Top Secret Chronos Data File   


Subject : Alien Guyver unit

Code Name : Grakken

Host Name : Grakken

Sex : Male

Age : Unknown

Height : 370 cm(~12 Feet)

Weight : 560 kg(~1235 Pounds)

Status : Declared enemy of Creators and all things linked to them.

Description : The Grakken were an alien species on the verge of becoming a space faring race when the Creators landed on their home world and used them as test subjects to develop the Guyver effect into something they could control.  When the Creators finally left the Grakken home world, the Grakken were left with over ten million dead and many more horrorably mutated by the experiments done by the Creators.  This left the Grakken with a great hatred of the Creators and all things linked to them.  The first known Grakken to come to Earth wiped out a Zoanoid task force but was then terminated by Guyver 1 Gigantic and the American Guyver.

Present estimates of the Grakken's abilities have been compiled and summarized below.

 -Physical strength has been approximated to be equal to that of the Guyver Gigantic type, but with the addition of an extra pair of arms providing superior leverage, unit might be able to temperarilly match the strength level of even the Warrior Guyver type.

-Speed: Unknown but estimated to be equal to that of the Guyver Gigantic type though additional pair of arms allow for faster executions of combo attack patterns.

-Durability has been approximated to be roughly equal to Gigantic type but extra limbs allow subject to sustain a even greater damage ratio before it can be considered disabled.

-The head Laser Orb has exhibited an energy output equal to that of the Guyver Gigantic type but possesses additional orbs in place of vibrational swords on each lower arm and can be fired separately or together.

-The Pressure Cannon is roughly the same power as that of a normal Guyver but the Grakken has been observed firing two at once using both pairs of arms.  Whether subject can combine both to form a single more powerful Cannon is yet to be known.
-The units possesses a pair of vibrational swords on upper pair of arms that match Gigantic Guyver type.

-The units sonic weapon emitters have been estimated to be equal to that of the Guyver Gigantic type.

-Hyper Sensors range have been estimated to be even with the Gigantic Guyver type.

-The units Control Medal is identical to the Guyver Gigantic explaining units high power level but it is assumed that unlike the Gigantic Guyver that the Grakkens size and form is its natural one and is not an add on like the Gigantic Guyver type.

-It has also been brought to our attention that this Guyver type has four Mega-Smasher Cells presumed to be of Gigantic Guyver power level.  This is the only Guyver type that is thought to have a more powerful total Mega-Smasher power output than both the Guyver Gigantic and Warrior Guyver types.  Present estimates are that this Guyver type's Mega-smasher, when all four are used, would be twice as powerful than the two before mentioned Guyver types.

-No other observations of this new unit type can be made at this time as all presently encountered specimens have been destroyed.

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