This is a fan-fiction based on characters created by Yoshiki Takaya and contains violent situations with adult language. Any similarity to actual persons, living or dead is unintentional and purely coincidental.


Twilight Guyver

Birth Of Time

AuthorJason Duncan


            Nearly three years have passed since the day Chronos sieged the world and managed to gain control of all of the globes land and countless people lost their lives defending their homes. All of the world lives under the shadow of Chronos and can hardly believe the fate that has befallen them. Japan, has been noted as the highest ranked of the many Chronos controlled countries in the world. The guyvers there, Guyver I and Guyver III, have not been able to make too much progress in saving their home. Chronos out guns them a million to one, in this situation. Little hope is seen for this country or any from outsiders. Especially a young man, who has just received some startling news.

            January 25, 1999 – Sparta, New Jersey

            The home of the Wallas family. Elizabeth and her husband Drake live in a marvelous house, which was spared in the initial Chronos attacks. Their two sons, Nathan and Gabriel are fraternal twins and have always been quite adventurous throughout their lives. The elder Wallas’ have worked hard for a company, named Portal Genetics located in New York City. But, recently they have been given the opportunity to venture to the land of the rising sun, Japan. Being the adventurous type, you would think that Nathan would be all for the move, but something is on his mind about his parents acceptance of this gift.

            “I don’t see why we have to move all the way to Japan, Dad! I mean didn’t you hear? The whole place is controlled by Chronos, just like we are here. Don’t you know anything? It doesn’t make any difference where we go, we can’t escape Chronos. I’m tired of this crap.” says an upset Nathan

            “Nathan I am surprised at you. You know your father and I  are only trying to take care of you and your brother. Our job needs us over seas to further the research we have been assigned. Now, we knew  from the beginning that something like this would happen sooner or later. Even if we are in Japan, you have to understand that this job is our livelihood. It’s the one thing that is putting food on the table for us, and keeping us at the financial point we are at now.”, says Nathan’s mother.

            “Your mother is right, Nate. When we took the job at Portal, we took a pledge to go where ever we were needed for the good of the company, and for ourselves. Now, I know you hate this idea, but you brother seems to be fine with it. Isn’t that right, Gabe?”, asks the father as he looks to Nathan’s older brother that is leaning against the wall.

            “Yeah come on, Nate. I mean it’s not like we are going to get turned into Zoanoids or anything. Look at it this way; here we are constantly surrounded by Chronos anyway. You might aswe ll wake up and get used to it, bro. Be open to change man. I thought you were all for new things and exploring the unknown. We’ve never seen those creatures face to face here, Nate.”

            Gabes words aren’t taken well by his brother. Nathan rolls his eyes, sighs and makes his way out of the living room and heads upstairs to be alone. His steps can be heard as he slowly marches up to his room and closes the door, to shut out his family. He flops upon his bed only knowing one thing, by leaving this place he calls home, he is sure only the worse is soon to come.

            Washington DC

            Guyver III and a band of Zeus Thunderbolt soldiers are on the assault of two of Chronos’ main installations. A hail of anti-zoanoid bullet fire and bazookas go off as zoanoids and hyper zoanoids move into position to defend their stronghold. Guyver III, in the midst of this battle summons the gigantic and becomes Gigantic Dark. He lifts off of the ground with the help of his gravity orb and flies up to the towers of this building.

“Chronos, know this, I will not rest until you have been destroyed from this world. Your kind has no place upon this world, and I plan on making sure that not one of you survive.”

            Gigantic Dark peers at the building called “Pillar of Heaven” and feels an overwhelming sense of disgust at it’s name. With that thought within his mind, he opens his hyper smashers, aiming toward one particular tower that has caught his eye. The bright glow of the hyper smashers breaks loose as a beam of destructive power barrels into the tower causing it to shift and topple from it’s place upon the building. Down below the battle still rages on with the forces of Zeus Thunderbolt coming out on top. The toppling tower comes down not to far away and crashes into the ground killing thousands in the area, both zoanoid, and human alike.  The assault troop from Zeus Thuderbolt begins to fall back as they have done as much damage as they believe they can do. The Gigantic Dark looks back at the building smugly smiles under his armor, seeing another victory at his hand.

            Wallas Home

            Nathan lays upon his bed gazing at the ceiling blankly, thinking of possible outcomes of his families move. A sudden knock at his door startles him and he pops quickly to a sitting position.

“Who is it?”

“It’s me bro, is it alright if I come in?”

“Sure. Just shut the door behind you.” Gabriel, opens his brothers door, walks in and slowly closes it behind himself. Nathan looks up to his brother and wonders to himself what is up.

“So, what do you want? Wanna try and tell me how great this move is going to be? Gonna try and convince me that this is going to be great and that we are going to have super lives in Japan? Well I’ll tell you now Gabe, no matter what Mom and Dad say, I am in no way agreeing to what is going to happen.” Nathan stands up and walks over to his window and stares out across his backyard. Gabriel walks over to his brother and stands behind him.

“Look Nate, that’s not why I came in here to talk to you. I’m here because I am just as scared as you when it comes to this thing.”, Gabriel says  as he flops down on his brothers bed. Nathan turns around with a look of disbelief on his face.

“Hold on, rewind, and play that back. Did you just tell me that you were afraid of going to Japan? When we were downstairs you sounded like you were siked for this huge adventure to Japan, and now you’re telling me you feel like I do. If you are telling me the truth, what was the deal with the big front?” Gabriel sits quiet for a moment. His mind searching for his reasons, while his eyes gaze up to his brother.

“I don’t know. I mean I guess I wanted to show Mom and Dad that I could be more mature on this kind of subject. But, while I was saying all that stuff down there, the only thing that was going through mind was the fact that we were going to be in the same predicament we’re in here. Nate, I understand what you’re thinking fully. I mean we are twin brothers. We should understand each other better than anyone else.” Nate flops down beside his brother and puts his arm around him.

“Well Gabe, I’m glad I’m not alone in thinking this is a bad idea. Too bad Mom and Dad are too into leaving to listen to us. But, I guess now we are going to have to accept this. I mean we are the extreme type, right? I mean we have surfed tsunami waves, climbed mountains near the size of Everest, and bungy jumped from the Brooklyn bridge.”

“And that’s just the tip of the iceberg for us. You’re right, Nate. I guess we have no choice in this matter. Lets hope things don’t go a stray and we get changed into zoanoids. I couldn’t stand looking myself in the mirror after that.”

“Man, that was supposed to be a joke? Jeez, your delivery sucks.”

“Oh yeah, well lets see how good of a joke you can tell when you’re getting noggied.” Gabriel grabs Nate and begins to rub his head with his knuckles. The two boys are happy for now. They know there is no way to change their fate, and have accepted that. They are prepared to face whatever comes their way or are they ?

            Two Weeks Later

            The Wallas family has made their transition from the “Land of the Free” to a land covered with a thick veil of darkness that no one sees. Upon the arrival of the family to the shores of Japan nothing seemed  too odd to the boys. Not one person seemed out of place at the airport, until they walked out side. There the boys and their parents saw Chronos soldiers in place of basic security. But, the boys were not surprised everyone was walking around like this was normal for them. For it had been the same for quite awhile in America.

            The family now resides in a residential area in Tokyo, where the Portal Genetics facility is also located. Their home here is quite lovely and seems to be just as quaint as their old home. The boys are beginning their first day at college today, and looking forward to seeing the new faces. Nate is the first out of the house with his brother soon in presuit. Gabe speeds up and heads right towards the car, while Nate takes his time getting there.

“Hey Nate what’s taking you so long? I thought you were ready for this bro.”

“Gabe, why don’t you grow up. I mean yes we’re here, but I am still not happy with this. I maybe a little interested with getting with a nice Japanese girl, but  that’s the only thing that is keeping me here.” Nate sends his brother a rather odd smile. Gabe looks at his brother with questionable eyes, and enters the driver side of the car. Nate follows and enters on the passenger side.

“Well, you know we can always go searching around the area for some stuff. We haven’t been here long enough to really get used to the surroundings, so I’m thinking lets do some driving after our classes and let the scenery grow on us. Or maybe we can take a look at some of the more country like areas in the prefectures. Yeah that’s what’s going on, I’m sure we can find some unknown artifacts or maybe do some extreme activity out there, you up for it bro.?” Gabe starts up the car, and slowly begins to back out of the drive way. Nathan places his hand on his chin and slightly rubs it as he thinks to himself. The car hits the street, Gabe switches gears and zooms down the asphalt. The two look out upon the buildings that surround them and the people that walk along the sidewalk.

“Ya know, maybe I was wrong about this place. I mean look at everyone. They seem so happy and content with their lives. I think this living under Chronos thing might not be so bad after all . . . .” Nate stops abruptly as the car stops at a red light and he peers over his right shoulder out of the window to see a Chronos soldier standing beside the drivers side of someone’s car. As he watches what is happening the soldiers body begins to grow and change shape into a Gregore. Nathan’s eyes widen slightly frightened at the sight of a man becoming a beast. The zoanoid rips the door off of the car and pulls the driver out. “Holy shit! Gabe take a look over here man.” Nate says as he points out his window to where he had observed the action taking place. Gabes head turns and as he looks his eyes widen with surprise and fear as they both watch he zoanoid slam the driver against the roof of the car and holds him down. “And then again Gabe, I have always been wrong about these kinds of things.” Nathan says as Gabe turns his head to see the light has turned green, and pulls off.

End Prelude

            One year later

            It has been a year since the Wallas family made their decision to move to Japan for the furthering of both work and for their teenage sons.  The elder Wallas’ have been working tirelessly for their company, Portal Genetics, to come up with new form of gene therapy. The boys, on the other hand, have had ample time to search and scour their new surroundings while still going to their classes at college. Along their small travels the boys have come across some very beautiful places and most of all some places for them to do some real exploring or to do some extreme adventuring. Nathan and Gabriel, have matured a bit since their arrival but still think living under Chronos is still one of the worse things ever, as we find them walking down the street after class.

“Gabe, I think it’s time we get back to our basics. I can’t sit here any longer and keep this bullshit up. Every minute of the day we are bombarded with more and more crap from Chronos, trying  to make us believe they are some kind of saints or something. Ya know what the worse part of all this is? Last night I was looking at a music video for Korn. Now, you know how much I love Korn, they are one of the hardest bands out there.”

“Yeah, I know Nate. Now how bout you get to the point.”, says Gabe as he makes sure no one is looking at his brother oddly, drawing attention to their conversation.

“I thought everything was cool with the video until, I saw Jonathan fucking turned into a zoanoid in the middle of the video. Right then and there I told myself I had enough of this. I can’t take it anymore bro. We have got to do something to get the hell away from all this shit, or maybe even bring Chronos down to it’s knees.” Nate stops walking and starts thinking to himself of some rumors he had heard before they moved a year ago. “Hey Gabe, get a little closer to me and tilt your head a just a bit so you can hear this better.” Gabe hears his brothers request and slowly does as he asked. Nathan looks around to make sure there aren’t any strange looking people around them, and begins to speak in a low audible voice. “I remember hearing something from some guys back home about some weird things that had been fighting Chronos over in the states before we moved here. I think one of them called the things Guyvers or something. Maybe if we can find of those guyver-thingys we can get rid of Chronos for good.” Gabe raises his head just a little as they keep walking. Hoping no one heard anything that was just said. They turn a corner and head to their car. Gabe puts the key in the door and opens it up. “Nate, you know that is going to be one of the hardest things to do.” He says as he gets in the car and opens the door for his brother. Nate gets in and fastens his seat belt, “Gabe, it’s one of our only chances we have to find out if we can get the help of one of those guyvers to help us and take down Chronos Japan, and free this place.” Gabe places the key in the ignition, turns to his brother and simply smiles. “Bro, it’s going to be one hell of an adventure trying to find one of these guyver things. Especially since we have no clue as to what one looks like, and where to start looking. I’m sure we wouldn’t be able to post signs looking for one, so I’m thinking we are going to just have to explore some of our more concealed and scenic places for nice places to hide, for something or someone who maybe going against Chronos openly.” Gabe starts the car, and pulls out into traffic heading towards home.

            The car ride home for Nathan seemed to take an eternity as he thought to himself of what the future may hold because of he and his brother’s decision to find help for Japan. Nate thought to himself as he looked out to the streets of the city seeing people he knew nothing of, but wanted to help out of their predicament. His thoughts focused more and more on the guyvers as he pondered on their existence, where they might be, what they could be, and how they could help fight Chronos. The ride to the house halts as the car pulls into the drive way of their home. Gabe looks over to his brother and notices he has not moved yet since the car stopped. “Hey Nate, you awake over there?” Nathan snaps back to reality and turns his head to face his brother. “Yeah, I’m here, just thinking about what we talked about. I mean I think this may be the only way to do things. We can’t do it on our own. I’m sure if we tried we’d get captured and changed into zoanoids and be loyal servants to those bastards.” Gabe looks at his brother and sees he is serious about every word he has spoken today. “Look bro, you need to relax just a bit. I wouldn’t want you getting overworked thinking about all this stuff. So, tomorrow we are taking the day off from classes and taking a trip out to the countryside, and searching some caves. Who knows we may even get to do some rock climbing while we are out there.” Nate smiles gleefully hearing the plans his brother has just come up with. “Gabe, what would I ever do without you bro?” Gabe holds his hand to his chin and begins to rub it gently as he tries to come up with something. “You know what, don’t even answer that question, because I am sure you could come up with some really nice insults just based on that.” Nate says as he opens the door and heads out of the car. Gabe does the same and they both close their does simultaneously. “So you sure you up for tomorrow, bro” Asks Gabe as the two of them reach the door to the house. “Yeah as long we get ready tonight for our festivities, I think I will be fine. Maybe we will stumble across something that could help with our earlier discussion.” They both smile at each other and head into the house.

