This is a fan-fiction based on characters created by Yoshiki Takaya and contains violent situations with adult language. Any similarity to actual persons, living or dead is unintentional and purely coincidental.


The start of this fiction takes place just before the start of All Things Change: Part 2.



Part 1: The story of Isis, the Guyver 4.

AuthorBrian O’Sullivan

Chronos Texas HQ ‘The View of the Heaven’ Building

Alfrid Drano sat on the top floor between of the massive four-towered Chronos Texas HQ. He was now one of the top Proto Zoalords of Chronos favoured, by Valkus and Alkanphel, to become one of the rumoured new Disciple Zoalord class. A Class to replace the current Supreme Zoalord class that where in turn going to become the Elite Zoalords, giving the Disciples the power of the former Supreme Zoalords and the now Elite Zoalords power rivalling that of the Warrior Guyver himself. But that was a very elite club and the only way in was almost literally over another Zoalords dead body. The one thing about being an Elite Zoalord was that the only way out was death and lord Imakarum and Purg’stall had both been nearly killed in the early battles against the Gigantic Guyvers. If they had been killed, he now, along with his main rival Zarfel, who was a Chinese Proto Zoalord, would have become Supreme Zoalords. This was the brainchild of a new and powerful Zoalord, lord Kron, who was a powerful Zoalord made just after Alkanphel, that has been put temporally in charge of Chronos. It was also part of this plan that gave Drano, and a number of other Proto Zoalords, the responsibility of managing Chronos USA while all the Supreme Zoalords, including Kron, where put into status while they where being upgraded. It was the darkest month ever for Chronos USA, with almost all of the States falling back into the hands of the ACTF. Arizona, the main Chronos base survived this month and so did his State, Texas. Drano single handily took over the Chronos Texas forces and then, using the twenty Overlords and three Bio-Titans that he had under his command, he kept the state under Chronos control and managed at one time to even force the Warrior Guyver and Psi-Guyver out of Texas. When Kron awoke and became what is now known as a Bio-Lord. He viewed only Drano as the only successful Proto Zoalord out of the five. An example of leadership and deserving of the respect that Valkus and Alkanphel had shown him in the past. This is why he was now going to become a Disciple Zoalord and he was going to be put in permanent control of Chronos Texas. . .

The day had been a long and busy one. Except for occasional border skirmishes that neither side would admit to, Chronos had a peace treaty with the USA ACTF forces, so there was no longer any major hostilities between them, for the moment at least. But reports from Chronos Russia were that there was a Creator warrior there called a Kavzar. It had been stranded on Earth for nearly a month now and since Kron had awoken, and became a Bio-Lord, he has wanted this thing for Chronos to study, but the fact was they would have captured it by now, if the 12 or he had been around for the past month. But at the moment it was being kept at bay by two Bio-Titans. This was all in the news report in front of Drano. He’d not left the building in over a week and today was his daughter Isis’s 16thbirthday. He’d promised that work would not get in the way of him being there this time but that was not the case. But being in charge of a region of Chronos did have its advantages. Because he knew he was not going to make it home in time, he had arranged for a floor of the tower 1, of the View Of Heaven building, to be free for the party. Being that he was a Zoalord, many of the Chronos employees, that where friends of his family, also brought in their kids. So having made the necessary arrangements, he left his office in full business dress and walked towards the lift, followed closely by two hyper-zoanoid bodyguards. Both of them where Overlords in their human forms and one of them carried a large box. These Overlords where going to become the replacement cast of zoa-forms for the Proto-Zoalords, though the proto zoalords would still be used on a limited scale, as well as used to test new zoalord designs, as they had originally been intended.

A minute later, Drano got off on the 49th floor, and was promptly greeted by his daughter, with a great big hug, whom he promptly said happy birthday to and then one of his guards stood there as he greeted his family, holding the box. His name was John and was one of Alfrid Drano’s most trusted friends for the past ten years. When it came time for John to become a zoa-form Alfrid had made sure to give his friend the most human looking form as he requested. That was basically the Overlord form. It was like that of a zoalord, only more human looking.

“Isis guess what John is holding,” said Alfrid.

“My present,” guessed Isis.

“Only way to find out is to open it Isis,” said John as he placed the box onto the ground.

Isis opened it to find a light pink ballroom dress. She smiled as she picked it up, like most teenage girls, she liked new clothing.

“You’ll need that tonight for the Chronos ball.”

“Oh daddy, you know I hate those things, they are so boring.”

“It’s an important event Isis, your mother and I will both be here and so will all the leaders of Chronos. Kron himself would like to meet you as well as most of the children here at the moment.”

“I’ve heard he eats children dad.”

“He’s a zoalord, not the bogeyman, Isis. You’ll be here tonight, wearing that dress, and if all goes well, you will get your real present.”

“My real present?”

Alfrid then put his hands in his pocket and pulled out what where obviously a set of car keys. “I’ve arranged driving lessons for you as well. You pass your driving test, you get the car. We have a deal?”

Isis had a smile on her face that was almost from ear to ear and bear hugged her father screaming “Thank you! Thank you!”. Marie, who was Drano’s wife, was not impressed that her husband had just given their daughter such an extravagant present. But Alfrid viewed it that she had deserved it. For the past few years since puberty, Isis had improved a lot in school. She was a straight ‘A’ student and had not had a bad report card since she was ten. Which was not what he had expected at all, normally teenage girls liked to rebel. If anything she was doing the opposite. As Isis left her parents to tell her friends the news and to basically show off, she suddenly stopped and stood still in the middle of the room. No one really noticed anything at first but Drano could sense something was wrong. He walked over to his daughter and looked at the blank expression on her face. He had no idea what was happening to her but as he focussed on her, she snapped out of it, smiled and went over to her friends. This left Drano completely confused and he went back to his wife.

“What was that about?” asked Marie.

“I have no idea Marie.” answered Drano.

“Your so called friends at Chronos haven’t been doing anything with our daughter Alfrid?”

“No they haven’t, I’m a top man here now, nothing like that could happen without my permission and I sure as hell wouldn’t give such a thing.”

“You better not, I don’t want to go through that ordeal again. When we first found her sixteen years ago. Just how many tests can someone give a new born child?”

“Marie, you know that Valkus also gave her the best treatment back then, she has never been sick since then, not even a cold.”

“She’s not becoming a zoa-form Alfrid.”

“Trust me, that will not happen, Alkanphel himself gave me his word that it would never happen to her.”

At that point Alfrid and the other Proto-Zoalords around the world received a call from Valkus and Kron to come to Arizona immediately. Alfrid looked at his wife and she knew, even though she was not a telepath like her husband, that something was wrong.

“What is wrong Alfrid?”

“Kron and Valkus have summoned me and the rest of the Proto-Zoalords. We have to go to Arizona ASAP, tell Isis I’m sorry but I have to go.”

“I will, just go and get back here as soon as you can.”

Drano then disappeared as the Proto-Zoalords, that where in the Ark, teleported him at his command to the Arizona base. He arrived to see all one hundred or so Proto-Zoalords, that where currently in the active service of Chronos, and the twelve arrive along with the master zoalord Kron, in full Bio-Lord form, and a light blue Guyver, who looked like a Gigantic type Guyver. They where all in full Chronos battle armour and they really meant business.

Kron then addressed the assembly. “Zoalords of Chronos, the Creators have returned to Earth’s Solar system. The sad fact of the matter is that we are not prepared to fight them and, with the fleet they possess, they can wipe us out here and now. But I, Bio-Lord Kron, have turned back their first attack on this planet with the help of this Guyver. Together she and I will hold off the Creator forces until we have rebuilt the Bio-Titan army. I want all of you to increase production of those wonderful creatures. With them, the Zygote Guyver and I will insure the survival of Chronos until our master Alkanphel returns and then we will defeat these Creators who dare come back to us after million of years of abandonment. Remember this Zoalords of Chronos, they once tried to wipe out this planet, not just its creations but the whole planet, they are an evil Alien race and we will not stop until they are destroyed!”

All the zoalords in the room then cheered, showing their support of Chronos and its present leader Kron.

