This is a fan-fiction based on characters created by Yoshiki Takaya and contains violent situations with adult language. Any similarity to actual persons, living or dead is unintentional and purely coincidental.


All Things Change

Part 3: Forces Of Change.

AuthorBrian O’Sullivan

It has now been a week since Jason and Cori returned from their search mission. Despite repeated return trips to the underwater temple, Jason and Cori could not find any additional units or the mysterious Guyver that had attacked them. But apart from that it had been an amazing week for the Anti-Chronos Forces. There where now sixteen new Guyvers, exactly where the units came from is unknown at this time. We only know that something had transformed sixteen beings into Guyvers and teleported fourteen of them to the Washington DC Anti-Chronos base. Though it was suspected that the Creators had a hand in it. Now two more Guyvers arrived over from China, called the Nova Guyvers. Though they where all only around for a week and had become well settled in. The General had already sent four of them to other countries. The Female Guyver 5, Guyver 7, Giant Guyver and Warrior Guyver 4 had gone to Canada to help in the destruction of a Chronos base and where now permanently assigned there. The Reaper Guyver was in Nevada, guarding Area 51. The Warrior Guyver 5, who to the shock of everyone looked like the Warrior Guyver, was stationed in the Washington DC headquarters. The Lostude Guyver and Edutost Guyver, a married couple, had insisted on staying together and where stationed together in New Mexico. Guyver 4, Guyver 6, Guyver 8, and Guyver 9 where all stationed together in Florida, taking full advantage of the cease fire with Chronos, and spent most of their time in amusement parks. This combined with the new mass produced Wolf series armours, finally allowing every single soldier to have their own armour, gave everyone a sense of security they had not felt since the war began. The Wolf series was so easy to produce and used none of the more advance technology developed for the Green armours that their was even talk of selling them to other countries. . .

It had been a long day at the Washington DC base. Stephan, the Warrior Guyver 2, had teleported over from Europe with Sean, Faye and the other Stephan. The European countries were secure and their mission was a success. Now the Warrior Guyver 2 was helping with Warrior Guyver to train the new Warrior Guyver 5 but, after a full day of training, they had turned the Training Room into the wreck room. Doctor Drake walked in and immediately yelled out his displeasure at the destruction they had caused, for a full five minutes, and when he finished, he told them they where banned from the training room. He then exited the room, leaving the Warrior Guyvers to talk about getting a new training spot. They all deactivated their armours and walked out of the room they had, um, messed up.

“Doctor Drake was really mad at us this time” remarked Jason.

“That is one of the hard things about being a Guyver, even just testing low level weapons and basic strengths, we totally F.U.B.A.R.’ed that room” explained Stephen.

“We will need a new place to test our Units.” said Lorcan glumly.

“Well Lorcan, since we can teleport, the world is our oyster and we can train just about anywhere we can think of” joked Jason.

“Then we should go to a place like the Nevada dessert where there is no one around for miles” suggested Stephen.

“Hell, we should go to Area 51 and say hello to our new dark friend the Reaper and proceed to kick each others butts.” Lorcan and Jason nodded in agreement and all three Warrior Guyvers made their way out of the base.

Elsewhere in the base, Jenny, Cori, Elera and Sean where finishing playing basketball in the gym. Elera had finally settled into the group and now all four viewed each other as good friends. This was despite the fact that Jenny could still read Elera’s dreams and lately, to Jenny’s shock, Elera could read hers as well. But instead of distancing them from each other, they had become very good friends and where now teamed together against Sean and Cori. The game ended with Sean and Cori having lost the game. The fact was that Jenny’s and Elera’s zoa-form DNA simply allowed them to run circles around their all too human opponents.

“Okay! . . The next time we play, Elera will be on my side!” declared Sean.

“Yeah right, she’ll be on my side!” declared Cori as she stuck her tongue out towards him.

“Why don’t we all team together and take on some of those army guys” said Elera, who was trying to keep the peace, though she did really know they where just joking.

“You’d love that Elera, since you have your eye on a number of them” remarked Jenny, knowing that this would insult Elera just a little.

“A girls got to live.” said Elera smiling.

They all laughed at this, it was one of the first times Elera had shown she was somewhat cheerful since the death of her uncle. Then, as they were walking out of the gym doors, they ran into the Nova Guyver twins, Sai and Keilynn. They had been going back and forth between the States and China. Now they where in the USA, looking for help to take down Chronos China, but at this moment in time they where being shown around the base and had run into Sean’s group. Sean and Cori looked at each other and smiled before looking back at the twins and said simultaneously, “Can you guys play?”. . .

Outer-Space. Between Earth and Mars.

Krullnar is thinking about the world below. There was a lot more here than meets the eye. This world had two Warrior Guyvers that his race had previously not known about at all and a race of zoa-forms that where clearly bent on destroying the Creator race. This would have to be stopped before they attacked the Core Worlds. The being he needed to fix this problem would be the Warrior Guyver. Since Krullnar and his troops where banned from going outside the test parameters. He could use the Warrior Guyver, by giving him information needed to attack Chronos and destroy their “Ark”, as they call it, which would cripple their attempt to attack the Creators before their plans could even get off the ground. Even though he is a Guyver, the Warrior Guyver’s actions should be predictable in this situation, as he is a mortal enemy of Chronos. Though some manipulation would be needed. He would need to give the Warrior Guyver a gift, something for which the council did not know of and would not expose his action to them as well, and can be used to attack Chronos. The control medal of the creator glowed as his plan came together. Soon the Kavzar would arrive with the War Relic. Using that, the Warrior Guyver would be able to destroy the Chronos space battle ship. But to insure that the War Craft would not be used against the Creators at a later date, he would have to rig a booby-trap to destroy the ship once the Warrior Guyver had completed his task. Beneath his Control Unit, what can only be described as a smile took shape on Krullnar’s alien face. . .

Elsewhere in the ship, Galen was working on his part of the mission and was linked to the clan ships sensors, gathering information about the test units. First he looked at the placebo units. These eight where just normal units, put there as a point of reference, to see if the enhanced units would out last the normal ones. So far there was not much to report as no new units had engaged lately. But now something had peeked his interest. In the Nevada Desert, about four miles from Area 51, the Warrior Guyver and Warrior Guyver 5 where now engaged in vibrational sword combat with the Warrior Guyver 2, while Reaper Guyver watched the fight.

“Hey Stephen. I wonder who will win this fight, little army boy.”

“It’s hard to tell, mercenary scum, Jason is much more familiar with the Warrior unit while Lorcan is a trained fighter and is getting to grips with his unit very quickly.”

Back inside the Clan Ship, Galen was recording his findings.

“Scans of the fight between the Warrior Guyver and the cloned Warrior unit have shown some impressive results. The vibrational swords of the clone unit have lasted against the Warrior Guyver, showing them to be of the same high standard. I will continue to observe to see if other systems are tested.”

Then, as he continued to observe, the scanners detected a Kavzar Commander flying into the region on a direct course to the three Warrior Guyvers. Galen was about to call out to Draven and Krullnar when Krullnar called out to him and Draven through the uni-mind.

“I’ve sent the Kavzar Commander to the Earth to bring the Warrior Guyver to us.”, “He is a Guyver Krullnar and not obligated to help us, he will resist the Commander and with the other Warrior Guyvers, he’ll more than likely kill him.”

