This is a fan-fiction based on characters created by Yoshiki Takaya and contains violent situations with adult language. Any similarity to actual persons, living or dead is unintentional and purely coincidental.

This fiction takes place just before the treaty established between Chronos and the ACTF Forces in All Things Change Part 1.
TitleDark Tides: Part 1
AuthorAndre Harmon

With the destruction of Chronos China HQ, the Nova Guyvers and Syn decided to separate and go their own ways but promised to meet up again. It has only been a week now since the twins have been on their own but, with nowhere to go, they decided to live in the Relic until they could decide what they were going to do next. Occasionally Zoanoids would come around to bother them and they would take them out. But from what the twins could gather, they probably weren’t from the base they had destroyed. Then one day, while the twins were finishing fighting some zoanoids, near the Yellow Sea. A strange Guyver called Cyber Guyver came out of nowhere and they just started to talk when all of a sudden they were all teleported to a massive Grakken Ship, after the titanic battle that then ensued on the ship, they found themselves, with Cyber Guyver and the Warrior Guyver, in Washington DC. Warrior Guyver and Cyber Guyver stood together, the twins had strained themselves to the limit and they called off their armors as they collapsed from exhaustion. Cyber Guyver and the Warrior Guyver quickly got them some help and made sure they were comfortable as they recovered. Jason and Cyber Guyver then went to General Carters office.

“Hello Jason, sorry but I’m a bit busy so what’s up?” the General asked from behind his desk.

But before Jason could say anything there was a knock on the door. The door opened, Jenny walked in and took a seat before her brother could get it. Jason then answered the general. “Well sir, we have guests that just arrived.” The General quirked an eyebrow but let Jason continue.

“Remember that tip we got about the two Guyvers in China, well they’re here in the barracks resting”.

“So that’s who they are, I saw you take them to the barracks on my way to my room” remarked Jenny.

Cyber Guyver then leaned forward as he chipped in, “Well, one things for sure, they’re damn good fighters”

“Please Scot, explain.” asked the General.

“Well, when we were on the Grakken mother ship, I watched as they fought. They’re like professional martial artist. They didn’t use much of their Units powers until things really got rough.”

“What type of abilities did they display?” asked the General.

Jason and Jenny both looked at the Cyber Guyver showing that they where both really interested in these new Guyvers.

“Well, I saw what looked like fire erupt from their units.” before he could finish. Jason and Jenny both exclaim, “FIRE!!!”. Cyber Guyver continued, “Yes fire, some sort of plasma energy field I suppose but it was so hot that part of the ship they were in started to melt. Then the walls of the ship exploded outwards. All I can say is that we should get them to join us. I think they will be great additions to our side.”

General Carter sat there silently for a moment or two then looked up towards the group assembled in front of him. “I want to know exactly what their range of abilities are and I want to see whether this is just a front or are they truly sincere about fighting Chronos… Jason and Jenny, I want you to be in charge of taking them to Area 51, along with Drake, and I want test run on their armors so we can see how powerful they really are. After that is done, I want you to take them to Texas.”

“Why Texas sir?” asked a bit confused Jason.

“Recent reports have shown that Chronos has something cooking down there. It’s supposed to be a large Zoanoid Processing Base there. From what I heard, there’s supposed to be a new type of Bio-Titan being made. Needless to say, I don’t want them completed, so I think the Nova’s should go and destroy it, I want you and Jenny there just in case they try to help out Chronos or mess up in anyway… You both understand?”

Jason and Jenny both said, “Yes sir.”

Cyber Guyver then said “Well, I have to get back to Canada, they have trouble starting up and they’ll need all the help they can get.”

The General knew that Cyber Guyver had to go back and nodded his head. With that the Cyber Guyver left the office. Then the General turned to Jason and Jenny. “Okay, after they wake up, let them eat then I want you to head out for Area 51, and upon their success or failure, I will meet them. I just want to be safe.”

Jason and Jenny both agreed and nodded their heads and left the General in is Office to plan the next battles with Chronos. They both stood up, left, and headed down to the barracks to check on the twins. When they got there, they found both of the twins sitting cross legged, meditating on their beds. The twins where wearing the only cloths they had with them, their Shaolin Monks fighting garbs, but they were a bit wrinkled after having worn them for weeks but the twins didn’t seem to mind. Jason and Jenny waited for the two to open their eyes but to their surprise Keilynn was the first to speak.

“Hello Warrior Guyver” she said in a soft tone.

Jason smiled. “The name is Jason and this here is my sister Jenny. We have a lot to talk about and things to do so if you don’t mind, would you care to talk here?”

The twins nodded their heads and Jason and Jenny sat down on the other end of the beds. The twins both relaxed a bit and waited for Jason or Jenny to begin talking. Jenny looked at both of them. They, like her, seemed so young, but even young ones are capable of so much good or evil. Jason looked at Jenny and guessed she was deep in thought then he looked towards the twins.

“Well this is what’s going to happen, we would like your help in the upcoming fight against Chronos, but there are a few things that we request of you. We need to test your abilities and see how powerful you are. Next is something we call a test of loyalties.”

The twins looked at each other with dismay but before they can say anything.

“The reason for the test of loyalties is just to see if you are truly against Chronos and not sympathetic to them in any way.”

Keilynn blew up in outrage at this point. “What!? We lose our whole family, the Temple, the Abbott, and one of our uncles were being turned into zoanoids along with the rest of the other monks. We had to destroy them all, and you tell us we have to prove our loyalties to get aid from you?!”

Sai moved over to his sister and tried to calm her down. “Keilynn, calm down, lets do it, we need their help and besides, I want to prove to them that we are in fact fighting against Chronos.”

