This is a fan-fiction based on characters created by Yoshiki Takaya and contains violent situations with adult language. Any similarity to actual persons, living or dead is unintentional and purely coincidental.

Note This story takes place after “Meeting of the Guyvers” and a day before the “Seven Days of Hell” fic. Story also takes place at the same time as the “Convergence” fic, by Mike Cox.
Title The Fall of a Nova
AuthorAndre Harmon


A young man sat, meditating in the middle of a huge room, where various weapons and equipment of the CRTF are tested. He is clearly of Asian decent, with long hair that is swept back into a long ponytail. Only his barely perceptible breathing showed that he was still alive. Surprising since most considered him as good as dead, only a day ago. Now he sat, apparently completely recovered from his ordeal, when suddenly, he jumps up onto his feet and breaks into a flurry of movement. A punch, which is quickly followed by a block, and a twist, that spirals downward, as he does a sweeping low kick. The force of his movements are completely fluid, as he uses the moment to roll onto his back, while simultaneously tucking in his legs to his chest as he landed on his back. He then kicked out in a wave like motion that snaps his body back into a standing position. He then brought his hands down to his sides and exhaled a deep breath. His eyes were stern and looking to an imaginary opponent, he inhales and throws three, whip like, punches. Upon doing the last punch, he jumps into the air and does a butterfly twist which brings in his arms and spreads out his legs. The move is so fast that he gained a lot of air before landing on his feet. He then does a double palm strike at chest level. All his movements showing how well trained he was in the martial arts, but never before had he felt his mind, body, and spirit so well focused before. Though, as he moved through his exercises, he felt something swelling inside him that caused him to stop his workout. Immediately, the energy he felt faded. Perplexed, he shook his head and was about to start again when Lynn walked in, followed up by Syn. They both applauded and Lynn walked over to him.

“Hello, my name is Lynn Satome.” He says as he looks to the young man. “And your name is?” He asks politely.

“Sir, my name is Wynd Kai, I was a member of the Beijing Wushu Team.” Wynd says as he bows, but he quickly notes that Lynn is wearing the clothing of a Shaolin Monk. “Excuse me sir, but are you a monk from the Shaolin temple that Chronos destroyed?” he asks.

“Yes, he’s one of the few survivors of that temple.” Syn chimes in, smiling. “I’m sorry, Lynn forgot to introduce me. My name is Syn.” She smiles and bows as well.

Lynn laughs and so does Wynd. “Well thanks for rescuing me. I thought I was dead for sure.” Wynd replies, but Lynn quickly raises his palm up for him to stop, “Don’t thank us, Kyria was the one who rescued you.” He says. Wynd bowed yet again. “Well, I will have to thank her the next time I see her then.” Wynd says.

“Why wait.” Kyria says, as she walks in with Anwynn. ” But there really is no need, we had heard there was an attack in Beijing and came there. So far we haven’t found the others of the team but don’t worry, we will find them and try to get them back if they’re captured.” Kyria tells Wynd. Wynd nods his head.

“Though, I am a bit alarmed.” Kyria says.

Everyone looks to her.

“Why?” asked Anwynn and Wynd at the same time, both sharing perplexed expressions on their faces.

Kyria walks over to Wynd and looks him over closely. “Well, when we found you, you were nearly dead. I didn’t even think you were going to make it, but now you’re all healed and doing fine.” Kyria says, as she backs away from him. “I know we gave you medical attention but it doesn’t make sense for you to be completely healed in only a day.” Kyria says.

The others look at him.

“Yes, that is a bit unusual. I can think of very few things that would have granted you the ability to recover so quickly.” Lynn says.

Wynd shrugs, “I don’t know. I feel just fine. My chest still aches a bit, but that’s about it.” He says as he looks to everyone who looked at him.

“Do you remember what happened to you before woke up here?” Asks Syn.

“Yes, but, ah, not too clearly. I remember being chased by three Ramotith zoanoids and then ducking into the basement of a building, trying to hide. Just when I thought I was safe, something ripped through the floor and grabbed me. There was pain then nothing until next I woke up here, covered in bandages. The nurse immediately tried to get me to lay back down but I felt fine and told her so. She got the doctor, he examined me and then released me. I then came to this room to see if everything, you know, still worked.”

The others looked to one another, “Well, for now we’re just happy you’re alright.” Anwynn says with a soft smile. The others nodded their heads as well.

“Well, Wynd is it?” Anwynn asks. “We’re fighting an endless fight here. Chronos must be stopped and we are still looking for people who share the same ideas. I was wondering if you would join us. So far we have some powerful friends but we could always use more to join the fight.” She tells him.

Wynd seems to think it over for a bit before nodding his head, “Yes, I will help you. Chronos must pay for the crimes and deaths of the people of China and the destruction of the Shaolin Temple.”

Lynn and the others smiled. Anwynn stepped forward, “Well thanks for joining. We have work to get done.” She says. Everyone turns to look to Anwynn, “From the information given to us by Mei Lynn, the Relic that contained her Guyver unit is located in the Yellow Sea, I want Lynn, Syn and Wynd to go out there and make sure it’s still there, if it is report back. I will then send a unit out to claim the Relic.” She says to them. All three of them bowed in acknowledgment.

“Umm….Anwynn, I don’t have any weapons or anything.” Wynd tells her.

Kyria just smiles. “Don’t worry, I’ll hook you up with some of our new equipment, and believe me, you’re gonna love it.”

Wynd just nods his head and looks about, though there where a few things on his mind. He remembered being attacked and hurt badly, he thought he would die but then something odd happened. He had felt a burning sensation in his back before blacking out and then awoke here, in the base, completely healed. This troubled him but for right now he would wait and ask questions later. Anwynn asked for his help and well he will give her just that.

Just as Anwynn was about to leave, four soldiers and what appeared to be two civilians walked in. Anwynn quirked her head to the side, but Wynd looked to the two females and smiled, “Sherie and Jenna” he says out loud and runs over to them, “Wynd.” They both exclaimed and hugged each other. “How did you guys escape?” Wynd asked the girls. They both just hugged him. He understood, he had gone through the same thing but almost died.

One of the soldier moved up, “Commander, Jalalil was able to pinpoint where the Relic, Mei Lynn told us she found her unit, may be located. The group you wanted to go is already assembled and awaiting your command.” The young woman says.

“Good work Wanda, you will be having another recruit join you, his name is Wynd.” Anwynn says. Wynd walks up and bows his head to Wanda, though when he walks up so does Sherie and Jenna, “We want to help as well, though we are not from China, we do have family here as well.” Sheri says. “Besides, I owe Chronos.” Jenna nearly growls. Anwynn smiles, “Alright looks like we have our group. Kyria go get the weapons and field equipment ready, we got a little training to do, also it might be a good idea to bring in those light weapons we’ve been working on.” Anwynn says as she looks to Kyria. Kyria nodded her head and leaves the training area, along with Wanda and her group.

Lynn and Syn smiled to each other

“Oh boy, this is going to be very interesting, but to let you three know one thing. This is going to be very dangerous, and all the skills you have, you must use them to their maximum potential, and never hold back.” Lynn says to Wynd, Sherie and Jenna.

Syn looks to the three teenagers, “I just wish things were different and you all didn’t have to fight, but now there is no other way. There is a resting area on the outside of this room, meet back in here for training and after that we head out.” Syn tells them.

All three nod their heads and head to the resting area. After they leave Anwynn lowers her head, “I really hate that they have to fight instead of living their own lives. But at least they are fighting instead of hiding or collaborating with the enemy.” Anwynn tells them. Lynn walks over to Anwynn and comforts her, she buries her head in his chest and they just hug. Syn laughs, “I KNEW IT!!!!!!” she laughs loudly. Anwynn shakes her head and smiles, “So what, I like Lynn, I just hope he feels the same.” She says and looks up at him. Lynn smiles and nods his head, “Yes, I feel the same.” He tells her.

Syn starts to leave, “Well I got to help Kyria, you know how trigger happy she and Ryan are.”

Anwynn sighs, “Please do. Make sure they don’t take every last experimental weapon, and check on Wynd and his friends.” Anwynn asks Syn. Syn salutes and leaves. Anwynn and Lynn just stand there holding each other, then begin kissing.

Mt Chi, Beijing China

Deep in the processing area for the Assassinoids, twenty processing tanks blinks done. The green liquid drains out of them and the tanks open up, letting the Assassionoids exit. There is a rack of black assassin uniforms hanging up. They all walk over and start to dress, Kayla, Sebastion and Zarfel walked in as they finished dressing. The Assassinoids all bowed and kneeled. “You are among the first to emerge from the processing tanks, you will become our new creations of killers and destroyers, my elite.” Zarfel begins. “However, you are only Phase One types, in order to become stronger and better. You must carry out all missions to the letter and perform better then those in your company. I will not tolerate failure.” The Assassinoids all nod their heads, “Your Commander shall be done soon, along with her generals, I’m over her so if you fail her, you fail me, which means your destruction.” Zarfel tells them with nothing but hate and malice in his voice. “Now I have a mission that you all must carry out. Feiona, you will be in charge of the Phase Ones. Vega, you are her second. ” The two moved up to the front of the group. Zarfel smiled and handed Feiona the files. “You are to find one of the local China resistance forces and destroy them. They are proving to be too much of a threat. Your secondary objective is to look for any other Relic ships that may be in the area.” Feiona and Vega nod their heads. Zarfel, Sebastion and Kayla leave.

Feiona and the others stood up, “We have our mission. Vega, if we are to get promoted then we have to work together. So we have to do this right.” She tells him.

“Yes.” Vega says to her.

The two split up the remaining eighteen Assassinoids. “Vega, you’re group two. Your mission is to find the Relic ship, my group will look for the CRTF base. We move out in an hour, so everyone get ready and we will show Master Zarfel that we are the elite Phase One units that will be upgraded.” She says. Everyone salutes and goes off to get ready.

Zariyans Processing Area:

Zarfel, Kayla and Sebastion looked in on Zariyan and the three Elite Assassinoids. The three Elites were finished and were dressing, but Zariyan still had five hours to go. Her Zoalord processing was coming along nicely.

“Good, not long now. The work you two did, along with the data Master Alkenphel has sent, will make her truly great.” Says Zarfel as he smiles. Sebastion and Kayla smiled as well, but there was more to be discussed.

“Master Zarfel, upon further search of the Nova Relic, we have found a unit. The Creator name for it has been translated as the Nova Flare Unit. It’s another Guyver unit that we could use, though its capabilities are unknown to us until we find someone to use it.” Kayla says.

Sebastion nods his head in agreement to the report, “I have an idea of who we can give it to but needed your approval first.” He says.

Zarfel turns to the two scientists, “Who do you want to have this unit?” he asks.

“Tsung, he’s the best operative we have.” Kayla says as Zarfel stands there looking at the two. After a few moments, “Alright, take him to the testing area and let him merge with the Flare Unit. I want all data recorded, but first I would like my three Elite Assassinoids tested. They better be way past expectations or they will be destroyed and redone, do you two both understand me!?” He asks them. Sebastion and Kayla both bow their heads.

