This is a fan-fiction based on characters created by Yoshiki Takaya and contains violent situations with adult language. Any similarity to actual persons, living or dead is unintentional and purely coincidental.


Nova Guyver: Part 2

The Destruction of Chronos China

AuthorAndre Harmon

Within the Chronos China base, Zarfel sits at his desk looking at one of many monitors. Contemplating recent events as he watches as two new subjects are being put into processing tanks, one is dressed in Shaolin garb, the other is a scientist. The processing tanks are both filled with liquid and the subjects processing begins. One of the scientist looks into the monitor and nods to Zarfel, Zarfel nods back then turns off the monitor. He turns around in his chair and sees that another monitor has flickers on, revealing an image of Kynto.

So, have you brought those two monks to me?


No, but I did bring a kid that they befriended, he may prove to be bait to lure both the troublesome monks to us.


You better come to my office at once so we can arrange a proper welcome for our guests then. Also I want that kid put into a cell with a full squadron of guards watching it.

Kynto nods and the screen blinks off.

You idiot, you will pay for your failure.

Zarfel turns around and closes his eyes.

Meanwhile, Kynto takes Kyle to the cell and orders a squad of guards to watch it like he was told to do, he then goes back to his office and grabs something and stuffs it in his pocket. Kynto then goes to an elevator and pushes a couple buttons and the elevator begins to go up.

Five miles away from the Chronos China Base

The twins and Syn are walking through the coastal parts of the Yellow Sea, as they walk they can see a storm rolling in from the East, the clouds are dark and they can see flashes of lighting in the distance. The wind starts picking up and the waves crashes against large rocks and stones. A large cave can be seen about less then a mile from where they are, so they all walk to it. It takes them about twenty minutes to reach it.


We should take shelter here for the night, and check the area out until we come up with some sort of plan as to getting in, finding Kyle and destroying that base.


I agree.


Yes, but first things first. Lets get some sleep. Tomorrow we can discuss plans on how to do this.


Yes, but we can’t stay here for too long because we’re too close for them to find us. If we’re going in, we need to go in no more than two days, so that gives us time to prepare a bit and keep a low profile. We also are going to take shifts while others rest so that way nothing surprises us.


Agreed. Seeing that I don’t need much sleep, I can take first watch. After about four hours, I will wake up you and after another four hours you can wake up your brother.

After the discussion Sai and Keilynn get comfortable and go to sleep. As they sleep, Syn watches as the storm rolls in. She sit back and looks on, her mind wonders to her friend Mei Lynn. She reminisce on how many missions those two did and she wonders what the hell went wrong on this one. They both were infiltrating this Chronos Base, when they accidentally tripped an alarm, they both were captured and she was to become a zoanoid and Mei Lynn was to be tortured for information.

-SYN (whispers)

Please Mei Lynn be alright, I don’t know what I will do if something happens to you my friend.

She sighs and watches the storm. The lightning brightens up the sky and the thunder gives it a just nasty rumbling sound. A couple hours pass and Syn doesn’t wake up Keilynn or Sai, she lets them sleep, she know that they may need all the rest they can get for what they are going to do.

Meanwhile, in Zarfel’s office, Kynto lies on the floor with blood coming from his neck and chest area. Zarfel sits at his desk, looking at the mess on his floor, and he smiles.


Foolish human, you upset me with the things you try to come up with, but nonetheless you make for great entertainment.

He turns on a monitor and calls a couple zoanoids into his office and has them clean up the mess. He then calls in three Zerebubuths.


I have a mission for you three, this mission is highly dangerous and you will probably not make it back here alive. (He smiles and continues before they can say anything.) I need you to search out the these three. (He shows them pictures of the twins and Syn.) I need to know where they are hiding. So report back here if you find them, but if they suspect you then I want you to eliminate them. (The three nod their heads and walk out of the office). . . Damn, at times like this I wish we had better zoanoids. At this rate I’m going to lose more then any of the other branches, and I’m sure to lose without any other hyper zoanoids. So I better cut my loses and get ready to leave this base

Zarfel then began making plans to secure an escape route to Chronos Arizona if things turned for the worse. . .

