This is a fan-fiction based on characters created by Yoshiki Takaya and contains violent situations with adult language. Any similarity to actual persons, living or dead is unintentional and purely coincidental.

Title Dark Tides: Part 4
AuthorAndre Harmon

Outskirts of Beijing

A motor bike roared down a deserted street at high speed, rushing through a rural area, passing abandoned buildings and the ruins of others. The young man, riding the bike, glancing back occasionally to see that there were still three Ramotith behind him and they were closing in on him fast. Desperate, the young man managed to duck inside a building, crashing his bike through a door and the wooden boards that covered it. With no room to maneuver, he got off his bike and ran deep within the building. The three Ramotiths busted through the wall beside the door and then they all fanned out. The young man managed to get to the basement floor, hoping that he could find either a way into the sewer system or an exit leading to another building, but he found nothing and was trapped. Cornered, he did the only thing he could and hid as best he could in a dark corner and prayed none of the zoanoids followed him down. Clearly scared, the young man stayed as quiet as he could while he listened intently to the loud stomping above him, but after a few minutes the Ramotiths left the building.

The young man now gasped for air, not consciously realizing until that moment that he had been holding his breath for the last two minutes, “Whoa, I’m glad they left!” The young man sighs, “Well, I should stay here for a little longer.” But as he said that he was yanked underground by a massive hand. Before he could do anything else a Zerebubuse had him in its massive grip and slammed him into the ground hard. The man was hurt badly, the Zerebubuth knew the human would not survive the injury and jumped up out of the hole and started to leave. Suddenly a muscular woman, wearing black military fatigues, ran up behind it and slammed a large black, disk shaped, device to its back. The device had clamps that snapped into place on impact and held the device in place as the woman now ran away. The Zerebubuse twisted around in time to see the woman running away and was about to give chase when the device detonated. The high powered shaped charge punching a hole through the Zerebubuse’s back and tearing into its spine, lungs, and heart. The powerful zoanoid barely made two more steps before it collapsed and died. The young man still laid motionless, his blood running along the ground of this second level basement and it seeped into the ground. A stone that was laying there got coated in the blood and it started to glow just a bit and in a blink of an eye it appeared near the dying young man. The stone fell onto his back and then disappeared inside him. The young man wrinkled his face as he felt an intense burst of pain coursing through his body, as the stone was absorbed into him. A few moments later, the woman that had killed the Zerebubuse, with a modified anti-tank landmine, came into the basement with her AK-47 submachine gun at the ready, there were no zoanoids about and she went over to the man. She could see he was hurt, but knew his only chance was to get him out of this area and back to base, so she picked him up carefully and left the building.

Outside was a jeep with three men, all in black military fatigues, who all jumped out and helped her put the man in the back and they all quickly left and headed out of the area.

Shaolin Temple

Lynn and Syn were walking around the ruined temple, as Lynn gave her a tour. The two managed to clean up the place a bit, though most of the building was beyond repair. Lynn was deeply hurt by the destruction of this temple, but he tried hiding it. Syn wasn’t stupid and could tell he was hurt but didn’t want to say anything to him about it. All she could do to help was helping him do as much fixing up as she could. After a few hours, the two sat down to eat, they both were a bit more relaxed, seeing that no one had been around this area in quite awhile. Lynn just sighed as he studied the night sky, something he hadn’t done in a very long time. Syn, who was always the high strung one, was starting to lax, she really wanted to find Mei Lynn and Anwynn but she too needed rest and needed to talk to others who shared the same ideas of getting rid of Chronos. The two seemed to trust each other a lot for the short time they were together. They trained for the week that they were here at the temple, testing each other and finding out what each other could do, which was a lot and very dangerous. They found the spot where Sai and Keilynn would train, which was a out of the way area where there was a lot of plains and few trees. Syn wanted to begin searching again for Anwynn, Lynn agreed to help her seeing that the two were friends now.

“Well, we will head out tomorrow morning, seeing that we were able to get this place looking just a bit better.” Lynn says to Syn as he looked at the temple.

“Thank you Lynn, you have been a great friend and I hope we continue traveling and fighting until Chronos is gone.” Syn says with a faint smile. “Also Sai and Keilynn will be back soon.” She says trying to help the situation a bit. Lynn smiles and nods his head at her.

Syn was about to head to where they had been eating when she heard a noise. Lynn didn’t hear it, as his hearing isn’t as good as hers. Syn moves over to Lynn, “Someone is out there.” She says softly. Lynn turns around and gets into a fighting stance, not liking being unable to see whom he is fighting. Syn’s eyes adjusted to the darkness and at first she didn’t see anything but just then she saw movement and pushed Lynn to the side as she ran towards a dark figure holding a gun. Syn was fast enough that the figure didn’t have any time to react at all. Syn’s forward vibrational sword extended towards the figures neck as she started walking with the person. Lynn walked over to them and looked at the person Syn was holding.

“Who are you and why were you spying?” Lynn asks suspiciously. He studied the face for a moment and saw that the figure was a female.

“My name is Anwynn Layun.” She says.

Syn immediately lets go, her eyes going very wide. “Anwynn.” She says almost stuttering. Lynn smiles and steps back a bit.

“My name is Lynn Satome. Syn has been looking for you for a long time now. Seeing that the two of you have some catching up to do. I will go and prepare you something to eat and some tea.” He leaves before Anwynn could say anything.

“Syn….where, what??”

The two friends hug each other for a long moment and then sit down. Lynn comes back and gives the two a cup of hot tea and sets down some food for Anwynn to eat. Anwynn sat her gun down next to her and made sure she flipped the safety on the gun. She then looked at the two pair she sees in front of her. Syn begins to tell Anwynn everything, to what happened with their mission, to everything current. The story went on for about two hours and was in complete detail. Upon finishing the story Anwynn sat back a bit, “So Gorman has these Guyver Units but they are standard types. The twins you speak of also have units that are way stronger than the standards.” She thinks for a moment.

“Might I make a suggestion?” Lynn speaks up a bit. Anwynn nods her head. “Well, for now we should rest and tomorrow go somewhere to talk more on this situation. This area has been frequented by Chronos and we shouldn’t take a chance that they’re not listening in on us.” Syn and Anwynn both nod their heads in agreement. “I will take first watch, Syn you take next.” Syn nods her head and smiles. She takes Anwynn where they normally sleep at and they both fall asleep. Once they were asleep, Lynn closed his eyes and spoke through the organisms on his back.

<Keilynn, Sai, are you there?”> he asks. After a few moments.

a hyper Keilynn asks.

<Yes, it’s me. Oh how I missed you two. How are you two doing, where are you?> he asks.

Sai pipes in.

