Warrior Guyver Fan-Fiction

This is a fanfic based on characters created by Yoshiki Takaya and contains violent situations with adult language.

Title The Union of the Guyvers
Author Brian O'Sullivan
E-Mail Address lep@eircom.net


On 6th of December 1997 the world surrendered to Chronos. In one day they had took over the world. That was nearly two years ago. Since then the USA has managed to fight back and Washington DC and it surrounding state is free thanks to the help of a being called "Guyver". But Chronos has discovered a new relic and the Japanese Guyvers know this and now plan to stop them.

Present Day. The date is 25th of September 1999. This area though is still Chronos controlled like most of the rest of the world, Japan.

Aptom was thinking just how the hell did Agito convince him to do this, there he was looking like a Vamore in the middle of a battle group of other Zoanoids looking for the Guyvers. But luckily for him the group was travelling in Chronos controlled territory and they all travelled in battle form making it easier for him to hide himself among them. The fact however was that he was beginning to like this, now he was the eyes and ears for the Guyvers since Guyver 1 and the Bio-Freezer had rescued him from the Zoalords. But really without him who else could keep them updated on Chronos? So he walked up beside another Vamore who was acting a little nervous and started a conversation.

"What wrong Vamore," asked Aptom

"I hate being expendable, we're like the red boys on Star Trek, there's the Zoalords hiding in their new base while we look around the forest where the Guyvers were last sighted but if we find them then we all get killed just so command will know their present whereabouts," said Vamore.

"Yes, life's a bitch," responded Aptom.

"You know I overheard from one of those American guys that they were also hunting a Guyver," said Vamore.

"How can that be? We're hunting the only two known to Chronos," said a somewhat shocked Aptom.

"The Zoalords don't tell us everything. My guess is that another unit was found and activated by a human who is now out there in America, wondering around and making trouble for Chronos just like our two trouble makers."

"Wow, who would have thought the same thing would happen twice!?! So you think there is another Guyver?"

"Yes, unfortunately for us."

Aptom was shocked, this would be great news for Sho and Agito, they're not the only Guyvers on Earth and another Guyver to add to the team would give them a better fighting chance against the twelve supreme Zoalords. Having heard enough, Aptom reached out his hand and put it on Vamore and screamed out-'GUYVERS'!!!, and before Vamore and the rest of the search team could react, both Guyver One and Three burst up from underground and started the kill the search team routine. Vamore was about to charge up his bio lasers when he was shocked to discover that he could not control his body anymore. Before he could even scream Aptom absorbed his head and a few second later all of the rest of him.

"What is there to report Aptom and it better be important enough to blow your cover so soon," said Guyver 3.

"There is another Guyver," said Aptom


"There is another Guyver!?! Where?. . . How," asked Guyver 1.

"I don't know how but I gathered this new Guyver is in America somewhere," said Aptom.

"We must find him or her before Chronos does," said Guyver 3.

"They already had but he or she escaped and is causing trouble for them," said Aptom

"One or all of us is going to have to go to America and find this other Guyver immediately," declared Guyver 3.

"I will go," said Guyver 1.

"Alone," asked Guyver 3.

"Yes, because I will have the Gigantic armour with me and can take care of myself and anyway if we all go then Chronos will know that we have found out about this other and try to stop us," said Guyver 1.

"Ok then, we will stay here and look after the others while you go and find the other Guyver," said Guyver 3.

"Sho, if there's someone here in Japan talking with Valkus or someone else about this Guyver then he or she is going to be in it deep so be very careful," said Aptom

"I will, thank you" said Guyver 1.

"Sho, when you get to the US, remember to try to call out to the Guyver and keep me informed of your progress, as you know we will soon have to take that Relic from Chronos" said Guyver 3.

One week later in the U.S.A.

It had been a little over 2 years since Sean had stopped Chronos from getting the Relic. Chronos had succeeded in taking over the world. But large parts of the U.S. where now free thanks to the FBI finding out about Chronos before they could destroyed every last vital military resources and overturn the Government. But they still had a hard time of it and for a year Chronos officially controlled the USA, the Zoanoids had infiltrated much of the military and government. Finding and eliminating them was almost impossible before the invasion started but afterward the battle lines were quickly drawn between Chronos and the then underground movement the ACTF, the Anti-Chronos Task Force. It took a long year and a half of fighting and a lot of luck by the U.S. Army had to continuously fight hordes of Zoanoids, at first Chronos had the upper hand, but on the 8th of February and unexplained disaster hit Washington DC and hitting Chronos hardest wiping out the main Chronos Processing Centre, though the city too was badly ruined. The U.S. Army then finally countered with more powerful guns and Sean right in the middle of them kicking Zoanoid butts. The U.S. Air Force unfortunately did not have it so good, when the now freed President ordered large scale bombing of the Arizona Chronos base, the Air Force ran into four Zoalords and were all massacred. The Zoalords then went after the Navy. The massacre stopped only recently when the four left and this gave what was left of the U.S. a fighting chance. What Sean and the rest of his team did not know was that the four joined the other eight Zoalords on a far off island where Chronos had discovered a new Relic and this was more important to them than the whole of the USA.

Jason was the FBI agent assigned to assist Sean, not to protect him but to tell him where he was most needed. Chronos still did not know what Sean looked like and this was to the FBI's advantage, but this did not concern Sean at the moment as for the past week his sleep had been disturbed and he has only been able to get four hours sleep in the last few days, it felt as if he was being called but he did not know from where or how. The last thing that gave him this feeling was the Relic, but this was different and stronger.

Sho had been travelling around the US for a week now moving from city to city and the only thing he could tell Agito was that there was nothing to report and he was okay, but he would not give up and continued his search until one day he saw a newspaper, in it he saw a picture of a Guyver? The paper was telling about how the U.S. Army with the help of this unknown turned back a Zoanoid attack on Washington. This was the first bit of good news Sho had got since coming to America, but now he had to sleep, tomorrow he would find this other Guyver.

That night Sean finally got a good nights sleep, he woke feeling great, but then the shit hit the fan, he looked out the window to see a full-scale Zoanoid invasion. He summoned the Guyver, broke out the window and dived for the nearest zoanoid. The bus that Sho was on stopped for apparent reason. He then woke up to see a Zoanoid outside trying to flip the bus, behind it was Zoanoid after Zoanoid running towards the city. Sho got up and ran towards the door, barely getting out before the bus overturned and then called the Guyver. The Zoanoid looked at him in shock, "How can you be in two places at once." He barely got the chance to wonder how when Guyver 1 burned a hole right through his chest with the head laser. This got the attention of twenty or so zoanoids, which started to run at Guyver 1, but before they got two steps, Guyver 1 opened up a Mega-Smasher and blew fifteen or so to kingdom come. What Zoanoids were left got treated to Guyver 1's head laser and vibration swords. Guyver 1 then started his dash towards the city taking out as many Zoanoids as he could on the way. Then he stopped. He could see a white light coming from the city. A second later a Mega-Smasher blasted a path right in front of him. He looked down the path of destruction that the Guyver had left. Guyver 1 ran down the path with vibration swords extended killing those unfortunate enough not to be in the full path of the Mega-Smasher.

The U.S. Guyver was having trouble with a Zerabubuse Hyper-Zoanoid. The Zerabubuse shot acid at the Guyver and hit him straight in his eyes. Sean had never faced a zoanoid like this before. All the others he faced could only try to beat the crap out of him with their fists. This was something Valkus knew after talking to the two U.S. based Zoalords, that this Guyver had only once faced a serious opponent and never tried to use all its weapons in favour of hand-to-hand combat. So unaware of his full abilities, Valkus figured that the U.S. Guyver should fall to a Hyper-Zoanoid, and so far his plan was succeeding.

But just as Zerabubuse was going to close in for the kill, Guyver 1 jumped up in the air and dropped kicked him from behind. Zerabubuse stood up and turned to see the Guyver 1 mid way through charging his pressure cannon!

"Guyver 1? What the hell are you doing here?"

