This is a fan-fiction based on characters created by Yoshiki Takaya and contains violent situations with adult language. Any similarity to actual persons, living or dead is unintentional and purely coincidental.

Note This fic takes place the following day after The Fall of a Nova. It is also in Day 1 & 2 of Seven Days of Hell Fic.
Title The Rising
AuthorAndre Harmon

February 26, 2000 Beijing, China, Chaoyang District Hot Spot Club:

The music is blaring at the Hot Spot, multicolored lights are pulsating, while some lights are streaming all over the place in time with the music. People are dancing and jumping around and having a really good time. As the night went on, the doors to the club open up. Two PLA soldiers stand up from their seats. They were in the middle of various conversations with two women who are now staring at the new comers to the Hot Spot. Three women walk into the club. They smile at the two soldiers who are now staring and gawking at them. Aaliya smiles, “Hello, young ones, mind if we come on in?” she asks in a sultry yet sensual voice. Her eyes stay on the lead soldier, which also happens to be the one in charge. He is bald but has a goatee and three earrings lining his right ear.

He looks over to his friend who was already nodding his head, “Alright, go on in we got ya.” Without missing a beat the trio walks into the club. As they walk down a set of stairs, people are watching them, as others just glance and continue on with what they are doing. Aalyia has on a black choker collar, her hair slicked back. In the front of her face are two long braids that come down either side of her face. She wears a white long sleeve tank top, which shows off her well-built stomach. She also wears a pair of tight black leather pants that show off her well-curved ass and legs. The two women that are walking on each side of her, Naomi and Cloe, are both dressed in schoolgirl outfits, both identical to each other. They wear short sleeve dress shirts with the bottoms were tied up and hung under their breast showing off their firm but nicely built stomachs. The middle of their shirts is buttoned up slightly so a nice amount of cleavage is showing. They have long pigtails that come down to their shoulders. Long white stocking socks come up to their knees and black saddle shoes are on their feet. “Can you hear their hearts pumping? It’s such a turn on for me.” Aalyia admits. Grinning from ear to ear Naomi smiles, “Oh I feel so hot and I’m really thirsty.” She says. Cloe on the other hand made eye contact with a young Asian man; he looked to be in his early twenties. She walks over to him, “Dance with me.” She says to him. The young man laughs and takes Cloe’s hand, escorts her to the dance floor. Aalyia chuckles, “Oh looks like someone is going in for the first bite.” <Cloe make sure you do your drinking out of sight and please don’t be messy. > Aalyia says telepathically.

Sighing a bit, <No, not yet. Remember we are only doing recon. You will see images in his mind as you drink, just remember all you see and we will go from there. > Cloe nods her head a bit and grins as she gets onto the dance floor. Naomi and Aalyia then walk over to an empty table near the bar and sit down. A waitress comes over to the table. Naomi looks to the woman for a moment. “What will you have?” the waitress asks as she looks to both women. “Give us both your best drinks.” Aalyia says to the woman. The waitress nods her head and walks off. “What do you sense or feel Naomi?”

Looking at everyone in the club Naomi’s eyes seem to almost glow as she sees far more than normal human vision would allow, “Most are not human, they are zoanoids. At least a dozen of them are very strong but there is one that seems even more powerful. The one that Cloe is with must be what they call a Neo-Zektole; I think we should warn her. There are a few humans here and that’s all.” Naomi tells Aalyia.

Nodding her head, “Good, you are coming into your abilities quickly and I for one am glad to know that I’m not the only who can tell what zoanoids are here. As for warning Cloe, she was a bit rash in choosing her meal, let’s see what happens.” She smiles for a moment then looks up as a large muscular man steps up to their table. A soft smile greets the man, “What is it we can do for you Mon Amie?” Looking at both women, “How about we all go and dance.” He says. Naomi’s eyes narrow for a moment but then relaxes. Aalyia looks to her and Naomi nods her head slowly and sultry. “We will be glad to.” They both say in unison.

Pai-Hua Shan Mountains Near Peking:

Shakhia walked into her throne room, she looked about for a long moment. She remembered when this hall was filled with her people, talking, planning, and readying themselves for the fight against their enemies. She missed those times. She knew it will be soon when they would find the other Ancients and Elders of her clan. The fight will begin again when her forces are ready. Then their ancient foes will answer to her, as well as any that dare stand in their way. Doja, who was doing his rounds, then entered into the throne room. “Master, is everything alright?” Looking over to her sentry she nodded her head slowly, “So far it is Doja. Though soon we have to begin looking for the others, we must gather again. We were defeated in our attempts at destroying our enemies. This time they will not be so lucky. We will plan better this time and now that I know that Desmarin is back. We will win.” She says. At the mention of Desmarin’s name Doja’s lips curl up a bit and his eyes narrow. Catching this, “What is on your mind Doja?” Doja looks to Shakhia for a moment then shakes his head, “Nothing Mistress.” Quirking her head to the side, she knew something was wrong but didn’t push. She knew that everyone was a bit jumpy with their awakening. Taking a deep breath Shakhia turns, “Doja, whatever it is you’re hiding tell me, if we are to destroy our enemies, I need all of my people loyal to me. I don’t want to have to weed out traitors, because if I do, you know what happens Traitors are killed.”

“There is nothing I’m keeping from you Mistress.” Nodding her head, “Alright then, I need for you to go to the lower resting chambers and see if there are any others of our clan there. I remember there were quite a few who managed to get back here before we went into a forced sleep. Find them and awaken them, use as much blood as you need. Each of their antechambers should still be functional. Once they start to awaken leave, you know how some of them are; wanting to drain the first thing they see.” Shakhia tells him. Doja nodded his head, “Also, I think Galiandro is down there. Do not wake him. I will need to wake him, as well as Desmarin.” She pauses for a moment. <Shakhia> She hears in her mind and smiles, <I’m on my way Desmarin>. “I must go attend to Desmarin. Now go Doja, once you’re done let me know. I will need to calm the others so that we can work on what needs to be done.” Bowing deeply, “It shall be done.” Doja turns and heads to the lower levels of their temple.