Zarfel leaves the room. Sebastion looks to Kayla, who watches Zarfel leave then turns to the Elite Assassinoids. “Well, you heard what Master Zarfel has said. We will prove to him that you are far more advanced then those Bio-Titans that everyone has been talking about.” She says.

Sebastion walks over to a communication unit and called for Tsung, he told Tsung to meet them in the testing area in an hour and that he just got a new surprise.

Chronos China Testing Area:

Tsung waited in the training room for Sebastion and Kayla to come so that he could merge with the Flare Nova Unit. The unit sat in the middle of the training room, and it was about ten minutes past the time when Sebastion and Kayla were supposed to be there. Not wanting to wait any longer, Tsung walks over to the unit and picks it up. The control medal on the unit started to glow a bright fiery red. Tsung smiled as he saw the tentacles move around and the casing blow off. He screams out loudly as the merging process started. Kayla was the first one into the control room. She smiled when she saw the Flare unit merging with Tsung, though Sebastion was mad. “Damn him to hell, he was ordered not to have the unit merge with him until he was ordered to.”

Kayla laughs. “You know, you need to calm down my dear Sebastion. If you would look at the computers, the merging process is being recorded.” She says with a chuckle. Sebastion just glared at her and turned to watch as the merger was coming into the final stages. The control medal flared a violent flame of red and orange then the merging process was done. Tsung stood there for a few moments until the control medal stop flaring. Nova Flare looked up to the control room where Sebastion and Kayla watched.

Flare Guyver let out air through the vents. The control medal flared and glowed brightly again, as if awaking from a deep sleep. Tsung looks about and then at his hands. They were covered in the Guyver bio-armor. He smiled under his armor, “This is incredible. I can feel the power flowing through me. I’m a hell of a lot stronger than a zoanoid. I feel nothing but fire race through me.” Nova Flare says.

“Alright, you bastard, let’s begin the test and this time, do as you are ordered.” A very annoyed Sebastion says over the com-system.

Flare nods his head and turns towards the far wall as he waits for the zoanoids to be sent in to test him. But a few moments pass and nothing happens. He begins to wonder what is going on when his hyper sensors kick in and he suddenly senses movement behind him. He twists around just in time to get struck with a bio-laser blast that sends him sprawling to the ground. More shocked than hurt, he quickly lifts his head to see four Gregoles, five Ramotith, and a Powered Zerebubuse. The closest Gregole had started charging in towards him. Flare instinctively activates his gravity control orb as he snaps back to his feet. He then flinched his arms and his twin forward blades lengthen and he quickly spins to his left as the Gregole went passed him, stabbing his twin swords, on his left arm, through the zoanoids ribs. The Gregole started to cough up blood, but Flare didn’t stop there as he did a quick spinning kick and activated his ankle blades, cutting off the zoanoids head. Flare landed and jumped back a few feet, his control medal flared with a bright crimson fiery light, and he brought his hands up in front of him.

Both Sebastion and Kayla took note of how quickly Tsung had adapted to using the Guyver unit. His Chronos training must have let him instinctively activate his armors’ weapon systems, but it was still a question if it was entirely him or was the unit itself compensating for its host’s lack of experience.

Flare’s hands began to glow as two of the Gregoles charged at him, but as they then broke off, one going right and the other to the left. They were coming up on Nova Flares side, but he continued to stand there. The two Gregoles came up. Then in a flash and bright explosion of energy, Flare thrusts his hand out to the sides. Sending a flare burst gravity blast out, instantly destroying the two Gregoles and leaving nothing but scorched marks on the ground.

The remaining zoanoids started moving away except for the Powered Zerebubuse, who started to walk up towards Nova Flare.

Kayla continued monitoring the fight and she looked at the information from the Nova Twins and compared them to Flare and knew that the twins power levels were 2.5x a standard unit, while Flare’s power level was just 2x a standard unit. “Sebastion, perhaps we should delay this part of the test until he has fully mastered the Unit. He will have a lot of problems going against the Powered Zerebubuse. His unit is just over half that of the Nova Twins.” She says.

Sebastion just looks on with more interest.

Flare charged in at the big Hyper Zoanoid and then jumped high into the air, but, as he did, the Powered Zerebubuse jumped up under him. Stabbing Flare in the stomach and in the same motion slams him hard on the ground.

Flare falls to the ground in a lot of pain, he rolls to his side and slowly gets to his feet. The Powered Zerebubuse then fired it’s bio-laser in front of Flare, knocking him back a few feet. The six other lower class zoanoids took this chances to get some payback. They all started to charge in after Flare, who was once again getting to his feet, but this time he was fully healed and was just acting like he wasn’t. As the six lower class zoanoids charged in at him, he opened up his left chest plate and the mega smasher cell was charging up and flames rippled through the lens and then he fired the powerful weapon. Fire/Plasma energy fired from his chest, instantly destroying the six zoanoids. The Powered Zerebubuse shielded itself but was also destroyed in the massive blast before the blast moved on and hit the wall of the Chamber. Fortunately, the Powered Zerebubuse had taken the brunt of the blast and weakened it enough so that it did not blast through the wall and thus through the base. The Mega Smasher died down and then Flare closed the chest plates and stood there, breathing hard. The control medal flared one more time and then stopped. Flare looked up at the control area where Kayla and Sebastion both were smiling, despite the alarms sounding through the base, getting all the data they needed on his unit.

“Well, that was quite the display but you took quite a chance with that last attack. It is fortunate that you had the sense of mind to use only one of your mega smashers. But you’re still holding back on your abilities. There are more powers that unit has. But there’s something you have to know.” Kayla says leaving the sentence hanging.

Flare looked up at them, “What, as you can see. I’m more powerful than the Nova twins and possibly that Ninja Guyver.” He says as he looks up to them.

Sebastion laughs, “You’re nowhere near as strong as Ninja, and the Nova twins powers are still stronger than yours, even when they are alone and fighting you one on one, and if you fight them at the same time, you would be overwhelmed and possibly destroyed.” Sebastion finishes. Flare just glared up at the control room.

“We will see.” Flare says as he wills off the armor. He then walks out of the training room and goes to his quarters.

Pai-Hua Shan Mountains Near Peking:

Deep in Pai-Hua Shan Mountains, two women walk down a short expanse with their flashlights moving about. “Hey Cloe, I think I found something.” One of the women says as she starts moving down to the south of the cave that they’re in. Cloe walks over to her friend, “What is it Naomi?” she asked as she followed Naomi down a small walk way that lead into something like a huge chamber that was made very immaculate. There were many designs that looked like artwork on the walls. To the back of the chamber were two Queen sized chairs that looks to be the real thing that Queens used to use as thrones. Cloe whistles loudly as she starts looking around this very large chamber.

As the two women continued walking around the chamber, they stumble upon what looked to be a hidden wall access. Naomi and Cloe looked to each other then started to walk down what appeared to be a hall, their flashlights goes out. “Damn it Cloe, I thought you had put in new batteries.” Naomi says to Cloe. “I did.” Cloe replied. Just as she said that the room became very bright as if lighted by hundreds of candles. Both women jump as they are spooked by the occurrence. This room was huge, but not as big as the previous chamber they were in. There were two Asian canopy beds with a box like thing, along the back of the wall. Two women lay asleep in the beds. “Naomi, what the hell is this shit?” Cloe asked as they continue looking in the room. The box on the far wall opened and a man that looks to be in his late twenties is in the box. His eyes flutter open and he walks out yawning. As he walks out, he stands between both beds and his eyes go from green to red and start glowing, though at the same time as he walked out of the box.

The two women that laid upon the bed, stirred and then suddenly sat up looking to Naomi and Cloe. Naomi and Cloe both wanted to run but their legs wouldn’t let them, it was like they were entranced by the three but mainly the women. The two women, one had fiery red hair that flowed all the way down past her waist. She had dazzling emerald green eyes that pierced both women like a hot knife through butter. The other woman, younger than the red head, had brunette colored hair with pool like jade green eyes. Though, her hair was short. The two women gestured for both Naomi and Cloe to come forward. As if in a trance, Naomi and Cloe obeyed like willing slaves. The two women stayed seated in their beds. Naomi went to the red head, while Cloe sat down next to the brunette.

“My name is Shakhia, queen of the kindred sect and a direct descendant of the zoalords that once ruled this world. This is Aalyia.” She gestured to the brunette, who only smiled. “And this is our sentry Doja.” She smiles as she runs her hand through Naomi’s hair. Naomi smiled a bit, liking the feel of Shakhia’s hand in her hair.

“I see in your mind that we are what you would call vampires. The world has changed much since we were forced to sleep. I have need of your knowledge of this time and place. You both will be one of us,” Shakhia says as she opens her mouth, revealing long fangs, then in a sudden jerk. Naomi and Cloe both blacked out.

Mt. Chi Mountains:

Deep in the hanger bay of the Chronos base, a large number of soldiers started entering into vehicales. Four jeeps and two trucks were quickly loaded with ten Thancrus Hyper Zoanoids, eighteen phase one Assassinoids, and a Powered Zerebubuse. The jeeps started up, Vega looked around, they had been ordered to take along a few extra zoanoids, which were the Thancrus class zoanoids. The Assassinoids didn’t seem to mind. By doing combat data and strategy, Zarfel saw that the Assassinoids and Thancrus were perfect matches to use alongside one another. Zarfel knew what he would do with all the Thancrus zoanoids. Feiona got onto an intercom, so to speak with the battle groups. “Alright everyone, we are splitting up into two groups. Group one, which I will lead, will look for the CRTF Resistance group. Once we find them, we will destroy their base and capture their main commanders and bring them all back here.” She says, pausing for a moment.

“Group two, which will be led by Vega, will go in search of any more Relic ships. From our information, there may be a Relic in the Yellow Sea. It is rumored that it is the Relic of the Black Nova. We will need for you to get that Relic back here at all COST!” she says to everyone. Vega stood next to her, smiling a bit. “We have reports from our sources that the Nova Twins, Ninja Guyver and Black Nova are not at the base. Only people there are the normal soldiers, Syn and Nova Storm. We will still need to be careful though. Nova Storm is a force to be reckoned with, Syn also. Syn is a more deadly version of Assassinoid and Nova Storm is an experimental prototype for the Black Nova Guyver. You will have your work cut out for you, so listen to Feiona and do your job well.” Vega says as he turns and gets into the front seat of the jeep. “Alright people, let’s move out.” Feiona said to the others. Everyone got into their assigned jeeps and after a few minutes, left the base.

CRTF Base:

A few hours passed since Wynd, Sherie, and Jenna left to take a rest. Once they woke up, they were put to a two-hour intense training session. They were all taught how to use hand guns, and semi-automatic weapons. They were going to be trained on fully automatic weapons when Sherie told them that they were not going to learn to use them. Anwynn understood perfectly. Wynd, Sherie and Jenna were really good for beginners. Their martial arts skills were their main asset, along with whatever else they knew now. However, Anwynn was a bit taken aback at how fast, these three, were able to pick up on the weapons they were shown.

