This is a fan-fiction based on characters created by Yoshiki Takaya and contains violent situations with adult language. Any similarity to actual persons, living or dead is unintentional and purely coincidental.

 This story takes place around the end of the Warrior Guyver: Rescue fan-fiction.
TitleCyber Guyver: Solar Crisis
AuthorJames Diaz


In the merciless vacuum of space, somewhere between the orbits of Earth and Venus, a Grakken mother ship is on a crash course with the Sun. This in of itself would not be a great concern except for the fact the ship has not yet been fully evacuated. . .

The Grakken crew were following orders to evacuate when the Warrior Guyver Aceaer happened to walk into one of their teleportation chambers, with three Grakkens preparing it to escape. One of the Grakkens activated his Destroyer Armor and started firing everything he had at the Warrior Guyver Aceaer. The Warrior Guyver Aceaer managed to dodge the attack and then teleported next to the Destroyer Grakken, quickly engaging him with his vibrational swords. Sparks started to fly as the fight began to damage the teleporting chamber. The other Grakkens quickly activated the Controls and teleported the two combatants into space, but that act caused a power surge that reactivated the teleporter and the Grakkens found themselves facing three more Guyvers. The equally shocked Guyvers ,Cyber Guyver Dark and the Nova Guyvers, both simultaneously exclaimed “Oh shit!”. . .

End Prelude

An hour earlier, somewhere in Canada, Cyber Guyver Dark and Dr. Gast had just finished a series of test, with very interesting results. After the last major battle with Chronos, Cyber Guyver had absorbed the Gigantic upgrade module from Ken’s Robo Guyver Unit. The result was the permanent integration of the dimensional coupler into Cyber Guyvers’ body, the consequences of which was now the main point of discussion.

“So Dr. Gast, what’s the verdict?” asked Scott.

“Simply amazing, your armor’s nano-technology is extremely versatile and adaptive, but it seems more like an advancement of our own technology than something of Creator origin.” remarked Dr. Gast.

“Well, the guy who used to be in this body claimed he was a future incarnation of Guyver 2, maybe it is Earth tech.”

“Hmm, very interesting but we will have to save that line of research for later. As for the test results, it would seem your armor has successfully integrated the dimensional coupler into itself.”

“I figured as much, my power level has been the highest it’s been since I got this body, but why did I lose power during the battle.”

“According to the tests, your armor hasn’t fully adapted to the dimensional coupler yet. Combined with the fact that you where also enhancing Ken’s Robo armor to make up for the loss of his Gigantic upgrade module. You simply over strained yourself and it took a minute for your systems to catch up and recover.

“Hmm, do you think it’ll happen again?”

“I’m not sure Scott but the tests do indicate your armor is becoming accustomed to the dimensional coupler. In fact your overall power level has increased by approximately 5% in the past few hours. There are even indications your nanites may be enhancing the dimensional coupler and improving your body’s power reserves.”

“Phew that’s good to know, my temporary loss of power nearly cost Ken his life.”

“You shouldn’t blame yourself Scott, if anything you saved his life. Those new hyper zoanoids nearly did us all in. If not for your help, Ken surely would have died. You not only save him but made him and his armor much more powerful.”

“Yeah, he’s pretty much a full-fledged Guyver now. Well at least as much as you can be without a Creator made unit I suppose. By the way, can he still use the Gigantic upgrade module?”

“Yes, combined with his new enhanced armor, it should make him nearly as powerful as the Proto Guyver. . . Hmm?”

“What is it Dr. Gast?”

“It just occurred to me, Scott, but your armor may be able to use the Gigantic upgrade module as well.”

“I don’t know about that Dr. Gast. This body usually just sucks up stuff like that for spare parts.”

“I think it’s worth a try Scott.”

“Okay but don’t say I didn’t warn you.”

A few minutes later and Dr. Gast theory was proven correct as Scott’s Cyber armor adopted the Gigantic upgrade module to itself. The armor then deactivated the module and sent it into hyper space, which surprised both Dr. Gast and Scott.

“Wow. . . Cool, I didn’t know it could do that!” Said Scott in awe.

“Most interesting, your nanites must allow you to extend the Creator parts of your armors technology to anything physically attached to it. . . Hmm, with the proper control, you might even be capable of teleporting yourself.”

“I don’t know about that Dr. Gast, its not like I’m anywhere near something like a Warrior Guyver.”

“True, but, if your armor is a merging of both Creator and future Earth technologies, then there is no telling what you may be capable of, after all both the Gigantic and Warrior units teleporting abilities are simple extensions of the technology that gives a normal Guyver unit its gravitational powers and ability to store armor in hyper space.

“Hmm, well if you put it that way, it may be worth a try as the dimensional coupler has boosted my base power level to that of a Gigantic Guyver.”

“Good lets go outside and give it a try.”