"Stopping you!"

Then Guyver 1 fired blasting the chest of the Zerabubuse apart killing it. Guyver 1 then turned around to see the U.S. Guyver on the ground holding his eyes and moaning in agony.

"Let me see your eyes," said a concerned sounding Guyver 1.

Guyver 1 grabbed the other Guyvers hands and moved them out of the way to see that the acid had eaten away the Guyvers eyes. Sean reached his hand out to feel Guyver 1's face.

"You're like me," said the US Guyver.

"Yes, I am a Guyver like you. Your wounds will heal, but for now I'm moving you to a safer location. I will deal with the Chronos forces while you rest."

With that said, Guyver 1 picked him up and ran into the nearest uninhabited house.

Guyver 1 left the house and looked down the street. There he could see the army making their counter attack. The army was using new armour piercing rounds with explosive tips. So for the first time, the army could do some real damage to the lower Zoanoids. The only thought that came to Guyver 1 was God help them if a Zoalord came as nothing the army had short of a nuke could hurt them. Then Guyver 1 stopped daydreaming and ran towards the nearest Zoanoid he could find and smashed his head against a wall witnessed by Jason who then ran towards him.

"Hey Sean, I've been looking all over the place for you," said Jason.

"I am not Sean"

"Sean quit messing around and come talk to General Carter about helping us with the counter attack."

"But I'm not that Guyver."

"You mean your not Sean, your someone else? Another Guyver!?! You have five seconds to tell me why you are here!" said Jason as he aimed his gun at Guyver 1.

"Relax, I'm on your side, I'm just here to meet this Sean and get his help."

"What do you want Sean for?

"To help us get a Relic away from Chronos."

"They've found another Relic? But with that they can find more weapons."


"Like the Guyver unit, like you!"

"I'm afraid they will find more than that, its more than just a normal Relic, it's a warship."

"A Relic warship, God knows how many weapons it may contain."

"And if Chronos get into it then we are as good as finished. Sean is needed more with us. Sooner or later Sean will fall to Chronos fighting by himself. The Zerebubuse is nothing compared to some of the Zoanoids I've faced and Sean will not have a chance against them alone and with no serious help."

The chit-chat was cut short when Guyver 1 saw the US Guyver come out of the house. His eyes had healed. Guyver 1 turned to Jason who was listening to something on his head radio.

"The Zoanoids are retreating," declared Jason.

Sean then deactivated his armour quickly followed by Sho.

"Sean, you okay," asked Jason.

"Yes, I'll be okay," said Sean. "So I'm not the only Guyver, you look oriental?"

"Yes, I am Japanese."

"Your English is good," said Sean.

"That's what school is for and my name is Sho."

"I heard some of what you said to Jason. How long do we have till Chronos gets into the Relic."

"I don't know, the sooner we get it from Chronos the better," explained Sho.

"I'm in, but who will help out here until I get back."

"They will have to take care of themselves while we are away, but I promise when we have gotten the Relic from their grasp that we will help you defeat Chronos here, but by the looks of thing they can look after themselves quite well for now," said Sho.

"Yes we can! Over the past week all military personnel have been equipped with new guns that really kicks zoanoid ass," said an excited Jason.

"Okay, I can see when I'm not needed," said Sean jokingly.

"We will leave when I have informed Guyver 3."

"There are more Guyvers?" said Jason and Sean together.

"Yes, I'm Guyver 1, Guyver 2 worked for Chronos and I killed him and Guyver 3 is in Japan fighting Chronos there."

"What do you mean inform him," asked Sean.

"We can talk to each other through the organisms on our backs," explain Sho.

"So you were why I've been having weird dreams about being called!"

"It would seem so," said Sho.

Then over the radio Jason heard that there was trouble. "We weren't the ones to make the zoanoids retreat. Another Guyver was or something that looked like one."

What! You mean me," asked Sho.

No they accounted for you. They thought you were Sean, you do look alike, they said this thing was evil looking and it had four arms," said Jason.

"The evil looking part sounds like Guyver Three but four arms. That is not him," said Sho.

Then Sho and Sean felt something. It was more than something. They where being called by whatever that other Guyver was.

"I am Grakken, user of the accursed unit, and you will die."

"Why" asked Sho.

"Because you are a unit and because you are part of them."

"Them," asked Sho.

"Those who raided my home world, tested that thing you wear on my people, killed those that went against them and used us to perfect their test so the likes of you can have all the benefits while we died in the millions," said Grakken.

"Wait a second that had nothing to do with us," said Sho.

"Your people are the creation of them and your unit was made with our blood. All life on this planet must die and all those that have had anything to do with them must die. I sense you and the other unit are the highest form of life here so you will die first. I have already killed the other unit's mate. Now it is his turn!"

"You killed Cori? You fucking BASTARD," screamed Sean.

"While hunting for you I found your last dwelling and your mate was there by herself and I killed her as I shall now kill you. All life on this world must die and she was just the first of many."

"BASTARD. . ." screamed Sean.

"I am getting closer units and now is the time to die.

In the distance they could hear screams and the sound of weapons fire.

"Jason get your people out of Grakken's way, they will only get themselves killed," said Sho.

"Yes, Sho and I will take down Grakken. Now run from here before you get killed."

Jason told General Carter what was happening and got his men away from Grakken and then ran for cover himself. Meanwhile down the street the Sean and Sho saw Grakken approaching. He was a Guyver all right but not human one. He was a humanoid of some kind with four arms on the top two were two clearly visible vibration swords, on the bottom two arms he had what looked to be the same spherical laser emitters as the head lasers and he was at least fifteen foot tall.

"I've never seen anything like that before," said Sho.

"Enough talk, lets kill the bastard!" said Sean.

Both hosts summoned their units and the Guyvers prepared themselves for battle. Both Guyvers ran towards Grakken, but before they ran two steps Grakken put both pairs of his arms down towards the gravity control orb and charge up the presser cannon and then fired two gravity balls at the charging Guyvers. The US Guyver jumped over the one aimed at him and Guyver 1 sent a gravity ball of his own to counter Grakken's. The US Guyver extended his vibration swords and jumped once more at Grakken. Grakken countered the US Guyver's attack with one arm and grabbed him with two others. Guyver 1 then started to talk to Sean through the units screaming for Sean to get out of the way. The US Guyver responded saying "Argh, the bastard is trying to crush me." Guyver 1 was trying to aim a gravity ball at Grakken but he was using Sean as a shield.

"You two stupid weak units will die soon and after you this city and all that dwell in it will be destroyed."

By now Grakken was crushing the life out of the Guyver when Sean countered with multiple head lasers shots. Most simply bounced off Grakken's armour but Sean managed to hit Grakken's eyes and this gave Sean the second he needed to get out of the way. Guyver 1 let go of the gravity ball, that he was powering up, which hit Grakken in the gut, but all it did to Grakken was wind him and knock him off his feet.

"You puny units, your weapons can't harm me!" shouted the Grakken at the top of his voice.

Grakken then pointed his two lower arms at Guyver 1 and fired the weapons that were contained on them. These lasers where clearly stronger than the normal head laser and burned right through Guyver 1 and came out his back. Guyver 1 fell to his knees holding his chest. Guyver 1 was barley able to breath, as the shots had burned right through his lungs.

"Now you die puny unit," said the Grakken.

But Grakken was spending way too much attention on Guyver 1 and as he was about to open up his mega-smasher as the US Guyver cut Grakken across the small of his back with his right arms vibration sword.

"Aah, You little insect that hurt," said the Grakken.

The US Guyver had cut Grakken again and when Grakken turned around to face him and then gave him a jumping roundhouse kick against the face. Grakken raised his lower right arm and shot off Sean left arm from the elbow. Then something more important caught his attention. Guyver 1 stood up and had summoned the Gigantic Cocoon. The cocoon rapped around the Guyver armour and released it leaving the Grakken looking at Gigantic Guyver.

"So this insect has more bite than the other puny unit."