“Hey boys, how was your day?” Asks their father as he sits upon the couch in the living room reading the paper. The boys take off their shoes and place their slippers on and Gabe responds. “It was pretty good, for the most part.” Their mother pops out of the kitchen and walks out to greet them. “Hi boys. What’s this about your day being good for the most part. Did something happen?” Nathan hugs his mother and thinks to himself for a moment about a question, then goes ahead and asks it. “Mom, Dad have you guys ever heard of anything called a guyver?” His father lowers his paper and peers over it and looks at his son. His mother on the other hand just looks at him a bit perplexed. “Well, I can’t say that I have Nathan. Could you describe it to me so I can try and tell you if I may have seen it?” Says his father as he merely peers over his paper. Nate sits there for a moment merely thinking of what to say next. “He heard it from some guys around school. He doesn’t even know what it is. We’ll probably be hearing about it sooner or later around here.” Says Gabe, trying to save his brother from a flurry of questions. “Well, I guess we will sooner or later. But enough about that boys. Dinner is ready to be served. Go wash your hands and be prepared to get your plates.” Their Mother tells them with a bright smile on her face. The boys head to the rest room to get ready for dinner as their father makes his way from the couch to the kitchen.

            Safe House, middle of no where

            Sho Fukamachi, a.k.a. Guyver I sat within a chair looking out to the forest, as the sun began to set, only wondering of what his next move against Chronos would be. Mizuki, Tetsuro and Natsuki were all in the dining area finishing their dinners as Sho stared out the window. Tetsuro was the first to break the silence within the home, “Hey Sho, why don’t come have some of this. Mizuki and Natsuki have really out done themselves this time.” Sho, doesn’t even turn his head as he replies. “No thanks Tetsuro. I’m not hungry right now.” Tetsuro merely sighs, and lowers his head, knowing how Sho must feel. The thought of not being able to help Japan is hurting everyone within  this house now, but most of all Sho. Even though he holds the power of both the guyver and the gigantic cocoon, he doesn’t stand a chance against the full force of Chronos Japan by himself. Agito has left Japan to help Zeus Thunderbolt recover from some of their recent losses. Shizu, of course is beside Agito at all times, even though even her help would be better than none. The ACTF has pretty much abandoned Japan and left it for dead, but Sho still believes there is some way to help his country, even with the odds stacked against him. “You guys, I’m going to head out tomorrow. I’m not sure why, but I have been feeling something lately. A strong calling, I guess you could say.” Everyone in the dining area stands up and heads over to Sho. “Sho, are you sure that is wise?”, asks a concerned Mizuki. Natsuki chimes in behind her friend, “Yeah Sho, and what’s this about a calling? Are you going stir crazy because you’ve been cooped up in this house too long?” Sho stands up from his chair and turns to his friends with a look of determination. “Guys, I know this sounds completely odd, but I know what I feel. I think this may be something big. It may even be a relic that’s calling out to me. If it is, then that might mean that there may be some more guyvers to be used against Chronos.” The group looks at Sho, with gleaming hope. “I thought you guys would see it my way in the end”, says Sho with a smile.

Tetsuro stops his gleaming look for a moment and then interjects for a moment, “Sho, I am concerned about one thing though. Where is Aptom right now? He hasn’t been by here in a week now.” Sho turns to his friend with a serious look upon his face. “The last thing he told me was that he was going to take sometime to check out some leads he had on some of Chronos’ side projects. So knowing him, he is out in the city looking for as much information that he can find, and taking some zoanoids out along the way.” Tetsuro nods his head, with understanding, and Sho merely goes back to his smiling face as he turns to the girls.


            High above the streets on the roof of an unknown building stands a lone man, wearing a black assassin uniform, a mask that covers his lower face and a scar that is on the right side of his face. He peers out over the skyline and finds the place he has been searching for. With lightning fast speed, and oil slick agility he moves from roof top, to roof top. His leaps are fluent and accurate as he moves nearly faster than the eye can see. Soon he reaches the roof of his destination with landing only a gymnast could perform. His steps become light as he makes his way to the entrance of the building. Hoping there are no guards posted around he keeps a constant watch of his surroundings. His eyes seemed to have caught a glimpse of something in the distance from his position, so he halts in his tracks to investigate further. His eyes begin to focus in on something a couple of rooftops away. To his surprise it is a Vamore powering up its shoulder mounted laser weapons. The black clad individual begins to change his form from that of an ordinary man to that of a zoaform. But this is no mere zoaform. This creature is composed of an Elegen, Gaster, Darzerb, and a Zektol to create a form almost as powerful as a guyver. The Vamore fires it’s beam at the zoanoid with pinpoint accuracy. The zoanoid leaps into the air and begins to hover over the place it once stood as the beam hits the roof of the building. The zoanoid raises his arms and opens the pods on its forearms, revealing laser orbs. The orbs begin to charge as the zoanoid takes aim on the Vamore. The Vamore begins to recharge his laser pods, but isn’t fast enough as four beams of red energy fly forth and blow it’s head clean off of it’s shoulders. “That should show you low class fools, that no mere zoanoid can stop Aptom.”, says the zoanoid as it lowers itself back down to the roof.

            Aptom takes another look around wondering if there are anymore little tricks Chronos is going to throw at him. But, knowing Chronos they weren’t prepared for something like this tonight. He takes his time and moves to the door that will lead him to the inside of the building. He opens his right forearm laser pod , and blows the handle off of the door, allowing him to gain free entrance. He reverts to his human form, and quickly makes his way in. He follows the staircase down to the floor directly below the roof, and listens to make sure there are no security guards walking around. His hearing detects no movement outside of the door, so he gently opens it and slowly makes his way out to the area beyond the door. Aptom glances around noticing that this floor seems to be for office work, which would mean that all records of research, business, and other corporate dealings would be around here some where. He immediately heads into the first office he finds and turns on the PC he finds on the desk. He patiently waits for it to boot up, as he begins to hear voices coming from some place close by. The computer completely boots and aptom takes a cd-rom disk from the holder on the desk and places it within the PC. The voices that he heard begin to grow ever closer to his position as he begins looking through the files on the PC, that may contain the information he is looking for. His eyes catch the words “Chronos Subsidiaries” as he scrolls through. With a smile on his face, he begins to download the file on to the disk. The voices, begin to grow lower as Aptom, smiles knowing that he will have some valuable information, about Chronos’ side projects and other companies that are working in conjunction with them. The disk tray pops out of the PC and Aptom quickly grabs the disk. Outside of the office the voices he had heard once again become louder as Aptom rushes out of the office, and heads for the stairwell. Two guards come around the corner as they see Aptom running towards the stairs. “Halt right their Lost Number!” Yells one of the guards as he begins to change into a Zencrebe. The other guard begins to radio in their findings, “We have an intruder on the top floor. We believe it to be Aptom, the renegade lost number, over.” A voice on the other side of the guards comm.-link speaks, “Understood. We are sending back up. Try and capture if possible. If Aptom proves too much, destroy him.” The guard merely nods his head and also shape-shifts into a Gergoile. Aptom manages to get into the stairwell and closes the door behind him. The two zoanoids merely shrug it off and plow through the door. Aptom makes it up the stairs before the zoanoids and heads out to the roof. The over bearing zoanoids hustle up the stairs and exit on to the roof. They look around from their position, but can find no sign of Aptom in sight. Suddenly from the top of the doorway Aptom swings down in an inverted position. and grabs the two zoanoids. “I thought you guys knew better than that. Never stay in one place too long. It invites bad things to happen.” Aptom says as he slowly begins to absorb the two zoanoids into himself. “Mmmm, a Zencrebe. I don’t think I have had one of you guys yet.” The lost number says as he licks his lips, as the zoanoids squirm and try to scream as they finally become one with Aptom. “Well, I guess I’ve had my fun for tonight. I guess I’ll go see what Sho, and the others are up to.” Aptom flips down from the doorway and rushes off from the roof in the blink of an eye, as Chronos soldiers head up to the roof.

            The Next Day

            Nathan awakes in his bed to bright sun, birds chirping and for some odd reason this morning his brother staring him dead in the face. Quickly Nate jumps up and rolls from his comfy mattress to the floor that was below him. Gabe merely begins to laugh as his brother lands on the wood floor with a thud. “Hey Nate, have a nice fall.” Gabe manages to say as he laughs even more. Nathan gets up from the floor, slightly hurt from hitting the floor, but now slightly aggravated at his brother for the rude awakening. “Ya know Gabe, there are other ways to wake me up. Such as, just patting me and telling me to wake up.” Nate says with an air of sibling regret. Gabe stops laughing and pats his brother on the shoulder. “Sorry bout that. I just couldn’t help myself. But, lets not worry about that right now. You ready for today bro? I know I am. I can’t wait to get out there and get some fresh air. Hmm, I think we should head out to Izumo. I hear there is some really nice areas out there. Plus, I’ve heard it’s called the birth place of legends. It should be worth our time, don’t ya think?” Nate cleans the sleep from his eyes, lets out a loud yawn, and looks at his brother blankly. “Sure, I’m ready. But first, how bout I get cleaned up and get some breakfast, before we leave, okay?” Gabe nods his head like a little child and leaves his brother’s room.

            Nate sits on his bed for a moment recalling what his brother said about Izumo.

He says in his mind as he gets up and heads to the restroom to prepare himself for the coming events of the day.

            Downstairs in the living room, the boys’ father sits upon his couch with the TV on, watching the news. His eyes widen as he looks at the report that is being broadcasted now. “Honey, come quick. I think you might want to see this for yourself.” Elizabeth walks calmly from the kitchen and enters into the living room to see a building that seems have been attacked. “What exactly is going on here Drake?” Her husband looks up to her from the couch. “Elizabeth, that was one of our partner companies Griffon Pharmaceuticals. It would seem that some terrorists broke in last night and stole most of the data pertaining to most of the drug research that has been conducted there along with some of the research our company has been doing in conjunction with them. I tell you the world we live in today is nothing more than a cesspool of espionage and lies.” Says Drake, slightly angered at how low people would go just to further themselves.

            Gabriel runs down the stairs and begins sniffing the air. “Is that food I smell? Of course it is, what else could smell so good in the morning.” Gabe strolls by the living room not noticing his parents in there and heads straight to the kitchen and fixes himself a plate of bacon and waffles. “Oh yeah, the breakfast of champs” He says as he grabs some syrup from the counter and heads to the living room to eat. As he walks into the room he looks at his parents, who at this time have looks of concern on their face. “Hey guys, what’s up?”

            Back upstairs the shower begins to run, and Nathan steps in the moment he sees the steam become visible. His long black curly locks hang down past his shoulders, his hazel eyes become blank as he begins to wash his tannish skin thinking of the guyver. He thinks to himself as he finishes bathing. He opens the door to the shower, grabs a towel, and starts drying off. His latent excitement for the search of the guyver begins to swell, as now he begins to hurry to get out of the house to start. He throws his towel on to the door of the shower, grabs his tooth brush and cleans his teeth quickly. He places on some underclothes and heads to his room to dress. In mere moments he places on a pair of blue jeans, a black tank top, and some black boots. He jets out of his room and down the stairs to the kitchen completely ignoring everyone else. He scoops up a plate and fills it with waffles and bacon and quickly heads to the living room knowing that Gabe would probably still have the syrup. He enters the room quickly and sees Gabe scarfing down his food on the floor, while his parents still look a little worried. “Hey Mom, Dad, what’s wrong?” His father is the one who responds, “Apparently last night someone broke into one of our partner companies buildings and stole some very valuable information concerning their research along with some of the research we had been doing with them conjunctively.” Nate doesn’t know exactly what to say, but says what comes to mind. “I’m sorry to hear that. I know you guys must be pretty worried about all this. But, I’m sure who ever did it will be caught, and punished properly for their misdeed.” Nate flops down on the floor next to his brother and starts scarfing down along side him.

            Mr. Wallas takes a look at the clock on the VCR and notices the time. “Honey, it’s about time that we get to work. I don’t think we should be late, considering the circumstances.” Mrs. Wallas nods in agreement. “Alright boys. We are leaving now . You two be good, and have a good day at school.” The boys look up from their food and wave good bye to their parents as they leave out of the living room, and head out of the front door. The boys slowly turn to one another and smile. They quickly finish their food and clean up behind themselves. “Hey Gabe, you put everything in the car last night?” Gabe opens the front door and looks at Nathan. “Bro you should have more faith in me. I have everything we need. I have a first aid kit, rope, spikes, harnesses, and if we need it our cleats. Oh, and even if one of us gets hurt to an extreme. I have my cell phone. So we ready to go?” Nate smiles and makes his way to the door. “Lets get it on.” Gabe shuts the door, and thus the adventure begins.

