This is a fan-fiction based on characters created by Yoshiki Takaya and contains violent situations with adult language. Any similarity to actual persons, living or dead is unintentional and purely coincidental.

NoteThis fic takes place during Meeting of the Guyvers
TitleEchoes of Past Present
AuthorJames Diaz

The sun was shining and the sky was a deep blue, with only an occasional whiff of clouds to mark the horizon. Seventeen-year-old Scott Matthew was enjoying another beautiful day in the Nevada Desert, testing a new hybrid engine motorbike he had build in his dads’ garage over the summer vacation. His girlfriend, Sara, watched him a few feet away as she prepared to clock his first test run, stop watch in hand and giving him a thumb’s up. Scott returned the gesture, with a smile, before putting on his helmet and then pressing the ignition/start button.

The hybrid engine remained eerily silent but status lights and gauges on the bikes’ display panel came to life, followed by a low and barely audible hum, all was working as it should. Scott then kicked back the bikes’ kick stand, just before he, and the bike, roared forward, the engine suddenly alive with noise as it burned fuel for rapid acceleration. Within seconds, Scott had reached 60 MPH and was still accelerating. He finally screamed, “YAAAHOOOOO!!!”, as he passed 80 MPH.

The bike was really meeting his expectations, then, as he reached 90 MPH, he set the bike to cruise mode to test how well the electric part of his engine could maintain velocity. A few minutes later and he was still traveling at 90 MPH, boy where his friends at school going to be envious of him this year. Finally, something that he could show off the fact that it can be cool to be a tech nerd sometimes. , he thought,

Half way back, he was suddenly rocked by a powerful gust of wind that almost made him lose control. He had thought that he had seen something pass him but nothing could move that fast, at least nothing he knew of. Now even more worried, Scott barely slowed down enough to stop safely when he finally returned to where he had left Sara, but she was nowhere to be seen. Scott was on the verge of senseless, wide eyed, terror as he jumped off the bike and let it fall to the ground as he ran to where she had stood and started screaming her name.

“Oh, why don’t you just shut the hell up, you damn, worthless, piece of shit!”

Scott reeled around to face a strange alien looking armored being that he somehow knew was called a Guyver.

“W, wh-, where’s Sara?” Scott asked the strange being imploringly. Only to have the Guyver stare silently at him.

“WHAT HAVE YOU DONE TO HER?” Scott screamed at the Guyver.

“Don’t you mean, what is it you have done Scott?”

Scott was shocked that this being knew his name, “Ha-How do you know me and what do you mean?”

“Quite simple. You are the bane of my existence. A constant reminder of the horror I may still face, in my own future. Or should I say the past. In any event, you should have known better than to bring her to this place.”

“This place?” Scott asked as he suddenly realized they were no longer in the Nevada desert but in some desolated wasteland that looked like it had been hit with nuclear bombardment. Even more shocking than that, were the eviscerated remains of Sara at the feet of the Guyver.

“What have you done?” Said Scott, almost in a whisper, as his face contorted into an alternating mix of expressions of pain, horror, grief, and rage.

“WHAT HAVE YOU DONE! YOU BASTARD!” Yelled Scott, as he collapsed to his knees and tears now flowed freely down his face.

“You have no one to blame but yourself. Now I’m going to end your pitiful existence once and for all. Only then, can I be sure that I will never return to that body.” The Guyver said before extending his vibrational swords and walking towards Scott menacingly.

Scott quickly got back to his feet and stumbled backwards as he attempted to get away from this fiend before him but his steps where suddenly heavy as he felt his body go stiff and rigid. Glancing down, he saw that his body had become covered in circuits and wires of all types.

“Yes Scott, it is you who are the true abomination. You suffer the same fate that I once did, killing you now would only be merciful. Something I’m not normally inclined to do but I can’t risk the chance that I would ever again be so cursed.”

“Risker?” Scott said with a now mechanical voice.

“Yes Scott. The one you helped free from that accursed body.” Guyver 2 then laughed before saying, “Now it’s time to return the favor!”

Cyber Scott was unable to move out of the way as Guyver 2 sliced into his skull with his right vibrational sword, but then suddenly the sword halted halfway through Scotts’ skull. Scott could only watch helplessly as Guyver 2 struggled with his now stuck sword. Moments later, Scotts’ chest exploded outward and began to engulf Guyver 2 in a mass of circuits and wires. Risker immediately began to scream out “NO!”, along with pleas for help. All to no avail as Cyber Scott and Guyver 2 started to merge. Scott was no longer able to speak aloud and so was left to silently scream in his mind, at the horror of what was happening. Both Risker and Scott could now start to feel each other as their bodies merged. A second later and they were no longer there. Only Cyber Guyver remained, his eyes eerily aglow as his Control Medal flashed and his face vents vented steam. The lone figure then began to evilly laugh as he raised his head and arms to the sky and the dark thunderstorm now above it.

On near opposite ends of the planet, both the beings known as Cyber Guyver, Scott Matthews, and Guyver 2, Oswald Risker, simultaneously screamed as they awoke from their mutual nightmare. Both blissfully ignorant of the fact that they had both shared the same horrific dream. For Scott, it was yet another reason he desperately needed to get back into his own body. For Risker, it was just another reason he should find and destroy the Cyber Guyver.

Washington, D.C. Main ACTF Base

“So you had another nightmare Scott?” Asked Dr. Drake as Scott, in his Oswald Risker based humanoid form, silently walked into his lab and promptly laid himself down on the examination table.

Silence was the only reply, after a few moments Dr. Drake prompted, “That bad huh?”

“The worst yet Doc, I’m not sure how much more of this I can take.”

“Do you want to talk about it?” Asked Dr. Drake as he walked up to Scott and activated the examination equipment and initiated the full body scanning sequence. The table then started to slide into a modified MRI scanner, designed to safely scan Scott’s mostly inorganic body.

“Not really, I would lay it all off to just another example of the stress I’m under but it was just that it felt so damn real.”

“Dreams do tend to dredge things up we don’t like to consciously think about Scott, especially nightmares.”

“Yeah, I know Doc, it may be just this cybernetic brain I’m stuck with but I’ve never had a nightmare this vivid before.”

“You have been through a lot Scott, maybe it’s all just catching up to you?”

“I don’t know Doc, I just hope that’s all it is.”