“Zoalords I want you to now go back to your present assignments and start processing Bio-Titans. Now I know some of you might not be capable of producing these advanced Zoa-Forms. If that is the case, the less advanced but easier to produce Powered Zerebubuse is the powerful second choice Neo-Class hyper-zoanoid.”

Kron then sent a signal to the Ark and a few seconds later almost all of the Proto-Zoalords where teleported back to their bases of operations. That was except for Alfrid Drano. After the twelve Zoalords broke up to take care of their business, with Zygote Guyver leaving with Imakarum. Kron’s Bio-Armour looked as if it was absorbed back into his skin as he walked towards Drano, followed by Valkus. Alfrid Drano bowed as the two of them approached him.

“Alfrid, you have always been a loyal servant of Chronos, I’ve personally been impressed by your reign as commander of the Chronos Texas forces” said Kron.

“Thank you Lord Kron, that means a lot to me,” said Alfrid.

“You deserve the credit as you where the only Proto-Zoalord to hold together that state without help from the others. With only twenty Overlords and three Bio-Titans you even managed to hold off a direct attack by the Warrior Guyver and his sister. That is why I’ve personally asked Valkus to promote you into what is becoming our new rank of Zoalords, the disciple Class Zoalords.”

Alfrid just smiled. He already knew the possibility of this but to have it confirmed by Kron was a different matter altogether. “Once again lord Kron, thank you.”

“The only person you have to thank is yourself Alfrid” said Valkus. “You have always impressed us for the past twenty years and have never disappointed us.”

“Yes, your file is one of almost complete success, and even when you have failed, your ability to damage control is better than most zoalords in your class,” said Kron. “But there is something in your file I want to talk with you about and that is your daughter Isis.”

Chronos Texas HQ ‘The View of the Heaven’ Building

Isis was wondering around her party from person to person, keeping up appearances and trying her best to make sure she did not leave any of her friends out in the cold. Though for the most part she did not like half of them as she always sensed from them that they in fact did not like her. They always seemed to turn up at events like this because of who her father was, not because they genuinely liked her company. She walked towards Susan, a daughter of a different Proto-Zoalord who she did really not like at all. But just as she did, Isis once again went blank. Almost totally unnoticed by the rest of the party except for Susan who took this gesture as an insult.

Unknown to John, who was talking with Marie, Isis walked into the lift and pressed the button for the ground floor. All of ten seconds later the lift touched down on the ground floor and she exited the lift to the reception area of the Chronos building. Just then the whole reception area went dark as the lights turned off and the windows exploded inwards. Five security guards quickly transformed into their Zektole forms as glass ripped apart the human receptionists and visitors alike. But somehow Isis, who stood there in the middle of the room, was not even scratched. Even in the dark all five of them knew who Isis was and ran towards her, not caring for any one else as the revolving doors of the Chronos HQ blew open and towards one of the Zektoles. He quickly raised his left arm and blasted the steel and glass away from him. All five Zektoles then stood protectively around Isis when the wall above the now gaping entrance exploded inward and then they heard what sounded like a massive being walking towards them but all they could see was the floor being imprinted with some invisible beings footprints, each of which was accompanied by an impact vibration they could all feel through the floor. Still not moving a muscle, Isis stood there as one of the Zektoles ran towards the sound and lasted only a second before being sliced in half. The being continued on its path toward Isis, even as the two halves of Zektole slumped onto the ground and it stepped on the dead Zektole’s upper body, crushing in his chest cavity. This splattered it with the Zektoles blood, revealing the shape of the beings clearly armoured leg. The cloaking field then started to shimmer and turned off, revealing a sixteen foot tall massive black and grey Guyver Zoalord looking being. It quickly fired three blasts from its head crystal, obliterating three of the remaining Zektoles and the floor behind them, but left one of them alive that was standing right in front of Isis. The last remaining Zektole opened all its weapon pods and fired at the unknown being, causing it to reveal a body shield fully capable of withstanding Zektole’s second most powerful attack. It then walked towards the Zektole, which was valiantly body-guarding Isis, and picked it up by its horned head. Zektole was still firing everything he had as his head was crushed within the beings massive hand. His body then went limp and the unknown being simply flung the dead body behind him and now stood over Isis. At that point John, in his Overlord form, ran out of the lift, just in time to see the Zektoles bodies start to dissolve. He knew he was clearly outclassed by this being who had so easily killed five Zektoles, but he had to try to save Isis. So he fired two blasts from his control crystal, accompanied by his most powerful psionic blast but, like the Zektole blasters, his attacks where easily shielded by the beings body shield. With a simple flick of the wrist, the unknown being sent out an energy wave at only a faction of the power it was capable of. John activated his shield but the wave crashed through it and hit the Overlord on the chest, blasting him off his feet and back until he bounced off the closed steal lift doors. Ten seconds later. Kron, Imakarum, Zygote Guyver and Drano all teleported into the reception area, all in their battle forms. Kron’s head sensors where moving side-to-side, trying to detect where the unknown had gone. But there was nothing. Everyone in the area was either dead or dying and what was the reception area of Dallas’s biggest office building was now a ruined war zone. The lift doors opened up and the three Zoalords and one Guyver turned to see Drano’s wife, looking at them in total shock.

Northern Mexico, Ten Miles from the US Border

Since the war with Chronos and the USA, the area has been deserted. This is a Chronos controlled country and they don’t want to lose a single prospective zoanoid to the ACTF. So any humans seen wondering this area of Mexico are simply eaten or pulled to bits on sight. Above one of the border patrols a scout zoanoid who looks up into the nights sky to see a green oval light flying over them. Miles away in Texas Kron received a signal about the unknown in Mexico and teleported away, leaving a shocked Imakarum and Drano, who were in telepathic contact with John’s mind, as a Chronos medical team where trying to revive him. Back in Mexico, Kron landed by the remains of the scout squad. Between the time he was contacted and the time it took to teleport there, they where all destroyed. A quick scan of the area gave him a strange sensation of another Guyver like being, who in a way reminded him of the Kavzar and the Kavzar Commander that he had faced today in Russia, only a lot more powerful. Just then the ground shook and broke apart, knocking Kron off his feet as a Creator Shout Ship exploded out of the ground and flew right by him. Inside it he could detect Isis but it was too late. Within ten seconds it had cleared through the Earth’s atmosphere. Kron teleported into outer space to see if he could intercept it but it was already gone.

Clan Ship

Deep inside the Clan Ship Galen floated near the ships main scanning organism when it alerted him to the presence of a Creator Scout Ship. His control medal glowed and sent a signal for it to scan the ship, as it sent information back to Galen he felt a very human emotion, shock. Alerted by Galen’s unusual feeling, Draven and Krullnar, along with two Kavzar Commanders, teleported to check on the troubled Creator.

“Galen, what has got you so troubled?” asked Draven.

“There is….. an Enforcer Kavzar here, it has what appears to be a Human/Advent hybrid with it.” answered Galen.

“But we thought them all dead, how can there be survivors?” said Draven.

High above planet Mars

The Enforcer Kavzar piloted the scout craft towards the north pole of the presently thought dead planet. Unknown to all, including the Creators, this was his resting place while he waited for his charge to come of age naturally. On the planet below them rested the remains of a once proud Clan Ship, which brought him and her to this solar system. The scout ship then activated its shielding system as it flew through the night sky towards the northern pole. Three seconds later the scout ship landed above an ice sheet, which below it you could see some of the blue form of the massive Clan Ship, which lay underneath it.

Inside the scout ship the Enforcer Kavzar floated between two control medals as the still unresponsive Isis floated before him. His shield then warped around him as he teleported away from her and into the frozen wreck of the Clan Ship. Before the Enforcer Kavzar appeared inside the frozen insides of the Clan Ship, a shield appeared first that blasted away the ice and left a hole for the Enforcer Kavzar to teleport into. It then appeared and its head sensors moved back and forward for it to get its bearing. It then knew exactly where it had to go. He reached out his hands and the orbs on his knuckles glowed as the ice before him melted, leaving a passage for him to head towards the core of the ship.