“Do not worry about that Draven, I have given the Kavzar Commander orders to under no circumstances to fight the Warrior Guyver. He will only talk with him and convince him to come to the Clan Ship. The Warrior Guyver is a relatively intelligent Guyver and far from totally out of control like the Guyver 0 or Guyver Supreme were. Unlike them, he will listen to reason. He did once before when you and my deceased father Solom talked with him and sent him back to the Dark Era to kill the Guyver Zoalord. All we need to do now is convince him that this “Ark” must be destroyed. Which shouldn’t be hard considering he has had many battles with them. This will remove them as a threat to us without us needing to go outside our mission parameters”. . .

Down on Earth, the two Warrior Guyvers were still sword fighting. By now both of them had cut marks on their armours but a minute or so later and they would have healed up only for another slice to be cut out of the armour.

“Okay, enough you two, you both could keep this up till doomsday.”

“Okay Stephen , but there is nothing wrong with a good long fight. Especially when you rarely get tired. These Warrior Guyver units are fucking great for war. It will make me a fortune in the mercenary business.”. . .

“You better have enough morals, to not sell out to Chronos Lorcan, otherwise I won’t refrain from killing you.”,

“I agree totally, if you sold out to Chronos I’d kill you Jason.”

“That’s all well and good you two but if the both of you sold out, I’d be the one killing the two of you.”

“Thank you for reminding us all powerful Warrior Guy…wait, oh hell, what the fuck is that!?”

All four of the Guyvers looked at the approaching being in the sky. It looked somewhat like a green Guyver Zoalord to the Warrior Guyver and he prepared himself mentally for a very big fight, but as it got closer, he could see the silver parts of the being glow and it hit him that this thing looked like a larger version of the being that gave him the two Aceaer units. All four Guyvers extended their vibrational swords and the Reaper Guyvers scythe appeared into his hands. Warrior Guyver 2 was tempted to fight him straight away, for his resemblance to the Warrior Kavzar. The Kavzar Commander landed about ten feet away from the Guyvers and didn’t bother extending his swords, remembering the warning from Krullnar that the Warrior Guyver is not to be fought. “I am here to talk to the Warrior Guyver, not to fight!”. . .

Feral Island

The Warrior Guyver 3 is in the throne room of the temple. Since getting his new unit, Agito has been having strange dreams from when the Creators dominated the Earth. At first he put this off, thinking it was just his mind getting used to the new Unit, but the fact was that the normal Guyvers also get this in there dreams and the Guyver US once found a Relic because of this. It was only recently though that he learned to access a memory store within his Guyver unit. It contained the memories of the Creator Solom. He has since been researching these memories and it has led him here. This location in the parallel world was where Solom worked on the Warrior Unit project. But it was very different to what his unit remembered. The island had lost its centre, where the project itself was based. From what Jason and Cori had reported, some being had changed the island so no human could find it. Though this couldn’t stop someone with the power of a Warrior Guyver. Inside they had found two Guyver units. Unfortunately one had already been activated, but he was after a bigger prize. He wanted the Genesis Unit project. This was meant to be an add-on to the Warrior Unit that would give the Creator using it real power. His head sensors were constantly looking for this Creator technology but there was no hint of it. The Warrior Guyver 3 was now getting agitated but Agito knew that if he was agitated, he would probably not be able to concentrate enough to sense a Relic, if it where still living and capable of sending a weak signal. He then sat down and crossed his legs and started to relax. Going over memories of the past few days. Kron was indeed powerful. Even with the help of the Warrior Guyver 2, they where not able to defeat him and now there were reports of two Zerebubuses getting their hands on a Guyver unit. This was way too much for him and his allies and he knew this all too well. Then as his mind calmed down even more, he began to think about nothing. Moments later he sensed a massive object nearby. He knew it can only be the lost research Relic. Then under his armour, Agito smiled. His control medal lit up. He then stood up but then realized that there was over a few hundred feet of rock between him and the Relic. Knowing that he did not have an exact location to teleport too, he would have to blast his way down. Though that too was not advisable. The temple was under a few hundred feet of water and damaging its structure could bring it crumbling down and that would only make things harder. He extended his vibrational swords and shoved them into the floor and cut out a block of stone. He then picked it and flung it out of his way and continued on his way to unearth the Relic.

About an hour later, two hundred feet down and completely covered in dust, he hit pay dirt. As he touched the Relic, it opened up and let him and a few feet of rock inside it. The Relic closed off behind and the tube he was in filled with liquid. Once it had excreted the rock and dirt from the liquid, the ship let the Warrior Guyver 3 enter the rest of the way.

4 Miles from Area 51.

The Warrior Guyver 2 was arguing with the Kavzar Commander, but the Warrior Guyver wasn’t listening. The Warrior Guyver was more concerned that he didn’t know whether or not to trust this being in front of him. The Warrior Guyver 2 was ready to kill it while the creature itself did not make any aggressive moves towards them, but for some reason though, the Warrior Guyver instinctively trusted the Kavzar Commander. He sensed a strange feeling that he knew him. He got this same feeling when he met the Warrior Guyver 5, but he just could not figure out why. He had never met Lorcan before. Whether or not this effected his state of mind, he did not know, but then Warrior Guyver acted in a totally unexpected way to Warrior Guyver 2.

“Okay, that’s about as much arguing as I can take today. Kavzar Commander, lets go.”

It took a second or two for Jason’s words to sink in and the Warrior Guyver 2 replied “Are you sure you want to do this Ja.., Warrior Guyver?”

“Yes I do, what is the most that can happen, even a Guyver Zoalord has tried to kill me and my control medal has always brought me back to life.”

“You shouldn’t be so cocky Warrior Guyver, I’ve seen you die before at the hands of the Warrior Kavzar.”

“You should really engage your brains a little more before giving clues of your being here to a servant of the Creators. Anyway, I’ll see you guys later, if I need your help, I’ll contact you.”

The Warrior Guyver then flew up into the sky, closely followed by the Kavzar Commander, leaving a fuming Warrior Guyver 2, a confused Warrior Guyver 5, and a unconcerned Reaper Guyver.

The Ark, in synchronous orbit above the Chronos Arizona Base.

Kron stood in the middle of the command centre of the Ark, the massive space battleship created by lord Alkanphel. Deep inside the ship, the resurrected Natasha is working on the control medal of the first Warrior Guyver prototype unit which Kron now planned for Lord Alkanphel’s return. Together, Alkanphel and him could destroy the human Guyver forces. The Warrior Guyvers, along with the Psi-Guyver, where the only ones that posed a threat to him. With Alkanphel fully empowered, the two of them together would be unstoppable. While thinking this, he received a message from a nearby Eye of Chronos. He then took over the living satellite and through its eye he saw the Warrior Guyver flying up towards space with the Kavzar Commander. He knew that while he was capable of outer-space combat, the only other beings that could face those two, the Bio-Titans, aren’t equipped to survive in space for more than a few minutes. By himself those two could kill him. He then decided to add the Kavzar Commander to his list of beings to kill once the lord was awakened and let them fly towards the Creator fleet unmolested. Then for the first time, Kron felt a Guyver call to him. It was the Guyver 2 and he wanted to meet with Kron. . .

Then, as the Warrior Guyver and the Commander Kavzar emerged from Earth’s atmosphere, they saw the massive form of the Ark. “Chronos is your sworn enemy and yet you allow the Ark to be finished?”

“That was not intentional Warrior Guyver, the Creators did not know of this vessel until now.”

“You must know by now that they are going to attack the Creators.”

“They will fail if they do. There are countless millions of Kavzar between Earth and Creator Core Worlds.”

“How many of you are here now?”

“Five thousand.”

“Five thousand! You could wipe out Chronos now if you wanted.”

“We have been restricted by the council. They do not want us to attack Chronos. But once our mission is completed, and we have reported back to the Creators, and they have no further use for them, Chronos will be attacked and wiped out before they can become like the Grakkens.”