He looked at Jason and Jenny who now seemed to be stunned after what Keilynn had said. Jason and Jenny both now felt some kinship with the twins because they too had lost the same things the twins had and now only have each other.

“Before we do anything. I just want to say on behalf of me and my brother. We both know what your feeling and what you’re going through. We lost our families as well and please. We would like to have you guys on our side. I know you two can do it. Also you won’t be alone. We will be there as well to help you out if you need but from what Cyber Guyver told us, you two are really well trained already.” said Jenny trying to help the situation.

Keilynn had calmed down a bit and could see her point. “Okay, we will do what you ask of us.” After which she sighed as she looked at her brother.

Jason and Jenny stood up and looked at the twins. “Thank you, we will leave first thing tomorrow morning, there will be a guard outside your door if you need anything or just want to look around” said Jason as he left with Jenny.

The following day showed that the twins had fully recovered from their ordeal and Jason gave them a short tour of the HQ. Cyber Guyver followed along with them as he wanted to know more about how these two kids got their Guyver Units before he headed out to Canada. Jason escorted them from the barracks area and they all then headed to the mesh hall for breakfast. Two hours later and Cyber Guyver was on his way to Canada and the others headed to Area 51.

China Seaport near Yellow Sea:

A lone figure watched from a darkened area of the docks overlooking a Cargo ship which is docked at the port. The figure watched as three men loaded the ship with a number of large crates. But one of the men was having trouble and dropped his end, leaving the big crate to fall over, breaking it open. Immediately four guards came running from farther up the port. As the guards got there, the three men were already picking up the contents and where trying to put them back into the crate. The lead guard stepped forward and shook her head in disapproval. The three men stopped trying to clean up the mess and turned to face her.

“You three are going on report, we told you not to drop any of the crates and now look at what you just did.” she said as she shook her head.

“Come on, it was a fucking accident, the damn thing is too fucking heavy. Even for us to carry up to the ship.” said one of the workers in a clearly annoyed and brazen tone.

“Well, you should have thought about that when you signed up for this stinking job, now get that shit stowed away and finish putting the rest of these crates on board so we can get going, we’re already behind schedule, and the client doesn’t take kindly to delays.”

“The client!? They’re in the US and they’re having this stuff shipped by boat, a few minutes aren’t going to make a fucken difference”

“Don’t be stupid, get moving before we make you fish food.” Declared the female guard. She and the other three guards then left the workers and boarded the ship.

The figure continued to watch silently from behind a large crate. It soon decided that this ship must be heading to where the dock workers thinks it’s going. The figure stepped out from its hiding spot and walked into view of the workers. One of the workers happened to look up as they lifted up the crate again. After dropping it the first time he looked towards the figures direction and sees a very beautiful woman. She has stone washed blond hair, a very nicely built body, one of which would make a femme fetal envy of her. The other two workers saw her as well and they all lowered the crate and started walking up to her.

“Damn, one of the Puma Twins.” Said one of the dock workers who was obviously an anime fan.

The female giggled a bit and started to slowly walk up to them.

“Which of the Puma twins are you?” he asked as he walked closer to her.

“I don’t know of what you speak, I’m not a Puma Twin or whatever you call it, but I do know one thing.”

She then smiled as the three workers stopped to look at her. With blinding speed she quickly took down the lead worker with one punch. She then threw a front snap kick to the worker to his left and a sweeping side kick to the anime freak, knocking them all out in one second flat.

The figure then quickly ducked back into the shadows and waited. Just as she got into her hiding place the guards came back out to see what was taking the dock workers so long and found the three workers laid out on the ground. The guards then ran down from the ship and checked up on the workers. From what they could tell, they were only knocked out.

The female guard knew that something was wrong and turned to the guard beside her and said “Okay, I don’t like this, we need to get these last two crates on board and get out of here, be careful and lets get this shit on board.”

The other three guards nodded and started to load up the last of the crates. The female figure watched and waited. Just a few minutes later. The anchor was raised up and the three knocked out workers are dragged on board. The female figure saw the ship casting off and decided now is the time to sneak aboard. She crouched down like a cheetah would and then exploded forward with lightning fast speed. She ran up to the edge of the dock and could easily see that the ships deck was over thirty feet above her, but she didn’t seem to mind that and then leaped high into the air and landed on the top deck and quickly rolled in behind one of the life boats. A guard that was patrolling the area didn’t see or hear anything. But he was still looking around and was checking a few things. The female figure watched, knowing this might be trouble and kept and eye on him from behind the life boat.

Area 51

Jason, Jenny, and Stephan (WG2), accompanied by Sai, Keilynn, and Dr. Drake all entered the facility. Area 51 was huge and only Dr Drake and Jason had been there before but for very different reasons. The new training room was over two miles underground. They entered a door marked “Transport Tube” and all of them sat into what looked to be like a small train carriage. After they had all sat down, Dr. Drake said “Take us to the Testing and Training Room.” They all got a surprise as the tube shot off.

After less than a minute of travel, they got to their destination and got out to see two massive thirty foot tall and one hundred foot wide steel doors.

“Wow, Drake you have out done yourself this time” remarked Jason.

“You’ve not seen the inside yet Jason.”

Jason and the rest of the group stood back as the massive doors slid open and then proceeded to walk inside. All of them, apart from Drake, gasped as they walked inside. The testing chamber was incredibly massive. The ceiling was well over a two hundred feet above them and the other end of the room was at least two miles away. The group of Guyvers said nothing and where all in shock.

“Okay, Sai and Keilynn. Could you walk further into the room. The rest of you can follow me to the observation deck.”

