This is a fan-fiction based on characters created by Yoshiki Takaya and contains violent situations with adult language. Any similarity to actual persons, living or dead is unintentional and purely coincidental.

TitleKISMET Revisited
AuthorMike Cox

It was…. Nothing!

Not the hospitable surface of a planet, sheathed in gaseous atmosphere and suitable for harboring life.

Not the veritable desert of outer space, filled with parsec’s of thin particulate dust, streaked by comets and fragments of rock, filled with the endless fields of stars and their captured planets…. Unsuitable for most life, yet still giving birth to it.

Nor was it the storm of energy that was hyperspace… a void filled with the light and noise of boundless power and unrepentant energies. Deadly too most life, yet feeding those strong enough to harness its gifts.

It was not in opposition to any of these forces, or any of these realities…. It was not their counter… it very simply, was nothingness itself.

Beneath the many layers that all these realities created…. It was the calm upon which their force was overlaid… it was the blank page upon which they were written…. And as such, immutable, unchangeable… though the rest of creation might collapse in on itself, this foundation would remain unchanged until a new reality rose once again from it.

And here again… Life existed… in a place where matter by its very nature could not exist, where Nothing was law… Something existed.

The traveler seemed to be stationary, but he could have been cart wheeling through the nothingness, there were no other points of reference with which to gauge motion, no gravity with which to feel movement either.

Had there been light, the traveler would have been resplendent in armor of blue and silver, like some night of old, his flowing crest rising in a flowing, branching arch above his head, studded with gems and crystals who’s value could not be computed by their physical makeup. A body lean and strong, a warrior… a warrior with the signs of his last battle still evident upon his limp form.

His armor marred and blackened in many places from the massive energy discharge that had brought him to this place.

Under normal circumstances his armor would long ago have healed itself, but this place was anything but normal, in this blackness, even his living armor could not long protect him, the glow of the orb at his forehead was faint, casting a mournful violet light upon the nothingness…. The Intellect that coursed through the armor kept its energies at low ebb, husbanding its strength, struggling to fulfill its greatest compulsion, maintaining the well being of the host.

experiencing at increasing rate, will become >>Nonfunctional<< in {{00.98.53}} [Cycles] <Host//K^len> will experience >>termination<< in {{00.98.54}} [Cycles] <-> Conclusion: Unacceptable

The Intellect knew no name for itself, it had never needed one, but it knew the name of its wearer… or at least, his current one…. The latest of many, many iterations, of a life that even measured in the term of millennia, was difficult to reckon.

is (Unable) to locate through which to >>Escape<< phenomena now designated

It gazed out upon the void, and once more considered trying to wake the wearer… its senses indicated that the host still continued in a state of unconsciousness, once more it counseled itself to exercise that discipline as other beings called it…. Again it pulsed energy through its hyper sensors… and again the units returned nothing… it waited.

Warning intensifying <Unit//Host> Integrity in jeopardy, Computation of new time span indicates, <Unit//host> >>Failure<< will occur in {{00.23.81}} [Cycles]

A spasm from within rocked the form of the traveler, the Intellect turned its gaze inwards, experiencing an emotive pulse analogous to …. The host’s body was healthy, undamaged…. Yet he still did not regain consciousness.

A new thought string emerged, siting the unreality in which the unit found itself lodged as a possible cause for the host’s intransigence. The theory was given priority within the mind of the intellect, computations began to be created and either discarded or refined… as it searched for a solution to it’s current dilemma.

Turning to the host’s memories, it once more pieced together the data lodged in the host’s imperfect biological memory core…. Trying to decipher the sometimes-nonsensical harmoniously imbalanced recollections of the host.

He remembered…

From his birth the energy sang to him…. As it sang now… flowing through him, potent and deadly…. Power for him to direct, his will controlling it. Now he gathered its might, channeling its song into its deadliest tones.

He remembered… He faced a devil, a demon… A being of blood… fire…. Pain… the agony as he felt himself disintegrating in the massive energy blast. The portal his last chance, tunneling into hyperspace…. His body gone….

He remembered… Opening his eyes once more, the aftershock of the agony coursing through his bloodstream like razor blades, to dissipate, leaving him whole once more… the hurried conversation with those who called themselves the Kregen… the power boost… incredible…. Energy, refined, controllable…. More energy then he had ever contained before…. Pain, searing burning pain… And then… no sense of strain, the energy flowing easily through him, as if finding a chord deep within him, empowering him. It’s force contained…. Barely.

The slight disorientation of portal transport… bodies… space has become a mortuary… rage, burning hatred… and the enemy… The jolt of a quick portal… his enemy appearing before him as he exits it…. Time slows…. The attack…. The demon a blur of motion as he impacts the side of the ship… the ship…. The…. Accolade… yes..

The counterattack, speed…speed…. All that matters… dodge… The impact, knocking him back… The winged menace closing in… dodge…. PAIN! The impact against the Accolade, his body broken, battered…. But not beaten……. Never beaten… The course of energy through him, his mind shaping it, forming it into the lightning bolt of a god of old….. the flare of the electric blue sphere… how it sings through his body… The demon… W’kar… No…. Greg…. No!…. Anubis! Yes… Anubis..….

Contemptuous… haughty… the strike, he feels the energy of the attack swell with the demons own unhealthy power… the moment of penetration, the energy shield broken… his mind directing the strike, a crisscross of strokes, each one fatal…. PAIN!… the backlash….. power comes at a cost…… his body contracting under the agony as his weaponry fails, strained to the breaking point…. But victory… it’s over…. Over..

No! Impossible! The demon lives! The plan….. the woman-child…. Zoalord… Albass! The ship… battle raging behind…. Must concentrate…… the pain! No portal, no weapons….. must hurry….. Gaining the ship, pain making it hard to think… the woman… the ghost…. revenant… Cassandra…. The healing…. The pain gone… it must be done, hurry…. Engine room…. The power…. PAIN! Not easy! Not… the same….. it BURNS! Not as much….. not as powerful as before…… must be enough! Must be Done!

The energy….. it sings….. it always has…. From the moment of his birth, the energy has sang to him… and in it’s song, he found strength… now it sings once more… a strident, vengeful chord….. his control rigid…. His will iron as he once more hammers a bolt from the power…. Eyeing the energy field of the Zoalord…… the release…. The surge of power!

The bolt shimmering as it pierces the temporal field….. elongating, the beam’s power incredible…. Lancing out…. A stab of incandescent brilliance… piercing the beast! The counterattack.. PAIN! AGONY! The Backlash! The Price! NOT NOW! MUST ESCAPE! Portal! Tunneling into hyperspace….. the attack! Too soon……..


Nothing…, Once more…. Nothing.