Some ten minutes later. Isis was still floating in an unresponsive state when the water around her was forced back, pushing her against the wall of the Scout Ship, as a blue Kavzar Commander appeared before her. It looked at Isis with its sensor orbs moving back and forward, sending information back to its Creator master Krullnar . Outside the Scout Ship stood guard twenty Aceaer Cast, along with ten Kavzar, making up a standard Creator battle group. The Kavzar Commander reached out its hand and lightly pushed Isis on the shoulder. Isis’s eyes opened up and she immediately tried to scream which only succeeded in making her choke on the oxygenated water. Inside the frozen wreck of the lost Clan Ship, the Enforcer Kavzar sensed the dismay coming from Isis as he put his hands on the Assassin Unit.

The Aceaer Cast Warriors and the Kavzars where all then knocked off their feet when the Enforcer Kavzar activated his shielding system and shoved his way up through the frozen ship and ice. It exploded out of the ice, sending large chunks of ice flying everywhere. One of which hit an Aceaer Cast with such force that it knocked him ten feet back, even though he was already sitting down. It was only now twenty feet away from his Scout Ship and ran towards it. Above them, in the Clan Ship, Krullnar looked on as he wanted the hybrid deactivated and knew that it was this Enforcer Kavzar’s mission to do otherwise. He ordered two Kavzars to block it while he ordered his Kavzar Commander to bring the ship to him with the hybrid. He then commanded the Enforcer Kavzar to stop, as its mission was no longer necessary because the Warrior Guyver had awoken. The Enforcer Kavzar stopped right in front of the two smaller Kavzar and looked down on them. It’s head sensors went back and forward as he gauged what was happening. Inside the Scout Ship it knew and felt that the hybrid was in trouble. She could not, in her distressed state, breath the oxygenated water and was near to choking to death. This jeopardized its whole mission. It could still be done. The hybrid could still observe the one known as the Warrior Guyver. It was brought before the high Creator Council and told that she was more important than any human, Creator, any being bar one, the Warrior Guyver and its host. Until told otherwise by the Council itself, it was to guard her from any threat, including that of a Creator. The Enforcer Kavzar reached forward and fired its arm rail blasters. Two blasts shot out and blew the heads off both Kavzars. It then activated its gravity orbs and flew up after the Scout Ship.

Already the Scout Ship was a mile away from him and even with his great speed it was getting away from him. His head sensors once again went back and forward, then it teleported. Isis had slipped into an unconscious state by then. Her body floated back by the force of the Enforcer Kavzar teleporting into the Scout Ship. The Kavzar Commander positioned itself between Isis and the Enforcer Kavzar and extended its vibrational swords. The Enforcer Kavzar could sense from the ship that it was on a direct course to the Creator Test fleet and with the angle Isis was between him and the Kavzar Commander, he was not in a ideal situation for combat. Unlike him and the Kavzar Commander, her body was very fragile. He let go of the unit, ordered the Scout Ship to stop and flew right toward the Kavzar Commander, grabbed him and teleported just outside the Scout Ship. Then as the two powerful beings fought outside, the Enforcer Kavzar control crystal glowed as it psionically moved the dormant Assassin Unit toward the barely still living Isis. Back outside the Enforcer Kavzar was shielding the attacks from the Kavzar Commander. It could sense from the Kavzar Commander that it was being told to hold him off until help arrives. From Mars, the remaining Kavzar where on their way to them and a number of Battle Ships. It had now got all the information it needed from the Kavzar Commander and the Enforcer Kavzar’s gravity orbs glowed along with the rail gun pods on his arms. The Kavzar Commander then fired three gravity bullets from its hand at the Enforcer Kavzar as it in turn fired multiple rail bullets from its blasters. The Kavzar Commander raised its shields expecting them to bounce off but that was not the case. Each bullet was surrounded by a gravity well and where basically a mini pressure cannon attack. Over fifty of them per second crashed into the Kavzar Commanders shield and then broke though, hitting its control crystal and blasting through it and out the other side of its head. The Kavzar Commander grabbed its head as the Enforcer Kavzar stood on the Scout Ship and opened one side of its hyper-smasher plates, aiming it right at the momentarily defenceless Kavzar Commander. Three seconds later, a huge blast of energy hit the Kavzar Commander and obliterated it. The Scout Ship then opened up and looked as if it swallowed the Enforcer Kavzar inside it. Inside it the Enforcer Kavzar was cleaned and quickly moved into the control section of the Scout Ship. Already the Assassin Unit was half way through merging with its host. Soon it would be finished. But he had angered the Creators. He had to place her back on Earth.

Chronos Texas HQ “The View Of Heaven” Building

Kron stood beside Drano as he looked at his bodyguard. He was in a bad shape and it wasn’t known if he would survive the night. But Valkus had arrived with large number of bio-blaster type zoanoids and the Guyver 2, which where now stationed in and around the building. Even the rest of the Elite Zoalords where on standby in case they where needed. Unknown to Drano, Kron was still concerned about the day’s events. He had his doubts about Isis and with the Creators showing up on the same day she disappeared only confirmed what Alkanphel’s files said about her.

Outside, the Guyver 2 stood with a Powered Zerebubuse to each side of him and a large number of bio-blaster type zoanoids around them. He was there as a sensor of all things. The best thing for detecting a coming Creator warrior was still there oldest tool. The Unit-G. Even though the Guyver 2 was the most powerful warrior among the zoanoids around him, he was not there to fight but as a detection system. Though at least Chronos had a use for him now. For the past few months he had been doing nothing but training. He’d killed countless low-level zoanoids in tests of his new powers but he has been kept away from the ACTF Guyvers. It was then he got what he wanted. Above him he could detect the approaching Scout Ship. Finally he thought, finally he could get some real action. It was then Kron teleported above him with the Zygote Guyver. An instant thought of ‘oh shit’ crept into his mind, but maybe he might still be needed to fight against that beast which had ripped apart the Chronos HQ he was guarding.

