This is a fan-fiction based on characters created by Yoshiki Takaya and contains violent situations with adult language. Any similarity to actual persons, living or dead is unintentional and purely coincidental.



Part 2: Influence of the Creators. 

AuthorBrian O’Sullivan

Isis screamed into the face of the Shadow Guyver, as behind him the body of Damien Kane fell to the ground. Drano fumed, the fact that Shadow Guyver was so close to his daughter was now the only reason that he had not fired on the Guyver.

In the basement level of the base, Alkanphel, along with his other two Zoalords, sensed the disturbance from their two Disciple Zoalords fighting. But no one said a thing about them. As far as they where concerned it was up to the Disciple Zoalords, to sort out the pecking order of their twelve Zoalord group, and for Alkanphel, Valkus or Imakarum to interfere in an internal struggle was inappropriate, unless they actually where at the point of killing off a fellow member.

Isis had literarily run out of breath screaming her lungs out, but she had caused such shock to herself that her unit knew she was under extreme distress. Just as the Shadow Guyver turned to confront a Zoalord, which he did not want to battle, the Guyver 4 unit activated and its blast shield hit the Shadow Guyver, knocking the Shadow Guyver clear across the testing area and against a solid cement wall. Kane stood up, he was clearly pissed off and his eyes had a yellow aura around them. He yelled out, “DRANO!”, and a blinding white light gleamed from his body as he transformed himself. His scar, which ran down the side of his eye, was still visible in his zoalord form. But as he ran towards Drano, he was suddenly hit by some unknown force and was sent crashing against the wall, landing beside the Shadow Guyver. Then a new being appeared inside the room. He was a very tall, dark red, Guyver. His fingernails looked like vibrational swords and his armour, which hard orbs like that of the Warrior Guyver on his shoulders and different parts of his body, did not look like that of any Guyver they knew of.

Drano landed between Guyver 4 and this new Guyver as, behind it, Kane readied himself for attack as Guyver 4 was receiving messages from her Guyver unit that she was out powered by this unit, which is in fact a Warrior type Guyver, a being of great destructive power and nearly unbeatable because of the design of its control medal.

Drano fired his arm and head crystal beams at the Life-Force Guyver, just as its barrier shield swung into effect, deflecting his attack, and then returned fire with its own head beam through the barrier shield. Drano acted on pure instinct, activating his own shield just in time to shield himself from the counterattack. Shadow Guyver then disappeared as he cloaked himself and picked himself off the ground.

Deep in the core of Chronos Arizona, Alkanphel felt the calling of this new unit through the organisms on his back. A possible major threat to the base but he knew that two of his new Disciple Zoalords were there to fight this thing. Whatever their disagreement might have been, a threat to Chronos would always unite them and there was no better way to do so than the threat of a new Guyver. But, as his mind focused on Drano and he saw what his zoalord was seeing, he immediately recognized the control medal of the unit as that of an older type Warrior Guyver, but this one was far more advanced than his unit. That second, Alkanphel summoned his own unit and teleported to the testing chamber.

Life-Force Guyver still had a barrier shield around him as he debated which of these powerful beings to suck their life energy from first. But, as Alkanphel appeared, his unit immediately sensed the huge power levels of this powerful creature. He knew such a person could feed his hunger for a very long time. He dropped his barrier shield and dove at Warrior Alkanphel. The orbs on Warrior Alkanphel glowed and a second later Life-Force Guyver found himself held in the air by an invisible force. He was then thrown backwards as Alkanphel telekinetically embedded the Life-Forcer Guyver into the concrete wall off the test room. Alkanphel continued to hold the Guyver there as he walked towards the Guyver, to get a closer look.

Life-Forcer Guyver’s unit received more information about Warrior Alkanphel by the second. The only thing that his unit was telling him was to escape. He did not have the power reserves to defeat a being such as Warrior Alkanphel. The barrier shield of Life-Force Guyver surrounded him, blasting apart the wall around him and covering him in a cloud of dust. As the shield freed him from Alkanphel’s telekinetic grasp, Life-Force Guyver took no more chances and teleported away to freedom.

Warrior Alkanphel cursed that the Guyver had got away but next time he promised that would not happen so easily. Shadow Guyver reappeared beside Warrior Alkanphel as they both then turned towards Zoalord Drano and Guyver 4. Father and daughter stood side by side as they realized they might be in trouble. But Warrior Alkanphel had always liked Drano for some reason. And even as a new Disciple Zoalord, Alkanphel could read his mind with ease and immediately knew why Alfred Drano had gone against Lord Kron’s wishes for the testing of Guyver 4. But on this case he would have to agree with Drano’s thoughts that Guyver 4, his daughter Isis Drano, would not cooperate with Chronos if they treated her in this manner. She was a Guyver. A being out of control and within her somewhere he hoped where the secrets to defeating the Creator Empire. He turned back towards Shadow Guyver and Zoalord Kane and teleported away from the testing room. Alfred Drano was left pondering why the leader of Chronos had just simply left them but Guyver 4 was already walking away from him.

“Isis stop, we need to talk!” Alfred Drano shouted.

Guyver 4 stopped and turned around to look at the strange being in front of her. She could not believe that her father has become a full-fledged Zoalord, joining one of the most influential groups in the Chronos leadership. She could sense the power around him yet she knew he was her father.

Over One Month Later 

The date was the 25th of January, Isis and her father had only grown further apart since Chronos had tried to test her against Shadow Guyver. Since then, she had a huge argument with her father. She held him personally responsible for what Chronos had done to her. Though, he did not realize how badly she was taking the event of becoming a Guyver and the isolation she felt. She could not accept the fact that he was now her only contact to the outside world and, after a heated argument, demanded that he never talk with her again. Alfred felt it was best to give her time to adjust to being a Guyver and agreed to leave her alone. Alkanphel was the only one to talk with her since the argument with her father and even then it only lasted for a short period of time before he was called away. But unknown to everyone but Isis, it was only a matter of time now before she was going to leave Chronos Arizona and no one in Chronos was going to stop her. But unknown to Isis, two nights ago her father was almost killed by a new group of Guyvers. Consequently, Alkanphel had sworn revenge for the attack on Chronos Texas HQ and now had completely no time for trying to convince Isis to talk with him. Chronos had overlooked her and now no one was even giving her basic news.

Frustrated at being kept in the one room, with the one censored Chronos channel that she could get on the TV provided to her, Isis thought now was the time to at least leave this room and test her abilities. Fortunately, Isis had learnt how to summon her unit by this time. She knew that it would come to her if she willed it to. Her link to it seemed to be getting stronger as the days went on and at times she felt like it was trying to talk with her. That and more had at first made her feel like she was slowly going mad but slowly realized that she was changing somehow, more than from what her bonding with her unit had done to her.

She had always had a good memory, but now she could memorize and comprehend anything she saw in a matter of seconds. She had also learnt that she could pick up the thoughts and emotions of those around her but had been too afraid to fully explore that ability, but nothing shocked her more than the day she discovered she could move things by simple force of will. A glass of water by her bed was slightly beyond her reach when suddenly it moved to her hand when she started to strain to reach it. The shock had almost made her drop the glass and for a long time after that event she had been too afraid to do anything, but now she was simply going stir crazy and wanted more than ever to discover what her full potential was.

She then mentally committed herself to her choice of action and walked calmly towards the almost cell like door and tried to open it. The door didn’t budge as, per usual, the door was locked, but by this stage she was sick of being kept in what was turning out to be a glorified prison. Though the local Chronos hyper-zoanoid said she was being kept in for her own good, away from what was now called the Life-Force Guyver, Isis knew she could no longer tolerate the situation. So, sick of this situation, Isis willed her unit to come to her. Being so close to the door, she had simply forgot about the fact she had a blast shield and was pleasantly surprised to find the door blasted off its hinges, but was then shocked, as her unit wrapped around her, to see the door slam off the head of the Hyper-Zoanoid guarding her room, snapping his neck and killing him instantly. In what was a simple Guyver related accident, Isis had killed a Bio-Titan. She did not realize that their only weakness was their human form and looked in horror as his body started to dissolve before her.

Even before the alarm sounded, only one second later, and the concrete hallways red lights lit the place up as Chronos Arizona went into Red Alert mode, Isis knew she was in deep trouble. Normally there was always at least one Zoalord there. But today was one of those rare occasions where that did not happen. The only people left in charge where two Overlords. They knew nothing of Isis and her origins and now ordered her execution, thinking that she was the Female Guyver 2 and that she had betrayed Chronos. But Valcuria was over twenty floors above Guyver 4 and her Bio-Titan body guard felt the command from the Overlords but knew instinctively to override it due to the higher orders to body guard Valcuria, from Lord Drano.

“Miss Valcuria, the girl Isis is in trouble and has been mistaken for you, the two Overlords in command have ordered your execution!” said the Bio-Titan.

“Oh crap, we better get to her before she is killed,” ordered Valcuria.

The two ran towards the nearest lift as the Bio-Titan changed into its hyper-zoanoid form and Valcuria summoned her Guyver unit. Before them the Guyver 4 kneeled at the evaporating pool of liquid that was once a Bio-Titan. Her head sensors where picking up the hundreds of zoanoids coming towards her and she knew from the reputation that Chronos had on the outside world that she was about to be in a fight for her life. She would have to escape now if she was to have any chance of surviving.

Anticipating her needs her unit sent its host information on the weapon called the pressure cannon and its uses. Within a second she knew what was needed to use the deadly weapon and then charged up a gravity ball. Then, just as two huge groups of zoanoids closed in on her, she pointed it towards the ceiling and fired, blasting a hole just large enough for her to then jump through. She quickly landed on the floor of the corridor above her, but then she felt danger and ducked just in time as a Vamore laser blast fired above her head. Instinctively she turned her head around and fired two laser blasts at both of the Vamore’s shoulder blasters, destroying both weapons.

While she was still in a ducked down position, a Danaplus now ran towards her. She once again used her head beam only for her to discover the spiked armour of the Danaplus was capable of withstanding the beams. Then as the Danaplus got closer to her, she could sense three Bio-Titans also coming towards her from behind, while a 4th Bio-Titan also approached her from above, along with a Guyver, but as bad as that was, there was also more and more standard zoanoids that were coming from everywhere.

At the ruins of Chronos HQ Texas, Alfred Drano wondered on how to rebuild the former pride of Chronos superiority in the region. He’d never personally lost so much in a battle against any Guyver before and he hated this feeling of loss. It was then that he felt the calls from the two Arizona Overlords, who had been temporally put in charge of the most important Chronos complex in the USA. Female Guyver 2 had killed a Bio-Titan guard and was now causing trouble for them. This shocked Alfred as Valcuria never seemed to be openly against Chronos, in anyway whatsoever, and now was an ally of his. But when he saw the mental images of the Guyver, he recognized that it was in fact his daughter!

Guyver 4 once again blasted an opening in the ceiling above her, opening a passageway for her to escape through, but, as she jumped up through the opening, the corridor proved not as safe as she thought as two Thancrus Hyper-Zoanoids now had an opportunity to kill a Guyver. Guyver 4 extended her four vibrational swords and waited for the two hyper-zoanoids to close in on her. But, before they got any closer, a laser blast blasted one of the Thancrus’s head clean off. The other Thancrus stopped in shock, looking at the Bio-Titan who had conducted the attack. Beside it stood an almost twin Guyver to the one they where chasing, the Female Guyver 2. The other three Bio-Titans then blasted up through the floor.

Guyver 4, realizing that she had very little chance against them by herself, turned and ran towards Female Guyver 2 and the bodyguard Bio-Titan. But one of the three Bio-Titans fired its two shoulder mounted crystals. Sending two powerful laser beams out towards Guyver 4, hitting both of her legs from the back of her kneecaps, blasting them apart, and sending her falling to the ground. The single Bio-Titan ran towards the fallen Guyver as all the other three Bio-Titans stood side-by-side, readying to fire a combined bio-smasher blast to vaporize her. Just as they fired, the other Bio-Titan jumped right over Guyver 4 and blocked the blast with its own body. The Bio-Smasher blast slammed into the single Bio-Titan, who then redirected the blast towards a chamber made a few months ago when the Warrior Guyver battled there using his mega-smasher. The Bio-Smasher shook the huge base but overall damage to the base was somewhat minimized.

The other three Bio-Titans knew that they would not fire on a brother Bio-Titan, as it, like them, was almost completely immune to their energy weapons. But they could still kill it using vibrational swords. But, as they extended their vibrational swords, Female Guyver 2 stood beside her Bio-Titan, and was just about to open the armoured plates to her mega-smasher cells, when suddenly all the zoanoids in the area knelt down before them. Totally confused by the actions of the zoanoids, Female Guyver 2 looked around at the other zoanoids to see them do the same thing. Then right in front of her a tear in reality appeared and out came, Alfred Drano, and Alkanphel, both still in their human forms. The two Zoalords where not impressed by the damage done to the Arizona base and way up in the command centre of the Arizona base, two Overlord’s barely had time to wonder what had happened to their forced as their heads exploded due Alkanphel mentally commanding them to die for such incompetence. As far as he was concerned, Guyver 4 was possibly more important alive than all the Bio-Titans put together.

Guyver 4, though, was not about to wait around for the next zoanoid to attack her. Her gravity controller shined and she picked herself off the ground. Then the ceiling, above her, cracked open as a new being entered the Chronos base. It was the Enforcer Kavzar, the single most powerful being of the Creator army and protector of the Guyver 4. Before Alkanphel and Alfred Drano had a chance to react the huge being grabbed the injured Guyver 4 and had teleported away.

 Alfred drop to his knees and screamed out, “ISIS!” Hoping she would come back to him but she was gone. Alkanphel turned to his fallen Zoalord and knew he was in pain and decided it would be best to leave his zoalord alone to recover from this loss. He commanded his zoanoids to leave the area and, through the growths on his back, ordered Female Guyver 2 to follow him as he now made his way to the command centre of the base. All around the world, the Eye Of Chronos Satellites looked for any sign of the Enforcer Kavzar but, unknown to Chronos, the Enforcer Kavzar was no longer on Earth.

War World 2308 

War World 2308, simply put, was the two thousandth three hundredth and eighth War World to be formed within the Creator Empire. Home to over a ten billion strong army of the Creators and whose population now included one Guyver and an Enforcer Kavzar, as they appeared on a platform high above a huge Creator city. This was in fact his War World. The world he helped protect from the Grakken and the world where the first Enforcer Kavzar was born. That was in fact him. That was his reward for holding back the hordes of Grakken troops when he was a rather young Kavzar Commander. Even though he had been away for sixteen years, the Creators had yet to replace him and his army of over a billion Kavzar still followed his command, and he followed the command of the Guyver 4. Guyver 4 looked in wonder at the sight of a huge Creator city. The green sky above confirmed that she was no longer on Earth. Her legs where still in a bad way but her armour was already starting to repair the damage done. But she was alone on an alien world and quickly this fact hit home as the surprise wore off and she screamed out for her father.