The scanning process was now complete and Scott sat up as Dr. Drake reviewed the results.

“Well Scott, you seem to be in perfect health. There’s nothing here to indicate anything that might be causing your nightmares.”

“Great, I’m going insane!”

“Now, now Scott. I know I can’t even imagine what you must be going through, but-“

“BUT!? But what doc? I’m a freak. I’m a ghost in a body that’s not even mine and barely qualifies as even being alive! By all rights I should have ceased to exist already. God damn it, I can hardly even remember what it was like to be human.”

“Scott, I. . .”, Dr. Drake trailed off as he could think of no words of comfort for his friend and could only watch as Scott buried his face in his hands. A few moments passed before Scott broke the silence.

“Sorry Doc, I’ll be okay. I just got to learn to deal with it. After all, I can’t very well fall apart now that Jason and the others are on that crazy mission.” Scott smirks, “Got to help defend the base until the big guns get back.”

Dr. Drake was less than assured that Scott would be okay and thought a minute on how he could help. . .

“Okay Doc, thanks for the check up, I’ll go check with General Carter and see if he needs me to do anything.”

“Wait Scott, I can use your help.”

Scott pauses.

“I’m working on some new things and could use your help testing them out.”

Scott almost smiled as he quickly accepted Dr. Drake’s offer and they both soon get into a detailed discussion on the new armor materials, weapon systems, and Cybernetic designs that Dr. Drake had started to develop. . .

Elsewhere. . .

It was already night at the Siberian Chronos base. Oswald Risker had barely slept an hour before awaking from his latest nightmare. Too stressed to go back to sleep, he had instead opted to work out in his private gym. An hour later and he was still too stressed to sleep. This did little more than anger him as he raged at the knowledge that though he had escaped his accursed body and was whole once again, that he was still a prisoner of his fear that he could again become the Cyber Guyver. He screamed in his mind as he activated his armor and was instantly surrounded by the familiar blast field. A second later found him miles from the security perimeter of the base and deep into a nearby Siberian forest. Guyver 2 then released his rage upon the trees and rocks around him, the result being the seemingly spontaneous explosion of force as an acre of forest was obliterated in a matter of seconds. Guyver 2 having moved so quickly that no human could have seen anything but the results of his actions as he pounded away with nothing more than his fists and incredible speed.

Guyver 2 now stood at the center of the devastation he had caused. He felt both a thrill and dread at the knowledge of what he was capable of now. His speed made him one of the most lethal beings on the planet, yet it was also a constant reminder that he was once Cyber Guyver. As much as he wanted to forget, he could not shake the fear that the nightmare could happen all over again.

For months Risker had busied himself with doing his best to change history and bring Chronos final victory, but now history had been changed and his memories provided no other useful details of what is to come. Now he had nothing to do but wait till Chronos needed him for something. For a time he had helped train the newest hyper zoanoids but had been banished to Siberia, supposedly for his own protection. They had thought it best to keep him in reserve for the time being. After all, his incredible speed meant he could be quickly called into service whenever needed. He also served as their secret weapon, as he had yet to demonstrate his full power to any of the ACTF Guyvers, but all this translated into simply too much free time for him to do anything but think!

Guyver 2 thought to himself. Guyver 2 then picked up a fist size rock and began to crush it in his fist, letting the sand like fragments fall slowly to the ground until he came to a decision.

“I’m going to have to destroy that damn thing.” Guyver 2 says aloud, just before he vanishes from the area as he speeds away at super speed. . .

Washington, D.C. Main ACTF Base

An hour had passed and Scott was still hard at work, helping Dr. Drake test some of his new designs and materials for the next generation of Cybernetic armor technology.

For once, Scott was glad to have his cybernetic abilities. Interfacing with the base’s Super Computer, allowed him to quickly execute simulations and programming that would have taken him months when he was only human. His own Cybernetic Brain was actually enhancing the computer’s capabilities and allowing it to perform calculations that would have taken it weeks, if not months, to do on its own. So when Scott finally disengaged himself from the computer, after only a few minutes, that Dr. Drake was naturally quite astonished to hear Scott tell him that he was finished in so short a time. He was even more shocked to discover that the simulations were complete and ready for review, as Scott handed him the finished results on a data disc.

“Scott, I, uh. . . This is, ah. . . I mean. . . I can’t believe this. This, this is just too amazing.” Said an astonished Dr. Drake.

“Believe it, Doc, you can start manufacturing the prototypes as soon as the General grant’s approval.”

Dr. Drake stared at the data disc a moment longer before rushing over to an intercom and paged General Carter to meet him in the Computer Center. . . Minutes later, the General arrived and quickly reviewed the summarized information of Dr. Drake’s proposed projects.

“And you say the simulations have already been completed and the results verified?” Asked General Carter.

Both Scott and Dr. Drake nod yes. General Carter arches an eyebrow but then says, “Very good gentlemen, you have permission to begin prototype testing. Keep me informed of your progress. Mr. Matthew’s, please come with me.”

Scott quickly follows the General as Dr. Drake rushes to the R&D lab to begin manufacturing his design prototypes. The General then speaks to Scott as he continues to walk back to his office.

“I want to thank you Scott, I know Drake couldn’t have finished those simulations so soon without your help.”

“No need Sir, Dr. Drake’s designs were already well thought out. I just helped with some of the computer work.”

“You’re too modest Scott, very soon our chances against Chronos will be greatly improved, but I do have a more pressing issue to discuss with you.”


“Miss O’Conner is returning from her scouting mission soon. I’m sure you’ve heard the rumors that she’s been suffering from headaches.”

“Uh, yes sir, but I’m sure it’s just stress. I know I’ve been nervous since Jason and the others went on that mission. It’s bad enough worrying about Chronos but beings from an alternate reality, a little headache is perfectly understandable.”

“Perhaps, nonetheless I want you to keep an eye on her. I’ll have Sean and Cori handle the patrols for now, with Sai and Keilynn on reserve. Zeugma is assisting a battalion of Green V2’s with base security and Elera is keeping an eye on Faye.”

“Uh, yes sir.”

“One more thing Scott, if you can, try to convince her to let Dr. Redmond examine her. Headaches may be normal for most people under stress but Miss O’Conner is hardly normal. We can ill afford to let something go wrong now.”

“Ah, yes sir. I’ll do my best.”

