This is a fan-fiction based on characters created by Yoshiki Takaya and contains violent situations with adult language. Any similarity to actual persons, living or dead is unintentional and purely coincidental.


All Things Change

Part 2: Awaken Life Force Guyver.

AuthorBrian O’Sullivan

Washington DC Anti-Chronos HQ

Sean, Faye and the Aceaer Marine Stephen, where packed and where just leaving the base with the troops heading for Europe. But Faye really didn’t see the point of packing so much as she believed in using her Guyver unit while sleeping and using it for a sleeping blanket to keep her warm. She thought it was a waste of energy to carry more than you needed to survive. But the base is on high alert after new reports came over the Chronos News Network that a Guyvers and the traitor Aptom had attacked the Chronos base in Arizona and where chased away by Kron. General Carter is fuming that Jenny would risk the treaty and attack Chronos HQ. What was she thinking? The General was about to call Sean back so he could contact Stephan and Jenny when Jenny herself knocked on his door, “Come in”, as the general said this, Jenny opened the door and walked inside the room to the surprise of the General. But the General knows that the one person not to argue with is Jenny O’Conner. He decides to calm down and simply ask her what happened. “Hello Miss O’Conner, have a seat (he waited for a second while she sat down). Now, would you mind telling me what you where doing in Chronos Controlled USA?” , “Well, only an hour or so ago, Aptom telepathically called me for help so he could escape from the Chronos base with his newly acquired proto-Zoalord DNA body”. The General quickly realized the significance of her statement, “So Aptom has the powers of a proto-Zoalord now?”, “Yes General”…

“Okay, I just need to know this, did you anyone there?”

“No, all I did was shield myself and get Aptom out of there.”

“Good, good. Where is he now?”.

“He is in Canada”.

“Why did he go there?”

“Because he wants to stop another Kron from being made.” Jenny said a little annoyed at what she thought was stupid question. “That was very foolish of them. We have yet to get an idea of how powerful this new Zoalord of Chronos is first.”. Jenny grudgingly admitted to herself that the General had a point.

“Anyway, Canada is where the project with Zoanoids using Guyver systems was created and there is an army ready to take it out, treaty or no treaty,” said Jenny.

“Well Canada has yet to agree to that so if they are quick, they can take out the base and get rid of Chronos all together freeing the country. . . Who is there at the moment?”.

“I’ve no idea, I just teleported Aptom where he wanted and left. Anyway according to the Canadian ACTF Warrior Guyver C and Warrior Guyver 2 are about attack major Chronos base and because I’m needed here to stop Chronos from attacking the states as Kron might be pissed off I came back home.”…

“Thank you for the talk Jenny and for being honest with me, now I’ve to get to work and arrange for Chronos’s defeat here”.

“Thank you General” said Jenny as she got up to leave. Jenny left the room and General Carter smiled. He thought to himself that soon he too would have Chronos out of his country. He hoped that it would be before the next Christmas and that he would be able to spend it at home with his family unlike this quickly ending tiring year. In a dark corner of his room a figure walked out. But the General was not at all surprised. It was a light red Guyver that he had met before. Only a few feet down the corridor Jenny could feel the presence of this Guyver arriving at the base. She knew that there where no other Guyvers on the base and summoned her own Guyver unit. She ran towards the General room and knocked the armoured guards out of way and knocked over the door. Only to see just the General calmly sitting behind his desk, “Can I help you Miss O’Conner?”.

“I thought you where in trouble General!?”, said a very surprised Psi-Guyver.

“What gave you that impression?”.

“I felt the presence of another Guyver!”.

“You must have been mistaken, there was no other Guyver here except for you”.

“Um, sorry about the door sir.”

“Well we can’t be too careful Miss O’Conner. I’ll have the door replaced.”

Still confused but no longer sensing the presence of the phantom Guyver, Jenny deactivated her armour and left. Behind the General, the figure once again walked out of the shadows.

“That was close my friend.”, said Primitive Guyver.

“Yes it was”. . .


The stranded Kavzar has been engaged in a month long battle with Chronos forces and a third unknown unit for control of the damaged Relic at the bottom of the lake. All three sides now waited for an opening to take advantage of. For the Kavzar, he just wanted a clear shot at this creature he had encountered aboard the damaged Relic. It was the most powerful thing here that stood between him and the craft. He has already tried to command the Relic to take off but the ship was still too badly damaged and would not budge. His only option now is to hold this “Chronos” off and then collect the ship once it is healed. These zoanoid creatures had one thing to their advantage, they outnumbered him a thousand to one. But he was a Kavzar and there was no way that, even with their numbers, he would tire after their prolonged assault. But this Guyver like being bothered him. There were no reports of this thing in the Creator records of enemies. . .

The Kavzar was now about twenty feet from the lake when he sensed movement behind him and turned around to see an eighteen year old girl. But before she noticed him, he was up in a tree, hiding. She moved on by him never knowing one of the most powerful creatures on Earth looked down and was considering whether or not to kill her. But she was no threat to him and he let her go on. Ahead of her was a Chronos camp which had two Bio-Titans in it that he was scouting out. Judging the direction she was going, she would be in the middle of that camp in a mater of minutes. The Kavzar, using his gravitational powers, followed the girl over the tree line but not high enough for him to be seen easily by the Chronos flyers overhead. This would be a chance to observe how the zoanoids would deal with weaker species. . .