“Dr. Gast and Cyber Guyver Dark then went to the surface. Cyber Guyver then flew into the air to test Dr. Gast’s theory. Moments later and Cyber Guyver’s Control Medal flared up and his body emitted a powerful field of energy as he vanished from site with a flash of light. . . A moment later and Cyber Guyver appeared with another flash of light, somewhere over mainland China. The test had proven successful but two things where wrong. A) He had only intended to teleport a few hundred feet and not thousand of miles. B) The act of teleporting had seriously drained his energy reserves and he could no longer fly, which wouldn’t have been that serious except he was over two thousand feet above the ground!

“OH FUCK! I knew this was a bad idea. . . AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!” Yelled Cyber Guyver as he started to panic.

Cyber Guyver now found himself hurdling uncontrollably to the rocky ground below, with only seconds to spare he remembered the Gigantic upgrade module that Dr. Gast had given him and activated it, hoping to access its secondary power systems. The familiar blast field surrounded him as the Gigantic module formed around him and he felt its power flow into him. Without a second to spare, Cyber Guyver pulled out of his dive but his momentum was too great and he crashed into the ground just before he could pull out of his dive. A minute later, and a hundred feet long impact trail later, a dazed Cyber Guyver got up and deactivated the upgrade module as he felt his normal power levels returning.

“Phew that was too close.”

Cyber Guyver then took account of his surroundings as he soon realized how far he had teleported, but then noticed two Guyver like beings watching him. Hoping they were friendly, he communicated to them through his unit <Uh, hello? . .>.

Demanded Nova Blaze of what he saw as a possible new threat.

But before he could respond, all three found themselves teleported to the Grakken mothership. . .

The Grakken by the teleporter controls quickly yelled “Destroy them!” Before both Grakkens then activated their Destroyer armor and let loose with a full volley of lasers, plasma blasts and double pressure cannons. The Nova Guyvers dodged the blasts as they jumped out of the way and let the blasts hit the wall behind them, finally knocking the teleport machine out of commission. The Cyber Guyver, not having the trained reflexes of the Nova Guyvers, did the only thing he could think of and threw up a shield that barely lasted a few seconds before it was knocked down and he was hit squarely by a double pressure cannon blast that nearly blasted him apart as he was knocked back into the wall of the chamber. The Destroyer Grakkens then ignored him as they concentrated on taking out the Nova Guyvers. Who were now defying the ships artificial gravity as they dodged the multiple attacks by rapidly running around the Grakkens, along either the walls or ceiling of the chamber. No one noticed as the Cyber Guyver began to sink into the wall as if it had turned to liquid.

“Keilynn, who the hell are these Guys?” Nova Blaze yelled to his sister.

“Why the hell are you asking me Sai? I don’t even know where the hell we are!” Starfire fired back.

This only annoyed the Destroyer Grakkens even more and one of them yelled, “Shut up and die Guyvers!”, quickly followed by the other chipping in and saying, “Stand still and let us squash you like bugs!”

“They’re definitely not friendly, lets show them, it’s not nice to be rude to your guests.” Said Nova Blaze.

“Yes, lets show them some manners.” Said Starfire in turn.

Both Nova Guyvers then moved to engage the Destroyer Grakkens in hand to hand combat, but were promptly knocked to the deck by the Destroyer Grakkens shields. The Destroyer Grakkens quickly took the advantage and fired everything they had at the Nova Guyvers, but with lightning speed the Nova Guyvers flipped into the air, just as the Destroyer Grakkens attack blasted through the spot they had been, and landed behind the Destroyer Grakkens as they let loose with the full fiery power of their pressure cannon/plasma blast/beams. The Destroyer Grakkens managed to turn and throw up their shields but where unprepared for the surprising power behind the Nova Guyvers attack and where knocked backward as they fell through the massive hole they had just blasted through the deck in their failed attempt to destroy the Nova Guyvers. The Nova Guyvers couldn’t help but smile beneath their armors as they heard the Destroyer Grakkens audibly crash to the deck below them.

“Think they learned their lessen sis?” Nova Blaze asked Starfire.

Below them they could now hear the Destroyer Grakkens roaring with rage.

“Uh, I don’t think so, we better get ready!” Said a now nervous Starfire.

“Right! Damn, these guys are tough!” Said Nova Blaze, even as they both took up fighting stances and mentally prepared themselves for the renewed battle to come. But neither where prepared for what happened next, as just then the two Destroyer Grakkens teleported right in front of them and each opened one of their four mega smashers cells.

The Nova Guyvers simultaneously exclaimed, “Oh Boy!” As they saw what could very well be their impending death.

The Nova Guyvers quickly put up their blast shields and reinforced it with their pressure cannons just as the Destroyer Grakkens fired. Each Nova Guyver was hit with the equivalent power of a normal Guyvers full double Mega Smash but their shielding held and they withstood the powerful attack with only some scorching of their armor. Much to the Grakkens surprise as they now stood on the receiving end as the Nova Guyvers now opened up both of their chest plates and let loose against the Destroyer Grakkens. . . Moments later and the smoke cleared enough for the Nova Guyvers to see that the Grakkens had survived their counter attack but were seriously burnt and had lost most of their Destroyer armor.