“Very good, you’re dismissed.” Said the General, just before they reached his office and he enters alone. Leaving an uncomfortable and confused Scott Matthews, alone in the hallway. . .

Jenny O’Conner had just returned from a routine patrol of the Canadian and US border. Aside from a single encounter with a Chronos scouting party, the trip had been uneventful. The only thing bothering her now was an annoying headache that she just couldn’t get rid of. So the first thing she did upon her return to the ACTF base was to go straight to medical for some pain killers.

None of the Guyvers had ever complained of such ailments, since becoming Guyvers. So the news had quickly spread through the base and consequently many rumors had ensued, long before Jenny had returned from her mission.

Barely fifteen minutes had passed since Jenny had returned and she, being part Overlord, quickly picked up the rumors as people, she passed in the hallways, couldn’t help but think of them as they watched her walk past them. This did little to help Jenny’s headache, even after she had taken over four times the recommended dosage of aspirin pills.

Jenny thought in frustration as she fingered the small bottle of Aspirins in her hand, before tossing it into the nearest hallway waste bin.

Finally the stress started to become too much for her and so Jenny decided to head to the training room to relieve some of her stress, , she thought to herself sarcastically.

Halfway to the training room, Jenny turned a corner and walks right into Scott Matthews. . .

A few minutes later, Scott had transformed into Cyber Guyver and Jenny had transformed into Psi-Guyver. Cyber Guyver barely had time to ponder why he had agreed to battle Psi-Guyver, knowing full well that her maximum power could easily become twice his own without either going into their most powerful forms, before Psi Guyver activated the training chambers automated weapons systems. Within seconds, dozens of laser cannons began to fire randomly, from all directions, as Psi-Guyver initiated the duel with a vibrational sword attack. Cyber Guyver quickly countered with his own swords, even as both expertly dodged random laser blasts.

This continued for a full minute before her, until then simply annoying, headaches suddenly upgraded into an incredibly painful one. Psi-Guyver stumbled just as multiple laser blasts struck her and sent her crashing to the ground.

“JENNY!” Cyber Guyver yelled in shock, before he quickly ordered the computer to deactivate the training rooms laser array and ran to Psi-Guyver’s now prone body.

“Jenny? . . Jenny, are you okay?” Asked Cyber Guyver with concern.

“Ugh, ooh, that smarts. . . Uh, yeah I’m fine. Just this damn headache. Put me off guard for a moment. I’ll be fine in a moment, just give me a sec.” Said Psi-Guyver as she slowly raised herself to a siting position.

“I’m no doctor but I’d say that was more than just a headache Jenny, it could be something more serious. I think you should go see Dr. Redmond and have him give you a complete checkup.”

“I said, I’ll be fine, it’s just a headache.”

“Don’t be stubborn Jenny, common, I’ll take you. . .” Said Cyber Guyver as he started to reach for Psi-Guyver, so he could carry her to Dr. Redmond.

“I said that I’m FINE!” Psi Guyver yelled as she swatted Cyber Guyver’s arms away, while simultaneously hitting him with a massive psionic pulse that sent him flying away, with such force that he did not stop till he hit the far wall and landed with a thud onto the floor.

“SCOTT! Are you okay? I’m, I’m so sorry. I didn’t mean to hit you like that. I, I, oh crap. I am so sorry.” Said Psi-Guyver, as she quickly got up and ran over to Cyber Guyver and helped him back to his feet.

“That’s alright Jenny, we’re all a little stressed right now. Just remind me to never piss you off, ever again.”

“Okay, okay, I’ll go see Dr. Redmond.”

“Good. At the very least, he can probably give you something for that headache. How long have you had it anyway?”

“That’s the strange part, I can’t seem to remember when it started. Well, anyway, I’ll catch you later Scott. Hopefully Dr. Redmond can do something about this damn headache.” Said Psi-Guyver, just before she deactivated her armor and walked out of the Training Room.

Cyber Guyver quietly watched her leave before tapping into the base security system, to make sure Jenny was actually going to Dr. Redmond’s Lab. He was quite relieved to see that she was and was about to break his link with the base security system when he noticed a distortion on the perimeter security cameras. The distortion lasted only a split second and he would have thought nothing of it except that the distortion had affected several cameras at nearly the exact same time. The effect was too quick for any normal human to have caught but Cyber Guyver’s Cybernetic brain easily picked it up. The distortion then appeared again but this time it affected several of the base’s internal surveillance cameras. Scott knew perfectly well that this distortion was not normal and did a quick diagnostic of the system to verify that it was working properly. After a few seconds, Scott verified that the system was working properly and was about to call General Carter when suddenly he sensed someone had entered the training room’s control room. He broke his link with the security system and turned to see who was there, only to be shocked to see Guyver 2!

Guyver 2 then activated the Training Room’s weapon systems and set all of them to maximum power. Suddenly Cyber Guyver was being fired on by high intensity lasers and plasma bolt blasts. If not for Cyber Guyver’s cybernetically enhanced reflexes, he would have been blasted to oblivion in the first second of the attack. But Scott knew he could not keep that up forever and quickly put up a shield as he yelled out to the computer, an emergency security code to deactivate the room’s weapon systems, but Guyver 2 had already disabled the computer voice command system.

<Oh, but I will Scott and there’s nothing you can do but die!>

Cyber Guyver yelled through his unit, as he felt his shield weakening under the deadly bombardment.

Guyver 2 smiled beneath his armor before saying, “And just to be sure.” Guyver 2 then set the Training Room’s power systems to overload before he waved goodbye and then left the base at super speed.

Scott knew he had only seconds to act. Tendril like cables quickly shot out from his arms and rammed into the floor. A split second later and the weapon systems deactivated and the power overload was stopped.

Moments later, Dr. Drake walked into the Training Room’s Control Room.

“Scott, what in-” Dr. Drake stopped as he saw the damage done to the Control Room.

“Let’s just say my life is starting to reflect my nightmare’s doc. Better call the General, I got some good news and some bad news to give him.”

Just then the base intruder alarms activated and sirens could be heard throughout the base.

“Never mind Doc, I’ll go see him. By the way Doc, just a suggestion, but I think our next project should be improving the base security systems. In fact I think we should make it a priority.” Said Cyber Guyver as he walked out of the Training Room.