Back on Earth, Chronos had placed the two lower legs of Guyver 4 in a cryogenic chamber and Alkanphel was looking at the tapes of Isis’s escape. The death of the Bio-Titan seemed more like an accident and as much as it disappointed him to lose one of his Bio-Titans, it was no reason to allow the base to go onto high alert. If not for Female Guyver 2 and her Bio-Titan, Guyver 4 would now be dead and her secrets with her. Her father was now in an emotional mess because of the Overlords incompetence. From what he could see it was because of a slight mistake in the leadership policy of the Arizona Facility. The two Overlords were literally the last backup in the chain of command. With the recent attack on the Texas HQ, all the Chronos Zoalords in the region where busy helping with the rescue process. While simultaneously using the moment to maximize the public relations disaster that the Guyvers now had presented to them and allowing Chronos to be seen in a good light. These two Overlords where simply never kept up to date on recent events on his top-level project for the Guyver 4, so did not fully understand the situation when she tried to escape.

The battle caused had shown one thing though. Isis’s protector was back. Its supposed demise against the Warrior Guyver now showed that it must have a similar defensive system as that possessed by the Warrior Guyver, for the protection of its Command Crystal. This reminded him of his own unit and the fact that it lacked that defensive system. It was then he felt the call for help from Alfred Drano. He quickly teleported to aid the distressed zoalord, only to find, to his shock, that the Enforcer Kavzar had returned. With Drano between him and the Enforcer Kavzar, Alkanphel found himself blocked from attacking the Creator warrior.

Alfred Drano’s pyramid shaped zoalord crystal started to protrude from his head, just as a blinding white light shined from his body, as he changed into his Zoalord form. But the Enforcer Kavzar was not there to fight and quickly grabbed Alfrid Drano by his neck and effortlessly lifted him off the ground, before teleporting him away.

Guyver 4 could immediately sense the return of the Enforcer Kavzar and smiled as she sensed the presence of her father behind him. Zoalord Drano looked in shock at the sight before him of a Creator War World. Without saying a word Zoalord Drano walked by Guyver 4 and looked over the balcony at the view of the Creator city. There was simply countless numbers of Kavzar and Aceaer Cast, flying around huge organic structures and, as he looked up the flowing spires of a massive living building, he saw the massive form of an orbiting breeding chamber.

“Isis, how could you have betrayed me to this scum?” Zoalord Drano asked, almost teary eyed.

“Daddy, I haven’t betrayed you, that Enforcer Kavzar thing just sensed my distress, at being on this world by myself, and it simply brought you to me.”

“AN ENFORCER KAVZAR!” Alfred Drano screamed.

“Dad there’s no need to scream, the …” said Isis as she was cut off by her father.

“Isis, I’m only one man, a mortal enemy to the Creators and you’ve got that beast to teleport me to a Creator fortress world. Do you honestly think it is going to allow me to escape with my life?”

“Dad, that Enforcer Kavzar is under by control, it will not harm you unless you attack me!”

“What! My daughter controls an Enforcer Kavzar!?”

“You don’t known how long I’ve wanted to tell you, but how could I tell my father that I am in control over a member of a race that wants him destroyed?”

But Zoalord Drano could not believe that his own daughter had set him up for this downfall. He was out gunned and out powered by this Enforcer Kavzar alone, never mind the huge Creator armed force that lived on this War World of theirs.

The Enforcer Kavzar was almost enraged by the comments from Zoalord Drano. The Creator based programming that defined who was their mortal enemy did not included the Zoalord race. The Kavzar race and their fellow Aceaer Cast brothers did not see this off shoot of the Creator warrior races as an enemy but in fact as a misguided group who should in fact be brought back into the Creators fold against the mortal enemies of the Creators, like the Grakken. But life is almost always different to ones desires and Zoalord Drano did not see eye to eye with this grand vision that had been fostered in the Enforcer Kavzar. But it did not have a will of its own. Guyver 4 was its master and this Zoalord was her father so it could not do anything against the Zoalord, no matter what it felt. But the Enforcer Kavzar’s army did not feel that way as they where not programmed to follow the Guyver 4, they where programmed to follow the Enforcer Kavzar. They could sense the emotions coming form the Zoalord and the raw hate that the Zoalord felt towards them and its natural sense of protection for their masters the Creators kicked in.

A Kavzar ran towards the Guyver 4 and Zoalord Drano. Unlike most human based hierarchical structures, when a Kavzar felt threatened, it did not only pass the sense of a new enemy along the chain of command, the signal of a new enemy passed not only to the Enforcer Kavzar but beyond him to the Creators nearest core world, to alert them to possible danger that they did not know of. This took only a second, not even the Enforcer Kavzar could stop this signal. But before the Kavzar got too close to Zoalord Drano, the Enforcer Kavzar had commanded it to stand down. He knew that this was not what the Guyver 4 wanted so acted in her best interest.

Countless Billion of Miles Away lay Core World 142. 

This world was almost completely covered in oceans, made up of the exact same fluid that was inside that of the Relics that could be found on Earth, but unlike Earth the Creators had not abandoned this world, this was one of their home worlds. Around it circled a vast armada of Aceaer Cast, Kavzar, Kavzar Commanders and five Enforcer Kavzars who protected their masters. A sense of shock pasted though the vast connected Creator conciseness as they saw the images of the Zoalord Drano and they felt the feelings that this being felt towards them. In a matter of seconds one of their number was chosen. The Creator Horas, in a matter of seconds he was given humanoid form. From vast army that surrounded their world a million strong Kavzar Army was formed with the five Enforcer Kavzars their leaders. Horas was given a simple mission, find out if the Zoalord presented a serious threat to the Creator Empire.

War World 2308 

Guyver 4 stood before her father and the Enforcer Kavzar. She knew how it viewed her and could feel how it felt towards her father. The control medal on her head glowed as she commanded the Enforcer Kavzar to follow her order and that it had to protect her father no matter the cost to her and to it. This was simpler than it sounded for the Enforcer Kavzar. It had a strict sense on who to obey and it, unless ordered not to by the Creator council, would protect the Zoalord Drano no matter how he felt towards the Creators.

Zoalord Drano grabbed his daughter by her Guyver armoured covered shoulders and pushed her clammily towards the balcony overlooking the great city below them.

“Isis, how are we going to get away from this world?”

“Dad, you know I control the Enforcer Kavzar, it will take us back as soon as I ask it too.”

“Then why in Gods name did you bring us here?”

“It was all an accident Dad, when those zoanoids tried to kill me. I pleaded for someone to take me somewhere safe. To the Enforcer Kavzar this was the safest place that it could bring me. But once I was here I realized I was all alone and it brought you here to console me I guess.”

“I’ve only one question, Isis can you command it to bring us back?”

“Yes I can, you want to go now?”

“Are you kidding? This is an unprecedented chance for me to observe the Enemy that Chronos will have to face in the future. With you, my daughter here, to protect me, with the leader of they’re own troops, I’ve a chance that might never happen again.”

But Zoalord Drano could not be so wrong, as above him appeared a fleet. Small in comparison to the numbers on the world the Enforcer Kavzar controlled but within this fleet was the Creator Horas. All over War World the Kavzar army sensed the coming of one of their Gods. Like them the Enforcer Kavzar felt the calling of the Creator Horas but resisted the urge to reply and ignored it. This Creator was not a member of the 13 Ruling Council and so did not warrant a reply.

Guyver 4 knew the Enforcer sensed this and knew this was going to be bad for her father. She quickly sent a telepathic command to the Enforcer Kavzar to teleport her and her father back home. But it could not. The Enforcer Kavzar’s body struggled to hold its own mass up right as the being faced telepathic bombardment from Horas. Guyver 4 fell to the ground holding her head as she felt the pain coming from the Enforcer Kavzar as Zoalord Drano looked up at the sky above them. Though far away, his enhanced eye sight focused on what where mere dots in the sky and, after all of a second, he could make out the forms of five Clan Ships and their surrounding guardian Battle Ships. He blinked as he focused back on matters more closely at hand has a Kavzar calmly walked towards Guyver 4 with all six of its vibrational swords. A second later the Kavzar was blasted by 4 powerful laser blasts knocking it back from Guyver 4 and leaving it with two large burning holes through its chest and out its back. The Kavzar fell to the ground as another Kavzar came up from behind it and behind him was five Aceaer Cast warriors.

Zoalord Drano knew he was badly outnumbered but did not care. These things where after his daughter and that was all that mattered. His zoalord crystal shined as the blue crystals that lay over his body glowed as they ripped off his skin, with some ripping through his clothing. All ten crystals flew in front of him and collected together, forming a small simmering ball of light between him and the Creator force. The lead Kavzar realized what was happening as he sensed the huge collection of explosive energy and teleported out of the way as the four zoa-crystals on Zoalord Drano fired at the same time, the four beams collected together and hit the blue ball. To the shock of the five Aceaer Cast warriors who lacked the quick sensor systems of the Kavzar the blue ball of light exploded as the laser blast hit it, but all its explosive energy was controlled by Zoalord Drano’s crystals and it formed into a hyper-smasher similar to that of the Gigantic Guyver. All five Aceaer Cast members erected their shields but they proved too weak as the huge blast consumed them with only one managing to escape the full brunt of the attack by pure luck but even she had managed to lose her legs to the attack.

Guyver 4 could still sense the other Kavzar and the many others now flying towards her, she knew that her father could not protect them from so many millions of Kavzar and sooner, rather than later, one of the Kavzar would kill her father. She stood before her protector and pulled its massive hands away from its face. The two beings looked eye-to-eye. Guyver 4’s control medal was first to glow, followed by the Enforcer Kavzar’s control crystal. Deep within the mind of the Enforcer Kavzar the voice of Isis started to be heard over the voice of the angered Horas, that was causing the being such great amounts of pain.

Only ten feet away, Zoalord Drano was waiting for the counter attack from the Kavzar. He slowly walked towards the fallen female Aceaer Cast warrior. She was badly burned but Zoalord Drano could make out something strange as he looked closely at her. Her armour had been burnt off the side of her face. Luckily for her it only had taken off the side of her armour, around her face, and if she had been only a foot closer then she would been dead. But the thing that had caught Zoalord Drano’s attention was that her ear was shaped like that of an elf. She was of similar spices to humanity and very like lord Alkanphel himself.

The Enforcer Kavzar’s control crystal shined as the great beast broke free of Horas’ mental bombardment, with help from Guyver 4. It knew that even with Guyver 4 and Zoalord Drano, that they would not have a chance in hell against the armed forces of Horas. He again attempted to teleport them away from the Creator world, only to find that it was incapable of doing so. Horas must have been using his Warship to block him from teleporting away. Three more Kavzar flew up from the city below under the command of Horas. The Enforcer Kavzar knew his forces would not disobey the commands of Horas because they where not programmed with the same mission as him. So he was faced with the bad choice of having to fight his own army to save the Guyver 4 and her father. It was a simple choice in the end. The three Kavzar found themselves sprayed with gravity bullets blasting huge chunks of bio-flesh off them. Badly hurt all three fell to the ground below.

Zoalord Drano looked up from the fallen Aceaer Cast, towards the huge form of the Enforcer Kavzar as he moved towards the control medal that was in this huge organic building they where in. Zoalord Drano could not sense it but the whole War World was going to be going against them and they where effectively trapped. The Enforcer Kavzar, though, calmly activated the shielding system of the huge building, blocking all attacking forces. Seconds later, pods all around the building opened up as the building defences activated and started blasting everything in sight. Wave after wave of Aceaer Cast, Kavzar and Kavzar Commander attacked but, with the Enforcer Kavzar in control over the defences of this organic citadel, they did not get the chance needed to collectively attack properly.

High above them, Horas was not pleased. The Enforcer Kavzar had somehow resisted his will and gone rogue. That should have been impossible, but now the rogue Enforcer Kavzar was protecting the Zoalord and the Assassin Guyver. He did not know how they ended up on this War World, but the protection order that guarded the Earth did not protect its citizens when they where off their home world. He wanted them and wanted them captured now. But with Draven out of contact in the SOL system and G’Kor on his home world, unwilling to be contacted, the council could not provide the override for the Enforcer Kavzar Prime. However, he did have Five Enforcer Kavzars under his control and knew that their combined power could easily destroy the Enforcer Kavzar Prime. Horas did not like the idea but he had to end this now.

Zoalord Drano realized all things where going to hell rather badly. The Enforcer Kavzar was powerful and resourceful, but soon even he would be overrun. Time was short, but, if the Enforcer Kavzar could get them out of here, there was one thing for sure, he would be taking prisoners. He reached down and picked up the fallen Aceaer Cast woman and dumped her over his shoulder. Guyver 4 did not approve of what she was seeing but did not say anything, chance where they wouldn’t get back to Chronos anyway so why bother. Then without warning the Citadel was rocked and she found herself knocked on her butt. Zoalord Drano quickly walked up to her and reached down with his free arm and helped her up. Guyver 4 quickly found out what had done the powerful attack, it was no less than five other Enforcer Kavzars. They where screwed as she saw it.

The Enforcer Kavzar now started to worry. The Citadel was already outmatched by the huge armies amassing from the citizens of the War World, never mind these five equals to him. He had little choice but to try and take them out fast, concentrating the Citadels defences on the five Enforcer Kavzars, but his actions unwittingly allowed a group of Kavzar and Kavzar Commanders the time needed to not only charge their mega-smashers but the time to fire them. Too late did the Enforcer Kavzar sensed the huge mega-smasher blast approach them. He warned Guyver 4 and her father to brace themselves just as the blast hit the shields. This time Isis was prepared for the assault and activated her gravity controller just in time. Zoalord Drano, already floating, was just waiting for the shields to fall with his left arm extended and an energy ball focused, ready to blast the first Kavzar that appeared.

The Enforcer Kavzar realized all was now lost, he broke his link with the Citadel and powered up every resource his body could muster. The Citadel, now without any shields, was easy prey for the Enforcer Kavzars as they blasted a huge hole in the side of the bio-fortress. Seconds later, the five where inside the building as countless others surrounded the building, insuring that no one could escape. The Enforcer Kavzar Prime sensed the coming danger and stood his ground before Guyver 4 and her father. Quickly the five Enforcer Kavzars made their way towards the command centre of the Citadel, blasting through chamber after chamber towards them. It would not be long now until they defeated him and captured Isis.

Above them Horas was pleased. He realized now that his forces would very soon overrun the Enforcer Kavzar Prime and his protectorates. Then the last thing he expected happened. All around his fleet wormholes appeared and to it utter surprise a huge Orange Creator fleet appeared. The size of such an unknown Creator fleet completely surprised him. But that surprise matched nothing he felt when an army of Kavzar Commanders, Kavzars and Aceaer Cast exited the Clan Ships of the Orange fleet and headed towards the War World. Even as more and more ships appeared, Horas realized that he was in serious danger from this unknown Kavzar Cast. There numbers, within seconds, easily matched that of his own fleet and then things really got worse as he sensed five Orange Enforcer Kavzars leave the fleet and head towards the War World. He did not know where such a fleet could have come from and he did not care, they where now in the way. His fleet opened fire on this renegade force and he released his own forces to try and intercept these renegades before they got to the Enforcer Kavzar Prime.

