This is a fan-fiction based on characters created by Yoshiki Takaya and contains violent situations with adult language. Any similarity to actual persons, living or dead is unintentional and purely coincidental.


All Things Change

Part 4: Survival Of the Fittest.

AuthorBrian O’Sullivan

The Psi-Guyver fell to her knees in shock as she looked up at the fireball above the Earth atmosphere. She screamed out in her disbelief that her brother was dead. The Warrior Guyver 2 gulped with the realization that something blew up the War Relic with incredible speed and power. Jason only had time to teleport Psi-Guyver and him out but didn’t have time to disconnect himself from the ship before the explosion. Despite the risks, he knew he had to teleport back up to space and find out what the hell happened. “Jenny teleport back to base, I’ll meet you there in a minute.” Jenny just mumbled “Okay” and teleported herself to the main ACTF base in Washington.

Back in outer space, the Warrior Guyver 2 appeared about a kilometre away from where the War-Relic was destroyed. He immediately activated his cloak and vanished from view. The blast had totally obliterated the command centre of the War Relic. Only the hull around it remained. The Warrior Guyver 2 knew that Chronos would be able to grow another Ark from that and de-cloaked and channelled his CPM’s power into himself as he opened his mega-smasher plates. . . Back on top of the Ark. Warrior Alkanphel felt the power of the Warrior Guyver 2 charging his mega-smashers. Without saying a word to Guyver 2 or Kron, Warrior Alkanphel teleported between Warrior Guyver 2 and the damaged War Relic.

“This prize is mine Warrior Guyver 2.”

Warrior Guyver 2’s super charged mega-smashers fired towards the leader of Chronos, just as he fired his zoa-crystal at the chest plates of the Warrior Guyver 2, but it was too late for the Warrior Alkanphel to attempt that and the mega-smasher blast, of the Warrior Guyver 2, consumed the beam shot from Warrior Alkanphel. Then the ringed orbs on Alkanphel’s legs and arms glowed as a shield appeared before him. The mega-smasher slammed off his shield but some of the beam still got by him and continued on to hit the already damaged War Relic, but Warrior Alkanphel had succeeded in taking the brunt of the Warrior Guyver 2’s attack. When the mega-smasher blast finally cleared, Warrior Alkanphel still had his shield around him but there was no Warrior Guyver 2 to be seen. . .

The ACTF Base, 30 minutes later, Jenny, the two Stephen’s, Sean, Cori, Faye, Sai, Keilynn and General Carter sat around the round table. Jenny was clearly upset and her eyes where watery and red. They all looked beaten and where in a solemn mood. Even General Carter had nothing to say, after all there was little left to be said. One of their own had been lost and the enemy was now more powerful than ever before, the future looked very bleak indeed. . .

Two Weeks Later, The ex-Chronos Building ‘Heaven’s Doorway’ Paris France.

Warrior Alkanphel and Kron flew side my side towards the Chronos building. Below them the streets where in chaos with the people running in fear. No one wanted to be around when the leader of Chronos looked for those that collaborated with the Guyvers. A number of armoured marines where in the once Chronos owned building and where making a hasty retreat. So far, the two main leaders of Chronos found little to no opposition since the death of the Warrior Guyver.

“Master, when will we wipe out the American Guyvers?”

“Once Europe is back in or grasp Kron, even though I have returned, Chronos USA has suffered major losses to the Warrior Guyvers, Nova Guyvers and the Psi-Guyver. Chronos Europe is nothing but a number of loosely scattered buildings. We need to rebuild our forces if we are to have revenge on the Creators. Once the American Guyvers leave Chronos alone, I see no point in attacking them further.”

“But master, they will use the time to rebuild their own armies and then attack us!”

“If they do then they’ll soon find out that we two are the two most powerful beings on Earth.”

“I’ve been thinking about that master, if we reactivated Zeugma we would have an incredibly strong command team for the future of Chronos.”

“Zeugma was designed to replace me Kron, she would be a lot harder to turn against the Creators than you where, you already had a natural hate for them. She was blinded by her love for them.”

“She and I both where nearly killed by the Guyver Zoalord, but you saved us both and we where put into stasis by you. Why did you keep her if you think she could be a threat then my lord?”

“She has been and still will be useful for study Kron. Valkus has always wanted to dissect her to find out more about the higher forms created by the Creators themselves. He has learned much over the past four hundred years and now he is ready for the next stage in the evaluation of the Zoalord design.”

“Her sacrifice will ensure the defeat of the Creators my lord.”

“I’m glad you agree Kron, now let’s recapture Heavens Gate from these misguided humans.”

“Yes my lord.”

Chronos Arizona

Valkus received the signal from Alkanphel for him to do whatever he saw fit with Zeugma, but he was not to reactivate her. Valkus smiled. He knew this would mean that Alkanphel wanted her cut up and for him to learn all that he could from her. After this, the Elite of Chronos Zoalords could go beyond their present power level limitation and reach a master zoalord power level without the need for a Bio-Unit upgrade like that used on Kron.

But Valkus was looking forward to taking advantage of this latest opportunity. There where four major projects that he was involved with presently and they where all almost completed. These too where vital to Chronos and its command structure. With the return of Alkanphel to a permanent role of leadership and the fact Kron had already restructured the twelve, allowing Destrol to join the Elite group meant that he too was outside this group.

Alkanphel did not see this as Kron overstepping his authority. Instead he saw it as a chance to expand the leadership of Chronos. First there was the ‘Master Zoalords’, made up of their supreme leader Lord Alkanphel and Kron his second in command. Then there was the twelve ‘Elite Zoalords’ made up of the previous eleven supreme Zoalords, their leader and now third in command of Chronos was Imakarum with his second in command Destrol. There where all around four times the power rating of a standard Guyver and Destrol was now their twelfth member. Below them, in the command line, then was the ‘Disciple Zoalords’. These twelve Zoalords where led by Zarfel and his second in command Alfrid Drano. They where all as powerful as the previous Supreme Zoalords. Below them then were the ‘Apprentice Zoalords’. This group was basically what where the Proto-Zoalords. They where no longer to be called Prototypes and/or protoforms and where excepted as a standard Chronos zoaform type. There was to be no defined number of these or leader as of yet. There genetic structure was stabilized to give them a more natural life line and there stamina was improved. All of these where around a standard Guyvers power level. Finally below them where zoanoids like the ‘Overlords’ which possessed some Zoalord based powers and completed the new command structure.

Outside this structure was the newest and after the Elite Zoalords the most important single group of Zoalords. These where called the ‘Navigator Zoalords’. These Zoalords where designed for only one thing. They where to take the strain off the Elite Zoalords in controlling and maintaining the Ark. This group would be made up of the twelve Proto-Zoalords that where trusted with piloting the Ark during the reprocessing time of what where then the Supreme Zoalords. They would be led by Sasha. These Zoalords would literally merge at times with the Ark, linking their minds together. This made them extremely effective at commanding the flagship of the Chronos fleet.

This then leads to the fourth main project, the creation of the Ark 2. Using the remains of the destroyed War Relic. Chronos had started on a second ship. This would be equal to the Ark and would require another set of twelve Navigator Zoalords once it was made.

Valkus started to organize his journal. The Elite Zoalord Project was now finished. There were now four members of the Disciple Zoalords Project and almost all of the Proto-Zoalords had been turned into Apprentice Zoalords, almost ending that project. Once he, Imakarum, Destrol and Purg’stall had selected those that they felt worthy of joining the ranks of the second most powerful group in Chronos, the Disciple Project would be over. Now that all these things where under control, he could make sure that Zeugma would not only never pose a danger to the future of Chronos but that she would contribute to it.

Valkus then turned his thoughts to Zeugma and Kron. They where both captured by Alkanphel after they where defeated by the Guyver Zoalord itself. At the time, they where technically dead but once they where put into bio-tubes, that where held in Alkanphel’s resting place, they where kept in stasis, never completely dying. Kron was reprocessed and all damage done to the Zoalord was repaired, but Zeugma was too much of a risk to repair. The fact was she had already healed with time and, if not for being held in stasis, she would be wondering the world now, in service of the Creators. If only Alkanphel would let him try to reprocess her. She would be a great asset to Chronos, if she could be controlled.

Valkus then summoned the Guyver Zerebubuse and the Guyver Powered Zerebubuse for guards as he walked towards the lift. Even though they where still Guyvers, they felt his command to come to him which they did gladly. To them he was still a god. They where proud to be part of Chronos and saw the Guyver Units as simply a stepping stone to greater power. As Valkus reached the basement level, which used to hold the dead Relic, the lift doors opened and in walked the two human forms of the two Zerebubuse Guyvers. They both went to each side of Valkus as the lift doors closed. A few seconds later, the lift reached the bottom floor where Zeugma was now held.

Around her bio-tube was an army of fifteen Neo-Zektoles and two Bio-Titans. Chronos was taking no chances that this Zoalord would ever escape. These guards knew nothing of the being they guarded inside except that she was an elf looking woman. Valkus went to the computer controlling Zeugma’s stasis, but as he looked at the display, he noticed that it had been altered. Valkus quickly noticed that the settings had been changed somehow and that she was active. One of the Neo-Zektoles turned to face him and fired his head beam at the Zoalord. Before it hit him, Valkus, still in humanoid form, activated his shield and stopped the laser blast from reaching him. All of the other fourteen Neo-Zektoles turned on the traitor and proceeded to rip him apart. Valkus knew that Zeugma must have been behind this.

“Forget him, everyone fire on the test subject now” screamed Valkus.

But as he said that the tube that held Zeugma exploded as she activated her Zoalord battle form. Zerebubuse and Powered Zerebubuse both activated their zoa-forms and then their Guyver units and put themselves between Valkus and the ancient Zoalord. All the hyper-zoanoids knew she was a Zoalord but they only felt the need to take orders from Valkus, she now was the enemy. They all followed Valkus last order and fired on Zeugma just as she teleported herself out of the Chronos base. She knew she was in no shape for battle and being somewhere else was vital now for her survival. The traitor Neo-Zektole was dead and he had no answers on how she could have taken him over. . .

France, Two Miles from where the Portal was once located.

Zeugma appeared above the one time location of the command centre of the Creators, but they where nowhere to be seen. She then sent out a call for help, saying the people of Earth had gone against her. Miles away in Paris, Warrior Alkanphel and Kron sensed Zeugma’s call for help. They immediately left the city and teleported to her location. Zeugma continued her message to the Creators for help, her message was that she had attacked the Guyver Zoalord like ordered but was captured by an unknown Zoalord, but she had now escaped. She stopped as Warrior Alkanphel teleported in front of her. She then screamed that there was now another Guyver Zoalord in front of her.

Millions of miles away, in outer space, the Creators Krullnar, Draven and Galen heard Zeugma’s cry for help loud and clear. Even though she had just given them some very important information, she would not receive any help and they continued to ignore her call for help.

Back on Earth, Kron looked at his one time mate. Even with all her power, she was clearly scared, but he now was a follower of Alkanphel. She now meant nothing to him and was only a threat to their plans. Kron extended his vibrational swords and flew towards Zeugma. She was in no mood to be chopped apart by a being that looked like a Guyver. She raised her hand and placed it towards Kron, as she did this, Kron’s forward movement stopped all together. She then sent a ball of energy towards the Bio-Lord. He activated his shields, stopping the energy ball. The knuckles on Kron’s hands glowed as a black twisting energy formed and fired out towards his former leader. Around Zeugma the fabric of space itself warped, putting enormous strain on the Master Zoalord’s body.