Gigantic Guyver shot his head laser at Grakken. With the Gigantic armour on him the head laser was twice more powerful than normal and it shot straight through Grakken's lower right arm and cutting it off from the elbow.

"Now who is the insect!" said Gigantic Guyver

Sean looked in wonder at the Guyver 1's new form. The question was simple, how the hell did Sho turn into that thing?

"Not in one million of your years have I ever been damaged this bad. Your going to be a challenge unit."

Both Gigantic Guyver and Grakken jumped up in the air and flew at each other. Guyver Gigantic and Grakken extended their vibration swords and started slashing at each other in mid air. Sean looked up and thought. "Damn, I didn't know we could fly?" But the fact that Grakken had still had three arms gave him the advantage. He grappled Gigantic Guyver with both of his top hands in what looked to be a test of strength and while their hands were locked together Grakken raised his undamaged lower arm and shot its arm laser across Gigantic Guyver's gut. Unlike before it did not shoot through Sho but it still did do a lot of damage to him and hurt a hell of a lot. Gigantic Guyver fell to the ground bent over holding his gut. Grakken then landed down right in front of him.

"Now you will die you bothersome insect!" declared Grakken.

Gigantic Guyver looked up to see Grakken reaching for his Mega-Smasher, but before he had a chance to fire. A big white light blew off Grakken's left arms and part of the left side of his chest. Grakken collapsed, his blood and guts pouring out of him onto the ground.

"No Grakken, now you will die!" screamed the US Guyver.

"I will not be the last!"

"Then I and the other Guyvers will kill them all, just like you," declared Gigantic Guyver

Gigantic Guyver noticed that Grakken was beginning to heal. He told Sean to get out of his way and picked up the Grakken by the arm and flung it in the air as he opened up the other side of his Hyper-Smashers and then completely destroyed the Grakken leaving nothing behind as a huge beam lit up the sky causing a lighting storm. As rain started to shower down on them, he turned to the US Guyver. "Sean, where did your arm and Grakken's land?

"I don't know. Why is that important?"

"Yes, because any large part of a Guyver can reform into another Guyver, but it is like a zombie and tries to act like you, going where you go and will try to take over your unit."

"I never knew that," said the US Guyver.

"It happened to me once before. The zombie acted like me, it even went to my school," explained Guyver 1 as the Gigantic Armour fell off him.

"How did you stop it?"

"It tried to take over my unit but my Control Medal ended up absorbing it instead."

"I don't think that will work if Grakken's arm reforms, it is not part of either one of us. Lets blow it away before that happens."

"They don't have any weapons like the vibrational sword or mega-smasher but they are incredible strong."

"Okay, I see my arm over there," said the US Guyver while pointing to a bunch of rocks, as Guyver 1 found Grakken's arm. It had already started to grow into another Guyver. He pulled the living mass to the path of destruction made by the US Guyver's mega-smash and then opened up his chest and mega-smashed what was left of Grakken causing as minimal amount of property damage as possible. Guyver 1, turned to see the US Guyver about to do the same and shouted at him, "Sean, don't destroy your arm."


"Because you can reabsorb it and it may help you heal faster."

The US Guyver shrugged his shoulders and the picked up the arm and placed it at the stub at the end or his arm. The stub sent little tentacles that reached into the arm.

"Good, it's already starting to heal," said Guyver 1.

Sho disengaged the Guyver and sat down. This fight had taken a lot out of him. He looked at the US Guyver who was still in his amour.

"You will be able to disengage your unit after it has healed your arm," said Sho.

"You seem to know a lot about the Guyver," asked the UG Guyver.

"When you face the best Chronos has it forces you to learn every thing about your unit, that Zerebubuse is nothing to the likes of Zektole or his more powerful brother the Neo-Zektole."

"You have to tell me more."

It had been a day now since Sean and Sho had killed Grakken. Sean and Sho had become fast friends and swapped stories of how the Guyver and Chronos had forever changed their lives, but right now the only thing on Sho's mind was the last thing that Grakken had said to them about him not being the last was worrying Sho. Taking on Chronos is one thing but taking on a race of Guyvers royally pissed off at all life on Earth because it was made by the Creators is an another altogether different thing. Chronos at least wanted to capture the Guyvers, this had always given Sho and Agito an edge against them, but this new force wanted them dead and the only one who could really stand a chance against them, one on one, was the one who possessed the Gigantic armour and at the moment that was him. After the battle General Carter had talked with Sho, asking him all he knew of the Zoalords and Chronos and got a full run down of the powers and abilities that Sho had seen a Zoalord demonstrate and that nothing short of a full powered Mega Smasher blast could kill one. General Carter showed no emotions while Sho told him how nearly all powerful a enemy they faced. On the other hand Sean was surprised to learn that they are twelve Zoalords, having killed one when he had destroyed the L.A. branch of Chronos, and voiced his thoughts.

"No wonder the Air Force got massacred. These Zoalords are even more powerful than the one I faced," said Sean.

"Yes, from the records Agito was able to access from Chronos, the one you faced Sean was one of the original ones created by the Creators and had been in suspended animation until found like the alien Relic ship that the Japanese Guyver units were found on, but fortunately there is no other Zoanoid in their power range and none that can fly like them."

"So, if we can cause a big enough problem by getting the Relic out of Chronos hands then all the Zoalord will be the only ones able to come after us," said General Carter.

"Yes, but we would have to seriously tick them off to get all twelve to come after us and leave Arizona alone," said Sean.

"I'm sure you two boys can manage that so then we can bomb the Arizona base to hell, but even with power of the Guyver on your side, it would be a suicide mission for your team," said General Carter.

"Not if we can get inside the Relic and basically run for it. Even a Zoalord must have a limit and chasing after a space ship and I've seen one of those things fly off at high speed," said Sean.

"Yes, as long as we keep out of their range and trust me when I say I have no desire to get blown up like that again. I was lucky to survive the first time," said Sho.

"How did you survive that," asked Sean.

"I almost didn't. My body was blown to bits and only my control medal was left and pulled towards the control medals of the Relic and it then cocooned itself. When I emerged from the cocoon I was Gigantic Guyver, but I was cocooned for a year.

"So your bio-armour can upgrade itself," asked General Carter.

"In a way, yes, but at the risk of destroying the Control Medal and that would destroy a Guyver. Also you would need a Relic, they control medal of it is what controls the Gigantic Armour," explained Sho.

"Interesting if we could insure success but since we would be without one of you for twelve months. The losses we would suffer during that time would out weigh the gains. At least for now, but if this Relic is really a War Relic like your friend Agito thinks it is, then it should have something like a Warrior Guyver unit," asked General Carter.

"The thought has crossed our minds sir, but at the very least it can have many dormant Guyver units and that we cannot allow to fall into Chronos hands," said Sho.

"If there is a Warrior Guyver type, then what are our units Sho?"

"Our units are just normal Guyver units, but since humanity was made for the Creators war, our instincts are to battle and fight, look at all the wars mankind has had, we are born fighters and when a unit links with us it amplifies this and makes us a living weapon. The Creators did not know this would happen when they first joined a unit with a human. The War Relic found by Chronos is probably only a prototype that the Creators had created in preparation of the final phase of their development of our race to serve as soldiers in their wars. So if there is a Warrior unit type then there is no telling what activating it will do but chances are it would be more powerful than a normal unit," explained Sho.

"So if a human linked with this Warrior Unit then that person could be even more powerful than a Gigantic Guyver," asked Sean.

"Yes that could be possible, but if Chronos gets it then we would truly have no hope of winning this war," said Sho.

"I have faced a Guyver Zoanoid and he was powerful enough to kill me and he would have if not for Cori having shot his cracked Control Medal."

After saying that Sean went off in a sulk and went outside to get some air. Sho got up and followed him outside.

"Hard isn't it," said Sho.

"What," asked Sean.

"Losing someone close."

"Yes, you too huh?"


"What Happened?"