Warrior Guyver looked back down on Earth, then back at the Kavzar, “So where are your masters now?”

The Kavzar Commanders control crystal glowed as he sent a command somewhere into space. To the Warrior Guyvers surprise, a wormhole appeared in front of him and the Kavzar Commander. He signalled for the Warrior Guyver to follow him and then flew into the wormhole. The Warrior Guyver was very apprehensive about this. This did not stop the Kavzar Commander, who flew on ahead of him and into the worm hole. A minute or so passed and still the Warrior Guyver did not follow him. He thought to himself, “What if it was a trap?” and only now did it hit him that it could be. But if it came to a fight, he would take them all on and if he failed, his control medal would hide him in hyper space. He then shrugged his shoulders and decided what the hell and flew in. It lasted all of a second and almost as soon as he was in the wormhole that he was out and looking at a Creator space fleet. The Warrior Guyver could not help but say “Oh shit!”. The Kavzar Commander ignored the Warrior Guyver and flew on towards the Clan Ship. The Warrior Guyver flew on after him, towards a spaceship that was quite massive. Around it flew a number of smaller space crafts but even those where the size of the War Relic, which to the Warrior Guyver was massive never mind that living beast out there. Then as he got closer, he could sense all the Creator space ships calling to him. It was like they could all sense the fact he was using a Creator armour and where looking to him for input. By now he was only a mile or two away from the Clan Ship and was flying over a Creator war ship. Warrior Guyver could sense Kavzar and Aceaer troops within the ship below. If only they where here to destroy Chronos. It would only take them a day or two at the most and Chronos would be finished. All he’d have to do is convince the Creators on board to disobey their leaders. Which he really doubted would happen but that would not stop him from trying. By now he was so close to the ship that he could no longer see the ends of the ship and could clearly make out dozens of Kavzar and Aceaer Cast warrior flying around outside of the massive ship. A number of which now flew towards him.

“They better not be coming to attack me or you’ll be first to go Commander!”

“They are only here for the Creators protection from you?”

“From me?”

“You are a Guyver, almost every Guyver encountered by the Creators has tried to kill them.”

“I saved their butts from the Guyver Zoalord before you where even thought of Kavzar.”

“We all know of that battle Warrior Guyver. It is the most celebrated event in our history. The day a Guyver Zoalord was destroyed against all odds and because of a weapon built into your armour, allowing it to redirect gravity attacks. Something the Creators have not been able to rebuild since, until now.”

“That unit we call the Warrior Guyver 5, it looks almost identical to mine apart from the fact it is yellow!”

“That is the unit.”

“Wait a second, how do you know so much, you are just one of their soldiers?”

“Because you are no longer talking to the Kavzar, Warrior Guyver.”

“Okay then, who am I talking to?”

“I am Krullnar, the son of the Creator Solom.”

“Where are you?”

“I am inside the Clan Ship you are flying towards, do not worry about my warriors that are flying towards you. They will only escort you to me.”

The control crystal of the Kavzar Commander glowed as the Creator gave control of that body back to the Kavzar Commander. The Warrior Guyver could almost sense the Creator giving up that control and he wondered if his mental abilities where improved, could he do the same? . . .

Washington DC, Anti-Chronos HQ

The Warrior Guyver 2 and the Warrior Guyver 5 teleported into the gym. In front of them, six people were playing a game of basketball but stopped as soon as they noticed the two Warrior Guyvers. Jenny turned to look at the two Guyvers and immediately noticed the fact that Jason wasn’t there. The two Guyver then deactivated their armour just before Jenny asked, “Where’s Jason?”

Stephen stepped forward as he said, “He left while we where training with a thing called the Kavzar Commander?”

“What the hell is that and why did it want my brother?”

“It is a servant of the Creators and they want to meet your brother.”

“Is he going to be safe there?”

“He should be, but you know your brother, he’s stubborn when he makes up his mind, he decided he was going and left with that Creator thing.”

Jenny was still not sure of the situation but responded with an “Okay.”

Trying to calm her down, Stephen went on to say, “Don’t worry Jenny, Jason is a very good fighter, if they attack him, he will win.”

“For your sake chosen one, I hope he is.”

“Chosen one?”

“Yes, we all know you are the General’s favourite Guyver!”

“That’s bullshit. We are all treated the same Jenny.”

“Yeah right, you never see the General dishing it out to you.”

“That’s because I don’t make mistakes and give Chronos my units god damn secrets!”

“Whoa! Are you saying I’m a mistake?!?”

“No, I did not!”

“You said Jason makes mistakes, we all know you army bastards think that when Jason saved me, it was a mistake.”

“Okay, yes, technically it was, Jason gave up his units secrets to save you, something he should have never have given to Chronos.”

“You are an asshole Stephen. No wonder things are fucked up for you, you saw us die in your world so as far as your concerned we might as well already be dead here.”

“Fuck you zoa bitch.”

“Make me you mindless piece of army shit.”

“Trust me I’m going to enjoy this you abomination. GUYVER!”

To the shock of everyone, the Warrior Guyver 2 unit wrapped around Stephen. In response Jenny summoned her armour and when into her full Psi-Guyver mode. Then the Warrior Guyver 2 ran towards her and, in an attempt to stop this from totally getting out of hand, Cori went in between them. Cori didn’t like the way things where going at all and tried to clam down the situation, “Calm down the two of you, no one is going to win here.”, but Stephen was beyond listening and told her to get out of his way and ran towards Jenny, who was behind Cori. Cori quickly realized that Stephen was so pissed off that, even in his armour, he was about to run over her. Rather than let herself be crushed, she summoned her own armour. The blast field quickly surrounded her as it blasted the Warrior Guyver 2 away from her and into a wall. Lorcan then summoned his own unit. The Warrior Guyver 5 then round house kicked Battle Guyver in the gut, knocking her into the Psi-Guyver, who caught her and stopped her fall. “You are not going to gang up on him.” He then felt a Guyver flying towards him through his head sensors and turned around to see a foot flying into his face as the Guyver US fly kicked him, sending him into the wall beside the Warrior Guyver 2. The Warrior Guyver 2 and 5 stood up and looked at each other and then at Guyver US, Battle Guyver and Psi-Guyver. They knew this was getting way out of hand and could only end badly. “Lorcan, we are leaving!” “Yes, this will only turn out like crap. Let’s go back to Nevada.” With that said, the two Guyvers teleported away. Cori and Sean deactivated their armours and behind them the Nova Guyvers hosts wondered what the hell was happening. Jenny was upset by all this and she too teleported away. If they continued like this, they could all blow it. In a corner of the gym, a control medal shimmered a little, revealing for only a second that the Shadow Guyver was there and had observed everything that occurred, but no one had noticed a thing. He then quietly left the building, knowing Lord Kron would find his report most interesting. . .

The Ark, Orbiting Earth over the Arizona Base.