A minute later and Cyber Guyver entered General Carter’s office. The General was understandably getting quite annoyed, as all security check points verified an all clear and the cause of the alarm continued to elude explanation, when he noticed Cyber Guyver entering his office. The General then ordered the Marine, he had a on a vid-phone, to keep him informed before he broke the link and turned to Cyber Guyver.

“Hello Scott, seems we may have a false alarm-“

“Sorry General, but I’m afraid we don’t.”


“It’s Risker Sir, he just tried to kill me.”

“You’re kidding, that maniac, how the hell did he get past the perimeter defenses?”

“Believe it or not, he just ran right into the base, Sir. He simply moved too fast to be seen.”

“You’re right, I do find that hard to believe. But I’ll take your word for it. Any idea why he would try to kill you after all this time?”

“Not sure Sir, unless he knows about Jason and the others being away. No, this felt personal. I got the impression he just wanted me dead.”

“Hmm, not good, what’s the status on Miss O’Conner. I assume she wasn’t with you when you were attacked?”

“Yes, I managed to convince her to see Dr. Redmond just before Risker showed up.”


Just then Dr. Redmond appeared on the General’s desk vid-phone.

“Uh Sir. . . I may need some assistance with Miss O’Conner, she’s become most uncooperative since the intruder alert sounded.”

“Don’t let her leave. Tell her everything is under control. Scott, you better head down there and help Dr. Redmond out. I’ll have Zeugma see if she can make sure our little problem has left the area.”

“Okay Sir.”

Cyber Guyver then left the General’s office and hurried to Dr. Redmond’s lab. Arriving just in time to see Jenny holding a marine off the floor with one hand, as he struggled helplessly in her grip, his gun crushed and broken on the floor.

“Jenny! What are you doing? Put him down.”

“The base is under attack and this jerk tried to keep me from leaving.”

“Jenny, the base is fine, now put him down.”

“Fine.” Says Jenny as she releases her hold on the Marine and he drops to the floor, wheezing and coughing as he regains his breath. Cyber Guyver helps him back to his feet as a nurse comes over and checks to see if he’s okay.

“What were you thinking Jenny? You could have killed that guy.”

“Uh, not sure. I’m not thinking straight right now Scott. I heard the alarm and was about to leave when that Marine tried to stop me. Said some nonsense about the General giving orders that I was not to leave until the doctor gave the okay. I, I just got very angry and. . .” Jenny voice then trailed off as she suddenly fainted, only Cyber Guyver’s quick reflexes kept her from collapsing to the floor as he caught her and lifted her to the nearest bed.

Dr. Redmond then rushed over and started to examine her.

“Will she be okay Doc?”

“I won’t know until I can determine what’s wrong with her. I understand you talked to her before she came to me, did she tell you when she started to have these headaches?”

“No, she couldn’t remember when they started, just that they seem to be getting worse.”

“Hmm, okay Scott, you better leave. We’re going to have to give her an MRI. I’ll call you if we need your help with anything else.”

“Okay, you’re the doctor.” Said Cyber Guyver as he left and started to walk to Dr. Drake’s lab, to begin work on upgrading the base security systems. Thinking, all the while, that Jason better get back soon. . .

A few miles away, in the West Potomac Park

Guyver 2 cursed as he realized Cyber Guyver was still alive. He had been too confident and forgotten how resilient his old body was. Now he had little choice but to go back and try again, but now he had lost the element of surprise. He thought to himself. He’ll just have to wait and watch for another opportunity to present itself. . .

10:00 PM, at the ACTF Washington, DC base.

Scott and Dr. Drake had just finished planning the base security upgrades. It would take at least a week before they could be implemented but it should make it much harder for anyone else to break into the base. At least as far they could technically plan for. Unfortunately they had nothing to prevent teleportation and had no sensor technology that could defeat the stealth technology of the Shadow Guyver. But the upgrades they planned would prevent anything else from penetrating the base security, at least long enough to setup and plan an offensive. Overall, Scott and Dr. Drake were quite happy with what they had come up with. Improvements to the sensor grid would accurately detect and track multiple intruders. While a modified version of the Guyver Training Room weapon systems would be deployed throughout the base and can be instantly deployed. They even threw in a couple, of pairs, of particle beam cannons to the external defenses. The General quickly approved the plan and ordered work begin first thing in the morning on implementing it.

Cyber Guyver then went to Dr. Redmond’s lab to check up on Jenny. He was surprised to find her still unconscious and in a Bio-Tube, as Dr. Redmond and his assistants continued to run checks on her.

“Dr. Redmond, why is Jenny in a Bio-Tube? Is she going to be all right?”

“Hello Scott, don’t worry, we’re just keeping her sedated while we finish the examination. The Bio-Tube is simply better equipped to perform the tests than the lab.”

“Have you determined the cause of her headaches?”

“Not yet, neither the MRI nor the blood work showed anything unusual. Right now I’m monitoring her condition while running a DNA analysis.”


“Yes, Miss O’Conner was an incomplete Over Lord when Jason made her a Guyver. Her DNA may have been stabilized but we have no idea, what the long term effects could be.”

“So you think the headaches could be a symptom of something worse?”

“Perhaps, I won’t know for sure until I see the results of the analysis. Until then, we’re keeping her comfortable.”

“Do you have to sedate her?”

“Until we can determine the cause of her ailment, the best thing for her now is just to rest. The Bio-Tubes are also equipped for tissue regeneration, in case her condition worsens. At the very least, we can give her the equivalent of a weeks worth of rest.”

“Okay Doc, lets just hope Jason gets back soon.”

“Don’t worry Scott, Miss O’Conner isn’t in any immediate danger. If the results come back negative, then we can safely say she’s just suffering from excessive stress and should feel better in the morning.”

“Okay Doc, it’s just weird to see her in a Bio-Tube is all. See you later Doc.” Said Cyber Guyver as he left the lab and headed to his room. Somehow he doubted that he would get any sleep that night. . .

The next morning found Scott still awake. He stared at the ceiling as the morning sun shined into his room until his alarm clock told him it was 7:00 A.M., not that he needed to be told since his Cybernetic brain kept perfect time. He thought to himself as he got up and started to make his way to the General Carter’s office, being a military base meant most people here were up by 5 A.M.. So it came as little surprise to find the General already at his desk, with a cup of coffee as he read the morning reports.

“Good morning Sir.”

“Good morning Scott. Good work yesterday.”