“You should have never been brought back to life Zeugma” said Kron.

Zeugma looked at the Bio-Lord in complete shock with her mouth wide open. Behind Kron, Warrior Alkanphel’s body glowed and he sent a message for Kron to get out of the way. Zeugma by this stage was almost unconscious with pain and she simply no longer wanted to live. Kron let himself fall as all the crystals on Alkanphel’s body fired at Zeugma. At the same time Psi-Guyver appeared behind Zeugma and grabbed the sides of her waste. Before Zeugma had a chance to react, Psi-Guyver teleported out, taking the Master Zoalord with her as the massive beam blasted right by where they had been.

“Kron, as soon as Zeugma is traced, take the two Zerebubuse Guyvers with you and kill her.”

“Yes my lord” said Kron as he bowed.

Kron and Warrior Alkanphel parted then and Kron teleported to the Ark to use its communication and sensor systems to hunt down the missing Zoalord.

ACTF Base, Washington DC.

Psi-Guyver appeared in the Testing and Training Room with Zeugma. Around them where the Nova Twins, Warrior Guyver 2, Guyver US Aceaer, Battle Guyver, Aceaer Faye and the Aceaer Marine. All of them had their swords extended and where ready to jump on Zeugma at a moments notice. Psi-Guyver let go of Zeugma and as she did the Zoalord fell to the ground and changed into her humanoid form. Psi-Guyver then pushed her but she was totally unresponsive.

“Guy’s, I think she’s out cold” said Psi-Guyver.

“Do you know what happened to her Jenny?” asked Warrior Guyver 2.

“She was attacked by Kron, I don’t know what he did but it was like space itself was falling apart around us.”

A few seconds later, General Carter, Elera, Doctor Drake and Doctor Redmond walked into the room, followed by twenty Green V2’s.

“Doctor Redmond, please take or visitor to the hospital and look after her wounds, but remember this, I want you to run tests on her. If it’s true what Elera thinks and that this woman is a Master Zoalord like Alkanphel, she could prove useful.”

“General, is it okay for me to stay with her. If she turns out hostile, I can hold her off until the others show up.”

“Yes Jenny, you can, also take Faye and Elera with you as they may be useful.”

Doctor Redmond placed a blanket over the naked form of Zeugma then Psi-Guyver picked her up and followed the doctor to the hospital area of the base. All of the Guyvers deactivated their armours and proceeded back to what they where doing before Jenny and Elera had heard Zeugma’s cry for help. Everyone knew it was a big risk having her here but they all knew that if she proved to be helpful that they would have someone that could take on the Warrior Alkanphel. He was just too powerful. Since the death of the Warrior Guyver by his hands and Warrior Guyver 2’s encounter with him, they have been staying away from the leader of Chronos. Maybe their luck had changed for the better?

Two hours later, resting on a hospital bed, Zeugma woke up. She raised her head and opened her eyes to see Jenny asleep on the foot of her bed, but beside her was Faye, who was wide awake and staring directly into the eyes of the Zoalord. By this time Faye had realized who this person was before her.

<“You are Zeugma?”> said Faye in the ancient language her people had used to speak with the Creators.

<“Yes loyal servant, I am.”>

<“I am not your servant!”>

Faye then walked into the middle of the corridor, away from any people, and jumped into the air as she scream “Guyver”. A blast field surrounded her and within a second her Guyver Unit attached itself to her. Faye landed back on the ground without damaging anyone or anything. Jenny was awakened by this but she didn’t move a muscle and proceeded to pretend to be asleep.

<“I am Guyver, Zeugma, I am no longer a slave of the Creators like you.”>

<“I should kill you for such blasphemy Guyver.”>

<“I am a Guyver, what do you expect?”>

<“Then maybe I should be the one that is killed.”>

Jenny was listening to this but she didn’t have a clue what they where saying at all and had almost given up when she began to fall back to sleep, as it had been a long day, but as she drifted off to sleep, she calmed herself with the thought that if something happened, Faye would wake her up.


<“Because I have failed the Creators, the fact that you run free must mean the Guyver Zoalord has won and now rules this world.”>

<“That did not happen Zeugma.”> replied Elera, cutting into their conversation and showing off the fact that she too had the ability to talk in this ancient language.

Zeugma looked the half breed Zoalord, eye to eye, and immediately sensed the fact that she was a Zoalord. Not only that but unlike the other ones from the Chronos base, she sensed she could command her. Jenny, sensing the Zoalords probing of their minds, also showed signs of life and stood up. Zeugma tried the same on her but even though she showed signs of being a zoa-form, she couldn’t command her. Jenny moved away from Elera and Faye and she too shouted ‘Guyver’. A blast field surrounded Jenny and she immediately changed into her Psi-Guyver form. Zeugma seemed not to care and stayed lying in the bed which she found really comfortable.

<“What do you mean Zoalord?”> asked Zeugma

<“The Warrior Guyver destroyed him with help from the Creator army and many Guyvers.”> answered Elara

<“Then what happened here? There are no Creators so something bad must have happened.”>

<“The Guyver Zoalord happened a very long time ago, the Warrior Guyver was from this time, he was forced back in time to fight the Guyver Zoalord, but the Creators had to leave and not take their projects with them because they might have corrupted the time line and the Warrior Guyver would not have returned through time and saved them.”>

<“So they left me to die?”>

<“Yes, all the remaining Zoalords thought you where dead.”>

<“They left behind everything?”>


<“How long ago did this happen?”>

<“About two million of this worlds solar cycles.”>

<“Please tell me more.”>

New York City, Top Floor of the Baxter Banning Building, now America’s tallest building.

Lorcan and his fellow mercenaries exited the elevator and walked out into the hallway. Before them was a glass door and just as they were on their way towards it, the door swung open automatically. Behind the glass doors was a young female secretary. She quickly stood up and asked the mercenaries to follow her. All eight of the mercenaries followed her as she walked towards the office of the owner and founder of the Baxter Banning corporation, Richard Baxter. The doors to Richard Baxter office where solid oak varnished a dark brown colour. Along the corridor towards it where many works of art that even Lorcan, who knew nothing about the art world, knew that they where over a million dollars each easy. The whole place just stunk of money, but who else but the richest man in the world could get him and this group to leave the ACTF?

The door to Baxter’s office opened up and inside, behind a massive wooden table, sat Richard Baxter. As Loran walked in, a man with well groomed black hair and wearing a totally black suit, sat behind his desk looking straight back at him. He was Richard Baxter, a second generation American of Italian decent, who recently surpassed Bill Gates as the richest man in the world, with a net worth of over a hundred billion dollars. This was also helped by the fact Bill Gates was turned into a zoanoid and killed by one of the Guyvers. This of course made Richard very fearful of the fact he could be changed into a zoanoid and had since taken precautions to made sure that would not happen to him, but to be honest he had gone overboard with it. Lorcan sat down in front of Richard and looked him eye to eye. To him the man may be rich but he was the one with the power of the Guyver.

“Hello Lorcan and the Guyver Mercenaries, I am Richard Baxter and I intend to hire you and your team.”

“Well Richard, to put it very simple, if you provide the money we will provide the service. That is why the government no longer has our services.”

“Lets get right to business then, I will give you each a million dollars a day for being in the employ of Baxter Banning.”

“With that kind of money you will have our service from nine to five Monday to Friday!”

“Ok, for a 24/7 service, I will give you all two million dollars a day with each a pension service for your relatives if you die. Now how does that appeal to you all?”

They all huddled together for a minute, then Lorcan turned around and said “Mister you got yourself a deal, bring in the lawyers.”

Two Days Later at 10pm, Chronos Texas HQ ‘The View of the Heaven’ Building.

Texas was basically a fully controlled Chronos city. Saying that relatively only a small part of the population was in fact zoanoids, approximately five percent, but that five percent ruled the state with an iron grip from their HQ, the four towered building called ‘The View of Heaven’.

Flying in the night sky was what looked to be the form of the Warrior Guyver 2 and he was flying straight for the Chronos building. Almost immediately the Disciple Zoalord Alfrid Drano was alerted to the coming Guyver. On the outside of the building, a number of walls opened up to reveal one Bio-Titan and twenty Vamores . The Bio-Titan charged up all of his bio-crystals and the Vamores opened their weapon pods and charged them and waited for the Warrior Guyver 2 to get into range. As they did, the Reaper, Lostude and Edutost Guyvers flew to the side of him. The form of the Warrior Guyver 2 changed to show the fact that he was the Warrior Guyver 5.

The Edutost Guyver was based around fire-power and long range combat and she had no vibrational swords at all. Instead she had two arm beams and other laser orbs on her body. Even though she was over five miles away from her targets, she quickly fired off a number of laser blasts at the Vamores and ten of them where shot in the head before they could react. The Bio-Titan in anger glowed and then fired its bio-smasher at the Edutost Guyver. Seeing this beam coming towards his team mate, the Reaper Guyver charged his shields. A black ball of energy formed around the Reaper Guyver hiding him from view, leaving only a black floating ball. The Warrior Guyver 5, Lostude Guyver and Edutost Guyver also charged up their shields and waited behind the Reaper Guyver. The bio-smasher blast slammed off the shield of the Reaper Guyver. The shields of the Reaper Guyver held and only a little of the energy of the bio-smasher got by him and was easily held off by the shields of the other Guyvers. As the blast faded, the black orb of the Reaper Guyver shield appeared from the white beam. Once it had past fully, the shield of the Reaper Guyver turned off to reveal a totally unharmed Reaper Guyver with his chest plates open. Everyone heard a screeching sound that sounded like an unnatural scream and then a black beam fired out of the Reaper Guyver that looked as if it literally swallowed the lights of the city as it past by. Back on the tower, the Bio-Titan activated his own shields knowing that he could not escape the coming dark energy. Behind his shield the Bio-Titan felt the dark beam hit off his shield and then smash off the building behind him. All around the Bio-Titan the Tower one started to crumble around him. He could then feel the energy of his shield being sapped away from him and no matter how much energy he focused into his shield, it wasn’t enough. The black energy of the dark smasher broke through as it absorbed his shield and within a second the Bio-Titans unshielded body was turned to a skeleton. The Reaper Guyver then closed his dark smasher plates as Tower one then started to crumble. Between the four towers was the command centre of the building and as tower one fell over, it too was pulled down with the first tower.

Inside the command centre, Drano was in no mood to be crushed to death in the rubble of this building. Commander Gyro might have liked it but not him. Drano activated his zoa-form under his armour, revealing his true zoalord from. He then vanished, only to reappear above the demolishing building. Below him he could see the huge top part of Tower One smashed off the smaller buildings below, sending out a massive shockwave out which smashed glass and shook buildings as it went by. Drano then felt the air around him warp as Warrior Alkanphel and Kron appeared to the sides of the Disciple Zoalord.

“We are not going to let you die at the hands of these Guyver scum, Drano” declared Kron.

“Indeed we shall not!” said Warrior Alkanphel.

Then Warrior Alkanphel flew towards the four Guyvers, leaving Kron to protect Drano, but before he got close, the Warrior Guyver 5 had teleported all four away.

“Damn them!” said Warrior Alkanphel as he looked down on the ruined city and the view of Heavens building. It was now only a three towered building and the clean up would cost billions to repair the damage done in only a few moments. He then flew back to Kron and Drano.