As she got closer to the camp, the girl slowed down as if she sensed that she was in danger. The Kavzar found this interesting and wondered if she had any mental powers as he could only sense them with his sensory orbs and had no clear line of sight. Then his sensors picked up his targets. Two humans walked out of the camp and he could immediately sense that they where the Bio-Titans from the huge amount of pure power coming from them. His gravity controller shined brightly as he darted through the branches of the trees. The young girl lifted her head to see the being fly over her then turned the opposite direction and ran for her life. The two men did not know what hit them. Before they got the chance to zoa-form, the Kavzar had landed between the two of them. He stabbed one with his two left forward swords, then basted him with his left rail-gun, leaving him to fall to the ground dead then stabbed the other in the heart with this two forward right swords and repeated his previous action on the other one, killing the second man as well. Both men then turned to mush as they died. The Kavzar knew that he found the weakness to the Bio-Titans. Kill them while they where in human form. The camp awoke and about twenty low level zoanoids ran out to attack him. The Kavzar then blasted away with zoa-crystal and rail-gun fire, blowing each and everyone one of the zoanoids apart before they even got close to him. But one being did not fall so easily. As the Kavzar’s rail bullets came close to him, his shields deflected them. After killing off the low level zoanoids, the only person standing there was this black haired, elf eared man wearing armour and a long blue coat that covered his body. The Kavzar could not get a sense of his power level and the only thing he knew was that he was no human. Kron was impressed with the destruction and speed of the Kavzar in front of him. Like the Warrior Guyver 3, this being is the ideal person to test his newly acquired powers on. The Kavzar was almost amazed as Guyver armour appeared around this man at the same time as he changed into Zoalord form. KRON then spoke to the Kavzar through the Guyver like telepathic link the Bio-armour upgrade had given him, “I am Kron, second in command of Chronos.”.

“I am Kavzar, a simple warrior of the Creators.”

“For a simple warrior you have proven yourself worthy for death by my hands.”

As Kron’s Bio-Lord form finalized, the Kavzar’s sensors started to give him information of how powerful his opponent was. For the first time he faced something over twice his power level and he knew that he would have to be careful facing something like that. The Creators programming then kicked in, as the Kavzar body went into battle mode, as adrenaline was pumped into his system and his bio-energy reserves where tapped in preparation for the coming fight. Kron simply stood there and waited. He had only just awoke and only an hour ago had fought two Warrior Guyvers who he was sure would return. But this would be his first chance at killing one of the Creators new warrior breed. . . Meanwhile, the frightened girl was running blindly through the forest when something jumped out and engulfed her in a seething mass of slimy tendrils before withdrawing itself back into the shadows, the girl never even had the chance to scream as the whole event took but a mere heartbeat and both disappeared from sight. . .

Feral Island

Warrior Guyver and Female Aceaer had found the now ruined temple. It was almost completely flat and mostly just rubble, with only a few signs that this was once a building at all with what looked to be steps carved into the sea bed and rocks stacked on top of each other. Warrior Guyver was trying to find an opening or an underground passage with his head sensors while the Female Aceaer examined the structure trying to get a picture in her mind of what it might have looked like. Every once in awhile the Warrior Guyver would sense one of the big creatures get close to them but then lose interest and leave. He did not like the position they were in and felt as if he was being watched.

Creator Clan Ship orbiting the Creator Core World

Krullnar is floating, looking at his creation. It’s control medal glows as it comes to life. It has been a hard two and a half million years for him. He lost the unit he’d been working on during the golden age of the Creators to the Guyver Zoalord and has since then personally taken charge of the test on the Grakken and Plasmoid race’s which helped make the Kavzar what they are today. Now finally with the completion of this new prototype unit he can surpass his fathers work. It will have to be tested against the Warrior Guyver himself to prove to the Creator Council that this unit will be the future of Creator technology.

But he is not the only Creator looking for Solom’s old position. Seven other Creators groups have been working on their own projects and are all looking for the title and power that comes with that position. Below him the Council was in meeting, deciding which group of these scientists would win the right to design the next phase of the Creator army and bring them on to the next level. While he waited for their findings he thought to himself of the Grakkens and how they had rose against the Creators. At first they where just considered a low class threat not worth the time and resources to wipe out. But after being left alone for only one hundred thousand years, they had discovered how the Unit-G worked and where making vast amount of them. Now almost one and a half million years later, they had started to produce newer and better armours that rivalled the Kavzar. Yet still the Council would not attack them and wipe them out using a more defensive stance, killing only those that attacked them.

He would change this once he got into power. Being the head Scientist came with a lot of power and one of the five ruling votes of the council leaders. Using this power, he would bring in a new race of Kavzar and finally wipe them out.

This line of thought was interrupted by his friend and rival in the Council, G’Kor. He was sending him a message, “Krullnar, they have decided.”

“What have they decided my friend.”

“There will be a test to see which unit is the best on the old seed world now known by its race we created as Earth.”

“But Earth is off limits to all of us.”

“Not any more my friend, the Warrior Guyver has returned from his quest to save us from the Guyver Zoalord.”

“Finally and any news about my father?”

“I’m sorry to say he is dead.”

“But he was meant to have survived the attack from the Guyver Zoalord?! . . . How do we know all this?”

“Galen has returned from his mission to Earth. While there he, Draven and Solom returned to see the planet to ready a report and where attacked by a zoanoid faction called Chronos.”

“How did they resist the call of the Creators?”

“As impossible as it may seem, these creatures where designed that way”.

“Who would have the know how to do that? Galen’s last report indicated the humans where still very primitive”.


“But we killed him.”

“Apparently he is stronger than we had thought”.

“Hmm. . . There is an advantage to all of this. We can use Alkanphel and his army for testing out the new units. We will bring the Clan Ship full of Kavzar and Aceaer troops for protection. They will not get me as easily as they did my father Solom”.

The Council where relayed this message and the other Creators sent their units to the Clan Ship. Galen and Draven arrived a few minutes later with their new companion, the Proto-Zoalord Tonnin. Ten Kavzar warships then arrived and took up their positions beside the huge craft as it engaged its star drive and created a large opening into hyper space before them. The eleven space craft then entered the anomaly, destined for Earth. While in hyper space, the Clan Ship detected a large object moving towards their own vessel. It had a Creator signature and Krullnar recognized it almost immediately. It was the old Warcraft of the Warrior Unit. It was designed to work with the unit and was made by Solom himself. All eleven ships stopped and a lone Kavzar flew out of the Clan Ship and entered the Warcraft. He would follow the Creators back to Earth. But at a much slower pace as this ship was over two million years old and used a less advance propulsion systems than the ships used today.