Kron and the Zygote Guyver immediately started off the battle. This time it was pure and simple revenge for what it dared to do to Chronos. Within three seconds the nights sky was filled with the light from over two hundred zoanoids laser blasts. But with it’s incredibly fast speed the Scout Ship managed to stay out of range of the zoanoids and was not hit by a single shot. This was not going as the Enforcer Kavzar had hoped. The people that could protect his charge where now unwittingly trying to kill her. But he could sense the fact that the Guyver behind him had finally merged with its host. He floated towards the purple Guyver. Her head sensors moved as the Enforcer Kavzar moved closer and she then did something it did not expect. The Guyver opened its mega-smasher and pointed it at the Enforcer Kavzar. The Enforcer Kavzar knew it could not attack the Guyver and let the Guyver fire as it tried to figure out what was wrong. The Unit-A should have an artificial intelligence system that would detect the fact that he was her guardian. That system must not be activated or simply does not have the information needed for what is friend or foe. The Enforcer Kavzar tried its best to contain the energy from the Guyver’s mega-smash but even though it could not harm him, thanks to his advanced and powerful shielding system, it was just too much energy and it seeped behind him and blasted the front of the Scout Ship apart from the inside out, letting the fluid of the ship pour out. Then as the mega-smash cleared, the Enforcer Kavzar could clearly see the city through the front of the ship. The mega-smash had destroyed the top of one skyscraper and the Enforcer Kavzar could still see the glow of it as it continued towards the horizon. But the mega-smash had also destroyed the control medal of the Scout Ship. The Enforcer Kavzar was now powerless in controlling the small Creator Craft, which was flying toward the building damaged by the Guyvers mega-smash. The Guyver stood in a pool of liquid looking at the new exit to the outside world and what it thought of as a threat, the Enforcer Kavzar. Even though she was out powered, she extended her vibrational swords and ran towards the Enforcer Kavzar. The Enforcer Kavzar flew backwards and away from the Guyver. It knew it easily over powered the Guyver in every area and the risk of damaging it was too much. Within five seconds the Enforcer Kavzar was a quarter of a mile away from the falling spacecraft. Sensing the danger to itself, the Guyver flew itself out of the spacecraft and onto the top of the damaged skyscraper. Kron and the Zygote Guyver had seen the Guyver and the unknown fly out of the wounded spacecraft. Kron knew Chronos had the technology to use the spacecraft as a tool to make a smaller Ark but first the unknown would have to b defeated. He and the Zygote Guyver quickly communicated with each other then flew up towards the unknown while the Guyver 2, within a second, had flown the distance and attacked the unknown Guyver with unbelievable speed. Even with the control medal in control, the Guyver 2 was over ten times faster than the Guyver 4. So as it went to swipe at the head of the Guyver 2 with its extended left vibrational sword, the Guyver 2 had ducked under it and, with one incredibly fast movement, uppercut with his vibrational sword extended and cut the left arm off the unknown Guyver and followed up, within an eye blink, with a round house kick that hit the unknown in the gut, knocking it back on top of a skylight. Below them, on the ground, Drano looked on in shock as he realized something. The unknown had took away his daughter and returned with a female unknown Guyver. It was a horrific thought, the Guyver 2. Now reckoned to be one of the most deadly assassins of Chronos was about to kill his daughter, the unknown Guyver. But as Kron and the Zygote Guyver closed on the large unknown being, it teleported away. The Guyver 2 was closing in on the unknown female Guyver when the huge form of the Enforcer Kavzar greeted him and just stood there, guarding the injured Guyver. Kron teleported the Zygote Guyver and himself behind the Guyver 2 a second later. It was a face off between the two most powerful of Chronos and the most powerful being of the Creators present army. Drano knew he could not let these overly powerful beings fight. The risk to his daughter was simply too great. Drano flew up and behind his new master Kron. Kron who was about to attack the unknown stopped as he sensed his Proto-Zoalord behind him. Still in his human form, Drano looked at the purple Guyver laying on top of the skylight. Drano then sent a signal to Kron that she was going to be his target, while they took down the large black unknown. Kron agreed to this and within a millisecond had relayed the message onto the Guyver 2 and Zygote Guyver. Behind them two, Bio-Titan’s where on the way to join them so Drano moved first, knowing that Kron intended for them to help him. He pulled himself through the roof of building and down into a penthouse apartment. Landing on the floor with cement, wood and plasterboard falling around him Drano looked at the shadow on the floor made by the skylight and flew straight for it. He then turned around onto his back and looked up to see the back of the unknown Guyver. Around her Drano could see the battle raging as laser blasts and other Guyver and zoa-based weapons fired around her. He saw her moving and floating up off the frame of the skylight, which had been just barely holding her up. He knew if it was the Guyver in control that she would attack those which where putting her at risk. He flew straight up through the skylight and grabbed the female Guyver by the legs, only noticing at the last second that she had vibrational swords on her legs. But as the Guyver looked down on the being pulling her through a skylight, she said something he was waiting forever to hear, “Daddy?”. They both crashed onto the floor of the apartment. On Drano’s suite was the blood and bio-material from his daughter. He picked her up as she held onto him with her right arm while crying and looking at her left arm. She was hysteric, demanding to know what that thing had done to her. Above them the Enforcer Kavzar sensed the awaking of the Guyver’s host, Isis and that being she was with was the one she considered safest with. It was time to leave and come back at a time when the host was ready for the truth. The Enforcer Kavzar floated above Drano and the Guyver. Just as they looked up, Kron unleashed one of his most devastating weapons and opened his mega-smashers. But before they could even charge up the Enforcer Kavzar had teleported away. Kron closed his mega-smasher as Drano flew up through the skylight with his daughter. To Kron’s sides stood the Guyver 2 and the Zygote Guyver, who waited for his order before they attacked what seemed to them to be a rogue Zoalord of Chronos.

“Master Kron, may I introduce my daughter, Isis the Guyver 4” said Drano trying to defuse the situation.

“I am not in the mood for jokes Drano, how do you know this is your daughter you are holding?” asked Kron.

“Because she is that, she is my daughter Kron.”

Kron knew the file for Isis and knew that Alkanphel valued her despite the risk she could be. But to kill her now and Drano would undoubtedly anger Alkanphel and his plan for her, which was something not in her file.

“Guyver 2, find that girls arm and give it back to her… Drano, we will see in time if she is truly worth the trust Alkanphel has put in her. I expect to see you both tonight.”

But as Kron said those words, he felt a call for help by the Brazilian twin sister Zoalords. Their Hyper-Zoanoid task force was missing in action, presumed destroyed and where asking for reinforcements. This was not good under the present circumstances, good hyper-zoanoids where a scarce commodity at the moment. He said no more to the others and teleported away.

“Drano, next time you get in my way, you better hope Kron is there to stop me,” said the Guyver 2 as he flung the Guyver’s arm at her father and activated his gravity controller and flew up and away from them. Zygote Guyver simply said nothing to the Drano family and turned around and calmly walked over to the edge of the building and jumped off. Under her armour, Isis was in shock and was only getting worse. She simply could not comprehend the situation she was in as her father placed her lower arm against the stump and her unit linked her arm back to her body. A few minutes later her arm had healed yet she did not move. Above them was a Chronos two-blade helicopter. Inside it was the Female Guyver 2 who flew down to the them.

“Alfrid. I’ve nothing against you or this Guyver, who is your daughter. Let me help you get her ready for tonight’s meeting, otherwise Kron may kill her,” said Female Guyver 2.

“This is not like you Valcuria, what is there for you to gain from helping me?” said Alfrid suspiciously.

“You’re an important man Alfrid, you don’t know how important and how favoured you are, which could be your own downfall. Beware of the Chinese Zoalord, he is gaining too much power and with Alkanphel currently sleeping, you are losing your power base. Let me help you and you can help me.”

“What do you want from this Valcuria?”

“The gratitude of the Commander of Chronos Texas, second in command of the new disciple Zoalords.”

“HA, and what is in this for me Valcuria?”

“Your daughters life! She has a tough road ahead of her. She will sooner or later have to face the Warrior Guyver’s and who is going to train her to face one? You, don’t make me laugh, you barely survived against them when the Warrior Guyver attacked Texas, and let’s not forget who helped you out then!”

“I know what he is capable of, you showed me that then. But you are right, I do not know much about being a Guyver. You on the other hand are a Guyver.”

“You finally see the logic behind me helping you don’t you Alfrid. Together we are stronger than we are apart.”

Meanwhile, as Drano and Valcuria made a deal, Kron arrived in Chronos HQ Rio de Janeiro, only a few feet away from the front entrance to the local Chronos HQ. He’d earlier noticed the twin zoalords at Chronos HQ Arizona. They never said much and, according to a file Valkus had made on them, Elmira and Elena where two orphaned children found by a local Chronos agents on the streets. Which was the normal recruiting ground for Chronos in the region before Chronos had fully took over. But recently an armed force, mostly made up of mercenaries armed by the US ACTF, where attacking Chronos rural bases with some success until Chronos found them and sent their own force of two Zerebubuses and one Power Zerebubuse to obliterate them. Last Kron had heard, they where winning. But now the twins requested help. Kron walked into the reception area of the Chronos HQ. Still in full Bio-Lord from each and every person in the busy room dropped to their knees and bowed to the leader of Chronos. He said nothing to them and walked over to the lift doors. They opened and a number of men in suits ran out of the lift and out of the way of their leader, again Kron said nothing to them and walked into the lift and pressed the button for the top floor. All throughout the building, the presence of Kron was felt. This put the fear of Alkanphel into the Twins. They did not expect Kron and viewed his being here as an over reaction to there request.

Chronos Texas HQ

Alfrid Drano carried Guyver 4 into his office and placed her on a long leather sofa. Behind them was Female Guyver 2. Guyver 4 curled up and placed her head into the back of the sofa and ignored her father. Drano knew his daughter and turned around and directed Female Guyver 2 out of his office. Lying there, Guyver 4 could feel the presence of Female Guyver 2 and her father as they left the office. She did not know what to think. She was shielded from Chronos since she was born and till today had never even seen a zoanoid. Never mind the pride of the Creator army or the Bio-Lord Kron. The more she thought about them, the more information was sent to her brain about them. She was given details of their power range and how they compared to her unit and compared against each other. Despite never knowing its name, she knew whatever it was that was attached to her body was some sort of battle suite. It was almost the same as that lady who was talking with her father outside. She also had a battle suite, it was over her and yet under it Isis could sense the host and she could sense her. It dawned on the Guyver 4, as she lay there, that she could sense the Female Guyver 2’s unit scanning her. Guyver 4 turned over onto her back and looked up at the ceiling. Again her unit started to scan it. She soon got a sense that she was on the top floor of the ‘View Of The Heaven’ building and could feel the wind outside as it was blowing against the top floor of the building. This thing, whatever it is, was enhancing every sense she had. But then she felt something else coming towards her. At first she did not know what it was but, as it got closer, she realized it was the unknown being which had attacked Kron. But as she sensed it getting closer, she felt that it was no threat to her. In fact she could even sense what its intentions where. It was her protector and it was called the Enforcer Kavzar, the most powerful being of the Creator Empire. Yet it was hiding from the others. Female Guyver 2’s conversation with her father had not stopped, it seemed clear that she did not sense the Enforcer Kavzar. Guyver 4 knew Kron would be on his way back to the ‘View Of The Heaven’ later that night, for some reason he wanted her there because of a file that Alkanphel had on her, but who was this Alkanphel? . . .