Mei Lynn tells Lynn.

asks Sai.

Mei Lynn assures him.

Lynn thinks for a moment, he asks.

<I’m Black Nova, but my name is Mei Lynn, and you?> She asks him.

Mei Lynn says ecstatically.

Lynn smiles, he tells her.

the links break and Lynn smiles. “Soon you two will be home, then we all will finally end the evil called Chronos.” He says softly.

Mt Chi, China

A screen flickered and a young man pushed a few buttons on his keyboard and then looked up. A flash on the screen says. ‘STONES SUCCESSFULLY ABSORBED BY SUBJECT.’ The young man smiled and knew his master would be finished with his new form in about two hours. A form much more powerful than originally, intended if his calculations were correct and they always were. The young man then sat back for a moment and lost himself in thought. He thought back to when he was first an intern at Chronos, he had displayed many talents that brought him to the attention of Zarfel, who in turn soon wanted him to be one of his new scientist. He was quickly able to come up with new concepts for zoanoids and also enhance the ones they already had. But with the destruction of their last base, by the Nova Guyvers and Syn, most of the data was lost. Years of work had to be done over but that may not be entirely a bad thing. . . His thoughts were then interrupted as a woman walks into the room where he sits.

“Sebastian, I have the files on Zariyan. She is currently in the processing tank regenerating.” The female says.

“Good, I will start reworking her, also get some clothes for Master Zarfel, he will be gracing us with his presence soon. Kayla I also want you to get me the files on the Bio-Titans, seems that we are still recovering from that little attack on Master Zarfel’s old base.”

Kayla grimaces but nods her head and walks out. Sebastian on the other hand puts the disk into his computer and starts to look at Zariyan’s zoa-form. “This will be a great use to us, but I see a few things that must change.” He says out loud to himself. He then begins working, he looks up files on all the zoanoids Chronos has, he frowns when he notices a large portion of the files are ‘Top Secret’ he then begins typing away and after a few moments he has access to the remaining files, this also included files on some of the Proto-Zoalords. He knew with this much info he can start work on some better creations for Chronos China, he along with a few other scientist hated being called the weakest among Chronos, he felt it was time for them to show what they really can do. Now with Master Zarfel nearly complete, with his new full zoalord form. Chronos China will soon be on par or higher than the others. Sebastion pushes a button on a com unit near his computer, “Tsung.” He says waiting for a reply.

“Yes Sebastian?” Comes a reply.

“Zariyan is to stay in her processing tank when she is finished healing, also set up 4 more processing tanks, in them I want 4 of our elite soldiers who are not yet zoanoids. I have something in mind with those 5.” Sebastian says with a smile.

“Yes sir, they will be in there shortly.” Tsung says then disconnects the comm.

Sebastian leans back in his chair, he had his computer downloading the remaining Top Secret files. It took only a few moments before he had them. He then started going over them all, he was a fast reader and didn’t need to read everything to know what each zoanoid could do. He wanted the Assassinoids to be an elite group. He felt that the Hyper Zoanoid Team 5 were useful but he was getting tired of repairing or replacing them after each encounter with Guyvers. After looking at the files, he brought up the report from when they took over China and the appearance of the Nova Guyvers. He read the whole report, he then started reading from when Nova Storm appeared, then it dawned on him. “There is a Relic at the Shaolin Temple, and from what it says here, that Chronos couldn’t find it. Well it’s time for someone to go there and look for it.” He saved all his files and tripled encrypted them, he knew no one in Chronos was as good a hacker as he. He then seemed to erase the files, but he knew what he was doing. He quickly left his office and went over to the processing area. He saw that Zarfel was in the final stages and the green liquid began emptying out of his tank. There were a group of zoanoids and scientist standing around, Purg’stall had been summoned back to Arizona.

Zarfel’s eyes opened and the tank was raised, a scientist handed him a towel so he could clean up a bit and some cloths to change into. Zarfel got dressed and looked around, “Sebastian.” He says. Sebastian walks up to him and bows his head, “Yes Master Zarfel.” He says looking back to him. I would like a full report on everything that has happened since my absence.

“Everything is already prepared for you sir, your office is prepped and ready for you.” Sebastian says to him. Zarfel just simply nodded his head, he liked Sebastian, the kid was smart for his age and was a great asset to Chronos China. Zarfel and Sebastian left, followed up by Kayla who had a few files in her hands.

Shaolin Temple:

Anwynn, Syn and Lynn had awakened early the next day, they started to clean up a bit. Lynn went to where his old room was and gathered what little things he could. Anwynn and Syn both sat waiting and chatting, these two have been away from each other for a long time, but now they, along with Mei Lynn, are finally back together. Lynn walks out of his room and looks to Anwynn and Syn, “I’m ready if you two are.” He says glancing back at the temple and to them. Anwynn nods her head and Syn waits for Lynn to finish. All three then head out, they go through the woods that are to the west of the ruined temple.

The woods are quite peaceful, the birds and other animals scurry about as they tend to their morning ongoing’s. Lynn stays quiet for most of the walk but Anwynn and Syn talk the entire time. They act just like school girls at recess. Lynn laughs but keeps to himself. After about a half hour of walking they get to where there is a camouflaged jeep. Anwynn runs over and jumps into it and starts it up. The jeep starts right up and she gestures for Syn and Lynn to hurry up and get in. They do and Anwynn takes off down a long path. After a few moments they head out into a open area and tear down the road. They drive for a few hours before getting before a cliff overlooking the China Sea. They sit there for a while, and as they do Anwynn takes out a cell phone and presses a few buttons, and two seconds after she finished the ground under them started to shake and the ground then begins lowering.

“Don’t worry, this will take us to my base, there I will get you two situated and give you the run down on what’s all going on. But while we’re going, Syn I know you want to come back and your more than welcomed” she smiles, “Lynn on the other hand, I know you’ve lost everything, and I do need your help, because not only do we have to fight Chronos, nut now we also got Gorman and his people, and with them having Guyver units, I’m going to need all the help I can get.” She says, “Will you please join us?” She asks.

Lynn sat there for a few moments then nodded his head, “Yes, I will join you.” He says, “My family, and everything I’ve known is now gone. All except for my niece and nephew, who are also Guyvers. When they get back, they may want to join as well.” He finishes. Anwynn smiles and nods her head.

“Well then its been a long drive so we will get you two rooms and then we will talk.” Anwynn says as the elevator comes to a stop. As Syn and Lynn looks about, they are in a huge garage. There are many vehicles here, also there are a few mechanics walking about doing some work. Anwynn parks the jeep near one of the mechanics who smiles and walks up to her, “Hey Chief, did you find Syn?” he asks.