Watching Doja leave, she smirked then vanished and reappeared in her sleeping chamber, Desmarin sat in her bed. He had short, spiky hair on top of his head, a white ponytail that hung from the middle of his head and reached down to the middle of his back, and two white bangs that hung at either side of his eyes. He senses her presence and his solid black eyes snap open and looks up as Shakhia moves in front of him. She leans forward and kisses him deeply, wisps of life force energy flowing from her to him. Revitalized and now fully awake Desmarin took Shakhia into his arms, pulled her down on top of him and returned the kiss with more passion. It had been awhile since they had been together. Stopping the kiss Desmarin looks into the bright green eyes of Shakhia and gave her a toothy smile. “How long have we been asleep?” he asked her. “It has been a long time my darling’. Though what we have been able to gather is that most of this world has been taken over by Alkanphel.”

“Alkanphel?” Desmarin says questioningly.

“Yes, he is not only alive and well but appears to have created an empire called Chronos.”

“And what of our ancient enemies?”

“Unknown, from what I have gathered the world has changed much since we slept and our enemies appear unknown to the humans except for their myths and legends. But Alkanphel has amassed a great army of zoanoids and zoalords, perhaps our ancient enemies have joined forces with him.”

Growling a bit, “Damn, if he is as powerful as the legends say then he will be a greater threat than any we have faced before. This does not bode well for us and if our enemies have joined forces with him Curse them; I was so close to wiping them out when I was ambushed.” He told her.

“WHAT!” Shakhias eyes shifted into an ice blue color, “How, the plan was fool proof.” Shaking his head, “Someone leaked information out to them. We were set up which is why we lost so many of our clan.”

Trying to think, “Who could have done this Desmarin?” Shakhia asked.

“I don’t know my wife, but I know this. The one who betrayed us will do so again, but not now.” Desmarin told her as he held her. “For now we must find the others.”

“We are already working on that. Doja is about to awaken those who managed to get here before the forced sleep. The others we will have to go find.”

Nodding his head, “Alright,” Desmarin said as he looked to Shakhia and just held her in his arms. “Let us be on our way. We will soon have many of our kindred wanting to know what all that is going on and what we plan to do.” Shakhia nodded her head, Desmarin stood up and the two transformed into their Zoalord forms and vanished only to reappear in the lower antechambers where Doja had just finished his task and walked out. “It is done Mistress and Master.” Desmarin just looked at Doja, Doja moved away from the two and stood off to the left of Desmarin.

Beijing City: Club Rage:

Cloe danced with her man towards the back of the club, the music pulsing loudly, her body grinding up against him, he grinding back against her. This was turning Cloe on, “Let’s go out back. I want to give you something.” She purred in his ear. Grinning, the young man takes Cloe out one of the emergency exit doors. Looking around they move down the alley a bit and start kissing. She could tell that the young man wanted her, wanted to take her for his own. This only heightened her thirst, and then moving his head to the side, she starts to kiss and lick along his neck. Moaning with anticipation the man wrapped his arms around her waist. His quickening heart beat was like an erotic symphony to her ears. Her eyes began to glow red and her teeth extended into fangs. Then with an almost animalistic growl her fangs bit into his exposed throat and a loud drinking noise could be heard as she started to drain his life, but in the instant the man realized what was happening he started to transform and threw Cloe away from him. By the time Cloe picked herself up from the ground the transformation was complete and she now faced a Neo-Zektole.

Oh you’re going to pay for that you BITCH!!!!” he hollered. Stepping back, <Aalyia, help.> The Neo-Hyper Zoanoid started to advance on Cloe, but she saw that he was very weak; that somehow what she took from him was blood and something else. She jumped back from him, she then had to duck and roll to her right as 4 powerful bio-blasters were launched her way. Cloe’s eyes scanned the Neo-Hyper zoanoid but, as she was about to charge it, the Neo Zektole was thrown out of the alley. Turning and looking towards the clubs door, Cloe smiled when she saw Aalyia and Naomi walking out. “Sorry for the delay.” She grinned as Naomi and she licked their lips. “We had a very tasty snack.” Naomi chuckled as she looked at the Neo-Zektole who now was getting back up. “Looks like we’ll be having more company,” Cloe said as four more Neo-Zektoles rushed out of the club followed up by a Bio- Titan. Nodding her head Aalyia looked at the two, “Now you’re about to get a crash course in the use of your abilities and fighting. Follow your urges and destroy them, but leave one alive so we can take them back to Shakhia and Desmarin.” Both girls nodded their heads in unison.

Aalyia looked at the Bio-Titan with interest, licking her lips, as she could see the bio-aura rippling all over him. “Alright girls, go with your instincts. Don’t be rash, and don’t be foolish either. We didn’t survive this long by being careless.” Cloe nodded her head, Naomi doing the same. “You bitches will pay for what you did to us.” The Bio-Titan says. Aalyia quirked her head to the side, the voice sounded familiar then she smiled, “Ah you’re a Bio-Titan, the same young man whom me and Naomi sampled.” Naomi looked to the Bio-Titan and grinned. “Well you have given us both such a treat, so I guess we will give you something back in return.” Aalyia’s body began to shimmer as demonic like wings erupted from behind her. Chuckling, her body was coated in red and silver linings and a dark crystal formed on her forehead. “She’s a Zoalord!?” Neo-Zektole1 says as he took a step back. “Ah, I haven’t heard that name in such a long time.” Aalyia told them. “Well we don’t recognize her as any of our commanders. Now ATTACK!!!” the Bio-Titan commanded.