The Enforcer Kavzar landed on the roof of the ‘View Of The Heaven’ still cloaked from the scans of all Guyvers except one. The Assassin Unit, who was now called the Guyver 4. It knew she was scanning it though it knew she was the sole reason for it being on this miserable planet. Yet her unit was incomplete and she did not know why she was sent to Earth. It was time to give the Guyver 4’s control medal the message from her father. Inside the command centre, Guyver 4 knew what the Enforcer Kavzar was thinking. It gave her a disturbing thought, was Alfrid and Marie Drano really her parents? Why the hell was she selected by that being out there to get what she now knew was called the Guyver unit? She had to know the truth and that thing out there knew it and was about to give it to her. Isis felt something deep inside her. It was the real control medal of the Guyver 4. It was not that metal-looking thing at the top of her head. So as the control medal inside her received information, it was like Isis was viewing the information from her own eyes as the Enforcer Kavzar relayed a message to her from its master.

“2,500,011 of Earths years ago was when the Guyver Zoalord was born. It destroyed the Creator forces like no other being in Creator history. Yet it was stopped by the intervention of one being, the Warrior Guyver. He was sent back in time by Creator Solom, the unit’s creator, after his awakening by the future host of the Warrior Unit. This Paradox forced the Creators to leave Earth after the defeat Guyver Zoalord. They could not risk destroying the paradox and destroying themselves in the process. But the Creators did not just only lose the Warrior Project when the Guyver Zoalord attacked, they lost many other Projects along with it and countless years of research that the best Creator minds, along with many of the Creators themselves, had come up with in just one day. Every last scientific resource the Creator Empire had at the time was invested in the Earth project. Almost one hundred percent of which was lost. The only saving grace was the acquiring of the Warrior Guyver arm after the great battle. Five hundred thousand years later, it was the core building block for the new Creator army called the Kavzar, with them came the Aceaer Cast. But the Guyver Zoalord was not the only disaster that hit the Creator Empire that was of their own making. With there new army, the Creator Empire expanded like never before and took over five thousand inhabitable solar systems. But they forgot the costs of making the Kavzar and Aceaer Cast. One of those solar systems belonged to the Grakken race. That species was used as a testing ground because of their natural ability to become Guyver’s once merged with the controller unit and infused with some human DNA. This helped the Creators to eventually develop the technology needed to take the Kavzar design to the next stage, but one of these test subjects survived the experiment and escaped. With its species in disarray, this Grakken became the leader of her race and built an empire of her own, away from Creator space. Another five hundred years pass and then the Grakken race attacked the Creators with a vast army of their own based on the original leader plan. With their keen technical knowledge, they had adopted the Guyver technology as their own and took it one step forward with the creation of a special add on armour that transformed each of them into what they called the Destroyer Grakken. This combined with their vast numbers allowed them to decimated Seed world after Seed world. The Creator army was unprepared for such an event and the Grakken Empire grew at a level never seen by the Creators at their own expense. That was the start of what is now known as the ‘Five Hundred Thousand year War’. The Creators lost almost every battle during that time. Their region of space shrunk to less than one third of what it was during their golden era. But it was then the son of Solom saved the Empire. Krullnar developed the next evolution in the Kavzar species. It was called the Kavzar Commander and it was over double the speed and power of the previous Kavzar species. With this new being the Creators held together what was left of their empire. Now given some breathing room, the Empire was able to advance once again and allowed for them to make the even more powerful Enforcer Kavzar, a being that would enforce the will of the Empire. With the arrival of these beings, the war was over for the Grakken Race, though they did not believe it. With the Enforcer Kavzar the Creators armies reclaimed most of their worlds back from the Grakken’s. The war cost billions on both sides and ended with a peace treaty between the two sides. Now Creator space spans over four thousand systems, all of which have at least one War World. The Grakken’s occupy one thousand, five hundred solar systems, each system with its equivalent Battle World. You may wonder what this has to do with you. It was the Creators ability to create better and more powerful species, which won them the War against the Grakkens. The Grakkens realized this but the lack of fundamental knowledge of the Control Medal, to further their fighting capability, prevented them from advancing their capacity beyond that of the Destroyer Grakken, which itself was severely limited in effective range. So they waited for an opportunity to present itself and it came only one hundred years ago when they discovered the legend of the Warrior Guyver and the projects of Earth. There they could finally find advanced Creator technology, which they could use to make their own advanced species. The Creators also had their attentions turned toward Earth for many thousands of years. They awaited the return of Solom and the reappearance of the Warrior Guyver. But my masters had an edge the Grakkens could never hope to have. They had the arm of the Warrior Guyver. It was still held safely on the Core World Prime. The most secure Solar System in the Universe. It was there that one of the new breeds of scientists discovered by accident something amazing. A stasis container, containing a sample of the arm, had lost containment and the sample began to grow, but instead of a merged being of unit and host, the sample maintained integrity of a normal Control Medal modulated regeneration process that would eventually have created an exact clone of the original Warrior Guyver. It was then that the Creators knew that a clone made from it would give them an almost complete copy of the Warrior Guyver. This simply had never happened in the past. All Creators where always extremely careful with what was regarded as the most celebrated item in Creator history. The clone would even have his memories up to the point in the Guyver Zoalord battle where his arm was ripped off. This gave the Creator Empire almost everything they needed. But there were huge concerns about events in Jason’s memories and where and when the Earth calendar matched up to the Creator Mekra Cycle Calendar system. Up until then the Creators where quite happy to wait for the original Jason to find the Warrior Unit. But with over two million years of waiting, the Creators felt they had grown impatient. Only the council members and a few others now knew the full truth and they had not been given so much information about Jason before, until then. Fear of what could happen to him before he got the Warrior unit caused huge debates in the Creator Council on what to do next. Earth had been cordoned off from the rest of the universe and no one knew its status. There were Creators that thought it was destroyed already. Draven assured them that this of course could not have happened or if it had that they would be all dead by now, killed by the Guyver Zoalord. It was then decided that the Creators would send an observer to not only confirm the existence of Jason but also when he would get Warrior Unit. That observer, Isis, was your direct predecessor. She was a Creator Human Hybrid just like you. She was given memories from Jason and locations of the main Warrior Guyver Project and where we expected the Great War Ship to be located. Fifty years ago they sent her to Earth. She was given no protection or battle armour as we expected her to blend into the human culture and to use it to her advantage to find the Warrior Unit. She did successfully until one day she stopped sending any signals back to Creator Space. Her last message was that she had found the War Relic. We then sent Galen, a young Creator scout to Earth with Creator Scout craft. We told him nothing of his true mission, only that he was to observe and report back to us. But that mission was also unsuccessful and Galen and his craft where lost to us. We sent a rescue party, which discovered the crash site, but before Galen’s control medal could be rescued, it was discovered by the humans. He was taken and frozen. Galen was lost to us along with all he had seen. We then sent our most powerful, and oldest Warrior to Earth. The first Enforcer Kavzar, he gathered evidence off the Earths moon that it was the Grakkens who had attacked Galen. The Council where not pleased with the situation. The Enforcer Kavzar was to lead a fleet of Creator War ships to Earth and destroy any Grakken influence in the system. But along with them we sent you. We fear a breach of information about Jason from the last hybrid. You though are different to her. On arrival to Earth system, you were to be given full details of your mission, which will be stored on the Assassin Unit’s control medal. We have made you Guyver so this can’t be taken from you. You are to find the hybrid and destroy her. You are to make sure that Jason becomes the Warrior Guyver. Once you mission is complete, you are to return to me my daughter”

It was a few minutes, before Isis was able to process all the information given to her. This made no sense to her. She was human, the daughter of Alfrid and Marie Drano, not some Creator half-breed. Hell, who where the Creators anyway? As for her supposed mission, that message made no sense. This unit had no information stored in it about any such mission. Who the hell was Jason anyway and what was the Warrior Guyver? This message only did one thing, it made her have even more questions.