            Safe House

            Sho walks down the stairs down to the front door, hoping that no one has awoken yet. He opens the front door and makes his way out. The sun’s bright glow warms Sho’s heart as he believes his journey today will lead to future help for Japan. He jumps into the jeep not too far from the front of the house and heads out on his quest to find whatever it is that is calling to him.

            Portal Genetics Building

            Within the city of Tokyo the Portal Genetics building stands as a leading researcher in all fields of medical therapy and treatment of genetic abnormalities. Mr. and Mrs. Wallas have been working for this company for the past ten years in hopes of helping the human population, and maybe even helping those transformed into zoanoids recover their lost humanity. The couple is found in a sterilized lab working diligently on their recent project. Outside of the lab a man with black and grey hair that reaches down to his shoulders walks to a observation window to watch them. His eyes are reddish hued, and his complexion nearly matches that of creme. He looks to his right and hits a button to activate the comm. system for the lab. “Good morning Mr. and Mrs. Wallas. How are we doing this morning?” The man asks as he forces a smile on his face. Mrs. Wallas answers the man with cheerfulness in her voice. “We are doing quite well Vice President Mishima. How are you doing today?” “I am doing fine, thank you. I trust you have heard about the break in over at Griffon Pharmaceuticals? It has our people a little worried, that we may be next.” The couple stops working and signals for Mr. Mishima to hold on for just a moment. Soon Mr. and Mrs. Wallas come out of the lab and come to speak with Mr. Mishima more closely about this situation. “When I heard it on the news this morning I was quite shocked to hear that such a thing could happen to such a well guarded facility.” Says Mr. Wallas with concern in his voice. “ Don’t worry too much. We are boosting security around here as we speak. We have even asked Chronos to send some zoanoid officers over to make sure everything stays safe.” Mr. and Mrs. Wallas force a smile not knowing exactly what to say. “Well, that is good to hear sir. I am glad that Chronos sees how important our work is.”, Mr.Wallas forces out. As he searches for words that could lift his mood after hearing about the zoanoids, the thought of Nathans question from last night hits him. “Oh, Mr. Mishima can I ask you about something?” Mr. Mishima merely nods his head acknowledging Mr. Wallas. “My son Nathan asked us last night about something called a guyver. By chance do you know what that might be?” Mr.Mishimas expression does not change as he answers. “I’m sorry I have never heard of such a thing. Is it some kind of slang or something?” The couple struggles to come up with an answer. “We aren’t really sure sir. I was just wondering. I wanted to see if I could get an answer for him since he asked, but thank you anyway.”

“I understand. I hope you find out what it is. . .” Mr. Mishima takes a look at his watch and notes the time. “Well, I have to be going now, I trust you two will be hard at work most of the day?” The couple nods their heads knowing there is no rest for those with such a task as they. “Well, I hope to keep hearing good things about the two of you.” He says as he walks off and heads to the elevator at the far wall. The Wallas’ walk back into the lab and once again begin work.

            The door to the elevator opens and Mr. Mishima enters with the doors closing behind him quickly. Inside the elevator, Mr. Mishima begins thinking to himself.

. The elevator reaches the top floor of the building and the doors open. He exits and walks to his office. Once inside he takes a seat at his desk and presses a button underneath it. In the middle of his desk a view screen flips up and a man appears upon it. “Dr. Yamamoto, I will be needing you to save space for two new recruits that will be coming to you tomorrow.” The man nods his head and the screen goes black. “I’m sorry that this has to be done to two of my most hard working employees. But when desperate times call for desperate measures anything must be done. I just hope that the two you can provide me with the information I need for my lord Alkanphel.” Says Mr. Mishima as he turns his chair to look out upon the city from his window.

            Countryside of Izumo

            The boys car pulls on to a dirt path and they follow it into a forested area. They come to a point where the car can no longer move forward due to the trees blocking off the path. Gabe turns off the car and they both exit. Nathan reaches into the back and grabs the rope along with the spikes, and the spike hammer. Gabe grabs his cell phone and a back pack that holds the first aid kit and the cleats. They lock the car and start traveling on foot through the forest while observing it’s beauty. The sun creeps through the green canopy above them and lights most of the path while gleaming off of small stones that lay in the area. The sound of water can be heard nearby as the boys walk farther into the unknown forest. “Hey Gabe, think we’ll run into any zoanoids out here?” Asks Nate as he looks around for anything that may stick out around them. Gabe shrugs his shoulders, “I don’t know. I mean, I hardly think any zoanoids really spend time just sitting out in the woods like us. I bet if they do, that would mean that they are looking for something important that may endanger Chronos, or something may help it.” Nate nods in agreement as they walk into a clearing with a stream running through it. “Nate, I think we should follow this stream to where it starts.” Nate looks to his brother with a cocked eyebrow. “And why pretail should we do that Gabe?” Gabriel smiles and turns to face his brother. “Well, you never know what is out there unless you search, right? Well, I think that this stream must have some larger source feeding it, and I personally would like to see it.” Nate just nods his head and the two head off down the side of the stream to it’s start. As they walk they see flowers of all types blooming along the streams side. Small animals creep about the stream and partake of the water.

            Soon the boys come to a lake that is the source of the stream with a cliff on the other side, and across the lake stands a young man wearing a blue short sleeve shirt, and blue jeans. His hair is black, and as the boys enter the area he turns and spots them with his blue eyes. “Looks like we have som company, bro?” Says Gabe as they look at the unknown individual staring at them. The boys jump the stream and head over to meet the stranger as the guy merely  watches their movements. “Hey, hows it going?” Asks Nate as they now stand in close proximity to the stranger. “Fine, how are the both of you?” Gabe smiles, “We are great. Sorry for our rude interruption. My name is Gabriel, but you can call me Gabe. Thats my brother Nathan, but you can call him Nate. And who might you be?” The young man smiles at them. My name is Sho, Sho Fukamachi. It’s nice to meet the both of you. May I ask why the both of you are out here?” Nathan steps forward to answer this question. “Well, I guess you could call us explorers. Gabe and I are on the look out for anything that is unexplainable or that catches our eye.” Sho smiles hearing this. “Sounds like you guys have a lot of fun then. I would like to be able to have that much free time.” Sho stops not trying to get to detailed in his life. “Well Sho, what brings you out here today?” Gabe asks in rhetoric to Sho question to them. “Well, I’m not exactly sure myself. I guess I just had a feeling like I should get out for awhile, and get some fresh air.” NAthan nods his head knowing how Sho feels. Suddenly the thought of asking Sho about the guyver hits Nathan. “Hey Sho, I doubt you will have any idea what this is, but . . . do you know anything about the guyver? I mean all me and Gabe know is that whatever it is, it has fought Chronos once over in America before.” Sho, jumps hearing that these two know about the guyver. A guyver in America, there were plenty of guyvers in America but how did these two find out about them here in Japan. “I have heard of it. I believe they are a kind of being. I have never seen one, but I know that they fight Chronos outside of Japan.” Nathan and Gabriel look at one another as the ground suddenly shakes beneath their feet. “Whoa, what was that?” Asks, Nathan startled by the quick quake. “They are tremors. They have been occuring in the area  every fifteen minutes since I got here.” The boys look at Sho with cocked eyebrows. “Do you know where the quakes are emanating from?”

“I have reason to believe that there is vault line nearby.” Says Sho, as he turns to look at a patch of vines and bamboo shoots next to the cliff that seem to be covering something. “You guys see that over there?” Sho points to the plant life, as they all walk over to examine it. Gabe pulls out a machete and begins to chop down the growth to reveal a passage way to a cave. “Hmm, not everyday you see a mysterious cave in the middle of no where.”, says Nate. Gabe smiles, “Looks like we can really get down and get some real exploring done.” Sho looks at the brothers and begins to feel the relics call again. “So are you guys coming along or are you just going to stand there?” The twins smile and nod their heads as the three of them enter the dark cave. Gabe pulls out two flashlights and hands one to Sho. He and Sho cut on the lights and cut the darkness to find drawings all over the cave walls. The paintings seem to depict both man and monster in a type of coexistence, but there are two unknown shapes that perplex the twins. Sho on the otherhand, knows what the two symbols depict perfectly. “Ya know those pictures look alot like zoanoids and people. But, whats with that egg shaped thing, with the five extensions coming from it, or that triagular shaped one with that cycle in it’s forehead?”, Nathan asked as Gabe fanned the flashlight over the pictures slowly. Sho moves forward down the path of the cave, as he feels the pulsing call of the relic become more intense the farther he walks. Nate and Gabe turn their attention to him and then begin to follow. “Sho, do have any idea what all this stuff means?” Sho keeps his head forward as he responds to Gabe. “I can tell you this much. It seems as if  those egg shaped pictures are ships of some sort. I believe that these pictures may be depicting the past of humanity, zoanoids, and if I’m correct the guyver as well.” Sho suddenly stops as hecan now see a large crevice in front of him. “It looks like we have hit the end of the road guys. Nate and Gabe move up to get a closer look at the gorge. “Whoa, seems like we brought the right stuff today.” Says Gabe with a smile. Nate holds up the rope and spikes while gabe pulls the harnesses from his backpack. “Hey we can’t leave Sho up here by himself. I mean that wouldn’t be fair.”

“Yeah you’re right, Gabe.” Says Nate with some dissapointment. “You guys don’t have to worry about me. I can take care of myself while you guys make your way down.” Sho comments as he tries to assure the brothers. “No way man, we couldn’t leave you out of this. It wouldn’t feel right. But, I have an idea that will work even better. We have an extra harness back home. How about we meet back here tomorrow and we can all go down together then. Does that sound okay to you, Sho?” Sho smiles and nods. “Yeah that sounds great.” With that settled the young men journey back to the entrance of the cave. “Can I ask you guys something?” Questions Sho as they reach the lake. “Sure Sho, shoot.” He makes sure not let on his true identity while asking his question. “Well, what exactly is your reason for searching for the guyver? I mean it would almost seem useless here in Japan. Chronos simply outnumbers any task force taht tries to go against them here.” Nathan steps forward with sense of strength about him. “Me and Gabe had to move here with our parents because of their job, which we are not pleased about. We knew by coming here that things would greatly change, and that they have. Here zoanoids aer every where policing the streets for anyone who may stands against Chronos. I thought for awhile that maybe everything would be fine, but now I am fed up with living under these creatures. The guyver is our only hope to free not only Japan but any other country or continent plagued by Chronos.” Sho looks at the great resolve in Nathans eyes and knows he is telling the truth. “That was well said Nate. Oh, jeez the sun is about to go down. I beter tget going. It’s been nicing meeting you guys. I’ll see you tomorrow at around twelve.” Says Sho as he runs off to get to his jeep. Nate and Gabe wave to him as they walk off and make their way back through the woods to their car. The trip back does not take as long as the trip in did and the boys reach the car and relatively short amount of time. “Sho seemed like a nice guy. I’m glad we met him.” Says ante as he opens his door and flops into the passenger seat . Gabe gets in and starts the car up. “Yeah, he was nice and all. But, something about him struck me as odd. But, never mind that. We gotta get home before Mom and Dad start to worry.” Gabe puts the car in reverse and they are off for home.

            One Hour Later

            The boys reach home and quickly hop out of the car and rush to the door. Gabriel opens the front door and the twins rush in and make their way to the kitchen. “Hey Mom. Hey Dad. How are you guys doing?”, asks Nathan. “We are doing fine dear. What took you boys so long getting home?” Gabe answers quickly cutting off Nathan. “We decided to go to the library and get our homework down. Plus we met a new guy there who helped us out with a few problems we had.” Their father hears this and quickly asks about this new young man. “So does this new guy have a name?” “Yeah, his name is Sho Fukamachi. He seems to be a really bright guy. He may even be as smart as you guys.” Says Nathan. “Well, it’s good to know you guys have a new friend. Before we start dinner your mother and I have to tell the both of you something. We have to leave town tomorrow. Our company is having a conference with some of our partners and due to our research we are being called upon to participate. We are going to be gone for three days tops, and we aren’t exactly sure where we are going to be staying but I’m sure we already have accomadations at a good hotel. So while we are gone, I am going to remind you boys to be on your best behavior. No monkey business, you got it?” Both the boys nod their heads and simaltaneously  say, “Yes sir, no monkey business.” Their father nods and signals for them to get ready to eat.