Nightfall at the Cave

Syn wakes up the twins, the twins awaken and start looking around a bit. It’s dark and cold, there is a strong breeze coming through the entrance of the cave. Syn points to the back of the cave seeing that it may be a bit warmer there. They all walk towards the back of the cave and indeed it is a bit warmer there. They all sit back down, Syn pulls out a few sticks from the ground and starts a little fire.


Okay, now seeing that you guys are wide awake, we should start discussing plans for taking out the base.


Okay, seeing that you’re from that base, we will have to trust you and your judgment for this task. My brother and I will do what we can to help.

-SYN (Nods and continues)

Okay, I trust you two as well. First off, can you tell me a little about yourself, so that way we all can know a little about each other?

Sai looks to Keilynn, she smiles to him and nod her head in approval. Sai smiles and turns to Syn.


Well I guess you can tell from the way we are dressed that we’re Shaolin, we don’t know our mother, she died after giving birth to us. The monks at the temple took us in when we were babies and raised us. We lived there ever since, and on the day we were to become Warrior monks, Chronos attacked and destroyed the temple.

Sai and Keilynn sigh a bit. Syn see’s this and is troubled by it.


Why would they attack a temple of monks, there’s no logic in attacking.


Well we have been thinking the reason why they attacked was to get the Nova Guyver Units before we found them.

-SYN (nods in understanding)

Well that would explain it, see Chronos China is nothing compared to Chronos Japan and the other Chronos Branches. That’s why they don’t have any new types of zoanoids. I don’t know what other bases may be around here, but the destruction of this base is going to turn some heads, so I hope you two are willing to help liberate China from Chronos after this.

Keilynn and Sai nod their heads and looks to Syn.


Syn please tell us a little about yourself.

Syn looks to them both and smiles.


Well, I worked for a group of Infiltrators for an Asian military group, me and my best friend Mei Lynn were the best of our group. Somehow one of Chronos agents snuck into our HQ and sabotaged it, so in order for us to find out what happened. They sent me and Mei Lynn to gather information on Chronos China, but a few hours after we left. Our base was destroyed and Mei Lynn and I were on our own. We infiltrated the base but as soon as we started looking around we tripped an alarm. We tried to fight back but was overtaken and captured, I was taken to the processing area and Mei Lynn was taken somewhere else, I was to become this new Assassinoid, but fortunately Dr Hoji had other plans for me, unlike other zoanoids and assassinoids. I’m not able to be controlled by the Zoalords. Which gives me free will, but that’s all about me.


So, that’s why you are here. Well, I see a friendship blossoming, so lets get down to business.

-SYN (Nods in agreement)

Okay, lets see here, the Chronos China base has a few areas that we can sneak into, one is the ventilation shaft, the other is the sewage area and the last is the underground section of the base that is lightly guarded. I was thinking either the ventilation system or the underground section of the base.


Hmm, the ventilation system would be our best avenue of entry, but also the underground base would give us a good advantage also, but for now lets go with the ventilation system.

-SAI (nods his head in agreement)

So, once we’re in there, where do we go?


Well from the ventilation shaft, I think the first exit could be the R&D department. That’s where they try to come up with new ideas for zoanoids or to research anything they find. We should strike there first, take anything of value and move on. Through that area and down a few corridors there is the Zoanoid Processing area, that’s the jack pot. We destroy all the tanks in there, but also before we start destroying that area, I must get Dr. Hoji out of there.


Why, must we save him?


Because he gave me my life again, and he wants to destroy Chronos just as bad as we do. That’s why! . .

Just outside Chronos Base

Three Chronos soldiers walks out of the base, they seem to be very pissed off. They have a few flashlights and starts walking out into the darkness of the storm. The rain is coming down like a waterfall.


Why the hell do we have to go find these damn Guyvers, this isn’t fucking fair at all.


Tell me about it. Oh well, hopefully we don’t find them and we can actually come back to base and live.


Yeah, return to base and have Zarfel kill us for not finding them, that’s a pleasant thought. Well lets get this over with.

They continue walking in the rain.

