Subject : Extremely advanced Alien DeviceCode Name : THE MATRIX

Purpose : Universal Tool

Age : Unknown.

Physical Dimensions : Not Applicable since device can easily change its form, but it usually maintains a small palm size blue crystalline form.

Status : Extremely hazardous, due to its sometimes unpredictable nature and its ability to vastly shift the balance of power in our War with Chronos. Under no condition can we allow Chronos to get their hands on one of these devices.

Description: Created by an unknown Gen , on an alternate Earth in which the Warrior Project was completed. The Matrix is essentially a powerful living quantum computer, keyed to respond directly to the mental commands of any who possess a Control Medal, the Matrix is capable of doing nearly anything a user may will it to do. Its only limitation is that it does not produce much energy by itself, being that it was designed to be more of a tool than a weapon. This limits what it can then do, to the available power and resources of its environment, but its ability to affect its environment with a quantum energy field, allows it to manipulate any form of energy or matter it comes into contact with. This essentially means a user may be able to use the Matrix to manipulate the very fabric of space time and/or perform feats that many would consider magic. Presently only 3 such units are known to exist within our dimension, and one has permanently merged with the Warrior Guyver.
Present estimates of this device abilities have been compiled and summarized below.

-Telepathic Interface: The Matrix responds directly to mental commands of any being linked to a Control Medal, though the device has been known to react to other beings. Whether this is due to the device responding to those beings thoughts or whether the device simply acted on its own is unknown.

-Adaptability: The device has shown itself able to adapt to every challenge ever posed to it. This could be due to the fact the Matrix is essentially a living quantum computer and can instantly calculate all probabilities of any given situation. This is the key factor to what makes the Matrix so powerful.

-Teleportation: The Matrix’s naturally produced quantum energy field, allows the device to access a wide range of teleportation methods. Ranging from simple matter/energy transmutation to accessing higher dimensions.

-Matter/Energy Manipulation: The Matrix has the ability to manipulate all forms of matter and energy. Allowing the device to alter the shape and function of both itself and anything within reach of its quantum energy field.

-Technological Manipulation: As the most advance technological device known to exist, the Matrix can access, interact, and manipulate any form of technology equal to or below the sophistication of the Matrix itself. This is most dramatically demonstrated by the fact the Matrix has already shown itself capable of upgrading a standard Unit G into a Warrior Unit G, as well as its ability to remove and regenerate damaged Unit G’s. Whether the Matrix can interface with living organism, not already influenced by Gen technology, is unknown but the unit has shown that it can heal otherwise fatal injuries to humans. 

-Unconfirmed reports indicate the device may possess a limited sentience. This has been demonstrated by the first Matrix brought to our world, which is now merged with the Warrior Guyver, as it apparently acted on its own on several occasions. Resulting in many major events, ranging from the upgrading of GuyverC into Warrior GuyverC to the transformation of Warrior Guyver into Dreadnought. Whether this is truly due to the device possessing its own sentience or simply responded to environmental stimulus, is unknown.

-Special Note: The Great Barrier, an incredibly powerful energy field that was erected hundred of millennia’s ago by the Gen of an alternate reality around our reality, with the power of thousands of Matrixes. This barrier exists in the dimensional void that separates our universe from others, a small part of which we call hyper space. The purpose of this Barrier was to prevent the travel of a Guyver Zoalord into other realities, though other universes possessed the potential to create a Guyver Zoalord. Only ours possessed the danger of a Warrior Guyver Zoalord being created, a being so powerful that it could easily travel to other realities and destroy even the Gen of the universe that the Matrix originated from. What those Gen will do now that the Matrix is in our reality, thus providing us with a key to penetrate the Great Barrier, is unknown but the Barrier has been penetrated several times now without any sign of a reaction from them. This may be due to the fact that all existing Warrior Units all have intact limitation devices, thus eliminating the threat but whether these Gen will not act in the future is uncertain but is a threat to be considered as these Gen have already shown their ruthlessness in the destruction of the Earth in that dimension as reported by the Warrior Guyver 2.

No other conclusions can be confirmed until further data is gathered.