“I need to teach you all, to at least learn one major automatic weapon. It’s far more powerful than any of the weapons you have been trained with yet but will save your life and put down a zoanoid.” She says to them. They all nodded their heads and Kyria came out, carrying three M1L1 Modified pulse rifles. “Alright, you three, here you go.” Kyria says, handing them each a riffle, “Now listen up and listen good, our mission starts in about an hour. That will give you only a half hour to learn these weapons and a half hour to get ready.” She tells them. They all nod their heads.

Syn stood on the far end and watched them. “I hope they do well, this isn’t going to be easy.” She said to herself.

“Alright these are heavily modified Chinese military M1L1 triple pulse riffles with integrated grenade launcher. There’s a digital LCD screen on the right-hand side that tells you how much ammo and grenades you have left. These weapons are also equipped with armor piercing tip case less, high explosive, rounds. Similar to the U.S. 20mm H.E. anti-zoanoid rounds but only 9mm in size. This limits their effectiveness, but allows each to hold up to 1,000 rounds at a time. The grenade launcher is a basic pump action shotgun type and can hold up to eight rounds. Complete with auto cooling water tight body, this state of the art electric chain gun based weapon is the most effective anti-zoanoid weapon that we have at our disposal.” Kyria finished. She quickly instructed them on how to fire the gun and grenade launcher. They were in a shooting range and were able to practice. Their shots were all off, due to the powerful recoil of the weapon, but as the time got short, their aim became nearly dead on.

“All right privates, go shower and get dressed. You all have uniforms and body armor in your rooms, change into them and meet me back here. Now move out.” Kyria said. Wynd, Sherie, and Jenna quickly ran out and quickly got to their rooms. “Always the hard ass, huh Kyria.” Syn laughs. “Oh shut up sweet ass.” Kyria said to Syn, licking her lips. Kyria was a hard on lesbian and always has been. She liked Syn a lot but Syn was never interested. “Well hey, I don’t want them dying and besides, Jenna looks FINE!” Kyria says. Syn shakes her head, “Well they will be with us, I just hope Chronos haven’t found that Relic.” Syn says with a worried tinge in her voice.

Kyria nodded her head, “You’re not the only one. If we find it, who knows what’s in there, we could find a lot of technology and help give us more things to help fight Chronos and get China back on its feet.” She says as she looks to Syn, who gave a small smile. “Yeah, I know what you mean, but also we have to keep an out for Gorman and his crew. They have been really quiet lately and that worries me. They have three standard G-Units and may be on the look out for more.” Syn growls a bit.

“I know how you feel, but hey you got these kids and a few soldiers to help you with that search.” Kyria says.

“Oh. That reminds me, did you ever show them those light weapons you were talking about?” Syn asks.

Kyria just smiles, “They aren’t really light weapons exactly. Tech jargon aside, we were basically able to create vibrational katana swords for them to use. They’re pretty strong and will cut through just about anything. With them already knowing how to fight, it was a good choice to give them those weapons rather than any of the knuckle heads we work with.” Kyria laughs. Syn laughs as well and they stand there waiting on the other soldiers.

Barrcks of CRTF:

Wynd, Sherie and Jenna were all dressed and ready to go but Wynd stopped the two women before they were able to leave out of the door. “Hey, I know we haven’t gotten to talk much. But I don’t want anything to happen to any of us, so let’s keep close and hope that all our training pays off.” Wynd says to his two friends.

“Hey, I don’t plan on dying. I’m going to make sure every zoanoid that Chronos has, dies horribly.” Jenna said with a chuckle.

Sherie just shook her head. “Just be careful, and keep an eye out and listen to Lynn and the others.” She told them both.

They nodded their heads at Sherie. They quickly ran back to the training area and stood before Syn and Kyria. There were also other soldiers, about ten. “All right, good, everyone is here. We leave in about five minutes. I just want you all to be careful out there. No showing off, just listen to Syn. She and Lynn are the commanders of this group. Everyone will be given rebreathers, for using underwater instead of using a complete scuba diving gear, also you have fins to help you swim. Now head to the hanger area and I wish you all luck.” Kyria saluted. Everyone saluted back and headed down to the hanger bay and loaded up into jeeps, others were in HumVee’s. Wynd, Sherie, and Jenna were in a jeep with Syn and Lynn. Everyone then headed off towards the Yellow Sea.

Deep Space:

Space was deep, vast and seemingly never ending. Space was always cold and dark, nothing could hear you scream, it is a void where other planets and maybe other races and aliens dwelled.

A relic ship floated behind Venus, but then it was gone. “Cloak activated Eve.” Said a voice. A Kavzar Commander stood on the bridge of the ship, “When do we go to Earth my goddess.” It said, behind her. “We go when I tell you. For the mean time, I want you to locate the Nova Guyvers and the Assassin Guyver. Give me status reports on all of them and locations as to where I should find them.” Eve says to the Kavzar Commander. “Yes my goddess.” The Kavzar Commander said, before it turned around and faced a control metal orb on a nearby wall as it started to interface itself with the ship’s sensors. Eve sighed a bit to herself as she floated on the bridge. She was deeply annoyed at having to come all the way out here to Earth. If her father hadn’t stolen the designs of her Assassin Guyver and then use them in the Nova Project, she wouldn’t be here. Though now, by coming here, she would be able to see if the units have been activated, which she knows they have been, as well as the Warrior Guyver units.

“All four of the Nova units have been activated and the Flare Nova unit, which was one of the prototypes, has also been activated. The two remaining prototype Nova units are still dormant and are on the Black Nova Relic ship.” Said the Kavzar.

“Good. What about the Assassin Unit? Has that one also been activated?” Eve asks.

“Yes my goddess, it also has been activated. Reports from the main fleet indicate the host is also a part of Alkanphels’ Chronos organization.”

“Good. I want three of the Nova Kavzars ready for deployment. I want to see how well my father made these Nova units.” She said, as she turned to the Kavzar Commander. “They are to recon, nothing else, and bring back data. If they are caught, they are to flee. I don’t want them fighting Chronos, or the Nova Guyvers, just yet.” Eve finishes.

“Order already given and they are leaving now, as we speak my goddess.”

“Good Ryoth, this will be good. Go fetch Kyritha, I need to know the status of the holding chambers she is working on. We will have to bring back one of the Nova Guyvers at some point to study, so I can create the first Nova Kavzar Guyver unit.” Eve said.

Ryoth floated up and bowed his head and then started down to the holding chambers, where Kyritha was.

4 Miles From the CRTF Base:

As Lynn and Syn’s group were heading towards the Yellow Sea, they received a call from Kyria and Anwynn. “Hey guys, I’m sorry to tell you this, but we just found out that the Nova Relic at the Shaolin Temple was taken by Chronos.” Lynn lowered his head and shook it slowly.

“How the hell did they manage that?” Syn says into the comm.

“I guess they were working on it for a few weeks now. I sent a squad up there yesterday to find out if the Relic was safe and that’s when they ran into the last of the remaining zoanoids that were just there for security. We lost a few soldiers but that’s it. I’m sorry but the Nova Relic is now in their hands. This means we have to secure the Black Nova Relic.” Anwynn tells them.

“Alright.” Lynn says.

“Also be on the lookout. It seems that Gorman and his people have found out about the Black Nova Relic. With them wanting to take over China, it’s going to be hard. We will keep you posted on any events, but, you better believe, if Chronos knows about the Nova Relic that they know about the Black Nova Relic as well.” Anwynn finishes.

“We will get there before anyone else does and we will make sure we bring that Relic back with us.” Syn says.

The Jeeps continued moving towards their destination. The Yellow Sea was slowly coming into view.

CRF Recovery Team:

“Shara, we better get there before the CRTF does.” Mai says to her friend Shara. Both were on motocross motorcycles, along with twelve other soldiers.

“Yeah, I know. All the tech and goodies, on this, so called, Black Nova Relic is more than we could ever have hoped for. We would be able to take China back from Chronos and start ruling China the way we want it.” Shara said as she throttled up more. They were still a few hours behind Lynn and Syn, but their orders were to keep behind the CRTF group and not move in till they saw them start to make progress in getting the Relic. Then they will attack and secure the Relic for themselves, so that whatever is in the Relic will be at their disposal.

Keeping their distance and using a remote sensor array, Mai and her group kept behind the CRTF members. Though, as they were nearing the Yellow Sea, they had to make sure that they weren’t noticed and seeing that the CRTF haven’t picked them up. They assumed that their quarry wasn’t using any sensory equipment. Also, Shara was doing pretty well at keeping her distance from the CRTF members.

2 Hours Behind CRTF Team, Chronos Team 2:

Vega sat in the lead jeep. Behind him was a truck, with numerous Chronos soldiers ready for battle, and the other jeep trailing behind. Vega looked around at the scenery as his mind wondered a bit. He used to be a regular grunt for Chronos, Non-zoanoid at the time, but, as he looks back, he was good at what he did and was just waiting for the chance to advance himself quickly through the Chronos ranks. So when he was asked to become an Assassinoid, he quickly accepted and now he was going to make sure he goes up to the next stage.

Vega looked down at a radar screen and picked up another set of vehicles, which seemed to be pacing behind the CRTF group. “Well it seems like we have another group, also looking for this Relic. Everyone be prepared and drop back a click. I want to see what happens with this. I think this second group is the CRF.” He said on a comm, to the others. Quickly, all started to slow down along with his jeep.

“Sir, what if the CRF group beat the CRTF group? What will we do then?” The driver asks.

“We will let them fight first. Then we will destroy whoever is left when the fight is over. Then we will call for a recovery team to come and procure the Relic and take it back to the base. Then we will have two Relics, which will make Chronos China even more powerful than the Japan branch.” Vega says with a smile. The group continues onward.

CRTF Base:

Anwynn and Kyria were in the control center when a flash of light appeared and two forms stepped out of the light. Guyvers, they both were, “Zeus and Shizu!” Anwynn said as she looked to them. They deactivated their Guyver units and stood there, smiling a bit. “Well, well. We meet again and it seems like you’ve been busy I see, Anwynn.” Agito said looking about the base.

Smiling a bit to herself, “Yes, we can only do as much as we can. This place is a bit too small for what we plan to do though.” Anwynn tells him. Agito shakes his head, “Well, start getting things packed up. Shizo has found a new base of operations for your group. It’s based in a mountain south of here.” Agito says to her.

“Why are you so interested in what we do Agito. I still don’t understand why you, of anybody, are offering so much help and aid to us when we don’t, hardly, have much as it is.” Kyria says to Agito.

Anwynn looks to Kyria, then back to Agito. Kyria was right, why was Agito so interested with the CRTF thought Anwynn.