Prison Area at Chronos China

A female in her early twenties, lay on a cot, she is badly bruised and she has a black eye. She lays sleeping, her black hair lays sprawled over her face, she twitches and struggles in her cot. She moans a bit, she is sweating very badly and she falls off her cot. Her prison door opens and a Ramotith comes in and grabs her, she doesn’t struggle. He takes her out and starts walking down the corridor, the only thing she could do is think of Syn, and hope that she was alright. The Ramotith takes her down to a elevator, it keys in a few numbers and the elevator starts its decent. The elevator continues down until it reaches it destination. The Ramotith walks out still carrying

Mei Lynn, they go to a room. The door opens and the Ramotith walks in, he sits

Mei Lynn down on a cot of some sort and strap her onto it. A few scientist walks over to her and starts working on her wounds, Mei Lynn looks around and from what she sees, It looks like the area she’s in is underwater. She can see an access way to the ocean, but also there is a processing tank and outside with the processing tank is a few sea zoanoids. She know that she must find a way out this place before she becomes a zoanoid. The scientist lets her loose and sits her up on the cot, the Ramotith moves towards her, she rolls off the cot and grabs the scientist and use him as a shield. The Ramotith doesn’t do anything, but the scientist tries to break free from Mei Lynn’s grip, feeling that he is just about to break free she manages to grab a scalpel and hold it against the scientist neck. The scientist stops struggling and just stays in her grip.


Now doc, if you don’t want to die, I would advise you to send that damn zoanoid out of here or else I slit your fucken neck.


You can’t escape us, this little charade of yours is only going to cause your death.

Mei Lynn cuts his throat lightly the scientist screams out


Now I said send that fucking zoanoid away, now you bastard.


Ramotith, please leave us. I don’t think she has it in her to kill me, please go.

The Ramotith leaves, and proceed towards the elevator. Back in the room, Mei Lynn straps the scientist onto the cot that she was just in, she gives him a minute to tell the sea zoanoid to leave the area which he does. In this area, she looks around for any weapons she can find. She searches and searches and finally finds some scuba gear. Realizing her options were very limited she proceeds to puts on the scuba gear.

Nightfall at the Cave

The trio finish planing their assault on the base and they all just sit around and watch as the storm starts to subside, the rain stops but the lightning and thunder still continues, but Syn happens to notice a couple figures walking pass the entrance of the cave and quickly puts out the fire, she motions towards the opening of the cave, Keilynn and Sai look and sees the three figures walk pass the cave, not really paying much attention. All three starts to crawl towards the opening of the cave, as they near the opening the three figures stop at the edge of the cliff and watches the lightning light up the sky. One of the men looks at the entrances and see Sai moves his hand, the man then taps his friend on his shoulder and points towards the cave mouth. Sai, Keilynn, and Syn sees them coming towards the cave, they all come out of the cave and stand there waiting on them. The three men look at them and then to each other.


Lets have a little fun with these punks.

He says laughing, then his friends starts to laugh and all three start to change into zoanoids.

All three of them sees them change into zoanoids, Keilynn and Sai separate and Syn charges at the three Zerebubuses. The Zerebubuses sees this and one charges at Syn while the other starts to charge at Sai. The third charges at Keilynn. Sai smiles as he and his sister both yell out “GUYVER!”. The blast fields of the Guyvers light up the whole area, and the heat rises very fast. The Zerebubuse that was charging Sai was blinded and knocked back a few feet. The second Zerebubuse that was charging Syn was temporarily blinded, seeing that he was facing in the direction of the blast, the third was too close to Keilynn and was incinerated by the blast. Syn takes advantage of this as she quickly throws a forward kick to the Zerebubuse that was charging at her, then a elbow to its head. This attack makes the Zerebubuse stumble back, but seeing that he is still blinded, he can’t tell where his attacker is, he strikes out wildly. Syn takes a few steps back and the Zerebubuse hits nothing but air, Syn quickly rushes in and throws a spinning back roundhouse kick to his chest followed by a stomping heel kick to his right knee causing the Zerebubuse to fall on his back. The Zerebubuse that was charging Sai still couldn’t see either, Sai threw a punch to the Zerebubuse chest, then a kick to his nuts, the Zerebubuses hollered out in pain, Sai quickly fires his head laser into its skull shooting out his eyes and putting a hole in hishead. The Zerebubuse howls in pain again and falls backward, Sai then turns his attention towards Syn. Syn in the meanwhile has her hands full, the Zerebubuse surprises Syn with a punch to her mid section sending her flying back a few feet, Keilynn sees her friend fall and she charges in at the Zerebubuse. The Zerebubuse sees Keilynn charge and prepares for the impact, but instead of her running into him, she does two back flips and lands behind him and stabs him in his back with her vibration blades, the Zerebubuse screams out in pain. She then starts to cut straight up through him, cutting him in half. The zoanoid falls to the ground and starts to dissolve into nothingness. Keilynn goes over and offers Syn a hand, Sai walks over to them both deactivating his armor as he nears them.


