This is a fan-fiction based on characters created by Yoshiki Takaya and contains violent situations with adult language. Any similarity to actual persons, living or dead is unintentional and purely coincidental.

NoteThe start of this fiction takes during the Warrior Guyver/Great War crossover “Meeting of the Warriors”.
Fall of an Angel
AuthorAllen Lucas

The Marylebone District in London was known for it’s genteel charm, and it’s fine residential areas and restaurants. Although it was never a high excitement part of the total English charm, it contained a hint of it’s own peaceful pleasures. That was until the 6th of December 1997. That day Chronos reached the British capital. Although the army fought valiantly it was unable to do much. Chronos occupied all of Europe after a day like the rest of the world. Europe was under Chronos control until Solom, a creator, let out a psychic wave of destruction that destroyed almost the entire Zoanoid population of Western Europe. This was just the break the Europeans needed, and in 1999 Europe’s western front was free from Chronos control. Today only Paris and Madrid are left in decent condition. England is still strong, but being such a small country it was wrecked within days from the gunfire and zoanoid battling.

Located in the Marylebone District is the Hotel La Place. This hotel is where we begin.

“Ouch,” she says sitting up with her hand on her head. Her head is throbbing like a bandaged cut. She opens her eyes and looks around the room at her surroundings. Broken dressers line the walls of torn wallpaper and splintered wood. She lies on a pillow cot, covered in a dirty brown cloth.

“Where am I?” she asks the wall.

“My house,” a broken old voice replies. She turns her head and sees an old woman standing in the doorway. She’s a broken old lady who’s seen much; obvious by the way she presents herself. She may have been a fine looking young woman from the way she currently looks. Her hair is silver, only slightly specked with spots of brown. The weight of years rests on her skin, but she tries to hold it back up with a smile. She carries a set of cups and saucers with a piece of bread on the side. “I found you after you fell off the roof of the building across the street. I was surprised to find a guyver so beaten. You fell and the armor you wear just popped right off leaving you bruised but generally okay”.

“I’m a guyver,” she says, knowing what it is but not why she is one. She tries to remember, and recalls only some facts. Guyvers are weapons. Guyvers are fighting Chronos. Who am I?

 “By the way missy, what’s your name,” she says walking up and setting the set of silver dinette on the ground.

 “I…I don’t know,” she replies confounded.

 “Huh…you didn’t, oh my,” she says. “What do you remember?”

She shakes her head, “Not a lot. Facts really. I still know English, Math and other things; I can even recall some of the past history. Chronos attacking the world, but I can’t remember any facts about myself”.

“That’s mighty odd. Well, you seem American to me missy, your accent is a dead giveaway,” she says. “Oh, sorry. My name is Cynthia Windkoppel, and I was staying in this hotel during the first assault back in December of ’97.”

“Thank you for helping me ma’am,” she says thanking the lady. Cynthia pours her some water and gives her the piece of bread, “Go ahead and have it all. The rations are adequate, you need it more than me”.

The girl picks up the glass and begins to drink eagerly. She takes in the bread at the same maniac pace, leaving little but a memory of it.

“I suppose falling from a building would work up an appetite,” Cynthia jokes giving her smile. “When I saw you and the other one struggling I almost thought you were an angel come for me. But I suppose no angel I heard of uses weapons like guyvers. As beautiful as you are tough, you do look as lovely. I’ve never seen such a well-made figure and complexion, although your hair could use some natural color”.

She turns to the older woman. “What do you mean,” she asks?

“Oh, my you don’t even remember what you look like. So sad,” she hands the girl a mirror.

She looks at herself, not recognizing the person she sees. She is very pretty. And the lady is right her hair doesn’t look natural. It’s almost all green except for a few streaks of white and purple. Her skin is tanned almost perfectly.

“It’s almost strange how perfect you are,” Cynthia says.

“Like an angel,” she says touching her face.

Cynthia smiles. “How about we call you ‘Angel’, just until you get your memory back.”

She smiles. “Okay”.

Athens, Greece

God’s Throne Building

Circle of the Elder Gods Room

Cablarl Khan, Jearvill Bun Hiyern and Luggnagg De Krumeggnic sit in a round room, each directly at a 120-degree angle from the others. The walls are each adorned various ornaments and devices of ethereal nature. The walls are also garnished with giant purple and gold silks that shimmer as they flow.

Each Zoalord contemplates their situation. Alkanphel has charged them with restoring his strong grip on Europe. And after their treachery towards him, and their failed murder of Purg’stall, they dare not fail him.

“How are our army in this area,” Luggnagg asks?

“We have been able to restore 63% of our original army, before the creators decided to drop their psychic bomb,” Jearvill says. “However we have been granted around 150 Bio-Titans, plus a untold amount of Neo Zx-tole and Powered Zerebubuse.

“Yes, but Alkanphel and Kron have warned us against using too many of the Bio-Titans for battle. He needs them saved for the creators,” Cablarl says.

Jearvill nods. “We should prepare for the assault on Paris, we will reclaim Heaven’s Doorway for Chronos and take Europe back”.

London, England

Angel stands on the roof of the building she fell from trying to remember what happened. Not a very long drop from the top, but enough to kill someone. If she really is a guyver than she should have survived. The Bio-Armor she has absorbs physical attacks pretty well, even when compared to Kavzar.

“What!” she says out loud. How does she know that? She stares back down at the ground and sees a small crater where the concrete has been smashed and cracked. She must have hit hard to make that dent. Turning, she notices two large cracks on the opposite side of the roof. She looks carefully and estimates the distance between them as around 2 – 2 ½ foot long. From the look of it, they’re footprints. But who could have a shoe around the size of a size of a coffee table!

She then studies more, and finds a large scratch down both about four feet long. Something slid down this, with enough force to rip up concrete and stopped.

“Was I…chased?” she says to herself, confusing her already vastly shaken brain even more. From the looks of it, she came from somewhere on to this roof, probably running to the far end near where she crashed off the roof. Something landed, pretty fast and hard. Seems to come out of the sky as well. Guyvers are said to be able to fly, so can some of the Zoaforms Chronos produces. Something chased her and either threw her off of this roof, or she fell scared to face it.

“I thought you might be here,” a broken voice says from the right. Angel turns her head to see Cynthia crawling up the ladder. She walks over and helps her over the ledge.

“Are you okay?” Angel asks helping her steady herself.

“Yes yes missy, I’m fine. Just because I’m old doesn’t mean I’m not healthy and able,” she says wiping the dirt and grease from her saffron poncho.

“Ms. Windkoppel…”

“Just call me Cynthia darling, never liked being a miss,” Cynthia says smiling.

Angel smiles back. “Cynthia, can you tell me about the person chasing me.”

“Sure,” Cynthia says walking over to the edge where Angel fell over.

“I was standing near my window when I heard a large thud,” she says pointing to a window on the opposite building. “When I looked out I saw you in your guyver armor thingy staring towards me. Which is why I said before I believed you to be an angel. You looked a bit like one, with those pointy things all over your head, but I never saw an angel that was black. Well, maybe back when I was younger and went to catholic school and saw those fallen angels that Lucifer…”

“Um…Cynthia, about the person following me,” Angel says trying to be polite, laughing on the inside about Cynthia’s rambling. Old people can be so fleeting.

“Oh, I’m sorry, I do that sometimes. Mind’s not as sharp as it used to be sometimes,”

Cynthia says laughing out loud at herself. “Well it was then I realized you weren’t an angel, but a guyver. I saw one once awhile back when I was in Paris, so I could recognize some similarities. I then noticed something else come in from above and hit the roof with another huge bang. Immediately you were waving your arms in the air and backing up. I heard a few words as well, got pretty good hearing still. You were saying something about not fighting it, and the other one said, ‘You don’t have a choice test subject’.