“Who was that message from?” asked Guyver 4.

“It was from G’Kor, a member of the high council and Creator of the Human Creator Hybrids, which you are one of,” answered the Enforcer Kavzar.

“Why did he call me his daughter?”

“I do not know the answer to that.”

“What are you?”

“Your protector, I am to see that you come to no harm.”

“Will you always be close?”

“Until the mission is over.”

“And when is that?”

“When you or all thirteen members of the Creator Council say it is over.”

Four hours later, Guyver 4 had fallen asleep on the sofa. Female Guyver 2 had left with Alfrid Drano to explain the situation to Marie. While the Enforcer Kavzar stayed on the roof of what was one of the most heavily guarded Chronos Building in the western world, unknown to all but the daughter of the HQ Commander’s daughter. Earlier in the day he had defeated the Warrior Guyver 2 and Warrior Guyver 3 in a battle in Canada. He had fought and killed a large number of the Creators Kavzar and Aceaers, he had also fought, and seemingly frightened off, a more powerful unknown Kavzar type, but now Kron had found two incredibly powerful Guyvers in Brazil and was now a somewhat happy Bio-Lord and was meeting with his three new Guyvers in Texas HQ. He still did not trust the Guyver 4 and was not in the mood to see her destroy one of his favoured Chronos buildings on what was turning out to be his best good day in a few million years.

Elsewhere in the world, Warrior Guyver 2 had teleported from Canada to Oklahoma State for a quick scan of the border with Chronos controlled USA. It was not a good day for him at all. Kron had kicked both his butt and Agito’s. Hell Agito had discovered the dormant Warrior Unit he had brought with him from his home dimension. Agito would have been the last person he would have given it too. He had also missed all the fun at Washington DC because of it too. Now only a few hundred miles from Dallas Texas, Warrior Guyver 2 had felt the commotion from the city. He had felt the urge to discover what it was and was never one to be concerned about peace treaties when he could cloak, the Warrior Guyver 2 teleported to Dallas. Flying over the city, at first Warrior Guyver 2 did not notice anything. But in the distance he saw the huge towers of the local Chronos command centre. He thought to himself how easy it would be to mega-smash it from this distance and topple the huge building, but to do so would probably destroy most of Dallas city centre and kill countless people. He shook the thought out of his head and cloaked, hiding him from view. A few second later, he landed on the top of the towers looking down through a skylight at a purple female Guyver. At first he thought, no big deal, it was only Female Guyver 2. Then he noticed her heals. They had swords on them and had cut up the sofa pretty bad. His head sensors then moved as he scanned the Guyver and discovered that she was in fact a different Guyver. In fact, he could sense the Female Guyver 2 elsewhere in the building, with four other massive Guyver like power sources. Warrior Guyver 2 sent out a signal to the Warrior Guyver and Warrior Guyver 3. He informed them about what he discovered at Chronos HQ Texas and asked them to come and have a look, but discreetly. Both Warrior Guyvers teleported in over a mile away each and cloaked before they flew towards the ‘View Of the Heaven’. Warrior Guyver had also had a rather mixed day. He had discovered the Battle Unit, which was now merged with Cori, but an unknown old Guyver had virtually sucked the life from him for it. He would have been dead now if he wasn’t a Warrior Guyver. While Warrior Guyver 3 had shared the butt kicking that was given to Warrior Guyver 2 by Kron. All in all it was generally a bad day for the Warrior Guyvers. All three stood around the skylight looking at the unknown Guyver and wondering what was the story about her.

“Ok guys, I know we don’t usually work together on things, in fact some of us don’t like each other, but collectively all three of us have had a shit day so lets discover what those four unknown powerful things are and get out of here without them knowing it and take them all out one at a time together,” said Warrior Guyver 2.

“I agree, no need for personal animosity to interfere with the destruction of Chronos,” said Warrior Guyver 3.

“Ok, you two perverts keep looking at the purple woman Guyver down there and I’ll have a look at the other four big Guy’s with Kron,” said Warrior Guyver.

“Did he just call us perverts Agito,” asked Warrior Guyver 2.

“Yes he did Stephen,” said Warrior Guyver 3.

“Hey O’Connor you asshole, don’t call me names and run away. I’ll get you back at base for that one.” said Warrior Guyver 2.

“So what are we going to do now,” asked Warrior Guyver 3.

“Look at the purple Guyver down there.”

“Doesn’t that make you a pervert Stephen?”

“Don’t you start as well Agito! I know you think yourself as the big bad Warrior Guyver 3, but I can take you and Jason on with my right hand tied behind my back.”

“I’ll take you up on that offer Stephen.”

“Um, you do know I was joking Agito?”

“No, under this calm yet serious Japanese image I portray, I’ve got no sense of humour and can’t understand your western humour.”

“And they say humour is dead,” said Warrior Guyver 2.

But as they where joking with each other, Warrior Guyver 2 had noticed something interesting about the female Guyver down there. Behind her, on a big office table, was a file labelled with something, which he could not make out from his position. Elsewhere, Warrior Guyver had flown down to the floor level where he sensed the powerful Guyvers. He flew up to an abandoned office window and he extended his left forward vibrational sword. He then cut a large circle out of the glass, which quickly fell backwards onto the floor and smashed into a number of bits. He knew that was a stupid thing to do and waited to see if the noise was noticed as he floated outside, invisibly, for anyone to check on the racket. But he sensed there was no one around for a good few meters and the sound must not have travelled far. Warrior Guyver then flew right through the hole and into the dark office. Back up on the top of the building, Warrior Guyver 2 and 3 where still joking with each other. This was the first time Warrior Guyver 2 had seen a humorous side to Agito and he had to admit it was nicer than he normally was. Maybe it was hard for the guy to be an asshole all the time? Who knows thought Warrior Guyver 2. But at that moment, as he moved around to a different location to see the top of the file, he bumped into something.

“Sorry for knocking into you Agito,” said Warrior Guyver 2.

“You did not touch me.” said Warrior Guyver 3.

