This is a fan-fic based on characters created by Yoshiki Takaya and contains violent situations with adult language.



Epilogue: Faye, Heart of a Warrior

AuthorBrian O’Sullivan

It has been two days since the rescue of the Warrior Guyver, Psi-Guyver, Faye, and Guyver US from the Chronos Arizona base. Two days in which Chronos has mysteriously remained quite. . .

Meanwhile, deep within a forest, a hundred miles from the city of New York, a young woman is standing on a tree branch, looking down on a number of men. Faye had grown restless in the city and had decided to explore some of the land of her new tribe when she happened on a strange group of men, guarding a small shack, that she could clearly see were from Chronos, wearing the same uniforms she had seen while in the Arizona Chronos base. To her they were an evil tribe that must be wiped out at all costs. Little did it occur to her how much her life has changed since coming to this world, it was not long ago when to her there was no Chronos. Life was very simple then. You hunted, you killed and then you ate. For the most part those ships that belonged to the Creators left you alone. This all changed one day when the Warrior Guyver appeared into her life on a mission to stop the Guyver Zoalord. Now she is in his world fighting his enemies and some of them were now in front of her. Little did she or anyone know that Chronos had successfully managed to make a processing centre in the middle of this forest which was hidden far off the beaten path. If they managed to get it fully operational, it would cause serious trouble for the US free forces, but Faye didn’t understand this at all. To her they had simply entered the territory of her new tribe and now she was going to make damn sure they never leave it alive.

Faye summoned her Guyver unit with a simple grunt and just let herself fall out of the tree. She landed and then disappeared into the ground. One of the Chronos troops heard something and turned around just in time to see the white Guyver jump up through the ground. Not giving him a chance to change into a zoanoid, Guyver Faye sliced him in half, killing him instantly. The other three troopers where now alerted to Faye’s presence and immediately changed into zoanoids. One of them, a Gregore, then charged toward her. She looked at the massive beast which was almost twice as tall as her. He reached down to Faye and she reached up and the two had a contest of strength as they grappled with each other, but it was quickly decided when Guyver Faye shot a head beam through his chest which quickly boiled his blood and ruptured his heart. The Gregore collapsed to his knees and Guyver Faye continued to rip his arms off while the zoanoid was still alive. She then turned her attention to the other two, who had changed into Vamores and had already opened their bio-lasers as they prepared to blast her with everything they had. They both fired together but at the same time Guyver Faye had summoned the Aceaer Unit. The blast field surrounded the white Guyver and protected her from the blasts. The now Aceaer Guyver Faye raised her arms and fired a number of rail gun bullets that quickly ripped through the two zoanoids bodies with such force that they were thrown backward nearly fifty feet before hitting the ground. Faye watched them dissolve and then walked calmly into the shack that the zoanoids had been protecting. After walking inside, she saw nothing that could help her figure out what was so important for them to guard with their lives, but she then sensed movement below her so there had to be something. She gave up that line of thought and charged both of her fusion pods. She pointed them to the ground and opened them up. The blast blew a hole down through the entire base and was only stopped by some bed rock below. When the dust cleared she could see down through ten odd floors. She jumped down to the first level and searched it but no one was there at all. She went back to the spot where she had blasted through but still there was no one there. This continued until the fifth floor where their was more bio-tubes than she could count holding inside them a man or beast. This brought back an early memory of her being inside a Creator Craft where she had literally grown inside something like that. She, unlike her new tribe, was not born through the womb of a mother. She couldn’t understand the words on the bio-tubes but somehow she knew this place was evil. . .