            Safe House

            Sho enters the house and see the figure of a man standing in the door way of the living room. “Fukamachi, how ya doing?” Sho recognizes the voice and smiles. “Aptom, I’m doing fine. The question here is how are you doing ,and what have been up to for the past few days?” Aptom grins and takes a seat in a chair. “Oh, you know me Sho. I;m always doing good, and as for what I have been up to. I would say the disk that Tetsuro is examining will tell you all you need to know.” Sho seems pretty happy and heads up stairs to where the computer is along with Tetsuro, who is staring into the screen at the data. “Hey Tetsuro. What do you we have here?” Tetsuro looks up to Sho and then back to the computer screen. “Hey Sho. Oh, we have got a good amount of data here that may help us, when Agito gets back. Okay to give you a brief over view of it. It has a list of all of Chronos’ dummy companies, some of the current plans they have, the names of major operatives in Japan, and some of the research they have been compiling. over the past few monthes.” Sho moves in and looks over the names of the head operatives in Japan. His eyes spot a name that seems to jump out at him. “Evadelius Mishima, Disciple Zoalord. Hmm, sounds like he may be trouble.” Tetsuro closes out that file and opens up the list of dummy companies. The list seems to be fairly short. Possibly a total of twenty   dummy corp. exist to keep most of Chronos’ secrets under lock and key. “Well, there is Griffon Pharmaceuticals. Aptom got this disk from there. Now, lets go down the list alittle further. Igen Inc., Haverty Productions, Portal Genetics. Well it seems Chronos has their hands in movies,  medication, genetic therapy, and even basic business. It is going to be hard to drive Chronos out of here even when Agito gets back.” Says Tetsuro as he turns to look at Sho. “You’re right Tetsuro. Our country has been completely taken over by Chronos. But there is still hope. I know there is away to defeat them, and when we find it, Chronos will be shaking in their boots.”

            Tetsuro closes out the files on the disk and ejects from the computer as he yawns. “I think thats all I can do right now Sho. Hey by the way, did you find anything while you were gone today?” Sho’s facial expression seems to glow as he begins to tell Tetsuro about the events of his day. “I have narrowed the location of the relic to a cave I found in Izumo. When I arrived in the area the relic began to respond more strongly to me and began to create small tremors. I think this ship may hold something we have never seen before within itself. Ah yes, and I met two new friends who seem quite anxious in driving Chronos out of Japan.” Tetsuro swivels his chair around and looks up at show with a look of both sterness and question. “Sho are you sure you can trust them? I mean we are living in the most controlled country on the globe here. Anyone you meet may be a zoanoid, or a Chronos operative. You have to be careful even when you’re not bio-boosted.” Sho just shrugs off Tetsuros parental argumnet and stays calm. “Tetsuro, don’t worry so much. I am sure that my new friends are not apart of Chronos, and if you don’t agree I will make sure tomorrow when I see them.” “So you are meetin g with them tomorrow at the cave?”, asks Tetsuro as he stands up from his chair. “Yeah, we are going to take a look at the relic and see what it has to offer to our cause. While we’re there, I’ll make sure they don’t have any ties to Chronos, okay?” Tetsuro puts a small grin on his face as he places his hand on Sho’s shoulder. “Okay.”

            Next Morning

            “Alright boys. Your mother and I are leaving now. You two make sure to keep the house in order while we’re gone, and remember what I told the both of you.” The boys simaltaneusly respond, “No monkey business.” Their father smiles hearing the comedic sound in both their voices. “Good. Okay you two, take care, and we will see you in three days.” Elizabeth and Drake Wallas walk out of the front door and head to the car as the boys wave farewell to their parents. Soon the car backs out of the drive way and pulls off down the street.

            “So do we have all the sutff in the car?” Nathan asks as he shuts the door. “Yep, three harnesses, rope, spikes, the spike hammer, flash lights, first aid kit,  and cleats. Now, I am sure that I have everything, even if I did not just mention it. Trust me Nate, I have everything under control.” Nate smiles and nods. “Hey did  Mom and Dad have to stop off at their job first to pick up something?” Gabe thinks for a moment. “Yeah I think they said they had to get some papers on their research. But never mind that right now, lets get redy to boogie bro.” The boys haul but upstairs to get ready and meet Sho.

            Portal Genetics

            Mr. and Mrs. Wallas head into their office. Mr. Wallas walks over to the filing cabinet, opens up the first drawer and picks through some of the files. He finds one marked recombinant gene therapy and pulls it from the drawer and closes it. “Alright, that should be it honey, lets get going. We don’t want to be late.” Suddenly Vice President Mishima enters the office. “Good morning Elizabeth, Drake. How are you two?” The couple turns in surprise to see Mr. Mishima and smile cheerfully. “Hello sir. We are doing fine how about yourself.” Mishima merely grins. “I can’t complain.  While your here, could I ask you to come and veiw something with m? I promise it won’t take long. I know you have the conference in Hiroshima to get to, but this is really important.” The couple looks at one another and nods their heads knowing that this may delay them all the more from their schedule. Mr. Mishima leads theWallas’ to the elevator and presses the button for ti to go down. The elevator dings, the doors open and everyone climbs aboard. “So Mr. Mishima, what is it exactly that you would like us to see?”,asks Drake as the elevator steadily lowers down it’s shaft. “Well, Mr. Wallas to be honest with you. This is one of the marvels of Portal Genetics research. It is a new innovation in medical science. Trust me, when you see it. You will be glad I invited you along.”

            The elevator stops on the second basement flloor. “Sir is this where we get off?” Mishima pulls out a blue card from his pocket, slides in a slot and five more basement level buttons appear. “Sir what is this?” asks Mrs. Wallas in surprise of what has just occured. “We try to keep some of our more important experiments out of the sight of most of our basic personel, but you two have proved yourselves worthy of this.” The couple isn’t all too sure of this but, smile in belief of what Mishima has just told them. The elevator finally reaches it’s destination on basement level six. The doors open up and The yall disembark from the elevator slowly. Suddenly both Mr. and Mrs. Wallas are grabbed from behind by two Chronos shock troops. “Mr. Mishima, whats going on here?”, asks Drake. “Don’t take it personally Drake, but you see, you may have information that I need. You said your son asked you about the guyver? Well, the guyver is an alien Bio-booster armor of amazing strength. It bonds to a host subject and can multiply it’s power by one hundred times. Your son, may in fact be in league with the guyver and not know it. So, I am going to make you both my watch dogs. You will become zoanoids and report all of your findings to me whenever I ask for them.” Mishima signals the troops. “Take them away and make sure the doctor has chosen the recommended forms for these two.” The troops drag Mr. and Mrs. Wallas down the corridor and through a set of doors that close behind them. Mishima walks back to the elevator and waits for it to open. “Soon, all will be in readiness. I believe I will take the boys brother as well. Hmm, that gives me an idea.” He begins to chuckle litely as he schemes within the dark coils of his mind.

            Cave Entrance

            Sho stands in wait for the Wallas brothers staring deeply into the cavern before him. Suddenly the brothers coming shooting up the path beside the stream and head around the lake to greet Sho. “Hey Sho. How ya doing man?” Asks Gabe as they get to the cavern entrance. “I’m doing fine guys. How are you?, and whats the rush?” Nate starts laughing  and pats Gabe on the shoulder. “Well, we are doing good for the moment. As for the rush, Nathan decided to play baseball with a bee hive. The rest I’m sure you can guess.” Sho starts laughing too, and slowly Gabriel joins in. “You guys are truly one of a kind.” “Well, it something we aim for. At least I think I do, personally.”, says Nate with a odd look on his face. “So Sho, are you ready to get this thing going?”, asks Gabe, as he pulls out the flash lights. Sho stops laughing and calms himself. A serious look seems to change the entire mood in the area as Nate and Gabe look upon Sho. “Dude is something wrong?”, asks Nate.

            “I have a confession to make to the both of you.. Remember when you guys asked me about the guyver? Well, I wasn’t completely honest with you  about what I knew. . .” The brothers look at Sho as he pauses and takes a deep breath. “To tell you the truth, I am a guyver, and before you ask any other questions about the guyver. I will tell you all I know about it. The guyver itself is an alien bio-booster armor. It starts off as a dormant unit that seems useless at first, but upon contact with a suitable host the unit casts off it’s metal shakles and a storm of tendrils engulf the being. The tendrils harden and form around the host and become the an armor system that both protects and strengthens the host. The entire armor system is managed by a control medal that connects directly to the hosts brain and allows the host to control the functions of the armor. The armor system not only enhances the hosts basic capabilities, but also incorporates wide range of weapons that assist the host in combat situations. There is the infrared laser, which fires a concentrated beam of energy at a target. On both arms there are protrusions that extend and become high frequency swords that vibrate at ultrarange frequencies allowing them to cut through anything. An orb in the center of the waist controls gravitational fields allowing for flight or the creation of a pressure cannon that can destroy a single target instantly. A device called the sonic buster, located in the mouth region of the armor, can emit a vibratory wave that can be tuned to the resonance of a targe tand fragement them on a molecular level. Finally, the most powerful weapon at a guyvers disposal is the mega smasher. This weapon is located under both of the chestplates. Upon opening them there is a small energy build up and then the hyper intensity particle beam fires from the chest and devastates anything thatis within it’s path. And that my friends is the guyver, roughly summed up.”

            The Wallas brothers look at Sho, with wide eyes and looks of disbelief at all that their friend has just told them. Nate shakes his a little and breaks the short moment of silence. “Hold on Sho. If your the guyver, then how come you aren’t taking Chronos down man? I mean you just told us that you have all this great weaponry and super strength, so why aren’t you using it to help the people of Japan?”Sho’s head merely drops hearing that question. The feeling of remorse seems to overwhelm him as he clinches his fists at knowing he is powerless at this moment to help Japan. “Nate it’s not that easy bro. Sho may have amazing powers, but at the same time he is but one man against an army of millions. He can’t take them all on by himself. I am guessing he is biding his time until he can get help from some where.”, Gabe says in defense of Sho. Sho raises his head with a small smile. “You’re right Gabe. There are other guyvers out there, but all of them are trying to fight Chronos in their own homes. America alone is probably the most protected of all the countries on the globe. In America not only are there basic guyvers, but there is an advanced unit called the Warrior Guyver. Not to mention, in China I have heard there are a class of guyvers called the Nova units. There is also a warrior guyver who lives here in Japan, but he is away at the moment along with another basic guyver . For right now it is just me, and I can’t do it alone.” Once again ther brothers seem a bit at awe with such information being given to them. “Hold on so you are saying theat ther are more than one kind of guyver and that they are all different in power. So how strong are these other guyvers?” Sho thinks for a moment and tries to remember the readings of the guyvers he has met. “Okay, the nova guyvers are two and a half times as strong as a normal guyver, a warrior unit is four times as strong. Now I haven’t mentioned this, but for a basic guyver there is an upgrade module called the Gigantic that can increase power by two times. So I can become stronger, but it still wouldn’t help against the advancing forces of Chronos right now.”

            The brothers and Sho go silent as all the information sanks in. Nathan and Gabriel can only imagine all the fighting that has probably already taken place. “Sho, I know you have been through a lot. I mean for you to have to go against Chronos with so little fire power on your side shows that you are a courageous individual. My question to you now is. Why tell us all this? I’m sure some part of your mind is telling you we might not be all that we seem to be. Even I don’t believe that we can be trusted with all this information.” Sho smiles and puts his hand on Gabriels shoulder. “I have faith in the two of you. I can tell that the both of you truly want to help, take Chronos down for good. I believe that there is a relic space craft within the crevice we found yesterday. Inside there may be more guyvers that are awaiting activation. If so that means that if you are willing to join my cause to deafeat Chronos, the units can be yours.” Nathan and Gabriel think for a moment and ponder on this situation. Nathan has already come to his decision and quickly voices his choice. “I’m with you Sho. I can’t sit here and let Japan sit here in the grip of Chronos any longer. I may have only been here for a year, but I feel very adament about this.”Gabriel smiles and agrees with his brother. “Yeah Sho, if Nathans with you then so am I. I can’t let him just off and have all the fun, while I sit around and do nothing.” Sho smiles seeing an alliance that will be sure to last a lifetime. “Alrigh then. Now the only way we are going to get into the relic is if I transform into the guyver. So I would suggest you guys backing up a little since there is a kind of protective barrier that surrounds me whenI do this.” The boys walks back about ten feet amking sure they are at a safe distane before Sho does anything. “ Sho, is this far enough?” Sho nods his head as he yells, “GUYVER!!!” The blastfield of the bio-booster armor surrounds Sho, and the armor appears behind him, and surrounds his body. The field of energy dissipates and in Sho’s place is Guyver I. The boys sit there with dropped jaws and wide eyes as they look upon the new figure. “Dude that was awesome. So this is a guyver? Man, it looks amazing.”, says Nathan as he walks up to Sho and takes a better look. “Well, we should get started. We need to find out all we can about the relic today and then make a game plan for our next move.”, Guyver I says in his new metallic sounding voice. The brothers nod and the three of them start off into the cavern.