On the planet below, Guyver 4 somehow realized there was another Creator fleet coming towards her. But for the life of her she did not know how. However, she was soon not the only one to realize this as the Orange cast of Kavzar called to Enforcer Kavzar and told him they where there to help. This would have been good news but the Enforcer Kavzar knew nothing of this new Orange Case and like Horas, he simply did not trust them. Through the Citadel, he sensed the two Kavzar forces begin to clash. He never thought he’d see or even sense the day that would happen, outside his own mission. But it was too late for him, Guyver 4 and Zoalord Drano, as the last barrier between them and the five Enforcer Kavzars fell.

Enforcer Kavzar Prime was prepared for this and the first Enforcer Kavzar to enter the command area found himself blasted back out of the room and effectively destroyed, all bar its control crystal as it was hit by a massive mega-smasher blast. But that still left four Enforcers to deal with, so even as the Enforcer Kavzar Prime close its chest plates the next two Enforcer Kavzars returned the favour with a barrage of power laser fire, blasting off its left arm and right leg, but it refused to fall. The Enforcer Kavzars’ experience showed though, as it had already activated it gravity controllers, and barely budged from the assault.

Zoalord Drano released a charge of concentrated bio-energy, hitting another Enforcer Kavzar just as Enforcer Kavzar Prime returned fire with all its laser orbs and blasted a huge hole through another Enforcer Kavzar. The three remaining Enforcer Kavzars, though, now had a clear target ahead of them with the Enforcer Kavzar Prime and immediately started to blast away, sending the Enforcer Kavzar Prime flying backwards and landing only a few feet away from Guyver 4 and Zoalord Drano. They then stopped firing and walked in closer as behind them one of the wounded five stood up and closed in.

“Enforcer Prime, we do not want to destroy you and your protectorates. Please come with us.”

Zoalord Drano did not have a clue what where these things saying, but Guyver 4 somehow knew what they where talking about but knew her father would be in grave danger if she allowed them to be taken alive.

Sensing this reluctance from his master Enforcer Kavzar prime knew what he had to say, but now sought to delay them.

“What will happen to them if I give them up?”

“They will be brought to Test World Alpha, where the Creators will do with them as they wish. It is no concern of yours Enforcer Prime.”

“It is my concern young Enforcer, my mission given to me by the council itself was to protect Isis, daughter of G’Kor!”

“That Guyver is a Creator?”

“Yes. She is the daughter of a council member, no less.”

“It does not change anything Enforcer Prime, we have been ordered by our masters to bring her home, and you are stopping us from doing that.”

“I am not the only one, young foolish Enforcer Kavzar!”

All around the fallen Enforcer Kavzar prime, over twenty Orange Kavzar Commanders, along with five Enforcer Kavzars, de-cloaked and took up defensive positions, protecting the fallen hero and his companions. The smile on Zoalord Drano’s face easily told how unbelievably happy he was to see these unknown Kavzar come to save the day, though the irony of the moment was not lost to him. Then, as the Orange Kavzar forces attacked the Enforcer Kavzars, one of the Kavzar Commanders ran towards the fallen Enforcer Kavzar Prime and his companions.

Before they had time to object, Guyver 4, Zoalord Drano, who still had the fallen Aceaer Cast warrior over his shoulder, and the Enforcer Kavzar Prime where all teleported away. All of a second later they appeared on a desert, seemingly in the middle of nowhere. Zoalord Drano immediately recognized the location. It was Chronos Arizona. Far in the distance they could see the huge rock formation that was the Chronos HQ Arizona. The orange Kavzar Commander turned his back away from them and was about to teleport away when Guyver 4 shouted, “Wait, why did you save us?” as she ran up to him, but the orange Kavzar Commander said nothing and teleported away without giving them the answer they all now sought. Why would a Creator fraction help them escape?

The presence of Zoalord Drano being back on Earth was immediately picked up by Zoalord Alkanphel. He did not like that his favoured Zoalord had been taken away by some Creator beast and he, Kron and the Guyver Powered Zerebubuse all teleported towards the missing Zoalord’s location.

The Enforcer Kavzar could sense them coming towards his location and as they appeared he teleported back to Mars. Alkanphel though immediately took notice of the fallen Aceaer on top of his Zoalords shoulder. The prospect that one of his Zoalords had been captured, and not only had escaped but had taken prisoners excited Alkanphel. Quickly he scanned the mind of Zoalord Drano. The events of the past thirty minutes of Alfred Drano’s life flashed through his own mind and quickly he turned his attention to Isis, the Guyver 4, and the fallen Aceaer.

“Isis, I know you have the power to command the Enforcer Kavzar and I want you to command this female Aceaer to give up her unit,” commanded Alkanphel.

Guyver 4 looked at the female Aceaer Cast warrior as her father put her on the ground. She was still badly burned from her own father’s attack and looked like the Aceaer Unit was the only thing that was holding the girl together. “But she looks like she will die if I do that,” said a concerned Guyver 4.

“Isis it is nice to see the concern of a good natured person like you but I need this unit for examination and you will give it to me,” said Alkanphel.

“But I don’t know if I can?”

“Just try girl.”

Guyver 4 did not like the idea of having to do this but knew she had to. She ordered the female Aceaer Cast to let go of her unit. To her surprise it did not take much coercion for her to force this person to do what she wanted and a second later the unit fell off, leaving a bleeding burned female behind. As Alkanphel bent down to pick up the Aceaer Unit, it glowed white and disappeared before him. He sensed that it was not Guyver 4’s fault but he would have liked an example of modern Creator battle armour. But knowing that the female host would quickly now die without her unit to sustain her, he quickly commanded Zoalord Sasha, on the Ark, to teleport her to his war ship. A moment later she was gone and her blood that stained the ground that was left behind evaporated like that of a dead zoanoid.

“Drano, take your daughter to the Ark and wait there. Guard your prisoner while I’ll meet with the Elite Zoalords to tell them of what you witnessed,” commanded Alkanphel.

Zoalord Drano simply bowed his head and changed back from his zoalord form to his humanoid form. A moment later he and Guyver 4 disappeared as they where teleported away. Guyver 4 appeared beside her father in the middle of a huge forest. At first she thought that she was still on Earth but quickly her unit informed her otherwise as she sensed the floor she was standing on itself was alive, in fact everything around her was alive. The sense of it all at first overwhelmed her with information and she could not make head nor tail of what was around her, then her unit seemed to calm down as it began to make sense of it all. She was inside a living spaceship like nothing she had seen before. Her father, who was completely oblivious to what she was sensing, walked forward a bit and turned around and looked at her.

“Isis don’t you think it’s time to turn off that Unit?”

She nodded her head and a second later her Guyver unit disengaged and appeared to evaporate from sight. Alfred smiled as he saw his wayward daughter appear from underneath the Guyver unit.


The Ark 

Isis leaned back against the rough bark of the massive tree, her lithe body balanced atop one of its many foot thick limbs. She had left her father and had been walking between the trees of a large forest that was contained within the Ark. She was still amazed with the fact that there was a huge forest inside an even bigger space ship.

“But why?” she kept asking herself. She stopped thinking about it and gazed out across the almost seemingly endless green canopy, until her gaze came to rest on a transparent view port as large as a movie theatre screen.

The shining vista of Earth lay below her with its blues and greens and browns, and the white swirling of clouds that spoke of a Typhoon off the coast of Australia. She sighed, feeling very tranquil for a moment, Earth seemed ever so much more beautiful and desirable from space.

“Isis? There you are! Please come back down here!”

Isis glanced down through the foliage, catching sight of the speaker, her eyes flickering over the dark haired young woman standing at the base of the tree and wearing the red cloak and silver pendant of a junior zoalord. She arched an eyebrow, “No.” She did however lean forward to get a closer look at the stranger. “Who are you?”

Brushing a lock of black hair from her deep green eyes, the girl smiled slightly. “I am Navigator Zoalord Kirsten Ellison, but you may simply call me Kirsten if you wish.”

Isis returned that smile tentatively, “Pleased to meet you K, and as I said, I’m not coming down just yet.”

Kirsten’s smile broadened slightly as she nodded, her eyes glinting with amusement at the irreverent shortened use of her name. “That’s alright, Sasha just asked me to keep an eye on you, and I can do that from down here or up there if I feel like it.”

“Ok K.”

Isis quite happily stayed up there climbing, totally ignoring her zoalord chaperone. Meanwhile Kirsten paced around the trunk of the tree. The Navigator sighed, wishing Isis would come down and speak to her, she liked talking with the human, much to her own surprise. She kept glancing up into the foliage, hoping to catch the girl’s eye. But Isis seemed quite determined to overlook her presence.

Kirsten’s lips compressed into a thin line, her eyes narrowing as she continued to look up at her charge. <I’m still a person, damn it!> She felt like yelling into the tree. Instead she telekinetically lifted herself from the ground, gliding silently up into the branches to confront her young charge.

Isis hopped to another branch, humming quietly to herself. Truth be told, she was half tempted to talk with the Zoalord. But some part of her knew that this woman was just like her father, a monster in human form. She almost slipped as a flicker of red flew into view right before her, her hand clutching at the trunk of the tree as she pulled herself back upright. Isis suddenly found herself face to face with an annoyed young woman zoalord.

Kirsten finally got a good look at Isis, the girl still had the somewhat ungainly look of a child, yet an air of femininity as well, not quite through puberty, perhaps a year or two younger than herself. She had long dark red hair, offsetting deep crystal blue eyes and creamy white skin.

Given another year or so, she’d have been quite the looker. Kirsten privately grimaced to herself, being a Guyver now, the girl might never reach that enviable state… if she didn’t die at the hands of the ACTF or even the admittedly ruthless Zoalord council, her unit would very likely keep her from aging any further. Or at least that was the rumour about the still mysterious Guyvers, that they didn’t age much, if at all.

Isis meanwhile was finally noticing the rather hurt expression on Kirsten’s face. The young Navigator apparently had not quite mastered the use of the typical zoalord stone-face. Somehow it made her seem more human. And Isis belatedly realized she had succeeded in both annoying and offending a being that could easily have cut the tree down instead of flying up to her level.

Almost as if it were someone else entirely she found herself glaring right back at Kirsten, before childishly sticking her tongue out at her.

Kirsten’s eyes widened and then narrowed, the Navigator standing on her dignity, attempting to convey the usual self assured aura that Zoalords radiated, but somehow not quite managing the same effect. Isis smothering a giggle, which made Kirsten try even harder to appear dignified, which only succeeded in making Isis laugh harder.

It was a perfect example of the positive feedback loop effect she had learned about in her studies she thought later. The more Kirsten tried to impress her, the harder she laughed. Until, finally, the total silliness of the situation got to Kirsten as well, sending them both into an explosive fit of giggles.

Isis sat back, gasping for air, grinning at her newfound friend. Kirsten grinning back as she held out her hand. Isis accepted the firm, sure grip, and found herself lifting lightly from the branch. “Woah!” She squeaked as they descended fairly rapidly. The grass swaying a little as they lightly touched down. Kirsten’s eyes laughing.

“That wasn’t funny, K!” Isis fumed indignantly.

Elsewhere in the Ark 

Zygote stepped up to the fogged glass wall of the bio-tube, the fluid within casting a sickly yellow glow over her. She lifted her hand, drawing it across the glass, clearing the moisture away to look within.

A naked female form floated in the viscous fluid, which supplied both oxygen and nutrients. Her eyes closed as she seemed deep asleep. Her scalp, once shaven, had now begun to grow new hair, a thin peach fuzz obscuring the scarred and burned tissue that covered her ravaged skull. A shapely, arching ear rose from a patch of burned flesh, surprisingly intact itself. It lent an elvish air to the female.

Zygote studied the creature before her, and even as she watched, the female’s eyes snapped open, focusing on her. Her eyes were a dark red, definitely not straight human stock, though they were not the slit-eyed pupils of Alkanphel. The elf maintained an emotionless face, but Zygote could feel her fear, as palpable as the glass beneath her armoured fingers. And it was directed at her, not the elf’s own injured, possibly dying, body.

Natasha looked up from her console, her eyes narrowing as she took in the tableau before her. Behind the glass, an enemy! Outside, an unknown! She found she didn’t like unknowns, if she had her way, Zygote would occupy a glass chamber as well, hopefully dissected. Turning back to her board she consigned both to whatever fates, hopefully painful ones, they were destined for.

On one of the small view plates before her was a readout of the Aceaer warrior’s vital signs, elevated heart rate, increased breathing… enhanced neurological activity, the symptoms of fear. Some part of her laughed inwardly.

<Don’t worry my little friend, you’re going to live, but then, perhaps that’s what you’re afraid of.> She smiled coldly as she marginally increased the oxygen flow to the containment unit. Since her lover had died, she had felt increasingly numb to any outside influence. She never laughed, she rarely smiled, and even then it was a cold, brittle thing that was more influenced by pain then joy. And seeing another being in such a condition warmed her oddly, seeing another creatures pain, soothing her own.

And with Alkanphel’s unit now activated, she had nothing to do but make sure the Aceaer lived as long as was convenient.

In the Forest

Isis sighed softly, looking out the view port at the Earth. Kirsten sat beside her, also gazing down. The Zoalord turned her gaze to her new human friend. “You miss the Earth don’t you?” She asked gently, hoping she wasn’t prying too much.

Isis was silent for a moment, and Kirsten began to wince inwardly, about to open her mouth to apologize awkwardly when Isis shook her head. “Not the Earth, not so much as my friends, It’s wonderful and beautiful up here, but…”

Kirsten nodded as Isis trailed off into silence. “But, you don’t belong here.” She observed quietly.

Isis looked up and met the Zoalord’s gaze, before looking back out the window and nodding quietly. “I’m not like you, K.” She murmured softly, “I’m not a Zoalord, I’m not a monster, but maybe in a way I’m worse.”

Kirsten just blinked softly, for some reason being called a monster by Isis didn’t make her angry as she felt it should. It just seemed the honest truth. She sighed softly to herself, “Isis, I know it may not mean much, but I like you. And I am what I am, no more, no less. I can’t change who I am, but I can live with it.”

Isis looked up, her eyes shining liquidly with unshed tears. “That’s the thing, I don’t know if I can, I never wanted to be a Guyver. I never wanted to watch anyone die, let alone actually kill somebody!” Her voice rose to a high pitched shriek at the last, hot tears coursing down her cheeks. “I’m a monster, just like my father.”

Kirsten canted her head to the side a little, gazing questioningly at the young girl. “You think your father a monster?” She asked, letting a little of the shock she felt creep into her voice. “Is he truly all that different than he was a few weeks ago to you?” For some reason, seeing Isis in pain this way, hurt.

Isis leaned back against the curved side of the view port, her eyes closed as she shook from a repressed sob. “He kills, he turns people into… into things. Like you.”

Kirsten flinched this time, as if she had been slapped. A monster she could have borne, but to be called a thing… “Isis….” She paused, trying to purge the anger from her voice, knowing it would do her no good to get angry at a girl already in so much pain. Like it or not, the girl was talking, confiding, and she wasn’t about to turn her away.

They sat and talked far into the night, until Kirsten led the emotionally and physically drained girl back to her quarters, seeing her tucked into bed before turning to other duties.