"Chronos had captured my father so like so many times before, with Mizuki and Tetsuro, I went to rescue him but when I finally thought I had succeeded. He transformed into Enzyme II and under Valkus control tried to kill me and it almost worked, my father had crushed my brain and then the Control Medal took over, we fought, he died, the Guyver won. . ."

"The bastards!"

"There are no words to properly describe how evil they are Sean, which is why we must fight them with all our heart and soul. To avenge all those innocents that have died and will die because of them. For their deaths to have any meaning, we cannot let Chronos win."

"Yes, Cori would have wanted me to continue the fight. . . So wanna go kill some Zoanoids."

"No, maybe later, I was just thinking that Grakken could not have come here under his own power. He must have come in some kind of space ship," said Sho.

"Damn, I didn't think about that, we better go find it."

"Right, let's go."

Sho and Sean went back to the place where they had fought Grakken the day before, and from there they found that it was not hard to follow where Grakken had been before he ran into Sho and Sean. There was a path of dried blood and destruction that was easy to see even after a day. Gakken literally did what he was boasting and killed all those he saw. The army had cleared the bodies away but you could easily tell where a person had been killed.

"Shit, that Grakken was a real bastard," said Sean.

"Yes he most definitely was, but now we have to find his space craft so we can learn more about him and his people."

"I wonder what it will look like," said Sean.

"We'll find out sooner or later," responded Sho.

Sho and Sean followed the path of destruction. It was easy to follow where Grakken had been, the path was clearly in a straight line.

"He knew where to find us!" said Sean.

"Yes, it seems he did," said Sho.

"Even though I hate the bastard, I can't help but think how he would have been a great help against Chronos."

"He might still be."

"What, how can that be?"

"If he was how he said- not the last-and if we could get the next lot of these Grakkens to land in Arizona. Then all twelve Zoalords would have to go to the Arizona base to protect it."

"Now you're talking. We can turn this disadvantage into our advantage," said Sean.

"Now, if we can find his space craft, we can load it with stuff to convince them to land in Arizona and send it back to where the craft came from, but we must time it right to be to our advantage," said Sho.

"Okay, enough talk lets find this ship and bring if back to headquarters. We can finish the details of the plan there," said Sean.

"One last thing when Agito and me are Guyvers, we usually call each other by our code names. I am Guyver 1 and Agito is Guyver 3.

"Your point Sho?"

"What do you want your code name to be, we can't call you Sean in a fight, you are still an unknown to Chronos and should stay that way."

"Okay, how about just calling call me Guyver U.S. for now."

"Okay, Guyver US it is."

Sean and Sho finally came to what looked to be the end of the path and noticed a building that was only damaged at the top. The building was burned by what looked to be scorch marks from something above the building.

"This must be where he landed!"

"Yep, the scorch marks on that building is a dead give away but who are all those people around it. They look like FBI, but Jason would have told me if they had found Grakkens ship," said Sean.

"Lets go over and ask some questions," suggested Sho.

"Yes, lets!"

They walked towards the building. Two of the men walked towards them and put their arm out to stop them.

"Sorry this is secured area. You cannot go in there," said the first man.

"Yes I can, do you know who your talking to buster," said Sean.

"We do not care!" said the second Man.

"Can I see your ID," asked Sean.

"Yes here's mine," said the first man as the man changed into a Gregore Zoanoid and a second later so did the other man. "Now you die human!"

They both summoned their Guyvers unit. Guyver US was cracking his knuckles as he said "let me see now, you two where going to kill us."

The zoanoids shouted "SHIT! Everybody transform, we have been discovered by the Guyvers."

"You know I've been feeling a lot of stress lately and think I'm going to have to kill all of you to make me feel better," said Guyver US as he ran at the two Zoanoids, slicing the first one in half with a vibration sword and lashed out at the second with his head laser, killing both instantly and then ran into the building. Guyver 1 was left there standing with nothing to do. So Guyver 1 looked up to see Zoanoid after Zoanoid flung out the window. He walked up to them to see if they were still alive but they were all dead before they even hit the ground. Guyver 1 shrugged his shoulders and walked into the building and then up to the top of the building. Finally reaching the top floor, Guyver 1 watched as Guyver US killed the last of the Zoanoids and just above him was the spacecraft.

"Ahhh, I needed that, nothing like a little payback to get you back on track."

"Yes, well now that we have the ship lets bring it back," said Guyver 1 as he activated his gravity control orb and started to fly towards the ship. Guyver 1 looked down at Guyver US who was just standing there.

"I don't know how fly like you do."

"Its easy, just focus your thoughts on your gravity orb and think up."

Sean did just that and then after a few moments he started to float up towards Guyver 1.

"Is this the same sort of thing you do when charging and releasing that dark energy ball you used against Grakken? The pressure cannon or what ever you call it?"

"Yes it is. The gravity control orb allows you to focus gravitational forces to fly, make the pressure cannon, or to project a small forward facing shield. I'll demonstrate later, for now lets get this ship back to base."

The two Guyvers flew towards the ship and started to move it towards the base. This was a strange site. A spacecraft being flown across the city. It was not all that hard for the Guyvers to do either. The space ship only needed to be pushed a little and the ship would move. If they had been just an hour longer, then they would have lost the ship to Chronos. They got the ship to headquarters and landed just outside. General Carter soon came out and looked at the Guyvers as they deactivated their units. They then told General Carter their plans as they walked back into the base. General Carter ordered that the ship should be brought inside and guarded in the storage area. An hour later Sho and Sean walked into the war room where there was already lots of other men from the Navy, Army and Air Force waiting for them. General Carter updated them on the current situation and told them what would be needed of them.

"Now everybody here's the plan. Jason O'Conner, who is the officer assigned to the U.S. Guyver, will be coming with you Sho. He and the men assigned to this mission will have the latest in anti-zoanoid body armour and weapons that have been designed to date. You will be air lifted to a spot near the super air carrier Enterprise, there you will meet up with your team and get into position before heading to the island by helicopters. I've been told you can talk to Guyver 3 so you'll have to inform him and whoever is with him to go to Ottomoto, which is a small harbour town on the east coast of Japan, and that is where he and your people will be picked up and then transferred to the Enterprise. Now you, Sean and Jason go prepare for your mission while we finalize the battle plan," said General Carter.

Sean and Sho walked outside the room and look at each other.

"Who the hell does he think he is," asked Sho.

"The man in charge of keeping the U.S. free of Zoanoids. Until now he has never had such a chance of hurting Chronos so bad and he wants to get it right."

"I see and what he least needs is the two of us sitting there and getting in the way."

"Yep, he's hard to get used to alright, but if it was not for him the U.S. would have been long since taken over by Chronos. He will come up with a plan and it will work and Chronos will not know what hit them."

"I still think he was rude to us."

"Don't take it so hard, you will have to get used to working with these army big wigs if we are going to destroy Chronos because they are just too big for us to do it by ourselves and if we don't make a stand with me like him we would be over run. Imagine an army of millions of even just normal Zoanoids charging at us. Just pure weight of numbers would wear us down and then they would have us. We have to live with men like him for the good of mankind. He has used me well enough to protect the most important part of Washington where the new armour was being developed."

"Okay, I'll do what he wants but I don't have to like it. Anyway what do you know of this new armour," asked Sho.

"Good to hear it. From what I know it is not anything like ours. I suppose you would call it a mecha suit. It's about as big as the Gigantic Armour but the wearer has to climb in. It allows a normal man to hold his own physically against anything up to the Gregore Zoanoid type, but is heavily armed with those new guns you saw, which are built into the arm. I don't have a clue how they are powered but they have to be charged up every twelve hours."

"How do you know so much about it?"

"They have been testing them out on me."

"They tested it on you!?!"

"Yes, I'm the only thing around here that's tough enough to test against, so I have and over the past few months they have used the results to make great improvements. One even managed to damage me two months ago and if that's not enough they have been doing so more often recently."

"So we finally have some serious help for once against the hordes of Zoanoids."

