inside his room Office, General Carter waited for news from his number one agent Atkins. He had been contacted with a very explosive situation. The Guyver had seemingly flipped and had attacked a police station. This was not a good situation at all as they wanted to keep the US Guyver as secret as possible. Though he had heard rumours of other Guyvers around the world but as of yet this was the only confirmed one about in the USA.

It was then he got the news he wanted as Atkins and Sean got off a bus, about half a mile away, and where now silently on their way to his base. Atkins had managed to defuse the situation, using the mayor and as many high level contacts as he could muster to get Sean out of their without one picture being taken of him. Even the tape from the police cameras inside the station had been taken by a black ops group and had now been destroyed. Sean was once again an unknown to almost everyone in the government, local law enforcement, and most importantly of all he was still an unknown to Chronos.

About half an hour later they arrived at the building. It looked to Sean like the building was going to fall apart and had not been used in over twenty years. Atkins forced his way through a door into the building and pulled out a small torch. Inside of it looked worse than the outside of it. Sean felt like asking him what was wrong with this picture but he knew Atkins was bringing him here for a reason and that this place was deliberately meant to look like an abandoned run down place of business.

They walked towards a room over countless bits of broken wood, metal, and plastic, some of it from the ceiling above. It was like a minefield and in some cases it felt like it was with what looked and smelled to be human excrement all around the place. If it where not for the fact that Atkins was dragging him into this place, he would have never once tried to get anywhere near this place. Then Atkins stood still, prompting him to stop too. Unknown to Sean a CCTV camera, designed to see in the dark, had focused in on them. As they stood still, the floor under them gave way and a lift lowered them below ground. Above them the opening was closed and, about a minute later, the secret lift stopped and a large steel door opened before them and there, right in front him, he was greeted by five heavily armed army men and a doctor. Sean, who had only just calmed down after this experience with Chronos, pushed Atkins towards the marines and shouted “Guyver”. His armour activated around him as the men looked at him in shock, as he became the Guyver. His control medal glowed and his vibrational swords where extended as he readied himself against men who where seemingly his enemy.

“THAT’S enough, stand down!” Shouted a loud authoritative voice at the marines.

The Guyver did nothing, but the marines instantly recognized the voice of General Carter and put their weapons down without any arguments, even though they where facing a total unknown, they where trained to trust their commanding officer and none came more highly trained than General Austin Carter. General Carter hopped that this Guyver, that was in front of him, would not kill his men, but the fact was he could have killed them easily if he wanted and they where all still alive.

“Sean, I know this does not seem right, and that you are probably under severe amounts of pressure but these men and I can help,” said General Carter.

“Old guy, there is only one person who can help me and that is me, so far the only thing I’ve seen you guys do against Chronos’ zoanoids is die. Atkins can verify that, his FBI swat team was killed by one Lisker type zoanoid,” responded the Guyver.

“That was six months ago and we did not fully know then what to expect from Chronos, we have had a lot more success since then Sean, if you give me the chance, I will show you, we have been waiting so long for this moment, please give me this chance to prove that we are sincere in our commitment to ridding the world of Chronos,” said General Carter.

“Alright old guy, I’ll come with you but I am not disengaging my armour until I’m sure I can trust you guys!” said the Guyver.

“Alright Sean, I agree to your terms.”

Atkins knew his job was done now, General Carter was an experienced officer and knew how to get the best out of anyone, and if anyone could get Sean’s help it was this man, there was no turning back now and Sean was already in a state from what he had witnessed tonight so there was no way, as he saw it, that Sean would leave tonight without joining them.

General Carter walked down the corridor as his men moved out of his way. But none of them knew how little time they had left.

End Of Part 1.