Okay, that was close, we should get back into the cave. Something tells me that we may have to move into action earlier then we anticipated.


I agree, but lets gets some rest, we will see if they send more zoanoids to this location.

They all go into the cave, Keilynn calls off her armor as she enters the cave. All three of them walk to the back of the cave and go to sleep, except for Sai, he stays up and takes second watch.

Zarfel’s Office

Zarfel watches the fight on a very large monitor, he sees how well all three of his enemies fight, he sees how well Syn faired against a Zerebubuses, he knows that the Guyvers didn’t demonstrate their full abilities, he grows more intrigued to see what they can really do, but knows that is going to have to wait. He watches as the battle ends and the trio exit to a cave entrance, he thinks for a moment. He then reaches for a button and presses it. He speaks into it for a only a few seconds then ends the talk. Ten minutes later, five soldiers come out of the elevator and stands before him, they all bow to him. He turns on the monitor and does a play back of the fight that just transpired. He points to Syn, Keilynn and Sai.


These are your targets, I want them captured and brought back here for study. If they give you too much problems, destroy them. You leave first thing in the morning, you are dismissed.

The five soldiers bow again, then walk back to the elevators, Zarfel sits back in his chair. He stares at the monitor for a moment, then shuts it off.


Damn, they will be coming here soon and I don’t have any zoanoids that can stop them. Well preparations for me are ready and so I will be leaving this base behind, and go to Arizona Base but I know he is going to be upset.

He gets up and walks to the back of his office as he nears it a hidden door opens and he walks through it. In the middle of the room is a processing tank with the female he has been working on for about four years. On the its chart it reads out, 90% complete. He smiles and thinks to himself “Almost done, just a bit longer and it will be finished.” He continues to stand their watching the processing tank.

Next morning at the cave

Keilynn wakes up to see that her brother was fast asleep at the mouth of the cave, she take a minute to look around, she finds Syn is asleep on her lap. Keilynn smiles and nudges her off her lap so she can get up. Syn moves but continues to sleep, Keilynn gets up and walks to the front of the cave and passes her brother. As she exit the cave she stands up and stretches out a bit, and after some thought she starts to go jogging. Knowing how close they are to Chronos, she would have to stay low and alert, she starts jogging in the near by area. As she jogs, she starts hearing footsteps coming from behind her and in front of her. She quickly runs towards a near by clearing, as she gets there, she is met by three Chronos soldiers and coming up behind her is two more. She is now surrounded, she looks to all three of the soldiers and stands ready.


Ah, so where do you think your going girl?

He asks laughing, as the other soldiers starts to laugh as well.


Well I guess you found me, so what do you idiots want to do now?

(She replies sarcastically).


Shut up, now today is going to be the last time you will ever see daylight. So its either you come with us or we kill you where you stand. NOW make up your mind.

As he says that all of the Chronos soldiers transform into Zektols.


Well, well, well, you are trying to scare me, well if it’s a fight you want. It’s a fight your gonna get, I will never turn myself over to Chronos. May Buddha have mercy on your souls.

She begins running at the lead Zektol


Take this, NOVA!!!!!!!!!!!!!