            “Hey Sho, so where exactly did the guyver and this relic space craft come from.”, asks a curious Gabriel. “Well, I will only tell you if you think you can handle what I am about to tell you. The story that answers your question is one that may not sit well with either of you. So I want you to make sure that you can take this.” As they walk along with flashlights piercing the darkness the brothers nod their heads. “Okay, here we go. Eons ago when Earth was still developing, a group of aliens call the Creators landed here. Upon arrival the Creators began to experiment with life in hopes of creating a living weapon that they could use in battle. Trail and failure took place over the next millenia until a working prototype was created. That prototype was mankind. I know you might find that hard to coupe with, but that is the truth.” The Wallas brothers merely think for a moment and both note that mans history is one full of violence and war. Even now man is fighting the battle to save their world. “The zoanoids are also a result of the Creators experiments here. The zoanoid as you might know are humans who have been transformed using genetic manipulation. Of course there are also all sort s of different types of zoanoids made for different purposes, which makes them all unique and at the same time very dangerous. Now what you might not have known is that there is a class of zoaform higher than that of mere zoanoids. This form is called the Zoalord. A Zoalord is creature possessing an advance mental power that allows them to control all lesser zoaforms.  Now that explains Chronos in simple terms. As for the guyver, it is a tool that was used by the Creators themselves. It allowed them to survive in multiple environmens so they could carry out their experiments.”

            The crevice lays before them as Guyver I ceases to tell his story to the brothers. “You guys won’t be needing to use that rope or your harnesses. I’ll fly you guys down myself.”, says Guyver I  as he picks both Nathan and Gabriel up off of the ground. Guyver steps off of the ledge of the crevice and begins to hover in midair with the brothers in his arms. Slowly Guyver I begins to descned down into the crevice, allowing his hyper senors to find the location of the relic from his position. The glow of the flashlights can only cut throught the darkness so much now as they lower farther down into the ominous gorge. Suddenly Guyver I’s sensors lock on to the relic and he begins to hasten there decent. Soon the land on the ground and before them a small glow can be seen coming from what seems to be a stone wall. The boys shine their flashlights at the point where the light is coming from and see that the stone wall isn’t made of stone but of some sort of smooth leather-like material. “Sho, is that the relic?” Guyver I walks up to the spot in the wall and stares at it intently. “Yes Nathan, this is the relic. Now, I need you two to stay out here while I search through the relics memories. It will be able to tell me what we need to know. Are you guys okay with that?” Gabe speaks up as a door way opens leading into the relic. “Sure Sho. Just be careful in there man.” Guyver I turns and nods as he proceeds to walk into the relic craft. Suddenly the door closes as Guyver I enters leaving the Wallas brothers to wonder what is happening inside.

            Inside the Relic

            Guyver I walks forward a few steps and the relic closes up behind him, and begins to fill up with it’s internal  fluids. Soon the room that Guyver I is in is completely submerged in these fluids and another opening appears before him. Utilizing his gravity controller, Guyver I  flys through the huge open chamber before him and halts at another solid wall. Once again the internal make-up of the relic changes and a door forms for Guyver I to pass through. Flying through the opening, Guyver I finds himself on the main bridge of the relic. “Perfect, now all I need to do is connect with the relic.” The control orbs of the relic begin to glow and Guyver I’s control medal does the same as he begins to float towards the center of them both. His body slowly reaches the space between the two orbs and his control medal begins to reach out and tap into the relics control system. Inside shows mind the past of the relic is replayed for his eyes to see.

            Eternity. . . Cre’Delar. . . time travel . . . [Beginning memory logs of Creator Cre’ Delar: “The search for furtherment of our kind has lead us to the creation of a boost unit that has the ability to travel bac kand forth freely. Using this unit, we creators will be able to look at the results of our experiments before they are complete. Not to mention most of the other benefits this unit may provide us with. Soon with the help of my companions Tu’ Shal and Hii’ Za, the Eternity Project may begin. With the assistance of the others I will be able to institute a new cloaking system that will allow the unit to exist unseen by anyone around him in both past and future, and the installation of two complex power systems that will enhance units main weapon faculties as well as it’s temporal capabilities.”

            “The intervention of the Guyver Zoalord has ceased the final test for the complete unit. Tu’ Shal and Hii’ Za’s ships have sank below the surface of the planet. My ship is now being attacked by this beast, and I am not sure how long I will be able to last. Within this ship is one of the working prototypes of the Eternity project. It’s powers are not at it’s fullest due to not having either of the power systems that Hii’ Za had created. Know this who ever gets this message, the final unit has been hidden  . . . in . . .”]

            The relics recordings end there with an abrupt stop. Guyver I’s control medal retracts and he floats out from between the two orbs. “This is truly something here. I would have never guessed the Creators had come this far with their technology. Chronos will be in for it now.” Guyver I begins to exit the control chamber and make his way back to the Wallas brothers.

            Outside of The Relic

            Nathan sits upon the ground making shadow puppets on the side of the relic. Gabriel stands with his eyes shut, concentrating deeply in a medatative state. Suddenly Gabes eyes shoot open and where the relic had opened for Guyver I before, another door appears. Nathan picks up his flashlight and stands beside his brother as Guyver I disembarks the relic. Gabriel walks forward to Guyver I and watches as the relic loses up again. “So Sho, what have you found out about this craft and it’s contents?” Guyver I looks back to the relic and begins to tell the brothers what he knows. “The relic itself was used for what was called “The Eternity Project”. It was an attempt to integrate time traveling technology with the bio-booster armor. Apparently there are three units inside. One is a fully functional prototype, but the others, I am not to sure of. But, the relic told me something else. It said that there was also a final model that hadn’t been tested, and that it was hidden, but thats where the records cut off.” Nathan smiles hearing that his prayers have been answered, while Gabe meremly ponders on the last part of what Guyver I has told them. “For now guys we should leave. I know you may think that we should get the units now, but doing so may leave us open. I don’t want to think Chronos is snooping around outside. But, there is always the possibility.”, Guyver I says while crossing his arms. “What do you propose we do then, Sho?”, asks Gabriel. Guyver I thinks and then comes to a conclusion. “Alright, tomorrow we will meet here as early as possible. I would say about seven or eight tomorrow morning. Once we all arrive, I will enter the relic bring out  two of the units and the two of you can merge with them. After that I can teach you some of the basics. Sound good to you guys?” The brothers nod their heads in agreement. “Man, I can’t wait. This is so cool. Getting the chance to fight and save lives. We’re gonna be superheros Gabe!” Gabriel looks at his brother and merely smiles. “Yeah, we’re gonna be heros.” Guyver I grabs Nathan and Gabriel and they begin to ascend back to the top of the crevice.

           Upon reaching the top of the crevice Sho deactivates his unit, and he and the Wallas brothers walk out of the cave. “Sho, how exactly do you call the guyver? It seems pretty simple but I know there are some complex workings behind it.”, asks Gabe inquistively. “Well, once bonded to the guyver the host gains two growths on his or her back. The growths act as both a communication pathway for for all guyvers to communicate with each other, and as a receptor for guyver. Using a metal or verbal command the host can bring forth the unit from hyper space at any time” Gabe nods his head understanding everything Sho has said. “Alright guys get some rest and tomorrow we will meet up here.” Nathan nods his head, and Gabe merely waves as they begin to walk back to their car.

            Portal Genetics: Basement Level Six

            Within a zoanoid processing lab, Evadelius Mishima stands admiring his two newest works. “Drake you make such a magnificent Zektole, and my dear Elizabeth your powers as Elegen will fuel your husband even more. Oh, this will be good, with these two watching their son, nothing can go wrong. Dr. Yamamoto how much longer do they have until completion.” The doctor, comes around the bin with a clipboard in hand, with the information on all zoanoid processing. “They should be complete by twenty hours tomorrow sir.” Evadelius smiles, “Good. All is working in my favor.” Evadelius walks out of the room as Dr. Yamamoto stares at the processing tubes that contain the former Mr. and Mrs. Wallas. “You two are really something. Did you know it was your research that helped me to process your bodies so quickly. Your gene therapy experiments have made it easier for zoanoids to be created. Now, I am certain that our failure rate will drop. With that I may get the promotion that I have been looking for.” The manical doctor begins to laugh as he thinks of this good fortune that has come to him.

            Wallas Home

           Nate flings open the door to his home and begins to dance around gleefully. “Yes, everything is actually falling into place. I’d have never thought we would have had this kind of luck, Gabe. I mean to meet a guyver and tomorrow to become guyvers ourselves. This is fantastic. This is unbelievable. It’s damned wonderful.” Gabe watches his brother and meremly drops his head and shakes it, seeing his childish side emerge. Gabriel shuts the door behind him and looks to the telephone on the small table in the hall. A small flashing light signals that there is a message upon the machine. Gabe goes over to the machine while Nate still prances about and pushes the play button. “Hello there, this is Professor Yamamoto at Tohoku University in Sendai. I have ben reviewing some of the engineering work done by a Mr. Gabriel Wallas, that was sent to me confidentially. I am calling to offer Mr. Wallas the oppurtunity to attend a week of engineering class sessions here at Tohoku, so he may make a decision that may benefit him in the future. If you are interested by here tomorrow morning by eight a.m. sharp. I hope you consider my offer Mr. Wallas. Good bye and have a nice day.” The message stops there and so does Nathans dancing. “Wow, someone actually took a liking to my work. Jeez, that almost sounds unheard of. Everyone has always looked down on some of my theories. I have to take this chance. I mean this could be my break. I may actually be able to do something with my life.” Nathan’s facial expression goes from happy to somewhat hurt. “Gabe are you saying that you aren’t going tomorrow? Bro, I thought we were in this together.” Gabe turns to look at his brother, and knows what he is feeling right now. “Nate, I’m sorry bro. I mean I want to help stop Chronos, but I also want to stay a normal person. I don’t want the power Nate. For me being a guyver, wouldn’t be all fun and games. I would probably be worrying about you too much, and that may make it hard to fight. Think about this way Nate, I want you to have the power so you can make the difference. With me being normal Mom and Dad won’t have to worry too much. I can be making excuses for why you aren’t here when you are storming some Chronos facility. This makes it easier on the both of us.” Nate knows he can’t argue with his brother. He knows how intelligent Gabe, is and understands his reasoning. “So how are you going to get to Sendai tomorrow?”,asks Nate. “Oh you gonna leave me hanging, and not drive me yourself?, Gabe says in a funny voice. Nathan starts laughing and so does Gabe. The brothers hug each other and then head to the kitchen to make some food.

            Later That Night

            Nate lays in his bed only thinking of the grea gift that is going to be presented to him within the next day. Soon he will gain the power of the guyver and be able to save the country of Japan and soon maybe even help the other guyvers he has heard about stop Chronos. His minds eye seems to grasp at an image of himself covered in bio-booster armor fighting the zoanoids of Chronos. He smiles looking up at his ceiling visualizing his imaginary battle. “Yeah, tomorrow I become a guyver that will spell the end of Chronos. I promise to myself that I will not stop fighting until Chronos has been driven away from the sight of mankind.” Nate says to himself as he turns over and closes his eyes to rest.

            The Following Morning

            The brothers are preparing themselves. Nate for his intiation into the world of the guyver, and Gabe for his week at Tohoku University in the engineering deparment. Nathan grabs his  clothes from off of a chair while Gabe packs his bag with the bare necessities for his trip. “Hey Gabe, you almost ready?” Gabe pokes his head out of his door. “Yeah, could you lend me like ten bucks. I might need some extra money for food.” Nate pulls out his wallet and takes a ten dollar bill out. He walks to Gabes room and hands him the money. “Here ya go . Anything else you need , before we get outta here.?” Gabe takes the money and puts it in his pocket. “I think that’s it bro. Lets get a move on.” Gabe picks up his travel bag and and walks out with Nate. The boys head out of the house and make their way to the road headed for Sendai.

            Somewhere on a Road to Izumo

            Sho’s mind drifts back to the day whe nhe first became a guyver. It was a few years back on his home from school. An explosion occured near the shortcut he and Tetsuro were taking and out of the sky came the disk looking object that was called the Unit-G. Neither he nor Tetsuro knew of it’s origins but came to the comclusion that it may be some kind of bomb. Startled Sho accidentally touched some sort of triggering mechanism on the unit. Soon the tendrils within the casing began to move and exploded from the small metal restraints. Sho’s body was engulfed within the long frailing mandibles of the guyver as it began to bond with him. He remembered the pain he felt and shock as the unit began to seep into his body and adapt itself to his physical properties and comform to his shape. After the first few moments he remembers that everything went black. He knew the same thing was about to happen to his new friends, but it had to be done, if they wanted to get rid of Chronos. He speeds up as he nears his turn for Izumo.