Somewhere between Mars and Earth.

An incredible large inter-dimensional hole appears where there was once nothing at all. From its center a number of smaller Warships fly out, quickly followed by the Clan Ship, and then the last of the Warships. The ships quickly engage their sub-light drives and at a much slower pace than hyper space speed, make their way to Earth. Inside the Clan Ship itself, Krullnar is called to the control room. The pilot has detected a large space faring craft in orbit of the Earth that is equal in size to the Clan Ship. Krullnar took control of the Kavzar’s mind and using his connection to the Clan Ship, he examined the Ark. Krullnar thought to himself that this was Impressive. Alkanphel has made his own war craft. But it was a pity that he was under orders to not wipe him and his kind out. The Creators wanted him and his race to test the new units against. But that would not stop him from tormenting the old leader of the Creator army.

On Earth, the stranded Kavzar was now in a fight for his life with Kron. He knew he was out powered and would be killed but he didn’t care and launched himself at Kron. The Kavzar fired every weapon he had at the Bio-Lord but Kron simply shielded all his attacks as if they where nothing. Kron then raised his right arm and a massive bolt of lightning fired out and slammed against the shields of the Kavzar. His shields deflected most of the blast but it was too much for the him and a portion of the blast broke through, electrocuting the Kavzar. The force of the blast blew the Kavzar a good thirty feet away from Kron. The Kavzar landed on his back with such force that he could feel some of his spinal cord shatter. The Kavzar’s gravity control glowed and as he pulled himself up, he felt the calling of one of his Creator lords, Draven. If he could smile the Kavzar would have smiled as he looked Kron in his eyes as his Creator teleported him to the Clan Ship.

There stood Draven, Galen and Krullnar. Draven was the first to speak, “Welcome back my loyal warrior. You have been with this race for a full month by their time system what have you to report to me?”.

“My lord, there are two divided races on this world at war with each other. The first and most powerful would be the race of old zoanoids who now call themselves ‘Chronos’. They have reproduced some powerful creations of war which they intend on using to kill your kind my lord. But they are nothing compared to the vast army of the Kavzar apart from one being known as Kron. But we will kill them all before they get close to the Core World”.

“Was it this Kron that damaged you?”

“Yes my lord.”

“Hmm, go on and tell us of the other race.”

“The other race is the human race. They have adopted a technological solution for the war against Chronos but are still very primitive, they would have been defeated by now if not for the Warrior Guyvers”.

“Warrior Guyvers? There are more than one?”

“Yes my lord. I have found out that the Warrior Guyver 2 appeared from an alternative dimension according to the human media. The Warrior Guyver 3 was a dormant unit now active taken with him and the Warrior Guyver C was a normal Guyver somehow converted into a Warrior Guyver. But no one knows how except for a select few”.

“You’ve seen them?”

“Yes my lord.”

Being one of his Kavzar, Draven sent the Kavzar a command to open up his mind so he could see everything the warrior had done during his time alone. He saw the events like he was their himself and collected as much information on the Warrior Guyvers as he could. He was also interested in this Bio-Lord Kron who he recognized as an old Zoalord type. But something else stood out. The Kavzar had engaged with a warrior from the Plasmoid Race the creators had made called XT9. He had killed the Guyver but it had a companion that the Kavzar could not kill off along with an old Creator craft.

“You have proved your worth to me and my fellow Creators. Go to the Metamorphosis Chamber for progress to a commander. Then take a group of thirty of your fellow warriors to find and destroy anything to do with the XT9. That race has been deemed for extinction and will not be allowed to become another Grakken like race”.

Behind Draven, Krullnar ordered one of his groups of Kavzar to collect an Extinction Devise for the Plasmoid race. It acted like a remover and attached to the arm of a Kavzar. Using it, the Kavzar only had to hit his target with its darts and it would die.

Across the way Galen floated, thinking to himself of the Plasmoid race. They never knew what hit them once it was agreed that they must die. After the Guyver mistakes of the past, all test units since have had one weakness and that is to the Extinction Devise. Its poison is not only deadly to the host of a new unit but to the unit itself. It would trigger a command to self-destruct the control medal. It was surprising that the XT9 had lived. The only way he must have survived was with the use of that craft.

“Draven, that old Craft must be destroyed too”, said Galen.


“It must have been what the XT9 used to repair himself after being infected by the Extinction Devise. To leave it alive would be a risk. We don’t know what the XT9 has programmed it to do without him being there to instruct it”.

“I agree. It is worth nothing to us now.”

That second, Draven replayed the new set of orders to the soon to be Kavzar Commander. The Kavzar entered the Metamorphosis chamber and watched as it prepared biological enhancements to be applied to him. He walked into the middle of them and looked up at a control medallion in the ceiling. His zoa-medal shined then the medallion responded and sent a red beam into the zoa-crystal of the Kavzar. His unit starts to open up then as the enhancements came to life and either merged into his body or attached themselves to his armour. An hour later, after the ship had channelled massive levels of bio-energy into the Kavzar body, and the new Commander Kavzar was finally born. He called out to his task force and then proceeded to fly up through the ship. Each time he came near a ceiling or wall, it would open up to let him through. He stopped at the outer-layer of the ship and waited for his task force. He didn’t have to wait long and was greeted by ten Kavzar and twenty Aceaer-cast Warriors. They grouped together and waited for the opening behind them to close up. Once closed, the outer layer of the ship opened, letting them fly out of the ship and into the vast openness of space. By now the Creator ships where holding their position in space and the group quickly made their way from the ship. Once they where two kilometres away from the ships, the Kavzar commander called upon his new level of power and created a wormhole. They flew through it and came on the other side, two miles above Earth’s atmosphere, hovering over Russia. Two different Eye of Chronos satellites detected the sudden arrival of the Creator warriors and turned to get a better look at them. Inside Chronos Arizona, Imakarum had awoken from enhancement. He was getting his bearings when a Chronos trooper ran towards him, “My lord, two Eye Of Chronos satellites have detected a group of thirty one Creator warriors above Russia”. Imakarum reached out his mind to the Russian Eye and using it saw the Kavzars., “Well the Creators have sent in a large group of their warriors to kill us”.