“You were right Sai, these guys are tough!” A surprised Starfire exclaimed to her brother.

One of the Grakkens then said, “Most impressive Guyvers, we had thought only the Warrior Guyver capable of such a powerful attack, but it will not save you from our wrath!”, the other then said, “Prepare to die Guyvers!”

“Boy, these guys don’t give up.” Said Starfire

The Grakkens then engaged the Nova Guyvers, in hand to hand combat. The Grakkens clearly had an advantage, with their four arms, but the Nova Guyvers were just as strong and considerably faster. Also without their Destroyer armor, the Grakkens no longer had the firepower to seriously harm the Nova Guyvers without using their Mega Smashers. Something they quickly found out when both their head and arm beam lasers barely produced a scorch mark on the Nova Guyvers heat resistant armor, but both their armor and Destroyer armor was beginning to regenerate. So the Nova Guyvers decided it was time to end the fight quickly.

“Lets take these alien bastards out Keilynn!” Said Nova Blaze to his sister.

“Right Sai!” Starfire yelled back.

“The Nova Guyvers then performed a rapid combo attack, as they knocked their opponents arms aside and then ran up their bodies as they back flip kicked them in the head, sending their opponents flipping, end over end, backwards through the air, while they simultaneously opened up one of their mega smashers, which they then promptly fired as they landed. Finally vaporizing the two Grakkens, as their beams blasted a new passageway through the ship.

“Whoa, that was intense, who or what where those things?” Starfire asked her brother as both finally had time to catch their breaths and assess the situation they were now in.

“I don’t know sis, all I know is I sure as hell don’t want to meet any more of them any time soon. It took everything we had to take them out.”

“Yes, they were incredibly powerful, but maybe we should have asked them how to get out of here before we vaporized them.”

“Oh yeah. Damn and we pretty much smashed up the machine that brought us here. What about that other guy we saw when all of this started.”

“Yeah, I think I saw him get blasted but he looked like a Guyver and I don’t think his Control Medal was destroyed. He should be around here someplace.”

“Hmm, lets look for him, maybe he can tell us what all this was about and how to get back home.”

The Nova Guyvers were about to start their search when they suddenly sensed the approached of four more Grakkens.

“Damn, they must have called for backup.” Said Nova Blaze

“Not again, if they’re anything like the last two then we’re in deep trouble.”

“Looks like we have no choice sis, lets take them out before they activate those power armors of theirs.”

Just them the Nova Guyvers heard a voice come out of nowhere, “No! Stand back from the door!”.

“Wha-, who are you?” Said a now nervous Starfire.

“No time to explain, just get away from the door!” Said the voice.

The Nova Guyvers knew they didn’t have much choice and backed away from the door, which promptly closed and then a force field appeared in front of it and all the other openings around the room. They then heard the sound of energy blasts as the ships internal defenses were turned against the Grakkens.

“That should hold them for awhile, we’re safe for now.” Declared the mysterious voice.

“Who are you and where are you?” Demanded Starfire.

The Nova Guyvers then sensed movement from the wall they had seen the other Guyver get blasted into and turned towards it to see the same Guyver now emerging from the wall, fully healed.

“They used to call me Cyber Guyver Dark, but since the other guy is dead, you can just call me Cyber Guyver.

“Uh, okay. We’re the Nova Guyvers.” Nova Blaze said as he tried to understand what was going on.

“Thanks for locking out those… uh, things. How did you do that anyway?” Asked Starfire.

“I. . . Have a way with machines. Anyway, I managed to access their computer system while you two where fighting those Grakkens and overrode some of their security protocols. I presume you’re the two new Chinese Guyvers. Don’t worry, I’m not with Chronos, I’m with the US anti-Chronos forces.

“How do you know of us?” Asked Nova Blaze.

“From communications we intercepted from Chronos, with their recent major losses in Europe, you guys are really giving them hell.”

“Great, do you have any idea what’s going on and how do we get the hell out of here?” Asked Nova Blaze.

“Well we’re on some sort of Grakken Mothership.”

“Grakkens?” Asked Starfire.

“Their alien Guyvers who suffered at the hands of the Creators and have now dedicated their existence to the eradication of the Creators and all things linked to them, including us unfortunately.”

“Why did they bring us here?” Asked Nova Blaze.

“That was an accident, the Warrior Guyver and some of the other US Guyvers were here, a power overload occurred and we’re the result. Seems it was keyed to lock onto the power signature of a Grakken but locked onto us instead because of our similar power levels.”

“Well that explains why there weren’t more of them around when we first appeared.” Said Starfire.

“There’s another reason, we’re in an isolated part of the ship and besides those guys outside the door, we’re the only ones left aboard.”