“He grabbed you by the throat and held you there for a moment, before his head jerked to the side and he said, ‘As you command my god’, and threw you over the edge. Then you hit the ground and that armor guyvers wear disappeared from you leaving you relatively unhurt, but unconscious. Another smaller being than the first landed near the first, but he looked more like the guyver I saw before and had some really big shoulders. The larger one touched the smaller ones shoulder and they disappeared. After that I ran as fast as I could, which I’m afraid to say isn’t that fast, and helped you up to my place. It was about an hour before you woke up.”

“The two beings, what did they look like?” Angel asks.

“First one looked a lot like you. Had this spiked head design and spiked shoulders. Pretty big chap too, near 10 foot tall from my view. Had blades on his arms, two pointing forward like fingers and one coming back around the elbow. His colors were the same as you, mostly black, but had a gray spiky head and blades. Couple other things were white too. Some glowing rings were around his calves and shoulders,” Cynthia says.

Kavzar. Angel shuddered; she knew what that thing was. She knows a lot about it. Kavzars are the warrior caste of the creator empire, making up a large bulk of the creator forces. Its colors denote that it was a standard soldier type, most Kavzar are.

“What about the other one?” Angel asks.

“Small fella, well compared to the other, still had to be 6 or 7 foot tall. Had some large shoulders with big, no, make those huge orbs on top. Same colors as the first, didn’t have the spikes, just two on their elbows like the other,” Cynthia says.

Aceaer-Cast. They make up the bulk of the creator army, especially the black soldier types. Not as large of a threat as the Kavzar, but nonetheless a tough customer. Trained well. The creators were after her, but why. And how the hell does she know all this stuff?

What do they want?

“Well if I was you missy, I’d leave London for now. Who knows when they’ll come back looking for you,” Cynthia says.

Angel nods. She knows they could find her no matter where she went on, only chance she’d even have of running would be out in space, Preferably away from creator space. She should leave though, if not just to bring the action away from Cynthia. Don’t want to get such a nice person hurt, maybe even killed.

“Suppose I’ll leave tonight. Not sure where I’ll go though,” Angel says.

“Why not Paris? It’s one of the safest places in Europe. The European Defense Force’s main stronghold is there. Europe’s ACTF base is there as well,” Cynthia says.

Outer Space

Behind Venus

In the bowels of the creator craft a Kavzar Commander stands on a platform, his control crystal glowing, commanding the craft to remain in orbit. He’s a standard soldier class, behind him stand 15 standard soldier Kavzar, as well as in the back are over 50 Aceaer Cast warriors.

<“Kavzar Commander,”> the telepathic message reads. <“What is the current situation?”>

<“The primary unit has been issued to an acceptable host designated by mission parameters. Kavzar and Aceaer have both been sending regular progress reports. Kavzar has advised against proceeding with step 1 of the experiments because of Creator Krullnars current position relative to Earth. Has also advised due to hosts current state which has been described as delirious,”> the Kavzar Commander says.

<“Very well, continue with mission parameters on primary unit until you receive further orders. Also continue to avoid detection by Krullnar and the remaining members of the Terran project,”> the voice says before the link disconnects.

The Kavzar Commander continues his rounds.

London, England

Angel sits by the window in Cynthia’s home contemplating. Who am I?

“So I go to Paris, then what?” she asks herself.

She sees Cynthia through the side of her vision. “I remember when this hotel was beautiful. I was just staying here for the day Angel, just for the day. Rented the room cause I was passing through on my way to Dublin. Amazing how the plane couldn’t hold enough fuel to make it another 500 kilometers, not like it’s a long way. Of course fate always seems to step in and kick me.

“Was a beautiful place here, dishes used to line that wall there. Had lots of other little doilies and knick-knacks. Pretty place, liked it for the time. Then came the explosions. Sky lit up like a fireworks display. I looked out the window only to see a group of men firing at beasts. Then I saw one of the Zoanoids fire something at me from below. I ran to the back but the window was blasted in, shattering glass all over the place. A piece of board hit me in the back of the head leaving me unconscious. Time I woke up I only saw Chronos. Was led by some fellow in a cape, had white hair.”

Alkanphel. She knows of him, another person her mind suddenly realizes. He is the enemy of the creators because of his traitorous actions during the first part of the Terran project. Although she now remembers he runs Chronos, knowledge remembered from her past, once again not knowing where she got the knowledge.

“So you just went with the flow,” Angel says.

Cynthia nods. “Not much else I could do. I’m 67 years old last month, I can barely lift myself from the bed lately. I haven’t a chance against a normal human, not to mention a zoanoid.”

Angel smiles to herself. The sun is about equal to the horizon.

The Kavzar watches, cloaked from their sight, at the two female terran humans. The host of the new unit seems to be having trouble remembering her past. Possible brain damage, however it contemplates how as the unit she has recently been bonded to has very well made healing properties on the other hosts. A human host should even have more compared to the other test subjects of this unit type.

<“Kavzar, current situation?”> the Kavzar Commander asks telepathically.

<“Human host seems to have lost her memory prior to the bonding with the primary unit. Quite possible host is not even fully aware how to activate the unit,”> he responds.


<“Continue with phase 1 of the mission parameters as issued by the creator council. Host may call unit upon realizing the danger,”> Kavzar says.

A moment passes as the Kavzar Commander reviews mission parameters. <“Very well Kavzar, proceed with caution. The Guyver may show other unexpected results, but she is not to be destroyed yet. The Hyper Aceaer Cast, however, is expendable as per mission parameters.”>


Angel watches the sun begin to set and suddenly feels a slight electrical charge, suddenly her brain tells her danger from behind.

Angel turns and looks in the corner, suddenly she begins to feel the same electricity channeling through her. Every time her brain simply registers them as the same message, danger.

Suddenly she watches as a large form suddenly appears from thin air in the way she looks. It stands up and points towards her. “Guyver, activate your armor now.”

“What do you want Kavzar,” Angel says backing up.

Cynthia steps forward. “What’s going on?”

“Leave Cynthia,” Angel screams.

“O…ok,” she says and runs as fast as she can through the door.

Suddenly the black Aceaer comes through the window. He is slightly different than the normal Aceaer type. This Aceaer has arm lasers mounted on his forearms as well as a more pointed set of fusion cannons. Located on the tip of the hyper sensory spike is a Kavzar Control Crystal. She recognizes this breed of Aceaer. Right before an Aceaer is made into a Kavzar they are merged with the Kavzar Control Crystal, this breed is the in between of those two. Hyper Aceaer. They are a brand new test subject made by the creator empire only a few months ago. Very few were actually made, and are being tested as a permanent breed for the Aceaer Cast.

“Begin mission parameter Hyper Aceaer,” the Kavzar says.

The Hyper Aceaer nods. He raises his hands in battle. Angel backs again into another room, raising her arms.

The Hyper Aceaer walks toward her. Angel whips out with her foot and roundhouse kicks him in the side, the Hyper Aceaer blocks with his arm and her foot slams against the bio armor and cracks her ankle.

Angel pulls her leg back and falls down on her knee holding the shattered ankle in her palms cursing.

The Hyper Aceaer walks over and picks her up by her neck and lifts her to the air. He presses his wrists against her shoulder and fires his rail gun, blasting her shoulder clean off leaving her arm to fall on the ground! She screams in pain and the Hyper Aceaer tosses her to the other side of the room smacking into the wall and falling to the ground.

The Hyper Aceaer begins to walk slowly towards her, the Kavzar observing from behind.

The Hyper Aceaer grabs her by the shirt and lifts her up, he extends his plasma blade and holds it to her neck.

Angel peers in anger and pain into the eyes of the Hyper Aceaer. Her eyes begin to glow blue as small bolts of electricity pass over her body.

“Guyver,” she softly says as a blast field explodes around her knocking the Hyper Aceaer back straight into the Kavzar who catches him, knocking even him back enough to crash into the wall behind. The foundation breaks, causing a shaking through the entire building. The Kavzar shoves the Hyper Aceaer forward and stands back up observing the guyver in front of him.

Angel looks down at her hands. Her hands are covered in blue and black armor, with strange colored orbs on both her arms. She looks at the mirror and notices her face looks a lot like a Kavzar Commander. She snarls at the sight and turns back to the two creator warriors.