Three days later 

Isis got up out of one of the bean bags she had managed to get put in her room. She was still very surprised that such a thing was allowed, but it seemed comfort wasn’t too much a problem aboard the Ark. She sighed, bored, she was sick of wandering the halls. But with nothing else to do, she went exploring again.

During her trek, she came across a large blast door requiring a palm print and retinal scan to open. Shrugging, she presented her hand to the scanner, and pressed her eye to the monocle. With a cheerful beep and a hydraulic hiss the doors parted, revealing the interior lit in a deep green glow.

A single tank dominated this room, from floor to ceiling, inside it rested a vaguely familiar figure. A young elf woman was suspended and apparently asleep, long blond hair waving slowly in the viscous fluid. Her naked body floated in the solution which cast a green cast to her skin.

Isis walked up to the tank, a burst of recognition coming to her, the Creator soldier… they had apparently been able to heal her. The girl found herself perversely glad that she didn’t have to see someone else die. The door behind her hissed open and she whirled, finding herself staring in shock at the Zygote Guyver…

While definitely female, the Guyver had not once been seen to deactivate her armour, something that perplexed Isis to no end, making her even more curious about the mysterious woman.

The two of them stood there, studying the other, before the Guyver stepped back, and stalked off down the corridor. The doors hissing silently shut behind her. “Who is she?” Isis murmured aloud, the figure in the tube didn’t respond… not surprisingly.

Isis strode into the biosphere. Isis had not wondered through most of the Ark by this stage and it was not merely another Chronos base that just happened to be floating in space. She missed her friends, the chat and gossip and this experience had cut her off from those friends. But there were two things of interest on this ship. One was the wounded Creator soldier who she checked on every once in awhile and the other was the Zygote Guyver. Unlike her this female Guyver was a complete mystery to Chronos and a strange fact she had noticed was that she never once deactivated her unit. Not for a second. While she had turned off her unit for most of the three days she was here and compared to her this woman was completely unsocial. She had met and talked with Natasha, Sasha and Kirsten who she did in fact find ok to talk with, Kirsten been the most approachable of the three. She was genuinely a nice person. Because of that fact, how she became a Navigator Zoalord was a complete mystery to Isis. An example of why was the Zoalord Damien Kane. A ruthless killer and described by her father has a man without any remorse. He frightened her and she could not shake the horrible fear in her that she’d meet that zoalord again and she’d not like the reasons why.

Isis decided if not out of pure boredom that it was time to find out more about the Zygote Guyver. But there was no way she’d find out a lot stuck in this normal human form of hers. She sort of promised her dad that she’d not activate her Guyver unit while on the Ark but he promised to stay on the Ark for a few days to keep her company. So one good turn deserved another has she saw it as she screamed “Guyver”. She realized that the more often she did this, the more relaxed she was when hit with the huge amounts of information that being inside the Ark presented her with. But it was not long before she sensed the Zygote Guyver. It was not just her who was more relaxed being on the Ark, Zygote Guyver, who had never disengaged her unit, immediately sensed the fact that Guyver 4 was active on the Ark. She smiled under her unit and decided to play a game with the Guyver 4 and teleported away, appearing on the surface of the moon.

Guyver 4 could not sense her anymore and was a little disappointed as she had lost something interesting she sought to spy on. But it was not long before she got a nice message from Zygote Guyver saying where she was. Unfortunately Guyver 4 lacked a teleporting system so could not follow. But she did know someone who did. A second later the Enforcer Kavzar appeared inside the Ark and teleported Guyver 4 to Zygote Guyvers location. But she was gone. Guyver 4 guessed this must be a game of teleportation tag.

Zygote Guyver had teleported to Russia, near to the lake where the unit and the host became Zygote Guyver. Unknown to most people, Zygote Guyver was in fact two people who had become a perfect union. This meant that the Zygote Unit itself was in fact already a living sentient unit independent of any host, but realized that it needed a host for it to survive against a Kavzar warrior. So it chose the host of a young woman known as Zenechka. Really these two should have never been mixed together to become the Zygote Guyver but desperate times breed desperate measures.

Both parts of the Zygote Guyver gave her strong differing emotions. One was the unit. Created in a failed experiment to make the Guyver organism more controllable but instead freed the organism from the Creators control. The unit was the first of its kind that had gained sentience in the eons since its race was enslaved by the Creators. A fact that filled it with rage but the experiment had also granted it access to some of the Creators knowledge and it thus knew that it could not get revenge alone. The Creators were simply too powerful and it needed to seek out allies in its quest against the Creators. This led it to merge with its only ever host, Zenechka. A young fifteen year old Russian girl, a fact that could shock all in Chronos, because no one had yet to see the host of Zygote Guyver. In no means was she the most ideal host for the unit to complete its mission. Zenechka, simply put, had an extremely poor life. She was an orphaned at a very young age, never having a host family during her childhood until she thought she was lucky enough to meet a family. But she was a troubled, illiterate, young girl who was easy picking when finally adopted by a so called family at age thirteen.

Zenechka knew nothing of life really, due to her sub-standard education and did not even know the first thing about sex. As the director of the orphanage saw it, she was lucky to be able to speak Russian. Then her life got worse. Her new family sold her to literally one of the most evil men in the Russian mafia. She never knew the man’s name but she knew the man on sight. Before she even had a chance to realize what was happening to her she was dumped into a brothel. Though she did not even know why women where walking around in their underwear. To any older person with an education, and a family to inform them on some of the hoarse facts of life, they would have seen the signs of what was about to happen and to run for it.

She was ordered to a room and to shower and clean herself. She thought nothing of it and when she got out of the shower to find her cloths gone and only a set of a pink bra and knickers. She smiled thinking she was being given a present and not realizing anything more. It was that night her life reached her loosest point. The mafia boss had heard that there was a new girl. To cut a long story short, she was raped that night.

Zygote Guyver fell to her knees as she remembered the past events of her life. The pain the host now felt was all too familiar to the unit and for the first time in about two months the armour of Zygote Guyver disengaged, revealing the form of Zenechka. She looked at her arms, the scars from where she cut her wrists where still there… She shook her head when she felt the unit ask her if she wanted the scars removed and then started to cry. Despite the pain, she needed to remember. She was helpless back then. Almost everyone cared little about her. After two years of hell she slit her wrists and was left for dead. Luckily she was found by a doctor and rushed to a hospital. For someone without any chances in her life she was incredibly lucky to be found by that doctor. She woke up on a hospital bed and cursed the fact she was still alive. She got dressed and escaped from the hospital and ran towards the forest. For days she wondered the forest hungry and lost. She did not know it but from the time she was taken from the orphanage and to that day it was now nearly two years in time. She was near dead when a strange being flew over head, frightening the life out of her and then, as she hid, the unit took her.

There was a lot more than that which happened to her but she tried her best to block the thought. But memories just came flooding back. The reason she hated hospitals was because she was taken to one to get an abortion. She remembered during her half drugged state that the doctor told the mafia boss that she’d never have kids again because the operation had gone wrong. He left her alone for a month or two to recover then one night he joined her in her bedroom. These memories started to fill her with rage. When she became a Guyver, the unit at first was the dominant force in the new shared being they had become. The human side, Zenechka, was simply too used to been dominated and simply let the unit take control of her. It was the unit that wanted powerful allies and to test itself against other units. It wanted to destroy the control medals of every Unit and let the living unit be freed from its control.

Naturally it took awhile for Zenechka to recover all from this. But slowly the young Russian girl started to come through. The fact she never deactivated her armour was in fact something that came from the host. The first sign that Zenechka was still there! She was still a frightened girl and felt protected inside the armour. Who wouldn’t really, it made her one thousand times more powerful and she quickly realized that those men that abused her would never have a hope in hell in doing the same thing if she remained in her active form. Staying active for over two months was something only normally done by the Creators, who can absorb energy as needed. Standard Guyvers couldn’t do that as their hosts need to consume food.

Most simply thought Zygote absorbed matter and energy as needed. They were only partly correct, as a Guyver organism could absorb energy and organic matter, but an unknown fact about her unit was the fact that it has a hyperspace link energy system. Though nowhere near as advanced as that of the Warrior Guyver, it would not give her unlimited stamina but it allowed her to stay active as long as she wanted once she did not fight for prolonged periods of time. This was not a good thing really, as it allowed her to stay active for far too long.

She remembered times before being taken away by her supposed parents, when she lived in the orphanage. She had fun there in odd times with the different other kids. They’d find fun playing hide and seek or anything possible really. They had not that many toys but, simply put, what one does not know does not bother them. Most of them knew life only inside the orphanage and they made it as bearable as possible, though as she remembered it, it was not all fun, even then there were bullies but none of the kids where as evil as that bastard mafia boss. She rubbed her eyes and looked at herself in the reflection from the lake. She realized she was not that far away from the town and that she would be able to get some measure of revenge. The idea had not occurred to her before until she teleported here playing a Guyver version of hide and seek that she could now punish those that ruined her life.

Behind her the Enforcer Kavzar and Guyver 4 where hidden behind the cloaking shield emitted by the mighty Kavzar. Isis had to command the warrior not to kill the Zygote Guyver while she knelt there unprotected in her human form. This game had changed and she looked at the young girl in front of her. She was if anything younger looking than her. The image everyone had of the host of the Zygote Guyver was of the most hardened Creator hating bitch possible. But Isis knew the truth, at least on that matter, the host of the Zygote Guyver was a young woman.

Zenechka rubbed the tears from her eyes and stood up and shook her head then wiped her long blond hair to the back of her head. She knew what she wanted to do now and it was time for her to get revenge on those that so badly mistreated her. She did not need to shout the word Guyver, as she was part of the unit and it was part of her. They acted in unison, as her armour activated and surrounded her. The combined being knew it would never have the mental will to complete its task against the Creators if it did not deal with the past of the host. What was done to her was simply too great to forgive, Zygote Guyver teleported away.

Guyver 4 turned towards the Enforcer Kavzar and telepathically asked did he know where she went? It took a second or two for the Enforcer Kavzar to scan where Zygote Guyver had teleported to. There was almost no type of being that an Enforcer Kavzar could not track down. It was only a matter of time until he tracked down any prey. He did not have to look hard though. Normally it took a few minutes to scan the teleportation of a Guyver like being to find where they went. But he scanned her some ten miles away in a human town. It informed Guyver 4 of his findings and she asked him to teleport them to the town. The Enforcer Kavzar advised against that, it was only luck that they had teleported in when the Zygote Guyver was not active, but to do so now while she was active would be unadvised because of the fact that the cloak would momentarily not be active during the teleport. This meant that they would have to fly to the town, though that should only take a minute or two.

Zygote Guyver did not easily recognise where she was. She was normally imprisoned inside the brothel and never really had a chance to wonder the town that often. Around her where countless people and a seven-foot tall blue Guyver with red glowing crystals in she shoulder pods and chest did not go unnoticed for long. But this was a Chronos controlled town and the crowds of approaching people did not stay there for long before the local Overlord class zoanoid came into the picture with his two Bio-Titan bodyguards. They ordered the crowd to disperse and to return home but stayed a good twenty feet away from the Zygote Guyver. The Overlord contacted the three ruling European Zoalords looking for guidance. It was not everyday that one of the most powerful Chronos owned Guyvers teleported into a strategically unimportant town. Cablarl Khan replied back to the Overlord to give her free reign and to stay out of her way. As far as Khan was concerned Zygote Guyver could do what she liked to the town once she did not kill any zoa-forms.

Zygote Guyver was sure this was the place that she was brought to and walked down the street. She saw people either being very frightened of her or just staying a respectful distance away. No one disobeyed Ivan, the Overlord, and he had ordered them to stay away from her. Zygote Guyver then realized that probably the easiest way to find them was to have them find her. She scanned quickly around her and found an abandoned section of town and teleported there before she disengaged her armour.

About a mile away a cloaked Enforcer Kavzar and Guyver 4 sensed the Zygote Guyver once again turning off her Guyver armour as they closed in on the town. Something was going to happen here and Isis could not wait to see what. This was turning out to be the most interesting day she was having in a long time.

Zenechka walked out of the alley, onto the main street footpath, and continued to walk up the main street towards the main commercial centre of the town. She still had on the dirty hospital cloths from when she had become the Zygote Guyver and was easily recognizable as being an outsider. It was freezing cold but she did not seem to notice too much but, as she walked by a woman, she heard her name being screamed out in shock. She turned around and saw a woman she hardly recognized. She stood there in her usual quiet state as the woman pulled out a mobile phone and called a man named Aleksei. Zenechka immediately recognized the name, it was the Russian mafia boss. She did not make any movement or change expression to show any emotion or any interest or dislike in hearing his name being called out. If there was one thing she learnt in the past two years it was how to show no interest in anything whatsoever. A few minutes later a car pulled over beside her and a huge six foot tall man walked out. He was Aleksei’s bodyguard and childhood friend Uri. His reputation was that of a man that has killed more people than small pox. Even before Chronos, most policemen even stayed out of this man’s way. Uri easily stood well over a foot or two above the small Zenechka as he walked up to her. Zenechka looked up almost in awe as the sunlight that was shining into her eyes was now being blocked out by this man.

“Where have you been hiding dirty little child,” asked Uri in Russian.

“You’d not believe me if I told you,” answered Zenechka.

Almost instantly Uri smacked her face with the back of his hand, sending her flying backwards head over heals onto her stomach. Her nose broken Zenechka had to fight her will to summon the unit and kill this son of a bitch for striking her. Uri reached down and then picked her up by her blond hair.

“You have cost the boss money by trying to kill yourself little child, you are going to have to pay him back with your ass tonight.”

Zenechka said nothing only screamed and struggled, trying in vein to break free. Uri would simply not let her go, and then walked over to the car and shoved her onto the passenger seat. Now only a few feet away, and still cloaked from view, Guyver 4 wondered why Zenechka let herself be abused by this man. She felt like walking up to the big black haired brute and smacking his head off the car bonnet for an hour or two just to see if he liked the feeling or not.

After five minutes of driving later Uri drove up to a house that Zenechka recognized. She almost then activated her unit but realized that Aleksei might not even be in there yet. The car stopped then Uri got out and pulled out his mobile phone. She felt like running but knew Uri would probably shoot her rather than run after her. She did not want her hair pulled again so she opened the car door and slowly and timidly got out of the car. Uri turned around to look at her, he felt a little sorry for the girl, and she did not know what was about to happen to her, this was a cruel place he thought.

He grabbed Zenechka by the arm and walked towards the front door of the house. The door opened and Zenechka saw inside what she viewed the house of hell for the first time in months, now she started to resist and tried to pull away from Uri only to be punched full in the face. The force of the punch knocked her out as her head smacked off the ground. Uri reached down and picked her up and put her over his shoulder and walked into the house.

Two hours later, Zenechka woke up. It took her a second or two to open her eyes. She could feel her broken nose and realized that she was not able to breathe out of it. She knew she was in grave danger, she might have been an innocent little girl two years ago but she learnt one thing from being in this house. Aleksei would never ruin a woman’s face unless he planned to kill her, his clients never liked women with messed up faces, unless they paid to do that to them. This place sickened her. She was through playing possum and was about to summon her unit when she heard two men talking outside. She calmed herself down and waited. Outside, sitting on a rooftop only a house away, Guyver 4 and the Enforcer Kavzar looked on.