This piece of news surprised Nova Blaze, “Huh, what happened to the rest of them?”

Well it seems that shortly after the Warrior Guyver and his team boarded the ship, the Grakkens decided to crash it into the Sun.

“WHAT!!!” Yelled Starfire in shock. “We have to get off this ship!”

“No argument there but this ship doesn’t seem to have any auxiliary vehicles and the teleport chambers are all off line, but I think our problems are worse than it appears.”

“Worse!? How can things be worse?” Asked a now hyper Nova Blaze.

“I’m not sure but given the power of this ship and its previous number of crew, I find it very ominous that they decided to abandoned ship so quickly.”

“Maybe this Warrior Guyver and his friends scared them off.” Starfire offered as a possible explaination.

“Highly unlikely, the Grakkens have proven much too aggressive and stubborn. Not to mention those new Destroyer armor upgrades of theirs makes each of them a near match for the Warrior Guyver. . . No, they’re up to something. Let me check something. . .”

All the Nova Guyvers could do was watch curiously as Cyber Guyver went back to the wall he had emerged from and put his hand against it. Tentacle like cables then shot out of his arm and into the wall, as he again interfaced with the ships computer. All the Nova’s could do was watch and wonder at what kind of Guyver was Cyber Guyver. . . Seconds later he disconnected and turned back to them.

“Did you find out what they’re planning?” Asked Nova Blaze.

But Cyber Guyver seemed not to hear as he thought out loud, “It can’t be, a trans-dimensional quantum ripple effect, those God damn bastards!”

“What, what is it?” Asked Starfire in concern.

“It-it’s the ship’s power core, I think it’s a dimensional coupler!”

“A what?” Said a confused Nova Blaze.

“No time to explain but if it is what I think it is, then it’ll make the Sun explode with the force of a super nova. It’ll destroy the whole solar system and everything around it for I don’t know how many light years. We gotta stop this ship.” Said Cyber Guyver with as much emphasis as he could muster.

“Whoa, that sounds bad.” Said Nova Blaze.

“This is nuts, how are we going to stop this ship, we can’t even get off it.” Asked Starfire.

“I have an idea but we’ll need to get to the engine room to try it.”

Just then the Grakkens outside managed to disable the last of the ships internal defense systems and activated their Destroyer armor as they blasted through the door and its shielding.

“Oh fuck, we don’t have time for this.” Said an annoyed Cyber Guyver.

The Nova Guyvers didn’t even bother speaking as their training kicked in and they immediately engaged three of the Destroyer Grakkens, leaving the fourth to go after Cyber Guyver. Again Cyber Guyver was blasted into a wall, but this time he immediately merged with it and pulled away with a section of the wall, as his body used it to repair itself, but something strange happened and he quickly took on the shape of a Grakken!?

“What!? What kind of Guyver are you?” Said the surprised Grakken.

Cyber Guyver then activated the Robo Guyver upgrade module, he had acquired from Dr. Gast, and had managed to store in hyper space up till now. The unit appeared and quickly took on the same shape as the Destroyer Grakkens own Destroyer armor.

“The kind that’s going to kill you.” Said the now confident Cyber Guyver.

With a angry roar, the Destroyer Grakken engaged the now Destroyer Grakken like Cyber Guyver in a hand to hand test of strength, but, despite his boast, the Cyber Guyver was still not as strong as the Destroyer Grakken and knew he had to think of something quick before the Destroyer Grakken realized his opponents predicament and killed him. The Cyber Guyvers weren’t doing too well either, the previous battle had drained some of their energy reserves and now they were engaged with three Destroyer Grakkens. Things got worse when all three of them suddenly produced a staff like weapon that seemed to concentrate the Destroyer Grakkens plasma and gravity power into every blow, putting the Nova Guyvers completely on the defensive. One of the Destroyer Grakkens then pulled away and pointed his staff at Cyber Guyver and fired a powerful blast, Cyber Guyver sensed it coming and put up a shield but it blasted through and blasted a big hole through his gut. Knowing he would only have seconds before the Destroyer Grakken killed him, Cyber Guyver decided to try to merge with the Grakkens Destroyer armor and latched onto the Grakkens right lower arm. The gambit pulled off and Cyber Guyver started to merge with the surprised Grakken’s Destroyer armor.

“No! What are you doing?” Yelled the now alarmed Grakken.

“Turning the tables on you, you freaking alien bastard!” Cyber Guyver yelled back.

Just as Cyber Guyver absorbed the last of the Grakkens Destroyer armor, a bright field of energy formed around the Cyber Guyver and he started to change shape again. Moments later, the energy field faded and revealed a Gigantic Cyber Guyver.

Now more powerful than ever before, Cyber Guyver said, “All right, it’s time to rumble!”