“Thank you Sir.”

“Nothing new on Risker I’m afraid. As far as we can tell he’s long gone.”

“Hopefully Sir. Any news on Jenny Sir?”

“Dr. Redmond reported that the test results were negative and she seems physically fine. If her condition continues to remain stable, then he’ll discharge her this afternoon. Seems you may have been right about the stress. Speaking of which, how are you holding up Scott.”

“I’m fine Sir, just going a little stir crazy.”

“Hmm, there is something I was thinking of having you do Scott, but I’m not sure now that an attempt has been made on your life.”

“Well, like you said Sir, he’s probably long gone and I’m not that easy to kill.”

“Okay Scott, the ECTF have reported that they have come in contact with a new Guyver type. Code named Angel, she appears to be extremely powerful and has demonstrated electromagnetic abilities.”

“You’re kidding, a Guyver demonstrating electromagnetic power. You don’t think she might be Cybernetic like me?”

“That’s one of the things that I want you to find out. According to the ECTF report, she’s all organic and appears to be anti-Chronos, so I don’t expect you’ll run into any trouble. I mainly just need a determination of her abilities and to see if she would be interested in joining us. If she’s not interested, then simply find out as much about her as you can and report back your findings.”

“Isn’t she with the ECTF?”

“Not presently, she’s agreed to work with them but that’s it for now. She may also be suffering from amnesia, as she claims to have no memory of her past. “

“If she’s not with the ECTF, how do I find her?”

“The hard way I’m afraid Scott. You’re going to have to track her down. Though, considering the strong electromagnetic field she gives off, that, hopefully, will not be much, of a problem, for you.”

“I see, so when do I go?”

“In two days, you’ll be going with an AC-130 loaded with armor components we’re sending to the ECTF.

“Armor components, Sir?”

“As you know, we’ve already sent the ECTF a large shipment of Wolf Armors but now they are developing their own armors and we’ve agreed to help. In exchange, they’ve agreed to send us shipments of food and supplies until normal trade is re-established.”

“In the meantime I’ll need you to assist Dr. Drake with base security upgrades. Sean and Cori should be back from patrol by then and enough of the new systems should be online to secure the base until Jason and the others return.”

“Okay Sir, I’ll get right on it.”

“Very good Mr. Matthews, you are dismissed.”

Cyber Guyver then left the General’s office and started to head to Dr. Drake’s lab. He soon found him, hard at work, as he instructed a small army of technicians on how the new security equipment should be installed and how the existing security systems would be modified. Army core engineers had already started work on the Base, to prepare it for the installation of the new security weapon systems.

Until now, the Base had relied on armored marines and traditional military base artillery to defend itself from attack. This alone only provided enough protection to give them time to call in the Guyvers, since only the Guyvers stood a chance of repelling any major attack from Chronos. But once the new system was installed, the Base should be able to defend itself from anything short of Chronos’s most powerful zoaforms. At least that was the plan. Chronos still has a major technological advantage over the ACTF and nothing in the foreseeable future was going to change that, but at least now they could make sure Chronos paid a price if they tried to take out this Base.

Dr. Drake soon noticed Cyber Guyver’s arrival and waved him over as he finished giving his instructions to the technicians and then sent them on their way. He then turned to Cyber Guyver.

“Good morning Scott, as you can see, we’re well on our way and should be finished ahead of schedule.”

“Great Doc. The General is sending me on a mission in two days. So, is there anything you need me to do in the meantime?”

“Hmm, two days, doesn’t give us much time to set up the new weapon systems. So we better prioritize.”

“We’ll the General said Cori and Sean should be back soon, and we still got Zeugma.”

“Ah yes, the irony of life. But we should still get as much done as possible before you leave Scott.”

“Okay Doc, how about the particle cannons?”

“Hmm, good idea Scott. They’re the only heavy weapons we’ve got. Fortunately they’ll be the easiest to install. There are four raisable underground platforms around the base that we can modify. All are accessible from the Base, through subterranean tunnels, for maintenance and power. That should reduce the size of the cannons enough so they can be deployed and aimed more quickly than normal. Also the energy shields can be powered separately, to prevent any recharge delays if the cannons are attacked.”

“Aren’t we gonna use the new cannons you were developing?”

“Unfortunately no, it’ll take a month before we even have the prototypes built. The computer simulations you ran helped, but we still have to thoroughly test the power system before we deploy the new weapon system. I don’t need to remind you on the failure of the Robo Guyver project, up in Canada. Even with the restoration of most of our supply lines, we can ill afford to waste precious resources at this time.”

“Okay Doc, in that case I suggest we keep the cannons existing power system. Just relocate it into the platform and use the power feed from the base for the shields and as secondary power for the cannons. Maybe add extra armor to the platforms as well. That way, even if the cannons are destroyed, we can simply lower the platform and load new cannons onto them for redeployment.”

“Hmm, interesting idea Scott, that’ll leave us with more power for the internal defenses but anything capable of penetrating the energy shield and destroying the cannons would also destroy anything we could reinforce the platforms with.”

“How about that new synthetic metal you were working on?”

“That’s still experimental Scott. I’d admit the test result’s looks promising but I’m not ready to stake my life on it.”

“Yes but we could lay some of the composite armor we’re using now under it, in case it fails.”

“Hmm, interesting. I suppose it couldn’t hurt. If it works, great. If not, then there’s nothing else we could have done.”

“Okay Doc, I’ll go help those army guys prepare the platforms.”

“Okay Scott, I’ll prepare a batch of the synthetic metal in the meantime then.”

Cyber Guyver then left Dr. Drake’s lab as he headed toward the sub basement of the base. Halfway there, he runs into Jenny.

“Hey Scott, we’re you headed in such a hurry?”

“Hey Jenny, I’m just helping with some of the security upgrades to the base.”

“Yeah, they told me about Risker, you alright?”

“I’m fine, how about you?”

“Feeling better, Redmond gave me some painkillers that actually seem to work. They’re just keeping me off duty for a while, but I could do with something to do.”

“Yeah, I know the feeling. Well, if you’re up for it, you can come help me for a while. I’m sure those engineers could use some help moving some of the heavy equipment we plan to install.”

“Heavy equipment?”

“Yes, we’re gonna install some particle beam cannons.”

“It’s about time!”