            Tohoku University, Sendai

            The brothers exit the car Gabe holding his traveling bag and NAte with his hands in his pockets. “So this is Tohoku? Nice place”, says Nate as he looks over the campus grounds and sees that the social life here is pretty nice , not to mention school looks good too. They take their time and scour the area looking for the main office, for directions to the enginerring section, when suddenly a man in a lab coat with light brown hair looking to be in his mid thirties comes up to them. “Are you purchance Mr. Gabriel Wallas?”, asks the man in the lab coat. Gabe and Nate look at one another and then look at the man. “Yes, that would be me, who is asking?” The man holds his hand out. “I am Professor Yamamoto, I am the one who asked you to come.” Gabriel extends his hand and the two of them exchange a hand shake. “It’s a pleasure to meet you sir. I am excited that you are giving me such a prestigious oppurtunity like this. I mean, I just feel so honored.” The Professor smiles and releases Gabriels hand. “It is good to have you here. And, who is this beside you, Mr. Wallas?” Gabriel looks to his brotehr and smiles oddly at him. “Sir, please call me Gabe. This is my brother Nathan.” Nathan extends his hand and the Professor does the same and they exchange a hardy handshake. “It’s nice to meet Professor.” The Professor nods and relases his grip on Nathans hand. “Like wise my young friend. . . “ The Professor takes a peek at his watch and feels he has wasted some of his time. “Gabe we must get going. The first of your many experiences here at Tohoku, is about to start within the next ten minutes.” Gabe turns to his brother and raises his right hand. “Well bro, it’s time to part ways. Take care of yourself, and try not to get into any trouble. Mom and Dad should be sometime tonight, so try not to stay out too late.” Nate raises his left hand. “Yeah, you know me Gabe, everything will work out fine in the end.” The two of them give each other five and clasp their hands as they give each other a hug. “Now you take care of yourself while you’re here, bro. Don’t wanna here about you getting hurt or anything during some kinda demonstration.” Gabe and Nate release each other and smile. “Don’t worry, Nate. I’ll be fine.” Nate turns away from his brother and waves farewell as he walks off to the car. “Come along young Gabriel. It is time to embark on the road to your future.” Gabe turns to the Professor and they walk off further into the campus.

            Nate gets into the car and shuts the door the behind him. He watches as his brother is lead away by the Professor, starts up the car. He begins to back out and takes one last look before he drives off. As he leaves the vicinity his mind begins to think. <Well, I guess I’m going solo on this adventure. This will be the first time I do this. Me and Gabe have always been there for each other when it came down to our adventurous habits. I guess, it comes a time when you have to make a decision to change things. Me and Gabe have chosen our pathes, lets just hope we can live with’em.> Nates course now leads him on his way to Izumo to face his destiny and his future.

            Three Hours later, Cavern Entrance

            Sho waits patiently at the mouth of the cavern. He looks up to the sky and sees the clouds rolling in quickly. “I guess a storm is coming through. I did not think one was occuring today.”, he says to himself as Nathan walks slowly around the lake to meet him. “Hello, Nate. Hey, wheres Gabe?” Nate looks at Sho with some dissapointment. “Gabe decided to take some study oppurtunity up at Tohoku University. He said that he couldn’t handle being a guyver. I mean I’m fine with him making his choice. It’s just I thought he would be by my side, like he always has been.” Sho looks at Nate, and trys to cheer him up.”Nathan I am sure your brother made his choice for the better. Many of us guyvers gained our power by accident and now wish that we hadn’t come across the unit-g. Your brother may have been thinking ahead, maybe looking into the future. He may have seen the pros and cons of his first decision and decided that the cons out weighed the pros.” Nate nods his head agreeing with what Sho is saying. “Look lets get off that subject and get to this guyver. I’m dying to see what it can do.”, says Nate with frustration in his voice. Sho walks foraward a few steps and calls upon his unit. The blastfield surrounds him and the armor covers his body within a matter of moments. “Lets get going then.” The two of them enter the cave with Guyver I leading the way.

            “Hey Sho, how does it feel? Ya know, to be a guyver?” Guyver I is silent for a moment as he thinks to himself of all the benefits he has gained and at the same time all of the people he has lost. “Being a guyver is both a gift and a curse. For me becoming a guyver was an accident. I felt I was a monster at first and could not accept that. Then I found myself as a protector which gave me meaning to my new existence. But, at the same time I was thrusted into battles that I did not understand. Chronos wanted my unit, but there was no way to get it away from me now. One of their schemes involved the creation of a zoanoid that had acid-like blood that could eat away at the guyvers armor. That beast tore the control medal from my head and I died because the bio-booster organism that makes up this armor went rogue with out the regulatory properties of the medal. Though I cannot remember it, my body was eaten alive.” Nathan only widens his eyes at hearing that last part. Could the same thing happen to him. “Nathan I want to give you this much advice. Do not take this power likely. Once you bond to the guyver thats it. You will be pushed into the battle against Chronos. You will have to use your power to help defend Japan or any other country that is in need. Plus, this power comes with a high price. With the loss of your control medal your armor will revert into it’s parasitic form and devour you. You must be on guard and you must be ready for anything.” Nathan nods his head as they reach the gorge. Guyver I picks Nathan up and leaps from the edge and begins to float down into the cold darkness.

            Outside of The Cave

            The sky has become blackened with the appearance of the storm clouds. Thunder shatters the silence of the forest and lighting streaks across the sky as rain begins to fall from overhead. Foot steps can be heard in the distance as the rain falls gracefully to the earth. A group of five shadowed figures enter the area where the cavern is. A streak of lightning sheds light upon the group of unknowns, and shows them to be a party of Chronos soldiers. The lead man begins to receieve a message from his helmt comm. link. “That should be the area where the relic is. Our informant has assured us that both Guyver I and the Wallas boy should be somewhere in the area.Guyver I no longer serves a purpose in our search for data on the guyver. The Wallas boy is expendable now, seeing that we have acquired the location of this relic. If you see either of them, you have permission to terminate them.” The soldier nods his head and signals for his comrades to fan out and search the area for their quiary.

            Outside of Relic

            Guyver I lands and sits Nathan down beside him. “So, how is this going to work, Sho?” Guyver I walks up to the relic and it begisn to up itslef up to him. “I’m going to go in seifer through the units and find the prototype. I’ll bring it back out here and then you can bond with it. Nathan nods in acceptance of that plan as Guyver I enters the relic, and the doorway closes behind him. Nate takes a seat with the dark and thinks to himself.

            Nathans thoughts are quickly interrupted as the relic once again opens and Guyver I appears at the opening. Within the hands of Guyver I is a dormant unit-g, one that was meant to be a crowning achievement to the Creators. One that would have opened the doors to both the past and the future, for the furhtering of their experiments. But now, it was going to be used as a weapon to stop Chronos’ plans of complete world domination. “Well Nate, it’s time. This here is the prototype temporal unit. All you have to do is take it.” Nathan stands motionless admiring the shape and formation of the unit. “Time to embrace my destiny.” Nate holds out his hands and Guyver I places the dormant unit within his grasp. The crystalline ring of the control medal begins to glow and the thin tendrils begin to move wildly under the metal restraints. In a quick motion the restraints are blown off and the tentacles of the unit latch on to Nathans body. The control medal assumes it’s position in the center of the forehead and the armor begins to take shape. Nathans body falls back as he feels the searing pain along with jolts of electrical impulses. His mind soon loses consciousness as the armor begins to finalize it’s adaptive process.

            Five Minutes Later

            Nathans eyes flicker open under his armor, as he reawakens to see Guyver I’s right vibrational sword locked with his left forward vibrational sword. “Sho what happened?”, asks  Nathan as he pulls back his arm and lowers it to take a look at his hands. “Well, your armor was in self-defense mode while the control made it’s last bits of modifications to you and the armor.” Guyver I retracts his vibrational sword and walks up to take a better look at Nathans armor. “Man, I feel great. I can sense all the power I have, and I think I can sense the power you have. This is great. So let’s get down to business, Sho. I need to know how to use this thing.” Guyver I takes a few steps back and pointed to his gravity controller. “Alright this orb right here is known as the gravity controller. It allows for flight and the creation of the pressure cannon weapon. Now all you have to do is concentrate on it and you will be able to fly.” Nathan looks down at the orb in th center of his waist and begins to will himself to fly. The orb begins to glow and his feet lift from the ground. “Thats pretty good. Now you and I can fly up to the top of this gorge and get out of this cave to test your other weapons.” Nathan nods his head and he and Guyver I float upwards to the cliff of the gorge.

            “Sho, I feel something weird coming from outside of the cave. I think there are people out there. Wait, there not just people there zoanoids. Dammit, how did they find the cave?” Guyver I’s hyper sensors begins to rove in their respective tracks and pick up the five Chronos soldiers outside. “There is a possiblity that we may have been spotted in the area earlier and they followed us here. But lets not worry about that right now. Let me handle them, you don’t have the proper knowledge of your unit yet.” Guyver I is about to take off down the path leading out of the cave when Nathan grabs his shoulder. “Sho, I’m coming with you, and I’m fighting by your side. I know you are more adept at this, but  I think this will be a good test for my abilities.” Guyver I thinks it over quietly within his mind. He knows if he tells him no, he probably burst out into the battle anyway. “Fine, but I am going to tell you this. Stay close ,and don’t get cocky.” Nathan nods his head and the both of them jet down the path in the cave at high speed.

            Outside of the cave the soldiers converge at the edge of the lake. “What do you have to report?”, asks the leader of the group. “Sir we have n’t seen any signs of either Guyver I or the Wallas boy. If they are here they are most likely within the cave.” The lead soldier turns his head as he begins to hear something coming from the mouth of the cavern. “Troops, transform. I am sure our quiary is soon to appear. With the order given all of the soldiers begin to shape-shift into their zoanoid forms. The party nows consists of a Gregore, Vamore, Gregoile, Ramotith, and a Zerebubuse. “Be prepared for anything”, says the Zerabubuse, as suddenly Guyver I  and an unidentified orangish guyver with CPM-like components rush out of the cave. “Ah, so there you are Guyver, and look you have a new friend. Well, it’s no matter, we are going to make sure you won’t mess with Chronos operations anymore.” The Gregore, Ramotith and Gergoile charge forth while the Vamore opens it’s laser pods and the Zerabubuse charges it’s forearm bio-lasers. , Guyver I says through his organisms.

            Nathan nods and runs forward with the rain falling all around him and the Gregore bearing down infront of him. The infrared laser orb over Nathans control medal begins to glow and thin beam of energy fires foraward and strikes the Gregore directly between it’s eyes. The behemoth drops back from the sudden blow and begins to decompose. The Vamore and Zerebubuse begin to fire their bio-lasers aiming for both the new guyver and Guyver I. The Gergoile plows past Nathan and heads for a collision course with Guyver I. As Nathan turns his head and tries to warn Sho, he is hit by one of the beams from teh Vamore directly in the chest. His body skids back, digging two small tracks in the ground until his motion is halted. He turns his head back around and looks at his chest. To his surprise his armor is undamaged. “Hmm, this is interesting. His attention turns to the Vamore and he seems to smile under his armor. “You are so dead!!”, Nathan yells as the CPM-like units glow and his body begins to blur and slowly disappear as the Ramotith comes in from Nathans right. Guyver I dodges a punch by the Gergoile and grabs it’s arm and breaks it off. The Gergoile screams in pain and Sho, stiffles it’s screams by jamming the creatures arm into it’s moutn and out of the back of it’s head. The zoanoid drops to it’s knees and begins to decompose as it falls forward. Guyver I searches the area for Nathan, but can’t seem to find him with his hyper sensors or with his basic vision. Suddenly a streak of white light cuts across the Ramotiths midsection and behind it appears Nathan with his right elbow vibrational sword extended. Nathan stands up right and turns to the Vamore as the Ramotiths upper body slides off of it’s waist and legs. The Vamore turns to the new guyver and seems to grin as it charges it’s lasers. Guyver I and the Zerebubuse look upon the two combatants and await their next moves. Nathan spreads his legs to shoulder width apart and holds his right hand out in front of him. The Vamores lasers become fully charge and fire with precision at the new guyver while the Zerebubuse laughs heartily. The gravity orb in the center of  Nathans waist glows a dark color as he watches the beams get closer to him. To Nathan everthing begins to slow down as his CPM-like components glow. He see’s the Vamores beam’s creep toward him like slugs as a pressure cannon quickly forms and jets forward toward the Vamore. Nathan ducks out of the way of the beams as his Pressure cannon impacts wit hthe Vamores midsection blowing a round hole through the zoanoid. Nathan’s units disengage and time begins to flow naturally again to him. The vamores body falls to the ground leaving the Zerebubuse as the sole survivor.