Zenechka hated the feeling of her broken nose. She felt like she could not breathe and wanted to activate her unit incredibly badly to get rid of the pain. She leaned up and looked down at her dress. She was covered in blood that she guessed was from her broken nose. The men had stopped talking and had walked away to leave her do the only thing she could, wait. About twenty minutes later a very patient Zenechka heard a car pull into the driveway. Her heart skipped a beat as she lay there when she heard the door open and Uri’s voice as he talked about something, but she could not make out what they where saying, just that the muffled voice was that of Uri, but the other man said nothing. Then she heard footsteps walking up the stairs. Though it was only one person from what she could guess and by the heaviness of the steps it could only be Uri, Aleksei was always a small man that hid behind his huge friend. A second or so later Uri walked into the room and she sees his belt wrapped around his right fist. “Fuck this,” she thought, as Uri unwrapped the belt so that the buckle was free for beating her around the room. Zenechka still wanted to see Aleksei’s eyes before she activated her unit and ripped his heart out while he looked at her in horror. But when Uri’s belt was whacked full force against her stomach she let out a scream and the word was “Guyver”. Uri was blasted back against the wall as the bed Zenechka lay on exploded and her secret was exposed as the blue form of Zygote Guyver slowly floated upright. Uri stood up from the wall and looked at her in shock.

“What the hell are you,” roared Uri.

Zygote Guyver answered the Guyver way by punching Uri in the gut with enough force to send him off his feet and slamming off the wall again. Uri fell to ground coughing up blood. Zygote Guyver’s head sensors twitched as she sensed people running towards her. She picked up Uri with her left hand and with her right fist, returning the favour for what he did earlier, broke his nose. Then the man she was waiting for stopped dead in his tracks as he looked at his fallen bodyguard and yelled our, “Der’mo!”, before he then reached for a gun. He aimed it at Zygote Guyver’s head but before he could fire her head orb glowed for only a second and then a head beam lanced out and blasted off Aleksei’s lower right arm, leaving his hand, still holding his gun, fall to the ground. By what must have been a reflex action, as hand and gun hit the ground, the gun fired hitting Uri in the head and blowing his brains out. The bullet continued through the back of his head and through the window flying right between Guyver 4 legs.

Zygote Guyver walked over to Aleksei, who was falling into shock from having his hand blown off. His body guard dead and everyone else running for their lives, he expected to die. Zygote Guyver’s head sensors twitched as she walked towards him just in time to sense a sudden energy spike. By what must have been a reflex action she activated her shield just in time as a Bio-Titan bio-blast ripped through the side of the building and hit her full force, blasting her out of the building.

Outside the house stood the local Overlord ruler with his two Bio-Titan body guards. About a kilometre away Zygote Guyver fell out of the bio-smasher blast to find herself flying uncontrollably between two houses, then rocketing through a solid brick wall which only slowed her down enough so that when she hit a full grown tree that it was not snapped by the force of her body slamming against it and then she slumped to the ground. Zygote Guyver was stunned by this sudden attack and slowly stood up, as one Bio-Titan jumped up onto the roof of the house to her left side, while the other Bio-Titan charged towards her. Her head sensors twitched as she realized she was about to be attacked again. She then sent a barrage of gravity bullets at the charging Bio-Titan, blasting apart its head as it closed in on her. Zygote Guyver looked up at the second Bio-Titan only just in time to see six green glowing orbs and to be blasted once again. This time the Bio-Titan concentrated his firepower on her right arm, blowing it off but leaving the upper right pod intact. Zygote Guyver screamed in pain, holding the stub where here arm used to be with her left hand and shielded the next barrage of fire from the Bio-Titan. She continued to shield the attack as the other headless Bio-Titan stood up. This headless beast frightened Zygote Guyver, as she did not realize just how versatile this zoanoid was. The local Overlord was using the Bio-Titan on top of the house to direct the headless Bio-Titan towards her as the Overlord made his way to the bardak and up the stairs.

Above the town, the Russian Eye Of Chronos made its way over the combat zone. Inside the Ark, Warrior Alkanphel and Kron both observed the battle below. Kron knew this was not a good place for her to be. She was fighting one of Alkanphel’s most favoured types of zoanoid warriors and acting in a fashion that would only get her kill by him.

“My master, will you let me take care of this situation?”

“Yes, and Kron, none of my zoanoids are to be killed.”


Kron’s bio-armour seeped from under his skin to cover all but his Chronos armour completely, then he teleported to Russia. Zygote Guyver was now running through a forest with Bio-Titan’s on her trail. Inside the bardak, the Overlord picked up the bleeding unconscious man who was in fact his brother.

In the forest, Zygote Guyver jumped into the air just in time for a Bio-Titan bio-blast to miss her and instead blast through a tree and to continue two hundred feet, blasting apart anything else that got in the way until it hit Kron as he teleported into the forest. Caught by surprise, the unshielded second in command of Chronos found himself being blasted through a tree and the right into a hillside. With his thrown cloak imbedded in the ground Kron instinctively jumped back up onto his feet to face his challengers but there where none heading towards him. The two Bio-Titans seemed not to notice the fact they had attacked one of their gods and continued to pursue the fast healing Zygote Guyver.

Zygote Guyver, though, had sensed the fact that Kron was attacked. She was beginning to calm down and a plan was forming in her head on how to kill these two Bio-Titans and that Overlord scum that had attacked her. About two miles away, the arm that was cut off from her was growing into a humanoid shape. Zygote Guyver sensed this new creature coming to life as it was part of her, one with her but capable of some independent thought. She now started to lead the two Bio-Titans towards this new being.

The new creature looked similar to Zygote Guyver, though it did not have any shoulder pods and there was no control medal, instead of that was one of the red crystals similar to the ones on Zygote Guyvers shoulder pods. This was very unlike a standard Guyvers uncontrolled clone. This being was far more controlled and had the typical Guyver enhanced weapons.

Kron sensed this new being but did nothing about it. Alkanphel was wrong this time. These zoanoids had attacked her. He knew it because he knew their thoughts. He could easily kill them now and be done with this. But Chronos rarely had a chance to see Zygote Guyver in action, the only zoanoid types that could challenge her where also too important to Chronos to lose. But as he now saw it the zoanoids deserved whatever was coming to them.

In the meantime though, he was being observed by Alkanphel. Alkanphel knew what was going through his zoalords mind. In a way he agreed and he too was curious to why Zygote Guyver was there fighting his zoanoids. They where meant to be allies after all. He decided to wait and see what would happen. He felt the Overlord’s call for help to the three commanding European Elite Zoalords. But before they got a chance to reply Alkanphel ordered them not to interfere and that Kron would handle the situation. Kron knew this too. Even though he was second to Alkanphel, he was above all the other Zoalords after all and, as his thoughts are known to Alkanphel, their thoughts are known to him. But Alkanphel was still not going to let one of his Overlords die that was for sure.

Zygote Guyver had fully healed by this stage. She was making her way back towards town. Behind her the two Bio-Titan’s where closing in on her. She could sense the Overlord in the centre of town with a load of people around him. She guessed that Aleksei was with them, though that was not certain. All she knew was that she could sense that one of them was very weak. She continued to run, leaving the forest and entering a clearing. About five hundred meters ahead of her was a farm house. Behind her one of the Bio-Titans entered the clearing and fired its two shoulder crystals. Zygote Guyver sensed the discharge and activated her shield just in time but the force of the blast, coupled with a momentary loss of concentration, together saw to her tripping up and landing on her face. The Bio-Titan closed in for the kill when to the right a small flash of light was the only sign that a hyper-smasher blast was charging. Before the Bio-Titan could close in on Zygote Guyver it was consumed by a Gigantic Guyver level hyper-smasher blast. Within seconds the Bio-Titan was overwhelmed and vaporized. Zygote Guyver activated her gravity controller and pulled herself up off the ground and looked at her clone for the first time. She was happy now that she had figured out a way for her to get revenge on the Advents and made her way into town, leaving her clone to take care of the remaining Bio-Titan.

In the middle of the town the sound of an ambulance could be heard as it made its way to the bardak. Inside the house the Overlord had returned and held the fallen man.

“Do not worry my brother, soon you’ll be on your way to a Chronos base and we’ll grow you a new arm,” said the Overlord.

Around the house some lesser zoanoids of various types had formed a protective wall. But there was no hyper-zoanoids of any stature to cause the Zygote Guyver any trouble. A mile away the Zygote Clone was in a fierce fire fight with the remaining Bio-Titan. Both beings where capable of shielding the others attacks or parrying the others vibrational sword but neither had given the other a chance at striking a winning blow.

Zygote Guyver could see her hated target and now closed in for the kill. Behind the unconscious Aleksei the Overlord saw the Zygote Guyver closing for the kill. He would not let this bl’ad’ kill his brother without a fight. His Overlord crystal glowed as he erected a psi-shield around both him and his brother. The zoanoids ran towards Zygote Guyver in an attempt to slow her down only to be punched or blasted out of her way. The Overlord knew that they had no hope against her but he just needed more time. But time was not something Zygote Guyver was going to give him as she finished with the last zoanoid in her path to revenge and now ran the final obstacle in her path, the Overlord. Then with only a few feet to the Overlord she found herself being telepathically lifted off the ground and being slammed backwards through a wall.

Out of a slash in reality appeared Alkanphel in his zoalord form. His zoalord crystals glowed as he brimmed with power. Zygote Guyver lifted herself off the ground. Her three red crystals glowed and fired an intense red beam of energy towards the Overlord. But, before it even had a chance to reach the Overlord and his fallen brother, Alkanphel focused his telekinetic power and the red beam of energy rebounded back, hitting Zygote Guyver in the gut and blowing apart both flesh and biomaterial as it left behind a great big hole. She screamed out in pain at the same time the zygote Clone seemed to momentarily lose concentration, allowing the Bio-Titan to stab her in the stomach with his left vibrational sword.

Capitalizing on this the Bio-Titan then blasted the Zygote Clone at close range with its bottom two bio-crystals, sending the clone twenty feet away from the Bio-Titan. The Zygote Clone crashed against the ground and before it had a chance to recover the Bio-Titan charged all its crystals, signalling that it was about to obliterate the Zygote Clone. Zygote Guyver realized this but it was too late to do anything to save the clone of her. Even as Alkanphel closed in on the fallen Guyver, the Bio-Titan obliterated the Zygote Clone with a bio-smasher blast. This deadly beam of energy made its way into town and straight towards the fallen Zygote Guyver. Alkanphel could see the line of destruction heading towards the fallen Guyver. This misunderstanding today would not cost him an ally. With only a few feet to spare, and thanks to some unbelievably quick mental actions, Alkanphel was able to focus his huge psionic potential to force back the bio-titan blast before it hit the unprepared and injured Zygote Guyver. Zygote Guyver realized that she could have shielded the blast but knew a little diplomacy was in order to at least thank Alkanphel, though really she did not know the meaning of the word, but understood that thanking the leader of Chronos for at least diverting the blast would be a smart move. But as for Russian Overlord and his brother, they were incredibly lucky for the intervention from Alkanphel but this was nowhere near over yet.

Alkanphel walked slowly toward Zygote Guyver. The ambulance finally arrived at the now in flames bardak. The ambulance doors swung open by an invisible force and then the Overload placed his brother on a stretcher and then sat in the ambulance as it drove off. Kron then teleported to the side of Alkanphel. Alkanphel was a little disappointed at Kron for the loss of one of his Bio-Titans. But the way it died provided an interesting insight to how the Zygote Guyver could get revenge against the Creator army. But this army of Zygote Clones would not follow his orders, they would only follow her and he had no means of controlling her, no leverage whatsoever. But then he picked up the thoughts of the local Overlord. He was scanning his brothers mind as he lay their unconscious from blood loss. The dying man was a local crime lord, scum really but he knew the host of the Zygote Guyver from before the time she was a Guyver, the Overload himself had gotten her for his brother. Alkanphel had an evil smile. Maybe he could control the Zygote Guyver by having this man and his brother under his control. Hate is a powerful emotion after all. Question would be how to harness it to take full advantage of the Zygote Guyver?

Above Alkanphel, the Enforcer Kavzar still cloaked from few had observed the day’s events with distain. He was a Creator warrior and one of the Creator’s enemy’s had shown a dangerous ability to create an army without the need for host life forms. He wanted to destroy her, but Guyver 4, who was his master, would not allow it. Though she was a Creator, the Enforcer Kavzar felt she was not acting wisely in making her decision but, unlike a human who had free will to do has they pleased, even though the Enforcer Kavzar felt that Guyver 4 was not making the correct decision he would certainly not act against her wishes in any way. Guyver 4 could sense her protectors concerns but she had learnt a lot today about the mysterious Zygote Guyver and still had many questions which needed to be answered.

Tuesday, the 8th of February The Ark 

Isis, who was standing on a living transport platform that allowed people to travel around the Ark with ease, mood had improved since discovering more about Zygote Guyver. Though the female Guyver still did not acknowledge her existence, at least she proved an interesting mystery for her to figure out. She thought about what she had observed. Zygote Guyver in her humanoid form had gone into a clearly dodgy house that must have been a whorehouse. Though she knew little about what life like that was about, TV was a wonderful teacher and showed her some of the darker things in life. Even the Chronos controlled media didn’t censor her from all things outside of the perfect world her parents showed her. Of course such movies had to be watched when her parents where asleep or when there was an opportunity not to be supervised by “adults”. Though she missed her mother a lot, she was beginning to like her new found freedom. This was also helped by the fact that Chronos technicians somehow installed a system for her to videoconference with her mother. Obviously Chronos was treating her a little better now, no dark dungeons for her any more. Instead she had this wonderful forest to play in.

Her Protector, though, spent most of his time away from her. She had also learnt a lot about him as well, he clearly was not just some Creator built robot, but had some emotions as well. It seemed to her that the Enforcer Kavzar was upset with her for not letting him kill the Zygote Guyver. Millions of miles away on the Creator Clan ship, Krullnar had his own concerns about the Enforcer Kavzar. He finally figured out who the engine of destruction really was, it was the first Enforcer Kavzar, a being he made personally and the last Creation he had made that was deemed a success. How fate had made it that these two would meet again on opposite sides boggled the mind. But the thing that got to him the most was the Warrior Guyver, his father’s creation. According to Galen’s scans, there was now two of them? One looked identical to the Warrior Guyver before his assault on the Ark and the other was a far more advanced design. Scans of this new Warrior Guyver showed that its control medal had been merged with an incredibly advanced device. It had been deduced that the Warrior Guyver 2 came from an alternative reality. This simply had to be the case here as well, as there were no records of Solom finishing the Warrior Guyver project. It made sense, after all the Warrior Guyver 2’s unit was what his father originally wanted to produce in the end, but the design was changed so that the Warrior Unit would be capable of beating the Black Nova in combat. How such a unit got to this universe was a mystery but there was an obvious clue to how this was done.