The Intellect knew the story after this point…. The attack, as powerful as it had been, had been blunted by the portal energy… had been weakened enough that the massive damage it had caused had been absorbed by the armor and host body, and it had remained undamaged, allowing repairs to be made.

Its other effects had been more drastic, and not as easily remedied…. The interaction between the Portal, the Energy attack, and the fading temporal wave had torn through the fabric of hyperspace… casting the traveler deep into the Void… where he now resided.

The Intellect’s ponderings continued, all the while conserving its energies, in the hopes of finding escape… escape from the Nothingness…

<Author’s Note> KISMET: The principle or determining cause or will by which things in general are believed to come to be as they are or events to happen as they do: i.e. FATE or DESTINY

Guyver XT: KISMET Revisited

Somewhere in Southeast Asia……


Sai rested against the trunk of a huge cedar, his feet planted firmly on a branch some 18 meters from the forest floor, he smiled at that thought, as the tree itself spanned almost 24 meters in height, far higher than most average humans would be able to climb, without equipment, on their own… but then again, Sai was not someone to be called average.

He checked his watch…. Another hour until it was his time to move, he sighed, the plan was simple, attack a suspected Chronos outpost, draw out the defenders, zap them, see if the facility had anything of value…. And then level the place.

He grimaced, not exactly the most peaceful plan he could wish for, but he understood the reasons Mei Lynn had for presenting it, he sighed, like it or not, he and his sister Keilynn were prime weapons in the war against Chronos… his thoughts were inevitably pulled back to the quiet years with the monks…. The only family he had ever known…. How he missed them all….

He closed his eyes as his thought returned to that fateful day, when his life had turned upside down… his peaceful home… the only world he had known up until that time, had been invaded, and desecrated by Chronos…. His family… was gone… and on that day, he and his sister gained the power to avenge that loss.

The power of the Nova.

Guyver units of incredible power and sophistication. Bio-booster armor of a type never seen before, incorporating fusion energy not seen in any other class of Guyver.

It had not been long before they had met the others, the Warrior Guyvers, and their allies, before they had learned of the ACTF, the only force so far who stood any chance against the power of Chronos.

His musings were interrupted by the harsh chirp of his watch alarm, a press of the button on the face silenced it…. And a glance at the time told him all he needed to know…… time to go.

Three steps down the limb, and then a powerful leap out and away from the tree, the feel of free fall as gravity claimed him….. the wind about him, stealing the word from his lips… ” GUYVER!”

A flare of intense brilliance, and the crackle of released energy were followed by the unarrested fall of a much larger form. The being that landed effortlessly in a crouch, had been given the name Nova Blaze, his armor gleamed purple and scarlet in the afternoon sun as he took off at a run, his footfalls light, yet the wind whistling about him with the speed of his sprint, the forest a blur of motion about him as he closed on his objective.

Twenty miles away….

“GUYVER!” The feminine voice pierced the silence, as the owner leapt from the rocky outcropping, clearing the surface into open air just as a sphere of brilliant incandescence engulfed the lithe body of the young Asian girl Keilynn, and it was Starfire who dropped lightly to the ground, The crimson and white Guyver snatched a canvas bag from the ground, and bounded away in incredible leaps through the rocky terrain, nothing but a blur of motion.

She finally stood at the edge of the cliff, beside the roar of the waterfall, her eyes scanning the valley before her, picking out the unnatural formation of the fortress which straddled the river, an octagon of steel and concrete, the outer walls buttressed and reinforced… the gleaming barrels and turrets of long range cannons affixed atop it, a place to withstand even an artillery barrage and a siege or two.

She smirked a little to herself…. How outdated were artillery and mortars, the foot soldiers and tanks….. war had evolved beyond such things…… now power armor replaced the grunts, and the tanks…. Melding them into one and the same… humanity’s sense of warfare had evolved with the coming of Chronos and their hordes of zoanoid killers…. Yes….a decade or two ago…. The place would have been impregnable.. but now…. She chuckled, “Iron bars do not a prison make, nor stone walls a barricade.” She quoted it out loud, a second before she executed a graceful back flip off the cliff face, sailing down into the spray and froth of the river below.

In the Jungle…

A dark blur of motion flitted from shadow to shadow, never stopping, a specter, a wraith… Black Nova skipped her way through the forest, her speed limited only by the indirect path she was taking, she smiled, realizing how much she missed excursions like this…… black ops were her specialty.. her stock and trade, and the Guyver took such tactics to a whole new level.

She abruptly slowed as she sensed a presence up ahead….. she focused in on it, and it resolved into the impression of four or five beings, a scouting party, she looked up and got her bearings…… she was close enough to the base now, it was time to start causing mischief… She crouched, homing in on her targets, slowly she crept forward, working her way towards her goal.

They were cautious, she gave them that, a five man squad, all wearing the blue jumpsuit and white armor of Chronos shock troops, white helmeted heads, the eyepieces lit with the green phosphorescent glow of low light optics. Well trained, they moved two at a time, the odd man staying in the middle of the two man teams, from his back rose the hard backpack and flexible antennae of a long range communications array.

Black Nova crouched in the branches of a low tree as the team passed underneath her, she smiled, raising her right arm, the forearm blade extending to full length, a sudden blur of motion…. And the screaming started.


The tree splintered beneath the Gregore’s punch, but his target had already disappeared, a glowing line seemed to bisect his arm at the shoulder, and in a gout of crimson blood, the severed limb dropped twitching to the ground, the zoanoid has just enough time to scream before a second trail of light slid across his shoulders, and a second later, his head dropped wetly to the ground as well, his body collapsing in on itself, already beginning to decompose as it hit the ground.

Nova Blaze dropped lightly to his feet behind the defeated zoanoid, his right vibrational blades extended, his right leg snapping out into a roundhouse kick that caught the Broyze that came up to support the downed Gregore, The force of the kick caved in the creature’s rib cage with a meaty crunch, the zoanoid drowning in his own blood as he dropped to the forest floor.

With a crash, the splintered tree impacted the forest floor, in less then ten seconds two zoanoids had been killed… the others lagged back, waiting for something….. Nova Blaze detected movement above him and his reflexes, enhanced by his unit, carried him backward at inhuman speed, just as the Danaplus landed where he had just stood, his massively spiked arm driving into the ground instead of impacting the Nova Guyver.

Nova Blaze fell backwards onto the splayed fingers of his left hand, lashing out with his legs, sweeping the hyper zoanoid’s feet out from under him, but Nova Blaze continued to spin, still pivoting on his left hand until the last instant in which he snapped his left foot against the ground and sprang back into a standing position as he spin kicked the zoanoids mid section a mere second after having first dodged the zoanoids attack. Sending the zoanoid hurtling back into a group of trees that quickly snapped upon impact and collapsed onto the zoanoid as it finally hit the ground, putting him momentarily out of the fight. Which was good, because the two Vamores opened up, Four intense beams of destructive light seared passed the fallen Danaplus, but Nova Blaze was simply no longer there.