“Well, I guess you want an answer. And an answer you will get. Because just like you, I want Chronos expunged from this whole planet for what they have done. Japan, my home, was the first to be taken and then the rest of the world. They killed my family and friends, just like you. They’re like a plague that needs to be dealt with and if I can help others who are in the fight to make that happen then, I will help them.” Agito says in a low and cold voice.

Anwynn and Kyria both nodded their heads, “Alright Agito. Sorry, we just needed to know where you stood is all. We do appreciate your groups help. The ACTF haven’t been much help and as for the armors we asked for, we still haven’t received them and things around here haven’t been going well.” Anwynn says but then is quickly cut off.

“SHIT! Commander, it looks like Lynn and Syn have got company. They’re about a half an hour away from the Yellow Sea but enemy forces are converging on their position.” Wanda says. Anwynn, Kyria, Agito and Shizu moves over to where Wanda sat. Wanda quickly pulled up a map and showed Lynn’s group position. “Chronos and the CRF are behind them. But they are all back some distance. I think they were tailing them to see if they will lead them to the Black Nova Relic.” Wanda says.

“That’s it. I was wondering why the CRF where quiet for so long. I think they may have a spy among us.” Anwynn says. “Damn it!” She growls.

“Commander. I was thinking of sending Lynn a communication, letting them know they are being tailed, but, with the CRF and Chronos, I don’t know if the message would be intercepted or listened in on.” Wanda was about to say something else when the 300ml perimeter sensors went off. “Fuck! Looks like a group of Chronos soldiers are trying to find the base. From their patterns, they still can’t tell where we are. We need to do something Commander.” Wanda says to Anwynn.

Anwynn moves to a comm, “Alright people, we have to be ready. I want everyone to start packing up all gear. Commando units and shock troops get weapons ready and switch to red alert. We’re about to have company. I want the bombs set to blow once we leave so that Chronos can’t get access to this base. We will be moving out once Lynn and Syn’s group return. We have a new base. Over and out!” Anwynn says. “Wanda, get with your squad and get them ready.” Anwynn says. Wanda gets up and starts heading for the weapon lockers.

“Alright Agito, it will take at least two hours before Chronos can get to this base. I just hope the base you found will be a lot better hidden. We could also do with some help from your Zeus Thunderbolt to help with the moving of the Black Nova Relic. We want to use that as our base as well.” Anwynn said.

“Fine, but I can’t spare you the Thunderbolts at this time. But you will have Shizu, she is more than enough. I can not stay long but I will get to where the base is and make sure things are ready for you before I go.” Agito told her. Anwynn nodded her head and Agito called for his Guyver Unit and teleported away. Shizu, on the other hand, looked to Anwynn with a smile, “What can I do?” she asked.

Yellow Sea Beach Area:

Lynn and Syn’s group reached the Yellow Sea beach area. Everyone piled out of the jeeps and looked around. “All right, I’m going to go look for the Relic. Everyone else stay here with Syn. Hopefully we aren’t being tracked but, if so, be on guard.” Lynn told everyone.

Syn’s grim face stared at everyone. “Alright Wynd, Sherie, and Jenna stay with me. The rest set up a defensive perimeter. Whoever shows up is going to have a fight on their hands, because we really need this Relic to help us take back our country and aid those who can’t fight for themselves.” Syn says to the remaining soldiers. Everyone saluted.

“GUYVER!” Lynn shouted and in a blinding light Lynn transformed into Nova Storm.

Most of the soldiers had never seen Lynn transform into his Guyver form before and all stood there a bit dumbfounded until they heard Syn. “What did I tell all of you, get to work.” She said, smiling a bit to herself.

Wynd, Sherie and Jenna were together, they too were a bit taken aback but they were happy to have Lynn on their side.

Lynn walked on the water not going under. Slowly he tried to sense out the Black Nova Relic. With them being so far out and not having an exact location, this could take some time. Lifting off and keeping close to the water, Nova Storm flew, trying to sense out the Relic and hoping that the Relic would respond, so he could find it.

Syn and the others had just finished setting up a defensive perimeter. Syn picked up her binoculars and started looking about the area. Wynd, Sherie and Jenna walked with each other around the beach. They were all nervous but knew that being here was right and that this could help with the liberation of China.

“Hey you two, let’s make a pact. No matter what happens, we will always be there for one another.” Wynd says.

“If one of us is hurt, the other two will not leave without them.” Jenna chimed in.

“Always and forever will we all be best friends.” Sherie finished.

They all held out their hands and held each others hand as they shook on it.

Lynn continued on, he was about ten miles out now and still moving. “Come on, where are you.” Nova Storm said. But just as he said that his control medal started to glow. Nova Storm stopped where he was, his medal pulsed a few times then suddenly Nova Storm dropped into the water. Going straight down, Nova Storm could feel the Relic pulling him towards it. A few moments went by and that’s when he saw it. The Black Nova Relic was massive, larger than the Nova Relic. “Wow.” He said. He goes down to about the middle of the Relic when the Relic opened itself up to him. He floated inside and, with a slurping sound, the ship closed itself off. Inside the relic, the ship depressurized and extracted the sea water out of the chamber where Nova Storm stood.

2 Miles from the Yellow Sea

Mai and Shara stopped their jeeps and signaled for the rest of the group to stop as well. Jumping out of their jeep, Mai signaled for everyone to get ready with just a wave of her hand. There were twenty five battle ready soldiers ready for action. “Alright, everyone, we will attack on my order. We need that Relic ship, from what the radar shows. There aren’t many of the CRTF forces out there. This appears to be just a search party, more than likely trying to locate the Relic themselves.” Mai said to her group who were all slapping magazines into their M-16’s and other assorted automatic machine guns.

“Shara had been keeping track of the CRTF group, watching them. “Alright, they’re in a defensive position. We should get ready to strike soon. We don’t want to wait too long. If so, who knows what might happen.” She said to Mai. “I agree, we just need to wait a bit longer, we need to know for sure if the Black Nova Relic is truly here. Once we know that then we will attack.” Mai says to her friend.

Inside Black Nova Relic

Lynn walked through the Relic, he was slowly gaining access to different areas of the ship, but some areas seemed sealed and unresponsive to his attempts to access them. He quickly reasoned that the Relic must still be mostly dormant and many parts of it probably had no power. Relics are living things after all and this one has been kept in the dark depths of the Yellow Sea for a very long time. Lynn continued to travel through the ship as he finds his way to the control room. Looking about, he feels the ship calling to him and he knows where to go. Walking to the central pedestal, he steps on it. He begins floating a few feet off the ground, his control medal glows brightly and pulls from his head. A dark energy field washes over him. Nova Storm starts to black out as the energy washes over him, but suddenly he awakens. His senses become those of the Relic as he looks out of the ship. His perceptions were far more enhanced. He could see where Black Nova and the other Guyvers where. There was a massive gravitational anomaly near them but they seemed to have it under control. He then looked around and saw Syn and the others readying themselves for anything. Though now his sensor orbs throbbed and shuffled his vision to where the CRF group was lying in wait. Thought Nova Storm. But before he could do anything else his view changed to the Chronos group who were about a few miles from the CRF. Nova Storm thought to himself.

Nova Storm was brought out of his trance like state and lowered down to the pedestal. He knew what he must do. He needed to warn Syn and the others. Using the organism on his back, he called to Black Nova. But as he tried to contact her, there wasn’t a response. He tried to contact the Nova Twins and Ninja but wasn’t able to. He sighed and moved off the pedestal and quickly ran towards the area where he entered the ship. The room filled with liquid and the wall opened. Nova Storm moved out of the Relic and used his gravity powers to send himself flying up out of the water. The Relic closed up behind him as soon as he left.

Once out of the ocean, Nova Storm pushed his speed to his max. He needed to get to Syn and the others and let them know that they were in trouble. “Come on, Nova Storm.” He said, trying to keep himself under control. He couldn’t panic, he had to stay calm.

Yellow Sea Beach Area:

Syn was getting bored, so far nothing was happening. But that wasn’t the boring part. It was the fact that she had a ocean behind her, no bikini and no man. She looked over the guys that were there walking about but none of them were cute nor her type. But she kind of smiled when she saw Wynd run his fingers through his hair and then starts braiding his pony tail again. She thought to herself. But as she looked out again towards the land area. Something glinted, her eyes quickly refocused and she saw Shara and Mai with about 20 soldiers. “Shit.” She said as she readjusted her eyes. “Everyone, we’ve got problems. Get into position, looks like we got a fight.” She said. Wynd, Sherie and Jenna moved to Syn’s side while the ten soldiers moved into position. . .

Lynn raced quickly. He was now within site of shore and could see that Syn and the others were getting ready for battle. Lynn shook his head, “I need to stop underestimating her. She’s too good.” He smiles a bit. He quickly flew to the shore and landed next to Syn. “Well, I’ve got good news and bad news. The Relic is there all right, but its not going anywhere fast. We’ll probably need Black Nova to help power it up and fly it to wherever Anwynn wants it, but we should get moving. You may have noticed the CRF but I also detected a Chronos team just behind the CRF, moving in on us as well.” Lynn tells Syn.

“Damn. Well at least we located the Relic first.” Syn replies, bringing her wrist up a bit to her face. “Base, this is search group. Target is secure, but we have a bit of trouble. Both CRF and Chronos forces are converging on our location.” She said.

Alright, can the target be moved?” Anwynn asks.

“Negative, but exact location of target is still secure.” Syn replies.

“Good. That buys us some time. Hold out as long as you can and then pull back to base.” Anwynn told her.

2 miles from Yellow Sea:

“Shit, I think we’ve been spotted. Fucking Syn, and her zoanoid abilities.” Shara growled. “Mai we have to attack now. If not, they will get the drop on us. Plus Lynn is back as well. We need to go in.” Shara said.

Mai nodded her head, “Alright everyone move out, we need to take them out. Shara and I will take on Syn and Nova Storm, the rest take out the remaining members of the CRTF. If you can capture them, that would be even better. NOW MOVE OUT!!!” Mai shouted.

Jeeps peeled out and Shara and Mai shouted together as they let the jeeps go ahead of them. “GUYVER!!!” they hollered. They both transformed into standard Guyvers, Mai in a red Guyver unit, and Shara in a pink Guyver unit. They floated into the air and flew off towards the soon to be battle area.

Beach Area of Yellow Sea:

Syn and the group watched as jeeps started to move towards them.

“Yeah, it’s the CRF alright and damn it, they have two Guyvers” One of the soldiers said.

“Don’t get rattled, Lynn and I can take care of the Guyvers, you all just worry about their group of ass holes. Be careful, if they don’t kill you, they’ll try to capture you.” Syn told them.

With that, everyone raised their M1L1 triple pulse riffles with grenade launchers. Wynd, Jenna and Sherie had their guns ready. Though not really wanting to wait for them to get any closer, Jenna lined up a jeep and fired off a grenade. The grenade flew, and then crashed into the ground in front of one of the lead jeeps. An explosion erupted and the jeep was destroyed, killing off 5 soldiers in that jeep.