Anwynn laughs and points to Syn, who in turns waves to the mechanic, “Hey Syn, it’s me Kui.” He says and waves. Syn looks at him for a moment then smiles, “So you’re still around, hey.” She says as she quickly hops out the jeep and goes over and hugs him. The two walk off together, Anwynn looks back to Lynn.

“Well come on, Lynn let me take you to the room where you will be staying and then after you get some rest we will talk.” Anwynn says as she gets out of the jeep. Lynn nods and gets out as well and the two walk off towards an elevator.

Mt Chi, China

Zarfel smiled as he looked at the reports that Sebastian and Kayla did for him during his absence. He seemed to be very pleased. He read the reports about improving the Assassinoid class zoanoids, also the plans on stealing the Nova Relic Ship. Sebastian and Kayla both sat waiting for Zarfel to finish catching up, he also had some other things he wished to talk about with Zarfel, mainly about the stones that they recently found and had absorbed into Zarfel to complete his Zoalord form. Zarfel quickly finished up reading and looked to Sebastian and his assistant.

“So Sebastian, you took it upon yourself to implant these stones into me during my reprocessing.”

“Y-yes my lord, the power they hold is great. I thought. . .”

“Relax Sebastian, you thought correctly. I feel immensely powerful. I’m quite curious as to the extent of my new powers but that can wait. . . So what do you propose we do about the Assassinoid model, I read the report but I want to hear it from you.” Zarfel says as he sits up a bit.

Sebastian nods his head and gets up out of his seat, he walks over to a wall and pushes a few buttons, a screen flickers to life and a few images appear. The main form there is the version 4 Aptom, Zarfel makes a face, but as he looks at it more closely he sees that it’s different and he seems even more intrigued.

“Well sir, the original concept of the Assassinoid was a great idea, but after Dr. Hoji decided to go against us, we had to settle with Zariyan. She performed well but was brought back here nearly dead, she is recuperating in the processing tube. Now here are the new concepts I’ve come up with.” The picture change to what appears to be an ordinary human. “Now this is the stage 1 assassinoid, it has some combat abilities, but these will mainly be spy subjects. We will judge their performance and decide on if they should be pushed up to stage 2. The stage 1 assassinoid will have speed enhancements, and retractable bio-swords, basically a modified version of the Thancrus vibrational swords but not as strong as a Guyvers, they have to prove to be resourceful enough to stop whatever target they face as power alone will not be enough to defeat all our enemies after all. Then there is the Stage 2 Assassinoids which are upgrades of Stage 1’s. They will have better speed, agility and bio lasers that will be able to hit targets from long distance, they will be more adaptable to terrains and such. Their vibrational weapons will be able to stand up to a normal Guyver’s but will have problems going against Gigantic Guyvers. Then there is Stage 3.” The picture changes to a form similar to Syn’s assassinoid form. Zarfel scowls, Sebastian takes note of this and punches up a few command and a few other enhancements are on the form and it takes a different form. “These will be the Stage 3 form, these will be of higher ranking Assassinoids, they will be able to stand up to above a standard Guyver. Their abilities are higher then the previous two stages, also it will include them having the ability to turn invisible for a limited amount of time.” He stops for a moment, Zarfel nods his head liking what all Sebastian has come up with. Kayla on the other hand rolls her eyes at them both, all they’ve been doing to her is making her do stupid jobs. She sits back in her chair and sets the files she had on Zarfel’s desk. He looks to her.

“What is it Kayla, you look upset?” Zafel asks.

“I, uh…”

“Please speak your mind Kayla, you have my permission”

“Thank you sir, it’s just, with all due respect sir, I used to be the head scientist for Chronos China, then when this kid comes in, I get bumped down to damn secretary. I don’t appreciate this one bit. Clearance to areas I used to go to have been taken away, I can’t help much in zoanoid creations anymore. I want my damn job back and not be a secretary. That’s what’s wrong with me!!” She growls a bit, dropping more files onto the floor, before composing herself.

Zarfel sits back and smiles at Kayla who in turns keeps her eyes on him, he then pulls up a screen on his computer and starts to type in a few things. After he’s finished he looks to her again, “Well that will change as of now. You have been reinstated to Head Scientist as well as Sebastion here. You both will work on the Assassinoid projects together.” He says to both Kayla and Sebastion who walks over in front of Zarfels desk. “You two will get along and not try to take over the project. If I find out that you two aren’t working like a team you will have to then deal with me.” He says as his eyes begin to glow, both Kayla and Sebastian look to each other then to Zarfel and nodded their heads. Neither one of them wanted to be on his bad side. “Now I also found out that I am to have a new Zoalord created, and well I know who will take that honor.” He pauses for a moment letting the two scientists ponder this question, it could be either one of them. “Zariyan will be the new Zoalord, but also the head of the Assassinods, so get her ready. I want ideas from both of you about her Zoalord form and abilities and they better be good.” He growls and he slams his fist on the desk making it and the room shakes a bit as he hits it. Sebastion and Kayla quickly nodded their heads, Kayla got up, picked up her files, and she and Sebastion quickly left the office. Normally Zarfel would have punished anyone for leaving when he didn’t tell them, but he just laughs and figures that he scared the shit out of them. He knew he couldn’t have any of his people fighting with one another, because this was a crucial time for Chronos China. They all saw this as the weakest of all Chronos branches and this didn’t go over well with him, he knew that in order to show that they are not weak that he would have to come up with some extraordinary things and he had a few things in mind.

He opens up a file that Kayla placed on his desk about the Shaolin Temple and the Nova Relic that was hidden somewhere there. He knew about that and knew that they couldn’t find it and also his forces had been repeatedly beaten by the Nova Guyvers. But as he read through the file Sebastion put together, the activity near the temple has gone down a lot. Nova Storm, a new Nova unit, hasn’t been around there either. Sebastians plans were simple, take about a dozen or so zoanoids to the site and start digging in a few chosen areas. Once located, they can get the Relic and bring it back to the base, study it and then start using what they can of what ever is left of it. Zarfel sits back in his seat and thinks for a moment, then he gets on a comm unit, “Tsung, this is Zarfel, I want you to come to my office in 15 minutes, I have some plans to discuss with you and your team.” He says and before Tsung could reply, the comm unit was silenced. Zarfel sits back in his chair and closes his eyes, “Soon Master Alkenphel, I will show you that Chronos China is indeed as strong as the others or maybe even stronger.” He says. Just as he was about to go into another thought. A voice said in his head.

“Master Alkenphel!?!” he quickly bows his head in respect to his superior.

Alkenphel says to him telepathically.