“Kron, notify all Branches of Chronos that those mercenary Guyvers are to be destroyed on site!” declared Warrior Alkanphel.

A day later. 2 PM in Washington DC, Baxter Banning Building, Ex Chronos Building ‘Pillars Of Heaven’ second tallest building in the USA.

It was a bright sunny day and there was not a cloud in site. Near the building was a newspaper stall and in all the newspapers, the lead story is the attack on the Chronos building in Dallas. The death toll was already over a thousand and was suspected to be a lot higher as rescue work went on. There were calls for the Guyvers to be outlawed and most of the papers praised the Zoalords for their actions. The Chronos still had a strong influence over the media and milked this situation to the maximum with Alkanphel and other Zoalords there helping in the rescue efforts.

Suddenly all the Green V2 Armoured marines in the area took flight around the massive building. Everyone in the area panicked at the site of this as they all knew this meant that the Mercenary Guyvers where seen flying towards the Baxter Banning Building. Above the city the same four Mercenary Guyvers that had attacked Chronos Texas flew towards the Baxter Banning building, but Washington was to be aided this day by a totally unexpected person. As the Reaper Guyver opened his dark-smasher, Warrior Alkanphel himself appeared in front of him. Before the Reaper Guyver could fully charge the dark-smashers. The enhanced crystal beam on Alkanphel’s head fired twice and basted apart the chest of the Reaper Guyver, decapitating him and leaving parts of his body to fall to the ground but most important of all the control medal was still intact. Warrior Alkanphel then fired a number of large gravity balls at the other three Guyvers. The Warrior Guyver 5 activated his barrier shield and then flew into the path of the gravity balls and collected them and wrapped them around his own shield and then started to add his own power to the gravitational energy building around his shield. Warrior Alkanphel cursed himself for falling for this trick, but it did show that he was some sort of copy to the original Warrior Guyver, but he was dead and this cheap copy was going to join him. He then fired his zoa-crystal at the Warrior Guyver 5 but with all that energy shielding him the beam didn’t break through. The other two Guyver then used their teleportation systems and rescued the control medal of the Reaper Guyver and most of the rest of his body and escaped. Sensing this, the Warrior Guyver 5 flew at Warrior Alkanphel. Warrior Alkanphel thought he wanted to crash into him. He then flew up leaving the Warrior Guyver 5, shield and all, pass by. Warrior Alkanphel turned around and then flew after the Warrior Guyver 5, who was definitely now on a direct course for the ex Chronos building, but between him and the building was the Warrior Guyver 2 and the Psi-Guyver. The Warrior Guyver 5 knew full well that he was out classed by miles and fired the energy surrounding his shield at the Warrior Alkanphel and teleported away. Warrior Alkanphel was not surprised by this at all and had already activated his own shield and the blast slammed off his shields, stopping all forward momentum. The Psi-Guyver and the Warrior Guyver 2 felt like attacking Warrior Alkanphel at this moment but there was too much risk of innocent people getting hurt. So they held their ground, waiting for him to see if he’d attack them.

The stalemate lasted for some twenty minutes and a mile away, like Warrior Alkanphel expected, the Warrior Guyver 5 appeared. The Baxter Banning building could be easily seen from this distance and he opened up both of his mega-smasher cells and pointed them at the building. Within two seconds the mega-smasher fired. All three Guyvers felt the coming energy. Warrior Alkanphel then teleported himself between the mega-smash blast and the building. He raised his hands before him and all the crystals on his Guyver enhanced body glowed as the mega-smasher reached him and was then forced away from him and skywards out of harms way. Warrior Alkanphel then sent a message to Warrior Guyver 2 and Psi-Guyver to stay out of his way and flew towards the Warrior Guyver 5. Within a second, Warrior Alkanphel was on top of the Warrior Guyver 5 but he was prepared for him. To his left hand side, about twenty meters away, appeared the Lostude Guyver, to his right appeared the repaired Reaper Guyver and behind him appeared the Edutsol Guyver. All three of them had there mega-smashers open and Warrior Alkanphel was caught in-between them. All three fired at the same time and hit the unprepared Warrior Alkanphel. Within the milliseconds it took for the mega-smasher blasts to get to him, Warrior Alkanphel had erected a shield around his body. All three blast smashed into different sides of his shields, covering him in white and black energy from the two different kinds of mega-smashers. After several seconds the blasts cleared to reveal Warrior Alkanphel. He had black scorch marks all over his body but most important of all, his control medal was unharmed. Just as he was about to move he was then mega-smashed by Warrior Guyver 5 again. Again Alkanphel shielded himself. The mega-smasher blast warped by Warrior Alkanphel’s shield and slammed off one of the towers of the pillars of heaven. Edutsol Guyver then looked in shock at the point where Alkanphel was. She could clearly see the oval shape of Alkanphel’s shield. But what was really shocking her was that behind him the blast was fading fast. Then she could clearly see Alkanphel pointing the mega-smasher energy away from him and redirecting it towards the Lostude Guyver who’s host was David, her husband. Before he had a chance to react the Lostude Guyver was covered in the blast. He managed to raise a shield but it was too little too late. A second later the Lostude Guyver was consumed by the mega-smasher and was totally destroyed. Edutsol Guyver screamed “NO!” at the top of her Guyver sounding voice, then let gravity take over and gave up control and immediately fell towards the ground. She then directed her body so that the control medal of on her head would hit first off the ground, making sure that she would die. But the Warrior Guyver 5 was not about to let this happen. He flew towards her at his top speed, closely followed by the Reaper. They where both then followed by Warrior Alkanphel, but the Warrior Alkanphel was no longer at full speed and could not keep up with the Guyvers. The Reaper Guyver and Warrior Guyver 5 pulled away and about five feet away from the ground, the Warrior Guyver 5 caught the Edutsol Guyver and teleported away with her.

Warrior Alkanphel then stopped and landed on the streets below. Between him where a number of high buildings and all of them had there windows smashed. He immediately knew why and turned around and looked at the ex Chronos owned building. For the second time since it was built the ‘Pillars Of Heaven’ was only had two towers high in the sky. Its third massive tower having crashed down on the buildings below. His Guyver form then visibly changed from zoa battle form to his humanoid form but still with the Guyver unit attached and now looked like a normal but yellow Guyver. He continued to look at the massive dust cloud around the ‘Pillars Of Heaven’ for another minute or so and then he teleported away.

New York City, Second floor from the Top of the Baxter Banning Building.

Lorcan, Marian and Kazuma arrived in their section of the Baxter Banning building. The whole area was a massive set of apartments for all the members of the mercenaries. Richard Baxter knew how to take care of his employees and immediately there was a team of counsellors there for Marian and teams of people ready to take care of the needs of Kazuma and Lorcan. In the background, the other four standard Guyvers stood there in Guyver form with their heads down. It’s a bad day for the mercenaries.

The ACTF Base, Washington DC.

Zeugma was sitting in the canteen with Faye while Jenny and Elera where about to get some modern food for them. Even though she was the highest ranked Zoalord of her time, she had never had cooked food and now after all that had happened to her, she was really looking forward to eating something. But she really didn’t know what was happening. Even though the smell of cooking food smelled great she still could not grasp where the strange odours came from.

Faye knew full well what she was possibly thinking as she went through this all before when she first arrived here. Though she still didn’t know English, she knew how to get Jenny or Jason to order her food, but it would not be long until she would be getting her own food. This was because General Carter had gotten her an English tutor and with Jason’s help, she had learned enough to speak simple sentences, but these lessons had been postponed for the time being as she was unwilling to learn English without Jason and he was dead.

Anyway, as Jenny put a plate of chicken and chips before Zeugma, her face said it all when she looked in puzzlement at the plate of food before her. She didn’t know was she meant to use her hands or those metal things before her, but she looked at Faye and saw her just pick up a chicken leg with her hands and take a massive bit out of it. Zeugma smiled and then she copied Faye. Jenny and Elera both sat down beside them.

“Well Elera, I think we’re going to have to teach them some table manners later.”

“I totally agree Jenny.”

Zeugma looked up from her chicken leg, which she was really enjoying, looked towards them and noticed how they where using a knife and fork to eat their food. She stopped for a second and then decided that the hand to mouth approach was better and continued to stuff herself.

The Ark, Orbiting Earth Directly above Chronos Arizona

Kron had still not found Zeugma and he was getting increasingly more annoyed as the day went on. In her human form, she simply could stay inside a large building and would not be detected by the ‘Eyes Of Chronos’, but he did not depend on these things alone. A spy from the Washington ACTF base had reported that a woman that looked like an elf was in the base. Alkanphel still did not want to attack the base as the death toll would be high. Even more so if Zeugma sided with those Guyvers, they stood a real chance of winning. No, the fact is that they would have to be attacked and finally wiped out no matter the cost so that Chronos could finally work on the Creators unhindered.

His plan was simple. He, Alkanphel, Guyver Zerebubuse and Powered Guyver Zerebubuse, would work together with ten Bio-Titans, ten Neo-Zektoles and an army of one thousand zoanoids and they would wipe out the main ACTF Base, taking the heart out of the United States forces. There would be no more messing about and once all of them where dead, there would be only the Japanese, Canadian and Chinese Guyvers left.

But Alkanphel was obsessed at the moment with public opinion and killing off the Mercenary Guyvers that had attacked Texas. This fifth group of Guyvers had really gotten under his skin more than any other group of Guyvers. He’d already killed one of them and now he wanted the rest. Also the strangest thing was that he had to compete with the American Guyvers to kill them as they too wanted them dead. This would be interesting to see how fast and who would claim there lives.

Two hours later Area 51, Testing and Training Area 2.

The Nova Guyvers, Psi-Guyver, Warrior Guyver 2 and Zeugma, still in her humanoid form, where all in the massive two mile wide training room. The General had asked Zeugma to train with the Guyvers so they could learn how to defeat the Warrior Alkanphel. This appealed greatly to Zeugma as she too wanted to kill him and she knew that while he was with Kron, she would never be able to defeat him. Inside the massive armoured bunker where Dr Drake, Elera, and Sean, who where there to over view the test and to talk with the combatants, waited quietly as they waited for the others to begin.

Zeugma had learned English two days ago from Elera. She simply looked at her and within a second she had the knowledge from Elera’s mind. Zeugma was right up to speed now on all the developments of the past few million years. General Carter did see her as a threat but compared with Alkanphel, she was lesser of two evils and she knew this, but she could command him and all of the others. The only people that she could not get a hold of where the Guyvers, but she had a common goal with them and General Carter. To stop Chronos from turning the Earth population into zoanoids. For the Guyvers, it was because they thought the idea was sickening as it mutated people against their will. While to her it was to stop Chronos from attacking her gods.

But what would she do when it was all over? She was a leader. Something this world would not except. The Guyvers would resist her. Anyway she liked the idea of not having to fight. She would be able to enjoy life for once.

Zeugma’s line of thought was stopped when the air before her warped and dark form of a Gigantic Warrior Guyver walked out of it. Everyone in the room went silent. Then the Gigantic armour was released to show the form of Warrior Guyver 3.

“Hello everyone. I’ve acquired the Zeus armour so that we can finally put an end to Chronos”.

“Where the hell did you find that? Asked Warrior Guyver 2.

“I have nothing to hide Stephen, unlike you who lost this wonderful Warrior unit. I built it using the Genesis project. It was an unfinished project of Solom’s, the Creator that made the Warrior Unit.”