The Hyper Aceaer seems to gladden suddenly and extends both of his plasma swords. Angel concentrates and suddenly all four orbs on both arms glow as a long beam of energy forms across both arms creating the appearance of a forward and elbow blade. Both begin to walk towards each other. Almost instinctively Angel raises her arms into the same configuration as the Hyper Aceaer, shocking both creator warriors to how she knows creator taught martial arts.

The Hyper Aceaer dashes forward and slashes upward with his plasma blade, Angel thrusts her hands down and blocks them with her forearms, not even leaving a scratch on the bio armor. Hyper Aceaer stares a moment in amazement. Angel breaks free and rams him with her shoulder, and turn sliding around his body kicks him out the window with a hard kick to his chest.

Angel follows, jumping down after him and activating her Gravity orb slams her body into his and crashes against the ground. The Hyper Aceaer strikes Angel across the face knocking her off of him. Both are on their feet in an instant and firing at each other using bio-lasers and palm lasers. The Hyper Aceaer’s beam goes into a stream and cuts down towards Angel’s feet, and she flips towards him in response readying for a pressure cannon attack, but is stopped abruptly by a sonic wave fired by the Hyper Aceaer.

Angel is thrown back into the building cracking the brick. The Hyper Aceaer fires his Pressure Cannon towards her, but Angel rolls away barely missing it as it blasts through the building and through multiple more until it disappears in the distance. Angel tosses herself around the air, attempting to confound the Hyper Aceaer before striking towards him with a kick that sends him soaring down the street and into a parked car smashing it to pieces. Angel fires a Pressure Cannon that speeds towards the car and blasts both it and the Hyper Aceaer skyward. The Hyper Aceaer Cast hits the side of a building only to have the car smash into him as well. Angel runs forward to follow it up, only to have a car fly towards her and hit her at high speed. She is crushed under the car as it slams on the ground.

The Hyper Aceaer lands, some of his armor crushed, and begins to charge and aim his Fusion Cannons. They charge up and fire towards the overturned vehicle. Angel is hit full force by the blast, barely even shielded by the hunk of metal. Her body shield strains as she is slowly ripped apart but manages to extend her directional shield and repel the remainder of the weapon.

The Hyper Aceaer looks forward smiling under his armor. Directly forward for over 1000 feet nothing remains but vapor. Suddenly his HUD flashes directing his vision up. He obeys to see Angel above him firing what seems to be a red hazed cannon coming towards him. He has no time to react before it hits him directly in the face burning away at his body and forcing him to the ground.

<“Test subject seems to have unexpected traits. Weapon was the Flare Cannon as used by test subject group 3. Subject also seems to be increasing in power as the fight progresses,”> says the Kavzar, relaying the results to the Kavzar Commander.

The Hyper Aceaer leans on his fist. He’s crouched, armor burnt to a crisp and melting. He breathes hard as Angel lands in front of him with her energy blades flaring.

“What do you slaves want with me?” Angel asks.

“You will be tested until the creators say otherwise, prepare yourself test subject,” the Hyper Aceaer declares forcing himself to his feet and taking a battle stance. Already his body has taken a serious beating, yet he stands as tall as possible ready to defend himself.

Angel observes in silence and thought. How sad. “Just go.”

Angel turns and begins to walk away. Her energy blades dissipate.

The Hyper Aceaer Cast is astonished. However he must not fail his gods. He activates his gravity orb and fires a Pressure Cannon.

Angel’s hyper senses flick on, and she dodges just in time to activate her energy blades and throw one towards him chopping his body in half. She then cups her hands forward and begins to draw in energy. The blue glow pulsates and swirls before she launches it as a bolt of lightning and striking the Hyper Aceaer blowing him through the nearest building. She pulls up on the bolt pulling him into the sky and ripping the building into two equal halves of destruction.

The Hyper Aceaer unit begins to detach and it falls to the ground as the host of the unit is burned alive by the lightning bolt. Angel releases the blast as the corpse falls to the ground on top of the unit.

<“Hyper Aceaer has been terminated, engaging subject,”> the Kavzar says.

Angel rolls her neck and turns to see the Kavzar flying towards her. She takes off flying backwards only to be face to face to the same Kavzar who has teleported in front of her. The Kavzar extends his forward blades and rams them into Angel’s chest lifting her to the air to his face. He then grabs her by the throat and throws her into a building behind him.

Angel shakes her head as her hyper senses flinch, she dives away just in time to miss a Pressure Cannon. She peers forward to watch a Kavzar come at her at a blurring speed and punch her in the chest, ripping into her two puncture wounds and smashing her Mega Smashers. Angel screams in pain as the Kavzar opens a gravity vortex in front of her and uses its gravity to tear at the wounds.

Angel suddenly teleports away. The Kavzar stops his attack and searches the area with his hyper senses, but draws up a blank. Convinced she has escaped away he contacts the Commander.

<“Primary test subject has evaded me. Present status shows a 300% increase in overall fighting power during battle. Subject is growing at a highly energetic rate,”> the Kavzar says.

The commander waits a few moments. <“Well done Kavzar, return to the ship and await further instruction.”>

The Kavzar nods to himself and teleports away in a hurry.

Angel appears out of thin air holding her healed chest. She could not handle the Kavzar at her present state; he was too much for her. She deactivates her armor and breathes hard. Her shirt is in rags from the Kavzars blades, same with her eyes that are blurred. She blinks a few times and tries to focus. She sees the charred body of the previous human like host of the Hyper Aceaer unit. She walks over and taps him with her foot, rolling him over. His body is barbequed, most bones broken from the fall. His jaw is broken off and hanging on only by a few strings of flesh. His skull is crushed mostly, giving the appearance of a half decomposed corpse.

She then sees what she sought, a black Aceaer unit lies on the ground. She picks it up, wiping the red fluid off of it, and sees the unit is not like normal Aceaer as the Kavzar control crystal is showing as though it was the units control medal.

Angel walks back to Cynthia’s home and sees her sitting down with her arms over her legs.

“Oh thank god you’re okay,” Cynthia says jumping up and hugging Angel. “And thank you for helping me”.

“No, Thank you for helping me Cynthia,” Angel says.

Cynthia smiles. “Oh dear, you’re in tatters. Come up here and let me give you some new clothes”.

Angel smiles and follows her. Cynthia hands her a green tank top and a pair of cargo pants, gray ones.

“I know they aren’t the most fashionable attire, but I suppose it’s better than looking bare and poor,” Cynthia says.

Angel dresses and thinks. If she stays here she continues to endanger this sweet lady, surely the creators forces will come again. If she’s a test subject they aren’t going to leave her alone. This is probably why she knows so much about them; the unit they are testing on her gave her this knowledge, but erased all of her memory. And what about this weird electricity that she feels flowing through her. It’s almost constantly swirling about her body giving her the ability to even sense energy around her, and she is very sensitive to changes. Whenever something moves she notices it, if a new energy signature shows up she notices it, she doubts that the Kavzar will be able to sneak up on her again like her did cloaking.

But where could she go. She doesn’t remember where she is from, and America isn’t exactly a prime place to go because of the war there. But perhaps she could go somewhere to seek help, perhaps she could go to Paris and try to survive there. Certainly any creator forces that come after her would be put down by the EDF and ACTF in the area.

“Cynthia, I’m going to go to Paris,” Angel says.

Cynthia smiles. “Plan on joining the fight against Chronos?”

Angel shakes her head. “Not yet, right now I need to find out who I am before I commit to any group or to the war with Chronos. Besides, I don’t like to fight. I only fought them cause I had to”.

Cynthia nods. “Probably the best plan. But be careful, Chronos has a far-reaching grip on this planet. I doubt your fight here will go unnoticed”.

She’s right.

Cynthia reaches into her closet and pulls out a small box. She pulls out a roll of about 850 francs and hands them to Angel.

“Here, I don’t need it, you do,” Cynthia says.

Angel takes the money reluctantly, and places it in her pants pocket. “Thanks”.