Warrior Guyver 2 turned to face the thing he knocked into and, still invisible to almost everything, he reached his left hand out at chest level to feel something else that was invisible. Next thing he knew, he was hit at the side of his head and knocked through the skylight down into the head office of Chronos’ local HQ. The cloaking field on Warrior Guyver 2 turned off as he activated his gravity controller, twisted around, and landed right beside the Guyver 4. Her head sensors immediately locked on to the Warrior Guyver 2 and woke up Isis, who did not have a clue who he was. But Warrior Guyver 2, who was now in self preservation mode, thought he was now surrounded. He turned his head towards her and fired all three of his head lasers at Guyver 4. She did not have time to move at such close quarters but without her really trying, she managed to activate a psi-gravity shield, which blocked the three laser beams and blasted the sofa to bits. Enraged by this the Enforcer Kavzar de-cloaked and forced itself through the roof, landing right behind the Warrior Guyver 2. Above them the Warrior Guyver 3 fired a cyclone power blast at the Enforcer Kavzar. It shielded the blast but was knocked forward towards the Warrior Guyver 2 who had a cyclone blast focused around his right fist, which Warrior Guyver 2 discharged doing an jumping uppercut, hitting the head of the Enforcer Kavzar right smack on the jaw, knocking him back but only stunning him. Warrior Guyver 2, by this stage, recognized what he up was against. It was a Kavzar, a very powerful one at that and the thing which frightened him the most, it was even more powerful than a Warrior Kavzar. Warrior Guyver 3 though, didn’t care how powerful their opponent was and immediately pushed his unit to its full potential and extended his four vibrational swords and then flew down towards the Enforcer Kavzar. Three seconds later, he was power punched back out of the Chronos building by the Enforcer Kavzar, who now recognized the type of Guyvers he was fighting, they where Warrior Units, but not the Warrior Guyver of legend. Then as he readied to fire a volley of rail shots at the Warrior Guyver 2, he felt something moving towards it. At first it could only feel the movement of floors being broken opened, one after another, every second. But as the dust, cement, steal and dirt clung to the invisible moving target, it became apparent that it was the Warrior Guyver as his cloaking field was forced to turn off. The Enforcer Kavzar would soon be forced to fight a person who it could not harm. The only person that was more important than his charge, Guyver 4. This battle could only end badly so it did something it would normally not do, it stopped fighting and stood still. Warrior Guyver 2 noticed this strange behaviour as he had ducked behind a table when the Enforcer Kavzar was aiming a weapon at him. But it had not fired. In fact the being had stood down, he could actually feel it power down. But Warrior Guyver had not been scanning it so closely. A second after powering down, the Warrior Guyver, with his barrier shield fully active, slammed into the Enforcer Kavzar and blasted the unshielded being out of the Chronos Building. The Warrior Guyver then charged his shield with his pressure cannon and fired it at the damaged Enforcer Kavzar. With no shielding protecting it, the blast shield attack hit the Enforcer Kavzar with full force and blasted it to bits. Like a Guyver, the Enforcer Kavzar’s being let out a death call that all the Guyvers on Earth felt. It even reached Mars where the Creators fleet was now orbiting. But to the Kavzar Commanders of the Battle Ships and Clan Ship, this call gave them additional information that it was the Warrior Guyver that killed the Enforcer Kavzar.

“You bastard Warrior Guyver, you killed my protector,” said Guyver 4.

“How the hell did you get a Creator warrior to….” said the Warrior Guyver as he turned to face the Guyver 4, behind her was the Warrior Guyver 2 and above them was the Warrior Guyver 3. But all three Warrior Guyvers could sense the approaching Bio-Lord Kron and knew they did not have time to talk or fight with this unknown Guyver. Warrior Guyver cloaked from view and flew out the opening of the roof of the ‘View Of The Heaven’. Warrior Guyver 2 grabbed the file off Alfrid Drano’s desk and teleported away with Warrior Guyver 3. Warrior Guyver then waited for Kron and his companions to arrive to help the female Guyver.

All of a second later, the Office where she was quickly redecorated by the arrival of Kron, Guyver Zerebubuse and Guyver Powered Zerebubuse coming to the aide of the Guyver 4.

Warrior Guyver floated in the air, he knew now ACTF had the numbers, but Chronos now sure as hell had the Power and he had still not seen the 4th power being.

Kron towered over the Guyver 4, realized that this weak Guyver was going to be a lot of trouble. But how could he convince the Drano family to give her up? As this was a more complex situation than simply forcing his control over Alfrid and his wife. Guyver 4 is a Guyver. As such, even at her power level, a being of incredibly fighting power. How could he hold her without damaging the information Alkanphel hoped she contained? . . .

Seven nights later, in the most secure installation on Earth, Chronos Arizona. By Kron’s command, a young girl named Isis, who’s Guyver unit was now called Guyver 4, stayed in protective custody until the return of lord Alkanphel, was now laying in bed wide awake and in total darkness. Ever since the death of her protector, Isis was not able to sleep easily and had nightmares every night. They were so bad one night that she activated her Guyver unit the second she woke up, destroying her bed and bedroom. As it turned out, it was easy then for the Female Guyver 2 to convince Isis that it was in her best interest to leave her home. Once Isis was convinced, it was then easy to get her to explain what had happened to her mother. Kron in a way knew something like this could happen and overall, in the long term, it was a lot easier than forcing her away from her family.

These nightmares where mostly about the Warrior Guyver and the message her so called Creator father sent her. When she was given that message, she did not really realize it then, with the sheer amount of data given to her, but she could see Creators world falling to the Grakken and then the deadly Creator counter strike with the Kavzar Commander and then the Enforcer Kavzar. It was an engine of destruction, unstoppable until it met the Warrior Guyver. The first fully functioning Warrior Unit prototype had killed the first Enforcer Kavzar. What strange irony for a being to be killed by the creation of its Creators father. The old killing the new. And only two weeks ago she was a normal girl, shielded by her father from everything. But the sudden shock of the real cruel world had slammed her life and biological clock apart.

Though one event important to her future had gone unnoticed by her and the Chronos forces that now protected their asset. The ACTF had recognized her now as the Guyver 4, currently an agent of Chronos, but questioned her loyalty to Chronos because of her strange companionship with the unknown Kavzar. Something that Warrior Guyver had seemly destroyed. But the Warrior Guyver 2, who stated his version of the events, only confused the matter in question. The Enforcer Kavzar had stopped fighting as soon as Warrior Guyver started to attack him. The main possibility that could have affected this, they thought, would be if the Kavzar still worked for the Creators. It was at Chronos for some reason and the Creators did have a plan of some sort for the Warrior Guyver that would have stopped the Kavzar defending against him and possibly harming the Warrior Guyver.

The only thing Isis knew, as she lay in her bed, was that it was around mid night. Maybe it was a little behind or a little beyond that time but either way she was tired yet she was not sleeping. But tiredness was catching up with her once again. It was forty-eight hours since she last slept and her body just could not take it. Seconds later her eyes where closed and she felt her mind drift. Then just at the moment she was about to drift into unconsciousness, she felt the most horrible scream possible reach her mind. It was the death call from the Warrior Guyver. He had been destroyed and his call had reached out to all the Guyvers on Earth. In a way it was like the when the Enforcer Kavzar was killed, but his death left different. This shocked her that she was able to tell the difference between one beings death and another just by the call they made with their last thought when they died. It was then she saw the darkness in her room begin to swirl in frond of her. At first she thought it was her imagination playing with her, as the room was very dark. Then she saw a light in the darkness as the Enforcer Kavzar appeared at the foot of her bed. It was in perfect condition. There was no sign of any damage done to it when she knew for a fact it was blown to bits. That thing should be dead. She screamed in shock as it became clear to her that she was not dreaming.

“Stay claim mistress, I am not as easy to destroy as you and the Warrior Guyver thought.”

“Bu… but how?”

“My control crystal, like that of the Warrior Units control medal, are capable of hiding itself in hyperspace in the event of massive damage to my being. When the Warrior Guyver attacked my body, I could not risk damage to the Warrior Guyver, letting him destroy my body was of no consequence.”

“But what about me, you left me to be destroyed by the fucking Warrior Guyver.”

“You are important but the Warrior Guyver is still the most important type of Unit-G ever made by the Creators. Even after 2.5 Mekra the Warrior Unit is still the single most important lost unit to the Creator Empire. I also sensed the coming of other powerful Guyvers, which where coming to your aid.”

“Which Kron did but you say I am worth nothing to my so called Creators?”

“No you are important to the Creators. To our mission you are the second most important being in the universe. The Creator Council made than clear to me. Even when the other Creators in this solar system attacked you I had to stop them. Only the Warrior Guyver himself exceeds you in their eyes.”

“What the hell do you mean other Creators?”

“There is a Creator fleet orbiting the nearby red planet. They sought to stop your merger with the Assassin Unit.”

“Why did they do that?”

“I do not know but that is something I could not allow.”

“But what are we to do now, the Warrior Guyver is dead?”

“You have many questions, I know you think him dead, but like me the Warrior Guyver can’t be killed easily. Now I must leave. One of your new protectors is coming here now.”

Before Isis could ask another one of the endless amount of questions in her head, the Enforcer Kavzar disappeared before her eyes. Then a second later she sensed another being coming towards her. It was still a large distance away, but it was a Guyver of some sorts and it had just entered the Chronos Arizona base. She could tell this instantly, because, apart from her, there was no other Guyvers in the Chronos Arizona base.

