Top Secret Chronos Data File   

Subject : New Humanoid Guyver Unit

Code Name : Warrior Guyver

Host Name : Unknown

Sex : Male

Age : Unknown

Height : 210cm (~7 Feet)

Weight : 363 kg (~800 Pounds)

Status : Declared enemy of Chronos

Description: A recently discovered Creator Prototype Guyver War Unit has been found and activated by an unknown human agent of the U.S. government. The Unit possesses new weaponry and power levels well above the norm of any other known Guyver Unit and exceeds even the Gigantic Armor Guyver type. All branches of Chronos have been alerted to this new threat.

Present estimates of New Guyver type abilities have been compiled and summarized below.

-Physical strength has been approximated to be at least four times greater than that of a normal Guyver.   The unit also seems to possess unlimited stamina. 

-Speed: Running=0-450 MPH with a max of ~600 MPH / Flying=0-770 MPH with a max of ~3750 MPH.

-Durability is roughly equal to Gigantic type but is further augmented with body shaped energy shields, with a secondary shield protecting the Control Medal, and a regeneration/healing factor that is approximately ten times faster than a standard Guyver's recorded norm. The armor has also shown an immune type response to biological attacks, such as from the acid blood of the Enzyme Hyper-Zoanoid type, neutralizing their effects.

-The head Laser Orb has exhibited an energy output ten times greater than that of a normal Guyver.

-The Pressure Cannon is roughly four times as powerful as a normal Guyvers but can be combined with the energy of unit shields to produce a destructive blast equal to a normal Guyver's single full powered Mega-Smasher. The unit has also shown the ability to rapidly fire single handed mini-pressure cannons at a rate approaching the capacity of a Zoalord Gravity Bullet attack.

-The units possesses two pairs of vibrational swords that are composed of polymorphic material that allow it to morph into a variety of shapes and sizes. The full range of these weapons abilities have yet to be determined but they have shown superior strength and tolerance levels than that of any other known vibrational weapons.

-The units sonic weapon emitters have also shown greater versatility and power. Radius of attack can range from 15 to 160 degrees and intensity has ranged from a low hum to four times that of a normal Guyvers.

-Hyper Sensors range have been estimated as slightly greater than Gigantic Guyver type and have been inferred to give host a wider range of sensory enhancements.

-The units Control Medal is pyramid shaped and is assumed to be composed of four partial C-Units that have been combined to produce a more powerful parallel processing Unit. Explaining how unit can function at such high power levels without the extra large C-Unit like the Gigantic type.

-Other Phenomena of new Unit type is the ability to call protective blast field, normally only produced by the activation of a unit, at will while unit is already on. The ability to turn invisible, or like a Chameleon, can appear to be just about anything as well as project holograms. The Unit has also shown the ability to enter Hyperspace without deactivating and taking host along with it for either teleportation or to regenerate from a battle even if Unit had appeared to have been vaporized.

-Unconfirmed reports also indicate unit may possess telepathic abilities and other psionic abilities.

No other conclusions of new Unit abilities can be confirmed until further data is gathered.


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