“Doctor, does it matter where we go?” asked Sai.

“No, the whole area is fully equipped to allow for a wide variety of experiments and tests. Don’t worry, I’ll give you further instructions from the observation deck.”

Sai then turned around and followed his sister as they walked away from the massive armored bunker that they guessed was the observation deck. The others followed Dr Drake up into the control room. Dr Drake turned on all the equipment and the intercom.

The twins in the mean time looked around at the training room. It was high and it had some type of steel walls which they could barely see. Keilynn and Sai figured it must be a new place for the training of the Guyvers and those new types of armors that where green. As they continued looking around, the speakers came to life and they both turned to the control room.

“Okay Keilynn and Sai, let’s begin. I want you two to do a few things first. First call your armors so that we can take a temperature reading and also we want to see how big your blast fields are. Then after that I want you to do it again but concentrate on not having your blast fields come on when you transform. We also want to see if you can control the heat that is given off when you call your armor.”

They both nodded their heads and moved away from each other. Then the twins both yelled “GUYVER!!!!”. Less than a second later, a blast fields erupted as they transformed. The blast fields was about eight feet wide and ten feet high. In the area they where in, the room temperature instantly went up to about 700 degrees but then started to rise very quickly as their armors finished attaching to the twins. It maxed out at 2000 degrees. Everyone in the control room could see the temperature readings and gasped in surprise at just how much heat the twins were giving off. After a few minutes the area started to cool down. Dr Drake looked on as the computer system stored the readings and notes the actual blast field of the twins reached an approximate core temperature of over 6000 degrees. Which nearly melted the heat reflective tiling on the floor.

“Keilynn and Sai, how do you two feel?” he asked.

“I feel fine, I don’t feel the heat what so ever, it’s pretty cool, what about you Kei?” he asks but already knowing what she’s going to say.

“Same here, the armor protects us from extreme heat, also if it does that, it may also protect us from extreme cold.”

Jason had a look over the shoulder of Dr Drakes and at his computer and couldn’t help but say “Damn, that’s hot. No wonder that Grakken ship couldn’t stand the heat and started to melt, it’s like they were small suns.”

Jenny simply responded with a “Wow!”

While Stephan remained nonplus and continued to watch the twins silently. After a few minutes, the room temperature was back to normal and the twins called off their armors as they were requested. They then called their armors back but this time their armors just appeared on them and the temperature stayed at normal.

Both Jason and Jenny started to laugh and Dr. Drake turned to them in surprise. “What’s so funny?” he asked and was clearly a bit annoyed.

“Seems like they already know how to control their armors.” Jenny smirks and giggles as Stephen joins in on their laughter.

Dr. Drake turns back to the twins, who now started sparring with each other. Keilynn and Sai both attacked each other viciously, as they displayed a multitude of martial arts techniques. They attacked so fast that they seemed to be just a mere blur to the eye. The others watched as they continued fighting. Neither one of the twins slowed down a bit. Keilynn did a few rapid back flips. She then used her gravity control and propelled herself at Sai with a spinning fly kick. Sai blocked and used his to do a mid air back flip kick, knocking Keilynn back. She quickly regained her footing and landed in a crouched position. Sai extended his blades and charged in at Keilynn who also activated her blades and they started blade fighting with each other. The resulting sonic discharges, from when their swords met, forced Dr. Drake to turn off the intercom before continuing to watch as they fought. Then as their control medals began to glow, the twins vanished into thin air with a sonic boom.

“What!? Where the hell did they go?” Stephan asked, as the sonic booms now became continuous.

The Cameras looked around at the now empty room. “Did anyone notice anything before they disappeared” asked Dr. Drake.

Jason and Stephen were shaking there heads when Jason noticed Jenny staring at the training room cameras as her eyes seemed to be following something very quickly.

“What are you looking at sis?”

“Them, they’re still there and they’re still sparring. They’re just moving so damn fast that they just seemed to disappear.” As she continues to watch, “Their control medals glowed at the same time and they just picked up speed really quickly.”

Just as she finished, the twins reappear and seem to have stopped sparring. They had nicks, cuts and gashes all over their armors. They then called off their armors and dropped to the ground breathing heavily. A second or two later they looked up and smiled.

Dr Drake quickly turned the mike back on, “Are you two okay?”

“Yes, I don’t know what happened, all I remembered is wanting to move a lot faster and the next thing I know we were.” said Keilynn between breaths.

“Same here but mine was different, I sensed her wanting to go faster and I wanted to match her then I was matching her speed. So I think we can read each other minds so to become more effective when fighting our foes.”

Dr. Drake nodded his head and turned to the others. “Hmm, this is truly amazing. Their units are linked together, this is a very useful ability. Keilynn and Sai, how do you both feel right now?”

“A bit drained, it seems that it uses a lot of our energy to make us go faster and when we’re done, we are nearly drained from it, so if we do this again, we can’t do it for too long” said Keilynn with Sai nodding his head in agreement.

Then Dr. Drake and the others nodded as well. The twins sat there for a bit longer then started to regulate their breathing which seemed to help them recover pretty quickly and stood up. They then call forth their armors again without the blast fields and without emitting any heat.

Dr. Drake then spoke into the intercom, “Okay, let’s see what else your units can do, remember don’t hold back, this training area is able to take a lot of damage. So lets start with your pressure cannons, I want to see how they register, how they work and if they are in any way similar to the Warrior Guyvers.”