Natasha was working hard on the control medal. It was hard working inside a spaceship full of breathable liquid but the living device that had repaired the control medals of the Guyver 2 and Guyver Zoanoid was now being used to rebuild the Warrior prototype unit. Her job was almost done now and she had discovered something that she wanted to know for herself. Why did Solom abandon this unit? It seems it was for a number of reasons, after comparing it with the working prototype used by the present day Warrior Guyver. She reasoned that different sections of the c-medal had different tasks in the present c-medal used on the Warrior Guyver, the c-medal had redundant parts and each item was copied four times. But when running properly, the four co-processors of the c-medal would act as one, making it extremely powerful. This allowed the c-medal to do complex tasks easily, which was why the Warrior Guyver was so powerful. But in the c-medal that was going to be used for Alkanphel, there was only one processor. Solom must have thought of the four processor deign at a later stage and then simply left this unit to rot. It had only one main processor, an incomplete one at that, and from what she understood this meant that it would not be able to enhance the power of Alkanphel’s full power level in it present state. So the Unit will not give him the full power of a Guyver Zoalord but maybe after a number of years of constant research, she and her team would be able to get it fully working but it would never be on a par with the Warrior Guyvers unit. But this was not something to worry about. Alkanphel was a lot more powerful host than Jason, with the unit, Alkanphel would be finally able to heal the damage done to him by the Creators all those millions of years ago. This was the real goal of this project. Just get Alkanphel in shape for the coming war against the Creators. He would have no chance against a Kavzar Commander in his present condition. Something Alkanphel did not know of and still did not, but he would be back soon and with the unit, Alkanphel will once again become the most powerful being on Earth. So important was this that Kron wanted him awakened as soon as the unit is ready. Kron, being the new guy in charge while Alkanphel was asleep. Natasha had to admit to herself that she did like Kron. He was powerful and had kept Chronos afloat over the past few months. He’d combated the Warrior Guyvers on two occasions and won against them but even with all his power he was not able to help her mate. He was consumed by Aptom and the resulting battle with Kron ended with her almost dying. But she would have her revenge soon, Kron promised her that when he has the opportunity, he would kill Aptom once and for all.

Her mind now went back to work. Apart from standard Guyver functions like control of the Unit-G, so it would not go rouge, the c-medal of this unit would also have to bring in certain Guyver powers for it to be effective. The first and most important was the healing potential of the unit. She had managed to rebuild this, allowing the unit to be half as effective as the standard unit for healing. That was not as bad as it sounded. This meant that if only the c-medal was left of lord Alkanphel, he would be rebuilt. It would only take a day or two and he would be back. Next was the HSL link. This system would feed Alkanphel energy directly from hyper-space. But again it was not really enough for the Zoalord. Unlike the Warrior Guyver, he could still get tired in a long battle where he was constantly using high level energy attacks along with shielding attacks on himself. But if he rested, the HSL system would bring him back up to full power very quickly. The next was the vibrational sword weapon. This was of the same standard as the Warrior Guyvers, giving Alkanphel excellent hand-to-hand combat weapons. Next was the control medal itself. She had managed to get the shielding systems of the control medal to work, as well as the body shield system. Apart from that, nothing else on this Guyver Unit worked and she really wondered why Alkanphel favoured it over even a standard unit. But it did not take her long. Alkanphel looked at the big picture. In a number of years the unit would be greater than that of the standard Unit-G. To ensure this, she had designed a device within this room that would remove this unit off Alkanphel if he commanded it too. This would only work for him and would be necessary for upgrades and if they ever found a better unit. But one thing was for sure. This would not be able to remove the unit of the Warrior Guyver as his deactivation codes still remained a mystery and could not be revealed even by the scanner made by Valkus himself.

Now that she was happy with the unit, it was time to test it and the deactivation system. Chronos though was well prepared for this. A near human test subject was heavily reprocessed and was now basically a walking vegetable. Beside Natasha stood Sasha, a female Proto-Zoalord. She commanded him to stand in front of the unit and then commanded the Ark to open up the pod holding the unit. The unit stayed still and did not activate. Sasha was already well briefed on this and commanded the test subject to pick up the unit. This finally activated the unit. Sasha then commanded the Ark to teleport her and Natasha back down to Earth.

Natasha looked around. They had teleported to a small town in Texas. It was the one that Jason, the host of the Warrior Guyver, was born. Natasha wanted to see where Jason once lived so she could better understand the him and also his sister Jenny. This was granted by Chronos high command, even though now the town was officially under control of the USA Free States, as there was no one around for miles. No one would notice two humanoids in the town. Under her breath Sasha whispered “Home sweet home.”

“What did you say?”


“Okay, I think that is Jason’s house over there Sasha.”

“Are you sure this is safe?”

“We only scanned the place five minutes ago. There is no one around for miles.”

Sasha was ahead of Natasha and forced the front door of the house in. With the power of a Proto-Zoalord, even in her human form, it was almost too easy. They then entered the house.

“It should be only ten more minutes before the Unit-G is no longer in self-defence mode. That is how long we have here.”

“I know that already Sasha.”

They both now made their way towards what Chronos suspected to be Jason’s room. “What are you looking for?”

“Something that will give Chronos insight into the host.”

“Like a diary?”

“Yes.”, said Natasha as they where walking up the stairs, Sasha then sees a sign saying ‘Jennifer’s Room’.

“What about the so called Psi-Guyver?”

“What about her?” replied the women herself. The two Chronos agents looked up to see the Psi-Guyver walk out of her bed room.

“What the fuck are you doing in my house Sasha?”

“Sorry, I can’t tell you that Jenny.”

“Since we where once friends, I’ll let you and that other woman out without killing you.”

“You know I could summon Kron and he would defeat you.”

“But then you would lose what you are looking for in the resulting battle between him, me and whatever Guyvers I feel like calling in to help me. I suggest you go, NOW!”

“You are right Jenny, we will go.”

Sasha and Natasha turned around and left the house. Natasha turned to Sasha and asked “Are you going to contact Chronos Command?”

“What use would that be? We might as well wait until later, until she is gone, and then get your information. Anyway Kron has ordered that no one is to attack the Guyvers on USA Free State soil.”

“I agree. Where to now?”

“We might as well have a look around this ghost town. You know I once heard that when Chronos attacked world wide that Alkanphel himself attacked this town and did not let any zoanoid near it. I was away from town that day. When I returned, the place was like this.”

“A ghost town?”

“Yup, apart from all the people being gone, the town church was destroyed.”

“The town church?”

“Yeah, Alkanphel supposedly destroyed it on Jason’s wedding day. Killing everyone there. Jason somehow got out with only a few bruises to find the church destroyed and all the towns people gone.”

“How do you know this?”

“I was returning back to town that day from high school with my farther. He discovered Jason in the rubble.”

“Do you know the family well?”

“Not really, Jenny was a year or two behind me in school so I only knew her from when I occasionally saw her. I didn’t talk with her much, but I guess she has talked with Jason and knows that my family saved her brother.”

“I’ll talk with you more about this later. Lets get back to the Ark, I’d say our test subject would be ready now.”

Sasha changed into her proto Zoalord form. Her zoa-crystal glowed as it commanded the Ark, over a hundred miles above them, to teleport them back into the test laboratory. The lab itself was completely in one piece. Their stood their test subject, who was totally unaware that he was now a Guyver. They then waited for the test subjects mind to follow its programming and command the ship to remove the unit. The crystal in the top of the room glowed as it sent a light into the control medal of the unit. Two seconds later, it had reformed into a dormant Unit-G, ready for use. Natasha and Sasha both smiled, knowing that their hard work would be rewarded by the Chronos Elite. Sasha sent out a signal to Valkus and Kron, that they where ready for the return of Lord Alkanphel. . .

The hidden island of Silha

Guyver 2 and Kron stood side by side as they walked towards the temple. Both of them did not like the idea of being near the other and it was clear that they did not get along since Kron was put into command. “You have never liked me Risker, why have you summoned me here?”

“I have news that concerns the very near future of Chronos and you my lord.”

“Never mind that, how do you know of this island? Only the twelve lords and I know of it!”

“Alkanphel last stand against the Warrior Guyvers will be here in two months time. He brought the Guyver Zoanoid and me here to protect him while he slept.”

“What do you mean will be here?”