“I know my Lord but I want us to become better than what we are, you may not think we are weak but the others do, and I want us to show that we can handle ourselves better than what they think.” Zarfel says.

There is a pause, Alkenphel asks.

“Yes I have my Lord. Her name is Zariyan, she was my personal Assassinoid. My scientists are working on what design she will have as a Zoalord, but ideas are welcome.” Zarfel says.

Alkenphel says as he breaks the link.

Zarfel sits there for a few moments thinking and after a few moments his computer blinks and a file shows that it was downloaded into his computer. Zarfel smiles and opens and starts to read it, after about a few moments of reading, he liked the ideas that Alkenphel sent him, basically using the abilities of the spider and incorporating it into Zariyans design. The spider that was recommended was that of the Black Widow, the one of the worlds most dangerous spiders. Zarfel then copies the file and sends it to Sebastian and Kayla and adds that they to are to add these ideas to whatever they came up with as well. With all of this done, Zarfel lays back into his chair and goes to sleep with a satisfying smile on his face. Soon, very soon Chronos China will be more then what the others think and with talking to Alkenphel, he is really happy about how things will be.


Syn was talking with Kui for a couple of hours, the two had been friends for a long time. Syn leaves the garage and heads to the command center. As she enters she sees Anwynn sitting in a chair with her hand on her forehead. She walks over to Anwynn and starts to give her a shoulder massage, Anwynn looks up and sees Syn. She just smiles and lets her massage her shoulders.

“So what’s got you stressed out Anwynn, when you’re stressed then something bad is about to happen.”

“Well we are trying to develop some weapons and combat armors, like the US ACTF have, but we don’t have anything to make them from. We have some ideas but as far as materials are concerned, we are limited to what we have. So I’ve been thinking about hitting a few Chronos supply trucks.”

“Well, if that’s all, I will help out as much as I can. I need some action anyway.” Syn laughs and finishes the massage. She then sits down next to Anwynn, “So when do you plan on doing this raid?” she asks.

“Once Zeus gets here, he told me he has a few sources and can get us some blue prints for something called the Robo Guyver, it’s not heavy and would be ideal for us. He will also help with a few other things. In exchange we will just owe him a favor.” Anwynn tells her.

“I’ve heard that one before, can he be trusted?”

“Not much choice, we’re fighting a losing war as it is. We just have to hope this favor is a reasonable one.”

“Well..ok then. I guess we have no other options. Gorman is going to do his best to make sure he takes over China after defeating Chronos. Plus they have been a bit too quiet as of late from what I’ve heard from the others. What’s going on?” Syn asks

“I don’t know, but I’m not going to worry too much about them. Right now we need supplies and well their supply trucks and warehouses are on my mind. But I do have scouts about, keeping an eye on Chronos activity.” She says.

CRTF BASE, Lynn’s Room

Lynn wakes up and sits up on his cot, he looks about for a moment to get his bearings. He then remembers he’s at the CRTF base. He laughs to himself and shakes his head, he gets up and starts walking towards the command center. He and Anwynn were talking about what this group is fighting for. They want to destroy Chronos and get China back on its feet, though it will be a lot of hard work, but it’s worth it. China and other countries have a lot of history behind it and well it’s time to start doing something about it. He then remembers her asking if he would help and he told her he would. He comes out of his thoughts as he arrives at the command centre, he see’s Anwynn and Syn sitting there talking. He walks up to the two ladies and bows his head to them.

“Hello Anwynn and Syn.” He says politely as he moves over to a chair.

Anwynn smiles and bows her head to him as well as Syn says, “Hey Lynn, we’re just here discussing a few raids that we’re going to have to do on Chronos supply trucks and warehouses.” She says to him.

“What for?” He asks a bit confused on why they are trying to steal supplies.

“Well, we need supplies for weapons and power armors that we are creating. We need something more than what we have right now, and I don’t want to keep coming to you and Syn whenever we have problems. Also I don’t want you both being too tired, we all have to fight and well, this is our only way of fighting back.” Anwynn says to Lynn.

He nods his head, “Ok, when do you want to go and start this?” he asks. He shifts in his seat as he turns to face the two ladies.

“Well…” Anwynn says as she stands up and walks over to a computer terminal. She pulls up a map. “The areas in red are Chronos warehouses and routes they use to get back and forth. That’s all we were able to map.” She pulls up a sector, “This is the place we want to hit.” She punches in a few commands and enlarges the map to show the warehouse. “This warehouse seems to be the biggest they have so far, they have been bringing in the largest supply of stock we’ve ever seen. Just last week they had at least five big trucks bringing in things. We need to get in there, take out the zoanoids there, and take as much stuff as we can.” She says, turning to face Lynn and Syn.

“Ok, so you want us to just do a frontal assault on this thing, hit them hard and fast?” Syn asks.

Anwynn shakes her head, “No, I want you to infiltrate the base, I don’t want you rushing in and then get in way too far over your head. But once you do enough scouting, call for backup and take out their communications, so they can’t call for backup, and then take over the warehouse but don’t destroy too much.” She says looking at Syn directly.

Syn laughs, “What Ani?” she says with a mischievous smile, “Ok I won’t be bad.” She smirks again and nods her head.

Lynn just laughs and shakes his head, “We will do our best, when do you want us to leave for this assignment?” he asks turning his attention to Anwynn. But as he looks to her, he looks at her soft features and just stares a bit.

Though Anwynn catches this and smiles, “I want you both to leave tonight, if we do it at night, it would take awhile for back up for them to come if we do this right.” She says. “But for now I want you two to go and get ready.” Syn and Lynn stand up and starts to leave but as Lynn leaves he looks back at Anwynn and just smiles and walks out. Anwynn shakes her head while blushing. She can’t believe this.

Syn and Lynn walked down a few corridors, both still learning their way around the area and were looking about as they walked. Syn smirks and looks over at Lynn, her eyes studying him until he turns to look at her, she then quickly faces forward and Lynn just shakes his head.

“What?” Lynn asks her.

“You like her don’t you?” Syn says in a playful tone. Lynn has never heard her talk in that way before.

“Well…she’s pretty and nice. But I like her as a friend, nothing more.” Lynn stammers.

“Yeah, sure Lynn. She’s single you know, she normally don’t talk to other soldiers but in your case, you’re not under her command and plus she likes you. I can tell.”

“How so. She doesn’t show it.”

“She does Lynn, if not, she wouldn’t have blushed the way she did. You are the first to do that so you better behave yourself or she will put you in your place.” Syn laughs.

Lynn just smiles and shakes his head, “Well, seeing that this is your jurisdiction, what do we do once we get to this warehouse, after we complete what Anwynn told us?” he asks, looking to Syn as they both pass through a door which opens up into a elevator.