“What do you command my lord”.

“Nothing for now, go back to your post”.

Imakarum knew that he was way too out powered to fight these Kavzars by himself. He called out with his mind to Kron and told him of the situation. All of a second later the air in front of Imakarum warped and the Bio-Lord Kron appeared in full battle mode.

“We have thirty Bio-Titans in total around the world at this moment in time Imakarum, combined with our power we can defeat them. Are you sure that they are over Russia”.

“Yes lord Kron”.

Kron knew that they where returning with the Kavzar he had just damaged for some sort of revenge. He would have to kill them to show that Chronos was no push over. He sent a command to one of the Proto-Zoalords, commanding the Ark, and a second later all the Bio-Titans on Earth, along with Kron and Imakarum, where teleported near to the XT9 Relic crash site. Kron turned and looked at the lake. He knew that quickly a Creator task force would be on its way to destroy the crashed Creator ship and that mysterious unit that the Kavzar had engaged in combat many times during the past month. As he thought this, he caught site of the Creator forces flying toward the lake. His eyes focused in on them and he recognized the forms of the Kavzar but in the middle of them was a larger warrior. It was Kavzar in design but this thing was different. One of the Kavzar opened one side of its maga-smashers and held position. Kron saw this but did not bother even moving or giving the order to move. The blast fired out and Imakarum and the Bio-Titans flew into the air, leaving Kron as he stood there waiting for the blast. He raised his shields and waited all of a second before the blast hit him. Imakarum could swear he thought Kron was laughing as the beam hit him and slammed off his shields with some of the blast warped around his shield and then went on to destroy a path of trees behind him. The blast cleared after a number of seconds and their stood Kron and not even his cloak was harmed. Kron then flipped over the left side of his cloak and opened his left mega-smasher cell. As it charged up, two Kavzars fired zoa-crystal beams at him which where easily held off by Kron’s shield. The mega-smasher cell fired and the massive blast burst forward towards the approaching enemy. The Kavzar and Aceaer warriors flew to the left and right of it, dodging the blast, except the Kavzar Commander. The Kavzar Commander knew this warrior of Chronos down below would be the ultimate test for his new form. He made not a sound as a protective green shield circled around him, then glowed brightly as he infused it with energy. The mega-smash from Kron slammed against his shield and almost immediately he could see some of the blast starting to seep through. When the blast cleared the Kavzar Commander was still flying towards Kron though he was slightly scorched. Kron closed his mega-smasher and extended his vibrational swords and waited for this Kavzar. The Bio-Titans landed around him as Imakarum flew overhead. Imakarum’s body started to grow in size as he changed into his Zoalord form. As he did, he could feel the power from the new enhancements added to his body during his long sleep and his body surged with immense power. He flew above Kron then straight up about one hundred meters. Two Kavzars broke away from their group and flew after him. Still with his shields around him, the Kavzar Commander flew between two Bio-Titans, blasting them out of his way as he flew directly for Kron. Kron had his shield active and held out his hands, making a jester for the Kavzar Commander to bring it on. The Kavzar Commander crashed against the Bio-Lords shields and the two of them where blown backwards by the force of their two shields meeting. Kron was knocked back against two Bio-Titans and the Kavzar Commander was knocked over twenty meters into the lake. The two leaders where both badly burned from the collision and the two Bio-Titans, Kron landed on, where nearly crushed. Kron stood up and looked around him as the Bio-Titans engaged the Kavzar and smaller green warriors. He was pleased that they where holding there own against these warriors of the Creators. As he focused on one of the smaller green warriors, he recognized it as an Aceaer. Quickly he put together the complete combat ability of the creators forces as estimated by the Chronos Data files and that of his own force, including himself. His forces out powered them, especially with the larger Kavzar down. He would press this advantage and decimate their forces before the battle even spread beyond the lake. He raised his two hands in the air and above him what where just normal white clouds turned black and started to circle around him. Then over a dozen bolts of lightning blasted down, striking Kron. Kron’s eyes glowed as the massive power surge went through him. He lowered his arms and blasted Bio-Titan and Creator fighters alike with the raw electrical power. But it didn’t harm the Bio-Titans at all who only seemed to increase the voltage as it past through them. In one move Kron and the Bio-Titans together downed all twenty seven of the Creators fighters that where in conflict with him and his army. Five of the Kavzar’s where still moving and tried to stand but the way they moved showed that their nervous system was messed up. Kron and the Bio-Titans started blasting with laser fire at the now near defenceless Kavzar and Aceaer Cast Warriors. Six of the Kavzars where simply blasted to bits but once the Aceaer’s where damaged enough, the units glowed white and vanished, leaving behind the dead humanoid hosts. Four of the Kavzar managed to raise their shields and two of the Aceaer-casts managed to dodge the intense fire fight with only minor damage. All six of the surviving warriors flew into the air. At the same time the ground started to rumble. The ground around Kron and his Bio-Titans started to fall apart. A second later, a massive mega-smasher blast broke through and hit ten of the Bio-Titans head on along with Kron. Right before him the Bio-Titans where vaporized and he could feel his own shields start to give way. It must be from that larger Kavzar. Kron teleported ten meters into the air and out of the blast. He was slightly burned but was intact. This warrior of the Creators could not be messed with like the others as he had just shown he had the power to kill even Kron. The orbs on the Bio-Lord glowed as he charged up his black hole attack. As he looked down, he saw the Kavzar Commander standing by the lake bed. Where the water was only a few seconds ago was dry and the old Creator craft was vaporized. But behind him stood what looked to be a light blue Female Gigantic Guyver. She had both of her mega-smasher cells open and was pointing them at the Kavzar Commander. His men where in the firing line and Kron sent them a command to fly into the air, as he did this, he realized that Imakarum was alone against three of the Creators fighters and sent five of them to assist him. The unknown fighter fired her mega-smasher. But the Kavzar Commander had sensed the energy build up and had flown above her target range, letting it pass harmlessly below him. The Kavzar Commander looked at this female Guyver in front of him. She was different than the normal human Gigantic Guyvers he was shown before. He teleported behind her and extended all of his vibrational swords. She extended her four and turned around to face him. As she did this, two Kavzar fired two gravity balls at her, she then tried to both dodge these and the attacks from the Kavzar Commander. The Kavzar Commander used this to his advantage and chopped off her left leg and lower left arm. Kron clenched his hands for a second then released six gravity bullets toward the two Kavzar that had fired on her. The two of them shielded the attack but now they both attacked Kron and not her. Kron’s eye’s glowed as he saw the female Gigantic Guyver go down. The Kavzar Commander looked up to see all fifteen Bio-Titans starting to glow and beams of energy started to link them together. He knew this attack and knowing that he could not stay where he was for long. The Commander grabbed her leg and shot his head beam at her control medal but the wounded Guyver managed to shield it. Totally surrounded. His zoa-crystal glowed and he teleported away. Above all this Imakarum knew he was in trouble. Since the battle had started, he was on the defensive against these three beings. Together they had him almost constantly shielding their attacks. But the tactic was about to pay off. Behind them he could see five Bio-Titans flying towards him. Together they would tear these interlopers apart for daring to attack a Zoalord of Chronos. But they did not get their chance. The three attackers glowed white and disappeared, leaving behind the confused Zoalord.