“Do you know what happened to me just before your arrival?”

“There was a fight between the Cyber Guyver Green and the Warrior Guyver. In the resulting battle you where almost killed when your unit was merged with the Cyber Guyver Green’s. You where rescued by an unknown thing that is rumoured to be called the ‘Matrix’.”

“You are right, that Guyver was in fact me. Or should I say me in thirty years time. By which time Chronos is long gone. Chronos will start to fall from zero hundred hours tonight, when the Warrior Guyver attacks the Ark with a War Relic. The destruction of which sees you dead and Alkanphel without his unit. Chronos starts to fall apart from then on. There’s simply too many Anti-Chronos rebel Guyvers for Lord Alkanphel to deal with.”

“What do you think we should do then?”

“Wake lord Alkanphel and give him his unit now. Then the two of you trap the Warrior Guyver and attack him together as he attacks the Ark!”

“If we should strike now and destroy that ship?”

“We would not stand a chance. Shadow Guyver discovers the fact two days from now that the ship was being kept by the Creators and there is a large war fleet there protecting them.”

“How big?”

“They could destroy Chronos now if they wanted too.”

“And you have seen all this.”

“Yes my lord.”

“Then we better make sure that history does not repeat itself.”

“At this moment in time Valkus will be looking at the new unit, after a successful test with a test drone human. He wants to make sure that it will work on Alkanphel. He will be testing it for hours.”

“Valkus does not realize that time is against him. Are you sure that the unit is ready for Alkanphel?”

“I am sure of that. I know that later tonight, when Alkanphel prepares to merge with it, it is destroyed before he is fully bio-boosted, by the Warrior Guyver. It must be ready or else Valkus would not have passed it.”

“I hope for your sake it is ready. It is time to wake up Lord Alkanphel.”

Outer-Space. Between Earth and Mars.

The Clan Ship of the Creators opens up to greet the Warrior Guyver. As he fly’s into it, only the Kavzar Commander follows him in. Once inside the ship, the Warrior Guyver could now feel the presence of the three Creators on board. Two of them where familiar to him. Galen and Draven where here on this ship. Maybe he could convince them to attack Chronos. After five minutes of floating through the giant ship and many walls that simply opened up to let him through, the Warrior Guyver entered the main command room. Another Commander Kavzar was floating between two large control medals, he was more than likely piloting the giant ship and around him stood the Creators. He recognized Draven and Galen but the other Creator was a mystery. In some ways he reminded him of Solom but he did not sense that he was Solom.

“Welcome to the Clan Ship Warrior Guyver, I am Krullnar, the son of the Creator Solom.”

“Hello Krullnar, Draven and Galen.” The other Creators just nodded their heads.

“Let us not waste any time. You are engaged in a war against the forces of zoa-forms called Chronos. They are preparing for an attack on my race and we cannot allow that.”

“So you guys are going to attack them?”

“No we are forbidden to act outside the test.”

“Okay, does that means you can attack them after this test of yours?”

“We do not know Warrior Guyver, we have to finish our tests first then report to the council with our finding and a status report of the situation on Earth. It will be up to them what to do next. Be we do not want to wait until then, the fact is we may not be permitted to attack them but you can do as you feel.”

“You want me to attack Chronos?”

“To be more precise, the space vessel that they have built.”

“Even with the other Warrior Guyvers we would not stand a chance, Kron is there. With his firepower, together with the Ark and any other zoa-forms nearby, they would defeat us.”

“We do not expect you to do it alone. We are in the middle of bringing back the War Craft designed to work with you. Using it, you could destroy the Ark.”

The Warrior Guyver thought for a second or two about this. What did he really have to lose? Nothing what so ever. He had it all to gain. “I will do it. But first I’ve a few questions.”

“And we have some for you. I propose a sharing of information.”

“Agreed. Those new Guyvers, are they the test?”

“Yes they are, eight are the true test subjects and eight others are standard Unit-G. Now my turn. Where did those two Warrior Guyvers come from?”

“Well one came from an alternative reality. I don’t know much about it, just that their was more than one Warrior Guyver and he brought a dormant unit with him.”

“I suspected as much.”

“I want access to the Warrior Guyver project.”

“You want to see the progress from the standard Unit-G to what you have today? Why do you want to know this?”

“There are a number of units that I’ve come in contact with that have powers like my own. I need to know if there are anything else I should be looking out for.”

“Did any of these test units have the shielding that you use?”

“One was able to redirect gravity attacks like me, but his unit seemed to feed off other people.”

“That must have been the prototype made just before yours. The HSL must have failed to activate but the life-force backup would have activated to replace that power by draining it from other living beings.”

“You mean I’d be like that if my HSL didn’t work?”

“Yes, you would and to force you to feed on other enemies, the unit would fill you with rage against them.”

“Then that unit must be destroyed. Who knows how much destruction he has caused.”

“I will make a deal with you Warrior Guyver. You bring me that unit and you can have another Aceaer.”

The Warrior Guyver knew that a working Aceaer would be a lot more useful than a broken Warrior unit. But did not want to be the one to choose this. He did not like the Life Force Guyver and wanted him dead but could he trust the unit with the Creators? They did destroy the Earth where Warrior Guyver 2 came from. “I will have to clear it first with my leader. If he gives me the okay, then I will capture him for you. Now your turn, I want details on the project.”

“It would take too long to go into the Warrior Guyver project. Look at the control medal up there and command it to show you what you need to know about the project.”

The control medal of the Warrior Guyver shined as Jason pointed his head upwards. A beam of light shot down and hit his control medal, right in the middle. A second later and it was like Jason was in another world.