“We do what we’ve been doing, fighting and doing as much damage to Chronos as we can. But to take extreme care not to damage too much of the supplies. Also we are going to be the only ones inside so just do our best to cover each other.” She finishes as the elevator door closes and they start going up. The elevator stops and the door opens up to a long corridor, they walk down until they are greeted by one of the soldiers guarding the door. There are other doors along this corridor and one has a sign on it. “Mess Hall.”

“Well lets eat, we do have a few hours before we have to start, might as well relax and eat.”

She smiles as she heads towards the mess hall. Lynn just shakes his head and follows behind her.

Later that night:

Syn and Lynn were both in a jeep, heading to the warehouse that held the supplies they needed, they both knew if they did this right that the CRTF would be set and will be ready to start making new weapons and equipment. As they drive, both fighters are quiet as they think of the mission at hand and the hopeful destruction of Chronos. Chronos has held power over China for far too long and it was time for it to end and for China to become what it once was, a city of history and beauty. After a few hours they arrive at their destination, they pull off about five miles from where the warehouse is. They quickly get out of the jeep and cover it with camouflage. Syn and Lynn quickly start towards the warehouse, keeping to the low plains and what trees were around. The night was cool, with breezes here and there, Lynn liked it, so did Syn. The two didn’t take too long to enjoy themselves, they had work to do. They neared the warehouse and saw that the security was a bit lax, but they needed to be sure. Syn put on her earpiece radio as did Lynn, Syn then quickly ran off towards the building, keeping in the darkness and shadows, Lynn on the other hand moves closer, he finds a tree where he can get a good view and climbs up it. He perches there. After a few moments his ear piece comes to life.

“Hey, you awake up there?” Comes a familiar voice.

“Yeah I am, how do you know where I am?” Lynn asks.

“I’m an Assassinoid remember and besides I got good eyes, especially at night. Anyway, I did a quick once around, there are about 5 guards on the roof, 2 near the front door and there are going to be more on the inside. This isn’t going to be easy, but for now we should go in through the front, meet me there in about two minutes and be ready for anything.” Syn finishes.

Lynn jumped down from his perch in the tree and moves in closer to where the warehouse was. He kept his eyes on the front door, but managed to look about the building. A few things he did notice was that there were cameras in certain areas of the warehouse. He smiled to himself, Syn is obviously good if she was able to get around those without no one noticing. The two minutes ended and he caught sight of some slight movement from the side of the building. He waited just a second more and what he saw made even him cringe. A blade came from out of nowhere and cut off one of the soldiers head, then a quick slash ended the other soldiers thought of transforming. The two bodies fall to the ground, decomposing. Then like a chameleon Syn appeared, retracting her vibrational blade. She looks in the direction of Lynn and gestures for him to come on. Lynn quickly runs over to Syn, they look at the uniforms of the now dead soldiers and both start putting them on. In the pockets they find ID cards and security cards, they both nodded their heads and was about to enter the building when a powerful spotlight shined on them, they both turned around to see three trucks and 40 Chronos soldiers.

“Lookie, lookie at what we have here, two infiltrators.” Said a man wearing an all white uniform.

At this point though the alarms on the building started blaring and Syn and Lynn didn’t have any choice but to wait. “So what were you going to do, blow up this place like you did the last building we had, or were you going to steal.” Said the man.

“None of your damn business, you fucking Chronos piece of shit.” Syn hollered back. “If you want us, come and get some.” She says growling.

“Do you possibly think you can take on a Neo Zektole? Do you really think we are going to let you both leave here alive.” Neo Zektol says to her as he transforms into his battle form. “Well guess what, you Chinese resistance groups are going to pay dearly for getting in our way.” He smiles, “We just got us a brand-new toy and your going to hate it…Nova Storm.”

Lynn looked at Neo Zektol, but as he did, him and Syn noticed that the other soldiers were transforming, there were guards coming out from the building. Zerebubuses, Ramotiths, Team 5, Zencrebes, and many other types. There were a few Neo Zektoles around though and a few Enzyme 3’s. Lynn and Syn looked at each other, and knew this might be a fight they will not walk away from.

“Lynn, I’m not going back to Chronos to be a guinea pig again, I swear I will kill myself before that happens.” She says to him.

“We’re going to fight our way through this, so transform. Remember, stay together.” Is all Lynn says to her. Lynn then walks down in front a bit, he looks around. He sees so many zoanoids and just thinks how they will get out of this. “STORM!!!” He hollers. A white explosion of force erupts from him and a barrier field surrounds him and he begins to transform. But as he transforms, so does Syn. The force expands out, some catching a few zoanoids and tears them apart. The light dies down and there stood Syn and Nova Storm, side by side. They both extended their vibrational blades. They looked about the area for one quick moment then to each other. “We will not lose.” Says Lynn. Syn nods her head and smiles.

“We better not, or I’m going to beat you up for lying.” She chuckles.

Ruined Shaolin Temple:

The Shaolin Temple was fairly surrounded, as the Chronos trucks pulled up, and soldiers filed out of it. Sebastian and Kayla, who were asked by Zarfel to help in the excavation of the Nova Relic, oversaw the operation. The scientist and soldiers started to unload explosives and other tools to help with this project. Tsung, who was in charge of the soldiers, ordered a few Ramotiths and Vamores to scout out the area and make sure there was indeed no Guyvers or anything present. While the Vamores and Ramotiths did their scouting job, three Gregoles, 2 Zerebubuses and 2 Enzyme 3’s began to head to the opening in the graveyard. They quickly found the opening that led into a long cave. Sebastian checked his watch and nodded to Tsung to begin, they all knew that they had to be careful. Sebastian and Kayla both got ready as well, they needed to see where the cave led, then start cutting, with the tools they had, they could easily get done in a few hours. But with the attack on the warehouse, they needed to get done as fast as possible.

Sebastian, Kayla, Tsung and the few zoanoids that Tsung selected, entered the cave, they all walked down the cave for about a few minutes, this was indeed a long walk, but soon they arrived to a dead end. Kayla walked up to the wall and looked at it, then the surrounding area. She smiles as she touches the wall. It felt very different and also warm, compared to the rock on the side walls. She turned around and nods her head. “This is it.” She turns to look at the others, “Go get the explosives and start lining them down this area, but make sure to judge the distance correctly, we have given you the files you need. Hopefully you read them.” She says and looks to Sebastian, “Then hopefully there is something that even the Nova Guyvers haven’t found.” She says.