She calls her armor, a brilliant red and white fiery blast field surrounds her and transform her into the Nova Guyver code named Starfire. The lead zoanoid she was charging at surprised her by surviving the attack and then punched her to the fround as the other four zoanoids began to attack. Not letting her surprise slow her down, she quickly recovered and turned around with great speed as dodged the Zektol that was to her left, just as she dodged a third Zektol firing a blast from his arm lasers, Keilynn quickly forms a pressure cannon shield to deflect the blast that was aimed at her, but after blocking the blast another Zektol comes in and throws a punch at her back that knocks her forward into the Zektol that fired at her, she quickly fires a pressure cannon beam at the Zerebubuth she was falling towards, blasting a hole clear through its torso. She uses her gravity orb and flies up in the air, as she does it, the remaining the Hyper Zoanoids fire their lasers at her, she dodges them and opens up both her chest plates, her Mega Smasher begins to charge, after it completes charging she fires it at the four remaining Zektols, enveloping them all in its destructive blast. She lands and decides to get back to the cave, knowing that now is the time they will have to strike the base.

Research and Development of Chronos China

Mei Lynn slits the scientist throat open, and blood starts gushing out of the wound, she starts going through the computer files and saves information on disks. As she continues going around the R&D department looking for anything that may be of use in her escape, she looks around in a storage area and on the bottom shelf she finds a semi automatic Zoanoid Buster hand gun, and a clip of ammo, she takes the items and puts on the rest of the scuba gear. She walks out into the outer chamber and closes the door behind her, this section begins to fill with water, about two minutes go by and a green light comes on and the outer door opens and she starts to swim out, as she starts swimming out she looks around to make sure those two sea zoanoids weren’t around. Once she was pretty sure they weren’t she swims over to a access way. She presses the button and the access way opens and she swims out, but just as she swims out a chamber on the far end of the area opens and the two sea zoanoids that the scientist sent away comes out and slowly starts to swim after her.

Zarfel’s Office

Zarfel sees that his five zoanoids were no match against only one of the Novas, he is still trying to figure out what type of Guyver they are, but can’t place it at all. He shuts off the monitor and presses a button on his desk, a mike comes up and he speaks into it.


All my zoanoids, I want you to prepare for battle, and I want all entrances double guarded. You will do your best to destroy whoever comes here, if not you will meet your death by me. Now everyone prepare for battle. All scientist, I want you ready to fight as well, if you can’t fight get the hell out of here now!!!

He cuts the com and starts to get ready to leave, he walks back to the room he was in earlier and looks at the processing tank. It now reads Processing Complete, he liquid starts to empty out through the vents inside the tank. The liquid finishes emptying out and the glass starts to ascend upwards and the female jumps down and walks over to him and kneels before him. Zarfel smiles at her.


Zaryian, you are now complete but I need you to come with me. Follow me so we can get you dressed my dear.

He starts to walk to his office, Zaryian follows Zarfel. They get to his office and he walks over to a panel on the left side of his office and another door opens, he takes out an all black uniform and hand it to Zaryian. She takes it and starts to put it on. Zarfel watches as she puts on the clothing. As she finishes, Zarfel walks back into the closet and pulls out two swords with black sheaths, he hands them to Zaryian. She takes them and straps them onto her back.


We have things we have to get done before our departure here, we will be leaving the base. Also those swords are specially made for you, simply channel your bio?energy into them and they will function as vibrational blades that can cut through anything, use them well.


Yes, master.

Cave Entrance

Sai and Syn stands outside the entrance to the cave they been staying at, Sai looks at Syn and shrugs his soldiers. They continue to look around the area, Syn starts to hear footsteps coming near to their location.


Sai, quick, in the cave someone’s coming.

She runs over to the cave, Sai follows her quickly. They wait a few minutes and the footsteps get close to the entrance, Sai gets ready to run at what ever comes in. Keilynn pops her head in and sees that Syn and Sai were about ready to jump on her.


Whoa, take it easy it’s only me.

She smiles, Syn and Sai sighs and looks at Keilynn as she enters the cave.


Where have you been, we have been looking all over for you?


I went for a run but stayed low, but unfortunately I was ambushed, but I won my fight.


How close were they from here?


Not far at all. We must start our attack tonight.


Okay then, lets get ready because this is going to be on hell of a fight.

The trio begin going over the plans for their attack on the base, as they finish it’s about mid day, Keilynn and Sai both kneel down and put their hands together, they begin to meditate for the upcoming battle ahead. Syn does the same, seeing that she has two new friends and doesn’t want to let them down, they all mediate for three hours. After they finish night starts to come, Syn, Keilynn and Sai walk out of the cave and towards their destination. They move quickly, it takes them two hours to get to where they needed to be for the attack. As they near the base Syn puts a hand up indicating to stop.

