Sep 16: Finally got time to get athe site updated. There are 3 new fics added to the site. One from me (Brian) called Influence of the Creators in the Assassin fiction section, one from Mike Cox called Convergence and another from Andre called Fall Of Nova. The Grakken Data Files have been added once again to the site in there own area, namely the Grakken and the Grakken Destroyer. The Guyver 2 and guyver 4 Chronos datafiles have also been updated. Two new pictures have been added from Matt of Tonnin and Zoalord Noire.
Mike's e-mail address is now:
Matt's e-mail address is now:

June 09: Finally got free time from Uni :-). To keep ye guys informed, I'm currently working on two fan-fics (one Assassin Guyver fiction and one Warrior Guyver fiction), these should be done for the update in two weeks (maybe more) time.  I've added a new fiction from James which has gone into his fiction area (in the Other WG authors area) and have added a data file for Guyver XT which has gone into the ACTF data files area. I've drawn a new pciture of Guyver XT for Mike Cox's fiction which can be found in my area (Brian's) of the Fan-art section. I've also done a update of the links section and added a link to Barbara Mitchell's new site.

Mar 03: We've now moved to a new location :) Small update for the moment, In the Chronos Data File section the Overlord Data file has been added and Allen has drawn a pic of Angel with her bike.

Feb 10: Busy but between terms have found time to write some stuff, draw some pics and update the site. Allen Lucas has changed his e-mail address to and Mike Cox has also changed his e-mail address too The next story of the Warrior Guyver Fan-fcition has been added called 7 Days of Hell, wrote by me (Brian). The following Data Files where added to the Chronos Data File section, Kalika Karlon, Guyver Powered Zerabubuse and Powered Zerabubuse. The data file for Guardian has been added to the ACTF Data Files. The Crimson Datafile has been added to the EDF section. The following data files where updated, Alfird Drano, Angel and Battle Guyver. A picture of Crystallite was added to Brian's fan-art section and Guyver Powered Zerabubuse pic was added to the Collaboration Fan-Art section. A pic of Guardian has been added into the Other Artist area of the Fan-Art section. 3 Pics have been added into the Other Peoples fan-art section by Kerry Rice.

Jan 06: Still busy but found time to do update and have added 3 fics, soon has January exams are over there should be another update - There is a new writer that has joined us, Mike Cox's first Guyver XT fiction for this site called  KISMET Revisited has been added on this update located in the Other WG Authors Section - for more of his work on this character please visit the Great War Of the Guyver's. Andre has also finished the 4th and final part of Dark Tides and can be found in his section. James has edited his Solar Crisis fan-fiction and this version can be found in the Other WG aurhors section.

Dec 02: Really busy at the moment with life so adding a small update to keep some of you happy, there will be another update when I've finished some assignment  work for University out of the way which in incude fictions from me and others (Brian). Added 8 new images by an Artist nicknamed Guyver47, her artwork can be found in the Other Fan-Art section. Matt's changed his e-mail address again, it is now I've added the data file for the Particle Cannon and updated data file of Female Warrior Guyver.

Sep 09: Matthew's e-mail address is now Added a new fiction from Brian called "In The Beginning" set over a year before the Warrior Guyver fan-fiction. A new art section has been opened for pictures done by more than one person in the Fan-Art section and the new pic of Zarfel's Zoalord form has been added. Female Warrior Guyver, Overlord Jenny and Aceaer Warrior Guyver 2 pictures have been added to Brian's area of the Fan-Art section. Ultimus' picture has been added to Matthew's section. The Aceaer Data File on the ACTF section has been updated and readded to the site. Two parts of a fiction called Twisted Mutronicshas been added to the other Fan-Fic section by Daniel Jackson along with part 1 of another fiction called The Birth by Paul Roberts.

Aug 06: Gave the site a new look. The Main and front pages have had sections swapped and a new section for Unoffical WG fics has been added and a new fic added there from Mike. James' Cyber Guyver fiction has been moved into a new section. Strange Worlds 2 has been added to Brian's section, Pheniox Rising and Brute Force have been added to Matthews section and W'Kar's fic section has been added to Allen Lucas's area. I've added a number of data fies into thte ACTF section and Chronos area. A few other things have been added too.

July 09: Fan-Fic- Added the latest fiction from Allen Lucas of the Flight Of An Angel.
Fan-Art - Added a the human form pics of Nova Storm, Alfrid Drano and Zarfel by Matthew and Coloured my Brian and are in Matthew Fan Art section, the Enforcer Kavzar, Krullnar type and Draven type Kavzar Commanders by Brian and are in the Brian Fan Art section. Allen's opened up a new Fan-Art section for his art work, in it is the Full power pic of Angel, Angel's low powered form, Crimson and the Hyper Aceaer pics.