“Don’t you mention it. You should hurry though. The sun isn’t going to wait for you and Paris might have a problem with room vacancies,” Cynthia says.

Angel hugs her and goes to the window, throwing a small duffle bag “I’ll come back and see you sometime, and thank you again,” Angel says.

“I’m going to hold you to that,” Cynthia remarks.

Angel smiles and jumps out of the window calling her armor and lifting into the sky she heads southeast.

Space, Orbit around Earth

A red spacecraft flies at a low orbit observing the battle between Angel and the Hyper Aceaer. The Grakken pilot immediately begins to scan for the location of the unknown guyver, but he cannot get a clear reading. Subject seems to be located somewhere in the northwestern part of the larger continent.

The Grakken craft begins to descend.


 A group of men toil at their machines, digging deep in the glacier to search for something of value. The men are exhausted and upset. Nothing has come good from their search. The men are French, and speak French.

“Eh…another day wasted,” says one larger man with an amber colored beard and thick icy clothes. “We should quit now, save the trouble of it”.

“I agree. Nothing here but ice and cold water,” a smaller and younger man says to his left.

“Wait wait,” a voice screams down from a hole. “I’ve found something. Leon, send down a light!”

The man with the beard grabs a large flashlight and begins to shine it down the hole. A hand reaches up and grabs it. “Can’t see crap with this pen light, maybe this’ll do better. In this big a glacier you’re bound to find something strange. Most of these things have pools, sometimes even lakes of cold water in them. I knew one fella up here popped one open to find all sorts of things. He found one with a strange animal in it. Thing evolved to suit itself in near 0 degree weather” the man calls from underneath.

“What’s down there John?”

A pause. “Holy god, it’s a person! He looks messed up too, hypothermia, and been sitting here for a while.”

“Let’s bring him up,” Leon says. He throws a rope down and John wraps it around his waist, tying it off. Both Leon and the younger man heave and pull him up to the surface.

The man is in a brown dirty rag, clenched tight. His body is swollen and cold.

Leon touches his wrist. “Geez, he’s still alive. Barely but he is.”

They flip him over and look at his face. His hair is black and long, but has elf like ears and shriveled cat eyes. A small disc falls out of his possession and lands on the ground. It’s a Guyver Unit!

“Oh my, contact the Paris office,” Leon says.

Paris, France

 Angel lands in back of a small motel and deactivates her armor. She thinks it best if she takes some rest before heading anywhere. Slinging her bag on her back she walks to front of the building and goes inside.

A lady at the counter looks over at her and says in French, “Can I help you”.

To her surprise, Angel understands her and replies in French, “Yes, I need a room. Not sure how long I’ll be staying though”.

“Okay. 1 night is 150 francs,” she says.

Angel reaches into her pocket and pulls out the money and hands it to her. “Do I just pay per night?”

“Sure, I don’t have many visitors here lately. Most people don’t come to Paris to visit. Most people don’t visit anywhere in Europe for that matter,” she says. The lady types a few keys on a keyboard and pulls a key out from under her drawer. “Second room to the left down the hall. If you’re hungry I’ve some apples in the refrigerator in your room along with some relatively cheap wine. Apples don’t cost you, but the wine is 100 francs if you open it.”

“Thanks,” Angel says smiling and walking to her room. She puts the key in the door and opens it.

She sets her bag down on the ground and looks it over. At least it’s clean. The bed is plain and made, and the small refrigerator sits under a night stand on the left of the bed. Small dresser sits opposite of the bed hunched against the wall. Angel scoots her bag under her new bed and lies down to try and sleep.

Unfortunately her mind is far too active. What unit do I have, who am I, why am I in Europe if I’m American?

She rolls over and opens the fridge and grabs an apple. She bites into it and tastes it. “Huh…Apples don’t taste like this.”

Still good though. She continues to eat it, but she seems to have lost some taste too, all she tastes is a sweet salty acid taste.

The lights begin to flicker as Angel begins to feel the same electric feeling as before. Only this time it’s not warning her.

Suddenly the light bursts and the fridge begins to smoke. Glass shatters over the bed and Angel shields her eyes. She jumps up and opens the fridge. Circuits are fried.

Athens, Greece Building

Circle of the Elder Gods Room

Imakarum Mirabilis, leader of the Elite Zoalords, walks into the circular room with Jearvill, Luggnagg and Cablarl. “Lord Alkanphel has detected a strange reading in the United Kingdom. He was able to determine the exact location of two servants of the creators, a Kavzar and an unknown Aceaer type, fighting an unknown assailant. We do not have a description of the unknown. However from the data we have collected on recent atmospheric activity, the creators have released a new unit on the surface in that area which was accompanied by the Kavzar and Aceaer.

“The unit is of an unknown type and assumed to be already activated. We cannot pinpoint the subject’s exact location due to an odd electromagnetic disturbance following it. This is disturbing both my own, as well as Lord Alkanphel’s psychic powers. We have attempted to locate the subject with satellite photography and using the Eye of Chronos, however the same situation is blocking us from pinpointed them. I am charging you three with the task of locating the target and discovering both their abilities and affiliation,” he announces.

“Lord Imakarum, we do not know the subjects abilities yet, how do we know the subject we send will be strong enough to defeat the subject if we do not know their abilities?” Luggnagg asks.

“Guyver Powered Zerebubuse has been sent to you. He will arrive within the hour,” Imakarum says.

Paris, France

 Angel walks out of the building, carrying her bag, and back onto the street. She stretches her arms and looks at the clock on the side of the motels wall through the window. Eight o’clock. Maybe she could go somewhere else for a few hours.

Angel goes behind the building where she landed only a hour before and activates her armor, lifting to the air she takes off north at full speed.

30 minutes later

 Angel lands on the beach on the northern part of France. She sets down in the sand and lies down, still in her armor to look out at the dark. The moon is on her right, brighter and in more detail than she is used to seeing it. Angel sighs, wondering what she used to do during a bright moon.

Then her hyper senses scoop backwards and she turns to see a giant red thing with four arms speeding towards her. She throws her bag away and dives aside away from the giant. As she looks up she sees a Grakken.

“You human. Surrender so I may take you with me and take that test unit away from the creators,” the Grakken says.

Angel begins to process the data on the Grakken race. She knows they are the biggest foe the creators have fought in a long time. The average Grakken is twice to three times as strong as a Guyver, but she thinks she is stronger.

“No way. You think I’m stupid, I know of you Grakken,” Angel says.

The Grakken, visibly angry, shouts back, “So be it.”

The Grakken rushes towards her and begins to swing his arms. Angel proves her speed by dodging each fist and landing multiple shots to the Grakken’s head. The Grakken’s gravity orb glows and he fires two Pressure Cannon shots. Angel dodges both.

“Not bad test unit, but see if you can match me now. Destroyer!” the Grakken calls as his extra battle armor extends over him.

“What!” Angel says in shock.

The Destroyer Grakken makes two gravity balls and fires them both at Angel, who activates her gravity orb and dives under the sand. The Destroyer Grakken takes to the air and begins to fire his head laser in the sand, but his hyper senses stop as she teleports behind him and rakes an energy blade across his back.

The Destroyer Grakken activates his back thrusters and does a quadruple power punch directly into Angel, smashing her at incredible pace into the beach skimming across the water and ripping up ground and water. She gets up fairly quick and fires a hand laser at him. The Destroyer Grakken flies forward and blocks the beam with his shield. He opens one of his Mega Smasher plates and fires a quick burst at Angel, who stops her attack to raise shields. The blast knocks her back but she stand in a large crater as the Destroyer Grakken swings both of his vibrational swords down at her. Angel raises her arms and blocks the blades using the sand and her strength to absorb the power behind them.

The Destroyer Grakken growls and fires all of his lasers at her leg, breaking through her armor and breaking her bone as well as exploding through the back of her leg. She falls down, but suddenly her unit creates a solid holographic bone to replace it and she stands back up just in time to catch the Grakken’s arm as he swings his forward blade at her and wrench him to the ground. She rolls on top of him setting her arms to his side and activates her energy blades.

