Top Secret Chronos Data File   

Subject : Guyver Zoalord

Code Name : Guyver Zoalord

Host Name : Unknown

Sex : Male

Age : Unknown

Height : ~18 Feet

Weight : Unknown but estimated to be around 1820 kg(~2 tons)

Status : Deceased
Description : Over two million years ago the Creator's worst  fear happened.  A Zoalord had activated a Guyver unit and had become one of most powerful beings in all creation.  Capable of destroying an entire Creator Army of one thousand Zoalords with ease.  The Guyver Zoalord was for all accounts and purposes unstoppable but it's unknown how it was eventually defeated.   The Guyver Zoalord powers and weapons are simply those of the Guyver and a Zoalord combined together and magnified by at least fifty to a hundred folds that resulted in a being with nearly god like power for destruction.   Any one of its weapons would be more powerful than anything known to us and would simply be off the scale.  The Guyver Zoalord could have conceivably destroyed whole worlds with the power at its command.  If anything was to prove why Alkanphel banned any Zoalord from using the unit G and killed Gyro for trying to join with a Guyver unit then it was with the knowledge of this beings former existence and the danger it posed to all if it was allowed to be created again.

No estimates of the Guyver Zoalords abilities can be made except for the knowledge that it was capable of doing anything imaginable of a destructive nature up to and including the destruction of whole worlds given time and that nothing known to modern day science can even conceivably stop it as that knowledge was lost when the Creators left this world and is one of many possibly unsolvable mysteries that they had left else.




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