His leap carried him high into the air as he dodged the blast, suddenly the air about him was cooked with even more energy, looking down, he caught sight of the two Zerebubuse hyper zoanoids moving in, their forearm lasers blazing as they tried to catch him in a cross fire, he rebounded off of the trunk of a massive cedar, a second before the beams blasted through the trunk.

He dropped back to the ground, a quick slash bisected one of the Zerebubuses from shoulder to groin, and he leaped away as the remains were vaporized by the two Vamores. Sai allowed himself one grin of pure enjoyment… the rush he had come to feel in battles of this kind, the pure instinctive knowing of when to dodge, when to attack, when to retreat…. No time for thought, or introspection… the kill or be killed mentality that all warriors give themselves over to in deadly combat.

He let out a yelp of surprise as he realized he had let his inner thoughts distract him from his awareness….. the Danaplus was back in the fight…. He realized this as the hyper zoanoid punched him through a tree. His armor protected him from any real damage, but it did hurt, in a small, annoying kind of way, as if he’d hit his funny bone.

He had barely hit the ground before he was rolling to his feet and sprinting into the forest, the zoanoids howling in fury behind him as they gave chase.

In the Chronos facility control room….

“Sir! Our forces have been attacked both to the east and the south…. Preliminary Intel confirms the presence of Nova Blaze and Black Nova!”

Renkist looked up, his lips drawing back into a smile, “Then be prepared for another attack to either the north or west, most likely west, coming in from the mountains.” The technician blinked.. “Sir?” And quailed under the blood red gaze of his commanding officer… “Y…yes sir!” He stammered as he hastened to strengthen the north and west garrisons.

“Wherever Nova Blaze is, Starfire is sure to be…… once she reveals herself, we’ll be able to concentrate our forces…. Until such time, we will maintain the integrity of this base.” Renkist chuckled softly, watching the technician work, his fingers flying over his keypad, as he mumbled urgently into his throat mike. “You have a lot to learn…. And the first rule…. know your enemy.” He murmured almost to himself, as the Asian looked over to the cloaked female figure leaning against the wall, her eyes hidden behind sunglasses “Perhaps we’ll even get some exercise, Wife.”

Semfla looked up and smiled at her husband, removing her glasses, her own crimson gaze meeting his, lingering on the intricate bar code tattooed above his left eye, knowing that he studied the nearly identical one on her own tanned skin.. “Just like old times, dear.” She purred back to him, her eyes glinting with malicious amusement.

In the Jungle to the south….

Black Nova crushed the throat of the Ramotith with ease, tossing the sputtering creature back into its comrades,

Her right arm snapped forward, releasing a pressure cannon blast directly into the staggering zoanoid, the powerful gravity ball blasting the zoanoid to bits before going on and through three others that had stood behind it. She silently stepped forward, leaving nothing but a path of carnage in her wake.

She slipped back into the forest for a few hundred meters, bursting out of the foliage to surprise two Zencrebe hyper zoanoids, the first roared as it raised its massive forearm and let it fall like a tree trunk on the Guyver, yet as it neared her form, his fist suddenly came in contact with something analogous to a brick wall…. There was a bright blue flash as its attack was rebounded off of her gravity shield.

It had all of a second to look surprised before she blew it in half with a pressure cannon, the other hyper zoanoid didn’t stay around to be slaughtered, but turned and ran…. Black Nova smiled, it was a telling sign when zoanoids had enough of their own will in control to do this…. A sign that no zoalord held control over them…. Though she had surmised this base would be much too small for a zoalord to bother with, it was comforting to have a verification of it.

The hyper zoanoid managed three more steps, before she caved its head in with an overhead punch.

Outside the west wall of the Base…

Starfire touched down lightly on the silt and rock-strewn bottom of the river, the current, strong as it was, was of no consequence to her, as she used her gravity orb to remain stationary.

Before her rose the wall of the complex where it straddled the rivers course, set into the smooth concrete surface was a three-inch thick steel grate. From the intelligence reports on this place, water drawn in through this grate, was pumped deep into the complex, and used for not only all processing of civilians into zoaforms, but also as coolant for the fusion reactors of the base… not that much of that meant anything to her… this after all, was just her way in.

A moment later, the grate was no more than a wrecked pile of twisted metal, tossed carelessly aside like a lump of clay as Keilynn made her way into the base.

To the East of the base…

Nova Blaze rolled to the side, a power blast scorching the earth where he had just stood, this was beginning to get monotonous, his assailants had decided that physical attacks were not effective enough against him, and had apparently started to favor energy weapons, which he thought rather sucked.

Executing a near effortless back flip as he skewered the Vamore with a precise head beam shot, entering through the left eye socket and exiting through the back of it’s skull, he landed lightly, having limited himself to only light energy attacks and physical damage, he was not tiring himself out, though it did mean he did a lot of dodging.

A Zerebubuse leaped out of the darkness to his right, and he turned to meet the charge, his left vibration blades extending, dodging the Zerebubuse’s laser blasts as he started to charge the hyper zoanoid. Sensing too late the approach of another zoanoid as he was unable to dodge the heavy impact against his back, he got the blurred view of the Danaplus that had just decked him when he felt, rather than saw another of the Zerebubuse’s laser blast coming his way. He took the impact with the ground on his left shoulder, his fingers digging into the soil as he executed a partial cartwheel back to his feet, the ground smoldering where he had just lain.

He leapt into the air to avoid the second laser volley and dropped down behind the Danaplus. He then performed what looked to be a simple text book elbow smash, but it took on a more deadly effect as his blades burst out of the hyper zoanoid’s chest, a quick slash, and the dismembered zoanoid dropped to the ground, steam and vapor rising from his bubbling remains.

He leapt out of the way of yet another Vamore blast, but realized his mistake as the Zerebubuse whom he had all but forgotten about, slammed his fist into his side, sending him careening out of control into a tree, the huge cedar shuddered under the impact, but did not fall…. Much to Nova Blaze’s dismay as he found himself underneath an almost comical pile of zoanoids, like some football player being brought down by the entire opposing team.

An orange flare stabbed out from beneath the myriad bodies, and suddenly… they simply ceased to be, incinerated by Nova Blaze’s fusion shield. He regained his feet, the shield glowing about him, deflecting blast after blast from over two dozen bio-beam equipped zoanoids.