Jenna grinned a bit to herself as she saw the explosion. The other soldiers took that as a cue and started firing at the jeeps. The drivers of the CRF were now ready and started to dodge about the gunfire. The drivers quickly stopped their jeeps at a halfway point to the shoreline. They jumped out of their jeeps and started to return fire back at the CRTF members. CRF Guyver 1, which was Mai, and CRF Guyver 2, who was Shara, landed behind their troops. Syn charged towards the two Guyvers, followed up with Nova Storm, who flew into the air.

Three of the CRF members fired on Syn, but she was too fast for them. She ran between two of the men and, not stopping, grabbed them by their necks and threw them both at the two female Guyvers, who quickly extended their vibrational swords and cut the two men in half. Syn flipped up behind CRF Guyver2 and extended her vibrational blade and attempted to stab CRF Guyver2, but Shara was quick and turned to block the attack. Syn flipped back a bit and smiled, “Looks like someone has been practicing.” Syn said to the pink Guyver. CRF Guyver2 didn’t say anything but started to swing her blades at Syn.

Nova Storm dodged and ducked under the attacks that CRF Guyver1 threw, but then he sensed the pull of gravity as CRF Guyver1 fired a pressure cannon blast at him. Nova Storm thrusts out his hand, catching the pressure cannon and charged it with his energy. He then fired it back at CRF Guyver1. Who did not expect Nova Storm to redirect the attack. She was hit in the chest, the blast blowing right through her and creating a hole in her body. She tried to scream as the blast tore through her, but her lungs were gone and she started coughing up blood. CRF Guyver1 fell to the ground, though now her control medal glowed. Nova Storm knew he had to keep her out of the fight and so he fired two pressure cannon blasts at her legs, blowing them off. The Guyver on the ground tried to move but couldn’t.

Gunshots rang out as the CRTF and the CRF fired against one another. Wynd, Sherie and Jenna stayed together. They coordinated their fire with one each other. So far the CRTF had lost five of their men to ten of the CRF members.

“Syn, we are down to half our men. We don’t know how long we can hold out.” Sherie said through her wrist communicator.

Jenna and Wynd stood up and moved towards the remaining 4 teammates. Syn heard the comm but couldn’t do anything just yet. “Alright, everyone form up and stay together. You all can do this, don’t panic.” Syn replied as she ducked under a kick that CRF Guyver 2 performed. Syn took the advantage and jumped kicked the pink Guyver in the face, knocking her backwards. Syn was about to come in for the kill when Nova Storm landed and grabbed her arm. “We don’t need to take her life.” He told Syn.

“Go and take your friend and get the hell out of here now.” He hollered at CRF Guyver2.

CRF Guyver2 looked about and saw that the CRTF was winning. She saw two of the CRTF members go down, leaving them with just 5 members, but they were hurting as well. But before she could do anything. A large explosion erupted from two of the jeeps and loud screams could be heard. A Gaster Hyper Zoanoid stood along with many other zoanoids. “Shit.” She said and ran to CRF Guyver1 and flew off with her, leaving Syn, Lynn, Wynd, Sherie and Jenna to fight Chronos.

Syn and Lynn both looked up and saw the Chronos forces coming in. Already hurting from the previous fight with the CRF. Wynd could feel that strange sensation build up again in his chest but he didn’t know what he was feeling. He thought to himself but before he could figure out what to do next, he instinctively jumped aside to avoid a missile. Jenna fired a grenade at where the lead Gaster zoanoid stood. The zoanoid fired a missile at the grenade but the distance was too close and the resulting explosion knocked the hyper zoanoid to the Ground. Syn was already on the move and pounced on the hyper zoanoid, even as it crashed to the ground, and sliced open both its liquid pods. The liquids quickly mixed and Syn jumped to a safe distance, just as the Gaster exploded.

The powerful explosion blasts a great deal of sand into the air that causes the CRTF team to miss the approach of five Thancrus hyper zoanoids, as they came in charging. They were fast and as Wynd, Jenna and Sherie fired upon them. The Thancrus just dodged the attacks, or took them, but nothing but minor scratches hit the Hyper Zoanoids. Moving back, Wynd, Sherie and Jenna continued firing shot after shot. Nova Storm and Syn both charged in at the remaining Gasters, knowing that they are the most dangerous threat currently. With missiles, they can constantly attack from a distance. Syn dodged three missiles that came in towards her, but, slowing down a bit, she used the explosion and the eruption of sand as cover. Nova Storm held out his hand and fired two rapid pressure cannon blasts at two of the Gasters. The hyper zoanoids saw the attack coming and moved to dodge, but, as they did, the lead Gaster was cut in half by Nova Storm, who only used the pressure cannon attack as a feint.

The remaining two, thinking that Syn was destroyed, started to converge and fire on Nova Storm, who quickly put up a gravitational shield around himself. The Gaster both fired all their remaining missiles, hoping to destroy the annoying Nova Guyver, but didn’t notice the sand that was moving, leaving slight indents on the ground, and leading to them. A medium sized light started to glow. One of the Gasters seeing the light reflect off his friend, turns around only to meet death in a bright green blaze of energy. Nova Strom had to dodge out of the way as the blast continued but then suddenly stopped. Nova Storm looked in the direction of the blast and saw a figure materialize from out of nowhere. He smiled when he saw Syn.

“Thanks for the assist, though I could have taken them out on my own.” Lynn joked.

“Well hey, you can’t get all the glory and the girl too you know.” Syn laughed. Syn and Lynn started to retreat back to where Wynd, Sherie and Jenna were. The gunshots had stopped, which worried both Syn and Lynn but, as they got to where the three were, they stood there shocked. The trio had dropped all their guns and started using the vibrational swords, that Kyria gave them before they left on the mission. There were only two Thancrus fighting, from what Lynn and Syn could tell. The other three Thancrus’s had been taken out with explosive gunfire. The three teens fought together. Wynd was fast and agile, he twirled his sword in a wide arc, making the Thancrus he was fighting back up and stab at him. Wynd anticipated the attack and spun to his left. Quickly backing away from the Thancrus a few more steps before he continued on with his attack, sweeping low and then doing a overhead strike, all in one motion.

Jenna and Sherie had their hands full with the other Thancrus. Quickly alternating between defense and attack as they clashed swords with the hyper zoanoid. Jenna on the one hand was ruthless, not only did she have grace but the power to go behind it. Some would think her style of fighting was aggressive but in all truths it was. Sherie knew many different styles but straight sword was her best, she parried three strikes that could have instantly killed her and did a low angled slash with her sword to force back the zoanoid. Thancrus, though, pressed his attack, swinging high then low. Jenna jumped up from the low swing and at the same time kicked Thancrus in the face. Though with this being, a hyper zoanoid, it didn’t do much but annoy it. Jenna then reversed her tactics. Using her speed and agility, she dipped under one swing that would have taken her head off and then stabbed her sword into the Thancrus groin. The Thancrus screamed out loudly and tried to swing at Jenna to move her away but Jenna parried the attack and cut off it’s arm. The Thancrus screamed out in outrage and slashed Jenna across the chest. Jenna screamed out and fell to the ground bleeding. Though it was only a graze it still cut deep into her. Sherie quickly moved in to protect her friend and tried to slice off the Thancrus’s other arm but the hyper zoanoid blocked the attack. It then tried to return the favor and tried to slice Sherie in half. Sherie blocked with her sword but this time the hyper zoanoid had put more strength into the attack and Sherie’s sword shattered and she herself would have died that moment but Jenna had gotten back up and blocked the attack at the last instant. Enraged, the Thancrus swatted the two girls away with the stump of its other arm. Striking Sherie in the chest and knocking her four feet off the ground, landing hard in the sand. Sherie grunted as she hit the ground, quickly followed by Jenna. Sherie rolled to her side and saw her sister, hurt, but she couldn’t do anything as she had her own problems, which was moving in on her now as she watched the Thancrus approach her. Sherie rolled to her left, then did a back roll to get to her feet. Now unarmed, she ducked under another strike that was aimed at her chest. She was getting tired from all of this. “Damn zoanoid.” she growled at it. Thancrus moved in faster this time, keeping Sherie in a defensive position. Again Jenna attacked the Thancrus with her sword but it blocked with its own. They both knew that it was now only a matter moments before the Hyper Zoanoid killed them both, but then they both saw a discarded M1L1 pulse riffle behind the Hyper Zoanoid. They then quickly exchanged a knowing look and nodded toward each other. Jenna then charged the Thancrus, with her sword, while Sherie dived for the riffle.

Lynn flew up into the air, along with Syn, as they flew in fast to help the others.

The Thancrus moved in on Jenna and stood above her. Sherie dived passed it and scooped up a riffle, quickly twisting around to fire at the Thancrus but the hyper zoanoid had already shoved Jenna away and twisted around and sliced off the barrel of the gun. Narrowly missing, Sherie, in a move that would have decapitated her, had she been just a bit closer. Bleeding from the many wounds they had inflicted on it, the Thancrus was now going to finish her but suddenly stopped. It managed to look down at its groin again and see a blade protruding from it. In one quick arc, the blade cut him from groin to head, killing the zoanoid instantly. The Thancrus was now split in half and the two parts fell away from each other to reveal Jenna, who then looked up to see Lynn and Syn come into view.

Syn smiled at her. “Damn girl, you’re good, but we need to get you out of here.” Syn said to Jenna, who only nodded her head weakly as she dropped her sword .

“Nova Storm, get her back to base, she needs immediate medical treatment.” Syn says to Nova Storm, who picks up Jenna and creates a force field around them and takes off towards the base.

Sherie picked up Jenna’s sword and ran to help Wynd, quickly followed by Syn. Both were quickly surprised to see that he was still holding his own and growled as he kept being forced back. He and his Thancrus were fighting in the water now. Wynd had nicks and scratches on him, but so did the Thancrus.

“You’re no mere human boy. What are you?” Says the Thancurs, even as it slashes wildly at Wynd.

Wynd kept quiet as he fought for his life, breathing heavily as he struggled to keep up with the hyper zoanoid’s pace, but the strange sensation he felt before was getting stronger and started to distract him when his left foot slipped in the wet sand. In an instant, he had fallen onto his back as a wave of sea water washed over his face and he struggled to get a breath of air. The Thancrus saw its opportunity and was about to strike a fatale blow when Syn and Sherie arrived and attacked it. Now it was the Thancrus that was driven back as it suddenly found itself outnumbered.

“Damn it!” The Thancrus yelled. “Where are those damn Assassinoids?”

“Assassinoids?” Syn says, as her eyes goes wide, before yelling to Sherie, “Quickly, we have to finish it off.” But no sooner had she said that, that one of the Thancrus, they had thought dead from the previous fire fight, attacks them. Caught off guard, Syn counters its attack but is distracted enough for the other Thancrus to stab her in the gut with its sword before the other Thancrus tackles her. Syn goes down with the Thancrus above her as the other now spins around and tries to slice Sherie in half with its right sword but she ducks. Only to be kicked in the chest with a blow that sends her flying through the air and crashing to the ground as she quickly loses consciousness.