"All we need to do is give them the time they need to mass produce the armour and then we can concentrate on eliminating Chronos's big guns."

"As soon as the Twelve find out about this place they will come and destroy it."

"Then I will be here to stop them."

"I'm sorry but I can't say I'll be there to help. My home is also in danger and they are not this organised but I warn you, the Zoalords are powerful and each is about equal to me in a Gigantic Guyver, your best and only chance is to catch one in a full mega-smash."

"I understand but for now let's kick their ass," said Sean.

"Okay, lets go find Jason," said Sean.

They went to the FBI section of the headquarters and found Jason. They told him all the recent news.

"Jason do you know how to use this new armour?"

"Yes, its like an extension of your body and has cool H.U.D. targeting system inside the helmet that can track multiple targets at a time, and Sean should know that well as I was the one who managed to tag him with it last week."

"How did you "tag" him," asked Sho.

"I shot his throat," answered Jason.

"Yeah, there I was choking to death and he walked right up to me and punched me in the face. The force of the blow knocked me down to the ground and he then pointed at me on the ground and started to laugh at me and calling me a loser. I got up and could not talk because he crushed my larynx," said Sean grimacing.

"Ouch!" said Sho.

"And if that was not enough I could not disengage the unit for about five or ten minutes while it healed my throat."

"Hey, I play to win," said Jason.

"Good thing Chronos doesn't have anyone as good as you on their side," said Sean.

"Every one has their weakness you just have to find it and we may have found Chronos weakness with Grakkens people landing in Arizona and kicking their butt, but the wild card is on how many of Grakkens people decide to come to Earth? If twenty or so walk out then they could kill the twelve and then come after us," said Jason.

"We will deal with them if that ever happened," said Sho.

"So Jason what do you want to put in the spacecraft," asked Sean.

"We were thinking, since Grakken was so pissed at the Creators and anything created by them that some false data programmed into the ships computer showing some Relics and a fake pic of Grakken being killed by an army of zoanoids and the coordinates to find Chronos Arizona should do the trick," said Jason.

"Yep that would piss them off. Their hunter coming down all big and ugly, gets killed and what looks to be a challenged being sent to them and a note saying where to find us if you dare. . ." said Sean.

"Yes and they can show how tough they are to Chronos, but do you know how to pilot the ship or where to send it," asked Sho.

"Yes and no. We have figured out how to activate the autopilot and send it back where it came from," said Jason.

"Where's that," asked Sean.

"We don't know exactly but the ships computer have a return to base command we can activate," answered Jason.

"That should work," answered Sho.

"Yeh, but you won't like this part, I was informed that they had Grakkens ship under observation for weeks before he landed and some asshole was doing an Area 51 job on us keeping it secret," said Jason.

"What," asked both Sho and Sean at the same time.

"It turns out that in Area 51, some government officials decided to keep it secret. Seems some guys from there detected the craft some how and have been looking at it for weeks. When they came forward in the past hour to tell the President all the news. So of course he flipped and after a huge argument the President then informed General Carter," answered Jason.

"I have heard many rumours of Area 51. I wonder what's in there," asked Sho.

"It will have to wait till we capture the Relic from Chronos. That is our top priority," said Sean.

"Yes it is and I'm coming with you, along with thirty or so navy seals that have been trained to use the new armour," said Jason.

"Sho, have you told Agito what we are up to," asked Sean.

"Not yet. I will soon," said Sho.

"Jason see you later I'm heading off to get something to eat, you coming Sho," asked Sean.

"No I'm not hungry at the moment see you later," answered Sho.

"Okay I'll call you through the units later to see what you're up to," said Sean.

"Jason, is it okay for me to look around the base," asked Sho.

"Yes it is, you have been given full clearance and now have access to the whole base. Go ahead it will give you something to do while we get ready," said Jason.

"Okay, Jason I'm going for a walk see you later."

"Bye Sho."

Sho left Jason and started to wonder around. This was now the time to inform Agito of their plans but Sho felt a bit silly talking to him while people were looking even though no one could hear their conversation. So Sho found the men's room and went inside. There was nobody around so Sho felt okay talking in there. He had already informed Agito last night about Grakken and Sean so he told him of today's developments and the new plan. Agito agreed to go to Ottomoto and meet up with the seal team when they were ready. That done Sho continued his exploration of the base. This was the first time in seven or so months since he was last able to wonder around freely like this and that was inside Relic Point of all places, pretending to be a Chronos worker, and Sho liked a little test of freedom every once in a while. Though when the base people walked past him, they seemed to looked afraid of him. Sho wondered was this because he was a Guyver? Well at least they knew who he was and still would not try to stop him wondering around. Sho then went down stairs and wondered down a wide corridor that had a very high ceiling and then saw a huge metal door about fifteen feet high and a sign on it read "Testing and Training Room". The door had a palm print access panel and Sho's palm had not been scanned yet so even with all the clearance in the world he was not getting in there. He wondered along a bit more and came to another door that was wooden and had a sign that read "Observation Room" on it. Sho knocked on the door.

"Who is it," asked Dr Drake.

"Sho Fukamachi."

"Ah come in."

Sho walked into the room and it was full of computers, video equipment, a large window through which you could see two groups of armoured men fighting, and watching everything was Doctor Drake.

"Hello Guyver 1, I am Doctor Drake."

"Nice to meet you doctor."

Sho was barely taking any notice of the doctor as his eyes were glued on the armoured people beating each other up. It was like a scene out of a sci-fi film and Sho had never seen anything like this before, he had seen a lot but still nothing like this.

"So what do you think of what I have done here," asked Dr Drake

"If you mean the new armour. You have done very well. They are meant to be able to handle anything up to the Gregore Zoanoid type," asked Sho

"Yes they are."

"How did you know who I was?"

"I, like everyone else was told yesterday that there was another Guyver around by General Carter and that we are to make you feel at home and we have to answer to the General himself."

Sho was still looking at the fight below and not really taking any notice as he chatted away he asked "Ah, what are they doing down there."

"They are testing the new armour against the old."

Sho, now paying attention he asked, "which group is wearing the old armour?"

"The ones painted red. Let's go down and you can take a closer look," said Dr Drake.

Sho enthusiastically agreed and the doctor went out of the observation room and went to the huge doors Sho had passed earlier and Dr. Drake put his hand on the panel and the door opened and they went inside. The two groups of men stopped fighting as soon as the door opened.

"Men stand at attention," ordered Dr Drake as Sho and the doctor went towards the nearest man who was equipped with the red armour.

"The red armour is the older type of armour designed to give our men a fighting chance against the lower Zoanoids. It is shown itself to be fully capable of that job so it is in mass production and in about a week we will have around four thousand produced and ready for war. The red type was the one that fought Sean last week and had him in a bit of trouble. The ones in blue are the new type. They have been around for about two weeks and there are only fifty built so far. Thirty-five of those are now being sent to the U.S.S. Enterprise waiting to help what's left of the Japanese government and any refugees to escape, they are being supported by over two hundred red types."

"What were the upgrades that where done to the blue type armour," asked Sho.

"Mostly all upgrades where on the armours movement and firepower. We found on the red type that though it provided adequate muscle enhancement that it suffered a serious lack of mobility and speed. So when the blue project came along we concentrated most of our research on that part of the armour. It now lets the wearer to run at a normal pace and with hover jets can reach speeds up to 100MPH, jump twenty feet and sixty with jets, armour is lighter but just as strong, can even climb and has use of nearly the full range of human motion. While my team and I concentrated our research on the armour, the Army designed a new weapon for long range combat against the Vamore type Zoanoids. It is basically a larger version of the anti-zoanoid rifle and has superior targeting, ammo, and range."

"Has the new armour been fully tested?"

"Yes, but not against anything serious. It will get its real test in Japan."

"When they rescue the Japanese government and any escaping refugees."

"Yes. Now I've work to do so if you are done looking around I'll be seeing you some other time."

"Okay, good bye for now doctor."