-SYN (whisper)

Okay you two stay here, I’m going to see which ventilation shaft is on this side of the base. I will only be gone for a few minutes, stay out of sight until come back, if I don’t get back here in ten minutes, come after me.

The twins nod and Syn runs towards the base making sure to stay in well shaded areas and make sure not to make any sounds whatsoever. Syn continues on her way looking around the area that they are in, she sees that the security is heavier then usual. As she looks around she finds where she and the twins will enter but they should expect large numbers of zoanoids protecting the base. Satisfied with what she found she quickly makes it back to the where she left the twins but only to see that twins where not here, she continues looking and finds that they are high up in a tree looking at looking down the path, Syn follows their gaze to see two Ramotith walking down with their backs to them. Syn quickly leaps up into the tree where Keilynn is.


I found the way in for us, all we have to do is go now, seeing that it’s getting dark we might as well start now.

Keilynn nods her agreement, Sai looks over from the tree he is in, Keilynn points down towards the ground, signaling for him to jump down. He nods and jumps down, Syn and Keilynn jumps down from the tree and all three stand facing the base, Syn points in the direction she wants them to follow her. All three start to run towards where Syn wants them to go. They stay quiet as they move their way towards the ventilation shaft, as they get there three Gregoles walks and stands underneath the ventilation shaft conversating. The trio waits and watches the zoanoids talk, Sai shakes his head.

-SAI (whispers)

We don’t have time for this you two, we need to get inside.

-SYN (whispers)

I know that, but we can’t risk being seen just as yet. Lets wait them out.

She then places her finger to her lips implicating to be quiet. Sai turns from her, Keilynn sees his reaction. She turns to him, and just looks at him not saying anything, and from what Sai knows of his sister he relaxes and waits. Keilynn smiles and turns back to look at the zoanoids. An hour passes and the three zoanoids then look around then move on to where ever they were going, Syn nods and points to the vent. The twins nods and stands up and starts to hurry towards the wall where the vent is, Syn on the other hand runs at full speed and just before she runs into the wall she jumps up onto the wall and run up the wall, she sees the vent and she then runs onto it and stomps on it which pretty much pushes the vent inwards and through the wall. The twins look at each other then to Syn who lands next to Keilynn smiling. Syn stands up against the wall and puts her hands out to be used as a foot stand, Keilynn understands what she is going to do, so Keilynn places her left foot on Syn’s hands. Keilynn jumps up with the help of Syn she is pushed upwards towards the vent, Keilynn reaches for the opening and grabs the edge of it, she pulls herself into the vent and slides down the vent shaft, she controls her decent with her feet and stops in the middle of the shaft. On the outside Sai gets a running start and steps on Syn’s hand and he too is rocketed upwards, he grabs hold of the vent edge and he climbs in and looks down, sees Keilynn and he goes sliding down into the shaft. He controls his decent and stops just above his sister, Syn is the last to jump up into the vent shaft, she slides down and stops just above both the twins.

Zarfel’s Office:

Zarfel sits at his desk with Zaryian standing to the right side of him, she has her hands down to her sides. A monitor flickers on and a zoanoid appears.


Yes, what do you have to report Vamore?


Everything is ready for your departure, the base is secured and ready for those trouble makers.


Good, I will be leaving here shortly then.

He finishes and turns off the monitor before turning to Zaryian


You my dear, will be staying somewhere near until the other model like you arrives. I don’t want you to expose yourself unless it’s absolutely necessary. Understand?


Yes my master, I do understand.


Good, lets us go.

He goes to the center of the room followed by Zaryian. A hum can be heard coming from underneath them both, then as fast as it can be heard the center part that they are standing on starts to descend downward. They go down very quickly only things they see are lights and the hum of the elevator. The elevator starts to slow down and after a few moments it stops, a door opens and they both walk out and as they do, a group of Zerebubuths stand there watching as Zarfel and Zaryian walk out. The Zerebubuths stand in front of some type of device. One of the scientist come up to Zarfel and hands it to him, Zarfel nods and takes the device. Zarfel then proceeds out of the chamber, he is now outside and he sees the vast Yellow Sea. Zaryian follows him out, she stands at the door and watches.