Naomi and Cloe both looked at the on-coming Neo-Hyper Zoanoids. This was their first battle, they were a bit nervous but their bodies began to glow and gargoyle like wings erupted from their backs, both girls’ bodies transformed as well. Naomi’s body matched that of Aalyia, Cloe’s body became a dull blue. Naomi’s eyes transformed into blue crystals, she had red crystals along her waist and along her wrist. Cloe on the other hand had blue crystals around her waist and along her wrists.

Aalyia looked to the Bio-Titan as it ordered the Neo-Zektoles to begin attacking. Smiling, she gestured for him to attack. The Bio-Titan held out both his hands and fired four plasma lances out towards Aalyia. The lances stabbed deep into Aalyia, bio-matter and blood spraying everywhere. The Bio-Titan laughed out loud as Aalyia exploded and what was left of her sprayed and fell to the ground. The Bio-Titan started to move towards Naomi and Cloe when he heard laughter all around him. He looked to where the dead body of Aalyia was supposed to be, but there was no body, even the blood had vanished. Startled by the sudden quietness, the Bio-Titan growled out loud. The area began to get foggy, “See that was a good attack, but you lack the conviction of death.” A sultry voice said as the fog began to get thicker. The Bio-Titan started to charge up its Bio-Smasher, it didn’t like being taunted especially by something he just recently killed or thought that he had killed.

Naomi and Cloe both looked on as the five Neo-Zektoles started to advance in on them. The two newly made Kindred Zoalords looked to each other then to the zoanoids. Naomi jumped high into the air, her wings glistening in the moon and starlight. She looked down and saw what was happening to Aalyia but before she could react, she felt the presence of her Master. It was very strong, and comforting, she herself felt stronger, inspired, and not afraid. Looking down at the Neo-Zektoles that were now surrounding Cloe, <Get ready Cloe, they are about to hit you with a large missile barrage, which is very dumb, unlessWait a minute. > Cloe watched as she became surrounded, the Neo-Zektoles were taking great care not to get too close and spreading themselves out. Hearing Naomi’s words she flared out her wings to their full length, which was a 20-foot wingspan. The lead Neo-Zektole looked up and saw Naomi floating, “FIRE!!!!” he screamed as he jumped into the air, firing off 10 bio-missiles up to Cloe. The other four Neo-Zektoles did the same. Watching in slow motion as 50 bio-missiles streak towards her, Cloe folded her wings about her. All that is seen is a bright orange explosion, which rocked the whole area and created a shockwave that flattened the night club, as well as destroying a few small shops and a couple of other nearby buildings.

Eyes narrowed, Naomi watched the explosion, seeing the lead Neo-Zektole fly towards her. “You Die!” she says in an ice-cold tone. Her eyes looked to the Neo-Zektole she felt a presence there. Someone was watching through his eyes, she then tilted her head to the side and grinned. <You wish to see then this is the last you see of this Zoanoid. > Closing her eyes she could feel everything around her. She felt the air blowing all around her, she felt the molecules of the sky and air surround her, she then felt the zoanoid fly through her. She was thick mist, she watched as the zoanoid started to turn around and look on with confusion. He knew he had seen her, but she was gone, only mist is where she once was, as he looked around an arm wrapped around him, holding him fast. The Neo-Zektole tried to get loose but to his surprise he wasn’t able to shake free, “Got ya.” Naomi says, as her now fanged mouth grows impossibly large as if to swallow her prey and the glow of the Neo-Zektole’s Bio-Energy can be seen being siphoned from him. Everything went black for the Neo-Zektole as he passed out. Both the Neo Hyper zoanoid and Naomi glowed from the exchange of energy, but the energy from the Neo-Zektole quickly faded. Naomi then watched as the Neo-Zektole crumbled and fell through her grasp, his body disintegrating to dust as it impacts the ground below.

Cleo’s wings unraveled after a few moments later, looking about Cloe saw that she was still alive after that attack. She felt the missiles impact but nothing else, like she was nothing, that she couldn’t be destroyed. This brought a smile to her face and now she was about to dance with the remaining zoanoids that tried to kill her. “Come on, we have to take her out.” One of the other Neo-Zektoles said. He then charged in towards Cloe, extending his right vibrational sword and stabbing towards her chest. Faster than the blink of an eye, Cloe side stepped to her left, then quickly snaked her arms around the Neo-Zektoles neck and ripped his head clean off of his body. She raised the head over her head and opened her mouth up wide as blood poured out all over her. She drank the blood as the other three Neo-Zektoles started charging her. They weren’t going to let her kill them off like that, they were going to kill her and bring her head back to Chronos China base as a trophy for Zariyan and Lord Kron, Lord Kron was now in charge of the bases here in China. Cloe spun around to meet their charge and she charged in towards them as well, flicking her wings out in rapid succession, two of the Neo-Zektoles passed by her, missing their mark. The middle Neo-Zektole fired a hail of laser blasts but they all missed their mark as Cloe ducked under them and punched through his gut, a glow marking her point of entry. Stunned and frozen in place, Cloe took her arm out of the zoanoid without apparently leaving a mark and held up its still beating heart. She licked it and flew up into the air along side Naomi who was watching with great interest. The first two Neo-Zektoles looked up and were about to jump into the air, but as they moved they fell apart and started to dissolve where they lay. The Neo-Zektole that had his heart ripped out stood where he was, somehow he was still alive. He felt pressure on his heart and watched as both Naomi and Cloe licked and slowly drained the blood out of his heart. His heart slowly started to stop beating. Sighing as they finished off the blood Cloe crushed the heart and the Neo-Zektole chest exploded and its body started to dissolve.