Sho left the testing room and made his way to the canteen. He went and got something to eat but Sean had already gone. He looked at the clock on the wall of the canteen and saw that it was nine o'clock. He finished his meal and then went to bed. Three days later Sean and Sho were brought to the U.S.S. Enterprise. The helicopter that was carrying Agito and the rest of their friends would soon arrived on the Enterprise. It was now the time to take the Relic from Chronos.

Agito was the first to get out of the helicopter, looking along the deck of the U.S.S. Enterprise. He took a quick account of the armoured Navy Seals before proceeding to walk towards Sho. The rest of the group quickly followed suit, with Mizuki the last to disembark from the helicopter, the moment she caught site of Sho, she ran towards him and gave him a big hug.

"Well I'm glad to see your okay," said a smiling Mizuki

"Thanks Mizuki, good to see you too. Okay lets start the introductions, Mizuki this is Sean the American Guyver, Sean this Mizuki," said Sho as he introduced them.

"Hello Sean," said Mizuki.

"Hello Mizuki, nice to meet you," said Sean.

"So this is the American Guyver," said Agito wondering really where he'd been hiding for the past year.

"Uh, yes that would be me, and I guess you are Agito-Guyver3," said Sean.

"Yes, now lets not waste any more time and head to Chronos Island immediately. We cannot afford to let the any units fall into their hands," said Agito

"Jason has informed me that we are already under way, your group is the last to come aboard, and the Navy Seals are already prepping themselves and their new battle mech to assist us," said Sean.

"Aptom is also coming with us as well," said Agito.

"Did you really think I would let you guys have all the fun? Besides I'm been itching to give Chronos some serious punishment and to feed on any new zoanoid type," said Aptom.

"Okay Agito, only one more introduction, everybody this is Jason, he is a long time friend of Sean and he will be our military liaison for this mission," said Sho.

"Jason, have they figured out how to work Grakkens spacecraft," asked Agito.

"Yes they have, the fake evidence has already been planted and the ship sent on its way, so the clock is already ticking. Fortunately Grakkens ship is equipped with a star drive so we should know if our plan worked shortly. Until then we will send the landing party into position and wait for our window of opportunity."

"Have your men been properly briefed about the mission," said Agito.

"Yes they have and should already have the helicopters loaded and ready. If our plan works then we should have enough firepower to handle anything left on the Island and make it to the Relic," said Jason.

"Okay, lets go," suggest Sho.

"Good luck Sho," said Mizuki.

"Don't worry Mizuki, we will be back soon, and all those men in red armour will protect you, Tetsuro and the rest of our friends," said Sho.

They got into the helicopter and the battle group took off and made its way to the War Relic. Keeping low to the ocean to avoid detection by radar and an hours flight later, under the cover of predawn darkness they landed in an unguarded clearing in the forest that covered the island. The seals quickly moved out to make a defensive line around the helicopters as Sean, Sho, Aptom, Agito, and Jason got out of their helicopter, then all the helicopters released the crates containing the new blue armour as they took off and headed back to base.

As he pulled out a map Jason looked as his men and said "Okay people the seals know where to go and what to do so I don't have to inform them but before we start fighting and making our presence known we'll wait for confirmation that Grakkens people have attacked Chronos Arizona and that the Twelve Zoalords have left to engaged them, then we'll proceed to the Relic. This satellite map shows where we are and this is where we want to be. We'll use the forest for cover while heading to the base, and then when we get there we will fight our way into the main building. We are the point team, and while the seals are keeping the lower Zoanoids busy, we will go after the Hyper-Zoanoids and make our way into the base. Once we are inside, and have eliminated the enemy's heavy artillery, we'll help get the Seals inside. Then when we are all inside, we can then make our way to the Relic. Once there we'll hold the Relic while Sho goes into the Relic and collects has many units has possible. Then after he gets out Sho, Sean or Agito will order the Relic to leave Earth and make its way home. Where ever the hell that is, as long as its beyond Chronos reach and then we'll get the hell out of there and leave this island and make our way back to the clearing for pickup back to the Enterprise."

"Who will get these new Guyver Units," asked Agito.

"The US Government," answered Jason.

"Over my dead body," responded Agito.

"I agree with Agito why should the US Government get them," declared Sho.

"To use them against Chronos," said Jason.

"So the US will be free of Chronos, may even defeat them, but the rest of the world will be left helpless, so after all the dust clears, the U.S. will be the most powerful country left," said Agito.

"I don't know about that but the US Government would be the lesser of two evils compared to Chronos and the U.S. is already the most powerful nation of the world and the only real resistance besides you two that are left to fight Chronos," said Jason.

"Hey, I don't like the idea of the Government getting their hands on them either and I have stopped them getting their hands on Guyver Units before, but with Chronos ruling most of the world we need allies and we need them now before there's not a world left to save," said Sean.

"Okay then how about a compromise, for every unit the US Government gets I'll take one Unit and give it to the Japanese Government when they arrive on the Enterprise," said Agito.

"Okay, I have no choice but to agree," said Jason.

Agito turned towards Sho and said "Sho since you are going to be heading into the Relic, I want to use the Gigantic Armour."

"I agree, you will need all the power you can get to hold off the reinforcements they'll send against us while I search the Relic," said Sho.

Jason looked at Agito. He did not know what he was thinking but he had a point. Should we trust the Government with the Guyver Units? He did not like Agito because unlike Sho this young man had something to hide. What was his game plan? -but he had to put this thoughts behind him and focused on the battle ahead. He turned around and headed to the crate that held his armour, the Navy Seals had already suited up in their armour, opening a panel on the side of the crate and pressed the button inside it. The side of the crate opened up and two bars moved out holding between them his armour. The legs extended and the armour stood upright and the bars moved back into the crate. Then the back of the armour opened up waiting for its user to climb inside. Usually you would use a small staircase to climb inside the armour but out here Jason had to stand on the back of its leg and climb into the armour. Once inside the armour fully activated. Jason then commanded the armour to turn on the secured satellite link to General Carter.

"Sir, has the gift been delivered," asked Jason.

"Yes, five of Grakkens people have landed in Arizona and all hell is breaking loose, and with all of the four Zoalords out of Arizona helping Valkus activate the War Relic and all the major Hyper-Zoanoids in Japan looking for Guyver 3 and Aptom, there was no one powerful enough or enough of them to take on Grakkens people. The five of them easily destroyed any Zoanoid in seconds that came near them and started to do major damage to the Arizona base. Jason, you and your battle group have the all clear to proceed with speed."

Jason disconnected from the link and then switching to secure intercom ordered his men to move out. The Seals started to move out towards the Relic. The Guyvers Activated their armour and the Guyver 3 summoned the Gigantic Cocoon and merged with it. Jason gasped. This was the biggest Guyver he had ever seen. Gigantic Dark stood an impressive ten or eleven foot tall and dwarfed the other two Guyvers.

"Where ready let's go," ordered Guyver 1.

They moved along the forest with Aptom leading the way. Unlike the others since he had absorbed the powers of four of the Hyper Zoanoid team five and much more since then that he has noticed that he could feel other Zoanoids nearby even when in their human forms. So after wondering through the forest for a half hour. Aptom stopped sensing a Hyper-Zoanoid approaching. Aptom raised his right arm and pointed to a spot over two hundred meters away that thanks to the image enhancements that the armour gives Jason, he could see the approaching Zoanoid and he order his men to stop, and seeing this so did the Guyvers having sensed the motion ahead as well.