The twins nodded their heads and separated. They looked down the long training area. Keilynn went first. She charged her pressure cannon up and fired it. It shot out almost like a thin laser that looked as if it would have destroyed anything in it’s way. The beam travel on a bit then, at the far end, it hit the wall and revealed that the walls were protected by an energy shield. “No wonder he told us not to hold back” thought the twins. Keilynn also did a sweep across the area to show what she can do with it before she stopped firing. Sai then charged up his and fired it while Keilynn watched as the powerful blast exploded against the shield protecting the walls of the room. The explosion reminded Jason of what a star looked like going into a super nova. The power rating in the control room registered that the strength is equivalent to a Gigantic Guyvers pressure cannon. Both Jason and Jenny looked on and were impressed with the results while Dr Drake was making sure everything was being put in the computers.

He then talked into the mike again “Okay, what I want you to do next is concentrate and see how much more power you can put into the Pressure Cannon blast, I want to see what other effects can be done with your attack.”

The twins faced back down the training room and Keilynn started up as she turned sideways in a fighting stance and cupped both her hands together. Her control medal began to glow and energy started to gather in her hands at a fast pace then the control medal started to flash more rapidly and brighter. The energy then started to expand wider. Sai saw this and moved behind her. Dr Drake and the others watched on, expecting something good.

Keilynn and the power rating started to climb and nearly reached that of the Warrior Guyvers and as it did, Keilynn fired it. A massive beam of energy flew from her hand and it expanded as she fires it. The beam is so powerful that it buckled the wall at the very far end of the room, blasting through the shield and blowing a three meter wide crater into the wall. But this room was designed for an event like that and the fact was the walls where over ten meters thick. Everyone in the control room exclaimed “DAMN!!!” as they witnessed the incredible display of raw power. Dr Drake then noted the power rating is still only three quarters the power of the Warrior Guyvers unenhanced maximum powered Pressure Cannon Attack. Jason noticed the reading and turned to Dr. Drake.

“Damn it’s just below my unenhanced max, how can that be?”

“I may have an answer after all the tests are done.” Dr. Drake said to Jason.

Jenny looked at both of the twins with a smile on her face. Stephen just looked on knowing they can’t rival his weapons but still all things can change.

Sai then looked at his sister, who was looking at her hands and at the damage she just done. Keilynn then looked at Sai, who was now standing next to her. She gestured for him to start and he nodded his head and began concentrating. He cupped his hands together and energy started to gather, just like Starfire’s. His control medal glowed bright and rapidly, then he launched his attack in the same direction as she did. A bright flash came from his hands as a powerful ball of energy flew forward, blasting through the shield and blowing another hole in the wall next to the one his sister had made. Making another three meter wide crater.

Dr Drake looked at the computer read out and saw that both units power were the same strength as each other. Dr Drake then pushed a few buttons and created a new force field that had been designed with the Guyvers best attack in mind. Something he should have done in the first place, he thought ruefully to himself.

“Okay, lets see how strong your Mega Smashers are.” said Dr Drake.

Everyone in the room agreed and watched on.

Dr Drake then added, “Don’t worry, the second shield is over twenty times more powerful and we already tested them against the Warrior Guyvers.”

Jason then whispered to Dr Drake, “Uh, but they only lasted for three seconds and I nearly took out half the base before I could stop the beam”

Dr. Drake whispered back, “Don’t worry Jason, we boosted the energy reserves, the shielding system is now hooked up to four dimensional couplers, instead of two, and the shield generators are now based on the more powerful, newer system, we developed for the upcoming Green V2’s. It’ll hold”.

Jason looked at the Nova Guyvers and then whispered, “I hope your right”.

Keilynn opened up both her mega smashers and let it charge for only a second before she fired it at full strength. The blast then hit the force field with such a force that the force field drastically dropped in power. It dropped down to 50%. Keilynn stopped the blast and then Sai stepped up. He waited until he was told to go. The force field started to gain more power and was soon back up to 100%, Sai opened up his mega smashers and let them charge for half a second, then he fired it. The blast hit the force field and knocked it down to 50%. Sai stopped the blast and they both turned to the control room. They could not see it but Jason and Jenny both gave them the thumbs up, but Stephen just turned away from the monitors. The twins then decided to give one more demonstration and started to slowly charge up their Plasm/Pressure Cannons. Dr Drake and the others looked on curiously, even Stephen was compelled to watch. Both the twins then stood side be side as their attack reached maximum power, the energy fields of the Nova Guyvers attack began to combine and within seconds they reached maximum power and fired simultaneously. The Nova Guyvers attack had combined into a single Mega Smasher like energy blast that slammed into the force field and knocked it down to 30%. The twins then smiled and called off their armors.

Dr Drake couldn’t help but to say “Amazing!”, while the others simply said “Wow!”, before he reached for the mike. “Keilynn and Sai, come to the conference room so we can all talk about the analysis of your powers.” said Dr. Drake as he finished entering in the data and began to power down the system.

Everyone then left training area and went to a near by conference room that Dr Drake had also set up. He then sat at the head of the table while everyone else sat where they wanted. Stephen though stood off in a corner in the room, not wanting to join in for some reason. Dr. Drake then spoke up first and turned to the twins.

“Your powers are indeed strong and is greater than even the Guyver Gigantic. Also, from what I see, your powers can rival for a time the power of Jason’s Warrior Unit, when you combine your units powers.”

Jason looked at the Doctor and then to the twins. “Um, Doctor, what were you going to tell me about the Nova’s and Warrior Units?”

“Ah..Yes. From what I can tell, the Nova units and the Warrior Units are somewhat related.”

But before the doctor could finish, Keilynn began to talk. “Actually from the information we downloaded on our units, the Warrior and Nova Units were basically part of the same contest.”

“A contest?” said a surprised Jason.