June 03: Added a new fiction from Andre, Dark Tides part 3.

May 28. Brian's e-mail address is now Added 3 Data files, the Lostude Guyver, Edutsol Guyver (Creator and ACTF) and the Agel Data File (In the new EDF Data File section).

May 13: Uploaded the compete Collapse fiction from Allen Lucas. The following data files have been uploaded,  Warrior Guyver 4 (Creator and ACTF), The Hyper Aceaer (Creator), and the Creator version data file of Alkanphel's unit.The Calendar has aslo been updated and the Guyver Pciture Archive has been removed.

Apr 22: Added a new section to the website for the new writer called Flight Of Angel Fan-Fiction by Allen Lucas. The Main Warrior Guyver Fan-Fiction area has been updated, The Union Of the Guyver fiction has been edited and the new Strange Worlds fiction added by Brian O'Sullivan.  The Data Files have been merged together from one link on the taskbar to make room. The new Calendar section was added.  The following Chronos data files where added, Imakarum, Zektole, Thazell, Neo-Zektole, Neo-Zektole, Junon, and the Guyver 4 file was updated. The following ACTF Files where added, The Matrix, Guyver 3 and Gigantic Upgrade. The following Creator Data Files where added, Kavzar Commander, Enforcer Kavzar, Guyver Zoalord, Life-Forcer Guyver, Guyver Supreme and Proto Guyver. BioGuyverX has sent in 2 more of his fictions and they have been uploaded and two new fictiosn from ShadowGuyver007 along with his reworked fic 1.

Feb 05: Added a new fiction section into the WG fic area called Assassin Guyver, the story is based on the Guyver 4 from Anita. Also added 5 data files of the Merc Guyvers to the ACTF data file section. Guyver 4 and the ARK have been added to the Chronos DF section. The Guyver 0 and Bio-Boosted Human sections of the Creators DF's have also been added. Also another new fiction from Dogmatix who know has her own section. She has also sent in a fan-art pic for her section which can be seen there.

22nd Jan: Added a new section to the Other Fan-Fiction area for ShadowGuyver007, a new writer who has started off with 3 stories, BioGuyverX's section has also been updated with a new fiction (sorry BioX for taking so long to add it).

03 Dec: I've rebuilt the way into the website so that the webrings work properly now. And added another new pic from Conrad too. ZoaGuyver's request the author of his fics will now be Rau (he's got a new nick name). Added the Lostude Guyver pic from Allen Lucas and two scans from Alex Krylov of paintings of Warrior Guyver to the Fan-Art section along with a new poster pic from James and the Hunter, Drano, Junion and Sara from Matthew.

Nov 26: Added a new fiction from Matt, uploaded the Black Nova, Nova blaze and Starfire Creator data files and added two pics from Conrad to the Other Fan-Art section and a new pic of from IczGuyver.

Oct 31: Added new fiction which is a cross-over between the Warrior Guyver Fan-Fiction and the Great War Of the Guyver, done by me (Brian O'Sullivan) and Allen Lucas. 4 new pics have been added to the fan-art section by Brian and another great pic by Leigh of Elera. Andre'salso using a new e-mail addes it is

Aug 10: Added Warrior Guyver 5's Data file into the ACTF section and added a new fiction from BioGuyverX into the Fan-Work section.

Aug 6: Added a new fiction from Matthew. The Data Files for the Giant Guyver. A number of pics into the Fan-Art section. The Guyver Fiction and Fan-ArtArchive has been closed and all pics and fics are back in the main site along with two new pics from Chris and Javier.

July 27: Added the second part of the Dark Tides story from Andre.

July 23: Added the Data File for Dreadought in to the Chronos Data File section. There is a new data file for the ACTF made armours and vehicles and the DF for the Prototype Mobile Particle Beam Cannon has been added into it.

July 20: The Data Files for Thancrus and Black Nova have been added.

July 15: The fan-art section has been updated and a new very cool pic of Zygote Guyver done by Leigh has been added.

July 9: I've once again changed the look of the site adding darker bacgrounds and new logos. There is a lot of new data files and the last part of the All Things fiction. The Fan-art section has also been updated and new are from Matt and I (Brian) added.

June 26: Due to SpacePorts been crap (they are losing too much money and giving out to Anime site owners becuase of it???)  I'm moving the Guyver Picture Archive into this site where Tripod the very nice people that they are have given me more web space :) There is new logo on the bottom left which will bring you to the new section of this site. More to come later.