Nova Blaze found himself panting lightly for breath… this fight was starting to tell on his strength, and using his shielding was not helping much, but now that he was lit up like the proverbial Christmas tree, there were way too many incoming beams to dodge, he had to find a way out of this…

Suddenly a black shape dropped to the ground in front of him, just outside the perimeter of his shield, a Gregore leapt towards him… but his head all of a sudden seemed to implode, then burst outward. The figure swept it’s head back and forth, turning this way and that… and Nova Blaze wondered what it was doing, until he started to realize that fewer and fewer laser blasts were incoming…

Two Vamores dropped out of the trees to his right, but even as he turned towards them, one suddenly bent over nearly double, clutching its midriff, before falling forward, silent and still. The other was able to get its shoulder pods open before it’s head disappeared in the path of the pressure cannon that blew it backwards.

He turned back towards the black figure, his energy shield deactivating as the form turned towards him, he winced as he heard and felt the residual sonic wave emanating from the Guyver’s advanced sonic busters ” You’ve been doing good up till now, I just thought you might want a little assistance.”

Nova Blaze grinned, “Ninja, I knew you were going to be tailing one of us, but I thought you were with Starfire.”

The Ninja guyver chuckled, “Afraid not, Black Nova told me to make certain you were doing alright with your part of the diversion…. She says she’s almost bored with what they’ve sent after her.”

The Nova guyver laughed, “I guess she would be bored with this… but some of us are more godlike than others…. I’ve had quite a workout.”

Ninja grinned, “So I see, well, take a break for a minute, I’m gonna see if we have anymore company.” With that he leaped upwards into the foliage, and disappeared.

Sai chuckled for another moment, leaning back against the tree and taking a short breather, knowing it wouldn’t take much to get him back to full power… as long as he could stay still for a moment…. He thought about seeing how his sister was doing, as a Guyver, he could contact any other hosted human at will…. But he remembered Black Nova’s warning, about not distracting any of the others, communication was to be only in an emergency.

But he did wonder how she was faring with her part of the plan…. And hoped that she was all right.

Underground treatment plant…

The technician fell to the ground, his face a pulp of shattered bone and bloody meat. The other transmutated into a Ramotith and leapt towards the threat, only to be thrown backwards, his chest caved in as easily as the others head.

Firestorm stepped up out of the water as it sheeted from her torso and legs, her eyes and senses scanning the room for any further threat, nothing presented itself and she skipped passed her fallen opponent’s decaying corpses.

She found herself in a room full of water purification equipment, probably the main filtering station for the whole base, as she slipped out, she plucked a small gray plastic disc from her back, she had three of the tiny ‘Scorched Earth’ devices, she had attached them with surgical glue to the armor at the back of her waist before she had started the last leg of her journey… They were of Korean design, smuggled in by a Chinese border running squad, each of them was a Micro-demo Pac… the device had enough power to implode on office building when the CF-7 hyper-plastique explosive was detonated. Mei Lynn had given them to her, and instructed her to set them at points for possible destruction to make the base, if not unusable… at least a near total write off.

With a flick of her finger she activated the device, feeling the half second silent vibration confirming this before she tossed the hand sized device back into the room, where it bounced around and rolled under a desk before coming to rest, a mournful red LED winking balefully at the silent room.

The hallway was empty as she ghosted down it, coming to the end junction, she looked both ways, and saw a staircase to her right, slipping over to it, she carefully ascended to the next level, harsh light greeted her, sunlight…. She gazed out into the inner courtyard between the defensive walls and the building proper…. It was deserted.

She sprinted across the distance to the other side, leaping straight up, adding her powers of flight to continue straight up the side of the massive structure, proceeding over the first tier, and dropping onto the raised second level.

A high powered, tightly focused burst of sonics, and a window of tempered, bulletproof glass, crumbled almost soundlessly to dust, only the faint tinkle like sand rushing to the floor told of her entrance into the building. Only the small blinking light of the second det-pac remained in the room after her passing.


The screen showed a blur of red and white across the courtyard, pressure sensors registered weight on the outer tier balcony…. And then security had reported a change in air pressure within the sealed areas of the building, specifically located at that balcony….

Renkist chuckled softly, “They are cleverer then I expected… She’s here.”

Semfla come to stand next to him, “What do you suppose their objective is?” She asked, her voice smooth as silk against his senses as he smiled.

“Why…. Here, I should expect… the nerve center…. Destroy this, and all operations will fall to pieces.” He slipped an arm around her shoulder, holding her to him for another moment before he turned to the technician… the young man seemed to feel the weight of his gaze, looking up from his assigned task, his glasses reflecting the winking telltales on his screen.

“Go, assume your secondary post and await further orders.” Renkist ordered. A small smile tugging at the corners of his mouth as the technician snapped to attention, and bowed formally to his commanders. “Yes, Sir!” He swallowed and slowly raised his eyes. “May the cadet wish his commander luck and victory in the coming battle?”

Semfla let out a soft purring chuckle, matching the tone of her husband’s deeper laugh; “The cadet may, and has, and now should assume his post before he is guilty of dereliction of duty.” He watched the technician hasten to comply as ordered… a glint of laughter in his eyes as he turned back to the main screen, watching smoke rising from the jungle.

And so he missed the technician’s brief pause as the door opened, the way his deep brown eyes gazed at the backs of the two of them, or his whispered words. “Good Luck, Mother, Father.” Before he slipped from the room, into the express elevator, and down to the deep bunker of the secondary command room.

In the jungle…

Nova Blaze feinted left, even as Ninja slipped to the right, two horizontal slashes reduced the Neo-Zektole to bisected kibble a second later.

>They’re bringing out the heavy artillery now<

Nova Blaze grinned as the familiar mental voice of Black Nova heralded her arrival. Their team leader dropping from the trees in a crouch, lashing out with a kick to her left, shattering the trunk of a tree, and the zoanoid behind it as well.

“Yeah, as if you have anything to worry about.” He retorted good-naturedly.

Black Nova chuckled softly and pantomimed fanning her face with a hand, “Hey! Some of these guys might give me a nasty heat rash with all the lasers they keep throwing around.” Her pantomime ended with her hand snapping out in an arc, her forward vibration blade reaching full extension, just in time to decapitate a zoanoid… she didn’t even bother to see what type this time.

A second later a laser spattered off her gravity shield and she turned towards the source… “Ergh! This is so BORING!” She spat as she flung a pressure cannon into the shadows, rewarded by the scream and wet collapse of another zoanoid, plus the crackling collapse of three of four trees that were innocent bystanders.

She turned back to Nova Blaze, “I should have been the one going inside… at least then I would be doing something.”

Sai laughed, “How much longer?” He asked, grinning as he added, “Oh fearless leader?”

MeiLynn made a rude noise and acted like she was looking at a watch on her armored wrist…. “Oh, anytime now really…. Just waiting for the signal.” She stepped to the side, letting a Gregore lunge pass her, grabbing his horn at the last minute and flipping him completely over, slamming his massive bulk into the ground, before with a one handed heave, she tossed him back into the forest. “This one’s too small, I’m throwing him back.”