“This is very unlike you Agito, what do you want?” Asked Psi-Guyver.

“I want only to help you Jenny, I too felt the death of your brother and I know of the power of the Warrior Alkanphel. We will all need to group together to kill him. Even with that Master Zoalord over there.”

“You know Stephen, I may be crazy for agreeing with Agito but I think we need his help” said Jenny.

Inside the bunker Dr Drake now looked forward to a real test of power. He knew full well that Zeus was here to test his ability against Zeugma. This was only a front so he could do that. Sean and Elera where in shock at the moment so they did not say anything.

Back on the testing area, Zeugma looked at the form of the Warrior Guyver3. She knew of him from the mind of Elera and she did not trust him at all. Not that she really trusted any of them, Guyvers where a threat against the Creators, but she would ally herself with them as long as she thought they had a common goal.

Then over the intercom, they heard the voice of Dr Drake. “Welcome to the new testing and training area Agito. Nova Guyvers, could you now get ready to test yourselves against Zeugma?”

The Nova Guyvers and Zeugma left the rest of the group and walked off by themselves. Zeugma looked at the two of them for a second or two and then said “I’ll take it easy on you” and still in human form, she flew up into the air and away from them. The two nova Guyvers looked at each other and shrugged there shoulders and then looked up at Zeugma. Then Starfire flew up to the left hand side of Zeugma and Nova Blaze to her right. Starfire and Nova Blaze started off with there shoulder weapons firing off a number of plasma bolts at the female zoalord. Zeugma simply raised her right hand before her and a shield appeared around her, blocking the plasma bolts. Then a ball appeared in her hand which she then fired at the Nova Blaze. He activated his own shields and blocked that attack while his sister flew right for the zoalord with her vibrational swords extended. Zeugma’s eyes glowed and a light blue aura appeared around Starfire. Within a second all forward momentum stopped and Starfire found herself being forced back to the ground. She slammed off the ground with such force that her body left an imprint on the concrete floor. Above her Zeugma fired another energy ball at the fallen Nova Guyver while she kept her in place. That was soon interrupted when Nova Blaze hit Zeugma with a powerful plasma enhanced gravity ball. If not for the fact she was shielded she would have been dead. But even then Zeugma found herself falling to the ground forcing her to let go of Starfire, letting her move out of the way before the energy ball hit her. Zeugma then recovered before she hit the ground and slowly landed on her new gym shoes.

“You where lucky with that shot Sai, I will get you back” said a smiling Zeugma.

Nova Blaze now didn’t know what to think. Zeugma was still only in her human form yet she was able to “play” with Starfire and himself. Warrior Alkanphel would be beyond that in his battle form which showed clearly how powerful he was. Starfire now stood beside her brother and then a aura began to link them together, but before they could get any further with their combined attack, Psi-Guyver contacted them through their units and say “Oh no you don’t, I remember when you two last used this attack”. The Novas then powered down and shrugged their shoulders.

“Its your turn now Stephen” said Nova Blaze.

The Warrior Guyver 2 walked calmly into the middle of the room. As he walked by the Nova Guyvers, Starfire said “good luck” and continued on by him. This made the Warrior Guyver 2 gulp as he knew he was in for a fight.

New York City, Second floor from the Top of the Baxter Banning Building.

Everyone had relaxed somewhat and even Marian had stopped crying when the whole top floor of the building started to shake. All seven of the Mercenaries sensed the presence of a Guyver and activated their own units, blowing apart a fair amount of the second floor.

Warrior Guyver 5 was the first outside the building to see the form of the Warrior Alkanphel, as soon as the Warrior Guyver 5 was outside the building, he stopped his attack and fired his zoa-crystal at him. The Warrior Guyver 5 activated his shield but he was a little too late and some of the beam got through and hit him right in the gut but luckily for him his body shield took the blunt of the attack. Even so the force of the blast knocked the Warrior Guyver 5 backwards, knocking him through the top level of the building and slamming off the floor of the of Richard Baxter’s office, as he finally landed on a man that Richard was having a meeting with, inadvertently squashing the life out of the man. Warrior Guyver 5 apologized and explained who was outside, then flew back out the hole that was made.

He was soon joined by the other mercs but Richard knew all too well that they where out powered. He looked at the dead body of his vice-president and then shouted “Grakken”. A huge red Gigantic like armour surrounded the body of Richard and was then covered by a black, silver and gold armour. He then teleported himself out of the building. Outside, the Warrior Alkanphel had the Edutost Guyver by the head and was squashing it so that her eyes and control medal where about to pop out.

“Alkanphel, stop this attack so that we can talk” said the Guyver Destroyer.

Warrior Alkanphel turned to see the Gigantic like enhanced Guyver flying towards him. He knew from looking at it that the human had somehow gotten hold of the Grakken version of the Guyver armour. But he was not he only person to be shocked to see this new Guyver. The mercs where speechless by this. The Warrior Guyver 5 also knew what this meant. He was working for the Grakkens.

Warrior Alkanphel then let go of the Edutost Guyver and flew towards the Guyver Destroyer. The Mercs flew up behind him but kept their distance from him, not knowing who side they should be on if any.

“Alkanphel you should be able to tell from my armour that I represent the Grakken race here on Earth. They want to meet with you and talk about the Creator Fleet in our solar system.”

Warrior Alkanphel did not like the Grakkens but he knew that to defeat the Creators he would need to ally his army with theirs. “You have got my interest human, do not waste this moment.”

Deep inside Area 51, the Warrior Guyver 3 received a message. He had no idea of who it was from but the message was simple. He was sent a location in New York and then told that Alkanphel was there meeting a representative of the Grakkens.

“It time for a real test, I’ve just been informed that Alkanphel is in New York city.”

A black Gigantic pod then appeared behind Warrior Guyver 3 and opened up revealing his Gigantic Armour. The armour then latched onto his Guyver. Warrior Guyver 2 looked on in shock. It was his mistake that let Agito have that much power. Zeugma flew down beside Warrior Guyver 2 and they where joined by Psi-Guyver and the Nova Guyvers.

“I know you don’t trust me but if we do not act together we will all be killed by Alkanphel and Kron. We need to attack him now before he can ally with the Grakkens” said Zeus.

“How do you know this… actually that doesn’t matter lets get Alkanphel” said Warrior Guyver 2.

“Okay, we’re going now!”

Zeus sent an image of the location where they where going to Psi-Guyver and Warrior Guyver 2. Psi-Guyver put her hands on the twins and Warrior Guyver 2 held Zeugmas waist and they all then teleported to New York.

Warrior Alkanphel was just about to shake hands with the Guyver Destroyer when Zeus and the gang appeared above them. Warrior Alkanphel immediately thought that the Guyver Destroyer had set him up and with a flip of his wrist he sent out a hand beam forcing the Guyver Destroyer to back flip into the air, just dodging the zoalord weapon. As he did, the Guyver Destroyer opened his right mega-smasher. Warrior Alkanphel let him charge his weapon and once it fired, he then redirected it towards Zeus. Zeus stayed in the air and didn’t bother to dodge and had both of his hands before him. His control medal then shined as he then redirected the mega-smasher blast to Warrior Alkanphel. This then forced him to activate his shield and not only did the shield redirected the mega-smash but the remaining fire from the Guyver Destroyer, knocking Warrior Alkanphel back over one hundred feet.

Warrior Alkanphel then looked at the amount of Guyvers against him and noticed that the Warrior Guyver 2 and Psi-Guyver had disappeared. But they quickly returned with the Aceaer Marine, Guyver US Aceaer, Aceaer Faye and Battle Guyver. He knew that he could just teleport out of this battle but these two teams of Guyvers had to go down. A second later Kron, Imakarum, Purg’stall and a large number of Bio-Titans appeared behind him.

In front of them the Mercs and the ACTF groups of Guyvers looked at each other. They both knew they needed to work together if they wanted to win today. But there was too much between them. Aceaer Faye started off the fight firing her two arm rail guns at the Warrior Guyver 5. The Warrior Guyver 5’s body shield protected him from the bullets and he fired his head beam at Aceaer Faye but Warrior Guyver 2 flew into the path of the beams, letting them hit him instead. He then flew after the Warrior Guyver 5. Zeugma and Zeus flew towards Warrior Alkanphel and Kron. Within a minute there was an all out three way battle above the city of New York.

Guyver 6 and Guyver 8 where now fighting the Aceaer Faye while behind them Guyver 9 and Guyver 10 where fighting a Bio-Titan. The Guyver US Aceaer was in a battle with another Bio-Titan while the Edutsol Guyver was in battle with Purg’stall as they exchanged long range weapons fire. As five Bio-Titans charged towards Zeus, two of them where blown to bits when they where both hit, by surprise, each by a hyper smash from the Gigantic Guyver and Female Gigantic 3. The other three then flew towards them. Zeus knew that one on one the Gigantic Guyver could beat the Bio-Titan but only after a long battle so while Zeugma and Psi-Guyver kept both Warrior Alkanphel and Kron busy, he fired three gravity balls at them one by one. Even shielded, two of the Bio-Titans where blown apart by the gravity balls but one managed to dodge the brunt of the third ball of dark energy, knocking down his shields only to have multiple holes blown through him by Aceaer Faye and then dark-smashed by the Reaper Guyver almost hitting Zeus with the same attack.

Warrior Guyver 2 was beating Warrior Guyver 5 around the place. He had his cyclone power system working at full power and was using it to his advantage, hitting the Warrior Guyver 5 twice for every time he hit him. The Warrior Guyver 5 knew this and was getting desperate and activated his barrier shield around him. Warrior Guyver 2 held his position away from him and taunted the Warrior Guyver 5 to fire on him. Energy surrounded his arms and he shouted “You should have not betrayed us Lorcan, you fucking bastard!” and he readied himself to fire a cyclone blast at the Warrior Guyver 5, who had a barrier shield around him. The Warrior Guyver fired the barrier shield as the Warrior Guyver 2 flew towards him. The barrier shield hit off the forward focused shield of the Warrior Guyver 2, as he flew threw the barrier blast, Warrior Guyver 2 fired the cyclone blast as his hands exited the barrier shield. The Warrior Guyver 5 only had his body shield left to protect him from the blast which was not up to the task. The cyclone blast ripped apart the head and chest of the Warrior Guyver 5. Even the control medal took damage before teleporting what was left of the Warrior Guyver 5 into hyper-space.

Zeugma and Warrior Alkanphel were now engaged in a psychic battle. Each Master Zoalord had a fire like aura around them. They where literally trying to pull each other apart while directing each other into buildings.

Kron was getting the better of Psi-Guyver by this stage. She was almost out of time in turbo-mode and had not manage to damage the master zoalord. He on the other had was in top form and had almost ripped out Psi-Guyver’s right arm. She was clearly losing and Kron knew it. He put his hands in front of him and a white energy ball shined from between them as he focused his energy, then he released a twisting ball of energy towards her. She flew up trying to dodge it but ended up being hit in the crotch, blasting her hips apart, sending her legs flying towards the ground and from her chest up into the air. The upper part of her body landed on the top of the Baxter Banning building while the legs fell down to the streets below. Kron noticed the falling parts of the Psi-Guyver and ordered a Bio-Titan to go after them and then to bring them back to Chronos. He then landed on the top of the building and looked at the fallen Psi-Guyver. Her control medal had taken over and the unit was using her hands like legs to hold her up. As Kron neared her the sonic disrupters fired, hitting the master zoalord. The sonic waves rippled around the shields of Kron, lighting him up but the attack failed to do any damage to him and did not even rip his cloak. His zoa-crystal glowed then as he raised his right hand. The clouds circled around above the Baxter Banning building and the Gigantic Guyver immediately recognized this from when he fought Purg’stall. Psi-Guyver was about to be blown to kingdom come.