The blades materialize directly inside the Grakken’s body tearing his insides to ribbons. Angel pulls herself up with her gravity orb and fires her hand beams into his back. The Destroyer Grakken lifts himself up in an instant and turns around. His sides are torn apart and all of his Mega Smashers broken along with his bottom two arms.

“Still plan on continuing this Grakken?” Angel asks vehemently.

The Destroyer Grakken seems to laugh as he points all of his weapons forward and unleashes a wave of plasma energy. Angel raises her shielding to block, however it was too quick and blasts her back over 50 foot splashing into the sea.

Underwater Angels unit has begun to heal her but the Destroyer Grakken follows suit and begins to fire plasma and head beams into the water. Angel dodges a few and looks upward. Her sight increases and she spots him even through the murky water. Angel opens both sides of her Mega Smasher plates and begins to charge her Mega Smashers.

Meanwhile above the water the Grakken watches two lights glow underwater. Too slowly he realizes what is occurring before a hugely powerful energy wave blasts out of the ocean and hits him full grunt sending him flying onto shore.

Underwater Angels Mega Smash is blasting away water, but when the blast stops the water comes crashing back down on her. Angel activates her gravity orb and forces the water off of her as it slams down. She lifts in the air within the bubble of gravity and watches as an extremely battered Destroyer Grakken tosses her bag aside and presses a button on the side of the Hyper Aceaer Unit!

“Oh shit,” she says.

The armor begins to glow as it slowly begins to meld on top of his armor. The new creature stands and screams in anger as the power seeps from his body. He fires plasma bolts and pressure cannons at high pace.

Angel flies forward dodging each bolt. Many close calls are made before she lands a drop kick to the new Grakken’s chest. The Grakken grabs her foot and twists, breaking all the bones in his ankle and spinning her around slamming her back to the ground. The Grakken stomps on her throat.

Angel chokes staring up and watches as the control crystal of the Hyper Aceaer armor attempts to interact with the Grakken medal. Suddenly the medal begins to glow, and the control crystal explodes. The Grakken screams in pain falling on the ground and holding his head. The Control Medal glows and begins to randomly try and detach and open up. Suddenly the medal tears itself out of the Grakken’s forehead and lie on the ground. The bio armor tears off of the Grakken and begins to absorb itself back into the control medal to form a unit. However the control medal breaks open and absorbs into the armor as well.

The Grakken is left melting on the ground. He reaches out with his hand that has begun to lose control of itself and flips around spreading former skin over the sand. The Grakken begins to dissolve into a pile of nameless goo, popping as if it was hot.

Angel stands up slightly confused. The Hyper Aceaer armor had a major reaction to the Grakken. She bends down and picks up the unit. The previously black Hyper Aceaer unit is now a swirled mass of red and black.

Angel throws the unit back in her bag and teleports back to Paris.

Another 30 minutes later

Angel lands near a nightclub in the alley. She deactivates her armor, but finds herself weak. She’s not tired, or hungry or thirsty, but her body craves something. Angel throws the bag over her shoulder and walks out of the alley and into the streets. In the distance she sees the Eiffel Tower looming high. However the top of the tower was blown off awhile back when Chronos invaded. Ironically it was a French missile that hit it. And further in the distance stands the high tower Chronos once owned. Now it is a military installation that no one without the highest clearance can even go near.

Angel looks lower into the broken street. Cracked asphalt, shattered and destroyed buildings, drunks and drink, even drugs litter the view. She shakes her head and walks forward past it all and turns into a small store. An older man at the counter nods as to both his and Angels surprise, she buys a salt can.

“I suppose madam can not have enough zalt, true, no,” the man says with a thick French accent.

“Suppose,” Angel replies taking back her change.

“What iz a young lady like yourself doing in a place like thiz. Do you not know all ze zoanoids come out of hiding during ze night?” he asks politely.

“Thank you, but I’m fine,” Angel says pocketing the salt and departing quietly back into the alley.

She stares down at the label. Queer how she has a hunger for salt. She opens the lid and pours a bit in her hand. She licks her finger and dips it down in the salt and tastes it.

“WOW!” she cries surprised on the taste. It tastes really good to her, and she feels better too. She licks all the salt off of her hand and swallows some of the salt in the container. She feels refreshed unlike before. She feels charged. She begins to feel the same electrical sensation.

Angel shoves the salt in her bag and walks towards the nightclub. Looking forward she sees the flashing green neon sign above the door with a large man in front of it. The sign flashes the same words over and over again.

Emerald Graveyard

 Plus the sign flashes a gravestone with a waving skeleton. That’s attractive.

Angel walks over and gets in the back of the line, no reason to ruin the night. Although she should keep good eye on this strange new unit she got.

Athens, Greece

God’s Throne Building

Circle of the Elder Gods Room

 The center of the room a big empty space lifts as a large man is seen in the center. He is dressed in his finest suit and bows down to the three zoalords.

“Welcome Guyver Powered Zerebubuse,” Jearvill Bun Hiyern says. “I assume you are ready for your mission.”

The man looks up, “Very my lords. I’ve been fairly inactive since the battle in New York.”

“So you are eager,” Cablarl Khan says smiling to himself. “Very well. We have received information that an unknown guyver has surfaced in London, England. It is very possible this is another one of their test units gone rogue as a Kavzar and Aceaer were detected fighting in the area. This subject will be very difficult to track; Both our Lord Alkanphel’s psychic senses and our Eyes of Chronos were unable to target the subject. We were only able to get a slight idea of their whereabouts. Now however we cannot even get a trace of them. However a report states that in northern France a Grakken was spotted infiltrating the atmosphere fundamentally around 1 hour ago.”

“Yes,” Luggnagg confirms. “And the Grakken was defeated by whoever the subject is. Some reports state that the Grakken was seen operating a Destroyer armor and battling a Kavzar like being, however no Kavzar have been reported or seen by our Eyes since the Kavzar and Aceaer were reported in London. We have dispatched Guyver Zoanoid and two Bio-Titans along with a number of power and bio-blaster type Zoanoids to find the Grakken craft.”

Jearvill continues. “Guyver Zoanoid has been informed that if he encounters any unknown guyvers he is to immediately contact you. However we hypothesize the subject has left the area and is possibly in one of the surrounding cities. Your mission is very simple, and undoubtably you have already guessed it. You are to track down the unknown guyver being and collect data. Primarily to whom they are affiliated, as well as any information that could be of use to Chronos. You are also to bring them to the Ethereal Tower in Kiev, Ukraine. There they are to be examined. If they will not come willingly, you are to capture them and bring them in by force.”

“I understand,” the man says bowing. “I will commence the operation posthaste.”

Paris, France

She is still far from the entrance. A man beside her speaks. “So, you come here often.”

Angel looks to her left, a large Italian man stands next to her nearly a foot taller. He’s a big fellow, with a well fitted suit. His skin is darkened by the sun, or possibly just heredity. He’s not too old, but well into middle age.

“No, I just arrived in Paris. Thought I might get a little fun in on an already bad day,” Angel says.

“American girl in Paris going to the famous Emerald Graveyard seems pretty planned if you ask me. One question though, why did you leave the states?” he asks.

Angel laughs. Might as well play it. “I’m from the western part of Utah. Place was taken over by Chronos and I didn’t feel like staying on the east coast with my family so I decided to take a trip.” Not the most inventive lie but it works.

The man nods. “Makes sense. Although Europe is in pretty bad shape compared to there. We’ve had two major Chronos assaults, they’ve only had a few little and the major one in New York. Plus they have that big ACTF with god only knows how many of those Guyvers working for them. We don’t have any, plus little armored support compared to them. Why come to a place with a higher risk of being killed.”

Angel looks up to him with a strange, almost emotionless look. “What about you Mr. Italian, you seem to know a bit more than the average person. Plus what are you doing in France?”

The man laughs out loud. “You caught me. I’m an Italian all right, straight from Vienna. My name is Vince Lito, owner and operator of Lito Industries.”