You know what to do, stay out of sight until further notice right.

He says to her not turning around.


Yes my master.

Then with a blink of an eye she is gone. Zarfel laughs, he changes into his Overlord form, without hardly any effort he shoots straight up into the air, as he gets to about 3000 ft, lightning starts to flash all around him. Zarfel puts up a shield and continues but the farther up he gets the closer the lightning comes. A figure appears in front of him, Zarfel looks and already know who it is.


I’m sorry, they proved to be more powerful then the zoanoids I have.


I know and that’s one of the main reasons you were sent here, but I tire of you and your damn cowardice, you will come with me. We have things to do, there is another base in the mountains to the west. We have a lot of planning to do. Also once at the base, call that new Assassinoid back, I have plans for her.

Zarfel nod his head and follows the figure.

Somewhere in Chronos China HQ:

The trio sneak around the lower levels of the base, they reach the end of the corridor that they are in, finding it pretty easy to get to the R&D department, but they don’t think about it for too long, they get to the door and Syn keys in a code but does not use the retina scanner the pass code goes through and the door opens, they all proceed in. They look around and see that one of the computers was just accessed and that it saved a few files, Syn looks at it more. She looks on the side of one of the terminal and finds two disks, she inserts one of them and starts downloading information. Sai looks out at the water and sees nothing, Keilynn walks around for a bit but stops behind Sai.

-KEILYNN (whisper)

You know we have to at some point get those remaining Units out of the Relic, so I say after this we go back to it.

She finishes, Sai nods. Syn finishes up with the computer and she fires her hand laser at it.


Okay it’s time you two, lets begin the mayhem.

The twins nod, the twins go out of the R&D department followed by Syn who fires a couple more blast which starts a chain of explosions. Syn runs past the twins knowing they are about to transform. Keilynn starts to jog then she yells out “GUYVER!!!”, after she transform Sai calls for his armor, “GUYVER!!!”, and he transforms as well. The three run down the corridor but only to be met by five Ramotith zoanoids. The trio waste no time with the zoanoids Syn fires multiple shots with her hand laser hitting two of the zoanoids, Kielynn fires her pressure cannon killing the remaining zoanoids. They continue running and fighting any zoanoids that they saw. Syn takes them up three levels, as they get up the final steps they hear a loud scream.


AAGGHH!!! Someone please help me please!!!!!

Cries a boy. Keilynn looks to Sai, and both say “That sounds like Kyle.”, they all run over to the door and open it, only to find a Gregole holding the boy up in front of him.


Good you came, now for the finish.

With that he rams his front horn through Kyle’s chest. Blood sprays everywhere, Kyle lets out a terrifying gasp then he goes silent. The Gregole drops Kyle to the ground, Keilynn screams in rage as she yells out”Noooo, he was only a child, you fucken bastard I’m gonna kill you.”. She then rushes forward and rips into the Gregoles chest as she rips out its heart and shows it to him before she squashes it. The zoanoid drops to the ground, Sai runs to his sister side. Keilynn kneels down to the ground and looks to the rest of Kyles body.


Sis, lets finishes this place. Come on. . .

He says to her comfortingly, Syn looks at this but before she could say anything two zoanoids come running up the stairs, she fires off a couple blast from her hand lasers.


Come on you two, we have to destroy this place lets go.

Both Novas stand and follow her to another room where there is a computer. Syn access it and finds that Zarfel has already left the base, she pulls up a schematics to the base. She finds it and finds another ventilation shaft that leads into the zoanoid processing area. With that they go down two levels and finds the shaft, but as they go on they slaughter as many zoanoids that they come in contact with. Syn opens the shaft and the twins call off their armor so that they could fit.


We must hurry, we are going to have company soon. I need to find Dr. Hoji his office is near the back follow me.

Syn then starts moving towards where his office is, the twins starts to follow but they get to a row and look at some of the processing tanks, in those tanks were monks, they follow the row to the far east wall, all are monks. The last two tanks have their uncle Shin and the Abbot.


No…no…this can’t be, no!!!



Syn comes around to where the twins are and she sees what they are upset about. A glow starts to emanate from both of the twins, the twins turn to look at Syn.