It was a Zerebubuse Hyper-Zoanoid and it did not stand a chance against Aptom, but it did not concern Aptom how powerful he was, he only cared that he was a Hyper-Zoanoid who had powers that he did not and now since Chronos seemed to be mass producing this type this put this Hyper-Zoanoid on top of his menu of things to absorb. So Aptom waited till Zerebubuse had turned around and was not looking his way, then rushed at him before his prey even had a chance to turn around to face his attacker. Aptom grabbed him from behind and started to absorb him. Zerebubuse did not even have a chance to scream out in pain as Aptom by now had learned how to target this part of a Zoanoid and stop his pray from screaming out in pain. So within thirty seconds Aptom had absorbed Zerebubuse and then done something that really surprised Jason. He changed into Zerebubuse and now what looked to be Zerebubuse was leading the battle group in their attack on the Relic. Leaving Jason wondering how well this seemed to be going. Now that one of the team was masquerading as a Zoanoid scout who was supposed to be looking out for intruders all seemed to be going better than planned. Aptom got to the edge of the forest. There he could see the main building complex that held the Relic and he signalled Jason the all clear. The Seals moved out so all of the team was just at the edge of the forest but still could not be seen. Jason turned to the Guyvers and screamed "NOW!"

Most of the Chronos soldiers that where protecting the building did not even have a chance to turn into their Zoanoid form as exploding armour piercing rounds, Guyver head beams and pressure cannons cut and blew them apart. Aptom changed from his Zerebubuse form to his more familiar combo form of the Team Five. Five Enzymes 2's burst out of the building and made their way towards the Guyvers. Aptom looked at them and the pods on his arms opened up and out came dozens of Gaster's missiles. They hit all five of the Enzymes 2s, blowing them up and leaving huge gapes in their Zoanoid chests. They quickly collapsed and died. The Navy Seals started to cheer when out came about two hundred different Zoanoids. Aptom got out of the way just as Guyver 1 and Guyver US opened on side of their Mega-Smashers. Releasing a blast of blinding white light that was simply amazing to behold. Most of the two hundred odd Zoanoids where vaporised. Aptom and the Seals easily killed what was left. The battle group then made their way through the huge hole in the base that was made by the Guyvers and once inside Gigantic Dark and Aptom led the way down to the Relic. The three Guyvers could feel the Relic now and used this feeling as a compass to guide the way to it. The Zoanoids were now coming out of the woodwork. Every few seconds a Zoanoid would attack Aptom or Gigantic Dark but would only last a second or two before getting killed, but those that attacked the group in the middle were beginning to cause a problem. The Seals were holding their own but not as well as the Guyvers. By now two of the Seals had been killed but for those two thirty odd Zoanoids had been killed. The only thing on Jason's mind was getting to the Relic. The battle group made its way to the basement level of the base. There was a huge steel door blocking the way from the bottom floor to the Relic. Gigantic Dark could sense the presence of a number of Zoanoids behind the door. He called out to the battle group to get ready and knocked the door out off its hinges and the door fell on top of a number of small Zoanoids crushing them instantly. Clearly no one expected any force to get this far so quickly and there was no real opposition on this level. So after only a minute most of the Zoanoids on the ground floor where killed when one of the remaining Vamores fired at Jason hitting his left arm. Guyver US quickly blasted the Vamore with a pressure cannon before running to Jason. Thanks to the Armour Jason's arm was not blown clean off but it was very badly burned.

"Jason, are you okay," asked Guyver US.

Jason sat down grimacing and said "Hurts like hell but I'll make it, let finish this."

"Jason you better come with me inside the Relic while Agito give us the time needed to find the units," said Guyver 1.

Getting up, Jason said "Argggh, okay you've talked me into it."

Guyver 1 signalled the Relic to open up and let him and Jason inside. Once they were inside Agito ordered the Seals to make a protective line around the opening and get ready to engage the Chronos counter attack when it came.

In Arizona Alkanphel and the twelve Zoalord had teleported in to see the other area of their main base in ruins and countless dead zoanoids everywhere. They were so infuriated by the alien Guyvers attack on the Chronos base that he ordered that no part of these Aliens should survive.

Back on Chronos Island, Jason and Guyver 1 had entered the inner chamber of the Relic and the passage closed behind them and then the room started to fill with what looked to be water.

"Oh shit, Sho my armours seal was broken from Vamores laser blast, I'll drown!" said Jason

"No you will not, this is to clean us before we go further inside the Relic," said Guyver 1.

"This never happened to Sean," said a still worried Jason.

"All Relics are not alike, you can breath in this water somehow so don't worry. Once this passage fills, hold my hand and I'll bring you to the units.

"Okay, if you say so…..". said Jason -as the liquid rose past his head. After a few seconds Jason found that he could indeed breath.

The chamber finally filled and the next door opened and Guyver 1 and Jason made their way to the heart of the Relic where the units would be held. Outside the Relic Gigantic Dark and Guyver US were restless. The counter attack had not yet appeared and the waiting was getting them agitated, but it was a different story with Aptom and the Seals as they where trained to cope with this and all they waited for was the first sign of a Zoanoid.

<"Sho there is still no sign of a counter attack,"> said Gigantic Dark as he communicated through the units.

<"Okay, Agito we're almost to the centre of the ship.">

"Agito how come Chronos hasn't already gotten inside of the Relic and retrieved the units," asked a curious Guyver US.

"The Relic is much like the Guyver and will resists any attempts to force it open. If you tried to use a drill to open up the Relic it would destroy the drill with acid and other chemicals, provided the drill is even strong enough to pose a threat to the ships hull. The only way they got my unit and Sho's was by sending in hundreds of Zoanoids to get the units but only one made it out alive with the units. This is a War Relic so I imagine that even that trick did not work this time."

"So only a Guyver can get into a Relic without getting killed," said Guyver US.


Sean was left wondering where his unit was found. While inside Guyver 1 and Jason had made their way to the heart of the Relic. They were approaching a wall and Jason thought they where going to a dead end but with a glow of the control medal on Guyver 1, the walls started to open up leading to the room with the Guyver Units. They floated down to the floor but this room was different than the room where the Japanese Guyvers where found. There was not three inactive Guyver Units but only one lying in a pedestal in the centre of the room. The unit was shaped different than a normal Guyver unit and had a pyramid shaped Control Medal.

<"Agito there is only one unit and it has a pyramid shaped Control Medal,"> said Guyver 1.

<"Sho it must be a Warrior Unit,"> said Gigantic Dark.

<"Yes, it must be, but why only one?"> said Guyver 1.

<"Sho get out here now the counter attack is here.">

Pouring out from every door possible came hundreds of Enzyme 2s and other Zoanoids and the battle commenced. Aptom dived into them all and started absorbing Zoanoids and blowing other ones apart with his Gaster missiles and bio-energy blast. Bullets rang out everywhere but for every Zoanoid that fell two more ran through the door. But the Guyvers could not use their Mega-Smasher because it would bring the base down on top of them. A minute later Guyver 1 jumped out and let go of a gravity ball at the nearest Enzyme 2 blasting its head off.

Inside the Relic Jason looked at the Unit in front of him. Guyver 1 would not have left him unless there was trouble outside. He picked up the Unit and had a closer look at it thinking the fact that his Blue Armour would stop it merging with him. The unit started to glow in acceptance and before he had a chance to move the unit grabbed him. It ripped through the blue armour plating that he had on and started to merge with Jason.

Outside the Relic the fight was not going too well. The Seals where running out of ammo and five more of them had been killed and the Guyvers where occupied with countless Enzyme 2's trying to kill them, but Aptom was an engine of destruction killing hundreds of Zoanoids, as no Zoanoid could fight him hand to hand without getting absorbed and he simply had more fire power than any other Zoanoid there.

Inside the Relic bits of Jason's old armour floated along the bottom of the room. The Guyver armour was in it last stages of merging with it host.

Guyver US had five Enzyme 2's running straight at him. He had heard from Sho that these Zoanoids had acid for blood that could eat through Guyver armour faster then Zerebubuse acid spray so he could not engage them in hand to hand combat with the vibration swords so he started blasting away with his head laser hitting the closest one in both kneecaps and hitting the next in all four of its eyes. The third one got too close before he could target him and stuck its claws into Guyver US chest destroying the Mega-Smasher and then knocked him to the ground. The three remaining Enzyme 2's looked down on Guyver US and started to laugh at him, but their laughter was cut short as Warrior Guyver walked out of the Relic. He was mostly dark blue and the pyramid shaped control medal was glowing brightly, lighting up the passage as he walked out.