Angel tries to remember the name, but once again pulls a blank. “Sorry, I don’t recall the name.”

“You never…, well you are American so I suppose I can’t hold it against you. I don’t have any branches in the USA,” Vince says scratching his black crew cut. “After the Chronos assaults my company was one of the few that survived. We now supply over 70% of Europe’s steel, iron , and other raw materials.”

Angel huffs and smirks. “War does so boost the economy.” Angel puts down her arm and prepares for what she wants to do.

“Well it’s not as though I started the war. Not my fault all this happened, I’m just trying to do what I’m good at,” Vince comments.

“Anyway,” Angel interrupts, “What are you doing in France at the ‘famous’ Emerald Graveyard.”

“Getting a drink. Although I’m not happy they made me stand in line,” Vince says looking very upset towards the bouncer as he allows a man and woman by. “Let a movie star by but won’t let a man with a hundred times the amount of money past.” Angel reaches in Vince’s back pocket and swipes his wallet and sticks it in her pants.

“You may be rich, but not famous,” Angel says mockingly grinning.


“Hey, calm down buddy or we’ll have you removed,” the bouncer says in an English accent.

The woman beside him pulls on the man’s shirt. “Pleaze mi amor, do not provoke ze man. Monsieur my companion haz not a good day. Pleaze excuse him.”

“NO,” the man screams ripping his arm away from the lady. “If you don’t let me in I’m gonna go in myself!”

“You ain’t going in unless I say you can,” the bouncer says. “And this is my final warning.”

The man begins to change into a Zoanoid. The people around him run, including the bouncer and the woman.

“Damn,” Angel says and drops her bag. She thinks fast, if she bio-boosts she gives away her presence to the general public and to Chronos no doubt. If she doesn’t this zoanoid could kill quite a few people.

The Broyz laughs. “Now who’s running the show?”

A large man runs out of the crowd and rams his shoulder into the zoanoid and sends it slamming into the wall of the club. He jumps back quickly and Angel quickly looks at him. He’s a large black man with a shaved head and goatee. His posture shows training, particularly that of the military.

“Damn, and me without me Heavy,” the man says in a Italitan accent. He turns to the crowd. “RUN NOW AND TRY TO GET THE POLICE OR EDF”.

The crowd disperses in a panic. The black man turns to Angel, “You too girl, GO!”

“I ain’t going no where,” Angel says. The place is cleared. “GUYVER!”

Her blast field explodes like thunder and shatters all the glass in the area. The light pole beside her begins to bend towards her along with other metal objects. Her armor wraps around her and her eyes light up along with her control medal.

“WHOA!” the man says and backs up himself.

The Broyz shakes the cobwebs from his head and looks as a guyver stands before him. “Guyver,” he says. He watches as Angel’s arms begin to fizzle with electric bolts of different colors and throws both hands forward and blasts the zoanoid to pieces.

An explosion of electromagnetic power blasts the front of the building away revealing the inside of the club to the street. The people inside see the carnage as well as the dissolving body parts of the zoanoid and stomp over one another to escape.

The man shakes his own head. “Whoa, that was a woozy. You guyver, who are you?”

Angel looks over towards the man. No use hiding herself anymore. “My name is Angel, are you alright.”

“Yeah,” he says covering a large gash in his arm. A piece of glass has cut him. “I’ll be fine. Wow, you did a number on him.”

“I was more impressed by you. How did you manage the strength to push down a Broyz. They are very strong zoanoids?” Angel asks.

The man smiles. “Surprise mainly. Your balance and strength is a lot less when your surprised. I was as good as dead after that hit. I was just trying to give them people a chance to get outta here.” He walks over towards her and puts out his hand. “My name is Tyrone Benin. I’m a member of the EDF 8th armored squad. Were stationed here in Paris along with a few other squads.”

Angel looks down and grabs his hand. Tyrone jumps and rips his hand away. “Ow!”

“Oh, sorry. My armor is very shocking to say the least,” she says.

Tyrone lets go of his hand to look at it. It’s slightly red and blistered. “Hmm, don’t worry about it. I’ve been through worse. Ever get hit by a Vamore laser inside a Eurowolf. Oh, never mind.” Tyrone clenches his fist and ignores the pain. “Listen, you affiliated with anyone?”

Angel shakes her head.

“Would you mind coming and seeing General Zimmerman at the EDF headquarters, it’s not far from here, only a few miles out of town,” Tyrone says pointing east.

“Alright, might as well. It’s not like people don’t know I exist now,” Angel says. Tyrone smiles and begins to walk in the opposite direction.

“My car is over here if you want a ride,” he says.

Angel nods. She deactivates her armor and follows.

Ethereal Tower

Kiev, Ukraine

A woman, dressed in expensive attire with her blond hair tied behind her head with a band, sits at her high priced desk staring at a monitor showing current reports. She is Kalika Karlon, the previous leader of Chronos Europe and was in charge of keeping Europe under Chronos control as a Proto-Zoalord. Now after her Lord Alkanphel has awakened she was bumped to the side as the three Elite Zoalords stepped in and took over what she worked so long on to build. To say the least Kalika is upset. Now as a Disciple Zoalord she is reduced by the Elite to simply this small area of Eurasia. However she is in charge of half of the zoanoid development in this area. Her rival, Morpheus Tentrin, has the western part of Europe’s Zoanoid development. He replaced the previous Proto-Zoalord in the area, Tonnin, after he was captured by the creators. She and Tonnin were a team then, but now she has to deal with Morpheus the idiot. However due to the fact the western section of Europe is under control of the EDF his primary concern is producing troops like the new Bio-Titan and Powered Zerebubuse as Lord Kron has commanded. However she has another objective set by Lord Kron, that of producing a equivalent of the Bio-Titan which could be easier produced, as well as to improve the production method of the Bio-Titan. Both of which are amazingly difficult tasks that she has been handed. However some of the greatest minds of Chronos have been given to her command.

Her record is one of both success and failure. After the psychic bomb by the creators she lost most of Europe to the EDF, however she was able to gain back some before the Elite took over. In respect in Chronos she is one of the most trusted Disciple Zoalords. Her fellow zoalord Alfrid Drano was elected in charge of the United States, however she holds no grudge. He truly was the best for the job. Rumors have surfaced however of his daughter, as well as some of traitorous actions. The latter she could never accept.

But she has her own problems to deal with now. She has been given and objective and plans to carry it out immediately. Already a prototype has been created for this mission which is based off of the Thancrus design created by Doctor Valcus. The first prototype was a failure, however the second is being worked on now.

Suddenly her mind waves as a telepathic image is sent to her. Her Paris spy has been killed, and by a Guyver. She watches the last moments of the Broyz through his eyes. Is this the guyver the circle has been looking for?

<“Masters of the circle, I have news,”> Kalika utters tuning towards Athens.

<“Yes Kalika, what is that?”> Cablarl answers.

<“My zoanoid spy in Paris has been eliminated, by a guyver,”> Kalika responds.

A eerie moment of telepathic silence as Kalika sends the images to the circle. <“Just as we suspected. The subject is not a Kavzar, however the resemblance is uncanny. You have done well Kalika.”> Jearvill Bun Hiyern says.

They break the link.

“Damn them!” Kalika says slamming her fist on the desk.

Paris, France

EDF Headquarters

Tyrone pulls up and parks his small car in the parking lot outside of the main building. They had a hard time trying to get Angel through the gate as she wasn’t military, however after the General heard she was a guyver they were led through with the greatest of courtesy.

“How long has this building been here?” Angel asks looking at the gigantic building that stretches as far as a warehouse across and as tall as any building she can think of.

“It was erected shortly after Chronos first began to leave Europe for whatever reason. It was only completed a few months ago. However it now stores a shitload of or Heavies and serves as one of the major testing facilities in western Europe. Only other two are the one’s in Madrid and Berlin,” Tyrone says.

Tyrone and Angel walk over and step towards the main door. The door is huge enough to fit a man of 10 foot tall and 5 foot wide. “Big door,” Angel says.