Feral Island.

The Warrior Guyver and the Aceaer Female where still looking for the way into the temple if there was one. They’d been there for what seemed like days but was really four hours. As Warrior Guyver passed a low point of the ruins, he felt the presence of an underground air pocket where there was no sea water or rock. He knew it would be pointless trying to break his way in so decided teleporting would be the more ideal option. He directed himself towards the Aceaer Female.

The Creator Clan Ship, somewhere between Earth and Mars.

The Kavzar Commander appeared with what was left of his troops inside the Clan Ship. Draven, Krullnar and Galen already knew of the status of the fight with the zoanoids on Earth and had readied a containment chamber for the captured piece of the unknown Guyver. The Kavzar Commander put the leg into the chamber and a stasis field activated around it.

“You’ve done well loyal Kavzar. Not only did you destroy the old craft but you captured a part of an unknown Guyver”, Draven told the Kavzar Commander.

“But my lord, I lost so many!”

“Do not worry about them, our Kavzar Commander, we have over ten thousand more and their remains have already been teleported back”.

“But I failed in my mission to kill the last XT Guyver”.

“No”, said Galen, “You have already completed that mission with the death of the XT9. My first test on this leg has confirmed what I thought when I saw her through your eyes. She is NOT an XT Guyver but something unknown to us!”

“Very interesting Galen, but her unit should be genetically marked by its maker, was this not there?”, inquired Krullnar.

“No it was not, I can only conclude that it is a true rogue unit.”

“This only adds to our mission my brothers”, Draven said as he reviewed a tactical display of the Earth, “Not only will we test the sixteen test units but also see how the rest of the Earth’s Guyvers and zoanoids compare, giving us the results we need”.

While Draven talked, Krullnar’s mind was already thinking about the tests. The test units would need to be dropped into an area of warriors fighting a battle for their lives. This would almost guarantee a fast result with the hosts already locked in a fight for their lives. His mind reached out to the Clan Ship and using its sensors he found a number or places where fighting was happening on Earth. But one battle stood out. In an area known to the natives as Brazil, near a section of the Amazon Jungle, two groups where fighting for control of a stone building. He did not care why but the two forces where in a clear fight to the death. One was a human group and the other was a mixture of zoanoids and humans. Krullnar first sent the Kavzar Commander an image of the location he had seen, “Commander, you will pilot one of the warships into the Earth’s atmosphere. Over this location, where two forces are locked in a fight to the death, you will drop the sixteen test units and return the human force to where the Warrior Guyver is based, then you will return here”.

Feral Island

The Warrior Guyver and the Aceaer Female had teleported into the cave. To the Warrior Guyver surprise he now felt something calling to him. It felt like what Sean described as a Relic calling him and all he knew was that he had to answer the call. But where? To do so Sean had to find the control medal of the Relic. Which of course meant that he was close to the units Cori and he where looking for if not more. The Aceaer Female walked on by him and stopped. She saw part of a painting on the wall. She gently rubbed some off the dust and debris off it. Though it was badly damaged, Cori seemed to understand what was written on it, but the Warrior Guyver could sense something from Cori even though she was under the Aceaer, “Cori what is wrong?”

“This painting Jason, something like this was discovered by the Grakken’s. It was one of five markers to the one who would bring untold death into the world.”

“You mean the Guyver Zoalord? He’s dead. I saw it with my own eyes some two million years ago!”

“No Jason, something else! While I was with the Grakken’s, we discovered that a good few million years before even humanity was around, something attacked the Creators. We never found out what it was. All we know is it was one powerful being and was capable of killing off the Creators.”

“And this thing is still on the Earth?”

“I don’t know, but to be honest I think it still is.”

“Well I stopped one of their disasters before, I can do it again Cori. Let’s concentrate on finding those two units. Whatever else happens, they can help along with the other guys.”

“Okay Jason but don’t say I didn’t warn you.”

The Warrior Guyver continued on down the only passageway there was, followed slowly by the Aceaer Female who’s head sensors where in overdrive trying to detect any danger that may present itself.