“Yes”, said Sai. “Basically there were several groups of Creators who were basically arguing over who can make the best warrior unit. Most failed but two stood out. One project was called the Nova Project and the other the Warrior Project. They both started at the same time but the Warrior Project finished before the Novas, but that’s also when the Guyver Zoalord appeared and started its assault on the Nova Project first. The Creators of our Units took too much damage and so the Relic they were in buried itself underground. They needed more time to complete the project, so they simply ignored what was happening on the surface and they stayed there until they died, trying to complete the project.”

“Okay, that’s why the Novas powers are almost as strong as my unit.”, said Jason as he looked to Sai and Keilynn.

They all then looked back at Dr Drake. “Yes, also from the vibrational sword read outs, no other Guyver can stand up to the Nova Units blades except for the Warrior Class Guyvers. The total read outs for the Novas are still unknown, seeing that we only did a rudimentary test but all I can say is that they are almost equal to the Warrior Class Guyvers but a bit weaker than them, since they obviously don’t have an unlimited energy source like the Warrior units HSL system”.

“So they’re Warrior wanna be’s. So basically we will have to baby sit them so they don’t get themselves killed.” said Stephan sarcastically from the corner of the room.

Jenny turned around and glared at Stephen, then she puts her hand up at the twins, who are now standing up.

“What are you two going to do, you can’t beat me!” Stephen declared as he smirked at them with contempt. “Shut up Stephen, I don’t know what your problem is but you better cool it” shouted a very pissed off Jason. “And for your information Stephen, you arrogant bastard, they already took down a Chronos base in China” said Jenny defending the twins. “They don’t need an egotistical jerk like you bothering them, so chill out and leave them be.”

Just as the twins are about to say something they heard a voice in their heads. “Calm down, he knows nothing of the power you posses. Don’t let him upset you, stick with Jason and Jenny, they are the ones who posses good hearts.” said the voice before it faded from their minds. The twins then turned back to the situation before them and saw Jason and Jenny still looking at Stephen, who then walked angrily out of the room.

“Keilynn and Sai, I’m sorry for this, we didn’t mean for this to happen.” Said Jenny as her eyes followed Stephen out of the room.

“Yeah, we’re all friends. But now we have to concentrate on the task at hand. We still have that base in Texas to take care of. Are you two still up for it?” asked Jason.

Sai nodded his head and so did Keilynn, Jason then pulled out a map and lays it out on the table for everyone to see. There are two areas on the map that are circled” said Jason pointing to the larger white circle.

“Here’s the Zoanoid processing base, there’s no easy way of getting in, you will just have to fight your way in.” He looked at both of the twins, who are looking at the map.

“There will be heavy defenses, so I know this part of what I’m going to say is going to suck but you have to do it. Do not use your more powerful attacks at the start, just use standard pressure cannon blasts and use your vibrational swords and head laser, if things get too heavy, then use your more powerful attacks but only as a last resort.”

The twins looked at Jason and nodded showing that they knew what he was saying. Jenny then looked at the smaller circle.

“This area here is where we will be, this is our old house in Texas, we will wait for you there, if things get too bad, we will come out to help you but we want to see if you can do it.” She then looked at them.

The twins looked at each other and smiled and nodded their heads. After the discussion, a female pilot came into the conference room and walked up to the table. Jason called her over and said something to her and she left them to continue. The twins and Jenny turned to Jason.

“Well Ladies and Gentlemen, it’s time to rock and roll. The plane is refueled and ready for take off. This is it, there is no turning back so everyone, I wish you all luck.” Jason finished. “May Buddha bless us.” the twins said in unison.

Jenny and the others then walked out of the room and went into the tube where the pilot was waiting for them. A minute or so later and they where exiting to the runway using another tube port. On the run way where many new planes and Jason recognized the plane they where going to. It was the same type of stealth plane that was used to bring him and Sean to Area 51 when they discovered the Aceaer. Around the stealth plane where a few V1 Green Armors guarding it.

Elsewhere, Dr. Drake was back in the training area control bunker. He carefully saved the recorded data on the Nova Units onto disks and made a couple back ups. He then puts them into a secured communications computer and sent the data on a tight beam to Washington DC and makes sure that the data was downloaded into his lab in the Washington DC ACTF base. Once this was done, he enters the tube and a minute or so later he entered a plane heading back to Washington, DC.

China Shaolin, Temple Ruins:


A man with a black cloak stumbled around the temple graveyard. As he did, he saw all the destruction that had befallen the great Shaolin Temple. A sight that filled his heart with sadness, but as he was walking through the ruins, he saw two men walking around, wearing the uniforms of the Chronos soldiers. The man had seen them transform before and knows that if they are in human form that they can be killed before they had a chance to transform. So he quietly sneaked up to the two and deftly snaps the neck of one of the men and lets the body fall as the second man turned around to see what had happened to his companion, the man quickly stepped behind him and snapped his neck as well. The man then watched as the now two dead Chronos soldiers dissolved before his eyes. He then left them and went on to find a cave and walked into it. A quick search revealed that it has not been disturbed recently. He then pulled a hidden level near the entrance to the cave and a big boulder rolled into place blocking the entrance. He then walked deeper into the cave. After ten minutes, he reached the end and sat down to rest. He leaned his back against the dead end wall and started to relax, but without warning the wall opened up and he fell through, The wall then quickly closed up behind him. Then the area began to fill with liquid. He stood up and started to panic as he realized that the room was filling with liquid, but soon he noticed that even though the liquid filled the room, he is still able to breath. A couple of minutes went by and another wall opened up, leading to a corridor. The man looked down the corridor and then started to swim down it, as he progressed, he knocked against something on the ground. He stopped swimming and looked at the ground. The floor beneath him started to move and slid down like an elevator. The man watched as he was tuck down into the tube with the floor. The elevator quickly came to a stop and the man found himself in a short hallway that lead to a door. He then swam off the biological elevator and into the room. The room was small with a pedestal in the middle of it. On top of the pedestal was whitish grey object with an orb in the middle. The man moved closer to get a good look at it and he saw that in the center of the object was definitely an orb shaped medal. He looked at it curiously and got even closer. Then the medal started to glow and inside it he could see the tendrils of the unit moving around. Then without warning the unit blew open and the tendrils flew from it and attached to the man. He had no chance to do anything and he floated there as the unit merged with him. A minute later and a new Guyver floated in the middle of the room, its control medal glowing brightly a half hour later as the host awakened.