The Bio-Titan continued to look around, not noticing Aalyia walking up behind him. Clearing her throat, the Bio-Titan turned around, the fog was gone and only Aalyia stood there facing him. Her wings draped over her shoulders looked as though it were a cloak over her. “You show lots of promise child. Show me more.” She purred with excitement. The Bio-Titan extended his vibrational blades. The huge mass of the Bio-Titan loomed closer. Aalyia watched but was quickly growing bored with all of this slow paced stalking. She rushed the Bio-Titan pulling back both her arms. The Bio-Titan braced himself but wasn’t prepared for what was about to happen. Aalyia thrust out both her fists hitting the Bio-Titan in the chest and sending it flying back into what was left of a nearby building. The attack was so fast that she managed to create a sonic boom and used it to amplify her punch.

Shocked for a moment the Bio-Titan managed to get to his feet pushing aside brick and rubble as he got back to his feet. The Bio-Titan was far from done. He began charging up the crystals on his body. Aalyia watched him warily; this was going to be very interesting, as she could feel all of that bio-energy being amplified. Soon she felt it starting to overcome her senses. This sent a tingling sensation up her spine. The Bio-Titan then fired off a large mega-smash type energy attack. The blast erupted from all over the Bio-Titans body crystals, heading straight towards Aalyia, but she quickly flared out her wings. Her wings began to glow bright and the energy from the Bio-Titans attack was sucked into them. Now aglow with the energy she had absorbed Aalyia began Giggling as she shook her head feeling almost drunk from the power she had absorbed, “Ah you have filled me so It’s been centuries since I have feasted this well but I still got the touch.” she says non-chalantly. Looking deep into the Bio-Titans eyes, <You are tired of this fight; you want to leave with me. > The Bio-Titan shook his head for a moment then charged towards the Kindred Zoalord, but Aalyia held her hand up, <You don’t listen. I said Stop! > This time she added a bit of seriousness into her voice. The Bio-Titan stopped where it stood. Cloe and Naomi landed behind Aalyia, watching the Bio-Titan as it stopped his charge. “Good. Now go to sleep.” She said and the Bio-Titan reverted back to its human form and fell unconscious.

Pai-Hua Shan Mountains:

Shakhia along with Desmarin and Doja listened as the other members of the Kindred sect awaken. After a few moments Shakhia ordered Doja to open the door. Bowing his head quickly Doja did as he was told. The door opened smoothly and without a noise. Desmarin walked in first followed by Shakhia and Doja. There were 14 Kindreds standing about looking around, some cleaning off their mouths, others smelling the air, and a few others moving towards the door. As Desmarin and Shakhia walked in, all eyes were on them. Doja stood off to the left of Shakhia; he smiled as she saw the others of his kind standing before them. Stepping forward from her two male counterparts Shakhia addressed her sect. “I’m glad to see that you all are now awake. You all must have questions to ask. I know that we weren’t supposed to have awakened for another century but two new members of our sect stumbled upon us. Right now they are out scouting with Aalyia. We will know what they know soon, but for now we all must prepare. Much has changed while we slept. The Master Zoalord long thought dead is alive; Alkanphel is alive and has created an empire called Chronos that now rules most of this world. Now for the mean time we will consolidate our forces, try to find some of the others of our sect and begin to gather more of our own forces. Then and only then will we make ourselves known.” She finished.

“Who are these two new members and are they pure or recently made?” A gruff voice asked. “Kensly they were just recently made but are 100% loyal to us. Though, I do bring bad news. Desmarin wasn’t successful in killing off our ancient enemies, their present fates are unknown but Chronos has many Zoalords so our enemies may now be allies of Alkanphel. Worse still he told me he was ambushed and barely made it back here before our temple submerged. I know no one here right now would have done this horrible crime but we must investigate this matter to the fullest. I will not tolerate any traitors in my sect so those who betrayed us will die either by my hand or by yours. Is that understood?” She asked in a calm voice. The other Kindred bowed their heads in understanding. Desmarin looked to them all, his memories playing back in his mind. All he knows was that he was fighting the few ancients who still had the power to threaten them with a group of other Kindred and was about to do his major attack when he was hit from behind then thrown high into the air and before he could adjust he was nearly vaporized. He had barely made it back here with his remaining strength. He tried to remember more but the memories were fogged with pain and confusion he had experienced that day. Shaking his head he sighed, as hard as it was to believe it could only have been one of his own who attacked him and he was going to find out who it was and they would die by his hand.

All of the Kindred walked out of the antechamber except Shakhia, Desmarin and Doja remained where they stood. They knew that they had a lot of work ahead of them but they needed some more information. “I hope Aalyia, Naomi and Cloe were successful in their mission, there is much we need to know before deciding how to precede.” Nodding his head slowly, “That is a good idea Shakhia but for now, we will do like you said and take things slowly, gather information and increase our numbers. Though I will take charge in finding out who betrayed me and destroy him.” Doja smiled for a brief moment, his hand tightening into a fist then relaxing. Shakhia nodded her head, “Fine then. First go retrieve Kyndojien. You know where to find it.” She smiled. Desmarin smiled as well and left to go get his sword, the sword that was specially created and carefully crafted for him and for him alone to wield. Shakhia turned to look to Doja, “Alright in an hour gather your troops, I need for you to scout all around the mountain and post our people in strategic places. Once done contact me. Understood?” Doja nodded his head and left the antechamber. As he left, his mind was open and Shakhia took a look. She felt anger, betrayal and a loss of love. The hatred was towards Desmarin, but before she could look further she was pushed out. She could have continued but things were going to start getting interesting.

“Should I watch him?” came a voice off to her left. “Yes. I think we have our traitor, but I don’t want him finding out that we know. Desmarin will want the joy of taking his life.” “As you wish.” Then it was silent and Shakhia walked out of the antechamber.