“NO!” Yelled Wynd as he charged the Thancrus, quickly swinging his sword low but in mid-swing reversed the blade and swung upwards, catching the Thancrus off guard and cutting off its left hand at the wrist. But as the Thancrus stumbled backwards, it swung at Wynd and, as it did, Wynd tried to parry but missed. Wynd knew he was about to die when suddenly a burst of force erupted from him, sending the hyper zoanoid flying back. The Thancrus now looked at Wynd in shock as it got back up and reassessed its situation. The other Thancrus was still struggling with Syn, but it was still severely wounded from the previous gun fight and Syn was already healed from her wound. Taking matters into her own hands, Syn quickly grabs the Thancrus’s head and snaps its neck. She then shoves it into the air before she blasts it to oblivion with a powerful hand bio-laser blast that quickly engulfs and vaporizes the now dead Hyper Zoanoid. Syn then flips back to her feet and watches Wynd, who she was surprised to see was facing the remaining Thancrus silently as it watched him in apparent fear.

Sherie groaned as she started to regain consciousness. Wynd looked at her with concern, hoping she was alright. The Thancrus noticed Wynd’s distraction and used the opportunity to attack again, but this time, Wynd snapped his attention back to the Thancrus and shot forward with a speed that shocked Syn as she watched. Wynd was on the Thancrus in a blink of an eye as he pounded the Thancrus with a series of blows that literally tore the Thancrus to pieces, as each blow hit with the force of a Guyver pressure cannon. In a mere second, it was over and the Thancrus’s remaining vibrational sword hand fell and embedded itself in the sand. Wynd sat there dumbfounded at what he just did, while both Syn and Sherie silently watched him. All wondering how Wynd had gotten this power and what it might mean, when suddenly the ground about them explodes as nine dark clothed figures launched themselves into the air.


Anwynn and Kyria were busy with getting things ready for the evacuation. Wanda was with her unit and they were making sure there wasn’t any Chronos soldiers moving into the area. There was also two other groups as well, helping with the guard duty. Shizu had been helping with getting all the computer documents, and scientific data secured and put away. None of it could be left behind or else Chronos would use it for their gain.

The evacuation was going well, trucks and jeeps were loaded, and most of the computers have been taken down and loaded up as well. Though, as all of this was going on, Anwynn was troubled, she felt something bad was going to happen. She watched as the rest of her people were moving the weapons to the storage chests and making sure that at least most of the people had weapons just in case there was an attack.

Kyria walked over to Anwynn and gave her a comforting hug. “Hey, cheer up some. Things will be fine. Especially after we get to our new base. Then Chronos and the CRF better watch out because they all are going to get their collective asses kicked.” Kyria laughed and Anwynn just smiled. They both started to walk through the base but then something exploded, destroying a wall. Both Anwynn and Kyria fell to the ground. “Shit we’re under attack.” Kyria said. Both Kyria and Anwynn both quickly ran out of the base, followed by a few other personnel. What they saw was five Thancrus Hyper Zoanoids, nine Black clothed figures, and a Powered Zerebubuse.

Wanda and her units held their ground as the Chronos forces looked on.

“So after six months of looking for you pesky people, we finally found you.” Feiona said, as she paced back and forth. “Well now we must destroy, all of you, and make sure you don’t ever cause us any more problems. ATTACK!!!” She commands her troops.

The five Thancrus charge in, along with five of the black clothed figures. Wanda and the other soldiers started firing their weapons. There were fifty soldiers of the CRTF, this was a fight that would surely claim a lot of lives.

Shizu had just finished up with her work load when she felt the explosion. <Agito, the CRTF are being attacked, should I assist them?> She asked through the organism on her back.

<Yes, but I can’t let Chronos know that I’m here. Do what you can, the priority is to complete the evacuation, but pull back if things get too bad .> Agito tells her. Shizu nods her head. “GUYVER!!!” She yells, transforming into Guyver 3. She then quickly calls the Gigantic module and becomes Female Gigantic Dark.

As the fighting outside continues, the Thancrus hyper zoanoids were killing soldiers left and right, as they used their swords to deadly affect and mowed their way through the CRTF forces. By shear firepower, one of the Thancrus had fallen but four remained. Wanda leveled her pulse riffle at two of the Thancrus’s that were about to kill one of her men. She fired off a grenade, “MOVE!!!!” she hollered as she fired it. Her men moved and the two Thancrus were engulfed in the explosion and knocked to the ground. The retreating CRTF quickly hit them with a hail of 9mm HE gunfire that tore into the two fallen Thancrus hyper zoanoids and killed them, but that still left two Thancrus and the mysterious black clothed figures to worry about. There were now only thirty soldiers left and they were still getting slaughtered. Anwynn and Kyria moved to where Wanda, Koji and Seraph were. “Alright, we have to take them all out or we’re finished.” With that said everyone split up in groups of five, the two Thancrus’s came in fast, deflecting shot after shot as they got closer, then one jumped up over the other and came down in a diagonal slash, killing five soldiers in one swing, then did a back round house kick, which nearly hit Wanda, who ducked under its foot and fired a long burst into the zoanoids groin, killing it as the bullets went through it and out it’s head.

Anwynn took a group of five men with her and they started their attack on the five black clad figures. The five figures smiled and morphed into their Assassinoid forms and extended their blades. “FIRE!!” Anwynn hollered. Her troops fired, but in a blink of an eye the Assassinoids split up and were moving in fast, they were a bit more faster than the Thancrus. Noll jumped back and fired a grenade towards two of the Assassionoids that were closing in on him. But the female Assassinoid caught the grenade and threw it back at Noll, who went up in the explosion as it hit him. Though, as he died, two of his fellow friends took aim on the female Assassinoid and opened up fire. The Assassinoid was too close to dodge and was quickly riddled with gun fire and then finished off with a grenade that made her body explode in a bloody mess.

Kyria was running for her life as she dodged deadly laser fire that lanced through the air, dangerous close to hitting her. Her squad had been taken down by the Powered Zerebubuse in one fell swoop of its bio-lasers. They had hit it with everything they had but its armored hide was just simply too tough and it laughed at them as he fired his bio-lasers from a distance. Kyria knew she had to help out the rest of group and turned around to assess the situation. There were now only one Thancrus and three of the Assassinoids attacking, she was about to fire when the Thancrus fell to the ground, its head missing from its body. Everyone looked up to see female Gigantic Dark, as she charged in at the three remaining Assassionoids. She swung her vibrational blades, quickly extending them into whip like tendrils that lanced out to her left, and caught one of the Assassinoids in midair, as the blades sliced it to pieces. The other two Assassinoids moved in quickly, one throwing a kick towards female Gigantic Dark’s head and the other stabbing out at her with its forward vibrational swords, hoping to catch her in a cross attack. But Female Gigantic Dark simply back flipped out of the way and fired two pressure cannon blasts at the two, killing them instantly as their chests exploded. Female Gigantic Dark then turned to look at the remaining four Assassinoids and the Powered Zerebubuse.

Yellow Sea Shoreline:

Syn was locked in a fight with four of the Assassinoids, who had surprised her by burying themselves underground and then springing up around her. Sherie and Wynd were back to back, using their vibrational swords, fighting with two of the Assassinoids, while three others stood near the edge of the shoreline, watching. Syn dipped under one vibrational blade and stabbed one of the Assassinoids in the stomach, then did a front snap kick to the neck of the same Assassinoid, breaking its neck. The male assassinoid kicked Syn in the back, knocking her forward, but she rolls with the blow. Syn does a quick flip and twist as she turns around and holds out her left hand to fire a laser into the head of the assassinoid that had kicked her, killing it instantly, even as she used her right arm to block a sword strike from another assassinoid. The remaining two assassinoid then clashes swords with her.

Sherie ducked under a blade that would have split her in half. She then kicks the assassinoid in the face and quickly stabs at the assassinoid, but the male assassinoid blocked the blade and punched her hard in the face. Sending her to the ground hard, though she had rolled with the blow, she was still dazed, but instinct took over and she still managed to roll away to avoid the next attack. Wynd parried an attack and cut off the hand of one of the assassinoids, then dodged two more attacks. He saw Sherie go down, “WYND HELP ME!!!” She hollers as she rolls to her feet but without her sword. Wynd tried to get to Sherie, but was blocked off. The assassinoid Sherie was fighting, cuts her across her arm and then punches her in the face, knocking her out cold, before it turns its attention back to Wynd.

SHERIE, NO!!!” Wynd hollered. He got knocked down and grabbed by the two assassinoids. “Come on wake up, you can’t let them win.” He hollers, even as he yanks his arms free from the assassinoids. He then turned to them and punched them in the stomachs, sending them to the ground. He then glared at the downed assassinoids, his eyes glowed white. “YOU ALL WILL DIE!!!” He hollered as white flames started to erupt from him. The two assassinoid that Syn was fighting got distracted, which was all she needed to finish them off, as she quickly chopped off the left sword arm of one of the assassinoids and threw it, blade first, into the skull of the other assassinoid. The remaining assassinoid then tried to attack with its one remaining arm sword but Syn easily countered and then quickly sliced it in half, in one fluid motion, before turning her full attention to Wynd.

Syn looked on a bit surprised by what she saw and sensed from Wynd. She thought to herself.

Wynd placed his hands on both the assassinoids heads and he fired a white blast into the two assassinoids, leaving nothing left of them. Sherie and Syn moved to where Wynd stood, who was now looking towards the remaining four assassinoids. Syn and Sherie could feel the power coming from Wynd. Vega saw the sudden power increase in Wynd, he knew this would be a hard fight, but right now they had to report back. “Next time, we will destroy you.” Vega snarls, “We will be waiting.” Syn replies. The four assassinoids run off towards where their jeeps were and left the area. “All right. Wynd you’re going to have a lot of explaining to do later but right now we need to get back to base, we have to make sure nothing has happened there.” She told Wynd and Sherie. The two nodded and Wynd calmed down and felt the power subside in him. He picked up his sword and guns, as well did Sherie, and they ran towards the jeep and got in. Syn on the other hand took off running, she was way faster than the jeep and would make it back before they would.


Wanda rolled to her left and fired off a full round into one of the four assassinoids that came in to help their comrades who had died fighting Female Gigantic Dark. The shot missed its target and blew a large hole into the ground. She was getting frustrated at how fast these assassinoids were. Almost every time they had a good shot, and fired, they would miss.