When the Creators detected an unknown device on Earth they where able to get some brief scans of it. This device was unquestionably of Creator origin. But the device was beyond anything they had even dreamed of attempting. Then recently they scanned the device under the control of the Warrior Guyver 2, who was using it to attack and remove the unit of Warrior Alkanphel. This device was not only incredibly advanced but also showed itself to have the ability to remove Warrior Guyver units. Though it was not given time to complete its task and was blasted by a Chronos Bio-Titan. Then this second advanced Warrior Guyver appeared with this device in its control medal. Krullnar could only guess whether this new Warrior Guyver was in fact the original now merged with the device or an alternate enhanced by the device.

The problem was this, the Creators where too far away to get detailed scans of the two Warrior Guyvers. So they could not come to any definite conclusions and Krullnar did not dare drift too close to the Earth, an act that could provoke an attack from Chronos, which would get him in trouble with the Creator Council. A move that could see him demoted and taken away from Earth’s solar system, ruining any chance of him becoming the head of the Creator science council. Because of that he could not find out which one was the true Warrior Guyver. But again there was another problem. The first Warrior Guyver reappeared soon after the Warrior Guyver 5 was damaged. But during the time from when the Warrior Guyver 5 was damaged until the time this Warrior Guyver appeared, the advanced device was also damaged. So the Warrior Guyver 5, which clearly had a damaged control medal, could have reverted back to the clone that it was based from. This clearly had to be the case because there where no other signs of dimensional travel yet there were two Warrior Guyvers. This realization made the Creator extremely pleased with himself. G’Kor, the Creator who has been trying to attempt the recreation of the Warrior Unit by examining the clones from the Warrior Guyver arm, had failed to make a viable unit. But he first had to verify this conclusion.

Normally a Kavzar Commander does not have the ability to cloak. But it was very possible to give one this ability after its development in the Enforcer Kavzar design and rediscovery by G’Kor, thanks to his work on the Clone project. He decided that he would install a cloaking device inside one of his Kavzar Commanders and then send it after the two Warrior Guyvers so it could get quite detailed scans and confirm who the true Warrior Guyver was, and ascertain if the Warrior Guyver 5 was truly flawed?

But then Krullnar realized a simple fact. Even though the Enforcer Kavzar, that protected Isis, was not fully under his control. It would obey his commands once they did not conflict with that of Isis. The Enforcer Kavzar still guarded both the fallen Clan Chip on Mars and made visits to the Chronos space ship, the Ark. So, instead of wasting his time upgrading a Kavzar Commander, he would instead send the Enforcer Kavzar to find out who was the true Warrior Guyver.

Deep inside the frozen ruin of the Mars Clan Ship, the Enforcer Kavzar meditated waiting for the next time the Guyver 4 would call it for help. It sensed the return of the second Warrior Guyver and waited for the time when it would see if this one was the true Warrior Guyver. Even as it pondered when would be a good opportunity to observe this new Warrior Guyver it sensed the call of Krullnar. The Enforcer Kavzar was still distrustful of the Creator, after he had attempted to kill him and the Guyver 4. But Krullnar then sent a message that he had his word that the Creator and his forces would not attack him. Though the Enforcer Kavzar had enjoyed great freedom in recent years, he knew to his core that he had to trust the Creator. But he knew his mission also. He decided that he would meet the Creator but he also would be prepared for being backstabbed as well.

Krullnar was teleported down to the red planet, with one Kavzar Commander has his guard. Mars, unlike the Earth, can have dust storms that cover the entire planet. This was one of those times. Krullnar, like all Creators, was consistently in his armoured form. The unit was well capable of withstanding atmospheres worse than this without advanced shielding of the Warrior type units. Even so, the Kavzar Commander, who appeared behind his creator, extends his shield so that the powerful sand storm did not even touch the armour of the Creator. Moments later the Enforcer Kavzar appeared just outside the shielding radius of the Kavzar Commander. The Enforcer Kavzar’s head sensors moved back and forward as it scanned for any sign of other Creator forces, but there where none to be found. The Creator had kept his word, at least for the moment.

“Enforcer Kavzar. I’ve a task for you, which falls within your mission parameters,” said Krullnar.

“What is the mission my Creator?”

“It is to find out who is the true Warrior Guyver!”


New York City, 40 Minutes Later 

The Enforcer Kavzar teleported miles above the city, and cloaked almost instantly. Below him the chaos of battle was happening with the ACTF Guyver forces fighting the forces of Chronos and, to his surprise, the hated Grakken forces that had a huge mother ship for support. His head sensors had to adjust to all the powerful beings below before he could scan two Zerebubuse class Guyvers. They were both very powerful Guyvers, one was slightly less powerful than him while the other managed to even outclass him in raw power. He wanted to fight in this battle before him but he had no orders to engage any hostile forces. His only mission was simply to find out who was the true Warrior Guyver.

He focused on the battle below and saw one of the possible Warrior Guyvers fighting the Guyver Powered Zerebubuse. While the other more advanced version was flying closer to him, baiting the Guyver Zerebubuse to come after him as he headed towards the Grakken Mothership. While both Warrior Guyvers where technically weaker than their opposition. It was the weaker Warrior Guyver who faced the most powerful opponent there was this day, the Guyver Powered Zerebubuse. The Enforcer Kavzar calculated quite easily that if any of the Warrior Guyvers was to die today that it would be him. He flew down into the chaos of the battle below, still cloaked, and quickly passed the Matrix Warrior Guyver and Guyver Zerebubuse on the way.

The Enforcer Kavzar soon realized why this weaker Warrior Guyver was still alive. He was teleporting every single second around the Guyver Powered Zerebubuse, trying to find an opening to hurt the great beast. But the Guyver Powered Zerebubuse was simply too powerful and was easily able to shield the Warrior Guyver’s attacks. But the chaotic teleporting of the Warrior Guyver did make things dangerous for him. The Guyver Powered Zerebubuse was extremely powerful and was trying to blast the Warrior Guyver when he appeared for only a second or two. Some of these blasts came close to hitting the Enforcer Kavzar. The danger being that while cloaked he was unshielded and could thus be easily destroyed by one of these blasts. He then did not know if this was made bad or worse when the Warrior Guyver 2 started to aid the Warrior Guyver. But, as he closed in on the Warrior Guyver, his head sensors were finally able to get a detailed scan. This was not the Warrior Guyver of legend. This was a test unit. Its control medal was badly damaged at one stage. But signs that it was a test unit could be felt as it started to send signals to him of the Warrior Guyver’s status. That was not something a normal Unit would do, it would always keep such information private to the host, but on a test unit such information would be easily available to either an Enforcer Kavzar like him or a Creator. No wonder Krullnar wanted him to go on this mission. He immediately forwarded the information he had discovered to Krullnar. The Creator was pleased and then ordered the Enforcer Kavzar to get detailed scans of what must be the true Warrior Guyver. The Enforcer Kavzar agreed to do his bidding as this again was what his mission was, to observe the Warrior Guyver. But at that moment he saw the weaker Warrior Guyver attempt to strike the Guyver Powered Zerebubuse in the back only for it to quickly turn around and then slice through the Warrior Guyver’s vibrational sword and arm. Above in space Krullnar smiled under his armour as he witnessed this event through the eyes of the Enforcer Kavzar. The Warrior Guyver then teleported away, leaving Warrior Guyver 2 to fight the Guyver Powered Zerebubuse alone. Krullnar, now in a close mental link with the Enforcer Kavzar, ordered him to stop and to recover the arm of the weaker Warrior Guyver.

The Enforcer Kavzar still did not want to reveal himself to the combatants around him, but an opportunity presented itself when Zeugma and the Psi-Guyver appeared to help the Warrior Guyver 2 and intensified the chaos of the battle. So as the battle raged on, no one noticed the cloaked Enforcer Kavzar walk up to the cut off lower arm of what was now clearly the Warrior Guyver 5. At such a close range, it was easy to extend his cloaking shield over the arm to hide it. Seconds later he was flying at top speed into the sky, taking the arm with him totally unnoticed by all the Guyvers fighting around him. Then as soon as he reached outer space the Enforcer Kavzar teleported to Krullnar’s Clan Ship.

As a sign of respect the Kavzar Commanders, the Kavzar, and the Aceaer Cast that guarded Krullnar, bowed to the returning Enforcer Kavzar. But the Enforcer Kavzar did not do this for glory. He let go of the arm for it to be telekinetically pulled towards Krullnar and then teleported back to Earth, teleporting a mile away from Warrior Guyver and then cloaked. Even from that distance he could sense the huge build up of power within the Guyver of legend. He, like all Kavzar, knew of this being and how he helped destroy the far more powerful Guyver Zoalord. But this Warrior Guyver was evolving way beyond the limits placed on his unit by the Creators. The Enforcer Kavzar could sense the Matrix in his control medal and the power it allowed flow through the Warrior Guyver. Then the Dreadnought cocoon appeared behind him and encased the Warrior Guyver for only a second to release his more powerful form of Dreadnought. This Gigantic enhanced Warrior Guyver easily matched even him in raw power. The Enforcer Kavzar flew towards the new form of Warrior Guyver but stopped dead in his tracks as Dreadnought opened his hyper-smashers. A few seconds later, after an intense build up of energy, it fired.

The Grakken mothership, which he was standing on, was simply torn apart as the destructive beam of energy reached the Guyver Zerebubuse and destroyed the test subject, much to the delight of Krullnar as he read all this glorious information from the Enforcer Kavzar’s head sensors.

Dreadnought and the Enforcer Kavzar, though, both realized at the same time that the Grakken mothership was critically damaged from Dreadnought’s hyper-smasher attack. The huge vessel was crashing down towards New York City and in less than a minute the damage done to the city would leave not one building standing and maybe even not one person alive. It was then that Dreadnought showed an ability, well and beyond what unit was supposed to be capable of. The whole of the Grakken Mothership glowed and then a moment later it disappeared and was replaced by the Clan Ship of Krullnar.

The shear shock this caused to the Enforcer Kavzar, Krullnar, Draven and Galen should not be underestimated. These beings where by human standards living history, all of them predated written human history in some cases by over three million years and had seen more than any human could ever hope to. Yet even all of these beings felt the sudden shock caused by this new powerful Guyver. Even that though did not stop a million years of training. Krullnar and Draven both realized the position they where in with Grakken forces all around them, along with the hostile forces of Chronos.

Every available Aceaer Cast, Kavzar and Kavzar Commander left the clan ship to attack the enemies of the Creators. Quickly the natural diplomat, which was Draven, sent orders to the Creator forces not to attack the human forces and to only fight the Chronos zoanoid forces and the Grakkens. The battle below the Creator Clan Ship intensified as their forces processed to decimate the Grakken and Chronos forces. With such powerful combined opposition of Dreadnought, ACTF and the Creators Warriors. Warrior Alkanphel had quickly realized that the tide of battle had turned against him and that if they stayed here this day he and those uncooperative Grakken forces would be killed. He then teleported himself and what remained of his forces to the Ark.

Just as the Enforcer Kavzar was about to help his Creators destroy the Grakkens, he felt an urgent call for help from Guyver 4. In an instant the Creators where left to look after themselves as he teleported high above Earth. There he saw the reason why Guyver 4 was so desperate for help. Another huge Grakken Mothership was attacking the Ark. Both of these huge vassals where almost equal in size but in its incomplete state the Ark did not have the weapons developed for such combat and was simply not being given the time needed to charge its Crystal smashers. But it didn’t have to wait long for the most powerful being in the Creator army to help it and help its master.

Inside the control tower of the Ark, Alkanphel, Kron, Imakarum, Purg’stall, Isis and Natasha looked at the biological view screen as the Enforcer Kavzar attacked. Both of the two Master Zoalords realized they would never get a chance to see an Enforcer Kavzar in action again unless it was against them and ordered Natasha and the other Navigator Class Zoalords to use every bit of scanning equipment possible to record the battle right in front of them.

The Enforcer Kavzar, with all its gravity controllers, flew masterfully towards the Grakken Mothership, even as it was firing everything it had at the top Creator warrior trying to prevent it from ripping it apart. But what would look like a slow bulky being was in fact a master of outer space combat. Easily the Enforcer Kavzar dodged the weapons fire of the Grakken Mothership or simply shielded itself as it closed in for the kill. Its shield was smothered in energy as it turned itself into a living bullet and shot its way through the shields of the Grakken Mothership and right under its armoured hull.

Inside the ship, the Grakkens were now basically defenceless against the coming onslaught. Two Destroyer Grakkens ran towards the Enforcer Kavzar, as one hid in the background with its four mega-smashers charging. The Enforcer Kavzar fired two gravity balls out of each hand, easily the power of Warrior Guyvers shield attack, both of which hit the two Grakken Destroyer heads, blowing apart their Gigantic Control medals. But both of those Grakken Destroyers did not have the chance to go rogue as both of them where incinerated by the mega-smashers of the other Grakken Destroyer that then hit off the Enforcer Kavzar. The Grakken Destroyer was overjoyed that the Enforcer Kavzar was being seemingly overwhelmed by its mega-smashers. But, as the blast cleared, the form of the Enforcer Kavzar could still be seen. Its shield orbs still glowing as its own hyper-smashers open. This time the Grakken Destroyer did not have a chance to react before it was consumed.

Inside the Ark, the Chronos high command looked in awe as the Grakken Mothership was blown apart from the inside out. The Enforcer Kavzar had expertly not only killed yet another Grakken Destroyer but also hit the Wormhole engine of the Mothership, which then chain reacted and spectacularly exploded. The shields of the Ark shimmered as bits of burning metallic rubble knocked against it. But there, in-between the rubble, was the Enforcer Kavzar. Inside the Ark, Warrior Alkanphel looked at the small petite form of Isis and smiled to himself, she was already showing her worth.

Two Weeks Later, On the Ark

Isis stood looking at the captured female, who was once an Aceaer Cast warrior. She had recovered thanks to the treatment she was receiving from Valkus. Chronos really wanted to know everything they could about her. But Isis felt somewhat responsible for this woman. It was her fault she was here and it was her father that almost killed her. She could not help but feel that those events would someday come back and haunt her. The Enforcer Kavzar had disappeared again and she had not seen it since it destroyed the Grakken Mothership. But overall the best thing about being on the Chronos command ship is the gossip that flows through it. The only thing on the lips of the Zoalords and Hyper-Zoanoids was the name Dreadnought. He had destroyed one of the most powerful beings in Chronos in only a few minutes. Since then Chronos had not attacked the ACTF USA forces for fear of Dreadnought. Though, the usual talk that the almighty Alkanphel would be able to defeat him was still just as strong. Brain washing was a very effective way of control and everything in Chronos flowed towards Alkanphel and his control over this massive organization. That also included gossip.

Isis, though, still continued to enjoy her freedom to explore the Ark. The zoalords in charge of the huge space ship always gave her huge amounts of freedom to roam around. She had even managed to make a few friends with those very same zoalords but did not like the zoanoids much. They tended to be mostly male. Her father was still mostly on Earth, helping the Texas region of Chronos recover from the attack from the Mercenary Guyvers, Alkanphel’s most hated Guyver group.

