Top Secret Chronos Data File   

Subject : Newly discovered Creator battle armor

Code Name : Aceaer

Sex : Varies with user

Age : Varies with user

Height : Varies with user but is usually slightly more than an equivalently hosted Guyver

Weight : User plus 227 kg(~500 pounds)

Status : Presently in the possession of the U.S. government

Description: A recently discovered Creator self contained battle armored unit has recently been acquired by the U.S. government from an unknown Creator crash site.  The Aceaer unit is presently presumed to be an example of modern day Creator technology.  The new unit design seems to have been based on the Guyver unit in both form and function but differs in several key areas.  The new unit does not possess a control medal and does not permanently bond with host.  Analysis indicate the Aceaer armor is not powered by host but rather by a hyper space energy link that provides unit with a steady level of power no matter the limits of its host, consequently the units full potential has yet to be discovered.


Present estimates of the new Aceaer armor units abilities have been compiled and summarized below.


-Physical strength has been approximated to be nearly equal to that of a normal Guyver which possesses the strength of one hundred men.

-Stamina is only limited to that of user as units hyper space power link provides it with limitless energy reserves.

-Physical speed is usually limited to that of user with only slight increase in mobility due to the unit's strength enhancements but provides standard flight speed of 300 MPH which approximates that of a standard Guyver.

-Durability is roughly equal to that of a standard Guyver but is augmented by a full body protective energy field that dampens the effectiveness of most attacks which offsets the units inability to regenerate user from fatale levels of damage, though unit can regenerate host from anything short of an instantly fatale injury and can regenerate itself with as little as 5 percent of its normal mass remaining intact.

-Instead of the usaul Guyver Control Medal and head beam laser, Aceaer unit possesses a bio-laser orb which exceeds the energy output of a standard Guyvers head beam laser by about twenty five percent in burst mode but is weaker when used continuously by ten percent.

-The Pressure Cannon is roughly the same as a standard Guyver's

-The unit possesses a pair of retractable arm mounted plasma swords that approximates the Guyvers vibrational swords by using a highly efficient kinetic energy transfer plasma field instead of vibrational material.  The unit also utilizes the same kinetic plasma technology for its sonic weapon emitters which allow it to be used even in the vacuum of space though power levels still only approximate those of a standard Guyvers.

-The unit possesses what is generally known as a rail gun, an E.M. pulse device that fires small metallic projectiles at near the speed of light, on each forearm and can conflict considerable to any unshielded target.

-In place of the Guyver Mega-Smashers, the Aceaer possesses shoulder mounted fusion cannons of nearly equal destructive power but shorter range due to rapidly expanding nature of blast.  Both fusion cannons can also be fired together at one target or individually at multiple targets.  Also being the Aceaers most powerful weapon causes it to draw severly on the units energy reserves, temporarily weakening units overall power levels, and requires nearly twice the charging time of a standard Guyvers Mega-Smashers.

-Unit possesses hyper sensors similar to a standard Guyver but since unit does not directly access the users mind that unit processes the information from sensors and uses it to produce a H.U.D. like display as well as augment the users natural senses to compesate for lack of a direct sensory link to users mind.

No other conclusions of new Unit abilities can be confirmed until further data is gathered except that unit appears able to be passed on to any available user or put into dormant state resembling that of an unactivated Guyver unit and that presently the unit has only been used by unenhanced human subjects and is unknown how unit will react when activated by an enhanced human such as a Guyver or Zoanoid.


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