Zeus was making short work of the Bio-Titans nearby when he too noticed this and he knew he needed Psi-Guyver around until Chronos was gone. As a number of lightning bolts fired down from the sky towards the fallen Guyver, Zeus teleported himself above the remains of the Psi-Guyver. The lightning bolts all now hit him instead, to the delight of Kron expecting to fry the Gigantic Warrior Guyver. But he was quickly shocked in more than one way when Zeus refocused the attack back on him. Kron then redirected the attack back on Zeus leaving the two powerful beings locked in a battle for endurance as hundreds of gigawatts of electricity surged between them. The control medal of Zeus shined along with the zoa-crystal of Kron as they both focused more energy into the current running between them. Bolts of electricity where now shooting down from him into a roof of the Baxter Banning building and with what was left of the Psi-Guyver not being able to shield herself, she was in deep trouble. Overhead the Warrior Guyver 2 saw this and flew down below Zeus with his shields directed towards him just as a bolt of lightning was about to hit Psi-Guyver. The force of the blast pushed the Warrior Guyver 2 down to his knees right beside the fallen Psi-Guyver. The Psi-Guyvers control medal glowed as she pulled herself up the body of the Warrior Guyver 2 and held on to him. The Warrior Guyver 2 then flew down through floors of the building and out a window with the Psi-Guyver still latched on to him. The Warrior Guyver 2 stopped and turned around just in time to see the energy between Kron and Zeus become unstable resulting in two explosions which blasted Zeus and Kron away from each other. Both of the powerful beings fell back over five hundred feet before landing on different buildings on opposite sides of the Baxter Banning building. Zeus crashed through two floors before coming to a halt and then slowly stood up and looked at his burned body. His pyramid shaped orbs on his shoulder pods and arms and legs had shattered and smoke was coming from them. He knew from what Sho told him of the time he fought Purg’stall that his shields did not work after that happened to him. He then called out for help from China.

Alkanphel, Purg’stall and Imakarum flew over the location where Kron had fallen. Imakarum then flew down the hole made by Kron to find the master zoalord standing up. His body was completely burned and at some points you could see his zoalord form under the bio-armour. But he was conscious.

“I will kill him Imakarum.”

“Yes you will my lord.”

Kron then flew up into the air beside Warrior Alkanphel. The Mercenary Guyvers had retreated and ran off, leaving the four Zoalords and fifteen remaining Bio-Titans against Zeus, Zeugma, Warrior Guyver 2 (who was still holding onto the Psi-Guyver), Gigantic Guyver, Female Gigantic, the Nova Guyvers, Battle Guyver, Aceaer Marine, Aceaer Faye and Aceaer Guyver US. But before the fight even started again another fifteen Bio-Titans appeared behind the Guyvers.

Zeus then turned around and flew into the middle of the new group of Bio-Titans while Zeugma held her hands criss-crossed on her shoulders, then released them ,pulling her arms back as far as they could go, sending out two hand beams flying out towards the group of Zoalords and bio-Titans. All of the group scattered but two Bio-Titans where caught by it and chopped in half even with their shields active. Zeus was engaged in battle with four Bio-Titans and the others where now ripping apart the other Guyvers. He knew it was time to bring in some back up and two seconds later, a black female Guyver, the Ninja Guyver and Guyver Merc appeared in the middle of the group.

A Bio-Titan then few towards the unknown female Guyver. She immediately sensed the being and the two green crystals each of her shoulders glowed. Right behind the Bio-Titan a large black ball of energy appeared and kept close to him as he flew towards her. A second later the ball shrunk as its energy was pulled back to the female Guyver through the Bio-Titan blasting a hole into his upper spine and taking the head off with it leaving what was left of the beast to fall to the ground. Faye had charged up her shoulder pods and was only waiting for a chance to use them when she saw this and knew the creature was still alive and flew down below it and then landed in the streets. Using her head sensors she moved right below the Bio-Titans falling corpse and then fired her shoulder pods. The blast flew right up between to massive sky scrapers and hit the Bio-Titan right on target and went right on into the fight above them.

The Warrior Guyver 2 was now in a fire fight with Purg’stall who seemed determined to get the Psi-Guyver off him. To be honest he wanted her off him so he could kill this zoalord but she still had not recovered from the damage done to her from Kron. He on the other hand, along with Zeus had fully recovered. Then just as Purg’stall was raising his left arm to summon a lightning bolt from the sky, he was consumed by the blast from Faye. But he was too far away from the point of origin for it to do any serious damage and even unshielded at the time, the blast only scorched him. But it gave Warrior Guyver 2 time to fly behind Zeus who was more than willing to engage Purg’stall in a match of who can control the weather. Warrior Alkanphel saw this and was not impressed with his Zoalord being out numbered and ten Bio-Titans flew by him and engaged in battle with Zeugma, keeping her busy while he flew towards the Guyvers. A white light shined and formed around him as he turned himself into a living comet. Zeus activated his own shields but only succeeded in bouncing off Warrior Alkanphel and into a building. Warrior Guyver 2 was well prepared for him though. As Alkanphel got close to him what looked like a small Gigantic Pod appeared on his free right hand. It opened up and shined a light into the coming comet. Immediately Warrior Alkanphel ceased moving forward and now fought to keep the his unit a part of him. Stephen smiled under his armour, he had got the bastard but it was quickly wiped off his face as the Matrix along with his hand where blasted off him by the bio-smasher of a Bio-Titan. Warrior Guyver 2 let go of the Psi-Guyver for a second, because of the pain but she had her arms around his neck and shoulder and she was not letting go. The Bio-Titan then exploded as Zeugma flew right by him on her way to the Warrior Guyver 2 and Psi-Guyver.

On the streets below two Blue Type soldiers where looking at the legs of the Psi-Guyver. They knew they where from one of the Guyvers so where now guarding them and in contact with headquarters to find out what to do when they where blasted to bits by the Bio-Titan sent to retrieve the legs. New York was a big city and he had been looking for these legs for over a minute by this stage and if not for the armoured soldiers, he would not have noticed them. He thought to himself that he was always given the shitty jobs when between him and the legs appeared a cloaked man. The Bio-Titan looked at him strangely as he could sense something familiar of the stranger. The man then raised his hand and a mini tornado appeared around it. The Bio-Titan did not know what to think of that but soon realized what it was as he was consumed buy a tornado and knocked high into the air. If not for the fact he was equipped with a shield, he would have been killed, but by the time he landed back on the ground the legs and the cloaked man where gone.

Using his teleportation Kron then disappeared from behind the Chronos group but with the heat of the battle not one of the Guyvers noticed this happening. Aceaer Guyver Faye was in the middle of a battle with a Bio-Titan and had Guyver US Aceaer in support. But neither of them could have been prepared for the next event. Kron appeared between the two Aceaer clad Guyvers and blasted the Guyver US Aceaer out of his way and grabbed the Aceaer Guyver Faye by her face. Aceaer Guyver Faye then shook as Kron started to crush her face and her red control medal. Zeugma had managed to see this in the middle of her fight with Alkanphel and fired a hand beam into his back, forcing Kron to let go but the damage was done. Aceaer Guyver Faye then fell down through the sky to the ground below smashing through the roof of the Saint Patrick’s Cathedral and down onto the floor below, breaking through the wooden benches, slamming off the floor, and braking every bone in her body. The Guyver Gigantic was the nearest Guyver to the crash area and flew down after her, quickly followed by a Bio-Titan, but it was quickly blasted away by the still unknown dark female Guyver. The Gigantic Guyver flew down through the hole in the roof that was made by Faye, but the hole was not wide enough to let him through and the Gigantic Guyver had to force his way in. Inside the Cathedral, a priest was looking in shock at the fallen Guyver when he noticed parts of his ceiling falling down on him and the fallen Guyver. He then looked up to see the form of the Gigantic Guyver floating down. The priest fainted at the sight of this. Guyver Gigantic looked at Guyver Faye. The Aceaer unit must have sensed the Guyvers control medal was damaged and had removed itself off the fallen Guyver as it was now in a dormant state beside her. But most important of all, she hadn’t gone rouge. Her control medal was flashing like crazy but it had not yet given up control of her Guyver form. He then placed his hand over her face to test if she was in self defence mode but she did not move at all. A second later the Female Gigantic flew down beside him and she looked at the priest and then at the Aceaer and Faye. She then picked up the dormant unit as the Gigantic Guyver picked up Guyver Faye and they both teleported into the Washington ACTF base. A Wolf Armoured Marine saw the fallen Guyver in the Gigantic’s arms and called ahead to warn Dr Drake and Dr Redmond. They had thought of this event happening ever since the death of the Warrior Guyver and had a cryogenic pod ready in case a Guyver needed to be stored there after he or she was damaged. The pod opened and about a minute later Gigantic Guyver walked into the room with Guyver Faye, followed by the Female Gigantic.

“Dr Drake, we need your help here, I don’t know how long it will be until she goes rouge.”

“Sho please place her in here” said Dr Drake as he pointed at the cryo-pod.

Gigantic Guyver then placed her into the cryo-pod and the doors shut just as Guyver Faye let out a scream and her control medal stopped shining. There was a squishing sound as her form started to fall apart but before the Guyver ate the host alive, she was frozen within a second by the liquid nitrogen. A white vapour came off the pod as the ice on the outside melted a little. Gigantic Guyver sighed and behind him the Female Gigantic Guyver handed Dr Redmond the Aceaer unit and then nudged the Gigantic Guyver. He turned around to face her then they both teleported back to the fight in Washington.

Warrior Alkanphel had still not gotten the better of Zeugma and knew now with the arrival of that unknown Guyver that his enemies now had the edge. He could summon in more Bio-Titans but that would be too costly and there was still that Creator armada nearby. He needed to separate these Guyvers and them individually kill them some other time. With one command to Natasha, who was inside the Ark, the whole of the Chronos group where transported away from the battle.

It was five minutes later when the ACTF group of Guyvers calmed down. Psi-Guyver was conscious and regenerating on the roof of the Baxter Banning building and Zeus was introducing the Black Nova to the rest of the group. Then before all the Guyvers, the air warped and a dark and light blue Guyver fell out. The Psi-Guyver could not believe her eyes when the Guyver pulled himself up off the ground. It was the Warrior Guyver, Jason, her brother!?

He looked at the group of Guyvers and the Female Zoalord in the middle of them at he just shook his head. Psi-Guyvers unit had grown legs by this stage but it was clear that the unit was still rebuilding them when she stood on them and could only just about walk. The Guyver US ran up to her and put her arm around his shoulder and walked with her to the Warrior Guyver. He seemed like he did not know what to do.

“Okay Sean, I know who you are but who the hell are those others?”

“Jason you know these people, well most of them.”

“The only ones I know here are you and Sho. But what hell am I doing here. The last thing I remember is fighting the Guyver Zoalord and getting my arm ripped off.”

“Jason that was over a month ago. You returned here with Faye after you defeated him and you then rescued your sister who I’m holding now.”

“That’s Jenny, but I thought she died in Texas?”

“No brother, I lived and was turned into a Overlord by Alkanphel himself. You then set me free by giving me a Guyver unit.”