Since the attack by the Grakken’s on the Ark, Alkanphel and Chronos had been looking closely at this new group of Guyver enemies. Spies within the ACTF movement had forwarded on a file to Chronos detailing ACTF’s confrontations with these Guyvers. It was revealed, and a supported fact, that this group lacked any single person with the firepower to match Kron, Alkanphel or the Guyver Powered Zerebubuse. The Creators currently had no intentions of attacking them and seemed to be using Alkanphel’s forces for one of their tests.

Alkanphel talked with Isis once about the Creator test of the Guyver 0, it was, simply put, a disaster and led to them attempting to wipe the Earth out. Thankfully Alkanphel himself was able to save the Earth way back then. But now they seemed to have a use for Earth and seemed to tolerate these Guyvers, some of which where over twenty five times more powerful than the original Guyver 0. Isis found this rather strange. The fact she was part Creator and a member of Chronos made her wonder if she would be considered a target for these Creator tests on Earth.

There was also that strange Orange Kavzar race to consider. They helped her and her father escape from the Creator forces. From what she understood from talking with the Enforcer Kavzar, the colour of a Kavzar would tell you which Creator it belonged to. But as far as it knew, there where no Orange group of Kavzar like that which helped them escape. The fact she did not have enough information about what was happening. Despite what her father wanted for her, which was to be locked up nice and safe within the Ark, she was going to find out at least one thing. Who owned this Orange group of Kavzar?

“Alkanphel, is it okay if we talked?” Asked Isis through the unit, hoping he was not busy.

A few minutes later Alkanphel appeared in person rather than communicating through his own unit. He was in his more casual mood, wearing a full white suite, black shoes, with his long blond hair covering his ears. Clearly he was not ready for a battle as otherwise he’d be wearing his Zoalord Battle dress.

“Hello Isis, as always it is a pleasure to talk with you.”

“Thank you, sir.”

“You do not need to call me sir, just call me Alkanphel. So Isis, why have you called me?”

“Because I want your permission to find out who are the Orange Kavzar that saved my father and I from the Creator army.”

Alkanphel thought about this for a second or two and then replied, “You do know your father and mother would not be happy if I gave you permission to do this.”

“Yes, but I’m almost seventeen years old now. I can pretty much do as I wish in most countries.”

“Even so, I must respect the wishes of one of my Zoalords Isis.”

“True, but this mission of mine could reveal more information about the Creator army, which we both need.”

“Yes that is true. You would also have your protector with you as well.”

“I could also bring with me the Zygote Guyver for backup?”

“Yes she could come with you,” said Alkanphel as he realized with almost a smile it would be easy for her to be killed on this mission, curse that bitch for killing one of his Bio-Titans.

“So when could I leave?”

“That is the main problem, you are unique in this universe and I do not want to lose you any more than your father.”

“I could also bring Kron with me. Those three together would be a powerful force.

“I’d really like to let you go Isis, but we simply could not spare the resources, but I promise, when we get another being as powerful as Guyver Powered Zerebubuse to join our cause, I will let you go to whatever world in the Creator Empire you want.

Isis quickly realized that this really meant not a chance in hell you are going anywhere, but at least it did give her some hope in leaving. “Thank you, at least hearing me out Alkanphel.”

“Isis it is always a pleasure to talk with you, I’m sorry I can’t give you what you want, but if you do something for me. I will look favourable on your request as soon as we get more resources.”

“What do you want me to do?”

“There is a small zoanoid processing base in a town called ‘New Cork Texas’, I would like you to guard it for me.

“I will….. GUYVER!!” screamed Isis.

A second later a blast field surrounded Isis and her Guyver armour surrounded her. Even in Guyver form though, she was barely the same high as Alkanphel.

Inside the ruined Relic on Mars, the Enforcer Kavzar sensed Isis activating her Guyver unit. Immediately he teleported himself to the surface of the moon and from there, on its crater ridden surface, looked down on Earth. From there he could see the Ark, far off in the distance, thanks to his enhanced eyesight.

Chronos Arizona HQ – The Celestial Hall 

Inside this great meeting room, which was recently remodelled, was not only the twelve Elite Zoalords and twelve Disciple Zoalords but also Kron. All over whom where waiting for Alkanphel’s return. All of these beings of eminence power where not in their Chronos battle clothing but in nice fine business suites that only masters of the Earth deserved as they saw it. Imakarum, overall third in command of Chronos had called this meeting to discuses the recent events in Europe, Canada, USA and China and how to combat these Guyver forces.

Imakarum, and many of the Elite Zoalords, was once again trying to press Alkanphel into another all out warfare against the ACTF, USA. But the fact was, like the time when the Gigantic Guyver first appeared, Alkanphel was wary of Dreadnought, the most recent evolution of the Guyver species. But Imakarum saw him and these Anti-Chronos forces as a mere stumbling block to their plans for world domination. They had to be killed off, but that was no simple matter at all. A Warrior Guyver was notoriously hard to kill, which was why Warrior Guyver himself survived so long against the Guyver Zoalord. Dreadnought, his most advanced form, was in fact measured to be just over seven times more powerful than his older form. With the death of the Guyver Zerebubuse, Chronos had also lost a pretty powerful representative. But Imakarum never saw things the way most Zoalords did. He was a pure warrior since Alkanphel turned him into a true Zoalord. He knew that with the correct amount of Bio-Titans he could hurt ACTF USA badly and once they where gone the others would be easy picking as he saw it. Then as suddenly as he left, Alkanphel, the leader of Chronos, returned.

“Sir, apology for the interruption caused by my daughter,” said Alfred Drano.

“Apology accepted, Alfred.”

“Can you tell us why she interrupted our meeting, sir?” asked Damien Kane.

“She wants to find out who controls the Orange Kavzar Cast that helped Alfred Drano and her escape. Even though there has been much speculation that this group might be a possible ally, I still do not trust this Kavzar species much, so I would not let her leave, even with that Enforcer Kavzar of hers.”

“Sir, I really do not see why you have so much value for a truly weak Guyver. She is only one fortieth the power of Guyver Powered Zerebubuse and she could find so much useful information about our ultimate enemies. Which considering the fact that a Bio-Titan could easily defeat her shows that we do not need her power at all,” said Damien Kane as Alfred Drano looked at him with obvious raw hate, which did not go unnoticed by the other zoalords.

“It is not the power of the girl that is important Kane,” said Kron as everyone turned towards the Chronos number 2.

“It is the information she has access to which is important,” said Alkanphel as he walked behind Kron’s chair, towards his own.

“And what is this information?” asked Damien Kane.

“That information is something that only Master Level Zoalords are allowed to have access to,” said Kron, smiling at the young ambitious zoalord.

Alfred Drano, though, was looking forward to his next talk with Damien Kane. He’d not let him near his daughter again, and that was for sure.

New Cork Texas – Zoanoid Processing Centre 

Isis found herself looking up at the ceiling, wondering why she couldn’t sleep. It was the early morning, of the 23RD of February, and pretty much for the past week or so she had done completely nothing. This must have been Alkanphel’s version of a punishment or something. ACTF USA had no interest in picking a fight with Chronos at the moment and vice versa and no one else would really bother. The local Overlord was a guy who refused pretty much to talk with her about anything and she did not even know his name. This Overlord, she thought, was definitely not going to even bother using her as a means of impressing her father. Though she did realize one thing though, she was not about to mess up this mission. It was simple enough and if anything she thought it was a test of if she’d follow Alkanphel’s orders.

Miles away, as Isis lay restless, a zoanoid patrol walked around the deserted town. There was one thing this place was infamous for amongst the Chronos ranks. For it was the birthplace of Jason O’Conner, the Warrior Guyver. His home was really strictly off limits. No one from Chronos dared to go near it and Alkanphel himself had been rumoured to have said as much. Then, out of the blue, one of the zoanoids stopped. The two others in the patrol stopped and turned around to look at him. They walked back towards him, wondering why would he just stop in the middle of the street? But, as they closed in on him, they both realized that he almost looked dead. His mouth was wide open and his face looked as if he’d suddenly aged fifty years. The two zoanoids knew something was seriously fucked up and both changed into their zoanoid forms. From behind their now corpse like comrade, they could hear a methodical, almost mechanical, laugh. The fear of god was put in them as they realized it was a zoanoids worse nightmare, a Guyver. The now dead zoanoid started to dissolve, temporarily covering the cloaked Guyver with its blood, revealing who it in fact was. The two zoanoids both knew they where simply fucked, it was the Life-Force Guyver, the Guyver of death as he was nicknamed by the zoanoids.

Inside the zoanoid processing centre, Isis still could not sleep. She did not know why but now, even though she was quite tired now, she was could not fall asleep. In fact she was starting to get agitated as she suddenly felt a cold chill wash over her. She was suddenly very afraid but couldn’t understand why. She shook her head. It was just her nerves or something that was now making her restless, she told herself as she tried to ignore the feeling. Still in her nightdress, she got up out of bed and wiped her eyes and then walked into the bathroom. She then looked at herself in the mirror as she wondered why she couldn’t sleep. It wasn’t like she wasn’t tired enough.

<Enough! It’s just my imagination acting up. Being cooped up here is just getting on my nerves.> She thought as she closed her eyes, then opened them again, before pouring some cold water onto her hands and then splashed her face with it. The hope of shocking herself out of her irrational emotional state was instantly washed away as she was suddenly hit with the vision of a werewolf looking zoanoid getting killed by some unseen monster, while she had her eyes closed. Her eyes snapped open as she looked at her reflection in shock. She shook her head and thought she was crazy or was imagining things due to lack of sleep, what she had just seen couldn’t have been real. But now she was fully awake and knew she would not be able to fall asleep for some time, so decided to go for a walk. Isis walked back from the bathroom and found a pair of jeans by the side of the bed, where she had left them. She removed her night dress and quickly put on her jeans and then found the closest tee-shirt possible, then, once somewhat dressed, she left her room.

Outside her room, strangely enough, there where no guards. Normally there would be at least one zoanoid. Even at this time of night, normally there would be people everywhere working away. But there was no one, in fact the only sound she could hear was the sound of her bare feet walking on the floor surface. Then in the corner of one of the corridors she found a Chronos soldier uniform that was totally empty. Meaning one of two things, the unlikely idea that a guy got out of his clothes in a hall way and left them in a perfect human shape or the more than likely fact that he was killed and his body had dissolved. That now had her really worried, only a few people that where against Chronos could do such a thing so quickly, quietly, and also get everyone in the base running scared and they where Warrior Guyvers or even worse Zeugma.

Isis gulped as she realized her vision may not have been just a hallucination. She then decided she would be a lot better off in Guyver form, as she nearly screamed the word Guyver. Her blast field surrounded her, indenting the ground and ceiling with a perfect spherical shape. Guyver 4’s head sensors immediately moved back and forward, scanning the base, looking for any sign of life. But there was nothing. The only thing she could sense was the large Chronos building itself. Every last person was gone. How the hell could that happen, she thought. Without a sound, over one hundred people were killed and she had heard nothing. She did not want to fight such a thing, or things, bye herself and immediately called out for help.

Seconds went by. Then a minute and still nothing, Isis quickly realized with dread that her Enforcer Kavzar was not coming. The simple thought, went through her head and fear ran through the very core of her being. What in Gods name would have the ability to do that to her?

Guyver 4 continued to wonder the base. She found more and more signs of dead zoanoids. Her, now Guyver enhanced, nerves where totally on edge. Seeming to sense this, her unit was sending information on everything. She could even sense the wind moving outside the base. But she was still no closer to finding out who the hell had done this and more importantly, could she fight it?

Suddenly her world was filled with searing pain as something tore into her stomach. Her head sensors twitched as she sensed the form of Life-Force Guyver de-cloaking. She tried to lift her head to face him but then found herself falling to the ground uncontrollably. She looked down to see her guts had been torn out and blood spewed out everywhere. She would have puked at the sight, if she still had a stomach to puke with that is, and realized the bastard had already wounded her and she knew he was going to kill her now, just like everyone else. She held her hands over her eviscerated stomach and started to cry.

Life-Force Guyver would have licked the blood off the claw hand he had used to eviscerate his prey if the design of his unit had allowed it, but he was already incredibly amused by the sight before him. It was not often he had such an opportunity to feast and decided it was time to feed on a Guyver enhanced human for a change and this was the ideal moment.

Life-Force Guyver slowly moved towards her, with his right arm raised up and ready to deliver another deadly blow to the weakened Guyver 4. Guyver 4 just sat there crying as the huge from of Life-Force Guyver closed in on her. Then, just as he was about to slice her head off with his vibrational enhanced fingernails, Guyver 4 screamed out, “NO!” Suddenly a shield formed around Guyver 4 as the Life-Force Guyver slammed into it and found himself knocked back. Guyver 4’s Control Medal and eyes then flared as a telekinetic force lashed out and slammed her attacker back and smashed him through a nearby wall. Life-Force Guyver was surprised but also pleased, this Guyver would prove an interesting meal indeed. He then activated his cloak and started to approach his prey once again.

Guyver 4 had managed to stand, still holding her stomach in pain. Too terrified to even begin to question herself, on how she had just saved herself, as her head sensors went wild trying to locate her opponent but could sense nothing, but she knew he couldn’t be far. She extended her left arms’ vibrational sword and then paused. Something was wrong, she sensed . . . DANGER! Guyver 4 ducked just as Life-Force Guyver clawed through the space she had occupied, still cloaked.

The Life-Force Guyver thought, but before he could recover from his surprise, Guyver 4 slashed out with her sword and sliced off Life-Force Guyver’s arm. Because the Life-Force Guyver had over reached, he did not notice that she had extended her own vibrational sword until it was too late and found himself losing his lower right arm to her sword as it sent the stump flying against a wall.

Under her armour Isis smiled, pleasantly surprised by her own actions, and then pressed the advantage and fired her head laser in rapid bursts, hitting the Life-Force Guyver only to both discover and realize that, as a Warrior Guyver prototype, he had a body shield, though the attack did force him to de-cloak.

Life-Force Guyver was just about to laugh at her puny attempt at attacking him, as he reattached the stump of his arm and waited the few moments it needed to heal, when she activated her sonic disruptor. Life-Force Guyver let out an almighty roar, as he covered his Control Medal in pain, and then activated his blast shield, which sent Guyver 4 flying down to the other end of the corridor.

Guyver 4 slammed off a wall, with such force that the concrete cracked. Her body hurt badly but she knew she had to get up. She looked down at her gut and saw it was somewhat healed, though there was still very obvious scaring. At least one thing was going right for her. She could stand steady now, she thought as she got up.

Life-Force Guyver’s blast shield dropped, while Guyver 4 stood there waiting. She realized she did not match a Warrior class Guyver when it came to fire power, but she could hopefully at least face one in raw hand-to-hand combat, she thought with a gulp.

Life-Force Guyver cupped his hands close together, charging his pressure cannon attack. Guyver 4 did the same and was about to play a game of tag the gravity ball when she suddenly remembered just what his unit was a prototype of! If she was right, then this was the last thing she wanted to do. So, just as he fired, she fired her pressure cannon at the wall beside her and dived out of the way. No way was she about to contest gravity powers against a Warrior Unit prototype.