“Just in case a Heavy has to get in,” Tyrone says.

“What is a Heavy?” Angel asks.

“Heavy is the name of our standard class armor. Them and the Eurowolves we buy from the ACTF make up most of our squads,” Tyrone says.

Two men take a look at them and open the door by a panel. “Welcome back Captain Benin.”

“Thank you Private,” Tyrone says. They both step through the door and into the main corridor where a big glass wall extends approximately 20 foot along the right side of them.

They begin to walk forward but are stopped at the end by two men.

“Miss, would ye pleaze go back to the glass for just a second,” one of the men ask.

Angel walks back.

The man talks to someone behind the wall. “Mam we need to search you and your bag. It seems our security system iz malfunctioning.”

Angel then realizes the bag on her shoulder and the new Aceaer unit inside. “No, you can check me but leave my bag alone”.

“But Mam, if you do not allow us to check ze bag you cannot enter the premisizes,” he says.

Angel shrugs her shoulders. “Then I guess it’s goodbye. Sorry Tyrone.”

Angel turns and walks away, knocking on the door to tell the people behind it to open up. One of the men come and grab her shoulder. “Mam, we were ordered by the General to…”

Angel turns and punches him dead in the face sending him soaring back ten foot and hitting the ceiling before falling on the steel ground. “I said NO!”

Tyrone steps back, but the dumb private comes forward with his gun raised, followed by three other men.

“Put your guns down now!” Tyrone screams. “That’s an order!”

“Sorry Captain, but ze orders are from General Zimmerman. Everyone iz to be checked that enter ze premisizes.”

Angel sets down the bag. “I’d listen to him.”

One of them men goes forward a bit. “Pleaze do not force us.”

The group slowly walks forward towards her.

Angel dashes out before they react and kicks the front man in the chest. This sends him whirling back and hitting his comrades. The man’s chest is badly burned and blistering.

Angel looks down and sees her foot is emitting little bolts of lightning.

“THAT’S ENOUGH!” a voice yells from behind them. The troops, including Tyrone, step aside and let a man by. He is highly decorated and wearing a military outfit. He’s a really old man, near 60. However his body is as healthy as a 30 year old. Typical military attitude. His face is scarred and wrinkled from time, which only worsens the almost bald head.

“You are Angel I assume,” the man says.

 “General Zimmerman?” Angel asks lowering her guard.

The man nods. “I’m the general and commander of the European Defense Force. I welcome you to Base Zero One. Is what Captain Tyrone say accurate, that you are a guyver who is against Chronos?”

Angel looks over at Tyrone, and back up at the giant general. “Yes. However don’t expect me to be rushing to join you after this very chivalrous greeting.”

“I must apologize for my men, they did not know you are a guyver. If so you would not have been treated in such a manner. I would like to speak to you if you don’t mind Angel,” he says.

“Are you French?” Angel asks suddenly.

The General smiles. She’s assuming from his form that’s not something that often occurs. “Yes, however I was cultured in the states, which is why my accent is not apparent when speaking English.”

“Ah, well okay. But no one is touching my bag,” Angel says and grabs the bag throwing it on her back.

“Might I ask what you used on my man,” General Zimmerman asks pointing towards the man with the smoking chest.

“My foot,” Angel replies and walks past him and the other downed men. She smiles at Tyrone. “Quite a group you are in.” She walks through the door.

“Now I’m very impressed,” the General says walking past his men. “Go to the medic and check out. I’ll send someone to replace your post soon.”

“I didn’t know she could do that,” Tyrone says confused.

I’ve begun to understand more of what is happening to me. My body is changing. It feeds on electricity now, or more specifically Electromagnetic Energy. It requires it like a normal person does food, sleep, or bio-energy. My human body is becoming alien to the rest of the world. But to what extent do my powers reach. Already I can boost my strength to twice a normal person, probably other things too, but I won’t know until I do some of my own testing. What exactly am I?

Angel steps into General Zimmerman’s office and sits down in a chair just opposite of him.

“So, first off, is Angel your real name?” the General asks.

She feels uncomfortable, “No, I don’t know what my real name is. When I became a guyver I lost all of my memory from that point back. The last thing I remember is waking up in London this morning.”

“So you only just became a guyver. That’s too bad. I wish I could help you with that but it’s beyond what I can do. But, if you lost your memory, how come you remember how to speak, how the world is and all that?” he asks.

Angel shrugs. “I’m not sure. I seem only to have lost personal memories. All my knowledge remained, but I can’t remember where or how I learned it. For example I know how to ride a motorcycle, fire a gun, handle money, tell time, but I don’t remember where I learned them and from whom.”

“So how did you learn to operate the guyver unit?” the General inquires.

“The unit told me. I know it sounds strange cause no other unit is programmed with knowledge of it’s powers except possibly the Assassin and Warrior units, but that’s how I learned. I also know almost everything there is to know about the creators and their projects. I have a detailed analysis in my brain about the one hundred thousand year war, the Warrior Project, as well as other projects that currently exist out in the creator empire. I know things about them only the Kavzar do, not even Chronos or the Grakken have the information I do,” Angel says sighing.

The General cuffs his hands. “So what do you plan to do?”

“I’m not sure. My unit is a test unit sent here by the council, thus having a creator presence around me is practically a requirement. Hell they are probably looking down at me now waiting for when the time is right to initiate the next phase of my testing. Once the test is done I’m to be eliminated by any means required short of ruining the terran project,” she says again sighing and slumping in the chair.

“Perhaps I can offer you a solution,” the General says. “Join the EDF and work with us. Help us defeat Chronos and you will be protected by any means necessary by our armored squads.”

Angel smiles. “Thank you for the offer general, but I must decline. If I stay here I endanger people. I’ve already decided my course of action.”

“That is?”

“I’m going to keep moving. Perhaps I can find somewhere to stay, but here is not that place. Besides, I’m uncomfortable here. When I’m around a crowd I don’t feel like myself. Heck I’m already acting jittery talking to you.”

The General nods, upset by her answer but he does a good job hiding it. “Very well, however I do offer you the option of staying here for the night. We have a few empty rooms you can use and a very good restaurant.”

Angel nods. “Alright, I suppose I could accept your offer for tonight. It’s already near midnight. Oh, where is Tyrone?”

“Captain Benin has retired to his room for the night. Outside one of my men will escort you to yours,” the General says. “Good night.”

“Good night,” Angel answers and picks up her bag.

Outer Space

Behind Venus

The Kavzar Commander is contacted by the unknown source again.

<“What is the situation?”> the telepathic message says.

<“The Hyper Aceaer test unit 01 has been eliminated by Primary Test subject. Hyper Aceaer’s unit was defective and did not return upon hosts elimination. Kavzar was primarily successful however the test subject evaded battle. Kavzar has since returned to the ship,”> the Commander replies. <“Currently creator Krullnar has not detected our presence, nor has been active. We have detected a Grakken craft entering the atmosphere, however the Grakken itself was defeated by the subject, even while the Grakken was using the Destroyer armor. Grakken attempted to merge with the Hyper Aceaer unit, however the unit showed again a defect and absorbed the Grakken in a highly unexpected side-effect. The new Aceaer type unit has yet to be activated so a description of it cannot be given. However Primary Subject has come in contact with that continents human forces that currently are in war with Alkanphel’s rogue group called Chronos.”>

<“Very well, continue.”>

Paris, France


Slinging her bag over her shoulder Angel pounds on the door that refuses to open.

“Hey hey hey,” a voice says behind her. Angel turns to see a middle aged man in a lab coat. “You shouldn’t go in there during a session.”

“Huh?” Angel blurts.

“They’re testing the new energy system for the Blast Armor,” the man says. “You go in there now and you’d most likely be hit by stray bullets or worse.”

Angel grimaces. “Sorry, I’m new here so I’ve no idea what your talking about.”

“Oh, you must be…” he says. “Well my name is Professor Willard, I’m the head technician of Base Zero One. The Blast Armor is the next step in our armor development. It’s as powerful as the ACTF’s Green V1’s, but lacks a adequate energy system like the Dimensional Coupler they have. They don’t last long, but have one helluva punch. It’s my job, along with Professor Harvey, to develop something to compensate.”