“Everyone fall back!” Anwynn yelled. Female Gigantic Dark was already fighting two Assassinoids and now the Powered Zerebubuse was moving in. He fired his bio laser at Female Gigantic Dark, who quickly shielded herself from the attack. She quickly retaliates with a pressure cannon blast that the Power Zerebubuse blocks with its left arm shield. Its armor withstands the blast but the force knocks it back and onto its back as it crashes to the ground. Female Gigantic Dark then moves in for the kill when all the remaining Assassinoids launch themselves at her. She activates her shield and quickly repels them, but is distracted long enough for the Powered Zerebubuse to get back to its feet. The Powered Zerebubuse then charges at her with its right hand vibrational tri-claws fully extended. Female Gigantic Dark extends her swords to block, when the Powered Zerebubuse suddenly changes tactics and fires a bio-laser blast at her left hip. She yelps in pain as a small piece of her hip was blown off, bringing up her swords to block the Powered Zerebubuse’s vibrational tri-claws at the last instant. But the Assassinoids saw their opening and started to move in for the kill. Though, when the assassinoids came in on her, a hail of pressure cannon blasts came down and hit the Assassinoids, destroying them. Powered Zerebubuse saw Nova Storm land and hand off Jenna, who was still injured, to a CRTF medic.

“Alright, you want her, you fight me!” Nova Storm challenged Powered Zerebubuse.

Laughing, the Powered Zerebubuse moves away from Female Gigantic Dark.

“Anwynn, get your people out of here. I will join you when I’m done here.” Nova Storm told her. “But what about you, you’re going to need help.” Anwynn said to him. “I will be fine, your safety, as well as the others, is all I care about. Please go before you lose any more of your people. I will be fine.” He says to her. He turns to her, “I love you forever and always Anwynn, always remember that.” He says, then moves towards the Powered Zerebubuse.

Anwynn starts to gather all her people, getting them to the trucks and jeeps. “I LOVE YOU TOO!!!” She hollers back at Nova Storm, who gives her a thumbs up. “Now we dance.” Nova Storm says to the Powered Zerebubuse. With that, he charges towards the Neo Hyper Zoanoid. Nova Storm throws a running punch, which makes the Powered Zerebubuse stumble backwards a bit. Nova Storm then does a low sweeping kick, which trips up the Powered Zerebubuse but before he could throw another attack. Powered Zerebubuse fires his bio-laser, hitting Nova Storm in the chest. Powered Zerebubuse fires three more shots, two hit but the third is deflected away by Nova Storms shield. Powered Zerebubuse swings his massive tri-bladed hand at Nova Storm, who pushes the arm away and fires his head laser into the thick armor, which burned a hole through the armor and damaged the Powered Zerebubuse. Not stopping his attack, Nova Storm moved away and started to charge energy into all six of his vibrational blades. He extended them all, “Goodbye Powered Zerebubuse.” He says as he unleashes all six pressure cannon blades at the Powered Zerebubuse. All six blasts hits, destroying the Neo Hyper Zoanoid as his body is chopped into a dozen separate chunks. But even as the body parts of the defeated Powered Zerebubuse fell to the ground, Nova Storms’ Hyper Sensors sensed a gravitational build up. Nova Storm put up a pressure cannon shield and shielded himself from the attack that came from above him. The powerful gravity attack hit and threatened to penetrate his shield but Nova Storm managed to absorb the remaining energy of the attack.

Nova Storm then flew into the air, to meet his attacker, only to come face to face with the Zoalord of Chronos China, Zarfel!

Zarfel floated there, smiling, “Well, it’s a pleasure to at last meet you Nova Storm. I see you managed to kill Powered Zerebubuse. But now that you killed him, you will be the next to die.” Zarfel says to Nova Storm, who backs away from Zarfel.

“No, you’re wrong. I will not die today because I’m fighting for all the people of China, as well as the others. Your reign of terror will soon come to an end.” Nova Storm replies.

“Do you really think that you and your group will be able to withstand the assault of Chronos. We already have one of your Nova Relics and we will soon have the other.” Zarfel says. “You will not stand in our way, Chronos will rule this planet and all you Guyvers and Resistance Forces will either be dead or serving us. Take your pick.” Zarfel finishes.

Nova Storm was about to say something when he sensed Kron and Imakarum teleport into the area.

“Oh, don’t worry about them. They will not interfere in this fight.” Zarfel says to him.

“How am I to believe you…” He is cut off by a blazing energy blast, coming from the ground. It was Syn who finally made it back, and, a few minutes afterwards, Wynd and Sherie pulled up to where Anwynn and the others were.

“Come on you fucking bastard. I will rip you a new one, Zarfel. I FUCKING OWE YOU!!!” Syn hollered.

Zarfel simply raised his hand and casually fires a lightning bolt, in a manner reminiscent to swatting a fly, without saying a word.

SHIT NO!” Nova Storm yells as he flew down in front of Syn, throwing up a gravity shield that barely blocked the lightning bolt in time. “What the hell do you think you’re doing Syn. He’s way out of your fighting class. Go with Anwynn, she needs you. I will hold Zarfel off until then.” He says.

“You know you can’t fight him, he’s even stronger than you. We need to get Black Nova, she would be able to kick his ass.” Syn tells Nova Storm.

“Black Nova can’t help us now. I will fight this, now go with Female Gigantic Dark and protect Anwynn and the others.” Nova Storm tells Syn.

Syn doesn’t want to go but knows he’s right. Shaking her head, “HURRY UP THEN!!!” she hollers at him.

Nova Storm looks up at Zarfel, who changes into his battle form and starts to channel his powers. The surrounding area begins to grow dark as storm clouds start forming up. Zarfel held his hands out, palms forward.

Syn and the CRTF forces had nearly evacuated the area when suddenly a mega smash like energy blast lanced across their path and a deep crevice formed, where the road had been a moment before. They all looked up to see Kron closing his left chest plate.

“You are all now prisoners of Chronos. Surrender or die!” Kron says to them.

Nova Storm sees this and yells to Zarfel, “You lying bastard, you said they wouldn’t interfere!?”

“Fool, they will merely not interfere in our battle. The fate of your friends has already been decided.” Zarfel says coldly before he channeled the lightning through him and fired it down at Nova Storm, who dodged the attack and fired back three pressure cannon blasts. Zarfel dodged the attack by doing a spinning roll to his right. He then charges the crystals, all along his body. Nova Storm sees this and stands ready, already absorbing gravity from all around him. He looked to Zarfel, who fired off a massive plasma energy blasts. Nova Storm tried to block but couldn’t. The massive plasma energy blast tore through his shield and would have destroyed him if he did not jump out of its path at the last instant, letting the powerful blast hit the ground and cause a massive explosion that caught Nova Storm in midair. The force of the explosion knocked Nova Storm over a hundred feet into the air, before he crashed to the ground.

Nova Storm was taken aback by this, he’d never fought a high class Zoalord. Actually, he’s never fought any zoalords, ever. He was hurting but his unit was healing the damage he received from the attack. Nova Storm was now on his feet. He then looked up at Zarfel, who was preparing to attack again, but, as Nova Storm stepped forward, he felt like he was going to be nauseated.

“What the hell?” Says Nova Storm, as he holds his chest, he feels his body fighting against whatever is happening. Nova Storm nearly collapsed as static electric bolts started to dance all over his body, but then the effect stopped as suddenly as it started. It only took a few seconds for him to feel okay, he then flew up into the air. Zarfel quickly fired off twin lightning bolts. Nova Storm countered and created twin pressure cannon shields, each overlapping the other as he blocked off the lightning bolts. Zarfel maintained a continuous lightning strike, even as Nova Guyver neared him. Until finally, Nova Storm fired off both of the pressure cannon blasts at point blank range. This knocked Zarfel back a few feet and actually seemed to injured him a bit.

Zarfel growled and charged in at Nova Storm, but Nova Storm was ready and had charged his fists with gravitational energy. Nova Storm then punched Zarfel in the face and then the stomach, simultaneously discharging the gravitational energy upon impact. Both blows would have easily killed anything up to a hyper zoanoid but Zarfel just floated their as if the blows had no affect. Zarfel then smiled as he raised his left hand up to his right shoulder and then back handed Nova Storm in the face, knocking him almost out of the air. Nova Storm was unprepared for Zarfels enormous physical strength but quickly regained his focus and stopped himself before hitting the ground. He felt like his head had nearly been knocked off from his shoulders. He knew then that Zarfel was just playing with him and had the power to kill him at his leisure. He looked down at his friends and saw Anwynn. <No, I will not let him win.> Thought Nova Storm as he started to focus all his remaining strength.

Ruined Chronos Base:

Ninja and Black Nova settled down beside the twin. Black Nova dropping numbly to her knees. The singularity was gone. She knew this because the pain had vanished. But now she felt hollow. Someone else had paid the price for her mistake. She knew it was her fault.

Ninja stood back up, “You three get out of here. I’m going back.” He slowly rose into the air.

Mei Lynn got to her feet, the motion easier now than it had been all day, and she marveled at how well she felt, considering how disabled she had been a half hour before. “What are you doing?” She called after the receding figure of Ninja. “Come back!”

“What. What’s wrong Mei Lynn?” Ninja asked, turning in midair to look down at her.

“We have to get back to base on the double. If we don’t, we will lose Nova Storm.” She said, looking to the Nova Twins. Ninja cursed, “If I don’t go look for XT, he might die.”

Black Nova felt the conflict within him… and knew that even as a leader, she couldn’t make this decision for him. She couldn’t force him to save one life instead of another.

Ninja dropped quickly to the ground. “Let’s go, I can only be in one place at a time.” Mei Lynn winced a little at the bitterness in his voice, knowing that neither solution would have been easier for him.

They converged around Ninja, as they all disappear in a flash of light as Ninja teleported them away to Nova Storm’s aid.


Suddenly, there appeared the Nova Guyvers, Ninja Guyver, and Black Nova, as Ninja Guyver teleported them back. They quickly assessed the situation and quickly sprang into action. Though nearly exhausted, the Nova Twins took on Imakarum while Black Nova took on Kron. Ninja wanted to help Nova Storm but knew his first priority was to help the CRTF escape and flew towards them as he helped Syn get the CRTF vehicles over the crevice that Kron had created. Zarfel was about to assist his fellow zoalord when Nova Storm flew into his path.

“Our fight is not finished.” Nova Storm said, simply.

“Fool! So be it, you die now!” Zarfel declares as he releases a massive energy blast at Nova Storm that goes right through him and goes on to hit Imakarum, who was too distracted by the Nova Twins to dodge but manages to throw up a shield at the last instant and avoids getting vaporized. However, the blast severely weakens Imakarum and he falls to the ground.

What!” Zarfel yells in shock, only to sense a massive energy build up below him and looks down to see Nova Storm firing his force beam cannon, focusing the totality of his power through his pressure cannon to create a mega smash like beam blast. The powerful beam lances out with the equivalent power of a Gigantic Guyvers full double Hyper Smash and quickly engulfs Zarfel in its fiery light. Lynn smiles beneath his armor, he had tricked Zarfel with a gravitational reflection of his image and turned the tide of battle. But Nova Storm senses something that quickly chills him to the bone. <No, it can’t be.> He thought, even as the beam clears and reveals Zarfel scorched but otherwise unhurt.

“You will pay for that!” Zarfel says coldly.

Nova Storm knew he was now in deep trouble as that attack had severely drained him and he had almost nothing left to fight with.