June 6: Andre's E-mail Address has changed, it is now

May 20: Added a new fiction from Andre called 'Dark Tide' into the Nova Guyver section.

May 14: Added the data file for the Elite Zoalord Destrol and a new fiction from Matt in the Warrior Guyver C section.

May 11: Added the Battle Guyver data file.

May 1: I've added the 3rd Part of the All Things Change fiction and the data files for the Teal Wolf  Armour and Zeus.

April 24: I've moved the original pics that are now the backgrounds pics into the Fan-Art section.

April 21: Added All Things Part 2 in the Warrior Guyver Fan-Fic section.

April 19: Added the data file for Rofel.

April 18: The Warrior Guyver 3 and Syn data file have added and the Kron data file has been updated as well.

April 15: I gave the site a new look.

April 10: All Things Part 1 has been reloaded.

April 2: Added the data file for Kron.

Mar 12: Added the data file fo the Proto Guyver.

Mar 11: Added a new Fan-Fiction from James Diaz called 'Cyber Guyver: Solar Crisis' into the Nova Guyver section.

Feb 20: There has been a alot of moving around today. All Fan-Fics and Data Files that used to be in the Other Guyver Fan-Fiction and Other Guyver Data Files have been moved to a new site along with All Fan-Art not done by Warrior Guyver Fan-Fiction members. This new web page is call the Guyver Fan-Fiction and Fan-Art Archive and is located here This to free up space on the Warrior Guyver Fan-Fiction webpage.
I've also added a new data file to the Chronos Data file section for the Warrior Kavzar and a new pciture to the Fan-Art page from me(Brian) drawn for the Great War Of The Guyvers webpage called the Jy-Taki.

Feb 6: I've moved the Warrior Guyver, Warrior Guyver C, Nova Guyver and Chronos Data File section into there own section off the front page, the new picture for this new section is the Warrior Kavzar by me (Brian). The DataFile for the Female Guyver 3 have been added. Igtenio has sent in another Guyver Zoalord fic.

8 Jan: The Credits section has been updated and Leigh has updated her Guyver Drawing Tutorials section.

2 Jan: I've uploaded a new part to the Nova Guyver story from Andre. The data file for the Pimitive Guyver. New Fan-Art from me (Brian), Conrad and Raptor. A new fic from Igtenio in the Other Fic section.

23 Dec: I've Uploaded three fics into the Other Fic section from Eric Kraven, Igtenio and Bob Sussen and five more new pics from Neo Guyver 1 into the Fan-Art section.

28 Nov: The GuyverC section has been changed into the Warrior GuyverC section and a pic of the new Warrior GuyverC has been uploaded to it to replace the old picture of GuyverC which has been moved into the Fan-Art section. I've uploaded a fic from Matt into the now Warrior GuyverC section of his fic. There is also a new Data File for the Warrior GuyverC and the GuyverC file has been updated. There is also a new fic in the Other Guyver Fan-Fic section from Conrad and a Data File for his Guyver added into the Other Data File section.

27 Nov: First of all those that come to the site often you will notice the new cover picture to the site of Kron. I've uploaded a the new fic Rescue and the first part of All Things change fic into the Warrior Guyver section and the Warrior Guyver Data file has been updated and a new file for the Grakken Destroyer. The following pics have been added to the fan-art section, Guyrex and Guardian Guyver by Conrad, Neo-Guyver1 and Zoa-War by Neo-Guyver1, Dark Guyver by Aaron,  a picture of Warrior Guyver using an Aceaer, Warrior Guyver 3, Female Guyver 3 (and Gignaitc version of her) and a Grakken Destroyer by me (Brian), Destrol in human form from Matt and Leigh has given two pictures to the site with quality and 6 pics has earned a section there. Four new Fan-fics in the other Fic stection from Noah Joseph Leaf and another new fic Dark Guyver by Bob Sussen and another fic called Guyver Zoalord from Igtenio and another fic from BioGuyverX. I've added the Three Guyver Data File made by GuyverZoaGd for his 3Guyver Fic, the updated version of the BioGuyverX data file and the Guyver Zoalord from Igtenio.

7 Oct: The Faye data file has been updated and uploaded along with 2 short character stories from the Warrior Guyver fic.

3 Oct: I've uploaded the Guyver 2 Data File to the Chronos Data File section and the Guyver Omega to the OtherData File section. I've also added a new pic from me(Brian) of the Guyver Mercenary who will be joining the fic soon.

23 Sep: I've got a new E-mail address (Brian) and have post it on the site removing the old one. I've uploaded a new fic from Michael Lurquin based on the world from the Warrior Guyver fic and anoter fic from BioGuyverX. I've also added the BioGuyverX Data File to the Other Guyver Data Files section.