Guyver 4 got back up and she twisted around to face her opponent once again, as she ripped open her right chest plate, only to find him gone!?

She thought, even as she fired her mega smashers through the space he had been, hoping to hit the Life-Force Guyver.

The beam quickly cleared and she closed her chest plate before she carefully moved forward, with her swords extended. Her head sensors could detect nothing but she knew the Life-Force Guyver could still be cloaked, when a sudden sense of danger made her twist around. Only to find to her shock that he was standing right behind her with his right hand palm extended towards her head with a mini-pressure cannon charge, ready to be fired. She barely had time to think, <Oh shit!> Before the mini-pressure cannon blew her brains out.

Miles away in Huston, Chronos New Texas HQ 

Zoalord Drano had a weird sense that something was wrong. He did not know what it was but something was really wrong. Never mind the fact he’d almost never slept since his transformation. The numbers of Bio-Titans in the state had boomed since the attacks by the very active Guyver Mercs. They still raided Chronos bases the world over and that strange Warrior Guyver look alike has since taken over the group. But he did not think the strange feeling was coming from some fear of fighting a Warrior Guyver want to be. Hell, he had fought the real Warrior Guyver when he was still a proto-zoalord. So facing them now would be no problem to him. But what the hell was it that was bothering him he thought. He sat at his desk, looking at his flat screen computer, and decided to look up the most recent security reports. Nothing urgent was happening in the USA anyway. ACTF where being they’re now usual quiet selves, no attacks or anything like that. Rumours of Dreadnought heading off with Zeus and Black Nova seemed true, judging by the lack of activity over the past two or so weeks he thought. Then something really caught his eye, in the low concern area he saw something that made his heart skip a beat. Chronos had lost contact with the New Cork Processing Centre.

“Isis”, Drano said in a stunned whisper. Drano was already wearing his zoalord armour, as he snapped to his feet and walked away from his desk as he went into the centre of his office. His body then floated off the ground as his forehead seemed to split open as his zoalord crystal appeared. Moments later his room was covered in a blinding light as he changed into his zoalord form.

Outside the building, inside a twin blade Chronos helicopter, Elite Zoalord Purg’stall sat quietly waiting for his ride to touch down on the Texas HQ. He looked forward to his meeting with Drano, an obvious family man and a welcome relief to some people he knew that literally tried to kill him. But, as his helicopter closed in on the huge form of the Huston Chronos building, he saw the bright form of Zoalord Drano blasting through the side of the HQ and then flying off into the horizon. He knew it must be an emergency for him to be leaving in such a rush. He’d be not deserving of his title as an Elite Zoalord if he simply sat back and done nothing, thought Purg’stall as he got up out of his seat. The Chronos soldiers knew well enough to get out of his way. Those who had never seen the Zoalords before, jaw dropped as the drop doors at the rear of the helicopter opened and Purg’stall simply jumped out. Purg’stall immediately took flight after the disciple zoalord. Like Zoalord Drano his body too exploded with energy as he changed from human form to Zoalord form, sending lightning bolts down to the city below.

Within seconds Purg’stall was miles outside the city, still trying to catch up with Zoalord Drano. He was unquestionably a man with a mission. From what he understood about the man, he could easily guess that his daughter might be in trouble. If memory served him right, Drano’s daughter had been temporarily relocated to the New Cork Chronos base. He used to be one of the two-zoalord commanders of the USA, so knew exactly where that facility was. Drano was still ahead of him when he transformed himself into a bolt of lightning.

New Cork Texas 

Guyver 4’s body fell to the ground, with a fist size hole through her skull and through the spot that her forehead control medal had been. The Life-Force Guyver laughed but knew he had to move quickly before his victim’s body went rogue, if he was to drain her bio-energy, but before he had taken a step forward the body of Guyver 4 suddenly flipped back to its feet, the unit entering self defence mode, and started to attack him with its vibrational swords.

The Life-Force Guyver was shocked, both instinct and experience told him that the destruction of the control medal was the surest way to a unit’s destruction, but this unit had just shrugged off his attack as if it was nothing. This was clearly not a normal unit, but the time for games was over, thought Life-Force Guyver as he extended his own blades.

Just outside the Chronos base, a lightning bolt came out of nowhere, from the cloudless sky above, and hit off the ground. The resulting explosion sent dirt and stone flying for at least one hundred meters, before the dust cleared to reveal the form of Zoalord Fredrick Von Purg’stall, kneeling in the middle of a ten-foot wide crater. Quickly his eyes looked at the outside of the large Chronos building. There were obvious signs of battle damage and, by the looks of the charring patterns, a mega-smasher or two had been fired. Purg’stall flew up to the hole at the side of the building and entered the building. He knew whatever had done this was still around because whatever had done this was now blocking his ability to communicate telepathically with an Eye Of Chronos that he wanted to use to observe the base.

This was not good. He and the Elite had been discussing recent events, where some Chronos bases the size of this one had been overrun by an unknown force and all personal killed. No one ever had time to send a call for help and even the zoalords knew nothing about it until a day later and the question of why even telepathic messages for help from the Overlord commanders where never heard was a mystery. He was the first zoalord to observe this particular phenomenon and he did not like it one bit. Now searching from one corridor to the next, Purg’stall saw the one thing he remembered from the reports all around the place. The many discarded uniforms, from dead Chronos officers. Whatever it was that attacked the base had killed these men in minutes. He could think of a number of enemies that could do that, top of his list being the Mercs, though they tended to not only kill zoanoids but to destroy the buildings as well, so this did not seem like their handy work.

Life-Force Guyver roared as he charged at Guyver 4, with his claws and swords. The Guyver 4 unit expertly blocked the attack and then flipped onto its hands as it twisted its legs around, nearly slicing its opponents’ arm off again with its heel blades but he simply grabbed the unit’s legs and twisted around as he tried to slam it against a wall, but the Guyver 4 unit activated its gravity control orb and twisted free of his grip as it flipped over his head. It quickly landed and both it and the Life-Force Guyver twisted around and clashes swords again. Life-Force Guyver then shoves Guyver 4 back with his superior strength and quickly follows up with a pressure cannon blast, but the Guyver 4 unit deflects the blast with its own pressure cannon at the last instant before releasing it in return.

By this time, the Guyver 4 unit had partially regenerated from the damage inflicted upon it by the Life-Force Guyver. The stomach area was completely healed but only her head beam orb had been restored, leaving only the host brain and what should have been the control medal to be regenerated. Unknown to all but the Creator of Guyver 4’s unit, the Control Medal on its forehead was only a secondary device to the Primary Control medal that was hidden within the body of the host. This design not only made the Guyver 4 unit harder to destroy but also granted the unit a more advance AI that greatly increased the unit’s combat effectiveness, as the Life-Force Guyver was discovering the hard way.

Life-Force Guyver saw the pressure cannon hurtling towards him and barely activates his blast shield in time to redirect the pressure cannon back at Guyver 4, who in turn activates its shield to block the attack. The Life-Force Guyver then roared in rage as his supposedly easy prey proved much harder to kill than he had anticipated. A point that it quickly emphasized as the unit launched itself at its opponent once again with swords extended. Their swords quickly clashed as they deftly exchanged blow after blow, each moving with lightning reflexes as each tried to get the upper hand upon the other, but it was clear that the Life-Force Guyver was prevailing as he consistently forced Guyver 4 back.

Apparently, even the unerring combat skills of the Guyver 4 unit’s self defence mode would not be enough to save it against its opponent’s superior power, but then, as it was backed into a corner, The Guyver 4 unit launched itself into the air. Its swords flashing, as it rapidly sliced into the ceiling, as it flipped over its opponent and landed behind him. Life-Force quickly twisted around to renew his attack when the ceiling collapses on top of him, just as Guyver 4 twists around and fires a pressure cannon at his feet. The Life-Force Guyver falls to the floor below as the rubble quickly buries him.

Guyver 4 quickly pressed its advantage and fires another, pressure cannon, at the fallen Life-Force Guyver, but, before it hit its target, Life-Force Guyver roars as he activates his blast shield. The rubble explodes away from Life-Force Guyver as Guyver 4’s pressure cannon gets caught in the blast field and is quickly redirected back towards the Guyver 4.The pressure cannon then blasts into the floor, beneath Guyver 4’s feet, and it falls to floor Life-Force Guyver was now on.

Life-Force Guyver then charges Guyver 4 like a raging bull, with his blast shield still active. The Guyver 4 unit instantly responds by bracing itself and activates its shield just as Life-Force Guyver slams into it. The two shields repel each other as Life-Force Guyver tears through the barrier and tackles Guyver 4, quickly slamming it back and through the wall behind it.

The two opponents quickly tumble to ground before the Guyver 4 unit manages to kick the Life-Force Guyver away and then both flip back onto their feet. Suddenly a pod like device appears over the Guyver 4 unit’s right forearm and it aims the device at the Life-Force Guyver. The pod then opens and fires a unit remover beam that engulfs the Life-Force Guyver.

Instantly the Life-Force Guyver roared in pain, as the beam takes effect and tries to remove his unit, but his unit resists the effects of the unit remover. The Life-Force Guyver then slashes out with its vibrational claw hands, narrowly missing the Guyver 4 unit as it ducks beneath the outstretched arm and then twists around at the waist as it activates its swords and slices off her opponent’s arm.

Life-Force Guyver roars in rage at the apparent stalemate but the Life-Force Guyver would not stand for this any longer, he would feed and he would feed now! The Life-Force Guyver then teleported behind the Guyver 4 unit and grabbed it before it could react.

Purg’stall continued his investigation when he suddenly heard the sound of fighting a few floors above him. He quickly ran up the stairs, only to be suddenly presented with the answer, to who it was that had attacked the base, as he beheld the tall form of the Life-Force Guyver. Shocked almost beyond words as he saw it standing there with its right arm outstretched, holding the Guyver 4 by her neck, and from its waist he could see two tentacle looking things sticking into the side of the Guyver 4.

“Let her GO!” Roared Zoalord Purg’stall, but he was ignored as the Life-Force Guyver filled his hunger on the bio-energy of the Guyver 4.

Zoalord Purg’stall’s eyes glowed as electricity built up around him. He saw that the Guyver 4’s Control Medal was gone and knew she was gone. There was nothing left to do but avenge her death and all the others this beast was responsible for. He then reached out his left hand and fired a lightning bolt that hit the Life-Force Guyver, electrocuting both him and the Guyver 4. The power of the attack broke the hold the Life-Force Guyver had on Guyver 4 as the two Guyvers where literally blasted away from each other. Purg’stall ran towards the fallen from of Guyver 4, preparing to obliterate it if he saw it going rogue, but he was surprised to see that though her body seemed drained and shrivelled from the attack of the Life-Force Guyver, she was not going rogue. Purg’stall realized now why some of his zoanoids called this, mostly unknown Guyver, the Guyver of death, thinking the Life-Force Guyver had sucked the life from the Guyver organism as well.

Life-Force Guyver stood up and roared an insult at Purg’stall, in a language that had been extinct for over two thousand years. Purg’stall naturally had no idea what the Guyver said but realized by the tone that it was more than likely an insult. Purg’stall thought it time to teach the Life-Force Guyver an important lesson. He did not have to make any sudden movements to hurt his enemies. Unknown to the Life-Force Guyver, Purg’stall had been building up a dark mass of clouds above the Chronos HQ and its power was now ready to be directed. A powerful, Zoalord enhanced, lightning bolt then ripped through the building, hitting the Life-Force Guyver. The Guyver let out a scream as he was sent flying backwards, smashing right through a window to the outside of the building, feeling the destructive power of an entire thunderstorm concentrated into a single attack.

This assault from Purg’stall acted like a beacon for Zoalord Drano, who knew of only two Zoalords that could do an attack like that and one of those lived in China. So, even as he closed in on the base, he knew what must have happened as he saw the smoking form of a Guyver retreating from the base. He could only guess that the Guyver had sensed him closing in as well and, as a lone fighter, did not want to fight two zoalords. He, though, did not care, he knew his daughter was in that base somewhere and flew in the same opening that Purg’stall created when he willed his lightning attack on the Life-Force Guyver. He was horrified. It was obvious that there had been a battle here between two powerful beings and that one of those was his little girl. But why did she not summon her protector or call for help from any of the Chronos owned Guyvers?

Zoalord Drano ran towards Purg’stall, who stood by the shrunken form of Guyver 4. Just as the Disciple Zoalord ran towards him, Purg’stall realized that he had regained contact with the Texas Eye of Chronos. Meaning the Life-Force Guyver had left the region. But he was taking no chances as he sent the order for reinforcements. Ten Bio-Titans quickly arrive outside the base as they were teleported there by the Ark. Drano could sense their arrival but did not care, his world now cantered on what he thought was his little girl’s dead body. Outside the base the ten Bio-Titans took up defensive positions, ready to defend their gods against the threat of the Life-Force Guyver, as inside Zoalord Drano collapsed to his knees before his daughter’s body.

“I’m sorry Alfred, but I’m afraid we’re too late. You do know what must be done now?” Purg’stall said as he laid a comforting hand on Drano’s grief stricken shoulder.

“No, no, she can’t be dead. Her unit hasn’t gone rogue!”

“You know that’s impossible, her Control Medal is gone-” but then Purg’stall was interrupted as he realized Guyver 4 was regenerating. The Guyver organism wasn’t dead and it wasn’t going rogue either.

“You see, I told you she’s not dead.” Drano almost said excitedly as hope sprung anew in his heart.

“Indeed, we knew her unit might have had some hidden enhancements but we never dreamed. . . You better take her back to the Ark immediately. Her unit must have been equipped with a failsafe but we have no idea how long she will remain stable.”

“Sir, thank you for saving my daughter,” said Alfred Drano now only a foot or two away from one of his few superiors, knowing full well that his daughter would have truly been dead if Purg’stall had not arrived when he did.

“We are all family here at Chronos Drano,” said Purg’stall as he helped Drano carefully lift the injured Guyver 4. To Alfred, his daughter, even in Guyver mode, was simply way too light. The Life-Force Guyver had fed off her and he would pay, Drano swore to himself.

Outside the base Zoalord Hamical Valkus appeared with over forty hyper-zoanoids of various types, normally stationed on the Ark. His protectors joined the hunt for the Life-Force Guyver but they held little hope of finding him, but Chronos is thorough if nothing else and would not give up the search until they were sure their quarry was no longer in the area.

Valkus observed the loss of yet another Chronos base with disapproval. This Life-Force Guyver had to be dealt with soon. Chronos could ill afford such distractions with a Creator fleet so near Earth, but the more immediate concern was the present status of Isis Drano. Valkus knew full well that Lord Alkanphel would not approve of her loss and was about to ascertain her status when he was suddenly contacted by Lord Alkanphel.

<Hamical, you are to report immediately to the Chronos New Zealand HQ.>

Alkanphel then broke the link, leaving Valkus to wonder what was so important that Alkanphel considered it more important the possibility of losing whatever secret knowledge of the Creators that the Guyver 4 might possess. Valkus then disappeared in a flash of light as he teleported to Australia.

The End Of Story 1.