Gigantic Cyber Guyver quickly morphed his arms into fusion cannons and pointed both them and a pair of rotary multi-barrel chain gun like weapons, on the ends of his shoulder pods, at the Grakken. The shoulder pod weapons fired first, as the fusion cannons charged up, and tore into the Grakkens armor and riddled him with holes, causing him to spurt out blood in all directions. The Grakken was then hit by the fusion cannons and was vaporized by the fiery blast. All three of the remaining Destroyer Grakkens knocked the Nova Guyvers aside as they pointed their staff weapons at the Gigantic Cyber Guyver and fired three powerful blasts at him but this time his shield held and he countered with shoulder weapons and arm fusion cannons, forcing the Destroyer Grakkens to retreat back out into the corridor. Gigantic Cyber Guyver then ran forward and scooped up the two Nova Guyvers as he dived through the hole in the deck to the deck below.

Nova Blaze was the first to catch his breath and asked Gigantic Cyber Guyver, “What are you doing, we should take those guys out while we have the chance?”

“No time, we have to stop this ship first. Remember?” Gigantic Cyber Guyver reminded him.

“Shit, he’s right. Do you know the way?” Asked Starfire.

“Just follow me. . .” Said Gigantic Cyber Guyver.

The group then started to run through the maze of corridors of the alien ship.

“Hey! Why don’t we call that Warrior Guyver for help?” Asked a few seconds later.

Gigantic Cyber Guyver just shook his head and said, “I’ve been trying since we got here, something is blocking me communicating with anyone outside the ship. I can’t even teleport us out.”

“What? You can teleport, why don’t you just teleport us to the engine room?” Asked a surprised Starfire.

“Well, you guys saw the result of my first attempt, but after I absorbed that Grakken Destroyer armor, I seemed to have boosted my powers, but the same thing blocking communications is also blocking teleportation, we’re in a section of the ship that’s blocked off from the rest. We’re going to have to blast our way to another section of the ship before I can teleport us to the engine room.

“Damn and we got those alien jerks after us to boot.” Remarked Nova Blaze.

Just then a section of the wall, at the end of the corridor they were running down, exploded and revealed that two of the Destroyer Grakkens had managed to get in front of them. The third quickly appeared at the opposite end of the corridor behind them.

“Nowhere left to run Guyvers.” Yelled one of the two Destroyer Grakkens.

“Now you will die!” Yelled the other.

“Damn these guys really are single minded.” Said Nova Blaze.

“Shit, that’s putting it mildly. You guys take those two, I’ll take the one behind us.” Yelled Gigantic Cyber Guyver to the Nova Guyvers.

“Right!” The Nova Guyvers yelled back at him.

The Nova Guyvers then activated their fiery blast shields and blasted forward toward the two Destroyer Grakkens, who were firing their staff and shoulder plasma cannons at them but the fiery blast shields managed to deflected everything. The Nova Guyvers then broke the sound barrier just before smashing into the Destroyer Grakkens, their fiery shields smashing through the Destroyer Grakkens shields. Within seconds, the Destroyer Grakkens staff weapons and most of their Destroyer armor had been destroyed before the Destroyer Grakkens managed to knock the Nova Guyvers back. Meanwhile, Gigantic Cyber Guyver was blasting away at his opponent with his shoulder, arm fusion cannons, and head beam weapons but the Destroyer Grakken shielded himself with a shield that he reinforced with his staff weapon and was withstanding all the attacks, while keeping his distance. All the while he was charging up his staff with his gravity orb and then let loose with a pressure cannon blast ten times more powerful than a normal Guyvers. Gigantic Cyber Guyver threw up a double shield and reinforced it with his pressure cannon just before the blast hit but even though he survived the blast unharmed, it had bought the Destroyer Grakken time to open all four of his Mega Smashers and was about to let loose their full power upon the Gigantic Cyber Guyver. Knowing that even if he dodged the blast, by blasting his way to the deck above or below him, that the blast would surely kill the unprepared Nova Guyvers. Gigantic Cyber Guyver had no choice but try to block the attack. Tendril like cables quickly shot from his body and anchored themselves into the walls, floor, and ceiling of the corridor and quickly glowed with energy as he syphoned the power of the Grakken mother ship, directly through the cables and indirectly through the Destroyer armor he had absorbed, as he opened up his own Hyper Smashers. Quickly both combatants reached maximum charge and fired. The destructive energy release was enormous as the corridor between them was instantly vaporized and then the blast started to take out the adjoining rooms, corridor, and decks, as their blasts met with equal power and started to spread out in all direction. Then the Destroyer Grakkens blast faded out but the Gigantic Cyber Guyvers blast was still going strong and went forward to obliterate the Destroyer Grakken and went on through the mother ship until the beam blasted a massive hole right through the hull of the ship. So awesome was the destructive power of the Gigantic Cyber Guyvers super boosted Hyper Smashers that all four of the other combatants had stopped fighting as they watched in awe. Then the sudden decompression of their section of the ship quickly brought them back to the reality of their predicament. The Nova Guyvers were the first to react as they quickly re-engaged the Destroyer Grakkens. A dangerous endeavor as all struggled to keep themselves from getting sucked into the vacuum of space. Fortunately the Destroyer Grakkens were still recovering from the Nova Guyvers previous attack and had not fully restored their shields, this allowed the Nova Guyvers to engage them freely in physical combat but it was quickly apparent that they had reached a stalemate. Suddenly the Destroyer Grakken, that was fighting Nova Blaze, grabbed his arms and held him in place as he prepared to fire his shoulder plasma cannon directly at Nova Blaze’s Control Medal and was about to fire when Nova Blazes’ Control Medal flared and the Destroyer was struck in the face with a combined blast from Nova Blaze head beam and plasma bolts from his shoulder bands. Nova Blaze then back flipped and kicked the blinded Destroyer Grakken, breaking its grip on him, and sending it toward the massive hole in the ships hull, but he didn’t even take a moment to watch it get blown into space. He didn’t even take time to worry how his armor had fired those plasma bolts. Nova Blaze was completely focused as he quickly turned his attentions to helping his sister. Who was having problems getting past the Destroyer Grakkens defenses, having proven himself quite adept in using his staff weapon in physical combat as he again came to within inches of taking her head off with a powerful blow from his staff weapon. Nova Blaze opened his left chest plate and signaled his sister, through their units, to get out of the way. Starfire replied by grabbing the Destroyer Grakkens weapon staff, as he swung it yet again at her, stopping it in mid swing and held onto it as she swung herself forward and up the Destroyer Grakkens’ body. Kicking the Destroyer Grakken hard on his chin, audibly snapping of his neck, and then yanked the weapon staff out of the Destroyer Grakkens hands as she dived out of the way, just as Nova Blaze finally fired his Mega Smasher. The automatic defenses of the Destroyer Grakken activated and managed to put up a shield but it was too little too late and the Destroyer Grakken was blasted back down the corridor he had come, as the powerful beam vaporized him. A minute later and the smoke cleared, Starfire got up, the air had been completely sucked out so the area was now silently calm. She then walked over to her brother, who was leaning against a wall.