<Mistress, we are on our way home. We had a bit of a fight but we are all alright and have gathered a great deal of energy for the clan. We even have a play toy that shall provide us with information.> Smiling to herself, <Good job Aalyia, but I shouldn’t have expected you to fail me. You never have. When you get home we will question your play toy then use him as a source of energy for the time being. >

<Alright. By the way we had to drain him a bit, somehow these Zoalords of Alkanphel are able to see through the zoanoids eyes and watch from wherever they are and able to send reinforcements to that exact location. We have already taken the precaution to severe this Bio-Titan’s mind link so that they don’t find where our temple is.> Shakhia nodded her head,

<Fine, hurry back. I will be in the throne room waiting for your return home.> With that she closed the link and walked to the throne room.

Mt Huashan Chronos China:

Chronos China had been having a very hectic time as of late. Imakarum had to leave due to the increase in activities in Australia, so in his absence Kron was sent to China to take over control. Kron would be there to get Chronos China back on its feet again. Before Kron could arrive, he had a few things in Australia to attend to and sent information via the Overlords to give to Zariyan. A few days later 12 Overlords arrived at the China base along with a plethora of Bio-Titans, Powered Zerabubuse and other Hyper Zoanoids, along with a few more scientists. The Overlords were to help Zariyan with the upkeep of the China base. They were also here to get rid of the phases of Assassinoids and create a force of Assassinoids that could deal with the Guyver threat in China and if they did well Chronos would manufacture and send more to other Chronos bases around the globe. Alkanphel was very happy with the success but having them low powered they wouldn’t be able to stand up in a fight against Guyvers for too long. Now they were to become Neo-Hyper Assassinoids able to get around undetected, in a fight they are very dangerous hand-to-hand combat types that are also able to fight long range.

This peeked Zariyan’s interest, she didn’t like the phase system either so all the Assassinoids that weren’t on missions had to report to the processing tanks immediately. She had given the scientists the names of all of her Assassinoids and all were accounted for except for one. When asked about his whereabouts she told them that he was on a special assignment that would prove valuable to Chronos if he succeeded. During the same day she met with the scientist, and the Overlords in Zariyan’s office which was moved next to Zarfel’s and was more spacious than her previous one. All 12 Overlords made it as well as the head scientist of the base. Sitting back in her chair she studied them all and took a deep breath before speaking.

“I know that you Overlords were sent here from various Chronos bases around the world, I also know that some of you have heard what’s been going on here. Some good, some are bad. But we all are here to fight and keep Chronos on top. Are we agreed on this so far?” Everyone in her office nodded their heads, “Now I don’t want no double crossing of me or anyone else here on this base. We can’t be fighting one another and fight the CRTF-ZT, which is the CRTF force and the Zeus Thunderbolts teamed up together. Now I have one of my phase 4 Assassinoids on a mission right now and if he succeeds I want him to become another of my Generals. Lord Kron will be coming to take over in Imakarum’s absence. I have to admit before Alkanphel started taking interest in us, we had no structure here but since encountering the Nova Guyvers and now their allies’ things are going to change for the better. That’s where you all come in. We have three Guyvers at our disposal right now. Nova Flare which is a melee combat prototype of the Nova Guyver models then we have two standard Guyvers. Now scientist, I want you to have the three fight each other, but not to the death. I want to test our two new arrivals against Nova Flare and depending on how well all three perform I want them processed and made into Assassinoids. Once that is completed we will have a Nova Flare Assassinoid Guyver, and two Guyver Assassinoids. This will be a major step for us, then when my Assassinoid that is on the mission I gave him comes back with a Guyver unit from Black Nova Relic I will then choose one of you Overlords to merge with it.”

Everyone started to murmur and look to one another, “Don’t worry, it was a joint idea between Imakarum and I, seeing as he liked the fact that there would be two new Nova Units coming to us. Lord Kron was told of this and he agrees,” Pausing briefly. “Now I don’t have to tell any of you anything I don’t want to tell you. But then again I will be going against my own words. As long as we keep communications open between all of us, things will go smoothly. Now I do have one of the Overlords that Imakarum brought with him out on a mission as well. Well he’s been in deep cover for a while now as a member of the CRTF security forces, and he is the one sending me the information I need so that I can make sure my Assassinoid completes his mission on time.” She stood up from her desk, her eyes looking to each of the individuals in front of her. “We will not fail, but for now we need to get to the other bases around China and make sure they are well suited and prepared for the long road ahead of us. I want at least 100 assorted Zoanoids sent to each of the bases. Scientists I want you to double your workload for this to happen. Now that we have Neo-Zektoles, Bio-Titans and our Neo-Hyper Assassinoids we will soon prove to the resistance forces of China that they will soon fall. Now everyone, you’re dismissed.”

Everyone began to file out of Zariyan’s office. When the doors closed her generals seemed to walk out of the shadows and stand before her desk. “I trust you all heard my speech?” Nodding to her, the three generals stood with their hands behind their backs in parade rest. “Yes my lord, though with you, soon to be Kron and the Overlords running the main bases here in China I think the morale will go higher. Though my main concern is will we have enough of the Bio-Titans and Assassinoids to supply the other bases? The other Chronos China bases will all ask for additional troops seeing as now both the CRTF and Zeus Thunderbolts are now aligned with one another. They will have a lot more material to use against us. I do know that they only have the Guyvers and Syn the first Assassinoid for protection. They alone have proven to be worthy adversaries.” Daijia says. Sighing to herself, she gestured for her Generals to take a seat. “That I do know, but with them having the Black Nova Relic in their possession it will make things a bit harder seeing as they will probably try to use whatever resources they can to make new weapons with what they find on that Relic.” Devlin then spoke up, “We do have the Nova Relic in the lower levels of the base maybe it’s about time to see what’s inside of it.” Grinning and nodding her head “That is true. After the testing of the three Guyvers we have, I want you to have them go into the Nova Relic and see what they can find. Once we have sufficient information we may be able to incorporate the tech into you and other Assassinoids.” Bowing their heads in unison, “Alright, I will let Sebastian and Kayla know what’s going on so that they can prepare. But for now I need you all on alert, because soon we will have two new Guyvers joining our ranks which will give us five Guyvers.” She smiled. “Now go.” She told them and the three generals stood up from where they were sitting and exited Zariyan’s office. Zariyan let out a soft yawn and leaned back into her chair. Closing her eyes she began to rest, she had to make sure things were ready for Lord Kron, because when he arrived he would be expecting the best that could be offered, Zariyan wasn’t up to disappointment though she did wish that Lord Zarfel was still with them, but whatever Lord Alkanphel had him doing had to be very important.