High In Orbit over Brazil

The Kavzar Warship is holding position above the battle below. At first the humans were holding their own against the zoanoid army using high powered rifles from the States. But then a few Zerebubuses joined the battle and Chronos now had the upper-hand, with its thicker armour being able to deflect the high powered bullets. The Kavzar Commander knew that soon the human forces would be totally overrun. The carapace of the space ship had its bio-bombs removed and the sixteen units where dropped into place. Soon as they where ready the ships shielding system was activated as it adapted itself for use within Earth atmosphere. The shields glowed as the intense friction heat produced from entering the Earth’s atmosphere enveloped the shields in its fiery embrace. The battle below raged on with not one of the fighters seeming to care about the fireball coming towards them.

A Powered Zerebubuse and two Zerebubuses stood side by side and waited for the next mercenary attack. They had already wiped out two attacks but their attack group of lesser zoanoids had been wiped out by weapons fire. But they didn’t care as their armour had proved itself more than capable of withstanding the weapons fire from the humans. A hundred or so meters away, the commander of the mercenary forces were preparing to surrender. His forces had been decimated by the three hyper-zoanoids and he was down to only a few men.

“Hey Philip, you bastard. I didn’t lead you to the temple for you and your private army to get me killed by those fucking monsters!”, said Kazuma to Philip Oxley.

“You have been well paid you little Brazilian shit, now get the fuck out of my sight so I can take care of my men and lead us to victory.”

“You’re an idiot. You and your men will die by the hands or claws of those monsters. I’ll leave you now to your fait.”

Philip turned around to see Kazuma creep away using the local flora as cover so the three hyper-zoanoids couldn’t see him. One of his men then rushed over to him, “Sir we better get the hell out of here. We are getting our butts kicked by those three red ugly fuckers.”, said Jett Ly.

“Ly I am forced to agree. These pee shooters that the American army gave us are fucking useless against those things. Let’s get the hell out of here.”

Philip turned around and shouted at his men to run for it, but as he did this, his jaw suddenly dropped. Right in front of his eyes a massive fireball seemed to be falling towards him from the sky. The three hyper-zoanoids stopped firing at the mercenaries and turned on the object coming towards them. As the mercenary army looked in amazement, it slowed down revealing the spaceship. You could see the ship shields easily deflect the blasts from the hyper-zoanoids as it just hovered there. The Powered Zerebubuse then yelled out, “Whatever you are, you will pay for interfering with Chronos!”

As if to respond to the Hyper Zoanoids arrogant boast, parts of the under side of the Warship started to glow. The Powered Zerebubuse could feel the air above him move and looked up to see the air warp and swirl around him. The same was happening for one of his comrades and to fourteen of the mercenaries. They all tried to escape from the area but where held in place somehow. One of the Zerebubuses continued to fire on the Warship, only succeeding to annoy the Kavzar within. The front of the craft glowed and a second later he was hit by what looked to be a mega-smasher and not even dust remained from where he stood. The Powered Zerebubuse saw this and yelled in rage, “You bastard, once I’m free of this thing, I will crush you with my own hands!”

He then raised his right arm towards the swirling energy and then noticed a dormant Unit -G appear. He looked in shock at it as the control medal glowed. Before he could even blink the Unit-G activated and it’s tentacles reached for him. As he blanked out, he could see some of the mercenary army receive Unit-G’s also just before they glowed white and disappeared. It was an hour later before he awoke. He could feel a massive surge of power through his body and could not understand why. His hyper-sensors on his head moved as they detected the movement of something powerful behind him. It suddenly dawned on him that he had become a Guyver. He turned around to see a Guyver Zerebubuse looking at him. Their control-medals glowed as they looked at each other. They both then turned as the air above them warped and Kron and twenty or so Bio-Titans appeared. They floated down towards them. The Bio-Titans surrounded the two incredibly powerful Guyvers as Kron walked towards them. The Guyver Zerebubuse then instinctively called out with his unit, “What do we do commander?”. The Guyver Powered Zerebubuse then replied, “We still serve Chronos and the lord Alkanphel.”, the aloud he said “Lord Kron, even though we are Guyvers, we still serve Chronos and lord Alkanphel. I pledge my allegiance to him and his will. Destroy us if you want but know this. We did not choose to be Guyvers. A Creator craft held us here and forced us to become Guyvers.”

Kron thought a moment before replying, “I too have powers of the Guyver, send me your memories of the event so I may see if you are telling the truth.”

Guyver Powered Zerebubuse did as the Bio-Lord Kron demanded and sent him the memories he asked for.

“It may have been through luck but you two have done well hyper-zoanoids. The lord Alkanphel will be please to have such powerful soldiers and together we will crush the Warrior Guyvers before lord Alkanphel awakens!”

Feral Island

The Warrior Guyver and the Aceaer Female proceeded through the maze in front of them. Each time they walked buy a corridor, the Aceaer Female refused to move until she had scanned the area. But Jason was getting impatient and would not wait for her. Aceaer Female let out a scream as the Warrior Guyver continued to walk on. She had detected a trap ahead of the Warrior Guyver. Totally oblivious to the threat or just too annoyed to care about a trap designed for a normal human, the Warrior Guyver stepped on a stone slab which triggered the trap. The right side of the passage way opened up and a massive stone ball, easily the size of a grown man, was pushed out and proceeded down the passageway towards the Warrior Guyver, “There’s no way I am letting that thing crush me”. He extended his front right vibrational sword and turned it into a spike as the stone ball was about two meters away from him. Then just as it was only a few feet before him, he jabbed his sword through the ball, halting it in its tracks. Then the Warrior Guyvers spike glowed as the massive ball of stone started to fall apart and crumple to dust. The Warrior Guyver then proceeded to walk through the rubble and down the passage way. The Aceaer Female just shook her head and continued on behind him thinking ‘Well, at least he will go first’.

Washington DC Anti-Chronos Headquarters

Jenny was lying on her bed, reading a book. By this stage she was totally engrossed in the plot and was in no mood to put it down when the base sirens went off. She grumbled an insult under her breath, then crawled off her bed, and walked towards the door. Before she could even open it, a soldier opened it and General Carter himself was about to walk in, “What happened General?”