Laughing and continuing the benign banter, even in the midst of ever continuing carnage, they continued slowly moving closer to the base, giving each squad of enemy troopers full marks for bravery, for brains? No…. for Skill? Not hardly! But they weren’t cowards…. Well not all of them.

Inside the Base…

Starfire had found the control room at last…. As planned, it seemed all troops had been sortied to the battle outside; she had met no one on her way here…. She slowly moved to the door, pressing the open stud, wincing at the loud hiss the door made as it slid open and she passed through.

Finding the room dark except for the blazing operations screens, filled with scenes of smoking jungle and collapsing trees… she grimaced, part of her knowing that she was missing all the fun, but the better half of her knowing that what she was doing was more important…

Reaching behind her back she snagged the ballistic case that contained an array of golden data discs… popping it open with delicate fingers, she smiled, she was getting used to manipulating small objects with her Guyver enhanced strength… without crushing or similarly mangling them.

Stepping over to the control console, she slid the first disc into the slot and pressed the PROGRAM key…. Watching as it began to hum to life…

The screens suddenly dimmed noticeably…. She looked up, expecting to see a larger explosion of smoke and airborne debris, after all, they were trying to create a diversion for her…. She felt herself rooted in place as she found herself looking back at herself from a dozen screens… at least another dozen showing her from almost every angle… the room must have been loaded with security cameras to get that many views of her… But that musing was submerged beneath the sudden chill that arched up her spine…. This place suddenly seemed exceptionally creepy.

The disc slot beeped, and spat out the disc, she slipped it back into the case and inserted the second… just as a low rumbling laugh came from across the room… and her Guyver hadn’t warned her!

She flashed around into a combat crouch, arms crossed in front of her as her vibrational swords extended to either side…. And found herself facing a speaker phone.

“A little jumpy aren’t we?” The voice echoed hollowly in the room, and another chuckle followed it.

Keilynn glared at the box, but felt a surge of relief, as she stood and hurriedly snatched the second disc as it popped out… slamming the third and final one in.

“Oh! By all means…. Finish downloading our files, please… take all you like…. There’s the silver in the dining room, and fine China in the cupboard… take whatever you want… because you’re not leaving this building ALIVE!” The voice screamed at her just as she reached for the last disc….

And the far wall exploded inwards, showering her with debris as she stuffed the last disc into the case, gripping it tightly in her left hand as she clawed the third det-pac from her back with her right….

Turning toward the opposite wall… ” Oh gods!” She managed to gasp, her finger twitching, activating the device, and she tossed it as if it were a shuriken.

To bounce harmlessly off her opponents chest…. It didn’t even give it a glance as its energy crystals began to glow as it built the charge for a lethal blast.

Her hand slipped behind her back…. Closing on the last thing she had placed there…. Tugging it loose as her fingers wrapped around the smooth plastic cylinder, bringing it around in front of her… time seeming to draw out, each second seeming an hour… and then her thumb depressed the button on the detonator.

The Jungle….

Nova Blaze slashed through the latest attacker just as the ground shook violently, he looked up and felt his heart congeal into a lump of ice in his chest…. The base was burning…. Three separate fireballs bloomed from its superstructure, much of the building caving in on itself.

He spun towards Black Nova and pointed… “That a good enough signal?” He managed, his voice tight with sudden worry as he took a running leap into the air, not even waiting for a response as he went in support of his sister in case something had gone wrong… Black Nova and Ninja following right on his heels.

The Void…

Light… light in the void…. An impossibility… yet it existed…. It bathed the traveler in a deep blue radiance, his armor’s reflective surfaces shimmering in the glow.

The Intellect detected the light… yet it’s sensors told it that nothing was there…. It checked itself for damage…. Found none… checked its sensor… found none…. It’s decision made… it headed for the light. The pinprick of intense radiance burning like a star in the night… it’s speed slowly increasing….

The Intellect had no concept of relative distance… it only knew that an unforeseen event such as this, might offer a means of solving its problems…

And so… it went.

Back in the Material plane…

Starfire felt a giant’s fist snatch her up and propel her backwards through the screen and corresponding wall as the device went off, the concussion wave blasting her out of the building, into open air. Shards of glass and stone filling the air around her.

She allowed gravity to claim her, pulling her free of the smoke of the explosion, before she began to slow her descent, she shook her head, still a little dazed by what had just happened…. She had reacted without any forethought… no planning.

Suddenly her hyper senses went absolutely nuts, and once again she reacted to it’s warning immediately, letting gravity pull her down once more, barely avoiding the energy blast that flared through the spot she had just occupied.

She sensed the ground approaching behind her and swivelled, planting her feet on a half toppled pillar, and executing a backwards flip to land on her feet, knees giving to take the impact of landing at speed, as the pillar crashed to the ground fully.

Starfire looked up just in time to see her adversary drop below the level of the smoke… She got to her feet, knowing she was in rather over her head, as the Bio-titan settled to the shattered pavement and rubble.

The explosion had not been damaging to either of them, but it had provided some benefit, it had essentially moved the battlefield outside, the base was in ruins, she must admit, she had a little more respect for those little explosives… they packed quite a punch.

Much of the squat symmetrical central structure had collapsed in on itself, leaving only a small section of the building still standing, the different levels clearly seen, right down to the piles of blasted and shattered rubble at it’s base.

The outer walls were essentially untouched, save for one section near the river, where the earth had cratered into a massive sinkhole, taking a long section of the barrier with it. The results of the explosive she had left in the subterranean water treatment plant.

These thoughts passed through her mind in a brief second, before her attention was again focused on her opponent… a Bio-titan, this one was oddly different from the others she had seen, it’s armor was a deep, almost maroon color, giving it a particularly evil look.

Bio-titan; Heavy duty energy shielding, energy powers that rivaled a zoalords, an accelerated healing ability that made complete destruction the only way to beat them.

She allowed herself a small tight smile, the commander of this base being a Bio-titan was a wicked surprise, but at least there was only one of them. Her hyper senses gave her just enough warning to dodge as another energy blast tagged the ground where she had just stood, raising a fountain of dust and debris, she rolled, taking the impact across her back, using her arms to push off from the ground to come to a landing on her feet, she had just enough time to utter a short string of curses, as the second Bio-titan rose out of the billowing smoke…. Things had just heated up a bit.

A moment later, she had given herself completely over to her combat instincts, dodging energy blasts, returning them, looking for openings for attack, which were difficult to find…. And chances for escape… which were nonexistent.

A Bio-titan had the speed and firepower to seriously damage her if she tried to run… and two of them would have no problems killing her if she fled… so she concentrated on being more mobile then they could be… trying to outlast them, until the help she knew was on its way arrived.