20 Sep: I've uploaded the 3rd part of the GuyverC fic from Matt and 4 parts to a new fic from Frazz in the Other Fic section.

7 Sep : Added a fic by BioGuyverX.

5 Sep : I've uploaded the new Credits and Information page for those who have asked about stuff. I've uploaded the Nova Guyver Fic from our new writer Andre Harmon. A new fic from Dogbert is is the Other Fic section.  And a number of new Fan-Art pics have been added.

10 Aug : I've uploaded the new Data File of the Psi-Guyver, and updates for the Aceaer Armour (and Marine), Bio-Titan, and Red and Blue Armours. I've also added the new 'Fan Art' logo which was drawn by IczGuyver and coloured by me.

5 Aug : For those that did not see what the old site was like I've activated it for ye to see.

4 Aug : I've uploaded the final part of the Revenge story and 3 news pics from myself and 2 from Matt. 2 of mine can be found in the Fan-art section along with Matts and the other is in the 'Nova Guyver' section. The links section has also been updated.

18 July: I've uploaded 3 more parts to the 3Guyver and Berserker Guyver fan-fics and a new pic from myself for the Guyver4 site of 'Dark Guyver X'.

12 June : Uploaded the next part of the main Warrior Guyver Revenge Fic and the end of the Warrior Guyver 2 fic from me (Brain). The next part the Northern War by Matthew. The Blue, Red and Grean Armour Data Files have been updated and the Warrior Guyver 2, The Cyber Green, Cyber Dark, Shadow Guyver and the Bio-Titan. Part 8 of the Xechtorr story from Dan and 4 new fan-fics from ZoaGuyver and GuyverIV by GODZ274000. On the Fan-Art side of thing I've uploaded 5 pictures from myself, another one from Leigh and another from a new artist Aaron A. Anderson. Finally the site has gotten a little of a face lift.

18 April: I've uploaded lots of new pics into the fan-art section.

24 Feb: Uploaded New Fan Art(a pic of Warrior Guyver by Leigh, two pics from Mattt and one by myself).  I've also uploaded a preview into the Warrior Guyver section, a new fic from Matt and a new fic from Dan into the Other Fic section.

18 Feb: Updated the links section removing some out dated links and adding some new ones. I've also uploaded a new pic I done of Fred'rick von Prug'stall one of the Zoalord 12.

8 Feb: Uploaded yet some more fan-art and two new fics from Dan and Owen, and uploaded a preview of the character Shadow Guyver.

30 Jan: Uploaded an updated Warrior Guyver Data file and have redone the Fan-Art section and have uploaded some new and old pics of mine(Brian's), Also have finally uploaded a new fan-fic of my own called 'Warrior Guyver 2'.

12 Jan: Uploaded the Guyver Zoanoid Data Files and FanArt plus a cool pic done by Liegh of a Female Guyver he made up

10 Jan: Brian's back in charge and has uploaded the Robo-Guyver data file(thanks James for managing the site while I was on holidays).

18 Dec: Updated site and made correction to WG data file.

15 Dec: Updated the Female Guyver 2 Data files and added the Faye and Aceaer Marine Data Files.

13 Dec: Uploaded two new Data Files and 4 new Fan-Art pics.

20 Nov: Uploaded the new chapters of Xecktorr and the Rapier.

18 Nov: Added the 5th part to the Owen's Rapier Guyver Story and added after been requested to by Allen Lucas a story and
a data file from the Great War of the Guyver's page.

16 Nov: Added the first part of the Warrior Guyver Revenge story.

31 Oct: Added the new Other Guyver Data for other people's fic characters and the first of these is the Rapier unit done by Owen Ward.. Also added new pics into the fan-art section from Matt and I.

11 Oct: Matthew's GuyverC page as been merged with my site and his pics and Fan-Fic can be now found on my site. I've also updated the Links section as well.

28 Sep: Uploaded new pics for the Fan-Art section, two parts of chapter 4 of Owen Wards fic and a new Link to the 'Great War of The Guyvers' site.

19 Sep: Did not like the Latin Guyver's arms pic so I redone them and have uploaded the new pic. I've also uploaded part 4 of the XechTorr story.

18 Sep: Added a new pic the Fan-Art section.

15 Sep: Updated the site removing unneeded pics from the front page that where slowing down the site. Added two new pics of Warrior Guyver and added a new Guyver story from Owen Ward and fan-art by me. I also removed one broken link and updated the one to EvilFX's site. I also added this page so ye know what I've done when I update something.


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