            “I applaud you both on your small victories. I one the other hand won’t be as easily defeated as teh others.” The Zerebubuse begins to walk slowly over to Nathan and Guyver I begins to fill him in on the information about this zoanoid. <Nathan, be careful that is a hyper zoanoid codenamed Zerebubuse. The three horns on it’s head allow it to fire a liquid that can dissolve a guyvers armor. On both of it’s forearms are three bio-lasers, much more compact than those of the Vamore. It’s exoskeletal armor is pretty tough, So I would suggest a pressure cannon . . . > Guyver I is cut off as Nathan waves his hand signaling that he can handle this. Nathan stands with his hands crossed over his chest. The hyper zoanoid throws an intense punch forward at the guyver, but Nathan merely moves his upper body to the right to avoid the blow. Trying for a rebound, the Zerebubuse swings his arm at the guyvers head with bone breaking force. Nathans legs swivel and his upper body drops back avoiding the attack. His hand touch the ground and he raises his legs up and clsps them around the zoanoids arm. Pulling his legs further up the zoanoid is taken off balance and lifted into the air and soon is flipped, impacting the ground with it’s head. “So, I thought you weren’t going to be so easy. You seem to be just as pathetic as the rest of your squad.” The Zerebubuse quickly regains itself and gets back to it’s feet growling at the new guyver. “You bastard!! I’ll KILL YOU!!”  The zoanoid begins firing it’s bio-lasers and some of it’s corrosive liquid at Nathan, enraged by the comments made by the new guyver. Once again the units on his chest, forearms, hips, legs and hands begins to glow and the attacks slow and soon halt altogether. Nathan freely walks through the barrage being careful not to touch any of them. and makes his way behind the Zerebubuse. The units stop glowing and time flows smoothly again. The barrage of lasers and fluid hit air as the Zerebubuse looks on in perplexity. “Where the hell did he go?” Nathan pats the zoanoidon his left shoulder. “I’m right here, pretty boy.” The zoanoid swings around with his right arm extended and attempts to bash the guyver in the head. With pure astonishment the zoanoids arm passes right through the guyvers head and he it left once again in puzzlement. Wha . . .What is this ? A halogram?”, asks the zoanoid as he pulls his hand back. “No, actually I beleive it is an after image of me generated by my body moving at super high speed.” The Zerebubuse turns behind him again to see the guyver withhis arms crossed. “Enough of these games!” The zoanoid fires his bio-lasers at the guyver. The bio-boosted being leaps, avoiding the beams, and lands on the Zerebubuses back. The impact from the guyvers descent, cracks the hard armor of the hyper-zoanoid. “Aaahh! You bas . . .” The Zerebubuse goes silent as the guyver stabs his hand into the weak point , he created, and rips the monsters spinal column out as he leaps down to the ground.

            The massive hyper- zoanoid falls back and beginsdecaying as the guyver drops the spinal column on the ground. Nathan turns to Guyver I as the clouds begin to part high above, revealing the evening sun. Guyver I walks over to Nathan and puts his hand on the new guyvers shoulder. “That was pretty impressive Nate. You seem to have ahandle of most of your skills. I’m guessing these abnormal rings on your body are what generate your temporal abilities. I’m amazed that you have been able to handle this so easily though.” Nathan takes a deep breath and takes a look back as he see’s the sun’s rays behind him. “Thanks Sho. I don’t really know how I did it. I mean I think the unit may have been feeding all the info the whole time and I didn’t pay to much attention to it. But , man that was a rush.”, says Nate as he smiles gleefully under his armor. “Well, all you need now is a codename for your armored form. That way when we communicate verbally no one will know your identity. You see, when I transform, they call me Guyver I. So, what will you call yourself?” Nathan’s eyes glimmer under his armor as he peers into the light from the evening sun. “Thats it. I’ve got it, the perfect name for myself. Twilight Guyver. How does that sound?” Guyver I thinks about it for a moment and then answers with agreement. “Yes, I think that wil do just fine. Well, I think we should get out of here, no telling when Chronos will be sending back-up.” Twilight turns to Guyver I. “What about the relic? Shouldn’t we try and move it somewhere do that Chronos won’t find it?” “No, if we move it, Chronos will spot it with one of their satellites and intercept us. We should leave it where it is for now.” Twilight nods, agreeing with his elders notion. Guyver I’s armor releases and disappears back into hyperspace. “Sho, how exactly do I get the armor off”, asks Twilight as he looks over his new form. “All you have to do is will the armor off. The guyver is based on your mental commands.” Twilight focuses and suddenly his armor seperates from him with a bright glow and vanishes behind him. “Nathan, I want you to lay low for awhile. Chronos knows that there is a new guyver here in Japan, and we need to avoid them searching for you. So just go about your daily life as normal, and I’ll contact you within a week or so.” Nathan nods his head, and he and Sho part ways as they begin their journeys back home.

            One Hour Later, Wallas Home

            Nathan walks in and heads upstairs to his room He walks across his doorseal and flops face first on to his bed. He turns over and stared up at his ceiling, remembering the events that have conspired over the course of the day. His brother deciding to be a neutral party in the fight between the guyvers and Chronos. His bonding to the temporal unit, and his fight with Chronos’ zoanoids. Suddenly downstairs he hears the door open, and he immediately sits up on his bed. He listens closely and hears two peoples voices and hte door shutting behind them. Nathan quickly knows who it is and goes downstairs to greet his parents. He leaps from the bottom step and spots his Mom placing some suit cases down in the living room. “Hey Mom, how ya doin’?” asks Nate, as his mother turns around and see’s her son. “Oh Nate, you startled me. I’m fine baby, how are you?” Nathan hugs his Mom tightly. “I’m fine Mom, how was your trip?” “You now I would have thought that it would be quite boring, but it was full of great technical specs and overall information about progress in all our branches. It was pretty good in the end.” Nathans Father comes out of he kitchen and looks at Nathan sternly. “So by the looks of things you and Gabe kept out of trouble. But, I haven’t seen Gabe yet, where is he?” Nathan looks at both his parents. “Well, Gabe got a phone call yesterday from a Prof. Yamamoto at Tohoku Univeristy in Sendai. The Professor offered Gabe study oppurtunity there for the next weekor something like that.” His parents smile hearing about their sons furtherment of his education. “Well, I’m proud of him I’m sure he’ll do well up there.”, says his father. Nate merely forces a smile, “Yeah, he’ll do great.”

            Portal Genetics

            The late night sky bestows the office of Evadelius with the gloriful light of the full moon. He looks out upon the humble and busy city of Tokyo and and quickly turns to a shadowish figure sitting in a chair across from his desk. “Your information was quite accurate. We now know where the relic is, but at the same time we now have a new threat on our hands. This new guyver seems to hold some new technology that may be of use to us, but may cost us, while be using by it’s host.” The figure stands up and crosses his arms. “The technology of that unit is of time distortion and possibly travel through time itself. The best thing to do would be to capture it and study it for ourselves. With that kind of advancement in Chronos’ hands we could easily go back in time and gather the guyvers for an increase of power for our forces.” Evadelius smiles as he looks at his new cohort. “You impress me. I would not have thought you to join Chronos so easily. Since you have provided me with this knowledge I am willing to offer you a place beside me. Are you up for it my friend?” The figure holds out his hand. “I think this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship, Commander Mishima.” Evadelius walks over to the man and shakes his hand sealing the fate of this new duo.

            One Week (Seven Days) later

            The Wallas home awakens to the bright sun as it flows through the windows and lights the house. Nathan leaps out of his bed knowing that today is the day Gabe returns home from his trip to Sendai. Over the past week things have been really different for him, not just because Gabe wasn’t there but his parents had been asking him all these questions. They had heard that there was some abnormal distortions in the woods in the area he had been the day he became a guyver. They wondered if he had found what the guyver was. And curiously that hadn’t been worrying about why Gabriel had called to at least talk to them about his big sessions up at Tohoku. Nathan does some stretches and ponders to himself why Gabe hadn’t called home over this whole week. It wasn’t like him to just stay silent while he was away. Nate walks out of his room and heads down stairs to get some breakfast. As he walks off of the final stair he catches a glimpse of his Mother and Fatehr sitting in the couch in the living room. “Morning guys.” His Father looks at him with an evil gleam in his eye and stands up. “Nathan, would you please come here? Your Mother and I have something we need to discuss with you.” Nathan walks into the room and take looks at his parents with a perplexed look. “Nate you father and I have been very concerned with you for the past few days. You have been so reclusive and unresponsive towards us. Is there something wrong honey?” Nathan thinks for a moment about his predictament. He would never lie to his parents, not even when he was younger, but this was something different. He had become a guyver and defeated a squad of zoanoids a week ago and since then kept it to himself. He could no longer hold back the truth from his parents he decided it was time to confess. “Mom, Dad I have a confession to make. While you guys were away me and Gabe went to Izumo to do some exploring. We came across this cave in some woods and met Sho there. We had taken some looks around inside and found out there was this alien spaceship in there called a relic. At first me and Gabe didn’t know what it was but later Sho told us all about it and revealed to us that he himself was a guyver. He went inside and found out all this stuff about the relics past and that it had some kind of time traveling guyver unit in it. Gabe and I decided that we would help Sho fight Chronos because we are sick of living under them, and waiting to be turned into zoanoids. But Gabe got that call about the activity at Tohoku so I went to the cave and bonded with the guyver. After I did me and Sho took out a squad of zoanoids that had followed us into the area.” Nathans parents eyes widen surprised at all that there son has had to say to them. They could not believe what their son had been telling them. “I didn’t want to tell you guys, because I didn’t know how you would react. I know you probably think I’m crazy, but I’m telling you the truth. I had to get it off my chest.” Nathans mother holds out her arms to her son and he walks over and she hugs him and he returns the hug to her.

            “It’s okay now, Nathan. We’re here for you baby.” His mothers voice soothes him and makes him feel that everything will be okay now, but suddenly her grip on him begins to tighten. His Father turns to look at the both of them, as he hears his wife gasp loudly. Suddenly the sound of live eletric wires can be heard as Drake watches tentacles begin to slither up from behind his wifes back. “Elizabeth what’s wrong, honey? What are those things . . .” Drakes voice trails off as his body begins to shiver and shake violently. Nathan begins to squirm trying to escape his Mothers grip. “Mom what are you doing? Let go of me.” His mother can no longer speak as her body begins to change and reshape itself in to that of an Elegen type Hyper-Zoanoid. “Dad, get out of here!” Nathans father trys to move but can’t seem to make any limb on his body flinch let alone move. “I can’t son. I don’t know whats happening to me. I feel strange. . .” From Drakes head comes two insectoid type horns and soon his entire body shifts from that of a normal human to that of a Zektole, hyper-zoanoid. The Elegen stands up still holding Nathan tightly and twists him around in her grip to see his Father. “No . . . This can’t be happening. Chronos must have gotten their slimy hands on you two and made you into these monsters. DAMMIT!!!” Nathans mind begins to fall into a deep whole of despair. Seeing all of his past memories of his parents and how happy they made him feel when he was younger, and now to see them as zoanoids brings him down to the point where he can no longer feel happiness. The two hyper-zoanoids walk from the living room and start to exit the house, with Nathan hanging silent and broken. Suddenly from the organisms on his back, Nathan can hear the Sho’s voice. <Nathan, can you hear me? Nathan . . .> Nates head swings up and he begins to focus on the voice. Sho gasps upon hearing the news and begins seeing images of the moment his father transformed into Enzyme II. <Nate, you have to listen to me. There is a Zoalord controlling your parents. They are not acting under their own free will. I know this may sound awkward, but there is no way to help them become human again. They are Chronos puppets, now. You have to stop them, and that may mean killing them in the process.> Nathan’s eyes begin to fill with tears that quickly stram down his face showing the feeling of pain and suffering that are tearing him apart inside.The two zoanoids exit the house and make there way out to the front yard and to the street.

            With a sudden jerk, Nathan stiffens his body and his eyes narrow as he realizes he has no choice but to transform to save himself. “I’m sorry you guys, but I can’t let Chronos get their hands on me. GUYVER!!!” The blastfield quickly surrounds Nathan and knocks the Elegen off of him and forces the Zektole to fly forward and hit the ground face first. The armor of Twilight surrounds Nathan and the guyver vents out air from his breather units. “Forgive me guys. I don’t want to have to do this to you, but it may be the only way to set you free from Chronos.” The Elegen rises up using it’s ionozation effect, while the Zektole gets back to it’s feet with a powerful leap. Both the zoanoids peer at Twilight Guyver and begin to circle him slowly. “Mom, Dad SNAP OUT OF IT!!” Twilights voice stabs the zoanoids minds and the both of them stop. “Nathan . . . what has . . . happened to us?”, asks the Elegen as she looks at her hands and shivers. “The Zektole manages to make an observation and quickly speaks. “Son, you have to kill us. Evadelius . . Mishima is . . . controlling us. You mother and I . . . can’t keep fighting his power for long. You . . . . must do . . . this for us. We can not  . . . live this way.” The Zektole goes silent and his eyes glow dimmly as Evadelius regains his control. Zektole opens his forearm pods and reveals his laser orbs. “How can I do this? How can I kill my own parents?”, asks Twilight as he kneels down on the ground feeling a great deal of sorrow wash over him. Suddenly from behind Twilight two tentacles wip out from the Elegen and latch around his neck and around his upper body, binding his arms tightly. Massive volts of electrical power begin to surge through the Elegens tendrils and lash out through Twilights body. Within the armor Nathan seems almost comotose not feeling any of the attack that is being directed at him. Twilight stands up slowly as he extends both pairs of vibrational swords on his arms. “I will grant your last wish father. I will set you both free from your nightmare.” The Zektole watches and fires his laser upon Twilight, hitting him in the mid-section, upper chest, and his leg, butit would seem that none of the balsts have any effect on him. T-Guyvers control medal begins to glow and his arms start to push out against the tendrils wrapped around him. “You won’t have to suffer anymore you two, I promise.” The tendril on Twilights upper body snaps under the pressure placed upon it, and Twilightgrabs the tendril around his neck “Mom, I’m sorry for what I have to do.” T-Guyver quickly swings the Elegen around and slams her into the Zektole. Twilight rips the tendril from around his neck as the zoanoids attempt to get back to their feet. “Mother, Father I know you want me to end your pain. Now, I will do so, and let your souls find peace at last.” Twilights hands rise up and his fingers ease their way between his chestplates and opens them both. The lenses of the megasmashers begin to charge as the zoanoids stand up. The Zektole begins to aim his right forearms lasers at Twilight, when he begins to shiver. “Thank . . . you . . . son.” Twilight hears the words from his father and smiles as a tear attempts to roll down his cheek, but is absrobed by the armor quickly. The megasmasher cells glow with an immense white light and a huge beam of destructive energy plows forward.The Elegen and Zektole look upon the wave of force coming forth and seem to smile as they are bombarded by it and disentagrate from being. Twilight quickly closes the plates and falls to his knees wimpering heavily as he feels the anxiety flow over him.

