Subject : New Humanoid Guyver Unit

Code Name : Female Guyver 2

Host Name : Supervisor Agent Valcura

Sex : Female

Age : 25

Height : 192cm (~6.3 Feet)

Weight : 281 kg (~620 Pounds)

Status : Declared angent of Chronos

Description: An agent of Chronos from a parallel dimension that had suffered a similar fate as her counter part, Ozwald Risker (Guyver 2), and had died at the hands of her worlds version of Guyver 1, after her Control Medal had malfunctioned.  Her disfunctional control medal was then found and repaired by a time traveling being presently only known  as Cyber Guyver, who then brought her to this dimension and after a failed attack on the primary US anti-Chronos defense base in Washington DC that she escaped capture by US forces and joined forces with this worlds Chronos.  Agent Valcura is presently assigned to Team Alpha.

Present estimates of New Guyver type abilities have been compiled and summarized below.

-Physical strength has been approximated to be equal to standard Guyver type but stamina has been shown to be 20% greater than normal due to differences in way unit uses host bio-energy.

-Speed has also been shown to be approximately equal to standard Guyver type.

-Durability is slightly above standard Guyver type due to different composition of bio-armour but difference has been calculated as negligible under combat conditions, though armour has shown resistance to existing  Enzyme acids.

-The head Laser Orb has exhibited an energy output approximately equal to that  of a normal Guyver.

-The units Gravitional manipulation abilities are the same as a standard Guyver.

-The units Vibrational Swords work under different principles than other known types, producing a much less visible vibrational signature, but overall effectiveness and operational limits are about the same as a standard Guyvers.

-The units sonic weapon emitters are identical to standard Guyver type.

-Hyper Sensors range have been estimated as approximately equal to standard Guyver type.

-The units Control Medal appears to be the same as a standard Guyvers but a thorough analyst has yet to be performed.

-Other Phenomena of new Unit type is the units Mega Smashers which emit an entirely different type of energy beam weapon than all other known Guyver types, instead of the usual extremely powerful partical beam discharge, the unit emits a powerful bio-energy discharge that instantly atomizes organic matter and produces significant damage to inorganic matter as well.  Effectively as destructive as a standard Guyvers Mega Smasher, this weapon has a limited range but is designed to have the maximum destructive effect concentrated on a single target.  This does however have the advantage of requiring less bio-energy to use the weapon and thus provides host with greater stamina than a standard Guyver.  The weapon can also be used while within a building or other structure without causing massive destruction to other than the intended target, though depending on durability of structure that some repair may be necessary.  The subject also does not generate the standard protective blast field upon activation but instead emits a bio-energy field that ranges from what amounts to a simple light show to and an explosion equivalent to 100 pounds of TNT.

No other conclusions of new Unit abilities can be confirmed until further data is gathered.