Sebastian nods his head, “Hopefully, but if not, we can still use whatever else is here. This will make Master Zarfel happy.” He smiles, “Tsung, lets unearth this Relic now.” Everyone moved out of the cave and started to get the area ready for blasting. Soldiers started lining up the explosives around the temple area and near the cave and inside it. The explosives will blow up the surrounding area but are not powerful enough to harm the Relic. This will make a big hole and will give opportunity for the helicopters they have lined up to get easy access to hooking the Relic and bring it out. Sebastian just smiles as he watches everyone get ready.

Chronos Warehouse:

Syn flipped over a Ramotith and quickly cuts off it’s head, and does a low sweep, taking the legs out from under the Zerebubuse that was the Ramotith’s partner. But the Zerebubuse fired a laser blast at Syn, who was barely able to dodge at that close of a distance. She back flipped away from it, Nova Storm flew over her head and fired a pressure cannon blast into the Zerebubuse’s head. Nova Storm landed next to Syn, they both were tired. There were only 3 Neo Zektols and 3 Enzyme 3’s left, the other zoanoids, including team five, had been taken out at the first volley of attacks from Nova Storm. Who had used a pressure cannon wave blast that he fired into the ground, blasting a massive hole, and created an earthquake that knocked nearly every zoanoid off its feet. Followed by a hail of blade like gravity blasts that hit almost every single zoanoid and then exploded. The zoanoids that didn’t get caught in the blast were taken out by Syn as Nova Storm regained his energy. That attack nearly drained him of all his gravity energy reserves. But now 6 of the strongest Neo and Hyper Zoanoids stood waiting. Syn and Lynn both stood side by side, both recovered from what injuries they received during the first part of the fight, now it was time to finish off the last group of zoanoids.

Syn pauses a second and taps her earpiece, “Anwynn don’t come, it was a set up. We don’t know how but someone leaked the info out. About us hitting this warehouse.” She says.

“Are you sure, do you two need any help from us?” Anwynn asks.

“No, you guys stay where you are, it’s about to get dangerous here. I’m out.” Syn say cutting the transmission.

The three Neo Zektols stepped up, while the 3 Enzyme 3’s stayed in the background. During the earlier fight, all those 6 did was just stand there watching their movements and how they fought. This worried both Syn and Nova Storm, but they both got into fighting stances, though Nova Storm’s stance was in the shape of northern long fist. Then it happened, two of the Neo Zektols charged in at both their opposition, Syn ran towards hers and Nova Storm just stood there. Syn jumped up into the air and did a spinning kick, kicking the Neo Zektol in the face and as she landed, did three quick punches to its face. All of them having little affect on the Neo class zoanoid but her incredible speed caused it to step back as it tried to get a lock on her with its lasers. The second Neo Zektol came up at Nova Storm and threw an uppercut at his head, but Nova Storm brought up his left hand and parried the punch, then quickly did a back spin and back handed the Neo Zektol with his right fist to the side of its face. The Neo Zektol went crashing to the ground. Nova Storm knew this fight couldn’t drag out too long as they needed the supplies that were on this base. So as the Neo Zektol got to its feet, Nova Storm jumped up into the air and fired down three pressure cannon blasts, all of them hitting the Neo Zektol in the back. But only one actually got through its defenses, but then it was blasted by an intense beam. The impact of the blasts buried it into the ground. Nova Storm looked down at who fired and sure enough it was another Neo Zektol. Nova Storm couldn’t understand why until he saw Syn materialize behind it and slashes at it, cutting off two of its horns.

Nova Storm then put it together, she must have disappeared and had it fire and hit the other. Nova Storm then ran over to help Syn, but this Neo Zektol wasn’t going to die like the other one did. As Syn and Nova Storm got closer, he fired 12 missiles from its shoulder pods, the missiles streaked off. Nova Storm managed to get a barrier up to take most of the damage but two of the missiles got past his barrier and hit him in the chest, knocking him out of the sky. Syn was blasted by 4 missiles, she was badly hurt and the Neo Zektol wasn’t finished yet, it then opened up all 13 of its laser orbs and started to charge them to full power. Syn slowly managed to get to her feet, she was nearly completely healed, Neo Zektol was about ready to fire when something caught its attention. The Neo Zektol turned around and saw a concentration of gravitational energy gathering in Nova Storms hands, Nova Storm’s control medal started to glow and the dark energy that was gathering in his hands grew bigger, but just as he was about to fire Nova Storm screamed in pain, the energy he gathered dissipated. Syn was struck from behind, she rolled forward but quickly got to her feet. She saw that the other Neo Zektol came in to help and also one of the Enzyme 3’s. Syn just glares at this and looks up at the Enzyme that was facing her.

Nova Storm managed to get to his feet and before him he saw two Neo Zektol, but one was laughing, “Oh this is going to be fun, we’re going to rip out your control medal and mount it as a trophy.” He laughs. Nova Storm at this point was recharging his gravity supply by just standing still, he didn’t know how he was doing it, but he was. Nova Storm’s control medal glowed brightly and he brought up his hands, he was ready to fight, he knew that these zoanoids are more stronger and dangerous than the others and he would have to do what ever he can to find a weakness in their defense so now it was his turn to watch and learn. The two Neo Zektols extended their vibrational swords and started to advance on Nova Storm.

Syn on the other hand stood looking up at the Enzyme 3 and, as she looked at it, another one appeared behind her. She turns around just in time to be smacked hard, she goes flying, landing in a heap on the ground. She jumped back on her feet only to be met by two punches to her face and chest by one Enzyme, and the other grabs her and throws her through a few trees. Syn crashes hard and holds her ribs as she gets up, but she then heals. She smiles and extends her vibrational swords, she quickly charges at both the Enzyme 3’s. She flips over both of them and, as she lands, she stabs the one on her left in the middle of its chest but she quickly draws her hand back to find that she’s injured and that her vibrational blade was nearly melted off. She growls and quickly jumps back.

Ruined Shaolin Temple:

Lights are blazing all over the place and two dozen helicopters, that are hovering in the air, move in formation with cables running from them to a large Relic. The copters have it in the air and the remaining soldiers and scientist start to pack up everything. They have accomplished their goal and have the Nova Relic, now it was time to take it back to base. It will only take a few hours to move their massive prize back to base. Both Sebastian and Kayla could hardly wait to see what secrets this Relic had yet to reveal.

Chronos Warehouse:

Nova Storm was biding his time as he held the two Neo Zektoles at bay with his vibrational swords. Fighting both simultaneously as he dodged their blows and parried their swords with his own. Syn was in worst shape as she could do little to damage her opponents without damaging herself as well. Forcing her to resort to trying to blast the Enzyme 3’s with laser blasts but they were nearly as quick as her, and she was outnumbered.