            <Nathan, whats going on? Are you okay?> Sho’s voice echoes through the organisms on Nathans back. Twilight manages to stop sobbing and gazes at the path of destruction where the bodies of his parents once stood. Sho, listens to Nathans words closely as he remember feeling the same way after he realized what he had done to his father. Suddenly a thought rushes through Sho’s mind, and he quickly relays it to Nathan. Nathan begins to smile and realizes he may have a second chance to help his parents.


Twilights mind begins to focus on the moment before his parents left home to travel to the false business meeting. The units on his body begin to glow and brightly and his body slowly blurs and shifts out of sight. Twlights form appears in a tunnel-like formation completely composed of energy. His body is caught in some kind of gravitational pull as he floats backwards rapidly. His body tubles wildly as the gravity shifts and pulls him over to the side and he impacts with the wall of the tunnel.

            Three Days Earlier

            Twilight appears outside of his house and units cease to glow. He quickly realeases his armor, hoping that no one has seen him yet. “That was some ride. Man, I wonder if I made it back at the right time.” He walks over to the front door and twists the knob to open it. He opens the door and swiftly walks inside, closing the door gently behind him. “So where are you going young man?”, asks the voice of his father from the kitchen. “No where sir. I just thought I heard someone knocking  thats all.” Nathan trys to keep his cool, not knowing how far he has gone back and walks into the kitchen to find his  Mom and Dad fixing some lunch. “Hey is Gabe around?”, asks Nathan trying to get some assumption of how far back he has traveled. “You know he is at Tohoku, Nate. You told us yourself that he got selected for that study program there.” Nathans insides quiver as he realizes he hasn’t gone back far enough. “Um, what is today anyway?” Nates Mother looks at him with bright eyes. “It’s Sunday dear, is something the matter?” Nate knows what he must do, he hates the thought of having to relive what he was trying to prevent but he knows the is no other way but this. “Yeah, something is wrong. the two of you are zoanoids, and are going to try and take me to Chronos so they can study my unit.” Both of his parents look at Nathan with perplexion written over their faces. “Nathan, what exactly are you talking about? We are not zoanoids.”, says his father as he walks to his son. “Dad, trust me on this. I have already lived the next three days in full. I told you that me and Gabe found out what the guyver was along with meeting Sho Fukamachi, a Guyver. I myself have bonded to a guyver unit that can travel back and forth through time. After finding that out the two of you transformed into zoanoids and attempted to take me to Chronos. You two fought Mishima’s control and told me what you could and asked me to end your suffering. I transformed into my armor and I did what you asked. I took it upon myself to try and stop that from happening and travelled back through time. But, I have found that I have only travelled back three days. You two may not know it, but right now both of you are zoanoids.” Nathan’s parents are at a lose for words, when without warning Drake throws out his hand grabs Nathan around his neck. “Dad . . . I told you so.” Nathan’s Mother looks at the situation and begins to wimper knowing what must have happened to them while they were gone. Suddenly her body begins to feel stiff  and she begins to transform into an Elegen, while Drake shape shifts into a Zektole. In Nathan’s mind one thought seems to be apparent, “It’s happening again.” The Zektoles grip around Nathans neck loosens and it places him under his arm and proceeds to walk out of the back door to the alley. “I remember what you told me before, Dad. I won’t let you guys suffer this nightmare anymore. GUYVER!!”

            The blastfield erupts from Nathans body and blows the Zektoles arm off as he drops back from the kinetic force. The orange armor of Twilight and bonds with Nathan as the Elegen comes to the Zektoles side to help him. Twilight looks to his parents nad visualizes them as they used to be as the Elegen helps the Zektole get back to his feet. Twilight clinches his fists as he focuses on traveling back  farther through time to hopefully  save his parents  and himself from reliving t his moment. Suddenly a great deal of pain courses through T-Guyvers body and he falls to his knees. He can hear something inside his mind coming from the unit. Twilight punches the ground enraged at hearing this.He now knows truly that he cannot save his parents. His only alternative is ending his parents lives yet again. “Dammit all to hell. This can’t be happening again.” The Elegen lassos Twilights legs, upper body, and his neck and lifts him while the Zektole opens his remaining laser pods and prepares to fire. “No, you guys. You have to stop yourselves. I don’t want to have to kill you again. I can’t do it again. MOM!! DAD!!” The Elegen and Zektole suddenly begin to shake as thet regain control of their bodies. “Nathan . . . you must do . . . . whatever it takes . . . . to help us. We know  . . . you love us. We . . . love . . . .you . . . . . . .too . . . . . . .son.”, says the Zektole, as he struggles to keep control of himself. “Listen to  . . . .your Father, Nate. We under . . . .stand fully what . . . . must be done . . . . and we are willing to . . . . die to be free.”, his mother states as she manages to release Twilight from the grip of her tentacles. Twilight once again cannot bare to live with the burden of killing his own parents, but takes into account what they have just told him. “You two are the best parents a guy like me could have. It’s going to be hard without the both of you, but I will do as you say.” Twilights voice quivers as he speaks those words, his emotions clearly raging within him about this situation. “Nathan . . . .you must  . . . act now . . . . losing . . . con . . . trol.”, states the Zektole as he places his remaining hand on his hand trying to hold out against the control of Evadelius. Twilight feels unbearable remorse as his raech up and open his megasmashers again. The cells begin to charge and an intense white glow shines as the cells reach full capacity. “I love you both, and I hope you can find peace on the other side.” The two zoanoids once again fall under the control of Evadelius as the megasmashers fire their hyper intensity beam at them. Quickly the bodies of the Wallas parents are engulfed by the beam and their existence on this world end in a blaze of light. Twilight shuts his chestplates, looking all the while at the path of destruction he has created.

            Twilight stands in the alley clinching his fist, in dissapointment. He has failed to save his parents as he said he would. His only consolation in this matter is that now they may rest in peace as humans, not as the monsters they had become. “I will not forget this. This moment will be forever ecthed into my mind. From this day forward, my life will be devoted to the destruction of Chronos. I will not rest until every zoanoid is gone, and all in this world is set right. YOU HEAR ME CHRONOS, YOU’RE DEAD!!” Twilights anger begins to rise, as he floats into the air and his units begin glowing. He turns to where the business district is and jets off at the speed of sound.

            Portal Genetics, a few minutes later

            T-Guyver appears outside of the building, with a feiry glow emanating from his eyes. His hyper sensors begin to react and he quickly takes evasive manuevers as he is fired upon from the roof.  Located at each corner of the roof is a Bio blaster type zoanoid consisting of a Delcasse, Grimmels, Menzel, and a Gapteyn. Closer inward on the roof four other zoanoids wait for Twilight to attempt to land.  The tiny group consists of a Broiz, Gobilva, Panadyne, and a Minodlius. Twilights hyper sensors scan the entire area and he comes up with a plan in micro seconds. T-Guyver flys in quickly bobing and weaving through the hail of laser fire aimed toward him. He closes in on the fight front corner where the Grimmels is firing his six bio-lasers consistantly. Twilights units begin to flare and he speeds up, extending all his vibrational swords while doing so. A quick gleaming streak passes through the Grimmels mid-section and Twilight appears right behind him and runs towards the Delcasse on the corner before him. The Grimmels upper body slowly slides from it’s lower half and hits the roof decomposing as Twilight dodges the fire from the other three zoanoids. The Panadyne begins to shower the roof with his explosive liquid hoping to stop Twilight from killing of his other comrades, but as an explosion occurs behind Twilight his right forward vibrational sword skewers the Delcasses skull and he leaps up tearing the blade from the creatures thick head. Taking sights of another target as he is fired upon, Twilight pinpoints his sights and fires a head beam that pierces the brain of  the Menzel, bringing another zoanoid down. All but one bio blaster remains and still there is a roof of other zoanoids to fight . Twilight dives down again and readies a pressure cannon to fire at the Gapteyn. As he flys across the roof The minodlius, grabs Twilight from behind and tosses him to the roof as if he were no more than trash. Smirking evilly under his armor Twilight releases the pressure cannon and allows it tear through the Minodlius’ chest , killing the zoanoid easily. As he tries to get back to a standing position The Panadyne and Gapteyn fire liquid explosives and bio lasers at him causing smoke  and debris to cloud the space Twilight occupies. The onslaught halts and the Panadyne signals for the Gobilva, and Broiz to check on their quary. The two lower calss zoanoids slowly walk over to the spot where the T-Guyver was. Suddenly the two zoanoids begin to scream and winch in pain as a long riunging sound can be heard by the two hyper zoanoids. The Gobilva’s and the Broiz’s heads explode splattering blood and tissue across the roof. From the smoke Twilight walks out unscaved by the attack and laughing grimmly. “Don’t you fools see by now, you can’t hurt me!!” Twilight dashes forth , as the panadyne fires mor of his explosive liquids. Twilight lands infront of Panadyne, and his units begin to glow brightly. His arms raise as the Panadyne gets spooked, and they begin to move so quickly that after images of the mare seen making the Gapteyn see Twilight with six arms. A barrage of furious swipes ensue and soon Twilight stops and starts walking towards the Gapteyn. As Twilight makes his way ever so closer to the last zoanoid, the Panadynes body begin to slide apart piece by piece slowly decomposing all the while. “So, you plan on giving up, or going out with a bang?”, asks Twilight as the Gapteyn quivers in fear. “Go to hell guyver!!” The Gapteyn fires heavily on Twilight and all he does is place his hand on his right chestplate. “Then a bang it is.” Twilight rips open his chestplate and allows his megasmasher cell to charge. Twiligt chuckles to himself as the blast from his megasmasher floods forth and destroys the last zoanoid in a brilliant display of light.

            Suddenly the door leading to the roof is opened, and walks the peppered haired Evadelius Mishima. “Good day to you, Mr. Wallas. It is a pleasure to finally make your acquaintance.” Twilight slowly turns and under his armor his eyes flare with anger. “You . . . You’re the one who made my parents into the those monsters. You’re the one that made me kill them. You must die for your crimes, you devil!!” Evadelius merely smiles at Nathans harsh words.”Forgive me, my dear Nathan. But, you are the one that started this whole thing. Your rebelious mind is what sparked the events that have taken place from your father uttering the word guyver in my presence to the untimely demise of both of your loving parents. You see if you had not asked what a guyver was, none of this would have happened, my boy.” Twilights muscles tense, his fists clinch his control medal glows and air is vented out of his breather units. “You BASTARD!! How dare you. I won’t have any mercy when I crack open your skull.” Once again Evadelius smiles. “You know your parents weren’t the only ones in your family to be converted into zoaforms.They were merely the first to fall to Chronos.” Twilight begins to lose his cool and quickly lunges forward at Evadelius with his left forward vibrational sword.

            Suddenly a flash of light bombards Twilight and he is knocked back and slams into the roof with a skid. As T-Guyvers body comes to a halt, a cloaked figure floats infront of Evadelius. At first, Twilight has some trouble making the figure out, but soon his vision focuses in dismay at the new comer. “Gabe, what the hell are you doing here!?” Evadelius laughs aloud and places his handon Gabriels shoulder. “Thats right Nathan, your brother has join Chronos as well. But, thats not the best part. The best part is that he joined us willingly unlike your parents. He chose to become one of us to gain power anda future.” Twilight gets to his feet and looks at his brother. “Gabe, what are you doing bro? Why the hell did you join Chronos? I thought me and you were against them together.” Gabriel unlatches his cloak and walks over to his brother. “Nathan , I am only doing what is right to survive. The world around us quickly being taken over by Chronos. The world is losing a battle it can’t win, so I decided to join the winning team. I know you may think of me as a monster now, but I’m not . I ‘m still your brother, Nate. Join us. If you do, I will make sure that no harm comes to you and that get a high ranking position. That way we will always be together, bro.”  Twilight is bombarded by a flood of mixed emotions, but one stands out most, hate. “You aren’t my brother any more. The moment you sided with Chronos is the day you denounced your connection to me. We are enemies Gabe, from now on.”Gabe closes his eyes and shakes his head. “Have it your way, Nate. You want to be enemies, then so be it.”

            Gabriel holds his hand out and a plasma ball forms in his palm. The orb fires and impacts with Twilight in his chest sending him flying back. Gabe floats off of the roof and in a bursts of brilliant light transforms into his proto zoalord form. “It’s time to die, Nate!!” Twilight stops his motion using his gravity orb, and looks in anguish as his brother comes flying towards him.

To be continued . . .