Starfire then called out to her brother, through their units,

<Yes, just a little winded. These aliens are really tough. How are you holding up?>


<Yeah, but I’m feeling a little better now.>

The twins then turned to find the motionless figure of Gigantic Cyber Guyver, the tendril like cables had anchored him during the violent decompression but there was no visible signs of life. The twins were about to rush over and check if their new friend was alive when his control medal flared and he started to move.

Nova Blaze quickly put his arm in from of Starfire and said,

<Right, lets try to signal him.> Starfire replied.

The twins then tried to communicate with Gigantic Cyber Guyver but received no answer but then his control medal flared again and he turned towards them.

<I-I’m alright. . . Just need another minute to recover. . . Remind me to never do that again. . .>

Said Gigantic Cyber Guyver.

<Great, let’s crack this sucker and get going.> Urged Nova Blaze.

Nova Blaze and Star Fire then prepared to fire their plasma/pressure cannons at the doors, but just then Gigantic Cyber Guyver sensed a powerful magnetic field coming from the doors and quickly yelled, through his unit, <What!? No, wait those doors are magnetically sealed!>

But it was too late as the Nova’s fired on the door, their powerful blasts struck the blast doors but instead of blasting through, the powerful blasts where deflected back at the surprised Nova Guyvers. Gigantic Cyber Guyver reacted with incredible speed as he fired a plasma/ pressure cannon blast of his own, intercepting the Nova Guyvers blasts. The powerful blasts annihilated each other and created a shock wave that knocked all of them to the ground. . .

Said Starfire as she slowly got back up.

<Yeah, what happened?> Asked Nova Blaze.

<Sorry, should have realized it before, the blast doors are magnetically sealed. The high energy field acts like a force field and deflects anything directed at it. . . Phew, that was definitely too close.>

Asked Starfire.

Said Gigantic Cyber Guyver to the twins before he turned to face the blast doors and activated the magnetic field portion of his energy shields. He then directed its energies toward the door, altering its modulations to counter the frequency of the blast doors’ own magnetic polarization field. A minute passed without any affect, time was of the essence so Gigantic Cyber Guyver decided to risk another power overload and started to channel all of his power into his field. The strain was becoming visible as bolts of ionized energy started to jump between the blasts doors and Gigantic Cyber Guyvers body but then the visible energy discharges started to take on definite shape and started to take on the form of a mini vortex at the center of the blast doors. A few seconds passed and the vortex enlarged to about two meters in diameter and the Nova Guyvers started to charge up their plasma/pressure cannons, waiting for Gigantic Cyber Guyver to give the word to fire. . .