“Damn you Guyver!” One of the Neo Zektoles yelled, after Nova Storm had shattered one of its swords when he channeled some of his gravitational power through his sword, as he switched from his swords to his bio-lasers, clearly annoyed that Nova Storm was not easily falling to them. Forcing Nova Storm to start dodging, flipping, ducking, and rolling all around the Neo Zektoles.

The other Neo Zektole was also clearly pissed by now and fired all his bio-missiles at Nova Storm, but the moment he fired, Nova Storm activated his sonic busters and triggered the missiles, they exploded within three feet of the Neo Zektole and engulfed him in a massive blast that instantly obliterated him and sent both Nova Storm and the other Neo Zektole hurtling away in opposite directions. While the massive shockwave shot outward and knocked Syn and all the Enzyme 3’s to the ground. Syn was the first to recover and spun back to her feet and fired everything she had at the nearest Enzyme, vaporizing it and blasting a small blackened hole into the ground were it had been. Unfortunately the other two Enzymes had recovered by this time and dodged Syn’s next blast. Meanwhile Nova Storm was painfully getting back to his feet and found that he been blasted clear out of the compound. His armor was charred but quickly healing. He wasn’t sure whether the blast had taken out the other Neo Zektole but he had to go back and help Syn and quickly took to the air as he raced back to the compound. Quickly seeing the massive crater, the explosion had caused, and the two Enzymes, still attacking Syn. He was about to rush down and blast one of the Enzymes with a pressure cannon when he sensed something above him and turned just in time to see that the other Neo Zektole had flown up high enough to catch the rays of the sun and had fired its Solar Cannon at him. With no time to spare, Nova Storm raised his shield and channeled all his gravitational power into reinforcing it. The powerful mega smash like blast slammed into his shield but they held. After a few seconds, the blast had cleared and Nova Storm lowered his shield but the strain had been great and he landed and fell to his knees, nearly exhausted.

The attack had distracted Syn and caused her to get caught by one of the Enzymes as it quickly moved in close and shoved its claws into her chest. Syn quickly broke free and jumped away but coughed blood and fell to her knees, her lungs had been punctured and the Enzymes acid slowed her healing. Sensing final victory, both Enzymes started to approach her when suddenly the nearest to her had its head blown off with a pressure cannon. Both Syn and the remaining Enzyme 3 looked over to see that Nova Storm, still on his knees, had managed to fire a single handed blast. Syn mouthed a thank you to Nova Storm before she laser blasted the fallen Enzyme 3’s body to ensure its death and about to get back up when the other Enzyme 3 slammed into her, feet first, and knocked her flat on her back as it punched her hard in the face, apparently knocking her out but, instead of delivering the next killing blow, it then launched itself at Nova Storm. The Enzyme 3 had barely jumped into the air before Syn, with a quick burst of speed, had grabbed its left leg and slammed it back to the ground.

“We’re not through yet.” Yelled Syn, her lungs finally healed.

Nova Storm was getting to his feet and was about to help Syn when he was hit by a laser blast into his back and knocked face down into the ground. Nova Storm ignored the pain and managed to twist to his right side, just in time to avoid the next laser blast and looked up to see the Neo Zektole high in the sky. The Enzyme 3 kicked Syn with its free leg and broke free of her grip and sprang back to its feet, just in time to dodge a laser blast from Syn. Nova Storm dodged another laser blast just as he fired a pressure cannon at the Neo Zektole. The single blast wasn’t enough to damage the powerful zoanoid but the blast caught it in the face and caused it to fall to the ground, but before it reached the ground Nova Storm focused his gravitational power and launched himself up to meet the falling Neo Zektole and spin kicked him with all his strength. Knocking the disorientated zoanoid right into the massive crater that its fellow Neo Zektole had unintentionally created. Nova Storm then landed and fell to one knee as he breathed heavily and hoped he had bought himself time for his powers to recover. Syn on the other hand was almost back to square one with her opponent, alternating between dodging and attacking and now she was nearly exhausted but now at least she only had one opponent left to face.

Mt Chi, China

Zarfel smiled as he watched the Relic being lowered to its new home. Sebastian and Kayla had already landed and were now approaching Zarfel with the report on their all too apparently successful mission.

“I see you two work well together.” Says Zarfel

“Thank you sir” Both Sebastian and Kayla say almost simultaneously as they hand their lord the mission report.

“Excellent! Well I won’t keep you two, keep me informed on your progress and give me a summary report in the morning. You’re both dismissed.” Says Zarfel.

Both Sebastian and Kayla quickly bow and leave, hardly able to hide their excitement at what they might discover within the Nova Relic.

Chronos Warehouse:

Nova Storm watched as the Neo Zektole recovered and roared in anger. Only a minute had passed but he had recovered enough to stand again and prepare himself for the next round of battle. Syn was starting to slow down, her exhaustion starting to show as her battle with the Enzyme 3 dragged on. She had to finish this soon, before she collapsed from exhaustion. The Enzyme 3 knew it was tiring her out and started to draw closer. Both Syn and the Enzyme 3 had hyper healing ability and showed no sign of injury. Nova Storm warily watched the Neo Zektole and the Neo Zektole watched him and started to walk towards him, its head laser glowing in preparation. The Enzyme 3’s mouth oozed acid as it anticipated victory. Syn was not about to let it beat her and pretended to be weaker than she was and fell to one knee. The Enzyme took the bait and launched itself at her, just as the Neo Zektole fired its laser at Nova Storm. Who in turn dodged the blast as he narrowly twisted to his left and let the blast go on towards Syn, who also dodged out of the way as the Enzyme landed in front of where she had been and was struck by the laser blast as it blasted a hole right through its chest. Syn quickly took advantage of this and extended her swords and chopped off the Enzymes head before its body had even hit the ground. The Enzyme acid burned off the base of her sword and the end fell off and embedded itself into the ground. Ignoring it, Syn used what strength she had left and laser blasted the body to oblivion. Her enemy finally destroyed, Syn collapsed to the ground and reverted to her human form as she passed out from exhaustion. The Neo Zektole started to laugh.

“What’s so funny?” Asked Nova Storm.

“Your friend managed to win her little fight but both her and you will still be dead soon.”

“You are mistaken zoanoid, it will be you who will be dead shortly”

“Hah, foolish Guyver, you’re nearly exhausted yourself, what makes you think you will win?”

“Come closer and find out for yourself zoanoid.”

The Neo Zektole answered by opening up all his laser pods and firing them all at Nova Storm, who quickly raised a pressure cannon shield and blocked the attack. The Neo Zektole saw this and was preparing to fire another volley when he noticed Nova Storm was now glowing with dark gravitational energy and the field was intensifying.