Mt. Huangshan ­ CRTF-ZT Base

Anwynn sat at her computer terminal reading a couple of files. Her new base was coming along well. They were pretty much done with getting things together, the Black Nova Relic was finally brought into the base and she had the scientist along with Nova Blaze and Starfire helping with getting it integrated so that it could be used as part of their base’s offense and defense. They weren’t going to lose this base like the last one. Chronos will have to fight for it.

Sighing to herself as her eyes began to hurt; Anwynn sat back and tried to relax in her chair. But as she did her computer screen went black, “Admiral Anwynn, this is Ninja Guyver. Do you receive?” Sitting up, “Yes, this is Anwynn. What do you have to report?” she asked as she sat there and listened. “Well from what I’ve been able to gather. The fight in Australia is a lot more intense than what we were led to believe. So far the U.S. and Chronos are fighting for control of the ship and the units inside. There is no easy way to get into the ship, I think I may be able to get inside but I left the fighting when Dreadnaught did. He didn’t detect me and I’m now in the U.S. where I found out that General Carter was trying to dissect Elara and find out what made her work.” Ninja paused as that even disturbed him. Anwynn clenched up her fist at that, “What else happened? What was he trying to find?” she asked. “Well from what I was able to see, they had parts of her in different bio-tubes. Dreadnaught saved her and I was able to steal what data I was able to and I will be bringing that back to base.” Ninja replies. “No! Destroy all data that they managed to get. Upon destroying it get back to Australia and help Black Nova, do what you can there and if you can get a G-Unit take it, but if not help, then return to base. We need to get some things taken care of here and can’t be helping everyone all the damn time. I’m tired of hearing shit about Carter.” She pauses when she hears a few explosions in the background, then a warping sound. “Mission complete Admiral Anwynn.” Ninja replies. Smiling to herself, “Alright get out of there. Help out in Australia and when things are somewhat ok you and Black Nova get back to base on the double. We got things of our own to take care of.” She says as Ninja says, “Alright.”

“Ma’am. The Nova twins have gotten the units off of the Black Nova Relic. We are only able to get two, there looked like there were more but they were never finished and are beyond our present resources to do anything with them. Hopefully with Black Nova we can decipher some of the plans for them and try to incorporate some of their technology into our new power armors that we are developing.” Kyria says to Anwynn. Nodding her head, “Well let’s get to the meeting spot. Can’t take a risk of having spies among us and us not knowing.” Kyria smiles and nods. “I know which is why no one is allowed in the area where the Black Relic is being kept. I didn’t think we could pull it off, but we did and only a few key people know of it.” Kyria grins as she and Anwynn make their way to the motor pool. As they reach one of the jeeps. They both see Syn leaning up against a jeep. “Hey Syn.” Anwynn smiles to her friend. “Hey will you start using my real name.” Syn smiles back and walk over and hug Anwynn, “I’m sorry Feila, just so use to using that name is all.” Anwynn hugs back. “It’s alright. We need to get going, can’t keep people waiting.” Syn says. Nodding her head Anwynn and Kyria and Syn all get into the jeep and drive out of the base. Traveling through the thick mountain range and down a long widening path. An hour later they come to an old mine shaft. In front were Wanda and Steven. They both moved aside to allow Anwynn and the jeep entrance into the mine. Syn stopped the jeep and the trio exited the vehicle. They walked deep into the mine. They came to a large expanse that looked to be some old sleeping area for the miners who worked the mines. In the middle of the room was a large table with a few laptops and two G-Units sitting in the middle of the table. Doctor Townsend and Nificky were waiting along with a few of the soldiers that Anwynn asked to be there.

Anwynn looked at each individual. Studying each of their faces, then at the units. Sighing, Anwynn points to Kendal, “You have just recently joined up with our organization, you are still new to us, but have showed loyalty to our cause.” She pauses for a moment, “Even though you haven’t been brought fully into the fold, I feel that we can trust you with the Guyver Unit you are about to receive. Please take a unit and follow the Nova Twins quickly.” She tells him. Kendal bows his head and does as he is told. Picking up the unit he saw that the control medal began to glow. “Hurry and move outside the mine before you begin to bond.” Doctor Nificky tells Kendal. Not wasting time he rushes out of the mine into a clearing that wasn’t that far from the mine, and there was both Nova Blaze and Starfire. They were there to make sure nothing went wrong. The Nova twins backed off and watched as Kendal began to merge with his unit, but somehow through the whole process Kendal stayed awake. The twins both remembered passing out due to the pain that they had withstood but Kendal was wide awake.