Below her, Warrior Alkanphel had teleported back to the Chronos Arizona meeting centre, called the Celestial hall, to meet with Valkus and Imakarum while Kron stayed on the Ark. Imakarum and Valkus both sensed the arrival of the true leader of Chronos and where Alkanphel’s two most trusted Zoalords. Unlike some of the other Supreme Zoalords, who had at some point betrayed him with there own ambition of power. If not for the fact he needed those three, they would have died at Imakarum’s hands while he slept six or so months ago. If not for the quick action of Amniculus and Valkus, the injuries suffered by Purg’stall would have killed him. The fact was, for two minutes he was dead. Natasha also helped in Prug’stall’s quick recovery. At the time she was working on the control medals of the Guyver 2 and Guyver Zoanoid on the Ark. She had also developed the then experimental transportation system from what she learnt from the activation systems of the Guyver unit and she teleported Prug’stall’s dead body into a bio-tube on the Ark. There he lay in secret while Valkus and Natasha worked on him.

Warrior Alkanphel had arrived very unexpectedly into the Chronos Installation. Valkus and Imakarum where both shocked by the arrival of the Chief of the Chronos Cabal. Last thing they both knew, Alkanphel was on the Island Of Sheila regenerating. Since both where Zoalords and not Guyvers, they had not sensed the death call of the Warrior Guyver and Imakarum assumed the worse, that some event had happened which forced him out of his rest. At this rate there was a good chance Alkanphel could over exert himself. Only a month after Imakarum and the other 10 zoalords had destroyed the Zeus Thunderbolt movement did Alkanphel reveal that he was once again awake and pushing himself for some unknown reason. Which later he revealed was the Warrior Guyver. What was it now that had him forced to forgo his regeneration?

Valkus and Imakarum made their way to the lifts on different floors of the Chronos Arizona installation, meeting up at a check point where a number of guards ,wearing black suits, waited for them with their heads bowed down. They all stood still as the two Zoalords walked by them to another set of lifts which had a glass opening at the back of them which allowed you to see the huge hollow insides of the Arizona base. The two said nothing to each other as the lift moved to the ground floor. There they stepped out onto a conveyer belt that brought them along the bottom of the base. Awhile ago this would have given a visiting Zoalord a view of the dead Relic that was at the bottom of the base. But now there was only rock. The Relic was somehow brought back to life and taken away by the Warrior Guyver and his sister. Even with the Ark, Chronos has yet to recover the lost craft.

As they got close to the Celestial Hall, Imakarum sensed his link with Alkanphel get stronger. Alkanphel was truly awake. They made it to the main doors of the Celestial Hall and introduced themselves as Zoalords to them. Seconds later the door opened to the round table and behind it was Alkanphel.

“Sir, what are you doing here? Your regeneration can’t be complete in such a short period of time,” said a concerned Valkus.

“I am more than ready, I am healing as we speak. The injures I have suffered at the hands of the Creators is finally being cured. I shall reclaim my lost powers and reclaim my rightful place as the most powerful being ever created,” said Warrior Alkanphel.

“Sir, I welcome you back from your rest, but it is too soon, you where already over stressed from the X-Day event, raising the Ark, the Battle with the Grakkens and a general lack of regeneration. In short, you have over exerted yourself which is an extreme risk against your dream and the purpose of Chronos, my Lord.” said Imakarum

“Imakarum you worry too much about me. I am back,” said Alkanphel.

“You’ve used the unit sir,” asked Valkus.

“Yes, even though I used it for only a short time, it has done more for me in the past five minutes than a whole days rest,” explained Alkanphel.

“But master, that unit is nothing compared to even a normal Guyver unit,” said Imakarum.

“Imakarum, it is perfect for my needs. Later, if I find another unit, we can always have this unit removed,” explained Alkanphel.

“Sir, are you truly back to full power,” asked Valkus.

“No, but I have not felt as good as I do now in literally one million years” said a smiling Alkanphel.

“Then it should be only a matter of time before you are back to full strength,” said Imakarum.

“Yes, though I have now got a different matter to discuss, which is just as important to the fate of Chronos. Chronos has encountered the Creators forces for the first time and thanks to Kron and the one called Zygote Guyver, they where defeated. But now Isis has truly awoken, just like her Sister Elata was, she could be a great risk to us.”

Above them, in her chamber, Isis’s door opened as three men entered. All of them were wearing Chronos Uniforms.

“Madam, please follow us now.” said the leading Chronos Solider.

Isis said nothing and stood up. She was not sleeping anyway, so this would give her a chance to tire herself out. Still in her sweat pants, a pair of runners and a t-shirt, Isis looked a mess compared to the young woman that she was a week ago at her birthday. Even her long red hair was in a mess as she could not be bothered to brush it. The fact was she saw things like that as pointless now. Why take care of her person now that she has discovered her life was a lie? Even while she lay in her bed she wondered why the Enforcer Kavzar did not comment on her looking a mess? Maybe it was because it did not recognize things like that?

A few minutes later, Isis was taken up a lift and down a long corridor. She paid no attention to where she was going and then, as she was looking at the floor, she noticed, as she walked through the entrance, that she was walking on bare stone cut right into the mountain that was Arizona HQ. She looked up and noticed the corridor, which was totally dark, led into a lit room. Again this room’s floor was stone, it was round and had a number of openings that led down into the room. These openings looked like disposal shoots where things would be dropped down in the large circular room. But yet there was nothing on the ground itself. Then she looked up towards the top of the room. Just above two very large openings was a window. In there she could see some people moving around. She then realized in shock why they where there. They where observing her. Why would they lead her to a circular room, surrounded by concrete, with only one way in and a load of opening that a normal person could not have a chance in reaching, where thing could only be dropped into the room. She turned around to the men that led her here but they where already moving at a fast pace towards the exit. She screamed at them to stop but they ignored her. Just as she was about to run after them a very large steel door came crushing down, blocking the only way out of the room.

“What the hell are you doing?” scream Isis at the window.

But no one answered. Then the room went dark, along with the lighting in the window. She could see nothing and, before her eyes could adjust in any way to the lack of lighting, she heard a thud. Isis backed away from the sound, knowing full well that if this room had no way out, that the thing which was dropped in here also had no way out.

Inside the room sat a man who darkness was not a problem for his enhanced sight. It was Disciple Zoalord Damien Kane. He was the second Disciple Zoalord for the United States Chronos region. Unlike Alfrid Drano, he was not a family man and was ruthless at his job. Which was why, at the request of Kron, he was going to test this girl. He did not even know who or what she was, neither did he care. Damien cared only for following orders to the letter of those that where above him. Kron requested that he test the girl against the one being that can hide from anything’s senses. In the whole of Chronos, there was only one being that was like that and the only thing anyone knew was that it was a he. The person was so secret that only four people in the whole of Chronos knew the identity of the man under the outer layer of the Shadow Guyver.

Isis backed against the wall and listened. She could hear the movement of whatever it was coming towards her. It was in no rush whatsoever to come towards her. The fact was though that Isis lacked something all Guyvers had under Chronos Cabal’s so called protection. Isis was never trained in how to use her Guyver unit. The most distressing fact of all was that she did not even know how to summon her unit.

Inside the observation room Damien looked down on Isis. Even though he could see her clearly, he too could not see the being moving towards her. The first thing on his test list was clear as day. Isis did not know how to summon her unit. Then to his left he heard a sound of fighting outside. Seconds later a man in a black suite was flung through the entrance to the observation room and right against the solid reinforced foot thick window of the observation room. The guard made such an impact against the window that Isis and the Shadow Guyver could hear it.

“Damien you ruthless shit, you get my daughter out of that shit hole or I’ll obliterate your sorry ass,” said a clearly pissed off Alfrid Drano as he floated into the room.

Damien turned to confront the fellow Disciple Zoalord expecting to see him in humanoid form but never expected for Drano to be in full battle mode.

“Wait and think before you go too far Alfrid, I’ve never once done anything against Chronos so why are you so concerned about your daughter,” asked Damien.

“Your reputation for ruthlessness proceeds you Damien and my daughter down there is in grave danger and I’m through talking.”

The orbs on Drano’s body glowed and a shield appeared around him. A Second later the Disciple Zoalord crashed through the viewing window. Isis looked up to see the form of a Zoalord with its shield active around his body, but she had no idea it was her father. Shadow Guyver de-cloaked, revealing that he was only inches away from Isis. Then all these events were quickly drowned out by a terrified scream from Isis. . .

End Of Part 1.