“There are fourteen unknown Guyvers outside our doorstep Miss O’Conner.”

Without another word Jenny activated her unit and went into Psi-Guyver mode.

“I guess you want me to say hello?”

“Yes I do but do not start a fight with them. At least not until Stephan and Jason return.”

“We won’t need them General.”

With that said she disappeared in a blinding flash and teleported outside. She appeared about twenty feet above the ground. In front of her there was some of the most different Guyvers she had ever seen. One was huge and easily stood a good ten feet above everyone else and must have been over fifteen feet tall. Another was black, red, and green and held a golden sword. One was as dark as hell and held a scythe the size of his body and they just went on and on. But for some reason she didn’t care about the numbers and how big or dangerous they where.

“Okay, I’m not one for talking so I will only ask this once. What do you guys want?”

She waited for them to respond as a number or armoured marines assembled behind her and large groups of them came from different bases in the local area. Soon there were well over a thousand marines in green and blue armours, surrounding the Guyvers. As they got into position, one of the Green V1’s must have moved too close to one of the Guyvers. He was two different shades of green and had a number of gravity orbs on his body. His control medal and eyes glowed at the same time as he extended his vibrational swords and leaped for the marine. Realizing that this guy must be in self-defence mode, and was about to hand the marine his lungs, the Psi-Guyver flew down in front of the marine and met his swords with her own, then flew into the air dodging another attack from the Guyver. To her amazement then, half of the Guyvers below then took flight after her including that green Guyver. Her body glowed as she accelerated away. The General walked calmly out of the building and proceeded to go through his officers towards the Guyvers. Through a mouth and ear peace, he had on his head, the general instructed his men to be calm and make no threatening moves and to keep their distance from the Guyvers. Meanwhile, in the sky of Washington DC, a battle raged. All eight of the Guyvers chasing her where firing their head beams at her but her shields easily held them back. Simply, even though she was seriously out numbered, she didn’t care about small level fire from them. But she wasn’t foolish enough to ignore the fact that all of them could kill her and she didn’t even know their power range. She would need help from her brother. The Psi-Guyver’s body charged and glowed as she went into turbo mode and then she called out to her brother. She stopped in her tracks and turned around. At the same time her brother, the Warrior Guyver, appeared beside her. His control medal glowed along with his shield orbs on his arms and legs as he summoned his blast field. A second or two later, the black energy of the gravity shield swirled around him. Together the unknown Guyvers charged their pressure cannons and fired them on the Warrior Guyver and Psi-Guyver. The Warrior Guyver shielding system seemed to surge as if it was greedily waiting for the gravitational energy coming towards it. He then flew in front of his sister and let gravity balls slam against his shield. This shield then did its usual wonderful job and then returned the now massive gravity blast back at those Guyvers. The Warrior Guyver had aimed it at the huge Guyver that was in the middle of the group who seemed to be holding position along with all the other Guyvers. To the left of the group a yellow Guyvers, with spiked shoulders like his, flew in front of them and he too activated his shielding system. It too surged with power as if waiting for the blast then when the blast slammed against his shields it simply dissipated. The energy cleared away, the Warrior Guyver and Psi-Guyver looked at this Guyver closer, and too their shock he looked the exactly the same as Jason’s unit, only for the fact he was yellow instead of blue marked them apart.

“My God Jason, he looks the same has you.”

“I know but that will not stop me from ripping his lungs out!”

As he said that, the control medals of the eight Guyvers in front of him started to glow at the same time. A few of them managed to say “What’s happening” before like a Road Runner cartoon, they noticed that they where in the air and then they all started to fall towards the ground. Now realizing that he was fighting Guyvers in self-defence mode, the Warrior Guyver decided to help them before they fell on someone and called out to them through his unit, “‘Concentrate on the metal object on your abdomen and think up.”

Two of the Guyvers managed to pull off the trick before hitting the ground but it was too late for the others. The Giant Guyver slammed through a number of floors of an office building. A green female Guyver slammed off the end of a bus, ripping through its steel roof, closely followed by a green male Guyver that then slammed off the road just in front of the bus, leaving a man sized crater. A second later, the male Guyver looked up to see the wheel of the bus drive over his legs, nearly breaking his knees. He then yelped in pain and punched the wheel which then over turned the bus to his delight. The other three Guyvers fell around them, landing on the street. Back in the air, the two Guyvers that managed to take flight flew towards the Warrior Guyver and Psi-Guyver. They stopped about ten feet in from them. As they did this, the Warrior Guyver felt Cori call out for him.

“Sorry sis but I’ve got to get back to Cori. If they try and kill you just kick their butts around for a few minutes and I’ll be back.”

“Just go.”

As she said that the Warrior Guyver disappeared. She was still in full battle mode and she could somehow sense the fact that these two did not want to harm her. One of them then spoke to her, “Hello my dear, my name is Philip Oxley and we mean you no harm. You see, only what seemed two minutes ago, my men and I where fighting a group of zoanoids near the Amazon Jungle in Brazil and now as you can see I’m flying over what looks to be Washington DC. Which I must say is as much a shock to me as much as it is for you”. The other Guyver then chipped in, “I’m one of his men. My name is Jett Ly and the same happened to me. One minute were all getting killed, the next an alien ship appears and we’re here in what must be Guyver units.”

Below them, the form of the Giant Guyver was crawling out of the office building he had fallen through and the other Guyvers where picking themselves up. Back at base, the other normal Guyvers had awoken and Psi-Guyver and General Carter knew they had hit the jackpot.