“Okay, I’m going to sit down by the ledge there and you and Jenny can explain what has happened. As for those others and even that dark Gigantic looking Warrior Guyver, they better stay away from me for the moment or else.”

Zeus laughed at this but he knew by the way that the Warrior Guyver was acting that something was wrong with him. It made him wonder how much damage was done to him from Alkanphel’s attack two weeks ago. Even with the Zeus armour, Agito would have to be careful around the supreme Chronos zoalord and even Zeugma as she could turn on him and the Guyvers very easily.

Above the tallest buildings on Earth, over the top of the buildings, the storm clouds that had been unnaturally used in the battle with Zeus and Kron started to let go of the liquid they contained and hail stones poured down on the top of the building, pelting the group. But they didn’t seem to care about that much. The Warrior Guyver, Psi-Guyver and Guyver US continued with their chat and the others waited around.

Two Weeks Later, Area 51.

Jason and Jenny stood facing each other in the middle of the testing area and where waiting for Dr Drake to get ready in the command bunker. It had been a quick two weeks for the brother and sister and Jason was catching up on event he had missed and could no longer remember. From what Dr Redmond could gather, Jason could remember everything up to the point during the time he was back in time to fight the Guyver Zoalord. He thought this was because maybe it had something to do with the last time the Warrior Guyver regenerated. The memories he had now might have been from a backup done then and since he was heavily damaged by Alkanphel the unit might not have been able to use the most recent memories and had to use the older backup.

After a minute Dr Drake signalled the Guyvers that it was time and Jason and Jenny activated their Guyver units. Both Guyvers obliged and activated their units and got ready to fight. In the control bunker, Dr Drake and Sean looked on, ready for the fight that was going to happen. Over the past two weeks Chronos had been quite and the only thing happening was Jason catching up on recent events. But still he seemed to be on edge most of the time and he and Stephen, the Warrior Guyver 2, where at each others throat. Jason was more on edge with the other new Guyvers than even Jenny was and had become down right hostile with the Nova Guyvers. This was not a perfect reunion.

The Warrior Guyver was the first to start off immediately going for the Psi-Guyvers neck with his forward vibrational sword. Psi-Guyver back flipped just about dodging the attack and at the same time went into full Psi-Guyver mode and landed back on her feet. Warrior Guyver was still running towards her when his body glowed and he was lifted off the ground and then flung back over fifty feet, landing on the back of his neck and then flipped over onto his stomach.

“Remember brother, you said you didn’t believe I had any real power.”

Warrior Guyver said nothing and stood back up and looked at his sister. His head sensors moved around a bit then he again ran towards her. Again the Warrior Guyver was surrounded and picked up into the air. But this time he activated his gravity controller and fired two gravity balls at her head. She then let go of Warrior Guyver and activated her shields just in time to stop the two gravity balls. She then in response fired her head beam at him but the body shield stopped the laser beam from doing any damage to him. Her control medal then glowed for a second and then her sonic disrupters fired, hitting his right leg. The sonic wave shimmered off his body shield for about two seconds then broke through, shredding off a lot of the bio-metrical and most of his human skin off the lower part of his leg. The Warrior Guyver grunted in pain as he placed a little weight on his exposed foot. Psi-Guyver was about to apologise to him when he then let out a roar and flew right into the Psi-Guyver crashing into her and knocking her to the ground. The Psi-Guyver looked up in shock as the Warrior Guyver landed on her chest winding her and then rammed his vibrational sword into her left shoulder and then cut her arm off. Psi-Guyver screamed through her unit that for this test to stop but the Warrior Guyver showed no signs of listening to her and shoved his right sword into her left hand side. The Psi-Guyver screamed through her unit for help and about three seconds later the Warrior Guyver 2 appeared. Warrior Guyver looked up from the Psi-Guyver and he was hit by a cyclone blast and knocked off her. The Warrior Guyver 2 ran over to the Psi-Guyver and looked at her in shock after seeing the damage done to her. Jason was never this vicious in testing with anyone. What the hell was the matter with him? The Warrior Guyver stood up on his damaged foot as his units bio-material formed around it, giving him back full mobility. He then ran towards the Warrior Guyver 2 and Psi-Guyver to the shock of both of them but was knocked back over fifty feet as the air between them and the Warrior Guyver warped and a massive dark blue Gigantic Guyver stepped out. The Gigantic armour let go, then leaving behind a Warrior looking Guyver. He turned around and looked at the Psi-Guyver and then at the Warrior Guyver 2. They both looked at him in shock. He looked very much like the Warrior Guyver but had light blue lower parts of his arms and his shoulders where shaped a little differently, but what got them the most was that they could sense the Matrix that was now a part of his control medal.

“Stephen, what the hell happened to Jenny?”

“Ja… Jason what the hell is going on here, your not Jason that’ him over there” responded the Warrior Guyver 2.

Matrix Warrior Guyver turned around to see Warrior Guyver looking at him from fifty feet away. He was totally clue-less to why there was now two Warrior Guyvers and turned back to Psi-Guyver and Warrior Guyver 2.

“Guys, what the hell is going on here and who did that to you Jenny?”

“You, I mean the other you did it, what the hell is going on here?” asked a really confused Psi-Guyver.

Both Warrior Guyvers then deactivated their units, revealing two Jasons. Stephen laughed at this, finding it really amusing since he had a double here as well. But both of the Jasons did not find it amusing at all and both then reactivated their units and extended their vibrational swords and ran for each other. Sean then ran out of the bunker and activated his Guyver unit and ran at top speed toward the two Warrior Guyvers. Warrior Guyver 2 was still wondering what to do while Psi-Guyver had picked up her left arm and was now placing the stump of her shoulder back into its socket while Matrix Warrior Guyver and Warrior Guyver where fighting each other in sword to sword combat as Guyver US shouted at them to stop but as Matrix Warrior Guyver listened to him and started to stop Warrior Guyver went to slice his head off. Matrix Warrior Guyver didn’t take to that well and blasted at him with his two arm and head beams but Warrior Guyver activated his barrier shield, which held back the power beams of energy. Warrior Guyver 2 then stood between them.

“That’s IT! You two stop now or I will have to kill you both.”

Warrior Guyver deactivated his shield and tuned off his unit, followed by Matrix Warrior Guyver.

“Now, I think we should go to the meeting room nearby and sort this all out.”

Psi-Guyver didn’t like the idea of these two Warrior Guyvers being at each other throats and knew if they got out of hand again, they would need some real firepower. She then sent out a signal to Zeugma for a helping hand. She quickly obliged and appeared behind her and she too was in shock to see two similar Warrior Guyvers. But the thing that worried the Psi-Guyver the most was that when the Matrix Warrior Guyver first appeared, he was using a Gigantic armour. If he was anything like Zeus, he would be seriously powerful, but then why was he not using it now to kill the Warrior Guyver. Everything here bothered her. The fact that the other Warrior Guyver had no memory of the past two months and was an overly aggressive bastard combined with this other Warrior Guyver, that was different looking but acted more like the brother she knew, was making her start to question her own sanity.

Back in the Washington ACTF base everyone was in shock with the news from Dr Drake that there was two Jason’s, but General Carter was more concerned of the fact about the one of them that had been around for the past two weeks. He and Jason sometimes did not get on which was shown when he returned from the Chronos base with his sister. But for the past two weeks he was a complete ass hole to everyone. It was like he was thinking that ACTF where the enemy. This put an idea into his head and he called through the intercom for Cori and Dr Redmond. A minute or so later all three of them sat around a table.

“Cori, you where there at the battle where the Warrior Guyver first reappeared. We weren’t able to monitor the battle so we only have the reports from you and other Guyvers to go on. Can you tell me about this event but can you also tell me what happened to the Warrior Guyver 5?”

“Well General, he and Stephen, the Warrior Guyver 2, where fighting. I missed most of the fight but I saw the end of it where Warrior Guyver 2 cyclone blasted Warrior Guyver 5. The blast even seemed to hit his control medal.”

“Thank you Cori, now Dr Redmond, from what Jason told us about the Creators and their projects when he met with them, didn’t they say something about Warrior Guyver 5 being a clone unit?”

“Jason said that during his battle with the Guyver Zoalord that his arm was ripped off. The Creators then worked from this. We had the results from that here, from our tests on the Warrior Guyver 5” said Dr Redmond.

“Now I’m no genetic expert but what could happen if the unit was damaged and somehow reactivated the DNA from Jason as it was his arm that they made it from?”

“Well, I’m still only learning about the Unit-G but from what I understand the unit contains memories of the host so if the brain is destroyed, the mind can be rebuilt. But also we know from when Sho’s arm was cut off that it was made into a clone and even without the control medal, knew enough to go to Sho’s school. Knowing this, if Jason’s arm was to grow again, it would have made a clone of him. The Creators then could have made a new control medal over the years and a new unit. But if the Unit contained some of the DNA from Jason, it would have and this is going by Sho as an example, it would have his memory stored in the DNA Codes. So if the Warrior Guyver 5 had this DNA and was damaged, the unit could have mistaken Jason’s DNA code for Lorcan’s and made him over Lorcan which is why we could very well have two Jason’s. One is a clone and the other is our real Jason.

“Could it be possible for some of Lorcan to have survived this malfunction” asked Cori.

“Yes it could be possible and if it did, the Guyver unit might try to combine the two hosts but it could have made one host dominant over the other. Going by the way Jason has been acting over the past two weeks and taking this into account, we could easily see that he is far more aggressive than before and this might be because of the fact Lorcan is still part of him and influencing his judgement.”

“Then this other Jason is the real one” asked General Carter.

“I think he is General, the real Warrior Guyver took heavy damage with the War Relic, Dr Drake informed us that the other Warrior Guyver first appeared as a Gigantic. Which goes with what we know about Guyver 1.”

“Cori, could you signal only Warrior Guyver 2 and let him know that we think the Jason that was the Gigantic is the real one and that the other one is really Lorcan and may need to be destroyed!” declared General Carter.

“Yes sir.”

Inside the meeting room, all of them where in their human forms and the two Jason’s where arguing with each other about who was the real one and who was the clone. Jenny and the other didn’t know what to think about this and who to believe. That was until Stephen received a signal from Cori about what Dr Redmond and General Carter where talking about. He now knew who was the one to trust but which Jason was that? Now that they both had turned off their units, they both looked the same.

“Okay, this is a simple test which our friend Cori has informed me of, will the Jason that just appeared here ten minutes ago please stand up” said Stephen.

A second later that Jason stood up.

“You are the real Jason, the other you is Lorcan.”

“Your fucking wrong” said the Jason accused of being Lorcan. “That dip shit over there is not the real Jason, just look at his unit. That blue shit in the middle of the control medal shows his unit is not the original Warrior Guyver. I am that guy. Indeed my memory has been screwed and I’ve been acting a little strange lately but what do you expect when you are blown to kingdom come.”

“Well you’re fake fuck, I remember clear as day going with my sister and Stephen to the Creators and getting the War Relic, then getting blown to bits by Guyver Alkanphel, I only just had time to teleport Stephen and Jenny away just as the beam hit us.”

“The two of you just shut the hell up, Jason you’re my bother and I love you but you two are both driving me nuts. Now you, the Jason that has been around for the past week or so, why the hell did you attack me so viciously?”

“I’ll tell you why!” said the other Jason. “Because you are a complete psycho.”