The Void…

The Intellect finally detected its objective. The object, still many light seconds distant, read as a small nearly spherical object of unknown origin or capability, its energy emissions defied the Intellects scans…

The Intellect experienced a pulse of <Concern//Curiosity> at an inanimate object that it could not quantify, it contemplated the wisdom of approaching such an object, but at its current rate of power drain… it had no alternative, perhaps it’s energy could be adapted to prolong existence until a solution could be discerned.

Suddenly a reaction from the object was detected, an immense shockwave rippled through the void, sending the traveler into an out of control spin, The intellect managed to regain control, but became aware of an intense attractive force being exerted upon itself, it’s speed towards the object increasing at an incredible rate…

And in its weakened state… it could not halt the progression, it began to gather its resources for whatever was to come.

The Battlefield…

Nova Blaze sped towards the base, his hands clenching into fists as he saw the flares and flashes of energy fire… the evidence of battle taking place…. He realized he was clenching his jaw and forced himself to relax… he would be no good to his sister if he showed up without a plan, but.. the thought of her down there in that firestorm drove an icy wedge deep into his heart.

<Keilynn… Sister, can you hear me? >

His call went unanswered, but he felt a burst of anxiety and intense concentration that mirrored his own, she was in trouble…. She needed him. His speed increased, the air whistling around him as he approached the speed of sound.

Ninja followed closely behind his friend, keeping pace with the Nova Guyver, his own worries kept under firm control, the thought of Starfire being in there alone ate at his calm like searing acid… his attention was so focused on the still distant battle that he almost missed the energy surge from the forest below. Even then, he barely had time to slam his shoulder into Sai’s, sending the Nova Guyver careening to the side before the world was engulfed by searing energy.

“Ninja!” Screamed Nova Blaze as he watched his friend caught in an incredibly powerful energy blast…. As the beam faded, he watched in horror as the blackened and burnt body of the Ninja Guyver dropped silently towards the forest. “No!” He shrieked, diving towards his fallen comrade as the forest below erupted with the airborne forms of Chronos Bio-titans.

One of them blocked off his path to the severely injured Ninja, but he didn’t care, he drove into it like a linebacker, knocking the neo-hyper zoanoid backwards, he fired three Fusion enhanced pressure cannon blasts into the Bio-titan, the first slamming into its armored shoulder, nearly blowing off its right arm, the other two spattered off its powerful shields as the zoanoid activated them.

The Bio-titan began to gather the energy for his counter attack just as he was consumed in the fiery blast of a mega-smasher. His shields resisting the awesome power of the blast for a second, before failing, his body incinerated in the beam of tremendous energy.

Black Nova closed her chest plate, and dodged the slashing blades of another of the creatures, falling backwards and bringing her right knee up to slam into the monsters face, before she spun around laterally and spin kicked him into another Bio-titan. Giving her enough time to mind send to Nova Blaze, <Sai, You can’t help Ninja… if he’s alive, I’ll find him, as soon as I take care of these things…. If he isn’t… he’s beyond help…… you have to help Keilynn… think about it…. If they’ve fielded enough of these things to set this big a trap, how many is she up against? >

She watched Nova Blaze’s head turn down to look at her, yet still he didn’t move…. She summoned all the command she could into her next mental shout.

< GO! >

She gave a soft sigh of relief as the Nova Guyver overcame his hesitation and executed a midair flip, blasting off towards the base, a Bio-titan right on his tail…

Black Nova disappeared into a wormhole, reappearing an instant later just behind Nova Blaze, allowing the Bio-titan to run directly into her fist, she felt exoskeleton crack from the force of the blow, the zoanoid’s forward motion arrested immediately, he fell back from her in shock, as she opened her hand, and blew his head off with a pressure cannon.

Two down….. She mega-smashed the falling corpse to make sure it stayed down, looking up at her opponents… Seven to go. Her eyes flared brightly, as did her shoulder crystals. “Time to get busy.” She growled to herself as she flung herself towards the first zoanoid, vibrational swords extended as a harsh battle cry rose in her throat.

Nova Blaze sped towards the base, barely two minutes had gone by since the explosions had rocked the ground, and in that time, Ninja had been taken out, maybe even killed, while saving his life…he fought to contain his growing rage, this had seemed almost a game… until now… now it was very, very, real.

Ahead of him that battle raged, behind him the battle raged… this was war, and anything could happen in war, there were not always happy endings…

The Base…

Starfire dropped down behind the pile of rubble, her left leg giving out, dropping her to one knee as she panted desperately from breath, her arms scorched in many places from close calls with energy blasts, her wounds were healing, the vicious leg injury she had sustained a few moment before was almost closed.

“Guyver… You cannot win, you’re outclassed, outgunned.. Admit it… you’ve lost…. Surrender and I will spare your life, Chronos would rather have a living Guyver, than a smouldering corpse… deactivate the unit, and give yourself up.”

It was the same voice she had heard over the speaker phone, now warped by the zoanoids transformation, but still recognizable. She knew the other lurked somewhere near.. and she knew this was a trap, if she stepped out now, they would most certainly kill her… of that she had no doubt… all they wanted was a clue as to her location.

Her breathing had slowed, though she was beginning to feel the strain of this fight, her wounds were healed, but she knew that so were theirs… one Bio-titan she stood a decent chance against…. But two of them were simply too much for her like this.

Slowly she got to her feet, ignoring the fatigue building like a knot in her belly, right next to her growing fear that maybe she wasn’t going to make it out of this… she had seen the flares of the battle raging elsewhere… and it meant only one thing, the others were fighting for their lives as well… this base, so inviting, so perfect for a black ops training mission, had been a trap, a trap so perfect, that it had worked flawlessly… and here she was, left without any backup, faced with a pair of the most skillful Zoanoids she had ever met, her unit gave her an edge in mobility and durability, but their martial skills matched her own, they had trained a long time to get them.

A pair of plasma balls streaked out of the dust laden air, and she rolled to the side as they impacted the pile of rubble, showering her with stone dust and chips of shattered rock.

“She’s over here!” She heard a hideously warped feminine voice shout… the other Bio-titan coming into view, it was less stocky, more lithe than was normal for a Bio-titan, and it knew it, using it’s increased mobility to it’s advantage, whereas the others carapace was a deep dark red, this one’s shaded more into the crimson and scarlet, just as sinister looking as the first.

Starfire charged the Bio-titan, her vibrational swords flashing out into the hazy air as she swiped her blade forward, only to hear the scream of sonic protest as it met the zoanoids only blade, and it was all slashes, cuts, blocks and parries. Both combatants seeming a spinning, churning whirlwind as they moved across the devastated foundation of the base.