Once the merging was done Anwynn looked to one of the other candidates for the next unit when one of the candidates fell to the ground dead, followed by two more. De-Cloaking and running closer now to the table was a being that looked like a male counterpart of Syn. Syn turned to see the Assassinoid running straight for her. Shifting into her Assassinoid form she managed to dodge from the blade attack that was aimed for her head. The Assassinoid didn’t bother to wait for her to regain her footing as he drove his fist into the ground and created a pressure cannon shockwave, which blew a large creator in the ground sending people flying in all directions. The remaining unit fell to the ground. Anwynn was blown back into a few tables, which now lay on top of her. Syn raced towards the Assassinoid and threw a kick at its head. The Assassinoid blocked it with his right hand then jumped up into the air and did a spinning double kick hitting Syn in the chest and head. The force of the blow sent her flying into the nearest wall, which she hit so hard that she was embedded into the wall.

The Nova twins heard the explosion and as they turned around to see what was going on. They saw smoke coming from where the others were. They were about to leave to help when the newly formed Guyver in front of them fired off a pressure cannon blast that was so large that the twins barely had enough time to make pressure cannon shields to protect themselves. “What the hell is going on? Why are you attacking?” Nova Blaze asked. Starfire on the other hand was already charging at the new guyver. “He’s not on our side, can’t you sense it?” she hollered at her brother. The new Guyver just smiled under his armor as he threw a punch at Starfire but missed. She ducked under his punch then concentrated energy into her fist and did a jumping uppercut, which caught the new guyver by surprise, and sent him straight up into the air. His whole body was on fire, and quickly catching on, Nova Blaze charged and channeled power of his own to make him faster and he jumped up into the air and did a mid-air axe kick slamming the burning Guyver back down to the ground where he hit with so much force that he created a large sized crater.

Syn was slowly regaining her focus as she pulled herself out of the wall. She was now on her feet when the Assassinoid killed three more soldiers. He turns around and scrambles for the unit but dodges to his left as Kyria and Wanda started firing on him. Throwing up a shield, the Assassinoid dove for the unit; he grabs it up and comes up running. Using his speed to help propel him out of the mine with the dormant unit. A few soldiers chased after the assassinoid. Wanda, Kyria, and Steven followed after them. Anwynn on the other hand tried to move but she was pinned to the ground, a large rock was lying against the table and it was pinning her right leg against it. Syn was about ready to start chasing the Assassinoid but when Anwynn cursed and groaned out in pain. She quickly ran to help Anwynn. The Assassinoid stopped and fired off a concussion wave that floored the eight people who were chasing him. He looked to Syn, “You truly think you can beat me?” the Assassinoid said sarcastically. Then a loud explosion from the clearing was heard. “Shit, the Novas are getting their asses handed to them.” Piper says as she runs into the cavern only to see another Assassinoid standing in the entryway facing Syn, Anwynn, and a few others. The scene through the opening of the cave was filled with dancing flames as fire engulfed the area where the twins had gone to watch the merging process of Kendal.

Kendal smiled under his armor as he unleashed a powerful shoulder charged particle beam that blew both the twins to the opposite end of the large clearing. Nova Blaze took the brunt of the damage and slammed into Starfire who was now slowly getting up.

See we’re taking these Units back to Chronos and you will not be able to stop us.” The Assassinoid said as it blurred out of sight and was gone before Syn or the other soldiers could do anything to stop him.

Laughing the dragon looking Overlord Guyver floated into the air, “Call me Quasar.” He said as he looked to Starfire. Starfire looked to her brother who was not getting up, though the control medal was slowly starting to glow but stopped as Nova Blaze regained consciousness. Starfire looked back at Quasar, “We will see!” she hollered and channeled power into her gravity orb and flew up towards Quasar who just floated there with his arms folded. As Starfire neared him, Quasar held out a hand and it began to glow, but quickly thinking Starfire let her shield flare up around her as Quasar fired an intense white beam that blasted away Starfire’s shield but at the last moment she was able to dodge and fire off a pressure cannon blast that hit Quasar’s shield but didn’t damage him. Quasar took the hit and saw that nothing happened and he turned to face Starfire and shook his head. “You are too weak to fight me. When your brother took that hit for you, it did more than damages you, but drained your power from you and added it to my own. But I tire of this; Chronos China will destroy your pathetic group and take the world for ourselves.” Quasar goes up higher into the air, but as he got to the height he wanted a crushing blow hits him from behind. Nova Blaze floated behind him, “No one, and I mean no ONE! Tries to kill my sister!

Quasar, who was caught up in his own glory that he didn’t take the warning that his unit sent to him and now he found himself crashing hard into the ground. Quasar more stun than hurt got to his feet only to see a half powered mega smash blast hitting him dead on. Smoke filled the area; Starfire slowly got to her feet as Nova Blaze landed next to her. “Focus, Starfire.” He says to her. “Yeah I know. There is something different about our armors.” She says through the organism on their backs. The smoke cleared and Quasar was floating in the air, a barrier around him. His arms were crossed in front of his chest. “Pathetic. You will learn of your foolish ways, Nova Twins.” He laughs then teleported away.

The twins stood there for a bit as Quasar teleported away but they both quickly turned around as Lee staggers out of the woods and drops dead. Nova Blaze ran to Lee and Starfire floated up into the air and saw the smoke dissipating from the mine. “He’s dead.” Nova Blaze said. Sighing, “We got to get back to the others. From the looks of things, we caught with our pants down and got our asses handed to us.” Starfire says as she growls a bit. Nova Blaze floated up to where his sister was and they both flew off towards the mine.