Before him stood the Guyver 0. He was just reborn. The host seemed afraid and to the shock of the Creator Solom, he was a Guyver. When the unit had activated on the new Creator host, it reformed him into this before him. But the Guyver 0 did not attack the Creator and was rather placid. This gave the Creator an idea. What if they could make a more controllable Guyver? The Guyver was powerful and if it could be controlled, it would be an army to fear and easy to produce. Solom decided there and then to start an army based on the Guyver. But their was one main problem. Only humanity had shown the Guyver effect. Solom collected a group of the top Creator minds, together they reached an agreement with the council to start the Warrior Unit project. They would divide into small groups of Creators that would work on their own projects. The best of which would become the main fighting force for the Creators. For over one hundred thousand years, all sides worked on their units. The first fully working Battle Guyver was created a number of years into the project. Called ‘Guyver Supreme’, it proved to be the first success. But had one major flaw. It was still a Guyver. All of them had this common trait, they would all become Guyver if something like a human used the unit. This turned out to be the main stumbling block of the projects. It would remain almost the biggest stumbling block until the Creator Krullnar joined his father. He designed the first Kavzar but it was weak and in a battle test was defeated by the Guyver 0. Solom designed a unit for the Warrior project that would use hyper space energy for powering its shielding systems. It beat the Guyver 0 in its test but failed against the Guyver Supreme. Later advances, by his father Solom, forced him to make a new unit called ‘Battle Guyver’ which used the Hyper Space Link more effectively. This unit had very advanced shielding systems and was also powered by this energy system. It out lasted the Guyver Supreme in a battle and then defeated him. Two other groups of Creators then joined Solom’s team. They brought with them the ‘Turbo Unit’ which could double a Guyvers fighting powers and the ‘Shadow Unit’, this could make itself appear as anything it wanted to as well as cloak itself so well that no other unit could detect it. The first attempt in trying to merge these units together failed. With not enough power behind the control medal, none of the prototypes were stable and either exploded from their own power or the HSL failed to activate at all. By this time the Creators had arrived back on Earth. To the surprise of the Creators, now some one hundred thousand years later, humanity had survived their attempt to kill them, how was a mystery but Alkanphel was suspected of saving them. But he could not be found. The Guyver 0, now on Earth, started to act more Guyver like and resisted being used in experiments, along with the Guyver Supreme. It was decided that they must be disposed of but the Creators still had use for them and decided to wait until the end of their project. While on Earth, the Creators still feared the Guyvers going out of control and killing them, but the Kavzar were still too weak. They would have to rely on a trusted design. A number of Creators captured a tribe of humans. Days later an army of Zoalords where created. Lead by the zoalord ‘Zeugma’. She was the replacement for the zoalord Alkanphel. Her second in command was the zoalord ‘Kron’, who was her mate before being turned into a Zoalord. For the next two hundred years, Solom worked at combining the three projects. Finally he succeeded and created the first Warrior Unit. Not only did it have Guyver properties that made it extremely powerful but the unit was designed to work on a creator, giving the host near Guyver level powers. All that was left was for him to test the unit and then, with the help of his son, design a Kavzar version for the army of the Creators. But this plan was doomed to failure. The council of the Creators had moved to Earth to over see the final days of what was becoming their most important creation. But they where horrified by the presence of so many Guyvers. A remover was made that was capable of taking off the units of all the Guyvers created and given to Zeugma. Her first mission was to capture the units of the Guyver 0 and Guyver Supreme. But they had heard the councils debate through their units and escaped the Creators camp. While Zeugma and Kron hunted the missing Guyvers, a Creator had accidentally let a Zoalord merge with a slightly modified Unit-G. This had drastic consequences for all the other Guyver projects. The Guyver Zoalord killed his Creator and then went on a rampage, destroying any being that could stand in his way. By now Zeugma and Kron had removed the unit of the Guyver Supreme and had killed its host, but had lost the Guyver 0. Before they could find him, they where recalled from their task and given a new one. To remove the unit off the Guyver Zoalord. Zeugma was the only zoalord alive that had the power to stand against the Guyver Zoalord for any length of time. Zeugma and Kron easily found the Guyver Zoalord. Zeugma immediately used her most powerful attack. Her body glowed as she channelled all her energy into a massive blast. Behind her stood Kron with the enhanced remover. The Guyver Zoalord just floated in the air and waited for Zeugma. Zeugma crashed into the Guyver Zoalord who easily shielded Zeugma’s most powerful attack. The Guyver Zoalord held the zoalord leader and when her attack died down, the Guyver Zoalord sent a massive bolt of lighting through the Zoalords body. Zeugma’s body could not handle this and the zoalord collapsed to the ground. The Guyver Zoalord then fired his head beam through the zoalord’s heart, blowing apart most of her chest and killing her. Kron stood their with the Supreme Unit in hand. Before he got a chance to even think about activating the unit, Kron too had his heart blown apart as the enhanced zoa-crystal beam blasted out through his back. Kron and Zeugma where left there to rot. The Guyver Zoalord picked up the unit, ripped the remover off Kron’s arm, and flew off. The Guyver Zoalord now headed for the Council ship but, just before he got to them, he was then attacked by a large group of zoalords. The combine force of their attacks, forced the powerful being to drop the remover and the dormant unit. The unit landed in a mountain range that the Warrior Guyver recognized. It was the one where he found Faye. But unknown to the Guyver Zoalord, the Guyver 0 had being following him. He captured the remover but could not find the dormant unit. Before he was noticed by the Guyver Zoalord, the Guyver 0 flew away with the remover. One Zoalord had noticed this and followed the Guyver 0 as he escaped. The Guyver Zoalord was then faced in a mighty battle by the Zoalord and Zoanoids. They where joined by the future visitor using the Warrior Guyver. The result of which was the destruction of the Guyver Zoalord but not without the cost of many zoa-forms, Creators and Guyvers. The Warrior Guyver escaped with a normal Guyver, leaving the rest to get their units removed. Once removed the human hosts ran away. By that time the Zoalord chasing the Guyver 0 had finally manage to confront him near the North Pole as the Guyver tried to escape in a Relic. They had engaged in a number of battles which never resulted in a winner. But the Guyver 0 was out classed. In their final battle the Guyver 0 managed to catch him in a full mega-smash that finally destroyed the Zoalord but the blast had also damaged the ship and caused it to crash into a wall of ice. The resulting explosion covered the remains of the Relic in snow and ice. The Guyver 0 was never found.

The Warrior Guyvers eyes and control medal shined as he disconnected from the ship.

“Did you see what you wanted?”


“Have you decided?”

“I will talk with my leaders before attacking Chronos or the Life-Force Guyver.”

“I will give you one of your hours to decide Warrior Guyver. Talk to those you need to talk with and give me your decision.”

“I will be back soon Krullnar.”

Some five minutes later, Jason is back on the base with his unit deactivated. He arrives into the gym where Jenny had said that she and the others would be playing basketball. But she is no where to be seen, the only one there is a man looking at a wall with two craters in it. Jason walked towards him and noticed that the shapes where that of a humanoid. Their must have been a fight. As Jason stands there looking at the craters, his unit activates without his command. As the blast field surrounds him a gravity ball hits it. The Warrior Guyver then jumped in front of the work man and turned around to see no attacker. The workman ran for it as two Guyvers appeared in front of the Warrior Guyver. One was Shadow Guyver and the other was a complete unknown but was blue and female in shape.

“Hello Warrior Guyver, I’m called Zygote Guyver and I am here to test my abilities against yours.”

“You two must be crazy to come here lady, but since you are with him, your not going to be tested, just killed.”

“We will see.”

The Shadow Guyver disappeared and Zygote Guyver extended her forward vibrational swords. The Warrior Guyver extended his swords and walked towards her, sending out a call to the Psi-Guyver, Warrior Guyver 2, and Warrior Guyver 5 as he did. He told the Warrior Guyver 2 to head to the General, while Psi-Guyver and Warrior Guyver 5 come to help him. There was no way he was going to get into a battle against an unknown Guyver in the middle of Washington DC. The damage to the city could be immense and with their help, she would be gone soon.

“Go now and take that scum Shadow Guyver with you.” As he said that the Warrior Guyver 5, along with the Psi-Guyver, teleported into the gym.

“I should have known you would need help to defeat me.”

“I don’t need their help to beat you. I’ll give you all the fight you want!”

“You guys, the Shadow Guyver is in the base, kill him and I’ll take care of this Guyver.”

The gravity controller of the Warrior Guyver glowed as he flew up through the roof of the gym, closely followed by the Zygote Guyver, blasting her way through the roof. She quickly caught up with the Warrior Guyver and his sensors gave him a warning that she was in fact more powerful than him. Now knowing this, the Warrior Guyver wanted to test the Zygote Guyver to see in what way was she more powerful. But he knew that he was still too close to the city and accelerated towards the city’s edge, forcing the Zygote Guyver to follow him. Back inside the base, Psi-Guyver and Warrior Guyver 5 where still chasing ghosts. The Shadow Guyver was simply evading them. They could have gone by him one hundred times by now and not found him. Inside the general’s office, the Warrior Guyver 2 was relaying a real-time update on what the other three Guyvers where doing. He knew from his files that the Shadow Guyver would be impossible to catch now so he thought of the vital places of his base that needed guarding. He then ordered Warrior Guyver 2 to send Psi-Guyver to Drakes lab and left Warrior Guyver 5 to search the base. Six floors below ground level was the prison section of the Anti-Chronos base. This was used for holding non-zoanoid prisoners. Five Blue armoured marines guarded them, leaving the human prisoners no chance of an easy escape. But this part of the base was designed with humans in mind and not stopping a Guyver. The five armoured marines stopped and saluted the figure of General Carter as he walked towards them. As the sergeant walked towards him a head beam shot out from the General’s head. The armour proved useless as the beam shot right through the armoured marines chest like a hot knife through butter. Before the other four could even get a call out for help, the Shadow Guyver had killed them. The control medal glowed as the Shadow Guyver sent out a signal of his position. Almost immediately the air in front of him warped as the form of Destrol and the Female Guyver 2 appeared.

