31 Oct: Added the new Other Guyver Data for other people's fic characters and the first of these is the Rapier unit done by Owen Ward.. Also added new pics into the fan-art section from Matt and I.
11 Oct: Matthew's GuyverC page as been merged with my site and his pics and Fan-Fic can be now found on my site. I've also updated the Links section as well.
28 Sep: Uploaded new pics for the Fan-Art section, two parts of chapter 4 of Owen Wards fic and a new Link to the 'Great War of The Guyvers' site.
19 Sep: Did not like the Latin Guyver's arms pic so I redone them and have uploaded the new pic. I've also uploaded part 4 of the XechTorr story.
18 Sep: Added a new pic the Fan-Art section.
15 Sep: Updated the site removing unneeded pics from the front page that where slowing down the site. Added two new pics of Warrior Guyver and added a new Guyver story from Owen Ward and fan-art by me. I also removed one broken link and updated the one to EvilFX's site. I also added this page so ye know what I've done when I update something.


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