Pai-Hua Shan Mountains:

Desmarin and Shakhia along with the rest of the coven members were in the main throne room; Aalyia, Naomi and Cloe walked in towards the middle of the throne room along with their captive. All within the chamber became quite as they sensed the life energy that the three had acquired on their scouting mission. Naomi and Cloe both moved close to each other as they eyed the rest of the coven members and sensed their hunger. “So these are the two new comers!” says a woman who looks far older then Shakhia and Desmarin together. “Yes, and they are quite capable and will not be harmed. Do I make myself clear Clara?” Aalyia said as she pushed the now conscious Bio-Titan towards Shakhia and Desmarin. “It was they who destroyed our enemies, they are now blooded.” Aalyia says now as she turns around. Clara just nodded her head. “With that ended, Naomi come before me.” Naomi bowed her head to Shakhia and did as she was told. “Now, you were able to see that someone was watching through these pitiful creatures eyes correct?” Shakhia asked. “Yes my master. It was as if they were sitting inside as this creature fought. I was able to break the link to this one so that we can’t be found, but Master Aalyia put this one to sleep as well.” Nodding her head as Naomi spoke, Shakhia took in a few moments then looked to Desmarin who looked to her then to Naomi. “You will be of a great use to us. Continue proving yourself you will be promoted, you’ve already been given a big gift as it is.” He says. “Cloe, come.” He says in a soft voice. Cloe walked up with confidence and stood next to Naomi, “I saw your fight. You fight almost like me, but you still held back. Why?” he asks. Cloe blinked. The other members of the coven moved in to hear her reason. “I didn’t know I was holding back my Master. I’m still learning, please forgive me.” Cloe says as she bows her head. Desmarin laughed, “You will learn in time, but for now we all have to be careful, but now it seems our enemies have grown while we slumbered and I know you all want them to know that we are ones not to be forgotten.” He says. The rest of the Coven bowed their heads. “With that said and done we must get out and get things taken care of. Those who didn’t sleep have moved in places of power and they have already felt our awakening. Some will be here shortly so lets make them feel welcome and hear what they have done to make our people more of a power base.” Shakhia looks to her people and smiled.

Mt. Huangshan ­ CRTF-ZT Base

The rest of the members that went out to the mine made it back. Though the casualties were very high. Anwynn lay in the med lab with a cast on her right leg; she read the reports of the mission that just happened. A scowl appearing on her face as she looked at the total of dead that they had to bring back she threw the papers to the ground. She hadn’t noticed Syn come in but Syn understood her anger. “I’m sorry.” She says. Anwynn startled a bit she looks up and sees Syn standing there with tears in her eyes. Her face wet, “What’s wrong?” Anwynn asks as she looks to her friend. “I fucked up. Plain and simple.” Syn says. “Come here Feila.” Anwynn says to her. Syn walks over to Anwynn, she sat down on the bed. Anwynn reached over and embraced Syn in a hug, “It’s not your fault. I should have known better, we still have spies but I didn’t want to be over cautious and now it paid in the lives that were lost.” She sighs. “I will not let anything happen to you or the others again.” Feila says as she hugs Anwynn back. “I know it won’t.” Anwynn smiles.

There was a knock on the door and in walked the twins, Kyria, Steven, Wanda, Jenn, Sheri and Jet. Anwynn saw Jet and blinked, “I thought” Holding his hand up, “Dark Nova sent me back. She knew we’re still vulnerable here and thought it best we had every able body here and from what the twins told me, it’s true.” He says. “Dark Nova?” Anwynn asked. “Yeah, thanks to Dreadnought Mei Lynn just got pretty damn powerful. She’s almost as powerful as Dreadnaught. Hell, she may be even a bit more over him. You should see what she’s capable of now. But on the downside Dreadnaught’s sister Jenny has a Black Nova Unit now.” He says a bit angered by that. “What?!?” Nodding their heads, “Yeah, it seems on his way back from his last mission he encountered an alternate Earth where he single handedly beat back Chronos, then he found the Nova Project was complete and his wife was alive. He brought them back with him along with the module that made our Black Nova, Dark Nova.” He says. “His wife is also a Warrior Guyver.” He finishes. Shaking her head, “Alright, good news about Mei Lynn but we need to hit a jackpot or something because with all those Guyvers we are slowly going to get pushed away.” Kyria says. “No we won’t. Jason and Jenny are the best allies we have.” Sai says. “Yes, they feel how we feel and we know that they will not do anything to turn on us.” Keilynn jumps in. “Well at least he gave Mei Lynn that upgrade module instead of giving it to his sister.” Jet grudgingly admitted.

Nodding her head Anwynn lets out a sigh. “Alright. Team we got work to do, now with Ninja back we have almost everything we need. Guyvers let Dark Nova know to get a unit if she can and bring it home. We just lost two powerful units to Chronos and now we just made our foes stronger then they were.” Everyone nod their heads. “Admiral, we just finished compiling the data from the RoboGuyver and have a few prototypes in the works. We will only have six so you will need to put together a team that will be the users of these armors once they are done.” Came a call from Doctor Nificky who called in on a radio. Smiling, “Alright even more good news. Wanda, Steven, and Kyria you will be the first three, I will pick three more later but go see the good doctors now.” They all bowed, saluted and left out of the room. “Alright, lets get back to work. I want security details all around the base and keep people who don’t have proper access into secret areas out of them. Now it’s time to ferret out our spies and clean our base up. All of you will be in charge of that, the meeting area and training areas for you Guyvers will be done shortly so that way you can train and come up with tactics to use with each other and with our teams. No more renegade fighting and solo fighting. We are all a team and will do so even after this damn war is over. Do you all understand.” Anwynn finished. They all bowed their heads. At that time Doctor Townsend calls in over the radio, “Syn, I need you to come here now. We have few things to talk about.” He says.

Quirking her head to the side Anwynn looks to Syn, “I will tell you later. If this works, you all will actually see rather than me telling you about it.” She says with a smile. She hugs Anwynn then quickly leaves. “Well I guess that’s that. Lets get going twins, we got a lot of work to do.” Jet says. “Take it easy Admiral.” Jet says. They then leave, leaving Anwynn alone with her thoughts. She lay back in her bed and falls asleep.