"Who the hell is that," asked the first Enzyme 2.

"It's a new Guyver," said the second Enzyme 2.

"Let's give him an Enzyme welcome," said the third Enzyme 2.

They left Guyver US and started running towards the Warrior Guyver. Under the armour Jason did not know how to fully use his unit and he knew it. But thanks to Sean and Sho he knew about some of it weapons. He charged up a gravity ball and let it go at the leading Enzyme 2, which hit his chest and blasted him completely apart. The other two lunged at the Warrior Guyver. One lashed out and cut his gut and the enzyme started to dissolve the bio-booster material around the wound. The Warrior Guyver jumped back holding his gut as waves of pain shot through him. The other used this as a chance to finish off the Warrior Guyver. He reached out his arm and tried to grab the Warrior Guyvers control medal, but when his hands got near it the control medal glowed and a small protective shield enveloped the control medal making it impossible to grab. This enraged Enzyme 2 and he lunged at Warrior Guyvers chest. Warrior Guyver blocked with his arms, Enzymes claws could not even scratch Warrior Guyvers armour any more so Enzyme resorted to spraying acid but this had no effect as his unit had become immune to the corrosive enzyme that was Enzyme 2's main weapon against the Guyvers. Jason noticed that his unit no longer seemed to be affected by Enzyme 2 and said "Sorry big and ugly but you had your chance!" and then he extended one of his vibration swords and sliced Enzyme 2 in half.

"Jason you have merged with the Warrior Guyver unit," asked Guyver US.

Warrior Guyver killed the remaining Enzyme 2 and then answered his question, "yes I have Sean and I think its definitely not your normal garden variety Guyver unit."

"Enough talk, more fighting you two," said Gigantic Dark.

Guyver US chest plate was half healed but the injures that Warrior Guyver had sustained on his person had almost completely healed. Warrior Guyver charged into the crowd of incoming Zoanoids not caring if they where Enzyme 2's or not and started to chop them apart with his vibration swords. The Zoanoids started to ignore the Seals as Warrior Guyver seemed to be the biggest threat as he began killing every Zoanoid in sight. Gigantic Dark power punched and killed three Zerebubuses and was now giving a helping hand to Guyver US. While Guyver Warrior and Aptom were distracting most of the Zoanoids, Guyver 1 looked after the Seals. They had lost ten of them since the battle had started and now some of them had to fight hand to hand because they had ran out of ammo. He knew they wouldn't last much longer and needed to be out of this battle area and he looked at the Relic. Unlike the last time, when the Twelve Zoalords destroyed the Relic when he was inside it, non-of these Zoanoids had the power to destroy a Relic so it was a good option for escape. Guyver 1 ordered the Navy Seals to get inside the Relic. Warrior Guyver, Guyver US, Gigantic Dark and Aptom, really keep them busy while the Seals get inside the Relic. Guyver US and Guyver 1 moved in front of the Seals with Gigantic Dark straight in front of them while Warrior Guyver and Aptom where in the middle of the army of Zoanoids killing as many Zoanoids as possible.

An Enzyme 2 ran at Gigantic Dark, only for the Guyver to fire his sonic disrupter at him, the Enzyme 2's body burst apart as the waves from the sonic disrupter hit him, but no matter how many Zoanoids that got killed, even more poured out the doors and ran towards them. The standard Zoanoids caused no problem to the Guyvers or Aptom who seemed to be enjoying himself, but the Enzyme 2's were the ones to watch out for as the standard Guyver could still not fight them in hand to hand combat as their blood could dissolve the Bio-Armour, but that was something that Warrior Guyver did not have to worry about. As his Unit seemed to be able to adapt to any corrosive enzymes that tried to eat through his Unit. To the Warrior Guyver all an Enzyme 2 was to him was a big white furry target that could not hurt him and even though Warrior Guyver was fighting around five to six Zoanoids at a time, he did not seem to tire and just kept on killing them.

But finally the fight was starting to go the Guyvers way. The Seals got into the Relic and Guyver 1 ordered everyone else into the Relic. Guyver 1, Guyver US and Gigantic Dark had no real trouble getting inside the Relic, but Aptom and Warrior Guyver where stuck between a hundred Zoanoids and the Relic. They looked at each other and simultaneously said, "Not a Problem" and Aptom started running towards the Relic and fired twenty or so Gaster missiles at those that got in his way. Warrior Guyver extended his forward mounted vibration swords as well as his elbow ones and cut a path though the Zoanoids to the Relic. Aptom dived into the opening into the Relic and turned around to see path of blood and charging forming towards the Relic.

Guyver 1 made his way to the control centre of the Relic and began activating the Relic's engines. Guyver US and Gigantic Dark gave the Warrior Guyver cover fire killing any Zoanoids that got too close to him or the Relic. Warrior Guyver stopped short of the entrance of the Relic and turned around and opened up both Mega-Smasher. The Zoanoids barely had time to notice before the beam hit all those in front of him, vaporising them. Aptom reached across and pulled Warrior Guyver into the Relic just as the cavern started to cave in and Guyver 1 closed the entrance to the relic having sensed all now aboard.

"What was taking you so long Guyver," asked Aptom

Warrior Guyver just shrugged his shoulders.

"Now what to we do, sir," asked one of the Seals.

"We escape in this craft.," answered Warrior Guyver.

Guyver 1 was already ahead of them on that one. The Relic started to take off and the Base started to collapse around the Relic crushing most of the Zoanoids on the ground floor. What did survive the falling concrete and metal was then killed by the back draft from the Relic taking off. It flew straight up pushing though anything that got in its way and burst through the ground and then hovered above the ruined base. Guyver 1 then called out to Warrior Guyver, "Jason where do you want me to take this ship?"

"We don't have the resources to guard it from the Zoalords so take it to our planned pick up point, the helicopter should be there by now," answered Warrior Guyver.

The Relic landed near the helicopters and Guyver 1 had the Relic open up a passage for the passengers to get out. The Seals ran to the helicopters and the pilots started them up. They where closely flowed by Guyver US, Gigantic Dark, Aptom and Warrior Guyver. The three Guyvers deactivated their armours. They all got into the helicopters and all but one took off and made their way to the Enterprise. Inside the last helicopter was Sean, Aptom, Jason and Agito were waiting on Sho to get out of the Relic. Guyver One ran out of the Relic and turned around and his control medal started to open up. He ordered the Relic to leave and dashed to the waiting helicopter deactivating his armour on the way. The Relic took off and flew out of Chronos grasp while Sho got into the helicopter and it lifted off and made its way back to the Enterprise. Sho looked back at the island and then at Jason.

"Well Jason you have now joined the ranks of us Guyvers," said Sho.

"Yes, and shot straight up to Chronos top ten most wanted list I bet," said Jason as he laughed.

"Welcome to the club," said a smiling Sho.

"I don't think I would want it any other way Sho. We're at least one step closer to stopping Chronos once and for all," said Jason.

"Yes, but for you I believe the adventure is just beginning," said Sho.

Arizona USA, one hour later.

The Battle was over. The Twelve had obliterated the Alien Guyvers but their alien craft had been destroyed in the fight and their control medals has self-destructed. With two Zoalords to each alien Guyver they never really had a chance, even if each was about as powerful as a Gigantic Guyver, and with Alkanphel and Murakami outside those two team attacks giving a helping hand as needed that chance was even smaller. Valkus turned to Alkanphel and said, "it seems master that the Guyvers have set us up."

A Zoanoid ran to Alkanphel with a report from Chronos HQ.

"Yes, and from the report here, they have captured a new Unit that seems to be immune to Enzyme 2's acid blood."

"That's impossible!" said a shocked Valkus.

"Not any more it would seem, I'll have the tapes sent to our Arizona base for you to examine Hamilcal," said Alkanphel as he and Imakarum turned away from the other Zoalords.

Imakarum turned to Alkanphel saying, "your plan has worked master, the Warrior Guyver is born!"

The End For Now.