“Listen fake boy, I am the real me and Jenny and I are going to kick your ass!”

“Fuck, I’ve never had an argument with myself before and I already don’t like it.”

“You’re telling me, okay, we’ll not sort out who is the real Jason here and I have to admit the idea I might be Lorcan frightens me. The only thing we can do is get Dr Redmond to give us both a DNA test.”

“Okay, I agree.”

One Day Later. Washington DC ACTF Base.

The two Jason’s, two Stephen’s and the rest of the gang where waiting on the results. Most of the group where undecided on who to trust. The one Jason they now called the Matrix Warrior Guyver had Faye’s vote but for the rest of the group they just wanted the results from Dr Redmond.

At the same time in New York City, Top Floor of the Baxter Banning Building.

All around Richard’s office, repair work was still under way to repair the damage done to the place after the battle with Chronos. Things had gone okay since then. No one suspected him of being the one who housed the Guyver Mercenary’s and he still had their service. But the dark cloud over these past two weeks was that the Reaper Guyver had left. He had no family and seemed not to care about money all that much and with Lorcan gone, he saw no point in staying, but today was a chance to make up on his recent losses.

There was a knock on his door and in walked Philip Oxley, the leader of the Merc’s who had left Lorcan in charge. And before Richard got to say a word Philip shouted “GUYVER” and fired a head beam at the CEO. Just as the beam was about to hit it’s target, a blast field surrounded him and right before the Guyver Merc stood the Guyver Destroyer. “I knew it” said the Guyver Merc. The shoulder mounted cannon of the Guyver Destroyer fired next, just missing the Guyver Merc as he ducked down behind the desk. Guyver Destroyer then kicked the desk at Guyver Merc who, without the need for focusing them with his hands, fired off three gravity balls, two of them smashing the table and the other one hit off the gut of the Grakken Destroyer but his shield absorbed the brunt of the attack but the force still sent the CEO Guyver back out of the top story floor window. Guyver Merc shouted “Your not getting off that easy!” then jumped out after the Guyver Destroyer. About one hundred feet below the top floor, he sensed the presence of other Guyvers. And he flew further after he sensed the glass of the building being broken as the five remaining renegade Guyvers now flew after him. This saddened the Guyver Merc that his one time comrades now saw him as the enemy instead of this rich bastard he was flying after. But he didn’t care about the numbers. He flipped around and flew backwards after the Guyver Destroyer and fired three gravity balls at the five attacking Guyvers. All five of them managed to dodge the three gravity balls and fired a gravity ball each at the Guyver Merc. The Guyver Merc flipped back around and then increased in speed after the Guyver Destroyer as there attacks caught up on him. Then he felt two more Guyvers flying up towards him. He eyes focused on them and he recognized the forms of the Warrior Guyver and Matrix Warrior Guyver. Both of them now flew towards the Guyver Destroyer but as they did, the Matrix Warrior Guyver was blasted in the back by the Warrior Guyver and crashed into the building from the force of the attack. Warrior Guyver then continued on his path to the Guyver Destroyer. Meanwhile the Guyver Merc manoeuvred out of the way from the five gravity balls, leaving them to fly towards the Guyver Destroyer. But before they got even close to him, the Warrior Guyver flew right by him and collected the gravity balls in his shield and flew towards the Guyver Merc. Guyver Merc knew this was the one Guyver his unit would have a weakness in fighting, his unit was dependant on using gravity based weapons and the Warrior Guyver would use that against him. But this would not stop him as the Warrior Guyver got close to him, the Guyver Merc focused all his energy into his pressure cannon orbs around his body. This made a dark spherical shield around his body as the Warrior Guyver fired his sonic disruptors at him. The Guyver Merc was able to shield off the attack but as the Warrior Guyver flew into him, his blast shield literally absorbed the shield off the Guyver Merc and then bashed the Guyver Merc out of his way, sending the Guyver Merc falling to the ground. The Guyver Destroyer had his swords extended and was now flying up towards the falling Guyver Merc. When right beside the Guyver Destroyer, the glass building smashed open as the Matrix Warrior Guyver blasted out of it. He quickly fired two gravity balls at the Guyver Destroyer who shielded them and returned fire with his shoulder mounted cannon. Matrix Warrior Guyver ducked down, leaving the blast to fly harmlessly over him and then flew towards the Guyver Destroyer. Below them then appeared the Guyver 5 who was Guyver Merc’s wife, Warrior Guyver 2, Battle Guyver, Guyver US Aceaer, Guyver Faye Aceaer, Aceaer Marine, Zeugma, Nova Blaze, Starfire and Psi-Guyver. This time they where going to kill off the mercenary force for good. But at the same time above the mercenary force appeared Alkanphel, Kron, a Zerebubuse, a Powered Zerebubuse and a load of Enzyme III’s, Bio-Titans and Neo-Zektoles. This was going to be a killing spree.

“That’s it, I’m sick of you accursed Guyvers messing things up. Today you all die and if you run away, all the people in this city die!” declared a very pissed off Alkanphel.

All of the Mercenary Guyvers gulped when above the Chronos forces a huge Grakken Mother ship decloaked. Everyone now knew this was going to be one bad day. The Guyver Destroyer flew up to the Merc Guyvers as ten Grakken Destroyers appeared around them and everyone now knew this was going to be war, while Guyver US Aceaer thought “Oh shit, this city is fucked”. A number of Green V2’s flew up beside the Guyver US Aceaer and he then turned to one of them and ordered him to get the city evacuated as all hell was about to break lose. Alkanphel changed from his humanoid form, right into his Zoalord form and summoned his Guyver armour as the bio-armour of Kron appeared as well around the human form of Kron as he went into his Bio-Lord form. At the same time the Zerebubuse and Powered Zerebubuse summoned their units. Above the Chronos forces, the Grakken Mothership flew closer down towards the city.

All three sides waited for a second or two then the Chronos forces flew towards the Grakken and Merc Forces. The ACTF Guyvers knew better and held off for the moment and let the other two sides rip each other apart. Warrior Alkanphel flew right towards Guyver Destroyer. Behind him, three Grakken Destroyers flew beside each other and together fired their shoulder cannons at the back of the Warrior Alkanphel. Without head sensors, Warrior Alkanphel could not sense this but luckily for him Kron sensed this and flew between Warrior Alkanphel and the blasts, shielding them for the Master Zoalord. Kron responded with warping space around the three Grakken Destroyers. Behind them the Guyver Zerebubuse raised his two arms and Guyver Powered Zerebubuse raised his left arm and fired. The two of them fired three Guyver enhanced beams that easily out classed the power of a normal Guyvers mega-smasher. The blasts hit each one of the three Grakken Destroyers, vaporising the three of them. The Warrior Guyvers looked in shock as they felt the death call of those Guyvers. The Grakken Destroyer where nearly equals to them and those two Guyver Zoanoids took them out within seconds. High above the Chronos forces a large number of killer-robots came flying out of the Mother ship along with an extra twenty Grakken Destroyers. Warrior Alkanphel and Kron now flew towards the Mercs but the remaining Grakken’s flew in between them but for all there strength the Grakken Destroyers where nothing to the two Master Zoalords and they just flew right threw the Grakkens like they weren’t there, blasting them out of their way with their shields. If not for the fact they had their own shields, the Grakken Destroyers would have been seriously damaged. Once they recovered themselves, the Grakken Destroyers responded with double pressure cannon blasts each on the Master Zoalords. Kron and Warrior Alkanphel both kept their shields fully charged as six gravity balls hit them one at a time but they managed to easily absorb the blasts without either one of the zoalords being damaged. Before them was the Matrix Warrior Guyver and he flew straight for Kron, only for the master zoalord to teleport out of his way, leaving the Matrix Warrior Guyver flying towards the giant sized Guyver Zerebubuse, who was more than willing to fight the new Warrior Guyver. Guyver Zerebubuse raised both his hands and within a second, two incredibly powerful beams fired out at Matrix Warrior Guyver, who turned to his side and slide in between the two beams. Matrix Warrior Guyver knew he was out powered and wondered quickly how to defeat this monster when he looked at the Grakken Mothership. His control glowed and the Matrix Warrior Guyver flew up as fast as he could towards the Mother ship, followed a second later by the Guyver Zerebubuse.

Down below them the Enzyme 3’s, Bio-Titans and Neo-Zektoles where all battling with the Grakken Destroyers and Killer Robots while the Guyver Powered Zerebubuse was fighting the Warrior Guyver 5. Warrior Guyver 5 had taken note of the fact that one blast from the Guyver Zerebubuse would rip apart his shields and was teleporting around the giant beast like crazy. But had yet to damage him. Warrior Guyver 2 had noticed this and even though the Warrior Guyver 5 was his enemy, he knew together they would have a chance against the Guyver Powered Zerebubuse and could defeat him while the number of Grakken Destroyers and Killer Robots kept Warrior Alkanphel and Kron busy. Warrior Guyver 2 called out to the Warrior Guyver 5 and offered him a helping hand in defeating the Guyver Powered Zerebubuse. He then teleported behind the Guyver Powered Zerebubuse and fired a cyclone blast at his back. But being a Guyver, he sensed the coming energy and to the surprise of the Warrior Guyver 2, he was out of the way of the blast and in the air firing at him. All around the Warrior Guyver 2, building where being blown apart by the hyper smashers of the Guyver Powered Zerebubuse. Warrior Guyver 5 then appeared behind the Guyver Powered Zerebubuse. But before he could shove his sword into the back of the beast, the Guyver Powered Zerebubuse turned around and swiped at him with his right arm’s vibrational swords. The Warrior Guyver 5 extended his left arms swords and raised them up to defend himself. There was an extremely loud high pitched sound as the swords connected then to the shock of the Warrior Guyver 5 the swords of the Guyver Powered Zerebubuse proceeded to cut off his elbow sword and then his arm from the elbow down. Warrior Guyver 5 screamed in pain and then teleported away leaving the Warrior Guyver 2 by himself. The Guyver Powered Zerebubuse then flew for the Warrior Guyver 2 but then stopped as Zeugma and Psi-Guyver flew beside him.