Cyber Guyver almost laughs, “Yeah, don’t I know it. Okay, follow me then.”

The two of them then went to the sub basement level of the Base and met up with the army core engineers as they started to prepare the first platform for modification. The head engineer soon greeted them and Cyber Guyver informed him of his plan on how the cannons should be set up. He agreed and they quickly got to work. Two hours later and they had all four platforms modified and readied for the installation of the cannons. Thanks mainly to the help of Cyber Guyver and Psi-Guyver, which allowed the movement of several hundred tons of equipment in record time. They then went to work on adding the composite armor plating to the platforms as they waited for the delivery of the first pair of the eight cannons they planned to install. An additional eight cannons would be left in the sub basement so they could be quickly used to replace any of the other cannons, if they were destroyed.

The armor plating was quickly applied to the platforms and Cyber Guyver called Dr. Drake and informed him the platforms were ready to have the new synthetic metal applied to them. However, Cyber Guyver was surprised to soon see Dr. Drake arrive with what looked like a large barrel, hooked up to a paint sprayer.

“That’s not what I think it is, is it Doc?”

“Don’t worry Scott, the synthetic metal is like a liquid when it is first made. It can easily be applied like a coat of paint before it hardens. I originally intended it to enhance our existing composite armor before my research showed that it could possibly replace the materials we presently use.”

“You never cease to amaze me, Doc. How long after it’s applied, does it harden?”

“Just under an hour.”

“Okay Doc, just leave the stuff with me.”

“Okay Scott, you can rest after you’re done with the cannons. The new sensor grid won’t be ready for testing till this afternoon, at least.”

“Okay Doc, I’ll catch you later then.”

Dr. Drake then left as Cyber Guyver took the barrel of Synthetic Metal and started to apply it to the platforms. He had barely started when Jenny came over and asked him what he was doing.

“I’m spraying on a layer of a new synthetic metal that Dr. Drake has developed.”

“Synthetic metal?”

“Yeah, I guess you can think of it kinda like a form of plastic with metallic properties. It’s still experimental but I thought we could use it to help armor the platforms.”

“Must think the stuff is great if you’re only applying a thin coat of it?”

“Well, it’s still experimental so we are still using the composite armor plating but the simulations I ran showed the synthetic metal has a special molecular structure that allows it to deflect up to 90 percent of all energy directed on it.”

“I presume that’s a good thing.”

“Think of it this way, if a Vamore zaps one of our armors now, it stands a good chance of blasting a big hole in it, but if this stuff proves to be as good as I think it is, then it would take eight to ten hits to produce that level of damage.”

“So we won’t have to worry about using full power around the armored Marines any more?”

“Well, I wouldn’t go that far. Especially in your case. But Dr. Drake is also working on improved energy shields and ablative armor.”

“Ablative armor?”

“Think of it as a secondary layer of armor that explodes off when damaged. Taking the brunt of an attack, the outward explosion also helps counter the attack so even a thin layer of this armor can deflect an attack that normally would take a much thicker armor to withstand.”

“Okay then, sounds good. I’ll better go get some more pain killers from Dr. Redmond, I think my headache is coming back. Catch you later Scott.”

“Okay Jenny, catch you later and thanks for the help.” Said Cyber Guyver as he watched Jenny deactivate her armor and walk towards the elevator before he got back to work, hoping to finish before the cannons arrived for installation.

Meanwhile. . .

Guyver 2 watched as a motorcade of large trucks made their way through Washington, D.C., on their way to the ACTF Base. He couldn’t help but wonder what they were transporting to the base and decided to take a look.

A quick burst of super speed later and Guyver 2 was inside the back of the last truck. He soon realized what was inside and smiled beneath his armor, as an evil plan quickly formed in his mind. . .

An hour had passed and Cyber Guyver had finished spraying the platforms. He now headed to the surface to see if the particle cannons had arrived. He was halfway to the main gate when the convoy cleared the last check point and started to drive onto the base grounds. He then stopped and waited for the last truck to arrive before he started to move in to help with the unloading, but then something made him stop in his tracks.

Even before he sensed him, Cyber Guyver felt a cold chill run through him, as he soon realized Risker was nearby. His hyper senses quickly showed him that Risker was in the last truck and knew that Risker probably knew he was there as well. So he quickly yelled at a nearby guard to sound the alarm, just as a pressure cannon burst through the truck and headed towards him.

Scott threw up a shield just in time to absorb the blast, but it was fallowed by two more and the repeated hits threw him off balance and he fell to the ground. By now the alarm was sounded and nearby Armored marines started to move in. But Cyber Guyver had barely gotten back on his feet when he sensed a massive energy build up, even as he saw Guyver 2 jump off the truck and roll to a standing position. He knew it had to be the particle beam cannon, on the truck, charging up. Somehow Risker must have activated it and it was pointed right at him.

Scott knew he could dodge the blast but he was right in front of the base. It didn’t help any when he saw Guyver 2 opening up both chest plates to fire his Mega Smashers at him, timing his blast to coincide with the cannons.

<I’ve promised myself I’d kill you Scott and I always keep my promises.> Risker communicated through his unit to Scott.

Thought Scott as the blast ripped through the truck and headed towards him, nearly simultaneously with the full double mega smash from Guyver 2.

The blast quickly faded to reveal the form of Gigantic Cyber Guyver, scorched but otherwise unhurt.

Guyver 2 was dumbfounded as he not only quickly realized that Cyber Guyver had again survived his attempt to kill him but that he now stood before him, looking very much like a Gigantic Guyver.

“How the hell?” Guyver 2 blurted out, as he closed his chest plates.

“Sorry, did I forget to mention I’ve remodeled since moving into this body. Not so cocky now are you Risker.” Said Gigantic Cyber Guyver as his shoulder cannons aimed themselves at Guyver 2. “Now what was you saying about killing me!?”

“Damn you, you fucken abomination. First Warrior Guyver and now you, what does it take to kill you freaks.”

“Fortunately more than you can dish out. Now give up or die!”

Guyver 2 was now surrounded by Armored Marines.

“I don’t think so.” Said Guyver 2 as he turned his head towards the cannon and fired his head beam at it, hitting a critical component of the cannons’ power generator. Guyver 2 then bashed his way between two of the Armored Marines surrounding him, smashing off their respective Armors right and left arms and legs. Even as the force of impact sent the two Armored Marines flying back and away from each other for a good fifty feet before crashing down on the ground.