“No!” Yelled the Neo Zektole as it fired all its bio-missiles and prepared to fire all its bio-lasers but it was too late. Nova Storm had fully charged himself with gravitational energy and now focused it all into a single attack as he slammed his hands together in front of him and created a single powerful gravitational shockwave shuriken. The powerful attack lashed out at incredible speed, detonating the bio-missiles in its wake, and sliced the Neo Zektole in half, before it went on to blast a large crevice at the hyper zoanoids feet, causing the now two halves of the Neo Zektole to fall into the ground before it started to evaporate. The detonated missiles exploded, most of their force being diverted by the same gravitational wake that had detonated them. Sending most of the explosion to engulf the spot the Neo Zektole had stood but enough of it got through to slam Nova Storm back a good dozen feet before he hit the ground. Exhausted and now completely drained of power, Nova Storm’s unit deactivated and Lynn quickly lost consciousness. Just then something started to come up out of the ground and within moments had dug itself out and stood up to reveal that the first Neo-Zektole’s to fall had not been killed and now found itself the sole survivor of its team. It then looked at the unconscious forms of Syn and Lynn, and its lasers started to glow as it saw the perfect opportunity to kill these two enemies of Chronos. But just as it was about to fire, a distortion appeared behind it and a massive form came through. Gigantic Female Guyver 3 quickly saw the situation and obliterated the Neo Zektole with a single powerful hyper smasher blast before the zoanoid even knew she was there. She then picked up the unconscious forms of Syn and Lynn and teleported them back to the CRTF base. Anwynn was ready with a med team and rushed Syn and Lynn to be treated. She then turned to see that Gigantic Female Guyver 3 had deactivated her Gigantic armor and now stood before her as Female Guyver 3.

“Thank you for saving them. . . Were you sent by Zeus?”

“Yes, he was called away on an important mission with the ACTF but informed me on all the details of the transaction. . . That was a foolish mission you sent them on. You should have at least waited till I arrived before even attempting it.”

“It was my call, we needed those supplies.”

“Something Chronos obviously anticipated, those two clearly walked into a trap.”

“Dammit. How could they have known we were sending in those two?”

“Obviously Chronos is much more aware of your activities than you thought. I would step up security precautions if I were you.”

“Already done. . . I just hope they will be okay.”

“I wouldn’t worry too much. From what I saw, they’re pretty strong. Only a single zoanoid was left alive when I arrived and the damage to the base clearly indicated a massive battle had been fought. You’re lucky to have those two on your team. I doubt I would have managed as well”

“Yes, but this was too close. We need those armours. Did you bring the information?”

“Yes.” Female Guyver 3 says as she hands her three data disks


“You’ll find all available data on the Robo Guyver armour, from both the Canadian and Chronos data banks. We’ve even managed to get a scan of a working model. All that is in the first disk, the other two contain some information you will find useful that Zeus Thunderbolt was able to acquire from the European ACTF.”

“Thank you, this will be most useful.”

“We also have a favor to ask in return.”

“Very well, that was part of the deal, what is it that you want?”

“Very simply, We want our people to assist yours in the development of this new armour and to have access to whatever technologies you develop in the process.”

“I don’t think that will be a problem, though it will be awhile before we can get the supplies we need for this project.”

“That won’t be a problem, I’ll help you get the supplies you need, also your people can check what’s left of the base for additional supplies. It should be safe for a few hours.”

Just then someone came up to Anwynn and informed her that the Nova Twins had arrived at the base. Anwynn sighed and then decided she best tell them herself what had happened to their uncle. . .

Mt Chi, China

Dawn had come and Sebastian and Kayla had barely begun to explore the Nova Relic when they came upon a surprising find. A chamber containing what appeared to simple body armour but was composed of material similar to the Nova Guyvers bio-armour. Both had read reports that the Creators had developed exo-armour called Aceaers. This before them must have been an early attempt at one such armour. Since, it was now morning, they both rushed to Zarfel and made their preliminary report, as ordered, and told him of their surprise find. Zarfel smiled.

“Do you think this armour can be made functional?” Zarfel asks.

Both Sebastian and Kayla start to speak when Zarfel raises his, quickly getting the hint, Sebastian lets Kayla speak.

“Yes sir, Lord Destrol’s work on the Bio-Armors, and Lord Alkanphels research on the Warrior Guyver, should allow us to make this armour fully functional.”

“Very good, then add it to the list of upgrades for Zeriyan. Along with these other modifications I want done.” Zarfel says as he hands them a data disk.

“We will get right on it sir.” Says Sebastian as Kayla nods in agreement.

“Excellent, you two are dismissed.” Zarfel says as he lets them get back to work.

The future of Chronos China was looking better all the time, Zarfel thought as he watched his people go about their work.

China, a week later (shortly after the events of “Meeting of the Warriors”). . .

The Ninja Guyver and Black Nova, have returned to China and quickly went to the CRTF base. They were all met by Anwynn, Syn, the twins and Lynn. All were happy to see each other again and quickly told each other what has happened since they last met.

“Amazing, I wouldn’t have believed it if anyone else but you told me about it.” Anwynn says in awe of Mei lynn’s recent adventure with the US Guyvers.

“I know, I was there and still had a tough time accepting it all. Considering how many times I was blown to bits over there, it’s amazing I’m here to even tell you about it!” declares Mei lynn.

“So the threat from this other universe is over?” asks Syn

“Yes, for now anyway.”

“It’s hard to believe there are beings even more powerful than you Mei lynn, your unit does make you over twice as powerful as the twins after all.” Says Syn as she tries to imagine what it must have been like.

“Believe me, I was definitely in over my head over there. I’m surprised we even made it back, let alone succeed in our mission.”

By this time Jet was getting a little perturbed at the thought that Meilynn was so outclassed that she was herself surprised that she made it back, knowing full well that she was one of the most powerful beings on this planet, and decided to change the subject.

“So you guys are developing armours like the US ACTF have?” Asked Jet.

“Something like that, but these will be smaller. They will be very fast and maneuverable but don’t let their size fool you, they will be quite powerful for their size.” Says Anwynn with a smile.

“Great, when can we see them?” Asks Sai

“These are very advanced armours and requires their pilots to have special implants to take full advantage of them. So it will be at least a few months before any are ready for field testing.”

“Well, it’s a good thing we came back then. No telling what Chronos may be up to for the next few months.” Says Meilynn.

“Yes, indeed.” Says Lynn, remembering the close call both Syn and he had.

Mt Chi, China

Zarfel watched Zeriyan’s bio-tube, her new form was nearly ready. Soon he thought, everything would ready and Nova Guyvers will be wiped out once and for all. Proving to all the power and might of Chronos China. . .

The End