The Nova Guyver felt her blade bite, a missed block had allowed her to score a blow to the creatures chest, a gout of blood and a deep rent in that tough armored hide the result, whirled to her right, she forced the wounded zoanoid to duck beneath the swipe of her blade, even as she brought the opposite vibration sword down towards it, only the zoanoid wasn’t there anymore, Starfire felt her feet suddenly knocked out from under her as the Bio-Titan swept her legs almost gracefully from beneath her.

She absorbed the impact with the ground already rolling, regaining her feet in a combat crouch as she prepared to leap once more at her enemy.

But the zoanoid had enough close combat and returned to its original strategy as it leveled a withering energy beam at her, making her leap behind another collection of stacked rocks to escape it, or almost, she felt her left arm clipped in the attack, suppressing the white hot spike of pain as the armor withered and blackened, she cursed, she had yet to engage that zoanoid without taking more damage then she gave.

She barely had time to roll back to a crouching position behind the rocks before she sensed the Bio-Titans combining their energies for a power attack upon her. Unable to move away in time, she quickly raised her shield and focused all her remaining power forward, just as the Bio-Titans energies lashed out at her. . . The Blast was blinding bright and only lasted a second but was long enough to blast a small crater into the ground before her and knock down her shield as the force of the blast slammed her backwards through the air.

And then suddenly she sensed the rapid approach of the other Bio-Titan an instant before she felt a heavy blow like a pile driver against her back, forcing her down into another pile of rocks, quickly followed by a massive hand that closed about her right forearm, and with a powerful heave, she found herself arcing through the air, her arm nearly wrenched from the socket before she impacted the ground hard enough to imprint a crater into the concrete… her vision swam for a moment.. and when it cleared, she found herself looking up at the first Bio-titan.

Instinctively she tried to slash at it with her right arm, only to find her one good arm pinned beneath his foot, her left still smoking and useless.

“You’ve put up a good fight Guyver.” The zoanoid spat, “But it ends now.” His arm snapping up, bio energy crackling off the blade as he prepared to deliver the final blow, Starfire desperately fired at him with her Laser orb, but the blast of the weapon was useless against his armor, inducing only singes that healed nearly as quick as they appeared.

Once more time seemed to slow down, the Bio-titans blade arcing down towards her, bathed in destructive energy, whistling down in a lethal arc towards her… and there was nothing she could think to do, wounded and exhausted as she was, to stop it.

“I’m sorry.” She heard herself whispering… not knowing who she was speaking to as her vision was filled with the approaching means of her death.


The scream cut through the air, the cry drowned out by the sonic boom that shook the ground a second later.

A dark blur, and an audible snarl of extreme fury, presaged the arrival of Nova Blaze.

The blur tackled the Bio-titan even as he brought his sword down to finish off the injured Starfire, the force of Nova Blaze’s charge hurled them both against the side of the building…. His snarl of rage echoing in his ears as his only thought was to tear this monster apart with his bare hands. His body crouching on top of the zoanoid, pinning the much larger creature to the ground as he began punching, using all his strength to destroy this creature who had hurt his sister.

Starfire struggled into a sitting position, shocked beyond words as she watched her brother pummel the zoanoid unceasingly, no skill, no training… just brute force as he proceeded to literally beat the Bio-titan into the ground, the blows coming hard and fast, and with seeming endless energy fueled by his fury, the concrete splitting and cracking beneath the Bio-titan as it was slowly driven deeper and deeper into the crater by the assault.

Suddenly her hyper sense tugged her to the right and she caught sight of the female zoanoid rushing to assist its fallen and disoriented comrade.

Starfire rushed to meet it, she gritted her teeth as she raised her left arm…. Yes it was usable now… though it still hurt like crazy.

With a harsh cry of her own, battle was joined once more.

In the Skies…

Black Nova growled harshly as another volley of plasma balls spattered off of her shield… from the ground, the battle would have to look like a buzzing cloud of wasps, she fired a pressure cannon at the offending Bio-titan, only to watch him nimbly avoid the gravity ball…. She gave chase, only to be attacked from a different angle by a second zoanoid, energy crackling against her sturdy shielding as she turned, only to watch the zoanoid swerve away from her before she could retaliate.

Her hyper senses detected something above her and she had just enough time to look up before a Bio-titan, drawing energy from two nearby allies, leveled a withering energy blast at her.

With no time to think, she brought her shield to full power as she flung herself to the side, The beam creased her shield as she dodged, some of the energy getting through, enough to singe the outer surface of her armor, she flipped a somersault, cursing a long flowing string of invective spanning three languages as she leveled a pressure cannon volley straight at the attacker, smiling in satisfaction as he failed to move fast enough to dodge.

She watched as the first slammed into his shield, the second caused it to collapse, and the third and fourth tore into the zoanoid, blowing through his chest and vaporizing his arm up to the shoulder. She reached for her chest plate to mega smash the injured Bio-titan, only to growl in frustration as two more zoanoids fired enhanced energy blasts at her, forcing her to dodge, and watch in frustration, as the bio-titan, defended by it’s consorts, healed the damage to itself, the chest wound closing quickly, the arm slowly regrowing.

” Shit.” She spat, this was getting very irritating…. Since her first two kills, the others had thwarted every attempt she had made to raise the death toll… and she still had Ninja to try and find, if he was even still alive after getting ambushed so.

She dodged another energy burst and drove grimly forward at the zoanoid who fired it, reaching out with her hyper senses and pinpointing the source of the next attack, she pivoted without checking her forward motion, launching a volley of pressure cannon shots at the Bio-titan as it gathered the energy for it’s attack, forcing it to shield itself and dodge out of the way, as she turned back towards the first one, her vibration blade extending as she slashed forward, hearing the screech as her blade met the zoanoids, she executed a spin kick, her leg battering against the side of his head a moment before she drove her opposite elbow blade through its skull with a meaty crunch.

Quickly she disengaged her blades and tore open the left side of her chest plate, mega smashing the falling remains before dodging the renewed counter attack, more energy splattering off her shielding, She was starting to get very annoyed now….. Her quantum singularity extended her stamina to almost infinite, but at this rate, she’d be here for eternity.

The counter attack grew fiercer, and suddenly she found herself caught in a crossfire from multiple directions… the Bio-titans circling on all sides, above and below, hemming her in as they hammered away at her shields, each one gaining strength from those around it. Soon her shielding was glowing so brightly from deflected energy, that nothing could be seen through it.

She had to think of something… and Fast!

The Void…

The traveler hurled through the emptiness, the Intellect no longer attempted to halt the forward momentum, deeming such activity a waist of precious energy, instead it concentrated most of it’s remaining power on erecting a protective energy screen around itself and the host.