By now Guyver 2 had already escaped the base and the particle beam cannon power generator was going critical and would explode soon. Gigantic Cyber Guyver knew he had only seconds to act and yelled, “Clear the area, it’s going to explode!”, before he leaped onto the truck and grabbed the cannon. Hoping he could deactivate the power core before it exploded but then the control panel exploded and the Cannon’s energy shield activated, trapping him with the cannon.

Guyver 2 communicated to Gigantic Cyber Guyver through their units.

<Don’t count on it, you bastard.> Gigantic Cyber Guyver replied before grabbing the cannon and teleporting it, and himself, a thousand miles straight up into space. He then tore out the power core, knocking out the cannon’s shield and threw the power core away. He then activated his shield just as the power core exploded, the massive energy release slammed against his shield. Normally his shield could have easily withstood the blast, but the strain of withstanding the previous attack and teleporting so much mass into space had weakened his energy reserves. Soon his shield failed and Gigantic Cyber Guyver screamed in pain as his body started to vaporize, but his shield had protected him from the worst of the blast and he soon found himself badly damaged, but alive.

A minute later and Gigantic Cyber Guyver had regained enough strength to teleport back to the base. The sudden pull of gravity caused him to collapse to the ground, in his weakened state. Psi-Guyver had already come out to check the cause of the alert and quickly saw Gigantic Cyber Guyver and flew to him.

“Scott! What happened, was it Risker, are you alright?”

“Yup, it was Risker again. . . Ugh, I’ll be fine, just need time to regenerate. How are those two Marines?”

“They were knocked out and a little banged up but otherwise okay. Lucky their armor took most of the damage.”

“Good, can you bring me their armor? Think I may need some material to fully regenerate.”

Psi-Guyver turned towards the now discarded armors and with a single gesture, telekinetically levitated them to Gigantic Cyber Guyver’s side.

“How’s that?”

“Thanks. That’ll do just fine.” Said Gigantic Cyber Guyver as he reached over and started to absorb the cybernetic materials he needed to repair his body.

Within seconds he was fully regenerated, and de-activated his Gigantic unit before getting back to his feet.

“Any sign of Risker?” Asked Cyber Guyver.

“Afraid not, he disappeared just like last time.”

“Damn, what’s he going to try next? Nuke me!”

“Saw the light show.” Said Psi-Guyver as she pointed up, “Think he already tried that.”

“Hah. Yeah, you got a point there. But somehow I don’t think he’s going to give up yet.”

Cyber Guyver then noticed Psi-Guyver was shaking her head.

“Is there something wrong Jenny? Is that headache acting up again?”

“Yeah, I just can’t seem to get rid of it.”

“You better go see Dr. Redmond again.”

“I don’t think he can help me Scott, I need Jason.”

“I know but there isn’t much we can do till he gets back.”

“Okay, but-SCOTT, LOOK OUT!” Psi Guyver yelled, just before she shoved Cyber Guyver to the side with a telekinetic shove. A split second later and a steel I-beam was swung through the space Cyber Guyver had beam and slammed into Psi-Guyver, sending her flying backwards and smashing through the outer wall of the base, as it became painfully evident that Guyver 2 was back yet again.

“Bitch, serves you right for interfering.” Says Guyver 2 as he drops the now dented steel I-beam and turns to see where Cyber Guyver had landed. Turning just in time to see Cyber Guyver fire a plasma ball towards him.

Guyver 2 quickly dodged the blast and then disappears in a burst of super speed. Cyber Guyver had barely time to wonder where Guyver 2 had went before he reappeared before him, holding another steel I-beam. Before Cyber Guyver had time to react, Guyver 2 yelled, “Batters up!”, and swung it at Cyber Guyver. Slamming Cyber Guyver into the air and sending him hurtling high into the sky. Guyver 2 then looked at the now broken steel I-beam and said, “They don’t make them like they use to.” Before he tossed it aside and started laughing, but his laughter was cut short as he suddenly found himself grabbed by a telekinetic force and slammed into the steel reinforced concrete wall, surrounding the base.

WHO, THE HELL YOU CALLING A BITCH? YOU BLOODY BASTARD!” Yelled an enraged Psi-Guyver, as she started to transform into zoa-enhanced power form.

“Damn you wench, you’re just like your brother.”


The now dazed Cyber Guyver quickly shook his head as he realized he was hurtling towards the Lincoln Memorial and would crash into it if he did not stop. He quickly activated his electro magnetic control orb and stopped himself in midair. Cyber Guyver then activated his Gigantic armor and started to fly back to the base.

Gigantic Cyber Guyver says through his unit, as he activates his back thrusters and rockets back to the base at maximum speed.

Back at the base. Guyver 2 was busy dodging psi-bolt blasts, from Psi-Guyver.

“Stay still so I can smash you like a bug!” says Psi-Gyuver.

“Forgive me if I ignore your very un lady like suggestion and opt instead for option two instead.” Says Guyver 2, sarcastically before extending his swords and started to slash at Psi-Guyver as he circled her at super speed.

Psi-Guyver screamed in pain as Guyver 2’s attack started to penetrated her psi-shield and cut her a thousand small cuts in a matter of seconds. Adrenalin kicked in and Psi-Guyver went turbo as she boosted her power to its maximum and created a psionic shock wave that slammed Guyver 2 away from her. The powerful shockwave sent Guyver 2 flying out past the perimeter of the base before he crashed back to the ground.

Guyver 2 roared in rage as he snapped back to his feet and shot forward with a sonic boom as he broke the sound barrier and sped towards Psi-Guyver with the speed of a hypervelocity bullet, his swords still extended and ready to slice Psi-Guyver in half. But Psi-Guyver was not going to give him another chance to cut her and fired her most power psionic wave attack, even before she sensed him coming back towards her. Catching Guyver 2 off guard again as the psionic wave engulfed him.

Guyver 2 screamed in pain this time as the psionic wave started to tear him apart, even as it slammed him back and away from Psi-Guyver, but then Psi-Guyver collapsed as another massive headache overwhelmed her and she quickly reverted to her normal form as she fell to the ground unconscious. Her armor then deactivated and left the now helpless form of Jenny O’Conner.