Feral Island

The Warrior Guyver appeared exactly where he had left. Everything still looked the same from when he left but he could sense something Guyver related happening near by and ran towards the area this was coming from. As he did, he hit a trap and a number of mettle spikes darted out along the corridor. The Warrior Guyver stopped in his tracks as the walls literally started to close on him. He thought, ‘Come on, this only happens in the movies’, as he simply teleported ahead of the trap and then turned around to see the walls slam closed. He turned around and activated his gravity controller as he levitated off the ground and flew towards where he thought Cori was. As he did this, he was pleased to hear from his sister. The Guyvers where all Chronos hating mercenaries. She would tell him more as soon as the General and her had talked with the Guyvers. The head sensors of the Warrior Guyver started to move as they detected a Guyver signal. He stopped and waited for all of a second to get a clear feeling of where it was and the room it was in and then teleported into the temple room. To his shock, there stood what looked to be Cori as the last glimpse of her face disappeared behind the tentacles of an activating Guyver unit. About two feet in front of her lay the dormant Aceaer unit which must have fallen off as the new unit attached itself. The Warrior Guyver knew she would go into self-defence mode soon and decided to leave instead of being forced to fight her. He turned around and quickly walked out of the room, leaving Cori to bond with the unit. As he walked out, he realized he was now in a massive room and could see nothing but darkness. But he was a Warrior Guyver. It took only a second or two for his eyes to adapt and it was as if the room was suddenly flooded with day light. The Warrior Guyver was then shocked at the shear size of the room. It was a good one hundred meters wide and even with his enhanced eye sight, he could not see certain parts of the room. Right in the middle of the of the room, there was what looked to be a medieval like throne where the king would sit and to his surprise there was something sitting on the large chair. As he looked at it, he sensed that it was no normal thing but a Guyver, but even then it felt different than other Guyvers. He decided that this unknown thing deserved closer attention and teleported only five feet away from it. Only then did he realize what it was. This thing in front of him was a Guyver. But what happened to it. The Guyver looked dead for lack of a better word and was like a skeleton with a thin layer of Guyver armour over it. That was not meant to happen at all? But maybe it could. If this was a standard Guyver maybe, its host was not able to eat and it slowly over time lost bio-energy and then became the thing it is now. As he looked at it, thought he saw it move. He walked closer to it and looked at its head and to his shock the control medal glowed. Before he could even blink, four thousand years of dust was blown off the body of the fallen Guyver as two pikes darted out of its back and extended into the chest of the Warrior Guyver. He almost fell to the ground with the pain but was then picked up off the ground coughing up blood. The shielding system of the Warrior Guyver kicked in and tried to slice the spikes off but was greeted by this almost dead things own shields. Quickly the Warrior Guyver felt himself getting tired and was almost dropping off to sleep while being held in the air. His vision darkened as the red form of the unknown Guyver started to come to life and grew in size and then stood up. He looked at his own hands and saw them shrivel and become lifeless. It dawned on him as this was happening that this Guyver was taking his life-force and making it his own. This Guyver must be bonded with the Life-Force unit. The Warrior Guyver extended his vibrational swords and raised his arms as he sliced the spikes, letting himself fall to the ground. But it was too late. The Guyver in front of him glowed as it surged with the Warrior Guyvers life energy. The Warrior Guyver tried to stand up only to find himself falling flat on his stomach. He simply had no energy left in his body. The Life-Force Guyver started to grow and take form. Claws grew out of his fingers as he reached down and stabbed them through the Warrior Guyvers shoulders. He then picked him up off the ground and a good two feet off the ground. Only then was the Warrior Guyver able to look at him, eye to eye. The Life-Force Guyver then talked to him but the Warrior Guyver couldn’t understand a word he was saying. The Warrior Guyver tried to talk to him through his unit but he simply had no energy. But it didn’t lost for long. His head sensors moved with the detection of another Guyver being. The Battle Guyver walked into the room, she had detected the ambushing of the Warrior Guyver and now in self-defence mode, the friend-or-foe system targeted the Life-Force Guyver. The Life-Force Guyver dropped the Warrior Guyver and ran with a roar towards the Battle Guyver. Jason lifted his head up off the ground and looked up at the Battle Guyver. She was light and dark blue Guyver and she just stood there waiting for the Life-Force Guyver to get close. She extended her two forward swords as he extended his. The Life-Force Guyver easily stood almost four feet above her and was a huge Guyver to behold. This meant nothing to the self defense mode of the Battle Guyver. The Life-Force Guyver went to slash her with his vibrational swords, only for his arm to be blasted back by the Battle Guyvers shield and landed some ten feet away from her on his back. The Life-Force Guyver immediately jumped back up to his feet to see the Battle Guyver charging up her pressure cannon. As she fired, a blast field surrounded the Life-Force Guyver. The blast hit the shield of the Life-Force Guyver, warped around, and continued on directly for the Warrior Guyver. The Warrior Guyvers control medal glowed along with his hollowed out eyes and a blast field appeared around the Warrior Guyver. This blew the Warrior Guyver off the ground but strangely he hovered just waiting for the attack. The gravity ball hit the Warrior Guyvers shield and warped around it. Underneath the swirling energy, the control medal of the Warrior Guyver glowed. The energy of the Battle Guyvers gravity ball was sucked into it and then the shield disappeared to reveal the Warrior Guyver. He was now almost back to normal. He had got a much needed boost and now with the HSL in over drive, the Warrior Guyver was pissed and wanted revenge. Now the Life-Force Guyver was against two powerful opponents and he knew full well there was a high chance he would lose. His body glowed and before the Warrior Guyver or Battle Guyver had a chance to react, the Life-Force Guyver disappeared. The control medal of the Battle Guyver then glowed, “Jason what has happened to me?”

“Fate Cori, you have merged with the Battle Unit.”

“How is that possible, I was using the Aceaer when I looked at it. The unit shouldn’t have activated.”

“The Aceaer doesn’t merge with you Cori, it must have fallen off as soon as it detected the Battle Unit trying to merge with you.”

“Wait, I remember now. My God what happened to your sister?”

“She’s fine, those Guyvers seem to be ok. But I would like to get back to her now.”

“Let’s get the Aceaer and go then, we’ll come back here later.”

The End of Part 2.