“Can I see?” Angel asks.

The Professor nods. He walks forward and towards the door on the right and slides in a card. The door bleeps and opens up. Angel peers in to see three men in lab coats staring out of a one way window.

One of the men turn to look at her and the professor. “Ah Professor Willard, how iz you doing today.”

“The German Professor seems to always arrive late,” one of the men say, obviously an Englishman.

Professor Willard smiles. “Well, I ran into this lovely young lady outside trying to get in the testing lab. We really should put a warning sign on that door.”

The youngest man in the room nods. “On the bright side the new hydrogen fuel system is 20% more efficient. We will be using the new engine type in the Heavy Armors production after it is cleared with the General.”

“20%, hardly enough to run ze Blast Armors though. We need an energy source dat replenishes itself for them, ze energy needs of it’s weaponry and movement iz far too great for our normal energy sources,” the first man says. “It’z too bad we can’t just steal one of ze Green armors from the US. I’m sure we could duplicate ze technology in time.”

“Possibly,” Professor Willard says. “But it would take a long time. The main reason the ACTF got it was from the man in charge of Area 51 for so long, what was his name, Martin?”

“Yeah, it would take at least 10 years to be ready to mass produce it,” the young man says.

Angel steps forward and stares out of the glass. She sees a large, nearly 10 foot tall red armored man with two gun turrets on his shoulders battling against a smaller, but more advanced looking armor who seems to be pushing forward much better.

“Which is which?” Angel asks.

“The red one on the left is the Heavy Armor. That’s a standard issue model, they can be modeled and upgraded with different parts but for our purpose a standard is all we require. The Heavy was made shortly after we got the first shipment of Eurowolves from the US. We modified the models and made the Heavy, which is essentially the same thing but ours is slightly more ungradable than the Wolves. The Blast armor was developed recently, maybe a month ago, but has a major energy drawback. The armor uses so much power we can only operate it at full capacity for 20 minutes before it just shut down,” Professor Willard says. “That’s our job, make the damn thing work longer. We’ve tried a lot of different things.”

“I still say use the batteries from the Particle Guns, but NOOO, the German is in charge,” the rude man says in the back.

Professor Willard smiles. “Keep it up, please, so I can have you transferred to Berlin.”

Angel watches as the Heavy Armor kicks the Blast Unit in the leg knocking him to the ground. The Blast rolls to the side and ignites the jets on his back, ramming into the Heavy at full speed and sending him soaring towards the window. All the scientists duck along with Angel as the wall buckles and glass shatters everywhere.

Angel begins to glow during and an electrical burst explodes around her as every piece of equipment in the room shatters and breaks. Both the Heavy and the Blast armors crumble down and the lights go out.

Professor Willard shakes off his coat, dropping glass to the ground. He grabs the handle on the door and forces it open, looking outside he sees the same carnage as half the building has lost power and most of the electrical devices in it have completely been destroyed.

“WHOA! What did you do?” Willard says looking down at Angel.

Angel stands up and grabs her bag. “I’m sorry, I lost control again.”

“What!” the Professor says looking at his lab. “What was that. Was it an EMP?”

“No,” Angel says watching the scientists eyes on her. “My body is full of Electromagnetic energy, I have to keep in control of it at all times mentally. If I don’t I could release this.”

Angel runs out the door.

The rude Englishman looks at Professor Willard. “I just got a wonderful idea. What if we can duplicate that in the Blast Unit?”

“My body is constantly absorbing electromagnetic energy from the atmosphere. Right now I can live completely off the atmosphere cause my body doesn’t require as much, but later after my DNA is written more I will require more than just that around me. I can compensate by eating foods with Iron and Sodium in high levels, but eventually that won’t be enough either.

“My body is new to this, so I don’t know how to fully control how my body uses the energy. Some of it is absorbed for living, some I can use as I want. I’ve learned to use it to activate my armor, use it to hyper-charge my healing or absorbing ability, and use it to increase my physical qualities to extremely high levels. My DNA is strange as well, in fact it is perfection in itself. I am as strong as two men, I have Olympic level agility and endurance, high intelligence, and a plethora of other equally impressive traits. Each of which can be multiplied by my electromagnetic qualities. But I still have yet to be completely finished so to say, my body is getting stronger, as is my guyver unit,” Angel pauses after the speech.

“So sooner or later you are going to require some form of extra substance to keep you alive, and how do you know all of this?” Professor Willard asks.

“Some of it my unit told me, some of it is pure instinct, and some I’ve no idea how I know. When I hurt those guards with my kick so bad that’s when I understood I could increase my abilities with my powers. When I blew up your lab I then knew I had to keep my power in control or it would do that. Or I could focus it and attack with it on purpose. Don’t ask me, it’s strange to me.”

The Professor nods. “I’ve an idea. Allow me to take a blood sample. With it I could do two things. One I could develop something that would help give you that substitute now, and possibly reproduce your Electromagnetic Absorption qualities for my Blast Armors so we can get them out on the field against Chronos.”

London, England

 Cynthia sits at the window stitching up a ripped shirt. She hears a stomping outside the door and the door opens. She sees a large man in a business suit come forth.

“I’m looking for a guyver,” he says.

Cynthia begins to shiver. “None here, why not check near the palace.”

The man smiles as his clothes rip apart.

The Next Day

Angel walks out of the front of the EDF building. This place is too distracting.

She hears a voice from behind. She turns and sees Tyrone and Professor Willard running up to her.

“Leaving so soon?” Tyrone asks.

Angel nods. “I’m going to go back to England, someone is there I’m going to say hi to”.

Professor Willard smiles. “Well I want to thank you for the blood. I’ve got a present for you out at the gate, two actually, just as a way of saying thanks.”

Angel smiles. She sets her bag on the ground and opens it up. She pulls out the Aceaer unit, lighting up the faces of Tyrone and Willard. “For you Tyrone.”

Tyrone grabs the unit, and holds it in his hands.

“The button on the side activates it,” Angel says smiling.

Tyrone presses the button, and the unit begins to shake as it breaks open and forms around his body.

After a few moments a new Aceaer stands up. He has no visible control device on his huge body that is littered red and black.

“Crimson Aceaer unit, that’s what I’ll call it,” Professor Willard says.

The Crimson Aceaer looks down at the Professor. “Just Crimson.”

Angel walks through the gate without trouble and spots a black motorcycle near the guard booth. It has a helmet with a design of Angel wings on the side, and a leather jacket with the word ‘Angel’ decorated by wings and falling, and a note on the bike.

The General told me you knew how to drive motorcycles. I just assumed that this would be a good present for your help.

Professor Willard

“He is slick,” Angel says strapping on the helmet and putting the jacket on. She finds a revolver in the jacket as well. She laughs and starts the bike. A screen is set between the handle bars and lights up with a directory. She selects operation.

Bike is a hybrid gas/electric engine. Gas to go faster, electric to keep running, “How nice, the professor was thinking. My body is the bikes fuel so to speak,” she says and takes off.

2 hours later

Angel stops near the hotel. The bike is very fast, she maxed out at nearly 400 MPH using her powers. She jumps off and sets her helmet down. She looks upward at Cynthia’s window and smiles.

Maybe. Angel concentrates and her body begins to glow as she lifts herself into the air and floats up towards the window. She steps in and looks around. She sees the wall where the Kavzar slammed into it, she sees where she battled the Hyper Aceaer.

“Cynthia,” Angel calls walking around.

She walks into another room and is horrified at the sight! Blood covers the wall as if it was splashed on! Angel looks around screaming for her friend. That’s when she notices her body, crushed as by a giant hand grasped her body. Her face is red from all the blood in it, the force actually popped her eyes out. Angel almost pukes while crying when she sees a piece of paper on the ground. She picks it up and reads it.

I’ll be at Mardalsfoss, Norway. Find me and listen Guyver.

Guyver Powered Zerebubuse