A variation of it’s normal shielding, it attempted to adjust the harmonic vector of its screen to match the energy signature of the rapidly approaching object, ascertaining that if the vector could be tuned properly, it might negate the attraction effect now being felt… unfortunately the frequency of the object appeared to be in a constant state of flux. Making it impossible to hold the proper tuning for more then a few seconds at a time.

Suddenly a flare of intense light exploded from the object, quickly the Intellect brought it’s shielding to full power, a moment before the gravitational shockwave slammed into it, the shields caved in violently, the normal perfect sphere shape now being forced inwards on the side facing the object.

The Intellect was now totally out of it’s ken…. Never had it felt a force powerful enough to affect an energy field in such a way… it curled the Traveler into a ball, arms crossed over the head, legs drawn up in front of the torso, letting the extremities provide an extra layer of armor between the unbelievable energies coursing about it, and the more important core of the host’s body, not to mention the control medal where the Intellect itself resided.

It felt it’s shielding collapse, the energy beginning to nibble away at the outer layers of armor, and it activated a long dormant system, it’s energy collectors coming online, the power battering against it’s outer armor began to drain through, the Intellect attempting to increase it’s power reserves by draining a portion of the harmful energy into the host’s inner energy stores…. It had a moment to process < Relief/approval> that the host was not conscious for the process, for transmuting such damaging energy was extremely painful for the host, The Intellect, knowing little of pain itself, other then using it to sense injury, nonetheless knew that the host found the sensation… undesirable in the extreme.

For a few seconds the process worked, the energy stream flowed around and through the armored form of the host with an intense blue glow, and it felt its energy resources swelling with new energy… then a surge of incredible power lanced through the host’s body, and then exploded into the Intellect’s systems as well…. And then there was an occurrence it had never before experienced… it blinked…. For a moment… it actually lost consciousness as the energy wave shattered it’s incredibly tough defenses and triggered a full shutdown…

It regained itself almost immediately, to find that the energy wave had dissipated, running a quick check on itself, it determined the damage to be negligible, it immediately deactivated the energy collectors, deciding that the risk of a second, possibly more powerful jolt was not to be allowed. Hurriedly it assessed the host’s condition….. and found the entire nervous system including the cerebral cortex had been fused.

It was not concerned, such biological damage could be repaired without any negative effects… If no more such violent occurrences presented themselves…

It turned its attention back to the object before it… and it felt the manifestations of < Shock>… before its brief loss of processing ability, it had been at least 158 kilometers from the object…. The object that now waited barely 2 meters away…. It checked itself again….. the downtime had lasted for only <2.3> seconds… it rechecked and confirmed it…. It had a reasonable idea as to its speed at the time of the attack… and it should have taken at least another minute to reach the object.

The object now showed itself to be a black sphere composed of some unknown material, its surface made up of many facets, and indeed, when it scanned the object, the facets showed themselves to be perfectly formed, to an extent which it’s logic systems deduced to be impossible of a natural formation, the gem, for so the Intellect designated it due to shape and construction, seemed to radiate a sedate blue light, illuminating itself and the Traveler.

The Intellect made no move to touch the gem, nor any action that might adversely affect the situation…. In other words…. It kept very still. The attractive force has dissipated upon it’s approach to the gem, and as it tried to move now…. It realized it couldn’t, the damage to the hosts nervous system had also completely destroyed all motor nervature… though it had complete control of the armor, without having the host body mobile, it’s options were severely limited.

Suddenly the gem’s light began to pulse, a constant, rhythmic strengthening of the glow about it, each time the light pulsed, it grew a little brighter…. The Intellect surmised it was once again building energy in some abnormal fashion….. the purpose of the buildup… unknown… but more then anything… the Intellect wanted to move away from here, this artifact was too powerful for casual observance.

It did the only thing it could, it waited, regenerating the hosts nervous system becoming it’s top priority, all outside stimuli being ignored as it concentrated all of it’s faculties on it’s healing abilities.

The Ruined Base…

After the Battle, Keilynn could not have told you the sequence of events… everything blurred together in her mind, she dimly could recount the fight with the female Bio-titan… a blur of slashes and blows, each of them fighting to aid their comrades.

She could here her brother bellowing in rage behind her, then she heard the crackle of energy, and that bellow dissolved into a choke gasp of surprised pain as the Bio-titan finally gathered itself enough to fight back, throwing the enraged guyver backwards with a pointblank energy blast, regaining it’s feet, battered, but not seriously damaged.

Starfire realized her attention had wandered as she took a heavy blow to the chest, making her stumble backwards, she had a fleeting glimpse of her brother, his armor scorched, facing off against the other Bio-Titan, as she herself prepared for a second round with her adversary….. but then the world dissolved into even greater chaos as a voice rang out in her ears, and in her mind.


In the Skies….



Black Nova screamed, and the shockwave that followed her words made it seem as if they were a tangible thing.

The blast of gravitational force exploded outward in all directions, blasting the attacking bio-titan backwards, interrupting their assault, as the glow of weapons fire around Black Nova faded, it revealed a sight that stopped even the bio-titan attackers short in shock.

The Guyver hovered in the center of a growing swirl of absolute darkness, at first it looked almost the same as a black hole attack, but that possibility was quickly dispelled as it grew many times faster, and many times larger then any zoalord’s attack.

Black Nova raises her arm, her hand twisting at the wrist, starting the forces about her swirling, the chaotic forces at her disposal flowing outwards from her body in an ever increasing vortex.

“THIS ENDS NOW!” She snarled… hoping she sounded confident… because she had no idea in hell what she was doing, trusting only in her own instincts, and though not conscious of it, the instincts of her armor… the power was flowing through her body, crackling along the outside of her armor, so strong, almost seductive in it’s strength, and she felt it building… building… until it suddenly reached a plateau… and she released it.

The dark energy exploded outwards in an ever expanding sphere, the Bio-titans, in their shock… admittedly did the best they could… firing blast after blast of high energy into the sphere, which simply soaked it up as easily as it seemed to drain the light from the air…. One by one they turned to retreat, only to find that the powerful gravitational field was too powerful for them, and one by one they sank into the chaotic, lightless vortex, to be torn apart… torn into pieces even smaller then their kind could regenerate from… dispersed at the atomic level.

From the ground Black Nova and Starfire stared in stunned immobility as they watched the sphere of incredible gravitational force growing in the sky, blotting out the sun… an equally stunned pair of Chronos Bio-titans watched in horror as their forces were vaporized before their eyes.

The Novas remembered themselves before the zoanoids did…. Turning back to the fight at hand, their spirits revived by the display of friendly power.

Sai signaled his sister mentally.

<Let’s go…. We can do this!> Came her reply.

They both lunged for their enemies…… yet were stopped in their tracks by a sudden shriek of agony… their hearts turning to ice in their chests as they turned towards the source of the screams. . . The screams of Black Nova!

To be continued…