Washington DC:


General Carter sat in his office and was looking at the latest information of the Novas that had just been put up on the data base by Dr Drake. After he had read the information he sat back in his chair and clicked a button on his chair so he could log some information into his personal data base.

“They’re only kids in this damn war but with the powers they have now, and other unknown powers they may possess, only time will tell. I do think they’re on our side, but I just don’t know. This damn war has been dragging on way too long and only time will tell when it will be over.” all of which he said aloud to his computer which immediately had wrote it all down in text and into his data base.

He sighed and was just about to start reading another file when the air warped in his office and the Warrior Guyver 2 appeared. He disengaged his armor and sat down in one of the chairs near the Generals desk.

“So Stephen, why are you back here, I thought you were with Jason and the others?”

Stephen just looked at him and shrugged, “I just thought you would need me here so that’s why I came back, seeing Jason and Jenny are with the Novas, why do they need me there.”

The General nodded, “I see. Hmm, well, there isn’t anything going on around here but you can resume your duties.”

Stephen got up, saluted and then walked out of the office and went down to the mess hall.

Texas Chronos Controlled State:

The stealth plane landed on the outskirts of Texas. Jason, Jenny, and the twins exited the plane, then Jenny bio-boosted and quickly scanned the area. Psi-Guyver then teleported everyone to Jason’s and Jenny’s former home.

“Jenny, is there anyone about?”

“It’s okay Jason, I’m not picking up anyone for miles” said Psi-Guyver.

Everyone then went into the living room and sat down and relaxed for a bit but knowing they had to soon get to work.

Psi-Guyver then spoke to the group, “Well, we need to get going, it’s almost two in the morning, which may work in our favor.”

Jason and the twins nodded in agreement and stood up and walked out of the living room and then out the front door leaving the Psi-Guyver behind.

“Okay twins, we are in Chronos controlled USA. As you know from the meeting, this is the main base in this area and if it goes down, the towns near by will be easy to free. I’ll be heading back to Jenny now and if you need help just ask.”

Jason then walked back to his old house as the twins summoned their Guyver units. They then waved and flew up high into the air. It took them only ten minutes to get to the base and land behind a fence. The two Guyvers looked at the area and saw a few guards posted in different positions. They looked at each other and nodded their heads and quickly fired off a number of head beam shots, killing the guards before they got a chance to transform. But they missed one of the guards, who managed to activate the base security system. Immediately bell like alarms started to sound and every search light in the place was turned on. More Chronos guards ran out to see the Nova Guyvers approaching the base. They all transformed but, as they did, their bodies where blasted apart as the twins fires off multiple head beam shots which easily took out the low level zoanoids. The base then went into high alert and a Klaxon alarm now sounded and within minutes a horde of Zoanoids came out from everywhere. There were Ramotith, Gregoles, and many other low level zoanoids but most important of all, there was the Hyper Zoanoids Team 5 type zoanoids, a few Vamores, and two Bio-Titans. The Novas flew up and hovered in mid air and waited for the zoanoids to get close enough. They then cupped their hands together and they started to charge up their pressure cannons. The Vamores and Zektol started firing on them but the Novas where able to dodge their blasts and continue charging up their own attack. After a few seconds they both fired an immense mega smash like combined plasma enhanced pressure cannon blasts into the crowd of zoanoids, which destroyed the Hyper Zoanoid Team 5 and about thirty of the regular Zoanoids in one go. Starfire then fired a quick blast of her pressure cannon towards the base itself which slammed into a number of zoanoids and made a large hole in the wall. The Novas quickly flew into the building, through the hole, while they dodged bio-blasts from the two Bio-Titans. They quickly looked around and found that they were in some type of testing area of the building. They then activated their gravity controller and pulled themselves through the floor underneath them, floating down into the next room. But as they landed, they were met by five Gregole type Zoanoids. The Nova’s extend their vibrational swords and started to fight. Two Gregores charged at Nova Blaze. Nova Blaze in return charged in at them and as the trio neared each other, Nova Blaze jumped over them both and slashed off both Gregoles heads. Starfire was going hand to hand with the remaining three Gregoles but time was against her so she fired her head beam three times and each blast hit a Gregoles brain, killing them on the spot. Nova Blaze quickly ran out to the hallway, followed up by Starfire. As they ran down the hall way, a huge metal plate shut down in front of them, Nova Blaze then turned around to see another door close in on them, trapping them in hallway. They looked at each other and before they could do anything an ear piercing noise ripped through the area. The noise somehow screwed up the Novas sensor orbs and started to make them both deaf.