<Ugh, that’s it I can’t make it any larger, fire!>

The Nova Guyvers fired into the center of the vortex, half expecting the blasts to be deflected again but this time the twin blasts hit their mark and blasted a large hole through the blast doors. Gigantic Cyber Guyver then dropped his energy field and jumped through the opening, yelling at the Nova Guyvers to do the same. Moments later and all three where on the other side.

<Okay, let’s get to the engine room.> Said Nova Blaze.

<Right!> Said Gigantic Cyber Guyver.

A second later and they where teleported into a large chamber with a large ball of energy at its center that glowed like a miniature sun.

“What is that?” Asked an awed Starfire.

“That is the heart of a dimensional coupler.” Replied Gigantic Cyber Guyver.

“That’s what going to make our sun explode?” Asks an incredulous Nova Blaze.

“No offense but how is that thing going to make the Sun explode.” Said Starfire.

“Don’t let its size fool you. A dimensional coupler is a form of a cold fusion device that taps energy by coupling a portion of our space with higher dimensions, resulting in the release of massive energy. We acquired the technology from the Grakkens when we interrupted one of their secret scientific experiments in America. That’s how I know what it is and what it’s capable of. . . The dimensional coupler is a source of limitless energy rivaled only by the Warrior Guyvers hyper space link and that’s only because it’s a more efficient and compact form of dimensional coupler, that taps power directly from hyper space.”

“Okay, let’s blast this thing and get the hell out of here.” Said Nova Blaze

“That won’t be so easy, where already too close to the Sun to simply blast this thing.”

“What!? But you said we had an hour, we still got forty minutes at least.” Says Starfire.

“I thought so too but this thing is more powerful than I thought. Simply destroying the dimensional coupler will result in a massive explosion, but it’s not the explosion I’m worried about, it’s the quantum ripple effect that it will cause.”

“You mentioned that before, what is that anyway?” Asks Nova Blaze.

“When a dimensional coupler explodes, it momentarily produces a rift between dimensions, this creates a disruption in the fabric of our reality on the quantum level, normally this wouldn’t be a problem but in proximity to a seething massive mass of explosive energy like the Sun, it basically causes all of the Suns hydrogen fuel to spontaneously go into fusion and the next thing you know, we have a Super Nova on our hands.”

“Okay, enough Armageddon stuff, how are we going to stop it already? Demanded Starfire.

“No choice. I’m going to have to try to shut it down.”

Gigantic Cyber Guyver then walked over to what looked like a control console, put his hand on it and partly merged with it. A second passed before he disconnected and turned back to the Nova Guyvers.

“Okay, I’ve initiated the shut down procedure but if my calculations are right, the shut down process will take too long. We need to buy some time.”

“Can you access the ships’ controls and change course or something?” Suggested Nova Blaze.

“Wish I could but the bridge is gone and the course has been locked in. Even if we turned off the propulsion system, the Suns gravity and our momentum will still pull us in.”

“Can we just turn the ship around and let the rockets or whatever slow us down?” Suggested Starfire.

“Hmm, no the ship is too big for us to turn ourselves, we would need access to the ships’ maneuvering thrusters, at least, but they have already been programmed to compensate for any course changes and won’t except any new commands. . . Hmm, hold on I think I have an idea.”

Gigantic Cyber Guyver then merged again with the Control Console as he accessed the ship’s power grid and shield systems. He used the ship’s systems to create a magnetic field around the ship to match the magnetic field of the Sun. Like two magnets with like pole orientations, the Sun started to repel the ship but the effect was not strong enough. So he set up a second magnetic bubble around the ship, remembering a solar sail method developed by NASA just before the war, he then filled the bubble with plasma gas that started to expand the bubble, quickly reaching a one mile radius and acted like a solar sail as it interacted with the solar winds, taking on a tear drop shape. The plasma was quickly reaching very high temperatures but the ship was slowing and hopefully could survive the intense heat long enough for the ships dimensional coupler to be completely shut down. Gigantic Cyber Guyver then disengaged from the Control Console and turned back to the Nova Guyvers.

“Did it work?” Asks Starfire.

“Yes, the ship is slowing down.”

“Great! Let’s get off this rust bucket and get back to Earth.” Says Nova Blaze.

“You’ll get no argument from me. Okay, hold on to me, this teleport is going to take everything I have.”

But before just then something rocked the ship.

“Oh great! What now?” Asks Starfire.

Gigantic Cyber Guyver ran back to the control console and merged with it again. He then quickly exclaims, “Fuck! Something just blasted through the plasma sail. It’s collapsing!”

“What!? How?” Asks Nova Blaze.

Just then the Destroyer Grakken, that had been sucked into space, teleported before them.

“I’m how, pitiful Guyver. Your kind has interfered for the last time, now you will all pay the price.”

No sooner had the Destroyer Grakken completed his little speech that all three Guyvers blasted him with their combined plasma/pressure cannons. Blasting the Destroyer Grakken through the bulk head of the chamber and out into a corridor.

Gigantic Cyber Guyver then yelled to the Nova Guyvers, “You two keep him out of this Chamber while I try to restore the plasma sail!”