Is there nothing we can do for them?


No, I’m sorry but once processing begins, it must be finished or the subjects die. As Zoanoids they will become our enemies. We have no choice.

-KEILYNN (visibly fighting back tears)

Have you found your friend?

She asks as she starts to walk towards Syn, followed by Sai. Syn shakes her head.


No not yet, but lets hurry and find him.

She says. She turns around and she runs to his office and on his desk she finds a note from Zarfel, she reads it.

Syn is completely outraged, she turns to the twins as they walk up to the office, they see the anger in her eyes and knows her pain as they all quickly realize there is no one left to save. Syn looks around the office and wonders if the doctor had left anything for her, she looks into one of the chest in his office and finds a medium sized box with her name on it, but before she could open it, alarms started blaring. The twins knew that it was time to do what they came here to do. Syn grabs a shoulder bag and places the box into it, she runs out and just starts firing her hand laser at the processing tanks blowing them up as she hits them, Keilynn flies up in the air and starts to charge up her pressure cannon. She fires a long continuous beam of energy, blowing up the first 20 to 30 tanks. Sai flies up into the air and charges up his pressure cannon and he fires it into the center of another group of tanks, blowing up twenty of the tanks. Keilynn taps her brother on his shoulder and points to one end of the room.


Lets see what else this armor can do. Go get Syn, I don’t want her caught in this blast. Sai nods and grabs Syn, he tells her what is about to happen, she nods her head. Keilynn waits on her brother and Syn. When Sai lands with Syn she start to charge up her Mega Smasher, Sai does the same. A few seconds later, they both open up their chest plates, their Mega Smasher still charging, and they then fire. Massive beams of blinding light and color of falling stars erupts from their chest blowing away all processing tanks and also blowing out all the way to the other end of the base. The building starts to rumble and shake very badly, chunks of rock from where the Mega Smasher impacted on starts to fall. The twins look to each other and then to Syn. Syn looks to them and points at the hole they just blew open, Sai grabs Syn and starts to fly out through the hole, followed up by his sister. As they fly out Keilynn opens up her Mega Smasher and let it charge up again, Sai looked to Keilynn, she then fires another blast of her Mega Smasher into the building, it blows into the building making the already damage base incinerated the top half of the base into nothingness. The trio lands and take out any of the remaining zoanoids that manage to escape. Explosions ring off and in a bigger explosion the base is now leveled, fires are here and there.


Well that’s the end of that, but there may be other bases around here. I have to leave and find out what the Doctor left me, but I will be around, it was an honor to fight with you two.

She smiles. Keilynn and Sai nod their heads, Syn then runs off into the woods. Keilynn and Sai call off their armor and they both begin walking back to the ruined temple, both are a bit worried but for now they can rest and start anew on their war with Chronos, but deep under the Yellow Sea Syn’s partner is frantically fighting off one shark like zoanoid, she has managed to kill one but the other has slashed her arms and now she is bleeding badly. As she quickly swim downward she see’s a large hole, seeing she has no other options, she swims down there frantically. The shark zoanoid swims down after her but suddenly he feels lots of pain and a large mouth around his waist. A Great White shark has locked onto his waist and bites down hard, the zoanoid tries to punch the sharks nose, but the shark bites down again and chomps the zoanoid in half leaving Mei Lynn to swim down into the hole. Mei Lynn swims into the hole and she kept going, she comes to a dead end, she curses to herself and turns around to see a Great White slowly swimming down the hole, she turns around and tries to look for another way out but can’t, she swims back up against the wall and as she touches the back wall, it opens up and she falls into a dark room. The wall closes up as she falls into it, the water filters out and Mei Lynn takes off the oxygen mask. She stands up weakly and walks down the corridor, the lights are really low but she can see, blood coming out of her wounds, as she starts to near a opening, she see’s a door on her left side, she walks over to it and walk in. The door slides open and she walks in, the room isn’t large, but in the middle of the room is a medium sized pedestal with a black octagon shaped thing on it, her vision is blurry and she begins walking over to it, she gets to it and she looks at the silver center, it starts to glow but that’s the last thing she see’s.

Well there you go, sorry it took so long but I will have some other fics coming soon, let me know what you think.