“Starfire, what the hell is going on!!” Nova Blaze screamed as he started to fall to the ground. Keilynn vainly tried to hold her ears but quickly realized the futility of the act. She pushed Nova Blaze aside and fired a pressure cannon blast into the floor revealing that it was steel reinforced floor. She then started tapping her units full power and activated the fire aura around herself, she then flew into the air and dove down into the ground. She landed on the next level and looked up to see her bother, the Nova Blaze, dragging himself to the hole that his sister made. He then literally fell down to the next level and they found themselves in a massive processing area. There were thousands of Zoanoids standing around looking down at the Novas. Then Nova Blaze stood up beside his sister and turned to face the zoanoids, Starfire knew they where way too out numbered and talked through her unit to the nearest two Guyvers.

“Jenny and Jason, we may need some help, all we need is a distraction and we can finish off the base.”

“Hold on Keilynn, we’re on our way now.” replied Jenny.

Nova Blaze on the other hand started his attack now, killing the closest zoanoid with a quick blow to the chest that exploded its heart. Starfire joined him, firing her sonic disrupter, quickly killing zoanoids within range of the sonic attack. Above them the two Bio-Titans were charging their bio-smashers. The Warrior Guyver and Psi Guyver both teleported above them and both saw the Bio-Titans getting ready to bio-smash the Nova Guyvers. Psi-Guyver immediately went into turbo mode and a light blue aura surrounded her body. Her eyes then glowed brightly and before her the two Bio-Titans where knocked back as they fired their bio-smashers. Right in front of the Nova Guyvers, two beams of energy blasted through the ceiling, then a number of zoanoids and right down into the next floor. The Novas felt the presence of the Warrior Guyver and Psi-Guyver above them and they both lifted off the ground. Their control medals glowed brightly and a fiery aura surrounded both of them and linked together. Bolts of energy fired out from them, hitting through the ground, ceiling, and almost hitting the Warrior Guyver and Psi-Guyver. The energy intensified, forcing the Warrior Guyver and the Psi-Guyver to teleport out of the base and leaving the two Bio-Titans behind. All the zoanoids held their ears as they heard a massive explosion, leaving the zoanoids no time to do anything except scream as a destructive shock wave blasted out from the two Guyvers. The explosion was immense and so bright that it looked like a star exploding. About half a mile away from the base, the Warrior Guyver and Psi-Guyver floated in the air, looking on and where very impressed as the base went up in a fire ball. But the shock wave continued on to them, even at that distance, they both activated their shields and the blast knocked them back a few feet but they both were able to get control and continued holding their position. After a minute they flew back to the base to find the base in ruins with only a few remaining signs that there once was a base there and a massive crater with the two twin Guyvers standing in the middle. They both flew up to meet the Psi-Guyver and Warrior Guyver and then they all flew away.

As they were flying away, the air behind them warped and the Proto-Zoalord Alfrid Drano appeared. He was near where the base once was and he watched as the twins flew away.

“Hmm…….new Guyvers, master Kron will want to know about this when he awakes.”

He looked at the destroyed base and saw that there is nothing left, he then teleported back to the Arizona base. About ten minutes later the Novas found their way back to the stealth plane. They landed and then deactivate their armor and walked into the plane. Jason and Jenny were both sitting down and gestured for them to sit down.

“Hurry, it’s time to go, we need to get back to Washington.” Said Jason.

The twins sat down and buckled themselves in as the stealth plane took off and headed to Washington DC.

One month later. China Beijing:

The night sky is dark and the wind was howling as a figure walked alone. It looks around for a moment until something catches its eye. The figure then moves towards something.

“So what’s up guys, why in the hell does Zarfel always send people off to that damn temple, there’s nothing there, we fucking burned and destroyed the fucker” said one of the men.

“Yeah but those two bad ass Guyvers destroyed his main base along with that fine ass bitch but she joined those Guyvers and now we have to capture her” said another.

The figure silently walked up to them and stepped into view. The four men turned around. One of them managed to yell out “OH SHIT, A GUYVER!!!!!” before the Guyver’s control medal glowed brightly and fired a beam through his skull. The other three men quickly transformed into zoanoids and started to attack the Guyver. The Guyver quickly dodged each of their attacks with great ease. A Vamore jumped away from the group and fired a blast at the Guyver. The Guyver’s control medal glowed and the Guyver put its hands out and caught the blast. The Guyver held the blast in his hands, then redirected it back at the Vamore and the other two zoanoids, killing them all.

“That’s for what you did to my family and the Shaolin Temple, I will avenge Keilynn and Sai if that’s the last thing I do!”

The Guyver then walked off into the woods.

Washington DC

General Carter and his group of Guyvers stood face to face with the new 14 unknown Guyvers. Eight of them not only looked different but had different powers. Carter knew that he hit the jackpot and as he looked to each Guyver, he knew and hoped that he could finally win this damn war. Jason, Jenny, Cori, Stephan (WG2) and Stephan (AM) also looked from face to face. Jason did not know if he could buy their story, about how they acquired their Guyver units, but if they can help, well he would be willing to help them learn about their units.

General Carter decided now would be a good time to talk to the Captain of this group to find out what he knew and see if he and his men could become allies. General Carter stepped forward and towards a Guyver that had two different shades of Green and a number of orbs on his body, as he did, the Black, Red, Green and blue colored Guyver stepped to the side of the Green Guyver and another Guyver who was like a yellow version of the Warrior Guyver stepped up. The General figured that these two must be his high ranking men. Jason and Jenny then walked to the Generals side but did nothing to provoke the three Guyvers.

General Carter spoke up first, “At ease, I’m not the enemy here, I just would like to speak with I guess the leader of this group, can you tell me who that is?”

Both Guyvers, on either side of the Green Guyver stepped back a bit but do not leave his side and the green Guyver stepped up.