Down on the streets below, Nova Blaze, Starfire, Guyver US Aceaer, Aceaer Marine and Battle Guyver, with the help of the Green V2’s, where trying their best to get people out of the area as the building above them where being blown to bits when four Enzyme 3’s and a Bio-Titan landed in between them. Nova Blaze immediately extended all four vibrational swords and ran towards the nearest Enzyme 3. Not knowing what he faced Nova Blaze went to slice off the arm of the Enzyme 3. Guyver US Aceaer shouted at him to stop but it was too late. Before Nova Guyver knew it he had sliced off the arm of the Enzyme 3 but the blood of the Enzyme 3 got onto his swords and they fell off. Nova Guyver shrugged his shoulders and, as the Enzyme 3 jumped for him, he activated his shields which obliterated the zoanoid, sending the blood and guts of the Zoanoid everywhere. A piece of Enzyme the size of a baseball then hit Starfire’s eyes. Immediately her pink eyes where eaten away and she fell to her feet in pain holding her eyes. The Bio-Titan and another Enzyme 3 ran towards her as Guyver US Aceaer and the Aceaer Marine got in front of her. Enzyme 3 went to shove his fist into the gut of the Aceaer Marine but before he got within a foot of him the Aceaer Marine blasted apart the Enzyme 3’s arms with rail gun fire which went right through him and hit the Nova Guyver in the leg blasting apart his kneecap. Aceaer Marine then changed his tactic and extended his vibrational and cut the Enzyme 3 in half and proceeded to fire three gravity balls into the head, chest, and abdomen areas of the Enzyme 3, killing the zoanoid. But the Guyver US Aceaer was not faring too well with the Bio-Titan. With them being around the public, he was on the defensive too much while the Bio-Titan was using all of his weapons to try and kill his enemy but instead had only succeeded in killing civilians. As the Guyver US Aceaer fought him, an Enzyme 3 was about to kill a Green V2. Guyver US Aceaer jumped up as high as he could to get away from the Bio-Titan and landed right behind the Enzyme 3 on his knees with his swords extended. Before the Enzyme 3 knew it he was sliced in half. He then looked up to see the crystals of the Bio-Titan glowing and before he could move he was hit by six beams of energy. Lucky his control medal was not hit but the rest of his body was a mess. The Aceaer Marine blasted off the left arm of the Bio-Titan with a gravity ball. This only pissed off the now one armed Bio-Titan. As the Nova Blaze was protecting the sightless Starfire and the Battle Guyver tried to protect the body of the Guyver US Aceaer from the remaining Enzyme 3’s, the Aceaer Marine found himself fighting the best Chronos Zoanoid there was by himself. He knew he was out gunned. Out powered. Basically out classed in every way by the Bio-Titan but he was stubborn and would not back down. He extended his plasma swords and ran towards the Bio-Titan. The Bio-Titan stood there and waited for his opponent and when he was about two foot away, blast off both of his arms with his crystals. Before any of the ACTF forces could react the Bio-Titan walked calmly over to the Aceaer Marine and shoved his right sword into the heart of the Aceaer Maine and then up and though his head. This was too much for the Aceaer Unit to heal and it simply pulled itself off the dead body of Stephen and lay beside him in a dormant state. As it reached down to pick up the dormant Aceaer unit his right hand was blasted off by yet another gravity ball. It then turned to see the Battle Guyver with her swords extended only two foot away. She shoved he right sword into the Bio-Titans head and then sliced off its legs leaving the beast to fall to the ground. She walked over to the body of Stephen and knelled down beside him and started to cry. As she sat there grieving for her fallen comrade, her head sensors moved as the remains of the Bio-Titan started to move again. She stood up as a blue shield appeared around her body and then walked over to the regenerating Bio-Titan and when she was only a foot away the body of the Bio-Titan was being torn apart by her shield which of course did not stop her as she stood on the chest of the Bio-Titan. After all of three seconds there was no more Bio-Titan to regenerate.

On top of the Grakken Mothership, Matrix Warrior Guyver stood only a few feet away from Guyver Zerebubuse.

“It is time for you ugly bastard of a Guyver to die” shouted Matrix Warrior Guyver, as he suddenly felt himself getting stronger somehow.

“You’re simply not good enough to beat me Warrior Guyver, I am the next step in Guyver. I am not some pitiful human with a unit like you.”

“Well unlike you I don’t have some pitiful excuse for a Guyver unit that the Creators have made with a fault.”

“What do you mean?”

The Matrix Warrior Guyver began to glow with energy.

“I can sense it Chronos scum beside the fact you are powerful, which I do give you. Your unit has a fault in it which was obviously given to it so that the Creators could kill you easily.”

“You lie, I sense your growing power but you are still nothing to me human. What ever improvements have been made to your unit shall not save you.”

“Unlike you, Chronos scum, I have met the Creators and I have to say they have set you and the Mercenaries up for a simple test and you are nothing but fucking puppet for them.”

“Arrgh you lie, fuck this banter, it’s time for you to die!”

The Guyver Zerebubuse fired his Guyver enhanced beams at the Matrix Warrior Guyver, who in turn raised his barrier shield and focused all his power into reinforcing it just as the beams hit his shield. Instantly the Matrix Warrior Guyver was engulfed in its fiery light but his shield held to the surprise of the Guyver Zerebubuse.

“Impossible, that blast should have easily obliterated you.”

“Hah, your kind should know by now to never underestimate me!” said the Matrix Warrior Guyver just has he appeared to reactivate his shields but they now took on a nearly fiery appearance as the energies began to focus around his hands and then quickly focussed into a power beam blast that he then fired towards the Guyver Zerebubuse.

“What!?” yelled the Guyver Zerebubuse as the power blast headed towards him and he quickly put up a shield and stood his ground as the beam blast washed over him. After several seconds, the Matrix Warrior Guyver relented and stopped the beam. Only to find the Guyver Zerebubuse alive and only slightly scorched.

“Foolish human, did you really believe you had the power to defeat me?”

The Matrix Warrior Guyver responded with an incredible burst of speed as he shot forward and smashed into the Guyver Zerebubuse at several times the speed of sound, smashing it back a hundred or so meters. The Guyver Zerebubuse quickly recovered and then the two combatants extended their swords and clashed against each other. Indeed, the Matrix Warrior Guyver found he was quite stronger than before but the Guyver Zerebubuse was still stronger and was starting to force the Matrix Warrior Guyver to his knees.

“Hah, ha, ha, soon you will die and soon after you shall follow all the enemies of Chronos!”

“Ugh. No, it’ll be you dying today, not me.”

“Defiant to the end, you humans are such fools.”

The Guyver Zerebubuse then shoved the Matrix Warrior to the ground as he prepared to fire his Guyver enhanced beams once more. The Matrix Warrior Guyver saw this and then was struck by memories he didn’t know he had of the time he was regenerating in hyper space after Warrior Alkanphel had blasted him and the War Relic. Images of the Gigantic Cocoon flashed through his mind along with the sudden appearance of the Matrix as it merged with him. His eyes and Control Medal then glowed brightly as he finally remembered all that happened to him and with that knowledge came power like he never knew before and he yelled out the word “Dreadnought!

Guyver Zerebubuse looked in shock as a blast shield appeared around the Matrix Warrior Guyver, then the air behind him warped as a Gigantic Cocoon appeared and opened up revealing the Dreadnought armour that then wrapped around the Matrix Warrior Guyver, then the Gigantic Cocoon disappeared leaving the Guyver Zerebubuse standing face to face with Dreadnought.

“I am Dreadnought and you, along with the rest of Chronos, shall be destroyed.”

“We will see human.”

Guyver Zerebubuse started off firing his arms Guyver enhanced beams at Dreadnought, but before they got within a meter of Dreadnought, he was floating a hundred feet above him and goading the Guyver Zerebubuse to fly after him, but the Guyver Zerebubuse refused. Dreadnought then sensed the Grakken Mothership opening up. Behind him a massive cannon opened up, which pointed straight at him and below him he could sense the Guyver Zerebubuse had opened a single mega-smasher plate. Before the mega-smasher could fire, Dreadnought disappeared from sight as he activated his cloaking system. The head sensors on Guyver Zerebubuse went crazy trying to locate him but locked onto the cannon of the Grakken Mothership as it built up its own charge, which it never got to finish as it was mega-smashed to oblivion by the Guyver Zerebubuse. He closed his mega-smasher plate and extended his two vibrational swords and started to slash at the air crazily as Dreadnought fed his sensors false information. Then before his eyes Dreadnought appeared with his swords extended. Guyver Zerebubuse ran towards him and engaged him in sword to sword combat, too his surprise and pleasure he easily slices off the head of Dreadnought, but as he watches as it falls to the ground, along with the body, he noticed something. There was no blood. Before he got the chance to move there was a vibrational sword shoved into his heart. “This is for Stephen” said Dreadnought as he pulled his sword out of the its heart and as Guyver Zerebubuse tried to grab his chest, his arms where blasted off by the quantum arm beams of Dreadnought and then he power punched Guyver Zerebubuse with enough force to send him hurtling away at near the speed of sound. Guyver Zerebubuses control medal was shattered and fell from his head. This act was quickly followed up by Dreadnought opening one of his Quantum Mega-Smashers, intending to vaporize the Guyver Zerebubuse before he got too far away, when a cloaked man he had never seen before teleported in front of him and quickly picked up the remains of the Guyver Zerebubuse control medal and teleported away, all in the second it took the Dreadnought to fire and blast away the remains of the Guyver Zerebubuse. But the blast had also took a heavy toll on the Grakken Mothership and ripped apart the hull off the ship as it travelled along and then smashed off the command centre of the ship. Dreadnought immediately thought “Oh shit!” as the ship lost all control and now fell towards the city below. He could sense the people some mile or two below him and knew the death toll was going to be huge. It was then the Matrix on his control medal shined and a blue aura surrounded him and then travelled along the huge Mother ship. Then to the shock of the Grakkens on the streets and in the air of New York, the massive ship disappeared, only to be replaced by the similarly massive Clan Ship of the Creators.

Out in space the twenty battleships of the Creator Fleet broke away from the Grakken mother ship which to the shock of the twenty Kavzar commanding them had replaced their Clan Ship. Dreadnought who was still standing on top of Grakken Mothership knew full well that the Kavzar Battle Ships where going to turn back around and blast the hell out of the now almost defenceless Grakken Mother Ship so he teleported himself back to Earth on top of the Baxter Banning Building.

New York was now a total war zone. For the short few second he was away a number of Bio-Titans and the Grakkens had attacked the Clan Ship. In response the Commander Kavzar had led a large number of Kavzar and Aceaer Cast Warriors out of the ship to battle them. Guyver US Aceaer was now in self-defence mode but thankfully the civilians in the area had been cleared out and the Guyvers and Green V2’s where keeping their distance.

Zeugma and the Guyver Powered Zerebubuse had been battling now for over ten minutes and it was clear by this stage that she was losing. The Guyver Powered Zerebubuse was simply too powerful and for all the damage she had done it, the Guyver Powered Zerebubuse had healed and responded in force. She had a number of cuts all over her body and her left shoulder was almost cut off. Warrior Guyver 2 on the other hand was in perfect fighting order and was trying to keep the beast away from Zeugma with the help of Psi-Guyver. They knew they where out gunned and it was time to call in some help. Two seconds later Black Nova and Zeus appeared in front of them.

Warrior Alkanphel flew towards the Kavzar Commander but stopped as another five appeared around the Kavzar Commander, along with another twenty Kavzar. He was not stupid and knew this battle had already cost Chronos a lot. It was time to leave. In the control centre of the Ark, the Navigator Zoalord Sasha heard the call of Warrior Alkanphel and the teleportation systems of the Ark where activated. All around the city, every last zoanoid disappeared, leaving only the ACTF, Grakken and Creator forces to battle it out.

Some two hours and a billion more dollars in property damage later, the battle was over. The Grakkens made sure they didn’t go without a fight even though they where without the power of the Destroyer Armour, they had bought time for Richard Baxter and the Mercenaries to take full advantage of the battle to hide from the ACTF forces. Dreadnought, Zeus, Black Nova and Zeugma where standing on the roof of the Baxter Banning building looking in awe at the huge Clan Ship. It was easily the length of the of the Manhattan island and was simply huge. She almost looked at it with pride but she was also deeply scornful. When Alkanphel and Kron attacked her, it was a Guyver that saved her from them. Not the Creators. Yet they had a huge armed force nearby. They looked on as a wormhole appeared in front of the Creator Ship and it gently and slowly flew into it and away from Earth. All four of them knew that they had won this battle but the war was far from over. Chronos was still on Earth and the Mercenaries and the Grakkens had still to be dealt with. But still all things do change and so will Chronos rule over the Earth.

The End Of All Things Change.