The Nova Guyver nodded their understanding and launched themselves after the Destroyer Grakken, who was now getting up and turned to face them. Starfire still had the weapon staff she had acquired earlier and focused her energies through it, firing a powerful blast that penetrated the Destroyer Grakkens shield and blasted off his lower right arm. The Destroyer Grakken ignored the pain of the severed limb and lashed out with his left vibrational sword and managed to slash a deep wound across Nova Blazes’ chest, destroying his mega smashers. Starfire was about to counter with another blast with the staff weapon when the Destroyer Grakken blasted it with his shoulder plasma cannon and destroyed it. Starfire quickly recovered and fired a plasma/pressure cannon blast that momentarily knocked down the Destroyer Grakken shield. She quickly followed up with a round house kick to the Destroyer Grakkens’ control medal, dazing him. Nova Blaze followed up and returned the favor with a double sword slash that destroyed all four of the Destroyer Grakkens mega smasher cells. Though the battle appeared to be going in the Nova Guyvers favor, they where quickly reaching their physical limits. The constant battles with the Grakkens had seriously drained their energy reserves. They had to take the Destroyer Grakken out quickly, before they succumbed to exhaustion. The Destroyer Grakken sensed this and started backing away, sensing his opportunity to defeat his enemies near. The Nova Guyvers fired another volley of plasma/pressure cannon blasts at him but he had reinforced his shield with his own pressure cannon and withstood the blasts. Knowing they had only moments left, the Novas combined their power into a single blast, forming a single mega smash like blast between them that blasted through the Destroyer Grakkens shield. Now completely exhausted the Nova Guyvers collapsed to the ground. Starfire was the first to look and see their final attack had failed. The Grakken had survived the attack, though they had managed to destroy his Destroyer armor, they had no more power to fight and the Grakken knew it!

“Hah, ha, hah, foolish Guyvers. You have fought bravely but now you will die!”

But before the Grakken could do anything, Gigantic Cyber Guyver teleported behind him. The Grakken sensed him and twisted around as he lashed out with vibrational swords but Gigantic Cyber Guyver easily countered as they locked swords. Gigantic Cyber Guyver shoulder cannons then fired and starting ripping into the Grakken as his body thrashed from the multiple impacts. Gigantic Cyber Guyver then grabbed the weakened Grakken by the neck and slammed him into a wall.

“Your people’s plan has failed Grakken, the dimensional coupler will shut down long before this ship enters the Suns corona.”

“Curse you Guyver, we will destroy you and your world someday!”

“Maybe, but not today and definitely not by you!”

Gigantic Cyber Guyver then reached over with his other hand and crushed the Grakkens Control Medal as he screamed in agony. The Grakkens body then started to go out of control, Gigantic Cyber Guyver stepped back as he morphed his right forearm into a fusion cannon and then vaporized the Grakkens body. Gigantic Cyber Guyver stared at the scorched spot that the Grakken had been a moment before turning to the Nova Guyvers, who had now managed to get back on their feet.

“You guys okay?”

“Yes, but we don’t have much strength left.”

“Okay, I’ve managed to cut the ships engines and restore the Solar Sail, it’ll be another hour before the ship crashed into the Sun. The dimensional coupler will be completely shut down long before then.”

“Good now let’s get out of here before anything else goes wrong.” Says a very tired Nova Blaze.

“Right, okay you two, hold on to me.”

Gigantic Cyber Guyver then focused all of his power into teleporting the three of them back to Earth, as they disappeared from the Grakken mothership in a flash of light. . . Moments later and the trio reappeared in Earth orbit, only a few miles from the Ark!

Nova Blaze says through his unit.

Says Gigantic Cyber Guyver as he realizes their predicament.

<Quick, teleport us to rest of the way.> Urged Starfire.

But Gigantic Cyber Guyver was again low on power and needed time to recover before he could teleport again, so he called out to Warrior Guyver for help. . . Meanwhile the Ark was turning in their direction and they could see the light of its weapons charging up.

<Quick, do something, they’re getting ready to blast us.> Says Nova Blaze.

The Warrior Guyver responded and quickly teleported to the trio and grabbed them as he teleported them back to Earth just a second before a mega smash like beam blasted through the space they had been. All four reappeared on the grounds of the Washington anti-Chronos base. The Nova’s couldn’t hold out any longer and disengaged their armors, as they collapsed to the ground and lost consciousness. Gigantic Cyber Guyver disengaged his Gigantic armor and yelled at a nearby marine to get a medic for the Nova Guyvers.

Warrior Guyver then asked, “What happened Scot, last I heard you were up in Canada?”

“It’s a long story, these are the Nova Guyvers. We just saved the whole solar system from the Grakkens. Help me with them and then I’ll tell you and the general all about it.”

“Okay Scot, I can’t wait to hear this one.”

The End

For now!. . .