Suddenly sirens sounded and the corridor were lit up with flashing red lights. A voice called out over the intercom. She did recognize it as English but she couldn’t understand it. The floor to the shack and in front of her then collapsed as it was struck with laser fire. Once there was a big enough opening a Bio-Titan jumped through it. The two combatants looked each other over. Aceaer Guyver Faye was only up to the Bio-Titans abdomen but that didn’t bother her. Her and her tribe had taken down beast such as him during Creators tests. The Bio-Titan extended his swords and waved her to do the same. Faye simply fired her head beam at his chest. The Bio-Titan shields absorbed the attack. This move clearly pissed him off and he charged all six of his bio-crystals and fired two bio-blast from his hands at her. She ducked as she shielded herself from the attack but could clearly feel the power of the blast as it passed her, blasting another massive hole through the base, and knew a direct hit would easily punch through her shield. This creature was strong and she knew right away that she was in for a real battle. Falling back upon the battle tactics taught to her since she was a child, Faye kept the fusion pods closed while charging them so the Bio-titan wouldn’t realized what they were and started to fire rail bullets to buy her time. The Bio-Titan easily shielded the attack. Faye readied herself and kept the Bio-Titan somewhat distracted with weapons fire. Bio Titan then fired another powerful bio blast at her but at the same time Faye jumped through the ceiling above her, barely dodging the blast. Using her head sensors for a guide, Faye opened her fusion pods and fired through the floor, bathing the Bio Titan in its fiery blast. The Bio-titan had managed to raise its shield but when the blast cleared he was still badly burned and could no longer see because it no longer had eyes anymore. Faye then quickly opened her mega-smashers and jumped through the hole she had made before. The Bio-Titan stood there, holding its face, and only reacted when it heard the noise of the mega-smasher charging. Faye fired but she too missed as the Bio-Titan smashed his way through the ground to the floor below. Faye jumped down after him and gave chase. Even though the Bio-Titan couldn’t see, and had a badly damaged upper body, it was still able to make its way around the base at near its top running speed. Faye didn’t care for this feat of Chronos engineering and fired her head beam at the back of both of his knee caps. Without his shield, the enhanced head beam easily burned through the Bio-Titans knees and it fell to the ground. It then twisted around as he pointed its hands towards the sound of Faye’s foot steps. It fired a bio-blast but Faye ducked the blast. Faye returned fire with two gravity ball, one after the other. The first hit the right shoulder and the other the left, blowing off the arms of the Bio-Titan. Faye then extended her right vibrational sword and chopped the head off the Bio-Titan. She then splattered it with a volley of rail gun fire. The body of the Bio-Titan then kicked Faye in the knees, knocking her down. She looked up to see the head less and arm less body of the Bio-Titan stand up. It then fired the two lower bio-crystals at her left arm, easily punching through the Aceaer body shield and blew apart her arm from the elbow down. She cried out in pain and held the stump with her other arm and fired two head beam shots back at the Bio-Titans two bio-crystals, blowing them apart. She then opened the right side of her mega-smasher and both fusion cannons, a second or two later she mega-smashed the body of the Bio-Titan to hell. The base started to rumble and started to fall apart. Its foundation couldn’t take the strain their battle had caused. Bio tubes started to crack and spill out liquids and Faye knew if she didn’t get out the base soon that it would bury her alive. She created a pressure cannon shield and willed the Aceaer to reinforce it with its shield as she started to fly up through the floors. She flew straight up through the ground and up to about two hundred feet above the ground before she looked down to see the ground collapse as the base was destroyed. . .

Hovering in the air, Faye scanned the area for any signs of life. Faye got her answer when a number of plasma blast were fired at her. She flew up and the first one missed her but the next one hit her square in the back, knocking her out of the sky. She fell to the ground and laid face down for a moment. She looked up to see a Bio-Titan walk out of the tree line towards her. The Bio-Titan raised its hands and fired at her. She pushed herself off the ground to the right, landing on her knees, as the bio-blasts just missed her. She then ran for the tree line herself. The Bio-Titan fired its top left bio-crystal and the beam hit her shields barely deflecting the attack as part of the beam managed to get through and scorched her back left shoulder, Faye ignored it and kept running. He fired again but missed, hitting instead a tree which exploded into splinters. Faye continued to run knowing that this fresh Bio-Titan had the advantage and was not tired nor damaged, unlike her. She looked down at her left arm which was now regrowing her hand and vibrational/plasma sword. Beam after beam flew by her head and body as the Bio-Titan gave chase. Faye jumped into the air and then flew as fast as the two units would let her. Knowing there was a a good chance that she could be killed Faye screamed through her unit for help.

One hundred or so miles away, Jason and Stephen where sitting down at a table drinking cups of coffee discussing the past few weeks, trading stories of what happened to them while Jenny and Sean where looking at the information taken from the Chronos base that was captured. They all received the message from Faye loud and clear.

Faye turned and stopped as she looked at the approaching Bio-Titan. It flew even faster now that she had stopped, thinking she had excepted her fait. Charging its bio-smasher, the Bio-Titan prepared to fire. Stopping some ten meters away from her, the Bio-Titan fired its bio-smasher. At that second the two Warrior Guyvers, Psi-Guyver and Aceaer Guyver US teleported in front of her. Warrior Guyver 2 shielded himself and Faye from the blast and all five Guyvers looked at the Bio-Titan. Faye shouted something at the Bio-Titan.

“What the hell did that bitch say, ” asked the Bio Titan.

“She said “Now who is the one being hunted”,” replied the Warrior Guyver.

The End.