Guyver 2, now free of the psionic wave, still found himself hurtling away from the base. His aura had protected him from the worst of the attack and he was able to quickly stop himself as he activated his gravity control orb and lowered himself back to the ground.

Unaware that his opponent was now helpless, Guyver 2 thought it best to not risk another head on attack. Thought Risker, as he ran towards the direction he had hit Cyber Guyver and started to scan the area for him. Only to find that his target was already headed towards him and at super sonic speed, as the shocked Guyver 2 looked up to see Gigantic Cyber Guyver hurtling towards him.

RISKER!” Yelled Gigantic Cyber Guyver as he power punched the spot Guyver 2 had stood a split second earlier, having dodged out of the way at the last instant, causing the ground to explode as Gigantic Cyber Guyver smashed through the street and fell into the sewers below.

Guyver 2 quickly appeared above the hole in the street and fired a triple pressure cannon attack at Gigantic Cyber Guyver, but Scott was no fool and knew to activate his shield the moment he realized he was in a vulnerable position.

“I’m gonna kill you Risker”

“Now, now, Scott. Please try to remember, I’m the killer and you’re the victim. Now will you stop fighting me and die already? I got better things to do with the rest of my life.”

Scott’s answer was simple as he started firing his shoulder cannons and plasma bolts at Guyver 2, who would have been obliterated if not for his incredible speed as he quickly sped to a safe distance. A second later and Gigantic Cyber Guyver flew out of the hole he had created and started to chase after Guyver 2, but he was too fast for him and quickly lost sight of him.

Guyver 2 then reappeared below him with both mega smasher cells open.

“Now Scott, this is the reason I’m the killer and you’re the victim” Says Guyver 2 as he fires and engulfs Gigantic Cyber Guyver in the blast, but Gigantic Cyber Guyver managed to shield himself from the attack. He would have then counter attacked but once the blast he cleared, Guyver 2 was again nowhere to be seen.

Gigantic Cyber Guyver says through his unit.

<I’m right here Scott.> Guyver 2 replies as he hits Gigantic Cyber Guyver with a head beam.

The attack does no damage but it tells Gigantic Cyber Guyver where Guyver 2 now was and he quickly activates his back thrusters as he rockets towards him.

Guyver 2 quickly sees him coming and communicated through his unit, “Catch me if you can Scott.” Before he speeds away.

Both now move at super sonic speeds, Gigantic Cyber Guyver in the air and Guyver 2 on the ground, as they race eastward. A few seconds later and Guyver 2 suddenly stops, somewhere in Boston, as he twists around and fires a single mega smash blast towards Gigantic Cyber Guyver.

Gigantic Cyber Guyver sees the blast coming but decides his best chance of getting Risker was to go right through it and simply shields himself as he flies through the blast.

The blast quickly clears to reveal Guyver 2 had moved out of the way and Gigantic Cyber Guyver now found himself hurtling at super sonic speed right into a building. Unable to stop in time, he smashes right into the building, while Guyver 2 watches and smiles beneath his armor.

Gigantic Cyber Guyver did not reply as he started to pull himself free of the rubble he found himself buried in, caused by his violent entry into the building which turns out to be some old abandoned machine shop factory. He had barely gotten back to his feet when Guyver 2 appeared before him and slapped a box shaped device to his chest and then zipped away as the device activated and exploded, blasting a fist size hole in his chest and hitting him with an EMP. Knocking him flat on his back and nearly unconscious. He soon found that he could not move and knew he was now in serious trouble as Guyver 2 reappeared above him.

“Not so cocky now, are you Scott!? Liked my present? Not much of an explosion, since you’re still in one piece, but it gives a nice EMP. Just a little something R&D has been cooking up to help deal with all these annoying Armored Marines. Went back and got one when I realized you would be tougher to kill than I originally thought. Despite your little upgrading to my old body, I knew you still had to have some of my old weaknesses. Looks like I was right, too bad for you.” Says Risker before he steps back and starts to reach for his chest plates, slowly opening them as he savors the moment of his triumph.

“Damn you Risker.”

“Damn me all you want Scott, you’re still gonna die. Hah, you’ll be as dead as that girl I killed in a nightmare, a nightmare I intend to never have again.”

Scott knew he didn’t have a moment to spare but he could barely move yet, but then an idea occurred to him as he realized something about what Risker had just said.

“What’s the matter Risker, too afraid to kill me with your bare hands?” Taunts Scott.

“Fool, I’m afraid of nothing.” Says Risker but he hesitates.

“Then kill me with your swords then, like you killed Sara.”

“What!? How could you know? . . That was just a nightmare.”

“Because it’s true Risker, we do want you back.” Says Gigantic Cyber Guyver as he uses all his strength to send out his cyber tendrils at Guyver 2 and wrap him up in them.

Guyver 2 then screams in terror, the fact that nothing was happening to him completely escapes him, as he is quickly overwhelmed in mind numbing terror as thinks his worst fear is about to happen.

“NO, NO, NO!” Yells Guyver 2, as he quickly slashes free of the tendrils and runs away at super speed, too terrified to think of anything but running away and ripping the tendrils, that are still on him, off as quickly as he could.

“What a wimp, afraid of some simple tendrils.” Says Scott, as he almost laughs, as he finally finds the strength to get up.

Thought Scott to himself before making his way out of the building.

Once outside, he had fully regenerated and took to the air as he flew back to base.

A few hours later, at the Siberian Chronos base.

Risker returned to find Zoalord Imakarum, waiting for him just outside the base.

“Hello Risker, went for a walk I see.”

“Uh, yes Lord Imakarum.”

“A two day walk Risker? Now you were told to remain here until we called for you, were you not?”

“Uh, yes. Sire, I can explain.”

“No need Risker, we were made quite aware of your failed attempts to kill the ACTF Cyber Guyver. It’s bad enough that you disobeyed orders, but to fail so miserably and reveal to the enemy your, until now, secret capabilities is unforgivable.”

Risker remains silent.

“However, Lord Alkanphel still sees value in you. So this incident shall be overlooked, but you are not to disobey an order again or go off on some private vendetta again without first getting approval. Is that understood?

“Yes, perfectly, it will not happen again.”

“Good, now come with me. I’ve just been contacted by Lord Kron. There has been a disturbance over in Australia. Apparently a Creator vessel has just crashed there. We may need you to secure the area before we can send in a large enough force to secure the crash site.”

The End, for now.