“I am, the name is Phillip Oxley.” he then pointed to his left at the Black Guyver, “This here is Jett and on my right is Lorcan.”

The General nodded his head and looked at Jason, who nodded back to him.

“Jason, could you tell them how to get out of their armors so they’re not walking around in them all day and also so those Chronos bastards don’t see them.”

Jason called on his armor and stepped forward to face all of the Guyvers. Warrior Guyver (talking through the unit), “To deactivate your armors, all you have to do is think about it coming off and that’s as simple as it gets.”

With that said, Jett was the first to call off his armor, he looked around and slowly but surely each Guyver started to deactivate their armors. Each of the mercs looked to each other and nodded and gave each other high fives. General Carter walked up to Phillip.

“Phillip I want to ask you a question, we need all the help we can get and with you and your men, we can finally kick Chronos ass out of the US and the rest of the world permanently, will you and your men help us?” he asked.

Phillip looked to him and then to his men, Jett nodded his head in approval, and Lorcan nodded his head as well. Phillip then turned to the rest of his men and looked to them all.

“Hey guys, the General here would like our help in this war against Chronos, Jett and Lorcan have already agreed to help, but I want everyone’s opinions, should we help?”

All his men in unison yelled the groups motto, “HELL YEAH, LETS FUCK THOSE BASTARDS UP!”

Phillip then turned to the General with a smile. “Well I guess that answers your question.”

The General turned to his men and the other Guyvers of his and they all nodded in agreement.

“Okay, I want to talk with you in my office, bring two of your most trusted men and follow me.” General Carter then turned the two Stephens. “I want you two to escort Phillips men to the mess hall so they can get some food and relax a bit.”

They both nodded and they ached the very willing a hungry mercs to follow them. At the same time Phillip has asked Jett and Lorcan to accompany him to him to the Generals office. General Carter looked at Jason and as he did he noticed another female Guyver in dark and light blues.

“Jason, I want you, Jenny and this female Guyver to come with me to my office as well.” The Blue Female Guyver finally deactivated her unit and then she waved at the General. He was a bit shocked to see Cori but he recovered quickly. He and the others then went into the base and up to his office while the other armored marines went back to their position and others went patrolling.

Everyone walked into Carter’s office. His room had been recently been extended because of the increasing amount of meeting in it. He gestured for Phillip to take a seat which he did while Jett and Lorcan stood behind him. Jason, Jenny and Cori stood off to the side, and General Carter sat down at his desk and looked at the three before him.

“So, with you and your men agreeing to help, I think we’ll get along fine, I hope. . . Chronos has a few bases left here in the U.S. but the one in Arizona is their main base of operations. Right now though, both sides have experienced heavy loses, so neither side is doing much of anything, but in Canada and Japan it’s all out war. We have now gotten reports of a new Guyver in China, we already have two Guyvers from that region called the Nova Guyvers on our side, but this new Guyver is a mystery. I would like it if you and Jett left for China to find out if he is friend or foe.”

Phillip nodded his head and continued to listen.

“For right now, we will get you and your men settled, tomorrow we will see how powerful each one of your Units are and what abilities each unit has over the others and also to get you used to using your own units, Jason and Jenny here will help with the general testing, Cori will end up joining in the training herself.”

Phillip nodded and looked at Jason, Jenny and Cori, he smiled at Jenny. Jenny gave him a what the fuck are you looking at glare.

Phillip turned to face the general. “I need to speak to you alone if that’s okay with you?” the General asked Philip.

The General then turned to Jason and the others, “Could you take Jett and Lorcan to the training hall and wait for me and Phillip here to come down.”

Jason nodded and gestured for Jett and Lorcan to follow him, which they did, closing the door behind them.

“I would like to talk with you about your men. With you gone, it would leave Lorcan in charge of your men. Can you assure me that they will follow my orders when you are gone?” asked the General.

“General, these men are highly trained and will do what you say with maybe only one exception. Kazuma, who has the Guyver that looks sort of like the Grim Reaper.”

“Do you think he will turn against us?”

“There’s a chance, don’t take your eye off him General.”

“Thanks, I won’t. Now we only need to get you and Jett ready for that mission in China, do you think you and Jett can cope?”

“Hey, no problem, I want to know all I can about this armor. Jett is a quick thinker and really good on his feet, I expect him to catch on quickly. As for me, there’s a reason I’m the leader of the group.”

Carter nodded.

“Good, so if you’re ready, we can go ahead and test out your Unit, along with Jett’s, and after that Lorcan and Cori can practice.”

Phillip nodded in understanding and then stood up, General Carter gets up and headed out of the door, followed by Phillip. They both made their way though the base and came to a small corridor and in front of them are two double doors. Off to the left was the observation booth and lab. General Carter gestured for Phillip to enter the double doors. Phillip went in to the room and in the center of the room was Jett, who was looking around the area and saw Phillip enter.

General Carter went into the observation room, where Jason, Jenny, Cori, Doctor Drake and Richmond stood waiting for the exercise to begin.

“We’re ready to begin whenever you are General” said Dr Drake to the General.

General Carter nodded his head. In the training area Jett is loosening up before the test started.

“So you ready to see what these armors can do, personally I can’t wait.” Jett said to Phillip.

Phillip nodded his head. “Yeah same here, tomorrow we are off to Chinia. What do you think, you in?” he asked Jett.

But he should have known that he would go because of the smile he gave Phillip. “HELL YEAH!!!” he said excitedly.

The intercom came to life and Dr Drakes voice came over the comm. “Okay, start exercise now.” he said to them both. Jett and Phillip nodded their heads and both then yell out “GUYVER!!!”

End Part One