“You wanted me to call you once I’d located him my lord.”

“Yes I did, where are we?”

“The Washington DC Anti-Chronos base.”

“Let’s proceed towards the target.”

The Shadow Guyver went on ahead of Destrol and Female Guyver 2. In each cell was a normal person screaming their loyalty to Chronos and begging to be released. This sickened Destrol. He hated those that begged. He felt like killing them but the fact their freedom was taken from them was enough for him. They would not get their freedom from the Zoalord. Thirty floors above them, the Warrior Guyver 2’s head sensors where going crazy. He could sense the Zoalord.

“General, There is a zoalord here within this building.”

“Oh my God.”

The Warrior Guyver 2 called to Warrior Guyver. The Warrior Guyver informed him of the Zygote Guyver. Quickly the Warrior Guyver 2 saw the fact that they had just been tricked into splitting their forces so whoever this zoalord was could get into the base, but why? Apart from wanting to kill them what else could he want. Anyway this was beside the point. Being here was enough. He turned to the General, who seemed to already know what he was going to ask and nodded his head in approval. The Warrior Guyver 2 then left the General and teleported away. Down in the Prison section, the Shadow Guyver had found what they where after. The prisoner Martin Jacob’s. Martin did not have a clue why they where after him, if anything, he was one of their enemies. He and the Grakken Race had kept Chronos out of Area 51. Maybe he wanted to kill him? At least that would relieve his boredom. Destrol ripped the steel bars off Martins cell like their they where putty. Then reached in and grabbed the jail uniform of Martins lifting him, up off the ground, and out of the cell. The Warrior Guyver 2 teleported right in front of all three of them. He fired all three of his head lasers towards Martin, knowing exactly who he was. Destrol did not want his prize being killed and activated a shield around him and Martin, shielding the three beams.

“You are too late Warrior Guyver 2!”

With that said the Destrol left the Anti-Chronos base with Martin and the Shadow Guyver. About one hundred miles away, Zygote Guyver stopped chasing the Warrior Guyver. She knew her job was done and now flew back towards Chronos air-space. The Warrior Guyver stopped. He then realized that she must not have the ability to teleport. This would be the turning point he needed. The Warrior Guyver judged the position of the Zygote Guyver and teleported only a few feet in front of her. Before she had a chance to react the Warrior Guyver had his blast field surrounding him. The Zygote Guyver, for all her power, could not stop in time and slammed off his shields. She had managed to put her hands in front of her control medal, which saved it from the damaging effects of the Warrior Guyvers shielding. As the Zygote Guyver fell down towards the ground, Zoalord Imakarum teleported in below her and held onto her, stopping her fall. Right beside him was the Powered Guyver Zerebubuse.

“You think I’m scared of that over powered pile of shit?”

But Imakarum was strangely not in a fighting mood “You will not find out today Warrior Guyver.”

He too teleported away with the two Guyvers, leaving behind a confused Warrior Guyver. Warrior Guyver waited around for five or so minutes, just in case they came back. But they did not return. He called out to his sister, once he knew where she, he then teleported back to the base. When he arrived in the training room his sister was engaged in a argument with the Warrior Guyver 5 and it was getting to the stage that they where about to hit each other. The Warrior Guyver 2 was there but he was not making any effort to stop the argument.

“What the fuck is going on here?”

“That bastard Lorcan has accused me of betraying us to Chronos!”

“What gives you the right to say that you dip shit? You’ve only been here for a few days!”

“She is a zoa-form, they all think alike.”

“You fucking bastard!”

By this time Warrior Guyver 2 had noticed that General Carter was standing there. looking at this all going to hell. “That is enough! Lorcan apologise to Jenny and Jason now.”

“Fuck you, you weak pile of human shit. Stephan and I should be running the show here, we are the strongest.”

“Hey, you are way over stepping your mark there you mercenary pile of shit.”

“So you are going against me as well.” Warrior Guyver 5 then teleported away from the ACTF Base.

As usual, Faye had left the base. She could not stand the new Guyvers. Starfire was the only one of the new Guyvers that could get close to her. But even that had proved hard. Faye was a definite loaner and if not for the fact Keilynn was in Guyver mode, she would not have found her. Keilynn liked being around Faye, she was simple in her views on life. Eat, kill your enemies and then sleep. Unlike those other Guyvers in the US base. They had too many shades of grey and the fact a lot of the ‘new’ Guyvers where ex-mercenaries made things worse. Faye also disliked the whole lot of them. Especially the Warrior Guyver 5. He had been very aggressive towards Faye. Starfire also hated Warrior Guyver 5. He and her brother had almost come to blows against him. She got a bad feeling when ever she was around him. It was like he was plotting something and was testing each Guyver that was in any way powerful. As she was thinking this, she saw the head sensors on Faye’s unit move. She had sensed something. Then as Starfire got closer, she too sensed a Guyver. She looked up to see the Warrior Guyver 5 above Faye.

The hidden island of Silha

Kron and Guyver 2 had arrived at Alkanphel’s Temple. Kron had found out about this place from the mind of Imakarum and Valkus. Imakarum himself was healed here after his defeat at the hands of the Gigantic Dark. They where like an open book to him. But how the hell did Guyver 2 find out about this place? It was clear now that he knew of the place but what would happen in the future that led him to know of this place. Only the top Chronos people knew of it. They where now near the centre of the temple and a large stone door with the symbol of the Creators was on it. At the point where Kron was, only two feet away from the door, it opened up before him. He, and the Guyver two, walked in to see Alkanphel still asleep in a bio-tube in the centre of the room. Kron then sent a telepathic signal to the sleeping Zoalord to please wake up. Alkanphel immediately opened his eyes to look at Kron and Guyver 2 outside of the bio-tube. He then simple floated out of the tube, which opened around his form to let him out. Alkanphel stood there and he was clearly annoyed. “Why have you two awoken me so soon?”. . .

3 Miles from the Main Washington ACTF Base.

The Warrior Guyver 5 opened up his right mega-smasher and pointed it down at Faye. She immediately took flight, then flew up into the air as the mega-smasher blast hit off the ground. Three miles away, in the ACTF base, they could all feel the ground rumble form the mega-smasher blast. At the same time Faye, who knew full well that she did not stand a chance against the Warrior Guyver 5, called to the Warrior Guyver to help her. She then activated her Aceaer unit over her Guyver and flew straight for the Warrior Guyver 5. Aceaer Faye extended her plasma vibrational swords as the Warrior Guyver 5 extended his forward ones and flew towards her. They both fought sword to sword but after all of ten seconds Aceaer Faye found her swords cut off her unit. As the Warrior Guyver 5 was about to make the killing blow, he detected Starfire flying towards him at high speed. Before she could get to him, he had activated his body shield letting the Nova Guyver slam right off it and fall down two hundred feet towards the ground. But before she impacted with the ground, the Warrior Guyver 2 arrived out from nowhere and caught her. Warrior Guyver himself teleported in-between Aceaer Faye and the Warrior Guyver 5.

“You are mine now Lorcan.”

“You’d think that Jason.”