Zarfel then started to glow with power as his body became engulfed in a hail of lightning bolts. He then extended his right hand and released the energy in a single massive bolt towards Nova Storm.

Nova Storm managed to dive aside of the blast at the last instant but some of the electrical energy of the bolt arced out and struck him. Though only a fraction of the power of the main bolt, the electrical energy shot painfully through Nova Storm’s body and caused him to convulse wildly, even as he crashed to the ground. Zarfel then landed by Nova Storm’s scorched and still smoking body, smiling at his handiwork. But his smile quickly disappeared as Nova Storm quickly spun into the air and spin kicked him in the chest, while simultaneously firing a pressure cannon blast into Zarfels’ head. Sending Zarfel crashing to the ground hard, though for the most part unharmed. Nova Storm landed and got into a defensive stance. Zarfel had made sure to study all the info on all the Nova Guyvers, he knew that Nova Storm was a Shaolin Monk Master and silently chided himself that he had underestimated him. However, Zarfel also knew he had little to worry about and casually floated back to his feet.

“Impressive Guyver, such tenacity of spirit should be rewarded. So I will kill you with my bare hands.” Zarfel says with a smile.

Zarfel then moved in fast, throwing punches to the head, neck and chest. Nova Storm tried to block the attacks, but could not counter Zarfel’s far greater physical strength, and felt his bones crack from every blow until he quickly collapsed to the ground, blood spewing from his air vents. Zarfel smiles as he pulls back his fist for one final fatale blow to Nova Storms Control Medal, when suddenly Nova Storm twists around as he tries to knock Zarfel off his feet with a low sweeping kick but the blow didn’t even budge Zarfels’ leg. Zarfel then quickly grabs Nova Storm and holds him up by the neck as he stares into his eyes, “Fool, I would have given you a quick death. Now you shall suffer before I grant you the release of death.” Says Zarfel just before he starts to channel lightning through Nova Storm and electrocutes him.

Nova Storm screamed out in pain as he was being electrocuted. Desperate, Nova Storm fires his head beam into Zarfel’s eyes, getting him to stop his attack as Zarfel covers his eyes in pain. Nova Storm fell to the ground coughing up blood and fumes through his air vents. His armored smoked badly. Anwynn and the others could only watch as the fight happened, but Wynd jumped out of the jeep and ran over to where Nova Storm was. “Come on, we’re not leaving you.” Wynd said, but Nova Storm was too hurt to reply or even move yet.

“What’s this, a little helper huh?” Zarfel says, as he removes his hands from his face, and fires lightning at Wynd. Wynd screams as he is knocked back through the air, till he hits a tree, and then hits the ground. Nova Storm looked on in horror as smoke came from Wynd. Nova Storm managed to get to his feet, but, as he did, he heard coughing and turned to look and see Wynd slowly getting to his feet. “What the…..” Nova Storm and Zarfel said at the same time.

“You’re not the only one with powers.” Wynd said, but then fainted due to the amount of lightning that he had been hit with.

“Truly amazing, looks like we will have to take him back with us and study him. Hope you don’t mind Nova Storm.” Zarfel says.

Nova Storm looks up at Zarfel and shakes his head. “Never! I will not let you take any more lives.” He says as he brings his hands to his side and starts gathering energy.

Nova Storm channeled more and more gravity into himself, quickly filling up his reserves. Energy started to surround him as he stood there.

“ZARFEL, FINISH HIM OFF NOW!!!” Kron hollers as he continues to fend off Black Nova.

Zarfel launches himself into the air and looks down on Nova Storm, as he fires a hail of plasma bolts. The bolts all hit Nova Storm, but they all bounce off his shield and bounce harmlessly into the ground.

No more violence, no more death. I will finish you here Zarfel.” Nova Storm yells as he looks up at Zarfel.

Zarfel growls and charges, using his powers to make a shield around himself, he quickly slams into Nova Storm and smashes through his shield. Zarfel stops himself on impact but his shield discharges itself into Nova Storm and sends him hurtling back, even as his body was engulfed in a blinding display of electrical arcs that left an ionized halo affect through the air as he passed. Nova Storm quickly hits the ground but continues to slide over fifty feet before he finally stops, but Zarfel doesn’t stop there. Zarfel quickly runs up to Nova Storm and lifts him up over his head. He then slams him hard on the ground, with enough force to create a small impact crater. Nova Storm felt bones crack and break, the gravity pull stopped as he laid there.

Zarfel looking to the broken form of Nova Storm, “Now to finish you.” He says and flies high into the air. Nova Storm only smiles, beneath his armor, as his body twitches as he tries to move. Zarfel begins charging his massive attack now. Nova Storm gets to his feet and the gravity all around him begins to pull towards him. Despite their battle with the other Nova Guyvers, Kron and Imakarum stare in shock as they see the will and determination that Nova Storm was showing. Something they’ve rarely seen, ever, a low powered Guyver not flinching or fearing death at the hands of a Zoalord.

Nova Storm got into a fighting stance but, as he does, Ninja Guyver and Syn land by his side.

“Don’t worry Lynn, we’ve got your back.” Syn says, but is quickly cut off as Nova Storm yells at them both, “NO!!! YOU ALL STAY OUT OF THIS, GET THE OTHERS OUT OF HERE!!! YOU MUST LISTEN TO ME, YOU ALL HAVE TO LIVE AND FINISH THIS FIGHT, NOW GO!!!

Just then Kron catches Black Nova off guard and hits her with a hand blast that sends her hurtling to the ground.

Mei Lynn!?” Sai yells in concern. Imakarum quickly takes advantage of the distraction and fires a black hole attack at the Twins. They quickly sense it and turn as one as they focus their pressure/plasma cannons into a single mega smash like blast and destroy the black hole just in the nick of time, but the proximity of the attack knocks them off their feet as they are knocked to the ground. Their exhaustion showing as they took much longer than normal to recover.

Ninja turns to go to his fallen friends aid but is stopped in his track when he barely dodges a hand beam blast from Kron.

NO!!! This stops now!” Nova Storm hollers as he focuses his energy as never before.

DIE YOU BASTARD!!!” Ninja yells as he throws his power sword at Kron. The powerful weapon spinning like a fiery saw as it hurtled towards its target. All three Zoalords quickly respond and fire a powerful hand blast, each, at the power sword and destroy it just before it hits its target.

Rage filled Nova Storm as he saw this, it was all happening again. All those that he cared about were being hurt by Chronos. <I’m sorry Anwynn.> He thought, as he looked up at Zarfel. He knew this was his only chance as he looked up at the now distracted Zoalord. He mentally said goodbye to all those that he loved and held dear. Only the other Guyvers sensed his intent but it was too late as Nova Storm channeled all his power and energy into one last attack. Earth and rock started to float upward as the gravity around Nova Storm was nullified, as he soaked up all the gravity around him. A ball of dark energy then formed before his hands a second before it erupted into an incredibly powerful blast of energy that lances towards Zarfel with twenty times the destructive power of a Guyver mega smash. Nova Storm screams out in agony as his Control Medal starts to crack from the strain and his body starts to go out of control. His body quickly starts to consume itself but the blast screams up at a rapid pace. Kron couldn’t believe how much energy was put into the attack but he couldn’t stare, he blasts Black Nova aside and teleports in front of Zarfel. Kron then combines his shield with Zarfel’s and they take the blast head on, but some of the energy still hits him and Zarfel.

But at the same time Zarfel fired down his coup de grace plasma lightning blast wave, which streaked down towards Nova Storm. Ninja wasn’t close enough to grab Nova Storm and teleport him in time so he tried to shield him but the powerful blast easily penetrated and engulfed Nova Storm, destroying him as his form simply evaporated from site. The ground upon which he had stood exploded and knocked both Ninja Guyver and Syn into the air, crashing to the ground painfully as they landed well over a hundred feet from where Nova Storm had stood.

NOOOOO!!! The Nova Twins scream, along with everyone else still there. All the Guyvers then started firing everything they had at the three Zoalords.

Kron, Imakarum, and Zarfel quickly grouped together as they combined their shields, but then Kron gets a telepathic report from the Ark. <My Lord, the anomaly we had detected earlier is now starting to emit massive amounts of energy. We think its going to explode. What!? Now it’s starting to shift spectrum. It’s, its appearing to focus. Oh shit, break the link, break the lin-.> Kron suddenly loses contact with the Ark.

Though concerned, Kron kept his cool as he turned to the other two Zoalords, “I’ve lost contact with the Ark. I must leave immediately. Zarfel, we can afford no more distractions. After I return, I shall relieve you of command of Chronos China and you shall report to Lord Alkanphel, to assist him with the situation in Australia.”

“Yes. This battle is now pointless anyway, the CRTF have escaped and further battle with these Guyvers will surely lead to the destruction of at least one of us. They were not as unprepared for our arrival as Zarfel had led us to believe.” Say Imakarum.

Zarfel fumes but has no choice but to agree as well. The three Zoalords then teleport away, though all three were already damaged to some extent.

The remaining Guyvers then deactivate their armors and watched the spot that Nova Storm had stood in stunned silence…The twins slowly walked over and knelt where Lynn, their adopted father and master, was standing before he died. There was nothing left of him at all. Both were crying, Anwynn too was crying. Their grief is beyond words… Jet is the first to break their reverie as he quietly tells them that he has to go back and see if XT was still alive. Most are still too stunned to even acknowledge Jet but Mei Lynn turns away to hide her pain at the thought of the loss of yet another friend…


Satellite Tracking Station for the CRTF

Somewhere in East China

An hour had passed and the CRTF had temporarily relocated to one of their secret outposts for the night, too exhausted and battered to make the final trip to the new mountain base until at least the wounded had been properly attended to.

Agito walked to where the twins sat, he stood there looking at them. He then looked around at everyone else. He shook his head. This was why Chronos had to be destroyed. He shook his head, “Alright, we rest here for the night, I doubt Chronos will try anything more for the next day or two but after this, we have to get moving.” He tells everyone before he goes to check on Shizu, who was already healed and was helping the medical staff unload some of the medical supplies from a truck.

Syn and Anwynn walked over to where the twins were and just hugged them.

“He gave his life to help save us, we have to remember that. He will always be in our hearts and souls.” Syn says as she looks to everyone.

Soon, Jet, Mei Lynn and their new friend Kalen all walk over and join the group. Anwynn thanks Kalen for helping save the planet and expressed how glad they all were that he had survived, but the mention of how close they all came to dying only reminded them of those that did not make it that day. Keilynn turned around and held onto Jet. Jet wrapped his arms around her, holding her tightly against him. Mei Lynn wrapped her arms around Sai, holding him to her. Wynd, Sherie and Jenna walked over and tried to help comfort them. They never saw anyone give up their life, unselfishly for no one ever. This was a very sad day for the CRTF. Though, watching from a safe distance, three Guyvers floated in the air and all of them smiled, under their armors. They flew back to their CRF base and started to make plans.

The End, for now!