On the both sides of the Warrior Guyver 5, the air warped as the Reaper Guyver and the Lostude and Edutsol Guyvers teleported beside him.
“Together we will rule this planet” Declared the Warrior Guyver 5 and he then teleported away with his group of Guyvers. Warrior Guyver was fuming and tried to sense where he teleported to but could not.

“That bastard, when I find him I’m going to kill him.”

Five minutes later, Warrior Guyver, Warrior Guyver 2, Psi-Guyver, Faye, Guyver US, Battle Guyver, Starfire and Nova Blaze where standing around the round table in the ‘War Room’. General Carter was sitting at the head of the table and was looking directly at the Guyvers.

“We where attacked on two sides today my fiends. Lorcan and his group are now considered our enemies. Reports from Florida have said that the four Guyvers there have gone missing. I suspect that they too have joined Lorcan and his group. I’ve alerted The Canadian forces about the possibility of the mercenary Guyvers up there going against them. As you all know Martin has been captured by Chronos. He was behind those robots that the Grakken used and has knowledge of the dimensional coupler energy system. He will have to be taken out, but most important of all is this! Jason has met the Creators. They have requested that he destroy the Ark and are willing to give him the War Relic to use against the Ark. This is a chance we can not miss. Stephen, Jenny you two are the most powerful Guyvers here. I’d like you to join Jason when he gets the War Relic. Together you three will destroy the Ark, hopefully killing a number of their Zoalords along the way. This will be our most important mission ever. While they are gone, the others with stay here to guard the base in case we are attacked. You all have your orders. Jason, Stephan and Jenny, please make your way to Krullnar now, before he loses patience and calls this whole thing off. I’ll get the army ready as I suspect Chronos will attack us as soon as the Ark is destroyed in revenge. If they do, Jason attack the Arizona Base with the War Relic and level it.”

They all shouted “Yes sir!” then the Warrior Guyver, Warrior Guyver 2 and Psi-Guyver teleported out of the base and into the vastness of space. This was the first time Psi-Guyver had been in the vacuum of outer-space and she really liked the idea. Talking through her unit, she contacted Jason, “This is amazing. You never said we could do this!”

“I thought you knew of this. Remember when Cori was rescued from the Grakken space ship?”

“I was told you escaped in the spaceship you stole from Chronos?”

“Yeah, we did but we flew into it, no teleporting at all. I thought Cori would have told you the story of her rescue by now?”

“No she didn’t, she doesn’t seem to like talking about it.”

“I’d guess so too, no one likes to talk about being imprisoned and being forced to work against their own people.”

“I know that for sure.”

“I guess you would sis. Time to call to the Creators.”

Five minutes later, there was still no response from the Creators. “Jason I don’t think they are coming.”

“I don’t know Stephen. Maybe we ran out of time or something?”

“Could have but who can tell”, “Sorry to butt in guys but maybe we can simply fly there or something like that”

“Well Cyber Guyver was able to teleport from near the Sun, all the way back to the Earth, maybe we could go all the way to Jupiter”

“I would not like to try that Jason, Cyber Guyver was lucky and had nothing to lose, knowing our, luck we’d end up teleporting into the centre of Jupiter itself.”

“No, I don’t think I’d like to try that.”

“We’ll Stephen and I could try as our control medals would transport us to hyper space if we where damaged.”

“Personally Jason, I’d rather not take the risk. We could be crushed by the gravity of Jupiter.”

“Yeah, you are right.”

“Guys stop talking and look over there”

They all turned and looked at space in front of them.

“Okay, I haven’t been a Guyver as long as you two so what the fuck is that?”

From the centre of the distortion, the massive form of the War Relic appeared and flew towards them. It had a bluish colour and was a more aerodynamic looking space ship compared to the research ship of the Creators and had two pods on its left and right sides that the Warrior Guyver suspected to be to be weapon pods. “Okay guys, time to destroy the Ark!”

The Ark, Orbiting Earth over the Arizona Base.

The Ark glistened in the sunlight as it flew from the dark side of the Earth into the light side of the Earth. Behind the massive vessel, a worm hole opened up. The Ark made no changes to its direction as the smaller but powerful War Relic flew out behind it. The weapons pods glowed on the War Relic as it pulled in energy from hyper-space itself to charge its weapon systems. Again the Ark made no attempt to turn to meet the War Relic. Two massive mega-smasher blasts fired out from the War Relic towards the Ark. It was only then did Warrior Guyver, who was piloting the War Relic notice the battle forms of Alkanphel, Kron and Guyver 2 standing on the living hull of the Ark. In the silence of space, Alkanphel shouted something that no one could hear, the words ‘Guyver’. To the shock of Warrior Guyver, Alkanphel himself activated a Guyver unit around him. His hand reached out before him and the orbs on his body glowed. As the beam of the War Relic was about to hit him, it stopped and was rebounded back towards the War-Relic. Warrior Guyver tried to teleport himself away but with his control medal opened and linked to the War Relic it refused to do so. Held high in the air between the two pyramid control medals of the War Relic, the Warrior Guyver looked down on the Psi-Guyver and Warrior Guyver 2. Before they got the chance to know what was happening, the Warrior Guyver commanded the War Relic to teleport them back down to Earth. Their bodies shined for all of a second, then they disappeared out of the War Relic…

Psi-Guyver looked up at the sky. “Stephen where is he?”, “I don’t know Jenny he should be here!” They both looked up to see a massive ball of light in the night sky appear where the War Relic once was. A second later they felt the death of the Warrior Guyver…

The End of Part 3.

Epilogue: Feral Island

Deep inside the throne room of the temple, all is quite. The only sign of recent activity is a pile of dirt and a tunnel deep under ground. But the quiet is soon disrupted. The ground starts to rumble around the throne room with layers of dust and dirt visibly shaking on the floor of the throne room. The shaking got so bad that the ceiling started to crack and water began to seep inside. The ground around the tunnel then burst open as a much larger being emerged from underground. Above the temple, it was a fine clear sunny day and a Chronos Navy task force had assembled, ready to excavate. Leading it was a Proto-Zoalord based on the Zoalord Purg’stall design. He was looking forward to an easy assignment of looking for a temple and was reading up on the temple inside his cabin. As he readied his notes, the ship went on red alert. The Proto-Zoalord changed into his Zoalord form and ran out to the deck.  Before him stood over forty Aqua Zoanoids. Before them was a dark huge Guyver that looked like the Gigantic Dark form of Agito. As his eye’s focused on him, he clearly recognized the Warrior Guyver designed Control medal but it was three layered. This being in front of must be Warrior Guyver Gigantic, but how could this thing exist?

“I am Zeus, I will now see  to the destruction of Chronos starting with you pathetic Zoa-Forms.”

He then opened his right mega-smasher plate. The Proto-Zoalord fired a lightning bolt at Zeus from his hands. The bolt hit him but as it did, the orbs of Zeus’s body glowed and absorbed the lightning bolt.  A second later his mega-smasher fired in return. The Proto-Zoalord was hit head on. His shielding proved to be totally ineffective as it fell in less than a nanosecond leaving the proto Zoalord, along with most of the ship to be vaporised. The beam then continued on its course below the ship, travelling into the debts of the sea, hitting the temple underneath, destroying it. A number of zoanoids then jumped overboard to escape the sinking ship. The sky above Zeus started to darken and where was once a clear sunny day appeared storm clouds. Zeus floated above them as lightning fell from the sky around him, hitting the water where the zoanoids where swimming for their lives.

As he left, he said “no one will survive an encounter with me” and then teleported away.

The sky cleared immediately after he left, revealing the decomposing bodies of the Aqua Zoanoids.